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Official Profile[edit]

Age 41
Height 221 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Eating, cooking
Likes Seeing people smile, children
Dislikes Hunger, people who waste food


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  • His real name is Daiza.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey Captain! Happy Birthday. It's your day to shine.
This day only comes once a year, so let's go all out.
I hope you enjoy today...
And that you can laugh merrily all the way until next year!


Hey, (Captain)! Happy birthday!
Time sure flies. It's already been a year since your last big day.
I want to thank you for all you've done for me since I've met you.
And I'm glad I have the chance to celebrate this day with you.
Now, while I know you're not a Zeyen believer like I am, I just want to tell you that I'm praying for one thing only.
That you'll have another year in happiness and in health.


(Captain), happy birthday!
That's another year we've spent together. A lot sure has happened.
And not all of it was good. Yet here you are smiling away without a care in the world.
That kindness about you is your strength...
Seeing that part of you makes me glad I came along for the ride.
Things might not be so easy in the coming year either.
But I hope you'll be able to smile again like you are right now.
I'll be doing what I can to make sure that happens.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
I invited a few other folks to help make some celebratory New Year's grub.
A good year starts on day one, I always say. And if I'm gonna make it into the belly-battle record books again this year, I gotta start now.
Bwahahaha! Let's make this a great year, (Captain)!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Hey now, don't be shy! I ain't about to start another food fight!
Lemme tell ya, that could get real sticky real quick.
Let's hold off on the food fightin' for now and enjoy us a New Year's meal together!


Ooh, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Good to see you around. If you've got some time to kill, whaddya say to walking around that town with me?
Word is they've got a belly-battle planned. It's sort of a New Year's thing for them.
And I can't just sit idly by while a belly-battle takes place! It's up to me to liven things up!
I'll be able to perform that much better if you're there to cheer me on.
Actually, why don't you join too?
Dahaha! Just kidding. No pressure if you're not interested.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Well, if it isn't (Captain)! What're you doin' here? You've got a gift for me, eh? It smells... like chocolate.
Ah! It's that Valentine's custom! And here I thought you just ran from a belly battle competition!
Dahahaha. Just kidding. Thanks, (Captain).


Hey there, (Captain). You wouldn't happen to have any Valentine's Day treats for me, would ya?
Hm? Bahaha! Relax, I'm only joking!
I mean, I may be a big eater but I didn't mean for you to take that seriously.
Besides, it's your thoughts that count more than anything else, right? Thanks!


Oh right, today's Valentine's! Thanks for the gift ever year!
You know, I'd rather preserve your treats as keepsakes rather than eat them.
I probably sound like a weirdo for saying that...
Dahahaha! It'd be a crying shame if I actually did do that! So rest assured—I'll be savoring every piece!
Thanks, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain). I've been looking for you! It being White Day and all, I thought I'd give you this.
Hm? It's too much to hold? Dahahaha! That's just all the more for you to enjoy!
Though this is hardly enough to fully express my gratitude. Anyways let's start with this.


Yo, (Captain)! Happy White Day!
This right here's for you, as thanks for everything you do.
Sorry, that's all of it... Things are kinda tight this year.
I might've been a little too generous last year actually! Hahaha!
The secret ingredient is... Actually, I should probably stop right there, heh.
Anyways, thanks for everything again, (Captain)!


(Captain), go ahead and take this White Day present!
I thought long and hard about what to get you this year. I considered something more permanent at first, but...
I can't get enough of that look on your face when you're eating something tasty!
So I've got you some mighty fine chocolates again. Hope you like them.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Candy, huh? You definitely prepared accordingly.
I'm gonna go trick-or-treating around the ship. Wanna tag team it, (Captain)?
Watching the kids have fun is all well and good, but Halloween only comes around once a year. Might as well enjoy it too, I say.


(Captain). A moment?
What do you think would be a good costume for me?
Everyone seems to be enjoying Halloween.
It'd be a shame if I didn't join in the fun.
So what do you say, (Captain)? Will you help me pick a costume?


You're here too, (Captain)? I've got a bucketful of candy ready for any number of trick-or-treaters.
Right here, see?
Oh, shoot! I might've handed out too many to the kids earlier!
Dahahaha! What now? Guess I'd better prep myself for a few tricks!
It's not exactly a bad problem to have though.
Well then, (Captain). What trick do you have in mind for me?

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, (Captain), eh? Ready to celebrate the holidays, I take it?
No matter how old I get, today never gets any less exciting to me.
Why, you ask? Because everyone just looks like they're having so much fun.
Okay! Let's make tonight's feast extra festive! I'm gonna work hard to give the whole crew a holiday feast like nothing they've seen before!


(Captain), could I ask you something?
I was thinking of dressing up as Santa Claus this year... What do you think?
If I dyed my hair and my beard white, it could work, right?
Oh, come on. I want to give the kids something to smile about.
I could throw a feast like I did last year, but I thought I'd step things up a notch.
Pretty good idea, huh?
Hm? Ahahaha! Don't worry, you'll get your present along with the rest of them!


Hm, I dunno...
Ah, (Captain). Guess you found me, huh. Since you're here, I've got something to discuss.
I was wondering how we could make this an entertaining night for everyone.
We had fantastic grub, and the kids all raved about my Santa Claus outfit last year.
What I'd give to see those smiles again...
You know, I don't exactly have to come up with something new to please everyone.
It's you who made me realize that. We must never forget our humble beginnings!
All right, time to go shopping for groceries. I've got a ton of cooking to do later.
That includes my own share too, of course! And I eat a lot!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Belly Battles[edit]

One day, (Captain) and crew meet belly battle champion and Zeyen monk, Redluck. After the battle, Redluck saves a boy from a group of thugs, however the boy ends up thinking that Redluck is also a skyfarer. So as to not let the boy down, Redluck asks to join (Captain)’s crew.

Walking through the streets of the town they have just arrived at, the sound of cheering reaches (Captain) and the crew's ears.
Lyria: Whoa! What's that!
Vyrn: Whatever it is, it sounds exciting! Let's go take a look, (Captain)!
Commentator: Oho! And the battle of the bellies is reaching its climax! But who will have the last laugh!
A number of men are stood before a table on a stage that has been set up on the arena.
On the table is an absurdly huge amount of food, and the men are vigorously shoving it into their mouths.
???: OMNOMNOMNOM… (Gulp)
???: Next!
Spectator: Wow! He's really putting it away!
Vyrn: What in the skies is going on… Everybody is really pumped up, but I don’t get it…
Spectator: Huh? What? Have you never seen a belly-battle before?
Vyrn: A… "belly-battle"?
Spectator: Yeah! It's a type of contest where whoever manages to eat the largest amount of food wins! It's nearly over, watch!
Commentator: Oho! The last challenger falls at the final hurdle! And, we have our winner!
Commentator: He's done it! And the crowd goes wild! Everybody, your champion has been crowned… iiiiiiiiit's Reeeeeedluuuuuuck!
In response to the commentator's announcement, a huge cheer rises from the arena.
???: I remain victorious! My iron stomach will never be beaten!
Commentator: We've come to expect nothing less from the dude of food! Is there any man in existence who has a belly big enough to beat you!
Redluck: Bwahahahaha! And I've still got room for more!
The champion's hearty laughter stirs up the crowd, who erupt into cheers once more.
Lyria: Oooooh, that guy seems super popular!
Redluck: I can never get enough! Is there nobody brave enough to face me, the beast of the bellies!
Redluck: You say it's a battle of the bellies, but you're all so slow it's making me yawn!
Vyrn: He's terrifying!
Spectator: Yeah, I guess he is a bit… He's actually a monk, though.
Vyrn: What, that stern-looking guy?
Redluck: If any man dare challenge me, let him step up now!
Redluck: I will accept any challenger!
Vyrn: He ate all that food earlier, and now he's shouting so wildly.
Vyrn: I'd have never have thought he was a monk! Well, he's certainly like no monk I've ever seen…
Lyria: But, he's devouring the food so veraciously! Ooooooooh, this is great!
Vyrn: Hmm, as usual our opinions differ, Lyria.
At that moment, Lyria's stomach rumbles.
Lyria: Awww, I'm hungry too now!
Vyrn: Aren't you always… Right, well, shall we go and try and find somewhere to eat?
Far from the arena, the crew wanders up and down the streets of the town looking for somewhere to eat.
Thug 1: Hey! What are you doing you little brat!
Boy: Eeeeeek!
Thug 2: You again! You're always, always getting under our feet!
Lyria: Oh no! Look over there!
Vyrn: We have to stop them, (Captain)!
Just as (Captain) and the crew start to run over the scene, one of the lowlifes pushes the boy.
Thug 1: Hehehe… We don't have any food for useless fools like you!
Boy: Ahhhhhh!
Redluck: Up we get!
The man who just appeared supports the small boy.
Lyria: Oh! Look, it’s the guy who won the belly-battle earlier!
Redluck: What are you thugs hoping to achieve being so pathetic?
Thug 2: Hey! What did you say you lowlife!
Redluck: You calling me a lowlife, that's rich! Especially coming from a small fry like you!
Thug 1: Shut it, big man! You're not all that!
Redluck: Oho, you're a lively one, ain't ya! I like that! So, make your move…
The belly-battler, Redluck, towering above, looks down at the thugs, his many chins rippling.
Thug 2: Grrr!
Redluck stares at the thugs, who recoil from his gaze. The difference in power between the parties is clear as day.
Redluck: If you don't want me to get mad, I suggest you get out of my sight… now!
Thug 1: L-let's beat it!
Redluck: Hah! Small fries.
Vyrn: I don't get this guy, he still seems nothing like a monk at all! He's terrifying.
Lyria: Heehee, but, you see, he saved that boy…
The crew shrinks back a little, but the boy does not. Instead, he looks in admiration at Redluck, his eyes twinkling.
Boy: Wow! You're Redluck!
Boy: Thanks for helping me! You're so cool, Redluck, I knew it!
Lyria: Heehee, it seems like that kid is a big fan!
Boy: Huh, who are you guys? Are you friends of Redluck?
Lyria: Eek! Us? Well, we…
  1. He's a close friend.
  2. We don't know him.

Choose: He's a close friend.
Redluck: I am?
Vyrn: Eek! (Captain)! Don't just blurt out the first thing that comes into your head!
Redluck: What are you up to…
Vyrn: Wait! W-we're just a passing airship crew…

Choose: We don't know him.
Boy: Awww, really?
Vyrn: Yeah, we're an airship crew, we're just passing through.
Continue 1
Vyrn: That enthusiasm came out of nowhere!
Boy: Wow, wow, wow! You’re skyfarers! WOOOOOOWEEEEEE! COOOOOOL!
Boy: Y'know! When I grow up, I wanna be just as big and strong as Redluck! And then I wanna become a skyfarer!
Lyria: Heehee, being a skyfarer is this kid's dream!
Redluck: Hey, sonny… That’s a pretty big dream you've got there…
Redluck: Do you not enjoy your life, right here, right now?
Boy: I…
Vyrn: H-hey, why did you say that?
Redluck: Hmmm…
Redluck picks up the boy with one massive arm.
Vyrn: Hey! Hey, big guy! What are you doing!
Redluck: You nosy-parkers are annoying. I'm taking this somewhere else, somewhere where there's no shrill and incessant warbling.
As he says this, Redluck walks past the crew and out of sight, the boy still in his arms.
That night, the crew is talking about which route they should take when…
???: Hey! Is anybody there?
Vyrn: Huh? I thought I heard someone. Who is it?
Redluck: Oh, good. I thought you'd be here.
Vyrn: Ahh! It's the big guy from earlier!
Redluck: I thought you'd like to hear, I left that boy from earlier in the care of an orphanage.
Lyria: Orphanage?
Redluck: He was being used as a gofer by those thugs, it was not a good situation to leave him in.
Vyrn: I see… Aside from that, is there anything we can do for you, big man?
Redluck: Yes actually. Can I join you on your journey?
Vyrn: Huh! That's a bit sudden!
Redluck: It has come to be, that I must become a skyfarer.
Vyrn: What is this guy even talking about, (Captain)?
Redluck: Are you the captain? About that boy I took to the orphanage…
Boy: Wow, Redluck, are you a skyfarer too? Wowee! Coooooooool!
Redluck: No, I am a belly-battler… you know that, child…
Boy: Yeah, yeah, I know! You're unbeaten in the eatin'!
Redluck: Mm. That’s because my challengers' bellies are weak like those of wee babbys.
Boy: Wowee… To be a super strong belly-battler and also a skyfarer… Wow…
Redluck: I said—
Boy: Heehee! Wowzers! You're so cool Redluck! You never let me down!
Vyrn: That misunderstanding has really got you in a pinch!
Redluck: To make matters worse, as I dropped the boy off, I was surrounded by a swarm of kids… all completely convinced I was a skyfarer.
Redluck: And when I saw their little eyes all brimming with expectation…
Vyrn: Hmm… You say that, but I'm a bit concerned about you, big guy… You seem like a different person than the one we saw earlier…
Redluck: Huuuh? Oh, yeah… that was my belly-battler persona you saw.
Vyrn: What! Aren't you meant to be a monk first and foremost?
Redluck: Ah, yes… a Zeyen monk.
Vyrn: Then what in the skies is with this belly-battling stuff!
Redluck: Well… I get to eat delicious things… and it's all for free?
Vyrn: That’s not very monk-ish…
Lyria: Erm… What do Zeyens believe?
Redluck: The finer points of Zeyen teaching might be difficult for you…
Redluck: The idea is to comprehend the Astrals' divine plan and bestow their power unto the people.
Lyria: Err…
Redluck: It's difficult, I know… Essentially, the idea is to let the past be, and learn from it for a happier and brighter tomorrow.
Vyrn: Hmmm, you sure do preach well for a belly-battler.
Redluck: Bwahaha! Of course!
Vyrn: This guy is a contradiction in a maelstrom, right, (Captain)?
  1. He's interesting
  2. I wanna do a belly-battle

Choose: He's interesting
Redluck: I am? I am! It's nice to hear you say that, Captain!
Lyria: Heehee! If (Captain) thinks you're OK, then it's already decided!

Choose: I wanna do a belly-battle
Vyrn: W-what! Are you serious!
Redluck: Bwahahahahaha! You're a funny one, Captain!
Vyrn: Captain? You've already decided you're part of the crew then I see…
Lyria: Heehee! I think Redluck is a good person!
Continue 2
Vyrn: …Then I guess it can't be helped… Welcome to the crew.
Redluck: Thanks, I hope I can be useful!
And so, the strange belly-battling monk joins the crew.
With Redluck as their friend, (Captain) and the crew's journey will definitely become more and more lively from now on.

Eat and Be Merry[edit]

During their travels, the crew hears of a group of bandits who settled on a ridge north of a small town. The same ridge was also home to a family, but when the crew arrives they are nowhere to be seen. This whole time, Redluck has not been acting himself, but before the crew could ask him about it, the bandits attack.

Vyrn: Hmm… There's not much going on here, is there?
Redluck: What? That's what's gonna make it all the more exciting.
Vyrn: Hey, is this really the right place?
Redluck: Of course!
(Captain) and the crew have arrived at a quiet town out in the country.
Here, Redluck is to hold a belly-battling tournament.
Redluck: This ain't my first rodeo. I'm an experienced belly-battler!
Vyrn: Yeah, but you're a monk, aren't you?
Lyria: Hee hee… And now you're a skyfarer, too!
Redluck: That's right, I'm a belly-battlin' skyfarer! Oh, and I guess I'm a monk, too.
Vyrn: Hey! What kinda monk "guesses" he's a monk "too"?
The town has little in the way of entertainment, so the residents welcome Redluck's proposal with interest.
At the contest venue, a large number of people have gathered, and excitement is running high.
Contestant: L-look at the way he eats! It's no good, I'm done for…
Redluck: Bahahahaha! Bring me another plate!
Commentator: Aaaand Redluck has overwhelmed his opponent to claim victory!
Redluck: All right, who's up next?
Vyrn: Man, I still can't believe how much you can put away. And—
Redluck: Bahahahaha! No takers? I'll even agree to a handicap match.
Redluck: Hey, I'm not full yet, it's time for the next round! Anybody?
Vyrn: Ugh… It's like he's a different person when he's doing this belly-battle thing.
Lyria: …Huh?
Vyrn: What's wrong?
Lyria: Um, Redluck is acting a little strange..
Vyrn: Hm? I guess he does seem kinda restless.
Lyria: I wonder what's wrong. It's like he's searching for someone…
Townsperson: Hey, Mr. Redluck!
Redluck: Hm?
Townsperson: That was amazing! I've never seen a belly-battle before, but it was so exciting!
Redluck: Thanks! You should join in next time.
Redluck: By the way, there's something I wanted to ask.
Redluck: There used to be a mother living with her child on the ridge north of the town…
Townsperson: Huh? Oh, well…
At Redluck's words, the man's face falls.
Townsperson: Actually, bandits have recently settled in that area.
Townsperson: We haven't heard anything from the family there since the bandits showed up.
Redluck: What!
Vyrn: Hey, big man!
Lyria: I'm sorry, we overheard your conversation.
Redluck: Oh, it's you two…
Vyrn: What's wrong? We heard you say something about bandits.
Townsperson: Oh, let me explain…
(Captain) and the others listen to the story about the bandits on the ridge.
Vyrn: I see… We should do something to help, (Captain).
Lyria: Yeah, we should go and see if they're OK.
Lyria: Oh no…
The crew arrives at the house, only to find it has been ransacked by the bandits.
Vyrn: How awful… I don't see the family anywhere.
Ever since they left the town, Redluck has kept silent, wearing a grim expression.
Lyria: Um, Redluck, do you know the people living here?
Redluck: I…
Lyria: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to pry. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
Lyria: But you've been lost in thought for a while now, and I was worried.
Lyria: At the very least, let us help you!
Redluck: Right, I'm sorry. We're friends. You deserve to know.
Just as Redluck begins to explain, a loud noise reverberates outside.
Vyrn: Whoa! What was that!
Thief 1: Hey, what's this? There are still people left?
Thief 2: Let's get 'em tied up and thrown in with the rest!
Redluck: Hah! So you think you can take us? Let's go, (Captain)!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 2[edit]

The crew tries to question the bandits about the whereabouts of the family, the bandits call Redluck, Daiza. Redluck opens up to the crew about his poor upbringing and how this family saved his life. Fired up, the crew storms the bandit’s hideout to save the family.

Redluck: Hey, you're still conscious, right?
Thief 1: Urgh…
Having beaten the thieves into submission, Redluck restrains one of their number and interrogates him.
Redluck: Where did you take the folks who lived here?
Thief 1: G-Guh…
Redluck: Hurry up and answer me! My patience is wearing thin!
Thief 1: Well, uh… W-Wait… Huh?
Glancing up at Redluck from the ground, the thieves eyes widen in surprise.
Thief 1: Y-You're not… Daiza?!
Redluck: !
Lyria: Huh? What's a Daiza?
Thief 1: Quick, now!
Thief slide out
Vyrn: Hey! He's getting away!
Taking advantage of Redluck's hesitation, the thief slips out of his grip and escapes in the blink of an eye.
Redluck: …Hmph. Pathetic.
Redluck: Sorry about that. Daiza is my name.
Vyrn: Huh? I thought you were called Redluck?
Redluck: That's the name I go by now. You've noticed I wear red all the time, right?
With a pained expression on his face, Redluck begins to talk about his past.
Redluck: When I was a kid I lived in poverty. Never had enough food, I was always so hungry.
Redluck: I did anything I could just to stay alive. Come to think of it, I was just like that kid we rescued when you and I first met.
Vyrn: That boy said those thugs had been using him to run errands and stuff, didn't he?
Redluck: Yeah. Somehow I managed to survive and grow up doing that kind of stuff. I was even a thief myself for a while.
Redluck: I guess that guy knew me from back then… Not that I remember him.
Lyria: Goodness… It sounds like you've been through a lot.
Redluck: You could say that… But the only reason I'm here to tell the tale is because of the people who lived up here…
Redluck tells the story of a mother and child who saved him when he collapsed outside their home with near fatal injuries.
Never asking who he was or where he came from, this humble family nursed Redluck back to health.
Redluck: The meals they lovingly cooked for me were the best I'd ever tasted. For the first time, I was really able to enjoy my food.
Vyrn: Wow! And now you enjoy it all the time, like in the belly battle.
Redluck: That's right… I enjoy eating, and people enjoy watching the contest. Everybody wins.
Redluck: The old me died that day, and I was reborn.
Redluck: The woman who lived here's the one who suggested I follow the teachings of Zeyen.
Lyria: Ah! They say "Our pasts will light the way to a happier future," right?
Redluck: That's right. That's how I came to be as I am now.
Vyrn: Hmm… There's more to you than meets the eye…
Vyrn: OK, (Captain), let's get after those thieves and save that family!
(Captain) and the crew chase after the thieves and follow them to their hideout.
Thief Big Enchilada: Huh? Who the heck are you guys?
Redluck: I won't be holding back! Prepare yourselves!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 3[edit]

Safely rescuing the family, Redluck, with the support of family and crew, wins the belly battle competition. Realizing the crew knows that he donates all his winnings to charity, Redluck shares his dream about making the world a place where no one ever has to go hungry.

(Captain) and the others successfully rescue the people held prisoner in the hideout.
???: Thank you so much! You saved us!
???: Daddy, can we really go now?
???: Yes, we're safe. These people—
???: Huh? I-Is that you?
Redluck: Hey there. It's been a while. You've gotten so big.
Lyria: Is this the child you were telling us about before all grown up?
Redluck: That's right. He saved my life. Of course, we were only little tykes back then.
Vyrn: Whaaat? How long ago did all that happen?
Redluck: Must be 15 years now. Looks like you grew up to be a fine man… Is this your daughter?
Redluck's Savior: Yes, that's right. I never thought I'd see you again!
Redluck's Savior: What have you been doing all these years?
Redluck and his savior spend some time catching up.
Redluck's Savior: Wow, a belly-battle? Sounds like fun. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to watch it…
Redluck: Really? In that case we'll just have to hold another!
Vyrn: Are you serious? You ate so much at the last one, you want to do that again?
Commentator: And Redluck is storming ahead, chomping the chow with such know-how… no one can touch him now!
Redluck: Ha ha ha! Anyone's welcome to try! Bring it on!
Girl: Whoa, that guy's amazing!
Redluck: Right? I'm so strong and cool, aren't I?
After watching the second belly-battle, the crew continue their journey.
Lyria: Hee hee. So Redluck, will you be donating this prize money to an orphanage, too?
Redluck: Oh darn, looks like my secret's out, huh?
Vyrn: Heh heh. I knew you weren't any normal monk!
Lyria: It's not just in the way you compete in the belly-battle, but also how you spend your winnings.
Lyria: You're always doing your best to keep the people around you smiling.
Redluck: Heh, say what you like.
Redluck: But my true purpose goes beyond our current time and place.
Redluck: I want to make the world a place where no one ever has to starve.
Lyria: That sounds wonderful!
Vyrn: Yeah, it's a great dream!
Redluck: Indeed. And above all…
Redluck: I want to see a tomorrow where plenty of people can eat their fill and laugh merrily!
Redluck's joyous laughter rings out across the clear blue skies.
His dream has become a part of the future (Captain) and the crew are all striving to create.


Redluck finds himself kneeling before Sophia, the grandchild of a Zeyen archbishop. He says he owes the Zeyens everything, for it was a Zeyen monk who saved his life. From his story, Sophia learns of the other purpose of her pilgrimage. Though once troubled from always getting lost, she realizes that it can lead to saving more lives, and regains her confidence.

There are many followers of Zeyen who go on a pilgrimage of the skies.
They consider the remains of the war to be sacred grounds and meet many a traveler and skyfarer on their travels.
In that way, the coincidental meeting of two Zeyen acolytes, Sophia and Redluck, along with the crew, arises.
Redluck: Could it be... You must be Sophia!
Sophia panics when she sees Redluck addressing her, with a bended knee on the deck.
Sophia: Ah... Please stand up! I'm not one to kneel for!
Redluck: That will not do. You are a high priestess of Zeyen, are you not? I am duty-bound to honor you.
Sophia: Huh, so you know about me?
Redluck: How could I not! You are the granddaughter of the Zeyen archbishop! It is truly an honor to meet you.
Redluck: Gwahahaha! Bless the stars for guiding me here! You guys are my saviors!
Sophia: But unlike my grandfather, the archbishop, I have never done anything worthy of such praise...
Redluck: It is thanks to the teachings of Zeyen that I was able to cleanse myself of my criminal past.
Still down on his knees, Redluck begins to tell his life story.
He was severely injured during a fight, when a Zeyen acolyte saved him. He's been a changed man ever since.
Sophia: ...
Sophia listens to him intently. When he finishes speaking...
Redluck: That makes you all my saviors. You have shown me the path!
Sophia: No... The one that saved you was the mother and child, and you yourself.
Sophia: All I've done out here is get lost... I haven't even made it to any of the sacred grounds yet.
Redluck: That's exactly what I'm so grateful about.
Sophia: Huh...?
Redluck: It's because you guys are always helping those of us in need that the number of Zeyen acolytes keeps growing.
Redluck: One of those you showed the light to in turn saved me, and here I am now.
Redluck: Haha, by the way... Did you know that the archbishop you look up to so much had an awful sense of direction way back?
Sophia: No way! My grandfather...?
Redluck: Come now, you really didn't know? Word is he took ten times longer than everyone else to get anywhere!
Sophia: My grandfather always looked toward the future and spoke little of the past...
Redluck: What a shame that is. They say his getting lost all the time actually helped spread the teachings of Zeyen.
Redluck: So do you get it now? It's precisely because of how you and the archbishop get lost that someone like me gets saved!
Redluck: Hehe, that's why I see you all as my saviors...
Sophia: ...
Redluck: Whoa, it's almost time for the eating contest! I gotta run!
And with that, Redluck runs off the deck toward town.
Sophia: So grandpa used to be just like me... getting lost and saving people...
Sophia: I was uneasy about setting off for the pilgrimage on my own, but now I feel a bit braver.
Sophia: I'll do my best! It might take years, even tens of years, but I'll see this pilgrimage to the end!
The most unexpected encounter with the Zeyen monk and the lesson about her grandfather comes to pass.
She has a long way to go before reaching her grandfather's heights, but it's reassuring to know that they started out the same way.
Determined to become the archbishop of Zeyen one day, Sophia continues the pilgrimage with newfound vigor.


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