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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Playing with Nagaraja
Likes Snakes, dancing, the prayers of people
Dislikes Nothing
Character Release
Source [1] [2]
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Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies ナーガラージャとの戯れ
Likes 蛇、踊り、人の祈り
Dislikes なし
Character Release
Source [1] [2]




  • Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism. He is the "destroyer of evil and the transformer" within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu.[3]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, I shall grant you the protection of my primordial flame.
Your birth is truly a blessing upon this world, (Captain).
Not even the will of the gods can deny your existence.
No matter the hardships that may befall you, I would counsel that you consider them trials to strengthen your soul, and that you always live your life to the fullest.


Adherent, we face the wondrous occasion of your birthday once more.
The fate that binds you imposes countless trials and tribulations, impeding you every step of the way.
Consider it a guiding light that will lead you to a brighter future.
As such, there is nothing to fear. Follow your heart and tread the path that you believe in.
For I am here to purge all impurities that latch onto your soul with me apocalyptic fire.


A birthday is a reminder of the wondrous life we have been given in this world.
Though you have been given a path to walk, it is laden with many hardships.
But that applies equally for all children of man.
Whether you can overcome those hardships depends on what lies in your heart—never forget that.
And never let fear of hardship overtake you, my adherent. For there is always a path forward.
As long as your prayer remains true, I will guide your soul every step of the way.
After all, there exists no obstacle that cannot be overcome.


The date of your birth has arrived once again, my adherent.
The life given to the children of man seems so short and fleeting in my eyes.
Unfortunately, not all are able to live out the full extent of their life spans.
The children of man are weak... frail. And the world can be harsh.
That is why I am most pleased to see you in good spirits after the passing of another year.
Do not take this for granted, (Captain), and may your days ahead be just as meaningful.


My adherent, it is once again the day of your birth — a momentous occasion indeed.
Praise and blessings be to you, as you have overcome many hardships and have continued to walk righteously to this day without being tainted by evil.
Fate and the divine which governs it can seem most cruel. All manner of difficulties will yet come, seeking to tear away that which you desire most.
However, be not distraught. It is a test equally inflicted on the children of man.
When you have overcome all trials and reach journey's end...
I will honor your life with my greatest blessing.
O my adherent. Hold your desires forever close to your heart and continue down your righteous path.
As long as you may do so, my flame shall remain with you.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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My passionate adherents have given me an offering of spirits. I would be pleased to share some with you.
Only in adulthood can one partake, you say?
Gwahaha... You needn't worry. This is suitable even for the mouths of babes.
Is it not delectable?


Pin the tail on the donkey? Why would I even consider doing such a thing?
I must shut off my sense of sight and determine the optimal position for a donkey's tail to be attached, you say? What a curious game that the children of man come up with.
Perhaps you can show me more explicitly how this donkey business goes, my adherent.
Surely it can't be too difficult to entertain me a bit.
Hahaha... Who shall be first to pin the tail?


Gaze upon the horizon, my dear adherent. The sun rises.
Refreshing, is it not? To be faced with the dawn of a new year and bid farewell to the old.
The passage of time is swift, especially for the short lives of the children of man.
I ask you this, Adherent. With the time that you have, what do you wish to accomplish?
Hm... An answer eludes you. But the search for one is perhaps another facet of mortal life.
Thoroughly consider yours. Wherever it will lead you... I am very curious to observe.


My adherent, what is in the envelope?
Ah, so that is the New Year's money I often hear about.
The children of man celebrate the young on New Year's by way of monetary gift.
Tell me, my adherent. Are you not a child yourself?
Oh? As captain, you are obligated to be on the side of the giving, I see.
As I am not bound by such rules, allow me to offer you a gift.
It is a celebratory snack called barfi, an offering from other devout adherents.
Even as a captain, a child is still a child. There is no need to hesitate; the barfi is yours.


You appear most distraught, my adherent. Is it not the good day of the New Year?
Oh, is that a New Year's fortune? If I recall correctly, the children of man place much importance on that slip of paper.
Oh? And the result this time disappoints you?
Worry not, child of man. Your mind is a weapon, and you can wield it with ease at the first sight of ill-fortune.
Seeing signs of a storm, we look to the trees for to shield us from the rain. It is much the same idea. Like so, we are able to bend the notion of destiny itself.
And even if you find yourself unable to emerge from the pits of despair, just call my name...
Call upon my name and pray to me. In answer, I will burn away all that plagues you with my diya's flame.
You must hold your head high and meet hardships head-on. Do not let yourself become dispirited.
Yes, just like that. That sparkle in your eyes is proof enough that your path will stretch forever onward.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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My adherent, worship Shanti and your heart's desire shall be realized.
I have manifested as you wished. What then would you have from me, child of man?
Have you brought some sort of tribute to me?
What? Valentine's? You must explain in detail.
I see... So that is the meaning of the festival.
Valentine's Day began when devoted adherents offered sweet morsels in heaps.
Not only has this long enduring mystery been resolved, but I have learned a new joy. Allow me to thank you, child of man.
Together with Nagaraja, I shall delight in the sweet flavors you have profered unto me.


My adherent, I have manifested in response to your worship of the lingam.
Ah, yes, today is Valentine's.
It is a kind offering you proffer me with.
Child of man, your face tells me there were many hardships involved.
You failed to grasp the ideal level of sweetness, you say?
Haha... There is no need to take it so hard.
I can feel your devout wishes from this offering.
As my power stems from the prayer of the children of man, I could not ask for a finer tribute from you.
I thank you, child of man.


Oh, is it Valentine's already?
It's fortunate that you've arrived at this day without incident and in good health.
The prayer in your offering speaks out to me.
You have my thanks, my adherent.
This offering is a reflection of your heart. Your earnest prayer shall be a source of strength for me in the days to come.


My adherent, I have manifested in response to your prayer.
Oh, a Valentine's tribute? What a peculiar appearance it takes on.
Ah. You used too intense of a flame in your excitement, I see.
Fortunately the appearance matters little to me.
Nor do I perceive the minor blunder resulting from your devout enthusiasm to be a bad thing.
Nonetheless, I would suggest caution in the future. For the children of man tend to burn easily even at the smallest spark.


Oho, a splendid offering indeed.
Of all of the tributes you have passed to me thus, this is likely the most exquisite.
I cannot begin to fathom the effort that must have gone into this.
Do not interperet this to mean that previous offerings have been inferior.
Everything you have given me has served as excellent succor.
An offering such as this, however, fashioned with your very own hands... I can sense the strength of your thoughts and desires.
I am most pleased with your tribute.
Your prayers have been heard, my adherent.

White Day Cutscenes
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My adherent, I give these to you as a symbol of gratitude. Please take them.
What? White Day?
What is the meaning of that phrase? You must explain in detail.
I see. White Day is the day on which one expresses thanks for Valentine's Day.
The culture of the children of man is filled with mysteries.
Gwaha, and for that reason it is ever fascinating.
I will interpret this as your White Day tribute to me.


My adherent, I come bearing a gift.
A rudraksha seed imbued with my power of protection. It will make for a most splendid lucky charm.
Hm? You find it to be too much as mere thanks for Valentine's?
As I said before, my power stems from the prayer of people.
Your tribute to me permeated with your prayer and venerable wishes.
Thus I firmly believe that my gift to you is of equal value. Won't you accept it?
Splendid. I look forward to your continued prayer, adherent.


It pleases me to see you in good health, my adherent.
Why do you look surprised? Is today not White Day?
Ah, you were so caught up in the daily grind that you forgot, I see.
I permit you to play with Nagaraja.
The serpent himself wishes to frolic with you.
There is no need to hesitate. Take this chance to refresh yourself.


My adherent, I've come to repay you for your tribute last month.
I see signs of affliction clouding your body. Perhaps you are affected by the changing of seasons, a time when the children of man easily get sick.
Allow me to try something.
My apocalyptic fire shall purge you of any afflictions. You will feel like a new person come morning.
I shall watch over you until then. Rest easy, my adherent.


You have come to, but I can still sense weariness behind those eyes, my adherent.
It would seem that you have once again forgotten about "White Day" as you focus on the path ahead.
Understandable, and perhaps this makes for a nice surprise. I've come to repay you for the tribute offered not long ago.
When I first came to visit, you were sound asleep at your desk. I took it upon myself to move you to your bed.
The children of man — they need their rest, no?
Oh, this scent?
I hand-selected this perfumed oil with Nagaraja, in the hope that it will comfort your soul.
The aroma will also serve to ward any evils or misfortune that may seek to harm you.
I imagine it will serve useful to you even away from the frontlines of battle.
Now, you must not resist sleep's sweet embrace any longer.
I need not bespeak you any longer. Rest well, my adherent.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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My adherent, tonight is the banquet of All Hallow's Eve.
Standing beside the children of man and watching over them, I am familiar with every feast.
Perhaps I will transform into a vetala and wander through carrying a paper lantern in my claws.
Gwahaha... This banquet is as peculiar as it is pleasant.
Let us enjoy the night to the fullest.


All Hallows' Eve has come upon us once again.
I have a favor to ask, adherent. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me on the meaning of this incantation known as "trick or treat"?
Ah... So I see the children of man recite those words in order to indulge their sweet tooth.
And if the desire is not sated with a gift of candy, a trick must ensue in the name of fairness.
The children of man come up with truly strange customs.
The more I know, the more my interest in the mortal world rises.


Adherent, what an unconventional manner of dress.
Beast ears and tail... A costume for All Hallows' Eve, I see.
You require it to procure treats? Hm, a most fascinatingly strange occasion this is.
Well, in that case, I offer you this. It is a treat called modak.
You are most deserving of it, my devout adherent. There is no need to be modest.


My adherent. I've come to answer your prayers for salvation.
Where lies the threat looming over you?
Hm? You find the many tricks on this day of All Hallows' Eve to be overwhelming?
I see. Indeed, the jests of children can be rather unpredictable.
The tricks you faced today must have been quite the ordeal for you to seek salvation from me.
Won't you tell me how exactly the day's events transpired? So that I may better understand the culture of the children of man.


My adherent, we once again find ourselves celebrating All Hallows' Eve.
You have told me much before about the customs of this day — of the jovial tricks and jests of the children of man.
My devout adherent, I must admit that I come bearing neither sweets nor gift.
Could that mean that I am to be pranked?
Go ahead, then. I bestow on you the right to do so.
To be honest, I am quite interested in whatever it is you could have in store. Do not be shy, now.
If you are able to amuse me, then I might just reward thee yet with something sweet.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Can you hear them too, my adherent?
The cheerful voices of the children of men are sounding throughout the land.
This eve is a beautiful one.


My adherent, why is it that you look so morose on such a beautiful night?
You're worried about whether you will receive presents this year?
Well then, I have a present for you. To confer blessings upon my followers is another one of my duties.
May you accept it in good faith.


Glittering snowflakes fill the sky...
Against the multitude of lights hung about, the town appears to sparkle brighter than before.
A fleeting combination of mortal-made and natural beauty.
Truly a sight to behold. Wouldn't you agree, Adherent?


My adherent, I come with a gift.
A diya lit by my divine fire.
The diya's fire is inextinguishable and wards off evil.
May you spend the holy night with my blessing. A fulfilling occasion it shall be.
As bringing peace to the children of man is one of my duties, seeing them revel in holiday joy is a true delight.
As long as my flame burns bright, I will allow nothing to disturb your peace on this very special night.


My adherent, your worship of Shanti has brought me to manifest. Now, what is your heart's desire on this occasion?
You wished only to speak with me? If that is your heart's desire, then I shall be happy to oblige.
Would you rather linger with me? Tonight, the children of man are spending time together and celebrating a feast, are they not?
I do recall hearing from the red dragon and the girl in blue that there are many who wish to spend this night with you.
I see... It is not of my mind to deny you your heart's desire.
I find our exchanges to be most meaningful.
Very well then, my adherent. Please sit with me and expound on recent tales for as long as you like.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Destruction Incarnate

(Captain) dreams about a boy asking for help and then locates his plague-stricken village in real life. There the crew have an unexpected reunion with Shiva, a primal beast whom they once met in a temple on Kluger Island. Shiva demands to know what the crew is doing in the village.

Villager 1: Aaugh... Groooan...
Villager 2: Huff... Huff...
Torrential rains assault this borderland village again today. The putrid air is saturated with a stomach-turning odor.
A sacred tree stands in the center of the village. All around it are villagers lying on thin linen mats.
Villager 3: Aah... Moaaan...
Sores blotch their skin, their voices crackle hoarsely, and every little twitch of their bodies appears to be a struggle.
Villager 4: Aah... Dear Holy One... Save us!
Villager 4: Aah... aah...
Villager 4: Anyone...
Villager 4: Please save...
???: ...
Villager 4: ...!
Shiva: My name is Shiva, he who grants salvation.
The sudden appearance of this sublime being leaves the villagers breathless.
Shiva turns his eyes on the sacred tree at the village center.
Shiva: A plague...
Its bark is peeling off, and a discolored trunk reaches out from within.
The tree has become a nest of disease that scatters deadly spores across the village.
Shiva: ...
Shiva steps close to the tree and holds out a palm to produce apocalyptic fire. The tree begins to crackle and is consumed by fire.
Villager 4: ...!
The villagers—still lying on the ground—are powerless to do anything but watch the flames rise.
Shiva: You who make such powerful entreaties... I grant what you have wished.
Villager 2: Groan...
Villager 3: Huff... Groan...
The villagers weep upon hearing Shiva's words, and the divinity closes his eyes as if listening to their pleas.
Shiva: ...
The decay of the villagers' bodies prevents them from either speaking or moving effectively.
What was once the sacred tree turns to ash and falls in on itself.
Villager 1: Moaaan... Mooaaan...
A moment later, the flame of life goes out within the villagers as it was extinguished in the trees.
Shiva: ...
After meditating deeply, Shiva arrives at a conclusion.
Shiva: It is done.
Shiva: My apocalyptic fire shall return all to nothingness.
(Captain) is slumbering deeply in the captain's quarters of the Grandcypher as it sails the night sky.
Village Boy: Sky... fa... ers...
Village Boy: Huff... Huff... Can you hear me?
Before (Captain)'s eyes is a boy lying in a village that is shrouded by dark, stale air.
Village Boy: Wheeze... My body's hot... And my mind's... fuzzy...
(Captain) attempts to reach out, but the boy is too distant.
Village Boy: I made a... promise...
Village Boy: To look after Mama till Papa comes back...
The boy attempts to push through his shortness of breath to offer a desperate prayer to the sky.
Village Boy: Please... Sky... rers...
Village Boy: You gotta... help... us...
Waking from the dream, (Captain) looks around and realizes the boy is nowhere to be found.
The captain breaks into a cold sweat upon remembering the suffering child.
Village Boy: Please... Sky... rers...
Village Boy: You gotta... help us...
(Captain) rushes to the ship's bridge.
Lyria: Is this... the place you saw in your dream, (Captain)?
The crew uses details from the captain's dream to locate the village.
The sights they see are the same as those from the dream.
Vyrn: Who'da thought this place was real? Maybe you're psychic or somethin'!
Lyria: There has to be a reason that (Captain) had that dream.
Lyria: That boy has to be somewhere in the village. Let's find him as quickly as we can!
Vyrn: Yeah, you said it!
(Captain) stops Vyrn and Lyria the moment they begin walking.
Lyria: What's wrong?
Vyrn: Huh?
In the direction (Captain) points there is a dark, invisible specter.
Vyrn: Whoa... What's that!
Lyria: Huh! Here of all places?
The putrid air and stomach-turning scent hang heavy over the land as if serving to turn back every living creature.
Vyrn: What the heck happened in this village? There's no way we're getting in there with things like this!
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: Huh! What now?
At the startling sight of apocalyptic fire, (Captain) turns away from Vyrn and Lyria and unsheathes a sword.
Lyria: This feels like...
Vyrn: A primal beast!
As the fire settles and the party's line of sight becomes clear, a seemingly familiar figure comes into focus.
Shiva: ...
  1. You're—

Choose: You're—
Shiva: It has been a long while, child of man.
White Serpent: Squeak, squeak...
Lyria: Huh? Do you know who that is, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Never seen that face before...
While the being caresses a white snake, he fixes his eyes toward Vyrn and Lyria.
Shiva: Girl in blue, Lyria; and red dragon, Vyrn.
Vyrn: You mean you know us?
Shiva: Naturally. I command all that is.
Shiva: My name is Shiva, he who grants salvation.
Lyria: So your name's Shiva... How do you do?
White Serpent: Ssh...
Shiva: This is Nagaraja, my beloved serpent king.
Vyrn: Serpent king?
White Serpent: Hissss!
Vyrn: Whoa! You tryin' to tussle?
Lyria: D-don't worry, Vyrn.
Lyria: Nagaraja is his name, right? Hello, my name is Lyria.
Vyrn: Yeah, well... Looks like (Captain) met this guy somewhere. So what's going on?
(Captain) talks to Vyrn and Lyria about encountering Shiva in a temple on Kluger Island.
One night in a dream, the captain crossed swords with Shiva in order to pass one of his trials.
Lyria: I never knew that happened!
Vyrn: And we were sleeping? What a weird story...
The party members are unsure of how to respond to the unexpected reunion with an unexpected adversary.
Shiva, who had been waiting leisurely, opens his mouth once more.
Shiva: Indeed, child of man.
Shiva: (Captain), what is your intent in bringing those two to this land?
Shiva: It is no longer suited for living beings.
Shiva's gaze seems to penetrate their souls.
(Captain) is paralyzed, unable to move under the weight of the ineffable stare.

Light of Destruction

(Captain) and the others explain that they came to help the villagers, but Shiva responds that those who have already fallen ill can't be saved. (Captain), however, insists on saving the boy, after which Shiva assumes a battle stance and demands to see strength worthy of altering fate.

(Captain) states that the crew came to this village to save the boy from the dream.
Shiva: The dream...
Lyria: It seemed like he was begging us for help.
Lyria: We have to find a way to do something...
Shiva: You have traveled a great distance to this land for something so fleeting as a dream...
Lyria: It's just that...
Shiva: Your senses are indeed sharp.
Vyrn: So you mean—
Shiva: Yes. He is here. Many children of man are suffering from disease.
Shiva: What then are you able to do?
Lyria: Huh?
Shiva: This yoke of pestilence weighs heavy on this land, and the great tree at the village's center has become a nest of deadly spores.
Shiva: Their poison has tainted every corner of the village, and any living being who enters is sure to be consumed by plague.
Lyria: But... How can we help...
Shiva: The spores of decay have already made their way into the brains of the children of this land.
Shiva: There can be no recovery for them.
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: Yeah, well then... what are you doing here?
Vyrn: You mean you didn't come to save anyone?
Shiva: One thing alone can save those people:
Shiva: To be burned through by apocalyptic fire.
Vyrn: Wha—
Lyria: That's—
Shiva: The spores borne of this land have already infected neighboring villages.
Shiva: This village must be destroyed lest all the sky be filled with deadly spores.
Lyria: But... We can't allow that!
Vyrn: That's right! How is that supposed to save anyone!
Shiva: When they shed their current incarnations, their souls will be born again.
Shiva: They will not suffer needlessly.
Vyrn: Maybe, but still...
Shiva: Do you wish to draw out the pain of those halfdead unfortunates, forcing them to abide in a hell on earth?
Lyria: ...
Shiva: The time has come for this land's children of men to let go of their living incarnations.
Shiva: I manifested in this land in response to the pleas of the village denizens.
Shiva: I shall break to pieces the unfortunate fate of the children of man, whereupon a new destiny will be born to them. That is the mission I have been given.
Shiva: Your interference will therefore be futile.
The decay of the village has yet to stop. All living creatures within the dying settlement can do no more than await their annihilation.
The village is past salvation, and (Captain) can only clench both fists in frustration.
Vyrn: (Captain)... Are you okay?
Village Boy: Please... Sky... rers...
Village Boy: You gotta... help... us...
Lyria: (Captain)?
The following moment, (Captain) chants a spell of protection and runs into the shroud of putrid air.
Lyria: Eek! What are you doing, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Cut it out!
But in that instant, a wave of apocalyptic fire obstructs (Captain)'s path.
Shiva: You underwit.
Nagaraja: Squeak, squeak...
(Captain) does not shrink when confronted with the flames; the desire to save those suffering is clearly visible in the captain's eyes.
Shiva: ...
Shiva: It would seem that to be foolishly rocked by fleeting passions is the portion of man...
Shiva: Singularity... You, child of man, are the factor that controls the skies' trajectory.
Shiva: If you wish to alter the fate of this village, show me that you have such power.
Shiva assumes a battle stance.
Vyrn: Huh! Uh-oh, (Captain), get ready!
Lyria: We'll do this!
Shiva: The weak are forbidden to advance any further.
Nagaraja: Hisss!

Light of Destruction: Scene 2

After the battle, Shiva asks what the crew stand to gain by wagering their lives, and Lyria answers that they can't abandon people who are savable. As if rewarding the party for the reply, Shiva gives them the protective power of apocalyptic fire. The party members then step into the village filled with putrid air.

Shiva: ...
Shiva: Your wish to save that child is truly great.
Shiva: What do you stand to gain for wagering your life?
Lyria: It's not about that... There are people right before our eyes who we might be able to help.
Lyria: We can't just abandon them!
Shiva: ...
Vyrn: Maybe if you're alone, you can't do anything. But we're not—we've got friends!
Vyrn: Stuff that's impossible by yourself is a piece of cake when everyone joins together!
Shiva: What frivolity...
Vyrn: The villagers are still alive, aren't they?
Lyria: Then there has to be some way to help them!
Shiva: ...
At that moment, Shiva's forehead begins to glow faintly.
Shiva: You are entertaining.
Shiva holds out a palm and sends a wave of flame crashing over the party.
Lyria: Eek!
Vyrn: Whoa, what's happening!
Lyria: W-what! It isn't hot!
Vyrn: What's going on here!
Shiva: I shall grant to you the protection of my apocalyptic fire.
Shiva: Move no more than you must. And take care not to inhale the deadly spores.
Shiva: Burn into your eyes all that you are about to see and hear.
Following behind Shiva, the party sets foot into the village shrouded with putrid air.

Light of Destruction: Scene 3

Wrapped in Shiva's protective fire, (Captain)'s crew enters the village and finds the boy from the dream. (Captain) senses a kindred spirit when the boy says he wants the crew to pass on a message to his skyfarer father. As if set off by (Captain)'s wish to assist the boy, Shiva's third eye begins shining, and the surroundings are filled with blinding light.

Clad in Shiva's flames, the party steps forth into the town.
The spectacle there is more grim than any of the members had imagined.
Villager 1: Aah... Moaaaan...
Villager 2: Wheeze... wheeze...
Villager 3: ...
Lyria: ...!
Under the putrid air the people lie scattered across the ground.
Sores mark their skin, their bodies are decaying, and not one of them seems able to move at will.
Villager 1: This pain... It's too much...
Villager 2: Please... Just end it...
Villager 3: Dear gods...
The plague-stricken villagers no longer hope to be rescued, only to have a peaceful death that releases them from suffering.
Vyrn: ...!
This shocks (Captain) and the others.
???: Sky... f-farers?
The captain looks up toward the familiar voice and sees among them the boy in the dream.
Village Boy: My... prayers... reached you....
The boy runs toward (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: You don't need to stand up! Don't push yourself too hard!
Village Boy: I wanted... to meet you... skyfarers...
Vyrn: You wanted to meet skyfarers? What do you mean!
Village Boy: My papa was... a skyfarer and... he went to an island far away... That's the last I saw him...
Village Boy: But if I meet some skyfarers... I can see my papa... The sky's all connected...
Lyria: ...
Village Boy: I can't meet Papa now... But tell him...
Village Boy: Sorry I wasn't... at home...
Village Boy: Good luck... your journey in... sky...
Lyria: ...
As the boy's consciousness fades, the look on his face becomes blank, and he struggles to cobble together words.
Listening to him speak, (Captain) can't help but identify with the story of the boy's early childhood.
(Captain) grabs his hand and says a prayer, struggling to control the sorrow and the tears.
  1. You can't give up.

Choose: You can't give up.
Village Boy: Huh?
"If there are gods in this world—if we have the power to alter our own fates—may this wish be granted," wishes the captain.
A desire to help the boy races through (Captain).
Lyria: Please! Please save him!
Vyrn: Destiny schmestiny! If you give up, that's it!
  1. I'll show him your fate is to live!

Choose: I'll show him your fate is to live!
Shiva: ...
(Captain)'s resolute prayer gives birth to a miracle.
Shiva: ...
That moment, light envelops the surroundings.

Light of Destruction: Scene 4

The light from Shiva's third eye wipes the illness from the village and saves the lives of those within. Shiva tells the crew that this was possible because of the forceful prayers of (Captain) and the others. Aware that their power is his power, Shiva takes the crew as his newest adherents, giving them a protective statuette and the power of fire.

Shiva: ...
Blinding light pours from the third eye on Shiva's forehead into every shadow of the village covered in putrid air.
Villager 4: Groaaan...
Villager 3: Aaah....
Villager 2: Huh?
Villager 1: Our bodies...
The putrid air dissipates from the once decaying village, and each of the afflicted souls recovers their energy.
Vyrn: What is it? What's going on here!
Lyria: Is this...
The people's halfdead bodies come alive again, and a luxuriant green covers the forest once more.
Villager 2: Are we... better now?
Villager 1: I-It's a miracle!
Village Boy: I get... to live too?
Village Boy: Waaah! Mama!
The village bursts into lively jubilations. Though the people seem baffled that this is reality, they tremble with joy to have their lives.
Village Boy: Skyfarers, where are you!
Shiva: We must go.
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Hm?
The following moment, the cloak of flame that (Captain) and the others had worn grows into a great conflagration.
When the flames die down, (Captain) and the others find themselves somewhere very different from the village.
Lyria: Whoa! We were in the village just a second ago, weren't we? That boy was searching for us...
Vyrn: Hold up. I haven't been following things for a while now!
Shiva: The flames have transported us to another space.
Vyrn: Transported us to another space? Is that even possible!
Lyria: That boy was trying to find us. But we didn't have a chance to talk with him...
Shiva: The villagers are on the proper path once again. Henceforth they must advance with their power alone.
Shiva: Or do you wish to remain in that land and be hailed as a savior?
Vyrn: Then you mean that the people in the village are better?
Shiva: So it seems.
Vyrn: So it seems? Weren't you the one doing everything?
Shiva: My light of destruction returned to nothingness the grave darkness that pervaded the land.
Shiva: It was all on account of your potent prayer, Singularity.
Lyria: Mm...
Shiva: The salvation I could offer those people was to return them to nothingness and then birth their souls anew.
Shiva: But the exceptional might of your heart has inverted the fate of those villagers.
Shiva: That strength of heart may be the factor that controls the trajectory of all the sky.
By praying wholeheartedly for the boy, (Captain) rescued an entire village from annihilation.
The greathearted captain at last begins realizing on a gut level that the unlikely miracle was in fact real.
Vyrn: Can people's prayers really do that much?
Shiva: They can indeed.
Shiva: The source of my power is the faith of the people.
Shiva: I respond to the impassioned wishes and prayers of the children of men. There is much joy in granting salvation to all through apocalyptic fire.
Shiva: For this reason my relationship with humans is bounteous and fruitful. And the prayers of the children of men nourish me.
Shiva: If the hearts of those who pray are strong, I am able to make use of their power.
Vyrn: Whoa! So you mean to say that crazy miracle back there was all thanks to (Captain)!
Vyrn: Sweet, (Captain)! Good goin'!
Lyria: That's right!
Shiva: Humph... The red dragon speaks words I am not familiar with.
Vyrn: Huh?
Shiva: New culture and new words of the children of men are both joys to me.
Shiva: And in this moment, I have learned a new joy.
Shiva: Sweet...
Shiva: Red dragon, I have heard your words and grasped their meaning. Allow me to thank you.
Vyrn: What!
Lyria: Are you studying language, Shiva?
Shiva: What reason is there to be startled?
Vyrn: What reason? You just said something really wild, er...
Vyrn: Uh, it's just a bit strange comin' from you...
Shiva: Strange coming from me? Please explain further...
Vyrn: Huh? I wouldn't know how...
Lyria: Uh....
Vyrn: Geez... Hey, (Captain), how should I explain?
Shiva: I have heard this word geez as well.
Vyrn: Wha—
Shiva: Red dragon, your name was Vyrn, was it not? You are fascinating.
Shiva: Please instruct me in the words and culture of this age.
Vyrn: What! How come you're pickin' me?
Shiva: Are you feeling geezed?
Vyrn: Pfft... Hahaha! Do ya hafta say that with such a serious face? And you're not even sayin' it right!
Lyria: Hehe... You're kind of cute, Shiva!
Lyria: I thought that you might be scarier, but you're very kind.
Vyrn: Haha, that's right! I really like him too!
Shiva: Gwahaha... Is that so?
Shiva: Then become my adherents.
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: What?
Shiva: Singularity, do you wish for my power?
  1. Mm-hm.
  2. Nope.

Choose: Mm-hm.
Shiva: A clear response. Highly agreeable.

Choose: Nope.
Shiva: I see.
Speaking thus, Shiva turns his back and begins to leave.
  1. Wait!
  2. I want it after all!

Choose: Wait!
(Captain) rushes to stop Shiva before he departs.

Choose: I want it after all!
(Captain) shouts from behind Shiva, who is walking away.
Continue 2
Shiva: You seem to enjoy indirectness. You must learn that you can choose but once.
Continue 1
Shiva: Nagaraja.
Nagaraja: Squeak, squeak...
Still wrapped around Shiva, the serpent hands (Captain) a tiny statuette.
Vyrn: What is this?
Lyria: It looks like a thin little stone.
Shiva: It is called the Shanti.
Shiva: When I am not present, worship and cherish it as you would me.
Shiva: If you do so, the light of destruction will not shine upon you.
Vyrn: You want us to pray to this rock for you?
Shiva: Do you not wish to pray to me?
Lyria: Shiva, we'll pray with all our hearts! Thank you so much!
Shiva: Very well. May you have the protection of apocalyptic fire.
Shiva: Red dragon, I await your instruction.
Vyrn: You mean you were serious?
Shiva expresses joy to have new adherents and provides the protective power of fire to (Captain) and the others.
They are overwhelmed by the magnificent aura of the grinning Shiva.
Shiva: Child of man who weaves this world, return to the proper path.
Shiva: You, the factor who can change the trajectory of the sky... Do not lose sight of the way you are meant to tread.
Nagaraja: Squeak, squeak...

Beginning of the End

The people on an island in the Tripla Archipelago are suffering from a sudden surge in monster attacks and rising cases of an incurable illness. The crew is saved from the monster hordes by Shiva, who claims that an ancient scourge wrought by Taraka, dead king of Rakshasas, is once again rearing its ugly head. If left unchecked, it could spell doom for the whole sky.

Monster Horde: ...!
Monster: ...
Vyrn: Darn it! They're everywhere! It's like someone turned on a monster faucet!
Tripla Archipelago lies toward the outer edges of the Phantagrande Skydom. A town on one of the islands is under attack from a torrent of monsters.
(Captain) and company are rescuing as many straggling townspeople as they can find.
Watchman: Come on, get into the shelter! Hurry!
(Captain) grabs Lyria and Vyrn by their hands. They make a run for the safety of the shelter and stumble through the doorway.
Vyrn: Phew... Finally a chance to catch my breath.
Watchman: You guys did good out there. The evacuation was a success thanks to your efforts.
Watchman: Unfortunately, we're still in a heap of trouble. Sure as hell can't go back out there—not with those things stalking the streets—and it's looking pretty grim in here too.
The watchman glances over to a makeshift infirmary comprised of canopied cots set up in the corner of the shelter.
All cots are occupied, bearing victims who writhe in pain from ominous black splotches spreading across their skin.
Lyria: What's wrong with them?
Watchman: They're sick. We call it the infernal plague, a disease endemic to this island.
Watchman: Once the black splotches spread over the entire body, say goodbye. It's incurable and has been around forever on the island.
Watchman: On top of that, now we're getting monsters we've never seen before.
Watchman: And if that wasn't enough, cases of plague infections suddenly spiked at the same time people started reporting sightings of strange black fog.
Watchman: So between the monsters and the plague, our resources are dwindling. We're low on beds and medicine. If this keeps up, all I see is a one-way ticket to doom.
While listening to the list of bad news, the crew members glance nervously at the iron door that seems to be shut sufficiently tight.
Even so, grotesque growls and snarls persist on the other side, and at times the door judders from the mass of bodies jostling against it.
Old Lady: O great Mahadeva... Please bestow us your salvation...
The woeful plea of an evacuee reaches their ears.
Vyrn: Who's Mahadeva?
Watchman: A nobody. The old-timers believe in some savior guy called Mahadeva, but it's just a fairy tale.
Old Lady: Bite your tongue, fool! It is not a fairy tale! How dare you scorn our island's history and deny the truth!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down, lady!
The old woman charges—or rather totters—toward the man. Trying to defuse the situation, the crew members jump in to hold her back.
Lyria: Um, um... Say, what kind of person is Mahadeva?
Lyria: I'd sure love to learn more. Would you mind telling me about him?
Hearing Lyria's request, the old woman's red-hot temper cools as quickly as it had boiled. She nods emphatically at the girl's interest.
Old Lady: Why, of course, young one. Never hurts to add more prayers to Mahadeva's fire. His divine aura grows stronger that way, you know.
Licking her parched, smiling lips, the old lady begins to sing Mahadeva's praises.
Old Lady: It is a tale as old as time. A tale that took place before the War right here on this very island.
Old Lady: Taraka, king of the Rakshasas, summoned asuras from the realm below, filling our land with death and despair.
Old Lady: As death drank from the sky, a bolt of lightning cleaved the blackened heavens, and from it descended an avatar of destruction and rebirth.
Old Lady: The people offered him their prayers, which he used to craft a divine bow. The avatar nocked a mighty arrow and sent the Rakshasa king and his asura ilk back to the void.
Old Lady: That is the origin of Tripla Archipelago—just one of the achievements of Mahadeva, the savior who brings destruction and rebirth.
Lyria: W-wow... He sounds like an incredible person!
Lyria: That kind of sounds like someone I know actually. Whenever we're in danger, and we need help, he always comes to our rescue.
Lyria: I'm sure Mahadeva hears your prayers and is coming to save you too!
The watchman scoffs at what he perceives to be Lyria's naivete and shakes his head.
Watchman: Prayers shmayers. If that's all it took, why are we still in this hell?
Watchman: But things have only gotten worse. Why? Because this so-called savior isn't real. What a load of crap.
Vyrn: Hey! You didn't have to go that far!
Watchman: What would you know, outsider! We've been praying from the very beginning for someone—anyone—to wake us from this nightmare!
Watchman: Fine! Let's say he is real. Where is he, huh? When the hell is Mahadeva gonna swoop in and save us from our misery!
The man's voice cracks as the dam holding back his emotions finally collapses.
His anguished cry squeezes the hearts of everyone in the room, and the oppressive mood grows even heavier.
Vyrn: Wh-what was that!
Watchman: Tch! They're making another push to bash down the door!
Watchman: Anyone who can still swing a weapon, rally on me! We'll take down as many monsters around the shelter as we can!
Vyrn: That's us, (Captain)!
Weary remaining fighters assemble and share a determined nod. Then they spill out of the rear entrance of the shelter.
Monster: ...
Lyria: There's like hundreds of them! Where did they all come from!
Ranks upon ranks of monsters charge at the outnumbered defenders.
Monster Horde: ...!
Young Man: Aaaah! I don't wanna die!
A terrified shriek stings their ears from the left flank.
(Captain) catches sight of a bloodied man on his back, surrounded by a circle of teeth and claws.
Vyrn: Shoot, shoot, shoot! We gotta save 'im!
But (Captain) has already charged at the creatures, crashing their dinner party.
  1. Run!

Choose: Run!
Young Man: Y-yeah! Thanks!
The man struggles to his feet and limps away as fast as his injury will allow.
Meanwhile (Captain) tries to hold back any potential pursuers with wild, sweeping sword swipes.
Lyria: Look out behind you!
Monster: ...!
Vyrn: Geez!
The monster that got the jump on (Captain) suddenly bursts into flames and is burned to ash.
Lyria: This aura... It has to be Shiva!
Shiva: Are you all right, my adherents?
  1. We are now, thanks to you.

Choose: We are now, thanks to you.
Shiva: Your thanks are unwarranted. It is my duty to ensure the safety of my adherents.
Shiva: Though now is not the time for relief. The scourge befalling this land is tightening its grip.
Shiva: It must be swiftly dealt with, lest this disaster devour the entirety of the Sky Realm.
Vyrn: I-is it that bad? The heck's goin' on with this island?
Shiva: Hm... Have you heard of the term asura?
Vyrn: Asura? That does ring a bell...
Lyria: Oh, wait! The old lady just told us a story about them!
Lyria: She said there once was a king... Uh, and he summoned asuras from the realm below or something?
Shiva: I see. Then I need not go into detail at this time.
Shiva: The very same scourge Taraka once unleashed upon this land again rears its unsightly head.
Shiva: If allowed to spread, all the sky's inhabitants shall face extinction, paving the way for chaos to govern the world.
Shiva looks up at the gloomy sky, his expression unreadable.
But judging from his tone of voice, the crew gather that this is a crisis beyond their darkest imaginations, and that terrifies them.

Beginning of the End: Scene 2

The scourge that Shiva had previously swept from Tripla many years ago arose from Taraka's eternal hatred, which fuels the monsters that are attacking the island. These monsters are, in essence, Otherworldly beings. A primal beast infected with black fog suddenly attacks (Captain), but Shiva purifies the fog, freeing the primal, who turns out to be Shiva's former disciple, Parashurama. They scoop up the unconscious disciple and run for shelter.

Vyrn: Everyone will... die? Just what are these asura things?
Shiva claims that the crisis the island is facing threatens to kill everyone in the Sky Realm and replace peace with chaos.
Vyrn had simply asked what was on everyone's mind.
Shiva: Asura is the ancient name for these creatures.
Shiva: They are chaos incarnate, running rampant in the nether reaches. They symbolize death and despair. In recent times, I believe the children of man call them Otherworldly beings.
Vyrn: No way! So all the monsters flooding the town are from the Otherworld?
Shiva: The beings that overrun this land are strictly different but can be treated in the same vein.
Shiva: Half a month prior I heard the pleas of salvation from the children of man and descended upon this island.
Shiva: I felt the presence of powerful asuras emanating from within the island and sought to eliminate them.
Shiva: However, they devoured mortal life at an alarming rate, thus spreading their corrupting tendrils faster than I could cleanse the land.
Shiva: This is where we now stand.
Lyria: So you were already here before us.
Shiva: Indeed. What's more, there was a time in the past at which I purified this land of a previous scourge.
This revelation causes the crew members to have a minor epiphany.
Lyria: Wait a minute! Does that mean the Mahadeva person the islanders were talking about... is you?
Shiva: Oh? How reminiscent. I did not know that name lives on, but in this land it evidently does.
Shiva: However, the severity of this scourge far exceeds the one I halted centuries before.
Lyria: R-really? How so?
Shiva: Taraka's pernicious enmity transcends beyond his death to fuel this scourge.
Shiva: The dead pass on a deep-seated grudge unto the living, who shudder beneath the repressive emotions. Thus the curse persists through the land to this day.
Shiva: So long as the roots of evil are firmly anchored, the curse will flourish time and again, regardless of the scores of asuras eradicated.
Shiva: The true enemy is one we cannot see. The essence of corruption must be rent from the air, the earth, and from life itself.
Vyrn: Hold it! Are you saying not only is the island doomed, but the people are too?
Shiva falls silent for a moment. Then he looks at Vyrn as if having remembered something.
Shiva: In the days of the previous scourge, I possessed a bow forged to pierce the hordes of the asura.
Shiva: For the purposes of purging evil, that bow contained the core of the primal that protected this land and is interwoven with the prayers of the people.
Shiva: With said bow in hand, this crisis could be rectified.
Vyrn: Nice! Well, just bust it out and get your shoot on!
Shiva: Unfortunately, the bow is—
Before Shiva can finish, they hear the sound of a building collapsing.
Shouts from scared townsfolk immediately follow, prompting the crew to run toward the disturbance.
???: Hnn...
Vyrn: Wh-who's that!
The crew members come to a dead stop in front of a demolished house. Standing atop the pile of rubble is a shadowy figure who glares down at them.
Lyria: That person is a primal beast! It's in a lot of pain... Like it's trying to hold onto its sanity...
Shiva: Hmm... Since a morsel of its former self yet remains, I shall extend my charity.
Shiva: My adherent, a seed of corruption gnaws away at that primal's body. If the seed is shattered, my flames may offer purification.
Noticing the fires spreading over Shiva, the figure utters a warning.
???: Ngh... Stay... back...
Vyrn: Huh? What'd it say?
???: Gah! Yaaagh!
Shiva: Brace yourselves!
Releasing a ghastly shriek of fury, the primal launches an attack at (Captain).
(Captain)'s sword immediately blocks the bull rush, but the impact is so powerful that it sends the captain flying backward.
???: Graaah!
(Captain) manages to stay upright, but the assailant is already pouncing toward the captain.
???: Guh!
Shiva: You shall not reap the soul of my adherent.
???: Ngggh!
Bound by Shiva's apocalyptic fire, the assailant struggles but can do no more than hiss and snap.
A sinister glow appears in the middle of the assailant's chest, and without hesitation, (Captain) stabs the light.
???: Gaaah!
Upon piercing the light, a black fog billows around the assailant, who howls in anger.
Shiva: My purifying flames shall not extinguish until they have burned through every strand of corruption.
Shiva: Should the defilement have seeped into your soul, then naught but ash shall remain of you.
This forewarning makes even Vyrn and (Captain) gulp.
The standoff seems to go on for an eternity until Shiva's flames gradually diminish.
Shiva: Hmph, your form remains. Salvation arrived in time.
???: Ugh... I...
???: Mahadeva? Is that you?
Shiva: ...!
What appears to be a man steps out from the dying light of Shiva's flames. He takes one look at Shiva before crumpling to the ground.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Are you okay!
Lyria and the others hurry to the man, who lays unconscious and unmoving.
Vyrn: Hey, Shiva. You know this guy?
Shiva: Yes. I took him in as a disciple. He was one of my most pious adherents.
Shiva: However...
Shiva is about to go on but changes his mind and shakes his head.
Shiva: For the time being, we must bring this man to safety.
Shiva: Further asura attacks may occur at any moment. I would like to see him awaken before that happens.
The crew members agree, and they carry the mysterious man to a nearby shack.
Parashurama, as Shiva had called him, has yet to regain consciousness.
Despite the tumultuous situation, (Captain) calmly asks Shiva about the mysterious stranger.
Shiva: Hm... So you wish to know more about this person.
Shiva: His name is Parashurama. He was born in the Tripla Archipelago, thus making him a skydweller.
Vyrn: Wait, he's a skydweller? But Lyria called him a primal beast...
Lyria: Uh-huh. I definitely felt primal energy coming from him.
Shiva: I have no explanation for that. However, the Parashurama I knew was undoubtedly a child of man.
Shiva: Shortly after Parashurama's birth, his father—the king—personally notified me of the news.
Parashurama's homeland owes its existence to Shiva for sweeping the asura off the island.
Because of that, the royal family worshipped Shiva for many, many years. They would always deliver news of a royal newborn to the primal.
Shiva: Like father, like son, Parashurama became a devout adherent from the moment he entered this world.
Shiva: I also looked favorably upon the boy, but I did not expect him to ask to be my disciple.
At the time, Taraka had once again invaded the various nations of Tripla with an army of asura.
Parashurama's homeland wasn't spared from the onslaught either, and many lives perished at the hands of grotesque creatures who had been gathering in numbers over the years.
Shiva: Blessed with exemplary martial prowess from a young age, he possessed a desire to protect his country and subjects.
Shiva: I felt obligated to grant the entreaty of such a steadfast adherent. Thus I welcomed him as my disciple.
Shiva: When the time came to confront Taraka, Parashurama single-handedly eviscerated Taraka's asura guard.
Shiva: To commend his deed, I anointed him as Tripla's guardian and bestowed the bow to him as proof of virtue.
Shiva: Yes, the weapon forged to destroy asura—Vijaya, Annihilator of Evil.
Shiva knits his brow as he looks at the sleeping Parashurama.
Shiva: Yet here he is without Vijaya on his person, as far as I can tell.
Shiva: Where is the bow now? Furthermore, is this man truly the one I knew as Parashurama?
Shiva: My questions shall go unanswered until he opens his eyes. All we can do is wait for him to recuperate.
The sudden appearance of this mysterious man, who may or may not be Shiva's disciple, has certainly complicated things.
(Captain) and company watch over the sleeping man, wondering what questions to ask when he awakens.

Beginning of the End: Scene 3

Parashurama explains that after the murder of his parents and people, he succumbed to blind rage. Having lost sight of his vow to protect, Vijaya, the bow Shiva entrusted to him to fight the Otherworldly beings, shattered. With nothing powerful enough to stem the scourge, it seeped across the island in the form of an illness. Stricken with regret, Parashurama became a primal beast to protect skydwellers. Instead of punishing his disciple, Shiva persuades him to help purify the scourge once and for all.

Parashurama: Unh... Where am I?
Parashurama rubs his eyes. This is the moment the crew has been waiting for.
Lyria: Hooray! You're awake.
Vyrn: Heyo, mister! Feelin' all right? Can ya move your arms and legs?
Parashurama: Who are you? What was I...
Parashurama looks around wildly in confusion.
When his eyes lock onto a certain god, he freezes.
Parashurama: I am not worthy! You have my deepest, sincerest apologies!
Springing up off of his back, Parashurama flips over onto his hands and knees, and immediately grovels before Shiva.
Vyrn: Whoa! What got into you!
Lyria: O-oh my! He dented the floor with his head!
With his forehead glued to the ground, Parashurama ignores the crew's comments and rattles off his guilt.
Parashurama: You entrusted me with protecting this island, yet I have allowed it to fall into wretched decay. I do not deserve to look you in the eyes!
Parashurama: O my teacher! Divine Mahadeva! Bring unto me my deserved punishment!
Shiva: Hm... Do not be rash. Raise your head, Parashurama.
Shiva: Suitable judgment can only be meted once all has been disclosed.
Parashurama: What do you mean "all"?
Parashurama slowly looks up until he can see Shiva's face.
Shiva: All means all. What occurred on the island in the wake of my departure? Speak the truth as you know it; that is all I ask.
Shiva: Your words shall shape my verdict.
Parashurama: ...
Parashurama sits back in silence, trying to determine where to start.
Parashurama: After you left, and the land was liberated from the asura menace, peace reigned for a number of years.
Parashurama: But following Taraka's death, King Kartavirya of Haihaya plotted to conquer the world.
Parashurama: Armed with knowledge of the asura and having inherited Taraka's hatred, he opened the gate to the asura's realm.
Shiva: Kartavirya... He was a young king of the kingdom bordering yours.
Shiva: Even among the worst of individuals, he was especially arrogant and avaricious.
Shiva: He behaved with obedience during the war waged against Taraka. It appears that was merely for show.
Parashurama: I swore an oath with you to protect the land, and protect I did by slaughtering the asura that followed Kartavirya.
Parashurama: In retaliation, he took the lives of Mother, Father, and our people.
Shiva: ...
Parashurama: So overcome with rage and fury was I, that I released Vijaya's power.
Parashurama: The arrows of retribution I loosed upon the asura could no longer purify but instead multiplied the corrupting curse, otherwise known as revenge.
Parashurama: Dead conniving kings and destroyed gateways to the underworld meant nothing, for the rancor of those renegade regals and the curse of the asura weren't cleansed.
Parashurama: Thus the curse lived on in the form of the infernal plague, tainting the islanders with death and despair.
Parashurama: The curse drains the life of its victims, using it to further fuel animosity.
Parashurama: Over time, the strengthened grudge of the dead kings generates new asuras, thus perpetuating another cycle of invasions.
Parashurama: I attempted so many times to purify the land but to no avail. Unable to accomplish anything, I was overwhelmed by the black fog of the asura. This is all my fault.
Shiva: ...
Shiva: You breached your oath in return for power. Then Vijaya is...
Parashurama: I'm afraid so. As I was no longer deemed worthy by the bow, it... shattered and disappeared.
Shiva: As I thought. Then we must concede the possibility that the scourge cannot be stopped.
Vyrn: H-hold on a second! Are you sayin' our only way of savin' the island is gone forever?
Shiva: Take heart, little red dragon. Vijaya was but one option available to us.
Shiva tries to keep Vyrn from panicking before readdressing Parashurama.
Shiva: You who broke the oath and lost Vijaya: For what reason did you renounce your humanity? For what cause was your lust for power?
Parashurama: I once thought I could atone by sacrificing my life. So I tried.
Parashurama: Then I met someone who made me realize that there is no redemption to be found in death. Rather it is found in salvation.
Parashurama: Therefore I petitioned for their help and received an immortal body.
Parashurama: I pledged to protect all skydwellers until my form decays.
Shiva: Hm...
Parashurama: But now that we have reunited, it is only right that I face your judgment.
Parashurama: I betrayed your expectations and dragged your name through the mud. Those are my crimes.
Shiva: ...
Parashurama hangs his head in submission, already yielding to his guilt. With no emotion, Shiva announces his verdict.
Shiva: I shall not dole out punishment.
Parashurama: What? I don't understand!
Shiva: No manner of penalty I decree shall afford the atonement you desire.
Shiva: The torment of living outweighs the finality of death. You understood the consequences of abandoning mortality.
Shiva: To live eternally with a guilty conscience and the pain it brings, you were already aware of the outcome.
Parashurama: ...
Seeing that Parashurama has nothing to say, Shiva continues.
Shiva: However, should you still seek to repay your debts, then wield your power against the returning tides of evil.
Shiva: You alone can save countless lives without Vijaya.
For a while, Parashurama remains silent. Finally he looks at Shiva, but this time his eyes are unwavering.
Parashurama: It is as you say.
Parashurama: I pledge to you, Mahadeva, the remainder of my existence, which I will use to protect the world.
Shiva: Acknowledged.
Shiva nods, contented. Moving on to other matters, he attempts to sense the presences outside the shack.
Shiva: A harsh truth has not changed. Without Vijaya, halting the asura invasion shall prove next to impossible.
Vyrn: Then what else can we do? They keep comin' back no matter how many we knock down.
Parashurama: The asura that wander in the open are merely fodder. The orchestrator pulling all the strings is surely keeping out of sight.
Parashurama: Destroy the source, and that will curb new asuras from emerging. Now if only we had a lead to follow...
Suddenly Parashurama turns to the crew with a baffled look.
Parashurama: By the way, who are you people?
Vyrn: Huh? It took you this long to notice us?
Lyria: Well, he had just regained consciousness, and there wasn't really time for chitchat, so...
After trying to cover for Parashurama's inattentiveness, Lyria clears her throat.
Lyria: Hi, Parashurama! I'm Lyria!
Vyrn: And I'm Vyrn! Lyria, (Captain), and me are hitting the skies as skyfarers!
Lyria: Yep! And we're also Shiva's adherents!
Parashurama: Adherents? The one you call (Captain) seems mortal enough, but what about you two?
Vyrn: Huh?
Parashurama: I see a small red dragon and girl with blue hair. Neither of you are skydwellers, I take it?
Parashurama: If I find out you're actually villains out to harm Mahadeva...
The man stares daggers at Lyria and Vyrn, who are taken aback by the accusation.
This prompts a rebuke from Shiva.
Shiva: These three are my devoted adherents. Skydweller or otherwise matters not, for I have deemed them worthy of my protection.
Parashurama: Ah, f-forgive me! I have made a grievous error toward your chosen ones!
Parashurama: In light of my ignorance, I request that you punish me, Mahadeva!
Shiva: A slip of the tongue is no cause for discipline.
Parashurama: Sniff, your compassion is as vast as the sky itself! Truly you are a paragon of benevolence to overlook the multitude of sins I have committed!
The crew members watch with muted amazement as Parashurama spirals into self-criticism.
Vyrn: There's devotion, and then there's this guy...
Lyria: Yeah, he really reveres Shiva from the bottom of his heart.
Whether in response to the ribbing or not, Parashurama settles down and changes his tune.
Parashurama: I'm ashamed for losing my composure. Let's take this from the top.
Parashurama: Anyone who sees the light of Mahadeva is an honored friend of mine.
Parashurama: May we blaze the same path together! To friendship!
Before the captain can even react, Parashurama has wrapped his hand around (Captain)'s in a hearty handshake.
The unorthodox salutation lightens the tension, and they all have a much needed laugh.
Sadly the fun doesn't last long.
Parashurama: Mahadeva! Can you feel it?
Shiva: It would appear the asura are lured to the remaining vitality that still inhabits this town.
Shiva: Steel your hearts, my adherents. This is the island's last stand. Do not become one with the earth.
Shiva: Asura's black curse must not contaminate the blue skies. It is our duty to repulse the flux of evil.
Everyone nods in unison. They know full well what it will mean for the world if they fail.

Supreme Destroyer of Blight

Victims of the illness surrender to despair, thus transforming them into monsters. A black mass—the long-dead orchestrator of the scourge—materializes in front of the crew and attacks them, but Shiva absorbs the blow. Leaving it up to (Captain) to defend the town, he vanishes into the black mass.

Tripla Archipelago is besieged by monsters who draw strength from an undying hatred once possessed by malicious monarchs, who have long since died.
(Captain) and company try their best to ignore the vociferous howls and screeches as they run to the town's main gate. Upon arrival, they can't even see the ground under the sea of black bodies.
Shiva: Hm... The black fog here is especially potent, given such a massive concentration of asuras.
Shiva: Child of man, remain in town and protect the people.
Shiva: Mortal bodies cannot endure the fog, nor can my divine protection guarantee a complete defense.
(Captain) heeds Shiva's words, understanding that being there would only be a burden to him.
  1. We'll keep the town safe.
  2. Just don't get too crazy.

Choose: We'll keep the town safe.
Shiva: I have complete faith in your abilities.
Shiva: I shall fulfill my duty by stopping these forces, no matter the cost.

Choose: Just don't get too crazy.
Shiva: The might of the enemy is no match for our own. I have stood against far greater odds in the past and come out victorious.
Shiva: Now go. There are innocents in the town that need you, and I have my own role to play.
Continue 1
Shiva: Though should your hearts falter for my safety, dedicate a prayer to me. Your supplication becomes my power.
Vyrn: R-right. Got it.
Vyrn: But whatever happens, uh, come back in one piece, okay?
Lyria: Shiva! Parashurama! Please take care of yourselves!
The crew wishes the two primals good luck and departs.
Shiva: ...
Shiva exhales deeply while gazing out over the quivering carpet of darkness.
Shiva: First I shall lay down a wall of flame. With only the two of us, the town will be overrun swifter than we can destroy these creatures.
Shiva: However, it is merely a stopgap measure to buy enough time to draw out the orchestrator.
Parashurama: As you wish. Then I'll use myself as bait and draw their attention away.
Parashurama: I won't let them lay a finger on you while you make your arrangements.
Parashurama then disappears without waiting for confirmation.
Soon after, a pillar of fire accompanied by a thunderous roar erupts from the center of the asura. When he sees this signal, Shiva raises his head to the sky.
Shiva: The dead have no right to trespass on the lives of the living, regardless of circumstance. They shall atone for their crimes.
His calm declaration is heard by no one but himself; his words vanish into his apocalyptic fire.
Meanwhile (Captain) and company run at full sprint toward the shelter, evading monsters along the way.
When they finally make it to the shelter, they aren't ready for the harrowing scene taking place.
Humanoid Monster: ...
Watchman: Damn it! Why's it have to end like this!
One side of the building lays in ruins, and the area is swarming with humanoid figures shambling about.
The abnormal creatures seem to be pouring out from the hole in the shelter.
Watchman: Holy crap! You're not zombies, are you? When none of you came back, I thought the worst...
Vyrn: Mister! What the heck happened here?
Watchman: I don't know how, but one minute people were bedridden with the infernal plague, then the next minute they'd morphed into monsters...
Watchman: Things happened so fast... It was a bloodbath. That's all that's left of us...
He motions to a huddled mass of cowering survivors.
Watchman: Damn it all! Why is this happening! What'd we ever do to deserve this!
At this point the crew can't even come up with a reassuring word.
Humanoid Monsters: ...!
Vyrn: Wh-what the!
The monsters raise their ghastly voices in unison and an odious fog gushes from their bodies.
Watchman: What is—aaaugh!
As the fog engulfs them, a powerful wave of pain and nausea assaults their entire bodies. Additionally...
Lyria: There are... voices... inside my head!
The lamentations of countless souls rattle in their skulls.
All the pain and suffering of these lost voices drain the willpower of the living, sucking their victims deeper into despair.
  1. Can't take much more of this!

Choose: Can't take much more of this!
(Captain), on the verge of capitulation, tries one last time to stay grounded by tightening a grip on their sword.
Parashurama: Haaaah!
Humanoid Monster: ...!
Parashurama: Grab hold of your sanity, my friends! Fight the voices!
Hearing Parashurama's command snaps (Captain) back to reality.
Shiva: So this is what the plague is capable of. Even so, the transformations transpired far too quickly.
Vyrn: Shiva! What about the army of monsters outside the town?
Shiva: I estimate roughly half of their forces have been decimated, but there can be no respite until the source is purged. My flames hold back the incursion for now.
Shiva: This location serves as a confluence of fear and despair. It propagates the asura's momentum.
Shiva looks over at the surviving townsfolk, their faces stricken with dismay.
Shiva: Children of man. Surrender not to the asura's temptations, and despair shall not devour you.
Shiva: Once their invitation is accepted, there is no return. It is but a ticket to have one's soul ripped away, only to persist as a mindless husk brimming with torment.
Watchman: A-asura? Who in the world are you?
Parashurama: Get ready, Mahadeva!
Judging from the tension in Parashurama's voice, there is no time to answer the watchman's query.
Shiva: It is here.
???: Gyaargh!
The shockwave from the furious bellow impacts the crew.
Everything around (Captain) starts to darken, and the captain looks up at the shadow that is blotting out the sky.
Vyrn: Geez! Don't tell me that's the big bad!
A giant figure towers over them, with pods of monsters oozing from its underbelly. They splash onto the ground, like drops of black paint.
Shiva: This is the source of the scourge. Once a king among men, now a hateful shell hell-bent on spreading the asura's curse across the land.
Coil of Hatred: Gyaargh!
Shiva: ...!
Unleashing another roar, the mass swells up and converges on the crew like a tidal wave.
Lyria: Eeeek!
Shiva: ...!
Parashurama: Mahadeva! Don't be so reckless!
Shiva: It seems I lack the power to defend against it. I was afraid that might be the case.
Shiva: Parashurama. My adherents. Protect the living.
Lyria: Shiva? What are you planning to do!
Shiva: Where there is hope, there is a way. Even when consumed in darkness, one mustn't give in.
Shiva: Listen well, Singularity. Your mighty prayer harbors the power to unshackle the very chains of fate themselves.
Shiva: As despair is infectious, hope is equally as resilient. I have the utmost faith in you, my adherent.
Shiva then creates a ring of apocalyptic fire that grows with ever greater intensity.
  1. Shiva!

Choose: Shiva!
(Captain) cries out and reaches out for the primal, who is swallowed by the black mass.

Supreme Destroyer of Blight: Scene 2

After the crew and remaining survivors are teleported to higher ground by Shiva, Parashurama and company continue to repel monsters, even restoring some hope to the living townspeople. (Captain) makes a heartfelt wish to protect everyone and is rewarded with the revival of Vijaya. With the divine bow in hand, (Captain) pierces the black mass with an arrow, spawning more arrows that wipe out all the monsters. Lastly, a mighty thunderbolt strikes the black mass.

Vyrn: Where are we?
When the ring of fire subsides, everyone is treated to a view of an unfamiliar landscape.
Watchman: Is... is that... our town?
(Captain) and the others turn around and see a sight that leaves them just as stunned as the watchman.
An expansive lake of blackness bubbles along the land's surface.
The rooftops of a few buildings periodically peek out from the dark waves, serving as the only indication that a settlement lies beneath.
Lyria: Wait! Where's Shiva!
Everyone quickly scans their surroundings, but Shiva is nowhere to be found.
Vyrn: Did that black blobby thing really gulp down Shiva?
Parashurama: ...
Monster: ...
Parashurama: Wretched fiends! They won't even afford me a small moment to worry over my teacher.
Parashurama draws his weapon when he spots a troop of monsters beginning to form.
(Captain) takes a cue from the primal and steps in front of the remaining survivors, ready to protect them.
Parashurama: Do you remember the words of our great Mahadeva, my friend?
Parashurama: He willed us not to surrender. Where there is hope, there is a way.
(Captain) nods resolutely.
Parashurama: Heh, excellent. I'll cover the front and hold off the vanguard while you—
  1. Cover the rear.

Choose: Cover the rear.
Parashurama: Exactly. May you fight well, my friend!
As Parashurama leaps into action, the monsters let out a war cry and advance as well.
Humanoid Monster: ...!
Old Lady: Eeeep!
Lyria: Please lend us your strength, Colossus!
Colossus emerges from the ether to cleave in twain any monsters that have eluded Parashurama's blade.
Monster Horde: ...!
Vyrn: Here comes the monster flood again! Grrr, you gross ghouls can't beat us!
Yet for all the monsters wiped off the face of the island, much like the ebb and flow of the tides, new replacements swarm in to replace the fallen.
The disadvantaged protectors become more and more exhausted as the seemingly endless battle wears on.
Watchman: I can't do this anymore! It's over!
The man's trembling voice signals his surrender.
Watchman: We're all screwed... This island... All of us. Nothing's getting saved.
Watchman: That guy who brought us here from the town... You called him Mahadeva, right?
Watchman: If he is the real deal, the big shot who saved our island once before, even that guy didn't stand a chance.
Watchman: So what's the point in going on anymore? This is what destiny wants, and you can't fight destiny. You just can't...
As the man falls silent, a black fog slowly creeps over him.
Recognizing the encroaching coils of despair, (Captain) makes an impassioned plea to the man.
  1. It's not over until it's over!

Choose: It's not over until it's over!
Watchman: ...
Lyria: Shiva said that anything is possible as long as hope still lives.
Lyria: He's never let us down before, and we're not going to stop believing in him now!
Watchman: ...
  1. There's still hope.

Choose: There's still hope.
Watchman: Hope, huh...
Vyrn: Hey, bad stuff happens. That's just the way it goes. But giving up only makes things worse!
Vyrn: So hang in there, mister! Because we're not gonna let anything happen to you guys!
Watchman: ...
The crew's fervent appeals seem to lift the survivors' spirits, if only a little.
Monster Horde: ...!
Lyria: That flame!
A maelstrom of fire that swirls over the entire town shoots up into the sky. Strands of flames even reach out to snag the monsters attacking (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: It's Shiva's flames! There's no mistakin' it!
Watchman: Look! Every monster in town is ablaze!
Like a sea of oil ignited by a spark, the fire burns through its fuel, leaving behind a town free of monsters.
Old Lady: O-oh! Behold Mahadeva's flames of salvation! Brought down upon evil to save the meek!
The old woman raises a prayer as she takes several steps in the direction of her town. The townsfolk watching from behind follow suit, offering their own venerations.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, (Captain). Is it just me, or is something glowin' on ya?
Vyrn points at (Captain)'s pocket. Rummaging through the pocket, the captain's fingertips brush against an object.
Pulling the object out reveals it to be the Shanti given to (Captain) by Shiva when they first met.
Gripping the dimly glowing, slightly warm Shanti tightly, (Captain) also offers a prayer.
Coil of Hatred: Raaagh!
This causes the fiery maelstrom to intensify, and with that newfound intensity comes a pained bellow.
Coil of Hatred: Curse you! Curse, curse, curse you! Release this despicable flame! We will not be denied again!
Coil of Hatred: All shall pay the ultimate price! Mercy for none! This land belongs to us and us alone!
The black entity, its speech dripping with malice, puffs up like a balloon and fires off thorny projectiles.
Lyria: Watch out, (Captain)!
Colossus: ...!
Colossus's cleaver deflects the thorns, but one slips through.
Vyrn: Yikes! Get outta there, buddy!
  1. ...!

Choose: ...!
Parashurama: Urgh!
Lyria: Parashurama!
(Captain)'s eyes had reflexively closed before impact. The captain opens them back up and sees the tip of a thorn poking out of Parashurama's back.
Parashurama: Are you... okay... my friend?
Vyrn: You're outta your mind!
Lyria: We need to treat that wound right now!
Parashurama: Calm down. My head's still on my shoulders. I'm not going to die from a little flesh wound—
Parashurama: Cough... Gwah!
Parashurama's cheerful smile is wiped away by a coughing fit, and (Captain) catches him as he begins to fall forward.
(Captain) gasps upon noticing black splotches slowly spreading to Parashurama's body from the entry and exit wounds.
Coil of Hatred: Raaagh!
Another roar summons more monsters to the orchestrator's aid, restoring its lost army.
Monster Horde: ...!
Vyrn: No way! We're back to square one!
In the blink of an eye, (Captain) and company again find themselves on a lone island amid an ocean of black.
"Is this the end?" The thought enters (Captain)'s mind for only a second before getting struck down.
With closed eyes, the captain squeezes the Shanti and prays.
  1. Grant me the power to protect everyone!

Choose: Grant me the power to protect everyone!
Light bursts forth from the Shanti.
The light warps and bends, shape-shifting into a bow.
Vyrn: Is that...
Parashurama: Welcome back, Vijaya.
Vyrn: Vijaya? As in, the one you lost? That Vijaya?
Parashurama: Yes. The prayer of my friend here summoned it back from the brink.
Parashurama: Now take it, and purify that cursed monster! You have been deemed worthy!
(Captain) quickly reaches for the bow.
The moment (Captain)'s hand wraps around the divine grip, a surge of power flows through the captain's body, and (Captain) hears a familiar voice.
Shiva's Voice: Can you hear me, child of man?
Shiva's Voice: What you hold in your hand is most undoubtedly my bow, Vijaya.
Shiva's Voice: I shall lend you my aid in piercing the asura's orchestrator. Trust yourself in my hands.
(Captain)'s body begins to move on its own, aiming the bow at the gigantic mass.
At the same time, the power overflowing from (Captain)'s body racks the captain with incredible pain.
Nevertheless, (Captain) fights through the agony. Suddenly a soothing warmth spreads through (Captain)'s back and arms.
Vyrn: You got this, buddy! Fire away!
Lyria: We're right behind you, (Captain)! Everything's going to be okay!
Parashurama: No scratch is going to keep me from propping you up!
Parashurama: Now, my friend! Strike at the heart of evil!
Everyone present lends their prayers, which channel into Vijaya and set it aglow.
Shiva's Voice: Connivers of a foregone era, the children of man pray for your destruction. Fly true, annihilating arrow!
Coil of Hatred: Gyaaaah!
The prayer-infused arrow pierces the mass, which explodes into a shower of new arrows of light.
The arrows rain back down on the monsters, incinerating them.
Vyrn: Whoa! Vijaya kicks serious butt!
The radiant downpour eradicates all of the foul monsters, though leaving behind scattered puddles of the orchestrator.
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, (Captain)?
Parashurama: A normal person would've been burned alive from the inside if they had tasted that much power. (Captain) won't be able to move for a bit.
Parashurama: But thanks to you, much of the curse was purified, and now the island can—
As if to show Parashurama that he has spoken too soon, black fog spews forth, blanketing the sky.
Hatred's Voice: Prayer... Miracles... Hope... Salvation... It is filth! Vile, disgusting filth!
Hatred's Voice: Die! Die! Die! I wish you devastation! Disgrace! Ruination! Extinction!
Coil of Hatred: Grooaar!
Lyria: N-no! This can't be happening!
The black fog coalesces into a figure that roars with resentment.
Rising from the jaws of defeat is the cursed avatar that has unceasingly terrorized this land. This time it truly feels as if nothing can prevent the survivors from succumbing to despair.
Coil of Hatred: Gyaaaah!
But when all seems lost, a bolt of lightning cleaves the blackened heavens and strikes the monstrosity with deadly precision.

Supreme Destroyer of Blight: Scene 3

Shiva's wrath not only decimates the black mass but the entire archipelago and the sky around it. He then restores the blue sky, the islands, and their inhabitants back to the way they were. Thus the roots of the Otherworldly scourge are ripped from Tripla forever. Parashurama promises to fight evil throughout the Sky Realm to atone for his mistakes. Meanwhile, Shiva reiterates his faith in (Captain) and entrusts Vijaya to the captain.

Coil of Hatred: Gyaargh!
The orchestrator screams from being pierced by the lightning bolt. The blackened sky crackles with electricity and rumbles with thunder.
Parashurama: Witness the wrath of Mahadeva.
Everyone's eyes are mesmerized by the high-voltage phenomenon in the sky, including (Captain).
Parashurama: I've witnessed his anger before, but I have never seen Mahadeva this furious!
Coil of Hatred: Gyaargh!
As the black mass burns asunder, another figure floats out of its body.
Shiva: ...
Coil of Hatred: Damn you, Mahadeva! Odious incarnate of destruction!
Shiva: Even in death, you clung to this world with your curse, sowing chaos throughout the land and reaping the ruin it burgeoned.
Shiva: Drown in nothingness under the crushing weight of your sins, never to resurface.
Hundreds upon thousands of lightning bolts plunge toward the earth, ripping the orchestrator and the island to shreds.
Coil of Hatred: Aaaagh! I will... We still...
Shiva: Ancient one of a bygone era, my lightning purges the corruption wrought by the asura.
Shiva: Never again shall their taint be allowed to emerge in these skies.
Shiva: Feel the full force of my ire.
Shiva: Pashupatastra!
The sky becomes flooded with light, darkness erased in a flash, as if a painter has splashed white paint onto a black canvas.
One's sense of time seems to be lost.
When (Captain) finally awakens, there are no familiar green trees, brown soil, or even blue skies. Only a world of white.
Parashurama: Ah, you're up. How are you feeling?
Vyrn: Nngh... What happened to us?
Lyria: Where are we?
Parashurama: I don't know, but I think that used to be Tripla Archipelago over there.
Parashurama points to charred rocky chunks floating in the air.
It's as if a chunk of the sky has been carved out.
Lyria: Wait! What about the islanders!
Parashurama: I didn't see any of them when I awoke. Looks like it's just us.
Lyria: Oh dear!
Vyrn: So, like... the whole archipelago is completely gone?
Vyrn: When Shiva said he'd destroy everything I didn't think he'd blow up the sky too...
???: Do not be alarmed.
Lyria: Shiva! You're okay!
Shiva: And you all are no worse for wear. By the grace of the oath we ordained, the people were protected. Well done.
Shiva: For far too long this land was infested with Taraka's deep-seated hatred and the asura curse. Hence total destruction was the only recourse.
Shiva: Otherwise a repeat of atrocity would return in due time.
Vyrn: Yeah, but did ya have to cream the whole sky too? That was out of line, pal!
Shiva: Incorrect. This is not the end, but merely the beginning.
Shiva: Observe. This is the duty I have been given. This is the salvation I bestow.
Shiva then immolates the island fragments in apocalyptic fire, and the rising ashes begin to sprinkle the bleached canvas with color.
Eventually every speck of ash is spent.
Lyria: Wow! The island and everything on it is back! Even the town!
(Captain) and company alight on a patch of soft green grass, whose blades reach out toward the beautiful sun.
They watch townspeople go about their everyday lives in a town that stands unblemished. It's as if the nightmare had never happened.
Vyrn: Huh... Feels like we dreamed all that stuff about monsters and lightning...
Shiva: Although the land has been reborn, that does not change the reality of what occurred.
Shiva: All of the lives lost. All of the souls consumed by the asura. They cannot be restored.
Shiva: However, they have been purified. As for the survivors of the scourge, their memories of the foul nightmare have been expunged.
Shiva: The land is now truly free of the asura's curse. Life may continue in tranquility as it was meant to.
Shiva's words fill (Captain) with a sense of relief that the ordeal is finally over.
Now that the situation has settled down, something in (Captain)'s hand draws the captain's attention. Looking down, Vijaya, having lost its glow, still rests in (Captain)'s palm.
Parashurama: Well, it looks like Vijaya has found a new marksman worthy of following.
Shiva: So it does. Ever more crucial turning points will arise on your journey.
Shiva: Do not hesitate to have Vijaya by your side when the times call for it.
Despite the primals' reassurances, (Captain) still isn't sure if it's okay to keep the bow.
Shiva: You may. The Vijaya I originally forged was lost long ago.
Shiva: You hold in your hands a reborn Vijaya, one willed into existence by your prayers and those of the living.
Shiva: No other is more deserving of that bow than you.
Hearing those words, (Captain) gazes reverently at the weapon and nods.
  1. I'll protect everyone with this bow.

Choose: I'll protect everyone with this bow.
Shiva: Good. That shall do.
Heartened by (Captain)'s vow, Shiva nods with approval and then looks up at the sky.
Shiva: The winds of fate have changed. There is no need to linger here.
Shiva: How will you go forth in the future, Parashurama?
Parashurama: Since the asura have been eternally purged from the land, I don't have a reason to stay here either.
Parashurama: But seeing as how I have yet to make amends for all of my sins, I shall travel the realm and sanctify the lands where evil grows thick, thus bringing mortals peace of mind.
Next, Parashurama addresses the crew.
Parashurama: You are all such noble and upstanding people. I'm overjoyed to have met you, my friends.
Parashurama: Should we ever have the chance to meet again on our travels, I hope we may swap stories as comrades.
Vyrn: Sure thing! There's a ton of cool peeps in the crew you just gotta meet!
Lyria: Don't be a stranger! Feel free to visit our ship anytime you want!
Parashurama: Will do. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
Parashurama: Well, Mahadeva. Until next time.
Shiva: Until then.
After a final salute goodbye, Parashurama catches a ride on a gust of wind.
Shiva: And now I believe it is my turn to depart.
Shiva: Never forget, my adherents, that so long as I have your devotion, I shall always be by your side.
Shiva: Never hesitate to summon my aid in times of need. Wherever you go, your voices shall always reach me.
Lyria: Yep, we know! We'll keep praying to you every day like we promised we would!
Shiva nods at Lyria, then turns to (Captain).
Shiva: Child of man, your journey has no end. You will continue to encounter new experiences until your final breath.
Shiva: Many bouts of sadness and hardships may abound along the way.
Shiva: Know that only those with the fortitude to spurn despair and forge on shall arrive at the destination they seek.
Shiva: You are one such intrepid individual.
Shiva: The fact that Vijaya has chosen you is further proof of my conviction. As my adherent, one I respect, walk your chosen paths with head held high.
(Captain) accepts Shiva's encouragement, squeezing Vijaya's grip with reinvigorated determination.
Shiva: Good. Farewell, my adherents. We shall meet again.
Lyria: It's going to be lonely without Shiva and Parashurama around.
Vyrn: Hey, you heard what they said. We'll meet up again some day. Bet we'll have lots of interesting tales to share.
  1. Shall we get going ourselves?

Choose: Shall we get going ourselves?
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go, (Captain)! Vyrn!
Vyrn: Yahoo! Can't wait to see what's next on our trip!
Turning away from the town, the crew set their sights on a new adventure.
Behind them they can still hear the cheerful voices of townspeople embarking on a new future of their own.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
劫火に巻かれよ Let the apocalyptic fire wrap you.
滅却せん Incineration...
赤き竜はいずこへ? Whither the red dragon?
汝等の祈りが我が糧となる Your prayers nourish me.
一切合切を焼き尽す All in existence shall burn.
他愛もない All too simple...
汝の心願に応えん Your prayers shall be answered.
我に祈るのは嫌か? Do you not wish to pray to me?
やばいであるな Geeze indeed.
その命……燃やす覚悟はあるか Do you dare set your life aflame?

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