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Official Profile

Npc f 3040094000 01.jpg Veight
Age Unknown
Height 153 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Playing on piano
Likes Beautiful things
Dislikes Insincere people, decorations and furniture of poor taste
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040094000 01.jpg Veight
Age 不明
Height 153cm
Race 不明
Hobbies ピアノ演奏
Likes 美しいもの
Dislikes 不真面目な奴、趣味が悪い装飾品や家具
Source [1]



Vania is his older sister.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
I'm throwing a party for you, (Captain).
As for what kind of party it is, well, that's a secret. I want to see the look of surprise on your face.
Hehehe... Today's going to be the best day of your life, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Celebrating someone's birthday is something totally new to me.
Vampires don't celebrate birthdays. That concept just doesn't exist.
Yet somehow Feldrac always remembered mine and Vania's birthdays.
I'm always so happy when someone I trust celebrates my birthday.
So, (Captain), are you happy I'm celebrating your birthday?
I would be... honored if you were.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm slowly getting used to celebrating people's birthdays.
Everyone who comes together for these events walks away with spirits uplifted.
I think it's a wonderful custom. I'd like for all my fellow vampires to know about it.
I thank you for educating me on this fine tradition, (Captain).
May there be many more birthdays to come. Hehe...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
The crew has been preparing for today's celebrations near on a week. It's certain to be a lively affair.
It's always been like this. Each year, the crew awaits your birthday with more anticipation than you do yourself. I used to find it odd...
But now, I finally understand. The crew trusts you. You are of the utmost importance to its members, and so they want to celebrate you.
And yet... Something doesn't sit right with me.
I know that you belong to your crew, (Captain). But, at least on important occasions, such as today... Can I not have you all to myself?
Still, I will suppress these feelings, for I know how much everyone adores you.
But once the general merrymaking is over, won't you celebrate again with me?
Let's have a party, for just the two of us. Hehe...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
If I can make peace with mortals this year, I'm going to need proof for my bretheren.
Do you mind being my proof, (Captain)?
I'm counting on you.


Happy New Year.
Now that I think about it... Celebrating a year for being new is strange.
Vampires don't have a tradition like that. We're just not interested.
I was no different until I came to this world.
But now I see it. This day is about celebrating the special people you were able to spend another year with.
I wish... vampires would understand the importance of this day...
Maybe then vampires could begin changing.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Whew... The first sunrise of the year, huh?
Most people look upon it with such gratitude, but I find it to be a bit much.
Vampires don't take to light too well. Makes us feel weaker.
Vania doesn't mind though. She's the opposite—bathe her in sunlight, and she starts jumping for joy.
Though I couldn't tell you if it's because Vania's magic is simply that powerful... Or if she's just weird like that...
Ah, I feel a headache coming on... Sorry for having you go through this each year, (Captain), but...
Can you lend me your shoulder for a bit?


Seems that dawn is upon us. Happy New Year, (Captain).
I wish vampires too could understand the significance of this day... I once expressed such a desire to you, remember?
Well, as of late, more and more vampires have begun celebrating the coming of the new year.
Needless to say, many of our kin are yet skeptical of new traditions.
However, I feel as if skydwellers and vampires are slowly drawing closer. Perhaps, there truly will come a day where we can coexist, side by side.
I owe it all to you, (Captain). Had we not met, then such a future—a future of harmony—might have remained forever out of reach.
Please, continue to lend me your assistance. You're the only one I can trust, (Captain)... Hehe.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day.
Thank you, (Captain).
I knew you wouldn't let me down. Hehe, and that's because I'm special to you, aren't I, (Captain)?
What is this feeling? It's not a bad feeling at all. In fact, I quite like it. I'll be sure to return the favor.


Thank you, (Captain). I accept this gift.
Hehehe... I don't think I would mind if you were of my blood...
I am not one to break with tradition, but if you should ever desire as such...
It doesn't hurt... much. There is no need to fear. It just stings ever so slightly.
This is all hypothetical... unless you want it to be a reality.
I am ready whenever you are. Just say the word.


Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
Ah, a gift for me this year as well? Haha, you just put a smile on my face.
But... are you sure? Because I might not be able to hold back my urges anymore.
If I were to put my mouth to your neck and take a bite... You'd be mine.
Heheh, too late for any regrets, (Captain)...
You're the one who put me in the mood after all.
Lean into me, (Captain). Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
Just kidding. I have no intention of breaking the tradition just yet.
But in due time perhaps... Hehe...


Happy Valentines.
Hehehe. Please, let down your guard. I promise not to turn you into kin.
That expression... Do you wear it on purpose, or do you not realize...
That should you continue to act in that manner, I will no longer be able to restrain myself.
It pains me to leave you anticipating. However, now is not the time.
I'll wait until the day that you want me so much, you offer me as a gift not chocolates, but your own neck...
Only then will I happily sink my fangs in. Hehehe.

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day.
I'd like to invite you to a dinner party, (Captain).
After all, isn't it boring to only get chocolate all the time?
Why don't you unwind today and have some fun? Hehehe.


Take this. It is an expression of my feelings towards you.
If it pleases you, would you like to come with me to Medvecia?
I would like to play a sweet song on the piano in the castle.
Then perhaps...we could all have a dance party.
I'm sure Feldrac and Vania would be pleased.
Or would you rather have a private affair?
I jest. Having you all to myself wouldn't be fair. Haha!


Happy White Day, (Captain).
Here's little something from me. And...
This here's from Feldrac.
For taking care of me and Vania.
Though I get the feeling she's the one who needs to be taken care of...
But whatever. Why don't we enjoy the chocolates from Feldrac together?
Hehe, you're gonna be in for a surprise. Feldrac's treats can be really addictive.


Ah, (Captain). You've arrived at just the right time.
These are for you. Come now, eat.
I hope they're to your liking.
Yes, I know. That face of yours speaks volumes. Seems that they don't taste bad at all.
In truth, Feldrac suggested that I try my hand at sweets-making.
So I spent some time practicing with Vania.
I put quite a lot of feeling into these. Can you tell?
Hehe. Just what I was hoping to hear. I'd be happy to make more—when I'm so inclined.
Let's have tea with Vania one of these days. The drink shall of course be accompanied by sweets made with Feldrac's recipes.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Prepare yourself, (Captain), because today's going to be filled with frightful delights.
Hehe. And then we can go for some sweet delights after that.
If you make it out alive, that is. Mwahaha!


(Captain)... are you trying to pull one over on me?
You make the same face as Vania when you're plotting something bad...
Hehe... Maybe I wouldn't mind if you played a trick on me though.
I don't have any candy anyways, so do your worst.
Just don't do anything crazy like Vania would. I'm trusting you, (Captain)...


Aah! Talk about good timing!
I need your help finding a place to hide! Vania's after me!
She's saying costumes are mandatory and is trying to force me into one of her dresses!
There was a time when I let her do as she pleased...
But then one day Feldrac saw me in the getup, and...
I can feel the blood leaving my body just thinking about it!
Please, (Captain)! Keep me safe, even if just for a bit!


Ah, (Captain). Trick or treat.
Hehe. Whatever is the matter? Your jaw's dropped clean off your face.
Did you think I would not importune you for sweets?
You've run out, you say? I know. Earlier, I watched as you gave away the last of your stash.
I ask again knowing you haven't anything to offer. Trick? Or treat? For you, there's only one answer.
I do hope you'll enjoy the trick I've prepared.
Now, there's no need to tremble so. I'll only want to tease you more.
Surprised? But don't fret—I didn't actually bite.
Still, it's not often that you lose your composure.
That face is treat enough. This little prank was certainly worth the trouble.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays.
Today's a festive day, isn't it, (Captain)?
Vampires don't celebrate this day in any special way.
I must say, mortals love to give gifts, don't they? Hehe.
I'm not complaining, though. Let's have fun today, (Captain).


I hear we're having a party with the whole crew today.
I also hear mortals eat a great many things on this night.
For example, some eat chicken, or cake, or stew, and even pie.
Now that I think about it, humans have quite an evolved food culture...
Hehe... Today will probably be interesting. But...
I'm sad that not a drop of your blood will be on the menu.
Hehehe... I'm kidding. I wouldn't force you to give me your blood.
If you asked me to take some of your blood... That's a different story.


Season's greetings, (Captain).
I heard some weirdo called Santa will be handing out presents to children today.
Though I don't know why anyone would go that far for total strangers...
I don't need a gift though. Because I have you, (Captain).
Hehe. So what goodies do you have in store for me?
I have my hopes high.


(Captain)? Well, well. What are you doing at this late hour? And in such attire...
Oh, distributing presents, are you? I see... That does explain why you're dressed as Santa Claus.
And is that why you've come here? To give me a gift?
However, I wish only for one thing. You do know what it is, don't you?
You haven't an idea?
Hehehe, oh really. Then, allow me to enlighten you.
What I dearly want... is right here in front of me.
Wait right there. I shan't let you get away. Now, I do hope you've prepared yourself...(Captain).

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Noble Blood

The crew heads out to deal with some thieves, only to find that Veight has beaten them to it. He follows the crew in search of an answer to a question: can vampires coexist with others?

Malinda (Event) not in crew

In the past, the crew met a troubled vampire princess named Vania.
By working alongside Vania and her brother, Veight, the crew was able to save Feldrac's vampire clan from a disastrous fate.
Since that incident, the crew has heard about a band of thieves targeting unsuspecting travelers.
Malinda (Event) is a crew member

One day, the crew hears about a band of thieves that only preys on weak travelers.
The crew decides to sneak into the thieves' hideout to stop them before they can cause further harm.
When they arrive, however...
Thief 1: Groan...
Rackam: What the heck happened here?
A thief moans in pain on the hideout floor, having been overpowered by an unknown assailant.
The crew isn't sure what to make of this. Suddenly, a man rushes in from the back room.
Thief 2: Move! There's a demon in there, and it's coming for me!
Thief 2: Agh...
???: Please. A wretch like you has no right to call me that.
Lyria: Veight? Is that you?
Veight: Oh? It's you guys. Huh, now isn't this a coincidence.
Rackam: Did you do this? No, wait. Why are you here? And what's happening on Medvecia?
Veight: Annoying, as always. Now take a deep breath, and ask me one question at a time.
Rackam: Bah! And you're as unpleasant as ever. I guess it really is you.
Veight: Humph. Anyway, don't you think we should take care of these thieves first?
Vyrn: Yeah, let's take out the trash!
They apprehend the remaining thieves and hand them over to the Crew of Enforcers.
Afterward, the crew leads Veight back to the Grancypher.
Veight: How nostalgic. It's good to see this old ship is still in one piece.
Rackam: Hah, you're darn right it is! Our pride and joy won't break that easily!
Rackam: So let me ask you again: why are you here?
Veight: Ah, that's right. I suppose I trust you, (Captain), and the others enough to provide an explanation.
Veight: I left Medvecia to answer a certain question: can mortals and vampires become good friends?
Rackam: Good friends?
Veight: Coexistence and cooperation, among other things. That's what I mean.
Veight: We vampires are trying to change. And it's all thanks to you and your friends, (Captain).
Veight: Some of us are now beginning to view coexistence with mortals as a possibility.
Vyrn: Wow. You stuffy old vampires are willing to change your ways, huh?
Veight: We aren't completely trusting of mortals just yet. Many among us still consider them objects of derision.
Veight: And then there are those who say we have nothing to gain from cooperating with your lowly kind.
Vyrn: I guess change doesn't come easily.
Rackam: Well, that makes sense. We've been isolated from each other for a long time, after all.
Veight: Hm, yes... However, Feldrac wishes to make contact and coexist with the outside world.
Veight: If we can find harmony, we'll finally be free from the shackles of our own destruction.
Veight: I also share his convictions.
Rackam: I see. That won't be easy. You make it sound like the others are skeptical of your way of thinking.
Veight: Yes. They harbor their doubts, their suspicions. But maybe I can show them that friendship isn't out of reach.
Rackam: Then support for coexistence would increase.
Vyrn: I get it. And that's why you're out here traveling.
Veight: Exactly. You're pretty smart, for a reptile.
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no reptile!
Veight: I've observed a number of mortals in my time off the island, and—
Vyrn: Hey! Don't you ignore me!
Veight: I've seen nothing but scoundrels. Too many people have corrupted hearts.
Rackam: You talking about the thieves from before? The way you're talking, it sounds like they're far from the first group of criminals you've run into.
Veight: You could say that.
Veight: There's certainly no way I can use these experiences to disprove the suspicions of my people.
Rackam: Look, Veight. I'm not gonna lie; there are bad people in this world. But you can't lump everyone in with thieves and crooks.
Veight: Yes, I know. (Captain)'s a prime example of that.
Veight: Sigh. If only all mortals were like (Captain), I wouldn't need to go to all this trouble...
Veight: Well, I guess I'll be on my way. My investigation is far from over.
  1. Leaving already?
  2. We'll help.

Choose: Leaving already?
Veight: What's that, (Captain)? Could it be that you want me to remain with your crew?
Veight: Hehe. Well, if you insist. I don't mind staying here for the time being.

Choose: We'll help.
Veight: Sheesh, you really are kind to a fault, (Captain).
Veight: I'm not complaining, though. Heh, if you want to help so badly, then I gladly accept.
Continue 1
Veight looks pleased and beams at (Captain).
Vyrn: We never insisted on anything. In fact, it almost sounds like you were hoping to come with us all along.
Veight: ...
Lyria: Veight?
Rackam: Bullseye, am I right?
Veight: Y-you've got it wrong! All wrong! (Captain) was so adamant that I simply had no choice!
Vyrn: Nah, (Captain) didn't mean it like that. Right, (Captain)?
Veight: Quiet, you reptile!
Vyrn: You want a piece of me?
Lyria: Now, now, let's not get carried away, Vyrn. We're happy to have you, Veight!
Veight: Well, just don't get in my way. Again, I'm just following you because it's the best option. That's all.
Veight: That said, I also believe (Captain), ah, truly deserves to be at my side.
Veight: A-anyway, thanks for taking me in, (Captain).
Veight, blushing slightly, extends his hand toward (Captain), who responds with a handshake.
The future of vampire-mortal relations rides on the outcome of Veight's journey with the crew.

Friend or Foe

While out shopping with the crew, Veight is spotted by soldiers. One of them manages to wound Veight, but he simply keeps running.

Soldier 1: Wait, you demon!
Veight: Tch!
Veight sprints through a grassy field, trying his best to elude a number of soldiers in pursuit.
The soldiers occasionally get an attack off on Veight, but he doesn't retaliate.
Soldier 2: He's a quick one! Fix your aim, you idiots!
Veight: Ugh! These guys are relentless!
Aggravated by the situation, Veight thinks back to what caused it in the first place.
Veight and the crew stop by a small country to do some shopping.
Rackam: I'm surprised you decided to come with us, Veight.
Veight: It's easier for me to observe the lives of city folk while I'm with you. It has nothing to do with wanting to follow you or anything.
Veight: And look at all the things you've bought. The more people you have to carry them back to the ship, the better.
Rackam: Wow, that's awfully kind of you!
Veight: Humph. It's no big deal.
Vyrn: Really? I think you're actually worried about us.
Veight: No, I just told you! It's no big deal!
Lyria: (That's a lie.)
Rackam: (He sucks at lying.)
Veight: What? Why are you all looking at me like that?
Veight: I've had enough! I'll be waiting outside!
Vyrn: Hey, come on, you don't have to sulk about it.
Veight: I'm not sulking!
Rackam: Hahaha. He's a handful, all right, but at least he's easy to figure out.
Veight: Argh! What's with those people?
Veight: I said it was no big deal, and I meant it!
Outside the shop and out in the open, Veight feels the burning gazes of suspicion on his skin.
Soldier 1: Look, there it is. See those wings? It's gotta be one of... those.
Soldier 2: There's only one creature with wings like that.
Soldier 3: Vampires! Cursed bloodsuckers!
Veight: (Tch!)
Soldier 2: It's escaping! After it!
And that's how Veight came to be chased by soldiers of a small country.
Soldier 1: Ready! Aim! Fire!
Veight: Ugh!
A bullet strikes Veight's back, but no blood is spilled. He keeps running.
Soldier 2: What? I swear I hit it!
Soldier 1: That's why they're the stuff of legends! What crazy demons!
Veight: (They're the ones shooting at a fleeing target, and somehow I'm the demon.)
Despite his frustrations, he never once turns back to show hostility; he simply keeps running.
Veight: (As far as they're concerned, any sign of animosity from me will only prove that I'm a demon.)
Veight: (It'd be best to avoid that. But is it even possible to forge a friendship with these kinds of people?)
While Veight mulls over his options, another shot rings out across the field.
Veight: Augh! Where?
He feels an intense, sharp pain coming from his right shoulder.
Veight is shocked to find a matte silver bullet lodged in his shoulder.
Soldier 1: It worked! The stories were right!
Veight: (Silver?)
Soldier 2: We've got it now! Shoot! Shoot!
Veight: Urgh!
Veight runs even faster despite his wounds.
But a group of monsters, drawn to the smell of blood, block his path.
Monster: Groaar!
Veight: You're in my way! Begone!

Shop Till You Drop

Veight, who is studying mortal customs, doesn't seem to grasp the appeal behind bargain hunting. With Drusilla's help, the vampire eventually comes to understand the power of the shoppers who fight on the battlefield of sales.

Young Woman 1: Ahaha! Faster, faster!
Young Woman 2: Slow down! Wait for me!
A young vampire strolls through town to study the mortal way of life. The sight of excited women running by catches his eye.
Veight: What in the world are they raising a fuss about?
Veight scans ahead to where the women seem to be heading and sees a glitzy boutique.
Veight: Ah, it would appear they and others are heading for that shop.
Veight: Hmm... Even so there's no reason to stampede over in such a frantic manner. It's too crowded to set foot inside, let alone do anything.
The young vampire is confused by the behavior of the girls he just saw.
Veight: (I've come to understand mortal males easily enough, but the opposite sex still presents many mysteries.)
Veight: (How can they be so focused on purchasing goods? I wonder if the answer lies in a book somewhere...)
Veight stands motionless, brows furrowed in consternation.
It just so happens that Drusilla comes humming and skipping into view. She spies Veight, rigid like a statue in the middle of the street.
Drusilla: Good day to you. Why are you standing there staring off into the distance?
Veight: Not into the distance. Have a look at that boutique if you will.
Drusilla: Oh my! To think that it's already that full of people!
Drusilla: I must hurry over there as well!
Veight: Huh? Hey, wait a minute!
Drusilla is about to take off for the boutique, but Veight quickly grabs her by the arm to stop her.
Drusilla: Eeek! What is the meaning of this?
Veight: You... also intend to go into that shop?
Drusilla: Uh-huh. This area is famous for shops with lines that wind around the block.
Drusilla: And to make matters worse, they hold limited time sales without any warning at all. I can't let this one get away from me!
Veight: But, I dare say, to reach a fervor over a reason such as that is something I absolutely cannot wrap my head around.
Drusilla: Oh-ho-ho! Forget about reasons! Simply put, girls love fashion and shopping!
Veight: Is that so...
(This could be a good learning opportunity.)
Veight: Do you mind taking me with you?
Drusilla: Why, yes! I would be most grateful!
Veight: Hm? Grateful?
Drusilla: Oh-ho-ho! Excuse me, I must have misspoken. Let's be off!
And so Veight accompanies Drusilla into the boutique.
Young Woman 1: Ahaha! This blouse is sooo precious!
Young Woman 2: Ack! Stop pushing me!
Young Woman 3: Oopsies. Sorry, just trying squeeze through, but you were taking up a lot of space, so...
Young Woman 2: What're you trying to say?
Women occupy every aisle, their hands grabbing for goods while fending off other bargain hunters.
Veight: I thought shopping was supposed to be a pleasant experience. Why does this scene remind me more of an arena?
Drusilla: Oh, my poor, sweet Veight... You're still so innocent.
Veight: Grrr... Who are you calling innocent?
Drusilla: Please. This is a battlefield. You need sticky fingers to get your hands on the cutest styles!
Veight: What do you mean, sticky fingers?
Drusilla: Hehe... Watch me closely now, Veight.
Drusilla is gone in an instant, but she appears again just as quickly as she disappeared, this time clutching a
heavily-discounted designer dress.
Drusilla: That's what I mean, Veight.
Veight: ...!
(What astonishing speed... My eyes couldn't keep up with her!)
Drusilla: Something on your mind?
Veight: No... Nothing at all...
Drusilla: Oh-ho-ho! Then on to the next boutique!
They exit the boutique and head for another.
Drusilla: Goodness! That hat is simply lovely!
Drusilla: Stunning! Exquisite! Veight, please hold these for me.
Veight: You're asking me to do what? Is that why you brought me with you, to carry your bags? Hey!
Veight's objections go wanting. Drusilla has a grand old time flipping through racks and trying on outfits.
Drusilla: We're not done yet, Veight. There are more shops to visit!
Veight: Sigh... How much more can you buy?
The spending train shows no signs of slowing or stopping. Veight is dragged along from store to store at the mercy of the little whirlwind.
He can't fathom how this Harvin girl has so much energy and vitality.
Veight: Urgh... Why am I feeling fatigued, even though I'm a vampire?
Veight: How is she still going strong? Where is that little body drawing its power from?
Drusilla: Veight, darling... Don't tell me you're winded.
Veight: Huff... Huff... Don't be ridiculous. I'm a proud vampire.
Drusilla: Wow! How right you are! I guess we can tackle the main event!
Veight looks to where Drusilla is pointing to.
Veight: Wha?
A large sign bears words that fill his eyes with dread: All Items 90% Off.
Young Woman 1: Oh my gosh! This is the sale I've been waiting for!
Young Woman 2: Haha! You snooze, you lose!
Young Woman 3: I don't think so, sister!
Veight: That's... not normal...
Drusilla: We're charging in too. We can't be left behind in the dust!
Veight: Hey!
But Drusilla doesn't hear him. She sprints for the door like a Harvin possessed.
Watching the girl from behind, Veight suddenly looks to the sky.
Veight: ...
Monster: Groooar!
Drusilla spots the monsters and starts to tremble.
Drusilla: I'm not scared... I'm not scared...
Veight: Unbelievable... Drusilla, get behind me!
Veight: Haaah!
Monster: Gurrgh...
Veight: Humph. You're like a completely different person when confronted by monsters.
Veight can still hear the ferocity in the voices of the shoppers off in the distance, and he lets out a heavy sigh.
Veight: No, that's not quite it. Shopping is perhaps a different means to draw out a mortal's true potential...
Veight: Haha... The outside world is filled with enigmas, is it not, Feldrac?
Veight draws his own conclusion about shopping with mortal women.
Battling monsters doesn't even come close to the struggle that is shopping.
Drusilla: Veeeight! Get over here!
Veight: Heh... There's no turning back now. I'll see this through to the end.
With both his arms draped in bags, Veight wills his tired body onto its feet.
He calmly walks toward the so-called battlefield.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
失せろ Beat it.
人間とは良き友になれるだろうか… I wonder if we can be friends with mortals...
ピアノが得意なんだ今度演奏会を開こう I'm quite good at the piano; I'll play for you next time.
ヴァンパイア達は滅びの道を捨てた We vampires have given up our old ways.
今度メドヴェキアに行かないか? Do you want to visit Medvecia?
外界は新鮮で中々いいな… The outside world is pleasantly refreshing.
少しメドヴェキアが心配だな… I'm a little worried about Medvecia...
人間は…色々いるんだな… Hm, there are all kinds of mortals.
(主人公)、僕の眷属になるかい? Will you be my bloodkin, (Captain)?
(主人公)…ふふ、信頼しているよ I trust you, (Captain).

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


SV Veight, Vampire Noble.png SV Veight, Vampire Noble E.png
Click to reveal card data

Clash: Summon a Forest Bat.

I have been sent to greet you in place of our sleeping empress. When you meet her, you better show enough respect to make her feel like you're kissing her feet.


Clash: Summon a Forest Bat.

You humans are our food. The only reason I haven't consumed you is as a favor to the queen. But you know, I think I could use a little snack. Don't worry! I'll make sure it doesn't hurt... much.

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Veight, Vampire Noble
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other