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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Oho, that's quite the feast. It's not the winter holiday... What kind of banquet is this?
It's your... birthday? A day to celebrate your birth... I didn't know.
Hmm, what's something that's good for celebrations? I like to play, but I don't know about other people...
Next time we play, Singularity, I guess I could let you win... Actually, maybe that's too boring.
Could you let me off the hook this year? I promise I'll do better for your next birthday.
Oh, I know! You can have my share of the cake, Singularity. It looks... really good...
It looks amazing, but... it's your celebration! I'm giving it to you because it looks so good!
You're the star today, so don't be shy!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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I know mortals like to make resolutions at the start of every year. See, I'm smart!
It's good to want to do many things. That's the best motivation in life.
But some thoughts can also tie down the heart, and make one focus on the unfortunate things that happen in these skies.
I was the same. I didn't know if it was my heart or my body that was empty...
It's not good. You become unable to choose things you should be able to choose.
Tomorrow is another day. I may not be Ewiyar, but I can hope that a new breeze will blow tomorrow. All you can do is stay hopeful.
That's why being free is important. I want to take it easy, 'cause that's the most fun.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Singularity, Singularity! Come with me.
Why? Because it's Valentine's! I want to go try some seasonal sweets.
I hear there are some items that shops only offer to people who go in pairs.
Besides, you've been all over these skies. Surely you know a lot of different sweet shops.
I want you to show me the things you've tried and thought were delicious.
Also, I hear that whoever invites the other should pay. So I'll treat you to everything today!
I've been saving up for this day. I like to plan ahead!
You'll come with me? Thanks! I knew I could count on you, Singularity.
All right then, let's go! If we keep dawdling, Valentine's Day is going to end!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Munch... Nom nom...
Happy White Day, Singularity. I don't think you should eat anything on this plate.
Wilnas made these burnt crisps that were supposed to be snacks. They're not good for the mortal body.
They don't taste that good to me either, but Wilnas did his best, so it'd be a waste to throw them out.
(Captain) takes the moment to hand Wamdus a treat, thanking her for everything.
Ooh, a White Day gift... Thank you, Singularity.
It looks really good. Once I finish getting through these crisps, I'll try it.
Wilnas is still working hard at the sweets, so I'll help him taste test a little while longer.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hehe. Did that surprise you, Singularity?
Then give me some treats. I hear it's Halloween today.
Huh? That's not how the Halloween tradition goes?
Oh, I guess I misunderstood... I'm sorry for surprising you like that, Singularity. I didn't mean it.
Hm, I suppose I'll have to look into Halloween customs a little more before heading to Stardust Town.
Choose: I can teach you.
Ooh, you're so kind, Singularity... That would be great! I'll be sure to repay you.
Hm. So the other person gets to choose between a snack or a prank? And they can only choose one... I see.
"Trick or treat"... A vital decision. Sounds fun—I like it!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, Singularity. Wam's here to give you a present.
Children get presents for the holidays, right? I'm an adult though.
I already did thorough research on what mortal children like. And I know people like snowy winter nights.
(Captain) looks up at the snowflakes fluttering down from the sky and smiles, grateful for Wamdus's kindness.
Yes, that smile. Makes me happy too.
But this won't be enough, right? How about a little more?
A bit more?
Oh, it's... too much? All right... Getting it just right is hard.
Let's play with the snow tomorrow! That should clear the snow off the deck. It's a promise, Singularity!

Fate Episodes

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Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
空の命、がんばってるよえらい、えらい The life in these skies is doing its best. Impressive.
ムゲんとこ、あとで遊び行ってくる I'm going to go play with Muge later.
ウォン、変な方向にマジメなとこある Lleon is strangely serious about some particular things.
イルのごはんは素材あじ…… The food Wil cooks tastes exactly like its raw ingredients...
ディーエはちゃんと「テキトー」だからエライ Diel is so happy-go-lucky. I think it's nice.
ルオ、やさしーけどやさしくないフリする Luo's really kind, but he never shows it.
蒼の娘、おいしーもの教えてくれてうれしい The girl in blue tells me about a lot of delicious things. I'm happy.
ロジャー、はたらきすぎいつもヘロヘロしてる Logia works too much. He's always exhausted...
特異点はリゾート、マスターしてる? Are you an expert in resorts now, Singularity?
特異点、あとでいっしょにゲームしよ? Let's play a game together later, Singularity.