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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Oho, that's quite the feast. It's not the winter holiday... What kind of banquet is this?
It's your... birthday? A day to celebrate your birth... I didn't know.
Hmm, what's something that's good for celebrations? I like to play, but I don't know about other people...
Next time we play, Singularity, I guess I could let you win... Actually, maybe that's too boring.
Could you let me off the hook this year? I promise I'll do better for your next birthday.
Oh, I know! You can have my share of the cake, Singularity. It looks... really good...
It looks amazing, but... it's your celebration! I'm giving it to you because it looks so good!
You're the star today, so don't be shy!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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I know mortals like to make resolutions at the start of every year. See, I'm smart!
It's good to want to do many things. That's the best motivation in life.
But some thoughts can also tie down the heart, and make one focus on the unfortunate things that happen in these skies.
I was the same. I didn't know if it was my heart or my body that was empty...
It's not good. You become unable to choose things you should be able to choose.
Tomorrow is another day. I may not be Ewiyar, but I can hope that a new breeze will blow tomorrow. All you can do is stay hopeful.
That's why being free is important. I want to take it easy, 'cause that's the most fun.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Singularity, Singularity! Come with me.
Why? Because it's Valentine's! I want to go try some seasonal sweets.
I hear there are some items that shops only offer to people who go in pairs.
Besides, you've been all over these skies. Surely you know a lot of different sweet shops.
I want you to show me the things you've tried and thought were delicious.
Also, I hear that whoever invites the other should pay. So I'll treat you to everything today!
I've been saving up for this day. I like to plan ahead!
You'll come with me? Thanks! I knew I could count on you, Singularity.
All right then, let's go! If we keep dawdling, Valentine's Day is going to end!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Munch... Nom nom...
Happy White Day, Singularity. I don't think you should eat anything on this plate.
Wilnas made these burnt crisps that were supposed to be snacks. They're not good for the mortal body.
They don't taste that good to me either, but Wilnas did his best, so it'd be a waste to throw them out.
(Captain) takes the moment to hand Wamdus a treat, thanking her for everything.
Ooh, a White Day gift... Thank you, Singularity.
It looks really good. Once I finish getting through these crisps, I'll try it.
Wilnas is still working hard at the sweets, so I'll help him taste test a little while longer.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hehe. Did that surprise you, Singularity?
Then give me some treats. I hear it's Halloween today.
Huh? That's not how the Halloween tradition goes?
Oh, I guess I misunderstood... I'm sorry for surprising you like that, Singularity. I didn't mean it.
Hm, I suppose I'll have to look into Halloween customs a little more before heading to Stardust Town.
Choose: I can teach you.
Ooh, you're so kind, Singularity... That would be great! I'll be sure to repay you.
Hm. So the other person gets to choose between a snack or a prank? And they can only choose one... I see.
"Trick or treat"... A vital decision. Sounds fun—I like it!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, Singularity. Wam's here to give you a present.
Children get presents for the holidays, right? I'm an adult though.
I already did thorough research on what mortal children like. And I know people like snowy winter nights.
(Captain) looks up at the snowflakes fluttering down from the sky and smiles, grateful for Wamdus's kindness.
Yes, that smile. Makes me happy too.
But this won't be enough, right? How about a little more?
A bit more?
Oh, it's... too much? All right... Getting it just right is hard.
Let's play with the snow tomorrow! That should clear the snow off the deck. It's a promise, Singularity!

Fate Episodes

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Wam and the Joys of Hard Work

Wamdus occasionally spends her time helping out in Stardust Town and playing with the children. One day, she sees Mugen refraining from swimming in the pool she made because he is too big compared to the others. The Azure Dragon consults Orologia and successfully shrinks Mugen's body so they can visit a place they've heard about called a "resort."

Stardust Town—a place where children coming from various circumstances in life have gathered to live together in a place of belonging.
Today, one of those "children"—Mugen, a Draph with a large build—is busy with a task he has been entrusted with.
Mugen: Pack boxes! Finished! Put them here?
Cheerful Boy: Yep! Let's see, that makes forty boxes...
Wamdus: Hello.
Mugen: Oh, Wamdus! Welcome.
A door in a corner of Stardust Town suddenly opens, revealing a small figure.
Out steps Wamdus, one of the Six Dragons who exist to help the world maintain its shape. Wamdus serves as the wedge that controls water.
Despite the dragon's immense power, however, Mugen and the children appear to treat Wamdus no different than they would a normal friend.
Wamdus: I'm here. Are you still working today?
Mugen: Yup. Finished pack boxes. Mugen now help Nehan. Play after!
Wamdus: Okay, then I guess I'll help Neha out too. Is there anything else you want me to do?
Cheerful Boy: Hmm... Tien and Feower are out right now.
Cheerful Boy: It'd probably be best if you helped Doc out with his stuff!
Wamdus: Understood. Come on, Muge. Let's go find Neha.
Mugen: Okay!
Mugen sits Wamdus on top of his wide shoulders and heads to Nehan's office.
Mugen: Nehan! Mugen and Wamdus, here to help. What do?
Nehan: Wamdus? So you're here again.
Wamdus: Yep. How're you feeling today, Neha?
Nehan: Same as usual. Not much that can be changed.
Mugen: Nehan, Mugen make seeds to powder. Okay?
Mugen takes up the mortar in his hand. Nehan looks over and nods.
Nehan: Yes, please make the powder as fine as possible.
Mugen: Okay! Leave to me.
Wamdus: Neha, are you drying this grass over here?
Nehan: That's right. After it's thoroughly dried, I'll extract the necessary components.
Wamdus: Okay. I'll help take out the water from the grass then.
Wamdus: The only thing more fun than playing is playing after some hard work. I think.
Mugen: Mugen think yes too. Let's hard work, Wamdus!
Wamdus: Yeah!
Wamdus begins on her task beside Mugen. Nehan looks over, his brows slightly knit.
Nehan: To think one of the Six Dragons would help an ex-mafia member like this... What have the skies come to?
Nehan: I suppose it's pointless to ponder.
Mugen: Nehan okay? For instance, have pain?
Nehan: No... Don't mind me. I'll try not to mind either.
Mugen: Hm?
Later that afternoon, a group of children in another part of Stardust Town are playing after having finished their tasks for the day.
Wamdus: Heya.
Clever Girl: Oh, Mugen! Wamdus! Are you done with your jobs too?
Mugen: Yup. Nehan said today done.
Clever Girl: Hehe, that's great! Here's your reward for helping out today!
Wamdus: Ooh... The rewards of hard work! Thanks. I'll use this wisely.
Cheerful Boy: You're a really strong dragon, aren't you, Wamdus? Don't you have easier ways to make money?
Wamdus: Well... It's important to keep to the rules even if you're strong and powerful. Otherwise the world will start to crumble.
Wamdus: Anyway, now that work's done, let's play! What're we doing today?
Mugen: Weather nice. Planned... go to lake?
Clever Girl: Yeah! We were thinking of going swimming, since it's so hot.
Wamdus: Oh? Then leave it to me. Wam will make things fun for you.
Mugen: Fun? More than lake?
Wamdus: All righty...
When Wamdus flicks her finger, a large circle of water appears on the road.
Clever Girl: Huh? What's happening?
Wamdus: I made a pool. Now we don't have to go all the way to the lake.
Mugen: Whoa! Wamdus, amazing!
Wamdus: This is nothing for me! Anyway, you can swim in it if you want.
Cheerful Boy: Yaaay!
Clever Girl: Wha! Hey! At least take off your shoes first!
The children jump into the pool one by one and begin to swim around excitedly.
Cheerful Boy: Thanks, Wamdus! This is so much fun! It's just like Auguste!
Wamdus: Oho, Auguste... I'm actually quite interested in visiting a resort.
Clever Girl: There were a lot of yummy things in Auguste! It was kind of expensive though...
Wamdus: Hm...
Cheerful Boy: I hope we can all go again together someday! Mugen hasn't had the chance to go yet.
Wamdus: Really?
Wamdus looks over at Mugen to see him loitering around the circle of water.
Wamdus: Muge? Are you perhaps... bad at swimming?
Mugen: Can swim! When still alone, Mugen caught fish in river.
Mugen: But Mugen big. When Mugen swim, other people no space.
Wamdus: Is that right? I could make the pool larger...
Wamdus: But I guess that would flood the buildings around us.
Mugen: Thanks, Wamdus. Mugen like see others have fun. Like very much. So Mugen okay!
Wamdus: ...
After some swimming, Wamdus leaves Stardust Town for an island where the Six Dragons often gather.
Wamdus: Hm... I guess he's not here yet. Hope it won't be too long.
Wamdus: Oh.
???: Hellooo there! Thanks for waiting!
Orologia: Allow me to introduce myself—the one and only, super busy Orologia! If ever you need me, just say the word and I'll be there eventually!
Orologia: Ergh...
Orologia: Bleeegh...
Wamdus: You okay? Want some water?
Orologia: I'm okay... It's just the usual...
Wamdus: Can't you make your vessel a bit stronger, Logia?
Orologia: That's the thing... I have to keep it weak so I can control its effect on the world.
Orologia: Its influence has been getting bigger just from observing, and I don't want to upset the causal tuning too much... You get me?
Wamdus: Oh, okay. Well, thanks for coming. Good job, you've been working hard.
Orologia: Thanks... You're so nice, Wam.
Orologia: So what does that oh-so-nice Wam need from me?
Wamdus: Well...
Wamdus tells Orologia her reason for calling on him and asks for his help.
Orologia: I see, I see! You want me to work my shrinking magic, huh?
Wamdus: It'd be pretty difficult for me, so I thought you'd be more up for the job.
Orologia: Let's see... I guess we could stimulate his boundary imprint and make a retrieval at the proper timing...
Orologia: And if we narrow down the target of the stimulation—well, that shouldn't be a problem—and consider its range of influence...
Wamdus: So are you gonna do it? Or is it too hard?
Orologia: Hmmm... The possibility of some discord occurring in the route isn't completely nonexistent...
Wamdus: I see...
Orologia: You know, I really, really hate to have the target take the brunt of the tuning impact!
Orologia: But I suppose I'll get resourcey and do my besty!
Wamdus: Woohoo, do your best.
Wamdus claps as Orologia focuses his power into his fists.
Orologia: Like this, like that.
Wamdus: Like this, like that.
Orologia: Open it, close it.
Wamdus: Open it, close it.
Orologia: There, it's done!
Wamdus: Yay!
Orologia hands Wamdus a small bottle made from a material resembling glass.
Orologia: Use it wisely and keep it under control. It's just water to anyone other than the target, so I'll leave the duplicating to you, Wam.
Wamdus: Got it! Thanks.
Orologia: You're welcome.
Wamdus: Now we can use this to get to the resort! You want to come too, Logia?
Orologia: I do wanna go! But... I can't... so...
Wamdus: Oh, okay... I'll bring back a souvenir for you.
Orologia: Oh Wam, you are sooo nice! Have fun!
Wamdus: See you!
Nehan: I should stock up on spare antiseptic solution...
Nehan: What's the matter? Has someone gotten hurt or fallen sick?
Wamdus's Voice: It's just me, Wam, and Muge! Can we come in?
Nehan: Wamdus? I thought you'd left. Did you forget something?
Mugen's Voice: Not forget!
Wamdus's Voice: I've got something to show you.
Nehan: ...
The door's unlocked. You can come in if you want.
Wamdus's Voice: Okay, then we'll take you up on that.
Mugen: Nehan!
Nehan: ...?
Wamdus: Ta-da! We made Muge small!
Mugen: Mugen small!
Nehan: Small...
Mugen: Ooh! Nehan big!
Nehan: ...
Nehan: My vision may be flawed, but... I didn't think I'd go as far as to... hallucinate...
Wamdus: Now Muge can play all he wants without worrying about his size.
Wamdus: Admission fees and things are cheaper when you're a child too. It's a pretty good idea!
Nehan: ...
Wamdus: Can Muge come with me to scout out some resorts?
Wamdus: Neha?
Nehan is speechless at the child-sized Mugen in front of him.
The Azure Dragon smiles, oblivious to how jarring the strange phenomenon she has caused appears to mortals.

Wam and Muge's Resort Adventures

When Wamdus and Mugen ask to experience a resort firsthand, (Captain) and company take the pair to North Vast where the crew is set to deliver cargo. After playing in the snow, the crew enjoys some time in a hot spring. Mugen buys hot spring essence as a souvenir for Nehan before following the crew to their next destination—Tranquil Wellness.

(Captain) and company receive a job request and head out to deliver some cargo.
As the Grandcypher sails to its next destination, a door suddenly appears on the deck of the ship, opening to reveal a small figure.
Wamdus: Heya. It's Wam.
Lyria: Ah! Th-that surprised me...
Vyrn: Hey, it's Wamdus! Didja need (Captain) for somethin'?
Wamdus: I sure do. Not just me though.
Mugen: Me too!
Lyria: H-huh? Is that... M-Mugen? We're not... in his mind... right?
(Captain) and company stare at the little boy stepping out of the door after Wamdus.
Mugen: Yup! Mugen is Mugen. Wamdus made small!
Vyrn: Whoa... The Six Dragons can do this kinda thing too?
Wamdus: I got a bit of help. But yeah, we can.
Wamdus: It's hard to play sometimes when you're a lot bigger than other people. And I wanted us to have as much fun as we can while playing!
Vyrn: Hm, that's true. I guess Mugen has to slow down for everyone in tag.
Mugen: Mugen fun if everyone fun. But Wamdus nice and help Mugen, so Mugen happy too.
Lyria: Hehe. Then let's do something fun! We could all play tag, or...
Wamdus: Oh yeah, I've got a request for the singularity. If you don't mind.
Vyrn: A request? What's the matter?
Wamdus: I want to learn more about resorts. I've heard they have a lot of water, but I don't know the details.
Wamdus: And what you don't know, you should ask people who have experience. That's what I believe!
Vyrn: Hm, we're kinda in the middle of a job though. What should we do, (Captain)?
(Captain) thinks for a while.
  1. Does a hot spring count as a resort?

Choose: Does a hot spring count as a resort?
Lyria: Oh, that's right! We are heading to North Vast after all. We can probably enjoy some hot springs there!
Vyrn: It's a little different from your typical resort, but open-air baths are great!
Mugen: Open-air... baths?
Lyria: It's a bath that's outside! You can soak in a reeeally warm bath and enjoy the cold air while looking out at the snow!
Wamdus: Oho... That sounds like a special experience. Something you do at a resort.
Vyrn: All right! Then let's head to North Vast together!
Wamdus: Thank you, Singularity. We're in your debt.
Together with the wide-eyed Wamdus and Mugen, the crew continue on their way to North Vast.
Wamdus: Hah!
Wamdus: Hm? I tried to throw a snowball, but it just crumbled...
While (Captain) and Vyrn are off to deliver the goods to the client, Wamdus and Mugen are having a snowball fight, at Lyria's suggestion.
Lyria: Try pressing the snow harder into a ball before you throw it!
Wamdus: Urgh... This is hard. If I'm not careful, it'll turn into an iceball rather than a snowball.
Mugen: Like this?
Mugen forms a snowball and gently tosses it at a nearby tree.
Wamdus: Ooh, that was some good control!
Mugen: Heheh. Snowball hit, hurt. Throw hard not good.
Wamdus: That's true. It takes skill to both make a snowball and throw it in a way that won't hurt anyone.
Lyria: Why don't we follow Mugen's example and pick a target to throw at? Like that tall rock over there!
Wamdus: Nice idea. Then let's make that rock our target. Whoever can hit the tip of it from the farthest away wins!
Mugen: Okay! Mugen not lose!
They continue practicing their snowball-throwing for a while, until (Captain) and Vyrn return.
Vyrn: Hey! We're back!
Vyrn: Whoa, look at you guys! Even the tips of your noses are red!
  1. Come on, it's hot spring time!

Choose: Come on, it's hot spring time!
Wamdus: Wait a minute. Muge's about to throw his last snowball.
Mugen: Mugen throw!
Lyria: Ooh, it hit the tip! You did it!
Wamdus: Muge wins! Amazing!
Mugen: Heheh.
Vyrn: You guys sure worked up a sweat! Come on, let's head to the hot springs before you catch a cold!
The Three: Okay!
The crew arrive at a nearby hot spring facility and lower themselves into a bath to wind down.
Wamdus: Aaah...
Mugen: Bath nice...
Lyria: Hehe, we did run around and sweat a lot before coming here!
Wamdus: I didn't think it'd feel that nice to have someone wash your hair for you. Strangely satisfying...
Vyrn: Apparently the hot springs don't only warm you up, but they contain stuff that's good for the body too! Two birds with one stone.
Mugen: Good for body? Like how?
Vyrn: I heard it helps wounds heal faster! That's why this place's so popular with skyfarers.
Mugen: Wounds...
Wamdus: Muge, let's come here with Neha next time. Maybe it'll help his body.
Mugen: Yeah... But, Nehan promise. Not leave Stardust Town.
Wamdus: Oh, right. Okay, then I'll just have to learn more about resorts so I can build a hot spring in Stardust Town.
Lyria: You can make a hot spring?
Wamdus: Easy.
Wamdus: Even more easy if we have Wil with us. We'll make sure it's a good hot spring!
Vyrn: Haha, awesome! Then I guess you gotta visit other resorts to study up on 'em.
Lyria: Hm, resorts... Alohas is a really popular one...
Lyria: But since we're already at a hot spring, maybe we should visit places with different facilities.
(Captain) suggests they pay a visit to a sauna facility known as Tranquil Wellness.
Wamdus: Sauna... I've never heard of it before. I want to try!
Vyrn: Haha. I guess we can drop by Tranquil Wellness before startin' on our next job!
After wrapping things up at the hot spring, the crew heads for the exit of the facility.
Lyria: Oh! Look!
Lyria notices something being sold at a shop near the exit and picks it up.
Lyria: I didn't know they were selling these! It's a "hot spring essence" you can put in your bath to make it just like a hot spring.
Lyria: This might be good as a souvenir for Nehan, Mugen.
Wamdus: That's a good idea! It'll be a while until I finish building the hot spring anyway.
Mugen: Hot spring essence! Thank you, Lyria! Mugen go buy!
After buying some hot spring essence with the money he earned earlier, Mugen happily rejoins the others as they leave for Tranquil Wellness.

Wam and Muge's Resort Adventures: Scene 2

Wamdus and Mugen visit a place called "Tranquil Wellness" and experience the sauna for the first time. The two are impressed by how delicious milk tastes after the sauna. When the topic of Auguste is brought up, the crew agrees to take the curious pair to the popular tourist destination. (Captain), however, puts on a worried expression.

Wamdus: Aah...
Mugen: Whew...
Wamdus and Mugen are at Tranquil Wellness with (Captain) to experience a sauna for the first time.
Wamdus: Why are we steaming in here?
Mugen: Now Mugen know feeling... of steamed bun...
Wamdus: Maybe we should bring back steamed buns... as souvenirs... Would that make us cannibals?
Vyrn: You guys look like you're enjoyin' your time... Honestly I wasn't sure the sauna would even work on ya.
Wamdus: The bodies of living things are comprised mostly of water. I tried to make mine as close to a natural living body as possible.
Wamdus: For example, drinking water or lava would feel the same to Lleon... but I'd recognize the difference.
Seeing the two's growing exhaustion, (Captain) hands Wamdus and Mugen bottles of milk.
Wamdus: M-i-l-k?
Vyrn: Oh yeah! You didn't get to try this at North Vast, didja?
Vyrn: Drinking some milk after a hot sauna is somethin' special! Give it a chug!
Mugen: Chug?
Wamdus: Chug.
Wamdus & Mugen: ...!
Wamdus: It's delicious!
Mugen: Special milk?
Wamdus: I am astonished. This must have been quite the damage to your finances.
The captain smiles at the two's satisfaction and tells them that it's regular milk.
Vyrn: There's a lot of different varieties too. Coffee-flavored, fruit-flavored—you name it!
Wamdus: Wow! I need to try those too. I'll go get some!
Vyrn: Hm, the second one definitely can't beat how the first one tastes though.
Lyria: It does taste especially delicious after soaking in a warm bath and sweating in the sauna!
Wamdus: I see. I guess Muge was right after all. It is special.
Wamdus: Okay, I'll save the coffee-flavored milk and other ones for another time! Something to look forward to!
Wamdus: I'll drink it after a hot bath next time. I don't think I do too well with the sauna.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, adults do seem to like saunas more.
Lyria: I guess a resort like Auguste is the best place for both children and adults!
Vyrn: Yeah! There's plenty of places to have fun at, and the food's great too.
Wamdus: Ooh, people were telling me about it at Stardust Town! I'm interested in this place called "Auguste"!
Mugen: Auguste! Mugen hear many stories. Mugen want see too!
Wamdus: Seeing won't be enough. We have to enjoy it! Show us Auguste too, Singularity!
Mugen: (Captain)! Please!
Already too far in to turn back, the captain nods and decides to head to Auguste next.
Lyria: ...?
Lyria: (Is it me, or did (Captain) look a little worried just now?)
Wamdus: You'll take us to Auguste? Thanks, Singularity!
Lyria: (Maybe it was just my imagination...)

Wam and Muge's Resort Adventures: Scene 3

Auguste is in the middle of its summer season. Wanting to avoid the crowds, (Captain) and company go to the rocks by the ocean and rent a boat to head out into the waves. They encounter a bonito, which is swiftly taken care of by Wamdus and Mugen with their bare hands. Dinner caught, the crew heads back to shore.

The crew arrives at Auguste, now in the middle of its summer season.
Mugen: Many... So many... people.
Mugen: Wh-whoa!
Wamdus: Muge!
Mugen is about to be jostled away by a crowd of people when (Captain) reaches out and grasps his tiny hand.
Mugen: Th-thank you, (Captain)!
Mugen: Surprise... Many people. Want stay... but, can't stay...
Wamdus: So this is what a resort's like! I've underestimated it.
(Captain) chuckles at Wamdus and Mugen, who are looking at the throng of people in wonder.
Lyria: We did come right in the middle of the summer season! Is this what you were worried about earlier, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I guess it might've been too soon for Wamdus and Mugen to come to a place this crowded...
Vyrn: If we actually had plans, we coulda stayed at an inn by a beach where there's less people...
Wamdus: It's okay. Now that we know how crowded it can get, we'll try not to get separated from everyone.
Mugen: Mugen try too. No get lost!
Lyria: Let's hold hands so we don't lose each other, just in case!
Wamdus: All right.
Mugen: Okay! Heheh. Lyria's hand, same size as Mugen. Funny.
Lyria: Hehe, it is funny! Your hand was so big before, Mugen.
Vyrn: Your small size makes it all the easier to get swallowed up by the crowd, so be careful!
Wamdus: He'll be fine. I'll teach him how to move as a small person. I'm pretty experienced!
The crew avoids the areas with a lot of people and heads to a rocky area of the beach.
Mugen: Ooh! It's... ocean!
Wamdus: I can feel a lot of life in it. Of what still breathes, and of what has already reached its end.
Wamdus: The one who received the power of Astrals has been working hard.
Vyrn: There's still more tourists than I thought there'd be by the rocks... Maybe we can borrow a boat and go out into the water for a bit!
Wamdus: That'd be nice. As long as we have something to ride on, I can take you out to the open water!
Wamdus: Controlling the waves will be a piece of cake. Plus, I'll make sure we don't get in the way of anything in the ocean.
(Captain) rents out a small boat and the crew gets on, ready for an adventure on the waves.
Wamdus: Here we go.
Wamdus: Wheeee!
Vyrn: Wah!
Wamdus: Hm, I don't see anyone else here. This place should be good.
Wamdus: Huh? What's the matter? You look kind of pale.
Lyria: I-I'm sorry... The speed made me feel a little dizzy...
Wamdus: Oops, I went too fast. Sorry about that.
Vyrn: Boy, that was scary... We can't even see the rocks on the shore anymore!
Mugen: No people! Open!
Wamdus: Now we can play all we want. What should we do? Hide-and-seek in the ocean?
Vyrn: Let's see...
After talking it over, the crew decides to try some diving first.
Mugen: ...!
Lyria: (The light coming in through the surface of the water is so pretty!)
Diving into the blue ocean from the boat, (Captain) and company enjoy the scenery from underwater.
Wamdus: I see a jellyfish. Somehow I feel a kind of affinity with it.
Mugen: (Dragon Wamdus, look like jellyfish?)
Vyrn: ...!
Mugen: ...?
With a panicked expression, Vyrn points to where a large, dark shadow is wriggling on the seafloor. (Captain) eyes it warily.
Wamdus: Ooh, something prickly's moving.
Lyria: (Wamdus! Quick! Let's get back to the boat!)
Wamdus: Hm? Did you forget something? Okay, let's go back.
At (Captain) and Lyria's desperate gestures, Wamdus swims with them back to the boat.
Vyrn: Whew, that was a close one! Who woulda thought we'd run into a school of sea urkin...
Wamdus: What's wrong with encountering some sea urkin? They looked peaceful to me.
Lyria: It might not be a good idea to provoke them too much. Although, they shouldn't be too aggressive if it's not spawning season...
Wamdus: Oh, okay. They are kind of big, so I guess mortals would try to avoid them.
Mugen: Many needles. For instance, if poked, dangerous. No fight is good.
Wamdus: I suppose you're right. We're the ones getting in the way of their natural habitat, after all.
Vyrn: Hmm, aside from swimming... maybe we can fish. They included some fishing tools when we rented the boat.
Lyria: Yeah! The restaurant by the shore can cook whatever we catch for us too.
Wamdus: Fishing? No need to use tools if you just need to catch the fish.
Lyria: ...?
Wamdus: See over there?
Wamdus points at a trail of white visible among the blue waves.
Vyrn: Wait a second... Don't tell me that's a...
Bonito: ...!
Lyria: Bonito!
Mugen: Auguste, many big!
Wamdus: Let's catch that, Muge. We can probably eat it.
Mugen: Okay! (Captain), wait here.
Wamdus: Off we go.
Vyrn: Huh? Wait!
Mugen dives back into the ocean, while Wamdus skips across the surface of the water as if she were skating. The two close in on the bonito.
Mugen: ...!
Bonito: ...!
At Mugen's powerful strike from underwater, the bonito flies up, breaking through the surface and launching high into the air.
Wamdus: Gotcha.
Lyria: Th-that was fast!
Vyrn: Guess we should've expected it...
Satisfied, Wamdus and Mugen return to the boat and hand the fruit of their labor to (Captain) and company, who are dumbfounded.
Lyria: O-oh! The bonito's so heavy, the boat's going to sink!
Wamdus: Oops, I didn't think about that. I guess I'll carry it then.
Vyrn: Well, we won't be able to play much carryin' a bonito around with us. Let's head back to the shore first!
Lyria: I wonder if we can ask Kaz to prepare the bonito for us. Do you think he's at home?
Wamdus: Whatever works. As long as it'll be delicious.
Mugen: ...?
What is that? (Captain) know?
Vyrn: Hm? Something's floatin' up from the water...
Lyria: Oh! That's a deepflight oyster!
Wamdus: Why is it spinning like that?
Lyria: I'm not sure... Is it spinning so it can fly?
Mugen: Deepflight oyster... Living? Not rock?
Vyrn: Yeah, it's a mollusk. It's pretty good if you grill or boil it.
Wamdus: Oho. Should we get it too then?
Lyria: I think the bonito will be more than enough to make us full. Why don't we save deepflight oyster for another time?
Wamdus: Okay. Back to shore then.
Wamdus uses her power once more to take them through the water and back to land.

Wam and Muge's Resort Adventures: Scene 4

Satisfied with their time at the multiple resorts, Wamdus and Mugen return to Stardust Town. After Mugen is reverted to his original size, he gives Nehan the souvenir he bought for him. Wamdus feels happy that she was able to experience new things within the Sky Realm, and invites Mugen to play again with her sometime.

After thoroughly enjoying the bonito, the crew takes a walk down the shopping street, jostled here and there by the crowd.
Wamdus: I'm pretty satisfied. I'm halfway to being an expert on resorts, don't you think?
Lyria: Hehe, we're glad you're enjoying it! Aren't we, (Captain)?
Mugen: Yeah, it been fun! Thanks for showing different resorts, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Heheh. Guess goin' around to a bunch of places was worth it!
Wamdus: I'll treat everyone to ice cream as thanks. I did earn some money, after all!
Vyrn: You did?
Wamdus: Yeah! I worked at Stardust Town and saved up a bit. So I got it covered.
Wamdus: I'll treat you to some too, Muge. You treated me before, so this time it's on me!
Mugen: Thank you, Wamdus! Mugen accept offer gracious.
Prompted by Wamdus, the crew enters an ice cream shop.
Wamdus: Mmm, this is delicious!
Lyria: Ice cream on a hot day tastes the best!
Mugen: Special, like milk at hot spring...
Wamdus: This hits the spot. The ice cream's great, of course.
Wamdus: But eating it with everyone like this is the cherry on top. My tummy's happy, I'm happy!
Mugen: Yup. Both happy. Very happy.
Wamdus exchanges a smile with Mugen and looks out at the night ocean.
Wamdus: The first ocean that ever existed in the Sky Realm... Sure there may not be a lot of it left.
Wamdus: But the one who inherited the power of Astrals created this ocean, and it's wonderful. It's free and full of life.
Wamdus: Despite it having been created with the power of Astrals, what I like about the Sky Realm is the depth that exists independently within it now.
Wamdus: I can watch and enjoy the life in these skies.
Wamdus: It breathes with a kind of strength that I admire.
(Captain) and company take their time to finish their ice cream before slowly heading back to the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Yaaawn... We sure went around to a lotta places today! Boy am I tired.
Lyria: Would you like to stay the night with us, Wamdus? Mugen?
Wamdus: Hmm... It's about time Muge went back to Stardust Town. I'll take him home.
Lyria: Okay. I hope we can play together again sometime!
Mugen: Yeah! Thank you today!
Wamdus: See you.
Nehan: ...
Mugen: We're back!
Nehan: So I see.
And... you're still small.
Wamdus: Oh yeah, that's right. Guess it's about time we turned you back, Muge.
Mugen: Okay. Thanks, Wamdus!
Wamdus: No problem. Here, drink this.
Mugen takes a vial from Wamdus and drinks the liquid inside of it. He is returned to his original form in the blink of an eye.
Mugen: Ooh! Return big! Look from high again!
Nehan: I thought nothing would surprise me anymore, but... I was wrong.
Nehan: In any case, how were the resorts? Did you enjoy them?
Mugen: Enjoy, very much! Hope go with Nehan someday.
Wamdus: Here, some souvenirs from our trip this time. We brought a bunch back!
Mugen: Nehan, this is hot spring essence! For instance, use, make pain disappear!
Nehan: For me? You should have bought something for yourself instead.
Mugen: Mugen had lots of fun at resort! Give fun to Nehan too.
Mugen: That's why, give souvenir!
Nehan: I see. Thank you.
Wamdus: As for me, I brought back some manju, cookies, and...
Mugen: More snacks!
Nehan: Save the snacks for after dinner.
Will you be eating dinner with us, Wamdus?
Wamdus: I think I will. I have a few things I want to discuss for building a hot spring.
Nehan: Building... a hot spring?
Wamdus: I'll tell you more while we eat. See it as another souvenir from me!
Nehan: All right. They should be cooking dinner right about now. If you're going to join us, go let them know.
Mugen: Okay! Let's go, Wamdus.
Mugen: Hope hot spring essence help Nehan...
Wamdus: Hm... Do you want me to heal Neha's body?
Wamdus: I know I shouldn't meddle too much, but I want to do something to thank you for coming with me to the resorts, Muge.
As the two continue down the road toward the kitchen, Mugen shakes his head.
Mugen: Mugen think, Nehan not want heal.
Mugen: Nehan's feelings, Nehan's only. Not good to heal, until Nehan want heal.
Mugen: For instance, Mugen hope... Nehan want heal someday. But that is Mugen's feeling.
Wamdus: Right.
Mugen: Mugen big. Walking hard for Nehan, but Mugen can carry.
Mugen: Will be okay!
Wamdus: All right. But... let's turn you small and play together from time to time.
Wamdus: We haven't had a chance to play tag yet. There's still a lot I want us to do together!
Mugen: Okay!
Wamdus is satisfied with her experience at the resorts and the time spent with Mugen, (Captain), and the others.
The Azure Dragon smiles, a feeling of excitement rising from within her heart as she looks forward to exploring more of the Sky Realm.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
空の命、がんばってるよえらい、えらい The life in these skies is doing its best. Impressive.
ムゲんとこ、あとで遊び行ってくる I'm going to go play with Muge later.
ウォン、変な方向にマジメなとこある Lleon is strangely serious about some particular things.
イルのごはんは素材あじ…… The food Wil cooks tastes exactly like its raw ingredients...
ディーエはちゃんと「テキトー」だからエライ Diel is so happy-go-lucky. I think it's nice.
ルオ、やさしーけどやさしくないフリする Luo's really kind, but he never shows it.
蒼の娘、おいしーもの教えてくれてうれしい The girl in blue tells me about a lot of delicious things. I'm happy.
ロジャー、はたらきすぎいつもヘロヘロしてる Logia works too much. He's always exhausted...
特異点はリゾート、マスターしてる? Are you an expert in resorts now, Singularity?
特異点、あとでいっしょにゲームしよ? Let's play a game together later, Singularity.