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Official Profile

Age 21
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Trying foods from various restaurants
Likes Sense of duty and humane feelings, family
Dislikes Treachery, those who hurt others
Character Release
Formerly the only daughter of the boss of the Knights of Ditoria, a chivalric order which had split a certain town in half. Now, that order has been utterly destroyed by a hostile organization, and its members have since been scattered to other towns. Because of her straightforward personality and courteous demeanor, the scattered gangsters call her Boss, and even now love her dearly. Because of the trouble that might be caused if her involvement in the mafia were to be known, she conceals her lineage as she travels. Due to her inheritance, from childhood she has been wrapped up in various disputes; as a consequence of being raised in the middle of such circumstances, and contrary to her appearance, she is very much from an organization ready to use violence.
Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 21歳
Height 166cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 食べ歩き
Likes 義理人情、家族
Dislikes 裏切り、他者を傷つける者
Character Release

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




  • Yuisis's mannerisms and speech are similar to those of the Yakuza, Japanese crime syndicates with strict codes of conduct.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday. We'll be havin' a big party later, right? On this, the day of the boss's birthday.
I wanted to give you this. Here, take it.
Huh? What's inside? It's a glass.
So that someday we can have a drink together.
I guess I can't get down with only breakin' bread.
Anyway, someday we can have ourselves a little drink. But don't worry, I can wait till you're ready.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
We've got a great party planned for you this year. Hope you're looking forward to it.
And one more thing... This is for you.
It's wine that was bottled the same year you were born.
A few more years and you'll be old enough to drink it. Be sure to use the glass I gave you last year.
Hehe. Don't forget to let me have a sip!


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'm glad I get to celebrate your birthday again this year.
Hm? Oh, you're wondering about this fish in my hands?
It's the type that we indulge in for auspicious occasions.
I couldn't think of anything better to celebrate this special day.
That's why it was worth going a bit out of the way to catch this one.
Rest assured—I'll handle the cooking too. I want you to just relax.
So leave all the prep work to me.
I can already tell this is one fish you're going to love.


(Captain), what would you like to have for your birthday party tonight?
You're the star today, so I wanted to make somethin' you'd like.

  • Choose: Some delicious meat would be nice.
    Hmm, okay... Then gallardoza it is!
  • Choose: Some delicious fish would be nice.
    Hmm, okay... Then we'll have fish again this year!
    But it wouldn't be fun if we had the exact same thing as last year, so I'll cook it differently this time.

Thank you, (Captain). I'll be on my way then.
Where to, you ask? To get the best ingredients, of course.
It's your birthday—a special day for a special someone. I can't settle for just anythin'.
Well, I'm off! I'll be right back, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Hehe... Soon, you'll be able to enjoy an even wider variety of drinks as an adult.
I told you before how I'm looking forward to celebrating over a glass of wine with you someday, didn't I?
When that day comes, there's something I want to tell you, (Captain).
Yes, something very important.
Does that make you curious?
Hehe. But it's a secret. You'll have to wait until the day we open that bottle of wine.
So look forward to it, okay?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, Boss. Let's hope it's another big year for the crew.
The start of the year's always a good time to tighten things up.
So, Boss, are you gonna get changed?
Huh? For the speech, of course. You've gotta wear something with your tag on it, right?
It's a mark of respect. Everyone knows that.
That's what I always used to do back when I was with the old gang.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to our new adventures together this year.
I prepared a New Year's meal for you today.
I'm pretty good at this kind of stuff. I used to make New Year's meals as a child with my sisters.
Cooking up your own meals for holidays is said to bring great fortune.
And the tastier it is, the more fortune will come your way.
Or so I hear, at least. So I made it extra delicious!
I'm sure you're gonna love it, (Captain).
Oh! Before that I should wake the others first.
I mean, the first meal of the new year should be enjoyed together with everybody, right?


(Captain). Happy New Year. Out with the old, in with the new.
Would you be up for visiting the shrine with me later?
To celebrate the occasion of course. I'd like to offer my prayers to the gods.
Hm, you want to know what I pray for?
For all in the crew to be safe and in good health, of course.
It's only a given. After all, I consider everyone in the crew to be family.


Hehe. This new year is shapin' up to be a good one already if I'm spendin' the first sunrise with you.
Are you cold? Drink this and you'll warm right up.
Don't worry. Sake it may be, but even someone your age can drink sweet sake.
Oh, look up. The sun should be risin' soon.
But before that, I've got somethin' important to say.
Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm eager to see what fun's in store for us this year.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to spending another year with you.
Oh, this mountain of letters? They're greeting cards from everyone in the Ditoria Knights.
The gang might not exist anymore, but they still send their greetings regularly.
Well, I'll be going back to my room then.
I should get started on reading these if I want to get through all of them.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Guys always get so edgy at this time of year.
And they're always tryin' to chat me up.
Hah... Well, personally, I only give Valentine's gifts to people I respect.
I guess you probably figured that.
So, Boss, this is for you.
It's chocolate, of course. I wouldn't disrespect you with anythin' cheesy.
Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever given a Valentine's gift to anyone other than my parents until now.


I made some chocolates for you, (Captain)... As thanks for everything you do.
They're handmade of course. I mean, that's the only way to really show affection for someone, right?
Oh, this paper bag? There's more chocolate in here too.
I heard that Lyria gives chocolates to everyone on the Grandcypher.
So I decided I'd do the same thing this year.
We're all on the same crew, so it makes sense that we should let our fellow crewmates know how much we appreciate them!
Oh, but between you and me... Yours is special.
You're the one I appreciate the most, after all.


(Captain), sorry for intruding so late at night. Can I have a minute with you?
Okay, coming in.
Um... I made you some chocolate. Won't you have some?
Of course I made them myself. I wouldn't hold back on a gift for you, (Captain).
Sorry, the lack of sleep is getting to me...
Actually... I stayed up all night to make the chocolate...
Like I said, I wouldn't hold back on a gift for you...
Mng... I'll be okay though. I just need to hand out the remaining chocolates to my family.
Good night, (Captain).
Oh, just one more thing...
Only the chocolates for you are handmade.
You're the only one I think of that way.


(Captain)? What are you doin' in the kitchen so late?
Me? I'm here to make Valentine's chocolates for tomorrow.
They're all for you, of course.
Remember what I said last year? I only make handmade ones for you.
You're the only one I think of that way.
Hehe. This is goin' to be my best batch yet, so look forward to it.


I made you some chocolate again this year, (Captain). Wanna try some right now?
Okay, open wide... Now say ahh...
Why? Good question.
I read that people go crazy for this sort of thing in a book once.
And I sincerely made this chocolate just for you, after all.
It only makes sense that I present it to you in the most heartfelt way possible, right?
Well? Was I spot-on in my assumption?

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

White Day? Uhm...
Sorry, I just ain't got good memories of this day.
Ya see I used to get tons of candy from my sisters...
So then I'd have to get somethin' for them all in return.
I don't like that kind of pressure. I'd rather live without it.


A White Day gift... For me? Thank you, (Captain)!
O-oh, sorry. I'm really happy. It's just that I used to never get anything on White Day, as you probably already know...
I didn't think that receiving something on White Day could make me so happy...
Thinking about it now, it's obvious why I haven't received anything on White Day until now.
After all, besides my parents, you're the only one who I've ever given chocolate to.


(Captain), thank you for the White Day gift.
Ah, no... I'm just really happy you kept me in your thoughts...
Um, is it okay if I take a look inside?
I-is this a traditional drinking cup?
This is to pay me back for the cup I gave you before?
I look forward to the day we can have a toast using the cups we gifted each other.
Ah, thank you, (Captain)!
It makes me so happy to hear that from you!
I'll be using this cup as my family treasure!


Are these cookies? Whoa! You baked them yourself?
Th-thank you so much! I didn't think I'd get such an amazin' White Day gift...
You're worried about whether or not they'll taste good?
Heheh, well, you don't need to.
Knowin' you made these especially for me is more than enough.
Truly. (Captain), thank you. I'll be sure to appreciate every bite.


Fun fact, (Captain).
Apparently the sweets you give on White Day also double as a way to show your feelings to someone.
Candy is for lovers, cookies are for friends, and marshmallows are for enemies.
And that's just scratching the surface.
With that being said... I wonder what you have for me this year?
Dare I ask what kind of feelings you wanted to share with me?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Come on, let's get a bunch of candy ready.
You know, I love Halloween.
I love seein' all the kids havin' fun. And seein' what tricks they get up to.
I'm just not a big fan of all the dressin' up.


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Aww, I was hoping you were out of candy...
I could have done all sorts of things to you then.


(Captain), trick or treat!
Knowing you, I'm sure you've prepared bucketloads of candy...
Huh? You don't have any?
So you want me to play a trick on you?
N-no, I can't do that!
I could never be seen being mischievous with you...
Sigh... Fine. But only because it's Halloween tradition...
Prepare yourself, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain), can I talk to you for a sec? I wanna ask for your advice on somethin'...
Since tomorrow's Halloween, I'm thinking of dressin' up for the first time in a while...
What kinda costume do you think would suit me?
Huh? What did I dress up as before?
I don't really remember what it was, but I've got this faint memory of wearing somethin' cute and frilly.
Someone in the family made me wear it. I tried to tell her that cute things didn't suit me, but she insisted that they did.
Come to think of it, after I dressed up that one time, some of the young guys in the family started callin' me "my lady"...
Hehe, sure brings back memories.


Oh, did you make that dessert yourself, (Captain)?
I see...
(Captain). Trick or treat.
I'm going to play a trick on you if you don't give me something nice to eat.
So why don't you hand over some of that dessert you have there?
It's only normal that I want to try something you made.
Hehe. So which will it be? Are you going to share your treat? Or did you want a trick from me?
Personally, I'd be happy with either.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um, happy holidays... I guess.
Truth is, I ain't never been to a party like this before.
Back when I was leader of my gang, we were always too busy gettin' ready for New Year's around now.
But you guys are really chilled out.
You know, I read in this book about a gang called the Elves that's always active this time of year.
Their boss is called Santa Claus. Apparently they always strike in the middle of the night.
We better be ready.


(Captain)? What're you doing here at this hour?
Me? I'm waiting for Santa.
Ah, don't get the wrong idea though.
I've learned from last year. I know now that Santa isn't the boss of some gang.
This year I'm going to meet him. So I'm waiting here.
After all, Santa rewards all upstanding sky denizens by buying the presents himself, doesn't he?
I want to thank such a caring and charitable person at least once—
What? It doesn't work like that?


Why are you in town alone?
Me? I'm just taking in the sight of the snow in my stroll through town.
The sheer expanse of white puts me in the mood for a drink...
Why, you ask? There's just something really graceful and refined about drinking to the pristine view of snow.
No drink for you though, (Captain). Maybe when you have more years under your belt.
I'll be glad to have a glass with you then.
Hehe, I'm looking forward to it.


Oh! (Captain), good thing you're here!
I'm makin' a cake right now, but I could sure use some help with this.
Would you mind lendin' me a hand for a bit?
Thanks. Have a taste of this whipped cream for me, will you?
I think it's at just the right sweetness, but a second opinion would be nice.
Okay, open up now. Say, "Aah!"


(Captain)? Are you here for some shopping?
Yes, me too. I was thinking of buying a few holiday presents for everyone...
Oh, (Captain)! Could you come with me for a bit?
I made it out here to town, but I actually have no idea what everyone would enjoy receiving...
So I'm hoping you could come and help me look.
After all, a present that the both of us agree on would definitely be better, right?
Is that okay with you?
Thanks. Then let's get going.
Hehe. Who'd have thought that we'd be out shopping together on this holy day? It's almost like we're a couple.

Fate Episodes

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Memories, New and Old

Yuisis stops a group of thugs from shaking down some food stall workers, but she ends up getting soaked with water in the process. After changing into a yukata, she enjoys a summer festival with the crew.

(Captain) and company arrive at a town on Auguste. They're delivering materials requested for a summer festival.
Vyrn: Wowie, it's busy out here!
Lyria: Sure is! I'm excited just being here!
Eagerness crosses the faces of the crew members as they watch the grounds undergo preparations for the festival.
Yuisis: ...
Yuisis, however, is the only one among them with a somewhat forlorn expression.
Vyrn: What's with you, Crazy Girl?
Yuisis: It's just... This brings back memories of my gang... Back when I still had my family...
Yuisis: The town we ran would also hold a big summer festival each year like clockwork.
Yuisis: I'd often go with the family—my sisters and I dressed in our yukatas.
Yuisis: Haha, they'd always buy me stuff like candied apples.

Siegfried (Yukata) not in crew

Lyria: Um, what's a yukata?
Yuisis: It's a type of clothing worn on a certain island. One of my sisters is from there, so of course she had one made for me too.
Continue 1
Yuisis: I remember the first time I wore it. Everyone kept sayin' "how cute" this and "how cute" that...
Yuisis: At the time I was hopin' the ground would open up and swallow me whole...
Yuisis: Sorry. That's a snoozer.
  1. Says who?
  2. No, tell us more.

Choose: Says who?
Vyrn: Yeah. I mean, you're always putting up with what we have to say, but you barely talk about yourself.
Yuisis: Stories about me aren't interesting.
Yuisis: They always turn into tales of cruelty.
Lyria: But when it comes to friends—and family—isn't it okay to share anything with them?

Choose: No, tell us more.
Yuisis: Again, I don't know why you'd want to hear my stories. You wouldn't like 'em.
Yuisis: They always turn into tales of cruelty.
Lyria: Actually we'd really like to hear what you have to say.
Lyria: So it doesn't matter if you think we'd like them or not!
Vyrn: Yeah! Because friends—and family—can share anything with each other.
Continue 2
Yuisis: You want to know about me because we're family?
Lyria: Yes! Do you think otherwise, Yuisis?
Yuisis: No, you're right, Lyria.
Yuisis: Okay. I'll try to come clean a little more often from now on.
Vyrn: Switching gears here, thinking 'bout Crazy Girl enjoying a summer festival in her yukata thingy...
Vyrn: Eh... I just can't see it, you know?
Lyria: Hahaha... Mm-hm. Because she can be so straight-forward.
(Captain) nods in apparent agreement with Lyria's comment.
Yuisis: Hey... What kinda girl do you guys take me for?
Vyrn: Haha, my bad, my bad. First impressions are pretty hard to break.
Yuisis: You need to learn it's quality over quantity. Small fries like that ain't worth much in a real fight.
Yuisis: Now, you're way outta line with this little turf war of yours.
Yuisis: And gettin' heavy-handed with respectable strangers is not somethin' I'm willin' to overlook.
Yuisis: Time for some payback, scumbag.
With that the Erune woman brandishes her sword at the thug.
Lyria: No, stop!
Vyrn: Hey, take it easy, Crazy Girl!
Yuisis: Why're you tryin' to stop me? This lowlife broke the rules.
Yuisis: When someone breaks the rules and threatens the family, it's up to those in power to settle the business.
Yuisis: I may not be the most respectable person around, but I'm still allowed to enjoy a festival.
Lyria: Oh yeah! Since we're already here, why don't we finish the request and go walk around?
  1. Sounds good to me.
  2. What do you say, Yuisis?

Choose: Sounds good to me.
Lyria: Heehee. This time you get to have fun with us, Yuisis!
Yuisis: Yeah. Haven't done stuff like that with my family since I left home.
Yuisis: Can't wait to see what kinda food stands they've got set up at this thing.

Choose: What do you say, Yuisis?
Yuisis: Me? I just do what you guys do.
Vyrn: Er, that's not the point. (Captain)'s askin' for your opinion.
Yuisis: My opinion?
(Captain) nods.
Yuisis: Well, if you say so... Then I want to go. Haven't been to a summer festival since I left home...
Lyria: Yay! Then we're all set!
With a plan in place, (Captain) signals everyone to move out.
Yuisis: Can't wait to see what kinda food stands they've got set up at this thing.
Continue 3
Yuisis: Personally I'd be happy with just findin' a place that serves briny-bites.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that?
Yuisis: They stick bits of seafood into batter, shape 'em into balls, and then fry 'em up real good.
Yuisis: Glaze 'em with some sauce and down the hatch.
Yuisis: They're a delicious blend of crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside.
Yuisis: Candied apples'd be good too. Stains your tongue red, but the tartness of the apple mixed with the candy's texture is too good to pass up...
Vyrn: Haha, you've totally got food on your brain. That's all you can talk about.
Yuisis: Well, isn't food what makes a festival? And it all tastes better in the company of others.
Yuisis: I was already thinking how fun it'd be to go around with everyone...
Vyrn: All right. Let's finish this request and hit the festivities.
With that, they head to the food stall that gave them the request.
Yuisis: According to the map the requester provided, their food stall should be around here somewhere...
Man 1: Oh yeah? And who da hell gave ya permission to set up shop here?
Lyria: Gasp! What was that?
A loud, angry voice comes from out of nowhere.
Turning toward the commotion, the crew sees a group of goons imposing their will on some hard-at-work vendors.
Man 1: Oy! Dis here's part of our turf!
Man 2: Heh. Ya wanna stay, then ya gots to pay us a management fee!
Lowain: Say what? That was you guys? Aw snap, that's some bad news bears, makin' a boss crew do junk like that.
Tomoi: Word. Maybe you guys, like, passed Mr. Top Dawg on your way over, and you're just late to the party. Bummer, right?
Elsam: Double word. Let's all be cool, 'kay? Ain't nothin' that can't be fixed with some words and a squid snack.
Man 1: Cram it! Give us da money, or you'll be eatin' through a straw, ya clueless mooks!
Yuisis: I think we found it.
Lyria: You mean...
Yuisis: Yeah. That's the stall we got the request from.
Vyrn: What's Lowain and his bros doing here?

No version of Lowain in crew

Lowain is a man enamored with Katalina. He's accompanied by his two buddies, Elsam and Tomoi.
Lowain joined the crew to have ample opportunity to pursue his love.
The other two are there to cheer him on.
Continue 4
Yuisis: Ah, I recall them sayin' they needed to leave for a while to go take care of some pressing business.
Man 1: You punks listenin'? Quit chirpin' and hand it over now! Ya don't wanna know what happens next if ya don't!
Vyrn: Whoa, forget about that! We've gotta save Lowain and the others!
Yuisis: I'll handle this. 'Specially since they don't seem worth gettin' (Captain)'s hands dirty.
Yuisis approaches the men.
Yuisis: Sigh... Hold a festival and you attract the flies. Just like these maggots.
Man 1: Fine, have it yer way—
Yuisis: There's no need for that.
Man 1: Huh?
Yuisis: I don't know which gang you belong to, but extortin' the innocent doesn't fly in my book.
Yuisis: Considerin' you're in the biz, you oughta be ashamed.
Man 1: What the? 'Ey, you've any idea who yer messin' with here?
Man 2: Hah! She's spunky. You think pickin' a fight with us is gonna scare us away?
Yuisis: Why would I need to lift a finger against scumbags like you?
Yuisis: The first thing you need to understand is where you sit on the totem pole.
Man 1: That's it, Princess! We ain't afraid to put the hurt on a broad!
Yuisis's words enrage the men, who pull out daggers from behind their backs.
Yuisis: And here come the knives.
Yuisis: In this line of business, drawin' weapons means you've made peace with the fact that your life is on the line.
Yuisis: So lemme ask you this... Have y'all made your peace?
The men's knees begin to waver under the ferocious aura of malice surrounding Yuisis.
Man 2: Gulp! Oy... I think she's for real...
Man 1: Piece o'... Yer lucky I'm lettin' ya off today! But don't count on it happenin' again next time!
Intimidated by Yuisis, the men spit their final words in contempt, kicking the stall before leaving.
Yuisis: Sigh... And that's why lowly goons are—
Lyria: Watch out, Yuisis!
Jarred loose by the men's kicks, a barrel stacked above the stall comes crashing down toward Yuisis.
Yuisis: ...!
Yuisis slices the barrel in half as it falls.
But the instant she splits the barrel open, she is soaked from head to toe by the water stored inside.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Are you okay, Yuisis?
Yuisis: Yes... I'm fine.
Yuisis: But I owe you an apology for damagin' your goods.
Lowain: No way, man. If you hadn't been here, those duders woulda turned this place cray! You deserve big-ups, Yuisistah!
Tomoi: Word. Those tater-punks wouldn't take the hint, like they'd been chewin' on dark essence or somethin'. How's a squid as thanks sound to you?
Yuisis: Thanks for letting me off the hook.
Vyrn: Anyway, what brings you guys here?
Lowain: So a local bud of mine runs a shop out here.
Lowain: Told us this place turns into a rodeo during the festival. We're gonna flex our helper muscles till it's over, natch.
Elsam: How 'bout you guys? Gonna party it up? Man, totes wasn't expecting to see y'all out here though.
Lyria: A-actually we came to deliver some things for the festival...
Lowain: Say what? That was you guys? Aw snap, that's some bad news bears, makin' a boss crew do junk like that.
Elsam: Bahaha! It's a miracle two-for-one: (Captain) and Yuisis. What a gut buster.
Yuisis: In any case, if you would take the stuff you ordered, we'll be on our—
Yuisis: Achoo!
Yuisis: Ugh... No surprises there, considerin' I'm soaked to the bone.
Elsam: Whoa, Yuisistah gonna catch the cold bug! I'll go grab a towel.
Tomoi: And I'll boil up a bowl of squid noodle soup!
Vyrn: Um... Really though, why don't you just go change?
Yuisis: That's probably the best idea. Thing is, I don't have a change of clothes on me.
Lowain: Bwuh? Just had a flash of brilliance. Mind if I slip a note in your suggestion box?
Lowain: Here's the deal. My bud's girl owns a fancy-schmancy clothing shop nearby.
Lowain: Why don't you pick out something you like as thanks for savin' our bacon?
Yuisis: Oh, you don't have to go that far for me—
Lowain: Naw, we owe you big. Woulda failed to hold down the fort for my bud otherwise.
Tomoi: Word. If we'd let things get any more haywire, other stalls woulda swooped in on us.
Lowain: Yup. As Granny used to say, "Beef takes half a day to stew, but a favor only takes half a jiffy."
Yuisis: Very well. When you put it that way, I will gladly accept your offer.
Yuisis: If you'll excuse me, (Captain), I'll be right back.
Vyrn: Sure! We'll finish the request while you're gone.
After taking care of the request and saying goodbye to Lowain, the crew continues to wait for Yuisis.
Yuisis: Sorry to keep you waiting, (Captain).
Lyria: Oh my, Yuisis... Those clothes are...
Yuisis: That shop happened to carry yukatas, so I decided to go with it. How do I look?
Yuisis performs a little twirl to show off all angles.
  1. It's very... alluring.
  2. Too cute to handle!

Choose: It's very... alluring.
Yuisis: A-alluring? Really? Um, thank you, (Captain).
Lyria: Oh no! Are you okay, Yuisis? Your face is all red!
Yuisis: Back then my sisters would always tell me how cute I was...
Yuisis: But this is the first time someone's ever used the word alluring...
Yuisis: It's, um, kind of embarrassing really...

Choose: Too cute to handle!
Lyria: Yes! It's not just the yukata. I also like what you did with your hair!
Vyrn: Yeah. The way you've got it all tied up, it's nice to see something different.
Lyria: Isn't it? It's like... It's like really seductive!
Yuisis: D-don't compliment me like that.
Yuisis: It feels awkward comin' from you guys.
Continue 5
Yuisis: But thank you all the same.
Yuisis smiles through her embarrassment.
Vyrn: Since we got that request outta the way, let's go to the festival!
Yuisis: Mm. Move out.
Yuisis begins to walk with a light skip in her step.
(Captain) and company follow suit, smiling to themselves as they gaze upon this side of Yuisis.

Family Identity

Yuisis introduces a snack called briny-bites to the crew, and she relishes this experience with her new family. It also conjures up old memories of her past family, leaving a bittersweet smile on her face.

The crew explores the festival with Yuisis, now donning a yukata.
They go from food stall to food stall, loading up on tasty treats.
Lyria: Oooh... My head feels like it's ringing...
Vyrn: It's 'cause you wolfed it all down. Slow down when you eat...
Lyria: But it's sooo juicy and delicious...
Yuisis: I can't believe they actually had briny-bites...
Yuisis: Phwoo, phwoo.
After blowing on the food-packed skewer, Yuisis stuffs the briny-bites into her mouth.
Yuisis: Aah... Haah-haaah-hot...
The end of the skewer sticks partially out of the upturned corner of her mouth.
  1. Is it good?
  2. Glad you got to taste them again.

Choose: Is it good?
Yuisis: Yeah. There's nothin' better than fresh briny-bites straight from the stall.

Choose: Glad you got to taste them again.
Yuisis: Yeah, but I think they're even tastier than before.
Yuisis: Haha. Must be because you're all here with me right now.
Continue 1
Yuisis: Here, have one, (Captain).
Yuisis holds up a stick of briny-bites to (Captain)'s lips.
Yuisis: Say "aaah."
  1. Do you have to do that?
  2. Thanks for the grub.

Choose: Do you have to do that?
Yuisis: What? There's no need to be so humble.
Yuisis: Oh, wait. What was I thinkin'?
Yuisis: You'll burn your tongue if you eat it like this.
Yuisis: Hang on a sec.
Yuisis: Phwoo, phwoo.

Choose: Thanks for the grub.
Yuisis: Okay, open wide.
Yuisis: Er, hang on a sec, (Captain).
Yuisis hastily pulls the skewer away before (Captain) can bite down.
Yuisis: Phew, that was close. Almost burned your tongue, didn't I?
Yuisis: Briny-bites are super hot on the inside. If you don't cool 'em off a little, they'll set your mouth on fire.
Yuisis: Happened to me once a long time ago.
Yuisis: I was absolutely pissed at my sister for a while after that.
Yuisis: Here, I'll cool it down for you.
Yuisis: Phwoo, phwoo.
Continue 2
Yuisis blows on the briny-bites to cool them down.
Yuisis: There, ready to eat. Open your mouth again, (Captain).
  1. Um, I can feed myself, you know.

Choose: Um, I can feed myself, you know.
Yuisis: Don't be so stuffy. We're family.
Yuisis: Come on, (Captain). My arm's gettin' tired.
  1. Okay, okay.

Choose: Okay, okay.
Yuisis: Well? Do you like it?
(Captain) nods bashfully, face flushing red.
Yuisis: Auguste always uses the finest ingredients, hehe.
Yuisis: Oops, you got a dab of sauce on your cheek there, (Captain).
(Captain) immediately raises a hand to wipe it away.
Yuisis: Don't do that. You'll get your hands dirty. Hold still, and I'll get it for you.
Yuisis pulls out her handkerchief and swabs (Captain)'s cheek.
Yuisis: Haha. My sisters used to wipe my face for me too.
Yuisis: That takes me back...
All done. Spick-and-span.
  1. Th-thanks...

Choose: Th-thanks...
Yuisis: You're welcome.
Yuisis: I never thought I'd be able to enjoy a summer festival like the good ol' days with a new gang... I mean a new family.
Yuisis: Feels like I'm dreamin'.
Yuisis smiles, though her expression is a bittersweet combination of loneliness and happiness.

Family Identity: Scene 2

After a game of goldfish scooping, the crew decides to end the night with fireworks, but they are ambushed by the same thugs Yuisis had driven away earlier. Despite the enemy's greater numbers and strong desire for revenge, Yuisis is more than ready to teach them what it means to do business.

There's still much to see at the festival.
The crew stops at one stall in particular, which has a small pool for catching goldfish.
Lyria: Gotcha!
Lyria: Heehee, look! I caught another one!
Vyrn: Pfft. I'm just getting started! C'mere fishy!
Vyrn: Heheh. Score one for me!
Yuisis: Hiyah!
Yuisis: ...
The crew scoops up fish left and right, except for Yuisis who hasn't caught a single one.
Yuisis: Stallkeeper, give me all the scoopers I can buy with this.
Yuisis hands over a large bundle of rupies from her handbag.
Stallkeeper: What? Are you sure about this, miss?
Vyrn: Holy! Hold on, Crazy Girl! Even if they were only 1 rupie each, you'd still be buying way too many!
Lyria: Th-that's right, Yuisis! Please reconsider!
Yuisis: Don't try to stop me! This is between me and the fish, and I ain't about to lose to no bottom-feeders!
Yuisis: I'm not fit to be a part of the boss's family if I can't even catch one measly little fish!
Vyrn: Um, I'm pretty sure no one actually cares 'bout that...
Yuisis: Don't worry. I've learned from my previous failed attempts. I'll get 'em next time for sure.
Yuisis: Speaking of which, would you all go on ahead without me?
Lyria: Huh? Why?
Yuisis: I'm not leavin' here until I bag at least one.
Yuisis: But I don't want to hold you guys up on my account.
Yuisis: So if you would...
  1. You don't have to stress about it.
  2. I can't leave you by yourself.

Choose: You don't have to stress about it.
Lyria: Mm-hm! Just what (Captain) said!
Lyria: It wouldn't be as fun if we all split up, since it's a festival and everything.

Choose: I can't leave you by yourself.
Vyrn: Yeah. If we left you alone, you'd buy up every scooper, and no one else would get to play.
Yuisis: I... can't argue with that.
Lyria: Ahaha. But it's a festival, you know. You won't have as much fun by yourself.
Lyria: So let's all stick together.
Continue 1
Yuisis: But I shouldn't make you waste your time just for me...
Yuisis: Honestly I don't know how long it's gonna take to catch one...
Lyria: That's okay. We'll give you some pointers on how to do it!
Yuisis: You sure you want to do that?
(Captain) nods with approval.
Yuisis: Sorry. I feel ashamed whenever someone goes through the trouble of doing somethin' for my sake.
Lyria: Um, it really isn't like that at all. We're family, remember?
Yuisis: ...
Yuisis expresses her gratitude to the crew, but she still has a muddled look on her face.
Vyrn: Hahaha, guess you've got a kiddie-side after all.
Vyrn: Who'da thought you'd be so focused on scooping up goldfish.
Yuisis: Sorry...
Yuisis: Seein' everyone but me succeed was infuriating...
Lyria: Teehee. We'll get you there. Let's do it!
Yuisis: Okay! I won't let your time go to waste. Those fish are mine!
Yuisis: Hiyah!
Lyria: Oh no, not like that! If you dip the scooper that hard, the paper part will tear as soon as it hits the water!
Lyria: Um, you should go in slowly, like you're trying not to scare the fish.
Yuisis: O-okay...
Yuisis: Now!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, slow it down when you scoop back up! You'll break the paper with that speed.
Yuisis: Hmm... Slow on the way up too, huh...
Lyria: And you don't want to catch them right in the center of the scooper. It's easier along the edge of the rim.
Yuisis: Scoop when they're close to the rim... It's worth a shot.
Yuisis dips the scooper into the pool, concentrating on going nice and slow.
Yuisis: ...!
Yuisis: I did it! I caught one!
Stallkeeper: Congratulations. It's yours to keep. Take good care of it now.
Lyria: Hehe, isn't that great?
Yuisis: Yeah!
Yuisis: I guess this little guy's now part of the family too. Let's do our best to help (Captain), okay?
Yuisis gazes joyfully at her little pal swimming in its bag.
Lyria: Where should we go next?
Yuisis: Actually I think it's almost time for the fireworks.
Vyrn: How do you know that?
Yuisis: I heard it from the stallkeeper just now. The festival ends with a fireworks show.
Yuisis: I also happened to overhear the perfect viewing spot. Wanna go check it out?
  1. Sounds good.
  2. Are we done here then?

Choose: Are we done here then?
Yuisis: Yes, I've had my fill. Both foodwise and fishingwise.
Yuisis: I don't know about Lyria or Vyrn though...
Vyrn: Yep, I'm good too!
Lyria: Mm-hm! Me three!
Yuisis: Okay. Are you ready to go see the fireworks, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods.
Choose: Sounds good.
Yuisis: All right. Follow me.
(Captain) and company make their way to the viewing spot.
Vyrn: Hm? Whose voice is that?
Yuisis: Look out!
Some men with daggers leap out from the trees just as Yuisis sounds the alarm.
Yuisis: So it's an ambush... You think that's enough to put me six feet under?
Yuisis swings her sword at the incoming assailants.
Yuisis: Ungh... Agh!
Wincing, she suddenly drops her guard.
(Captain) leaps in to deflect fatal blades just before they reach Yuisis.
Yuisis: Thank you, (Captain).
Yuisis: And I apologize. Once again I'm being a nuisance to you, Boss.
Yuisis: I'm not worthy of belonging to your family...
Vyrn: Hey, save it for later!
Yuisis: Y-you're right. What matters most is to bury these hitmen.
Man 1: ...
Yuisis: Wait... You're the ones who were hustlin' Lowain...
Yuisis: Now I get it. This must be that payback you were talkin' about.
Man 1: Tch... If only ya'd stayed home an' played with yer dollies. Bah, whatever...
The men give a whistle, and even more of their cronies pop out to surround the crew.
Man 1: Yer gonna regret ever pickin' a fight wit' us!
Man 1: Dinner's on, boys! Rip 'em to shreds!
With a mighty roar, the men charge at (Captain) and the others.
Yuisis: Sigh... Goons never learn that it's quality over quantity. How can they be so clueless...
Yuisis: So be it. We'll do you a favor and carve you up good.
Yuisis: I'll show you what it really means to do business.

Family Identity: Scene 3

Yuisis overexerts herself in battle, but she refuses help from (Captain) because that doesn't match her idea of her status within the family. The crew reminds her that a family relies on each other. Yuisis reevaluates her way of thinking and enjoys the fireworks with her new family.

The attackers are routed by (Captain) and company.
Man 1: Gurgh... Da hell... We had numbers on ya...
Yuisis: All bark and no bite. Grunts masqueradin' as giant-killers are nothin' but trash. You're no match for us.
Yuisis: Well, I think you know what's comin' next. You boys are gonna have to pay for—
Lyria: No! That's not okay!
Yuisis: Sigh... Yeah, I know.
Yuisis then turns to face one of the men.
Yuisis: Your actions give a black eye to those of us in this line of work.
Yuisis: But in the interest of saving face for (Captain) and the others, I'll turn a blind eye out of circumstance.
Yuisis: If I ever catch you runnin' the same racket again...
Yuisis thrusts her sword at the man, tip stopping under his chin.
Ruffian 1: Okay! I got it! Jus' let me go!
Yuisis: A real man doesn't go back on his word. Capisce?
A cold bead of sweat runs down the man's forehead. All he can do is silently rock his head up and down.
Yuisis: Good boy. Now get out of my sight.
The men immediately scatter off to wherever, like roaches fleeing the light.
Yuisis: Sigh... What a waste of time. Let's be on our way—
Yuisis: Ow!
Vyrn: What's wrong, Crazy Girl?
Yuisis: It's nothing. We should hur—
Yuisis: Ungh!
Yuisis tries to take a step forward but collapses to the ground.
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong with you...
Vyrn: Whoa! Your feet are all swelled up!
Yuisis: I must've been moving too hard in my getas and injured my feet.
  1. Let me see.

Choose: Let me see.
(Captain) crouches down and places a hand on Yuisis's foot.
Yuisis: Hey, wha? Why're you touchin' my—
Yuisis: Ouch!
Yuisis: Aah! Th-that's where—nngh!
Yuisis: That's where it hurts most! Rrrngh...
With each poke of Yuisis's foot, she yelps in pain.
Vyrn: Yeah, I don't think she's gonna be able to walk this off.
Lyria: What should we do? Head back to town?
Yuisis: Please leave me here and go watch the fireworks.
Vyrn: Leave a hurt crew member behind? I don't think so.
Yuisis: I don't wish to continue bein' a burden on you all.
Yuisis: Today's already been as bad as it is...
Yuisis: So you're better off leavin' me here for the time being.
  1. We're not leaving you.
  2. We're watching them together.

Choose: We're not leaving you.
Choose: We're watching them together.
(Captain) puts one arm around Yuisis's shoulder and the other under her knees to lift her up.
Yuisis: P-put me down, (Captain)!
Yuisis: This is setting a bad example for others in the ga—I mean family!
Yuisis: I belong to the same family as you, (Captain).
Yuisis: The onus is on me to stand by your side and give my loyalty until the very end.
Yuisis: Not the other way around. I absolutely mustn't bother the boss!
Vyrn: Uh... Why not?
Yuisis: B-because... Because that's what underlings do; trust in the boss and do whatever the boss says.
  1. That doesn't sound like a family to me.

Choose: That doesn't sound like a family to me.
Yuisis: Huh?
Vyrn: Yeah, same here.
Vyrn: Being a family means being on the same page with each other, right?
Vyrn: Can't really be on the same page if you think you're writing for us instead of with us.
Yuisis: ...!
Lyria: Mm-hm! A family puts up with all kinds of things and relies on each other. That's what Katalina said!
Lyria: That's why you don't have to hold back around us.
Lyria: Because we're a family!
Yuisis: So I can just... be straight with you guys? And bother you guys?
Lyria: Of course!
Yuisis: ...
Yuisis: Ah... You're right. That's what makes a family a family.
Yuisis: Even though I used the word family, I've been inflating the distance between how I see (Captain) and myself.
Yuisis: I figured I wasn't allowed to trouble (Captain) as an underling.
Yuisis: I was constrainin' myself the entire time under that condition.
Yuisis: And I've been usin' the word family all the while without understanding what it really meant.
Yuisis: I still have some maturing to do...
Yuisis lets out a heavy sigh before looking at the crew.
Yuisis: Um... Now that we've cleared the family part up, can I get a favor?
Lyria: Sure!
Yuisis: I want to go see the fireworks with everyone. As a family.
Yuisis: So will you take me along with you?
  1. Of course.

Choose: Of course.
Yuisis: Thanks...
Yuisis: Also... as long as you're gonna carry me, can you put me on your back?
(Captain) obliges and shifts her over.
Yuisis: Mm... Your back is so broad, (Captain)...
The injured Erune settles in on (Captain)'s back.
Yuisis: Here we are. This is the fireworks spot the stallkeeper mentioned.
Yuisis: Can you let me down?
Yuisis: Ow!
Yuisis's face twists with pain as she tries to stand up on her own.
  1. Are you okay?

Choose: Are you okay?
Yuisis: Yes, but it still hurts a little. Do you mind if I lean on you, (Captain)?
  1. Go ahead.
  2. Wanna hop back on?

Choose: Wanna hop back on?
Yuisis: I will refrain from doing so.
Yuisis: I'd much rather have you support me up instead.
Yuisis: I want us all to stand together, side-by-side, and watch the show.
Yuisis: So your shoulder's enough for me. Is that okay?
(Captain) confirms by offering a shoulder.
Choose: Go ahead.
Yuisis: Thank you.
And so, Yuisis carefully shifts some of her weight on to (Captain).
Yuisis: Hehe. Looks like we made it just in time.
Vyrn: This is awesome! It's like flowers are really blooming in the sky!
Lyria: Wow... It's beautiful...
Yuisis: Yes, it really is...
Yuisis: Hey, (Captain). I just wanna say thank you for everything today.
Yuisis: I thought I'd never be able to watch another fireworks show with my family again.
Yuisis: So I'm really happy to be here right now.
She gives a gentle smile.
Yuisis: I hope next year we can do another family gathering to watch the fireworks...
(Captain) returns her smile and nods.

For Family

(Captain) and company split into two groups to help a lost child reunite with his mother. Siegfried's group bumps into a tipsy middle-aged man and helps him to come to terms with his family life. Meanwhile Yuisis finds the mother and learns that she's trying to reconcile with her husband who she's lived apart from for years. When the crew's two groups meet up later, they discover that the tipsy middle-aged man was actually the husband.

The crew takes up security duty at a town festival.
So as not to put the festivalgoers on alert, (Captain) and company have decided to dress up in yukatas to blend in better with the crowds.
The event proceeds without incident. Closing hours draw near.
Yuisis: Hm? That child's all alone...
Lost Child: Sob...
Yuisis finds a weeping boy on festival grounds amid the sea of people.
Yuisis: Hey there. Everything okay?
Lost Child: Sniff... I-I can't find Mommy...
Siegfried: A lost child, I see... Given how packed it is today, it's not surprising that something like this happened.
Yuisis: I'm sure his mother's searching for him too, but getting the two of them back together won't be easy.
Siegfried: Not to mention he could run into trouble if we just leave him be.
Siegfried: (Captain). Let's help the child find his mother. In a way, this is also part of our job as security detail.
  1. Agreed. Let's get on it.

Choose: Agreed. Let's get on it.
Siegfried: Relax, little fella. We'll help you find your mom in no time at all.
Lost Child: Sniff... O-okay...
Yuisis: Let's split up. Someone needs to be with the kid though.
Lost Child: Um...
The boy, no longer sobbing, tries to speak up but is unable to produce any words.
He clings to Siegfried's yukata and lowers his gaze.
Siegfried: Sigh... Doesn't look like he'll be letting go anytime soon.
Vyrn: Hahah! Congrats on finding your biggest fan, Siegfried!
Siegfried: I'll look after him for the time being.
Lost Child: Th-thank you... Lizard...
Vyrn: Yeeow! Now the kid's got his other hand on my tail!
The child takes a liking to Vyrn as well, latching on to his tail for dear life.
Vyrn: Aw well... Looks like I'm stuck with you too, pal.
Siegfried: I could use the company.
Yuisis: I'll go look for the mother. Think you can come along, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Lyria: Okay then! Let's go look for Mommy!
Entrusting Siegfried and Vyrn with the boy, (Captain) goes off in search of his parental guardian.
Some time after the captain's departure, a situation develops near Siegfried and Vyrn.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Why, you little—
Bring it, punk!
Young Drunk: Rgh! Dumb old coot! I'll take you on any day!
Siegfried: Hm... I guess they had a little too much to drink.
Lost Child: Aiiee!
The boy who was smiling only moments ago cowers in fear. The passersby, too, are none too pleased.
Young Drunk: All right, now you're just asking for it! You'd better say your prayers!
The young man grabs a bottle that happens to be lying at his feet and points it toward the opposition.
Vyrn: Whoa! This is getting bad—
Siegfried: That's probably the liquor talking, but either way, hitting someone with a glass bottle is going to cause some serious damage.
Siegfried catches the swinging arm of the inebriated youth.
Young Drunk: Tch... Piss off! Unless you want me to do you in too—
Siegfried forcefully snags the bottle from the youth's hand and uses the momentum to make the youth fall flat on his face.
Young Drunk: Ngh! That hurt, you punk...
The young man grabs another nearby bottle, but Siegfried grabs that one too.
Young Drunk: Urgh...
Siegfried: Good thinking—let's pick this one off the ground too. Wouldn't want anyone to trip over it now, would we?
Siegfried: You'd best watch your step too.
Siegfried lifts the drunkard up as effortlessly as he grabbed the bottle, helping him get back on his feet.
Young Drunk: Holy! You're crazy strong...
Siegfried: So what did you say you were going to do to me again?
Young Drunk: Eeeek! I-I'm so sorry!
Siegfried: Haah... This is the kind of thing that happens when you give in to your drink. I just hope you both sober up and reflect on your actions.
Middle-Aged Drunk: D-damn it... I ain't tipsy... I definitely ain't tipsy...
Siegfried: Oh boy. You're gonna want to watch yourself too, mister. You could get hurt next time.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Cripes, I don't need you to tell me that... I've always been like this... Heck, even got my wife to run away from me...
The middle-aged man begins talking about his life. It turns out he recently came to an understanding with his wife, and they will be living together again soon.
Middle-Aged Drunk: She was already pregnant before we split, gave birth to our kid elsewhere. And I'm only hearin' about it just now...
Middle-Aged Drunk: Course I wanna take care of my kid. Thing is I'm not too sure we can make it as a family...
Siegfried: Hm... So you've found something precious in your life, but you're not sure if you can handle the responsibility.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Yeah...
Siegfried: I have no child of my own, but I know what it feels like to want to protect someone.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Then gimme some advice... Whaddya think I should do?
Siegfried: Well... If you really care about them, then you'll find a way to make things work. Try to visualize how that would play out and act on it.
Middle-Aged Drunk: You make it sound so easy, but I just don't know...
Siegfried: How about this: just forget about all of it.
Siegfried: And the next time your wife and child run into trouble, don't bother doing anything for them.
Middle-Aged Drunk: You some kinda loony? Ain't no way in hell I'd just let 'em be if they're in a bind!
The man stares daggers and bellows at Siegfried, but the knight simply smiles at such an indignant response.
Siegfried: That's the spirit. If you care that much about them, then I'm sure you can do whatever it takes to make your new family life work.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Wait... You did that on purpose?
Siegfried: Well? Think you can pull it off?
A bright light begins to burn in the man's eyes. He quietly clenches his fists.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Yeah... It's up to me to set things right... Heck am I doin' wastin' away with booze. I've gotta pull myself together... for them!
Siegfried: I'm glad you came to your senses.
The man stands back up with Siegfried's help and walks off with a certain resolve in his gait.
Vyrn: Heheh, looks like you really opened up the old fella's eyes. He ought to be okay now.
Siegfried: Hm... I sure hope so.
Meanwhile (Captain)'s group rescues a woman from a mean skirt chaser.
Yuisis: Hold it right there. You'd better back off unless you wanna sleep with the fishes tonight.
Yuisis: I hope you've got your pajamas ready.
Skirt Chaser: Aiiiee! I'm so sorry!
The skirt chaser is immediately terrified of Yuisis and makes a quick escape.
Kind Woman: Thank you so much for shooing him away.
Yuisis: Haha, just doin' our job. If there's anything else you might need help with, just say the word.
Kind Woman: Okay... Ah! Did you happen to see my child by any chance?
Kind Woman: I lost sight of him in a crowd earlier. He has a green hat on today...
Yuisis: Hm, could it be that boy we picked up earlier?
(Captain) and company explain the situation to the woman and guide her to where Siegfried waits.
Kind Woman: So... Did everything seem all right with him?
Yuisis: Heheh, no worries. He's a real good kid, waiting quietly for Mommy to come back.
Kind Woman: Oh really? Thank goodness...
Despite Yuisis's reassurances, the mother cannot shake the concern off her face.
Yuisis: Um... Is there anything else you're worried about?
Kind Woman: This is more of a private matter really, but there's something that's been eating away at me...
Though she was recently able to reconcile with her estranged husband, the woman's heart remains uneasy.
Kind Woman: I gave birth to the boy after I ran off on my husband, so they don't even know each other's faces...
Kind Woman: But he promises to make up for his past mistakes and really wants to be a family man.
Kind Woman: Still, a part of me thinks it's going to be too much of a burden on him, and that we might be better off staying apart...
Yuisis: I don't think that's an issue.
Yuisis: Problems are a normal part of any family life.
Kind Woman: Well...
Yuisis: You know, back in the day even I used to think it was my job to serve the family and to never cause them any trouble.
Yuisis: It's the same reason I've always been really reserved in (Captain)'s crew.
Yuisis: But I later saw how naive it was to think that way. (Captain) and everyone else taught me that.
Yuisis: If you keep your distance all the time, you can never become a real family. It has to be a two-way street; share in the good times, and support each other through the bad.
Yuisis: Only when you can fully depend on each other can you call yourself a family.
Yuisis can feel the weight of her words as she recalls her previous self.
Though taken aback at first, the woman's surprise soon takes the shape of a smile.
Kind Woman: Ahaha, I suppose you're right. What am I thinking—giving up before I've even started... My boy deserves better.
(Captain) and company bring the mother to meet her son. He immediately runs over and leaps into her arms, his face scrunched up in tearful worry.
The reunited parent and child offer the crew a heartfelt thank-you before taking off.
Lyria: Ahaha, it's really great to see them back together.
Yuisis: Yep. And without too much trouble on our end.
Vyrn: Mm-hm! Same deal with me and Siegfried!
Lyria: Teehee. I have to say though, Yuisis... I was really touched by what you said earlier.
Yuisis: Hehe, it's all thanks to you guys really...
Yuisis: I belong to the same family as you, (Captain).
Yuisis: The onus is on me to stand by your side and give my loyalty until the very end.
Yuisis: Not the other way around. I absolutely mustn't bother the boss!
Vyrn: Uh... Why not?
Yuisis: B-because... Because that's what underlings do; trust in the boss and do whatever the boss says.
  1. That doesn't sound like a family to me.

Choose: That doesn't sound like a family to me.
Yuisis: Huh?
Yuisis: So I can just... be straight with you guys? And bother you guys?
Yuisis: Sniff... I'll never forget that day.
Yuisis: I hope the family we helped will be able to get along as well as I do with you guys...
Yuisis: There is somethin' I'm worried about though. We don't know anything about the husband.
Lyria: Yeah... We have no idea what kind of person he is...
Vyrn: Hm? What are you two goin' on about?
Yuisis explains the situation she learned from the mother to Siegfried and Vyrn.
Because she doesn't know what the father is like, she is concerned whether they will be able to make it as a family.
Vyrn: So that's what happened, huh... Wait, that sounds awfully familiar...
Vyrn looks to Siegfried, who flashes a warm smile.
Siegfried: Yes, we know the story. And there's nothing to worry about.
Yuisis: Huh?
Vyrn: Hehe, guess it's our turn to do some explainin'.
Vyrn boasts a triumphant grin, amused to see the roles reversed.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ユカタヴィラは動きにくいのが問題ね Yeesh... They don't make these yukatas easy to move in, do they?
有象無象に興味はないの I don't bother with small fries.
彩魚すくいはやっぱり苦手ね Guess I'm not cut out for catchin' goldfish.
次はあちらの出店にいきましょう Oo! Let's go to that stall next!
ポム焼きもいいけど、リンゴ飴もいいわね Briney-bites or candied apples... So many choices...
祭りになると三下が湧くわね Scumbags show up outta nowhere for festivals, don't they?
皆と一緒の夏祭り……良い思い出になるわ Spending this summer festival with everybody... I'll never forget it!
また、皆でお祭りを見に行きましょうね Hey, everybody, let's make sure we go to another festival.
(主人公)、後で光華を見に行きましょう (Captain), shall we go watch the fireworks?
(主人公)、どこまでもついていきます (Captain), I'll follow you anywhere.