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Official Profile

Npc f 3040199000 01.jpg Yurius
Age 25 years old
Height 175 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Researching, reading, wine tasting
Likes Research, Levin Knights, sandwiches
Dislikes Sitting down to eat
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040199000 01.jpg Yurius
Age 25歳
Height 175cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 研究、読書、ぶどう酒の飲み比べ
Likes 研究、レヴィオン騎士団、サンドイッチ
Dislikes 席次のある食事
Source [1] [2]


Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3040199000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Hidenobu Kiuchi
Eye of the Storm

ID 3990609000
Char ID
NameJP ユリウス
Voice ActorJP 木内秀信
Release Date

A young man who joined the knights of Levin as a researcher. His carefree demeanor belies a sadistic side that not even Albert nor his fellow knights are aware of. Born with royal blood but left in the care of a callous duke, his troubled upbringing leads him to unconsciously view others with disdain.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain), Happy Birthday.
This is your special day... and it's an honor to be a part of it.
A lively party does have it's perks, but what if you and I share this day?
I must confess, I'm interested in you.
Your relentless bravery, your will to fight on... What caused you to be this way?
You want to know about me as well?
Then I will tell you all there is to know.
Heh heh... I've made sandwiches and prepared grape juice. Let us enjoy them while we talk.


(Captain), happy birthday.
This may come off as rather sudden, but is it all right if I serve you faithfully by your side today?
Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Be it cooking, laundry, cleaning, or anything else, I will handle it for you.
It is only natural that I try to pay you back for all I've received from you.
Oh? It looks like I'm having a bit too much fun?
Well, you're not wrong. I consider it a blessing to celebrate a day so significant to you.
So please, just sit back and relax. At the very least, I will see to it that you experience significantly greater delight than me for the day.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy New Year.
(Captain), would you play a game of menko with me?
This game can be quite complex. I've spent much time researching the cards I made.
And the cards themselves are not the only variable. The way you throw them requires just as much attention.
Come now. I'll let you borrow any of these cards here. And then we'll have a proper match.


Fortune cookies? I think I'll pass.
I will tread the path I want. Basing my actions on what a piece of paper says about my luck is no way to go about life.
I will continue to pour my utmost into the Kingdom of Levin's reconstruction.
There is no need to fret, (Captain). I have no intention of troubling you over it.
I didn't expect to see you pouting in response...
Yes, of course. I will ask for your help should the need ever arise.
Thank you for offering, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? What's that? Are you looking for someone to give that to?
I'm sorry to say, but Albert is already gone.
When this day comes around, he is chased by many a woman.
Hah, even the Thunderswift Lord is no match for the fervor of a woman after a man's heart.
Hm? These are for me? Not Albert?
Apologies... I wasn't expecting anything...
Thank you very much, I gladly accept your gift.


Chocolates for me this year too, (Captain)? Why, thank you.
You're quite a curious one for giving an eccentric researcher like me chocolate year after year.
My interest in you continues to grow. How I would love to study you.
Hm? You're more interested in me? Well, considering the circumstances, I suppose that's a given.
But if this is to be a contest where we compare our curiosity levels, know that I have every intention of winning.
Unfortunately there is no way to measure such a thing. So I shall prove the fact with my White Day gift next month.

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain)... Here you are.
I've made you some sweets by hand. I hope you like them...
You want to know if I'm good at making things like this?
I wouldn't say I'm bad at it...
Cooking is very much like the research I so often do.
You made the proper arrangements, form hypotheses, test them, and verify the results.
Heh heh... We'll know if my theories were correct with one taste from you.


(Captain), this is thanks for Valentine's. I hope you find them to your liking.
Yes, they're handmade this year once again. Though I did exert greater effort into the preparation this time.
To be more specific, I asked Vyrn and Lyria about your preferences when it comes to confectionery.
And I also consulted with Albert.
I figured he probably has more experience with such events than I. He provided me with much valuable info.
Now as far as I could tell, these are quite delectable.
But the results of my research mean nothing if they are not to your liking.
I only hope that I've been able to demonstrate my interest in you, even if just a bit.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain) spots Yurius and tries to surprise him from behind.
Choose: Boo!
Hm? (Captain), what's with the loud voice?
Was I scared, you ask? In Levin thunder strikes all the time, so...
No... Sudden loud noises no longer have any effect on me.
Oh, I see. It's Halloween, so you were trying to play a trick on me. Apologies.
Hah. Don't lose spirit. Try to scare me next year without relying on sound.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, (Captain).
The holy night's dinner is a time for feasting and for joy.
I've prepared some special wine that will pair well with our food. I'll make sure only the adults partake of it though.
Come one now. Don't give me that look.
You'll have grape juice in place of wine.
Hah. You will love it. And I hope be satisfied by it as well.


Happy holidays, (Captain). I have something for you.
This book here is one that I've really enjoyed since I was a child.
Oh, relax. I assure you it's no scholarly text. It's a famous tale of chivalry based in Levin.
I love fictional stories. In a sense, they allow me to live through events that I would never be able to experience in my own life.
A world unbound by reality, where you can stretch out your wings and soar to the limits of your imagination.
Of course, I have countless other books I can recommend you as well. I ought to give you a tour of my personal study some time, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Writhing Intent

Some time has passed on Levin since the tragedy caused by the Celestial Eye, and Yurius and Albert are hard at work on proposals that will reinvigorate their homeland. While they are called heroes by the locals, their proposals are met with resistance from a lord named Galia.

One day (Captain) and crew receive a letter from Albert and Yurius.
The contents reveal the current state of Levin.
Vyrn: Haha... They wrote a list of everything they've done to restore the place. That's so like them.
Lyria: Hehe... Sure is. I wonder if they're doing okay.
Levin is a kingdom covered by thunderclouds in the easternmost point of Phantagrande.
The crew was once involved with an incident that occurred there.
A researcher and knight named Yurius was investigating the Astral Void Lacrima.
But he was consumed by the power of the primal beast sealed within it.
Yurius: Aggh!
Tentacles: ...!
King of Levin: Urgh!
Albert: Your Majesty!
Yurius: Heh heh... Heh heh heh...
Yurius: Ahahaha!
Albert: No! What have you done, Yurius!
Yurius killed his own father, the king of Levin, in the presence of his best friend, Albert.
The released Astral Void Lacrima became the Celestial Eye and floated in the sky, wreaking havoc within the kingdom.
(Captain) and crew helped Albert and the Sky Knight sisters combat it.
Together they stopped the Celestial Eye, brought Yurius back from his temporary insanity, and restored his human form.
Afterwards Albert appointed Yurius as the Disaster Operations Planning Executive (D.O.P.E.), and the two vowed to do everything in their power to rebuild their kingdom.
Lyria: (Captain), should we go pay them a visit?
(Captain) nods, and they set a course in Levin's direction.
Albert: (Captain) and crew should receive our letter soon.
Yurius: I expect so. I hope they're well.
Albert and Yurius walk hurriedly through the town for a meeting.
Levin Citizen 1: Skies be! Foudre and Astros!
Levin Citizen 2: The heroes from "The Saint Lethan Tales"... Those names fit them perfectly!
Albert: That story... Someone read that to me as a boy... Never would I have imagined anyone would call me by that same name.
Yurius: A hero? I'm just the opposite.
Albert: The Celestial Eye killed the king. And you and I killed it.
Albert: That is our story, and it makes you innocent.
Yurius: That's just a tale you told the people.
Albert: To rebuild our kingdom. You understand why, right?
Yurius: Yes.
A serious atmosphere is building in the grand hall of Saint Lethan Castle, where a meeting is currently taking place.
???: Hm... Invest in a hot-spring resort, you say?
Mallow, a lord with considerable ownership over parts of the land, looks at Yurius and questions him.
Yurius: Levin is a point of traffic. A resort would be the perfect place for travelers to rest.
Yurius: We must not forget that our hot springs are unparalleled in their healing properties.
Yurius: A move like this could even pave the way for increasing tourism now and in the future.
Yurius: Put simply, I propose we garner foreign capital by making use of our best natural resource.
Yurius: If we could place the resort somewhere close to our famous wineries, that would be even better.
Yurius: With that said, as the Disaster Rejuvenation Coordinator, I propose we build a resort in the southwest of Levin.
Lord 1: I see... That argument is sound.
Lord 2: There is reason they call him Astros.
Yurius receives primarily positive responses to his proposal from several of the attending lords.
But several of the other lords grunt in disapproval.
???: Humph. You expect us to invest in amusements? How nice it must be to have your head in the clouds, believing peace is at hand.
Lord Galia, a young man who also rules over some local areas, leads the opposition.
Lord Galia: We are stretched too thin as is. And you want us to encourage an increase in foreign visitors? Have you thought of public safety?
Lord Mallow: Lord Galia, calm yourself. Yurius has a point: we need foreign capital.
Lord Mallow: As for security... Captain Albert, what say you?
Albert: We would have that under control. The Sky Knights are made of the best warriors in Levin. Outsiders will not be allowed to run free.
Albert: All evil under the thundercloud will be struck by lightning. I promise that my light will dispel any darkness.
Lord 1: Oooh... He seems dependable.
Lord Galia: ...!
Albert's words tip the scales in Yurius's favor.
And with that, his plan is approved.
Yurius: Hah. The Thunderswift Lord's words still carry much weight.
Albert: Don't say that. They agreed to your plan because it was the best course of action. That's all.
Yurius: I'm almost honored, but... I can't say that was all there was to it.
Yurius: The reason they even listened to our idea is because we have the masses on our side.
Lord Galia: So at least you're aware...
Lord Galia: They were simply too afraid to reject your proposal and chose instead to stay clear of public criticism.
Yurius: Lord Galia. Were you still here?
Lord Galia: Humph. Oh yes. I had a quick word for our heroes.
Lord Galia: That is if you have a moment to spare before you flee the kingdom...
Albert: We are doing no such thing. As you well know, we are still investigating the Celestial Eye.
Lord Galia: Only the gullible population at large believes in that nonsense!
Lord Galia: The rest of us know the truth. We know there is more to the story.
Yurius: ...
Lord Galia: Do you know why the simpletons praise you as heroes?
Lord Galia: They're afraid. They believe following a hero will lead to their salvation.
Lord Galia: Heroes? Hah! You're cowards who prey on the weak!
Lord Galia: Move...
Yurius: Cowards?
Lord Mallow: Please pay his words no mind, Captain Albert, Sir Yurius.
Albert: Lord Mallow...
Lord Mallow: I believe Lord Galia is simply upset that land he presides over would not benefit directly from your proposal.
Lord Mallow: Any great endeavor will always be met by some resistance.
Yurius: Kind words.
Lord Mallow: Nothing of the sort. I believe the kingdom's restoration rests on your shoulders.
Lord Mallow: Till we meet again.
The two watch quietly as the third party leaves.
Yurius: I'm not hungry. I'm going back to my study.
Albert: You will have a helping. A lack of nourishment will impair your ability to concentrate. Those are your own words.
Yurius: ...
Albert: Are you still thinking about what Galia said?
Yurius: The people are under the impression that I'm a hero.
Yurius: Am I lying to them? Am I betraying them?
Albert: You're not! Everyone is watching you.
Albert: As the Disaster Operations Planning Executive, you have come up with many plans and put them into action.
Yurius: Perhaps...
Albert: Yurius. Stop looking at the past and face the future.
Albert: We promised to build a better kingdom. Do you remember, my friend?
Yurius: I do. And we did. I'm sorry I let myself get so weak.
Yurius: I can't afford to do that aga—
Yurius: Gaah!
Yurius: My... head... Urgh!
Albert: Y-Yurius! Are you okay?
Yurius: I'm fine... I just need to... Aahh!
Yurius: (There's too much I need to do... I can't let my body give out...)
Yurius: Huff... Huff... I really will need to skip a meal. Let me gather some materials from the library.
Albert: What? You want to work? You need to res—
Yurius: Tch... Is the workaholic telling me not to do my job?
Albert: I... apologize...
Yurius: In any case, my friend, I'm fine.
Yurius struggles to walk as he parts ways and heads to his study.
Albert watches quietly as his friend leaves him behind.

Heroes of Levin

After reading a letter from Yurius and Albert, the crew decide to pay them a visit. They are met by the Levin Sisters, Mina, Mona, and Mena, who escort the crew to their destination. Afterward, the sisters and the crew agree that Yurius and Albert need to take a break for a few days.

Having read Albert and Yurius's letter, (Captain) and crew arrive in Levin.
Vyrn: Sorry to just show up all of a sudden. You sure this ain't too much trouble?
Mina: No problem. The captain and Yurius will be happy when they hear (Captain) is here.
Mona: Hehe... We're happy too, you know!
Mena: Yeah! I'm so glad to see everyone again!
Mina, Mona, and Mena, the Sky Knight sisters, have come to greet the crew.
Currently the three support Yurius and Albert in their daily tasks.
Vyrn: I'm pretty impressed with how popular Albert and Yurius are!
Lyria: We heard so many people calling them the Levin Heroes!
Mina: Right. The heroes from "The Saint Lethan Tale." Our pride and joy...
Mina: The captain and Yurius have a lot in common with the heroes in that story.
Mona: Foudre was faster than lightning, and Astros was an elite tactician.
Mena: Yeah! Now that you mention it, they really are similar.
Vyrn: Whoa... Heroes in a fairy tale, huh? That sounds cool!
The sisters chatter while (Captain) and crew make their way to Albert and Yurius.
Albert: Hm? Oh! If it isn't (Captain)!
Yurius: Welcome back! How have you been?
An oddly cheerful Albert and Yurius greet the group.
Vyrn: G-good... And you guys?
Albert: Pretty good. Right, my friend?
Yurius: Right you are! We just have a large number of problems to solve, as you can see...
Yurius smiles grimly as his eyes fall on the mountain of paperwork on his desk.
Yurius: Baby steps... That's all this is...
Albert: Hahaha! That's enough out of you. You'll give (Captain) secondhand grief.
Yurius: Haha. Good point. Hahaha!
Vyrn & Lyria: Uh...
Albert: What's wrong? (Captain), why are you staring at us like that?
  1. You're overworking yourselves...

Choose: You're overworking yourselves...
Vyrn: (Captain) said it. Have you guys looked in the mirror recently? You look like crap.
Yurius: Don't say that. We don't, right, old friend?
Albert: Yeah! I'm still kicking!
Albert: Ow!
Mona: Oh? Did that hurt?
Mona: If it hurts when electricity runs through this point, it means your body is fatigued. Captain, are you really okay?
Mina: I... Actually, I've been a little worried too.
Mina: That's why, starting tomorrow, you two are going on sabbatical. I've already arranged a place to rest.
Albert: W-when did you have time for that...
Yurius: Sorry to have caused you all that trouble, but we have work to do here.
Mena: This is work too! This trip will also be a field study!
Mona: Because you're going to the area where the hot-spring resort will be built. Doesn't this work sound much more fun?
Mina: We'll hold down the fort here. I've got experience as acting captain anyways!
Vyrn: And you can borrow our ship! Right, (Captain)?
Albert: You too, (Captain)?
Albert: Thank you. And sorry for causing everyone to worry so much about us.
Yurius: Hm... Because this is my fault, I'll be sure Albert comes along with me.
Albert: Now you're forcing me? Well, I guess I'll just take that as an act of kindness.
Mena: Great! Let's get you ready to go then!
Albert: It's settled. We'll try to enjoy ourselves to the best of our ability.
The sisters and crew successfully convince Yurius and Albert to take them up on their offer.
With all in agreement, the Grandcypher sets sail first thing the next morning.

Heroes of Levin: Scene 2

Yurius and Albert arrive at a location famous for its hot springs and also tour a winery. Albert decides to leave early while Yurius opts to hear more about the transformation of grapes to wine. Later, monsters appear on site, and Yurius must confront them alone.

Albert & Yurius: ...
After arriving at the site of the proposed resort and walking the area for a while, Yurius and Albert head to a hot spring together.
Albert: Whew... This feels great. No wonder these are so famous.
Yurius: True. They didn't feel quite this good the last time I was here.
Albert: Last time? Oh... Right. We were here after that mission with the other Sky Knights...
Yurius: That really brings back memories... I remember they even had low-level electric currents running through the water.
Albert: I can have that arranged if you like? I know just how low the levels need to be.
Yurius: No... That's all right. I'll just relax as is.
Their conversation ends, and they take in the welcome silence.
Yurius: I'd forgotten what it feels like to just let time pass slowly...
Albert: Me too. We've got to thank everyone who arranged this.
Albert & Yurius: ...
Time passes, and this time Albert speaks first.
Albert: I wonder if Foudre also relaxed in hot springs.
Yurius: That old story again? Those stories are for children to think about, not us...
Albert: But I always wanted to be like Foudre—slayer of cruel tyrants.
Yurius: Hah... So dreams do come true.
Albert: Don't be flippant. Everyone is just calling me whatever suits them.
Albert: But you really are the genius tactician, Astros.
Yurius: I'm a trivial researcher and a D.O.P.E. I'm no tactician.
Yurius: Nor do I have any intention of becoming one. A tactician often depends on power, which always leads to bloodshed.
Albert: Yurius...
Yurius: I'll find a way that doesn't lead to life lost. A way to rebuild our kingdom.
Albert: Levin has always chosen the way of the blade. You really are doing something revolutionary.
Yurius: Heh heh... What an honor coming from the captain of the Sky Knights.
Albert: Ready to go? I'm thinking we get some of Astros's favorite wine.
Yurius: If it's a love of wine we're talking about, even Astros himself couldn't compete with me.
The two both rise from the spring.
That night they sip wine while enjoying a discussion about the future of Levin.
The next morning they stop by the winery as part of their field study.
Yurius: I see... And how far do you stomp the grapes?
Farmer: It depends on the situation. We tend to go with what our gut tells us.
Yurius: Hm... Yes, your magnificent intuition. I would love to study that while I'm here.
Albert: Mr. D.O.P.E., I thought we came to inspect the winery.
Yurius: I speak as the head researcher for the Sky Knights.
Yurius: Is this a container used for fermentation?
Albert: Good grief... He's in research mode...
Albert: I'm going back to the inn.
Yurius: Go ahead.
Yurius: And then, what becomes of the gas produced during the fermentation process...
After listening intently to the vineyard farmhand for quite some time, the sun sets.
Yurius: Now I'd like to ask about the lan—
Yurius: Hm? What is that...
In the center of the vineyard, a large monster's shadow can be seen.
Farmer: I've never seen a monster that big before in these parts...
Yurius: I'll have a look. Please wait here.
Monster: Groooar!
Yurius: Hm... There are no records of these kinds of monsters inhabiting the area...
Monster: Grroooar!
Yurius: No time for thought. This requires a sharp end.

Heroes of Levin: Scene 3

Yurius discovers that the monsters are being dispersed by Lord Galia's underlings. They refuse to stop their actions, causing Yurius's primal power to awaken and burn everything in view. Thankfully, Albert returns to save him.

Yurius: (Hm. Odd... Did they come from the mountains?)
Yurius defeats the monsters and decides to inspect the mountains near the winery.
Monster: Graaawr!
Yurius: ...!
Yurius: This isn't right... These monsters have been moved here by someone.
Yurius ponders over his current situation, when suddenly he hears voices coming from beyond the trees.
???: Yeah, but still... This is pretty dirty, even for Lord Galia. Who releases monsters?
Yurius: (Did I hear that right...)
Galia's Trooper 2: If this place gets funding, then our hot-spring business will go up in smoke.
Galia's Captain: Quit the chitchat and move the monsters along! You better not wake them!
Galia's Trooper 1: Why so serious...
Yurius: (I see...)
Carefully using the trees as cover, Yurius sees Galia's soldiers carrying sleeping monsters.
Yurius: Stand down! All of you!
Yurius: Stop this at once. Turn back now and we can all pretend this never happened.
Galia's Trooper 2: Look at that! A real hero is here to save the day!
Galia's Trooper 1: Captain, whadda we do with 'em?
Galia's Captain: Proceed as planned. Unload the monsters.
Galia's Captain: Yurius... I have a proposal of my own. Leave now, and we'll pretend we never saw you, hmm?
Yurius: You can't trust Galia! He'll turn this land into a war zone!
Yurius: Our country must become prosperous, or we will not be able to rebuild any land—yours nor mine!
Yurius: We don't have time for an internal struggle! Why can't you understand that!
Galia's Captain: Hah! Who in their right mind would leave the country in the hands of an abomination and a brainless captain!
Yurius: How dare you...
Galia's Captain: We know you were involved in the death of the late king!
Yurius: ...!
Galia's Captain: Hah... You may have the masses believing you're a hero...
Galia's Captain: But they'll know the truth sooner or later. And then what leg will you have to stand on?
Galia's Captain: Will anyone call a kingslayer a hero?
Yurius: I...
Yurius: Even so... I will fight for our future!
Galia's Trooper 1: Like hell you will!
Yurius: Agghh!
Galia's Trooper 2: I'll rip you from your high horse, you fraud!
Yurius: Ack!
Yurius: Hitting me won't solve anything! What will it take to make you understand!
???: Hahaha... Make them understand with force.
Yurius: ...!
My head...
Yurius: Gaaaah!
???: Words won't move nor guide. Everything is ruled by power.
???: Release me! Release me! Release me! Release me!
Yurius: No... There won't be... any more blood spilled...
Yurius: Aaaaggggh!
In that moment heat waves radiate from Yurius, and the surrounding trees catch fire.
Galia's Trooper 1: Ahhh!
Galia's Captain: What the hell... This is like the Celestial Eye...
Yurius: Release me... Release me... Let power reign!
Galia's Captain: Tch... Pull back!
Galia's Trooper 2: Y-yes, sir!
Yurius: ...!
Yurius: (Damn... My body won't move...)
Monster: Grrroooar!
Yurius: (I'm... going to die here...)
Yurius: (Albert... The future of Levin...)
Monsters inch closer to Yurius, but the pain is so intense that his sight becomes fuzzy.
Just before all is lost, there is a flash of light.
Albert: Are you okay, Yurius?
Yurius: Albert...
Albert: I thought you were taking too long coming back... You've got some explaining to do!
Yurius: All... right...
Yurius: (Looks like you really... are a hero after all.)
Yurius weakly watches as Albert slays one monster after the next.

Heroes of Levin: Scene 4

One night Albert visits Yurius within his study. Yurius laments that he is no hero, but Albert counters that there is no need for either of them to try to live up to such expectations. Left alone, Yurius vows to end his own life if the monster within him ever rampages again.

Mina: Is that true? Albert and Yurius were attacked on their vacation?
Mona: We don't know the details just yet... But monsters were involved...
Lord Mallow: Excuse me. Did that really occur? I do hope they're safe.
Mena: Lord Mallow! There's nothing to worry about!
Mena: They defeated the monsters and are on their way home now!
Lord Mallow: Really now... I would expect nothing less from the Levin Heroes.
Lord Mallow: I will let you all attend to them.
Mina: Lord Mallow... Thank you for your concern.
Lord Mallow: Farewell.
Lord Mallow: Humph. Galia... He made a preemptive move...
Lord Mallow: Such a simple-minded fool. Well, that makes him easy to manipulate.
Mallow walks along an empty corridor with a dark smile.
Lord Mallow: Now then... It's only a matter of time before they're exposed for the beasts that they are...
Lord Mallow: Heh heh... Hahahaha!
Mallow smugly laughs as he disappears deep into the halls.
Albert: There you are, Yurius...
Days pass, and one night Albert visits Yurius within his study in Saint Lethan Castle.
Yurius: Hm? Albert? What's the matter?
Albert: I was just wondering how you were faring.
Yurius: As soon as I found places we could build our resort that would overlap with areas that Lord Galia presides over, he was all in favor of the idea.
Yurius: Hah... So much for his concern about public safety. Suddenly he's saying there's nothing to worry about with the Sky Knights around. Talk about fickle.
Albert: I see... Are the plans to create a tourist attraction going smoothly?
Yurius: Yes. I'm glad we went to see things with our own eyes. Gaining cooperation from the local parties went swimmingly.
Yurius: From this, we'll be able to move forward in creating other resorts as well.
Albert: I see... Then we owe a great many people thanks.
Yurius: We'll treat (Captain) and the crew to the best grape juice they have ever had.
Albert: Haha... Good idea. You'll get to test the results of the research you did at the winery.
Albert: But Yurius... What are you doing up so late?
Yurius: I was reading this.
Upon the mountain of books on his desk lays a work titled with gold letters—"The Saint Lethan Tales."
Yurius: Foudre... I am not fit to be Astros.
Albert: Don't call me that. It's not as if I'm any Foudre.
Yurius: But that is what the people call us. Perhaps they wish to praise us. Or perhaps they wish to cling to us.
Galia's Captain: But they'll know the truth sooner or later. And then what leg will you have to stand on?
Galia's Captain: Will anyone call a kingslayer a hero?
Yurius: You're a hero, but I'm a man who's killed his own father.
Albert: You're wrong! You're the true hero here. You'll lead us all.
Albert: I'm no Foudre...
Yurius: ...
Albert: Yurius... There's no reason we need to be heroes.
Yurius: Even if that's what the people want?
Albert: Yes. We're not perfect. We'll never be anything like the protagonists in that story.
Albert: So join me. For our kingdom...
Albert: What we can't do alone, we'll accomplish together. You and me.
Yurius: Albert...
Yurius: If you could hold back embarrassing comments like that, I would appreciate it.
Albert: S-sorry... I got a little worked up...
Yurius: Or... Perhaps the wine is going to your head.
Yurius: But... You are right.
Yurius: I'm crumbling under the pressure of living up to a fabled hero.
Albert: Our goal is to rebuild Levin. Not to become heroes.
Yurius: Agreed... You speak only the truth.
Albert: That was too much talking for me. I'm off to bed.
As he leaves, Albert turns one last time to face Yurius.
Albert: Come to me whenever you need someone to talk to. You're always the one saying not to take it all on by yourself.
Yurius: True. I will do so from now on, old friend.
Albert: Good night. Don't stay up too late.
Yurius: You always find something to warn me about... Good night.
Yurius: Now then...
Yurius moves "The Saint Lethan Tales" and sets his eyes on the books beneath it.
"Legends of the Skyblade," "Research on the Astral Void Lacrima," and "Reports on the Celestial Eye Disaster" lie on his desk.
Yurius: There isn't any more useful information to be had from these... I just need countless experiments to find a way to control this...
???: Hahaha... Make them understand with force.
???: Words won't move nor guide. Everything is ruled by power.
???: Release me! Release me! Release me! Release me!
Yurius: No... There won't be... any more blood spilled...
Yurius: Aaaaggggh!
Yurius: (I can't allow anything like that to happen again...)
Yurius: All right... Just a little more work.
Yurius takes out a paper with the heading, "Area Expansion of the Hot-Spring Resort."
Yurius: I can't hope for a peaceful road to recovery without being willing to compromise with men like Lord Galia...
???: Kill them all... All who stand in your way!
Yurius: Aggh!
???: Remember... what it feels like to wield power!
???: The ecstasy you felt when you murdered your father... The warm darkness buried within... That is what you are made of!
Yurius: Could that... really be inside me...
Yurius: Aaaaggggh!
Within his study, Yurius screams in agony.
From his waist springs something like an arm that moves of its own volition.
It was, in fact, a tentacle.
Yurius: Huff... Huff...
Yurius: Ah... I've never heard of a hero with tentacles.
Yurius: Regardless, I have to live on.
Yurius: There would be no atonement in death...
Yurius strokes the tentacle, and it retreats within him.
Yurius: But I cannot call myself a researcher if I am not prepared for the worst. If this thing were to ever run rampant...
Yurius: I would need a way to end my own life swiftly.
Outside his window, screams of lightning can be heard as the sky is blackened by ominous, dark clouds.
But this was a sight that Levin was not unaccustomed to.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
レヴィオンのため、成すべきことを為す……! For Levin, I will do what must be done!
玉座にも英雄にも、執着などないよ…… I have no interest in the throne or in being a hero...
この一帯は魔物が多い気を付けて進もう There are many monsters in these parts. Be careful.
『サントレザン物語』か……幼き頃はよく読んだものだ As a child, I often read ""The Saint Lethan Tales.
親友殿に出会わなければ、今頃は…… Where would I be without you, old friend?
まさか、私もすでに「おじさん」なのか…? This cannot be... Am I turning into an old man already?
天雷剣、星の零涙……一体、何のために……? What were the Skyblade and Astral Void Lacrima made for?
ビィは何故小さな翼で飛べるのか……興味深いよ How can Vyrn fly with such small wings? Fascinating...
(主人公)は、己の信ずる道を進んでくれ (Captain), follow your own path.
(主人公)には感謝しているよ I'm grateful to you, (Captain).

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Yurius, Levin Duke

SV Yurius, Levin Duke.png SV Yurius, Levin Duke E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever an enemy follower comes into play, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.

Though I'm a member of the order of the Sky Knights, I'm hardly skilled with a sword. Think of me as a scholar with a propensity for research.


Whenever an enemy follower comes into play, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.

If I complete this research, I'll gain power beyond all human knowledge. And then I'll finally be able to complete my mission. Which mission, you ask? Well, to save as many people as possible of course!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Yurius, Levin Duke
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Yurius, Traitorous Duke

SV Yurius, Traitorous Duke.png SV Yurius, Traitorous Duke E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: If Vengeance is active for you, gain the ability to evolve for 0 evolution points.
Whenever an enemy follower comes into play, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader and restore 1 defense to your leader.

Upon tragedy, a new hope is born. Upon betrayal, a new hand takes hold of power. Only through his determination was he able to cut off the bonds that held him back.
"Consorting with allies is but a crutch for the weak—only the powerful reign supreme on their own!"


Whenever an enemy follower comes into play, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader and restore 1 defense to your leader.
During your turn, whenever this follower attacks and destroys an enemy follower, if this follower is not destroyed, restore 4 defense to this follower.

Regardless of the people's ignorance of truth, I shall continue down this path. An unstoppable rush of power fills my body... Gone is my former powerless self.
"A tragedy is about to begin... I'll take the throne with my very own hands!"

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Rebirth of Glory
SV Portal Yurius, Traitorous Duke
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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