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Official Profile

Age 14 Height 130 cm Race Human
Hobbies Playing with Bobo
Likes Things she can cut in half easily
Dislikes Anything difficult

Granblue Fantasy Theater
A woodcutter by trade, Abby travels with her stalwart companion, Bobo, who requires no words to communicate. She's lived her life up to this point dealing with most issues by splitting them in two with her axe, and things have worked out pretty well for her so far. Ever optimistic and full of energy, Abby is rarely, if ever, discouraged.

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Age 14歳 Height 130cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ムンちゃんと遊ぶこと
Likes スッパリ斬れるもの
Dislikes 難しいこと

Granblue Fantasy Theater

Character Release



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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Abby: So today's your birthday, (Captain)? That's awesome!
Bobo: Bobo! (Happy birthday!)
Abby: I've been waitin' for a chance like this! To celebrate, I'm going to prepare a bear-sized feast for you!
Bobo: Bobo? (B-Bear-sized?)
Abby: Ha-ha. I didn't mean it like that, Bobo! We'd never eat you!
I just mean something big! Let's call it a monster meal! I'll go split something appetizin' in two and be right back!
Bobo: Bobo! (That's a relief... But wait a minute. A monster meal?)


Abby: Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'll try to catch up to your age one day!
Bobo: Bo... (Uh. I don't think it works that way.)
Abby: And I have a surprise for you...
Ta-daa! Bobo and I made you a cake!
Bobo: Bo? (Hey! Where's the other half of the cake?)
Bobo! (It was a whole cake when we made it!)
Abby: I had a little taste test before this. It was good! Now go ahead and dig in, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bo... (I wouldn't call eating half the cake a taste test...)


Abby: Hey, (Captain)! I found a forest that has lots of tasty fruits. Let's go there!
Bobo: Bobo? (Where's the fruit that you and I collected this morning?)
Abby: It was really good! So much honey in every bite!
Bobo: Bobo? (She ate the present we prepared all by herself?)
Abby: Man... I want more!
Bobo: Bobo! (She just wants (Captain) to help her get more fruit that she'll eat alone!)


Abby: (Captain), happy birthday! Let's have some tasty fruit this year too!
Bobo's brought 'em over in spades!
Bobo: Bobo! (Last time I left her to it, she ended up dragging you into the forest to help forage.)
Bobo! Bobo! (So I made sure to bring plenty this year! Happy birthday, (Captain)!)
Abby: Though it sure was fun foraging for fruit together last year.
Let's do something different this year! How 'bout we make cake with this?
Bobo: Bobo! (It's almost like getting (Captain) to help is the whole point!)
Abby: Ooh! Glad to know you're up for it, (Captain)! Let's make it so good that it gets everyone's mouths watering!
Bobo: Bobo! (But I guess it's all good as long as (Captain)'s having fun!)


Abby: Here, (Captain)! Take hold of my axe!
And I want you to swing it! Straight through this cake!
Bobo: Bobo? (Now what mischief is she up to? I didn't hear anything about this...)
(Captain) accepts the axe and sweeps it downwards.
When it bites into the cake, a red liquid sprays into the air.
Bobo: Bobo! (Ahh! Murder!)
Abby: Ahaha. Did that scare you? But don't worry. Wasn't nothing more than some strawberry jam!
Bobo: Bobo... (Oh... Thank the skies...)
Abby: Bobo's cake is the real deal! Teehee. You just got the fake, (Captain).
Bobo: Bobo? (The... real deal?)
Abby: This is going to be one heck of a birthday party!
Bobo: Bobo? (Abby? What'd you mean by "real deal"? What... are you gonna make me eat?)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)!
And I vote to bring in the new year by splittin' some stuff in two!
Let's start with this rice cake or whatever... This is supposed to be split in two, right? Or is this supposed to be busted up?
But whatever! Result's the same either way, right? Here we go!


Abby: That's the first sunrise of the year! Ooh, look how pretty it is!
Bobo: Bobo (It fills me with determination to carry on.)
Abby: And it's so round! Ahh, don't it just make you wanna split it in two!
Bobo: Bo! (Why do you have such a violent imagination!)
Abby: Heh heh! I knew you'd agree, Bobo! You think so too, don't ya, (Captain)?
Bobo: Bo... (Haha... This is going to be another long year...)


Abby: Happy New Year to you, (Captain)! And to you too, Bobo!
So, Bobo, cough up the New Year's rupies for me and (Captain)!
Bobo: Bobo? Bo... (This little... Trying to take money from a bear...)
Bobo... (I guess I am an adult after all... And technically older than them...)
Abby: Don't tell me... You don't have any rupies for us?
Fine... I guess that's just the way you are...
How about I give you something instead!
Bobo: Bobo! Bo... (What! Abby... I knew you were a sweetheart...)
Abby: Here you go! It's a colorful bug I caught in the Lumacie woods! With lots of legs too!
I know you love these! Enjoy the meal!
Bobo: Bobo... (I knew it was too good to be true...)


Abby: Hey, (Captain)! Bobo has something for you!
Bobo: Bobo! (As a grown man... I mean, as a grown bear, I felt it only right to give you a New Year's gift, (Captain)!)
Abby: Lucky you, (Captain)! Mm, that fruit looks so good!
Bobo: Bo! (I got tired of getting bugs from Abby for New Year's and needed a chance of pace...)
Abby: Ehehe! Thanks, Bobo! Look how happy (Captain) is!
Aw, what a friendly bear. You deserve something special, Bobo...
Bobo: Bo... Bobo! (Please, no! I've done my part! Now to make a break for it!)
Abby: There's no need to be shy! I made sure to get you bugs aplenty!


Abby: Sigh... There's twelve Divine Generals, but not one of them looks like a bear. Guess you won't ever be a star now, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo... (No use pining after what'll never be. And I don't want to be a star anyway.)
Abby: It's probably because you're a big ol' lazypaws. I mean, just look at you, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo... (Feel free to start making sense.)
Abby: Oh! Know what! If we put in some hard training, we might grab ourselves a divine title someday!
Bobo: Bobo! (Are you listening to yourself? You can't just win a seat at the divine table!)
Abby: All right! I hope you're all warmed up, Bobo! 'Cause here comes the axe!
Bobo: Bobo! (Watch where you're swinging that thing! Oh, you're gonna turn me into a star, Abby, but not the kind you're thinking of!)

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Okay, here you go! I put some freshly-picked forest fruit into these chocolates just for you!
Hehehe! I'm sure they're gonna be great! I made some for Bobo too, and—
Wait a sec. Looks like Bobo's bug chocolates got mixed in here...
Eh, it's fine! They're not for me anyway! And you can always share them with Bobo!


Abby: Hehe! (Captain)! (Captain)! I made my chocolates extra special this year!
I put in tons of fresh cacao beans!
Try 'em! Try 'em!
So? What do you think?
Ahaha! Guess they're pretty bitter, huh? It's okay! That means it's good for you!
Oh! Don't think I forgot about you, Bobo! I'll give you some raw cacao beans later.
Bobo: Bobo (What am I supposed to do with that?)


Abby: Hey! Check it out, (Captain)! I made some chocolate in the shape of an axe!
It's super robust, too. You could probably even chop down a tree with it if you tried!
Aaand... There! A clean split!
Bobo: Bobo! (She really cut down a tree with it... This isn't just a chocolate anymore!)
Abby: Here you go, (Captain)! It's all yours now!
Bobo: Bobo... (Looks like you could break your teeth trying to bite into that...)


Abby: Happy Valentine's! Sorry for having you come all the way to the forest!
Bobo: Bobo? (You made chocolates shaped like axes last year. Don't tell me you did it again...)
Abby: You remember how awesome my axe chocolates were last year?
Well, I tried to really refine the shape of the axe this time!
See how they're shaped just like mine? And you can bet they're just as sharp!
Bobo: Bobo... (Geez, how do you even make chocolates that dangerous...)
Abby: Wait... This one might be my actual axe and not chocolate... Or was it this one?
Bobo: Bo! (If they all look identical, we have a big problem here!)
Abby: I know! Just take a bite, and it'll be obvious! Pick one, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bo... Bobo! (D-don't do it, (Captain)! Let me do the honors!)

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake
3rd year: Chocolate Axe square.jpg Chocolate Axe
4th year: Chocolate Axe II square.jpg Chocolate Axe II

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? For me? What's this all about?
Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you! I wonder what's inside...
Wow! Candy! And it looks amazing!
I wonder what I'll get from Bobo. What do you think, (Captain)? Maybe a bear claw?
Ahahaha! But I don't think Bobo would taste very good...


Hehe! Thanks for the gift, (Captain)! I'll treasure it forever!
Aww, I feel like I wanna give you something back for this.
Hm? This is in return for Valentine's Day so I don't need to?
It doesn't matter! I wanna give you something!
I picked some really nice fruits just now; have some! Eating with friends is twice the fun!


Abby: Nom, nom...
(Captain)'s cookies are the best! You can have some later too, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo... (They look pretty tasty. Come on, I wanna try one already...)
Abby: Mm-hmm! Nom, nom...
Munch... Gulp. Whew! Those cookies were G-O-O-D good!
Oof, my belly's full of cookie goodness now though...
This calls for a litte workout! Come on, Bobo! Let's go!
Bobo: Bo... Bobo? (Wait, what about my cookies?)


Abby: This is thanks for White Day! Here you go, (Captain)!
Bobo gave me some fruit earlier too.
Bobo: Bo... (It's only fair, since I took a bite out of some of those axe chocolates myself...)
Abby: The fruit's even better if you have it with these cookies!
(Captain), Bobo, why don't we turn this into a picnic? It'd taste even better that way!
Bobo: Bo! (Wow, a suggestion that makes sense for once!)
Abby: I don't know if Bobo would be okay with it though.
Bobo: Bo! Bobo! (Absolutely! I'm more than A-OK with it!)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Abby: Gimme a treat, or I'll split you into kindling!
Bobo: Bobo, bobo! (Whoa, Abby! Is something wrong?)
Abby: Hm... Maybe I should split you in two instead.
Yeah, I'll split you in two. Trick or two!
Bobo: Bobo! (That's the scariest Halloween catchphrase I've ever heard.)
Abby: Give Bobo some yummy bugs. He likes them way more than candy.
Bobo: Bobo, bobo! (I've told you I can't stand insects!)


Abby: He's almost here, (Captain)! Quick! Hide!
We jump out on three! One... Two... Three!
Trick or Split-in-Two!
Bobo: Bobo! (Waargh! Y-you scared me!)
B-bo? (W-wait... Did you sharpen your axe? It looks extra sharp right now! D-don't tell me...)
Bobo! (No! She's really gonna do it! Run away!)
Abby: He's running away! Guess that means he chose Split-in-Two!
C'mon, (Captain)! After him!


Abby: Take that! Split in two!
Bobo: B-bo... (Why you swinging that thing outta nowhere!)
Abby: Bobo!
Which will it be this year: Trick or Split-in-Two?
Last year you ran, so this time I'll give you better choices...
Split-in-Two or Split-in-Two?
Bobo: Bobo! (That's the same choice!)
Bobo! ((Captain), you gotta help a bear out! Stop her!)


Bobo: Bobo... (I blend right in with everyone on Halloween.)
Bobo... (There's no way I'm gonna stick around for her Split-in-Two or Split-in-Two ultimatum.)
Abby: Hm? Where's Bobo run off to? On Halloween of all days... I can't find (Captain) either.
Bobo: Bobo! (Here she comes... If I can just make it past this!)
Abby: Can't be helped if he's not around. "Trick or treat!" or not, hehe!
Bobo: Bobo? (What happened to the Split-in-Two she mentioned last year?)
Abby: Oh, Bobo! There you are! You'd better be ready for it...
Bobo: Bobo! (If it's just trick or treat, I can handle it!)
Abby: Split-in-Two or Split-in-Two!
Bobo: Bobo! (I should've known! (Captain), help!)"


Abby: (Captain), (Captain)... Guess what?
Under that fur coat, Bobo's got a human inside of him.
Bobo: Bobo! (No! Don't believe her!)
Abby: Why don't you split him open... have a little look-see? I'll lend you my axe.
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (No... Don't take it! (Captain)! Stay back!)
Abby: Gotcha! Like my little joke? All Bobo's got in him is muscle and sinew!
Ahaha! Looks like the two of you fell for it, head over heels! Now, where's my candy?
Bobo: Bobo... (It's 'cause you look people dead in the eye when talking, Abby... whether you're lying or you're serious.)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Abby: It's everyone's favorite day of the year again! And the tree's decorated nice and pretty, right?
Bobo: Bobo! (That's right. Let's party!)
Abby: Back when I lived in the woods, people used to ask me to chop down fir trees all the time, so I split 'em right in two!
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo... (If I remember right, there was hardly anything left of the forest after you were done.)
Abby: Anyway... I was always super busy at this time of year! And I couldn't have done it without you, Bobo!
Bobo: Bobo! (Maybe... but working under you was a nightmare!)
Abby: If you do your job right this year, I'll reward you with some of your favorite bugs! You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo... (How many times do I have to tell you I hate bugs!)


Abby: Hmm, I heard we're eating turkey for the holiday dinner.
Bobo: Bobo! (Finally! Some real food!)
Abby: Oh, but I guess you can't eat it 'cause you're vegetarian. (Captain), you can eat his slice for him!
Bobo: Bobo! (I can make an exception!)
Abby: Don't worry, I'll get you lots and lots of medicine herbs instead! I hear they're good for you!
Bobo: Bobo! (It's better than bugs, but at least give me something that has more taste!)


Abby: (Captain)! Will Santa really give me a present tonight?
Bobo: Bobo. (I hear kids get nice things as a reward for being good.)
Abby: Okay! Then I want a grindstone to sharpen my axe!
And, and! I want to split all kinds of things in two!
Hehe! I'm so excited for Santa! I just can't wait!
Hey! What if I split the sun in two? Would it become night?
Bobo: Bobo... Bo... (The stuff this girl says gets more absurd each year...)


Abby: The holy night's upon us again! That shiny grindstone I got last year to polish my axe made me super happy!
Bobo: Bobo! (Well, you weren't exactly a naughty girl last year!)
Abby: I wonder if I'll get something this year too...
Bobo: Bo... Bobo? (I'd say yes... Though I wonder what's on your wish list this time.)
Abby: What's that, (Captain)? You want to know what sort of present I'd like? Great question!
I want an axe so gigantic that it can split the sun in two!
If it's perpetually nighttime, Santa's job becomes that much easier, and I get my present! It'd be like killing two birds with one stone!
Besides, I'm sure the sun would return to normal once the holy night's over! Whew, how much fun it'd be!
Bobo: Bo... Bobo... (Your ambitions grow grander every year, but can Santa keep up?)
Bobo? (And how do you plan on getting the sun back to normal afterward anyway?)


Abby: Achoo... Sniff... Brr...
Bobo: Bobo. (Hang on. Gonna grab you a sweater before you turn into a snow sculpture.)
Abby: What! Bobo! I can't believe my ears!
Bobo: Bo? (I got a bad feeling about this...)
Abby: You're giving me... your fur coat? But that'll be...
Bobo: Bobo! (The death of me! Yeah, I know! So hands off!)
Abby: Okay... I hear you, Bobo... You're real serious about this, aren't you?
Then, there's only one thing left to do!
Bobo: Bo! Booo! ((Captain)! Don't just stand there! Save meee!)
Abby: Squish!
Bobo: Bo? (What's she doing, clinging on to me like this?)
Abby: I wasn't about to skin you, silly! But you were such a sweetie, Bobo, I thought I'd snuggle up in your fur and get warm.
Hey, (Captain)! Saved a spot for you over here. Bobo's got the warmest flanks in the skies, you know!
Bobo: Bobo... (Know what, Abby? I wouldn't be surprised if my heart burst one day because of you.)

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

With a Bear and a Battle Axe

The crew meets Abby, a small woodcutter with a big axe, and Bobo, her bear buddy. They're quite the duo despite being on different wavelengths. (Captain) and company welcome the odd couple to their crew.

Abby: Hey! You need to eat up, Bobo! You'll never get all big and strong being picky like that!
Vyrn: What is that?
There's a whole lotta noise coming from over there.
Is someone around?
Lyria: Someone might be in trouble! We better go check it out, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bobo! Bo! Bo! (Come on! Cut it out! Give me a break for a change!)
Abby: Nummy nummy num!
You know you love how much this bug's squirming!
Just eat it already!
Bobo: Bobo! (I told you! I'm a vegetarian!)
Vyrn: Well this looks bad... I guess. Is that girl being attacked by a bear or what?
Lyria: It doesn't really look like it. It actually looks like the bear's the one that's about to cry.
Abby: Hey! Who are you? And how long have you been watching us?
Vyrn: Long enough. We came over 'cause we thought someone was in trouble.
Vyrn: What's with making all this noise all the way out here?
Abby: Not that I owe you any answers, but the name's Abby. And this here's my help Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo! (Who're you calling help?)
Abby: We were about to have some nice lunch, but Bobo here's one picky son of a gun...
Vyrn: Seriously?
You some kinda gourmet or what?
Pretty fancy for a bear.
Bobo: Bobo! (Who're you calling a bear? The name's Bobo, lizard!)
Abby: I gathered up a bunch of Bobo's favorite bugs, the liveliest ones I could find, but the stinker doesn't wanna eat 'em.
Abby: You feeling sick or something, Bobo? I'm worried about you...
Bobo: Bobo... (When are you gonna get a clue? There's just no way I can eat bugs.)
Lyria: You know... I might be way off course on this...
Lyria: But maybe Bobo just doesn't like bugs.
Vyrn: He doesn't? I guess that would explain why the big guy's freaking out!
Abby: Wow! You can speak Bobo, too?
Vyrn: Fluently! No... Eloquently! Right, bear? You'd never eat nasty creepy crawlies, would you?
Bobo: Bo... (You're a saint among lizards...)
Vyrn: Yep... I hear you, buddy.
You're more of a snail type!
You just needed someone to listen to what you've been gruntin'!
Abby: What? Bobo would never eat anything like that! He'd never give up crunchy exoskeletons for stony shells!
Vyrn: Really? Sounds like he's saying snails to me. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. You're right.
  2. I'm with Abby on this one.

Choose: You're right.
Vyrn: As sharp as ever, captain! You hear that, Abby?
Abby: Really? Oh, Bobo...

Choose: I'm with Abby on this one.
Abby: Yeah! There's nothing Bobo likes more than a fat, juicy bug!
Vyrn: And I say there's nothing he's more disgusted by! Right, big guy?
Continue 1
Bobo: Bobobobo! (You're the worst! Both of you!)
Abby: But that's pretty amazing! You must be some kinda genius to pick up on what ol' Bobo is saying, (Captain)!
Abby: So... You guys are travelers? How'd you like me and this big bug eater to come with you?
Lyria: Huh? But you should know that the Empire and all kinds of monsters are after us. It's not exactly a walk in the park...
Abby: But it sure sounds like fun!
Abby: And besides, no one can stand up to my axe or Bobo's punch. Fuzzy or not, we pack a wallop!
Bobo: Bobo! (We got this! We'll give 'em the old one-two!)
Vyrn: You definitely got style! I say come on! A spunky axe wielder and bear could definitely bring something new to the party! Right, (Captain)?
Abby: Oh wow! Thanks! Me and Bobo are glad to be part of the team!
Bobo: Bobo! (Just make sure you have lots of fresh veggies!)
Lyria: Um... I think maybe Bobo's a vegetarian. Or am I just hearing things?
The addition of a girl packing a giant axe and accompanied by an even bigger bear certainly makes (Captain)'s journey more interesting.

Bobo's Favorite Food

The crew is arguing over Bobo's favorite food as usual. Just as Lyria is about to figure it out, monsters attack. Abby joyfully confronts them, intent on chopping them in two.

Abby: Come on, Bobo! These bugs were quick, but I caught 'em just for you! Eat up!
Vyrn: Get rid of those things! We both know Bobo likes snails! Isn't that right, big guy? Now eat up! And don't miss a single one of these beauties!
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo... (No... Please... Just stop...)
Lyria: Um... Excuse me!
Abby: Hm? What's the matter, Lyria?
Lyria: I actually think Bobo would prefer something else entirely...
Abby: Something else? Like what exactly?
Lyria: I'm thinking it's something even we'd consider more edible...
Abby: Bear meat?
Bobo: Bobo? (I don't eat bugs, but I taste terrible! I swear!)
Abby: Just kiddin', Bobo! You're way too furry to eat anyway, so take it easy!
Lyria: Um... Abby? You can be scarier than a feral bear sometimes...
Abby: What? Don't be silly! I'll have you know that I only cut down the ones who deserve it!
Abby: Which means that anyone who messes with me or Bobo is gonna get split like a log!
Lyria: (Just terrifying!)
Vyrn: Hold it... There seem to be monsters around here. Why don't you show us how good you are with that axe, Abby?
Abby: No problemo! I'll split these monsters or whatever in two!

Bobo's Favorite Food: Scene 2

Abby: Just one more to go, and... all done!
Lyria: Wow... I feel bad for the trees you target, Abby.
Lyria: How can you even lift that axe let alone swing it?
Abby: It's easy really. My arms are pumped up with a special kind of magic!
Abby: But I guess always eatin' plenty and not bein' too picky is more important.
Abby: If you don't eat food packed with wood splittin' power, you sure won't be able to cut anything in two!
Vyrn: So you eat just to maintain peak performance in battle? You're way more hardcore than I thought!
Abby: I'm not sure I'd say that... Splitting things just happens to be something I'm good at.
Abby: And I figure that, if I'm gonna spend my days cuttin' things down, I might as well have fun doing it.
Abby: Still, I'm definitely careful about what I eat, and... You know, I just had a great idea!
Bobo: Bobo! (I sure hope it's not as great as the last one you had...)
Abby: Look at that! I couldn't have asked for more perfect timing! More monsters!
Abby: All right! Watch me split 'em in half! I'll chop 'em into itty bitty bite-sized bits!
Abby: Or maybe it'd be better to leave something to really sink your teeth into? Whatever! Choppin' time!

Bobo's Favorite Food: Scene 3

As expected, Abby tries feeding monsters to Bobo. Lyria comes close to figuring out Bobo's favorite food but gives up on her idea. Bobo's cries of pain echo under the blue sky.

Abby: Here you go, Bobo! Made by yours truly! Eat up!
Bobo: Bobo... (This is even more disgusting than bugs...)
Vyrn: I gotta hand it to you, Abby... I never would have guessed his favorite food is monsters!
Abby: But it makes sense that a big ol' bear like Bobo would be into nutritious food!
Abby: And monsters have way more meat on 'em than bugs or snails! Too bad they look so gross!
Bobo: Bobo! (If they're gross, what's with the giant grin?)
Lyria: So that's what it was... I thought you liked vegetables, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well!
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (Wait! Don't just stop there!)
Abby: Come on, Bobo! Got a whole pile of monster parts here, so eat up!
Vyrn: That's right! Don't let a single nasty bit go to waste! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: All right! Seems like we have one more reason to fight monsters now! Let's do it for Bobo!
Abby: Come on, Bobo! You're a little too big to be babied, but... Open your mouth and say ah.
Bobo: Bobo! (If you like monster meat so much, you eat it!)
Lyria: Aww, the big guy's being shy. That's so cute.
Bobo: Bobo! (Somebody... help!)
The giant bear's cries of pain echo under the blue sky.
It looks like it'll take a while yet for (Captain) and the crew to finally figure out Bobo's favorite food.


Abby and Bobo find themselves relentlessly hunted by assassins, and Will soon discovers that Bobo has been mistaken for a dangerous, rare bear. He hunts down the bear, simultaneously helping his friends and satisfying his craving to meet new monsters.

It's late at night, and all that can be heard throughout the Grandcypher is the sound of quiet footsteps.
Men who have stolen onto the ship smile gleefully down at the sleeping faces of Abby and Bobo.
Assassin 1: Heh... They're sleepin' like babies.
Assassin 2: Heh-heh... Yep. Looks like it's time to get paid... Take this!
Assassin 2: What in the?
Will: Well, well, what do we have here? Attacking people in their sleep, huh? Talk about unsightly filth.
Assassin 1: Damn... You'll pay for gettin' in our way! You're ours now!
Will: Yeah, yeah... It seems that you two need to be taught a lesson. Abby! Bobo!
Abby and Bobo spring out of bed, looking so ready for action that it's almost like they were waiting for the call.
Abby: Choppin' time! Let's split 'em in two!
Bobo: Bobo! (You've got a lot of nerve waking me up at this hour! And I get cranky when I'm tired!)
Will: You losers seriously think you can fight me?
Assassin 1: Ugh!
Assassin 2: Oof!
Suspicious men like these two assassins have recently been attacking Abby and Bobo day and night.
Will, who's sure there's a reason for the attacks, glares at the defeated intruders.
Will: You two will talk, won't you? You know, about why you're after Abby and her friend here. Well?
The two assassins, who sense an unspeakable sort of insanity behind Will's benign smile, quiver as they beg for their lives.
Assassin 1: P-please! Have mercy on us!
Will: Hee-hee. Well, that depends on you two, doesn't it?
Assassin 1: The truth is... Huh?
The moment the assassin begins to speak, he sees the criminal list, which is under Will's arm.
Assassin 1: Ha! So you're an assassin too!
Assassin 2: Ha-ha! Pretendin' to be their friends so you can catch 'em off guard, huh?
Will: What exactly do you mean by that?
Assassin 1: Gotcha!
Will: Oof!
Assassin 2: Not so high-and-mighty now!
After taking advantage of Will's moment of weakness to send him flying, the assassins turn around and flee from the Grandcypher.
Will: Phew... I really should pay more attention. But what were they on about?
Will's face clouds over as he considers the implications of the assassins taking notice of his criminal list.
Will: All right, you guys... Do you have any idea why people are after you?
Abby: Hmm... Nope. Any clue, Bobo?
Bobo: Bobo... (I have no idea either.)
Abby: Bobo says it doesn't matter, 'cause he can beat down any assassin with his blazin' punches inferno-style!
Bobo: Bobo! (I said nothing like that!)
Will: What? You can summon fire from your paws? Hold it. I thought you were a bear, but are you actually some new species of monster?
Bobo: Bobo... (I'm not sure that I like that serious gleam in his eyes. There's something off about this guy.)
Convinced that there's a clue hidden in his criminal list, Will heads out to investigate, and he returns the next day with some new information.
Will: Hee-hee! I found out why assassins have been attacking you guys!
He shows them not his list of criminals but a list of pests.
The list warns that a big bad bear is prowling the area and includes a ferocious-looking drawing of the beast.
Abby: Check it out, Bobo! They made you look crazy wicked!
Will: Yeah, and the list also says that the big bad bear's glossy fur is likely worth a small fortune.
Bobo: Bobo, Bo... (Maybe, but my fur doesn't look like that, so they must have the wrong bear. Besides, I've done nothing wrong...)
Bobo suddenly remembers something that happened the other day.
Bobo: Bobo... Bo! (Oh! That must be what this is about!)
Abby: Oh, Bobo. What do you mean you want to give whoever drew that your autograph? You already think you're a celebrity?
Bobo: Bobo! (I never said that!)
Abby: Oh! Now I remember! Though I can't really be sure...
Will: Huh? Did you think of something?
On a sunny day off, Abby and Bobo are strolling through the forest as usual.
Suddenly a beehive falls from a tree and bops Bobo on the head.
Bobo: Bobo! Bobo! (Ouch! That smarts!)
Abby: Ha-ha! Your head's a sticky mess! And the honey in your fur's all sparkly!
Bobo: Bobo... (Quit guffawing and wipe me off already.)
The ominous sound of buzzing bees behind Bobo sends a shiver down his spine, and he timidly turns to look.
Bobo: Bobo? Bobo! (Huh? No way! You can't be serious!)
Abby: Bobo! Run for it!
Bobo: Bobo! (Let's get outta here!)
Village Soldier: Wha? The big bad bear's at it again! Hey! Get down, kid!
The soldier, who assumes that the bear is attacking Abby, aims his gun at Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo! Bobo! (H-hold it! Can't we talk about this?)
Bobo somehow manages to dodge the sudden enemy fire and flees into the forest.
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo? (That could have been it for me. And I'm still all sticky.)
Bobo wipes off some of the honey running down his head with his paw and gives it a curious taste.
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo! (Say, this honey's great! But wait. Now's no time for that! Get it together, Bobo!)
Bobo cautiously looks back in the direction of his attacker and sees the soldier guarding Abby.
Village Soldier: Damn... I guess the bear got away. Little girl, are you okay? You were being chased just now, right?
Abby: Huh? Oh, I sure was! That's why I ran here!
Village Soldier: I see... That must have been scary. The big bad bear has taken out a bunch of people from this village.
Village Soldier: There won't be anyone left at this rate... No! I have to deal with the bear before that happens!
The soldier weeps as he thinks of the damage done by the bear, but a villager runs up and interrupts him.
Villager: Um... I managed to draw a picture of the big bad bear. You think you could use it to help keep the villagers on guard?
Village Soldier: Oh, this is wonderful! You even captured the glossiness of his fur. I'll make sure everyone in the nearby villages sees this!
Will: I see... So the honey was why the bear's fur seemed so glossy.
Will: Hmm... You know, it's probably nothing more than a rumor, but I've heard of a rare bear with sparkling fur.
Will: It seems that people are thinking that's actually the big bad bear that's been causing trouble around here, and poor Bobo's been framed.
Will: Just let me take care of this, guys. If you wander around with Bobo, it'll probably just cause more problems.
Bobo: Bobo. (He's kinda weird, but he seems like a good enough guy.)
Several hours pass after Will leaves the airship.
He finally comes back to Abby and Bobo, wearing a cheerful expression on his face.
Will: Ha-ha. Everything's fine now. I hunted down the big bad bear and cleared Bobo's name.
Bobo: Bobo. (I see. Thank you so much. Now I can finally get a good night's sleep.)
Abby: Bobo says he was looking forward to beating down more assassins and that you should mind your own business.
Bobo: Bobo! (Hey, you should really thank the man for his hard work!)
Abby: Say, why'd you care enough about Bobo to help him anyway?
Bobo: Bobo! (Praise the skies! She actually asked a question I wanted to!)
Will: Hee-hee... You think I need a reason to help a friend?
Will gallantly returns to his room without another word.
Bobo's heart flutters at the heroic sight of the man walking off.
Bobo: Bobo! (S-so awesome!)
Will: I thank you, my lord. I still can't believe today's little adventure led me to such a rare creature.
Will: Hee-hee... And its fur really was so glossy that it sparkled. This is why I just can't get enough of traveling!
Will smiles as he recalls the rare bear and hums as he gets his monster journal out of his desk.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ムンちゃん、そっちじゃなくて、こっち! Not that way, Bobo! This way!
こっぱみじーん☆ Whoosh! Another one bites the dust!
まだまだぶった斬るよ! I'm going to cut you all down!
ムンちゃん、そろそろお腹すいた? Bobo, are you hungry yet?
ムンちゃん行け行けー! After him, Bobo!
真っ二つにしてやるんだっ! I'll cleave you in two!
急がないとご飯の時間になっちゃう~! Let's finish this as soon as possible!
じゃまするモノはぶった斬るよ~☆ Stand in my way, and I'll cut you down!
(主人公)!お待たせ! Hope you didn't wait too long, (Captain)!
(主人公)!アタシに任せて! Leave it to me, (Captain)!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


SV Abby the Axe Girl.png SV Abby the Axe Girl E.png
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Clash: Gain +2/+0 until the end of the turn.

Hey, Bobo! Chop, chop! It's time for work! We'll cut down a thousand trees today!


Clash: Gain +2/+0 until the end of the turn.

Bobo, I worked up a sweat, but I still have lots of energy. What do you say we cut down another thousand?

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Wonderland Dreams
SV Portal Abby the Axe Girl
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other