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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 167 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Tilling fields
Likes Answering one's own questions, dialogues
Dislikes Working on small things that require precision (his eyes get bleary)
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 167cm
Race エル―ン
Hobbies 田畑を耕すこと
Likes 自問自答、問答
Dislikes 細かい作業(目がしょぼしょぼする)
Character Release
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I heard it's yer birthday today, (Captain). Happy birthday.
Y'know, I never dreamed I'd join a crew and set out on a journey like this.
I suppose this is yet another part of the sun goddess's great plan.
This may sound strange, but travelin' with you makes my soul feel like it's bein' cleansed.
It amazes me how pure of heart you are, (Captain).
Yer the epitome of a righteous person!
Ahahaha! I oughta follow yer example.


Alanaan: Oh, (Captain). Today's yer birthday, yeah? Well, happy birthday.
Why, that's a mighty big grin on yer face.
Heheh, I guess it's to be expected though.
By leading a miser like me to epiphany, ya gained my utmost respect.
The Sun: I will brighten this world in which you exist and make this a birthday to remember.
Alanaan: The Sun in full agreement with me on this.
O great sun goddess! Grant us your protection so that we may reach Estalucia with swiftness!


Alanaan: Ahahaha! The more time that passes, the cooler you look, eh?
(Captain), happy birthday.
The Sun: Happy birthday.
Alanaan: Really know how to impress an old man with the way you keep pushin' forward with your ambitions.
When I was your age, all I did was stare up at the sky and daydream.
Heheh, I should take a page outta your book and get my life together too... For whatever I have left of it.
The Sun: Whichever route you take, I will light the way and protect you.
Alanaan: Sounds good to me!
Stickin' around all you youngsters makes me feel young again too. It's pretty great, not gonna lie!


The Sun: Today marks the day of your birth. I offer you a celebratory flame.
Alanaan: Being able to spend your birthday with you puts a smile on this old man's face.
It's like I'm watching my own grandkid grow up.
Sun feels the same way too, I'm sure. Like an old grandma watching over—
Hot! Yeowch, what was that fer?
The Sun: I am no grandmother. I am more like an older sister.
Alanaan: All right, all right, quit glarin' at me like that. Anyway... just wanted to say our meeting feels like it was always meant to be.
We'll keep on supporting you from here on out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain).
I don't mean to change the subject, but it looks like ya didn't manage to finish yer year-end cleanin'.
Sheesh... And after all the times I reminded ya.
Makin' everything spick-and-span is a great way to bring good fortune to a brand-new year.
Guess there's only one thing to do. I'll help ya clean up.
Ahahaha! Don't worry about it. I'm always lookin' for good deeds to do!


Mm, the life energy from the first sunrise o' the year is somethin' else.
Ahahaha! Wakin' up early was worth it, wasn't it, (Captain)?
Wait... Ya still asleep? Sheesh...
You know, yer sleepin' face is pretty adorable.
Well, I guess New Year's is the perfect time to be takin' it easy before we set back out on our perilous adventure.


Alanaan: Ahahaha! Me and (Captain) both pulled excellent luck!
Not like I'm praying to these gods, but maybe they'll at least watch over me while I try to do some good.
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: What's wrong? D-don't tell me...
The Sun: Hmph...
Alanaan: Whoa! H-hey, you crazy fool! You can't just burn up the fortune even if you pulled bad luck!
The Sun: Why do you care? Besides, my fortune was excellent luck too...
Alanaan: Uh... Sorry to say, but you can't lie for your life...


Alanaan: Phew, that's good! Nothing beats a New Year's drink in the middle of the day.
(Captain), you should give it a try once you're of age.
Nothing beats the bliss of feeling like you're getting away with something naughty, eh?
Hey, Sun. Are those snacks ready yet?
The Sun: To think I would be reduced to roasting dried squid...
Alanaan: For all yer complainin', you're doing it anyway. I'll treat you to some red bean soup later!
The Sun: You better. If you break your promise, I will roast you alive.
Alanaan: I won't forget, promise. Ah, but there is something I should do before I'm too drunk to remember...
Here's your New Year's money, Sun, (Captain). Go on, take it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Chocolate? For me?
Ahahaha! I hope you didn't feel like you had to give me anythin'.
As thanks for yer gift, this old man will let ya in on a little secret—
Infatuation is selfish, but true love is selfless.
I don't know what kind of love you'll experience in the future, but I hope you'll keep those words of wisdom in mind.
Ahahaha! I pray you'll find yer perfect match out there somewhere.


Alanaan: Gracious, you've got chocolate fer me this year too?
'Preciate your generosity, (Captain).
Y'know, it's strange how my mood swings depending on whether I chocolates or not today.
I might be a priest, but when it comes to Valentine's, I'm no different from any other youngin.
Ahahaha! The irony of a priest bein' fixated on worldly possessions!
The Sun: Confess your ignoble thoughts.
Alanaan: Aw, gimme a break... I ain't that bad, am I, (Captain)?


Alanaan: Ah, that's right... Today's Valentine's Day. Thanks, (Captain).
Huh, two boxes of chocolates... This one's for the Sun then?
The Sun: Chocolates for me? I see... I shall continue to watch over your progress and illuminate your way forward.
Alanaan: What's that? Y'know, you could just say thanks without beatin' around the bush.
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: Isn't it just as embarrassin' to say all these heavy vows too?
To be honest... I feel the same way as the Sun though.
We'll keep fighting by your side, so give me a shout if you ever need anythin'.


Alanaan: Ahahaha! Valentine's chocolates for me? Thanks, (Captain)!
Y'know, when I was younger, I used to think this holiday was for shallow fools.
I couldn't have been more wrong. I see that now, after travelin' with you and yers.
The Sun: You are that happy to receive chocolates from the crew?
Alanaan: Don't be daft. I'm not happy—I'm overjoyed!
The Sun: Amazing... What a dreadfully heartfelt shout.
Alanaan: Sun, you've gotta say it out loud when you're feelin' nice and grateful.
It's a surefire way to get along with others and keep us all in good cheer.
The Sun: You are not wrong... But am I the only one slightly offended by you saying it?

White Day Cutscenes
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The Sun: ...
Alanaan: You don't have to keep poppin' out, y'know...
Sorry about her, (Captain). She's keepin' an eye on me to make sure I give you my gift.
Er... Well, anyway, this is for you.
Consider it a little somethin' in return for Valentine's Day. I know this kind of stuff is pretty standard, but it's still embarrassin'...
The Sun: Your feelings will not get through if you do not express them. You must expose yourself for all to see.
Alanaan: Ahahaha! I suppose you have a point.
If you ever run into trouble, you can always come to me. We're like family after all. I'm always here for ya.


Alanaan: Here ya go, (Captain). This here's thanks for Valentine's.
This might surprise ya, but I made 'em myself.
The Sun: I can guarantee their taste. I paid close attention through every step of the process and even did a taste test.
Alanaan: Would ya believe The Sun went ahead and chucked a whole bunch into her mouth without even tryin' em out first?
Had me in a panic when she almost laid hands on yer portion.
Maybe I'm makin' too big a deal out of White Day fer someone my age, but I see days like this as a chance to do some good.
I get to show my compassionate side in makin' these chocolates. Hope ya like 'em, (Captain).


Alanaan: Heya, (Captain)! Came to give you a White Day gift packed full o' love.
Ahahaha! Just joking. I don't mean anything by it. You can quit givin' me that wary look.
Here. Me and the Sun made it together.
No need to thank us... Actually, we should be the ones thanking you.
You've really saved this old man, you know?
Sun, you should say a few words too. You owe the captain just as much as I do.
It's important to show appreciation. Keeps you humble. Helps you grow as a person.
The Sun: Erm... Thank you... for everything.
Alanaan: Ahahaha! See, you can spit it out when you really try!


The Sun: Here. This is from you-know-who. It's a thank-you gift for Valentine's Day.
What happened to the person who gifted it?
He spent all his cognitive abilities attempting to come up with the perfect gift for you.
He thought so hard that he set his brain ablaze with a fever.
Alanaan: Okay, it wasn't that bad.
The Sun: Oh? You certainly push yourself hard for a man of your years.
Alanaan: Ahahaha! I've gotta live my life to the fullest with all the time I've got left!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Looks like yer not the only one enjoyin' the Halloween festivities, (Captain)...
Everybody's goin' all out wearin' costumes, playin' pranks, and makin' sweets.
I can tell the members of this crew put a lot of emphasis on makin' life fun.
Now then... I suppose it's time for me to start my own preparations.
What's that now?
Ahahaha! No, I'm not plannin' any pranks—I'm makin' treats.
I thought the little 'uns would be happy to get 'em. We adults get a kick out of seein' their smilin' faces.


The Sun: Trick or treat.
Alanaan: Sheesh, how many times has it been now? Can't ya give an old man a break?
(Captain), gimme a hand here. The Sun bein' a fan of my treats was all good and dandy, but now...
She's tryin' to rob me blind with an endless cascade o' tricks.
Maybe she'll listen to you, (Captain). These goodies are supposed to be for the children...
Goodness gracious! Not you too, (Captain)! Why does everyone want my treats so badly?
Sigh... Perhaps this is fate. Fine, you can have 'em all. Just don't let me hear ya complainin' of an upset stomach later.


Alanaan: Trick or treat!
You know how it goes, (Captain)... Cough up the treats if ya wanna avoid the tricks.
Consider it your daily good deed and gimme everythin' you got.
Huh? You think I'm robbin' you blind? You sure you ain't mistaken?
Look... See the Sun behind me?
The Sun: Candy...
Alanaan: She threatened to roast me up to serve if I don't get her some candy... Scary, right?
Anyway, sorry! Figured you'd help me out, so...
H-hey, where are you goin'! You're not gonna just leave me to my fate, are ya!


S'that you, (Captain)? Take as many sweets as you want. I've got plenty.
I'm not sitting around being lazy, promise.
It's just that I'm too old to be runnin' around when the kids come trick-or-treating.
If I give up at the start and paint myself as a normal old guy who gives out candy, then I can avoid the tricks.
Handing out free stuff to kids is like giving alms, right? I'm doing a good thing here.
No, I'm not making excuses, I swear! C'mon, don't look at me like that...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Was it cold out there, (Captain)? Yer nose is all red.
Good gracious... Look at all that snow.
Hm? No, I don't mind the snow per se.
My joints just start hurtin' when the weather gets cold...
Actually, I don't know why I'm tellin' you this. A youngin like yerself wouldn't understand.


Alanaan: Can I ask ya fer a favor, Sun? Pretty please?
The Sun: Sigh... You never think about anyone but yourself.
Alanaan: C'mon now, that ain't true. I'd even say this is the wish of our entire generation.
You tell her too, (Captain)! With a bit of The Sun's shine, we could melt all this snow away in a jiffy!
Why, ya ask? Well, I mentioned this last year too, but the cold does a real number on the joints of old fossils like me...
Aw, I forgot how much you kids love yer snowball fights. Welp, at least I tried.
Woe is me.
Darn it!


Alanaan: (Captain), I heard the news. You're coverin' for Santa Claus since he threw out the ol' back, eh?
I get it. Helpin' out a person in need is a virtue. But don't you think yer forgettin' something real important?
I'm talkin' about a back-up plan. What're you gonna do if a kid wakes up outta nowhere?
Imagine it... Some little angel is asleep in his bed, then he wakes up and sees you.
Bam! His whole image of Santa, shattered!
The Sun: Coward. Just say that you want to be Santa Claus without the extra explanation.
Alanaan: Shhh! Now's not the time, Sun!
But, er, you get the gist...
So pretty please? Can I be Santa, just this once?
I've always aspired to be a jolly, good ol' guy...


Alanaan: Ahahaha! Bring on the blizzards and the snowstorms and what have ya!
I'm not the same man I was last year! All's I need is to put my body through the sauna—
The Sun: Beware, (Captain). This man is attempting to secretly build a sauna inside your ship.
Alanaan: Hey, if you put it that way, o' course I'm gonna look suspicious! And I'm not tryin' to do anything in secret!
Listen, (Captain)... I was gonna come to you after I finished talking with my sauna buds.
After Deliford got super into saunas too, we figured it couldn't hurt to, y'know...
The Sun: Blaming others reflects poorly on your own character. How pathetic.
Alanaan: Urk... Ya got me there...

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

(Captain) and the crew visit the Church of Renatus on a mission, where they meet a priest named Alanaan who desires to create a paradise for the righteous. Using a mysterious card, he transports the crew into the wartime memories of a primal beast and asks them to save the Sky Realm by defeating the Astral army there.

(Captain) and the crew visit a certain church on a mission.
They are shocked to be greeted by a group of sinister-looking men lined up in an orderly row.
Followers: Welcome to the Church of Renatus!
Lyria: Eep!
Follower 1: Say, are you by any chance the skyfarers that the priest hired?
Lyria: Y-yes, we are...
Followers: Oh! We've been waiting for your arrival!
Followers: Welcome, honored skyfarers, to the Church of Renatus! We hope you had a pleasant journey!
Vyrn: Wh-what's all this about?
(Captain) and the crew are wary of the men until they remember their earlier conversations with the people in town.
Townswoman: The church has a number of unusual adherents, but don't let them scare you. They're all good people.
Townsman: Thanks to them, we've been seeing a lot fewer thugs and shady merchants around these parts. They've really been a godsend.
Vyrn: Huh... So the rumors were true...
Lyria: I guess so. These men are scary-looking, but I can tell that deep down they're really kind!
???: Ahahaha! You've got a good eye, little lady.
A raspy voice echoes through the church as an elderly man with a commanding presence emerges from the group.
???: Does that pure heart o' yers feel no distrust?
???: It's true that these men look like right scoundrels. And their pedigree is certainly nothin' to be proud of.
???: What happened in the past can't be changed, but these men have dedicated themselves to their trainin' in hopes of paintin' brighter futures for themselves.
???: It requires a great deal of effort for a person to change, but it's never too late to start over.
???: Don'tcha agree, little lady?
Lyria: Yes!
Vyrn: Hey, y'know, we're here because some priest asked us to come. Do you know where we can find him?
???: Huh? Are those eyes o' yers just for decoration, my lizard friend? If it's the priest yer lookin' for, he's standin' right in front o' ya.
Vyrn: I ain't no—
Vyrn: Wait, you're the priest?
???: What're you actin' so surprised for?
Vyrn: I mean... When you think of a priest, you think of somebody more... well, you know! You look like an evil villain or somethin', not to mention the way you talk...
???: Ahahaha! I can see why you'd think that! But y'know, none of that stuff really matters.
???: I only ever speak the truth. Meanin' you can trust everythin' I say.
???: It's what's inside that's important, y'know.
Alanaan: Anyway, skyfarers, thanks for acceptin' my request. I'm the priest of this church. The name's Alanaan.
Vyrn: With a priest like this guy, I guess it makes sense that all the followers look scary...
Lyria: Ahaha...
Alanaan: Now then, let's get down to business.
Follower 1: Father...
Alanaan: Oh? Is it that time already?
Alanaan: All right, you lot! Off ya go!
Followers: Yes, Father! We'll be back!
Vyrn: What's goin' on? Why'd they run out the door all of a sudden?
Lyria: Um... Where did everyone go?
Alanaan: Ahahaha! We're full of surprises, eh?
Alanaan: They're headin' out to be good samaritans.
Lyria: Good some-air-a-tins?
Alanaan: People who do good deeds. For example, some of our followers help out the town council when it's short on staff...
Alanaan: Others clean up the town, babysit... Well, you name it.
Vyrn: Huh. Sounds like they do a little bit of everything.
Alanaan: You could say we think of the townspeople like family.
Alanaan: We all live side by side, and we're always willin' to help each other out, just like blood relatives.
Alanaan: Sure we don't share the same house, but that's not important. We're all brothers and sisters who live and work together in the same town.
Alanaan: If the people are ever in trouble, our doors are always open. We'll do everythin' in our power to help 'em.
Alanaan: A church is a house that belongs to everybody, after all.
Lyria: Wow! That's a wonderful attitude to have!
Alanaan: You think so? I'm happy to hear it.
Alanaan: Life ain't somethin' to be lived for yer own sake.
Alanaan: People have formed communities where we live together—otherwise we wouldn't be able to survive. So we oughta live for the sake of our neighbors.
Alanaan: All for one, and one for all. When society functions like that, everybody's happy, and our hearts remain pure.
Alanaan: That's precisely why members of the Church of Renatus are encouraged to perform good deeds on a daily basis.
Alanaan: The evil that dwells within our hearts will be purged by the blessed light of the sun goddess.
Alanaan: And we will be reborn as righteous people, full of compassion.
Alanaan: Thus the evil of the world will be eliminated, and we will create a paradise for the righteous by the righteous.
Alanaan: That is our greatest desire!
Vyrn: Wow... A paradise for good people built by good people, huh. It sure would be great if a place like that existed!
Alanaan: Well, it won't appear out of thin air—we have to create it. We'll shape the future with our own willpower.
Alanaan: We have to take action, or it'll only ever be a pipe dream. That applies to any task—no matter how big or small it may be.
Alanaan: But first we must ensure the safety of this world.
Lyria: What?
With a contemplative expression, Alanaan pulls a single card out of his pocket and shows it to (Captain) and the crew.
The design on the card is too worn out for them to decipher it, but Lyria notices something peculiar about it.
Lyria: Um... This card gives off the same feeling as a primal beast...
Alanaan: Well, well... I've hired a number of skyfarers in the past, but yer the first one to notice.
Lyria: What? Does that mean—
Alanaan: Patience, my child.
Alanaan: It'll be faster to just show ya.
The moment he finishes speaking, the face of the card begins to shine.
The light grows brighter and brighter until it envelops (Captain) and the crew, turning their surroundings completely white.
Finally the light fades, and (Captain) and the crew are shocked by the sight that lies before them.
The chapel is nowhere to be seen. Instead, they now stand atop a high cliff overlooking a vast wasteland.
Lyria: Wh-what happened? How did we end up here?
Vyrn: H-hey! (Captain), Lyria! Look over there!
(Captain) turns to look where Vyrn is pointing and gasps.
A battlefield stretches out before them, echoing with the cries of primal beasts and armies of people engaged in fierce combat.
Alanaan: Tch... Looks like it already started.
Vyrn: Hey, Preacher Man! Where the heck are we?
Alanaan: We're inside the memories of a primal beast. Memories of the War, to be exact.
Lyria: The memories of a primal beast?
Vyrn: I can't make heads or tails of what you're talkin' about...
Alanaan: I know it's hard to believe.
Alanaan: But you have no choice but to open your minds and accept facts as facts.
Alanaan: I have brought you here myself.
Alanaan: I want you to exterminate that Astral army.
Alanaan: For the sake of the townspeople... No, for the sake of the Sky Realm itself.
Alanaan: Please, (Captain). I implore you.
As Alanaan bows his head before (Captain) and the crew, a loud explosion echoes from the battlefield.
At that same moment, a primal beast roars and begins to lay waste to the masses of people they assume to be skydwellers.
Alanaan: Not good! At this rate, the skydwellers are going to be defeated!
Alanaan: Please, (Captain)! Somethin' must be done immediately!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Whatcha think?
  1. Guess we don't have a choice!

Choose: Guess we don't have a choice!
Vyrn: Yeah! Those guys are in big trouble! We gotta help 'em!
Vyrn: You better explain all this later, Preacher Man!
Having decided to fight, (Captain) and the crew hurry toward the battlefield with weapons in hand.

Menacing Memories

Alanaan explains that a primal beast is conducting simulated battles within the world of memories in order to achieve victory over the skydwellers. (Captain) and the crew accept the priest's request to win simulation after simulation, hoping to foil the primal's plot to destroy the Sky Realm and create a new world in its place.

(Captain) and the crew emerge victorious from their battle within the memories of the primal beast.
They are once again enveloped by a bright light and find themselves back inside the chapel.
Vyrn: That felt like a dream... But it wasn't, right?
Alanaan: Right. That was neither dream nor illusion. I know it's hard to believe... but that was reality.
Alanaan: I'm sorry for pushin' that on ya all of a sudden. But if the skydwellers had been defeated, all would have been lost.
Alanaan: Now then... Allow me to explain what's happenin' within that world of memories.
Alanaan takes a deep breath and begins to speak.
Alanaan: It all began one fateful day—
Alanaan: I received a revelation from the sun goddess of the Church of Renatus.
Alanaan: The plot of the primal beast those memories belong to must be foiled.
Alanaan: Otherwise the Sky Realm will be destroyed.
Lyria: Th-the Sky Realm will be destroyed?
Vyrn: So that's why you were freakin' out back there.
Lyria: Wh-what is the primal plotting?
Alanaan: The creation of a new world... apparently.
Vyrn: A new world? What the heck does that mean?
Alanaan: Evidently the primal beast is collectin' memories from the creation of the world up until now.
Alanaan: And it determined that the turnin' point was the War.
Alanaan: I'm sure the primal deeply lamented the fact that the Astrals lost to the skydwellers.
Alanaan: The primal is desperate for the skydwellers to be defeated within that world of memories.
Lyria: But the War ended a long time ago.
Lyria: Even if the Astrals defeat the skydwellers inside those memories, it won't mean anything... right?
Alanaan: Normally yer thinkin' would be correct. But remember what I said earlier—that was neither dream nor illusion. It was reality.
Vyrn: I'm gettin' all confused...
Alanaan: The primal beast has repeated simulations like the one you saw over and over again.
Alanaan: Through trial and error, it's attemptin' to derive the formula for certain victory over the skydwellers.
Alanaan: The primal plans to destroy the Sky Realm and create a new world in its place.
Lyria: C-can it really do that?
Alanaan: Aye. Apparently the power that primal holds is pretty nasty.
Lyria: Oh no! We can't let the world be destroyed!
Vyrn: Yeah! We gotta stop that primal no matter what!
Vyrn: Or, well... That's easy for me to say and all, but what exactly are we supposed to do?
Alanaan: I'd like for you to return to the primal beast's memories and fight.
Alanaan: With yer skill, I imagine you'll be able to claim victory in each and every simulation.
Alanaan: Get in there and show that primal beast that the skydwellers aren't gonna go down so easily.
  1. We'll win as many times as it takes!
  2. Uh... Can you run that by me again?

Choose: We'll win as many times as it takes!
Vyrn: You said it! We'll put a stop to that primal's plan once and for all!

Choose: Uh... Can you run that by me again?
Alanaan: Quick to admit when yer lost. How honorable.
Alanaan: All right then. I'd be happy to explain as many times as you need.
Alanaan: So when did my story stop making sense?
(Captain) thinks for a moment but ultimately is unsure of how to answer.
Lyria: Um... Basically we just have to win every simulation, right?
Vyrn: Yeah. I don't think we'll understand no matter how many times he explains it, so let's just get out there and start winnin'!
Continue 1
Alanaan: Ahahaha! Is yer crew always like this, (Captain)?
Alanaan: If only all the people in the Sky Realm were like you lot...
Lyria: Hm?
Alanaan: I'll let ya hold on to this card, little lady.
Alanaan: The primal beast's memories within that card should summon ya back to the battlefield.
(Captain) and the crew accept the strange card from Alanaan.
They brace themselves for battle, thinking of the countless simulations that lay before them.

The Cusp of a New Age

High above the battlefield within the world of memories, Alanaan watches as (Captain) and the crew continue their seemingly endless fight. The ring on the priest's right hand glimmers mysteriously as he reflects on past events, declaring that he believes only in the sun goddess.

The fierce battle between the Astrals and skydwellers repeats with each and every simulation.
Alanaan stands atop a high cliff, observing as (Captain) and the crew fight at the vanguard of the skydwellers.
Alanaan: Callin' 'em pure of heart would be an understatement. They shine so brightly it's almost blindin'...
Alanaan: No, it's too late for that. The dice has long since been cast.
Alanaan: I have no regrets. If I had anythin', it would just be remorse for the future to come.
At that moment the ring on Alanaan's right hand gleams mysteriously.
Alanaan: I've been carried here by the winds of fate... But fate does not always have the best of intentions...
Alanaan: Where there is light, there is darkness.
Alanaan: No matter how pure a heart may be, it will eventually rot and succumb to evil.
Alanaan: Haha. I've witnessed it time and time again.
Alanaan: I believe only in the sun goddess.
As he makes his declaration, the glimmering ring falls dormant.
Alanaan: (I stand at the cusp of a new age...)
Alanaan: (Yes. I have been chosen...)
Alanaan looks up at the sky, listening to the roar of the battlefield beneath him.
???: You... bastard...
???: Y-you son of a... Look what you've done...
???: You preach of... piety... But... Y-you're nothing but... a murderer...
???: Aha! Ahaha! Rupies! Rupieees!
???: Huh?
???: Urgh...
???: Hah hah hah...
???: Haha... Haha...
???: Ahahaha! Ahahahahaha!
Alanaan: Heh... Ahaha!
Alanaan: I will create a paradise for the righteous by the righteous... without fail...
Alanaan clenches his fist tightly, glaring down at the battlefield as (Captain) and the crew continue their advance.

Teachings of the Church

Alanaan thinks back on the incident when he accidentally killed both a shopkeeper and bodyguard in order to save the life of a young follower who had been accused of theft. But when he sees the young man continuing to steal without remorse, Alanaan proceeds to end his life as well, proclaiming that evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous.

Alanaan: The Church of Renatus worships the sun goddess.
Alanaan: The evil that dwells within the hearts of men is purged by the sun goddess's blessed light.
Alanaan: And we are reborn as righteous people, free of impurity.
Alanaan: With the protection of the sun goddess, we are able to survive in this chaotic world.
Alanaan: However...
Alanaan: Our greatest desire—a paradise created for the righteous by the righteous—will never come into being through proselytizin' alone.
Alanaan: As much as it pains me to say it... This world we live in is overflowin' with evil.
Alanaan: What is good? What is evil? We must begin by askin' ourselves the answers to those questions.
One evening Alanaan is wrestling with the concepts of good and evil.
But his thoughts are interrupted when a letter arrives at the Church of Renatus.
Letter: Dear Father Alanaan—
Letter: A member of your church has been caught stealing from my shop.
Letter: I don't know what sort of punishment your doctrine calls for in situations like these.
Letter: But this is a perfect opportunity to expose the true colors of the so-called righteous followers of the Church of Renatus, as well as the church itself.
The letter goes on to list a number of criticisms of the church.
Alanaan: …………
Alanaan sighs and holds his head in his hands.
Alanaan: (I can't believe that young man strayed from the path...)
Alanaan: (No, I was foolish. It's my fault that the teachings weren't able to reach his heart.)
Alanaan departs immediately for the shop belonging to the author of the letter.
A young man's anguished cries can be heard coming from inside the building.
Bodyguard: Take that!
Young Follower: Urgh! Aaahh!
Bodyguard: And that!
Young Follower: Guh...
Shopkeeper: Heh heh heh... Music to my ears.
The bodyguard continues to bludgeon the captured young follower in the name of punishment.
But the scene is so gruesome that it's hard to imagine that the bodyguard isn't enjoying himself.
Young Follower: P-please, have mercy...
Bodyguard: If you're just gonna beg, maybe you shouldn't have screwed up in the first place!
They hear the sound of footsteps, and suddenly a breathless Alanaan bursts through the door.
Alanaan: Huff... Huff...
Shopkeeper: My, my. That was fast.
Young Follower: Urgh... F-Father...
Alanaan: What in the!
Words fail Alanaan as he spots the young follower's broken and bruised body.
Alanaan: (They really did a number on him...)
Alanaan: Stealin' is definitely inexcusable. But was it really necessary to go that far?
Shopkeeper: Heh heh heh. I'm shocked. You've got a lot of nerve to criticize my actions.
Shopkeeper: His evil deed started all of this, and you have the audacity to berate me?
Alanaan: ...
Shopkeeper: Where's my apology? That seems like an appropriate place to start. How about it?
Alanaan: Certainly... I suppose that's reasonable.
Alanaan: (This kid was raised in the church's orphanage, so I imagine I have some parental responsibility for him...)
Alanaan: I apologize profusely for the trouble this young man in my tutelage has caused.
Shopkeeper: Yes. He has indeed been a terrible nuisance.
Alanaan: ...
Shopkeeper: My, what a scary expression. I guess it's only natural that this young man turned out the way he did, considering the priest he studied under.
Alanaan: You've made yerself clear. But right now I need to treat him.
Alanaan: I'll make sure he receives the teachings once again.
Alanaan starts to move toward the young man, but the bodyguard steps in his way.
Alanaan: Move.
Bodyguard: Hold on, Father... You're not taking him anywhere yet. First he needs to pay back what he owes.
Alanaan: ...
Shopkeeper: Oh, that's right.
Shopkeeper: Hm... I incurred a number of damages myself. I imagine ten million rupies will just about cover it.
Alanaan: Heh. That's absurd. I imagine you already know what my answer's gonna be.
Alanaan: My church doesn't have that kind of money.
Shopkeeper: Oh, now this is a problem...
Bodyguard: If he doesn't have any money, maybe you can help him make some.
Shopkeeper: That's reasonable.
Shopkeeper: In that case, what do you say you let me take that church off your hands, Father?
Alanaan: What! The church?
Alanaan: Listen to me—the church is a place of salvation. It's a house that belongs to everybody. Don't be ridiculous!
Shopkeeper: You have no money to give, and you refuse to hand over your church...
Shopkeeper: I've heard that you seek a paradise for the righteous by the righteous. But it seems you intend to create a paradise for the wicked by the wicked instead.
Shopkeeper: And I suppose respectable merchants like myself will just have to roll over and accept it.
Shopkeeper: Dear me... The Church of Renatus certainly is corrupt.
The shopkeeper hurls insults at Alanaan, his face twisted into a vulgar grin.
Still Alanaan raises no argument, instead bowing his head before the man.
Alanaan: (I don't have time for this silly argument. I have to get that young man to a doctor.)
Alanaan: You'll get yer money—I'll make sure of it. But I can't pay ya right now. You'll have to give me more time.
Shopkeeper: Humph. I suppose that means our negotiations have broken down.
Bodyguard: ...
Upon hearing the shopkeeper's words, the bodyguard aims a glimmering dagger at the young follower.
Young Follower: E-eek!
Alanaan: What do ya think yer doin'!
Bodyguard: Exactly what it looks like.
The bodyguard grins and raises his dagger.
Alanaan: Stooop!
Bodyguard: What the!
Alanaan flings himself at the bodyguard.
Alanaan: ...!
Bodyguard: D-damn you! Let go!
Alanaan: O-over my dead body!
No matter how much the bodyguard punches and kicks, Alanaan refuses to let go.
The pair continue to wrestle, slamming into the walls and furniture around them as they struggle for control of the dagger.
Bodyguard: I told you to get off!
Alanaan: Aaargh!
Suddenly the conflict comes to an abrupt end.
Bodyguard: Urgh...
Alanaan: ...
The next thing they know, the dagger is protruding from the bodyguard's abdomen, held by Alanaan.
Alanaan: Huff... Huff...
Bodyguard: You... bastard...
Alanaan: How...
Alanaan gasps and immediately lets go of the dagger protruding from the bodyguard's stomach.
Alanaan: A-are you all right? Hey!
Bodyguard: ...
Alanaan shakes the man's crumpled body, but there is no response.
The bodyguard has already breathed his final breath.
Alanaan: I-I never intended to kill him.
Alanaan: I was just tryin' to stop him...
Young Follower: ...
Shopkeeper: Y-you son of a... Look what you've done...
Alanaan: No! I told you, I didn't mean to kill him!
Shopkeeper: E-eek... Stay away from me!
The terrified shopkeeper unsheathes a sword leaning against a nearby cupboard and swings it at Alanaan.
Alanaan: Ngh!
Alanaan: (I'm gonna be killed at this rate!)
It happens in an instant.
Alanaan manages to dodge the shopkeeper's sword by the skin of his teeth.
Alanaan: Hyaaah!
Shopkeeper: Urgh!
The next moment, Alanaan pulls the dagger out of the bodyguard's stomach and slashes it across the shopkeeper's neck.
Alanaan: Huff... Huff...
Shopkeeper: You preach of... piety... But... Y-you're nothing but... a murderer...
The shopkeeper collapses to the ground, blood pouring from the wound on his neck.
Alanaan stands in a daze, covered in the man's blood.
Alanaan: Huff... Huff...
Alanaan: (I... I was just protectin' myself...)
Alanaan: (But... was there really no other way? Did I have to take his life?)
Alanaan: (Why did my body automatically move in for the kill?)
Alanaan: (All that talk about good deeds... Hahaha... And now here I stand with blood-stained hands...)
After watching the series of tragedies unfurl before his eyes, the young follower suddenly shouts out with glee.
Young Follower: Heh... Hehehe... Yes! I'm saved... Saaaved!
Alanaan: ...
Young Follower: Why do you look so upset? You saved me!
Young Follower: They would have killed us both otherwise!
Alanaan: Th-that's true...
Alanaan: (I... saved his life...)
Alanaan: (That's right... At the very least, I managed to protect this young man...)
Alanaan: (That means... what I did wasn't really an evil deed. Right?)
Alanaan: Come on, we need to get you patched up. Those wounds o' yers need treatin'.
Young Follower: Heh... Hehe...
Alanaan: Hey, are you listenin'?
The young follower completely ignores Alanaan and wobbles over to a safe in the corner of the room.
And then he does the unthinkable.
Young Follower: Hyaaah!
The young man picks up the fallen sword and uses it to break the lock on the safe.
Young Follower: Rupies... Rupies...
He then drags his body closer to the safe and begins to rake its contents into his bag.
Alanaan: What in the skies... are you doin'?
Young Follower: Isn't it obvious? I'm collecting funds to cover my medical expenses.
Alanaan: Medical expenses?
Young Follower: Yeah. And... Oh, I know. Maybe I'll charge a little inconvenience fee on top of that!
Alanaan: (What is he talkin' about?)
Alanaan: Hey!
Young Follower: What?
Alanaan: That money belongs to the shopkeeper. It's not yers to take.
Young Follower: Tch. Who asked you?
Young Follower: What does it matter now anyway? The person this belonged to is dead!
Young Follower: Actually, I guess it would be more accurate to say he was killed...
Young Follower: By you!
Alanaan: ...
The young man's words pierce Alanaan's heart like a pointed blade.
Alanaan: I was just... t-trying to save you...
Young Follower: Huh? Now hang on just a second. I don't remember asking you to kill them.
Young Follower: Stop trying to pin this on me. You're the one who killed them, aren't you?
Alanaan: Yer not going to... repent for what you've done?
Young Follower: Ahaha! Repent? Sure, I'll repent.
Young Follower: O great sun goddess, I ask for your forgiveness! I have participated in the sinful act of stealing! What a fool I am!
Young Follower: Perhaps my faith wasn't strong enough... No, that has nothing to do with it.
Young Follower: Even this priest with his oh-so-devout faith ignored the doctrine and killed another person.
Alanaan: ...
Young Follower: You should repent with me, Father. No... I suppose no amount of repenting will save you now.
Young Follower: O great sun goddess! Deliver your divine judgment upon Father Alanaan, a sinner!
Young Follower: I implore you! Deliver your judgment upon him!
Alanaan: You...
Young Follower: Hey, why'd you kill them? Why'd you do it?
Young Follower: Was there really no other way? What is good? What is evil?
Young Follower: Come on, say something. You're a priest, aren't you? Shouldn't you answer when one of your church's followers asks you a question?
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan: (I've lived my entire life in accordance with the doctrine... But it's all vanished in an instant...)
Alanaan: Haha... Haha...
Alanaan: Ahahaha!
Alanaan: ...
Young Follower: Aw, nothing to say?
Young Follower: I guess that makes sense. You have no words of guidance to offer. And it's not like they'd carry any weight even if you did.
Young Follower: You're no more than a murderer now, after all.
The young follower spits out the words and resumes stuffing the contents of the safe into his bag.
Alanaan simply stares at the young man, his expression heartbroken.
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan: (I wanted to save him... That's all I wanted...)
Alanaan: (Great sun goddess... What should I have done differently?)
???: ...
Alanaan: ...
What is good? What is evil? The questions continue to swirl in Alanaan's mind, until he finally arrives at a conclusion.
He had tried to put a stop to an evil deed. And that in itself was a righteous deed.
And yet, unintentionally, someone died. Yes, it was a simple accident.
Alanaan: (It's true that I killed the shopkeeper. But he and his bodyguard were aimin' for my life.)
Alanaan: (He was a truly evil person... That much is certain.)
Alanaan: (It's pointless to expect so much from reformation alone.)
Alanaan: (This young man desperately stuffing money into his bag before my eyes is a perfect example.)
Alanaan: (Despite committin' a sin and facin' punishment at the hands of the wicked, he's immediately committin' another sin.)
Alanaan: (In other words... there are people out there who don't respond to mere teachings.)
Alanaan: (In order to become a righteous person, one must put in the effort.)
Alanaan: (I suppose that goes without sayin'. People aren't inherently good after all...)
Alanaan: (We must put our faith in the sun goddess and purge the evil residin' within ourselves.)
Alanaan: (Those who are unable to do so will undoubtedly continue to commit evil deeds in the future.)
Alanaan: (In that case, their evil deeds can only be prevented by... eliminating them from this world.)
Alanaan: I have prevented these men from committing evil deeds in the future.
Alanaan: The evil deeds one must commit for the sake of good are... good deeds themselves.
Alanaan: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good... are righteous.
Alanaan: ...
Young Follower: Aha! Ahaha! Rupies! Rupieees!
Alanaan looks at the young follower consumed by greed and breathes a deep sigh.
He then takes the shopkeeper's sword and slowly raises it over his head.
Alanaan: Hey.
Young Follower: Huh?
Alanaan: Haahh!
Young Follower: Urgh...
Alanaan: Forgive me...
Alanaan ruthlessly brings the blade down upon the young believer.
In Alanaan's eyes, it is a necessary righteous act.
Alanaan: Haha... Haha...
Alanaan: Ahahaha! Ahahahaha!
Alanaan: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good...
Alanaan: Are inherently good themselves!
???: ...
Shortly afterward, Alanaan sets fire to the shop to erase all evidence of the murders.
With the young man's bag in hand, he walks away from the blazing building, the flames burning brightly behind him.

In Good Faith

Shortly after the follower's death, a young woman who Alanaan believes to be the sun goddess appears before him. When he confesses his sins and doubts to her, she hands him a card and asks him to help her manifest in the world. Delighted to have been chosen by the goddess herself, Alanaan works toward the creation of his ideal paradise, slaughtering all evil that stands in his way.

Alanaan's heart feels light as he watches the shop burning brightly in the distance.
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan: Heh... The flames are almost frighteningly beautiful.
Some time later, the area is suddenly bathed in a bright light.
The Sun: I am the light that shines upon all things.
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan falls silent at the sight of the saintly young woman who appears suddenly from within the white light.
Alanaan: Th-that light... That divine appearance... Are you...
The Sun: I shall bathe you in my light.
Alanaan: Hah... Hahahaha...
The Sun: I sense seething anger and burning ambition within you. All of it is beautiful.
The Sun: Do you desire to know me as I know you?
Alanaan: Are you... the sun goddess?
The Sun: Hehe...
Alanaan is enthralled by the young woman who has suddenly appeared before him.
But his heart remains in a state of confusion.
Alanaan: (Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous... That is the truth I have arrived at.)
Alanaan: (But... Is that the wrong answer?)
Alanaan: (Great sun goddess, why now? Why have you appeared before me?)
Alanaan: (A miracle has occurred before my very eyes. Surely there must be some reason behind it.)
The Sun: I want to expose you. In truth every inch. That is my only desire.
Alanaan: Expose me?
The Sun: Do not worry. I shall accept all of you.
Alanaan: (That smile... Is this what it feels like to be born again?)
Alanaan: (Heh. I'm a priest who's supposed to lead others, but here I am full of doubts.)
Alanaan: Great sun goddess... I wish to make a confession.
Alanaan: A short time ago... I committed murder. I ended the lives of not one person, but three.
The Sun: ...
The Sun: Are all lives equal?
Alanaan: What?
The young woman's words shake Alanaan to his very core.
Alanaan: In the past I had always believed them to be equal...
Alanaan: But things are different now.
Alanaan: People's lives are not all equal.
Alanaan: The life of an evil person couldn't possibly be worth the same as the life of a good person.
Alanaan: Am I mistaken in thinkin' so?
The Sun: Good and evil. How do you define the two?
Alanaan: Well...
The Sun: Well?
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan: (What an intimidatin' aura... It feels like she's holdin' my heart within her grasp...)
Alanaan: Goodness is... a just and moral act.
Alanaan: Evil is... a sinful and immoral act. That's the simplest way to distinguish between—
The Sun: Hey, is that really what you believe?
Alanaan: What?
The Sun: Hey... Hey, listen! Are you so sure?
Alanaan: Urgh...
Alanaan: Hahaha... I see. In other words, it isn't that simple.
Alanaan: That must be the source of my doubts!
The Sun: Do you desire salvation?
Alanaan: Salvation? Yes, I do. Without a doubt!
Alanaan: I've tried to be a good person... I've lived my entire life accordin' to the doctrine of the Church of Renatus.
Alanaan: And yet...
Alanaan: I committed numerous sins in the span of mere moments, and that made me rethink everything...
Alanaan: I had always thought that creating a paradise for the righteous by the righteous was the one and only truth!
Alanaan: But... with every moment that passes, I find myself doubtin' that more and more. Perhaps I'm bein' tormented by my conscience.
Alanaan: Y'see, the truth is... I felt elated. My heart was poundin' with excitement...
Alanaan: When I killed those people... and when I stole that money... and when I set fire to the shop too!
The Sun: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous...
Alanaan: Heh. I'm just thinkin' in a way that's convenient for me. Selfish, eh?
The Sun: Do you truly believe it to be selfish?
Alanaan: Huh?
The Sun: I'm sure you sensed it—that paradise cannot be created from teachings alone.
Alanaan: Yes, I did. It seems evil can't be purged so easily.
The Sun: I told you in the beginning. I shall accept all of you.
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan falls silent in thought, trying to understand what the young woman is telling him.
Alanaan: (What does she mean by... acceptin' me?)
Alanaan: (Heh. Thinkin' about it won't get me anywhere. This is a goddess I'm dealin' with here...)
Alanaan: Great sun goddess... I am unable to comprehend your words.
Alanaan: Could I ask you to break it down into simple terms that a mere mortal such as myself can understand?
The Sun: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous... Those words are deserving of praise.
Alanaan: Well...
The Sun: It is exactly as you say. Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous.
The Sun: In order to achieve your greatest desire, you must take the next step.
The Sun: That is the way of this world.
The Sun: I will walk alongside you in order to create a new world.
The Sun: You must help me manifest in this world. That is your task, and the first phase of the creation of a new paradise.
Alanaan: Help you manifest in this world?
The Sun: As it is now, I am unable to remain here.
The young woman's body radiates a dazzling light.
As Alanaan is bathed in the warm glow, the young woman's consciousness streams into him.
Alanaan: Are these... memories?
The Sun: I shall create a new world. But in order to do so, I need the assistance of another.
Alanaan: And yer sayin'... I'm that person?
Alanaan: What a revelation... In other words I've been chosen by the sun goddess?
The Sun: I shall give you my power in return.
Alanaan: Pfft... Hahaha! I don't even need time to think it over.
Alanaan: I'm a priest! How could I possibly decline the opportunity to serve the sun goddess herself?
The young woman's face breaks into a smile upon seeing Alanaan's delighted expression.
She whispers softly.
The Sun: The pact is sealed...
The bright light fades, and Alanaan finds himself standing where he was previously.
But he is certain that the events that just transpired were neither dream nor illusion—
They were reality.
He holds the proof in his hand—a single card entrusted to him by the young woman.
Alanaan: Hah... Hahaha... Ahahaha!
Alanaan: I'm already free from those pangs of conscience. I can simply ignore any contradictions.
Alanaan: I now know the path that I must travel. I will help the sun goddess manifest in this world in order to reach paradise!
Thus Alanaan obtains a great power.
And at the same time, he discovers a new principle to live by.
Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous. Alanaan begins to put his belief into practice using heavy-handed methods.
Blackmail those who blackmail. Swindle those who swindle. Use violence against those who are violent.
And bring death upon those who wrong others. Slaughter all that is deemed evil, be it town or country.
Alanaan: Everything we do is for good. We will create a paradise for the righteous by the righteous with our own hands!
A person may be deemed by some to be a chivalrous thief, but that doesn't change the fact that they have committed an evil deed.
But all doubts have been cast from Alanaan's mind. He takes pride in the fact that he has been recognized as a judge of evil deeds.
He eagerly resumes his proselytizing efforts in order to create his ideal paradise.
Alanaan: Listen up, you lot! The Church of Renatus teaches that we must strive to be good people. Keep that in mind at all times.
Followers: Yes, Father!
Alanaan: If yer anxious, you will waver. If you waver, you will stray from the truth. But do not fear.
Alanaan: As members of the church, we are all family. No matter what happens, you will be saved.
Alanaan: There is nothing to fear! Stand firm in yer beliefs!
Followers: Yes, Father Alanaan!
Many of those gathered at the church used to be thugs, but they have since turned over a new leaf and become devout followers.
As a result, the Church of Renatus has succeeded in banishing evil from the town, thereby earning the support of the townspeople.
Everything has been done for the sake of creating a paradise for the righteous by the righteous.

Righteous Sins

(Captain) and the crew are shocked when the Arcarum primal beast known as The Sun appears before them with Alanaan's help. The priest is overjoyed, but The Sun reveals she deceived him and sets fire to the church. Falling into despair over the sins he committed, Alanaan slashes his own neck with a dagger as the crew stands to fight the primal beast.

Alanaan: O immaculate sun goddess, shine your blessed light upon the lost and grant us your wisdom...
Alanaan bows his head in prayer to the sun goddess, as he does each and every day.
As he prays, the ring on his right hand glimmers mysteriously.
Alanaan: I see. The time has come.
A satisfied smile spreads across Alanaan's face just as (Captain) and the crew enter the chapel.
Vyrn: Hey, Preacher Man!
Vyrn: We've already beat that simulation a bunch of times... How much longer do we have to do this?
Lyria: Um... When we finished the most recent simulation, the card started to shine.
Lyria: It has me a bit worried...
Alanaan: Say, little lady. Could I see the card?
Lyria: Yes, of course...
The card is still dull, but it seems to be emitting a faint glow.
Alanaan: Ahahaha! No wonder yer crew's so famous. Our greatest ambition has just been achieved!
Vyrn: Does that mean we stopped the primal beast's plan?
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: I don't think we did... I have a feeling something bad is going to happen...
Upon seeing Lyria's expression, Alanaan can't help but burst out laughing.
Alanaan: Pfft... Hahahaha!
Vyrn: Hey, what's so funny?
Alanaan: Oh, my apologies.
Alanaan: Tell me... What is good?
Alanaan: And can you explain to me what evil is?
Vyrn: Where'd that come from?
Alanaan continues, completely ignoring the crew's confusion.
Alanaan: There are those in the world who believe that people are fundamentally good...
Alanaan: But what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. I think it's true.
  2. That's a hard question...

Choose: I think it's true.
Alanaan: I had a feelin' you might say that...

Choose: That's a hard question...
Alanaan: Did yer harsh journey bring you enlightenment?
Lyria: But I... I want to believe that people are fundamentally good!
Alanaan: I understand how ya feel.
Continue 1
Alanaan: But that is far too naive.
Alanaan: People have many emotions: joy, anger, grief, pleasure, fear, love, hatred, greed...
Alanaan: And many of them can be characterized as negative emotions.
Alanaan: From that we can conclude that as long as a person is alive, evil dwells within them.
Lyria: Um... Alanaan, is something wrong?
Vyrn: Yeah, dude. I don't have a clue what you're talking about...
Vyrn: You in trouble or somethin'?
Vyrn: We'd be happy to help if there's anything we can do!
Alanaan: Yer very kind. I must admit it makes me feel a tiny bit guilty.
Alanaan: But that kindness is only temporary.
Alanaan: The seeds of evil have already been sewn in a person's heart by the time they're born.
Alanaan: No matter how pure of heart you are now... eventually those seeds will sprout.
Alanaan: Isn't that right, great sun goddess?
The inside of the chapel begins to shake as if in response to Alanaan's address.
Lyria: ...!
I sense an evil presence...
Vyrn: Hey, Preacher Man! Did you do somethin'?
Alanaan: I wouldn't phrase it that way. The time is simply upon us.
Alanaan speaks with a broad smile across his face, his words become increasingly grandiose and incoherent.
Alanaan: The creation of a paradise for the righteous by the righteous—is it a mere fantasy? Or an illusion?
Alanaan: Nay, I say! It is but a simple task. We merely need to pluck the buds of evil before they sprout.
Alanaan: The wicked must be purged!
Alanaan: This cursed world must perish at the hands of the righteous!
Alanaan: Isn't that right...
Alanaan: Great sun goddess!
Alanaan tosses the card up toward the heavens.
At that moment the card glows, and a dazzling light engulfs the area.
The Sun: ...
Vyrn: Th-that thing looks familiar...
Lyria: It's an Arcarum primal beast! Why is it here?
Alanaan: Ahahaha!
Alanaan: With the help of yer crew, the sun goddess was able to manifest in this world. You have my thanks.
Alanaan: You'll have to forgive me. I tricked ya.
Vyrn: Wh-what're you talkin' about? Whaddya mean you tricked us?
Vyrn: The Church of Renatus helps its followers become good people, right?
Vyrn: And the townspeople really love the church too!
Alanaan: Good people? Yes... I am a good person. I am one of the righteous. All the evil deeds I have committed were for the sake of good.
Alanaan: The end justifies the means, as long as it's for a good cause.
Lyria: What?
Lyria: Then what were those simulations? What was all that talk about stopping the primal beast's plot?
Alanaan: Sorry, but it's actually the opposite. Those simulations were the only way to push our plan forward.
Alanaan: Thanks to yer countless battles, I was able to collect some valuable information.
Alanaan: I can never thank ya enough.
Lyria: No...
Alanaan: The manifestation of the sun goddess is the first step in achieving my greatest desire—the creation of a paradise for the righteous by the righteous.
Alanaan: The sun goddess and I will create this paradise together.
Alanaan: The Sky Realm is overrun with evil. There is no hope for it left—there is only despair!
Alanaan: If you seek salvation, abandon this world and come to my side!
Lyria: Alanaan! That's not the sun goddess!
Lyria: It's an Arcarum primal beast that's trying to destroy the world!
Alanaan: She's not destroyin' the world. She's creatin' a new one.
Alanaan: And besides... Primal beasts are beings that transcend mortals, puttin' them on the same level as the divine.
Alanaan: The name by which they're known simply differs depending on the region, people, or period of time. There's nothin' strange about that.
Alanaan: Isn't that right, great sun goddess?
The Sun: It is all thanks to you, pactbearer, that I was able to manifest in this world.
Alanaan: ...
The young woman stares coldly at Alanaan, who gazes back at her full of glee.
The Sun: The Arcarum will create a new world in this one that has chased away its creators.
The Sun: The Astral world, the sky world, and the countless numbers of squirming souls... All will be returned from whence it came.
Alanaan: Wait... What are you sayin'?
The Sun: We, the eleven of the Arcarum, shall bring forth a new truth.
The Sun: I am the light that shines upon all things, be they beautiful or ugly.
The Sun: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous... That is your truth. It does not apply to us.
The Sun: There is no place for you mortals in the new world over which we shall reign.
Alanaan: What in the skies are you talking about? We, the followers of the Church of Renatus, are—
The Sun locks eyes with Alanaan and releases a powerful ray of light.
The scorching hot beam burns everything in its path, instantly transforming the chapel into a sea of flames.
Alanaan: What did ya do that for? Explain this to me, please!
Lyria: Alanaan! We need to get away from here!
Vyrn: Come on, get a move on!
Alanaan: Aaahh!
Alanaan: Why! Why'd ya set fire to the church! The church is the sun goddesses's sacred—
The Sun: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous...
Alanaan: Are you tryin' to tell me that settin' fire to the church was a righteous act?
The Sun: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous...
Alanaan: What's the meanin' of this! Please teach me, great sun goddess!
The Sun: Foolish mortal... I asked you, did I not?
The Sun: I asked if you desired salvation...
The Sun: I simply told you the words you wanted to hear. That was your salvation.
Alanaan: (What have I done? I can't believe I let myself be fooled so easily...)
Alanaan: Evil deeds committed for the sake of good are righteous...
Alanaan: Was deceivin' me a righteous act in your eyes?
Alanaan: Ahahaha! How disgraceful, allowin' myself to be used in such a way!
Alanaan: Ahahaha... I'm such a fool...
Alanaan: It all makes sense. How could I have possibly been chosen to pass judgment upon the wicked?
Alanaan: I'm no more than a wicked sinner myself!
Alanaan: Hahaha... I've committed a countless number of evil deeds. I'm so ashamed.
Alanaan: I'm... a disgrace...
Alanaan smiles at the crew apologetically and pulls a dagger out of his pocket.
Lyria: Alanaan!
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan decides to condemn himself in order to take responsibility for his actions.
With a gentle smile on his face, he slashes the dagger across his neck before (Captain) and the crew can stop him.
Lyria: Aaahh!
(Captain) immediately rushes to Alanaan's side and glares at The Sun.
The Sun: You mortals are such fragile creatures, having to depend on those around you.
Vyrn: No... No!
Lyria: Alanaan...
  1. You'll pay for this!

Choose: You'll pay for this!
The Sun: Your existence has helped to hasten the creation of a new world. But you have done enough.
The Sun: My flames will consume everything, until nothing is left.
As The Sun raises her arms to the sky, the fire burns even brighter, engulfing the entire chapel in flames.
Vyrn: (Captain)! We gotta do somethin' quick, or the whole church is gonna burn down!
The Sun: ...
  1. We'll stop you!

Choose: We'll stop you!
(Captain) stands before The Sun, weapon at the ready, prepared to exact revenge against the primal beast for Alanaan's cruel fate.

Righteous Sins: Scene 2

Several days after their battle with The Sun, Alanaan awakens to find his life was saved by (Captain) and the crew. The priest is unable to face the townspeople out of shame, but the crew offers him encouragement, saying it's never too late to start over. The next day Alanaan departs on a journey of atonement, and the church followers vow to protect the church until his return.

Several days have passed since (Captain) and the crew defeated The Sun in battle.
???: Aaaaahhh!
Alanaan: Huff... Huff... Wh-where am I?
???: Hey, (Captain)! Sounds like our Preacher Man woke up!
Lyria: How are you feeling? Are you in any pain?
Alanaan: You all... saved me?
Lyria: Yes. I'm so relieved you're finally awake. You've been asleep for three days.
Alanaan: (I guess I clung to life somehow...)
Alanaan touches the bandage wrapped around his neck and bites his bottom lip.
Lyria: Are you hungry? Can we bring you anything?
Alanaan: No, don't worry about me—
Alanaan: W-wait! What happened to that primal beast?
Alanaan: Are the townspeople and church members all right?
Vyrn: Don't worry! We beat that primal to a pulp!
Lyria: Everyone's perfectly fine!
Alanaan: I see...
Alanaan relaxes, relieved to hear that the town is safe. He then shoots (Captain) and the crew a pointed glance.
Alanaan: Why... did you save me?
Alanaan: I used you... I tried to destroy the world...
Vyrn: Well, yeah, but still... Whaddya think, (Captain)?
  1. The Arcarum primal is to blame.

Choose: The Arcarum primal is to blame.
Alanaan: What...
Vyrn: Yeah, you were tricked. It's not your fault.
Lyria: So please... don't hurt yourself like that again.
Alanaan: ...
Alanaan: ...!
Lyria: What's wrong?
Alanaan: I sense traces of the primal beast's power coming from ya, little lady. Why is that?
Vyrn: Lyria can absorb the power of primal beasts!
Vyrn: So it makes sense that you'd be able to feel the primal's presence.
Alanaan: What!
Lyria: The Arcarum primal beast won't do any more bad things. Don't worry.
Alanaan: I see... That's a relief.
Alanaan falls silent, and Lyria changes the subject in order to lighten the mood.
Lyria: Oh, by the way...
Lyria: The church followers and townspeople are working together to rebuild the chapel that burned down.
Alanaan: What?
Vyrn: You'd be in big trouble without a church, right?
Lyria: Everyone is waiting for you to come back, Alanaan.
Alanaan: But I'm... I'm nothin' more than a sinner.
Alanaan: I call myself a priest of the Church of Renatus, and yet I violated our commandments and allowed evil into my heart.
Alanaan: How can I ever face them!
Lyria: That may be true, but... that doesn't change the fact that everyone is waiting for you.
Lyria: This town needs you!
Alanaan: Hahaha... You're too kind for your own good, little lady.
Vyrn: Quit bein' such a chicken, Preacher Man!
Vyrn: Try thinkin' about how the townspeople feel!
Alanaan: What could a person like me possibly do for them?
Alanaan: I have nothin' left...
  1. Then you just need to start over!

Choose: Then you just need to start over!
Alanaan: What?
Lyria: (Captain)'s right! You said it yourself—it's never too late to start over.
Lyria: And besides... The church members and townspeople are just practicing what you preached!
Alanaan: You could say we think of the townspeople like family.
Alanaan: We all live side by side, and we're always willin' to help each other out, just like a family.
Alanaan: Sure we don't share the same house, but that's not important. We're all brothers and sisters who live and work together in the same town.
Alanaan: If the people are ever in trouble, our doors are always open. We'll do everythin' in our power to help 'em.
Alanaan: A church is a house that belongs to everybody, after all.
Alanaan: Sniff... Ngh...
Touched by the compassion of the church followers and the townspeople, silent tears stream down Alanaan's cheeks.
The sun rises on a new day.
(Captain) and the crew make their way toward the inn where Alanaan is staying, joined by the other church members.
But Alanaan is nowhere to be found. In his place they discover a letter.
Alanaan: If I stayed in this town, I'd be takin' advantage of yer kindness, and I wouldn't be able to atone for my sins.
Alanaan: Therefore I am choosin' to depart on a journey in order to cleanse myself of my corruption. I leave the church in yer hands.
Follower 1: Father Alanaan's gone... What are we supposed to do now?
Lyria: Don't worry, everyone! He just went on a journey, so that means he'll be back one day!
Lyria: Remember what Alanaan said!
Lyria: A church is a house that belongs to everyone!
Follower 2: Haha. Yes! You're right! The church belongs to us, to everyone!
Having seen the light of hope, the church followers vow to work together with the townspeople to protect the church for Alanaan's sake.
Judging by their passion, (Captain) and the crew can tell that the future of the town is sure to be bright.

An Unsevered Bond

Several months after their battle with The Sun, (Captain) and the crew are reunited with Alanaan. The priest summons the primal and learns that she had been acting under the orders of another primal beast known as The World. Alanaan renews his pact with The Sun in order to defeat The World, deciding to join the crew on their journey along the way.

Several months have passed since the battle against the Arcarum primal beast.
On their way back from a mission, (Captain) and the crew encounter a traveler under attack by a monster.
Monster: Groooar!
Monster: Grrr...
Lyria: Are you all right?
Traveler: I sure am. You saved my life! Thanks to you, I don't have a single scratch on me.
Traveler: You're true heroes to be willing to fight a monster for the sake of a complete stranger like me!
Vyrn: Hehe. You can bet we'll always jump in to save somebody who's in trouble!
Traveler: Listen to you... You're a true saint!
Traveler: Are you by any chance members of the Church of Renatus?
Lyria: What?
Traveler: Oh, my apologies.
Traveler: You see, I was in the care of a priest of the Church of Renatus until just recently.
Lyria: A priest...
Vyrn: Hey, did that priest by any chance look really rough around the edges?
Traveler: Why yes, he certainly did!
Traveler: And it wasn't just his looks—it was his way of speaking as well!
Vyrn: Hehe. That could only mean one thing...
Lyria: Yes! That must have been Alanaan!
Traveler: What! You know Alanaan?
Traveler: I owe that man a deep debt of gratitude.
Traveler: It's all because of him that I was able to pay for my lodging and food.
Traveler: Alanaan's basically like a god to me. Ahaha!
Vyrn: Heh, sounds like the same guy. It sure would be great to see him again.
Traveler: You know, he might still be staying in a village on the other side of that mountain.
Traveler: He volunteered to be the mediator between two villages that are at odds with each other.
Lyria: Hehe. That sounds like something he would do!
And so (Captain) and the crew make their way toward the other side of the mountain to offer Alanaan their assistance.
But when (Captain) and company arrive in the village, they can't believe their eyes.
In place of the hostile environment they expected, they instead find a cheerful party in full swing.
Lyria: Everyone's getting along so well...
Vyrn: Yeah... What was all that about the villages fightin'?
Villager 1: Greetings, travelers! Today's a day to celebrate—the conflict between our villages has finally been settled.
Villager 1: Why don't you join the party? There's enough food for everybody!
Vyrn: Hehe. Really? You don't mind?
Lyria: Vyrn!
Vyrn: Oh, right... Guess I let my belly get the best of me.
Vyrn: Where the heck is that Preacher Man anyway?
Just as (Captain) and the crew begin to search for Alanaan, the card in Lyria's possession begins to glow faintly.
Lyria: Oh?
Vyrn: Huh? What's up?
Lyria: The card's been quiet this whole time... but it just started shining.
Vyrn: Whoa, hang on... We're not gonna get sucked into more dangerous memories, right?
(Captain) and the crew scan the area, bracing themselves for danger, but nothing seems out of the ordinary.
Lyria: Maybe it was just a false alarm...
???: Oh! What a surprise! I never dreamed I'd run into you lot around here.
Hearing a voice behind them, they turn to see Alanaan standing there, grinning from ear to ear.
Lyria: Alanaan!
Vyrn: Hey, Preacher Man! You scared us!
Alanaan: Ahahaha! Sorry about that.
Alanaan: The sun goddess has brought us together. Or... perhaps we're simply bound by fate.
Vyrn: We heard you were tryin' to stop a couple of villages from fightin', so we came to help...
Alanaan: Sorry to make ya come all this way for nothin', but the issue's already been resolved.
Vyrn: Hehe. Well, we get to go to a party anyway, so I'd say we lucked out!
Alanaan: Haha. Eat, drink, and be merry to yer heart's content.
Vyrn: Woohoo!
Lyria: I'm so glad to see you're doing well, Alanaan.
Alanaan: I've really put yer crew through a lot of grief.
Vyrn: That's all in the past now. Don't worry about it!
Lyria: Um... Have you been traveling this whole time?
Alanaan: Aye...
Lyria: I'm sure everyone is waiting at the church for you to return...
Alanaan: Yeah. I'll go back there one day... after I atone for all the sins I've committed.
Alanaan: Actually... it sounds like they're all more devout than I am now anyway.
Alanaan: I need to be more diligent in the pursuit of my faith, or I'll have no right to preach to anybody.
Lyria: I understand. I hope you'll be able to return to the church someday soon, Alanaan.
Alanaan: Thanks, little lady.
Alanaan: Anyway, enough gloomy talk. Let's go enjoy the party!
Alanaan introduces (Captain) and the crew to the villagers, and they kick the party up a notch.
That night Alanaan calls (Captain) and the crew to the outskirts of town.
Alanaan scratches his head apologetically as he turns to face them.
Alanaan: Y'know... I've been worryin' about that primal beast ever since I left on my journey.
Alanaan: And after bumpin' into you lot again, I'm even more concerned.
Lyria: Actually... There hadn't been any changes in the card since we last saw you.
Lyria: But it's been shining ever since we entered this village.
As Alanaan takes the card from Lyria, his brow creases in thought.
Alanaan: I wonder...
Alanaan: Maybe the bond between us wasn't completely severed.
Vyrn: The bond?
Alanaan: I thought my task was complete the moment I helped that primal beast manifest in this world.
Alanaan: But I guess unless both parties put an end to the connection, there's no escapin' it.
Alanaan: Hey, you cursed primal beast! Don't you think it's my turn to expose you for who you really are?
Alanaan calls out provokingly to the card in his hand and tosses it into the air.
Suddenly there is a flash.
The Sun appears before (Captain) and the crew, clad in a bright light.
But her intimidating aura is gone. Instead her very existence seems fleeting, as though she could disappear at any moment.
The Sun: ...
Lyria: She looks like she's in pain...
Alanaan: Ahahaha!
Alanaan: Yer evil deeds have come back to bite you. So this is what divine retribution looks like!
Alanaan: Well, it's not exactly like I wasn't involved...
Alanaan: Hey, you all right? You're not just gonna up and disappear on us, are ya?
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: Actually, it looks like ya might do just that. But... there's somethin' ya wanna say before ya disappear, right?
The Sun: You helped me manifest in this world in accordance with the pact we formed.
The Sun: If you had lost your life, I would have simply searched for a new pactbearer.
The Sun: But... you are still in this world.
Alanaan: Heh. I guess things didn't go accordin' to plan, eh? If you've got a problem with me bein' alive, you can take it up with that crew right there.
The Sun: Because you remain in this world, the connection between us has become distorted.
Alanaan: Oh? So we really are stuck together.
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: Hey, yer the one who deceived me. Knock off the attitude.
The Sun: I am unable to remain here without a vessel. That is an absolute fact.
Alanaan: You deceivin' me is a fact too, y'know.
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: But what we believe and what is fact aren't always the same.
Alanaan: Considerin' you appeared before me, you must have somethin' to say.
Alanaan: Why don't ya try explainin' things from yer point of view? Maybe we'll be able to reach an understanding.
The Sun: My... point of view...
The Sun gleams brightly, bathing the area in a white light.
When the light finally fades, they find themselves back on the simulated battlefield they've experienced countless times.
Vyrn: Why'd you bring us back here?
Vyrn: Don't tell me you want us to fight again.
Lyria: I don't think that's it. I think she's trying to tell us something...
Alanaan: All right. Let's hear it.
The Sun stares at Alanaan and begins speaking in a faint voice.
The Sun: I am The Sun. I am a primal beast who was originally killed in the War and left to rot.
The Sun: But another primal beast called The World retrieved the core from my decayed body and reconstructed me.
The Sun: The World—also known as The Inchoate World—is the founder of the Arcarum.
Lyria: A primal beast creating a primal beast? I've never heard of such a thing...
Vyrn: So that primal we met in Amalthea was the cause of all this...
The Sun: Everything we Arcarum do is for the creation of the new paradise that The World desires.
The Sun: We are unable to defy The World under any circumstances. That is how we were created.
The Sun: Everything I did was at The World's command.
The Sun: I repeated that simulation time and time again, seeking to derive the equation for complete victory over the skydwellers.
Alanaan: And what did ya think about that?
The Sun: Did I think it was a righteous deed or an evil deed, you mean?
The Sun: To me, it was neither.
The Sun: I exist to shine upon the beloved people of this world and bless them with success.
The Sun: That is everything to me. I have no interest in anything else.
Alanaan: (So we have to cut this off at the source, or it will never be over...)
Alanaan: I honestly couldn't care less if you vanished from this world.
Alanaan: I thought that if you disappeared, all the worry that's been eatin' away at me would disappear along with ya.
Alanaan: But... After learning the truth, I know what I must do.
Alanaan: What do ya say we form a proper pact this time, free from all the lies and deception?
The Sun: I am the light that shines upon all things.
The Sun: I exist to shine upon the beloved people of this world and bless them with success.
Alanaan: We'll join forces to purge the evil at its source. And I'll destroy the shackles placed upon ya.
Alanaan: We'll live side by side as we atone for our sins. How about it, Sun?
The Sun: ...
The Sun: I shall bathe you in my light.
The pact between Alanaan and the Arcarum primal beast known as The Sun is reforged, and the young woman begins to shine brightly once again.
She has resolved to fulfill her original mission to bless the people of the world with success in their lives.
Lyria: Alanaan...
Alanaan: What is it, little lady?
Lyria: I'm just... really happy that The Sun was able to be saved.
Alanaan: Ahahaha! That's all thanks to yer crew. You lot saved the day once again.
Alanaan: I don't know how I can ever repay you.
Lyria and (Captain) look at each other and immediately burst into laughter, realizing they're both thinking the same thing.
Vyrn: Huh? What's goin' on?
Lyria: Alanaan, why don't you come with us?
Alanaan: What? Well...
  1. Let's team up to defeat The World!

Choose: Let's team up to defeat The World!
Vyrn: Yeah! We gotta take that World jerk down!
Vyrn: So we might as well work together, right?
Lyria: What do you think, Alanaan?
Alanaan: Heh. Ahaha! Ahahaha!
Alanaan: Y'know... Travelin' with a pure-hearted crew like yerselves might be just what I need to cleanse myself of my own corruption.
Alanaan: I'll take ya up on that offer. I look forward to our journey together.
Lyria: Me too!
The Sun: I... I will see to it that you succeed.
And so Alanaan joins forces with the crew in pursuit of a single goal.
They will work together in order to put a stop to The World's foul ambitions.
(Captain) and the crew hope that one day the rough yet kind-hearted priest will be able to return to the church where his family waits for him.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
行くべき道は見えた I now know the path that I must travel.
日々是善行だ。その胸に刻んでおけよ Remember to do good deeds each and every day.
善とは何か……悪とは何か…… What is good? What is evil?
悪因の芽を摘んでやる I'll pluck the buds of evil before they sprout.
ワシらは家族じゃねぇか We're no different from family.
あっはっはっは! Ahahaha!
迷えば道理を外すってなぁ If you waver, you will stray from the truth.
面倒くせぇ奴だな You don't know when to quit, do ya?
敬虔なる信者たれ Be devout in yer faith.
嗚呼、我らが太陽神よ! O great sun goddess!


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