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Official Profile

Npc f 3040158000 01.jpg Alexiel
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Doing one good deed each day
Likes Helping the weak and crushing the strong
Dislikes All kinds of immoral acts
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040158000 01.jpg Alexiel
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 一日一善
Likes 弱きを助け強きを挫く
Dislikes 不道徳な行いすべて
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3040232000 01.jpg Alexiel (Summer)
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Doing one good deed each day
Likes Helping the weak and crushing the strong
Dislikes All kinds of immoral acts

Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040232000 01.jpg Alexiel (Summer)
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 一日一善
Likes 弱きを助け強きを挫く
Dislikes 不道徳な行いすべて

Source [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I was wondering why the ship seemed so busy today. Until I found out it was your birthday, that is.
Everyone is preparing to show their captain a day to remember.
Hm. I'm not sure what to say, but...
Ahem... Singularity... No. (Captain). Happy birthday.
I never thought the day would come when I would say those words to a mortal.
Let us grow together. I remain under your care and tutelage.


This is your second birthday since I've accompanied you on this journey, Singularity. Time can be truly fleeting.
You've grown so much more mature since then.
Hahah, I assure you I am not trying to curry favor—it would not be in my nature to do so. I merely speak the truth.
Anyhow, is there anything I can get you, Singularity?
Today is a momentous occasion. I'd like to commemorate it with a gift for you.
Especially since we are among friends now, please don't hesitate to speak your wishes. I promise to do my utmost to meet them!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Singularity. This is no time to be sleeping in.
We know not when a new threat to the world may arise. We must remain ever vigilant.
Now, let us watch the sun rise against the unending blue of the sky!
Is it not wonderful? This too is the doing of the primarchs. Since time is immemorial the balance of the world has been—
Haha. Dozing off again now, are you? Oh, Singularity. Well, I suppose if you weren't this serene, you wouldn't be the captain we know and love.


Singularity, happy New Year. May the coming year be just as delightful.
So... Have you already decided, Singularity?
Haha, must you ask what?
I've heard that mortals welcome in a new year by choosing a resolution to follow through with.
Yet you've come up with nothing? How will you overcome the many trials and tribulations that await—
Or, perhaps, your willingness to stay true to yourself instead of trying to conform to any archetype may be your greatest strength, Singularity.
Hm, it seems I still have much to learn.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Why is everyone acting so strangely today?
I see... A day to make your feelings known. That sounds good.
Though two people may trust each other, at times it is important to put that trust into words.
Haha. Your kind is fascinating indeed.
I have gained yet another valuable perspective to ponder. I thank you.


My apologies, Singularity, but if you can spare a moment of your time...
Last year, I learned for myself what sort of day Valentine's truly is.
I thought I'd try to participate in the occasion myself this year.
Without further ado, Singularity, I present to you my very own hand-made chocolate!
Hm? Why the sour face? I'm certain I applied sugar...
Huh? Too stiff, you say?
I'll make chocolate so soft that it melts in your mouth the next chance I get! Just you wait, Singularity!

White Day Cutscenes
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Singularity, what's that pile of boxes you have in your hands?
Oh? This is in return for Valentine's Day?
Well, for you to be so popular among your crewmates is no surprise. I'd expect no less from the Singularity.
Haha! No need to be so modest. You should be proud.
I too must grow as you do. I'll be sure to participate in next year's events.


A gift for me?
Haha. So on White Day, the roles are reversed from Valentine's Day, I see.
It gladdens my heart to be able to partake in such an occasion.
Ah, what is this ticklish sensation that fills me?
I've never felt anything like it.
Thank you for allowing me join you on your journey, Singularity.
I hope you'll continue to teach me things that broaden my horizon.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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I heard that Halloween is the day we play with Lost Jack, but...
I did not know such day of mischief existed.
Trick or treat?
One must trick another if a treat is not given? Hmm.
Haha. Fascinating.
Oh? Singularity, are you trying to play a trick on me?
A futile gesture. Can you not see my mirror-blade barrier?
Haha. If you wish to challenge me, fight me in true battle, not with trickery.


Rgh, I've been bested... Your remarkable powers of mischief are far too great for me to handle, Singularity...
But the true battle begins now.
Haha, trick or treat!
I will not simply flee from your tricks this year.
In fact, I shall assume the role of mighty trickster myself!
I pray for your sake, Singularity, that you have your treats ready.
For I have more than a few earthen tricks up my sleeve!
Mirror-Blade Eruption!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Singularity, what do you intend to do with all those spheres of snow?
Haha. I know what you're thinking.
Very well. I accept your challenge!
Hm? What's wrong? You seem displeased.
Though it may be a mere game, one must give one's very best in all things!
What? You understand what Master Uriel meant when he said what he did?
Singularity. You must tell me the meaning of this.


Singularity, have you noticed how everyone in the crew seems awfully fidgety today?
Huh? You mean...
Haha! Ah, yes, I remember now! Tonight is the night of the holy eve!
What an embarrassing faux pas it is that I'd forget. But I shall make things right.
I'll make certain that I'm on time for the gift exchange later today.
I'll prepare gifts that send hearts aflutter!

Fate Episodes

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Divine Beauty's Vacation

While enjoying the beach with Alexiel, the crew spots sand castles and statues in the distance. Although she is capable of creating such structures instantly using the power of earth, they decide to make some by hand.

With their list of requests dwindling down, (Captain) and company decide to take it easy on this beautiful summer day.
They head to the beaches of Auguste to enjoy a short vacation.
Lyria: Mmm! Yummy food in every direction!
Vyrn: I know we just ate, but for some reason, I'm already starving!
The delectable scents wafting from the beach house and various food stalls draw the crew's attention.
???: Excuse me. I'm looking for grilled corn on the cob. Do you happen to know where I might find some?
(Captain) turns around to the voice from behind, eyes widening in surprise.

Alexiel is a crew member

Go to "Continue 2"

Continue 1
???: Oh? Greetings, Singularity. It's been a while.
Lyria: Um... Is she your friend, (Captain)?
???: Ah... I suppose this may be the first time I've crossed paths with the girl in blue and the red dragon in a casual setting.
Her name is Alexiel. She is a primal beast training under the earth primarch, Uriel.
She stood by (Captain)'s bedside before to conduct the earth trial.
Lyria: So that's how you know her...
Vyrn: If Uriel's sent his disciple out here, does that mean something's up?

Continue 2
Alexiel: Hm? Ah, I thought you looked familiar... It's a pleasure to find you here.
Lyria: Alexiel! What brings you to Auguste?
Lyria: I remember hearing that you'd be training with Uriel during our time off...
Continue 3
Alexiel: Yes, I did say that. The truth is, Uriel suggested that I also play hard instead of simply working hard all the time.
Alexiel: I thought I'd take the opportunity to enjoy the beach like many mortals do.
Lyria: Ah, so that's what happened!
Lyria: By the way, you look so cool in that swimsuit and those sunglasses!
Alexiel: I see you are quite a good judge of fashion, girl in blue. I am especially fond of these shades.
Alexiel: It would be no exaggeration to say that these were essentially made for me.
Vyrn: Whaddya think of the sunglasses, (Captain)?
  1. They look pretty hip.
  2. Well, if she likes them...

Choose: They look pretty hip.
Vyrn: You think so?
Alexiel: Heheh, your discerning eye never fails to impress, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah, I don't really know much about fashion...

Choose: Well, if she likes them...
Vyrn: Not that they look bad or anything, but, er... How do I put it...
Alexiel: Why do you slur your words, red dragon? Do you not see the greatness in this stylish accoutrement?
Vyrn: Hey, I'm not tryin' to knock 'em. I guess I just... don't really know fashion all that well.
Continue 4
Alexiel: When it comes to swimwear, it really is a whole other world out there. They're available in such a wide variety of colors, shapes, and material.
Alexiel: You have no idea how many shops I rummaged through to find this particular piece.
Vyrn: Kinda surprising to hear that coming from you. Didn't take you for the fashion-conscious type.
Lyria: Well... I know exactly what you mean, Alexiel!
Lyria: Every swimsuit they have on display at the shop looks so nice. It's not easy to pick one out.
Vyrn: So that's how it feels, huh?
Lyria: Anyway, do you plan on doing anything later, Alexiel?
Alexiel: Hm... For starters, I thought I'd take a look at some of the shops in this area.
Vyrn: Great, we can go together.
Lyria: Yeah, let's do that! A vacation spent together is so much more fun!
Alexiel: Hm, I do see the value in that sentiment.
Alexiel: (Captain). Would you mind if I accompanied you on this vacation?
(Captain) responds with a radiant smile.
Lyria: Yay! Let's start with the food stalls!
Vyrn: You said you were looking for corn, Alexiel?
Lyria: I think I smelled some in this direction!
Led by Lyria's nose, the crew heads for the vendor selling corncobs.
They have come to a place where beach houses are lined up next to each other.
Seated around a table at the outdoors food court, they dig in to the massive amount of food before them.
Lyria: Munch, munch... Mm!
Lyria: Alexiel, try some of this grilled urkin! It's so yummy that I could eat it all day—
Alexiel: Aah! Feast your eyes on this wondrous sight, girl in blue!
Alexiel: The rich abundance of seafood pours out from the yakisoba like a magnificent cascade!
Lyria and Alexiel tuck into the delectable array of cuisine filling the table while chatting away.
Vyrn: You girls sure know how to eat. I'm already stuffed just watching you two.
Vyrn and (Captain) watch in awe as their two companions finish up all the food in record time.
Lyria: My tummy's full...
Alexiel: Mm, there are some more food items I meant to get a taste of. How I would love to get a bite of everything out on this beach today...
Vyrn: Whoa! Still haven't had your fill yet?
Alexiel: As much as I'd love to continue gorging on the local specialties, there remains no room left in my stomach... A true shame indeed.
Lyria: Yeah, I can't handle any more either... But we can always come back when we're hungry again!
Alexiel: My thoughts exactly. Shall we exert physical force to the point of hunger then?
Their appetites satisfied, (Captain) and the crew return to the sandy beach for some post-meal exercise.
Lyria: Huh? (Captain), look at that huge thing over there!
Lyria points to what looks like a very particularly-shaped giant pile of sand.
Alexiel: How splendid. A statue composed entirely of sand.
They get closer and notice a lion sand statue with its mouth agape and details so fine that it may as well be alive.
The crew can almost feel the huff and puff of its breath as they watch in wonderment.
Lyria: Wow, I can't believe this whole thing is made of sand...
Alexiel: The muscle tone, sense of motion, and fur arrangement have all been captured perfectly. How is it possible to do all this using only fine mineral particles—my goodness...
Lyria: Alexiel? What's wrong?
Alexiel: There appear to be many mortals on this beach who are adept at creating structures and statues with granular material.
The others in the crew follow her gaze to find numerous groups of people building sand castles and statues.
Alexiel: So I see there are other ways to enjoy the beach rather than just swimming.
Lyria: Mm-hm. I've built some sand tunnels and castles too with others in the crew.
Vyrn: The stuff we made wasn't that big, but it sure felt good seeing the finished product!
Alexiel: In other words, a sense of accomplishment is what drives you. I see.
Alexiel scans the horizon before dropping her gaze and putting a hand above the sand.
Alexiel: Stand back, everyone.
Complying with her impromptu command, (Captain) and company take a few steps back.
The fine particles around Alexiel begin to spiral, generating a minor sandstorm.
Alexiel: That should do it.
Once the cloud of dust settles, the crew finds before them a small sand hut about as tall as (Captain).
Lyria: Wow! I've never seen anyone build a sand house so fast!
Alexiel: It's a rather rudimentary feat if you can control the element of earth.
Alexiel: I can construct and deconstruct its form at will.
Alexiel clenches her fist, causing the sand hut to collapse and take its former shape on the ground.
Alexiel: However, this method does not allow me to soak in the sense of accomplishment that the red dragon spoke of.
  1. Let's make something together!

Choose: Let's make something together!
Vyrn: I'm up for that! Let's make the biggest sand castle on this beach!
Alexiel: Sounds simple enough.
Vyrn: Hold up—we'll show you how to do it our way!
Lyria: What I always do is gather a large pile of sand, harden it, and then try to shape it into whatever I'm making.
Lyria: It takes time, but it feels so good when you're done!
Alexiel: Hm, so we'll do this manually by hand... Very well, I look forward to it.
Vyrn: All righty then! Let's get to gathering sand!
Lyria: Let's make something really incredible, (Captain)!
Lyria: Ta-da! It's done!
As the setting sun melts into the horizon, (Captain) and company finally complete the sand castle.
They look in satisfaction at the structure big enough to be a civilian house, crafted by their very own hands.
Vyrn: Who woulda guessed we could build a castle this big, huh.
Lyria: It's thanks to the really strong sand that Alexiel prepared for us!
Alexiel: I merely fortified the bonds between the sand particles to facilitate the process.
Alexiel: It is purely your efforts that led to the construction of such a magnificent castle.
  1. More like we all pulled it off together.

Choose: More like we all pulled it off together.
Lyria: That's right. This'll be a memory to remember!
Alexiel: Heheh... That's for certain.
She fixes her gaze on the sand castle, as if to burn its image into her mind.
Alexiel: A vacation is infinitely more exhilarating and uplifting than I had initially imagined it to be.
Alexiel: I thank you, (Captain). For allowing me to spend this day so meaningfully.
Lyria: Teehee, we're just glad you had fun. Because we definitely enjoyed having you here!
Vyrn: I just wished it lasted longer.
Lyria: Actually... Do you have tomorrow off too, Alexiel?
Alexiel: Yes, I plan on spending a few more days in the area. I imagine you, on the other hand, will be very busy?
Lyria: We'll be taking it easy a bit longer too! If you don't mind, why not spend tomorrow with us too?
Alexiel: I appreciate the offer. I'll gladly oblige if it does not interfere with your schedule.
  1. You're always welcome, Alexiel!
  2. We need to hang out more.

Choose: You're always welcome, Alexiel!
Lyria: Uh-huh! Vacations are so much more fun when you spend them with good friends!

Choose: We need to hang out more.
Lyria: Yeah! I want to play with Alexiel some more too!
Continue 5
Alexiel: Your kindness knows no bounds. Very well then.
Lyria: Hooray! Let's go over what we'll do tomorrow!
And so (Captain) and company decide to spend the remainder of their vacation with Alexiel.
They move to the beach house to rest their weary bodies and discuss their plans for the following day.

Scorching Summer Break

The crew is surprised by the earth primarch on the beach and joins him for a Uriel-style vacation. Unfortunately, it is a tad bit too intense for Vyrn and Lyria, who give into exhaustion rather quickly.

Alexiel and crew are out on the beach again the next day.
Alexiel: There are considerable crowds in this location.
Lyria: It's really close to the beach house, making it a great spot to go for a swim.
Vyrn: Not to mention the fireworks at night. It's no wonder it's always packed around here!
Alexiel: Fireworks... That sounds like a suitable attraction for drawing the attention of mortals.
While watching the throngs of people enjoy themselves on the beach, the crew heads out to shore for a dip in the water.
Lyria: Huh?
Alexiel: Hm? Have you found something noteworthy?
Lyria: Something's coming this way really fast from the sea.
Massive columns of water erupt with a violent splashing sound, drawing closer every second.
???: Whoooo!
Vyrn: What the!
Alexiel: This presence feels awfully familiar!
Those who were swimming quickly scramble back to the coast in fear of the encroaching water torrents.
Before this potential menace makes it to shore, a loud clap is followed by the calming of the waters.
A brawny man makes his entrance on the beach as if nothing had happened.
  1. Uriel?

Choose: Uriel?
Uriel: Yooo! Funny seeing you guys here! You here on a vacay too?
Lyria: Uriel! Do you mean to say you're also on vacation?
Uriel: Yep, you got that right. I like to have mine Uriel-style.
Vyrn: So, like, a Uriel-style vacation?
Uriel: You sound interested. Perfect. Why don't you join me, Singularity?
  1. I'm in!
  2. I dunno about this...

Choose: I'm in!
Uriel: Haha, good answer, kiddo!
Vyrn: Kinda gives me the chills, but I'm curious!
Lyria: Please go easy on us!

Choose: I dunno about this...
Alexiel: I assure you it will be a worthwhile experience. It wouldn't hurt to try.
Lyria: Yeah! Besides, I really want to know how Uriel spends his time off.
Vyrn: C'mon, (Captain)! Let's give it a shot!
Continue 1
Vyrn: So, what's up with this so-called "Uriel-style vacation"?
Uriel: Ain't nothing special really. I just goof around in general and go out for a swim when I feel like it.
Vyrn: Pssh! Sure is a fancy name for somethin' so plain...
Uriel: You guys haven't had a chance to swim yet, right?
Lyria: Well, we did just get here.
Uriel: Okay, we're going in then. Warming up our bodies should also help stave off injury if we wanna play hard later.
Lyria: Sure! Sounds like fun!
The crew chases after Uriel in his playful mood as he heads out to sea.
But they soon come to a grave realization.
A realization of the truth behind a Uriel-style vacation.
Less than an hour has passed. And Lyria has already given up.
Lyria: Hack... Gasp... I'm sorry, (Captain)... I can't keep up anymore... Glug-glug...
Alexiel: Hold on to me, girl in blue. I'll transport you to shore.
The crew first followed Uriel for a boat ride.
Curious as to where they might be heading, they found themselves plunged into the middle of the ocean. Then Uriel announced that they would be swimming back to shore.
Uriel swam back so fast that he was gone in but a flash.
Vyrn: I wasn't expecting a long-distance swim when he mentioned warming up...
Alexiel: Master Uriel engages in every activity with utmost effort.
Alexiel: Even today, you can see that he is exerting every last drop of strength to relish this vacation.
Alexiel: Your impeccable frame of mind never ceases to amaze, Master Uriel... I see that I still have much to learn.
Vyrn: Geez, he should really try letting loose during a day off...
The others try to console Vyrn, who had sensed something suspicious from the outset, as they make their way back to shore.
Uriel: Oryaagh!
Alexiel: Haaagh!
(Captain), Uriel, and Alexiel sprint across the smooth sand of the beach, a menacing expression on their faces.
Ahead of them is a single flag planted on the ground.
Alexiel: Victory!
Alexiel, who is ahead by half a step, extends a hand to the flag.
Uriel: Oh, no you don't!
However, Uriel comes in from the side and snatches the flag before Alexiel can lay hands on it.
Alexiel: Rgh! I was so close...
Uriel: Hahah! Just goes to show that you can't let your guard down until the very end.
Alexiel: Sound advice as always, Master Uriel. I shall heed those words with all my heart!
As if their bodies aren't already tattered enough from the swim, they now engage in a game of beach flags.
However, Vyrn and Lyria have already reached their physical limits and decide to serve as referees instead.
Vyrn: Phew, those guys can sure take a beating.
Lyria: You sure you're okay, (Captain)? I can tell you're wobbling.
In stark contrast to the earth primarch and his disciple, the sheer exhaustion felt by (Captain) is readily apparent.
Nevertheless, a fierce determination to win the next round burns bright in the captain's eyes.
Vyrn: I'm startin' to get it now... The real meaning of "Uriel-style"...
Vyrn: Feels like a ton more training than actual vacation...
Lyria: Yeah... I've never been on a vacation this intense before.
Uriel: Time for the next activity! Get ready, you two!
Alexiel: Yes, Master Uriel!
  1. I've got this!

Choose: I've got this!
Uriel: That's the spirit! But don't think you can score a win so easily!
Vyrn: Whew, they sure are fired up.
Lyria: Ahaha... I guess it's okay as long as they're all having fun.
Fatigue still taking its toll on Lyria and Vyrn...
They watch in wonder at how many activities Uriel has in store for the day.

Scorching Summer Break: Scene 2

Uriel alone faces off against the crew in a game of beach volleyball, easily overwhelming them. Fortunately, the crew is not easily deterred and they are already gearing up for the next challenge.

The fierce game of beach flags between (Captain), Uriel, and Alexiel comes to an end.
After a brief reprieve, they get into position for their next competition, which will make use of a net.
On the other side of the net is Uriel, who holds a leather ball the size of his head.
Uriel: You're going up against me in beach volleyball next.
Lyria: Um... Does that mean it'll be all of us against you?
Vyrn and Lyria, with their strength recovered, stand beside (Captain) and Alexiel.
Uriel: Yep, that's the idea. Four on one.
Alexiel: But that would give us an unfair advantage.
Alexiel: Perhaps one of us should come to your side, Master Uriel...
Uriel: Nah, it's fine. I'm more than enough to take on all of you.
Vyrn: You tryin' to say we're pushovers?
Uriel: As experienced as you might be in battle, you're new to beach volleyball, aren't you?
Uriel: Try as you might, I doubt the four of you can score a single point against me.
Vyrn: Grr! That's going too far!
Vyrn: C'mon, (Captain)! Let's trounce him!
  1. We're gonna win this for sure!
  2. Well, if you wanna play that badly...

Choose: We're gonna win this for sure!
Alexiel: Very well, Master Uriel. We shall challenge you with all our might.
Uriel: Hahaha! Glad to see you're quick on the uptake! Hope you can keep me entertained!

Choose: Well, if you wanna play that badly...
Uriel: Hey, no holding back, all right? Come at me with all you've got!
Alexiel: Though my heart hesitates, it is Master Uriel's wish. We shall demonstrate what we're capable of!
Continue 1
And thus the spark to set off this heated match of beach volleyball is ignited.
Uriel: Eat this!
Uriel leaps up high and launches the ball toward (Captain) at blistering speed.
Alexiel: A glorious serve receive, (Captain)! Pass it to me!
The impact nearly numbing the captain's arms, (Captain) manages to knock the ball in Alexiel's direction.
Alexiel: Red dragon, it's in your hands now!
Vyrn: I'm gonna make this one count!
Alexiel tosses the ball high up, allowing Vyrn to smash it with his tail.
Vyrn: How d'ya like this!
Uriel: Ooh, impressive. But not good enough!
Lyria: Wow! How did he get there so fast?
Vyrn had gone straight for Uriel's blind spot.
But the earth primarch is already there to receive the ball in the next moment.
Four against one should have been overwhelming odds, but Uriel easily overwhelms (Captain) and company.
Alexiel: (Novices we may be, but there are four of us. And having a flying dragon is essentially cheating on our part.)
Alexiel: (Yet we continue to struggle...)
Alexiel: (Master Uriel... You are truly unstoppable!)
Alexiel calmly breaks down the situation, waiting for an opportunity to arise.
Uriel: Let's see how you handle this next one!
Uriel swings his arm, and with a bang so loud that it's accompanied with a fierce gust of wind, the ball goes flying toward (Captain).
The captain manages to catch the ball but is unable to stop its momentum, sending it hurling in an unintended direction.
Alexiel: Rgh, almost—
Alexiel's reflexes kick in. She makes a desperate dive toward the ball and launches it sky-high right before it hits the ground.
Lyria: Ah! It's going toward Uriel!
Uriel: Trying to give me a free point? I'll just have to take you up on that offer!
The ball spirals out of control, careening high over Uriel's head.
Alexiel: No! (Captain), fall back! I shall handle this one!
Uriel: Hraaagh!
Uriel: Here comes my killer move!
Uriel: Uriel... Bomber!
Uriel unleashes a devastating blow that lands on the ball's epicenter, causing the very atmosphere to tremble.
Lyria: Eep!
Startled by the force of the shockwave, Lyria lets out a yelp. (Captain) leaps in front of her on impulse.
Vyrn: Watch out, (Captain)!
Alexiel: Ngh!
However, the captain stops short upon seeing Alexiel straight ahead. She is eyeing the ball's trajectory meticulously, ready to pounce on it at a moment's notice.
Vyrn: Ptooey! Sand in my mouth is just yucky...
Lyria: Cough... Are you two okay?
Alexiel: Yes, we're still standing...
The ball lies buried in the newly-formed indentation on the ground between (Captain) and Alexiel.
Uriel: Hahahah! Another win for me!
Vyrn: Whoa! That ball's in pretty deep...
Lyria: Yikes... I can't imagine what might've happened if we'd tried to receive it...
Alexiel: Rgh... So we've lost.
Uriel: That may be, but if you'd managed to counter that last one, I'd have been in a pretty tight spot myself.
Uriel: Perhaps I played you down a tad bit too much.
Uriel: Even with the handicap in place, I still had to put in some serious effort to come out on top.
Alexiel: The fact is we lost. We were so focused on defense that we forsook offense entirely.
Uriel: Full-on offense isn't always the answer either, you know.
Uriel: Listen, Alexiel. There are as many ways to engage a battle as there are allies to partner up with or foes to fight.
Uriel: A single loss isn't the end. Learning from your losses is where it really counts.
Uriel: Ain't that right, Singularity?
  1. I'll just have to dominate the next one!

Choose: I'll just have to dominate the next one!
Lyria: That's right! A loss today can always be made up for tomorrow!
Vyrn: Next time we play volleyball, we'll have to think up a proper strategy—decide who guards where and all that!
Alexiel: Indeed. If we combine our strength, there is no victory that cannot be obtained.
Alexiel: I, too, shall hone my skills so that I may surpass Master Uriel's technique one day.
Uriel: Looking forward to it. Just don't expect me to go easy on you.
(Captain) and company taste the bitter sting of defeat.
But they remain undeterred and are now more determined than ever to make a comeback.

Scorching Summer Break: Scene 3

The crew engages in crab smashing for the last activity of the day. When (Captain)'s turn comes up, a massive swarm along with a dire crab emerges. They go off to tackle the swarm before any harm can come to innocent bystanders, while Uriel stays behind to fend off the dire crab.

With an intense game of beach volleyball behind them, (Captain) and company follow Uriel to a more secluded part of the beach.
Uriel: I'd say it's time for the last part of this vacation...
Uriel: You guys ever heard of watermelon smashing?
Lyria: Um... Is it that ceremony where we split watermelons to ward off evil spirits?
Uriel: Yup, that's right. Except when it comes to a Uriel-style vacation, it's not watermelons that you smash.
Uriel takes out a small pouch he had prepared in advance and sprinkles a handful of its contents out into the sea.
Vyrn: Huh? A creepy-crawlie crab's headed our way.
Uriel: Heyuuh!
Uriel smashes it to smithereens with his bare fists.
Lyria: Oh no... Sorry, crab...
Uriel: Instead of the typical watermelon smashing, I like to end my vacays with some good ol' crab smashing.
(Captain) and company exchange puzzled glances.
Vyrn: What's wrong with watermelons? You got somethin' against crabs?
Uriel: Crabs tend to gather here in large numbers.
Uriel: It's not like I pulverize them for sport though. Crabs are really high in nutrition; I'm thankful for every crab life I take.
Uriel: Rather than splitting stationary fruit, smashing moving crabs en masse makes for both better exercise and better food.
Uriel: Just think of it as Uriel-style training and Uriel-style fishing combined in one.
Vyrn: I knew it... It's all about training again.
Uriel: Last but not least, these crabs are real tasty—and they're monsters to boot. So it's like killing three birds with one stone, or is that four?
Alexiel: Master Uriel. How shall we initiate this activity?
Alexiel: We lack the necessary bait...
Uriel: No worries. I've brought just enough for them to come out in droves.
Uriel: Alexiel, it'd be a cakewalk if you and the singularity teamed up for this.
Uriel: So I'm thinking of having each of you do this alone, one at a time.
Alexiel: Very well. (Captain), let us see which of us can exterminate the crabs faster.
(Captain) responds with a cocksure smile.
Leaving Alexiel by the water's edge, the others watch from a short distance away.
Alexiel: ...
Alexiel scatters the bait received from Uriel and waits for the creatures to make their appearance.
Alexiel: They're here.
Drawn by the scent of food, a dozen or so crabs emerge before Alexiel.
Alexiel: A formidable challenge, I would hope! En garde!
Faced with a spirited Alexiel ready to do battle, the crabs rush her in unison.
Alexiel: Haaah!
Lyria: Wow! I can't believe how fast she's knocking out those giant crabs!
Uriel: Looks like you've gotten considerably stronger since I last saw you.
Uriel: Just goes to show that I can't afford to be loafing around.
The shockwave unleashed from a single stroke of her great broadsword takes down one crab after another.
(Captain) is positively speechless at Alexiel's impressive control of the situation.
Alexiel: This is the last one!
She finishes off the final crab, bringing calm to the chaos.
Alexiel: Hm, that should do it.
Alexiel: Your turn, (Captain). Show us your strength.
(Captain) nods and approaches the shore, trading places with Alexiel.
With sword at the ready, (Captain) takes a deep breath and chucks the bait onto the surface of the water.
Vyrn: Huh?
You sure you put all your bait out there?
Lyria: Strange... When Alexiel did it, the crabs came biting immediately...
They wait a few more minutes. Nothing.
The silence of the seas leaves (Captain) puzzled.
Lyria: Maybe Alexiel already defeated all of them?
Uriel: That doesn't seem likely. From my experience, there's a ton more crabs where those came from.
Alexiel: Then why...
The sound of the faint rumbling of the earth reaches their ears.
Lyria: Is the ground shaking?
Vyrn: Whoa! What's that over there?
As the rumbling grows louder, they look to the seas and notice a dark silhouette accompanying an encroaching tidal wave.
Alexiel: Could it be a massive swarm of crabs?
Lyria: Huh? Is that what all the little shadows are? That looks like so many more than what Alexiel just fought!
Though taken aback by the sudden appearance of this massive crab consortium, (Captain) prepares to fight them off.
Vyrn: Yowie!
Dire Crab: ...
Alexiel: M-my goodness!
The tidal wave subsides, and from it emerges a giant grab many times larger and more menacing than the consortium before it.
Uriel: That must be the rumored dire crab!
Lyria: You know of it?
Uriel: I've never seen one till today, but it's a particular species of crab that grows in size by feeding on its own kind.
Uriel: I didn't think they actually existed. It must've been drawn here by the scent of all the other crabs in the area.
Lyria: That means the little ones are...
Uriel: Chances are they're running for their lives. Their dire cousin isn't someone they wanna mess with.
Vyrn: Hey, look! They're all scattering!
Alexiel: This can't be good. Many of them are headed in the direction where most beachgoers congregate.
A surge of panic rushes over the crew as the little critters run for dear life.
Uriel: This could end up being a real disaster...
  1. Not on my watch!

Choose: Not on my watch!
Uriel: Not on mine either! I'll take on Daddy Crab. You guys make sure the smaller ones stay away from the crowded part of the beach.
Alexiel: Understood! Let us go, (Captain)!

Scorching Summer Break: Scene 4

With the dire crab still focused entirely on Uriel, (Captain) and company return to smash a rock-hard coconut into its weak point, using everything they learned from beach volleyball. They end the day with a fireworks display, leaving a lasting impression on Alexiel.

(Captain) and company quell the onslaught of crabs that went beachside.
Lyria: It's a good thing we got to them before they could hurt anyone.
Alexiel: Now then...
Alexiel: Master Uriel is still battling the dire crab.
Uriel: Uryaaah!
Uriel upsets the massive crab's balance with a rapid barrage of fists.
Dire Crab: ...!
Uriel: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch it!
The agitated creature swings its giant pincers haphazardly.
Uriel: Whew, and I thought I was a tough guy...
Alexiel: Master Uriel! How fares your battle?
Uriel: Hey, guys. I'm guessing you already finished up on your side?
Lyria: Mm-hm! No harm done to the beach!
Vyrn: Looks like it's a different story here though...
The surrounding trees and sand have been knocked all over the place by the rampaging crab.
Uriel: Sheesh... Looks like it's not too happy about missing its lunch.
Uriel: Things are only gonna get worse if we excite it too much. It's best if we can take it out in one shot.
Alexiel: Perhaps we should attack its weak point for massive damage.
Uriel: You do that. I'll try to distract it in the meantime.
Lyria: Okay! Please be careful!
Dire Crab: ...!
Uriel: Oryaah! Fight me!
While dodging the dire crab's vicious attacks, (Captain) and company try to go after its weak spot.
Vyrn: Ack!
Alexiel: Hngh!
Alexiel: Are you hurt, red dragon?
Vyrn: I'm okay. Thanks, Alexiel!
However, the creature's resistance is fierce, preventing anyone other than Uriel from getting close.
After much struggling, the crew is finally able to land a blow, but the crab's rock-hard shell nullifies most of the damage.
Lyria: This won't work! We looked all over, but the shell covers every part of the crab...
Alexiel: So we'll either have to break the shell first, or take out the crab along with the shell.
Vyrn: Wait... The very top of its head is kinda a different color!
Alexiel: What! Are you certain of that?
Vyrn: I'd bet an apple on it! There's a small crack up there too!
Alexiel: Then that's where we shall strike!
Alexiel gives (Captain) a knowing nod before kicking off the ground and leaping high up.
There are indeed markings of prior damage—perhaps penetration by a blade—on the top of the crab's head.
Alexiel: Eeaaagh!
Upon finding the exact spot, Alexiel attempts to plunge into it with her broadsword.
Dire Crab: ...!
Alexiel: Wha? Rgh!
Lyria: Alexiel!
Alexiel: Worry not! For it is only a scratch!
Uriel: Tch! Looks like you guys found the chink in Daddy Crab's shell! It sure isn't happy about it though!
The creature's frenzy grows in intensity, as if trying to protect its weak point.
Lyria: We won't be able to get close like this!
Alexiel: There must be some way we can land a blow on it...
The crew tries to devise a different strategy while holding off the dire crab.
(Captain) looks around and notices a large coconut hanging from a nearby palm tree.
Vyrn: What's wrong, (Captain)? You got a sudden craving for coconut?
Alexiel: Coconut... That may very well work!
Alexiel, too, fixes her gaze on the coconut and breathes a sigh of relief.
Alexiel: Given its size, we should be able to use it to strike the crack in the crab's shell.
Alexiel: With its durable husk, the coconut should deal considerable damage.
Lyria: But Mr. Crab's only going to get angrier if it misses...
Alexiel: Girl in blue. The time has come to show the power of our union.
Alexiel: In order to land a clean hit, we'd best make minimal movements to avoid drawing the dire crab's attention.
Lyria: Um... But how are we going to get the coconut to drop on Mr. Crab?
Alexiel: Think back to our time together, girl in blue. We learned earlier that with proper positioning, it's possible to send a ball hurling in any direction.
Lyria: Oh, right! Beach volleyball!
Alexiel: Yes. Perhaps this is a chance to clear our shame for that loss.
Vyrn: Booyah! There's nothing we can't do if we put our heads and hands together!
Alexiel: My thoughts exactly, red dragon.
Alexiel: (Captain). For this stratagem to work, we'll need to strike the coconut with a powerful blow.
Alexiel: In other words, the final blow against the coconut must be a swift and decisive one.
Alexiel: I would like to entrust this task to you. What do you say, Singularity?
  1. There's no one more suited than you.
  2. Right back at you!

Choose: There's no one more suited than you.
Lyria: Yeah! You're the only one who can use that move Uriel does, Alexiel!

Choose: Right back at you!
Vyrn: That's right! Only Uriel's disciple could pull off such a stunt!
Continue 1
Alexiel: Very well. I shall do my best to meet your expectations.
Alexiel: We have one chance at this.
Alexiel: But there is nothing to fear. By the power of our bonds, this dire crab shall fall.
Lyria: Let's do this!
Uriel: Not sure what's going on, but it sounds like you guys have a plan.
Uriel: I'll keep it focused on me. Don't mess up now.
Alexiel: Yes! Victory is within our grasp!
Seeing that the dire crab is focused entirely on Uriel, (Captain) and company get into position.
Vyrn: Here goes! Headin' your way, Lyria!
Lyria: I'm ready for it!
Vyrn lashes at one of the larger coconuts growing on the palm tree with his tail.
Lyria: (Captain), catch!
Lyria passes the coconut to (Captain).
  1. Alexiel!

Choose: Alexiel!
Alexiel: My sword is ready! I will not let the synergy we have shown on this day go to waste!
(Captain) tosses the fruit high into the air, right above the dire crab's head.
Alexiel kicks off the ground and flings herself toward the coconut.
Alexiel: It is time to demonstrate the newfound power I have learned in training with my glorious master and fellow allies!
Alexiel: Let it carve a wide swath into your shell!
Alexiel: Uriel... Bomber!
Alexiel unleashes all her might, sending the coconut flying toward the dire crab's existing wound at breakneck speed.
It travels a straight trajectory, making direct contact with the weak point and cutting through the creature's body.
Dire Crab: ...!
Vyrn: So... we did it?
Alexiel: Yes, it would appear so.
With a loud thud, the defeated crab falls silent.
Uriel: Whoo, you're really somethin' to copy my move like that.
Alexiel: M-Master Uriel! Forgive me, that was only—
Uriel: Oh, hey, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not trying to lay any blame here. In fact...
An amused smirk crosses his lips. The earth primarch extends both arms and captures (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and Alexiel in a tight embrace.
Lyria: Eep!
Uriel: You guys kick some real butt! You know, I wasn't sure if you'd be able to finish it off in a single shot, but you came through!
Vyrn: Ngh... Can't... breathe...
Lyria: Um! We're really flattered, Uriel, but I think you might be squishing Vyrn!
Uriel: Whoops, sorry about that. Got a bit too excited there.
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... I thought I was a goner for a sec...
Alexiel: Master Uriel, it was (Captain) who devised this strategy. If you have words of praise to offer, then—
Uriel: Nuh-uh-uh. It was a brilliant plan, no doubt, but it was every last one of you who brought it to fruition.
(Captain), being in full agreement, nods emphatically.
Alexiel: Perhaps so... It is indeed a victory for all of us.
Alexiel's lips curve into a triumphant smile.
With the crab commotion settled, the crew eases into the night with a fireworks show on the beach.
Uriel: Nothing like a pyrotechnics display to end the day.
Alexiel: Hm, I now see that a vacation can take many forms.
Alexiel: To be able to spend this time together to strengthen our bonds was a true delight.
Vyrn: Yeah, except it might have been a bit too intense to call it a "vacation" if you ask me...
Lyria: I'm happy with any vacation. We had lots of fun, and that's what counts!
Uriel: Everyone's got their own idea of how to spend a vacay. All I know is it's been a while since I've had such a heck of a time.
Lyria: Teehee, I'm glad to hear that! We'd love to have you along for more vacations in the future, Uriel!
Just then, a firework goes off far above (Captain)'s head, exploding into a beautiful litany of colors.
Uriel: Guess it's started!
Vyrn: Ooh-la-la!
Lyria: Ooh-la-la!
Haha, you try saying it too, Alexiel!
Alexiel: Er, okay... Ooh-la-la!
They continue to cheer into the night, reveling at the blazing trails arcing above.
This precious summer memory spent with the crew is one that will surely stay with Alexiel for a long time to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
特異点よ、向こうの沖までどちらが早く着くか勝負だ Let us see who can swim to the open seas faster, Singularity.
汝らと過ごしたこの夏を決して忘れはしない I won't soon forget the wonderful summer we spent together.
波の音が心地良いな The soothing sound of the ocean brings me calm.
この肌の不快感は…なるほど、潮風のせいか The salty sea air does my skin no favors...
気をつけよ、赤き竜波に浚われてしまうぞ Watch yourself, red dragon. Do not let the waters wash you away.
蒼の少女を見ているだけで満腹になってしまいそうだ Simply watching the girl in blue consume her meal satisfies my appetite.
砂に足を取られぬよう、気を付けて進もう Let us proceed with caution, so that we do not stumble upon the sand.
夏の日差しの痛さは侮れんな…… The sun's rays can be blinding if I am not careful...
特異点、水分は足りているか? Singularity, are you sufficiently hydrated?
バカンスを邪魔する不届き者は許さんぞ Any who dare to interrupt our vacation shall be dealt with swiftly.


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