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Label Rarity R.png
[Little Magus]This title is an unofficial, amateur translation.

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MAX HP 750 (+110Total HP bonuses from Cross-Fate Episodes.)
MAX ATK 4240
BASE DA/TAThis character's base double attack rate and triple attack rate.Characters with support skills that grant guaranteed multiattacks may have very high values.Due to a game update, base DA/TA values are no longer obtainable from in-game data files. Exact values for characters released after 2023-10-10 are currently inaccessible. 4% DA / 1% TA
Element Label Element Water.png
RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Harvin.png
Style Label Type Special.png
SpecialtyThis character gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid. Label Weapon Staff.png
Exp. BonusExpedition Bonus Type in Auto-Expeditions Icon sort expedition skill 09.pngScholar
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Touko Aoyama
How to Recruit
Premium Draw
Recruitment Weapon
Weapon s 1020402900.jpg Student Notebook

ID 3020053000
Char ID 1045
Uncap Limit Icon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.png
NameJP アリステラ
TitleJP リトルメイガス
Voice ActorJP 青山桐子
Release Date 2016-04-04
Other Sites Icon gbf-wiki.pnggbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
Icon Gamewith.pngGamewith Icon Kamigame.pngKamigame

A student enrolled in the skydom's most prominent academic institution. His attitude is a bit haughty, as expected of the eldest son of the Alethea, which is a prestigious family of scholars. But his eagerness to restore his father's honor, and to learn, will lead him to the hidden truths of the world.

Charge Attack

Charge Attack
Icon Name Effect
Skill charge attack.png The Final Word Big Water damage to a foe.


Icon Name Cooldown Duration Obtained Effect
Ability Math.png Q.E.D. 7 turns
Lvl 45:
6 turns
3 turns Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 45This skill is enhanced at level 45.
Effect changes based on number of turns passed.
Ability Tome.png Debate 7 turns - Lvl 25
Change damage based on the last digit of main allies' total HP.

Support Skills

Support SkillsDoes not work from the backline unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Obtained Effect
Icon Extended Mastery Support Skill.png Extended Mastery Support Skill EMP Slight chance of a 1-turn cut to skill cooldown with every one-foe attack.

Extended Mastery Perks

Extended Mastery Perks
  • ZenithAtk.pngATK
  • ZenithDef.pngDEF
  • ZenithDebuffRes.pngDebuff Resistance
  • ZenithODA.pngOverdrive Attack
  • ZenithModeBar.pngOverdrive Curbed
RaceCalled "Type" in-game.
  • ZenithAtk.pngATK
  • ZenithAtk.pngATK
  • ZenithDA.pngDouble Attack Rate
  • ZenithWaterAtk.pngWater ATK Up
  • ZenithCADmg.pngCharge Attack Damage
  • ZenithSkillDmg.pngSkill Damage
  • ZenithSkillDmgCap.pngSkill Damage Cap
  • ZenithFireDmgDown.pngFire Damage Down
  • ZenithHealing.pngHealing
  • ZenithSupportSkill.pngSlight chance of a 1-turn cut to skill cooldown with every one-foe attack.


Gameplay Notes


  • The effect of Q.E.D. is determined by the value produced by the modulo operation (turns passed) mod 4. In other words, divide the number of turns passed by 4 and use the remainder. This means the value produced will always be 1, 2, 3, or 0.
    • In quests with multiple battles, if a battle ends without pressing Attack, the number of turns does not progressVerification needed. .[1]
  • Effects become stronger as more turns pass, capping at 17+ turns (or 5 loops). All results affect all allies and buffs last for 3 turns.
Q.E.D. Effects[2]
Remainder Effect 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1 Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted

Status 1457.pngC.A. DMG UpCharge attack DMG is boosted

Status 1457.pngC.B. DMG UpChain burst DMG is boosted
5% 10% 15% 15% 20%
2 Status DefenseUp.pngDEF UpDEF is boosted
5% 10% 15% 15% 20%
Status Veil.pngDebuff Res. UpDebuff resistance is boosted
10% 10% 20% 30% 40%
3 Restore 25% + 400 HP
(up to specified cap)
500 500 1000 1500 2000
0 Status DoubleUp.pngDA UpDouble attack rate is boosted

Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
5% ? 10% ? <15%


  • Damage is based on the sum of all four allies' current HP.[2]
  • The last digit of the current HP sum determines the power.
  • 7 always deals 1000% Plain Damage while all other numbers deal 100%-500% Water damage.
    • 0 deals the least damage.
    • 5 deals the most damage.
    • 7 has a damage cap of 77,777.

Icon Level Uncap.png Uncap Materials

Uncap 1★ Uncap 2★ Uncap 3★

Ruby Awakening Orb square.jpg Awakening Materials

Status Sketching.pngFacsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable?
Ability Math.png Q.E.D. Yes
Ability Tome.png Debate Yes