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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 165 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Nothing in particular
Likes All kinds of meat, dancing, alcohol
Dislikes Unappetizing crabs and fishes
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
大空を行く主人公達の騎空挺のさらに上空から、突然降ってきた謎多き少女。母を探してヘルヘイムという場所を目指しているそうだが、それ以上のことは全くわかっていない。うっかり騎空挺から落下してしまった後、徐々に性格にも変化が表れているようだが……? 常人よりも食欲があるのか、よく腹を空かせている。
Character Release
先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にて、「コルル」と「レッドラック」と共にフードファイトの激戦に挑んだ放浪娘「アーミラ」が水着バージョンとして登場!

Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 不詳
Height 165cm
Race 不明
Hobbies 特になし
Likes 肉全般、ダンス、お酒
Dislikes まずいカニと魚
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
大空を行く主人公達の騎空挺のさらに上空から、突然降ってきた謎多き少女。母を探してヘルヘイムという場所を目指しているそうだが、それ以上のことは全くわかっていない。うっかり騎空挺から落下してしまった後、徐々に性格にも変化が表れているようだが……? 常人よりも食欲があるのか、よく腹を空かせている。
Character Release
先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にて、「コルル」と「レッドラック」と共にフードファイトの激戦に挑んだ放浪娘「アーミラ」が水着バージョンとして登場!

Source [1] [2] [3]


Amira is a young woman who is said to have fallen from the sky. She possesses the God Key inside her, which grants her the ability to transform into a demon. She joins the player's crew in hopes of finding her mother, who resides in an unknown land called Helheim. However, it seems no one knows where Helheim is.

She is hinted to be connected to Bahamut in some way.


Amira is determined to find her mother, no matter the cost. Despite the fact that nearly everyone has never heard of Helheim before, she remains steadfast in her journey. As a result, she can be naive and believes anyone who says they can take her to Helheim.
She is somewhat innocent, as evidenced by the fact she still believes in Santa each year. Her devotion to finding her mother is still the same, since she hopes Santa will grant her wish of finding her mother.
Amira also has an enormous appetite and spends a lot of her time eating. She can be rather childish when she's hungry.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Your... birthday?
Congratulations! Is there anything you want? How about that fish over there?
Y-you wouldn't happen to know when my birthday is, would you?
All I want for my birthday is to meet my mother again.


Happy birthday. (Captain), today's the day your mother brought you into this world.
What was your mother like?
You... don't know? You've never met her... Just like me.
You'll meet your mother again one day, (Captain). I'll look for her.
You said you would help me find Helheim.
So I'll help you look for your mother, (Captain).
I owe you.


Happy birthday. Here's your cake.
I heard that people give presents to those who are important to them. So here, eat this.
I also heard that the best presents to give are things you want to receive. So I got you this... tasty... tasty looking cake.
Cake... Mmm...
Huh? You want share it with me! Hehe! Yippie!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I bought you another cake.
A big, beautiful, sugary, delicious cake.
I know you'll share it with me, so I figured the bigger the better.
Oh, whoops!
Katalina told me we were ready to roll, so I should come get you.
So get the lead out! It's not just cake—there's a whole birthday feast waiting!
Let's stuff ourselves and party it up!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Here, take a look at your birthday present! It's a big bird I hunted up for you!
I love food, and you love food. So I thought we could roast up this bird for your party!
Then we'll both be happy!
I'll go hand it off to Katalina now.
Earlier she said she would handle the cooking!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Mmm! This tastes great! I love the new year!
Rackam! Katalina! I want more food! Gimme more meat!


I won't be drinking this year. Last year I got an earful for making too much noise.
So I'll be nice and quiet this year. You keep it down too, (Captain).
Food? I guess I'll have some... quietly.


Hap... Happy New Year.
We're only supposed to eat the new year food after wishing everyone a good year. So I came to wish you well.
Katalina! I wished everyone a good year! Can I eat now?
She said to bring you along! Hurry! I'm hungry!


Mmm, these New Year's dishes look so good. There's all kinds of different bites to try.
But each portion is tiny... I can't get full on just these.
Huh? I can have all of yours, (Captain)?
Yaay, thanks! This is awesome! So awesome!
Oh yeah, let's go for a walk in town after this, (Captain).
There'll be lots of food stands since it's New Year's.
I'll show you the yummy hot spots as thanks for your food. So keep giving me more when you can.


Hey, (Captain). Care if I get started eating this New Year's soup?
Thanks. Let's dig in!
Nom, nom... More!
Nom, nom, nom... More!
Nom, nom... Ngh!
Cough! Cough, cough! Ack, I had mochi stuck in my throat.
I shouldn't eat it too quickly?
Got it! Next time I'll pace myself.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Here, take this. A woman from the chapel gave it to me.
She told me not to eat it myself, but to give it to someone special instead. So take it. Make sure to leave some for Mother though.
It looks so good...
I'll have some too!


Hehe! The woman at the chapel gave me chocolates again!
Here, you can have half!
I love Valentine's Day! I can't wait till White Day!


(Captain)! I got chocolate again this year!
This is your half, and this is mine.
The woman at the chapel said she'd give them to me if I shared it. So you have to share this with me.
Hehe! Valentine's is fun!


(Captain)! Thanks for waiting!
I brought chocolates again this year! Come on, let's start eating!
Hm? Your chocolates and my chocolates are different?
I want to eat your chocolates too, (Captain).
Okay, so I'll take yours, and I'll give you the ones I got.
That way we both have sweets to eat.
They taste way more delicious when we're together!


I made you chocolate this year, (Captain)! You better eat it.
Yes, it is handmade!
Last time a woman from the chapel gave me the chocolate, but this time I wanted to make it with her.
How is it? Good?
Yay! If you're happy, then I'm happy!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Huh? This is in return for Valentine's?
Yum! Hehehe, I'll be giving you something for next Valentine's too!


Oh, this is in return for Valentine's? Wow, it looks delicious!
Hehe, I love White Day! Thanks!
I hope I can always have Valentine's Day and White Day with you!
What're you going to give me for next year's White Day, (Captain)?


This is in return for Valentine's? Thanks!
It looks yummy! Eat it with me, (Captain)!
We shared the Valentine's chocolates, so we'll share this too!
The woman at the chapel told me that if I shared it with you, I'll get even more next year!


Yaaay! So many return gifts from Valentine's Day!
It's like a mountain of chocolate. I can give you some, (Captain).
It's okay for me to eat everything myself?
Well... I'd be very happy to stuff my tummy.
But I'd be even happier if I get to eat with you!
I'd still have a lot left over anyway. So let's both stuff our tummies!


Thanks for the present, (Captain)!
Let's eat it together!
It's always more fun eating with you than eating alone!
I learned that last year!
Let's try to eat together as much as possible from here on out!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
We need to get to town! They're giving away candy!
Everyone's in strange clothes too! Why're they doing that?


Trick or treat. Give me lots of candy!
Oh, this? The villagers told me I should change how I look to get candy.
What do you mean I can't go like this?


Trick or treat! Give me lots of candy, (Captain)!
Where'd I get this candy? All the nice people from town gave it to me!
Don't worry. I didn't change form this time. Just like you told me.
I'll be good this year and won't scare anyone. So give me lots of candy!


Trick or treat!
C'mon, (Captain), let's hit the town! Gotta get that candy!
I missed out on a lot of candy last year because I could only carry so much...
If you come with me, I can haul twice the loot!
No time to lose! The early ghoul gets the gummy worm!


(Captain), trick or treat!
No treats? I have to play a trick on you?
Ungh, I don't care about pranks though! I want candy!
Go get some already!
When you get back, let's start from the top!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Santa Claus? What's that?
Do you think he knows a shortcut to Helheim?
I know! Let's catch him! He can get us to in Helheim and I can meet my mother!


I couldn't find him this year either... You know, the old man who grants wishes.
So I asked the woman at the chapel to give him a message for me. She promised me she'd tell him.
And would you believe it, I got his reply today! He said that if I was a good little girl, I'll meet Mother again for sure!
So that's just what I'm going to be! Hehe!


(Captain). Have you met the grandpa? The wish granting one.
I heard that he grants good little boys and girls their wishes.
Rackam said if I wanted to become a good little girl, I should follow your example.
So I'm gonna watch you real close and do what you do. Stay close to me until I become a good little girl, okay?


Does the gift-grandpa really fly around the world in a sleigh?
If he does, and I catch him, I'll get the sleigh too.
I bet he knows a shortcut to Helheim...
And his sleigh can go around the world in one night...
With both him and the sleigh, I can go to where Mother is!
So help me capture the gift-grandpa, (Captain)!


This year will be the year I finally capture the gift-grandpa!
How do I plan to go about that? It's obvious, isn't it? With raw strength!
It'll be fine! I'm going to pull out all the stops this year!
Why are you trying to stop me, (Captain)? Huh? If I injure him he won't give us gifts?
Ah, I didn't think about that! Do you have a better plan?

Fate Episodes

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New Summertime Memories

On their visit to Auguste for an eating contest, (Captain) and company hear about a certain redheaded man that Amira is looking for, only to find out that he has already departed for another island. To cheer Amira up, the crew decide to have some fun at the beach, meeting De La Fille along the way.

The crew arrives on Auguste with time to spare before the big eating competition kicks off.
Amira: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
They are stunned by the sheer number of competitors and spectators roaming the beaches.
Amira: So many people...
Lyria: Wow... It looks like people from all over the skies came just for this competition.
Amira: From all over the skies?
Vyrn: Yeah, like from all sorts of islands in different parts of the world.
Amira: ...!
Lyria: I guess that must be why there are some food stalls I've never seen before on Auguste.
Vyrn: Gotta cater to every kind of customer, right? Means there might be some weirdos walkin' around too, so don't wander off, you guys.
Lyria: Geez, it's not like we're little kids! Tell him, Amira...
Lyria: Wait... Amira?
A quick glance around reveals that Amira is nowhere to be found, having vanished while (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn were looking at the new food stalls.
Vyrn: Are you kiddin' me? We only took our eyes off her for a second! Amira! Where'd you go!
More than a little concerned, the crew members begin to search for their friend.
Amira: Hey, mister. Where are you from?
Customer 1: Who, me? I'm from a place you've probably never heard of. It's in the middle of nowhere.
Amira: Okay. Do you know about Helheim then?
Customer 1: Helheim, huh? I feel like I've heard that somewhere before...
Customer 2: Didn't that redheaded informant mention something about a Helheim?
Amira: A redheaded informant? Mister, tell me more!
Amira not in crew, Amira (Promo) not in crew

Amira is a mysterious girl who fell out of the sky one day and landed on the Grandcypher.
She doesn't remember anything about herself or her past. She only knows that her mother is waiting in a place called Helheim.
Although inexperienced in the ways of the world, Amira's drive to see her mother is second to none. She joined (Captain)'s crew in order to better search for her.
She presses the man for more information about the redheaded informant.
Customer 2: U-uh... He's an acquaintance of mine.
Amira: Where is he?
Customer 2: Can't say that I know, sorry. He just comes around to this shop every so often.
Customer 1: He said something about leaving the island soon, didn't he? Haven't seen him in a while, so I'm guessing he's already left.
Amira: Oh...
As disappointment clouds Amira's expression, (Captain) and the others pull up next to her.
Amira: ...
Vyrn: So you disappeared to ask questions, huh?
Amira: I thought someone would know about Helheim since people from different islands are here.
Vyrn: Not a bad idea, considering you found out that redheaded guy stopped by at one point.
The crew's search for Helheim has been largely fruitless except for one lead—
A bounty hunter who seems to know about Helheim.
In their search for him, they learned that he stands out because of his distinctive red hair.
That, as well as the fact he works as an informant in addition to bounty hunting, are the only two characteristics they've discovered about the elusive man.
Amira: But he's not here now. We let him get away again...
Amira: Mother...
The surrounding crew members exchange worried glances as they take in Amira's slumped shoulders.
Vyrn: Hey, it's not over yet. At least we have a trail now.
Vyrn: You'll find him eventually. I just know it. So keep your chin up and trudge on.
Lyria: Vyrn's right! Turn that frown upside down, okay?
Alongside Lyria and Vyrn, (Captain) offers an encouraging smile.
Amira: Okay...
Vyrn: Guess it's not as easy as flippin' a switch though.
Lyria: Um... How about getting something to eat? There's a lot of delicious seafood here!
Amira: A lot of delicious seafood...
Lyria: Yeah! Would you like to check out the food stalls?
Amira: I love tasty food... But I don't feel like eating right now.
Amira's sullen expression remains unchanged, her mind still focused on the mother she longs to see.
  1. Your mother would want you to eat.
  2. Vyrn, what do you want to eat?

Choose: Your mother would want you to eat.
Amira: Mother would?
Vyrn: Pretty sure any parent'd be happy to see their kid scarfing down food instead of being sad.
Amira: Mother will be happy if I eat...
Choose: Vyrn, what do you want to eat?
(Captain) continues the conversation regardless, giving a pointed look to Vyrn and Lyria.
Vyrn: Huh? Uh... Fish, I guess? Since we're on Auguste and all.

(Captain) continues the conversation regardless, giving a pointed look to Vyrn and Lyria.
Vyrn: Huh? Uh... Fish, I guess? Since we're on Auguste and all.
Continue 1
Amira: Fish...
Vyrn: I also really dig the fried squid from the food stalls.
Amira: Fried squid...
Lyria: Oh! If we're going to tour the stalls, how about having some briny-bites too?
Amira: Briny... bites...
Lyria: They're soft and round and crisp, and the insides are amazingly gooey.
Amira: ...
  1. How about it? Want to get some?

Choose: How about it? Want to get some?
Amira: Okay. Let's go.
Relief washes over the group as Amira's gloomy mood begins to subside.
Vyrn: I bet your mom'll love hearing about all your shenanigans once you meet her.
Amira: She will?
Lyria: I think so, at least! Do you want me to record your experiences in my journal?
Amira: Will that make Mother happy?
Vyrn: Definitely. She's probably real curious what you get up to while she isn't looking.
Amira: Okay.
Vyrn: Maybe we should work up more of an appetite before we go around. How about a dip in the water first?
Just as Vyrn finishes speaking, a loud growl escapes Amira's stomach.
Amira: I'm hungry.
Lyria: Haha, looks like that dip isn't necessary. Should we eat?
Amira: Yes.
Decision made, they head to the food stalls. Amira immediately stuffs her cheeks and narrates the process, leaving Lyria to scribble into her journal.
Amira: Crunch, munch... I ate... seafood...
Lyria: Hehe, this journal will be filled with your adventures in no time.
Amira: Good. Chew, chomp... Wat elsh kan we rite?
Lyria: Well... Besides food, we can go swimming and talk about that too!
Amira: Swallow... Sounds good. Let's swim.
Lyria: Oh, but... You're going to need a swimsuit first.
Amira: A swimsuit? Why?
Vyrn: Wet clothes are a pain to deal with. Plus they're awful hard to swim in.
Amira: Then I'll just swim naked—
  1. Absolutely not!

Choose: Absolutely not!
Amira: Why not?
Lyria: Th-that's... You can't! People will think bad things about you!
Amira: ...?
I don't get what's wrong.
Lyria: Oh no... How can we explain this?
Many fumbled explanations later, Amira comes to understand the necessity of a swimsuit.
The group makes the decision to buy her one.
The store they walk into specializes in swimwear.
A plethora of colors and different designs greet their eyes, leaving Amira stunned at the sight.
Amira: So these are swimsuits... So many...
???: Is that you, (Captain)?
From further inside the store, a familiar figure walks into view.
Lyria: De La Fille! Are you here to look at swimsuits too?
De La Fille: Indeed. I was curious what kind of designs are in style at the moment.
De La Fille: What about the four of you?
Lyria: We're trying to find something for Amira.
The group tells De La Fille what has transpired so far in the day.
De La Fille: I see. Shall I assist you in this endeavor? Picking a swimsuit can be quite difficult...
Amira: It's okay. I want to pick my own and show it to Mother later.
De La Fille: Hehe, very well. Will you allow me to share a few tips at least?
De La Fille: A bit of base knowledge should help you choose something which will fit you nicely.
Amira: Sure!
De La Fille wastes no time and begins to impart her knowledge to an attentive Amira.
Once the lecture finishes, Amira tours the store with intense concentration as she sorts through the racks.
Amira: Everyone, I tried one on. How is it?
Amira gives a little spin to show off every side of the swimwear.
Amira: It's pretty and easy to move in.
  1. You look great!
  2. It's very adult.

Choose: You look great!
Amira: Really?
De La Fille: Absolutely. (Captain) isn't exaggerating—you've truly made a wonderful choice.
Amira: Your advice was really helpful. Thank you.
De La Fille: Hehe, it was my pleasure.

Choose: It's very adult.
Amira: Adult?
Lyria: Yeah. It's very stylish and beautiful instead of just cute, I think.
Amira: Adult... No one's said that to me before. Thank you, (Captain), Lyria.
Continue 2
Amira: I guess this is the one. Let's go to the beach and have an adventure!
As soon as the words leave Amira's lips, a hungry growl fills the store.
Amira: Ah... I'm hungry.
Vyrn: Ahaha, again? Guess we better grab more food before hittin' the beach.
Amira: Yay! More tasty food!
(Captain) and the rest laugh fondly, relieved that Amira appears to be back to normal.
They look forward to the rest of what is surely going to be a memorable vacation.

Battle of the Predators

While enjoying their time at the beach, the crew spot some men getting ready to set sail in response to another boat's emergency signal. When they hear about someone with red hair aboard the boat in question, (Captain) and the others offer to help. They encounter a giant octopus, but Amira—hungry for some seafood—swiftly chases it away.

(Captain) and crew change into swimsuits and dive into the ocean, fully prepared to kick back for their vacation on Auguste.
Not long after they do, however, Amira emerges from the water with her hand on her stomach.
Amira: I'm hungry...
Vyrn: For real? You just ate though.
Amira: I heard you need to drink lots and eat lots when swimming.
Amira: So we should eat.
De La Fille: I suppose one of the beach houses should be serving food...
Man 1's Voice: Get on the ship! We need to move!
Man 2's Voice: Gotcha!
Tense shouting suddenly fills the air.
The sound pierces through the normally jubilant atmosphere of the tourist location.
De La Fille: They seem quite agitated. I wonder if something's wrong?
  1. We should go check on them.

Choose: We should go check on them.
Lyria: I agree. If somebody's in trouble, we might be able to help.
The crew quickly rushes over to the port where the men are prepping a boat.
Man 2: Someone sent an emergency signal from the open sea. We're heading out to help.
Man 1: You make it sound like we got a handle on the situation. What're we gonna do if that thing shows up, huh?
Lyria: That thing?
Man 2: A while back, ships were being sunk left and right. We thought we were in the clear recently, but...
Man 1: If that thing's really back... I just hope it's not after the tourist ship that went out.
Man 1: Would suck if that redhead got—
Amira: ...!
Amira's eyes grow wide as soon as the man mentions a redhead.
Amira: A redheaded person is on that ship?
Man 1: Uh, yeah?
Amira: I'm coming with you! Take me there!
Man 1: What? Nuh-uh, no way, we're not getting other people involved in this mess!
Amira: I need to see the redhead.
Vyrn: There're monsters out there, right?
Vyrn: Us skyfarers could probably provide some protection, so why not bring us along?
Man 2: In that case... We won't be able to sort out your payment until later. Is that fine?
(Captain) assures him that the priority is responding to the emergency signal. With the decision made, everyone boards the boat.
Amira: I won't let him get away this time!
The boat speeds across the ocean surface before slowing down as they draw near the source of the signal.
Man 2: It should be around here...
Lyria: Could it be coming from the ship over there? Ah...
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is that...
Amira: A big octopus!
The rescue crew is greeted by the sight of a colossal octopus wrapped around the hull of a boat.
Vyrn: What're we gonna do? Our weapons won't do much against that huge thing, but if we fire the cannons we might hit the other ship.
Amira: I'll fight it.
Lyria: By yourself?
Amira: I have to find the redheaded man. Also...
The telltale sound of a rumbling stomach travels through the ocean breeze.
Amira: I'm hungry.
Vyrn: 'Scuse me?
Amira: I'll eat the octopus and save the ship!
Amira launches herself at the mass of tentacles in the distance.
Octopus: Gurgleee!
Sailor: Eek!
Amira: Hah!
Octopus: Guuurgle!
Amira: You can't eat the ship.
Amira: Because I'm going to eat you.
Octopus: ...!
Amira's eyes gleam like that of a hungry predator.
The octopus, terrified after losing a limb, retracts its remaining arms and flees into the depths of the water.
Amira: Ah! It's running away!
Disappointed, Amira lands on the deck of the ship and scoops up the tentacle she cut off.
Amira: Chomp. Chew, munch...
Amira: Chewy and delicious.
Amira: Hungry...
Amira: I want to eat more... Eat and help...
Amira watches the retreating octopus until it vanishes out of sight.

Battle of the Predators: Scene 2

The crew discover that the redheaded person is not who they are looking for, but agree to take on a request to extinguish the octopus. They see another emergency signal and arrive on scene to find a huge crab attacking a boat. However, the crab soon leaves and vanishes into the depths of the ocean.

Amira's carnivorous presence chases off the attacking octopus.
The people that were trapped in its grasp thank Amira profusely, but the girl pouts without paying them much attention.
De La Fille: Why the long face, Amira?
Amira: Munch, munch... There wasn't a redheaded man on the boat. Only a redheaded woman.
Vyrn: Well... The guy only said there was a redhead on the boat. It's our fault for jumping to conclusions...
Vyrn: Hold on. What are you eating?
Amira: One of the octopus's legs. Munch, chew...
De La Fille: Er... You do realize it's still moving, don't you?
Amira: That means it's fresh. The chewiness is nice. It's sweet and tasty. Bite, chomp...
De La Fille: ...
Amira: ...?
Amira: Do you want some?
De La Fille: Eek! N-no thank you!
Amira: Then I'll eat it. Bite, gnaw...
Man 2: Hey, can I talk to you guys for a sec?
Amira: Do you want some octopus?
Man 2: Uh, no... We were wondering if you'd like to help us with something else. You'd be paid, of course.
De La Fille: Is this about exterminating that octopus?
Man 2: Yeah. Leaving it alone is only going to spell disaster for the fishermen and tourists around here.
  1. We'll take care of it.
  2. Do you mind if we harvest the octopus?

Choose: We'll take care of it.
Man 2: Thank you. We'll owe you a big one.
Amira: I won't let it escape again. I want to eat it with everyone.

Choose: Do you mind if we harvest the octopus?
Man 2: I don't mind, but... what are you going to do with it?
Amira: Eat it. (Captain), if you want some too, I'll let you have half.
Continue 1
De La Fille: Is it really worth eating? It doesn't seem particularly appetizing...
Amira: Chomp, chew... Wish I chopped off more. This isn't enough. Bite, munch...
Eyebrows scrunched in concern, De La Fille watches Amira gobble down the octopus.
Vyrn: I get that all those wiggly limbs are kinda gross, but octopus actually does taste pretty good.
(Captain) agrees with a comforting smile and nod.
Man 2: Ahaha, if you really like it so much, I can arrange for a talented chef to prepare it for you. It'll taste even better then.
Amira: Even better...
Amira's expression grows serious as she ponders the possibility of tastier food.
Before the conversation can continue, the red smoke of an emergency signal lights up the sky.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, that's another ship in trouble, ain't it? That octopus mighta found a new meal!
Amira: Let's go, (Captain)! To the ship!
Amira: We'll get the octopus this time!
Crab: Skriii, skriii, skriii!
Vyrn: First an octopus, now a crab?
(Captain) and crew arrive at the scene of the emergency signal.
They find a large crab lying in wait instead of the enormous octopus they had expected.
Crab: Skriii, skriii, skriii!
De La Fille: I-it's... quite lively, isn't it.
Vyrn: What's with the stammerin'? Don't tell me you're bad with crustaceans.
De La Fille: I-I am not! I'll have you know that I don't find its watery, slimy, and shiny exterior to be repulsive whatsoever!
De La Fille: It's far better than having to deal with reptiles! I simply don't wish to spoil our dear friend's next meal.
De La Fille: You've got this, don't you, Amira?
Amira: A big crab...
De La Fille: A-Amira? Don't you want to eat this enormous specimen?
Amira: I heard big crabs aren't tasty. I don't want to eat not tasty things.
De La Fille: Well, you won't know for certain until you try it yourself, right?
De La Fille: Though I do recall someone saying that large crabs are rather lacking in flavor...
Amira: Blegh. No-flavor crab sounds bad.
Vyrn: Is this really the time for a food chat? 'Cause the people stuck on that ship probably'd appreciate it if we got a move on...
Lyria: Ah... Look!
Lyria suddenly points at the crab, confused and concerned.
For no apparent reason, the crustacean pulls away from the ship and retreats into the ocean.
Vyrn: Crap, we yammered too much. That oversized hunk of seafood is gone for sure.
De La Fille: The most important thing is that the attacked ship hasn't sunk yet. We should hurry over and assist them.
Lyria: Okay!
Amira: I don't want crab. I want tasty food like octopus...
Vyrn: Sheesh, would it kill ya to focus on other stuff for a sec?
Though Vyrn sighs, the rest of the crew exchanges amused smiles at Amira's antics.
The smiles grow into laughter as Amira's stomach roars loudly for more sustenance.

Battle of the Predators: Scene 3

Eager to try fresh crab in addition to octopus, Amira and the others promise to extinguish both sea monsters. Upon realizing that the crab ran away earlier because of the smell of octopus on Amira, (Captain) comes up with a plan to have the two predators battle among themselves. The crew lures the monsters out using a shiny gem from De La Fille and lumber jelly.

(Captain) and company swiftly navigate over to the sailors whose ship was attacked by the crab.
The sailors, once rescued, request that the crew deals with the crab in addition to the octopus roaming the seas.
Vyrn: A crab on top of the tentacles, huh?
Amira: I want the octopus. No crab.
Vyrn: For the last time, this ain't about which one we're gonna eat...
Man 2: If you aren't keen on the crab, would you mind letting us use its remains?
Amira: But it tastes bad. Why do you want it?
Man 2: Well, that's the thing. Depending on the type of crab, big ones can actually taste quite good if they're properly handled.
Man 2: They're especially delicious when freshly caught. A true delicacy even in restaurants.
Amira: A delicacy...
Lyria: Wow... I'd love to try some of that.
Amira: Me too.
Man 2: Then allow us to treat you after you've brought the prime ingredient in.
Amira: Yes! Round them up. Defeat and eat!
  1. Round them up...

Choose: Round them up...
Lyria: (Captain)? Did you come up with a plan?
  1. How about pitting them against each other?

Choose: How about pitting them against each other?
De La Fille: Having them fight one another isn't a bad idea. It saves us the trouble of dealing with both, and the one that remains will be weakened for an easy fight.
Man 2: It works out since they're natural enemies. The octopus should be able to subdue the crab for you.
Man 2: I'm willing to bet that's also why the crab ran away earlier—it smelled the scent of octopus on Amira.
De La Fille: But then... how are we supposed to lure them into a fight? Wouldn't the crab simply run away again?
De La Fille: This whole plan doesn't seem very feasible if so.
Man 2: Crabs are omnivorous creatures, and they're drawn to strong scents.
Man 2: If you could overpower the scent of the octopus with something else...
Man 2: Something like lumber jelly flesh. That would serve as good bait, I think.
Man 2: As for the octopus... It'll go after shiny objects. It should be easy enough to entice it with gems or other such objects.
As soon as the man mentions gems, every member of the crew turns to look at De La Fille.
De La Fille: Wh-what? Why are you all looking at me?
De La Fille: Don't tell me...
Amira: De La Fille, lend us a shiny gem! We can catch the octopus in no time!
De La Fille: I'm afraid my gems are far too precious to be used as bait.
Amira: We can't?
De La Fille: Well... the salt in the air and water is damaging for...
Amira: ...
De La Fille: Sigh... Very well.
With great reluctance, De La Fille reaches into her pocket and fishes out a radiantly sparkling gem.
De La Fille: This gem is truly precious to me, so please take care not to lose or damage it.
De La Fille: I would also be devastated if the octopus managed to make away with it.
Amira: Don't worry! I promise I'll protect it!
Man 2: We'll handle the crab while you guys bait the octopus. Split the work and make things easier.
Amira: Crab for you, octopus for us!
Amira: But I'll get to eat both later!
The thought of the seafood awaiting her puts an eager smile on Amira's lips.
Once her stomach is set on a meal, nothing can come between her and the food she craves.

Battle of the Predators: Scene 4

(Captain) and company successfully pit the two sea creatures against each other, but Amira gets hungry and ends up taking them out herself. After the fight, the crew discover that the redheaded man they are looking for is also headed for Helheim. Once again, Amira is determined to find the man and someday reach her destination.

The plan to pit the gigantic crab and massive octopus against one another is put into motion.
(Captain) and the crew use De La Fille's gem as bait to lure the octopus into place.
Amira: It's here!
Vyrn: Awright! Mister, you're up!
Man 1: I hear ya!
The boat beneath the crew's feet lurches forward.
Behind them, the octopus chases after the gem tied to the bow of the boat.
Lyria: Now we just have to make sure it follows us to the crab.
De La Fille: Indeed.
De La Fille: ...!
Watch out!
A greedy tentacle extends toward the enticing gem.
Amira: No you don't!
Amira leaps in the way, and the tentacle wraps around her body instead.
Lyria: Amira!
Amira: Don't worry. I've got this.
In a flash, Amira transforms and rips herself out of the octopus's grasp.
De La Fille: D-don't throw yourself so thoughtlessly into danger!
Amira: I promised to protect the gem.
De La Fille: Goodness gracious... You can't do so if you allow yourself to be eaten, you know?
Amira: Munch, chew... It's okay. I won't let it eat me or the gem. I'll eat it first.
De La Fille: I suppose I can trust in that confidence of yours if you're already consuming it...
Man 1: We're almost to the rendezvous point! Hopefully the others managed their part all right.
Amira: Ah! There's the big crab!
Another boat approaches on the horizon, the crab hot on its heels.
Crab: Skriiii...
Octopus: Gurgle...
The sea creatures immediately face one another, exactly according to plan.
With their focuses shifted, they forget about the boats that led them there in the first place.
Vyrn: Heck yeah! Now's our chance to skedaddle and let 'em duke it out!
Man 1: Right-o!
The man gives a signal, and the boats begin to sail a safe distance away.
Octopus: Gurgle...
Crab: Skriii...
Without warning, the octopus lashes out and traps the crab within its grasp.
Large claws retaliate against the threatening tentacles and an immense battle begins.
From their distant perch, the crew members watch the commotion unfold.
Vyrn: Boy, I sure am glad we're not mixed in the middle of that.
Lyria: Yeah... I wonder which one's going to win?
De La Fille: I'm personally hoping for their mutual destruction, but that may be asking for too much.
Amira: I'm hungry... I want to eat them soon...
Amira: Argh...
Amira: ...
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Amira?
Vyrn: Wh-why're you transformin' outta nowhere?
Amira: I can't wait! I'm going to beat them both and eat them!
Amira takes off for the battle of giants without waiting for a response.
  1. Amira's got this.

Choose: Amira's got this.
De La Fille: I believe so as well.
Vyrn: Same here.
Lyria: Yeah, she can do it.
Lyria: But that doesn't mean we can't help too! Let's go after her!
One turn of the steering wheel later, the rest of the crew heads into the fray.
The combined might of the crew makes quick work of the gigantic sea creatures.
Amira returns to the boat with a claw in one hand and a tentacle in the other.
Amira: Food time!
She breaks open the shell of the claw, revealing the meat-packed insides.
Amira: Chomp, chew...
Amira: It's sweet! I like it!
Amira: Munch, gnaw... Big crab actually tastes good.
Amira: Once I find Helheim, I'll tell Mother all about it!
Man 1: Whoa, didja just say Helheim? You aimin' to travel there or something?
Amira: ...!
You know about Helheim?
Amira rushes up to the man, tossing the crab claw away in her excitement.
Man 1: Er, some redheaded guy was telling me 'bout it, but I don't exactly know that much.
Amira: What did the redheaded man say?
Man 1: Well...
The man scratches his head, pursing his lips in thought, and recounts his parting with the redheaded man.
Man 1: Helheim? The hell is that?
Redhead: Just the name of the place I'm headed to.
Man 1: Can't say I've ever heard of it before.
Redhead: Figured as much. Not many people really know about it, after all.
Man 1: What're you going there for?
Redhead: Got some business to take care of.
Redhead: Which I should tend to sooner rather than later, so I better leave now.
Redhead: Helheim awaits.
Man 1: That's all he said before he left Auguste.
Amira: So you don't know where he went?
Man 1: Can't say I do. Told me nothing anyway.
Amira: Oh.
Vyrn: Just knowing when the guy left is a clue in the right direction! So don't look so down, 'kay?
De La Fille: Vyrn's right. We can check the dock logs and see which airships left for where that day.
De La Fille: And we also learned something crucial: he's headed for Helheim too. If we follow him, we'll find its location.
Lyria: Oh... That's right. He did say that, didn't he?
Amira: ...!
Amira: If we follow the redheaded man, we'll find Helheim... And I can meet Mother...
Vyrn: Gotta be patient though. I get the feeling that followin' the guy ain't gonna be so easy.
Lyria: He does seem to travel a lot.
Lyria: But while we travel after him, we can have lots of adventures, Amira.
Amira: Right... I can share them all with Mother.
Tentatively optimistic, Amira looks up at the great blue sky above the horizon.
Amira: I'll get to tell her everything about my journey with (Captain) and everyone!
The path ahead to meet her mother will surely be long and challenging.
But now, more than ever before, the way forward shines clear with hope.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お腹すいた…… I'm hungry...
ヘルヘイムに行かないと…… I have to go to Helheim.
あれ、食べてもいい? Can I eat that?
お母さんに会いたい…… I want to see Mother...
邪魔するな Out of the way.
まずい魚はいらない I don't want yucky fish.
魚ばかりじゃなくて肉も食べたい…… Just fish is boring. I want meat too.
お母さんは魚と肉どっちがすきかな I wonder what Mother likes more: meat or fish?
(主人公)、この水着動きやすい (Captain), this swimsuit is easy to move in.
(主人公)、一緒に遊ぶ! (Captain), let's play!

Other Appearances

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