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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 91 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Grooming his beard, trade
Likes Peaceful times, animals
Dislikes Fighting
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 91cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 髭の手入れ、商売
Likes 静かな時間、動物
Dislikes 戦うこと
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Source [1] [2]




  • Anre's name in Japanese is "Uno", which is Spanish and Italian for "one".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday to you, (Captain).
For you, another year of life has begun.
I trust that you will again dedicate yourself to realizing your potential this year.
To be honest, I both cherish and fear your growth.
Be that as it may, I know that no matter how powerful you become, you will not stray from your path.
For I believe in you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've been watching over you this past year.
You've truly grown into a fine skyfarer. Not in power alone, but all around as a person.
Though great power can sometimes expose a weak heart.
Overwhelming strength that becomes uncontrollable and harms the innocent cannot be considered a true measure of strength.
I've seen this happen to far too many people in my lifetime. That's why I'm telling you this now.
I believe you especially are one who can follow a chosen path without losing your way.
That is power—your power to bring peace to this world.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Do you know how much you've grown this year?
You're more powerful than you once were. Even I must admit as much.
But what I find to be so strong about you is that you do not allow that power to consume you.
Power can easily corrupt the heart.
At least I thought as much... but that does not appear to be the case with you.
If all the people of the skies had a heart as pure as yours, that would be wonderful, wouldn't it?


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Hm... You'd like to spar with me?
Exerting one's power on someone without a reason is not the most honorable conduct...
However, coming from you, I trust there is a special purpose to this.
Well then, come at me when you're ready.
Hmm... Haha, very interesting indeed.
So you wanted me to look at the fruits of your training and to test your strength, huh?
I could feel the determination in your brilliant swordsmanship. You have earned my respect.
When you have something else you'd like to show me, I will be here.
I look forward to seeing your further progress, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How was this past year for you? Has anything changed?
Haha, I see. It seems the various experiences you've accumulated have taught you many new things.
The price of things are constantly changing. One must predict how the situation will change in order to prepare for it and succeed in business.
Anticipating the future by looking at history and past experiences may be an effective means, but sometimes it is also important to find your own path ahead.
What matters is caring for the world and continuing to better yourself for its sake.
It is the same as setting a goal for yourself. That's what I wanted to tell you.
Do not be blinded by your pride, and always exercise your full potential. I pray that you will continue to grow into a fine captain from here on out.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Have you decided on your resolution yet?
It's important to decide early. You only get one per year, so you may as well make your resolution a challenging one.
Of course, what matters most of all is achieving whatever resolution you set for yourself.
The point of the exercise is to grow. As long as you continue moving forward, a brighter future awaits you.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Have you received your New Year's fortune yet?
It is a new year after all... It'd be a wise choice to begin with a fresh state of mind and some newfound guidance.
Me? Way ahead of you. Haha, I'll be having super good luck this year, it seems!
So I made a wish. I wished for good fortune to all people across the skies.
And that all of us could live together in harmony.
Heh-heh... With super good luck, it's only reasonable that I spread my fortune, right?
Wishing for all of that may have been a bit much, but it's truly what I yearn for.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
(Captain), have you ever eaten osechi?
Osechi's many dishes each have a special wish mixed into them.
Some health, some prosperity, and some longevity... The wishes are as plentiful as the dishes are diverse.
Although the hope sewn into each item may seem trivial...
I believe those wishes are the first small steps toward peace.
I have actually prepared some osechi, would you like some?
What if we eat while talking about a peaceful world?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hmm... I got up relatively early myself...
But the line at the shrine has already gotten quite long, it seems.
Still, there's no need for haste. Why don't we enjoy some slow conversation as we wait for our turn?
Hm? What will I be praying for at the shrine, you ask?
For health and prosperity, of course. I hope we'll receive many requests and prosper as a crew this year.
When I was young, I often went for a visit to the shrine on New Year's with my parents. As they were merchants, we always prayed for these two particular things.
Making a prayer and setting new resolutions... These can most definitely shape how the new year will be for you.
That is what I was taught long ago, and it is something I've come to understand and treasure even now.
Oh? You'd like to try doing the same? Then let us make our prayers together.


Haha, it's rare to see you sleep in until this time on New Year's Day. Did you enjoy the festivities until late last night?
I do think it's nice to relax during New Year's from time to time.
The long hours of celebration are proof of how close you've become to the many friends you've made on your journey.
And that is, without a doubt, the fruit of your honest personality.
After all, the people around you are mirrors—they reflect who you are.
It is clear that you care about your friends very much. I hope you will always stay this way, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh? Are these chocolates for me?
Heh-heh... I see... It actually feels a little strange to get something like this.
As much as I grieve for the plight of the world, I often end up ignoring my own needs.
But no one who loses their humanity will ever be able to bring about world peace.
Thank you. You've given me an opportunity to restore just a bit of who I am.


Oho... You have chocolates for me again this year?
Heh-heh... Much appreciated, (Captain).
I must look happy as a clam right now, don't I?
Well, to know that someone's had you in their thoughts year after year...
That truly is a blessing, wouldn't you say?
If the skies were full of people like you, (Captain)... There's no doubt in my mind that they'd be at peace.


Oh? What is that sweet scent?
Haha... So I get chocolates this year too?
You are kind, (Captain). Every year, without fail, you always remember me.
I must bow to such kindness. I can only hope to learn from you.
Haha. An exaggeration?
I know that caring soul of yours has saved many of the crew from themselves.
Your beautiful heart is not something that everyone possesses.
You may not know that, but I do.


What's this? You have another present prepared for me this year?
Heh... Thank you very much.
If only everyone could treat those close to them with such gratitude and respect... then the world would be an even more beautiful place.
People may give birth to strife, but they can also defend against it.
I don't mean to assert that people's feelings can solve all the problems in our world.
But they can certainly make a change for the better.
Ah, I apologize for the dry conversation. You did go out of your way to give me these chocolates, after all.
Thank you, (Captain). I look forward to having them.


What's this? You have another present for me this year? Haha, then I shall gladly accept it.
It's always nice to receive a gift, no matter how many times it's given.
In fact, I was surprised to find myself rather excited upon waking up this morning.
This unconscious sense of anticipation can only be a sign of the trust I have in you.
The sincerity behind your words of gratitude, as well as your smile and thoughtfulness as you continue giving to others...
This steadiness you possess has the power to save many. Indeed, the joy you've given me today is only one instance of that.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing what kind of chocolate you've prepared for me this year.
Thank you, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

So today's White Day, (Captain).
It isn't much, but I got you a little something to repay your kindness.
Maybe it's my upbringing as a merchant, but it didn't feel right just getting something and not returning the favor.
Of course, that's not the only reason I got this for you.
This little present is a symbol of my gratitude for everything you do for us every day. I'd be most pleased if you like it.


Here, (Captain). I'd like you to take this.
Today's White Day, isn't it? Just a little something in return for Valentine's Day.
I wasn't able to procure anything too fancy for you this year... It seems that my business prowess isn't as sharp as it used to be.
I do hope that you find it to your liking though.
It's the thought that counts, you say?
Heh-heh... Words of wisdom.
Indeed... If we all spared some thought and consideration for one another, we'd achieve peace just yet.
I always learn something new with you. Thank you, (Captain).
Heh-heh... Perhaps we've taken another step towards peace in the skies, wouldn't you say?


(Captain), here you are.
This is for the gift I received on Valentine's Day. It is but a small token of my appreciation.
And appreciation is everything. I learned that from you last year and felt the need to give back to you somehow.
This year I had Siero help prepare something that you would like.
Because nothing would make me happier than to see you smile.


(Captain), this is a present for you, as a token of my gratitude. I hope it's to your liking.
Haha... Nothing to thank me for. You honor me with your beautiful smile.
Words of gratitude in return for a gift of gratitude...
I wonder why it is that simple words of gratitude that even a child is capable of saying can give such warmth...
I'm sure it is this sincerity in your actions that keeps the members of our crew so close together.
I exaggerate, you say? Haha, you are too humble.
Once again, thank you for everything, (Captain). Enjoy the present.


I have taken it upon myself to prepare a present for you in return for your thoughtful gift the other day.
Haha. Do I really appear elated to give you the gift? I wasn't aware myself.
I've managed to obtain something quite nice this year, you see. I received some advice from Siero in regards to your tastes, so it should be a suitable choice.
I've been looking forward to finally giving it to you since it arrived—so much, I suppose, that you were able to tell from only my expression.
To have someone to give a gift to is a wonderful thing.
Simply standing in front of you with this package in my hands fills me with a sense of fulfillment.
Well then... please accept this from me, (Captain), as a token of my appreciation for everything you do. I certainly hope you like it.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's Halloween today, isn't it?
Behold. From children to adults, this is a day for everyone to enjoy.
Seeing that reminds me of the importance of all that I have protected. I am again made keenly aware of it.
But let's not discuss such matters on what should be a momentous holiday.
So, (Captain), let us join the festivities. Have you prepared your candy?


Halloween reminds me of something that happened long ago.
It was back when I was helping out at the Knickknack Shack.
Some people played an awful prank which snowballed into bigger trouble.
Others got hurt in the ruckus because Siero and I didn't act quickly enough.
To make up for allowing such a dangerous situation, we handed out free candy to everyone.
Thankfully they were all appeased, including the adults.
It was as if their reason for being upset had been forgotten.
Now, from a business standpoint it was a big loss. But none of that mattered when we saw the smiles on everyone's faces.
I believe that scene is the model of harmony.
Even now I carry that incident deep in my heart.


Trick or treat.
Haha. Did I scare you?
Actually I've always wanted to play a trick on you just once.
Hm? You'll give me a treat? Even though I got my trick?
I am a happy man. I get my cake and can eat it too.
If the world were full of happy people, we would all be at peace.


I visited a confectionery shop earlier, and there seems to be many more types of candy now compared to when I was young.
Just by holding and looking at the candy, you can feel the passion and effort the person put into making it for the Halloween season.
Of course, in the end, it is a business so I'm sure sales were also a motive...
But for this kind of thing, you need to truly enjoy making it in order for others to enjoy it in turn.
Haha, I guess you can say that considering the maker while looking at a product is a merchant's habit.
In any case, hold out your hand, (Captain). Since I found some interesting varieties of confectionery, let me share them with you.


What's that? You'd like me to open this box? Let's see...
Haha, a jack-in-the-box! It's very well-made.
Hm? You don't seem very pleased...
Oh dear, my reaction must not have been to your liking, after all the effort you put in to surprise me.
I have an idea. If you wouldn't mind, could I ask you to play another trick on me, (Captain)?
(Captain) throws something round onto the ground. It bursts open with a loud bang.
Wooow! That surprised me! Enough to curl my mustache, I must say...
It seems I'm unsuited for this after all... Nevertheless, I'm glad I was able to make you smile, even if it is a little strained.
Perhaps I can make amends by giving you this small treat. Enjoy the Halloween season, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, (Captain).
Heh heh... Tonight is quite the auspicious occasion.
There's an old tale about this important night. Have you heard it, (Captain)?
In ages past, two countries feuded with each other.
Their conflict stretched across the years...
Only on this festive night did they lay down their weapons and sing songs of celebration.
On a night like tonight, we remember. Deep down inside, none of us desire conflict.


Season's greetings, (Captain).
Did you get a present from Santa yet?
Heh heh, I sure do hope it's something nice.
Bringing presents and smiles to everyone—truly an admirable man, Santa.
Spreading happiness and joy to others... It's not so hard if you think about it though.
You don't have to do anything big. Just a small gesture can be enough to show someone you care.
Maybe if everyone were like that, then peace could come to this world...
My wish this year is for our days ahead to be blessed with smiles and happiness.


Happy holidays, (Captain).
Haha... Do I look that happy?
Actually some children saw my mustache and thought I was Santa.
I am honored to have been mistaken for such a great man.
Haha... Then I moved my mustache a little and the children frolicked about happily.
That is what I must protect—the smiles of the children.


Happy holidays, (Captain).
Haha. It seems you've been quite busy with decorating for the holy night.
I, too, took on the challenge of putting up ornaments on the tree together with the children.
The children seemed to be having trouble with decorating the top of the tree, so I used my spear to hook the ornaments on.
Apparently they were quite impressed and even gave me a round of applause. I must say, that made me rather happy.
I never thought the spearsmanship I learned in order to exercise control would someday bring such joy to innocent children...
Ah, it seems another child is having trouble with the ornaments.
That would be my cue to step in. Looks like it's going to be an exceptionally lively night this year.


It seems many people are touched by the beautiful sight of snow on this holy night. It gives them a special kind of warmth.
However, I'm afraid a white holy night does not evoke such pleasant memories for me.
When I was young, the holy night on the year my parents passed away was a snowy one like this.
I was fortunate enough to have adults and friends in similar circumstances close by...
But the reality of never being able to spend another holy night with my parents penetrated my soul, freezing it just as the snow freezes its surroundings.
Even after many years, memories and feelings from your childhood still come rushing back... They don't fade so easily.
I'm sure people have different feelings when it comes to this night.
But I pray that at least tonight will be one that can give everyone peace of mind.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Encountering the Eternals I

(Captain) and crew return to the Knickknack Shack to work on awakening the One-Rift Spear. They meet a Harvin with an impressive mustache there. When he leaves, Siero says he's a fellow trader.

The crew successfully unlocks some of the One-Rift Spear's hidden power.
When the crew visits the Knickknack Shack to try to awaken more of the weapon's power, someone is already there.
Sierokarte: I see... So that's why the deal was a no-go.
???: And it was actually a pretty good deal too... Guess you can't win 'em all.
???: By the way have you heard about that mine they recently discovered in Menea?
Sierokarte: I have! And I'm still gathering information on it myself.
Lyria: Hey, Siero... Is he a friend of yours? He's got quite an impressive mustache.
Vyrn: I don't know what kind of product you use, but it works!
???: Oh? Are you customers?
Sierokarte: Ah! It's you, (Captain)! Welcome!
???: Sorry... We got a little carried away there. You weren't waiting long, I hope?
Lyria: Not at all! We just got here!
???: Ah... That's good.
???: Heh-heh. You really do seem to have a constant stream of customers, Siero.
???: And your customers seem good as well. I suppose fine skyfarers have always chosen fine stores.
Sierokarte: Now that you mention it, (Captain) has become pretty famous as an accomplished skyfarer lately!
???: Ah... I see. How interesting...
???: I suppose I should be going, Siero. Goodbye, my friends. I look forward to seeing you again.
The Harvin bids everyone a cheerful farewell and leaves the shop.
Lyria: So is that guy with the mustache a friend of yours?
Sierokarte: He's another trader. He's not selling anything anymore, but we've got some stories to tell.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? He seemed like a nice guy!
Sierokarte: He comes from a good family. By the way what can I do for you today, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Right! We're actually here about the One-Rift Spear...
Sierokarte: Oho... It looks like it's close to being awakened. Let me take a look.

Encountering the Eternals II

(Captain) and crew return to the Knickknack Shack and meet the Harvin man again. He reveals that he's Anre, one of the Eternals, and he warns them that they'll have to deal with the Eternals if they awaken the One-Rift Spear.

The crew returns to the Knickknack Shack to check on the progress of the One-Rift Spear's awakening.
A certain small customer has once again beaten the crew there.
???: Ah... So we meet again, skyfarers.
Lyria: Hello... um... what was your name again?
???: Oh, how rude of me! I haven't introduced myself!
Anre: My name is Anre... I'm one of the Eternals, the menace of the skies.
Vyrn: Huh? The Eternals?
Anre: You don't know the Eternals? You've never even heard about us?
Lyria: Um... I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we haven't.
Anre: I see. Pay it no mind.
Anre: By the way... That weapon you're holding...
Sierokarte: It's the One-Rift Spear, (Captain), and it looks like it's another step closer to awakening.
Vyrn: Really? Awesome! Now that we're on it, I bet this spear will awaken in no time flat!
Sierokarte: Hold on there... It's closer, but it'll still take a while.
Vyrn: Huh? You mean it'll take even more time than it already has?
Sierokarte: Yep. The One-Rift Spear is a revenant weapon after all.
Sierokarte: And as one of the ultimate weapons of the War, its potential power is impossible to measure.
Anre: I've read about revenant weapons... Is this one genuine? It certainly seems powerful...
Anre: Do you really intend to awaken the One-Rift Spear?
  1. Of course.
  2. I'm still trying to decide...

Choose: Of course.
Anre: I see... I suppose anyone with such a weapon would try to do so.

Choose: I'm still trying to decide...
Anre: I imagine you also unconsciously sense the incredible power hidden within it.
Continue 1
Anre: Anyway... If you are truly set on awakening the One-Rift Spear...
Anre: You'll eventually have to deal with me and the rest of the Eternals.
Anre: It's inevitable, so if you remember nothing else... remember that.
After having his say, Anre leaves, still wearing a grim expression.
Vyrn: What was that all about?
Lyria: Um... What are the Eternals?
Sierokarte: I'm actually surprised you haven't heard of them!
Sierokarte: The Eternals are a group of ten who form a legendary airship crew.
Sierokarte: Each one is a master of a different weapon.
Sierokarte: Due to the might of each Eternal, they're also known as the menace of the skies.
Vyrn: Oh, so you're telling us the man with the mustache is a member of a ridiculously strong crew?
Lyria: But what do the Eternals have to do with awakening the One-Rift Spear?
Sierokarte: Well, I suppose they can't help but care about those weapons...
Sierokarte: He told me that they exist for that purpose.
Vyrn: Huh? That doesn't explain much...
Sierokarte: Maybe... But that's all I can say for now.
Sierokarte refuses to say any more, no matter how many times she is asked.
When (Captain) and crew awaken the One-Rift Spear, they will learn the truth for themselves.

Encountering the Eternals III

(Captain) and crew go to some ruins to hunt monsters, but Anre is waiting for them there. He tells them how dangerous the One-Rift Spear is and warns them not to fight if they have anything they wish to protect, and then he vanishes.

(Captain) and crew visit some ruins for a monster extermination request.
Vyrn: It's strangely quiet here... Are there really monsters around?
Lyria: Hmm... It really is quiet, and there's no sign of anything.
???: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Lyria: Eek! W-who's that?
Anre: Terribly sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.
Vyrn: Oh, it's the Eternal! What are you doing here?
Anre: Heh-heh... I'm not actually supposed to do this kind of thing...
Anre: But I wanted to have a talk with you, so I went ahead.
Anre gestures toward a pile of defeated monsters behind him.
Lyria: Anre... You did this on your own?
Anre: Should I have left some for you guys? You don't really look like the fighting kind...
Vyrn: It's not that... You're just incredibly strong!
Anre: Well... Being strong is sort of in the Eternal job description.
Anre: Anyway, (Captain)... I waited here because there's something I want to ask you.
Anre: It's quite a simple question... What is it you wish to protect?
  1. I want to protect Vyrn.
  2. I want to protect Lyria.

Choose: I want to protect Vyrn.
Vyrn: I can take care of myself just fine!

Choose: I want to protect Lyria.
Lyria: Wha? Um...
Lyria: But I'm always getting you into so much trouble, (Captain)...
Continue 1
Anre: Heh heh... Just as I suspected, your desire to protect is the source of your strength.
Anre: You're already plenty strong... So why is it that you seek even greater power?
Vyrn: Hm? Wait, are you talkin' about the One-Rift Spear?
Anre: The revenant weapons have incredible power... Enough to threaten all the skies.
Anre: Absolute power destroys absolutely... and that destruction isn't limited to your enemies.
Anre: Young skyfarers... If you have something to protect, do not fight. And do not make others fight.
Anre: That's the only way to protect what's important to you.
Lyria: Um... What are you trying to say?
Anre: Do you really want to get involved in this? Will you really awaken that revenant weapon?
Anre: I expect great things of you, so please... think before you act.
With that, Anre vanishes.
Vyrn: What in the world was that all about?
Lyria: I'm not sure... But he looked really serious...
Anre's warning leaves (Captain) and crew with a vague sense of dread.
They will come to understand his warning all too soon.

Threatening Boundaries

(Captain) finally awakens the One-Rift Spear and raises a glass in celebration. But Anre shows up and announces that the world can only handle one absolute power. With that, he challenges (Captain) to a fight.

Sierokarte: Hmm... There's no mistake!
Sierokarte: The One-Rift Spear has at last been awakened! Congratulations!
(Captain) and crew finally unleash the true power of the One-Rift Spear.
After confirming this at the Knickknack Shack, they raise a toast in celebration.
Vyrn: It sure took a while to get here...
Lyria: That's right... But it was all worth it. I sense incredible power in the One-Rift Spear...
Anre: Good evening, skyfarers.
Lyria: Hey, Anre! Please listen! The One-Rift Spear actually—
Anre: Oh, I know. It has incredible power. It is a revenant weapon after all.
Anre: Congratulations... But it's most unfortunate that you've decided to step into our world.
Anre: Let's step outside, (Captain). And make sure to bring your weapon.
Lyria: Huh? Um... What's this all about?
Anre: Now that you've awakened a revenant weapon, your power is considered a threat to all the sky.
Anre: Absolute power can put an end to unnecessary conflicts...
Anre: But if such power were to clash with another... it could bring ruin to the world.
Anre: Two powers of such magnitude cannot be allowed to coexist.
Vyrn: What? Do you mean what I think you do?
Anre: That's right... There can only be one menace ruling the skies at a time.
Anre: The ten Eternals together make up the one and only absolute power our world can withstand.
Anre: Your power will throw the world off balance. Nothing personal, but I'm going to hit you with everything I've got!

Threatening Boundaries: Scene 2

(Captain) defeats Anre, so Anre says (Captain) should replace him as an Eternal, but Lyria argues that they will be stronger as a group. Convinced by her logic, Anre joins the crew.

Anre: So this is the power of someone capable of awakening a revenant weapon...
Lyria: Anre... Let's stop this already.
Anre: Fear not. I understand my own limitations quite well.
Anre: I accept my defeat. Though I never expected to leave the Eternals so soon.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean?
Anre: Only the most powerful belong in our crew. To taste defeat means immediate resignation.
Anre: And I nominate you as my replacement, (Captain).
Lyria: Wait... What?
  1. I don't think so.
  2. Leave it to me!

Choose: I don't think so.
Vyrn: My thoughts exactly! (Captain)'s on a journey, you know.
Anre: Well, I'm not telling anyone to abandon any journeys.
Anre: All the captain has to do is accept a position as one of the all-powerful Eternals.

Choose: Leave it to me!
Anre: Good answer. Something tells me you'll take a shine to Seofon.
Lyria: Hold on a second! This is all so sudden...
Anre: There's nothing difficult about it. All the captain has to do is accept a position as one of the all-powerful Eternals.
Continue 1
Anre: The world needs an overwhelming force to eliminate unnecessary conflict...
Anre: When fights break out, someone always gets hurt. Both the victors and defeated are victims. Everyone loses in the end.
Anre: If only we could have eliminated conflict sooner, my parents would never have fallen so tragically.
Anre: A truly resplendent force can prevent any war. That's why the Eternals exist.
Anre: I've lost my luster, so now it's your turn.
Lyria: Um... In that case why don't you just come with us?
Anre: What?
Lyria: You two would be stronger together than you could ever be on your own!
Vyrn: Gotcha! You're saying that (Captain) and Anre should combine forces!
Lyria: That's right! They'd be stronger together than apart! Don't you agree?
Anre: That does indeed seem correct.
Lyria: Then it's decided!
Vyrn: Hey... There's no need to force the poor guy...
Anre: Interesting... I never quite thought of it that way before.
Anre: Instead of just using a single power to stop conflict, we can unify our powers as one... What a novel approach.
Anre: Thank you... If that's how you'd like to do this, I have no objection.
Anre: You may find me a trifle challenging to deal with at times, but I look forward to working with you, (Captain).
Thus Anre the Eternal is accepted into the crew by (Captain) and crew.
Anre's ideals change little by little as he continues taking steps to bring about a brighter future.

A Restrained Approach

(Captain) and crew receive a mission at the Knickknack Shack one day, but Sieorkarte refuses to give them any details. Due to their trust for her, they proceed anyway.

One day (Captain) and crew are at the Knickknack Shack looking for a mission as usual.
Vyrn: So what's the problem the folks in this mountain town are dealing with?
Sierokarte: Um... Well, you see...
Anre: This isn't like you... What's the matter, Siero?
Sierokarte: You see... Something about this mission is particularly hard for me talk about...
Sierokarte: You might not believe me even if I told you... I actually suspect there's been some kind of mistake myself.
Lyria: Um... What do you mean?
Sierokarte: Well... I can't really explain it to you here.
Sierokarte: I think it would be best if you went and asked the townsfolk yourself...
Vyrn: Huh? Sounds a little suspicious...
Sierokarte: Of course not! It's nothing like that!
Sierokarte: But I will admit that this request surprised even me...
Anre: Hmm... Given all the things you've seen, it must be quite an unusual request.
Sierokarte: I honestly think you guys are the only ones who could handle a request like this...
Sierokarte: So please... no more questions. I beg you... accept the request!
Anre: Siero... You're a very smart girl. No one would ever deny your business acumen.
Anre: We all know you'd never waste your time trying to lie to us.
Anre: So there must be a good reason that you won't give us the details for this mission... Am I right?
Sierokarte: Yes... You are...
Anre: Then that's all we need to know.
Anre: Let's head out, (Captain). It should all become clear once we get there.

A Restrained Approach: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew reach the town, which is extremely gloomy. When they go to investigate a sudden noise, they find some thugs claiming to work for an Eternal and confront them.

(Captain) and crew travel along a mountain path and reach the town.
Vyrn: Hmm... This town sure seems gloomy...
Lyria: Everyone looks so sad...
Anre: It's not just the atmosphere... Can you see it, (Captain)?
Anre: It's mostly confined to the alleys, but there are signs of damage here and there.
Anre: It seems safe to assume that something is harming this town...
Lyria: Um... Excuse me! Did something happen here recently?
Denizen 1: Huh? Oh, are you skyfarers?
Vyrn: That's right! We're here to answer a request for help!
Denizen 1: Help? Someone still hasn't given up? But there's nothing we can do...
Anre: What do you mean? Please elaborate.
Denizen 1: I would, but I'm actually kind of busy...
With that, the man coldly turns and walks away.
Vyrn: What was that?
Lyria: Maybe it was just bad timing...
Lyria: Oh! Excuse me! Can we talk to you for a minute?
The crew goes around and questions the residents, but to no avail.
Vyrn: Sigh... Why won't anyone tell us anything?
Anre: This town and its people clearly need help...
Anre: But it's as if they're afraid of something...
Lyria: What was that noise?
Vyrn: It came from the other side of town! Let's go check it out!
Denizen 2: Eek! I'm telling you! I don't have any more valuables!
Thug 1: What was that? Just who do you think you're talking to?
Thug 2: Yeah! Don't you realize that our boss is an Eternal? How'd you like him to blow away your little town?
Denizen 2: Eek! I'm sorry...
Vyrn: Did you hear that? What's going on?
Anre: So this is why Siero wouldn't give us the details...
Lyria: Could those people be telling the truth?
Vyrn: I don't know, but we'd better stop those thugs!

A Restrained Approach: Scene 3

(Captain) and crew find out where the fake Eternals are and pay them a visit. The enraged Anre easily overpowers them and threatens to show them the power of the true menace of the skies.

(Captain) and crew drive the thugs out of town.
Denizen 1: Thank you, skyfarers...
Denizen 2: Whatever... You guys should have stayed out of it...
Denizen 1: Hey! That's no way to talk to someone who just saved us!
Denizen 2: What if our entire town gets blown up! This is the Eternals we're messing with!
Lyria: Anre...
Anre: Excuse me... What sort of people are these Eternals?
Denizen 1: A little while ago, they moved into the ruins on the mountain behind our town.
Denizen 1: And they have dozens of thugs like the ones you dealt with under them.
Denizen 2: Yeah, there's nothing we can do about it.
Denizen 2: The Eternals are the menace of the skies! There's no point in trying to resist...
Anre: ...!
Lyria: Hey! Anre?
Vyrn: Wait up! Are you going to the ruins those townsfolk mentioned?
Anre: Of course. I'll strike them down for soiling the name of the Eternals!
Anre: I personally know each Eternal...
Anre: They may have complex personalities, but none of them would ever do anything like this!
Anre: But more than that, I'm shocked that they'd use our reputation so disgracefully!
Anre: The Eternals were formed to put an end to conflict...
Anre: But taking away the means of helpless people to resist is another matter entirely!
Anre: ...
Fake Eternal 1: Huh? Who are you guys?
Anre: So you're the Eternals, eh?
Fake Etenal 2: You must be the skyfarers hired by the townsfolk.
Fake Eternal 2: It seems you don't know just how terrifying we are!
Fake Eternal 2: Listen here. We're known as the menace of the skies, and our power—
Fake Eternal 2: Oof!
Anre: What was that about your power? Go on.
Fake Eternal 1: What's with this guy?
Anre: The Eternals were established to bring peace...
Anre: I won't allow scum like you to tarnish our name!
Anre: Prepare yourselves... You're about to witness the true menace of the skies!

A Restrained Approach: Scene 4

The townsfolk thank (Captain) and crew for restoring peace to the town, but Anre is troubled. He suspects that his ideals are wrong and decides to dedicate his life to finding the truth.

(Captain) and crew defeat the fake Eternals and restore peace to the town.
Denizen 1: Thank you so much! I don't know how we can ever repay you...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We were just doing our job!
Anre: ...
Lyria: Anre?
Anre: ...
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? You've been quiet for a while...
Anre: I've just been thinking that maybe I was wrong...
Anre: My goal was for the Eternals to use their power to end conflict and bring peace to the world...
Anre: But our name was instead used for evil and brought about the worst possible outcome...
Anre: Maybe we were wrong to think we could achieve peace through power...
Vyrn: Anre, you might be overthinkin' this a little bit.
Anre: ...
Vyrn: And you don't need to know the answer now! I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually!
Anre: Eventually, you say?
Vyrn: That's right! You still have plenty of time!
Anre smiles faintly upon hearing Vyrn's words.
Anre's question is a difficult one, and he'll spend his entire life seeking its answer.

The Unspoken Cost

Anre reveals that he lost his parents to robbers when he was young, which inspired him to establish the Eternals. He hoped such a force would prevent crime, but a thug comes after him because of his power.

Absolute power can prevent meaningless conflict.
This was the belief that drove Anre, peerless master of the spear, to establish the Eternals.
But Anre has a certain talent that doesn't quite fit such a mighty warrior.
Anre: Hmm... Interesting... So you think the election of the Chairman of Commerce will be decided by wheat this time as well?
Sierokarte: Of course. They always use wheat to buy votes.
Anre: And that means they're hoping for the price of wheat to crash after the election. But I bet you've already stocked up on everything you need.
Sierokarte: Hee hee... I never bother with credit transactions. Of course, I do act as a warehousing and transportation broker for other traders.
Anre: Oho... You never cease to amaze me, Siero. I learn something every time we talk.
Vyrn and Lyria are a little surprised by the sight of Sierokarte and Anre having such an animated conversation.
Lyria: Wow, Anre... You sure seem to get along well with Siero.
Vyrn: Yeah, you're really somethin' else. Not too many folks who can keep up with Knickknack when it comes to business talk.
Sierokarte: What do you expect? Anre was once going to be one of the major players just like me.
Lyria: A major player?
Vyrn: Hey, hold up. Business and spear fighting have nothing to do with each other! What gives?
Sierokarte mutters something as if in thought and then quiets down.
Anre seems to sense what she's thinking because he starts speaking in a serious tone.
Anre: To tell you the truth, I come from a wealthy merchant family. My father actually taught Siero.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Your dad was Siero's teacher?
Vyrn: Wow... I guess that explains why you get along so well with Anre, Knickknack.
Anre: But tragedy struck our home when I was only ten years old. A gang of robbers invaded our house.
Anre: They were after our property, and they got into a fight with our guards...
Anre: During the confusion, my parents were killed.
Lyria: Oh no... That's so terrible...
Anre: That's when I realized something.
Anre: Once something awful happens, it's already too late. It's crucial to prevent tragedies before they strike.
Anre: And the key to prevention isn't property... It's power. The sort of power so overwhelming that no one even considers an act as heinous as robbery.
Anre: And so I gave up on business and devoted myself entirely to mastery of the spear.
Vyrn: Sounds like you've been through a lot yourself...
While the crew quietly considers his words, a nasty thug spots Anre and saunters over.
Thug: Ha ha! Finally found you, old man! Now I'll be the strongest in the sky!
Thug: I'm the one and only head of the band of thieves known as the Lynxes! Nothin' personal, but I gotta put you down to show the world how vicious I really am!
Anre: Kids these days...
Thug: Argh!
Anre easily knocks the advancing thug down and presses the tip of his spear against the villain's exposed throat.
Anre: I'm Anre, one of the Eternals. Did you really know who you were messing with?
Thug: Of course! That's why I did it!
Thug: I was supposed to take you out so I could finally be the strongest!
Anre: I see... Well, since you knew what you were doing, you'll forgive me for not showing any mercy.
Anre clutches the spear and prepares to strike.
But (Captain) deflects the lethal blow just in time.
Anre: Hmm... I suppose you're trying to tell me I'm going too far. But I have no intention of backing down now.
Anre: A force that stays its hand can never hope to end conflict. What good are the Eternals if they don't follow through?
Anre: If you insist on stopping me anyway, I guess we'll just have to fight it out.

The Unspoken Cost: Scene 2

As Anre watches the thug flee, he thinks back on what happened to his parents and realizes that people are driven by a desire to challenge those they consider the strongest—a fact Anre struggles to accept.

Anre: Phew... Trying to beat you is as hard as I remember.
Anre: Heh heh... But you've made yourself quite clear. If you say letting this thug go is the just thing to do, I'll just have to take your word for it.
Anre releases the thug.
Thug: I'm so sorry! I'll never do anything this dumb again! I'll give up robbery altogether! It's nothin' but honest work for me!
Anre: Well said. I trust that you'll never forget those words.
Thug: Eek!
The thug dashes off at full speed. As Anre watches the villain, with a faraway look in his eye, he begins muttering to himself.
Anre: I've always believed that all one needs to end conflict is absolute power...
Anre: But maybe there was some truth to their words...
Anre reflects on what the robbers who broke into his house told him. It was similar in a way to what the thug said.
Anre: As I told you, my family was quite wealthy. We were far from defenseless when the robbers attacked us.
Anre: To protect our vast wealth, we had plenty of guards, all of whom were known as elite members of their profession.
Anre: But the robbers weren't at all scared of their numbers or expertise.
Anre: The robbers ended up getting caught by the guards... but they were foolish enough to resist and a fight broke out.
Anre: During the fight, my parents were hit by some stray bullets.
Anre: The wounds proved fatal, and then my parents were gone. Just like that.
Anre: So I asked the robbers why they broke into our home even though they knew something like that could happen.
Anre: I was just a boy then, but they accepted their defeat gracefully and answered my question.
Anre: They told me that if they could rob a mansion like ours, there'd be nothing else left for them to fear.
Anre: I spent so much time after that thinking, trying to find a way to prevent similar tragedies...
Anre: What if my house had been protected by someone more powerful than mere guards?
Anre: What if there'd been a crew of unrivaled power that delighted in punishing evildoers?
Anre: With a force like that in the world, surely those robbers never would have invaded my home.
Anre: That line of reasoning is what led me to establish the Eternals, but now I suspect those robbers would have been willing to challenge even us.
Anre: It seems people like them are guided not by logic so much as a desire to challenge those they consider the strongest.
The day's events have run counter to Anre's beliefs. He falls into silence, his mood soured.

To Challenge the Impossible

Anre wonders why people recklessly insist on pursuing the impossible. He broods over the matter on the deck of the ship when the One-Rift Spear suddenly speaks up with the promise of an answer.

Anre remains plagued with doubt.
He has long believed that only the most powerful force in the sky could ever hope to prevent conflict.
Due to that belief, it's hard for him to accept the irrationality that seems to drive people to pursue challenges they know are reckless.
Vyrn: What's up? Is something still bugging you?
Anre: Indeed... Something slight and inscrutable.
Anre: Why, I wonder, do people recklessly insist on pursuing the impossible?
Anre: I just don't understand it, and I can't get this little puzzle out of my mind.
Lyria: Hmm... I'm not so sure...
Anre: Oho... If you have something to say, do speak up.
Lyria: Well, I'm not really much for deep thinking...
Lyria: But just look at (Captain).
Lyria: We started this journey to find (Captain)'s father on Estalucia, and we knew it wasn't going to be easy!
Vyrn: Got that right! If we all thought the way you do, Anre, we'd still be back home on Zinkenstill!
Anre: I suppose you have a point.
Lyria: You just think too much, Anre.
Vyrn: That's right! Try not to worry so much.
Anre: Hmm...
As far as Lyria and Vyrn are concerned, they've managed to convince Anre of the truth of their words.
But Anre secretly goes right on worrying.
Night soon falls.
Anre stands in contemplation on the deck, the night wind whispering past him, when he suddenly hears a mysterious voice coming from somewhere.
???: Look at me, you fool.
Anre: Huh? Who could be up at this hour?
Anre: Oho! Now this is a surprise! Was it you who spoke just now, One-Rift Spear?
One-Rift Spear: I have the answer you seek...
One-Rift Spear: So respond to me, and hear my words...
Anre: How interesting that you chose this particular moment, when I'm so caught up in my worries, to talk to me.
Anre: And you speak with an impertinence similar to that of the robbers who took everything from me.
Anre: ...
One-Rift Spear: Heh heh... Very well. Let us have a little talk.

To Challenge the Impossible: Scene 2

Anre duels with the One-Rift Spear throughout the night and obtains a clue about the nature of strength. The next morning he borrows the spear from (Captain) and leaves the ship to go find out what true strength is.

Day breaks before Anre knows it.
As the vicious battle with the One-Rift Spear concludes, Anre is bathed in the light of the morning sun.
His face shows no sign of distress. He in fact stares at the spear with an expression of pride.
Anre: Now I see... I suppose that's another way to look at it.
Anre seems to have gained a clue from his battle, and he gently mutters these words as he grasps the spear, almost as if in thanks.
He cradles the spear in his arms as he approaches (Captain) and crew.
Anre: Hey, (Captain). I have a favor to ask of you.
Anre: Would you mind if I borrowed this spear for a while?
  1. Why would you want to do that?
  2. Sure thing.

Choose: Why would you want to do that?
Anre: Heh heh... I'd just like to talk to this one a bit more.
Lyria: What? You want to talk to it?
Vyrn: Hey... A spear doesn't seem like much of a conversation partner.
Anre: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Choose: Sure thing.
Anre: Hrm... And you're not even going to ask why.
Anre: Maybe it's just my imagination, but the look in your eyes makes me think you already know...
Vyrn: Seriously? How can you tell?
Lyria: No fair! I want to know why too!
Continue 1
Anre: Oh, I actually have one more request.
Anre: Do you mind if I take a little time off?
Vyrn: Huh? That seems kinda sudden.
Anre: Heh heh... I'm thinking I'll take this spear and go ask what true strength is.
After explaining his reasons to the crew, Anre leaves the ship with the One-Rift Spear in hand.

Questioning the Nature of Strength

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Tweyen. She willingly accepts with the full understanding that he must have a good reason for fighting.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Tweyen.
She spots him with her legendary eyesight and smiles kindly as she calls out to him.
Tweyen: Well, if it isn't Anre. You don't seem like your usual self. Is something bugging you?
Anre: Indeed there is. I actually came here because I'd like you to answer a question for me.
Tweyen: A question?
Tweyen: I wonder whether I could even answer a question posed by the sage who united the Eternals.
Anre ignores her words as he quietly readies the One-Rift Spear.
Tweyen understands his purpose immediately. She nocks an arrow of light and draws back the string.
Tweyen: As much as you loathe conflict, I assume there's a reason for this battle.
Anre: I apologize, but I need to know what strength means to you.
The arrow loosed by Tweyen grazes Anre's leg.
Anre: Hee hee... Say no more. I understand exactly what you're searching for.
Anre: And to be honest... I've always longed for a match with you.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 2

Anre defeats Tweyen, coming one step closer to the answer he seeks and then continues on his way.

Anre defeats Tweyen.
But their faces betray neither the jubilation of victory nor the humiliation of defeat.
Each combatant is merely satisfied to have learned a bit more about the meaning of strength.
Tweyen: Well done, Anre. That was just the sort of majestic strength I'd expect from a veteran of your caliber.
Anre: You have my gratitude, Tweyen. Thanks to you, I'm one step closer to my answer.
Tweyen: Hee hee... Happy to be of service. If you ever want a rematch, come any time.
Anre: ...

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 3

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Threo. Although she smells the threat he represents, she is happy to accept a duel with him.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Threo.
Threo: Sniff... Sniff...
Threo: Huh? What's that smell?
Threo: I know you're there! Show yourself!
Anre: No one should have been able to detect me, but your intuition is as formidable as ever.
Threo: Heh heh... Is that so? It's quite a thrill to hear that from you.
Threo: But something smells fishy...
Anre: Fishy?
Threo: Maybe there's something wrong with my nose, but something smells sinister about you...
Anre: Oho... Now that is impressive. I'm surprised your nose can detect something so subtle.
Threo: What? You want to fight? With me?
Anre: Threo, I'd like you to teach me the secrets of your strength one more time.
Threo: Heh heh... I'm not really sure what you're on about... but it definitely sounds like fun.
Threo: You're on! I've been lookin' forward to another fight with you!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 4

Anre defeats Threo, relishing the instinct-driven nature of her strength. He considers it an honor to have fought her, and she vows to beat him next time.

Anre defeats Threo.
But the beaten Threo doesn't look at all humbled.
And not even a flicker of triumphant pride shows on Anre's face.
Threo: Ugh... That really sucked...
Threo: You're as strong as I remember!
Anre: I'm not so sure about that. You almost had me there.
Threo: I definitely won't lose next time, so you better go another round with me someday!
Anre: Heh heh... I've always liked you. There's something both precious and dangerous about how instinct-driven you are...
Anre: I'm glad to have met you in the first place. It was an honor to face you again here.
Threo: Heh heh... Really? Well, that makes two of us!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 5

To discover the nature of strength, Anre heads to Stardust Town to challenge Feower. Anre suspects that Feower's way of life is close to the answer he seeks and goads him into a fight.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Feower.
Feower: You're about the last person I'd expect to see here, Anre.
Feower: So what's up? Do you have business with me, or are you looking for my sister?
Anre: Well, before I answer that, would you mind lowering the dagger you have against my back?
Feower: ...
Anre: I suppose it's in your nature, but sneaking up on people for fun isn't exactly a commendable pastime.
Feower: Oh, but I'm hardly playing. I'm warning you.
Feower: Here in Stardust Town, we don't just stand around laughing like idiots when people show up looking to fight!
Feower: What are you doing in our town, old man? Spit it out!
Anre: Heh heh...
Feower: What's so funny? The only reason you still have a head to laugh with is because it's you standing there, Anre.
Anre: Sorry. I meant no offense. I'm just happy.
Feower: Happy? About what?
Anre: You... No, you and your sister live as though you've figured something important out.
Anre: And I suspect that the answer you found is close to what I'm looking for myself.
Feower: You know, that pompous tone really doesn't do you any favors.
Anre: All right, let's do this, Feower. We'll see if you even manage to hit me.
Feower: Have it your way then. I'm certainly not civilized enough to back down when someone aims a spear at me.
Feower: (Anre would never instigate a fight like this. There's definitely something very wrong here...)

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 6

Anre defeats Feower, who blames himself for his weakness. Anre reminds Feower that he is protecting something he could not, and Feower sees why Anre challenged him.

Anre defeats Feower.
He silently stares at his beaten opponent.
The young Eternal grits his teeth in frustration.
Feower: Ugh! What's wrong with me!
Feower: Huff... Huff... I need to be stronger than this...
Anre: You need more strength to protect your town. Is that what you're trying to say?
Feower: That is so...
Anre: And yet you're protecting something that I could not.
Anre: One of us pursues strength as a result of loss, and the other pursues strength to avoid it.
Anre: I suppose neither type of strength is better than the other. They're both strength in the end.
Feower: I was thinking it was unusual for someone as calm as you to bare his fangs... but it seems you had your reasons.
Anre: You taught me something important today. Thank you, Feower.
Feower: I won't lose next time.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 7

To discover the nature of strength, Anre visits Fif. Though Fif only wants a present and insists she isn't angry, Anre challenges the innocent girl in pursuit of his answer.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Fif.
Fif: Yay! It's Anre!
Fif: So did you get me a present? I bet you did!
Fif: Um... What I really want is goodies...
Fif: You know, like candy... and cookies... and of course cake... and... um... Oh! I also love chocolate!
Anre: Heh heh...
Fif: Huh? What's the matter?
Fif: Oh! I know! Did you forget my present?
Anre: Sorry about that. I don't have anything with me today.
Fif: Yep! I knew it!
Fif: But that's okay. I don't get mad about stuff like that!
Fif: See how grown up I am? Now pat my head!
Anre: Oh, Fif. To think you're one of the most powerful mages in the sky at such a young age... Perhaps you can give me the answer I seek...
Anre quietly readies the One-Rift Spear.
Fif: Hey, Anre! Weren't you listening? I said I'm not mad!
Fif: But whatever! If you're mad, then I can get mad too! Here I come!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 8

Anre soundly defeats Fif, but she just thinks he was playing with her. He says her strength lies in her simplicity and innocence, but she doesn't quite understand the compliment.

Anre defeats Fif.
But in spite of getting trounced, Fif smiles with childlike innocence.
Fif: Ha ha... That was so much fun!
Fif: Thanks for playing with me, Anre!
Anre watches her as she punctuates her words with an innocent laugh, and he quietly nods.
Anre: You're always so simple and innocent. Perhaps that's the source of your strength.
Anre: To maintain such innocence even when blessed with such power... Well, that's difficult even for a child.
Anre: Fif, your strength is perhaps the most direct and pure of anyone's. It's truly wonderful to behold.
Fif: Is that a good thing? Hmm... You always confuse me, Anre!
Fif: Ha ha!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 9

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Seox. Seox knew Anre was heading his way the moment he landed on the island, telling him no reason is ever necessary to fight before engaging the sage.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Seox.
Seox: It took you long enough, Anre.
Seox: I knew you were here the moment you landed on this island...
Seox: So today is the day we at last come to blows!
Anre: Oho... As sharp as ever, I see. But aren't you going to ask why I wish to fight?
Seox: Does one ever need a reason to fight? Though I suppose it is like you to philosophize about these things.
Anre: Heh heh... You may be right about that, but I think you beat me in that regard.
Anre: You don't know anything about me!
Seox: And don't you dare hold back just because we know each other. I'll kill you on the spot if you do!
Seox: Kieeeiii!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 10

Seox loses the fight but seems almost reinvigorated. Anre realizes that the masked man's strength stems from his solitude. Seox's damaged mask falls off a moment later and he runs away.

Anre defeats Seox.
But Seox doesn't look at all ashamed of his defeat.
Though his mask hides his face, the confidence in his voice betrays his true feelings.
Seox: Heh... Most impressive... I haven't battled anyone with your level of resolve since I faced you-know-who.
Anre: Ever the lone wolf... That seems to be the source of your strength.
Anre: And I suppose that anyone who's alone long enough ultimately becomes aloof. I felt the resounding truth of that with each blow you landed.
Seox: Humph... I don't think it's anything quite so noble, but I don't mind hearing that from you.
Anre: By the way, is that thing okay?
Seox: Is what thing okay?
Anre: It looks like that mask of yours sustained quite a bit of damage during our battle...
Seox: Uh-oh...
Seox: Eek! Hngh...
Anre: Heh heh... Everyone has their own issues to deal with, I see.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 11

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Seofon. Seofon immediately readies his weapon, and Anre considers how lucky he was to meet Seofon when he first conceived of the Eternals.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Seofon.
Seofon: Well, if it isn't Anre! What's up? Did you come all the way here just to see little old me?
Seofon: I'm always delighted to see you, but what's going on? Something seems off about you, old friend.
Anre: ...
Seofon: You and I go way back, so I like to think we've shared a burden or two over the years.
Seofon: But it doesn't look like you're here to celebrate the good old days.
Anre: My apologies, Seofon. I have a question that only you can answer.
Seofon: Okay, I get it... But I can't remember the last time I saw you looking so serious.
Seofon: En garde, Anre. If this is really what you want, then I'd be happy to give it to you.
Anre: Heh heh... I always knew I could count on you. How lucky I was to find you first when I conceived of the Eternals.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 12

Anre defeats Seofon, who gracefully accepts his defeat. Anre thanks his friend for keeping the Eternals together, which only ends up intimidating him.

Anre defeats Seofon.
But Seofon only chuckles in amusement, a stark contrast with his stone-cold demeanor during battle.
Seofon: Ha ha... You're as tough as I remember! No wonder I was so utterly captivated by you.
Seofon: But if we get any more serious about this, I wonder if either of us will walk away in one piece.
Seofon: So let's just call it a day! We can have another round eventually... but not any time soon!
Seofon: So what do you think? Can you put that spear away for now?
Anre: Heh heh... I've always liked that laid-back attitude of yours.
Anre: Only someone like you could have ever led a group of misfits like the Eternals.
Seofon: Oh... Thank you so much. You're the only one who understands just how hard I work!
Anre: Let me say it one more time... I'm glad you're the first Eternal I found, and I'm even more glad I left the leadership duties to you.
Anre: Thank you, Seofon.
Seofon: Anre...
Seofon: Hearing that from you makes me happier than it probably should.
Seofon: But what am I saying! I need to get back to being my usual cool self. Take it easy, Anre.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 13

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Eahta. Eahta immediately understands Anre's purpose, and the duel between the seasoned warriors commences with little preamble.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Eahta.
Eahta: Anre. What business do you have with me?
Anre: How have you been, Eahta? We're both getting up there in years...
Eahta: Spare me the idle chatter. You carry a revenant weapon, do you not?
Eahta: And the expression on your face carries a sense of urgency. I believe I know why you're here.
Eahta: I ask you once more, Anre... What business do you have with me?
Anre: To say the years have been kind to you would be an understatement. How grand it is to have a comrade whose resolve never wavers no matter how old he gets...
Anre: You already know why I'm here. I won't hold back.
Eahta: Ha ha ha... The Anre I know reveals himself at last!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 14

Anre defeats Eahta, who responds by asking whether the sage is any closer to finding his path. Surprised by his insight, Anre sees the gentleness in Eahta's fearsome strength.

Anre defeats Eahta.
Eahta responds to his defeat with solemn praise.
Eahta: Well done. You never disappoint, Anre.
Eahta: So? Are you any closer to finding your path?
Anre: I thought you'd notice.
Eahta: I knew how troubled you were the instant our blades clashed.
Anre: Of course you did... Always in top form, I see.
Anre: But I did learn something. I felt your gentleness even within your fearsome strength.
Anre: I suppose that's why Fif is so drawn to you.
Eahta: Ha ha ha ha... If you say so. I wouldn't know!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 15

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Niyon, who is worried about his discordant melody. Though reluctant to fight, she does so in an attempt to help him.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Niyon.
Niyon: Anre... What's the matter?
Anre: ...
Niyon: Terrifying.
Niyon: Why do you sound this way?
Anre: I wonder what my heart sounds like to someone as sensitive to the sounds of others as you.
Niyon: Why, Anre...
Niyon: Why is the melody of your heart so discordant?
Anre: It seems that I can't hide anything from you, Niyon.
Anre: I realize this is asking for a lot, but I'd like to hear your battle hymn.
Niyon: I really hate that melody...
Niyon: But if you won't stop on your own... then I'll stop you myself.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 16

Niyon loses the fight but is relieved Anre's melody is back to normal. He apologizes for challenging her and realizes that her strength lies in her ability to understand others even as she pushes them away.

Anre defeats Niyon.
Instead of showing any sign of regret or sadness, the defeated Niyon only heaves a sigh of relief.
Niyon: Your sound has returned to normal. What a relief.
Niyon: A quietly magnificent melody, like that of drifting clouds...
Niyon: But what threw you out of harmony in the first place?
Anre: I apologize for so selfishly disturbing your tranquility.
Niyon: I'm just glad it's over. It pains me to hear someone else's melodies so out of tune.
Anre: Niyon...
Niyon: I'm sick of being afraid. From now on just try to keep your melody playing as it should.
Anre: Thank you... Even as you push others away, I suspect that you actually understand them better than any of us.
Anre: And I bet the strength shining within you stems from that.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 17

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Tien. She points out that he's making an uncharacteristically scary face and accepts the duel to try to restore him to normal.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Tien.
Tien: You want something, Anre?
Anre: ...
Tien: Children are always honest, you know.
Tien: But even though they constantly flock to you, I don't see any around today.
Tien: I can't blame them though. Given the lethal weapon you're carrying and that ominous expression on your face, even adults would steer clear of you.
Anre: I see... Do I really look that scary?
Tien: You can't tell on your own, can you? Still, I'm surprised to see you of all people looking like that...
Tien: But it's okay. I'll remind you who you're supposed to be.
Anre: With the power of young people like you in our ranks, the future of the Eternals is secure indeed.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 18

Tien loses but is relieved that Anre has not fallen under control of the revenant weapon. Anre recognizes that Tien's strength comes from her calm sense of judgement.

Anre defeats Tien.
But he doesn't look at all proud of his accomplishment.
On the other hand, Tien looks almost happy despite having lost.
Tien: I half-suspected that your revenant weapon was controlling your thoughts... but I'm glad I was wrong.
Tien: Everything's fine now that the Anre I know is back.
Anre: I apologize for worrying you.
Anre: But I think I glimpsed the secrets of your strength in your careful, calm sense of judgment.
Tien: Really? Everyone raised in this town grows up the same way. Even children have that quality.
Anre: And that explains why you're strong.
Anre: Your story may be a sad one, but you have great strength indeed.
Anre: I truly hope that it keeps you here protecting those you care about.

The Strong Stand Alone

Having faced all of the Eternals, Anre heads back to return the One-Rift Spear to (Captain) and company. When they ask him what he learned, he smiles and offers to show (Captain) by way of a duel.

Anre's battles with each of the other Eternals provide him with insight he once lacked.
He returns to (Captain) to give back the One-Rift Spear.
Lyria: Welcome back, Anre.
Vyrn: Heh heh... I heard from (Captain) that you left in search of answers about strength.
Lyria: So how was it? Did you learn anything?
Anre smiles broadly as he replies.
Anre: Well, each Eternal had their own definition of and attitude toward strength, but all of them offered intriguing clues about its true nature.
Anre: I once again confirmed that there's more than one kind of strength, and I feel that I've at last reached the same level as you, Captain.
Vyrn: The same level as (Captain)?
Anre: That's right. And that's why I'd like you to listen to me, Captain...
Anre: I want you to know all about the answer I found.
(Captain) is almost overwhelmed by the alarming strength of Anre's resolve.
But the captain immediately understands Anre's intentions and faces the Eternal with weapon in hand.
Anre: Thus begins the final battle. Let us discuss the true nature of strength, Captain.

The Strong Stand Alone: Scene 2

Anre loses to (Captain) but praises the captain's uncompromising strength as he returns the One-Rift Spear. When Vyrn and Lyria wonder about what he learned, Anre jokes that he'd be happy to duel them too.

Although Anre loses to (Captain), he smiles as though he's never been happier.
It's almost as if he knew from the beginning that the result of the match was a foregone conclusion.
Anre: Heh heh... You really are impressive. To experience strength as straightforward and uncompromising as yours is truly wonderful.
Anre: Oh, but I almost forgot. I believe this is yours.
Anre returns the One-Rift Spear to (Captain).
Anre: Revenant weapons are truly mysterious.
Anre: They examine the seekers who hold them and grant that which is sought.
Anre: But they might be just a little too reliable. I suspect that these weapons should be handled with special care.
Anre: Though I'm sure you'll do just that.
Lyria: Um... So did you find the answer you were looking for, Anre?
Vyrn: Yeah! I really don't get what any of this was about!
Anre: The battle we just fought was everything.
Lyria: Um...
Vyrn: And like I said, we have no idea what even happened there!
Anre: Hmm... I find it hard to put into words... It's something that only the combatants can understand.
Anre: Wait... I've got it. Why don't you and Lyria try going a round with me?
Lyria: What? There's just no way!
Vyrn: I'm with her! How could you ever expect us to do that?
Anre: Heh heh...
When Anre's laughter gives away the joke, Lyria and Vyrn find themselves laughing too.
(Captain) laughs right along with them, the captain's courageous look from earlier replaced with that of a child.

A Promise of Power

Having returned to the Grandcypher from his journey, Anre offers to help (Captain) and company with weapon maintenance. Upon discovering the One-Rift Spear among the armaments, they convince Anre to look into further awakening its power.

The sun is shining on another brilliant day on the Grandcypher.
Meanwhile, (Captain) and company are busy bringing in another batch of weapons to the storeroom for maintenance when a small figure lands before them.
Anre: It's good to see you again, (Captain).
Lyria: Anre! It's been so long!
Vyrn: Whoa, we haven't seen you in a minute! Whatcha been up to?
Anre: Oh, I've been keeping myself occupied with things here and there... My apologies for not keeping in touch.
Anre: Ah, one more thing. I had the pleasure of visiting Sierokarte recently—she wanted me to give you this.
Anre presents (Captain) with a fine cloth and high quality oil for polishing various armaments.
Vyrn: Whoa, perfect timing! We were just about to put in another order with Knickknack.
Anre: We have much to talk about, (Captain). Perhaps I could be of assistance?
Anre: Rest assured that I'm quite accustomed to maintaining my own equipment. Plus, this will give us something to do while catching up.
Lyria: Thanks a bunch, Anre! We ended up with a lot more than expected, so you couldn't have come at a better time!
(Captain) and the others gladly accept Anre's offer as they head to the storeroom together.
Anre: I've been to several islands in my time away from the Grandcypher.
Anre: It wasn't always easy, but it was a journey well spent indeed. I'd love to show you some of the—
The Harvin man, who had been casually tending to the weapons until this moment, takes notice of a certain spear.
Anre: This spear...
Lyria: Huh? That's weird... I thought I already finished working on that one earlier.
Vyrn: Maybe you got it mixed up with another one. We've got spears for days, after all—might as well get this one extra shiny! How about it, Anre?
Anre: Of course. I must say... seeing this spear reminds me of when I sparred with everyone.
Anre pensively shuts his eyes, stroking the hilt of the One-Rift Spear with affinity.
Vyrn: You mean when you went up against (Captain) and the other Eternals?
Anre: Indeed. It was in the heat of battle where I found new answers regarding the meaning of true strength.
Anre: Yes, the spear that may well grant me the power that I've been seeking... Do you remember what I said to you before?
The captain recalls a similar conversation with Anre that didn't feel so long ago.
Anre: Revenant weapons are truly mysterious.
Anre: They examine the seekers who hold them and grant that which is sought.
Anre: But they might be just a little too reliable. I suspect that these weapons should be handled with special care.
Anre: I've been thinking about what I said that day ever since.
Anre: There's still much power resting within this spear—perhaps the very power I've sought out all this time.
Anre: Yes...
  1. Does it intrigue you?
  2. Does it scare you?

Choose: Does it intrigue you?
Anre: Hmm... I won't deny that its power doesn't intrigue me. Or perhaps it's merely a curiosity that I wish to have sated.
Anre: But it is as they say, perhaps... Be careful what you wish for, for it may come true.

Choose: Does it scare you?
Anre: Yes... Such power would come with its fair share of danger.
Continue 1
Vyrn: I mean, that's the plan, right?
Vyrn: People would be too afraid to even think about doin' bad things if there was someone super powerful around to put a stop to it.
Vyrn: So what's the problem with makin' your weapon even stronger than it is now?
Anre: At first it really does seem quite simple, doesn't it? But the mere existence of such a powerful weapon may have unintended consequences.
Anre: It would attract those with unsavory intentions, and their inevitable contest for power would cause even more conflict to arise in return.
Lyria: I see... It would be awful for your efforts to have the opposite effect after everything.
Anre: Of course, no one can say for sure this is what would happen... but I believe it to be inevitable.
Anre: In order to awaken power from a Revenant Weapon in the first place, one would need a—
Anre: Ahem.
As if to stop himself from accidentally revealing something to (Captain), Anre suddenly goes silent.
He hands the spear back to (Captain) before quickly changing the subject.
Anre: Anyway, what I wanted to say was that such decisions aren't to be made lightly.
Anre: Back to the matter at hand. We shouldn't rely too heavily on this spear—its powers are not to be trifled with lightly.
Vyrn: Yeah, I guess... But it feels wrong to just leave it as it is now, right?
Vyrn: I mean, wouldn't it be better to learn more about it so you could understand its potential better?
(Captain) nods in agreement to Vyrn's sentiment.
  1. What if you can't control it one day?
  2. I'm sure you could work something out.

Choose: What if you can't control it one day?
Anre: There is still much we don't know about these weapons, so that is something to think about indeed.
Anre: But needless fear won't get me anywhere, I suppose. It may be my duty as an Eternal to gain a deeper understanding of its power.

Choose: I'm sure you could work something out.
Anre: Work something out... with the spear itself? I suppose. It certainly has a will of its own.
Anre: I see... If I were to speak with it, perhaps the spear itself would sympathize with my conundrum.
Continue 2
Upon hearing (Captain)'s thoughts, Anre continues to consider his options pensively.
Anre: Hmm... Perhaps you're on to something here, (Captain).
Anre: I do believe it is time for me to continue my research in further awakening the One-Rift Spear's power—but I must remain prudent.
Anre locks his eyes on (Captain) with newfound resolve.
Anre: I have a favor to ask. It wasn't me who awakened the power within this spear, but you.
Anre: Your experience with the weapon would be invaluable. Would you be willing to help me once again?
  1. I'm beyond humbled.
  2. You've piqued my curiosity...

Choose: I'm beyond humbled.
Vyrn: What's with the formalities all of a sudden? You don't need to ask us when it comes to this stuff, Anre! We're crewmates, right?
Lyria: Yeah! We'll do whatever we can to help!
Anre: Hehe... Thank you. I knew I could count on you all.

Choose: You've piqued my curiosity...
Vyrn: Didn't you say the same thing the last time you awakened a Revenant weapon?
Anre: Your quest for strength truly is endless, yet reassuring all the same somehow.
Anre: I have utmost faith that we won't go astray as long as you're here.
Continue 3
Anre and (Captain) come to a mutual agreement of what must be done.
The two put aside the other weapons for the time being to focus solely on the One-Rift Spear.
They begin their attempts to awaken the Revenant weapon in earnest.
However, as daylight gives way to night, seemingly no progress is made.
Lyria: Hmm... It doesn't look like anything's changed.
Vyrn: Looks like awakening a Revenant weapon's easier said then done, huh?
Anre: Haste makes waste, was it? Perhaps we should stop here for the day.
Anre: There may be other angles we haven't looked into. I'll consult my contacts for more information.
Lyria: We'll see what we can find out on our end!
Vyrn: Yeah, just make sure to keep us posted on your findings every now and then too!
Anre: Of course. I'll be stopping by to examine the spear every so often as well.
And with those words, Anre hastily makes his exit.
As they part ways with Anre once again, (Captain) and the others return their gaze toe the One-Rift Spear once again.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
シェロは良い商人だ信頼に足る人物だよ Siero makes a fine merchant. I can vouch for her.
戦いはそれそのものが悲劇なのだ… War in itself is a tragedy...
争いは敵味方なく全てを傷つける… Fighting breeds only pain and suffering, for friend and foe alike.
世界の均衡のために… For balance in the world...
十天の名は平和のためにあるんだ We Eternals exist to keep the peace.
いつか必ず平和な世界を… One day world peace won't be just a dream...
たまに商人だった頃が懐かしくなるよ I sometimes miss the days I lived as a merchant.
私の理想は歪んでいるのか…? Are my ideals self-centered?
(主人公)、君は何のために戦う? (Captain), what do you fight for?
(主人公)、君には素質がある You have much potential, (Captain).


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