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Official Profile[edit]

Age 21
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Clothes shop touring, Making sweets
Likes Eating, Achievements, Good deeds
Dislikes Being made fun of, Hot food

常に捨て身で任務にあたる故に時折問題を引き起こすトラブルメーカーです。 しかし、それだけに何度も死地を乗り越えてきているのでその実力は本物。 「自由をその手に」のストーリーも、ベアトリクスが単身敵地に乗り込んだことが発端となっています。 ちなみにゼタとコンビで活躍していたという過去があり、似た形状の鎧を装着しています。

One who, as a matter of course, stresses the accumulation of achievements above all else. Because she always risks her life to accomplish her duties, and therefore sometimes causes problems, she is a troublemaker. However, she often gets through deadly situations, as her strength is genuine. Beatrix begins the story "Gripping Freedom" by going into enemy territory alone.

By the way, it's said that she and Zeta often did many things together, and they wear similarly-shaped armor.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1]




  • The names of many of Beatrix's skills and effects are in Estonian.
    • Her Dark version refers to the position of the clock hand
      • Nayde Null (from the 12:00 position) is "seek zero"
      • Nayde Neli (from the 4:00 position) is "seek four"
      • Nayde Seitse (from the 7:00 position) is "seek seven"
    • In the Themed version of the character, they seem to refer to the visual effects of each skill.
      • Nayde Sinine is "seek blue"
      • Nayde Kollane is "seek yellow"
      • Nayde Valge is "seek white"
      • Nayde Vanaroosa is "seek old pink"

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Heheh. It's your birthday, is it, (Captain)? We've gotta celebrate big, then!
I'll make you cake! Heheh, well? Does that make you happy?
...Really? It does? ...Gotcha. I'm glad.
I'm not too confident, myself. I've never really... celebrated much.
Huh? You'll help me celebrate my next birthday? ...Stupid. This is YOUR birthday.
...Still, I'm happy to hear it. Here's to many more birthdays to come, (Captain).


Now what should I make this year? I already baked a cake last year, so how about cookies or macaroons?
I can whip up some candy too! You don't have to hold back!
I'll make you any dish you want, because you deserve it.
I hope you'll enjoy the treats, (Captain)!


I've been thinking.
It's amazing, you know, how much I've changed since I first met you.
If we hadn't crossed paths—and I'm not kidding when I say this—I'd probably be dead somewhere, lost and forgotten.
Hehe, I pretty much owe you my life. Words can't describe how thankful I am that you came into this world and mine.
Happy birthday, (Captain).


Voila! I made another one for you this year. It's my special birthday cake!
And there are treats galore! Dig in—they're all yours!
Fill up on sweets and bulk up! You have to, or this will all be for nothing!
Once we're done eating, we'll go into town to have fun. Hehe, won't that be the best?
It's my special, (Captain)-only date pla—
No... I meant to say birthday plan!
Aaah, don't think about that too much! That was just a slip of the tongue. Hurry up and chomp down!
Let's have tons of fun today, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Woo! Let the primal beast hunt begin!
We'll take 'em down, one by one, and the Society will have to recognize me! Recognize my skill! Recognize my existence!
That's what I'd be saying if I hadn't met you first, (Captain). I was rash and impatient.
From now on I'm going to take it nice and slow. Together with you.
Right, (Captain)? You and I are partners for another year! Heheh...


Heheh! I get to spend another year with my favorite captain! I know you can barely contain your joy! Who could resist smiling when I'm around?
Huh? You... disagree?
Oh... I see... ...
That was a joke? So you are having fun, right? Don't lie!
Thank goodness. I thought I was the only one who—ack! It's nothing!
Um, can you not tease me this early into the new year? How inconsiderate!


All right, (Captain), let's go to the shrines!
Heheh. I'm gonna wish for a year's worth of blessings for everyone!
But you know, it doesn't feel like something I would've wished for before.
Guess I've changed a little, huh?
Ahaha! It's all your fault, (Captain)!
You should take responsibility with another fun year to spend together.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
A lot of stuff happened this year...
Stuff so fun and so dangerous that there's no forgetting it...
I just... don't want to lose the things that I care about the most.
So this year I'm going to be stronger than ever! Just watch me!
That way you and I can be sure to stay together forever... Hehehe...
Let's make this year a good one, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

H-here. Take this.
Don't get any weird ideas now. I just wanted to give you some chocolates, that's all.
L-like I said, it doesn't mean anything! Don't get the wrong idea! R-really!
Um... But if you do like them... just ask and I'll make more for you anytime...


The chocolate's ready, (Captain). I made it especially for you.
I really went out of my way to make sure I got the taste just the way you like it.
Huh? No, I'm not giving these to you out of obligation! How could you say that after all the hours I put in?
Argh, I can't believe this! Just eat it, already! Eat! Eat!


Heheh! This year's Beatrix has surpassed last year's Beatrix!
Give them a bite. I dare you to tell me they aren't good!
That's because I put so much more of my soul into—
Ack! Ignore that!
You weren't supposed to hear that. Don't think about it...
Look, don't make that face at me. Nnngh...
Oh, just hurry up and eat them already! Sheesh!


Beatrix: Hey, hey, (Captain)! Try some of this! This is some chocolate from that chocolatier that everyone's talking about.
Aren't they crazy delicious? I'd cry if they were any tastier! This is the flavor of happiness!
H-hey, (Captain), would you prefer to get the chocolatier's chocolate for Valentine's?

(Captain): Yours would be better.
Beatrix: R-really? Really? I can trust you then?

(Captain): The chocolatier's would be better.
Beatrix: Mmmph... I-I should've known it. I'll get you some more then.
Huh? You were kidding?
C-come on! I almost believed you!
If you were just kidding, then that means you'd be happier to get my chocolate. Hehehe...

Beatrix: Hehe, I should've known it! That's right, isn't it? My chocolate's best.
Aah, what can you do though? I made a ton, so you can eat to your heart's content!
Hehehe, thank you, (Captain)!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Say... I was just wondering...
Is there... anything you want to give me today?
Not really? O-oh... Okay... No, it's not like I was looking forward to getting anything...
Huh? Are you serious?
You did get me something?
I see... I see...
Come on, (Captain)! You shouldn't have toyed with me like that! Geez!


T-thank you.
This isn't a joke, right? Nothing's going to pop out at me, right?
This is how you feel, isn't it, (Captain)? It's not empty, is it? Really, really, really?
Phew... I was afraid for a second, but now I can let my feelings out without worry! Heheh, thank you, (Captain)!
Hehehe... Aww, a present from (Captain)... Heeheehee...


I knew this was coming...
No, I'm happy! See? Big smile! I mean, it's a present from you, so...
In the past I never would've thought I'd be able to experience this kind of happiness again.
But I was wrong. You made me realize that, (Captain).
Ah, geez... This is so awkward. Um, thank you. Really. Heheh...


Beatrix: Wha?
The holiday's called off this year? White Day?
Why? How come it's called off!
D-did you find out that Embrasque slipped out of my hand and made a hole in the wall?
You're just joking? I'll really get treats then?
Y-you meanie! Making fun of me...

  1. Wait. You made a hole in the wall?
    • Beatrix: Oh no!
  2. Silently stare.
    • Beatrix: Eek!
      (Augh, I ended up letting the truth slip! (Captain) has a face like Sergeant Ilsa and Eustace when they're angry.)

Beatrix: A-aha... Ahaha! Uh, I, uh...
S-s-sorry! R-really...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Dress-up? Are we playing dress-up today?
Um... Of course I knew that! It's easy enough if you ask me!
Hm, you want me to put on these ears and tail? Uh-uh, no way! How could you expect me to put these on?
Yeah, I did say it's easy... Fine! I'll put it on, then!
Ugh... I hope Zeta never sees me like this...


You're in for it now.
Do you remember how I was always getting tricked last year?
Well this time it's my turn! I'm going to get you good! Resistance is futile!
Uh... What's that in your hand? Is that a collar?
Are you trying to make me wear a dog costume? No way! Don't you mess around. It's supposed to be my turn.
Hey, stay back! Go away!


Tricky, tricky! You're goin' down this time! It's my turn to be the prankster!
Huh? Really? You'd let me if I were a witch?
Heheh! Okay, ready!
Eh? Tie my feet together?
Well, if you say so... There, that should—
Uh? Now my hands?
Are you sure this is...
Wait a minute! I can't move! Agh, I got duped!
Not again! (Captain), you stinky butthead!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Another happy day...
Sigh. Oh, you were here, (Captain).
I'm not a big fan of this holiday.
Something happened in my past that I don't like to reminisce about.
I wouldn't want to spoil your fun, so you don't have to keep me company.
Hm? Why are you still here? Oh? I see...
Thank you for staying with me, (Captain).


Heheh! I made sure to do some research into the meaning behind this holiday!
We're supposed to spend it together with the ones we hold dear. Did I get it right?
Um, I mean... like, I want to spend today... with (Captain)... Something like that...
O-okay? Phew... That was nerve-wracking. Hehe!
All right! I'm gonna whip up the tastiest feast you've ever eaten! This is gonna be a delicious day!


Hey, hey, (Captain)! Gimme a present!
Wait, what? You'll actually get something for me?
I mean, I was just joking... I can ask for anything? Okay then...
Um, um... Maybe if you held my hand...
Ah, n-no, I didn't say that! Forget it!
It's fine. I'll just think of something else—Wait! Don't!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Heh heh! Listen... I just had a crazy idea!
We're going to give presents—delicious cookies—to the children in town, right?
That means we'll be the good kids—excellent kids! And then...
That Santa guy will pay us a visit. Hehe, isn't this the best strategy ever?
It's going to be great to see Santa, isn't it? I wonder what sort of person he is.
Okay, let's go hand the cookies out, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Mind If I Join You?[edit]

Beatrix is blamed by her companions for taking solitary action. Although she has often found herself in a crisis before, she has always escaped and succeeded in her mission. Worrying about this trait, Zeta rebukes Beatrix strongly, but the girl responds by displaying her escape abilities such as slipping out of bonds. Unable to just watch, Vaseraga lectures her gently, warning her that there are times when she will not be able to get by just by herself. Responding to (Captain) and the others' consideration for her, Beatrix joins the crew.

Belonging to the "Society," which hunts primal beasts, Beatrix had journeyed to a land of extreme cold in search of distinction.
However, she had subsequentally been captured by enemies, and all contact with her was lost.
With the help of Zeta and Vaseraga, who also belonged to the Society, the crew headed out to rescue Beatrix.
The party succeeded in extricating her and won the ensuing battle, returning her to the base via the Grandcypher. However…
Zeta: You always have to have it your own way, don't you? Rushing out into danger in search of victory…
Beatrix: Look, I said I'm sorry about it…
While recovering from the injuries she has sustained, Beatrix is now being lectured by Zeta.
Vyrn: Hey, Red. Why don't you leave it there? Blue already said she's sorry, and?
Zeta: Oh, trust me, she's not sorry at all! It takes more than this to make her feel remorse!
Zeta: See, this girl always has to take things into her own hands… and always gets herself into trouble as a result!
Zeta: Getting captured like she was this time isn't exactly a rare occurrence for her!
Lyria: What? R-really?
Vaseraga: While it's true that Beatrix often finds herself in a crisis… she does also always succeed in fulfilling her mission.
Vyrn: Wow! That's pretty impressive!
Beatrix: Hah! You see?
Lyria: B-but I don't think it's good for you to keep getting captured…
Beatrix: When that happens, I can just escape easily. I'm a pro at slipping out of ropes, breaking locks and stuff.
Elated at herself, Beatrix takes out a rope from somewhere.
Beatrix: I'll show you what I mean. Tie me up as tight as you want. I'll slip out of it easily.
  1. Tie the rope loosely.
  2. Tie her up as tight as you can.

Choose: Tie the rope loosely.
Beatrix: Huh? Did you even tie it properly? This is too easy…
Beatrix: Hup!
Vyrn: Wow! That's crazy! You untied it in no time! How'd you do it?
Beatrix: Heh heh… and now…
Squirming about, Beatrix slips out of the rope cleverly.

Choose: Tie her up as tight as you can.
Beatrix: …Ugh!
Beatrix: ((Captain)… you really didn't hold back, did you? This is ridiculously tight…)
Beatrix: Ngh… guh… rrrgh…
Beatrix: Nnngh… and then I… do this…
Squirming about, Beatrix slips out of the rope cleverly.
Beatrix: Ha ha, how about that!
Vyrn: W-wow… amazing!
…It looked kinda painful, though…
Beatrix: N-not in the least! I had room to spare! No trouble!
Continue 1
Zeta: …(Sigh)…
Looking exasperated, Zeta raps Beatrix on the head.
Beatrix: Y-you don't have to hit me!
Zeta: …Listen, Bea. No matter how used to it you are, there's no guarantee it'll always go that well.
Beatrix: Th-that's not true! It always goes well! Perfectly!
Zeta: What's perfect about it? You were crying out of despair this time.
Beatrix: N-No I wasn't! That was… something got in my eye, and…
Beatrix: …and anyway, if I'd had little more time, I would have got out of it by myself…
Zeta: Liar! Stop acting so conceited! There's no way you would have made it by yourself! What are you, stupid?
Beatrix: Wha! What did you just call me?
Vaseraga: Cut it out, the both of you. Zeta, you've said too much.
Vaseraga: But Beatrix… I trust you understand why she's said what she has?
Beatrix: Ugh… that's…
Vaseraga: You're strong. You have a strong will, one that will never be broken. But that also serves as a weakness.
Vaseraga: It is due to that very willpower that you have endeavoured to fight alone. Or rather, that you have been driven to fight alone.
Beatrix: …………
Vaseraga: But if you try to continue on in this vein, you will eventually reach your limit… just as with what happened this time.
Vaseraga: At such times, you must look around yourself, Beatrix. If you do so, you'll understand what it is you must do.
Vaseraga: …I've said too much. But bear that in mind. Don't act in haste.
Beatrix: …All right.
Beatrix: I certainly might have been too impatient… And no matter how hasty I am, the things I've lost aren't going to come back…
Beatrix: …I'm sorry I worried you. Zeta, Vaseraga…
Zeta: Bea…
Beatrix bows her head in apology.
A silence descends upon the room. Beatrix, perceiving the awkwardness everyone has begun to feel, raises her head.
Beatrix: H-hey. By the way, Zeta and Vaseraga… what relationship do you two have with (Captain)?
Vaseraga: (Captain) and I fought together as allies before.
Zeta: We fought together against a primal beast a while back.
Beatrix: Against a primal beast? (Captain), could you tell me about that in detail?
(Captain) explains about primal beasts and the sky map pieces, as well as their end goal, Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
Beatrix: Estalucia, Island of the Astrals… I see, so that's how it is…
Beatrix: Hey, (Captain)! Take me with you on your journey! Let me take out the primal beasts!
Heaving a sigh, Zeta smacks Beatrix around the head again.
Beatrix: Hey! Stop that already!
Zeta: Jeez… when are you gonna learn?
Beatrix: I have! That's why I'm not going alone this time. I'm going to fight Primal Beasts with (Captain)!
Beatrix: That way we'll be helping each other out, right?
Vaseraga: …That's not a bad idea. Rather than leaving this restless girl to her own devices, she'd do better with (Captain).
Zeta: Hmm… Well, you have a point, but still…
Beatrix: Right? Right? Hah, it's settled, then! Lemme in your party!
  1. How about no.
  2. Is that any way to ask a favor, now?

Choose: How about no.
Beatrix: Wha? Wh-why? Why not?
Beatrix: I-if I'm with you, I can take out loads of primal beasts, you know? I'll be a great help!
Zeta: Heh… maybe if you asked more politely? You know, lower your head and bow, and stuff…

Choose: Is that any way to ask a favor, now?
Beatrix: …Ask a favor? What do you mean?
Zeta: Hee hee… well, you certainly are asking a big favor. You want them to let you join the crew, right? You should ask more politely…
Beatrix: Ugh… Then, what am I supposed to do?
Zeta: Hee hee… well, you should ask very sweetly… oh, and be sure to bow your head!
Continue 2
Beatrix: B-bow my head? Grr…
Looking mortified, Beatrix lowers her head before (Captain).
Beatrix: L-let me be one of your companions… um… uh… pr-pretty please?
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)… maybe you should stop messing with her, now…
Beatrix: M-messing with…
(Captain)! You were playing with me?
Zeta: Haha ha! Nice one, (Captain)! You really know how to toy with people…
Vaseraga: Let's leave it there. She may start crying.
Beatrix: No I won't! What's with you all? Stop making fun of me!
The party smiles good-naturedly at the red-faced Beatrix.
And thus, the indomitable knight, Beatrix, joins the crew on their journey.
…Although (Captain) isn't the biggest fan about her obsession with distinction.

Unbeatable Cooking[edit]

While the Grandcypher is docked at a certain island, Zeta suddenly shows up, wanting to hang out. The crew haven't breakfasted yet, however, and so Beatrix vounteers to cook something for them. When the party eats the sandwiches she prepares, they find they taste strangely like candy. Vyrn and the others request a more regular dish, prompting Beatrix to claim that this time, she will cook fish for them.

Gentle shafts of sunlight pierce the morning.
No version of Zeta in crew

The party have docked the Grandcypher at a local island, and as they are taking a break, Zeta suddenly jumps on board.
Zeta: Hey guys! It's been a while! How've you been?
Beatrix: Uh, yeah… fine, but… you sure came out of nowhere…
Lyria: H-how did you know we'd be…
Zeta: Hee hee, that's a trade secret. The higher-ups would get angry at me if I told you.
Vyrn: Y-yikes, really? So what'd you come here for, Red?
Zeta: I took a break from work, so I thought I'd come kill some time with Bea.
Beatrix: Great, it was nice to see you. Now go back.
Lyria: Come now, we were thinking of relaxing as well, so why don't we spend the day together?
Beatrix: …W-well… I guess we could.

Any version of Zeta is a crew member

(Captain) decides to rest for the day to recuperate from the many battles they have fought.
(Captain) is idling about with Vyrn and Lyria when Zeta and Beatrix come up to them.
Beatrix: Hey, (Captain). You're not searching for primal beasts today, right? So why don't we go somewhere?
Zeta: Yeah, we've got time off, so it'd be a shame to waste it just lounging around.
Lyria: Oooohhh! You're right! C'mon, let's go somewhere, (Captain)!
Continue 1
Zeta: All right, it's settled, then! So where should we all go?
Vyrn: Whoa, hold up. We haven't even had breakfast yet!
Lyria: N-now you mention it, that's right…
Ohh… now I feel hungry…
Beatrix: I'll whip up something, then. It's gonna be super-tasty, don't you worry.
Zeta: …Huh?
Beatrix: Heh heh. Look forward to it, now.
Puffing out her chest in pride, Beatrix heads to the galley, full of confidence.
Vyrn: …Hey, Red. You seemed surprised just now. Is Blue's cooking really that bad?
Zeta: Hm? Nah, she's a great cook.
Zeta: Hee hee… Well, let's just say you'll understand when you taste it.
Beatrix: All right, they're done! My special sandwiches! Heh heh… you'll love these!
Lyria: Thank you!
…mmmmm! Wow! They're so tasty!
Vyrn: Mmm… th-these are super delish, but… the flavor's crazy sweet…
Zeta: Hee hee… tastes like candy, right?
Vyrn: Yeah, it's kinda like… well, completely like eating dessert! What are these…
Beatrix: Doesn't float your boat, then?
Vyrn: Nah, it's not that… just, I was kinda expecting to eat some normal food.
Zeta: I'll go make something simple, then.
Beatrix: Wait a sec! Hold on!
Beatrix: I'll make it, Zeta! Something normal, right? I'm on it!
Vyrn: …no sweet stuff, please…
Beatrix: Y-yeah, I got it! I can make regular food, too. No sweat! Any request is cool!
Lyria: Oh, then I'd like to eat fish. I haven't had any in a while!
Beatrix: G-got it. Fish it is, then! I can catch some fresh ones in the Sea of Nordvjast!
Vyrn: Nordvjast? You mean there's a sea on that crazy cold island?
Beatrix: I caught a glimpse of some last time I was there. They're pretty small, but I'll bet they taste delicious when fried!
Beatrix: C'mon then, let's go! Just watch me! I'll catch some tasty fish and cook 'em for you!
Listening to Beatrix's boasting, the party can't help but feel a little worried, but sets out to the Sea of Nordvjast anyway.

Unbeatable Cooking: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)'s party returns after having caught the fish, and Beatrix tries to prepare it for cooking. Seeing how shocked the girl appears with the fresh catch in front of her, Zeta expresses her concern, but Beatrix somehow manages to fry the fish OK. The party are perplexed, however, as the dish is once again inexplicably sweet-tasting. Becoming serious, Beatrix asserts that this time she'll succeded for sure, heading to Fehrtyl Island to pick a sweetcap mushroom.

After reaching the Sea of Nordvjast, Beatrix succeeds in catching a fish.
The crew returns to the airship with the fish.
Vyrn: Whoa, that's one big fish! I'm lookin' forward to this!
…What's up, Blue?
Beatrix: Er, well… I was just thinking, it kinda stinks, and…
Zeta: Don't tell me… is this the first time you've done this? Do you know how to prepare it?
Beatrix: First time? N-nah, don’t be stupid! I'm perfectly used to this kind of thing. All righty, one tasty fish dish, comin' up!
Lyria: Hee hee… I can't wait!
Vyrn: I'm kinda worried…
After a while, Beatrix returns carrying plates of crisply fried fish.
Lyria: Wow! It looks so yummy!
Beatrix: Heh heh. Told you so. It's gonna be delicious. Eat it up quick, before it gets cold!
(Captain) drools at the fried fish, before stuffing their face with it, eyes wide.
Zeta: …I'm shocked. Bea, this is great stuff.
Beatrix: Heh heh. Never doubt me! Delicious, huh?
Vyrn: You bet. This is the best! The sugar works great, and it's full of sweetness, just like…
Vyrn: …just like candy! This tastes exactly like a dessert again! How did you manage that?
Beatrix: Wha? Th-that's impossible!
Flustered, Beatrix samples some of the food herself, and is speechless for a second.
Beatrix: …it's so sweet…
Zeta: Ha ha ha… Guess I'll go make it, after all…
Beatrix: W-wait! This is, uh… the appetizer!
Zeta: You're serving a sweet dish as the starter course? And what does that make those sandwiches we had earlier, then?
Beatrix: Um, well they would be… the… I mean…
Beatrix: A-anyway! The next course will be super tasty! So, what would you guys like this time?
Having happily consumed the tasty, if sweet fish dish, Lyria laughs innocently.
Lyria: I'd like some kind of wild mountain vegetable. Like mushrooms, maybe?
Beatrix: Mushrooms? Ah, I've got it! The Sweetcap!
Zeta: The Sweetcap mushroom! You mean the one that's used in high-level cuisine?
Beatrix: Yep, that's the one! All right, I'll go pick one!
Lyria: Hee hee, I can't wait!
Zeta: You're gonna pick a Sweetcap… in this season?
Beatrix: If there's a will, there's a way! I'll find an extra-tasty one, too! Come on, let's go, (Captain)!
The party head to the mountains of Fehrtyl Island in search of the Sweetcap mushroom, harboring more than a little doubt…

Unbeatable Cooking: Scene 3[edit]

After returning with the sweetcap mushroom, Beatrix sets about preparing the dish. During that time, Zeta speaks to the party about why Beatrix is so obsessed with success. As everything was taken from her when she was young by enemies of the organization, she has brought herself up to be strong in order to regain her lost honor. The dish is finally finished, but as before, it tastes sweet. Becoming even more determined, Beatrix decides to make salad next.

Miraculously, Beatrix succeeds in obtaining a sweetcap mushroom.
Zeta: Y-you did well to find one… a sweetcap mushroom…
Beatrix: Yeah… but jeez… mushrooms sure are weird shaped things, aren't they?
Vyrn: Eh? Blue, don't tell me… this is your first time seeing a mushroom, as well?
Zeta: No way! Hey, are you gonna be able to cook this OK? You sure you don't want me to do it?
Beatrix: N-nah. I don't need your help, Zeta! I'll manage by myself…
Vyrn: Did you just say "probably"?
Beatrix: No I did not! Look, it's fine, no problem! I'll go make it, just be quiet and wait!
Zeta: (Sigh)… she just hates losing…
Vyrn: Ohh… you mean she's always showing off 'cos she hates to lose to you, Red?
Zeta: I don't think it's only me. She doesn't like losing to anyone.
Lyria: To anyone? What do you mean?
Zeta: …Well, no one likes to admit their weaknesses.
Zeta: That girl's obsessed with achievement.
Vyrn: Now you mention it, she's always concerned with hunting the primal beast, and how much success she'll have.
Vyrn: We've always wondered why that is…
(Captain) nods at Vyrn's words.
Zeta: …When we were young, everything was taken from us by enemies of the Society.
Lyria: Everything?
Zeta: That’s right. Everything. Social status, family… pretty much anything you can think of.
Lyria: That's just…
Zeta: She was originally from a noble family. Surviving through losing everything… Bea was teased for falling from nobility.
Zeta: But rather than resenting those who bullied her, Bea turned her anger on those who took everything from her, and swore revenge.
Zeta: It was after that that she came to hate losing, and started to show off.
Zeta: So that she could show those who spurned her and regain her honor, she grew up strong and covetous.
Vyrn: I see now… You're pretty knowledgable about this, aren't you, Red?
Zeta: Hee hee… I knew Bea before we joined the Society, so I know a lot about her.
Zeta: But still… that girl… by herself, she's trying to…
Just as (Captain) is about to ask about the meaning behind Zeta's words, the door opens, and a fragrant smell wafts through.
Beatrix: All done! Eat 'em while they're fresh!
Beatrix offers the party dishes of sliced and roasted sweetcap mushroom.
Zeta: Mmm… that's a nice smell! That's sweetcap mushroom, all right… I was worried, but seems like it turned out OK.
Lyria: Yaaaay! OK, let's try it!
Vyrn: Chomp, chomp…
Beatrix: How is it, hmm? Is it tasty? It's tasty, right?
Zeta: Bea… you really are a skilled cook. These are just great.
Zeta: With every bite I take, my mouth is filled with the deliciously mellow, sweet…
Zeta: ….Sweet! Is this a starter, too? I mean, is everything an appetizer? What is this? The hors d'oeuvre grand tour or something?
Beatrix: Wha? How could that…
A flustered Beatrix takes a piece of the sliced sweetcap mushroom, lifting it to her mouth.
Beatrix: I-It's sweet… why… how could this be?
Vyrn: Th-that's what we wanna know…
Lyria: B-but it was really delicious! I've never tasted anything like it! The flavor and the smell were really sweet, though…
Beatrix: Ugh… This is, you know… to ready your palates, so… so you'd enjoy the next dish I'm going to make!
Zeta: Ha ha… we know this was no appetizer. Anyway, do you still have the energy to make more?
Beatrix: O-of course I do! Hey, Lyria! What do you feel like next?
Lyria: Eh, uhh… o-oh, I know! How about some regular vegetables… like in a salad?
Vyrn: Y-yeah, that's right! I'm up for that… something plain, with no dressing!
Beatrix: Gotcha, gotcha… all right, I'll go pick some fresh vegetables!
And thus, the crew sets off in the airship in search of fresh vegetables.

Unbeatable Cooking: Scene 4[edit]

(Captain) and the party assure themselves that with only cut vegetables in the salad, nothing can go wrong. When they try the salad, they are relieved to find it does have an authentic salad flavor. Beatrix has also tried her hand at making soup, however, which has sure enough inherited her trademark sweet flavor. Not understanding the reason for this, Beatrix is down, but Zeta gently lectures her, and helps her out with cooking.

Having procured some fresh vegetables, Beatrix prepares the salad in the galley, before serving it to the crew.
Beatrix: All right, here's the salad! Hee hee. Eat it up quick!
Vyrn: Hey, Red… we're all clear, right? You took a peek just now, right?
Zeta: Y-yeah… I think we're safe. All Bea did was put the vegetables on the plates, so…
Beatrix: …What are you two whispering about?
Vyrn: Oh, nothing! Okey-dokey, let's eat up!
With a stoic expression, (Captain) cautiously tastes one of the vegetables.
Lyria: …Nnn!
Vyrn: Th-this is…
Lyria: V-vegetables! It tastes of fresh vegetables!
Zeta: It's true! It tastes like a salad. This is a proper salad! Bea, you've done it! Now this is a true starter!
Beatrix: H-heh heh. Of course it is. How else did you think I was going to make a salad?
Despite saying which, Beatrix looks considerably relieved.
Sharing in her relieved state of mind, (Captain) breaks into a smile also.
Vyrn: Phew! It's nice and chilled. That was delicious! Good goin', Blue!
Lyria: Yeah! I think the chill gave me a small tummy ache, though…
Beatrix: I thought you'd say that! I've made warm soup for afters. Heh heh, see how considerate I am!
Lyria: Wow! Thanks so much!
Vyrn: …this is normal soup… right?
Beatrix: Well of course! All I did was put the leftovers of the salad in!
Vyrn: O-oh, right… I guess there's nothing to fear, then.
Thinking the same, (Captain) gives Beatrix's soup a taste.
Vyrn: Mmm! What a nice, mild flavor. And this sweet aroma, it's…
Beatrix: Wh-what?
Vyrn: What's the big idea? I mean, you made the salad just fine!
Beatrix: Ugh… I… I wish I knew…
Zeta: Hahahaha! Enough already, please! I don't think I can take any more! Hahahaha!
Zeta: Haha… how on earth do you manage it? Why is everything you make so sweet?
Zeta: I guess this is another of your "appetizers," huh? So just when is the main course coming? Or perhaps it was that salad! Hahaha!
Lyria: Tee hee… it is a little funny… hee hee…
Beatrix: Urgh… d-don't laugh… why is this happening?
Zeta: Hee hee… you never change, do you? Always have to fight your battles by yourself!
Beatrix: Th-that's… why are you suddenly…
Zeta: I'm not being sudden. It's about time you stopped trying to do everything by yourself and let everyone help out.
Zeta: Battles are the same, as is everything else. You're taking on too much alone.
Zeta: Stop trying to be so strong. Why don't you work with everyone? You're not alone, after all.
Beatrix: …Y-yeah, guess you're right. I suppose I was being a little headstrong. Just a tiny bit.
Beatrix: It's the same with my cooking today, and in battles… I'm always thinking to take everything on by myself…
Beatrix: …I'm sorry.
Vyrn: There's nothing to apologize for! Let's just work together from now on, 'K?
Lyria: That's right! You're part of the crew! We should always help each other out!
(Captain) nods emphatically at Lyria and Vyrn's words.
Beatrix: …Th-thanks. Well, then… let's all work together, guys.
Lyria: Sure! And please cook for us again, OK?
Beatrix: But, my cooking… it all tastes sweet, remember?
Vyrn: W-well, I admit don't really get that part, but… it all tastes delicious! I've never had anything like it!
Beatrix: R-really?
Lyria: Yeah! It was all so tasty! I'd love to have some more sometime!
Beatrix: …H-heh heh… Right, of course you would! Then, I'll make one more?
As Beatrix starts to boast again, Zeta raps her on the head.
Beatrix: Yowch! What was that for?
Zeta: Don't get carried away. You're doing it again…
Zeta: Look, I'll teach you how to make regular food. Come here.
Beatrix: Th-thanks…
As Zeta and Beatrix head to the kitchen, the party follows behind, smiling supportively.
Altough she occasionally shows frustration, Beatrix earnestly studies the art of cooking under Zeta.
And from the day's incidents, she comes to learn a little humility.
However, Beatrix's cooking still retains its inexplicably sweet flavor to this day…

Bound Together[edit]

The crew accepts a mission to infiltrate a bandit hideout. Beatrix and Razia each scramble to be first to reach the hideout and prove their strength to the other, but they fall into one of the bandits' traps and end up bound together. The pair manage to escape unharmed thanks to Razia causing a diversion and Beatrix freeing herself from the rope. They finally recognize each other's ability, but soon begin arguing once again.

Beatrix: Argh! Why are you following me? You don't think I can handle this on my own?
Razia: Huh? What about you! Why are you running away? You think I'm just going to be a hindrance?
Beatrix and Razia dash through the narrow cave, bickering all the way.
The two are determined to prove their strength to each other.
It all started when (Captain) and company accepted a mission to locate a bandit hideout.
Beatrix: Heheh. I'm here to help this time, Razia! You're in good hands!
Razia: Right. That's most reassuring... But why are you so concerned about me?
Beatrix: Hm? You were careless and got yourself caught by bandits before, didn't you? I can't let you go alone!
Razia: Urgh!
Razia: But if that's the case, shouldn't you need my help too?
Beatrix: Huh? What do you mean?
Razia: I heard from (Captain) that the crew first met you when you'd been captured after failing to infiltrate an enemy base.
Beatrix: Urgh... I-I wasn't feeling well that day!
Razia: Heh... I can't let you go alone! I'll be the one to lend you a hand.
Beatrix: Hah! I don't need your help!
Beatrix: I'm used to missions like this. Just let me take the lead, and we'll be finished in a jiff!
Razia: I'm concerned you'll get too comfortable and let your guard down. You should stay behind me!
Beatrix: Don't worry! I'll be careful! Just leave it to me!
Vyrn: Hey, are those two gonna be okay?
Lyria: Hahaha... They're both really strong. I'm sure they'll be fine!
But the argument between Beatrix and Razia becomes increasingly heated.
Beatrix: Argh! If you're going to keep doubting my ability, I'll just have to show you what I can do!
Beatrix: Heheh. You just watch! I'll smash this hideout to pieces all by myself!
Razia: W-what? Where did that come from?
Beatrix: Heheh! I'll show 'em!
Razia: Argh! Wait!
Vyrn: H-hey! Calm down, you two!
The pair race through the cave, each attempting to be the first to find the bandit hideout and demonstrate their true strength.
Razia: Huff... Huff...
Beatrix: Heheh! What's wrong? You seem out of breath. I'm not even close to being tired!
Razia: Urgh... I'm carrying a lot more weight than you! My cannonlance is incredibly heavy, I'll have you know. I'm at a big disadvantage here!
Razia: Heh. In other words, don't you feel embarrassed that you aren't leaving me in the dust?
Beatrix: Heh. I've got nothing to be embarrassed about!
Beatrix: I had three extra helpings of rice for breakfast! That's gotta be at least as much extra weight as that thing you're carrying around!
Razia: Wha... There's no rice in all the skies that would be that heavy!
Beatrix: Heh. Then I guess I've just got a bigger heart than you, and it's weighing me down!
Razia: Huh? W-what was that for! Are you resorting to insults now?
A suspicious glowing string is stretched across their path.
But the pair are so absorbed in their quarrel that they fail to notice.
Beatrix: Aaaaah!
Beatrix and Razia are launched into the air, their screams echoing through the cave.
They then tumble to the ground, bound together.
Beatrix: What did I do to deserve this!
Razia: Urgh. What a clever trap...
Bandit: Heh... Nah, you two are just morons!
Beatrix: Wha! Hey, who are you calling a moron?
Razia: I am a proud knight! It'll take more than a trap like this to make me surrender!
They twist about trying to remove the rope, but the more they struggle, the more tangled the rope becomes.
Razia: Urgh... I can't... breathe!
Beatrix: Ngh... It hurts...
Bandit: ...
Razia: Argh! I can't believe I have suffered such disgrace at the hands of you second-rate scoundrels!
Razia: Ngh! Just kill me!
Beatrix: Hey, don't be stupid! You can't just give up like that!
Bandit: Tch. What's wrong with those two? They go and make everything worse all by themselves, and then they ask us to kill 'em? What's that about?
Beatrix: (Huh? They're all out of sorts because of what Razia said...)
Beatrix: (I get it! She's putting on an act to give us an opening!)
Beatrix: (All right! In that case...)
While the bandits are distracted, Beatrix makes to cut the rope with the Embrasque Sword.
Beatrix: Oh no!
She drops the sword due to the awkward position she's stuck in.
The sword slides down an incline, coming to a stop at the edge of a gaping hole in the ground.
Beatrix: Thank goodness... That was close!
Bandit: Hey, sword lady! Quit your wigglin'!
Beatrix: Tch... I guess it won't be easy getting out of this rope while those goons are watching...
Bandit: Heh. I wouldn't mind killin' you like you asked, but you might still have buddies lurkin' around!
Bandit: Let's see... Whaddya say we rough you up a bit, and we'll all have a nice chat!
The bandits creep closer. But just as all hope seems lost, Razia makes her move.
Razia: Take this!
Bandit: What the?
Razia fires a shot from her cannonlance.
However, the awkward position makes aiming difficult, and the bullet shoots off in the wrong direction, causing an explosion.
Razia: Urgh... I missed! And that was my only bullet!
Bandit: Are you crazy, lady? You tryin' to bring down the entire cave?
Beatrix: Nooo! My Embrasque!
Beatrix watches as the Embrasque Sword soars through the air and plummets into the hole.
Razia: Oh no! I-I'm so sorry...
Bandit: Hahaha! What a couple of screw-ups!
Beatrix: ...!
(The bandits are distracted... Now's my chance!)
Razia: Ngh... Prepare yourselves! I'll finish this with one more shot!
Bandit: Hey now, didn't you just say you're all outta bullets?
Razia: Oh, right... Curses!
Bandit: Hahaha! You really are a moron!
Razia: Urgh! I'm being mocked by bandits!
Beatrix: Heh! They've gotten a bit big for their boots, but that ends now!
Beatrix claps her newly freed hands together and turns to face the bandits.
Razia: Wha! Beatrix! What happened to the rope?
Beatrix: Heheh. I untied it ages ago! Get up, Razia! It's time to get our revenge! They're gonna pay for those insults!
Bandit: Damn it! All that talking was just to buy time?
Beatrix: Heheh. So you finally noticed. Who are the morons now?
Razia: Well... I wasn't really trying to buy time, but no matter...
Razia: You have my thanks! Now we can bring these bandits to justice!
Bandit: Tch. Think you're hot stuff, do you?
Bandit: Hah! A swordswoman without a sword and a cannon-wielding knight without bullets? You don't stand a chance against us!
The bandits ready their weapons.
Vyrn: H-hey, you two okay? We heard a loud explosion...
(Captain) and the crew catch up, turning the tables on the bandits.
Razia: (Captain)! Perfect timing!
Bandit: Tch. They brought their friends! We'll just have to take 'em all out at once!
Beatrix: Bring it on! I'm ready when you are, flunkies!
Razia: I'll make you feel the same disgrace I suffered at your hands!
(Captain) and company make quick work of the bandits.
Vyrn: Man, don't just run off like that. I'm sure glad you two are okay though.
Lyria: Yeah! We already know you two are strong. You don't need to prove it to anyone!
Beatrix: Ngh... S-sorry about that.
Razia: I got a bit carried away...
Vyrn: Hey, Beatrix, where'd your sword go?
Razia: My cannon fire caused it to fall into that hole...
Vyrn: Um... Isn't that gonna be a problem? Doesn't that thing belong to the Society?
Beatrix: Augh... I-if my drill sergeant finds out, she'll kill me! We've gotta get it back!
Beatrix peers into the hole, hoping to spot the Embrasque Sword.
Beatrix: Sigh... It's too dark to see anything...
Razia: Oh? Let me take a look...
Razia peeks into the hole from behind Beatrix.
Vyrn: H-hey, that rock wall's startin' to collapse!
Razia: Huh? Whoa!
Beatrix: You've gotta be kidding me!
Beatrix: Aaaaah!
Vyrn: Whoa! I tried to tell 'em! Let's get 'em outta there, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew hastily descend into the hole to rescue Beatrix and Razia, who had fallen inside.
After a while, (Captain) and company manage to climb their way up from the depths of the pit.
Vyrn: Sheesh. I feel like all we've been doing is saving those two...
Lyria: Hahaha... It's been quite an adventure.
Beatrix: But I'm so glad we found the Embrasque Sword... Thanks for the help!
Razia: Er... I feel I should apologize. It was all my fault...
Beatrix: Haha! What are you talking about? It was my fault too. Besides, you really saved our necks back there!
Beatrix: I especially liked the part when you told those thugs to kill you! Man, that was some great acting!
Razia: Hm? A-acting? What do you mean?
Beatrix: Hahaha. There's no need to be modest! Sorry Razia, I really underestimated you.
Razia: I appreciate your kind words, but... Well...
Razia: You see... Oh, never mind.
Razia: Er... The way you freed yourself from that rope was most impressive. I didn't even notice you untying it.
Beatrix: Heheh! Well, I have a lot of experience escaping from ropes!
Vyrn: Huh? Doesn't that just mean you've been caught a bunch?
Beatrix: Oh, come on! Don't sweat the details!
Beatrix: But I guess if it hadn't been for my brilliant escape from that rope, we would've been in real trouble!
Razia: Hm?
Razia: Now just a minute! If it hadn't been for that shot I fired, they would have rounded us all up!
Beatrix: Hmm. That was pretty helpful... but I would've been able to make an opening on my own!
Razia: W-what was that?
Lyria: Oh no... There they go again!
Vyrn: Well, I guess they just fight like that 'cause they're such good friends... We can prolly just let 'em be.
Beatrix and Razia start bickering once again. (Captain) and company can do nothing but watch, smiling wryly.
The voices from the lively argument echo through the narrow cave.

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Beatrix, Undying Blue.png SV Beatrix, Undying Blue E.png

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Fanfare: Enhance (10) - Gain the ability to ignore Ward, and recover 6 play points.

Gah... Can't believe I got stuck in a monster trap... But hah! This should do the trick! Wait... It's not working! No, no, no... At this rate, I'll be stuck here forever...


Doesn't matter what you throw at me, I'll never yield! Now for my counterattack! Embrasque Sword! Feast on their fate! Immortal Assault!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Officer
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Beatrix, Undying Blue
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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