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Official Profile[edit]

Age 24
Height Around 90 cm (average for a Harvin)
Race Harvin
Hobbies Training
Likes Kids' meals, high places, tall people
Dislikes Stairs, things on top of tall shelves
As captain of the Holy Knights, Charlotta is an exceptional warrior in constant battle with the greatest foe of all: an inferiority complex. After being saved by the holy knights, she worked herself to the bone to become their captain. She possesses a calm, steadfast personality, but she is quickly infuriated when the subject of her height comes up. Although proud in her position as captain, Charlotta nonetheless frets constantly about her undignified lack of physical stature, even going so far as to silently leave the knights in a quest to find something, anything, to make her taller.
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  • Her victory pose has her standing on a random number of boxes. She may stand on so many boxes that she towers over other characters as a result.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I would like to wish you a happy birthday!
Captain, you've grown another year older...
And by the looks of things... taller.
Just watch!
I'm going to get even taller too!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
This is going to be another great year--forever pure, forever righteous!


Happy New Year, Captain (Captain).
My goal this year is the same as last year's: to live every day forever pure, forever righteous!
I believe it's good to change one's resolution for year to year, of course.
However. I believe some things only come into view after dedicating yourself to the same goal, year after year.
I hope to dedicate myself to improving our teamwork this year, Captain (Captain)!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hm? Where are you off to?
A New Year's festival, you say? Well, I think I might tag along then!
Trouble's known to follow a crowd, after all.
We wouldn't want the new year to start off with any unfortunate incidents, now would we?
I'll be there to ensure everyone stays safe. Here's to another year—forever pure, forever righteous!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
It looks cold out. I'm from a snow country and thus am accustomed to such weather.
These frostbitten winds remind me of home.
While it does snow all year round, the New Year's snow is particularly special. Every family works together to remove it from the front of their houses.
Huh? You'd like to see my home for yourself?
I would be delighted to show you. And I will be your guide!
Hehe... Someday we'll go together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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I wish you a most happy Valentine's Day!
I-I actually tried making chocolates of my own, so, ah...
I would very much appreciate it if you would... er... s-share them with me, (Captain). Would that be acceptable?


Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Heheh... I put a lot of effort into these chocolates!
This should give you an idea of exactly how much I've grown in the past year!
By the way, (Captain)... While it makes me plenty happy to see you enjoying the chocolates...
Why do you look at me with those doting eyes? It's like you think I'm a child in need of protection...
I am a very mature adult, so cease this childlike treatment of my person at once!


Excellent timing, (Captain)! Here, this is for you!
Since last year's chocolates were such a success, I've made another batch this year!
They're good enough to rival last year's, even if I do say so myself!
I'd be delighted if you accepted them, (Captain).
Cherishing another is a hallowed act indeed. I'll always be with you, (Captain).


So there you are, (Captain). I was looking for you.
Actually... I wanted you to have this!
It's for Valentine's Day! I made it myself this year too, but spiced things up a bit!
Do you know what's different?
Hehe. Every year I put more heart into my chocolate than the last!
I put all my appreciation into my gifts for you. And I know it tastes fantastic too!
Go ahead and take a bite!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is in return for Valentine's? Thank you very much!
I'll treasure this always, (Captain)!


Whatever is it? Is this present... for me?
Ah... I see. Today is White Day, is it not?
Hee hee... Thank you, (Captain). You've made me ever so happy.
And it reminds me that warmer seasons are fast approaching.
I hail from snowy environs, so I always look forward to the season of snowmelt.
Once it grows warm and sunny, I hope we'll be able to go for a nice stroll outside, (Captain)!


Wow! Another gift this year? That's three years in a row now!
Hehe! You're far too kind to me, (Captain).
Oh? No, no, of course I like it.
It might not exactly be what I want—the only thing I really want is to be taller after all...
But anything made by you is a delight for me to receive!
It's the thought that counts after all! And your thoughts count more than anything to me!


Hm? This year's present is something more suited for an adult?
Wow! Thank you! I can't wait to see what's inside!
What's this...
I-it's... Sponge cake infused with alcohol!
How did you know I love such things!
To be frank, I hated anything with alcohol, but Sevastien learned to make something like this just for me.
Now I enjoy all sweets that have a hint of liquor. Oh, the memories...
Thank you so much. I will thoroughly enjoy this.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy, happy holidays!
I really enjoy putting up decorations...
Oof... If only I could reach the top of the tree to put the star on...


Hm? Hello, (Captain). Today's the most festive day of the holiday season...
But you still seem to be awake.
The night has only just begun, you say? I am not sure I understand.
As a holy knight, it is only proper to rest early and await Santa Claus's arrival from within the world of dreams.
I have already partaken of my holiday cake and brushed my teeth!
I bid you a good night, Captain (Captain). May you have a holiday evening full of good tidings and cheer.


(Captain), I couldn't help but notice a small package sitting atop my bed.
Would you happen to know anything of it?
Since tomorrow is the day we open the presents, I assume someone was kind enough to give me a gift. However...
With no labels of any sort to say who it's adressed to, I can't help but worry there's a chance it's not meant for me.
Y-you're the one who left it for me? My!
The adult's supposed to give the child the present, not the other way around!
Grufflesnicks... With this, my price as a grown-up is all but gone!
I-I'll have to sleep early tonight! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!


(Captain), happy holidays!
Baotorda and Sevastien are preparing a meal for us this eve!
Hehe... I'm looking forwards to this night.
Lyria and Vyrn also seem very excited for this evening.
Unlike the carnage on the battlefield, this moment of peace is something I would not trade for the world.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Proud Dragons, Holy Heart[edit]

One day during King Carl's visit to the Holy Kingdom of Lumiel, Captain Charlotta of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights meets Captain Lancelot of the Order of White Dragons. That night the two chivalric orders—each representing its home kingdom—attend a banquet, during which the two captains are hit with a salvo of questions. The captains reveal lesser-known aspects of themselves, and in this relaxed atmosphere the two orders' morale rises.

A clarion fanfare rings out majestically all through the area.
This is the heart of the Holy Kingdom of Lumiel. In front of the Church of Clemont, several thousand holy knights-cum-national protectors stand shoulder to shoulder.
Seated on a throne along the center of the courtyard is His Eminence, the ruler who presides over them all.
To one side of the ruler is the kingdom's holiest of hearts...
Charlotta: ...
Charlotta Fenia, captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights.
The seated turn their eyes in the direction of a military force that marches amid the clatter of horse hooves pounding the dirt.
Lancelot: ...
Near the forefront of the procession is Lancelot, captain of the Order of the White Dragons. To his rear are a host of order members.
Slightly behind King Carl, Captain Lancelot appears to be a veritable white dragon standing watch over the royal capital.
Scarcely a skydweller in Phantagrande is unfamiliar with the names of the two orders who have assembled together.
Vyrn: Whoa, that's crazy! Check out all the order members there!
Vyrn: Charlotta and Lancelot are in charge of these two bunches of people, aren't they? That's so cool!
Lyria: That's right. It's really neat, isn't it, (Captain)?
Currently underway is Lumiel's welcome ceremony for King Carl.
Having an extensive relationship with both orders, (Captain) and crew are excited to see the groups' chance to shine.
Sovereign of Lumiel: King Carl, thank you for your presence.
King Carl: It's certainly been a while, Your Eminence. What an honor to see you again.
The two old acquaintances are delighted at the reunion.
Lancelot: I am Lancelot, the captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
Lancelot: It's a great honor to have this audience with you, Your Eminence.
Sovereign of Lumiel: You are the Captain Lancelot? Tales of your heroics have reached me.
Lancelot: Thank you very much.
Lancelot: Forever Pure, Forever Righteous.
Lancelot: I would like nothing more than to learn from that motto of Lumiel and its order of holy knights.
Sovereign of Lumiel: Indeed. My hope is that both kingdoms find this a useful experience.
Sovereign of Lumiel: Captain Charlotta, would you come this way?
Upon being summoned by the sovereign, Charlotta steps forward.
Charlotta: Your Majesty, I am honored and humbled to make your acquaintance.
Charlotta: I am Charlotta Fenia, captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights.
King Carl: Captain Charlotta, I've heard so very much about you.
Charlotta: It's an honor.
Lancelot: Captain Charlotta.
Charlotta: Captain Lancelot.
Lancelot and Charlotta, the two captains of the chivalric orders, make intense eye contact.
They long ago came to know each other in (Captain)'s crew, and even now work together on occasion.
But this is their first time meeting each other in their official capacity as leaders of their states' chivalric orders.
Charlotta: I hope our cooperation in these joint exercises will bear great fruit for both of our orders.
Charlotta: I beg your favor!
Lancelot: I ask your favor as well, Captain Charlotta!
The Order of the White Dragons: masters of martial prowess. The Lumiel Order of Holy Knights: experts in defense and security.
Tomorrow the two will hold joint exercises and a friendly competition under the fluttering banners of their respective kingdoms.
The kingdoms vow to enhance their bonds in order to learn from each others' strengths.
That night representatives of the two kingdoms break bread together in the assembly hall.
The table is covered with dishes made by the holy kingdom's favorite chef, the Lumiel Gourmand Sevastien.
There is a humorous slogan that a mouthful of the gourmand's food extends one's life by three years; two mouthfuls, six years...
And three mouthfuls, purportedly long enough to keep you "alive till death."
It's one of the best known parts of Lumiel.
White Dragon 1: Whoa, what's with the food! I just ate a mouthful, and now my whole body's feeling warm.
Holy Knight 1: That's the Lumiel Gourmand's food for you.
White Dragon 2: The Lumiel Gourmand's food? You mean the chef's developed his own way of cooking?
Holy Knight 1: Yes. Sevastien, the legendary head chef—his food's really special.
Holy Knight 1: We only have the chance to chow down on special occasions. But just try a bit and you'll be filled with power.
White Dragon 2: Filled with power? Who'd have guessed there was food like this anywhere in the sky!
White Dragon 1: Don't forget how tasty it is! This Lumiel Gourmand's quite the chef!
Holy Knight 1: Glad you seem to like it.
Holy Knight 1: We've got some hard training waiting for us tomorrow, so it's best to put away all the strength we can now.
White Dragon 2: You can say that again.
While the attendees each enjoy the banquet in their own ways, the order members begin surrounding Charlotta and Lancelot.
Charlotta: Hm? What's that you were saying? Ask your questions in an orderly fashion, if you would.
Lancelot: The secret to polishing one's swordplay is to keep practicing and practicing. There are no such things as shortcuts.
Perhaps because the pair seem so approachable in the informal setting, the order members launch a barrage of questions toward them.
Vyrn: Everyone's practically ganging up on Charlotta and Lancelot.
Lyria: You're right, and they seem so busy. I hope they're not missing out on the meal...
Vyrn: I sure hope not. Tomorrow's training seems real tough, so they've gotta strengthen up with some of that Lumiel Gourmand grub!
Vyrn: Ah, that's right! We oughta bring 'em some of their favorite eats!
Lyria: That would be very nice! Let's go get some plates of food now.
Lyria: Charlotta! Lancelot!
Lancelot: Hm?
Charlotta: It's Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain)!
Charlotta: How great it is to have you here. I was going to go say hello, but...
Charlotta: The right moment just didn't present itself.
Lancelot: The same goes for me. I'm delighted to see you here.
Lyria: Both of you looked so busy.
Vyrn: Yeah, you haven't had a bite to eat, right?
Lyria: We saw that, so well...
Lyria: Ta-da! Here's a Little Skyfarer's Lunch with fried shrimp!
Lyria: And over here's a hamburger steak with omelet and crab pilaf!
Charlotta: Ooh!
Vyrn: We filled a plate at the buffet with all your favorite grub. It's an instant Little Skyfarer's Lunch!
Vyrn: Lancelot, this one's for you! There's meat, fish, and some other stuff that looked like it would give you strength.
Lancelot: Oh, thank you.
Charlotta: I didn't expect to eat a Little Skyfarer's Lunch of Lumiel Gourmand food.
Charlotta: Thank you very much. I'm grateful for your consideration.
White Dragon 3: Captain Charlotta, do you like Little Skyfarer's Lunches?
Charlotta: Hm?
Charlotta: Ah!
(I've been found out!)
Charlotta: N-no, it's just that...
White Dragon 3: That's so cute...
Charlotta: Huh?
White Dragon 3: Ah... Excuse me! It was inappropriate of me to refer to an order's captain as cute. Please accept my apologies!
Holy Knight 2: Heh-heh, you're right though. Our captain's very cute.
Holy Knight 3: Everyone in the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights knows how much the captain loves Little Skyfarer's Lunches.
Charlotta: Hm! There's no need to mention that, you all!
Charlotta: What are you thinking, pulling your captain aside and calling her cute like that?
Charlotta: I order you to stop treating me like a child!
Holy Knight 2: Ah, excuse me!
Holy Knight 3: I'll be more careful.
Lancelot: Heh-heh...
Charlotta: Mmph...
Holy Knight 3: What about you, Captain Lancelot? Is there a side of you that people don't normally see?
Lancelot: Hm?
White Dragon 3: A side of Captain Lancelot that people don't normally see? Hm, I don't know... He's always so steady and reliable.
Vyrn: I can't really think of anything off the top of my head either!
Lyria: Oh, he's not so good at cleaning! Vane aaalways has to pick up Lancelot's room.
Lancelot: Ah! Lyria, do you have to—
Lyria: Huh? W-was that supposed to be a secret?
Holy Knight 2: Their captain really seems to have it together. I wouldn't have expected that!
Holy Knight 3: So not even Lancelot can be on top of everything...
Lancelot: Uh...
Lancelot: Hahaha! Isn't it okay to be bad at a thing or two?
Charlotta: That's right... Any person is going to have a thing or two they're not good with!
Charlotta: And it's only natural if they've got three or four things they love!
Lancelot: Yes, you're very right about that, Captain Charlotta.
Lancelot: So let's end this conversation now. Sound good?
Charlotta: It's over!
Sovereign of Lumiel: Hah-hah-hah...
King Carl: Hohoho...
The rulers of both kingdoms seem pleased with the peaceable mood of both chivalric orders.
The two orders nurture their bravery for the following day's joint exercise.

Captains' Mettle[edit]

As a part of King Carl's visit to the Holy Kingdom of Lumiel, the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights and the Order of White Dragons are set to have a match against each other. When the Order of White Dragons is victorious, one of the members asks to face off against Captain Charlotta as a reward. Charlotta gladly agrees, and the two begin fighting.

White Dragon 4: Humph!
Holy Knight 4: Oof!
White Dragon 4: Hwaaaah!
Charlotta: That will be enough!
Lancelot: The winner is Thomas of the Order of the White Dragons!
The parade ground of the Kingdom of Lumiel is the site for the match between the Order of Holy Knights and the Order of the White Dragons.
The attendance of both the sovereign and king ensures that the proud warriors of both orders fight intensely.
Charlotta sits to the sovereign's side and Lancelot, the king's; all watch on as the order members clash.
A great swordsman from the Order of the White Dragons makes a particularly noteworthy performance.
The brawny, towering warrior effortlessly wields a blade that's as long as he is tall.
Showing a ferocious performance from the very first match, he advances through the tournament until he emerges as victor.
Sovereign of Lumiel: That was a stupendous battle. Whatever you would have as your reward, I will grant to you.
Sovereign of Lumiel: Name what it is you desire.
The eminent member of the Order of White Dragons accepts the great honor.
White Dragon 4: Anything at all... Then if I may be so bold...
The request stuns the audience.
White Dragon 4: I wish to spar with Captain Charlotta, that master swordfighter rumored to be the most powerful in the history of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights.
As Lancelot is attempting to stop the member making the intrepid request, Charlotta speaks up.
Charlotta: Captain Lancelot, let us proceed.
Charlotta: That battle was magnificent. Your ferocity in battle made you seem like valor made flesh.
Charlotta: I am the captain of the illustrious Lumiel Order of Holy Knights that laid the foundations for our glorious kingdom.
Charlotta: And still you want to contend with me in a swordfight?
The order member takes in Charlotta's dignified gaze without a hint of the intimidation that it's typically met with.
White Dragon 4: Yes.
Charlotta: Very well. May the strength of our hearts be reflected in our blades.
Charlotta steps down into the arena, unsheathes her brand, and advances toward the order member.
Charlotta: I have seen your resolve.
Charlotta: Now show me the whole of your power as if your life were on the line!

Captains' Mettle: Scene 2[edit]

Charlotta displays an easy strength that is great enough to overpower the member of the Order of White Dragons in an instant. As soon as the face-off ends, the rank and file members begin working themselves into a frenzy wondering aloud whether Captain Charlotta or Lancelot is more powerful. Realizing that the commotion isn't about to die down on its own, Charlotta and Lancelot decide to battle then and there.

Charlotta: ...
White Dragon 4: Gwaaah!
The battle lasts but an instant.
Charlotta: ...
Only Charlotta is left standing.
White Dragon 4: Did I attempt to fly too high...
Charlotta: Because I watched you fight, I was able to spot your weakness before we ever crossed swords.
White Dragon 4: My fighting style...
Charlotta: You displayed a rare style in which the longer you fight, the more force you are able to muster, especially when swinging your blade.
Charlotta: I didn't think that I could contend with you in a fight of stamina. If the battle went on for long, I'd be at a sure disadvantage.
Charlotta: So I had to bring the battle to a conclusion before you reached your full power.
Charlotta: This is true enough in any battle, but...
Charlotta: There's a way to fight that accounts for the difference between your and the opponent's body, physical strength, and condition.
Charlotta: I chose the way to battle that seemed best to me in these circumstances.
White Dragon 4: ...
Vyrn: That's sure easy to say, but is it that easy to do?
Lancelot: It certainly is easy to say, but devising a plan and carrying it out within the span of a single moment—well, that's something entirely different.
Vyrn: Whoa! I knew Charlotta was really something.
Lyria: Charlotta's so impressive!
White Dragon 1: My takeaway's that they call her the strongest for a reason after all...
Holy Knight 1: No kidding! We can't have people looking down on our captain.
Charlotta: Extraordinary strength and endurance are your armaments.
Charlotta: You're sure to become a mighty warrior whose heart and mind can carry the weight of the order.
White Dragon 4: Yes ma'am!
White Dragon 4: I was prideful and misjudged my ability. Please forgive my impropriety.
Charlotta: You stood tall above all the others. There's nothing wrong with wishing to test one's powers.
The members' gasp before Charlotta's overwhelming force and commanding presence.
Lancelot: Thank you, Captain Charlotta.
Charlotta: That much is nothing.
Charlotta: What's more impressive is how well your order is training its knights.
Lancelot: Yes. I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress.
As the tournament is nearing its end, someone calls out.
White Dragon 2: This was just a thought, but...
White Dragon 2: If it came down to Captain Charlotta and Captain Lancelot, who'd finish on top?
Lancelot: Hm?
Charlotta: Wha?
Holy Knight 1: Quite the question...
Holy Knight 1: But it could be tough to compare the strength of one captain with another.
Holy Knight 2: That said, we all just saw Captain Charlotta's strength in action.
Holy Knight 2: Nothing against Captain Lancelot, but there's no way he'd outdo our captain.
White Dragon 1: Oh, don't give me that!
White Dragon 1: Captain Lancelot, the brave and storied leader of the Order of the White Dragons, would never finish last!
Lancelot: Members! Refrain from any arguing any more!
Charlotta: Exercise some control, everyone!
Holy Knight 2: I'm not so sure though. I feel like our captain has to be stronger.
White Dragon 2: How are you so positive? There's no way to tell outside a real battle!
Members are growing excited over the thought of the two formidable fighters opposing each other.
Vyrn: It's like they aren't listening at all!
Charlotta: Really now!
Lancelot: Hm... This is a dilemma indeed.
Charlotta and Lancelot sigh upon realizing that the excitement is not about to dissipate.
Lancelot: Well now... Captain Charlotta, it doesn't seem like we have much of a choice.
Charlotta: No, it doesn't.
The two quickly exchange glances, reach toward their weapons, and take to their feet.
Lyria: Huh? Are Charlotta and Lancelot really going to battle!
Cheering Members: Hurraaaah!
Charlotta: If we're doing this, we'd better give it our all.
Lancelot: Yes, of course! Let's battle with all our might!

Captains' Mettle: Scene 3[edit]

Charlotta and Lancelot seem to battle fiercely, but the sovereign of Lumiel and King Carl order their battle to a quick end. The two captains were not fighting in earnest but rather had improvised to satisfy the order members. Charlotta announces that she is willing to battle any contenders all the same, and (Captain) takes her up on the offer before long.

Charlotta: Eeh!
Lancelot: Haaaah!
The pair of captains lock blades right before the eyes of the order members.
(Captain)'s palms break into a sweat as the battle unfolds.
Charlotta: Humph!
Lancelot: Geh!
This uncompromising contest between two evenly matched fighters shows no sign of abating.
Lyria: Mmph... Please... Just don't get hurt!
As the onlookers watch breathlessly, two voices call out.
Sovereign of Lumiel: Captain Charlotta, haven't you fought enough?
King Carl: And you too, Lancelot. Is this going to continue indefinitely?
Order Members: Huh?
Charlotta and Lancelot lower their weapons.
Lancelot: So you saw through us after all, Your Majesty.
Charlotta: His Eminence isn't so easily fooled either.
The monarchs' voices bring the battle to an easy conclusion.
The rank and file seem confused that their respective captains are being reprimanded for putting on a show.
Vyrn: What's going on here?
Charlotta: We had to improvise so that our battle wouldn't reach its conclusion.
Lancelot: We figured that if we were to both fight in earnest, things could get very ugly.
Lancelot: No one wishes for either of us to lose our life after all.
Charlotta: This was the only way for us to keep the situation under control.
Charlotta and Lancelot call out to the clamoring order members.
Charlotta: It's fine and well to be curious, but knights have greater missions than just testing their strength against each other.
Charlotta: What's important is that we live proudly and keep improving ourselves each day—that we live nobly.
Charlotta: All the same, it's not every day that two great orders have the chance to assemble and polish their skills.
Saying this, Charlotta unsheathes her blade.
Lancelot: Yes.
As if following after Charlotta, Lancelot unsheathes his blade.
Holy Knight 3: Huh?
White Dragon 2: Hm?
Lancelot: If there's anyone who wishes to challenge us, speak now. We'll battle you with alacrity!
Lancelot: Now show us how brave you are!
Charlotta: We'll take on any number of opponents!
White Knights: Raaah!
Holy Knights: Raaah!
The order members go wild upon hearing the sudden proclamation of the two captains.
Some applaud the duo, others raise their blades high in the air, and still others challenge them.
Charlotta: Forever Pure, Forever Righteous.
Both Orders: Forever Pure, Forever Righteous.
Lancelot: Glory to the Order of the White Dragons... and the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights!
Both Orders: Glory to the Order of the White Dragons... and the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights!
A sense of pride overcomes the order members as their captains knock out every challenger that joins the tussle.
The monarchs of the two kingdoms, too, behold the spectacle.
The exercise ends successfully, having strengthened the bond between the two kingdoms.
A few days pass.
Charlotta: I'm back, (Captain)!
Charlotta has returned from the joint exercises. (Captain) steps toward her with a determined facial expression.
Charlotta: What is it, (Captain)?
  1. Fight me, if you don't mind.

Choose: Fight me, if you don't mind.
Charlotta: Hm? You wish to spar with me? At this very moment?
(Captain) expresses a sincere thirst for battle after seeing the fiery fray between Charlotta and Lancelot.
A fighting spirit burns in the captain's eyes.
Charlotta: I see. So that's what you had in mind.
Charlotta: Very well. That curiosity and healthy combativeness are sure to nurture your future progress.
Charlotta: Now draw your blade, and challenge me with the entirety of your body and soul.
Heart afire for battle, (Captain) trains with Charlotta all through the night.
Lust for strength is what has made (Captain) so irrefutably strong.
Charlotta has great expectations for (Captain)'s coming growth, though they're tinged with fear.
"One day the captain will accomplish something great."
Charlotta seems confident about the future that waits on the other side of (Captain)'s swinging sword.

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Charlotta, Tiny Justice.png SV Charlotta, Tiny Justice E.png
Click to reveal card data


Charlotta, here to bring evil to justice! Allow me to prove why I was appointed captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights!

Evolve: Give all other allied followers the following effect until the end of the opponent's turn - Reduce damage received from spells and effects to 0.

Haha! Had enough yet? I must say you've made for a most disappointing opponent! What was that you said? What do you mean, pretty good for a little girl! I'll have you know I'm a full-fledged grown-up!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Charlotta, Tiny Justice
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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