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Official Profile

Age 28
Height 186 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Resting in quiet places, gun maintenance
Likes Peace and quiet, dogs and other canines
Dislikes Noisy people
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 28歳
Height 186cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 平穏な場所で休むこと、銃の手入れ
Likes 平穏と静寂、犬をはじめとした動物
Dislikes 騒がしいもの
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, (Captain).
No need to restrain yourself. Go ahead and celebrate.
I prefer peace and quiet... but I'll accept peaceful noise in this case.
So go on. Make some noise with good friends. Enjoy yourself.
And if the mood strikes me, perhaps I'll join in.


Happy birthday.
Today is a real day for us to celebrate. A great day, in fact.
Come, (Captain).
Let's celebrate together. As for what I have planned... Well you'll just have to wait and see. Heh-heh.


(Captain)? What's wrong?
We're all celebrating your special day with you today. No need to hold back.
If you just want to stay here, that's fine with me.
In war and in peace, I'll stay by your side.
Now and forever.
Never forget that, (Captain).


It's that day...
I'm happy.
Peace and quiet follows you...
I want to protect that.
Happy birthday, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain). Another year has passed.
It's during these quiet moments spent with you that I wish I could stop time.
But obviously it's impossible to control the flow of time.
That's why I fight instead.
I fight to ensure that you and I can enjoy being together as days pass and seasons change.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Take this water, (Captain). Have a sip.
Don't swallow. It's only for rinsing.
This is a tradition where I come from. It rids you of bad luck and gives you a year of peace and quiet.
Now be sure to stay healthy and safe.


A new year has begun.
(Captain), would you care to go and see the sunrise on New Year's Day?
Humph. Don't act so surprised.
We're leaving, so hurry up and get ready. Heh-heh...


Another new year...
Ah, there you are. I was just enjoying the peace and quiet.
Happy New Year, (Captain).


A new year, huh...
When did I tell you about my home...
That's something I don't have anymore...
But I'd still like to go there with you someday.
Until that time comes, I will be here by your side.


Rise and shine, (Captain). How long do you plan on staying in bed?
Weren't we heading out to see the first dawn?
If you're going to pretend to sleep, then I'll drag you out and carry you.
It doesn't bother me if that was your master plan. So what's it going to be?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Valentine's Day... I'm not too familiar with this holiday.
So what does this valentine from you mean, (Captain)?
It means you appreciate me? Really?
You all right? Your cheeks look a little red.
Just kidding. I know what today is.
Thanks. I'm grateful.


What's wrong? Expecting something more?
Come here...
Let me pat you on the head.


Valentine's, eh...
I keep thinking about what this is supposed to mean... you giving me chocolates every year.
No, nevermind. It's nothing. I'm fine with the way things are right now.
Thank you.


Valentine's Day?
Thank you, (Captain).
So you're not going to feed it to me?
Ha... Cool it.
I'm joking.


Hm. Valentine's Day.
Thanks for the gift, (Captain).
I'm glad you caught me today since it's bound to get busy starting from tomorrow.
Yeah. Let's enjoy this time a little while longer.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day, (Captain).
It's just thanks for your hard work. Nothing more.
(Captain), as much as I enjoy peace and quiet, you.... Wait. Forget it.
Just keep up the good work, (Captain).


This is for you.
(Captain), you're always striving to be better.
But there are times when you push yourself too hard... You can lean on me anytime.
Because I'll always be by your side, (Captain).


(Captain). Here.
Take it with my thanks. What?
There something else you want?
If you want to touch my ears, then go ahead.
And if that's not enough... Well...
Tell me what you want. Name it, and I'll do it for you.


(Captain), today is White Day.
Come on. Open your mouth.
You don't want me to feed you?
Ha... Fine. Well, this is a token of my appreciation.
Take it.


Come here, (Captain). It's been a while since you last touched my ears.
No, I haven't gone crazy. Don't you remember that it's White Day?
I also got you sweet treats, but I'm going one step further and granting any request you have.
So. What will it be?

Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Such tradition does not exist in my hometown. What a strange day this is.
(Captain), do you prefer tricks or treats?
What? Trick-or-treating is not for me? It's only for kids?
I won't say I'm disappointed...


Perhaps I should let loose a bit today as well...
I'm kidding... Why the long face? Are you serious?
Never mind...


(Captain). Trick or treat.
What? Today's Halloween.
If you don't have any candy, you better be ready for some trouble.
And you know what vampires love.
Only kidding. I won't bite you.


(Captain), you're not going to wear a costume?
But it's Halloween. It's okay to let loose once in a while.
What about dressing up as...
A werewolf? I bet you'd look cool.
You always touch my ears...
Today... I'd like to do the touching.


Heading into town, (Captain)?
People are out in droves today. Be careful out there.
No, wait. I'm coming with you.
I can tolerate the crowds every once in a while.
As long as you're with me.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays.
What? Do I look like I'm having fun?
I quite enjoy days like today.
Peace and quiet draws near. A good day.
You're not going anywhere?
Then stay here.
No deep meaning intended. But you'll find more relaxation that way.


What's up? Did you come by for something?
No, you don't need a reason to come see me.
You're free to visit me anytime, (Captain).
It's getting chilly out there... Care to spend the day with me, (Captain)?


(Captain). So that's where you are.
No, I don't need anything in particular... I just thought I'd stay by you.
Humph. Because it's the holidays.


(Captain), happy holidays.
Aren't you cold having come all this way?
Give me your hands.
I don't mind this weather...
Sharing my warmth with you isn't bad at all.


Look. It's snowing.
Seeing snow fall always reminded me of home. And for the longest time I felt nothing.
But that's changed now.
It's all thanks to you.
Happy holidays, (Captain). Thanks for staying with me through thick and thin.

Fate Episodes

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Hit List

On the way to the Odajumoki hideout to rescue Beatrix, Skull reveals that the Odajumoki are dog lovers. The topic of dogs peaksMisspelled in-game, and should instead be "piques". Eustace's interest, but he's suddenly contacted by the Society to monitor Lyria. Eustace tells (Captain) he'll join the crew.

(Captain) and the crew are on a mission with Eustace to search North Vast for Beatrix, whom he's lost contact with.
Skull, a member of the Odajumoki outlaw gang, lets slip some information on her whereabouts before offering to lead them to his gang's hideout.
On the way there, Skull decides to kill some time by chatting with Eustace.
Skull: Oi! Oi, oi, oi! Wanna hear a neat secret? Do ya, Eustace?
Eustace: ...
Skull: Oi, I say! You wanna know, don't ya? The Odajumoki's real secret? Don't ya, Eustace?
Eustace: Shut up, Hollow-Skull...
Skull: Say what? I dunno who you're calling hollow, you chunkhead! I'm a genius!
Lyria: All right, all right... I'll listen to your secret then!
Skull: Oh, yeah? Well, get a load of this!
The Odajumoki's real secret...
Skull: Is that we're all dog lovers! Every one of us just can't get enough of dogs!
Eustace: ...!
Lyria: Wow! Is that why all of you ride on top of dogs?
Skull: You got it! Their fur is so soft and fluffy to pet!
Vyrn: But saddling-up your dogs to take you around seems kinda unfair to them...
Eustace nods silently in agreement.
Skull: Huh? Unfair? You boneheads just don't get it!
Skull: Us Odajumoki folks have a strong bond with the North Husky, you hear?
Eustace: The North Husky... Is that a dog breed?
Skull: Yup, yup! The North Husky is a ferocious man-eating dog, but they're also smart and have a strong sense of duty!
Skull: Because we love and care for them, they respect and help us in return!
Eustace: I see. It's a mutually beneficial relationship...
Eustace nods blissfully as Vyrn turns to whisper to (Captain) and Lyria.
Vyrn: Is it me or does Sourpuss look kinda happy right now?
Lyria: Now that you mention it, he does look happy. Could it be that he likes dogs?
Skull: Hey! What are you whispering about? Are you bored of me already? Are ya?
Skull: That's too bad because I had even more neat doggy trivia to fill your ears with...
Eustace: Did you say... doggy trivia?
Eustace: For example... how to get them to like you?
Skull: Huh? What are you saying? You like dogs or something?
Eustace: ...
Skull: So you do like dogs! I got ya! You wanna hear some doggy trivia then? Do ya?
Skull: Then you've gotta swear your loyalty to me! Now, bend down! You're too tall!
Eustace: ...
Vyrn: Oh no... You shouldn't tease Sourpuss like that. He's startin' to look scary...
Vyrn: But who'd have thought that he'd have a soft spot for dogs!
Lyria: I know! I guess Eustace has a sweet side to him after all.
Lyria: Ah! (Captain), I almost forgot—
Transceiver: Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...
Eustace: ...
As Eustace's transceiver begins to vibrate, he slips away from the others and heads toward a group of rocks nearby.
???: Eustace. I have two reports for you.
???: Firstly, Zeta and Vaseraga will head to your location once they complete their current assignment.
Eustace: Understood.
???: Secondly, there's an additional mission to be assigned to you.
???: The blue-haired girl you're currently working with can control the power of primal beasts.
???: This girl has the potential to become a threat to us.
???: Monitor the girl and her fellow skyfarers.
If you deem her a threat, eliminate her.
Eustace: ...
???: We're counting on you, Eustace.
The transmission ends abruptly, and Eustace puts the device back in his chest pocket.
Eustace: Eliminate her... huh?
Vyrn: Yeah! And we can take Sourpuss with us too—
Vyrn: Wait! Where did Sourpuss go?
Eustace: I'm right here.
Lyria: Yikes! How'd you end up behind (Captain)?
Eustace: (Captain), I have something to tell you.
Eustace: After this mission is completed, I'll be joining your crew for a while.
Vyrn: Wh-what! But why?
Eustace: Because I feel like it.
Vyrn: What's that supposed to mean... Well, lucky for you, that works out for us!
Eustace: Why?
Lyria: We were talking a minute ago and decided to visit a village where you can play with doggies!
Lyria: And when we go, you should come with us!
Eustace: Come... with you?
Lyria: You like doggies, don't you, Eustace? If so, then let's all go together!
Eustace: All right...
Vyrn: Hey! Is that a smile I see?
Eustace: ...
Without answering, Eustace swiftly walks ahead of the others.
Lyria: What's wrong with Eustace?
Vyrn: Hm... Who knows? But it seems like he doesn't dislike us... I guess?
Still perplexed by Eustace's vague reply, (Captain) and the others follow after him.
And with the new mission weighing on his mind, Eustace begins to feel a twinge of conflicting emotions in his heart.

All for Peace and Quiet

Lyria and Vyrn invite Eustace to come with them to a village nearby where you can play with lots of dogs. The two are excited to hear that Eustace will come along.

Lyria: Hey look, (Captain) and Vyrn! There's a giant bird over there!
Vyrn: Whoa! It's huge!
Eustace: ...
(Captain) and the crew chat idly as Eustace watches from afar with a gentle expression on his face.
Some time has passed since the quiet gunslinger has joined the crew, and he has slowly warmed up to his fellow crewmates.
Lyria: Eustace! Why don't you come over here and chat with us?
Eustace: ...
Vyrn: Is that a no? Too bad because we're talking about how we can frolic and play with some pups...
Eustace: Oh really?
Lyria: Vyrn found out something neat, you see.
Lyria: On the island nearby, there's a village with lots of doggies and you can pet them as much as you want!
Vyrn: We were thinking of stopping by there to check it out, but do you wanna come too, Sourpuss?
Eustace: Sure. We talked about it before...
Lyria: Yay! You remembered!
Eustace: ...
Vyrn: Right! Then it's decided so let's go!
Vyrn: You know, when all's said and done, you're a nice guy, Sourpuss! Can't believe you remembered that we wanted to go see that village...
Eustace slowly draws his gun and pulls the trigger.
Vyrn: W-w-whoa! What's the big idea? That was supposed to be a compliment!
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Monsters! How did they sneak on board?
Eustace: Nothing's wrong with getting excited, but never let your guard down. Here they come!

All for Peace and Quiet: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew arrive at the village where many dogs roam free. Suddenly a dog bolts off into a monster-infested forest. (Captain) and the crew rush off to rescue the dog.

The crew visits a village which has drawn crowds of people who've come to see various breeds of dogs from all parts of the skydom.
After taking one look around at the rambunctious square, Vyrn seems uneasy as he turns to (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, do you think Sourpuss is gonna be all right? I mean, he doesn't really like noisy places...
Lyria: Well, I think he'll be okay...
Vyrn: But he's always saying he wants peace and quiet. It's like his catchphrase or something!
Lyria: Hm... But I get the feeling he's not talking about ruckus and noise when he says that.
Vyrn mulls it over a bit while taking a curious glance at Eustace.
Eustace: ...
In the shade of a tree nearby, Eustace polishes his trusty gun while watching the villagers play with the dogs.
Vyrn: You know, he looks a little more relaxed than usual. Could be my imagination though...
Lyria: No, it's not your imagination. Eustace is gentle deep down inside!
Lyria smiles happily as she bends down to pet a dog who's wandered over. He wags his tail excitedly.
Dog: Woof!
Lyria: Oh, it's so cute!
Pet the doggy, (Captain)!
  1. Pet Lyria.
  2. Pet Eustace.

Choose: Pet Lyria.
Lyria: Yikes! What are you doing, (Captain)? I'm not a doggy!
Lyria: You should pet him instead! Pet the dog!
Eustace: Ha!
Lyria: Oh, now look! Even Eustace is laughing at us! I'm so embarrassed...
Vyrn: Aw, quit your fussin' already! Getting a pat on the head doesn't feel so bad, does it?
Lyria: W-well, yeah... I guess you're right. But still...
Eustace can't help but smile as he watches the playful scene unfold.

Choose: Pet Eustace.
So as not to be noticed by the young man, (Captain) carefully extends a hand out to Eustace and gently pats his head.
Eustace: What do you think you're doing?
Eustace: My ears might look like theirs, but I'm not a dog.
Eustace: Go on and pet them instead. Their ears are much more fun to play with than mine.
Vyrn: You've got a lot of guts to pet Eustace, (Captain)! I can't believe he didn't lose his top!
Lyria: What's that you say, (Captain)?
His ears feel super fluffy?
Lyria: Really? I'd sure love to feel your ears too, Eustace! I mean, if you don't mind...
Eustace: Just pet the dogs, okay? That's why we came here...
Lyria: Y-yeah! I guess you're right...
Lyria: Awww... I feel like I missed out on something neat...
Eustace: Trust me. You didn't.
Eustace's gruff reply is softened by the shy grin on his lips.
Continue 1
But Lyria gives Eustace a puzzled look when she realizes the young man is keeping his distance.
Lyria: Aren't you going to pet the dogs too, Eustace?
Eustace: ...
Eustace: I'd better not. For my sake and theirs...
Lyria: What's that supposed to mean?
Before Eustace can answer, a voice shouts from the crowd.
Dog Lover 1: Look! A dog's run off into the forest!
Dog Lover 2: The forest? But there are monsters inside!
Lyria: Oh no! We've gotta rescue him, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and breaks into a run, weapon in hand.
Eustace: Humph... Always the hero...
Eustace smiles as he dashes after (Captain) to help.

All for Peace and Quiet: Scene 3

After defeating the monsters, (Captain) and the crew search for the missing dog. Lyria says that leaving the dog helpless may lead to more worries in the village, causing Eustace to join in the search and help fight more monsters.

(Captain) and the crew swoop down on the monsters and scatter them to the winds. But the dog is nowhere to be found.
Lyria: Here, doggy, doggy!
Here, boy!
Vyrn: Hmmm... I don't see him anywhere...
Eustace: Look, you guys...
Vyrn: What is it? Did you find him, Sourpuss?
Eustace: Why are you even looking for the dog? Nobody asked you to.
Lyria: But if we just leave the little guy all alone, he might run into some monsters and get hurt...
Lyria: And then all the villagers and even his doggy pals would be sad... We can't let that happen!
Eustace: I see...
Eustace draws his gun and shoots into a seemingly empty thicket.
Vyrn: Whoa! You made me jump!
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Is that a monster I hear?
(Captain) and the crew rush toward the sound.
Lying on the ground is a fallen monster. A frightened dog quivers nearby.
Vyrn: Wow! That's awesome, Sourpuss! You managed to hit the monster from a distance.
Eustace: There might be more around. Get the dog to safety.
Lyria: Got it!
This way, boy!
Dog: Whimper...
Monsters: Groarrr!
Eustace: Let's show 'em who's top dog, (Captain)...

All for Peace and Quiet: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew return the runaway dog. Eustace claims animals don't like him, but after some urging from Lyria, he pets a dog for the first time. The Society contacts Eustace with a mission to eliminate Lyria, but he refuses after having found true peace and quiet with the crew.

(Captain) and the crew return to the village with the runaway dog in tow.
Dog: Woof! Woof!
Dog Lover 1: Hey! You got him back safe and sound! Thank goodness!
Dog: Woof!
Lyria: Both the villagers and the dogs look so relieved. Isn't that great?
Another villager approaches the crew with a small pup walking beside him.
Dog Lover 2: Thank you! All of you!
Mr. Arf-arf here wants to say thanks too!
Dog: Arf! Arf!
As his four-legged friend trots closer to the crew, Eustace begins to back away.
Lyria: What's wrong, Eustace?
Eustace: I'd better hang back... before the peace and quiet gets ruined.
The crew is puzzled by his reply, but their attention soon turns to the pup who's begun to tremble.
Dog: Whimper...
Dog Lover 1: What is it, boy? Has something scared you?
Eustace: He's scared of me. Animals don't like me. They never have...
Vyrn: I get it now. You thought you'd ruin the peace and quiet...
Eustace: ...
Lyria: B-but, Eustace! I don't think you need to worry!
Eustace: Why?
Lyria: Well, you're... certainly a bit scary... But you're a gentle guy deep down inside!
Lyria: I'm positive that if you'd just open your heart a little more...
Eustace: Open... my heart...
Mumbling quietly to himself, Eustace gingerly approaches the dog.
Eustace: Here, boy...
Eustace opens his hand, reaching toward the pup. The dog looks bewildered at first, but meets Eustace halfway.
Eustace: ...!
The dog licks Eustace's hand. Eustace is deeply moved as he pets the pup between the ears.
Eustace: This is the first time... I've ever pet a dog...
Vyrn: Good for you! The dog looks happy too!
Eustace: There, there... Good boy.
Lyria: I think I get it now. I get what you really mean about your hope for peace and quiet.
Lyria: You mean the calm and gentle stillness we find in moments like this, right?
Eustace: You're right. It's moments like this that I cherish the most...
Eustace: It's what I want... and what I want to protect.
(Captain) and the crew are surprised and delighted to see a softer side to Eustace.
Vyrn: I dunno about you guys, but I think Sourpuss is finally warming up to us!
Lyria: I think you're right!
Vibrating Noise: Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...
Eustace: ...
Lyria: What is it? Did I say something wrong?
Eustace: No, you're fine. But I'll be right back...
Eustace: Eustace here...
???: Hm? It's not like you to greet me first. You must be in a good mood.
Eustace: Just tell me why you've called.
???: There's been a change to your previous orders to monitor the blue-haired girl and her friends. Active immediately.
???: The decision was reached at a recent meeting. The girl has been judged a considerable danger.
Eustace: How? I haven't reported anything to you yet.
???: Pity about that... but the decision has been made. She has the potential to become too great of a threat.
???: With the ability to use the power of many primal beasts, she's an extreme danger to us. Eliminate her... and her friends.
???: It is your duty to see this happens swiftly.
Eustace: ...
Eustace: All I want...
???: ...?
Eustace: All I want is peace and quiet.
???: Hm? Yes, we're well aware. But what's your point?
Eustace: Therefore... I refuse.
???: What? Does that mean you're rejecting the mission? Eustace!
Eustace takes the transceiver out of his ear, cutting off the hoarse shouting on the other end mid-sentence.
Transceiver: Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...
Eustace: ...
Eustace crushes the vibrating transceiver in the palm of his hand.
He throws the piece of scrap metal onto the ground and walks back toward (Captain) and the crew.
Vyrn: Welcome back, Sourpuss. Where'd you go?
Eustace: ...
Eustace silently takes a seat on the ground and begins to pet a dog that's snuggled next to him.
Lyria: Did... something happen?
Eustace: No, it's nothing.
Nothing at all...
Eustace murmurs quietly to himself, smiling as he runs his hand across the pup's soft fur.
(Captain) and the crew are a bit baffled, but shrug it off as they allow Eustace a moment of peace and quiet.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
消えろ Get out of here.
俺は平穏と静寂を望む I could use some peace and quiet.
油断するな Don't let your guard down.
犬…撫で回し…何でも無い。 Patting a dog is so much f... Tell me you didn't hear that.
………… ...
俺の故郷は…平穏と静寂で満ちていた My home was all peace and quiet.
武器の手入れは如何なる時も怠るな Never neglect your weapon upkeep.
俺の敵は…平穏と静寂を奪う者… My enemies are those who spoil peace and quiet.
(主人公)、お前の平穏と静寂はなんだ (Captain), what's peace and quiet for you?
(主人公)、故郷と仲間を大切にしろ (Captain), never forget your home and friends.