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Official Profile

Age 13
Height 145 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Walking the shores (of the Fog Island)
Likes Family, her little sister
Dislikes Strangers, scary stories
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 13歳
Height 145cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies (霧の島の)館周辺の散歩
Likes 家族、妹
Dislikes 他人、怖い話
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


The spirit of a Erune girl residing in a mansion near the Town of Crepesculo on the Mist-Shrouded Isle. After a plague befell herself, her family and all residents of the island, she made a last wish to see them once again before her demise. That's when the primal beast Celeste appeared, turning all residents, who died of the disease, into undead beings.

Since then, Ferry is waiting for her little sister to return to the island. Before the arrival of the plague, her sister left the island in search for a cure for her rare disease.[7]


Main Quest



  • Some of her abilities are in German, similar to other versions of the character.
    • "Hinrichten" means "to execute".
    • "Feiern" means "to celebrate".

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Heehee. So how old are you now?
Take it from me as someone who's been around for a long time—
What? You don't want my advice? Yeah, no one wants to be lectured on their birthday...
Anyway, I do wish you a happy birthday. I look forward to seeing what kind of person you become.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Hehe, you seem to have gotten a little more mature compared to last year.
Which isn't surprising considering everything you've experienced in a year.
It's exciting to watch you grow as a person.
Leaving something behind can feel a bit lonesome at times.
But even still I want to be with you, watching by your side.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
On this day of every year, I get to see how much you've grown, and it warms my heart.
There's nothing better than watching people come into their own.
My little sister got big so quickly...
And now you too are growing so fast.
Hehe, I think of you as family.
So I'll keep watching over you, (Captain).
In any case, what keeps me entertained is just seeing how far you can go.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How many candles are on the cake? I see one, two, three... Well, the same number of candles as last year...
Plus one more of course. The cake sure looks pretty in the glow of the candle lights.
One by one, a new flame is lit each year. It's like looking at a live representation of your life.
And I'll be right there with you, watching over you, as your flames get bigger and brighter.


Happy birthday!
So it's our fifth time celebrating your birthday together, huh? Looks like you got taller again.
Growing up is a wonderful thing. It shows that you're alive.
Oh, don't make that face... I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.
I'm a ghost, so I won't get any taller than this.
But the more time I spend with you, the more memories I have. All of our fun times together are my precious memories.
I'm not sure if you feel the same, but... do you?
Hehe, you smiled. That's good.
Hopefully we can make even more memories this year, (Captain).
I pray that we can be together like this forever...
Is that too much to ask?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
My island is always shrouded in fog all year round, so almost nothing ever changes regardless of what time of year it is.
Mmm... But the winds outside the island bring change. It's a fantastically refreshing feeling.
Hehe. No matter how many times I've experienced something over the past year, I still find it to be a unique experience.
Please show me more new experiences this year too, (Captain).


Mm... I love feeling the first breeze of the new year.
One year fades while the next one brightens. It's a never ending cycle...
Before you came I would spend my days languishing from one moment to the next, but I realize now how important my time is.
Thank you, (Captain). This is all possible because of you and everyone else.


A visit to the shrine, you say?
I'd very much like to go with you, but is it all right for a ghost to be there?
People usually pray for good health, but that's not especially helpful to a ghost who doesn't get sick and doesn't age.
Well, if it does turn out okay for me to go, then I guess I'll pray for everyone else's well-being.


Have you decided what you're gonna accomplish this year, (Captain)?
It's not like you have to make grand plans or anything as long as it's something you'll set your mind to.
Being able to change every day is one of the things only the living get to do.
If you pass the time doing nothing or never trying anything else, it's no different from being dead.
So it's not enough to simply live; having goals is important too.
Why don't I think of a goal too?
Um, because I...
Hehe, actually yeah. Why not? I'll try to come up with something.
A ghost like me doesn't change like you or the rest of the crew, at least not in a way that can be seen.
But as long as I have you guys with me, I'll change slowly but surely. I hope.


It's a little strange for a ghost to be watching the first sunrise of the year, isn't it?
But the sun's just so pretty, even if its bright rays hurt my eyes.
The sight reminds me of when everyone from my village disappeared after they were freed from Celeste...
I'm a little sad at the memory, of course.
But the new year can only start once the old one ends, much like new relationships begin once you've said goodbye to old ones.
Sorry, I didn't mean to get so broody. I only meant to say that I hope this year will be a good one.
Do you get what I was trying to convey though?
Hehe, then that's good enough for me.
(Captain), I'm excited to see what this year holds.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hi, (Captain). I tried making chocolates today since it's Valentine's Day.
I think I'm pretty good at cooking, but this is my first time making chocolate.
It makes sense though, right? My pets can't have chocolate, and for a long time I never had anyone else to give it to.
It's my first try, but I did put a lot of heart into it so... I hope you really enjoy them.


I made chocolates again this year, (Captain)! Would you like some?
I worked on these with everyone, so I'm sure they'll taste even better than the ones from last year...
Hehe... I wondered who I would give my first chocolates to, and I'm glad it was you.
Because... I want you to see how far I've come each year.


Would you like these chocolates I made, (Captain)?
Thanks for taking them. Unlike last year, I did it all by myself.
So they're probably not as good as last year's batch...
Um, the reason I did it alone was because I wanted to show you my own brand of appreciation.
Your heart is brimming with happiness?
Thank you. That means a lot to me.
Well, I have to go now. I have presents to give to my pets as well.


Here are Valentine's chocolates for you, (Captain).
I made a lot of different types, so I hope you enjoy sampling them one by one.
Um, why are you staring at the chocolates like that?
I knew it. Too much, right?
Well, I'm not asking you to eat them all!
You can just eat the ones you like...
Or does looking at them give you a stomachache?
That's not it?
Oh, you want to know why I made so many different types of chocolates.
Um, you see...
You were really happy with my chocolates last year, remember?
So how could I make you even happier this year?
The answer is by making lots of chocolates.
Now that you know, I want you to pick out your favorites.
Teehee. Having trouble deciding? I'm surprised you'd be this greedy, (Captain).
That's totally fine of course. Take them all then.
That's why I went out of my way to make them for you in the first place. Your happiness is all I care about.


(Captain)! I made chocolates for you this year too.
P-please take it! Here!
I know it looks like I made way too many, but you can pick whichever ones look good to you and just eat those ones!
You think you can eat them all? Really? You're not going to get heartburn or anything from doing that, right?
As long as... you're sure that you aren't pushing yourself.
Once you're done, can you let me know which ones you liked the best?
Why? Well, I get the feeling that it'll be useful knowledge in the future...

White Day Cutscenes
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Wow, a present for me? I have to think of the right thing to say...
Um... Is a thank you enough in this situation?
Or maybe there's a deeper meaning behind this...
A-anyway, thank you, (Captain). It's wonderful to know how you feel.


What's this, (Captain)? Oh, a present for White Day!
Hehe... I can't tell you how happy I am to get something from you again.
I learned a lot from you last year, so I didn't feel so surprised this year.
There are still a lot of things that are new to me, (Captain). Will you tell me more?


What is it, (Captain)? You have a present for me?
Ah, as thanks for Valentine's Day.
Thank you. I'm always happy to get anything from you, (Captain).
Oh, these? My pets gave me these.
They took the time to think of what kinds of things I'd like.
They're such cute little things.
You think that makes me motherly?
Well, it sure would make me happy to know that they think of me in that way.


Hey, (Captain), did you know there's meaning in the kind of sweets you get as a gift on White Day?
I just found out about that the other day.
But honestly I wished I hadn't...
Worrying about hidden messages in my head, I'd end up jumping between excitement and anxiety for any present you give me.
Up until now the simple pleasure of getting a present made me happy enough...
N-no, I didn't mean anything by that! I'm very happy to get a present from you!
Hey! Why are you opening it right now!
At least give me a moment to prepare myself please...


A White Day present for me? Th-thank you.
Do you remember last year we talked about how different kinds of sweets hold various meanings to people?
Apparently there are differing opinions on the matter. Some say that depending on interpretation, the same sweets can have opposite meanings.
That's why I'm a little worried about whether or not I'm reading your feelings here correctly.
B-but judging by your smile, you're feeling something positive, right?
Hehe, thank you. I'm honestly very happy right now!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, um, I think you know this already...
But it always feels like Halloween in my village.
Even so, seeing all the decorations and merriment today makes me feel calm and nostalgic.
Well, anyway, it's time for the festivities.
Since you're here with me, Captain, let's go have some fun.


Hey! Come back!
Ah, I'm glad you're here, (Captain).
My spirit pets are too caught up in the Halloween festivities. They won't listen to a word I say.
Can you help me round them up?
Huh? Oh yeah, you might not be able to touch them since they're spirits...
Hmm... Well, then see if you can touch me. J-just on my hands, okay?


Um, (Captain)... Trick or treat...
That wasn't weird, was it? Watching everybody get into the spirit made me want to say it too.
It's okay every once in a while, right? I mean my pets and everyone are having fun, so I should join too...
What are you going to do now? Will you give me candy, or will you play a trick on me?
Hehe... I'm fine with either one.


Oh, (Captain)! Trick or treat!
Well? I'm not too bone-chillingly or ghastly, am I?
I'm asking because I'm finally getting around to joining in on the scares.
I am an actual ghost after all. The thing is, I have no idea just how frightening I might come off as.
And it's not like I want to give the children nightmares or anything.
If you're not busy, would you tag along with me?
I want you to watch off to the side to make sure I don't overdo it.


Ferry: Actually, (Captain), I want to ask for your opinion on something.
Pets: ...!
Ferry: Since I'm actually a ghost, I don't want to play any tricks that're too scary... Do you have any ideas?
Huh? Dance with the moon behind me? I don't know if you can call that a trick...
Pets: ...!
Ferry: Hehe, okay... They all seem to want to try it.
But none of us have any dance experience...
If you don't mind, do you think you can give us a hand?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

This takes me back. I haven't celebrated winter festivities in decades...
Oh, I had so much fun then. My father was there, my mother was there... and that little girl too...
Oops, I didn't mean to dampen the mood. But I'm not sad at all.
Reminiscing with you about old times helps me enjoy the holiday.
I'm happy just like I was in my memories. Thank you, (Captain).


Listen, listen, (Captain)! I placed the star way up on top of the tree!
Back when I was celebrating with my family, they wouldn't let me help because I was too young.
I never knew how much fun decorating for the holidays could be!
Tonight's going to be super fun, (Captain)!


So we're having cake tonight...
Oh no, it's nothing. I was just remembering something from the past.
My younger sister and I loved strawberries on our cakes. We'd always fight over who gets what, which drove our parents crazy.
I was supposed to act as an older sister should, they said, and she'd end up winning the strawberries.
That really was such a long time ago. I was so serious about even small things like that back then.
What else will come back to me the next time I bite into a strawberry, I wonder?


(Captain)! Do you have any big wool stockings?
You don't? Hmm... Oh well, that's just how it goes I guess.
Did you forget what day it is? I wanted to hang stockings from the tree.
That's how you get Santa Claus to come visit or so I was told as a kid.
As you can see, I'm not a kid anymore—I'm a ghost. Does Santa even visit ghosts?
But it's still pretty exciting to think he might come, you know?
Oh, here's an idea. Why don't we go out and shop for stockings together?
We can buy some for everyone on the airship and really cover the tree with stockings.
Heehee, I just know it's going to turn out bright and colorful.


(Captain), look at this!
I was walking around town when an elderly lady gave me these lovely cookies! She said it was a present for the holidays.
Meeting her made me think that maybe in another life I could have grown older and become just like her...
But I'll always be stuck in this child-like body.
What I can still do is give out presents though. I think that'd be nice.
Say, what do you think about coming with me to buy some presents for the kids aboard the airship?
Then Santa Ferry and Santa (Captain) can walk around surprising them later.
Hehe, it sounds fun, right?

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Snow Cone Frenzy, Coming Up!

Ferry and crew arrive in Auguste, ready to vacation. As her pets play along the beach, Ferry runs into the patissier she usually sells cakes for. The patissier reveals he's set up a beach house to sell snow cones, but isn't having much luck attracting customers. He asks Ferry for her help, and after a bit of deliberating, she accepts. Before long, Ferry manages to attract more than enough attention—so much so that the beach house is overrun by customers.

Ferry: Beppo! Geegee! Don't wander too far!
Beppo & Geegee: ...!
Ferry: Hehe, I just wanted to make sure, okay?
Despite her scolding, Ferry smiles affectionately at her pets.
The group is currently at the beach in Auguste, ready to enjoy a peaceful summer vacation.
Lyria: I'm so glad everyone's having such a good time!
Ferry: We've never really been on a vacation like this before, so they're very excited.
Vyrn: All the more reason to party it up and have a blast then!
Lyria: I think so too! Ferry, do you want to go for a swim? The water's nice and cool.
Ferry: A swim, hmm? The ocean does look nice, and it should be safe as long as I've got my inner tube. Let me just bring Beppo and Geegee back...
Fugee: !
Ferry: Fugee, no! Where are you taking the inner tube?
Ferry: Good grief... We've been on the beach for five minutes, and they're already misbehaving.
Ferry: I'm sorry, Lyria. I'll get the inner tube back and gather everyone together.
Ferry: Since we took the time to come here, I really would love to go for an ocean swim.
Fugee: ...!
Ferry catches Fugee before long, but the mischievous ghost bounces about happily upon being captured.
Ferry: Did you want to play tag? You should've just told me...
Beppo & Geegee: !
Ferry: Oh, good timing, you two. I was just about to find you next.
Ferry: Why don't we put the pranks on hold and head for the water? Lyria and the others are waiting, and I know you're all eager to swim.
Ghosts: ...!
???: Ah! It's you!
Ferry: Do... I know you? I'm here with friends, so if this is your idea of hitting on someone, you should quit while you're ahead.
???: No, that's not why I waved you down! Don't you recognize me? I'm the patissier—you know, the one you always help around the holidays!
Ferry: The patissier...
Ferry: Oh! That patissier! I'm sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion...
By an odd turn of events, it's become a custom for Ferry to help sell holiday cakes for this particular patissier.
Trouble arises every year, but with Metera and Narmaya's help, they always manage to sell every last cake.
Ferry: I never expected to run into you here. Are you on vacation too?
Patissier: No, no vacation for me. Just business.
Ferry: So you're trying to sell cakes... at the beach? I'm not sure that's what people are in the mood for here.
Patissier: Hahaha, I won't argue that. Actually, I was struck by inspiration after seeing the lumber jellato that debuted during the food competition.
Patissier: I wanted my own cool treats, so I secured myself a supply of North Vast ice and opened a beach house to sell snow cones!
Ferry: Snow cones! Now that's a perfect fit for Auguste.
Ferry: You even went so far as to secure a source of fresh ice. I guess you must be pretty serious about this.
Patissier: The whole setup is a masterpiece, if I do say so myself. The flavors too, but...
Fierce competition reigns among the myriad beach houses in Auguste. As a newcomer, the patissier is struggling to attract a single customer.
Ferry: (Wait... Don't tell me he's about to...)
Patissier: I get the feeling us meeting right now was no coincidence. What do you say? Would you mind giving me a hand?
Patissier: You'd be compensated, of course! We can work that out later, but... I really could use your help! Please!
Ferry: W-well... Selling snow cones isn't the same as selling cakes, right?
Ferry: I don't think much will change if you put me in charge of the shop.
Patissier: You're the best bet I've got! If I don't get out of the red soon, my main business will start hurting too!
Ferry: I understand that you're in a tough spot, but...
Lyria: Ferry, is everything okay?
Vyrn: What's the big idea, pal? You givin' Ferry a hard time?
Ferry: Lyria! Vyrn! (Captain) too?
Ferry: There's no need to worry. I know this man. He's not exactly giving me a hard time, but...
The group, having come to look for Ferry after noticing her prolonged absence, calms down and listens to her explanation.
Lyria: Oh... That is a tough situation. The snow cones sound so tasty too...
Vyrn: They sure do, huh? All this heat definitely makes ya wanna munch on something nice and cold.
Patissier: Well, that's enough talking about the snow cones then! Let's get you munching on some! Free of charge, of course.
After arriving at the patissier's beach house, the group is served a colorful batch of powdered snow topped with various fruits and syrups.
Lyria: Wow... It's so pretty and tasty looking!
  1. It almost feels like a shame to eat it.
  2. Yum! I could eat this all day!

Choose: It almost feels like a shame to eat it.
Ferry: Hehe... I understand where you're coming from, but it'll melt if you don't eat it.

Choose: Yum! I could eat this all day!
Ferry: I see you're already stuffing your cheeks, Captain. Careful you don't eat too fast and give yourself a brain freeze though.
Continue 1
Lyria: Mmm! The syrup tastes so different from regular snow cones!
Vyrn: I've never had shaved ice this fluffy before...
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn keep the compliments coming as they dig into the cold dessert.
Ferry: (Oh! I should probably stop watching and start eating too...)
Before Ferry can indulge herself, however, she notices other people peeking curiously into the store.
Ferry: I suppose I can't accept this kindness without putting in a little work...
Ferry: I'm going to head out in front of the store and try to attract some customers.
Ferry: The sight of you guys eating is drawing people in too, so take your time and savor the treat, okay?
Patissier: Oh, thank you! I promise I'll repay you somehow!
Ferry: Welcome! Would you like a taste of our specially made snow cones?
Ferry: We use ice shipped straight from North Vast! We also have over thirty flavors to choose from, so there's something for everybody!
Tourist 1: Wow, over thirty flavors? That's pretty amazing!
Tourist 2: Hmm, guess it wouldn't hurt to give this place a try. I was just thinking of sitting down for a sec anyway.
Ferry: Thank you very much! I'll show you to your seats!
Patissier: I can't believe it... The house just filled right up in a flash!
Lyria: That's because your dessert's so tasty. Look, everyone's eating with such big smiles on their faces!
Vyrn: Ferry's also working her ears off to keep the customers happy.
Ferry: Will that be all for your order? I'll be back shortly then!
Ferry: One strawberry and one Merkmal fig for table two. Extra syrup for both, but easy on the ice.
Lyria: Haha, she's an employee in everything but name. We'll head outside now and make more room for other customers.
Patissier: Appreciate the consideration. Hey, if you run into any of your friends out there, would you mind putting in a good word for the shop?
Lyria: Sure thing! (Captain), let's go find the other crew members on the beach!
After (Captain) agrees, the three bid farewell to Ferry and the patissier and leave the beach house.
People continue to flow into the beach house, and though business is good, the two manning the shop begin to struggle with the load.
Tourist 3: Hey! When am I gonna get my order?
Ferry: I'm sorry, it'll be there in a minute!
Tourist 4: Yo, what about my snow cone? Can I get it sometime this century?
Ferry: Oh shoot! Boss, the snow cone for table four...
Patissier: Ahh, next is... Is this the takeout order? Wait, no... Agh! I can't keep up!
Trying to serve both the customers eating in and the customers ordering to go is proving to be a tremendous challenge.
Ferry: (We can't handle this many customers... But we can't just ask them to leave either!)
Beppo: ...!
Ferry: Beppo?
Tourist 4: Ah, there's my order. Never seen an employee like you before. What are you, a dog or something?
Ferry: Oh, thank you! Sorry to have to ask you this, Beppo, but can you help me out a little more?
Beppo: ...!
Ghosts: !
Ferry: Hehe... Thanks, guys. With everyone's help, I think we can actually manage this!
Tourist A: Whoa! That place has got a crazy huge line! Must be pretty good, yeah? Wanna give it a try?
Tourist B: Can't hurt to take a look and see what all the fuss is about at least.
Ferry: (That's a lot of people gathering outside... Like a huge wave ready to crash in.)
Ferry: I don't know if we're prepared to handle it...
With much trepidation in her heart, Ferry steels herself for the coming wave.
Irritated Lady: Geez, don't you know this is the line for dining in?
Irritated Woman: No, it's the takeout line! Are you trying to cut with that excuse?
Ferry: P-please calm down, everyone! Where's the person who ordered...
Customer: Hey, I'm pretty sure this ain't my order!
Ferry: I'm sorry! I'll be right there—
Irritated Woman: What? Who's going to help us then!
Beppo: ...!
Beppo and the other ghosts collapse as the swell of orders overwhelms them.
Ferry: Oh no...
Patissier: Ahhh, I can't go on... any longer... My arms are going numb...
Ferry: Even the owner...
Ferry: (The shop is going to go under at this rate.)
Ferry: (There's just not enough hands on deck... We need help in both the front and back.)
Ferry: (But I don't have Narmaya or Metera with me today, and Beppo and the rest are at their limits.)
Ferry: (I'm the only one left standing... There has to be something I can do!)
Before Ferry's eyes, the crowd of customers grows progressively more displeased with each passing second.
It won't be long until the situation reaches a boiling point.

Phantagrande Girls' Day Out!

The crowded chaos in the beach house is sorted by the sudden arrival of Lecia and Vira, both of whom came to sample the snow cones but jumped in to help when they saw the state of the shop. Once the busy shop settles down, Lecia, Vira, and Ferry decide to get to know each other better, and enjoy conversation and snow cones together in a Phantagrande girls' day out.

After a coincidental meeting, Ferry finds herself serving snow cones at a beach house.
The shop, however, unexpectedly fills up beyond capacity, leaving tensions high as the service struggles to keep up.
Ferry: I feel like I should've expected this when I agreed to serve people in Auguste...
Irritated Lady: Hey, you work here, don't you? Why aren't you doing something about her?
Irritated Woman: Me? You think I'm at fault here? Are you for real?
Ferry: Um, well, if you both stopped arguing for a second, maybe we could work this out?
As Ferry flounders before the arguing women, a friendly face speaks up from nearby, intervening with a calm and steady voice.
Lecia: Good day, everyone. Were you hoping to get your snow cones to go?
Ferry: You're...
Irritated Woman: That's what I was trying to do, but this person—
Lecia: Understood. If you'll please wait right where you are, I'll escort the other customer to the appropriate line.
Lecia's tone leaves no room for argument. Thankfully, both customers close their mouths obediently.
Lecia: You can leave the rest of this to me, Ferry.
Shouting careful instructions, Lecia begins to separate the confused lines into two orderly rows.
Vira: Will that be all for your order? I'll be back shortly to show you to your seats.
From a short distance away, Vira takes an order, then brings it to the kitchen.
Vira: This is what the group coming up wants. Could you ready it as soon as possible?
Patissier: Oh, thank you... I appreciate the help, but I'm not sure how much more I can handle after all that ice shredding...
Vira: Oh dear. In that case, why don't you walk me through what to do? I have some experience in the kitchen, so I should be able to pick up where you left off.
Patissier: Really? Oh, thank you! If you could continue to shred the ice in my stead...
Vira: All right. You do seem rather tired, so take this chance to rest well.
Ferry: Vira! You're here too?
Vira: Hello, Ferry. I'm sorry for the sudden intrusion.
Ferry: Oh, no, that's okay...
Ferry: Wait, hold on! Why are you and Lecia here?
Vira: I came to have a snow cone, of course. But when I saw the state of things, I knew it wasn't the time for that.
Vira: I'll continue to assist in the back. You should return to the front.
Ferry: Right... What's important now is to make it through this pinch somehow.
Ferry: With Lecia managing the lines outside, I can focus on serving the customers.
Ferry: And you guys... Do you think you can help me out just a little bit longer?
Ghosts: ...!
Ferry and her pets, reinvigorated by the aid of their friends, wholeheartedly throw themselves back into the fray.
With service now restored to smooth operation, the number of disgruntled customers gradually decreases until only satisfied ones are left.
Eventually, the last large party of tourists is served, and the shop enters a calm lull.
Patissier: Phew... I'm beat... I can't believe we made enough snow cones to run out of ice...
Ferry: Guess we'll have to close up shop for the moment.
Patissier: No way around it. We may as well take a break since there's nothing to do until the next batch of ice comes in.
Ferry: I'm definitely okay with that.
You guys deserve to relax after all your hard work. Go on—go play.
Ghosts: ...!
Lecia: Haha... We can finally take a breather.
Ferry: Oh, Lecia! Vira too. Thank you both for coming to our aid. I don't know what we would've done without you.
Vira: Think nothing of it. We simply did what anyone else would've done.
Ferry: Did you stop by because (Captain) and the others told you about the shop?
Lecia: Yes. I know someone who loves sweets, so I wanted to gather information on the new shop in town.
Vira: I was thinking of treating Katalina to something when I ran into (Captain) and learned of this place.
Ferry: I'm so sorry... After all that you went through to help, we can't even repay you with the snow cones you came for...
Patissier: Hahaha! Don't you worry about that. I always treat my hard workers right.
Patissier: Tada! I saved some ice for everyone, including your pets, Ferry.
The patissier places snow cones in front of each of his helpers.
Lecia: Thank you. It looks so good...
Patissier: No, thank you. Seriously. I think I need to unwind now.
True to his word, the tired owner stretches his arms with a groan and leaves for a walk.
Vira: Well, shall we dig in then? It would be a shame to let his kind gift melt before we've had any.
The other two nod, and everyone dips their spoons into the frozen treats.
Lecia: Hehe, it's so cold and fluffy... Monika would definitely like this.
Vira: I can certainly understand now why there were so many people crowding the shop.
Ferry: Hmm... Mmm! This is really nice.
Vira: Hehe... You look rather adorable when you're enjoying your food like that.
Ferry: I... I do?
Vira: Very much so. I can't say I ever expected you to make an expression like that before.
Lecia: Haha, come to think of it, this is the first time the three of us have had a chance to bond like this.
Ferry: Now that you mention it... Even though we all met (Captain) in Phantagrande, we haven't really spent much time together, have we?
Ferry: I feel like I both know you and don't know you at the same time.
Vira: Indeed... We should take advantage of this chance and change that.
Lecia: Three girls bonding while eating sweets together... We could call this a girls' day out, couldn't we?
Ferry: A girls' day out?
Lecia: Ah! U-um, it's just... This feels like one, doesn't it? N-not that I've always wanted to experience it myself or anything!
Ferry: Well... I'm not sure what even counts as a girls' day out in the first place.
Vira: There's no need to strictly define it.
Vira: I'm fine with calling this a Phantagrande girls' day out.
Ferry: A Phantagrande girls' day out... Hehe, that does have a nice ring to it.
Ferry: What exactly are we supposed to do on one though?
Lecia: ...
Vira: Hehe... Simply chatting and enjoying each other's company is good enough, I think.
Casual conversation and light laughter fill their corner of the beach house as the Phantagrande girls' day out commences.

Phantagrande Girls' Day Out!: Scene 2

As Ferry, Vira, and Lecia chat and savor snow cones, they hear a commotion outside the beach house. Concerned, they rush to check out the noise and find two drunkards harassing the shop's owner. Ferry pauses for a moment, recognizing the two, before joining Lecia and Vira in putting a stop to their troublemaking.

Peace reigns throughout the beach house, disturbed only by the cheerful voices of the chatting girls inside.
Ferry: I see. So Monika is your friend that likes sweets.
Lecia: Yes... Ah, but could you keep that to yourselves, please?
Vira: Sure thing. You know, it's not too late to send a message to Monika and have her join in on the fun.
Lecia: As much as I'd love to, I'm afraid one of us needs to be on duty at all times.
Lecia: She did ask me to tell her about whatever I got up to while I'm here, so I can do that much for her at least.
Vira: Monika sounds like someone very important to you.
Lecia: Well... Yes, she's always supporting me. Is it that obvious?
Ferry: I'd say so. Your eyes light up and you get this smile on your face whenever you talk about her.
Vira: I understand how you feel, Lecia.
Vira: Katalina is that person for me...
Ferry: Important probably doesn't even begin to describe what she means to you, right?
Vira: I'm not sure if a proper word even exists.
Ferry: I guess there's all that history between you too...
Vira: I don't regret any of the days I spent with Katalina. Those memories remain near and dear to my heart.
Vira: But Lecia, you must be incredibly busy if neither of you can afford to vacation at the same time.
Lecia: Unfortunately so. Lately there's been more work than usual, and our positions in the Crew of Enforcers means that we often have to split up.
Vira: Ah... I'm sorry to bring up such a sore subject. I should've been more considerate...
Lecia: Oh, no, it's quite all right! Being so busy means I can appreciate the downtime that much more.
After a moment, Ferry and Vira find themselves agreeing.
Ferry: Should we go back to our snow cones? As much as I enjoyed our conversation, it'd be a waste to let them melt away.
Ferry: What flavors are yours actually?
Lecia: I believe mine is strawberry flavored—sweet, sour, and refreshing.
Vira: Mine tastes like grape. It has a nice fragrance, and the sweetness is just right.
Ferry: I'm pretty sure mine is chestnut.
So the owner prepared different flavors for us...
Ferry: Say, why don't we try each other's cones?
Lecia: That's a wonderful idea! Part of the bonding experience of a girls' day out is sharing treats!
Vira: I'm certainly interested in what the chestnut flavor tastes like. Here, you can have a bite of mine first.
Ferry: O-oh! That's okay. I can feed myself...
Vira: Hehe, there's no need to be shy. Say "ahh."
Ferry: If you're sure... Munch!
Ferry: It's delicious! The grape flavor really fills your senses...
Vira: You too, Lecia. Here.
Lecia: Thank you!
Ferry: Vira, ready to try some of mine?
Vira: Oh? Will you feed me in return? Thank you very much.
Ferry: Er, that's not... Honestly it doesn't matter to me either way, but if you really want me to...
Ferry scoops up a spoonful of soft ice and brings it to Vira's lips. It quickly disappears.
Vira: This... is extremely high quality chestnut. What a remarkable fusion between ice and chestnut.
Ferry: Haha, the owner would love to hear such kind compliments.
Ferry: Lecia, is it okay if I have a bite of your strawberry cone?
Lecia: Go right ahead! Um... H-here, say "ahh."
Ferry: Huh?
Ferry: O-oh, you're going to feed me too... All right. Munch...
Ferry: Incredible... The sweet and sour quality is way better than what you'd expect for snow cone syrup!
Lecia: You can really tell he used fresh ingredients!
Oh my, this chestnut is also really flavorful...
Lecia: Monika would definitely love the snow cones here!
Before Lecia scoops out more of her snow cone, however, she suddenly pauses and looks questioningly at Ferry.
Lecia: By the way, Ferry... Can I ask you why you're working in this beach house?
Vira: I must admit, I was wondering the same thing. You never struck me as a person who would work through a vacation...
Ferry: I happen to know the owner. He's a patissier who mainly runs a bakery, and I've helped him sell cakes before.
Ferry: We ran into each other by coincidence on the beach, and he asked me for assistance.
Lecia: He's a patissier? No wonder the syrup here is phenomenal.
Vira: I agree. His holiday cakes must be something else too.
Ferry: They truly are. Narmaya baked cakes for the bakery before, and those were also amazing...
Vira: Hehe, I'm now looking forward to this year's holiday season.
Lecia: I'll have to tell Monika to take time off around then.
Ferry: The bakery's started to get really crowded during the winter season. It's not anything as bad as today, but I feel like I should still warn you.
Ferry: A lot of people end up going home empty-handed because the demand is overwhelming, so if you want to buy a cake, you should probably come early...
Boorish Voice: The hell! Are you screwin' with me?
Ferry: ...!
That came from outside!
Patissier: Like I said, we're currently out of ice...
Punk 1: Don't give me that crap. We cut our afternoon drinking early so we could give your snow cones a try!
Punk 2: You sayin' you don't want our money? C'mon, give us that shaved ice!
Patissier: Sigh... I'm telling you, there's nothing I can do when we're out of ice to work with.
Punk 1: Let's say you're tellin' the truth. How come we didn't hear nothing about it, huh? You're supposed to have snow cones, but there's no snow cones. That's false advertising!
Punk 2: Yeah, yeah! You really gonna go and disappoint us like that?
Two drunken men glare down the patissier outside the beach house.
Vira: How unsightly... It seems we've got a couple of unsavory patrons at our doorstep.
Lecia: Unbelievable. To be this drunk, and so early in the afternoon!
Lecia immediately marches over to the miscreants, Vira close behind.
Ferry: (Why do I feel like I've seen those two men before?)
Ferry: Wait, I remember! These guys are...
Ferry: Actually, I should probably focus on calming them down first, shouldn't I?
Ferry shakes herself out of her thoughts and hurries after Lecia and Vira.
Vira: Have you ever considered drinking and not making fools of yourselves?
Lecia: The owner wasn't lying. We truly have no ice, so please come back another time.
Punk 1: The hell're you guys? Employees? You expect me to believe you ain't lyin' too!
Ferry: These two will never learn... I'll have to dole out a harsher punishment than usual this time around!

Phantagrande Girls' Day Out!: Scene 3

The two troublemakers are revealed to be regulars who visit the bakery every year to buy holiday cakes. Lecia sees that they are regretful of their drunken misdemeanor and sentences them to ridding the beach of trash. Later, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn stop by the shop, and Ferry tells them of her eventful Phantagrande girls' day out. She invites the three to join them next time for a Phantagrande pals' day out.

Punk 1: W-we're sorryyy!
Heads bowed low to the sandy beach, the drunk men apologize to the owner and his employees.
Ferry: I almost don't want to confirm, but... I know you guys, don't I?
Punk 2: No way! You're the chick always sellin' cakes, ain't you! And you're the guy who owns that bakery!
Vira: Oh my... You appear to be well acquainted with one another.
Ferry: These two are regulars who come to buy our holiday cakes.
Ferry: "Come" being the keyword. They always miss their chance to actually acquire any cake and cause a bit of trouble every time.
Ferry: Though I thought you turned over a new leaf the last year. Or was I mistaken?
Punk 1: Truth is... We were goin' around the beach houses and eating all their sweets. Thought we cleared 'em all and celebrated with drinks, but then we heard about this place...
Ferry: I understand you were eager to have snow cones, but that doesn't excuse your behavior.
The two men hang their heads in shame as they accept Ferry's stern scolding.
Lecia: As a member of the Crew of Enforcers, I'm going to have to take you two into custody.
Ferry: Lecia!
Punk 1: Eek! Y-you're gonna arrest us?
Lecia: Yes! At least that's what I'd do under normal circumstances. But there may be some leeway considering no one was hurt and nothing was destroyed...
Lecia: You seem to be reflecting on your actions as well. I'll let you off with a bit of community service: please pick up trash on the beach until you've sobered up.
Ferry: It'll be a good way to pass the time until our next batch of ice arrives.
Patissier: Oh! Yes, it shouldn't be too long now before it arrives. Phew... I keep having to rely on you all... Thank you again for coming to my rescue.
Lecia: Think nothing of it. I'll keep an eye on our troublemakers while they work, just in case.
Lecia gathers the men and sets forth. After a few steps, however, she turns around.
Lecia: Um... Vira? Ferry? Would you both like to have another girls' day out sometime?
Ferry: Of course! We'll have even more fun the next time around. I'm sure of it.
Vira: Hehe, maybe you can invite Monika too, if the chance presents itself.
Lecia: Certainly!
I'll see you later then!
Flashing them a bright smile, Lecia turns back to the waiting men and continues onward.
Vira: This is a good time for me to take my leave as well.
Ferry: Oh, that's right. You were searching for something to treat Katalina to, weren't you?
Vira: Indeed. We'll be sure to stop by once you have more ice.
Patissier: Wonderful! I'll have a fresh batch ready!
Vira: Thank you very much. Goodbye for now.
Vira bows her head politely and makes for the beach.
Vyrn: Huh? Was that Vira passin' by just now?
Ferry: Vyrn! (Captain) and Lyria too?
Vyrn comes flying over, followed by (Captain) and Lyria. They greet Ferry with cheery waves.
Ferry: Your advertising really did the trick. Thanks to you, we had a very successful day.
Lyria: Hooray! We did our best to spread the word throughout the crew, so that's great to hear!
Lyria: Um... But where's the shop owner?
Ferry: We ran out of ice, so he's on break. He'll need the rest, because I think the shop's going to be swarmed once we open up again.
Vyrn: Haha, you know, you're looking pretty chipper despite all that work!
Ferry: Hehe, do I?
Lyria: You do! Did something good happen?
Ferry: Well... I actually had a little girls' day out with Lecia and Vira while we were on break. We chatted and had snow cones together.
Vyrn: Really? Can't say I expected a get-together between you three.
Ferry: I thought the same thing, but... We're all Phantagrande girls, you know? It was pretty easy to get along and have a good time.
Ferry: Oh! How about you guys join us next time?
Lyria: Us? Are you sure that's okay?
Ferry: We're all from Phantagrande, aren't we? It'll be perfect!
Seeing Ferry's enthusiasm, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn happily agree to join.
Before long, the shop opens again, this time with a different set of Phantagrande friends helping the owner.
They assist until closing time, after which they then focus on enjoying the blue seas of Auguste until the day draws to a close.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
小麦色の肌か……に、似合うだろうか? Do you think a tan would look good on me?
肝試しは……少し考えさせてくれ A summer test of courage? Let me think about it...
初めての海でみんなもはしゃいでるんだ Everyone's really enjoying their first trip to the beach.
ニコラとフージーとジジははぐれないようにな I have to make sure Nicola, Fugee, and Geegee don't wander off.
みんなと海に来られて嬉しいよ I'm so glad we could all come to the beach together.
モモとの追いかけっこはなかなか堪えるな…… Playing tag with Momo can be pretty tough...
アウギュステか家族とも来たかったな I wish I could've visited Auguste with my family.
今までに経験したことのない暑さだ…… I've never experienced summer heat like this before.
遊びすぎてモモとベッポがバテてしまったんだ…… Momo and Beppo completely wore themselves out by playing.
海の家で女子会……ふふ、なかなか楽しかったぞ Spending a girls' day out at a beach house was pretty fun...

Other Appearances


  • Ferry appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Shadowcraft class.
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Fanfare: If this is your tenth turn or later, perform Burial Rite 2 times. If you perform Burial Rite 2 times, give all other allied followers the ability to attack 3 times until the end of the turn. (To perform Burial Rite 2 times, there must be at least 2 open spaces in your area after this follower comes into play.)

I've spent decades on an island enshrouded in fog, so this outside world never ceases to amaze me.


I was without a family or a name, but new friends found me and took me out into the world. I'll find some way to repay them while I search for my sister.

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Ferry, Spirit Maiden
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

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