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Phantagrande Skydom - Mist-Shrouded Isle
Town of Crepesculo
Town of Crepesculo
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Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 1

Stuck on the island due to Celeste's power, (Captain) and the crew beg the girl for help. Meanwhile Drang and Sturm press for leads on the legendary treasure. The girl then reveals that she's a ghost and invites them all on a dangerous chase.

(Captain) and the others stand before the mansion with a girl who claims that she summoned Celeste to the island.
But she refuses to say anything more, urging them to retreat.
???: Did you hear me? I told you to leave.
Katalina: But, you see, we sort of need your help...
Katalina: You say you summoned Celeste, and now that primal beast is keeping our airship from leaving the island.
???: What's that have to do with me? You came here of your own accord, so it's your own fault.
Drang: My turn! My turn! How about some details about Celeste's legendary treasure?
???: Treasure? Never heard anything like that.
Sturm: Now that's a problem. We didn't come this far to leave empty-handed.
???: A problem, huh? So what do you plan to do?
Sturm: There's only one thing to do... And that's to wipe that smirk off your face!
Drang: Whoa! Let's cool it, Sturm! Put that blade away, all right? She's just a kid after all!
???: Ha. You could never hurt me with a sword...
???: Like everything else on this island, I'm a bit supernatural!
Sturm: You're a ghost? Tch... What a disappointment.
Lyria: Well, actually... can I ask you something really quick?
???: What is it?
Lyria: Well, why exactly did you summon Celeste in the first place?
???: ...!
What's it to you?
Lyria: Nothing, I guess. I was just curious... about why you look so sad.
???: Humph! If you really want to know, then you'll have to catch me first.
???: Of course... I won't make it easy for you!
Vyrn: Monsters are headed this way! Is she really controlling them all?
Katalina: Either way, we've got to catch her! Let's go, (Captain)!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 1: Scene 2

While chasing after the girl, (Captain) and the others hear a little about the girl's painful past. But before long, more monsters begin to attack.

Lyria: Please come back! If you don't, we'll never stop chasing you!
???: Tch... You guys just don't know when to give up!
Io: How about you just tell us how to get off this island!
Drang: And while you're at it, maybe something about Celeste's treasure too...
???: Oh, enough already! No more questions! Nothing would change even if you knew!
???: No one can do anything about her now. About my little sister...
Rosetta: Ah, so you have a sister? She must be as cute as you are!
???: Yes... A little sister anyone could be proud of. But she'd be older than me now... if she's still alive.
Katalina: If she's still alive? That's a curious thing to say. What do you mean?
???: Humph! How about worrying about yourselves first before getting carried away?
???: You won't defeat my monsters so easily this time!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 2

(Captain) and the others lose sight of the girl, but Drang offers a clue to finding her. He reveals that the cliff nearby is special to the girl.

Vyrn: Oh no! We've lost her! Where could she have gone?
Katalina: With the thickness of this fog and walking unfamiliar territory, the search will be difficult.
Rosetta: And we're in the middle of her turf. There's no way we'll win this game of hide and seek.
Io: What should we do? We won't find her just walking around in the dark and the fog.
Drang: Hm... I've got an idea! If we stop for a minute and take a look around, we might just see her!
Drang: Look over there! Doesn't that bush seem out of place? What do you think? Is it worth a look?
Sturm: We're looking so shut your trap already!
Sturm: That kid—ghost or whatever she is—needs to learn a lesson...
Vyrn: Oh boy... Is looking around the only thing we can do?
Drang: That reminds me! I heard about a place where she likes to hang out!
Drang: See that cliff there? I heard that place is pretty special to her and—ow!
Sturm: Here we go again! Why didn't you say something earlier?
Drang: Ow! Wait! Wait a minute, Sturm! Why are you stabbing me this time?
Drang: I thought you'd pat me on the back for being so help—ow!
Sturm: You keep things from me until the last minute! Every time!
Vyrn: All right! At least we have a clue to finding her now!
Lyria: That girl was hiding a deep sorrow in her eyes...
Lyria: So there must be a reason why. Let's go, (Captain)! We'll find her and talk to her!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 2: Scene 2

(Captain) and the others find the girl who then reveals her past. She says that her sister left the island to be treated for an incurable disease. Later she lost the rest of her family to sickness. She says Celeste was summoned in answer to her only wish.

???: I never thought you'd find me here... How did you know about this place?
Drang: Heh-heh! I have my sources, you see!
???: Have we... met somewhere?
Lyria: Please tell us! Did you summon Celeste for your little sister?
???: My sister was suffering from an incurable disease. But the only way to get treatment was to leave the island...
???: At that time airship technology was laughably primitive. It was a gamble as to whether or not you'd survive the trip.
???: But it was my sister's only hope. So she left the island... and I haven't heard from her since.
Katalina: So you called Celeste to bring your sister back to life?
???: Ha! Of course not! I'm sure she's still alive. She'd never die that easily.
???: She might've been weak, but she was more stubborn than I am. She could endure anything.
Io: So how'd it end up here? How did you summon a primal beast?
???: It was just a stupid thing really... Just a silly wish...
???: I just... I just wanted to hear my family call my name again. Is that such a bad thing?
???: I didn't think that wanting to hear that one word would cause all this...
Rosetta: Family, you say? So... right now your family is where?
???: They're gone. All of them died in a plague... leaving me all alone.
???: So when I too became ill, I made a wish. A wish that I could hear my family call my name once again...
???: That's when Celeste appeared.
Vyrn: But according to the villagers, Celeste's powers don't work like that...
???: They're right. Celeste has the power to steal death, but not to bring things back to life.
???: So in the end I couldn't get my family back. And I've had to face my loneliness ever since.
Lyria: That's... That's just awful...
???: It's the end of the story too! I've got my most prized monster here, so I hope you're ready!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 3

The girls tells everyone to leave her alone, but (Captain) and the others refuse, hoping to help her. She runs away and a new chase begins.

???: Pant... Pant... Give up already! I've told you everything I know!
???: I don't even know about any sort of treasure Celeste has!
???: If you want to get off this island, then I'll tell Celeste! So just leave me alone!
Lyria: No! We can't do that! Not after all you've told us!
Lyria: About your little sister... About your family... We can't just leave you like this!
Drang: We came this far after all! Leaving now would feel kind of pointless.
Sturm: This is silly... I, for one, have had enough of this annoying kid.
Drang: You say that, but I don't see you trying to leave! Just admit that you're—ow!
???: What a bunch of pests... Don't come crying to me when you get hurt!
Vyrn: Yikes! She sent monsters this way! (Captain), we gotta follow that girl!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 3: Scene 2

(Captain) and the others continue chasing after the girl, hoping to rescue her from her loneliness.

Katalina: We've lost her... Where should we look now?
Rosetta: Seems we don't really need to look far! Just over there...
Io: You can see the monsters are protecting something.
Rosetta: Exactly. It's clear that she and the monsters get along pretty well.
Lyria: I feel bad... Those monsters have just been trying to protect their friend the whole time.
Lyria: But I think there's been a big misunderstanding with that girl! We need to talk to her!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 4

Sturm presses Drang about what he knows of the girl. He admits he knows something, but assures her that he hasn't planned anything dangerous.

Sturm: Drang, what do you know about all this?
Drang: Hm? About all what?
Sturm: Don't play dumb. You know something about this ghost girl, don't you?
Drang: Huh? You noticed! Looks like my acting needs a bit more practice!
Sturm: Look... I can't really tell what you're up to sometimes.
Sturm: But maybe... Just maybe next time when you decide to do something dangerous, you'll tell me first.
Drang: Don't you worry! I'm not planning on doing anything dangerous this time!
Drang: There's absolutely nothing dangerous about it! You can rest easy!
Sturm: Really? Okay then...
Drang: Don't tell me! You're still really worried about me, aren't you—ow!
Sturm: Whatever puts you in danger puts me in danger. I only care about myself!
Sturm: Now let's go. We're sticking with them a little longer, right?
Drang: Hey! Wait up, Sturm! Don't leave me behind!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 4: Scene 2

The girl regrets summoning Celeste and believes everyone despises her for it. But Lyria assures her that no one hates her. The girl refuses to believe these words and sends more monsters to attack.

Lyria: We finally found you!
???: I'm pretty sure I told you to leave me alone...
Lyria: We can't leave you alone and we won't. Nobody should be left on their own!
???: Lies! My family abandoned me. Everyone disappeared!
???: And even the villagers despise me because they know I summoned Celeste...
???: I bet you do too! If I hadn't summoned Celeste, you wouldn't be trapped on this island!
???: I should never have made that wish! But all I wanted was to hear someone speak my name once more...
Lyria: You're wrong though... No one hates you. Not us or the villagers. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Lyria: All this time, you were never really alone. That's why—
???: No! No, no, no! I've heard enough!
Vyrn: ...!
More monsters?
Vyrn: And there's a big one up ahead! Get ready, (Captain)!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 22: A Young Girl's Wish - Episode 4: Scene 3

The ghost girl admits to having forgotten her name long ago, so Drang suggests the name Ferry. She likes the name and resolves to rid the island of Celeste to free the village.

Lyria: Do you finally understand now that we don't want to leave you all alone?
???: I get it... But it's hard to believe that the villagers don't hate me.
Lyria: Then why don't you come with us and visit the village? There's no reason not to, right?
???: Well...
Lyria: Before we go, could you tell us your name?
???: My name? I don't remember... No one's used it for at least a hundred years.
???: And since I had no family, I figured I didn't need a name anymore...
Lyria: I know I don't count as family, but I want to use your name! So now you'll need one!
Drang: Oh, yeah! In that case, how about the name Ferry? I think it's cute!
Vyrn: Hold it there! You can't just give somebody a new name willy-nilly.
???: Wait. I like it... It feels strangely familiar for some reason. But what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. It suits you!
  2. It's a cute name!

Choose: It suits you!
???: Well, if you think it's good, (Captain), then I've no complaints.

Choose: It's a cute name!
???: You think it's c-cute? Hm... I mean, you could say that. I still look like a kid and all...
Continue 1
Ferry: Ferry... It's not bad! I feel like I've been reborn!
Lyria: Oh, Ferry!
Ferry: Hm? What is it?
Lyria: It's nothing! I was just trying out your name.
The girl is brimming with happiness about her new name as she looks around at everyone.
With a desire to take responsibility for her mistake, Ferry resolves to rid the island of Celeste and free the village.


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