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Official Profile

Age 34 Height 205 cm Race Draph
Hobbies War
Likes Celebration drinking-parties for triumphal return
Dislikes Places where he lost and taste of soil
Character Release
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Age 34歳 Height 205cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 戦争
Likes 凱旋祝賀の酒一献
Dislikes 敗北の地と土の味
Character Release
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Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3990527000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Draph.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Masaki Terasoma
NameJP ガイゼンボーガ
Voice ActorJP てらそま まさき
ID 3990527000
Release Date 2016-09-16
Arcarum: The World Beyond

A fearless warrior of legend who wanders the skies in search of war. In the Erste Empire and beyond, he is infamously nicknamed Juggernaut for plowing through soldiers on the battlefield with his massive frame.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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So today is your birthday? Everyone seems to be busy preparing for it.
Humph, I'm only on the ship so I can use it as a base of operations
I am not obligated to celebrate your birthday...
But I'll at the very least say the magic words...
Happy birthday.
Heh heh, birthdays must be such joyous occasions for the young. Always seize the opportunity to enjoy yourself.
In a few more years, perhaps I will be able to share a toast with-
Never mind. I've said too much.
Enjoy the day, (Captain).


Hahaha... So it's your birthday, is it?
Giving you a bottle of fine wine would be inappropriate, but I have something just as good.
Grape juice. It's considered a luxury item in Levin. The mellow flavor is to be savored.
But truthfully, I believe it matters little what the choice of drink is for a celebration.
For me, the taste of wine is the taste of hard-fought victory. I drink out of respect for the battle.
In a way, what determines the taste of the drink more than anything else is the type of victory you hope to see next.
Mm, tonight's wine is truly divine.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A smirk on his face, Geisenborger prepares to go off somewhere.
Choose: What's wrong?
Heh heh, first war of the year.
I can set out at anytime... How fare your preparations?
Choose: I won't let you go to the battlefield!
Oh? You plan standing in the path of the mighty Chariot?
How intriguing... I'll have a bout with you, (Captain)!
Geisenborger takes a fighting stance as he accepts a racket from (Captain).
Hm? You mean for us to do battle with these?
Heh heh... Ahahaha!
No one has ever bested me in a game of battledore and shuttlecock... They call me the master shuttlecock handler!
You chose the wrong game! Prepare to be crushed by the Chariot!


Well then, shall we engage in the first war of the year?
My blood boils at the thought of battle... There is no room for repose, as a single lapse in judgment could lead one to a very dark fate.
Oh, what am I saying... As my worthy rival, you already know this, (Captain).
Hah hah. Well then, young warrior, grab your weapon!
With a nod, (Captain) gets into position.
Hm, battledore and shuttlecock never gets old. I still remember our fierce exchange of blows last year...
I must say, it was one of the finest matches I've ever had in my life.
But enough talk. Let us speak with our battledores.
I, Geisenborger, master shuttlecock handler, shall start the new year with a glorious victory!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Yes, (Captain)? What is it you've placed in my hand?
Chocolate? I appreciate the gesture.
Chocolates can be taken without drink on the battlefield and are full of nutritional properties... They make the perfect ration.
Heh heh, I'll be sure to bring some of this to my next war zone.
Hm? You wish for me to consume it all when I've returned to my room? Because it's Valentine's?
I've never heard the word. Is it some sort of new battle uniform?
Regardless... I'll be sure to indulge in some the next time my stomach rumbles.

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain)... Accompany me for an experiment.
You can begin by feasting on this chocolate.
Choose: Yum!
Heh heh, the fact that you ate one without testing for poison shows your lack of vigilance.
Nonetheless I'm glad you enjoyed it. That whole box is yours.
You're wondering what I'm doing? Well, I've been attempting to come up with new forms of rations. But I needed a way to verify the quality of taste.
Though of course taste matters little to me on the battlefield...
Choose: Then why care if it tastes good or not?
B-because... Ngh...
I simply wanted to try something new—nothing more, nothing less!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hm? Yes, (Captain)? Did you need to speak to me?
(Captain) hands Geisenborger a cylindrical container.
Candy, I see. I'll take one.
Geisenborger picks up a piece.
A rattrap-esque contraption snaps on his finger.
Choose: Tricked by a treat!
(Captain), know that I am not accepting of all types of pain!
I find pleasure in only the agony that can be felt on the battlefield! Never forget that!
(Captain) explains that the point was to play a Halloween prank on Geisenborger rather than to inflict pain on him.
Heh heh, a day where it is custom to carry out preemptive strikes on the unsuspecting? The populace find joy in the strangest things.
Humph, very well.
You may have tricked me today, but you'd best be ready when I come at you next year!


Ngaaah! My finger!
To (Captain), it appears as if Geisenborger's left thumb has split off.
But it turns out to be his bent right thumb playing an illusion.
Hah hah hah... What do you think? It may only be good for tricking children, but that's why it's perfect for today—
Choose: Oh my gosh!
(Captain) pretends not to see the trick and puts on a bewildered expression.
Why do you panic? My fingers are perfectly fine.
Choose: I'll go get the others!
Hold it, (Captain)! I said my fingers are fine!
Watch as I wriggle both of my thumbs! See? There's no need to call for help...
Choose: Haha! Tricked you!
Urgh! What shrewd manuevering on your part!
Grr... Impressive, but don't expect things to go this way next year!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Heh heh, so a battlefield awaits, you say?
What's that shibboleth everyone has been saying... "Happy holidays," was it?
In deciding on a secret code, we must be careful in controlling the flow of information even amongst ourselves.
Anyhow, the others seem to be preoccupied making arrangements for something. Will we be taking off shortly?
What is it? Why do you laugh? Your heart must be beating with excitement for the battle to come!
Choose: I said snowfield! Not battlefield!
By the heavens... What shame I've brought upon myself...
(Captain) rushes to catch up with the scurrying Geisenborger, promising a treat if he'll come back.


Hah hah hah. 'Tis the holy night, when the populace carouses in delusive bliss.
It pays to keep in mind that a light too bright can give way to darkness.
I heard this from others, but there is one who lurks in the shadows...
His name is Santo. He spreads suffering to all.
He slips into people's houses without anyone noticing. His stealth skills are second to none.
The irony is that he wears bloodred clothing that stands out like a sore thumb, as if he wishes to be sought out.
Haha, fascinating, don't you think?
Hm, are you holding in your laughter, (Captain)? Surely you're interested in Santo's true nature. If you ask me, chances are he's a former merc—
Choose: The guy's name is "Santa," not Santo.
He's a jolly old red saint who hands out presents to children, and everyone knows about him?
As Geisenborger races off, (Captain) calls him back to give him a present.

Fate Episodes

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Invitation from a Berserker

The crew enters a restaurant to learn more about a request only to find it already packed with other skyfarers. Many feel like they have been duped, and so a fracas ensues, but (Captain) is quick to break it up. Seeing this, a mercenary by the name of Geisenborger reveals himself as the client and leaves behind a card. Drawn by the card's light that night, (Captain) and company find themselves in the midst of the War.

(Captain) and the crew receive a monster extermination request from a distant village.
What they find on arrival, however, is a much smaller hamlet than the one depicted in the job request.
Vyrn: Did we just get hoodwinked?
Lyria: Hold on, Vyrn. The restaurant from the letter is over there.
The crew finds the restaurant specified in the request and takes a step inside.
Rowdy Skyfarer: Hey, Cap'n! What's the big idea? We followed the instructions in the request to the letter, but nobody's here!
Rowdy Captain: Tell me something I don't know! I ain't the one who brought this situation!
Rowdy Skyfarer: But you call yourself a captain, eh? Then you should be able to do something about it!
Rowdy Captain: Oh? You wanna tangle with the captain? Bring it!
Skilled skyfarers have packed into the tiny restaurant's confines. There are a few faces recognizable to the crew.
Vyrn: Wait a sec... We weren't the only ones requested to do this thing?
Lyria: Oh no, a brawl's breaking out! (Captain), we have to stop them before they destroy the restaurant!
The crew ready their weapons, leaping into the whirlwind of conflict before them.
Rowdy Skyfarer: Wargh...
Rowdy Captain: Oof...
The flurry of attacks from (Captain) is more than enough to return the madding crowd to its senses.
After apologizing to the owner with heads hung low, the skyfarers give a final word of thanks to (Captain) before leaving the restaurant.
Vyrn: What was that about? That was wild!
Lyria: Good work, (Captain)! Let's head back to the Grandcypher, okay?
The crew are readying themselves to leave when a massive shadow slowly begins to emerge from the back of the restaurant.
(Captain) and the crew instinctively grip their weapons as the shadow walks across the floor.
???: Heh heh, wonderful. You appear to have some skill indeed.
Vyrn: Whoa, where'd this guy with the crazy arm come from? You could at least tell us your name before scaring us half to death!
Geisenborger: Ah, yes, pardon my rudeness. You may call me... Geisenborger. I'm the one who requested you come here.
Vyrn: Wait, you're the guy looking for a monster exterminator?
Vyrn: Why hide in the shadows like that? You gotta admit, it's kinda creepy!
Lyria: I'm with Vyrn on this. Why did you lie to us about what you wanted?
The hulking monstrosity of a man doesn't answer but begins to give his personal history instead.
Geisenborger: I am Geisenborger, a wandering mercenary. I rage across all the sky, leading those who dare stand against me to an early demise.
Geisenborger: But in time, the world came to call me by a different name... Chariot.
Vyrn: Wait, seriously? That's weird!
Geisenborger: I grew overzealous under that name, frequently acting alone, ignoring orders, and bringing my allies to the edge of defeat.
Geisenborger: Those who once called me Chariot slowly vanished. What they call me now is the Mad Ravager, Deathwish Geisenborger.
Geisenborger: Quite the reputation I've made for myself. Those who once requested my services on the battlefield call on me no longer.
Lyria: Well, does this have anything to do with the fake request you gave us?
Geisenborger: Must I spell it out for you? What I seek... is war.
Geisenborger: Which is why I summoned you here. To prove your worth.
Geisenborger: To prove your skill!
Vyrn: What are you saying? That you've been sending requests out to any old skyfarers you could find?
Lyria: Oh my gosh... Are you going to send us to war? No! We refuse! Absolutely not!
Geisenborger doesn't respond. Instead, he throws something sharp enough to be mistaken for a knife in (Captain)'s direction.
(Captain) pulls it out of the wall.
The illustration on the card is obscured, making it impossible to distinguish what is being depicted.
Vyrn: What's this card for? There's some kind of weird picture drawn on it.
Geisenborger: If you are true warriors, you will one day find yourselves guided by the stars to the battlefield.
Geisenborger: You needn't hurry. When the time comes, all will be made known.
Leaving only these strange words and an even stranger card, Geisenborger vanishes, as if swallowed by the darkness.
Bewildered, the crew drag their tired bodies back to the Grandcypher for some much needed rest.
(Captain) leaves the card on a table. As they all fall asleep, the card begins emitting an eerie light.
Vyrn: Yawn... Wait a sec...
Vyrn: What's going on here?
Lyria: Huh? I was in bed just a second ago, but where are we now?
Geisenborger: Heh heh, you have been guided by the stars. As I suspected.
Vyrn: Hey, Wrench Armstrong! Are you responsible for this?
Lyria: Um, Geisenborger? What's going on here?
Geisenborger: We are within the memory of a primal beast. A memory... from the War.
Lyria: From the War? How did we all get here?
Geisenborger: What meaning could the answer to such a question hold? All that matters is the great war that lies before you. Now go. Thrust yourself headlong into the screaming hordes.
A battle between armies rages as smoke and fire explode across the horizon.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, make no mistake. This is the War. One of its greatest, most devastating battles.
Geisenborger: The owner of such a memory is a greedy beast indeed. Unsatisfied with reality, it seeks to return to the past and this time win a war already lost.
Lyria: Hold on... This time?
Geisenborger: Ask yourself why the beast returns to this memory, and you'll find your answer.
Lyria: Um...
Geisenborger: It's calculating the conditions for victory for the greater war to come.
Geisenborger: Once it finds its answer, it will doubtless engulf reality in the very sea of flames you see here.
Geisenborger: What it seeks most... is none other than the creation of a new world!
Vyrn: Whoa there, Wrench! That sounds awful!
Lyria: I'm not really sure what's going on either, but it doesn't seem good.
Geisenborger: There is only one way to stop the beast.
Geisenborger: You must negate its calculations by entering the fray yourselves.
Geisenborger: Obstruct its experiments, and whatever final solution it arrives at will fail.
Geisenborger: What better way to prove that than to fight alongside me and win... and win... and win!
Geisenborger's explanation is difficult to believe, and even more difficult to understand.
But how else can the crew explain the unfathomable situation they've been thrust into?
Meanwhile Geisenborger ignores the bewildered crew, rushing headlong into the heat of battle himself.
He lets loose a berserk scream, shocking his foes into submission.
The sheer intensity of the scream leaves (Captain) and the crew stunned.

The Chariot's Motives

Geisenborger rages through the battlefield, making quick work of the opposition. When Vyrn and Lyria sense the power of primal beasts from the card in (Captain)'s hand, Geisenborger speaks of the eleven primal beasts who created the card. It turns out his goal is to crush the ambitions of those primals, and so he asks the crew for assistance.

Geisenborger: Ngraaah!
Geisenborger rages across the battlefield alone, battering legions of foes with siege-engine efficiency. The crew is dumbfounded.
Vyrn: Yowza, that's some serious power! Guess they called him Chariot for a reason!
Lyria: Is he going to be okay though? They're hitting him pretty hard.
Lyria: Strange... It almost seems like he's letting himself get hit on purpose.
Vyrn: Oh c'mon, Lyria! What kind of lunatic would let himself get hit on purpose?
Lyria: Hm, maybe I'm just imagining things.
Suddenly the card in (Captain)'s hand begins glowing ominously.
Lyria: Look, (Captain)! The card's shining again!
Vyrn: Did something happen?
The card stops shining, almost as if in response to Vyrn's question.
Vyrn: Okay, now the card's just messing with me. Ditch it, (Captain)! That thing's bad news!
Lyria: I'm worried about it too. The presence I'm sensing feels just like a primal beast's.
Suddenly Geisenborger appears in front of them.
Geisenborger: Quite the astute observation, girl.
Geisenborger: That's right. That card was created by a group of eleven primal beasts.
Vyrn: Wait, primal beasts made this?
Lyria: Then does this memory of the War belong to them too?
Geisenborger: Verily. They created such cards to sate their desire...
Lyria: Desire?
Lyria: Wait, you don't mean... the War itself is their desire?
Geisenborger: Heh heh, clever girl. That's right. All for the sake of creating a new world.
Lyria: A new world...
Geisenborger: A world that belongs not to the skydwellers or the Astrals, but to them alone.
Geisenborger: That's what they're aiming for above all else.
Vyrn: Now I get it. That's why you called us here to mess with their plans, huh?
Geisenborger: You grasp my intentions at last.
Geisenborger: So take up your weapons, and let us bring their wanton ambitions to an end!
Geisenborger lets out a deafening war cry and charges into the heat of battle, a crazed smile on his face.
(Captain) and the others, however, have difficulty concealing their concern.
The crew members feel there's some reason in his words but don't know whether they can trust him.
Vyrn: Hm, Wrench Armstrong can probably handle this on his own, right?
Lyria: I agree. It doesn't seem like we need to get involved.
Vyrn: Still, I can't help but think he's hiding something from us.
(Captain) and company continue to question themselves, but there seem to be no easy answers.

Battlefield Soliloquy

Geisenborger watches the battle from a hill above while speaking with what appears to be the red crystal on his chest. From the words he speaks, it is evident that he shares a special connection with a certain primal.

Geisenborger surveys the battlefield from a nearby plateau.
Geisenborger: Watching such talented young warriors makes me want to fight like nothing else.
Something about his manner suggests he may not be speaking to himself.
He murmurs to the red stone hanging around his neck.
Occasionally the stone itself seems to pulse as if in response.
Geisenborger: Gleaming stars above... I have assembled what you wished for. Are you not satisfied?
Geisenborger: Surely this mindless rabble will produce the results you're looking for.
Geisenborger: Oh? There's a factor here that concerns you?
Geisenborger: The young skyfarer, I suspect.
Geisenborger: Bwahaha... You can't hide the truth from me. We're connected, you and I.
Geisenborger: An inseverable bond. No. A bond that only grows deeper the more you try to escape it.
Geisenborger speaks with a tinge of resentment.
The stone is silent, almost as if mocking Geisenborger.
Geisenborger: I barely exist to you, eh? For you, the comings and goings of mere mortals barely register, I imagine.
Geisenborger: But take heed, starbeast. There reigns a star above all others, a star that counts fate itself part of its dominion.
Geisenborger: Do not make light of it. Those with such radiance harbor a power unthinkable.
Geisenborger: Strength enough to give even you pause.
Geisenborger is a man of many mysteries, but an unknown truth lurks within his words.
Only one thing is certain. He possesses a deep connection to a certain primal beast.

Death Eluded

Geisenborger reflects on a past memory. He was once betrayed by allies and left stranded in the desert. Though ready to meet his demise in the barren wasteland, he miraculously mustered enough strength to push his broken-and-battered body all the way to the capital.

Geisenborger calmly watches the battle from a nearby hill.
Although the ebb and flow of the front lines give the impression of a stalemate, it appears the conclusion is drawing near.
The bloodred stone hanging around his neck pulses violently, as if in joy.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, this makes you happy, does it? Indeed, looking over this battlefield reminds me of when we first met each other.
Geisenborger: I won't soon forget that horrific quagmire...
I'd enlisted in a certain country's army for a war in the desert.
I acted alone to push things in our favor, going behind enemy lines to assassinate an enemy general.
But doing so engendered resentment, and I eventually found myself abandoned by my allies in the middle of the desert.
I had no supplies, no water, and was grievously wounded from an earlier battle.
Geisenborger: Rgh... This may be the end...
I laid down among the remains of my enemies and waited quietly for death.
Then I gazed up at the night sky.
I was able to smell the dry air of the desert and take in all of that heavenly glory above.
Geisenborger: What better pyre could there be for my send-off to the great beyond...
Extending my hand, I felt almost as if I could reach the stars. It was at that moment I noticed a star that radiated more brilliantly than any other.
I was a man who held no faith in a higher power—who had lived his life through brute force alone. But now I found myself in tearful prayer.
Geisenborger: Stars, blazing across the heavens... Listen to my ode to thee... See me returned gloriously to my kingdom...
I repeated this verse countless times. Overwhelmed by fatigue, I eventually fell into a deep slumber.
As I did so, I heard what sounded like the voice of the stars faintly calling out to me.
???: Thy prayer... will not go unanswered...
Geisenborger: Three days later, I walked out of that scorching desert and returned safely to the capital.
Geisenborger: Strangely, not a single drop of sweat could be found on my body.
Geisenborger: My skin was burnt. My innards were failing. My arms and legs were supported by bones half-shattered.
Geisenborger: By all accounts, I should have been dead.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, I never imagined I'd make it back alive.
Geisenborger: The so-called allies who abandoned me listened to my story with faces cold and pallid with fear. They asked me if I was in pain.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, not in the slightest, I answered. That was no exaggeration. As a matter of fact... I couldn't feel anything.

Sensation of War

Geisenborger explains that he had lost all bodily sensation when the primal kept him alive for his arduous trek through the desert, which is why he craves battle so much. He is surprised to see that the crew overheard everything he said.

Geisenborger watches attentively over the battle as if trying to confirm something.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, laughable, isn't it? I believed in you completely, starbeast, like a purehearted little schoolgirl.
Geisenborger: That's right. I had complete faith in you. Complete faith that my prayer to the stars made it through that night.
Geisenborger: But in reality, my body had simply lost its ability to sense pain.
Geisenborger: Not just pain. Tiredness, exhaustion, hunger, cold... My senses, in nearly every way measurable, had left me.
Geisenborger: They weren't coming back, and what's worse is I didn't want them. My sense of want had left me too.
Geisenborger: Respiration, sleep, digestion, perspiration...
All my basic bodily functions had failed. Only medicine brought me sleep.
Geisenborger: It was the very definition of torture. But I soldiered on, enduring the endless indignities of having a useless body unable to feel pain.
Geisenborger: Can you comprehend that? My search for pain? My life lived in pursuit of death?
Geisenborger: By tormenting my own flesh, I was able to lay my hands on an ersatz version of my previous life.
Geisenborger: I grew infatuated with inflicting pain on myself, knowing full well that the sensations I felt were a sham. A mirage.
Geisenborger: But how could you understand? What would you know of the suffering endured by a warrior forever robbed of pain?
Geisenborger: Answer me, you infernal starbeast! My pain will reach even you!
Geisenborger: My anguish will tear across the heavens!
Geisenborger continues to shout, his years of pent-up grief pushing him.
Until suddenly he stops.
Full of fear, he slowly turns toward the shadows behind him.
Geisenborger: When... When did you get here?
Lyria: I think I understand what your true goals are now, Geisenborger.
From Geisenborger's point of view, the shadows cast by (Captain) and the crew begin to blur.

The Truth of Battle

Lyria suspects that Geisenborger got the crew involved to help free him of his restraints, but he refutes the notion. When he bellows that he can overcome his troubles alone, a light engulfs Geisenborger and The Star appears. (Captain) and company realize that the eleven primals mentioned earlier were actually the Arcarum, and then challenge The Star to a duel.

Having discovered the truth behind his actions, (Captain) and the crew address Geisenborger.
Lyria: You weren't making us fight in order to put a stop to the primal beast's plans, were you, Geisenborger?
Lyria: Maybe that was part of fulfilling your mission as an Evoker, but things are different now.
Lyria: You really want us to release the restraints placed on you by the primal beast.
Geisenborger: Silence, girl!
Lyria: !
Geisenborger: Your sympathy is lost on me. I am Chariot. Do you dare make light of the life I've lived?
Lyria: Of course not, I just—
Geisenborger: Rgh... In that case, I will shatter the chains of this insufferable bondage myself!
Geisenborger: Graaaaaah!
Everything changes in an instant.
The red stone hanging around Geisenborger's neck unleashes a light that quickly envelops his entire body.
He enters a trance-like state as an immense power fills him from within.
Vyrn: Watch it, (Captain)! The sensation I'm feeling right now says we're in for some serious trouble!
Lyria: This isn't good. This presence is even greater than the one I felt from the card.
The Star: Bwahahaha.... Thy prayers... fill me with power! More... More!
Vyrn: This is one of the Arcarum!
Vyrn: So this is what Wrench meant by the eleven primal beasts!
Lyria: Watch out, (Captain)! Here it comes!
The Arcarum that held Geisenborger captive appears at last.

The Truth of Battle: Scene 2

After besting The Star, Geisenborger's physical sensation is restored. Though this comes with all the pain he's been able to shrug off for so long, Geisenborger is overjoyed. He raises a cry of triumph and scatters off into the war-torn battlefield. The crew stares in awe, still unaware of the mysterious light and voice coming from the card.

The crew has emerged victorious against the Arcarum and rushes to Geisenborger's side.
He lies motionless on the ground, as if the invisible bonds connecting him to the now vanished primal beast have been severed.
Lyria: Geisenborger, are you all right?
Vyrn: Hang in there, Wrench!
Geisenborger slowly rises and holds up his hands towards Lyria and the crew as if to keep them away.
Geisenborger: I told you... I don't need your pity. These trifling wounds are nothing to... Hrgh!
The power that long bound Geisenborger to the Arcarum fades.
With the loss of that power, pain floods back into his body like a tidal wave.
Geisenborger: Rgh... Gaaaah!
Lyria: Geisenborger!
Vyrn: If you don't want pity, fine, but you've gotta pull yourself together, Wrench Armstrong!
Geisenborger: Stay away! Who do you think I am?
Geisenborger: I am... I am Geisenborger. I am a chariot raging across all the sky!
Geisenborger: Behold my left arm's impregnable armor...
Geisenborger: Remove this bolt securing it to my body... and only immovable flesh remains.
Geisenborger: Without steel to give it form, what's left can barely be considered an arm at all!
Geisenborger: What fills me now is pain... Such pain...
Geisenborger: Ah, how I've longed for this sensation... To experience this once again... is a supreme honor!
Geisenborger: I have returned!
Geisenborger: More... More... Try and hurt me more!
Geisenborger: Bring me paaiiin!
With a cry, Geisenborger rushes madly towards the battlefield.
Lyria: Wait, no! You're in no condition to fight!
(Captain) and the crew desperately shout in an attempt to stop his charge.
But whether he can hear his allies or not, Geisenborger refuses to slow down.
Their voices fade away as his great, wounded form is swallowed by a cloud of dust from the battlefield.
Everyone realizes that this is the end, but no one dares to say as much.
An unspeakable emptiness comes over the crew. All they can do is watch over the madness of the battlefield.
The Star: Pray to me...
The Star: Your prayers bring me radiance...
The Star: I demand more light... Brilliance enough to burn the world to ash.

Dignity of Warrior & Star

Geisenborger, apparently still alive, suddenly appears before (Captain) and company. He tries to shred the card in the crew's possession, but when (Captain) tries to hold him off, The Star appears and entreats Geisenborger for a renewal of their pact. With a little convincing, Geisenborger accepts and then joins the crew.

Freed from the restraints of the primal beast, Geisenborger regains the sensation of pain!
Geisenborger: Ah, how I've longed for this sensation... To experience this once again... is a supreme honor!
Geisenborger: I have returned!
Geisenborger: More... More... Try and hurt me more!
Geisenborger: Bring me paaiiin!
(Captain) and company stand dumbfounded at the sight of Geisenborger being engulfed by the tumult of war, a masochistic grin streaking across his face.
By the time the thick clouds of dust finally settle...
The crew find themselves aboard the Grandcypher.
They look down to find a card covered in sand.
(Captain) picks it up to find the soot that covered the illustration earlier no longer present. It's a card depicting The Star, surrounded by a brilliant arrangement of celestial bodies.
However, the card has lost its glow and Geisenborger is nowhere to be found.
It isn't until the passing of a few seasons that the war-loving Draph is seen again.
Lyria: That's a lot of them!
Vyrn: Darn it! They're after our cargo!
The crew has taken on an assignment to deliver supplies to a nation in the midst of a war.
A swarm of monsters has caught them off guard midflight.
Nuts! There's no end to 'em!
  1. Lyria!

Choose: Lyria!
(Captain) is not the only one to respond to Lyria's scream.
A massive silhouette descends upon them, bum-rushing the monster swarm.
Vyrn: What's going on here!
Geisenborger: Heh heh... After riding all the way here on a wyvern's back, I must say that was quite the welcome.
Vyrn: What the... It's Wrench Armstrong!
Lyria: Geisenborger, you're okay!
  1. You had us worried.
  2. Glad to see you're well.

Choose: You had us worried.
Choose: Glad to see you're well.
Vyrn: Thanks for the help. But what brings you here anyway?
Geisenborger: ...
Geisenborger simply takes a step toward (Captain) without answering.
Geisenborger: Show me the card I handed you before. At once.
Vyrn: Card? You mean...
Though confused, (Captain) produces the card of The Star.
Geisenborger wastes no time in snatching it.
Geisenborger: So I see the drawing has revealed itself...
Vyrn: What's the meaning of this!
Paying no heed to the crew's apprehensions, Geisenborger prepares to rip the card to shreds.
Geisenborger: Haaagh!
(Captain) snatches the card back before any damage can be done.
Vyrn: Whew! Talk about a close call!
Geisenborger: Haha... Your skill never fails to impress.
Geisenborger: Young you may be, but you are as battle-hardened as any seasoned warrior.
Vyrn: How about you tell us what's going on already? Why would you try to tear the thing to shreds?
Geisenborger lets out a sigh and begins to describe the events that transpired after they last parted.
Geisenborger: I sought one battlefield after another.
Geisenborger: In every war zone I dropped myself into, I made no distinction between friend or foe and merely relished the fight for what it was.
Geisenborger: After all, it had been far too long since I had last felt such a sensation. Every day was a fulfilling one.
Geisenborger: It was in those days that a voice suddenly called out to me.
Vyrn: What voice?
Geisenborger: It belonged to none other than that wretched star.
Lyria: You mean...
Geisenborger bursts into laughter upon seeing Lyria focus on the card.
Geisenborger: Your instincts are as sharp as ever, girl. Indeed, my pact with that blight never ended!
Geisenborger: Knowing the stars twinkled over my head made every drop of blood in my body boil like a burning kettle!
Geisenborger: It was time to free myself of these insufferable chains once and for all!
Lyria: So that's why you came to us, seeing as we have the card...
Geisenborger: Correct. The anguish I feel is proof of its very existence!
Geisenborger: The silence has been broken... Show yourself, starbeast!
The card shimmers with great luminosity.
The Star: Thy prayer... makes the stars shimmer...
Vyrn: What the... You're alive?
The Star: It has been a while... Valiant Chariot.
Geisenborger: Hah! I've no words for a reunion with the likes of you!
Geisenborger: You must pay for all I've had to endure!
The moment Geisenborger takes a step forward, The Star raises its hands.
The Star: ...!
Geisenborger: Rgh!
Geisenborger loses balance and collapses on the deck.
Geisenborger: Why, you!
Geisenborger: You rob me of the sensation in my legs, hoping to see me crawl?
Geisenborger: How far must you go to defile my dignity as the Chariot!
The Star: I must... expound... the truth... of the world...
Geisenborger: Like I give a hoot!
Geisenborger: I'm going to crush you so hard, you'll never emit the faintest bit of light ever again!
Lyria: W-wait! Shouldn't we at least see what he has to say?
Vyrn: That's right! We might be taking a risk, but let's not be too hasty!
(Captain), being in full agreement, stands between Geisenborger and The Star.
Geisenborger: Out of my way! That cretin can never be forgiven no the matter the cause!
Vyrn: Geez, cool it already, Wrench! He only did that to your legs 'cuz you can hardly stay still!
Lyria: Yeah! I don't feel any malice behind The Star's actions!
Geisenborger: Ngh!
Geisenborger finally regains a sense of calm.
Geisenborger: That naivete will be the undoing of you kids someday.
The Star: Brave, young warriors... I thank you...
The Star begins to speak about itself.
As Geisenborger mentioned, The Star is but one of the eleven primal beasts who was tasked with creating a new world.
It was The World who created the other primal beasts known as the Arcarum.
The Star: The World... It bears the name of the cosmos... Perhaps you have a memory of it...
Vyrn: Wait a minute. You mean that thing from the picture in Amalthea was The World?
Lyria: He said something about destroying the world to create it anew for themselves!
The Star: Correct... That is The World's wish...
The Star explains that he cannot defy The World's orders.
The Star: We once perished... during the War...
The Star: It was The World... who reconstructed our cores.
Vyrn: What, so you're just another lackey for him?
The Star: No...
The Star: The situation changed... when thou brought me harm...
The Star: My pact with the Chariot has weakened... So has The World's hold over me...
The Star explains that it can free itself of The World's clutches by reinvoking its pact with Geisenborger,
Lyria: So that's why you called out to him...
The Star: Correct... Now is the time to restore my dignity...
The Star: Chariot... Stand with me... so that we may together overthrow The W—
Geisenborger: You fool!
The Star: ...!
Geisenborger manages to graze The Star's nose with a rising uppercut before the momentum causes him to plunge his fist against the floor of the deck.
Geisenborger: Don't you dare take my silence for compliance!
Bursting with anger, he finally musters the strength to stand on both legs.
Lyria: Huh? I thought you couldn't feel your legs...
Geisenborger: Humph, I'm not much of a chariot if I simply lie like a sleeping dog!
Geisenborger: Listen well, starbeast! I'll show you what is meant by the dignity of a true warrior!
Geisenborger: The innumerable hardships that accompany a march to battle... The immeasurable pain suffered on the battlefield... The triumphant exaltation earned from burying the enemy...
Geisenborger: The lingering bitterness from every loss... The sweet wines procured from every victory...
Geisenborger: When emotions drive the body to act, when the stench of death makes one feel alive, when pain turns to pleasure!
Geisenborger: Dignity is when you've fought and lived through countless battlefields and experienced all of this as I have!
Geisenborger: Which is why it falls to me to end our pact and become a true warrior!
Vyrn: But if we don't help take down The World, the sky as we know it is gonna be done for!
Geisenborger: What happens to the sky is none of my concern! I live solely for myself!
Geisenborger: Politics, principles, and what have you! Please, feed that to the policy-making dogs!
(Captain) and company find themselves speechless before the maddened Geisenborger.
Geisenborger: I'll bury you right this moment! Or do you have something to say for yourself?
The Star: The stars... accept your words... as prayer...
A brilliant light overtakes the surroundings.
Vyrn: What the... It's that battlefield again!
The crew once more find themselves in the midst of the War.
Only this time, the battle cries and death throes they heard before are replaced by mountains of corpses in the dead of night.
Geisenborger: What are you plotting, starbeast!
???: Oh, glorious stars of the heavens...
(Captain) and company look to the pleading voice to find what appears to be a primal beast on the verge of death.
???: Let us revel together... in glory once more...
Geisenborger: ...!
Geisenborger: Stars, blazing across the heavens... Listen to my ode to thee... See me returned gloriously to my kingdom...
Geisenborger: (This is no different from how it was with me...)
???: Bright asterisms above... Hear my prayer...
Both Geisenborger and (Captain) turn their attention to the night skies.
The stars gradually fill with light, illuminating the battlefield below.
The luminosity grows in intensity.
Lyria: What was that!
The Star: That was a memory from my core... in a past life...
The Star: The World granted my wish that day... And thus I became The Star...
The Star: I lost my shine... And became a puppet for him...
Geisenborger: Was forging a pact with me part of The World's plan as well?
The Star: At the time... I had little recourse...
The Star: But now... is the time to rise up...
The Star: Chariot... Let us take on The World together...
Geisenborger: Heh heh... Don't make me laugh.
Geisenborger: You would have us join hands on what you purport to be a common enemy?
Geisenborger: Preposterous!
Geisenborger: But I have need of neither passenger nor comrade. I will ride into battle as a lone chariot and dominate the battlefield!
Geisenborger: Be it the stars or The World, I have no fear!
Geisenborger: Be gone with you, starbeast! You have no place here if you cannot fight your own wars!
Geisenborger raises a fist to The Star.
But (Captain) intercepts and parries the blow.
  1. You really think you can fight alone?

Choose: You really think you can fight alone?
Geisenborger: Come again?
Lyria: No matter how strong you are, going at it alone is reckless! You're no exception, Geisenborger!
Vyrn: What she said! That World guy doesn't seem like a joke either...
(Captain), too, speaks up.
  1. Come with us.

Choose: Come with us.
Geisenborger: ...!
Geisenborger: Heh heh, fine.
Geisenborger: I do owe you one after all. I suppose I'll follow you for the time being.
The Grandcypher has flown past the sea of clouds, and islands are now visible from the deck.
With Geisenborger in tow, the crew stops by the city they've come to deliver supplies to.
They lug the shipment of goods to the center of town and call it a day.
Geisenborger: Is that all? What did you intend to accomplish by doing this?
Vyrn: Hey, check it out! Those are some crazy crowds over there!
Vyrn: Looks like a victory parade to welcome back troops who just scored a major win!
Rows of soldiers march to the tune of triumphant music.
The streets are lined with overjoyed throngs of people waiting to congratulate a returning platoon on a job well done.
Man 1: You did it!
Woman 1: Keep up the good work!
Geisenborger: This is by no means an end to their war. The populace is much too carefree.
Celebratory cheers and compliments are heard from every direction.
Soldier 1: I'm back! I'm so glad to be home!
Girl: Papa! Welcome back!
Woman 2: Oh, how I missed you so!
Soldier 2: Whoo! Are we having a feast tonight or what? Come with me and I'll tell you all about my heroics!
Shopkeep: I like the sound o' that! Why not have it at my shop? I won't charge you a single rupie!
Boy: Mister, I'd like to listen in too!
Husband: Whew! That was a mighty fine swig!
Wife: Sigh... You just never know when to keep your drinking habits in check, dear...
Wife: But we can make an exception today!
The rapturous gaieties around Geisenborger manage to twist the corner of his mouth into a grin.
Geisenborger: Humph, they celebrate as if they fought and bled in the battle themselves...
Vyrn: Well, it's kinda like they're together in heart, you know. I mean, some of them even mentioned having to ration to provide more supplies for the army.
Geisenborger: Heh, it makes no sense to me.
Geisenborger: Soldiers are soldiers. Why would they want to wallow in their success with the common populace...
Lyria: Were you a soldier too, Geisenborger?
Lyria: Weren't there times when you won a battle and shared the joy of that victory with everyone?
Geisenborger: Heh heh... Not once did that ever happen.
Geisenborger: Though I had thought of it, of course—
An all-too-familiar scene plays out in Geisenborger's head.
A nighttime desert, the stench of blood and guts, a starry sky, his body tattered and broken...
Geisenborger: I was a man who held no faith in a higher power—who had lived his life through brute force alone. But now I found myself in tearful prayer.
Geisenborger: Stars, blazing across the heavens... Listen to my ode to thee... See me returned gloriously to my kingdom...
Geisenborger: (Humph, the memory alone makes me nauseous!)
Geisenborger: (But then... At the time...)
Geisenborger: (Why did I wish to return to my false comrades in the kingdom, even after they had forsaken me?)
  1. Because no one can fight alone.

Choose: Because no one can fight alone.
Geisenborger: Huh?
Vyrn: I don't really get the sensations of war that you brought up earlier...
Vyrn: But there's something else we can tell you!
Geisenborger: Hm... Let's hear it.
Lyria: Fighting alongside friends not only lets you share the pain, but there are so many great things can come from it!
Lyria: Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) offers an emphatic nod.
Geisenborger: Humph... You can drink alone, or you can drink with a motley crew—but wine is still wine! The taste does not change!
Geisenborger: Only when a warrior is able to stand alone on the battlefield does his true worth shine!
Vyrn: Well, look what happened to you...
Geisenborger: ...!
Vyrn: Wrench Armstrong, it's okay to be true to what you really feel deep down, you know?
Geisenborger: (Drat!)
Geisenborger: (What is it that I truly think?)
Geisenborger turns to the rejoicing crowds, desperately searching for his answer.
His ears perk up at every word being spoken.
Geisenborger: (Ngh... Why! Why do the soldiers and populace act as they do...)
Geisenborger: (Why do they commend their victory with the selfsame geniality?)
Geisenborger ponders to himself while walking along the crowded streets.
Even as the crew comes to the end of the road, Geisenborger remains silent.
The Star makes another appearance.
The Star: Valiant Chariot... I must ask again...
The Star: Join me... in fighting The World...
Geisenborger: Enough!
Geisenborger: I do not seek the guidance of the stars... I'll bury you and The World with my own two hands!
The Star: The stars always side... with the supplicant...
The Star: My wish... and your prayer... are drawn to each other...
The Star: Making us essentially one...
Geisenborger: I'm not one for some wretched beast's delirious ramblings.
Geisenborger: But I'll entertain you.
Geisenborger places his left hand on his right elbow...
And twists his shoulder joint backward.
Vyrn: Hey, why'd you go and do that for?
Geisenborger: ...!
Geisenborger: Does that hurt, starbeast? Because it should if we're "one," as you say.
The Star: All pain... is yours alone... I feel nothing...
Geisenborger: ...
Geisenborger: Pff... Gwahahaha!
Vyrn: Umm... I don't get what's so funny...
Geisenborger: I've changed my mind. I'll renew the pact.
Lyria: Huh? Just like that?
Geisenborger: Heh heh, the starbeast is going to merge with my body.
Geisenborger: Meaning my strength will continue to be my own.
Vyrn: Erm, I don't really see how that works, but as long as you're cool with it...
Geisenborger: But don't let this get to your head, starbeast.
Geisenborger: Never forget that our pact is solely for the purpose of defeating The World.
The Star: As you wish... Your prayer... is my prayer... Your wish... is of course my command.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, just as I thought.
Geisenborger: Well then, youngsters... Till we meet again.
The crew stops Geisenborger before he can walk off.
Vyrn: Wait up, Wrench Armstrong! We'll do what we can to help you take down The World too!
Geisenborger: Quite the persistent bunch, aren't you? Have I not made it clear that I have no need of comrades?
  1. We're not gonna let you go out there alone!

Choose: We're not gonna let you go out there alone!
(Captain) speaks boldly, looking straight into Geisenborger's eyes.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, that twinkle in your eyes always did remind me of the stars...
Geisenborger: ...!
Geisenborger suddenly pictures himself raising a toast with (Captain) and crew.
Basking in the glory of a hard-fought victory, his expression is one of great satisfaction.
It is all too similar to the people of the city shouting cries of jubilation.
Geisenborger: (Heh, was that the starbeast playing tricks on me?)
Geisenborger: (Or was it myself?)
Lyria: We should treat your right arm first! Let's head back to the ship!
Vyrn: Geez, you need to learn to take it easy!
Geisenborger: Tis but a scratch. Nothing a pat on the back can't fix—
Vyrn: There's no way a pat on the back's gonna fix a dislocated shoulder! Let's go already!
(Captain) and company prod Geisenborger all the way back to the Grandcypher.
Along the way, he mutters something to himself.
Geisenborger: I have no intention of becoming your comrade, but having a base of operations will be useful...
(Captain)'s face breaks into a grin at the statement.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
進軍中こそ、ゆめゆめ注意を怠るな A march is the most important time to be alert.
いざ往かん、血煙の舞う戦場へ! We charge into the blood-drenched battlefield!
星々は常に頭上にある…忌々しいほどにな Cursed stars above...
ククッ…昂ぶってきたぞ Heh heh...
この邂逅も何かの縁か… Was this encounter fated as well?
「世界」を名に冠すとは、自惚れが過ぎた獣だ… To take the world for his own name is arrogance to the extreme...
雄叫びをあげて進め!威勢よく攻め込むのだ! Raise your battle cries and push onward!
ククッ、戦場の感覚こそが吾輩を戦士たらしめる… Heh heh, the battlefield has always been my true calling.
(主人公)…貴公ならばあるいは… (Captain), you may very well be the one...
(主人公)の瞳には星の煌めきが宿っているな I see the glimmer of the stars in your eyes, (Captain).


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