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Official Profile

Age 27
Height 168 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Reading, making tea cakes
Likes Being well-reasoned, people with strong spirits
Dislikes Unreasonable things, injustice

Character Release
アイルスト王国最後の王コノールの娘であり、セルエルの姉。王族として立場に相応しく育てられ、またその才覚を持ち合わせる女性。 冷静沈着で理性的。あまり感情が表情に乗らず、そのせいで人に対し丁寧な態度なのだが慇懃無礼に見えることすらある。元々王族としての教育を受けているため、自然と地位に見合う姿勢を身につけているだけなのだが、それを知らずに相対すると不遜な人物であるように見えてしまうことも。 実際は民を誰よりも想い、また民から信頼を得ているだけの器を持つ人物であり、礼を失した態度であると受け取られた際には素直に謝れる女性である。 根は穏やかで優しいが、公の場に置いては常に公正たれ、私情を挟むべからずと考えているためプライベートと仕事でのギャップに驚かれがち。

Character Release

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Age 27歳
Height 168cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 読書、茶菓子作り
Likes 理路整然としていること、気概がある者
Dislikes 筋が通らないこと、不正

Character Release
アイルスト王国最後の王コノールの娘であり、セルエルの姉。王族として立場に相応しく育てられ、またその才覚を持ち合わせる女性。 冷静沈着で理性的。あまり感情が表情に乗らず、そのせいで人に対し丁寧な態度なのだが慇懃無礼に見えることすらある。元々王族としての教育を受けているため、自然と地位に見合う姿勢を身につけているだけなのだが、それを知らずに相対すると不遜な人物であるように見えてしまうことも。 実際は民を誰よりも想い、また民から信頼を得ているだけの器を持つ人物であり、礼を失した態度であると受け取られた際には素直に謝れる女性である。 根は穏やかで優しいが、公の場に置いては常に公正たれ、私情を挟むべからずと考えているためプライベートと仕事でのギャップに驚かれがち。

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. Today let's extol your birth and your life.
What you've accomplished is important, as is what you will accomplish.
But most important of all is that you're here, simply being yourself.


As the years pass, we gain perspective. And we learn when to let some things go.
Letting go doesn't hold us back. If anything, it pushes us forward.
And though it may cause us pain, we needn't bear that pain alone.
If you ever need to cry, lay your head on my breast.
I know that tears cried alone can be devastating.
I hope to see you flourish again this year, Captain. Happy birthday.


I could never quite console my grieving father over the loss of my mother.
Perhaps I was too young to do so, but I regret it all the same.
So if you are ever sad or in pain...
Don't hide it. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
I'll do whatever I can to help you. This promise is my gift to you.
Happy birthday. I hope you'll let me celebrate this wonderful day with you for years to come.


When a mother gives birth, it's a battle where she puts her life on the line for her child.
No person comes into this life alone—we all come carrying the weight of our mother's lives.
This is something I learned on the day Seruel was born.
In life, you may experience heartbreak and despair. Sometimes you'll want to shut your eyes and run away from it all.
Even when you're completely alone... you're never truly alone.
Your mother, your father, your siblings and friends... Their spirits are always with you.
Perhaps the day will come someday where I'm no longer by your side.
Death may visit one of us, at any given moment, without warning.
But regardless of this, my spirit will always be with you forever. Please remember that.
Happy birthday, (Captain). My heart truly feels blessed that life has brought us here together.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I am delighted that we can celebrate this special day once again.
The future that we wish for lies beyond an accumulation of the time that we spend each and every day.
At the same time, as the days accumulate, there may be occasions when it takes all that you have to get through the day to tomorrow.
And on other occasions, you may feel that you want to stop altogether and make that day the last.
Of course, if only I can be there to take your hand whenever you feel like stopping...
But unfortunately, no one knows what will happen in life—thus I cannot make the promise that I will always be there for you.
There are things you gain, and things you lose. There are days when you take a step forward, and days when you take a step back.
Whenever you feel like stopping, don't blame yourself for it. It's all right to rest and continue your journey again from there.
I wish you the very best on your journey, (Captain). Happy birthday.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year. Have you thought about what sort of year you'd like to make this?
Your decisions today may follow you for the rest of the year. Choose wisely!


Happy New Year. Days like this invigorate both body and soul.
For the crew and those back at home, we must keep moving forward.
But we must also pace ourselves lest we lose sight of our goals.
Keep that in mind and care for yourself always. That is your duty as captain.
You know how I worry. Do it for me, won't you, (Captain)?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I hope all the crew members and all the people of Alster have another wonderful year.
I'll do all I can to make this year a success.
One can't focus solely on others though.
Especially you, (Captain). I often see you pushing yourself far too hard at times. Do take care, my Captain.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I pray we all have another blessed year together.
Focus your mind and spirit now and lay a foundation for the new year ahead.
What... was that sound just now?
(Captain)... Did you come out to see the sunrise before eating?
Hehe... I've prepared some food for everyone so that we can start the new year off right in clover.
There's also some Alsterian cuisine prepared, so please eat up to your heart's content.


Happy New Year, (Captain). We've a promising year before us.
You wish to know how we celebrated the new year... As a royal family? Well, it was one ceremony after another.
For the people, the king would hold rites in the capital. These marked the coming of the new year.
Then the royal family would exchange greetings with knights and lords—that is, the classes that assist in the conducting of state affairs.
This exchange of words is in itself an important rite. It strengthens the connection between the ruling class and its people and retainers.
I too received many visitors alongside my father. It required great focus, but I also took great pride in my role.
Yes, it was very tiring—I was so young. But my father always praised me for carrying out my duties, and that made me happier than anything.
Now that I think back on it, the New Year's ceremonies were to me a rare chance to enjoy time with my family.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day! This candy is a token of my gratitude to you.
Hehe. I often used to make treats like this for teatime with Naoise and my brother.
I'm reasonably confident in my confections, but everyone has different taste. I hope that this candy matches yours.


Happy Valentine's Day. Here, please enjoy this candy.
You seem surprised that a princess would spend her time as a culinarian. I suppose my father didn't approve of it.
Nothing quite compares to the happiness I get from watching others enjoy my creations.
And, of course, today is no different. If you enjoy this candy, my efforts will have been worthwhile.
But please don't compare it to the gifts you receive from other people.


Happy Valentine's Day. Here are some long-lasting tea cakes.
Hehe. No need to hide it; I know how many admirers you have.
You won't have to worry about eating these right away; I'm sure you'll have a lot of chocolate to get through as is.
As long as you remember that just like these tea cakes...
My respect and affection for you won't change, no matter how long you wait.


Happy Valentine's Day. Please take these candies, (Captain).
Perhaps it is a little embarrassing for me to say this, but I put my sentiments and feelings into making them for you.
What kind of sentiments, you ask? That's quite a churlish question, (Captain)...
Well, to answer your question... I suppose it is difficult to put those sentiments into words.
To me, you're a most respectable captain, and also precious to me like a younger brother, and...
Um... Ahem. Let's stop it there for now. I am a lady after all.
And a lady has the right to some secrets of her own. Just use your imagination for the rest.


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). Now, would you do me the honor of accepting these?
Yes, I made them with love. Oh? You wish to know what kind of love?
There you go again, trying to read people's hearts—you almost act as if it were a game. I wouldn't do that if I were you. It'll come back to bite you one day.
If you want to be recognized as chivalrous, you mustn't seek to embarrass your partners.
In any case, I'm certain that, as long as you eat these confections, you will understand what they represent—someday.
But, until then, I'd be very happy if you were to simply taste them and wonder why they are so very sweet.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's White Day, is it? I wonder if Seruel and Naoise will be giving me a return gift.
The two of them do lack in courtesy, so I can't be sure.
The heart of a woman is easily wounded... And I doubt either of them realizes that.


Is something the matter, (Captain)? Oh, you have a gift for me.
It's for White Day. Hehe, so you remember what I gave you for Valentine's.
I mean no offense when I treat you like a young person.
But given your gentlemanly behavior today, it's unmannerly of me.
I humbly accept your gift and the goodwill it represents.
Hehe. I suppose I will have to stay until next Valentine's Day to repay my debt, now won't I?


Are these for me? I thank you, (Captain); that's most kind.
Hehe. It makes my heart flutter to receive a gift from you.
You think I'm joking, do you?
Hehe. Ahh, one does wonder. A lady, however, doesn't reveal her heart so lightly.
But yes, it did make me very happy. I'll let on that much.


What's wrong? Your face is all red... Do you have a fever?
Your words are becoming all twisted as well... It must be a cold. Or is it something else?
This... Is this for me? For White Day?
...! Th-Thank you!
Hehe... I've received something truly lovely from you today, Captain... er, from you, (Captain)...
I suppose my face must be turning as red as yours right now.


Is this for me? Thank you very much, (Captain).
Well, aren't you composed? I find that a bit unfortunate, actually.
White Day used to make you blush. Seeing that tinge of red made me as happy as receiving your gifts, you know.
Now I've... gone red?
My, are you jesting with me? We can't have that.
Whenever did you learn how to stay so put together?
Well... I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. You're always hoping to grow up. It's as they say: "to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."
But, on occasion, I would like to once again see the cute (Captain) I knew so well...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween. It's admirable to memorialize the dead in such a positive fashion.
So often tears accompany our stories of those who've passed. We have so many fond memories of them...
Anyway, we should prepare candy for when the children arrive. Perhaps you'd like to sample some too.


Captain, even you're playing tricks today, aren't you?
Wait a moment now. I've nearly finished wrapping these pumpkin candies.
There, all done. Here you go.
One of the candies has hot mustard inside. Hehe. I suppose it's my little trick.
Happy Halloween! I hope you receive plenty of candy this year.


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
While making confections, I remembered something from the good old days.
Seruel and Naoise were both boys and around the same age. I'd always felt like the odd one out.
I'd often play terrible pranks on them during Halloween because of that.
No doubt I must have been a rather annoying older sister.
Hehe. It's been ages since then. Perhaps this year it's time I played a trick on them.


Happy Halloween, (Captain). Will you be playing any tricks today? Hehe, what fun.
I don't wish to play any tricks but I do have a treat for you.
Now... open your mouth and say “ahh” for me.

Heles tosses a piece of homemade candy into (Captain)'s mouth.

Oh? Were you excited to see what I would do?
I suppose that means I ended up playing a trick on you after all, in a way.
I did quite enjoy it, to be honest.
May I do it again? Here, I'll let you eat another one.


Oh, (Captain). Happy Halloween! Are you enjoying yourself?
Yes, I'm on a little search myself. Seruel's disappeared somewhere since morning, you see.
Most likely he's running around trying to avoid any tricks from Scathacha and me, although we never planned on playing any in the first place...
On the contrary, doesn't this make you want to start playing some tricks, (Captain)?
Hehe, I'm glad you agree. You certainly know how to have fun on a holiday.
Yes, I was just thinking of having a bit of fun myself.
After all, it's the older sister's job to entertain her younger brother.
No matter how much he's grown, he still needs someone to look after him.
Well then, (Captain). Shall we? We need to win this game of hide-and-seek first before we can play any tricks!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

You'd better hurry off to bed before Santa Claus arrives.
You don't like me treating you like a child? Hee hee... I suppose I just can't help seeing you as one.
Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy the holiday season! Happy holidays!


(Captain), have you completed your tasks for the day? Please allow me to do any that might remain.
Today is a special day. Santa Claus is coming, isn't he?
You'd better hurry off to bed and dream of presents!
I know you want to be treated like an adult. But what better proof that you're still a child.
Very well then... If you can stay awake through my lullaby, then maybe you are an adult.
Now hop into bed. You wouldn't want to catch a cold.


How goes your duties, (Captain)?
Of all days you should rest tonight. Santa Claus won't come if you're not in bed.
Me? I've made traditional Alster cookies for him to snack on.
In fact, now that I think about it, these were the first type of cookies I ever baked. Naoise's mother taught me how.
She was like a mother to me. A mother I gained in place of the one I lost at such a young age. She taught me all sorts of things.
Here. Take these, (Captain). Place these by your bedside tonight and rest well.


(Captain)? You're still awake? It's already past bedtime.
Honestly... Hurry back up to bed before Santa Claus sees you.
Now go say your prayers and get in bed. I'll sing you to sleep with a lullaby if you're good.
Now, now. There's no need to be embarrassed.
Doting on you is my special privilege as an adult, after all.
Hehe... Seeing you puff your cheeks out like that only delights me.
Now get some sleep. That's right, your legs under the blanket... You wouldn't want to catch a cold tonight.
I just hope that you can stay the way you are for a little longer, my darling captain.


My, (Captain). I can't say I'm pleased to see you up so late—it is the holidays, you know.
You've still work to do? I see. Won't you let me handle it, just for today?
Oh, don't be so polite. You know, there are times when the young should act a bit spoiled.
While you're still a child, revel in your youth. All of that will fade when you're an adult, never to return.
In a few years, I'm sure you'll long for days like this one. So don't pull such a long face.
Come now, to bed with you. Here, let me tuck you in...
And hold your hand until you fall asleep. Let go of all worry and dream pleasant dreams.
Good night.
(Captain), please, stop rushing so desperately towards adulthood.
Because when you grow up, I will have one less reason to take care of you.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Resolute Royalty

While overseeing the restoration of Alster Island, Heles calls for (Captain)'s crew. When they arrive, she asks if she can join their ranks, stating that her continued presence on the island would hinder the progress of the new government.

During their travels (Captain) and company once stopped at Alster Island. There they discovered a society suffering from frequent monster attacks.
The crew wasted no time in quelling the threat and brought peace back to the island.
Now they've returned to that very place, summoned by the princess whose kingdom was destroyed by the monsters.
Heles: Let me start by expressing my gratitude to all of you for coming here.
Lyria: Not at all! We're happy to see you again, Heles. How's the rebuilding going?
Heles: It's going well. The island is nearly as prosperous as it was back when the Irestill Kingdom still held firm.
Vyrn: That's great news! But why did you call us here? Are there more monsters to deal with?
Heles: No... I have an entirely different request for you this time.
Heles: I wish to accompany you on your journey.
Lyria: What? But why? Heles, your people need you here as their princess!
Lyria: If you go, won't it leave the citizens of Alster with no one to turn to?
Heles: It would. And that is the very reason I wish to leave this island.
Vyrn: Wha? What do you mean?
Heles: Alster Island has long been ruled by the Irestill royal family.
Heles: But it was the negligence of my father, King Connor, that resulted in the destruction of Irestill Kingdom.
Heles: As part of the reconstruction effort, we decided to rebuild the government as well, and installed a council composed of local leaders from across the land.
Lyria: Oh, that's why the castle is called the Great Court, right?
Heles: Precisely. The castle's location at the center of the island is the ideal location for the seat of government.
Heles: But returning to the topic at hand. If the throne's successor doesn't possess the faculty to rule the kingdom, then it's the people who will suffer.
Heles: Father exemplified this, so my brother and I renounced our claim to the throne and relinquished all control to the Great Court.
Heles: But the Great Court has only just been created, and its members lack experience. Everyone is overly reliant on me...
Vyrn: Well, duh! Of course they rely on you! Your country is huge—and you guys just changed your whole government!
Heles: I realize we're in the beginning stages. Even the most talented budding politicians would need an example under these circumstances.
Heles: But I can't let the country stagnate and remain in its current form.
Heles: The Great Court has plenty of ability. All they need is more experience with decision-making. And that makes me a hindrance.
Vyrn: Um, that's kind of drastic, but if it's for the sake of the people...
Heles: Yes. It's time for me to step away. There is nothing more to say on the matter.
Heles: I feel that I can trust you. And I owe you a debt of honor for what you did before. So will you take me with you on your journey?
  1. Sure! We'd love to have you!
  2. Shouldn't you be somewhere safer?

Choose: Sure! We'd love to have you!
Heles: Thank you, (Captain). Oh, sorry... Captain.
Heles: I'm confident in my abilities. Surely my spear will aid you in your journey to the end of the sky.
Heles: Haha...
Heles: To be honest, I haven't actually ever left this island, unless you count political conferences and the like.
Lyria: Really?
Heles: Yes... It's very unlike me to act this way, but I'm actually extremely excited to be leaving!

Choose: Shouldn't you be somewhere safer?
Vyrn: That's right... We do fight primal beasts and stuff, you know?
Heles: Are you implying that I lack skill compared to you? Very well... Let us find out in open combat.
Lyria: No, that's okay! We know how skilled you are. I guess it's just... Why do you want to be in our crew so badly?
Heles: Your freedom has left a deep impression on me. Especially since I've never left the island of my own will.
Heles: I'd like to experience that freedom, if only for a short time. That's why I want to join your crew!
Heles: Please accept my allegiance, (Captain). I truly appreciate your generosity.
Continue 1
Heles: I have a lot to learn, so please teach me all you can.
Thus Heles, the princess of a ruined kingdom, joins the crew.
She quickly becomes a trusted ally of (Captain) and the others, as they continue their journey across the sky.

The Princess's Finest Guards

While visiting Alster Island, Heles and the crew are approached by some of Heles's former royal guard. She scolds them for abandoning their posts and then tests their skills in a mock fight.

At Heles's request, the crew stops by Alster Island to check on its reconstruction progress.
She walks through the streets, surveying the rebuilding efforts with satisfaction.
Heles: Wonderful... The town is bustling once again!
Lyria: It sure is! There are way more people here than the last time we visited!
Heles: It seems that Seruel and I were right to leave the country.
Vyrn: Heh-heh... Maybe, but doesn't it make you a little sad?
Heles: Huh? Why would I be sad?
Vyrn: Well, this is the country you and your brother used to rule, right? Isn't it a bummer that it's doing so well without you?
Heles looks a little surprised at first, but then she smiles warmly.
Heles: Haha... Of course not!
Heles: Actually, I'm happy that joining your crew was the right choice. I can rest easy now!
Vyrn: You don't say! Well, as long as you're happy!
The crew is suddenly approached by a group of guards.
Royal Guard 1: Your Highness! There you are!
Royal Guard 2: Why didn't you inform us that you'd be visiting?
Lyria: Wow! That's a lot of soldiers!
Heles: I'm sorry to surprise you, Lyria. These soldiers were once members of my personal guard.
Heles: What are you troops doing away from your post?
Royal Guard 1: Oh, our posts? It's fine for us to leave from time to time!
Royal Guard 2: The town is much more peaceful nowadays! No monsters ever come in, and—
Heles: You irresponsible fools! Shirking your duty like that is a punishable offence!
Heles: How dare you abandon your assignments! I thought I taught you better, but it seems that you learned nothing.
Heles: If monsters attack the town, your apologies won't bring anyone's children back!
Royal Guard 1: Yes, ma'am... My deepest apologies...
Heles: I don't recall training such fools to be my guardsmen...
Heles: Do you think you can protect the kingdom if you act so carelessly?
Royal Guard 2: No, ma'am!
Heles: It's good that the kingdom is peaceful now, but it takes tireless effort to safeguard that peace!
Heles: I'd better test you to make sure your fighting skills aren't as rusty as your sense of duty!
Royal Guard 1: Yes, ma'am!
Heles: This is a good chance to test ourselves as well! Please help me, (Captain)!

The Princess's Finest Guards: Scene 2

The guards get up no matter how many times Heles defeats them. Inspired by their spirit, the crew agrees to another round of sparring.

Heles stares down at the soldiers collapsed at her feet, her expression unreadable.
Heles: What's wrong? Is that all you've got?
Royal Guard 1: Ugh... No! We can still fight...
Heles: Stand up! You're as useless as oars on an airship! You better start taking this seriously!
Royal Guard 2: We... will fight... for Irestill...
Lyria, who has been watching the proceedings, steps between them.
Lyria: Well... I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do, so let's leave the fighting for later, and—
Heles: The only catching up we need to do can be accomplished through combat! Now come at me!
Royal Guard 1: Yes, ma'am! We're so happy to be able to spar with you again!
Royal Guard 2: That cold gaze, fueled by patriotic passion... Your Highness has always given the best training!
Vyrn: Um... Strange reaction for guys who just got beat up...
Heles: Aren't they wonderful? My soldiers never give up!
Heles: The more you push them, the harder they try. Just like zombies, they keep coming back.
Lyria: Aheh... I see...
Royal Guard 1: Let's have one more round, Your Highness!
Royal Guard 2: The captain and crew too!
Heles: Well, (Captain)...
Heles: I'm terribly sorry, but could you lend me your skill for one more fight?
Heles: You've seen how tough my soldiers are. They're just getting warmed up, so it'd be a shame to interrupt their training.
Vyrn: Oh well... Looks like we're fighting again!

The Princess's Finest Guards: Scene 3

Just before the soldiers and the crew face off for another round of sparring, a messenger appears. The messenger reports that a nearby village is under attack from a pack of monsters. Heles takes command of the anti-monster squad, and the crew go with her to dispatch the threat.

Royal Guard 1: Argh!
Heles: What's wrong now? If that's all it takes to bring you to your knees now, how did you ever survive my training?
Royal Guard 2: One... one more round!
Vyrn: Whoa... Haven't you had enough yet?
Royal Guard 1: Ugh... Her Highness is only thinking of what's good for us when she trains us like this!
Royal Guard 2: We've served Her Highness for a long time, so we understand how she thinks!
Vyrn: Hmm... I think I get it...
Vyrn: She might say harsh things, but at the end of the day she has good intentions!
The guards rise to their feet once again and prepare to square off with Heles.
Royal Guards: Please continue the training, Your Highness!
Heles: With pleasure... I've finally warmed up, so let's have another round to—
A messenger dashes up to them as they prepare to face each other.
Messenger: Your Highness! There you are!
Heles: What has you so flustered?
Messenger: There are reports of a pack of monsters attacking a nearby village!
Royal Guard 1: What? Report to the commanders that we're on our way there now!
The guards quickly forget about their fight with Heles and prepare to move out.
Heles: Wait. We're coming with you.
Royal Guard 1: But we can't keep relying on you! We have to do our duty!
Royal Guard 2: Indeed! We have to do this ourselves!
Heles: People's lives are in danger!
Royal Guard 2: ...!
Heles: Now is no time to be worrying about trivialities like independence.
Heles: Our only concern should be how to defeat the enemy skillfully and completely.
The guards listen to Heles's words and regain their composure.
Royal Guard 1: As you command, Your Highness!
Heles: Messenger, I will be taking command of this squad. Assemble the soldiers at the castle gate!
Messenger: Understood, ma'am!
Heles: I'm sorry to drag you into yet another fight... but could you help us, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Of course we can! Right, (Captain)?
Heles: Thank you. Okay, let's get moving!

The Princess's Finest Guards: Scene 4

After stopping the monsters, Heles finds a child hiding nearby. But a stray monster suddenly attacks them, and the soldiers drive it off. They prioritize the safety of the child when rebuffing the fiend, causing Heles to look at her former guards with satisfaction. A few days later, the soldiers and Heles have an emotional farewell.

(Captain) and the crew stop the monsters before they can overrun the town.
The soldiers are once again awestruck by the combat skill of both Heles and the crew.
Royal Guard 1: Wow... Your Highness is so skilled... We're hardly worthy to be your subordinates.
Royal Guard 2: Hah. No doubt about that. How could regular soldiers like us ever hope to keep up?
Heles: Well, I didn't just wake up like this! My skills are the result of years of training.
As the crew chats with the soldiers, they hear a child crying from a nearby bush.
The crew quickly pulls the child out of the shrubbery.
Child: Sniff... I was so scared...
Heles: You're safe now, so don't worry. You were very brave to stay there all by yourself.
Heles: Come on. Let's head back to town.
Monster: Groar!
The moment Heles relaxes, a monster leaps out at her from hiding.
Heles: ...!
Royal Guard 1: Look out!
Monster: Grargh...
Before Heles can even lift her spear, the monster is shot down by a nearby soldier.
Royal Guard 2: Are you all right?
Child: I think so... Thank you, mister...
The guard checks on the child before taking a look at Heles.
Heles: Hmm...
Royal Guard 1: Your Highness, I'm so sorry! Are you injured?
Heles: What are you apologizing for? Have some confidence in your actions!
Royal Guard 1: Yes, ma'am...
Heles: You were right to check on the child first. The people of the country should always be foremost in your thoughts.
Heles: That's the only way to ensure the future peace of Irestill.
Royal Guard 2: Yes, ma'am! We won't forget it!
Upon hearing the words of the soldiers, Heles smiles, finally satisfied.
A few days later, the guards come to see (Captain) and the crew as they prepare to set off again.
Royal Guard 1: Please look after Her Highness on your journey!
Lyria: We will!
Lyria: Even though she's usually the one who looks after us...
Royal Guard 2: And come back to Alster Island whenever you're in the area!
Vyrn: Sure thing! I'm looking forward to the next training day!
Royal Guard 1: Take care of yourself, Your Highness.
Heles: You too, soldier.
Heles nods to her former guards before turning to the crew.
Heles: Anyway... it's time we got moving.
The crew boards the airship, and soon after it slowly lifts off the ground.
Heles stands at the edge of the deck and says some parting words to her soldiers.
Heles: You are my elite, prized troops. The people of Irestill are in your hands now.
Though her words are few, they capture intense emotions, and the guards hold back tears as they salute.
Heles returns their salute, her face expressionless.
But (Captain) notices, just in the corner of her eye, the telltale twinkle of a small tear.

For Her Homeland's Sake

Heles wishes to return to Alster Island upon learning of a trade dispute there, but she decides not to after Percival argues the importance of teaching the people self-sufficiency. Some time later she learns that conflict has been avoided, thanks in part to an unknown red-haired knight.

It's vacation time for (Captain) and the crew, who have decided to spend it on a peaceful island.
The central marketplace hums with activity; merchants and shoppers rush to and fro with giddy excitement.
Heles: Hm...
Lyria: Heles? Why the long face?
Heles: Sorry. Watching this lively marketplace brings back memories of how Irestill used to be...
Vyrn: Yeah, it'd be great if Irestill quickly returned to the way it was before.
Heles: Yes. And with that in mind, I want to exert even more effort to achieve that goal—to go beyond the level of my current endeavors.
Heles: (Yet what more can I do for my kingdom? That's something for me to think about further.)
Meanwhile another individual with a great burden on their shoulder, Percival, contemplates the ideal way to rebuild his own homeland.
Percival: (The citizens of this town go about their lives with a skip in their step. This is how a country should be.)
Percival: Hm? What are you staring at so intently, Heles? Is there something stuck to my face?
Heles: I see this town's grabbed your attention as well.
Percival: Indeed it has. These people prove that it is the citizens who form the foundation of a nation.
Heles: Yes. But unlike the common people, you and I are not the type of individuals who can easily lie back and relax on our days off.
Percival: I'd say that's a fair assessment. Then as you have pointed out, I believe wandering about town and making observations is the best course of action for us.
Percival: Hm... However, this day off is long overdue, and my vassals deserve to let off some steam.
Lyria: Um, where are you going, Percival?
Percival: I'm heading to the port to examine how this island conducts its trade.
Heles: I see... Then please allow me to join you.
Percival: Mm, as you wish.
Percival and Heles split off from the crew and head for the port.
A great many airships are flitting through the air when the pair arrives at the port.
Hundreds of cargoes line the docks, either ready to be exported or waiting to be unpacked.
Percival: Superb! What a smooth-running system...
Heles: Goodness... I could learn so much from this place. Let's go converse with the merchants!
Percival and Heles go around speaking to everyone they see, gleaning what they can to help rebuild their respective homelands.
Just then one particular airship docks rather abruptly.
Percival: Ah, that airship bears the flag of—
Heles: Huh? Irestill? It's an airship from my kingdom!
The two dash over to the airship that had just landed.
A messenger from Alster Island disembarks to greet them.
Messenger: Lady Heles! I wasn't expecting to find you so quickly!
Heles: What is the matter? And how did you know where I was?
Messenger: Well, the skyfarers you travel with are quite famous. We followed the rumors to track you down.
Messenger: Um... So I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...
The messenger explains that the people of Alster are nervous about the possibility of a violent clash breaking out.
It all started with a dispute between established local vendors and newly arrived traders from outside the island.
Up until now the Great Court and security forces had managed to keep the peace.
But the mafia had kept a sharp eye on the situation and then made their move when they saw an opening, exacerbating the conflict.
With no other recourse left, the Great Court wants Heles to return to set things straight.
Heles: ...
Messenger: Sigh... Like I said before, I really didn't want to break this news to you, Lady Heles, but—
Heles: Let's make for Alster. We'll block the mafia and put an end to this trade dispute once and for all.
Heles begins to board the airship, but Percival clamps his hand on her shoulder.
Heles: Percival?
Percival: Tell me, messenger... This trade dispute stems from an argument over vested rights, yes?
Messenger: Yes.
Percival: I'll put this simply. Upholding vested rights of the locals creates a closed, protectionist market.
Percival: Now, if you really want the kingdom to prosper, you should lower taxes and abolish the idea of vested rights.
Percival: Yes... If you do that, I think a free-market economy will be established that is as dynamic as the one found in this town.
Messenger: But what about the local vendors who have been around for generations?
Percival glances quickly at the messenger before turning his gaze back to Heles.
Percival: If Heles is the one to proceed with this course of action, then the matter will probably resolve rather quickly. But the people would soon grow overly dependent on her.
Percival: Imagine if that dependence lead to citizens standing in the way of their leader despite her guiding them toward prosperity. You wouldn't want that, would you?
Heles: ...
Heles: (Hmm... Percival makes a sound argument, but...)
Heles: You're exactly right, Percival, but my first priority is to stop tensions from boiling over!
Percival: Humph. Do you place such little value on the wardens you cultivated by your own hand?
Heles: ...
Percival: Well? If you were unable to return home, are you saying they couldn't even stop a fight?
Heles: That's not...
Imperial Guard 1: We'll protect the people in Lady Heles's absence!
Imperial Guard 2: Hah hah hah! Have no fear. We've been run through the gauntlet by Her Highness herself!
Heles: No. They're not weak in the slightest. They're my proud wardens who don't need me to babysit them!
Percival: Aha! Then believe in them. Let them sort things out with the people. That's part of what makes a kingdom grow.
Heles lets out a soft breath, then takes the messenger's hand in both of hers.
Heles: I will remain here. So please... Give my message to our vendors and everyone else.
Heles: Let them know that I understand how they all feel. But I also want us to welcome newcomers and follow a path of renewed growth.
Messenger: Very well. I will relay your message to everyone in full.
The messenger takes to heart Heles's conflicted decision and boards the airship to return to Alster Island without her.
A few weeks later, that same messenger from Alster arrives on the Grandcypher to speak with Heles once more.
Heles: Heh. I can already tell what you're about to say from the look on your face.
Messenger: I'm just relieved to be able to deliver some good news this time.
The security forces had completely routed the mafia before their plans could go into full swing.
As for the local vendors, they agreed to adopt a free-market approach upon hearing Heles's words.
Heles: (Hehe... I have Percival to thank for all of this.)
Heles: Speaking of which... (Captain), have you by any chance seen Percival?
Vyrn: Oh, yeah. So this actually happened a little earlier...
Percival: ...
Vyrn: Huh? You headin' out at this time of night, Sir Burnsalot?
Percival: Humph. I'll just be gone for a little while. Watch over things here, my vassals.
Vyrn: H-hey! Geez, slipping into the night so suddenly... What's up with that?
Vyrn: But I haven't seen him come back yet. I wonder what happened...
Messenger: That sounds like... Well, it's possible that... Um, there was a report from the guards...
Heles: Does it pertain to Percival?
The guards reported that a knight with red hair appeared out of nowhere and helped them destroy the mafia in a matter of days.
Vyrn: Whoa... That's gotta be him...
Lyria: Hmm... It sure sounds like Percival...
Just then the thud of clanking armor gets louder and louder as someone approaches the deck of the airship.
Lyria: Oh! It's Percival!
Percival: What's this? You all look depressed for some reason. Did something happen?
Seeing Percival safe and sound brings relief to (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: Hey, you could've just told us you had to go to Alster, ya know!
Percival: Hm? Now why would I have any reason to go to Alster?
Vyrn: Look at this guy, playing dumb when we already know the truth.
Percival: Hahaha! A red-headed knight, was it? He must be quite a fanciful fellow.
Percival: Ahem. I'm a little tired now. I shall retire to my room. Wake me up if anything happens.
With dirt and soot raining from his cloak, the knight with hair as red as flames strides gallantly to his room, an innocent smirk gracing his face.
Heles: Heehee... That Percival is a perfect gentleman...
Heles smiles and bows her head to Percival as he enters the bowels of the Grandcypher.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
可能と不可能をきちんと認識なさい We must make clear the possible and impossible.
勇気と無謀は別と心得ねば Understand that bravery and recklessness are not equal.
休息もきちんと取るのですよ Learn to relax sometimes.
戦いの腕も弟に劣らぬつもりです I am no worse than my brother in battle.
(主人公)、怪我はありませんね? Are you hurt, (Captain)?
筋が通らないことは嫌いです Irrational ideas bother me.
警戒を怠らないように! Don't let your guard down.
この程度で私と仲間を害せると思うな You think that's gonna hurt us?
弟達との修行の日々を思い出しますね Reminds me of training with my little brothers...
(主人公)、恩義をお返しします I will repay your kindness, (Captain).

Other Appearances

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