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Official Profile[edit | edit source]

Age 27
Height 168 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Reading, making tea cakes
Likes Logical things, people with strong spirits
Dislikes Things that don't make sense, injustice
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Background[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Special Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. Today let's extol your birth and your life.
What you've accomplished is important, as is what you will accomplish.
But most important of all is that you're here, simply being yourself.


As the years pass, we gain perspective. And we learn when to let some things go.
Letting go doesn't hold us back. If anything, it pushes us forward.
And though it may cause us pain, we needn't bear that pain alone.
If you ever need to cry, lay your head on my breast.
I know that tears cried alone can be devastating.
I hope to see you flourish again this year, Captain. Happy birthday.


I could never quite console my grieving father over the loss of my mother.
Perhaps I was too young to do so, but I regret it all the same.
So if you are ever sad or in pain...
Don't hide it. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
I'll do whatever I can to help you. This promise is my gift to you.
Happy birthday. I hope you'll let me celebrate this wonderful day with you for years to come.

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When a mother gives birth, it's a battle where she puts her life on the line for her child.
No person comes into this life alone- we all come carrying the weight of our mother's lives.
This is something I learned on the day Seruel was born.
In life, you may experience heartbreak and despair. Sometimes you'll want to shut your eyes and run away from it all.
Even when you're completely alone... you're never truly alone.
Your mother, your father, your siblings, and friends... Their spirits are always with you.
Perhaps the day will come someday where I'm no longer by your side.
Death may visit one of us, at any given moment, without warning.
But regardless of this, my spirit will always be with you forever. Please remember that.
Happy birthday. My heart truly feels blessed that life has brought us here together.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. Have you thought about what sort of year you'd like to make this?
Your decisions today may follow you for the rest of the year. Choose wisely!


Happy New Year. Days like this invigorate both body and soul.
For the crew and those back at home, we must keep moving forward.
But we must also pace ourselves lest we lose sight of our goals.
Keep that in mind and care for yourself always. That is your duty as captain
. You know how I worry. Do it for me, won't you, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day! This candy is a token of my gratitude to you.
Hehe. I often used to make treats like this for teatime with Naoise and my brother.
I'm reasonably confident in my confections, but everyone has different taste. I hope that this candy matches yours.


Happy Valentine's Day. Here, please enjoy this candy.
You seem surprised that a princess would spend her time as a culinarian. I suppose my father didn't approve of it.
Nothing quite compares to the happiness I get from watching others enjoy my creations.
And, of course, today is no different. If you enjoy this candy, my efforts will have been worthwhile.
But please don't compare it to the gifts you receive from other people.


Happy Valentine's Day. Here are some long-lasting tea cakes.
Hehe. No need to hide it; I know how many admirers you have.
You won't have to worry about eating these right away; I'm sure you'll have a lot of chocolate to get through as is.
As long as you remember that just like these tea cakes...
My respect and affection for you won't change, no matter how long you wait.


Happy Valentine's Day. Please take these candies, (Captain).
Perhaps it is a little embarrassing for me to say this, but I put my sentiments and feelings into making them for you.
What kind of sentiments, you ask? That's quite a churlish question, (Captain)...
Well, to answer your question... I suppose it is difficult to put those sentiments into words.
To me, you're a most respectable captain, and also precious to me like a younger brother, and...
Um... Ahem. Let's stop it there for now. I am a lady after all.
And a lady has the right to some secrets of her own. Just use your imagination for the rest.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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It's White Day, is it? I wonder if Seruel and Naoise will be giving me a gift in return.
The two of them do lack in courtesy, so I can't be sure.
The heart of a woman is easily wounded... And I doubt either of them realize that.


Is something the matter, (Captain)? Oh, you have a gift for me.
It's for White Day. Hehe, so you remember what I gave you for Valentine's.
I mean no offense when I treat you like a young person.
But given your gentlemanly behavior today, it's unmannerly of me.
I humbly accept your gift and the goodwill it represents.
Hehe. I suppose I will have to stay until next Valentine's Day to repay my debt, now won't I?


Are these for me? I thank you, (Captain); that's most kind.
Hehe. It makes my heart flutter to receive a gift from you.
You think I'm joking do you?
Hehe. Aah, one does wonder. A lady, however doesn't reveal her heart so lightly.
But yes, it did make me very happy. I'll let on that much.


What's wrong? Your face is all red... Do you have a fever?
Your words are becoming all twisted as well... It must be a cold. Or is it something else?
This... Is this for me? For White Day?
...! Th-Thank you!
Hehe... I've received something truly lovely from you today, Captain... er, from you, (Captain)...
I suppose my face must be turning as red as yours right now.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween. It's admirable to memorialize the dead in such a positive fashion.
So often tears accompany our stories of those who've passed. We have so many fond memories of them...
Anyway, we should prepare candy for when the children arrive. Perhaps you'd like to sample some too.


Captain, even you're playing tricks today, aren't you?
Wait a moment now. I've nearly finished wrapping these pumpkin candies.
There, all done. Here you go.
One of the candies has hot mustard inside. Hehe. I suppose it's my little trick.
Happy Halloween! I hope you receive plenty of candy this year.


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
While making confections, I remembered something from the good old days.
Seruel and Naoise were both boys and around the same age. I'd always felt like the odd one out.
I'd often play terrible pranks on them during Halloween because of that.
No doubt I must have been a rather annoying older sister.
Hehe. It's been ages since then. Perhaps this year it's time I played a trick on them.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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You'd better hurry off to bed before Santa Claus arrives.
I know you want to stay up later. But to me you're still a child.
I hope you enjoy the holiday season! Happy holidays!


(Captain), have you completed your tasks for the day? Please allow me to do any that might remain.
Today is a special day. Santa Claus is coming, isn't he?
You'd better hurry off to bed and dream of presents!
I know you want to be treated like an adult. But what better proof that you're still a child.
Very well then... If you can stay awake through my lullaby, then maybe you are an adult.
Now hop into bed. You wouldn't want to catch cold.


How goes your duties, (Captain)?
Of all days you should rest tonight. Santa Claus won't come if you're not in bed.
Me? I've made traditional Alster cookies for him to snack on.
In fact, now that I think about it, these were the first type of cookies I ever baked. Naoise's mother taught me how.
She was like a mother to me. A mother I gained in place of the one I lost at such a young age. She taught me all sorts of things.
Here. Take these, (Captain). Place these by your bedside tonight and rest well.

Fate Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Royalty in the Summer Sun[edit source]

(Captain) and company meet Heles on Venera Beach. Heles shares with the crew a homemade salve that can prevent sunburns.

Heles is a crew member

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Heles not in crew

During their last adventure, (Captain) and company vanquished the monsters that once ravaged Alster Island.
Now that there is peace in her kingdom, Heles, the princess of Irestill, requests to join the crew.
Heles: Alster Island has been long ruled over by the royal family of Irestill.
Heles: Irestill, however, was destroyed by rampaging monsters on account of my father's negligence.
Heles: After the destruction, we gathered leaders from across the land to form the Great Court and discuss how to rebuild.
Heles: However, the council has only just been established. They lack experience, and they're overly reliant on me.
Heles: I trust in this crew, and besides I must repay you for before. Would you allow me to accompany you on your journey?
Heles decides to depart from her homeland in order to save it. Seeing Heles's determination, (Captain) accepts her into the crew.
Continue 1
(Captain) and company go to Venera Beach in Auguste for some much-needed relaxation.
Heles: Ah, so this beach caters more to tourism than do others in Auguste.
Heles: It will serve as a useful reference during the reconstruction of our kingdom. I would quite like to see more.
Vyrn: Hehe! Those were some pretty fancy words you used. You're sayin' you wanna find out more about the resorts here, right?
Vyrn: Then we gotta get out there and have tons of fun!
Heles: Hah. Very well, then. I suppose you have a point.
Lyria: Okay then, Heles. Let's go get changed and have some fun!
Heles: I see. This material repels water. I'm familiar with proper swimming technique, but I must say, I've never worn anything quite like this.
Lyria: Oh, really? Well, it looks great on you, Heles! If you're ready, we can head out to the water.
Heles: One moment, Lyria. With such fair skin, we should both apply this salve before going out.
Lyria: Salve? But why use medicine when I'm not hurt?
Heles: This is not for injuries, dear. It's applied to prevent scalding.
Lyria: Umm... Scalding?
Heles: Skin becomes red and wounded when one stands long in the beating sun.
Heles: During training, many of our new soldiers would fail to apply salve and suffer as a result. We have to be prepared.
Lyria: Hmm... Your skin turns red and starts to hurt... Oh, you're talking about a sunburn!
Heles: A sunburn? Yes, I suppose you could call it that.
Vyrn: That's when your skin turns red and gets darker, right? I guess it is kinda like getting burned by fire!
Heles: Now that you mention it, their skin was often darker afterward. If it didn't darken, their pain lasted longer.
Lyria: It stings when you do things like change clothes or take a bath. It can be pretty painful.
Heles: Oh, so you know of it! Then take some. Let me apply it to your back.
Lyria: Thank you, Heles! Okay, here's some for my arms and legs...
Lyria: Eek! Ahahah! Heles, that tickles!
Heles: Don't move now, dear. Oh, I'd better put some on your shoulders, too...
Lyria: Ha! Ahaha!
Lyria squirms and giggles as Heles skillfully puts on the salve.
Heles: There, all done. Now wait for me. I have to apply some as well.
Lyria: Then let me help you this time! I'll put it on where it's hard to reach!
Heles: Hehe. Thank you. Now my back, please.
Lyria: Okay!
  1. Don't forget the back of your neck!
  2. Doesn't that tickle?

Choose: Don't forget the back of your neck!
Lyria: Oh right! Better put some on there, too...
Lyria: (Captain), do you think you could help us? I can hold her hair if you put on the salve.
Heles: Thank you, Lyria. And you too, (Captain).
Lyria: Heles, your hair is so soft and beautiful!
Heles: Hehe. They say a woman's hair is her everything. Your locks are beautiful, Lyria, and you must work to keep them that way!

Choose: Doesn't that tickle?
Heles: It does tickle somewhat, but I can tell that you're trying to be careful.
Lyria: Huh... I guess I'm just more ticklish than you.
Heles: You might think that because the salve made my fingers slippery.
Continue 2
Vyrn: Hey, aren't you gonna put some on too, (Captain)? The sun is lookin' mighty strong today!
Heles: I would advise it. Come, (Captain).
Lyria: I'll help too! But tell me if it tickles, okay?
Accepting Heles's suggestion, (Captain) allows the two to help put on the protective salve.
Now that everyone is ready, they head down to the beach for a dip in the shining blue sea.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

Rage of Bahamut[edit | edit source]

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