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Official Profile

Age 11
Height 130 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Footrace, hide-and-seek, climbing high places
Likes Warm stews, elderly couple who raised her
Dislikes To have her pace disturbed

Character Release


Character Release

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Age 11歳
Height 130cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 駆けっこ、かくれんぼ、高いところに登ること
Likes 温かいシチュー、育ててくれた老夫婦
Dislikes 自分のペースを乱されること

Character Release


Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Kolulu wields Weapon s 1040200700.jpg Gisla from the Vintage Weapon series, though she personally refers to it as 'Stonebreaker'.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I heard from the others that today is your birthday, (Captain).
Hehehe... Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You deserve the best for always being there for me.
Just the other day I stumbled across a place that serves really good stew. Shall we go together?
No, no, please don't worry about the bill.
My purse is heavy from completing a prior job.
It's your birthday. Fill up your belly, and get a taste of how much joy food has to offer!


I am elated to celebrate your birthday yet again, (Captain)!
About your gift, I was thinking of taking you on a tummy-tumbling tour of my favorite restaurants.
Do you have time and tummy space?
Hmm... You don't have to refuse my gift out of modesty. I want to give you this present.
My late father and mother often told me that kindness should beget kindness.
And since you've shown me so much kindness, it's only right I return it with as much gratitude as I can muster!
Now, come (Captain)! Prepare your stomach to be stretched to its absolute limits—for tonight, we dine!


It's your birthday, isn't it? The sky is blue and the sun is shining... Feels like the whole world is celebrating.
Heh... We've never done this before, have we? Just gaze up at the sky together...
Whenever I'm with you, I feel at peace.
It's almost as if my parents had come back to life... It's... Ah, yes. It's that sense of safety!
When you found me, I was balanced on a tightrope between this world and the next. I never thought that I'd know what it was to feel safe again.
I owe everything to you. I don't know what strength is in me, but I vow to fight for you till the end of the skies and back!


(Captain), (Captain)! Happy birthday!
As I was thinking over how to best celebrate this wonderful occasion...
Io, La Coiffe, Chloe, and a few other crew members swung by to give me advice.
And that's when I realized. I've got friends now I can turn to in a pickle!
I could've never imagined such a happy thing back home...
Honestly, if you hadn't let me onto your ship, I might've only known misery for the rest of my days.
That's why your birthday means so much to me. Because you were born, my life took a turn for the better.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)... What do you call this reddish-brown soup with mochi in it?
Golly... So it's called sweet red-bean soup.
This is my first time tasting such a rare and delicious treat.
There's a variety of food in this world I haven't encountered yet.
Hm... I think I have my New Year's resolution, (Captain)!
Um, why are you smiling like that?
Ack! You're absolutely correct. I should've known you'd be able to read me like a book.
Then let's be off! A boundless buffet awaits!


I humbly offer my gratitude for everything you did for me last year.
No, you should not be humble yourself! You truly did a great deal.
There was once a time when I spent days going hungry, hours collapsed on the ground from exhaustion...
But since joining your crew, I've never had a single fainting spell!
I owe you everything, (Captain). My heart is filled with gratitude!
Oh, golly... Do you smell that? It's coming from the kitchen.
Yeep! Preparations for the New Year's feast must have begun already!
Ooh... Anyway, allow me to end with a preemptive thanks for the year ahead, (Captain)! Bye!


(Captain)... About this, er, New Year's fortune...
No, no. I'm not at all upset about how this year is prognosticated to be full of bad luck.
Look at the section on "wishes." It says all my dreams are certain to come true!
Can I trust this? Will my dreams really come true?
Hm? What I wish for? Well...
I want to drown in an ocean of stew!
(Captain)! Why in the world are you laughing fit to burst?


Oh dear. Are you telling me that there's meaning not only behind the number of tiers a New Year's lunch box has, but also behind every food item?
And I've been scarfing everything up like a pig, completely blind to this wonderful tradition I'm taking part in?
That is an affront against all New Year's lunch boxes! I... I have no right to so much as nibble at a bean anymore...
But you, (Captain)... You're so wise. Every day, you open my eyes to some new truth about the world!
No! Now that I'm aware of how meaningful these lunch boxes are... they look all the more beautiful... and delicious.
Whaaat? No, I couldn't!
Are you quite sure? But I was so boorish! How could I possibly lay even a single chopstick into this glorious spread?
Thank you for your kind words. I shall savor them... alongside this delicious meal!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um... Can I have a moment of your time, (Captain)?
I've only ever given chocolate to Father, so this is kind of embarrassing...
But I want to thank you for everything you've done for me.
I hope this will suffice.
Phew, I have no idea why this is making me nervous.


(Captain), it's Valentine's Day!
Aah... Aaaah! I am ever so grateful for you!
Sorry, I didn't intend to send you flying across the room.
Io told me that when you hand over chocolate to your Valentine, you need to show your force.
What if she meant the force of your emotions and not the force of your presentation technique?
Mrrr... I don't think I'm cut out for this sharing feelings business.


For this year's Valentine's, I've apprenticed myself to Io and learned the art of baking.
She taught me about the importance of presentation, which is why I've wrapped everything up in this adorable package.
Of course, it might taste like a mud pie next to those fancy pastries you buy from stores...
But I can guarantee I didn't spare even an ounce of effort. Won't you please accept them?
Oh dear.
It seems I've gotten too flustered and blown (Captain) clear across the room again.


In accordance with our time-honored traditions... Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Heh... Thank the skies I didn't repeat last year's debacle. Goodness, when you went flying, my stomach plunged straight to my toes.
Hm? Say, why are you laughing?
What? Chocolate? Smeared all around my mouth? How embarrassing!
I, er... whipped up a few pieces too many. So I ate a couple chocolates myself to make the box a little less chock-full.
Oh, fudge! Now I'm punning like a father at a children's birthday party!
The shame just never ends...

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

I wasn't expecting you to call me over so suddenly.
Actually, in anticipation of receiving a delicious White Day gift...
I thought it would be a good idea to not eat anything beforehand.
Oh, but please don't take that to mean that I'm making a demand!
Hm? (Captain), you got me a White Day gift?
Thank you! May I open it?
Aaah! These all look so tasty! I guess not eating beforehand was a good idea after all!
That was embarrassing, but at least my stomach seems happy.


Hehe, sorry to keep you waiting, (Captain)!
Ah! Now I've done it... I was told I shouldn't be so giddy during White Day... Shucks...
It's more ladylike to hold back your surprise!
Waaah! My stomach just grumbled! What a disgrace...
Haha... I suppose I'm not as ladylike as I had hoped.


Sniff... I smell something sweet and delicious coming my way...
My! (Captain)!
I'm afraid you've caught me yet again in an embarrassing position. I'm quite ashamed...
But no matter how you might struggle, you can never escape your instincts.
Hehe. This is in return for Valentine's, is it? Thank you so very much!
It really is true, what they say... The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach!


What do you want me to do with this marshmallow?
Roast it over a fire... Then dip it into melted chocolate?
We're treading into unknown territory... Well. First time for everything! Tally-ho!
And now, into my mouth you go!
I... I just tasted paradise! This chocolate fondue, which I've only heard about until now... It must be some sort of divine gift!
What's that you say! I can also try dipping in bananas and other fruits?
Oh, (Captain)... This wonderful new world you've opened up to me... It's the best White Day's gift ever!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Why are you stepping toward me, (Captain)?
I'm still not prepared for Halloween...
Don't tell me a fine soul like you would pull a prank on someone this defenseless!
Unbelievable... It's as if I've returned to those days of anarchy.
Well, if it's a prank war you want—
Ergh, w-wait! Fwahaha!
Tickling is cheating!


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
So, which will you choose? Will you give me a treat or will you suffer my trick?
Ack, truly you wish to suffer my trick? No one has ever selected that option before.
Hmm... I know you won't back down either. Halloween is truly a dangerous affair.
That settles it! I challenge you to a trick off, (Captain)! May the most mischievous prevail!


Ah, (Captain). Trick or treat!
Don't say it back. I've got no sweets on me at the moment, and am thus vulnerable to practical jokes.
Meep! W-what cream on my face?
Mmph... I suppose there was no fooling your eyes, (Captain).
The truth is, La Coiffe baked me a few pumpkin pastries.
I meant to taste only a few, really... But in the blink of an eye, they'd all gone down the hatch... Heh.
What! You'd really share your sweets with me? Sniff... You're kind... You're truly too kind...


What have we here? A perfect paragon of Halloween spirit! As to be expected of you, (Captain).
Might you be hungry, by any chance? I've got some lovely pumpkin stew here...
Well, I never! There's no need to be suspicious. I'm not trying to play a trick on you.
I was making jack-o'-lanterns with a few other members of the crew, and they gave me all the excess flesh.
And I turned that flesh into a culinary masterpiece!
I see you still haven't let down your guard... You must still carry scars from all your past Halloweens.
But I ask you, just this once, to trust me. After all, (Captain)... Your stomach is rumbling up a storm.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)! Something was brought to my attention.
Is it true that the crew holds an annual banquet on the night of wintery eve?
I also heard that crew members who are cooking-inclined prepare scrumptious dishes and cakes.
Golly, you sure are a generous leader, (Captain).
Oh, this won't do. I'm drooling again at the mere thought...
Very well! I shall put myself at your disposal!
One who doesn't work shall not get to eat!


Pant, almost there... Pant, pant...
Ah, good morning, (Captain)!
Yes, this is what it looks like. A lot of food arrived earlier, so I'm carrying it to the mess hall.
Oh, you've already forgotten? You should try to shake off that sleep haze a little quicker.
Tonight is the annual winter banquet, eagerly awaited by everyone in your crew.
Hehe. And this year I've actually enlisted myself to help prepare the food.
I shall make a stew so delicious that your cheeks will plump like the most well fed rodent getting ready for winter!


(Captain), (Captain)! What is that warm twinkling over there?
Ah... So those are the "illuminations" I've heard so much about.
Looking at those lights, I'm reminded of the bright, cheery dinners I shared with my mother and father..
Wouldn't it be nice if we could have illuminations year-round?
Oh! That would be my stomach clamoring for food.
I think I'll go whip up some stew. (Captain), you wouldn't care to join me for a cheery dinner, would you?


My, my. What are you doing, stargazing on a chilly night like this?
Or is it not the stars you're scanning for, but Santa Claus?
Every year, he leaves a present by my pillow, then slips off before I'm any the wiser.
But I've always thought I'd like to properly thank him.
That's why tonight is the night! I'm going to forego sleep and tell that Santa just how grateful I am!
I'm just going to rest my eyes for a bit... But never you worry—I won't be falling asleep.
(Captain) drapes a coat over Kolulu's shoulders and brushes a strand of hair from her sleeping face.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Collapsed Girl

(Captain) and company find a girl collapsed on the side of the road, but she is quickly led away by a man to an underground fight club. After seeing him skim the girl's earnings at the fight club, the crew forces the man to confess and apologize. Now that the girl has nowhere else to go, the crew invites her to join them.

After settling a job on a certain island, the crew head to an eatery to satisfy their hunger.
Along the way they spot a young girl who has collapsed on the road. She's barely able to crawl along the ground.
Rackam: Hey! Are you all right?
???: Y-yes...
Lyria: Phew, it's a good thing you're still alert.
  1. Let's get her to a doctor.

Choose: Let's get her to a doctor.
Rackam: Right, she needs medical—
???: Wait! I implore you, don't act in haste.
Vyrn: You implore us?
Rackam: Calm down there. We're a band of skyfaring Goody Two-shoes.
???: I don't require a doctor. I-I'm simply a tad famished...
Rackam: Uh, you mean to tell me you're so hungry that you collapsed in the street?
A growl from the girl's stomach answers for her. She looks down in embarrassment.
???: Hehehe...
Rackam: Hahaha! Well, I'd take an empty stomach over injuries any day.
???: I am beholden to your kind consideration.
Vyrn: Say, uh, do you always talk like that?
???: I-is there something odd about my speech?
Rackam: All right, all right. Let's get to that later, okay? I think food should come first.
Just as the crew are about to have the girl come join them for a meal, a panicked man sprints over.
Weary Man: Huff, huff... So this is where you wandered off to. Were you expecting to score a meal without any money?
???: I thought I'd at least get to take in the lovely smells of the restaurant...
Weary Man: Oh, please. You'd be wasting your time. Finish your job, and you get to eat. Now come on! We're short on time!
???: Uwagh!
The man grabs the starving girl's arm and drags her away with astonishing speed.
Vyrn: H-hey!
Rackam: Something's up, and I don't like it.
Worried for the girl's safety, the crew chases after her and the man who dragged her away.
The crew tail their targets to an underground fight club where bets are taking place.
The air is electric inside the venue, where gamblers cram together shoulder to shoulder.
Lyria: Oh my goodness. It's crazy in here. But why are there children in a place like this?
Rackam: I wondered if they were the fighters, but there's no way that could be true... Right?
Suddenly a gate to the ring lurches open with a shudder.
The young girl and her apparent custodian appear through the widening gap.
???: (Oog... I'm so hungry. The room is spinning...)
Rackam: You've got to be kidding me.
Spectator: Go on, girl! I got my last rupies riding on your dark horse odds! You'd better win!
Rackam: Hey, pal, fill me in. Has that girl always been a fighter?
Spectator: Huh? Not sure honestly. I think she's just a skyfarer or some such.
Rackam: Wait, she's a skyfarer? Then what about the guy next to her?
Spectator: Nah, he seems different. Don't know what his deal is.
While the crew asks around about the identity of the girl, another gate directly opposite from the young fighter creaks open.
With exaggerated pomp and circumstance, bolstered by cheers of adulation, a fully armored warrior struts into the ring.
Armored Warrior: Graaah!
???: ...
Strangely enough, the young girl isn't fazed in the slightest by her opponent's grandiose aura.
Nor does her custodian react with concern. He simply gives the armored warrior a glance-over.
Weary Man: Beat him, and eighty percent of the cut is yours. Heh, you're lucky to be getting that much.
???: They call him the king of the ring.
???: If I defeat him, that will open the door for bigger and better tournaments down the line!
Weary Man: The bigger the tournament, the bigger the prize money. Heh, you got a big appetite, kid.
???: (My only appetite is for rich, hot stew.)
???: Oops, just thinking about it is making me drool.
Wiping the drool with her sleeve, the girl refocuses all her attention on the battle ahead.
She gives her custodian a respectful bow and then approaches her metal-plated foe.
???: Hark! You shall fall victim to my Stone Breaker!
Armored Warrior: Bwahaha! I commend you for not pissing your pants going up against the mighty king!
Armored Warrior: But you're about to learn there's a fine line between bravery and recklessness!
???: (Concentrate... Concentrate... Stew is my reward for victory!)
The growl from the girl's stomach ignites her resolve to come out triumphant.
Armored Warrior: Hrrraaugh!
As soon as the opening bell sounds, the armored warrior remorselessly swings his great sword at the girl's head.
Lyria: Eeeek!
Spectator: Damn, is it over already?
To everyone in attendance, it would seem this fight is in the books.
A dull clang of metal echoes through the venue, to which the spectators are left rubbing their eyes in disbelief.
They're astonished to see the sword fracture against the girl's head. But unlike the sword, the girl is completely unscathed.
???: Phew! My head is unyielding!
Armored Warrior: Wh-wha... What are you?
???: Now it's my turn!
???: Tallyho!
Armored Warrior: Uaarrgh!
The armored warrior crumples to the ground. The small fighter has earned her victory.
Once the slate of matches concludes for the day, the spectators begin filing out of the venue.
Weary Man: Okay, here's your prize money.
???: Ooh! A hundred rupies! Is it right for me to accept this?
Weary Man: Sure. That's eighty percent as promised. Don't go spending it all in one place.
???: I won't!
Rackam and the others observe the disbursement from afar, but they can no longer keep quiet.
Rackam: I hate to butt in, but can I just point out something?
Rackam: You call this an eighty percent cut, but I doubt an illegal gambling ring would pay out chump change.
Rackam: I don't take too kindly to swindlers who rip off innocent kids.
Rackam grabs the man by the collar, who looks away in silence.
Weary Man: ...
???: If I may, I am indebted to this man for finding me work, considering I have no family to return to.
???: I understand you're acting in my best interest...
???: But can I persuade you to release him?
The young girl bows her head, covering for the man before the situation takes a turn for the worse.
Rackam: Wait a minute. You know this guy is scamming you, right?
???: Sigh. Be that as it may, I still insist.
Rackam: Man, I don't get this...
Rackam releases the man, and the girl flashes a genial smile.
???: Thank you so very much.
Rackam: As for you, buster, I hope you realize how you've been treating this kindhearted girl.
Weary Man: Er, no, I... I didn't mean to bilk her or anything.
Rackam: This isn't the first time, is it?
Weary Man: Sob... I'm racked with debt, and my wife and kids need to eat... One thing led to another...
???: ...
Weary Man: Kolulu... I've been a total fool. Please forgive me.
Kolulu: I see. If that's the case, then I won't pass judgment.
Kolulu: Please look after your family. Success can't come on an empty stomach.
Weary Man: Sob...
With tears streaming down his face, the man bows in shame and leaves.
Kolulu: ...
Rackam: You sure you're okay with this?
Kolulu: Were he a miser, I wouldn't have been as lenient.
Kolulu: But I can't begrudge someone who's only trying to survive.
The level of maturity and empathy expressed by someone this young leaves an impression on the crew.
Lyria: Um...
Kolulu: Oh, where are my manners? I still haven't told you my name yet. I'm Kolulu.
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Kolulu, but what I really want to know is... how is your head feeling?
Kolulu: Worry not for my cranium. It can take the knocks. A weak swat like that isn't enough to crack my skull!
Vyrn: I still wasn't expecting a freakin' sword to snap in half like that.
Kolulu: Hehe. There's nothing surprising about it.
Kolulu: Hardening my body to become tough as steel is a snap for me.
  1. Sounds like pretty funky magic.
  2. I kinda wanna touch your head now.

Choose: Sounds like pretty funky magic.
Kolulu: Oh, it's not magic.
Kolulu: I've had this ability since I was born. Would it be easier to call it a body quirk?
Lyria: A body quirk?
Kolulu: Rather than hearing an explanation, you should just see it for yourself.

Choose: I kinda wanna touch your head now.
Vyrn: Haha, you too, (Captain)?
Kolulu: Hehe, I seem to have piqued your interest. Fine.
Continue 1
Kolulu sucks in a deep breath and holds it.
She then firmly exhales after a brief pause.
Kolulu: Phew!
Kolulu: I give new meaning to the term "headstrong." Go ahead and feel it.
Vyrn: If you insist...
(Captain) and Vyrn take turns poking and tapping Kolulu's head while she continues to exhale.
  1. Whoa! That's hard!

Choose: Whoa! That's hard!
Vyrn: Yowzers! If I had your stone skin, I'd be afraid of nothin'!
Kolulu: Phew...
When Kolulu's breathing returns to normal, so does her body composition. She then proudly flaunts her spear.
Kolulu: Actually there is one thing to be apprehensive of, and it's this spear, Stone Breaker.
Kolulu: It's the only thing I know that's strong enough to crack open my head!
Vyrn: Oh... Is that why it's called Stone Breaker?
Kolulu: Yes! That's what my parents christened it before they passed away.
(Captain) studies the spear with interest.
  1. Where have I seen that spear before?
  2. Is that Gisla?

Choose: Where have I seen that spear before?
Kolulu: Perhaps you came across this spear in the time before it was discarded.
Kolulu: I dug it out from the waste left behind by the Drunk Tanker.
Rackam: What in the world is a "drunk tanker"?

Choose: Is that Gisla?
Kolulu: Oh! You know of its former namesake?
Kolulu: My father was most surprised when I dug this out of the garbage left behind by the Drunk Tanker.
Kolulu: He couldn't imagine someone discarding Gisla, the spear destined to be passed down to those who seek revenge.
Vyrn: Haha, your pops sounds like a funny guy to give a weird name like Stone Breaker to such a priceless spear.
Rackam: To be honest, I'm more interested in what the heck you meant by "drunk tanker."
Continue 2
Before Rackam can inquire further about that peculiar detail, Kolulu's stomach lets loose an angry roar.
Kolulu: Oog...
Rackam: Haha, sorry for holding you up. Totally forgot you're starving.
Lyria: Would you like to join us for a meal, Kolulu?
Kolulu: A wonderful suggestion! My purse was light when you first found me, but now it's been reinvigorated with funds!
Kolulu: These one hundred rupies will go a long way in purchasing a hot stew!
Rackam: Haha, you're a real trooper after being completely taken in by that con man.
Rackam: You know what? Today's on me. Everyone order whatever you want.
Lyria: Yay for Rackam!
Kolulu: Absolutely not. Am I doomed to be forever coddled?
Kolulu: Since I'm unable to offer a sufficient apology, the least I can do is treat you out of my own pocket.
Despite going hungry due to trusting a man who skimmed off her earnings, Kolulu insists on paying for the crew's meal.
The crew are moved by her selfless desire to make amends for what she perceives as inconveniencing them.
Rackam: Come on, Kolulu. I appreciate you throwing us some love, but let me act the big brother for this round.
Rackam: What do you say?
Kolulu: Golly, you've twisted my arm. I offer you my eternal thanks.
The conversation playing out thus far has (Captain) concerned that Kolulu might be too naive for her own good.
  1. What are your plans after this?

Choose: What are your plans after this?
Kolulu: Hm... If I'm going to survive, then I must work for a living.
  1. You can always come with us.
  2. Got something lined up?

Choose: You can always come with us.
Kolulu: Golly!
Lyria: That's a great idea!
Vyrn: Didn't you mention earlier that you don't have any family either?
Kolulu: B-but... You've already gone above and beyond. Any more would be...
Rackam: Haha, you don't have to worry about that. (Captain) here enjoys lookin' out for people.

Choose: Got something lined up?
Kolulu: I can't say that I do, but that shouldn't be a problem.
Kolulu: I can make it on my own as long as I search diligently for work.
Rackam: Yeah, that sounds a wee bit optimistic to me.
Kolulu: Well, you can do anything when you put your mind to it.
  1. I know a crew that could use some help.

Choose: I know a crew that could use some help.
Kolulu: Golly!
Rackam: Haha, that's thinking on your feet, (Captain).
Rackam: Well, Kolulu, our captain's offer stands.
Rackam: We'd be glad to have you, if you're up for it.
Rackam: We get all kinds of job requests all the time. You'd never have to worry about work again.
Continue 3
Kolulu mulls over this unexpected invitation. However, her cranky stomach won't give her much peace to think.
Kolulu: Um... This is rude of me to ask, but may we continue our discussion around a dining table?
Rackam: Haha. Yeah, that'd be even better.
Lyria: Okay, everyone! Let's go get some food!
And so the crew escorts the exhausted Kolulu to the nearest eatery.
Lining her belly with piping hot stew, Kolulu is convinced by the crew's hospitality to join them as the newest addition.

Girl in Flux

Kolulu and the crew think they have cornered a band of wanted criminals in a forest, but the criminals set the trees on fire as a diversion and escape. Due to a past trauma, Kolulu freezes at the sight of the flames—once the fire is put out, the crew inquires about her past.

Some time has passed since Kolulu joined the crew.
On this particular day, the crew has cornered a gang of wanted criminals in a forest.
Kolulu: There's nowhere to run!
Kolulu: I show no mercy to those who commit crimes for the sake of achieving notoriety!
Man with a Bounty: Gehehe, full of pep, this one is. But I bet you didn't see this coming!
Far from being beaten in his moment of desperation, the criminal smirks and sets a tree on fire.
Flames quickly leap from tree to tree, leaving behind a wake of burning destruction.
Kolulu: N-no...
Io: How could you do such a thing!
Man with a Bounty: Gahaha! So long, babyfarers! Take good care of the forest, you hear?
The jeering taunts of the criminals can still be heard as they vanish into the thick smoke.
Vyrn: Come back here! Where do you think you're going!
  1. We need to save the trees!

Choose: We need to save the trees!
Io: Yeah, we'll deal with those losers later!
Kolulu: Huff... huff...
Kolulu: (Fire devours all...)
Kolulu: The scrap mountain is burning...
???: Kolulu! Snap out of it! You need to run!
Kolulu: O-okay!
???: Eergh! Gotta find a way to put it out!
Rival Boss: Hey, you old fart! This is your turf, ain't it? Where's your water supply?
Traumatic memories triggered by the flickering flames force Kolulu to her knees.
Kolulu: Huff... huff...
Lyria: Kolulu!
Io: What's the matter? Is it because of the fire?
Kolulu: Fire destroys everything...
Io: Hang in there, Kolulu! I'll put it out faster than you can blow out birthday candles!
Io: Hyaah!
Io: Take that!
(Captain) and company do everything they can to extinguish the blaze, for the sake of the trees and Kolulu.
Thankfully they're able to stop the fire from spreading.
They then comfort Kolulu, who sits shaken on the ground.
Kolulu: I'm sorry for worrying you all, but it's over now. I'm fine, see? Fine, fine, fine!
Io: Um, you can't fool me. You don't have to act tough for us. Everyone has something they don't like.
Lyria: Io's right! I can't stand ghosts...
Kolulu: Hehehe... I guess I can't stand ghosts either.
Io: That's not exactly what I meant, but whatever. Anyway, why does fire scare you so much, Kolulu?
Kolulu: Well...
  1. It's your choice if you want to tell us.

Choose: It's your choice if you want to tell us.
Kolulu: ((Captain)... Everyone...)
Kolulu: (Mm-hm. I'm not alone anymore.)
The thought of having companions who care for her instills courage in Kolulu's heart.

Girl in Flux: Scene 2

Kolulu explains that she was discarded on an island used as dumping grounds when she was an infant, and was later found and raised by an elderly ex-skyfaring couple. Despite the constant poverty, she was happy living with her foster parents until a huge fire consumed the entire island. Kolulu, the sole survivor, managed to escape on a makeshift airship built by the couple.

Somewhere in the vast sky is an island with no name—a land where neighboring isles dump their excess scrap, junk, and other refuse.
Those who live here are escaped convicts and the destitute; poor in comfort, but rich in suffering.
Like everyone else, these two residents claim whatever they can from the garbage dumped by a waste barge nicknamed the Drunk Tanker.
Selling usable salvage is their main source of income.
Rival Boss: This is all junk. None of this is gonna fetch a price.
???: You there. Young'un. It's not nice to dig around in our patch without permission, now is it?
Rival Boss: Aw, stuff it, old man. You got something to say, then bring it.
???: Why don't I give him a free lesson in how to speak properly?
???: The dead have no use for manners. It's pointless to raise a weed.
A life of bitter struggles leaves little room in their hearts for compassion. They don't hesitate to take lives when survival is on the line.
Yet they're keenly aware that it's impossible to survive alone in this lawless land.
To that end they conscript capable hands into their fold and skirmish with other scavengers over limited resources.
Kolulu: The moon was high, partially obscured by a thin haze.
Kolulu: The Drunk Tanker came again on its usual route and spewed its garbage onto the nameless island.
Kolulu: But that night's load was different, for amid the refuse was an infant wrapped in a blanket.
Kolulu: That infant was me.
Kolulu: My biological parents probably abandoned me out of fear. After all, a normal person shouldn't be able to harden their body like steel.
Elderly Father: Such a travesty. How does a poor newborn end up in the trash?
Elderly Father: What in blue blazes? Am I holding a living statue?
Elderly Mother: Peekaboo!
Elderly Mother: Heehee. Oh, little one, you have a bad case of the giggles.
Kolulu: That's how a kind, elderly couple who used to be skyfarers took me in.
Kolulu: Father started teaching me how to wield a spear.
Elderly Father: Only the strong survive in this world! Get up, Kolulu!
Kolulu: Mother doted on me.
Elderly Mother: Are you hungry, Kolulu? I whipped up a hot stew for you.
Kolulu: My parents raised me to succeed them as the leader of our band of salvagers.
Kolulu: Life in the wasteland was difficult to say the least.
Kolulu: Pain was compounded by suffering on top of everything else.
Kolulu: But my parents were the bright spots in an otherwise grueling existence.
Kolulu: Wow! The night sky is so pretty!
Elderly Father: Haha. Kolulu, you make life worth living on this forsaken rock.
Elderly Mother: You're the bundle of fortune we never thought we'd get.
Elderly Mother: Now I feel like pushing myself to live for a couple more decades.
Elderly Mother: Perhaps I'll get to experience even greater joy by holding on.
Elderly Mother: Like seeing you tie the knot someday. Eh, Kolulu? Hahaha.
Kolulu: It worked out more or less.
Kolulu: I figured I would spend the rest of my days salvaging with my parents and our team, and protecting our territory.
Kolulu: But in one single night, that all went up in smoke.
Kolulu: The scrap mountain is burning...
Elderly Mother: Kolulu! Snap out of it! You need to run!
Kolulu: O-okay!
Elderly Father: Eergh! Gotta find a way to put it out!
Rival Boss: Hey, you old fart! This is your turf, ain't it? Where's your water supply?
Elderly Father: What are you doing here?
Rival Boss: Surviving. Do I have to spell it out for ya?
Elderly Father: Right, gotcha. Head for the northern scrap mountain. There's a reservoir behind it.
Elderly Father: There's already another group trying to keep the fire in check on the western flank! We'll handle things here!
Rival Boss: All right, buckos! Keep that fire from devouring our livelihoods!
Under different circumstances, the island inhabitants would be at each other's throats, but tonight they join forces to combat the blaze.
The sight of swift cooperation fills Kolulu with optimism.
Kolulu: (If we all work together, this fire will be extinguished in no time!)
Kolulu: I'll help too!
Kolulu rushes to help quell the blaze.
But far from weakening, the fire continues to rage out of control.
It creeps over every bit of the island, like a snake slowly squeezing its prey to death.
Kolulu: This can't be...
Elderly Mother: Now's probably the right time, don't you think?
Elderly Father: Follow me, Kolulu.
Kolulu: Wh-where are we going?
The elderly couple take Kolulu by her hands and lead her to the southern tip of the island.
Kolulu lets out a yelp when she sees a shabby airship moored just off a natural jetty.
Kolulu: Huh? Has that airship always been there?
Elderly Mother: Hehe. He never could let go of his dream, I guess.
Elderly Father: I know it's a foolish dream to soar through the skies once more.
Elderly Father: But after scrounging enough lumber to put it together in secret, it's time to see if it's fit to carry on a legacy.
With a heavy smile, the elderly father places Kolulu in the small ship.
Elderly Father: Hahaha! You're the cutest little skyfarer I've ever seen.
Kolulu: What are you doing? You need to get on too so we can all get out of here.
Elderly Mother: We'll be fine.
Kolulu: What are you talking about! How are you going to be fine!
Elderly Father: Kolulu, may you experience ample happiness for the three of us.
Elderly Father: Now fly!
Kolulu's father unties the rope from the dock, and a fierce wind catches the ship's sail.
Kolulu: No, don't do this!
Kolulu: Father! Mother!
Kolulu's bitter wails are lost in the gales that toss the powerless ship away from the tiny island.
Her parents watch their daughter escape into the embrace of darkness. They turn to each other with satisfied smiles and then leap into the sea of fire behind them.

Girl in Flux: Scene 3

After escaping Kolulu landed on a different island where she was helped by the same man who would later take advantage of her, which eventually led to her current tenure with the crew. Now that the crew knows why Kolulu is afraid of fire, they are even more determined to capture the wanted criminals who nearly burned down the forest.

Kolulu's rickety lifeboat drifts through the sky.
It eventually comes to rest on an island.
Kolulu: Sniff... Father... Mother...
???: Ahoy, little miss. What seems to be the problem?
Kolulu, hugging her knees, slowly turns and peers through teary eyes to see a bearded man looking down at her.
Kolulu: ...
Weary Man: I'm not a bad guy. I run a general store in a nearby city.
Weary Man: I was on my way home when I heard your sniffles, and I thought I ought to check on you.
Kolulu: ...
Kolulu remains silent, hoping to ascertain the situation, but her stomach betrays her.
Weary Man: Ahaha! Feeling peckish, eh?
Weary Man: All right, let's get you fed. Can't do anything on an empty stomach.
Kolulu: I don't have any money...
Weary Man: Hah, don't worry about it.
Kolulu: Golly. Are you sure?
Weary Man: You bet.
Weary Man: My wife is the best chef. You just keep stuffing yourself until you wanna call it quits.
Kolulu: Gulp... I am ever grateful for your hospitality.
Weary Man: Er... Haha! Your parents are raising you well. Shall we go?
Kolulu: (Mother taught me not to go with strangers, but...)
Elderly Mother: Now I feel like pushing myself to live for a couple more decades.
Elderly Mother: Perhaps I'll get to experience even greater joy by holding on.
Elderly Father: Kolulu, may you experience ample happiness for the three of us.
Kolulu: (I must live a long life in order to find that happiness.)
Kolulu: (I must live to experience their happiness for them!)
Weary Man: Man, I need some food too. Let's get a move on!
Kolulu: Okay!
And true to his word, the man provides Kolulu with a feast.
Kolulu: So all this time I've been operating on the premise of survival first.
Kolulu: I borrowed the title of skyfarer so that the man could secure jobs for me.
Kolulu: I took a variety of odd jobs ranging from simple to dangerous.
Kolulu: But it was a dreary way to live, all work and no play, always clutching an empty purse.
Kolulu: At some point I heard about the fight club, where winning promised large payouts.
Lyria: So you signed up to fight.
Kolulu: If I hadn't, then I wouldn't have met you wonderful people. Life is full of twists.
Vyrn: That con man started off as a good guy.
Vyrn: I guess I can see why you'd forgive him, even after what you went through.
Io: And now we know why you don't like fire either.
Kolulu: Fire devours all. That's why I'll never forgive those criminals for what they did to the forest!
  1. Let's nab the punks and get the bounty!
  2. Don't force yourself.

Choose: Let's nab the punks and get the bounty!
Kolulu: Yeah! The unjust shall face justice!

Choose: Don't force yourself.
Kolulu: Thank you for the concern, (Captain).
Kolulu: But I take responsibility for allowing those scoundrels to escape because I was afraid of the fire.
Kolulu: I'll fix that blunder no matter what it takes!
Continue 1
With that, the crew is back on the trail of criminals.
Tracking them isn't easy.
But the crew finally learn that their targets are holed up inside a mountain.
This time the crew locks down all possible escape routes, determined not to allow another failed capture.
Kolulu: You're trapped like rats! Surrender!
Man with a Bounty: Tch, you never learn. Might as well save time and kill you right now.
Man with a Bounty: Off with their heads!

Girl in Flux: Scene 4

After capturing the wanted criminals, Kolulu mentions that filling her stomach is her reason for surviving as well as her idea of happiness. Io wants Kolulu to see more of the world, in hopes that she'll find something truly important to her. Having made her first friend in Io, Kolulu can already feel a newfound happiness in her heart.

(Captain) and company capture the criminals, collect the bounty, and head out for a celebratory meal.
Kolulu: Golly...
Io: Hold on, Kolulu! It's not ladylike to let your mouth hang open like that.
Vyrn: Can you blame her for gawking at that bounty though? She's used to getting paid peanuts after a mission.
Lyria: Are you feeling okay, Kolulu?
Kolulu: Ah, Lyria! I've figured it out!
Lyria: Huh?
Kolulu: With this level of funding, I can eat stew to my heart's content!
Kolulu: Simply put, I eat in order to live.
Kolulu: That, to me, is true happiness!
Io: Hm, that's what happiness means to you, eh?
Io glances furtively at Kolulu, who has a skip in her step at the prospect of a big meal.
Io: Say, Kolulu...
Kolulu: Hm? You look uneasy. Could it be that you're hungry too, Io?
Io: No!
Io: I mean, that's not what I... Oh, how should I put this?
Io: My goal is to become a proper lady.
Io: I get to fly all over the place with everyone in the crew.
Io: I've met so many different people, and I've experienced so much...
Io: Um, anyway!
Io: After everything you've been through, I can see why eating makes you so happy.
Io: I know this is going to sound like me being nosy, but there's so much more to this world that I want you to see!
Io: That's how you'll find it, you know?
Io: That's how you'll find that really special something close to your heart.
Kolulu: ...
Kolulu: That special something?
Io brings up a thought that hadn't crossed Kolulu's mind, and it jolts her into contemplative silence.
Kolulu: (What something is there?)
Kolulu: (What could be more important than eating?)
Io: Er, sorry for laying that on you out of the blue. I guess it's not exactly the easiest thing to talk about.
Kolulu: Yeah, it's a complex subject to be sure.
Kolulu: Even so, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts!
Kolulu: (However...)
Kolulu is unsure how to properly respond to Io's outreach.
Io, for her part, continues to ponder the simplest way to get her point across.
Kolulu: ...
Io: ...
(Captain) watches the two with a smile.
  1. I sense a budding friendship.

Choose: I sense a budding friendship.
Kolulu: Golly! Friendship, you say?
Io: Haha, yeah. I can feel it too.
Io: You don't need to overthink things with your friends.
Io: If there's something you don't understand, you talk it out until you do.
Io: Isn't that right, Kolulu?
Kolulu: Is that what friendship means?
Io: Huh?
Kolulu: The thing is, I've never had a friend before...
Io: So does that make me your first friend?
Io: Haha, that's a big responsibility.
Io beams and offers her hand to Kolulu.
Io: Put it there!
Kolulu: Huh?
Io: Come on. Let's shake hands to seal the deal.
Io: From now on you're not just a crew member. You're a good friend.
Kolulu: Okay! Here's to getting off on the right foot!
Kolulu shakes Io's hand. Her smile is as radiant as the sun.
Kolulu: I know we just became friends, but can I ask you for a favor?
Io: What is it?
Kolulu: Can you tell me more about your goal to become a proper lady?
Io: Haha, sure thing!
As the crew members travel from one location to the next, overcoming hardships along the way, their bonds grow ever stronger.
For the familyless Kolulu, she is more than delighted to have finally met her first friend and people who care for her.

Bond as Solid as Stone

Kolulu requests to touch Colossus's armor one day. She explains that she feels a kinship with the primal beast—her body as tough as steel, while its body is made of actual metal. She requests that the two of them become friends, as they've both experienced the pain of loneliness, and Colossus happily accepts. Io joins them after, and the three enjoy a moment of peace together, much like a family would.

It's been a productive day of monster-hunting for Kolulu and Colossus. Kolulu turns to her steel-plated companion.
Kolulu: Er... Colossus! Forgive me for springing this on you, but I have a request.
Kolulu: Would you permit me... to touch you?
Colossus: ...
Kolulu: I was so impressed at the way your mighty shell deflected the monsters' fangs and claws!
Kolulu: I'm dying to see what that armor feels like myself! May I? Please?
Colossus: ...
Colossus gives a very slight nod of its great head.
Kolulu: Really? Are you certain?
Kolulu: Thank you. I'm honored.
Kolulu reaches out slowly and rests her palm against Colossus's armor.
Kolulu: Golly... You're solid as stone!
Kolulu: I humbly thank you! That was an absolute inspiration!
Colossus: ...!
The swelling hum of Colossus's reactor sounds somehow flattered.
Kolulu relaxes at Colossus's reaction and ventures a little further.
Kolulu: Actually... there is one other thing I would like to ask you. Would you... let me ride on your shoulders?
Kolulu: You see, I have this fondness for high places, and I thought that the view from up there must be stupendous... Er... Is that a bridge too far?
Colossus: ...
This time, Colossus's nod is clearly enthusiastic.
Kolulu: I see your heart is as large as your frame!
Kolulu takes a running start and leaps onto Colossus's back, taking care not to scuff its armor as she climbs.
Kolulu: Hehe... I'm the queen of the world!
Colossus: ...
Colossus remains utterly still so its excited little passenger won't fall as she scrambles across its shoulders and peeks at the ground from different sides of its helmet.
At last, Kolulu gets her enthusiasm in hand and seats herself on Colossus's shoulders.
Kolulu: To tell the truth, I've been curious about you for some time.
Kolulu: I may not look it, but I can transform my body to be almost as tough as steel, so I felt like you and I had a connection!
Kolulu: Not to mention what Io told me about you.
Kolulu: She said that for hundreds of years, you were asleep, all alone, in an underground factory.
Kolulu: Weren't you lonely down there?
Colossus: ...
Colossus tilts its head as if listening seriously, though it gives no sign of affirmation or denial.
To Kolulu, however, this seems a clear expression of the primal's melancholy.
Kolulu: Yeah... It's tough being on your own. It's lonely.
Kolulu: When I lost my parents, I cried like a waterfall.
Kolulu: You must have been sad too, spending all that time alone.
Colossus: ...
From her perch on Colossus's shoulders, she strokes its helmet where its cheek would be.
Kolulu: ...
Kolulu: I know this is sudden, but... would you like to be my friend?
Colossus: ...
Kolulu: I never had friends before I met Io and the others.
Kolulu: But now I know just what a wonderful thing friendship is!
Kolulu: And I'd like to share that with you too!
Kolulu: If you think you'd enjoy having me as a friend, that is...
Colossus: ...
Colossus appears to spend a moment processing her request. Then it suddenly lifts her from its shoulders.
Kolulu: Whoa! What's going on?
As Kolulu flails in surprise, Colossus lifts her up to sit on top of its head.
Kolulu: Er... Why did you put me up here?
Colossus: ...!
Colossus raises its mechanical voice in a clear attempt to communicate.
Somehow, Kolulu can tell that the steel giant is happy.
Kolulu: Ahh! So you do want to be my friend? You're not having me on, are you?
Colossus: ...!
Kolulu: Hahaha... I couldn't be happier to count you among my friends!
Io: Kolulu! The minute I take my eyes off you, you're climbing stuff!
Drawn by Kolulu's voice, Io appears and immediately begins scolding her.
Io: It's dangerous to goof around that high up!
Kolulu: Hehe, you should see the view from up here! Why don't you join us?
Io: Yeesh, all the time with this kid...
Io: Fine, fine. I'm coming up, so don't fall off!
A smile peeks through Io's exasperation.
Io: Say, Colossus. Can I ride on top of your helmet too?
Colossus: ...!
Io: Hehe, thanks.
Colossus holds out its palm, Io steps on, and Colossus lifts her up to join their friend.
Io: Well, Kolulu, are you happy you made a new friend?
Kolulu: Hehehe... I certainly am!
Kolulu: I count myself extremely lucky!
Colossus: ...!
Colossus's reactor hums in resounding agreement with her sentiment.
The three friends seem more like a family as they enjoy this moment of peace and warmth.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
次の依頼はなんでごんすか? What's the next job?
“へべれけ”とは投棄艇のことでごんす The Drunk Tanker is a waste barge.
ルリアさんはかなりの食通のようで申すな Lyria is a true gourmand.
日銭を稼ぐことが明日につながるで申す! Earning bread today is the key to another tomorrow!
お腹が空いて力がでないでごんす…… It's impossible to run on an empty stomach.
イオ! レディについて語らうでごんす! Tell me about being a proper lady, Io!
名もなき小島はどうなったので申そう…… I wonder how the old island is faring?
わたしは亡き父と母のため長生きしてみせるで申す! I'm going to live twice over for my deceased parents!
はわ~美味しそうな匂い…… Mmm... That delicious aroma.
世界は思ったよりも広いのでごんすね…… The world is bigger than I thought.