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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3020052000 01.jpg Lamretta (R)
Age 27 years old
Height 127 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Booze
Likes Singing at parties, people who can hold their liquor
Dislikes Fine detail work, people who sweat the small stuff
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3020052000 01.jpg Lamretta (R)
Age 27歳
Height 127 cm
Race ドラフ
Likes 宴会で歌うこと、お酒に強い人
Dislikes 細かい作業、細かい人

Npc f 3030186000 01.jpg Lamretta (Water)
Age 27 years old
Height 127 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Booze
Likes Singing at parties, people who can hold their liquor
Dislikes Fine detail work, people who sweat the small stuff
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030186000 01.jpg Lamretta (Water)
Age 27歳
Height 127 cm
Race ドラフ
Likes 宴会で歌うこと、お酒に強い人
Dislikes 細かい作業、細かい人

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

And one more... for the road... Hic...
Nnngh... Ughhh... Sorry for being such a lush...
You should really... try not to overdo it like me...


Red: I never learn... Heheh... Sorry... I'm just a mess...
Lammy: There, there! No use trying to change your nature, sweetie!
Rammy: Will you quit babying her, Lammy?
Lamretta: Cut it out, guys! Don't fight on (Captain)'s birthday!
Red: I'm done... Sorry, guys... I'm heading back early...
Lamretta: H-hold on! This is an important day! You stay in your seat, little miss tipsy!
Lammy: Exactly... Can't go against a psychological phenomenon like this, after all...
Rammy: Hold it! What if we worked together to carry her back? And wished (Captain) a happy birthday at the same time?
Lamretta: Hey... that is an option!
Lammy: If you insist...
Rammy: Here we go, everyone!
Lamretta: Heave-ho!
Lammy: Urgh!
Red: T-thanks... everybody... you're real... lifesavers...
Rammy: On three!
Lamretta: Happy!
Rammy: Happy!
Lammy: Birthday!
Red: Yeah...


Red: Hap-happy birth... day...
Rammy: Geez, Red. Hitting the sauce a little too hard, huh?
Lammy: Are you okay, sweetie? If you feel bad, you can lie down you know.
Lamretta: No you can't! Today's (Captain)'s birthday!
Red: Oh that's—urgh—never mind... Still not feeling so hot...
Rammy: Nope. Not today. You better get over it quick!
Lamretta: That's right! But didn't we have almost the same conversation last year?
Lammy: Did we? How did we handle her then?
Red: Everybody... Urgh... They helped...
Lamretta: Stop talking! You gotta rest!
Rammy: It's okay, Red, I remember too. Let's all help celebrate again this year.
Lamretta: Great idea! Lammy, you have to help too!
Lammy: Fiiine, if I have to.
Red: You guys... are the best...
Rammy: Here we go! Ready... aaand...
Lamretta: Happy!
Lammy: Happy!
Rammy: Birthday!
Red: Yeah...


Red: Urgh...
Lammy: Oh, you don't look so good, Red. Hurry up and get over it!
Rammy: Sigh... I just can't anymore... She's always like this...
Red: Urgh... So-rry...
Lamretta: Everyone, wait a moment! It just occurred to me that today is (Captain)'s birthday, right?
Red: !
Lammy: Now that you mention it!
Rammy: Ugh! Look what happens when you let yourself go, Red!
Red: Sorry... Everyone... Sorry... (Captain)...
Lamretta: Red, before you apologize don't you have something else to say?
Rammy: What if we all said it together?
Lammy: That would be just like us! One, two...
Lamretta: Happy!
Rammy: Happy!
Lammy: Birthday!
Red: That...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy... New... Year... And I'm already super trashed...
Whatever happens, (Captain)... don't turn out like me...


Ungh... And here we are... again...
Hurgh... I regret nothing... This is... what I wanted...
I love spirits...
As much I love you, Cap'n...
Huh? You don't want to hear me say that?
If I don't clean up my room... you're going to boot me off the ship?
G-gotcha! I'll get cleaning once I feel better!
So just... don't rush me...


Happy New Year...
Urgh... But what's so happy about it...
This year's... resolution...
Stay... hydrated...
Just kidding... It's work harder... So I don't get fired...
Sorry... Wouldn't blame you—urgh—if you kicked me out now...
But before you do... Can you get me some water? P-please...


でも……いたるところで 新年のイベントなんてやってて…… ついつい……お酒も進み……
気づいたら何本もの空き瓶が お姉ちゃんの周りに転がってたにゃ……

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy... Ballentimes... Oogh...
(Captain)... Over there... Yeah... In that desk...
There are... chocolates... in the drawer... Guh... Hoogh...


Over there...
Can't move...


(Captain), Shappy Dalentine's Vay!
Take what you find... in the drawer...
G-go ahead... I don't mind. Take it...
Hiccup... Hurry up though...
Pant... pant... Gone yet?
Oof... Sorry, (Captain)... Uuurgh...


(Captain)... Take the chocolate... And then leave...
If you stay there...
You'll see what becomes of all the food I ate today...
I'm holding it back... So hurry... Leave...
Yeah... I-I'm fine. I just need to rest, and I'll be okay...
Oh, wait! I just need to say one thing...
Happy... Valen—

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy... White... Day... I appreciate you getting me something, but...
Couldja... get me some... water...?


You're too kind...
I'll make it...
Up to you...
I love how...
Kind you are...


Pant... Pant... A present?
Th-thank you... Oof... Put it in the drawer...
D-don't be shy... Go ahead... Hurry though...
Oof... Little faster...
Huh? You're gonna sit with me?
No... Gulp... Oh no... Here it comes...
You're a sweety, but—oh boy... Pant... Hold it in, Lammy... You can do this...
I'm, uh, better off alone... Gulp... Today... Oof...
Pant... Ooo... I wanna cry...


(Captain)... Thank you for the... chocolates...
I-I'm so... happy...
I feel better... but I'm gonna go puke...
I'll do that and get pretty... and cleaned up for you...
What? I'm not... gonna eat your gift... until after I puke, silly...
I would never do that... to something you gave me...
That's why I... Need to visit the... Little girl's room... And hack it...
All of i—hurgh...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy... Halloween! I'm pretty much partied out, (Captain)...
S-so if you had any tricks planned, save them...
If you could just keep an eye on me in the meantime, that'd be great...


Huh? You're wondering where the grape juice-flavored candies Katalina made went off to?
Heh... Heheheh... Lemme think... Uh oh, I think I'm having a really bad trick or treat flashback...
If I go back to... oof... where I was at the time...
Maybe the tragedy... can be averted...


W-wait a minute... Hiccup...
Wheeze... I-it's comin'...
Gotta... get back to my room... If I hurl right here, nobody'll lemme live it down...
P-please... Carry me... Hiccup...


I don't need anymore candy...
And I've had all...the special sauce I need...
Gimme...Gimme water...
Trick or water...
If you don't give me water...I'll give you a yak attack...
Yak or water...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy... holi... daze... Oogh... My head's killin' me...
Not sure I have it in me to party with everyone right now...
Urp... I'm gonna crash in my room... I'll poke my head in again when things calm down...


Nngha... Guess I overdid it with the spirits...
You really picked a good time to show up, (Captain).
Couldja... maybe get me some water?
Blegh... M-my head's killing me.
Hm? Water? For me? Thanks... Gulp, gulp, gulp... Ahhh...
Ungh... Is this really water? It tastes kind of... sugary.


Ugh... Happy... holidays...
Ah, (Captain)... Are you enjoying the party?
Even though... I'm here... Sorry, I can't...
Hm? What're you... giving me?
Eek... Aah? C-cold snow? Feels nice...
Pant... That feels better...
Ugh... Never mind...
I'm gonna sleep in my room... When I feel better, we can exchange presents...


Huff... Huff...
Hap... Holid... Burp!
Huff... (Captain)? I wancha... to hab a good night...
Buh... If you stay here... Oh you'll get a wet present you really... won't want...
W-what... That's not what I meant... I was talking about a monster...
There it is! Hiccup! Let ol' Lamretta... take care of it...
(Captain)... go on without me... Live... for the both of us...
I... can handle this... So hurry...
Go... Now... While I can hold it off... Run you fool...

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

To Feast Again[edit]

(Captain) and the crew hold a feast to comfort a broken-hearted Lamretta, and listen to her talk about her time at the abbey. She was once a pious sister, but after her first taste of wine, she left the abbey and has not been back since. The crew takes care of Lamretta as she cries over her past regrets.

Lamretta not in crew

During their journey, our heroes meet the lovable drunk nun, Lamretta.
While traveling with the party, she falls in love with a certain someone of the opposite sex, but gets nothing in return but the cold shoulder.
Our heroes join Lamretta at a tavern to console the nun in her grief and heartbreak.

Lamretta is a crew member

(Captain) and company enter a drinking competition with Lamretta.
Lamretta falls for a man she meets there, but gets nothing in return but the cold shoulder.
Our heroes join Lamretta at a tavern to console the nun in her grief and heartbreak.
Continue 1
Lamretta: Ooh...guysh... You all came here jussst for me? Thanks!
Vyrn: Good grief...she’s already drunk.
Lyria: Now, now, Vyrn. You know how much she loves to drink. Why not let her, just for today?
Vyrn: Yeah... “just for today.” As if she weren’t always drunk.
Lamretta: Katalina and Rackam, you came, too? I’m sho happy to sssee you!
Katalina: The pleasure is all ours. Lyria told me what happened. I’m honored to be invited.
Rackam: Yeah! I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but whatever, I'm glad to be here!
The whole crew was invited to help lift Lamretta’s spirits.
Lamretta: Today we can drink, drink, and drink some more! And forget evvverything else!
Lamretta: So let's have a toast... Cheers!
Katalina: Cheers!
Rackam: Cheers!
Lamretta leads everyone in a toast, thus raising the curtain on some rather unusual festivities.
It may have begun as a last minute, unplanned affair, but it turned out to be quite the wild party.
Lamretta: Hahaha! Drinking hasn’t been this much fun in ages!
Katalina: Haha! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Lamretta!
Lamretta: That jerk who dumped me is ancient history! I don’t need him!
Katalina: Good, that's the spirit! I know there's a better man for you out there somewhere!
Lamretta: Thanksh, Katalina!
Rackam: All right! Now that that's settled, let's drink our cares away!
Lamretta: Just what I was thinking, Racky! Order another round!
Rackam: Sure thing! Hey, waitress! Could you bring us another round of drinks? And some snacks, too, while you're at it.
Vyrn: Well, well...I think she's found a kindred spirit.
Lyria: Hee hee. I'm glad everyone's having so much fun.
Moved by the casual, open atmosphere, Rackam starts to talk.
Rackam: Ha, ha, ha! But, man, Lamretta! You’re the least pious nun I’ve ever seen in my life!
Lamretta: Ulp!
Lamretta chokes at Rackam’s comment.
Katalina: What! What's the matter, Sister Lamretta?
Rackam: Um...did I say something I shouldn’t have?
Lamretta: N-no... I just remembered the abbey and it made me gag.
Lyria: Now that you mention don't talk much about your time in the abbey.
Vyrn: Yeah...we didn’t ask too many questions before we let you join our crew.
Lamretta: Hrgh! W-well who cares about the past anyway?
Lamretta: As long as we enjoy the here and now, that's all that matters! Am I right?
Vyrn: Yeah! You're exactly right, Lamretta!
Lyria: Of course! You don’t have to force yourself to talk about it if you don't want to!
Lamretta: Aww, you guys are so understanding...
Lamretta: Hrrngh... But you backed down so actually made me want to tell you about it!
Vyrn: What? So you DID wanna talk about it!
With that, Lamretta begins to open up about her past.
Lamretta: I come from a long line of clergy—very pious—and it's expected from birth that you’ll serve at an abbey.
Lamretta: Even as a young maid, before I knew the taste of wine, I lived a life of apostolic poverty in the abbey.
Rackam: Wow. So even you were sober once.
Lamretta: Don't be so rude! I had a pure and proper childhood, I'll have you know!
Lamretta: I never tasted one drop of sake back when I was a devout sister!
Rackam: Whoa, sorry! did you end up as the Lamretta we know and love today?
Lamretta: Ah, how could I ever forget... It was my first New Year's Eve as an adult...
Lamretta: That night, I was treated to some of the abbey’s own special liqueur.
Lamretta: Heh...that one drink started it all...
Lyria: Wh-what happened?
Lamretta: That was my first taste of alcohol. Its sweet taste made me feel like I'd died and gone to heaven...
Lamretta: After that, I drank any and every drop of spirits I could find in the abbey.
Lamretta: But when I came to...
Vyrn: Uh oh...what happened?
Lamretta: Well...I don't remember.
Vyrn: What? Nothing at all?
Lamretta: No...and I was too scared to ask anyone what I did. Ever since then I don't dare go back to the abbey.
Lamretta: Ugh... Waahh! It makes me cry just thinking about it!
Lyria: What do we do now? She's crying her eyes out.
Lamretta: Hnnngh...I can't face my friends at the nunnery...or my family...ever again!
Rackam: C'mon, everybody has an embarrassing story about drinking too much at least once in their life. Isn't that right, Katalina?
Katalina: Huh? Um, y-yes, of course! In any case, don’t you think your friends and family are worried about you?
Vyrn: She's right. You should at least stop by some time.
Lamretta: Sniff...hic... think so?
Rackam: Come on, cheer up! And if you're too scared to go alone, we’ll all go with you!
Lamretta: Th-thank you, Rackam...
Rackam: For crying out’re hopeless. But we're here with you now, so go ahead and get hammered!
Lamretta: Meep! Really?
Encouraged by Rackam, Lamretta wipes away her tears.
Lamretta: Hey, waitress! We need refills over here!
Her mood having quickly turned around, Lamretta gleefully orders more and more to drink.
Lamretta: Ugh...oof... Hic!
Lamretta: Hahahahaa... This is gonna be a funnn night!
Thus the night of merriment ended in the blink of an eye.
As the night wears on, the party gets up to leave, but then notices that Lamretta is nowhere to be seen.
Lyria: Wait a minute... Where did Lamretta go?
(Captain) goes off to find a staff member, but instead finds Lamretta hiding in a corner, drunk out of her mind.
Lyria: Oh, oh no! What do we do?
Lyria: Um, um... I'll go find help, just stay here with her!
  1. Shake her shoulders.
  2. Tickle her armpits.

Choose: Shake her shoulders.
Lamretta: Ughh... I think I'm...done...for the night.
Lamretta: Hee hee hee... Huh? Nightyyy night...
  1. Pinch her cheeks.
  2. Lend her a shoulder.

Choose: Tickle her armpits.
Lamretta: Hahahah! Hah! What’rrre you d-d-doing!
Lamretta: Hee! Heeheehee! C-c-c-cut it out!
Lamretta's body convulses with laughter.
  1. Pinch her cheeks.
  2. Lend her a shoulder.

Choose: Pinch her cheeks.
Choose: Pinch her cheeks.
Lamretta: Huh? Hey, now. It’shh nah nice to make fun of a grrrown-up!
Lamretta: You deserve a shpanking!
Smiling impishy, Lamretta brings her face closer to (Captain)'s.
  1. Resist.
  2. Get even closer to her.

Choose: Lend her a shoulder.
Choose: Lend her a shoulder.
Lamretta: Hee hee... You are shhooo nice...
Lamretta: You realllly cute, you know thah?
Lamretta snuggles closer.
  1. Resist.
  2. Get even closer to her.

Choose: Resist.
Choose: Resist.
Lamretta: Hee hee hee. There’sss not a lot of room to move arounnnd.
Lamretta: So donnn’t shtruggle, or you could get hurt.
Lamretta limply tries to pull herself closer to (Captain).

Choose: Get even closer to her.
Choose: Get even closer to her.
Lamretta: Hee hee...there, there... Thah's it...
Lamretta: Yeaaah... Good. Jush a little thish...
Lamretta curls up like a relaxed little kitten.
Continue 2
Just then, Lyria and the others appear.
Lyria: Phew, I'm back...with help!
(Captain) frantically wrestles free of Lamretta.
...but loses balance instead, and ends up falling down against her.
Lamretta: Meep! Th-thish...doesn't feel...right...
Vyrn: Ooh, scandalous!
Katalina: Rackam! Lend a hand here!
Rackam: You got it! I'm on my way!
Lamretta: Ungh... Oh, nooo... Can't take...any more...
Lamretta: Haah... haah... Haah... Haah... Ugh...urp!
Katalina: Wait! Lamretta! If you give up’ll lose your dignity!
Lamretta: Ugh...ergh... Phew! I won't give up...never!
Lamretta thus narrowly maintains her dignity as a woman.
And, through the impressive teamwork of Katalina and Rackam, a major disaster is avoided.
The staff looks on in disgust as the party leaves the tavern just before closing.
Lamretta: I'm s-so sorry...everyone...
Lamretta: Zzz... zzz... Zzz... zzz...
Lamretta uses all her remaining energy to offer words of gratitude to the party.
Katalina: Phew...that’s one less thing to worry about.
Vyrn: about reckless drinking.
Rackam: Heh heh... Well, it’s partly my fault for telling her to get hammered.
Lyria: Ahaha... We caused a bit of trouble for the staff, but at least it didn’t end in a disaster.
Rackam: All right! Then let's get back on our feet and head home! C'mon, (Captain)!
Lamretta, inebriated and sound a sleep, begins to snore peacefully.
The party continues to nurse Lamretta as they make their way to the airship.

In the Middle of a Feast[edit]

Having taken care of Lamretta, the crew are taking her back to the ship. Lamretta wakes up as she is carried by Rackam. He puts her down, and she grovels before them and apologizes for the trouble she caused, but monsters appear and attack her.

The party nurses Lamretta after she drank herself under the table at the tavern.
The night is half over. The party heads for the ship, Rackam carrying Lamretta on his back.
Lamretta: Huh... Where am I?
Rackam: Yo, Lamretta! You finally awake?
Lamretta: Rackam... What happened to me?
Vyrn: I don't believe this! You mean you don't remember anything?
Lamretta: I-I'm so ashamed...
Lyria: least no one got hurt.
Lamretta: Let's see...I do remember...I was having a good time, drinking with all of you...and then...
Lamretta: Ugh! My head! It feels like it's gonna split in half!
Katalina: Are you alright? Here, drink some water.
Lamretta: Gulp...gulp... Um, thank you.
Lamretta: Ah, Racky! You don't have to carry me any more! I'm fine now!
Rackam: Are you sure? I don’t want you to overdo it—you’re still a little green!
Lamretta: I'm fine, I'm fine! I don't wanna trouble you any more!
With that, Lamretta struggles out of Rackam’s grip and onto her feet.
She lets the momentum carry her to her knees, where she grovels before our heroes.
Lamretta: I'm sorry! Forgive me!
Lamretta: It was so nice, getting to party with all of you, but...but I...
Katalina: What! Lamretta, please! Stand up!
Lamretta: B-but...this is the only way I can express...
Rackam: No, it’s not. You don’t need to do that.
Lamretta: Ugh...ohhh... I... Thank you...all of you! ...Urp!
Lamretta: Haah... haah... When I’m on the ground like’s coming back...
Rackam: Wh-whoa, wait! We appreciate your feelings, so get up already!
Lamretta: Hngh...I-I can't...
Lamretta: This must be my punishment...divine punishment from God, so that I will repent of my sinful deeds...
Katalina: Huh? Stop that, Sister Lamretta... Come over here! Now!
Lamretta: N-no! I don't deserve your kindness, Kataleeni! You'll just spoil me!
Rackam: No, Lamretta! Behind you! Look behind you!
Lamretta: Meep? Be...hind me?
Monster: Grrrr!
Lamretta: Eeek!
Rackam: Whoa!
Monster: Grr...
Lamretta: Th-thank you!
Katalina: Grr... We're surrounded! Divide and conquer!
Rackam: Come on, (Captain)! Let's get them!

In the Middle of a Feast: Scene 2[edit]

After escaping the monsters, the crew seeks shelter in a nearby home. The man living there gives them a drink, but it contains strong alcohol, and they pass out. Just as the ruffians in the house make their move, Lamretta stands up to protect the crew, unaffected by the drink.

(Captain)‘s party breaks through the monsters’ siege.
They take refuge in a house they find in the area nearby.
Vyrn: Knock knock! Let us in!
Katalina: Please! We were attacked by monsters! We're not burglars or anyone suspicious!
In response the door cracks open slowly.
Wary Man: Hm? What do you want?
Lamretta: Haah...haah... As you can see...
Lyria: Please help us! We're in deep trouble.
Wary Man: I see. Well, you're not the only ones who are troubled. ...Come in.
Just then Rackam and (Captain) catch up to the rest of the group.
Rackam: Hang on! We could use some help, too!
Wary Man: Hmm. There are more of you? Fine, come in.
The party takes shelter in the man's home.
Chilled to the bone after running around in the night air, the party accepts warm drinks from their host.
Lamretta: Thanks so much for the hospitality.
Rackam: Uh, wait, Lamretta!
Lamretta: Gulp...gulp... Mmm...
Lamretta: Ahhh, I feel all warm and fuzzy.
Rackam: Come could show a little restraint.
Wary Man: Hey, now. It’s rude not to accept what your host offers you, and you know it.
The man takes a sip of the same beverage he offered to our heroes.
Rackam: Ah, well...yes, you're right. I’m sorry.
(Captain) and company taste the drink provided by their host.
Its mellow, fruity flavor encourages the party to keep drinking.
Katalina: All right... It's starting to get light outside, so I think we should get going.
Katalina tries to stand up, but she collapses to the floor.
Rackam: Aw, come on. What’s wrong with you?
Rackam pokes fun at Katalina, but he doesn't seem to be able to find his footing either.
Katalina: What the—! What's going on?
Wary Man: Heh heh heh... Don't worry, it wasn't drugged! But there was some alcohol in it.
Just then, ruffians appear out of the back room.
Ruffian: Heh, heh, heh. Nice, isn't it? Easy to drink, but it still packs a punch!
Katalina: Ugh... This is nothing I can’t handle...
Wary Man: Oho! Still trying to move, are you?
Rackam: Grr... How could I be so stupid!
Ruffian: Heh. Don’t waste your time. It’s too late to fight it now.
Ruffian: Heh heh heh... This is the end for you.
Lamretta: I wouldn’t say that.
Lamretta stands before the ruffians.
Ruffian: Huh? What did you just say? You’re the drunkest of the lot!
Lamretta: Hee hee... Don't write me off too quickly...
Lamretta: Your little soft drink won’t hurt me! I’m still at 100% normal functionality!
Ruffian: Shut up! We’ll start with you, then! You’re in for a world of hurt!
The ruffian’s angry bellowing rouses Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, what's the big fuss?
Lyria: Mmm... Lam...retta?
Lamretta: Now it's my turn to protect my friends!
Lamretta: Come on! Show me what you got!

In the Middle of a Feast: Scene 3[edit]

The crew members are saved from their predicament by Lamretta, but they are concerned that her love of partying is bad for her health. A few days later, Katalina and Rackam accompany her to the tavern to keep an eye on her. However, they only exhaust themselves trying to keep up with her partying, and Lamretta shows no sign of changing her habits.

Lamretta saves the party from their predicament, and they all return safely to the airship.
Lamretta: Hahaha... Sometimes being a heavy drinker can come in handy!
Rackam: Yeah...but you could stand to drink a little less.
Lamretta: Hm...maybe you're right...
Katalina: I agree. I'm worried about your health, Sister Lamretta.
Lamretta: If you're that concerned...then why don't you try keeping a better eye on me?
Lamretta: ...Oh! I just had an idea!
Lamretta breaks into a happy grin.
A few days later, Rackam and Katalina are drinking with Lamretta.
Lamretta: Woo, hahaha! Can't you two hold your liquor?
Rackam: Yeah, we can...but you can hold too much.
Katalina: My apologies... This is the last one...for me...
Rackam and Katalina had joined Lamretta for a drink in an attempt to curb her imbibing.
But their valiant efforts end in vain as Lamretta drinks them under the table.
Lamretta: Oh well... I suppose I'll let Kataleeni of the hook now.
Katalina: Ah...thank you...
Lamretta: All right then, see you tomorrow!
Katalina: What!
Rackam: You're joking...right?
Katalina: Ahem... Tomorrow, I, uh, I have plans! You’ll have to excuse me...
Rackam: Hey, wait! You can’t just run away! That’s not fair!
Lamretta: Oh, Racky? I thought you weren't done yet!
Rackam: Okay, but just one more!
With that Rackam slowly tiptoes away from Lamretta.
Lamretta: Hee hee. You really are a nice guy, Rackam.
Lamretta: If only you could hold your alcohol just a little more...
Lamretta: Huh? Rackam? Are you awake? Raaackaaammm!
They say Lamretta continued talking to the large bottle of spirits for quite some time after that.
Will Lamretta ever solve her drinking problem? ...God only knows.

Why Four Art Thou, Lamretta?[edit]

Lamretta, Lamretta, Lamretta, and Lamretta have a fun-filled party, while (Captain) and others look on in amusement.

Lamretta: Cheers!
Lamretta: Thanks for showing up today, everyone!
Lammy: Of course! Nothin' better than enjoying a night with good friends and good drinks!
Rammy: You're not going home early this time, right? This party's just getting started!
Red: I think... I'm just... about done...
Rammy: Whoa, check out this party animal over here!
Lamretta: Haha, now things are getting fun!
Rammy: Hold on, are you going to just let her go off on her own?
Lamretta: Sure am! Sometimes you just gotta call it a night!
Lammy: Mmhm, best to get out early before you regret it!
Red: Huff... Wheeze... I think I'll... be okay...
Rammy: You sure? Don't overdo it, dear! You're not as young as you used to be!
Lamretta: Forget the details! Let's party!
Lammy: To forgetting bad memories!
Rammy: What did I just say, you two?
Red: Urk... Don't worry about me... You guys... keep going...
Rammy: Hmm... You sure you're okay, dear?
Lammy: So how've things been lately, Lamretta? You digging the new workplace?
Lamretta: Heheheh, best joint I've ever worked at!
Lammy: Wow, really? That's unexpected.
Lamretta: Heheh, Cap'n (Captain), Cat-alina, and Rack'em are the best bosses I've ever had!
Lamretta: Hee hee, everyone else on the ship's so nice, too!
Rammy: Now that you mention it, you've lasted longer there than anywhere else!
Lammy: Wahoo! Now there's a cause worthy of celebration!
Lamretta: Yup! I'm just gonna do my best to stick around until Cap'n (Captain) gets sick of me!
Lammy: Heheh, how could anyone not want to keep a charmer like you around, Lamretta?
Lamretta: Hoho! You really think so? Am I... beloved?
Rammy: You guys need to get your acts together and think about the future!
Lammy: Hee, the future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!
Lamretta: Hey, we ain't got time for all this future talk! Let's paaartay!
Lammy: So like, which one of the other crew members do you like the best?
Lamretta: Bwaaah? Why you bringing up something like that?
Lammy: Oh, please. You've got feelings for someone there! Why try to hide it?
Lamretta: Brgraah? Nope! Sure don't! Just precious friends, one and all!
Rammy: Hm? Do you hear something?
Red: Never mind guys, I... gotta bow out this time... For real...
Lamretta: You okay?
Red: I'm exhausted...
Red: Burp...
Lammy: Wow.
Red: Just need a little... time out...
Red: Water... Get me water...
Lamretta: Got it! I'll get water. The rest is up to you!
Lammy: Party overload...
Red: Sorry, guys...
Rammy: Hey, we're all in this together, right?
Red: Belch...
Red: I can see rainbows...
(Captain) and the others have been observing Lamretta's strange display from nearby.
Vyrn: Is she okay? She's been mumbling to herself for hours.
Katalina: Goodness... She's not causing trouble for anyone. At least for now.
Lyria: Hee hee, if something happens, Rackam and (Captain) will handle it!
Rackam: Aw, c'mon! Not on our day off! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) simply answers Rackam's question with a huge grin.
From there, Lamretta continued her one-woman party well into the night.
Surprising no one, Rackam was eventually forced to eject her from the premises due to rowdy behavior.