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Official Profile

Age 27
Height 127 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Booze
Likes Singing at parties, people who can hold their liquor
Dislikes Fine detail work, people who sweat the small stuff

Character Release

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Age 27歳
Height 127cm
Race ドラフ
Likes 宴会で歌うこと、お酒に強い人
Dislikes 細かい作業、細かい人

Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! Your birthday parties are always the best!
Normally I'd be raising one or two or ten toasts to ya, but I'm putting a lid on it this year!
We'll share a glass when you're old enough to drink! I don't mind waiting!
Hehe, did I sound like Dad just now? Ah, I can tell that's going to be a fun birthday!
Gosh, but this party food? It'd taste so good with wine... Drool...
Ack, kidding! Kidding! I won't break that easily!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
I've been waiting so long for your birthday party this year! It's gonna be amazing!
I have to admit the temptation of alcohol is overwhelming, but I'm gonna do my best to resist!
Don't worry, I've come up with the perfect plan—all for when you can finally have a toast with me.
I'm gonna act as an MC for your birthday party, together with Korwa and Lowain!
It's gonna be great, so go all out and have a good time, all right?
Just kidding... Who am I to say?
But don't go over the top.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Hm? I sound really excited? Obviously—it's your birthday!
Glug, glug...
Alcohol? Nope—it's actually super carbonated soda that Lowain and the others specially made for me!
Apparently I looked like I was having a hard time last year, so they made a drink that's similar to something alcoholic for me!
The bubbly taste is so good—it tastes exactly like my usual drinks!
With this, I should have no problem waiting until we can have a real drink together, (Captain)!
Huh? You want to try this? Um, well, I guess you can since it's just a carbonated drink...
But I mean, as an adult, I shouldn't offer you something that's remotely like anything alcoholic... even if it's your birthday... Hmm.
Sorry, let me think about it! For about... a year.
Huh? What do you mean a year's too long?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
It's crazy that I'm awake right now, I know. But watching the first sunrise of the year is a can't-miss, feel-good event.
Having a consistent sleep schedule when I was at the abbey probably helped me wake up in time too.
Either way, I got to see a beautiful new dawn!
Feeling the sun's warmth sets the tone for the rest of the season and the parties to come!
Yawn... Wait, when's the dinner party again? I don't know if I can... Yawn...
Huh? Wha? I'm up, I'm up!


Yaaawn... Good... mooorning... Aah, so... sleepy...
Oh, (Captain)! Sorry you had to see that...
Since I did so great waking up last year, I thought I could do it again this year, but... it's tougher than I thought...
Still, I'm gonna do this. I'll go take a shower and make it a refreshing start to the new year!
Remember your days at the abbey, Lamretta! You can do it!
Could you maybe get a nice, fluffy towel ready for me, (Captain)? That'd be great.
All right, off I go. Oh yeah, and Happy New Year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain)! H-here! Chocolates for you!
They're super cute and delicious, or at least I hope they are... Anyway, enjoy!
Phew! Giving a gift while sober is more nerve-racking than I thought it would be.
If I knew this was going to be so bad for my heart, I would've prepped myself with a drink...
Ah, this is so awkward! I'm gonna go now! Bye, (Captain)!


Whew! This won't do—I gotta relax.
I'm just giving (Captain) chocolates to show my appreciation. Nothing to get nervous about!
Whoa! (Captain)! How long've you been there for? Wha... Since the beginning?
Uhh! Umm! H-here, chocolate!
All right! I gave my gift this year without the help of any booze!
Although, to be honest, I'm not so sure I can do this again next year...
So... I really hope you enjoy these chocolates and remember me as I am now—clean and pure!


(Captain)! Sorry for bothering you at such a weird time on Valentine's...
I wanted to come give this to you earlier, but a package for me happened to arrive in the mail.
Anyway, here's some chocolate from me for this year. And...
Here's some chocolate from Mamaretta too!
Ahaha, I'll bet you're surprised. You reached out last year on White Day, right?My mom was so happy about that. So she got excited this year and sent over something.
She prepared some for me too and it was really good, so you can look forward to yours!
The chocolate from me's pretty good too—just saying!
Or, they should be... I think.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain)! What're you doing with all those snacks?
Cheese, crackers, canned beans... Those would all go perfectly with some wine.
Huh? You went around asking everyone what pairs well with wine in order to get me the perfect gift?
Thank you, thank you. Um, you do realize each type of snack needs to go with its own mountain of booze...
But I couldn't possibly bring myself to just choose one either...
Oh, I'll just take them all. Thanks! Don't worry, I won't finish everything in one go!
Nyahaha, which one should I try first... Gotta be this one... Sigh... This is awesome...


(Captain)! Thanks for preparing a present in return for Valentine's!
Everything you gave me last year was just so good! I'm really excited to see what you decided on this year.
Whaaa! You even asked my mom and dad this year?
No, I don't mind at all! I'm so happy you did that for me!
I'm sure Mom and Dad were ecstatic that you reached out to them too!
Siiigh... Today would be the perfect day for a drink... Thanks so much, (Captain)!


Thank you for your gifts every year, (Captain). This looks delicious!
I'm relieved to see that you didn't go out of your way to prepare something for my mom this year...
You don't have to worry about it! I mean, it all started because my mom wanted to do something herself—
Wha! You already sent something to her separately?
Ha... haha... Yeah, you would do that.
Th-thanks for doing that! I'll be sure to ask my mom how she likes it!
(Mamaretta's going to send something crazy in return next year... I should start getting ready...)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Halloween is a day for mourning the deceased, not for rowdy drunks kicking up a storm!
That's why I'm gonna patrol the town for any roustabouts!
Sadly, I know I'm not exactly the most trustworthy person when it comes to saying no to alcohol...
But that won't be a problem if I walk around with this pumpkin covering my head!
Behold, (Captain)! My final form as a responsible nun!
Now I need to carve the pumpkin so I can see and breathe. Will you help me, (Captain)?


(Captain)! Guess what? I heard a rumor in town just now!
They were talking about a Sister Pumpkinhead who shows herself in front of rowdy drunkards and takes them out with her merciless fist of rage!
What the heck is that!
I was just going around warning people who were making too much noise!
Now it sounds like I'm the one making the noise! What kind of joke is this...
Huh? In the end, it works out for the best? Hmm, yeah, I guess you're right.
Okay! Then I guess Sister Pumpkinhead should go make her rounds for this year. After all, they're counting on me to keep the peace on Halloween!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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Lamretta Runs Away

Lamretta discovers that the Grandcypher is headed toward her home island for an assignment. Lacking the courage to face her family and those at the abbey, she downs a few bottles to calm her nerves, only to realize the crew might need them for the assignment. She runs off in a panic, only for the crew to find her two weeks later acting like a proper sister.

When the crew first arrived on this unassuming island, they had no idea they'd be spying on a conversation between a man and a nun.
Troubled Man: Forgive me for making another confession, Sister, but the truth is I hit the bottle again two days ago...
Troubled Man: I was passing by a liquor shop, and suddenly my legs had a mind of their own. Even my pal couldn't hold me back.
Troubled Man: A few swigs of the demon rum was all it took to make a big mess for everyone. It's sad how I keep failing to follow your guidance.
Lamretta: I see. And that guilt has brought you here again today.
Troubled Man: Man, I'm such a massive screwup... After all the counseling you've given me, this is what I have to show for it...
Lamretta: No, you're not a screwup. The fact that you recognize your faults to this extent shows me that you can change.
Lamretta: You've made great strides since your friend first brought you here against your will. Every step counts, no matter how small.
Lamretta: People generally can't change themselves at the drop of a hat.
Lamretta: There's no need to sprint for the finish line. Find a pace that works best for you and the people in your life.
Troubled Man: Yeah... Yeah! Thank you, Lamretta! Your words always give me the strength to push forward!
Lamretta: I appreciate that, but there's nothing special about what I do. Besides, liquor itself isn't necessarily evil.
Lamretta: Perhaps you could find a fitting way to moderate your intake.
Troubled Man: Hm, I hadn't thought of it that way. I've learned a lot today.
Troubled Man: Thanks again, Lamretta! I swear to you, I'm gonna straighten up and fly right this time!
Lamretta: I wish you all the best!
(Captain) and company stare at each other in disbelief at what they have just witnessed.
Lyria: That lady is Lamretta, right?
Rackam: Hard to imagine someone else in the world that looks exactly like her.
Vyrn: Yeah. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself though. A change like hers doesn't happen outta the blue...
Unbeknownst to the crew, the beginnings of Lamretta's dramatic transformation occurred roughly two weeks ago.
On this night, the crew prepares to deliver cargo to a certain town. (Captain) checks the manifest once more to ensure they have everything needed to complete the job request.
Lamretta: Gaaah! Say it ain't so, (Captain)!
Lyria: L-Lamretta! What's this all about!
Lamretta: Huff... Puff... No time to explain! Tell me the name of the island we're flyin' to today!
(Captain) hands Lamretta the list of deliverables.
Lamretta: Gyaaaah!
Vyrn: Geez, what's the problem!
Lamretta: I-I knew it!
Lamretta: My old abbey is on this island!
Lyria: Oh... The one you ran away from?
Before Lamretta began traveling with the crew, she'd been sent to an abbey to live a life of virtue. Or that was the plan.
On the eve of the year she was to come of age, an herbal distillation brewed by the abbey touched her lips and opened her eyes to the world of liquor.
Caught up in the moment of a transcending episode, she drank until her memory faded into darkness.
When her wits later returned, a wave of guilt washed over her when she tried to remember the events of that night.
She was too afraid to ask the other nuns about what she had done, so she fled the abbey and never looked back.
Lamretta: It just had to be this abbey, didn't it! Phooey, why didn't anyone tell me sooner!
Vyrn: Uh, (Captain) made a big announcement before we left port.
Lamretta: Gulp... I was out drinkin' into the wee hours with Korwa the other day, and my head was throbbing, and...
Lamretta: Bah, never mind! It's not too late to jump ship!
Lamretta: I gotta make my escape! (Captain), will ya gimme a couple days off?
Vyrn: Escape to where? We're arrivin' soon—as in tonight.
Lamretta: Bwuh?
Lamretta: Gasp, those street lights... I'd know 'em anywhere...
Lamretta's shoulders sag, her face smooshed up against the window.
Lyria: M-maybe the abbey people won't be mad anymore...
Vyrn: It's been forever since you left, so who knows? Time heals all wounds as they say.
Lamretta: I could see the abbey lettin' it slide, but my parents? Urgh...
Lamretta: Just thinkin' about it sends me into a shame spiral. Sorry, guys, but I need to drink this one off...
Lyria: Wait, Lamretta! This isn't the time for that...
Vyrn: Well, she's in no shape to help with the delivery right now. Let's give her some space.
Lamretta trudges out of the room without saying a word.
Lamretta: Sigh... Nothin' like a tasty beverage to chase the blues away.
Lamretta: There oughta be something in here I can open without anyone gettin' mad...
Lamretta: Jackpot! Look at all these bottles of yummy nectar!
Lamretta: I'm sure no one will miss one measly bottle. Bottoms up!
Lamretta: Mmm! The sweet smell of ecstasy! Herbal liquors sure go down smooth.
Lamretta: Hm, have I had this one before? It tastes familiar, like someone stocked it just for me.
Lamretta: Coulda been Ladiva. Should go send her my thanks... But first, one more for the road...
Lamretta: Aaah!
Lamretta: That was good, but there was only enough left to fill half a glass! That doesn't count, so I'll quit after one more full glass...
Lamretta: Hmm, why can't I remember where I've had this yummy brew?
Lamretta: Since it's not comin' to me, it's gotta be one of my earliest conquests. Another glass oughta jog my memory...
A thought suddenly strikes Lamretta as she goes to add another empty bottle to the dozens arranged next to her.
Lamretta: Ah, now I remember. This kick was from a long, looong time ago...
Lamretta: Waaaait!
Lamretta: It's the same stuff I had at the abbey! What's it doin' on the ship!
Lamretta: (Since we're on our way to the island, i-is this the cargo we're supposed to be delivering?)
Lamretta: (Craaap! Pretty sure the list (Captain) gave me had alcohol on it!)
Lamretta: Please don't tell me I drank the shipment! I'm screwed! This is grounds for a firing!
Lamretta: And if I get booted from the crew, I'll have to go back to the abbey... or to my parents...
Lamretta: Noooo! I can already picture 'em tearin' me a new one!
Lamretta: (What am I... How do I... What should I dooo!)
Now firmly in the grasps of impaired decision-making, Lamretta comes to a hasty conclusion.
Lamretta: I'm sorry, everyone! I'm so sorry! I'm a sad excuse for an adult!
And that conclusion is to run away.
Lamretta slips off the ship and comes to a stop in a dimly-lit street.
Lamretta: Urp... All that running... So nauseous... And my head hurts...
Lamretta: Where am I? Why am I outside? Ugh, I don't feel sho good...
Lamretta: There's nobody around... Huff... Puff... I can... relax...
???: Are you okay, miss?
Lamretta: D-don't mind me. Hic... Mighta had a wee bit much to drink...
???: Yes, I can smell it from here. I'm surprised you're still conscious...
???: Unless... Lamretta? Is that you?
Lamretta: Burp... Yep, that's my name... Heh...
Huh? How do you know my name?
The next day, the crew have finished their delivery and are loading supplies onto the deck of the Grandcypher.
Rackam: Say, has anyone seen Lamretta? We could use another pair of hands here.
Vyrn: Probably sleepin' off a hangover 'cause of yesterday's "thing."
Rackam: Uh, what thing?
(Captain) gives Rackam the short version of Lamretta's troubled night.
Rackam: Hahaha. Well, that explains the booze that mysteriously disappeared from storage.
Rackam: Funny how she picked the ones brewed from this island out of all the other bottles we had in reserve. What are the odds, huh?
Rackam: Guess she couldn't resist a taste of home and polished 'em off.
Rackam: Didn't her abbey brew their own spirits or somethin'?
Vyrn: Yeah, she mentioned that once. Does that mean the stuff she raided from storage was the same as her first drink ever?
Lyria: Excuse me, everyone! Has anyone seen Lamretta?
Rackam: We were wonderin' the same thing as a matter of fact. We think she's still in bed—
Lyria: No, I went to check on her, but she wasn't there! And no one else has seen her this morning!
Lyria: She seemed really tense yesterday, and it worried me!
Vyrn: Uh, Rackam? How many bottles went missing?
Rackam: No less than ten, if you can believe it. Great... So we might have an inebriated Lamretta on the loose in town...
  1. Form a search party!

Choose: Form a search party!
The crew members nod and leave the ship as a group to search for the missing nun.
However, more than ten days of scouring every nook and cranny turn up no trace of Lamretta.
Lyria: Oh, Lamretta... Where did you go?
Vyrn: Think she skipped town? I could see her stumblin' off after a buncha drinks.
Lyria: No one at any of the places that sell drinks said they saw her.
Lyria: We still haven't checked the abbey or her family home yet...
Vyrn: I mean... Judging by how depressed she got talkin' about those places, doesn't seem like she'd wanna go near 'em.
Rackam: Hey, you guys!
Rackam runs toward the crew, waving his arms to get their attention.
Vyrn: Didja find a lead?
Rackam: Yep. Couple of eyewitnesses said they saw someone at the abbey that matched her description.
Vyrn: I thought she was afraid of the abbey. Why would she go back there?
Rackam: That was my reaction too, but they said a Draph nun with blue hair recently joined the other sisters.
Rackam: Only thing is, the new nun's been doin' a bang-up job helpin' people get their lives back on track.
Vyrn: Err... Are we sure that's Lamretta?
Rackam: Guessing isn't gonna get us closer to the answer. Let's go see for ourselves.
Everyone agrees with Rackam's suggestion, and they head for the abbey.
After the man with the drinking problem leaves, a steady stream of townsfolk comes to see the person believed to be Lamretta to discuss their own ills.
Each person receives her full attention; each person leaves with a smile and a skip in their step.
Rackam: Looks like she's done for the day. Should we go talk to her, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods. The crew steps out from hiding and into the street. They hear someone calling out to them almost immediately.
Lamretta: (Captain)! And you brought everyone with you! Hey, guys!
Delighted at the sight of her friends, Lamretta waves to the crew with the same happy-go-lucky spirit she's always had.
On one hand, the crew is relieved to have finally found their missing crewmate. On the other, their minds are inundated with questions.

Lamretta Returns

Lamretta explains that she bumped into a fellow abbey sister shortly after running off and has been retraining as a nun herself. A calm washes over them as they clear up any misunderstandings, but Lamretta freezes up when the other sister tells her to visit her parents.

After a joyful reunion with the crew, Lamretta ushers them into a room in the abbey.
Another nun is already sitting in wait, and she offers a simple nod as the crew enters.
Lamretta: This sister used to mentor me during my time at the abbey.
Senior Nun: It is a pleasure to meet you all. You've gone to the trouble of watching over Lamretta, it seems.
Lyria: It was no trouble at all! She helped us a lot too!
Senior Nun: Please, you needn't downplay your efforts. Lamretta has told me all about her antics up to this point.
Lamretta: Ahaha... Yep, she knows everything.
Lamretta: The day we landed on the island, I got drunk and fled the ship. She happened to find me collapsed in the street and took me in.
Lamretta: I was going to return to the ship after I felt better, but I couldn't face you guys knowing that my drinking was to blame again.
Lamretta: All of the sisters here were so worried about me...
Lamretta: It felt wrong to snub their kindness, so I confessed everything that's happened up till now.
Rackam: Everything, huh...
Lamretta: Like how I worked at a tavern after I left the abbey, got fired for drinking on the job, and joined the crew when I had nowhere else to go.
Lamretta: Then I caused more trouble after getting tricked by some guy during a drinking contest.
Vyrn: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up...
Senior Nun: Her adventures are beyond our wildest dreams.
Lyria: What did the abbey do after Lamretta ran away?
Vyrn: We never learned the details since she couldn't remember.
Senior Nun: On that day, Lamretta finished her glass and stumbled out of sight.
Senior Nun: I'm ashamed to admit we all thought one glass could do no harm. We assumed she had gone to wash up.
Lamretta: I made a beeline for the cellar and finished every last drop in there. The rest, as you know, is history...
Senior Nun: We were beside ourselves thinking she had been kidnapped, and we quickly summoned as much help as we could to search for her.
Senior Nun: But over time I feared the worst. All I could do was pray for her safety and hope we'd meet again someday...
Lamretta: Yeah, after I told everyone the whole story, they were just happy to see me again.
Lamretta: I realized the error of my ways, so I figured I'd give the abbey another shot!
Lamretta: Abiding by the rules, clean eating, performing abbey duties...
Lamretta: I vow to live a life of discipline while I rediscover my true self!
Rackam: That's all well and good, but aren't you bitin' off more than you can chew?
Senior Nun: It may be hard to believe, but this is the Lamretta we've known since her first day at the abbey.
Lyria: Now that I think about it, she did mention how she lived a clean life and never used to drink.
Lamretta: Yep! You're looking at the real Lamretta! That drunkard of old was a fleeting phase! I've practically kicked the habit!
Lyria: Practically?
Lamretta: Well, you know, it's not like I want to swear off drinking altogether.
Lamretta: Oh, that reminds me! I meant to tell you something, (Captain)!
Lamretta: I'm really sorry for drinking the wine shipment that was supposed to be delivered!
Lamretta hangs her head in remorse. The crew, having already surmised this was the reason for her flight from the ship, show no surprise.
Lamretta: Huh? You're not mad?
Rackam: Um, here's the thing, Lamretta. The booze you drank? It was purchased for the crew and had nothin' to do with the job.
Lamretta: You're kidding me! But that was definitely the abbey's exclusive brew.
Lamretta: I don't remember ever seeing it put up for sale, so how'd it get off the island?
Senior Nun: In the wake of your disappearance, rumors about thieves targeting the alcohol began to spread around town.
Senior Nun: Eventually there was enough demand from people wanting to try such a tasty drink that we started selling it.
Vyrn: Why order the booze from a different island when you could buy it straight from the abbey? Doesn't make sense.
Rackam: That stuff fetches a pretty price too. Knowing your tendencies for trackin' down the good stuff, I guess we shoulda seen this coming.
Lamretta: Wait, wait, wait. I was beating myself up because I jumped to the wrong conclusion?
Lamretta: Although it was my fault for getting wasted, I can't help but feel dejected...
  1. You shouldn't drink what isn't yours.
  2. All's well that ends well.

Choose: You shouldn't drink what isn't yours.
Lamretta: You're so right, Captain. I'm sorry, Rackam.

Choose: All's well that ends well.
Lamretta: I guess if I hadn't gotten into the stockroom, I wouldn't have been able to reflect on my actions, huh? That's sort of a silver lining...
Lamretta: Sigh, but I'm still sorry for drinking without asking first.
Continue 1
Rackam: I think she's been through enough and learned her lesson. Why don't we leave it at that, (Captain)?
The sister watches (Captain) nod and bursts into a warm smile.
Senior Nun: How fortunate of Lamretta to have found such gracious crew members. Once again you all have my sincerest thanks.
Senior Nun: When I found her in the street, my thoughts went to a dark place.
Senior Nun: But after hearing her travel tales, it's clear to me that she has grown as a person.
Senior Nun: Lamretta. From this point forward, can I count on you to help your friends on their journey to the best of your ability?
Lamretta: Y-yes, Sister! I will give it my all!
Lyria: I'm happy to hear you say that, Lamretta. I thought for sure you'd made up your mind to stay here forever.
Vyrn: I never doubted for a second it'd all work out in the end! Now we can hit the road again, just like old times!
Rackam: Yep. And somebody's gonna have to work extra shifts to make up for the time she's missed!
Lamretta: Ahaha... Can you at least space it out?
A relaxed mood blankets the room, only to be ruined by what the sister says next.
Senior Nun: Before you leave, Lamretta, I think this would be the perfect opportunity for you to drop in and see your parents.
Lamretta: Urk.
As the crew watches the color drain from Lamretta's face, they realize they're about to be caught in yet another storm.

Lamretta Returns: Scene 2

Lamretta trembles in fear at the thought of her angry father, a man of the cloth who was always very stern with her. After some persuasion from (Captain) and company, Lamretta finally agrees to returning home for a visit.

Lamretta had not planned on visiting her parents. Her voice quivers as she asks the sister about them.
Lamretta: H-how are they doing?
Senior Nun: They're living quietly on the edge of town in their manor.
Senior Nun: I know you find it difficult to face them, but please go say hello, and tell them what you're up to.
Senior Nun: They're your parents. Of course they're worried about you.
Lamretta: I-I can't! I just can't! Do you know what my dad's going to say? He'll get so mad he won't be able to see straight!
The once calm Lamretta clutches her shoulders, shivering with dread.
Senior Nun: Sigh... After all these years, you still can't deal with your father.
Lyria: He's a member of the clergy, right? What's he like?
Senior Nun: In brief, he's a stern but kind man.
Lamretta: Uh-uh, a few words won't cut it! He's super scary and makes everyone repent with an iron fist!
Senior Nun: Now, now, let's not give off the wrong impression. It's true he takes a hard line on troublemakers and drunkards.
Senior Nun: But he never shuns the poor souls who have lost sight of the righteous path. His kind hand reaches out to everyone.
Lamretta: Everyone except me...
Senior Nun: I think that's his way of showing tough love. He only wanted what was best for you.
Rackam: You hear stories all the time 'bout how parents are harder on their own kids and such.
Rackam: Could totally imagine your dad blowing a gasket if he saw the Lamretta we know.
Lamretta: Thank you, Rackam! That's what I've been saying!
Rackam: Wait, I'm not finished. You can't argue that your parents aren't worried either. Surely there's no harm in sayin' hello, right?
Vyrn: My thoughts exactly. If you're that worried about it, you could, like, avoid touchin' alcohol forever...
Senior Nun: If you agree to meet them, I will help you set the record straight about your drinking.
Lamretta: A-are you really making me go through with this? No, no, no! Please! Anything but that!
All eyes in the room stare at Lamretta in silence.
Lamretta: Ngh, so much pressure... There's no escaping this, is there?
It's not as if the group had conspired with each other beforehand, but they all nod in unison.
Lamretta: I'm sooo dead! Save your crewmate, (Captain)!
  1. What if this is part of the job?
  2. Don't let an opportunity pass you by.

Choose: What if this is part of the job?
Lamretta: You sound like you mean business!
Lamretta: Ngh, I don't wanna be left behind, but I don't wanna go home either...

Choose: Don't let an opportunity pass you by.
Lamretta: (Oof! (Captain) sounds so imposing... I shouldn't take those words lightly...)
Continue 1
Lamretta: Okay, I get it. I really do. But when I play out the reunion with Dad in my head, my stomach gets all screwy...
Lamretta: Aaah, it's completely and utterly impossible! I can just hear him yelling at me for running off on a journey!
Lamretta: Especially after all those lectures about how cloistering in the abbey is more important than anything else!
Lyria: Um, this is just my opinion, but you shouldn't worry so much about what he thinks.
Lamretta: Wh-why not?
Lyria: You've been listening to people's problems and helping them out ever since you returned to the abbey.
Lyria: To me that proves what an amazing sister you are!
Lyria: I just can't see him being angry toward you without considering all the facts.
Rackam: We'll be there to vouch for ya too if needed.
Vyrn: Yeah, we'll be right behind you! No way we'd abandon a friend!
Senior Nun: I will go on ahead to the manor and notify your parents of your return.
Senior Nun: That will give them time to collect their thoughts.
Lamretta: You guys...
Lamretta: If my sister is willing to stick her neck out for me, then I'll... I'll go back home!
Lamretta: Uh oh... I'm imagining the future again... Ugh, here comes the nausea...
The anxious nun groans and clutches her stomach, but nothing can stop the inevitable family reunion.

Lamretta Returns: Scene 3

Lamretta's parents are overjoyed to see their daughter back home. When Lamretta and her father get some alone time, he apologizes for being so strict with her growing up, then takes out something special to celebrate.

After the sister returns from notifying Lamretta's parents, the crew finally sets out for the manor.
Lamretta: (Each step closer to home makes my stomach churn even worse! Feels like I woke up after a really bad night out!)
Lamretta: (I'm begging you, tummy, please don't make a mess of things!)
Lyria: Wow, is that your house, Lamretta? The one with the huge gate?
Vyrn: Hey, who're the people standing by it?
Lamretta: It's my parents!
Lyria: They must've been waiting for you once they heard the news!
Lamretta's face is full of anxiety, but she wills herself forward.
They finally arrive at the gate and are greeted by Lamretta's parents.
Lamretta's Father: Lamretta? Is that really you?
Lamretta's Mother: Oh my goodness! How you've grown!
Lamretta: Mom, Dad... I—
Lamretta's Father: Thank the gods you're alive!
Her parents smother her in hugs before she can say any more.
Lamretta's Mother: I was afraid I'd never get to see you again! Oh, sweetie, I'm so glad you're here!
Lamretta's father tears up at the sight of his wife bear-hugging their daughter.
Embraced by her parents for the first time in a long time, Lamretta can barely speak.
Lamretta: Sniff... I... I'm...
Lamretta: I'm hooome!
And with that exclamation, Lamretta returns the hugs with one of her own.
Rackam: Yep, nothin' to worry about.
Lyria: Sniff... Uh-huh... What a precious moment.
Lamretta's Mother: You all must be the crew that's been protecting our little girl.
Lamretta's Mother: Are you hungry? Why don't you come inside? It's right around time for lunch.
Lamretta's Father: Yes, come eat with us. We were looking forward to hearing your stories.
Rackam: It'd be rude to turn down such hospitality, and I bet Lamretta has lots of things she wants to talk about too.
Lamretta: Thanks, Rackam!
Lamretta's Mother: Fantastic! I was worried I'd made too much, but now I'm glad I did. Come, come! Everyone inside!
With the jubilant mother directing traffic, the crew steps through the magnificent doors of the Lamretta family estate.
Lyria: Mmm! Your cooking is so delicious!
Lamretta's Mother: Aw, thank you, dear. There's plenty more where that came from, so I don't want to hear any excuses. You eat up too, Lamretta.
Lamretta: I-I will!
Lamretta digs in at her mother's urging, savoring the blissful lunch with friends and family.
Lyria: Really? You were the ones who made the delivery request?
Lamretta's Father: Not too long ago, an acquaintance told us that they spotted Lamretta boarding an airship in Port Breeze.
Lamretta's Father: We checked with a contact and found out the ship belonged to your crew.
Lamretta's Mother: Sorry for giving you the runaround, (Captain).
Vyrn: It's all good! As skyfarers, we focus on gettin' the job done right, whatever that might be!
Lamretta's Father: I appreciate that. Still, I never could've imagined my little girl as a skyfarer...
Lamretta: Haha... I bet you were hoping I'd study harder at a place with more discipline, huh?
Lamretta's Father: It's plain to see you've racked up quite a bit of valuable experience.
Lamretta: Oh, really? Ehehe...
Lamretta's Father: Of course I had my concerns as well. I heard someone say they saw you get drunk and started beating up hoodlums with a wine bottle...
Rackam: ...!
Lamretta: Ahaha... What a strange case of mistaken identity...
Lamretta's Mother: I wouldn't mind having a strong, capable daughter like that woman.
Lamretta's Mother: Oh, by the way, would you all like to spend the night? There's still much to catch up on.
Lamretta's Mother: And I'm dying to whip up a fancy home-cooked dinner for new guests.
Lamretta's Father: Yes, it'd be our pleasure as hosts. That is if you don't have anywhere else to be?
Lyria: I don't think we'll be getting new requests any time soon, so it should be okay. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods, then looks Lamretta's way.
Lamretta: W-well, if you insist! Um, I mean, it is okay, yeah?
Vyrn: If it means I get to stuff myself with your mom's awesome cookin', then I'm all in!
Lamretta's Mother: Oh, Vyrn! Putting the pressure on me already, are we? I know the perfect apple dish that won't disappoint!
Lyria: We'll help you in the kitchen!
Rackam: Yeah, and if there's any heavy lifting that needs to be done, I'm your man.
Lamretta's Mother: Well, isn't this my lucky day! Hm, now what can I have you do?
Lamretta's mother and the crew exit the dining room to get dinner ready, leaving Lamretta alone with her father.
Lamretta: (Gasp! Was that a ploy to give us room to talk?)
Lamretta's Father: That's a fine captain you're following. Young, yet capable.
Lamretta: Yeah, I know. And really strong and kind too!
Lamretta's Father: No doubt (Captain) won't lead you astray, and for that, I'm grateful.
Lamretta's father nods to himself as he talks. Suddenly he lets out a deep sigh and looks at his daughter.
Lamretta's Father: When I heard the news that you'd disappeared from the abbey, I feared it was because you hated me.
Lamretta's Father: Putting you in the abbey from a young age and giving you the same harsh treatment at home was my idea of bringing you up right.
Lamretta's Father: It never even occurred to me how it negatively affected you. That regret stuck with me and never went away.
Lamretta's Father: You said leaving the island and becoming a skyfarer was for self-improvement, but that's a lie, isn't it?
Lamretta: (Gulp... Technically he's right, but he's got the wrong idea!)
Lamretta's Father: That's all right. You don't have to say anything. In the end you became a lovely young woman and returned home safely.
Lamretta's Father: It's entirely on me to apologize for my failure as a father. I'm sorry.
Lamretta: Please don't hang your head, Dad! I was the one who left without saying anything! I was the one who never got in touch, not even once!
Lamretta: It's my fault for making you guys sick with worry... I'm the one who's really sorry!
Lamretta's Father: No, don't be. I'm just glad to see your face again.
Lamretta's Father: Besides, you've experienced more on your journey than you ever could have from being cooped up in the abbey.
Lamretta's Father: So keep flying those blue skies. Help the downtrodden and guide the lost. And look after (Captain) and the others.
Lamretta: I... I will!
Lamretta: (But I still have to tell him the whole truth, or else I can't say I've changed!)
Lamretta's Father: So, now that you're an adult, I have something to give you.
Lamretta's Father: Hopefully you'll like this stuff.
Her father walks over to a cabinet and grabs a glossy object from its shelf.
Lamretta: ...!
What Lamretta sees in her father's hand sends a shock through her body.

Lamretta Returns: Scene 4

Lamretta's father, who turns out to be a big drinker himself, unwinds with his daughter over bottles upon bottles of liquor. All gather for a family dinner later. The next morning, Lamretta's parents see her off, encouraging her to continue her adventures with the crew.

Lamretta: (Is that a bottle of spirits? I've never seen that brand before! Judging by the label, I can tell it's a good one!)
Lamretta's Father: From the time I sent you off to the abbey, I've been dreaming of the day I get to share a toast with my little Lamretta.
Lamretta's Father: And now look at you. I couldn't be prouder. I'd say that's a good enough reason to pop the cork, wouldn't you?
Lamretta: Y-yeah... I never really pegged you for a drinker though...
Lamretta's Father: It only seems that way because I kept it secret. Do you drink at all?
Lamretta: Ah, erm... H-here and there...
Lamretta's Father: Sure, sure. Then let's start you off with about this much...
Lamretta: (Aaaah! I can feel the love that went into this brew from one single whiff!)
Lamretta: (This is a disaster! If I swallow this, I'll go on a drinking spree!)
Lamretta: (Ah, but surely a tiny sip couldn't—no, no, no! Dad still doesn't know the other side of me! I can't drink this yet!)
Lamretta: Wait, Dad! Before we toast, there's one more thing you ought to know...
Lamretta's Father: Come on, we can discuss it while we drink. Here. This is for you, Lamretta.
Holding the glass in her hand, the aroma wafting from the alluring red liquid invades her nose.
Lamretta: (I can't... take it... anymore!)
Lamretta: (Get into my belly!)
Lamretta: Glug, glug, glug...
Lamretta: Mmm! That's the stuff!
Her taste buds light up with joy. She lets out a squeal and downs glass after glass after glass.
Lamretta's Mother: If only you kids and your energy could help around the house all year long. We prepared a roaring feast in no time flat!
Lamretta's Mother: Maybe I'll keep posting job requests for your crew whenever I need chores to be done...
Rackam: Haha, if it's listed on the job board, we'll check it out—
Vyrn: What was that!
Lamretta's Mother: Did something break? I'd better go take a look.
Lyria: Wait! What if it's a monster or a burglar?
Rackam: Yeah, we'll go first. C'mon, (Captain).
Rackam: (Lamretta and her pops are over there... Let's hope nothin' crazy happened...)
Vyrn: Uh oh! I think this wine bottle was already empty before it broke!
Lyria: But Lamretta didn't bring any drinks with her today!
Rackam: I'm pretty sure she hasn't had a drop after leaving the ship either...
???: Hewwo... You guys lookin' for me?
Vyrn: Yeesh! You are done for the night! What happened here? Where's your dad?
???: Did shombody call fer Paparetta?
The Three: Huh?
Lamretta's Father: I'm sho happy I met you guys. Seriously. I'm tearin' up over here!
Lamretta's Father: Not to mention Lamby's return feels like I've been given a new lease on life! Waaah!
Lamretta's Father: And ya know what else? Her fleein' the abbey wasn't because she hated me!
Lamretta: Right on, Papa! The hooch made me do it!
Lamretta's Father: Sniff... But still... You didn't wanna come home because you were afraid o' me.
Lamretta's Father: I don't deserve to share this drink with you! Sniff... I'm so sorry!
Lamretta: Don't worry about the past, Papa! Let's guzzle away the bad memories together!
Lamretta's Father: That's my girl! I couldn't have asked fer a better daughter!
Lamretta: Oh, Papa... Hearin' you shay that... I'm gonna bawl! Waah!
The two hug, and go on to cause a scene that's equal parts heartwarming and bewildering.
Lamretta's Father: Don't cry, Lamretta! Let Papa—sniff—do the cryin' fer the both of us!
Lamretta: No, that's my job, Papa! But you know—sniff—all this cryin' makes the alcohol feel left out!
Lamretta: Let's pull ourselves together and keep it company!
Lamretta's Father: Hear, hear! Another glass!
Lamretta's Father: C'mere, Rackam, and shelebrate a reconshiliation between father and child! Thish is yers! Take it!
Rackam: Wha? I don't—
Lamretta: No fussin', Racky! Are you gonna reject Papa's offer?
Rackam: I didn't say no, I just wanna know what's goin' on first before I—
Lamretta: Let the shpirits do the talkin'! It's sho good, I swear! Time to crank up the party in this house!
Lamretta's Father: I haven't forgotten about the rest of yer crew either! Ta-da! Fresh juice for the young'uns!
Lamretta's Father: It's so sad and lonely to drink solo... Do an old man a favor and regale him with stories about his pride and joy!
Lamretta's Mother: Oh dear. I had a feeling this would happen...
Lamretta's Mother: Get over here, hubby! What kind of example are you setting for the children! Honestly!
Lamretta's mother drags her husband away and plops him down in a seat across from where Lamretta is sitting.
Lyria: Um... Sh-should we...
Lamretta's Mother: I'm sorry about them. Quite a scene to stumble onto, no?
Vyrn: Eh, that was kinda weird, but we've seen... similar stuff enough times before.
Lamretta's Mother: So this isn't the first time Lamretta has acted this way.
Lamretta's Mother: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say.
Vyrn: Sounds about right from what we just saw...
Lamretta's Mother: To be fair, everyone on his side of the family loves to drink.
Lamretta's Father: Indeed! Don't get me wrong, as a man of the cloth, I usually don't go whole-hog on the hooch... Glug, glug...
Lamretta's Mother: But when they do, this is how it turns out. I like to sit back and watch.
Vyrn: Yeah, this is definitely an at-home kinda thing...
Lamretta's Father: I can't help it! When the liquor flows, so do my tears! Aaah... I feel so warm and fuzzy!
Lamretta's Father: Mix in my little girl's homecoming and you got a recipe fer joyous sobs of epic proportions! Waaah!
Lamretta: Dry those eyes, Papa! I ain't gonna be selfish and run away no more! Glug, glug...
Lyria: Oh! Did you find out the real reason why Lamretta disappeared from the abbey?
Lamretta's Father: I did indeed! But there's always that naggin' voice in the back of yer head!
Lamretta's Father: Thankfully my daughter met an amazing crew that took her in. I'm the luckiest dad who ever lived!
Lamretta's Father: Gosh, I can't stop crying... So much joy gushin' out at once... The flood of tears and liquor can't be stopped!
Lamretta: You're not alone, Papa! Me and Racky'll keep ya company!
Rackam: Say what? Um, sure, I don't mind a drink or two...
Lamretta: Yeah, Racky! Chug, chug!
Rackam: Speaking of liquor, that's quite the selection you got there, sir! Are they all yours?
Lamretta's Father: Yep! My family's been collectin' the best shtuff for generations! This isn't even all of it!
Lamretta's Father: I got plenty, so grab whatever catches yer fancy, Rackam! Wait, can I call you Racky?
Lamretta's Mother: Leave the drinks for now. Let's eat before the food gets cold. I'll be right back!
Lyria: Oh! We'll help you carry in the dishes!
Lamretta's mother and the crew get busy setting the table and bringing in dinner.
Drinks, food, and smiles are passed around the table as her parents learn more about Lamretta's escapades with the crew.
Lamretta's Father: Snore...
Rackam: No more... I'm done, Paparetta...
Lamretta: What a bunch of weaklings. I'm just getting shtarted!
Lamretta's Mother: Goodness, she's still chugging along after everyone's done... She must've gotten her tolerance from me.
Lamretta's Mother: I'd better cover up Rackam and my husband before they catch colds.
Following her maternal instincts, she gently drapes quilts over the two conked-out men.
Lamretta's Mother: They say you change with age, but some things never change, like crying yourself to sleep after drinking.
Lamretta's Mother: Even though he didn't have all that much, I guess he couldn't hold his liquor as well after taking such a long hiatus.
Lamretta: Oh? He stopped drinking for a long time? Like ever since the day I was born?
Lamretta's Mother: No, sweetie, he could never hold out for that long. Whenever he did drink though, he'd make sure you didn't see it.
Lamretta's Mother: But after you disappeared, he vowed to never drink again until you came back. We both did.
Lamretta: Paparetta... Mamaretta...
Lamretta's Mother: Let's raise our glasses together as a family some time, okay?
Lamretta: I'd love to! And when we do, we'll need lots and lots of bottles... Yawn...
Lamretta's Mother: Finally caught the sleepy bug? Let me tuck you in.
Lamretta: Heeheehee... I love you guys...
Lamretta sighs softly, falling asleep with a look of happiness on her face.
Her mother watches on with a smile and pulls the covers over her beloved daughter.
Lamretta's Father: I believe you all witnessed an unfortunate scene last night. Ugh, my head...
Lamretta's Mother: Pull yourself together. Your daughter is about to set off into the world again. Any pearls of wisdom you'd like to share?
Lamretta's Father: Um, take it from your father, Lamretta: always drink in moderation.
Lamretta: You too, Dad. I'll definitely write you guys letters whenever I can!
Lamretta's Mother: Good. She's a handful, but please take care of my daughter, everyone.
  1. Will do!

Choose: Will do!
Lamretta's Father: I shall pray for many blessings upon your journey.
Lamretta's Father: I just know Lamretta will pull her weight.
Lamretta's Father: Oh, and if you happen to come across any good liquors, it'd make my day if you could send a bottle my way.
Lamretta: I've gotcha covered! I know quite a few hooch experts in the crew!
Lamretta: So look forward to my care packages!
Lamretta's Father: Great, I can't wait.
Lamretta's Mother: Watch what you eat and stay safe, okay? And to the crew, whatever happens out there, feel free to stop by at any time.
Lyria: Thank you! I'd love to try more of your cooking!
Vyrn: We'll send you any tasty goodies we find along with Lamretta's alcohol choices!
Rackam: Lookin' forward to clinkin' glasses with you again, but promise me you won't push me as hard next time. Urp...
The crew bid the happy parents a final farewell and head back to the road.
Lamretta's Parents: Have a safe trip!
Lamretta: See you later!
Lamretta waves goodbye to her first home, before setting her sights on her second home, the Grandcypher.
And so the runaway nun's long escape from her past finally comes to an end.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
え、美味しそうなお酒!?どこどこ!? Did somebody say tasty wine? Lemme at it!
この瓶、気付いたら持ってたんだよね…… This bottle? I don't know. I was holding it when I came to.
喜びそうなお土産売ってないかな~ They don't sell any souvenirs my parents would like...
お父さんとお母さんが好きなおつまみあるかな? What kind of snacks do Mom and Dad like?
たまには一杯……いや、一杯だけだから! Sometimes I'll have one glass—and only one glass!
修道院のみんなにも何か探そうっと…… I should get something for everyone at the abbey too...
(主人公)!このお土産どう思う? (Captain)! Think this'll make for a great souvenir?
この依頼が終わったら自分へのご褒美が……! Can't wait to treat myself to a little something when this job is over!
一応鍛えてるしこれくらいへっちゃら! I'm not above self-improvement!
(主人公)きゅんもおしゃけのめたらにゃ~ When the day comes to drink with (Captain), watch out!


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