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Official Profile

Npc f 3040123000 01.jpg Medusa (Promo)
Age Unknown
Height 139 cm
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Singing her original compositions to Medusiana
Likes Medusiana
Dislikes Mortals acting too chummy (actually: being alone with strangers)
80px Final Uncap
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040123000 01.jpg Medusa (Promo)
Age 不明
Height 139cm
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies メドゥシアナに自作の歌を聴かせること
Likes メドゥシアナ
Dislikes 馴れ馴れしい人間(本当は、知らない人達の間で一人になること)
80px Final Uncap
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Npc f 3040151000 01.jpg Medusa (Valentine)
Age Unknown
Height 139 cm
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Singing her original compositions to Medusiana
Likes Medusiana
Dislikes Mortals acting too chummy (actually: being alone with strangers)
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040151000 01.jpg Medusa (Valentine)
Age 不明
Height 139cm
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies メドゥシアナに自作の歌を聴かせること
Likes メドゥシアナ
Dislikes 馴れ馴れしい人間(本当は、知らない人達の間で一人になること)
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
Source [2] [3]

Npc f 3040214000 01.jpg Medusa
Age Unknown
Height 139 cm
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Singing her original compositions to Medusiana
Likes Medusiana
Dislikes Mortals acting too chummy (actually: being alone with strangers)
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Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040214000 01.jpg Medusa
Age 不明
Height 139cm
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies メドゥシアナに自作の歌を聴かせること
Likes メドゥシアナ
Dislikes 馴れ馴れしい人間(本当は、知らない人達の間で一人になること)
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Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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Euryale and Stheno are Medusa's older sisters with Stheno being the oldest out of the trio.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

So I heard today's your birthday. It seems weird to celebrate something as silly as the day you were born.
I've been around for quite a long time, and I remember most of what I've been through.
But I don't actually remember being born. One day I just sort of found myself in this world.
Oh, right. You mortals are the same, aren't you?
And that means you only know your birthday because someone told you, right?
I suspect that there's something really unique about that.
The lives of mortals are over in a blink, but I'm actually glad you were born in this sky.
At least as glad as I could ever be about some mortal! You better not get any funny ideas!


This is the second time I've celebrated your birthday now...
It's only been a drop in the ocean if you consider how long I've lived, but...
I dunno... It feels like so much has happened.
Not a day goes by without something eventful happening here. Hanging with this crew isn't too bad.
You know, I might even feel like celebrating your birthday again next year.
Okay, I don't usually say this kind of thing, but I'm going to make a very special exception for you...
Happy birthday, (Captain).


So your birthday's come around again, huh?
I guess you wouldn’t care whether I said it or not, but... happy birthday.
Geez, you don't have to look that happy!
You're way too honest, you know that? Well, I suppose that's something you should be proud of.
Gosh, seriously... You've been like this since the day I met you.
But I guess that just means there's never a boring moment with you, so it's not so bad.
Don't ever change, okay? Stay that way forever... for my sake.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

The idea of celebrating New Year's Day is pretty strange, don't you think?
I mean, it's just one more day. No different than yesterday, today, or tomorrow.
It's actually weird that mortals apparently think they can't move forward unless they organize time into neat little units.
But I suppose I could stand to pay a little more attention to stuff like that.
Anyway... I'll be with you this year too, so you better not disappoint me!


Hm, so this is what mortals eat for New Year's...
It doesn't taste too bad. Nom, nom...
Hey, it's not like I'm actually enjoying it, okay? I just thought it didn't taste absolutely awful!
I'll have yours too if you don't want it!
But... you should really eat up too.
C'mon, we gotta get ourselves psyched for the new year!


Have you figured out what you want to do this year?
If you haven't, you'd better come up with something fast.
You mortals have to live every day to the fullest since your lives are so short. Otherwise you'll never get anything done.
One day can make all the difference. I mean, it only takes one chance encounter to change your whole world.
Just like when I met you...
Y-you didn't hear that! Get back to figuring out what you want to do!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

B-but don't go thinking I made those for you or anything!
There have been a lot of chocolates on sale lately, so I just bought some that looked good. For me!
But I ended up buying too many, so I decided I might as well share them with you. Don't read anything into it!
What's your problem? Hurry up and eat them already!
And... um... tell me what you think.


(Captain)! You need to take this off of me!
Hey, what's with that face! Don't you know what day today is?
It's Valentine's, meaning that what I've got for you can't possibly be anything other than chocolate!
A proud, lofty primal beast like me going out of my way to make these for you is nothing to sneeze at!
Be grateful, and be sure to savor every last bite!
And don't you dare get the wrong idea about this!
It's not that I'm actually grateful, or that I actually like you or anything like that!
Consider this my way of participating in the affairs you mortals relish so much!


Here. Take this.
Sheesh, you're pretty boneheaded, aren't you? It's chocolate! Look!
I give you some every year! How haven't you figured it out by now?
Or are you saying you don't remember all the chocolates I've given you!
I can't believe you're so oblivious...
D-don't read too much into this! But I expect some nice appreciation for the work I put into it!
Just eat it! And don't you dare say it doesn't taste good!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wha? These are for me?
H-humph. If it's that important to you, I guess I'll take them off your hands.
I don't normally go around accepting presents from mortals...
But I suppose I'll make an exception for you.
Thanks. I guess.


I-is this for White Day?
Nice to see you show some gumption! I like a captain who remembers to shower me with gifts!
By the way, (Captain)...
What are you really thinking inside?
I mean, what are your feelings for me?
Cause... Well...
Gah, forget I ever said anything!
Humph! I'm going!


Hey, you've got something to give me, don't you?
What am I talking about? My White Day present, what else!
D-don't get the wrong idea. It doesn't matter to me that much or anything!
You always give me something every year, so I figured I should help you out and pick it up myself! You should be thanking me for saving you time!
(Captain) hands over the aforementioned present.
So you did have something!
D-do I really look that happy to you? Because I'm not! I'm just impressed that I had you figured out!
Well... I can't say it isn't nice to get a present though.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, so this is Halloween! The city seems completely different than normal.
Naturally I've heard of this festival.
I just never much cared about what mortals get up to, so I didn't bother to come watch from this close before.
Hee-hee... It's pretty lively, isn't it?
I've got an idea! You show me around, (Captain)! And be quick about it!


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
Heheh! It's not like saying that has any actual effect, but it feels oh-so-good to say it!
Now give me your candy! Refuse, and you'd better be ready for the greatest trick of your life from yours truly!
Me? Excited? Stop kidding yourself!
I'm just trying to keep you mortals company!


It's Halloween everywhere!
Hehe. Look, (Captain). The children are all dressed up in costumes and running around.
Huh? I should join them?
No way, that's so much effort. You guys go by yourselves.
W-well, if you reeeally want me to... I guess I could go with you guys...
Hey! Did you just laugh?
All right, you're not getting away! I've got one heck of a trick for you, so you better get ready!


La la la...
Wha! How long've you been there?
I-I am not frolicking! Medusiana's in a good mood, and I was just thinking to myself how nice that was!
The people in town thought Medusiana was a part of a costume and weren't scared at all.
N-not a bad festival put on by mortals, I suppose.
Anyway, I'm not frolicking, okay? Get that in your head!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Well, it's the merriest day of the year. I guess that explains why the kids are so excited.
But something weird happened. People are supposed to find presents next to their pillows when they wake up today, right?
I didn't find anything next to mine... Do you think it's because I'm a primal beast?
Hey, what's so funny?
It's not like I even wanted anything! I just heard about the custom and thought it was odd not to find anything!


(Captain), have you told Santa Claus what you want for the holidays yet?
I mean, 'cause you and Lyria are still kids in a way. And Santa gives present to all the little kiddies.
Hey, quit teasing me! I know I'm no kid anymore and won't be getting any presents!
Grr, don't you laugh at me, (Captain)!
Keep it up, and you'll be on Santa's naughty list!
So stop chuckling already!


That Santa Claus guy... He gives presents to good kids, right?
I-I'm not asking for myself! I'm asking for Medusiana!
If it's only good kids that get something, then Medusiana deserves the best for always helping me out so much.
Besides, I'm not a kid, so why would I be asking for a present!
N-not that I'd mind getting one at the same time as Medusiana...
Anyway, I'm just thinking out loud! I'm not asking for anything, got it?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Good Old Days

Prior to taking part in a study group on mortals, Medusa accompanies (Captain) and other crew members on an assignment to assist at a paleontological dig. At the site she reveals that the supposed fossil they've been excavating is actually an enemy she defeated long ago. Nezha appears soon after and discusses the details of the get-together, after which Medusa flees in embarrassment.

One day Medusa is alone on the ship's deck, reading a letter.
Medusa: Ugh, he really wants us to meet up to study how mortals live...
No version of Medusa (Promo) in crew

Though she looks like an ordinary girl, Medusa is in reality a primal beast.
A chance occurrence has led her to become part of (Captain)'s crew.
But her pride as a primal beast causes her to keep these mortals at arm's length.
Medusa: Of all the reasons to get together, "increasing our mutual understanding of mortals" seems like a pretty dumb one...
Medusa: What is that geezer thinking?
Geezer is her pet name for Nezha, the primal who sent her the letter.
He is one of the primal beasts whom she occasionally meets.
Medusa: What's a primal beast like me supposed to learn from studying a bunch of boring mortals?
Medusa: ...
Medusa: (Then again, I guess I'll be traveling with these mortals for a while longer though...)
Medusa: (Studying up on the ways of mortals could come in handy at some point.)
Medusa: (Th-that's right! It's not like I'm interested in them! It's just simple logic.)
Seeing Medusa talking to herself, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn waltz over to check up on the serpentine primal beast.
Vyrn: Oh, it's you, Snake Girl! Whatcha doin' alone out here?
Medusa: Aah!
Medusa: Y-you guys! Don't startle me!
Vyrn: All we did was say hello...
Medusa: Right, right, whatever. I was just about to look for you anyway.
Medusa: I'm going to be away from the ship for a while, so behave!
Lyria: Where are you going, Medusa?
Medusa: Eh, you know... N-nowhere special! Stop prying!
Lyria: Oh, all right. I see...
Medusa shoots a skeptical look at the suddenly dejected Lyria.
Medusa: I'm not going to be gone long. You don't need to look so disappointed.
Vyrn: Well, y'know, we were just gonna ask ya to help out with somethin'.
(Captain) and the others reveal that they've received a request to help a paleontologist with his excavation.
Vyrn: He says there's a fossil from this ginormous monster, and he's short on help.
Medusa: Humph... And you want me to help you excavate it?
Vyrn: Fossils are creatures from a reeeally long time ago that got buried and turned into stone!
Vyrn: Our client says if you study 'em, you can learn about ancient times.
Vyrn: Don'tcha think that's pretty exciting?
Medusa: Sorry, but I'm not interested. Ancient times and I couldn't have less to do with each other.
Vyrn: Gee, what a bummer...
Vyrn: Well, you've got stuff to do. Sorry for keepin' ya.
Unable to look at the fallen faces of the departing crew members, Medusa calls out.
Medusa: H-hold on!
Vyrn: Huh? What's up?
Medusa: It's, um... Since you all absolutely insist, I guess I can help out a bit.
Lyria: Huh? But you said you have other things to do...
Medusa: It won't matter if I'm a little late.
Medusa: Do you want me to help you out or not?
Vyrn: Well, if you're sure...
Medusa: Is it so hard to give a clear answer? I'll help you out, so cheer up!
Lyria: Thank you, Medusa!
Medusa: How much longer will it take to get to the island anyway?
Vyrn: We oughta get there soon if we're still on schedule!
Medusa: Humph...
Gazing vacantly off the ship's bow, Medusa notices a familiar sight in the sky ahead.
Medusa: (I've seen the landscape around here before... No question.)
Medusa: (If we're headed to the island I think we are... Then that fossil might be...)
Vyrn: Hey, how come you're so quiet all of a sudden? Can't stop thinking of that errand of yours?
Medusa: It's not that...
Medusa: (I'll have to see it with my own eyes to be sure. If it's what I think it is, then these mortals are going to be disappointed.)
Curious about the fossil, Medusa heads to the island with (Captain) and the others.
Upon arriving on the island, (Captain) and the party meet with their client.
He takes them to an excavation site, where they find the exposed fossil of a giant monster peeking out of a rocky outcrop.
Lyria: Ooh, whoa! It's so big!
Vyrn: So this thing was squirmin' around a few thousand years ago? Wow!
Paleontologist: There are a great variety of fossils large and small—animals and monsters, carbonized plants, insects trapped in amber, and more.
Paleontologist: But in all my years of research, I've not seen another fossil as large as this one!
Paleontologist: This investigation could reveal a wealth of information about how monsters lived thousands of years ago. What an enthralling thought!
Medusa: ...
(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and the paleontologist are all excited to see the fossil; Medusa, in contrast, stares serenely at it.
Vyrn: Not really feelin' it, huh?
Medusa: No, it's not that.
Medusa draws near to the fossil and runs a fingertip across its surface.
Paleontologist: Ah, st-stop! That fossil is invaluable! You mustn't touch it bare-handed...
Medusa: I knew it...
Lyria: Huh... What do you mean?
Medusa: It's a monster that I defeated and turned to stone a long time ago.
Vyrn: What! Seriously?
Medusa: Well, strictly speaking, me aaand my sisters took it out.
Medusa: That was six hundred and sixteen years ago, so actually not that far back.
Paleontologist: Th-then... This isn't a true fossil?
Seeing the disappointment on the paleontologist's face, (Captain) and the others hold their heads low.
Vyrn: Gee, we really shouldn't have gotten our hopes up...
Vyrn: If you knew from the start, you shoulda said somethin'!
Medusa: There was always a chance that it could've been a real fossil.
Medusa: If you're disappointed over a little misunderstanding, well, that's not my fault.
Medusa: Not that I care what you think! I've got a reputation as a trustworthy primal to uphold!
Vyrn: Sigh... There's that trademark attitude, huh?
Vyrn: Still, you really brought the pain to that monster! You're really something!
Medusa: Of course I am—that should go without saying!
Medusa: Heh, but I see you were finally able to comprehend my greatness.
Medusa: Since you've brought it up, let me tell you how amazing my sisters and I were!
Seemingly satisfied with herself, Medusa holds her chest high and begins to talk about the past.
On a distant battlefield, Medusa is fighting tooth and nail against a brood of monsters.
Medusa: Haaaaah!
Monster: Groooar...
Medusa: Hah! Pathetic!
Monster: Groooooar!
Medusa: ...?
Stheno: Heheh, that could've gone a lot worse.
Medusa: Thank you, Stheno!
Euryale: I've told you again and again to keep your guard up, but...
Euryale: I do like how willful you can be at times—it's endearing.
Stheno: Right. That's one of the nicest things about you.
Medusa: Stheno... Euryale...
Medusa: Teehee...
Euryale: Over here, monsters! Keep your slimy claws away from my baby sister!
Stheno: Prepare to witness the three Gorgon sisters' power.
Backed up by her two elder siblings, Medusa boldly charges into the monsters.
The battle, like all the ones the Gorgon sisters have fought before, proves to be mere child's play for the trio.
Medusa: And there you have it!
Medusa: When my sisters and I joined together, we could tear through any enemy. We were invincible!
Lyria: Teehee... You were really close to your sisters, weren't you?
Medusa: No, you're missing the point. I'm talking about how impressive we were!
Medusa: I mean, you're not wrong, but... Aaagh...
Medusa: Hm? Hey, do you see that thing off in the sky?
Following Medusa's line of sight, (Captain) and the others catch a glimpse of a small shadow flying through the air.
Lyria: Ah, you're right. I wonder what it is.
Vyrn: Uh, I think it's flying our way really fast...
Before (Captain) and the others are able to draw their weapons, the shadow makes a sudden landing before the party.
???: Ah, so here you are. I searched everywhere.
Medusa: Nezha! What are you doing here?
Nezha: As you can see, I came to find you. No matter how much time passed, you never came.
Medusa: Mmph! That's a little presumptuous of you! I mean, I haven't even said whether I'm going or not.
Nezha: What are you talking about?
Nezha: It's a gathering to learn how mortals live. I don't see how someone as fascinated by skydwellers as you could possibly say no.
Medusa: W-w-what! Put the brakes on your blab!
Nezha: Why are you making such a fuss? I don't understand you sometimes.
Nezha: No matter. I only needed to confirm your location. I shall wait for you up ahead.
And so saying, Nezha quickly departs.
Lyria: Just like that, he's gone...
Vyrn: Didn't he mention learning about people or somethin'?
Medusa: ...!
Medusa: I-it's been a long time since he asked me and the other primals to get together, so I don't have any choice but to drop in.
Medusa: I'm not interested in mortals or anything like that. So don't get the wrong idea!
Vyrn: Huh... Well, if that's what you need to tell yourself!
Medusa: Hey! What's that supposed to mean!
  1. Catch you later!
  2. Have a blast!

Choose: Catch you later!
Lyria: Take care, and have fun at your get-together!

Choose: Have a blast!
Lyria: Hehe, we can't wait to hear all about your get-together!
Continue 1
Medusa: ...!
Medusa: Aaaagh, I'm so out of here!
Medusa: Farewell, mortals!
Suppressing her embarrassment as best she can, Medusa darts away to start a different kind of adventure.

Operation Play House

Medusa meets Satyr, Baal, and Nezha for the first time in a while. While the four read books on the ways of mortals in a ruined hideaway, the elder of the island stops in and explains how Nezha once lent his assistance during a wildfire. The cries of a girl being attacked by a monster suddenly sound out, and Medusa rushes to rescue her.

A short while after leaving (Captain) and the others, Medusa arrives at the island mentioned in the letter.
She looks around, searching for her primal friends who should be awaiting her arrival.
Medusa: This should be the place. Where could those dorks be?
???: Aww! It's you, Medussy! I couldn't wait to see you!
Medusa: Aaah!
Medusa: H-hey! Don't hug me all of a sudden! Do you want to scare the scales off of me!
Satyr: Aw, c'mon! You're just too cute, Medussy! I can't help myself!
Medusa: Okay, okay! Get off me already!
Satyr: Teehee. It's adorable when you blush.
Satyr: Hey, you get over here too, Baally!
Baal: ...
Satyr: Baally couldn't wait for you to show up. He kept asking, "Is she here yet? Is she here yet?"
Baal: Watch it. You'll give her the wrong idea.
Baal: I was only irritated because she kept us waiting so long.
Medusa: That's enough! Like I said to Nezha: how bold of you to assume I'd come!
Baal: You're certainly obtuse.
Medusa: Huh! What's that supposed to mean?
Baal: The point of our meeting is to help you create friendlier relationships with mortals. That's what Nezha said, at least.
Baal: We're doing this for you. Your attitude toward mortals is always patronizing and unreceptive.
Medusa: Grrr!
Baal: Hah, my point exactly.
Medusa: Wh-who do you think you are? You're always—always—acting like you know me so well!
Nezha: So, do you think you two could finish up your usual hellos soon?
Baal: Don't you get started...
Satyr: Ah, Nezha! That means our pack of primal pals is all accounted for!
Satyr loves referring to the group of four primal friends as primal pals—much to the ire of Medusa.
Medusa: How many times have I asked you to stop calling us that? Really now...
Medusa: Anyway... Nezha, how are we actually going to learn about mortals?
Nezha: Come with me. It'd be best to see for yourself.
Medusa and the others proceed after Nezha deep into the forest.
After following Nezha for a while, the group comes to a ruined building.
Inside, the walls are covered with stacks of books from floor to ceiling.
Satyr: Wow, there's like a whole library here!
Nezha: Almost no one ever comes around here. It's the perfect place for research.
Nezha: I say we read the books that interest us and then share our findings. That way we can increase our mutual knowledge.
Baal: So... a book club?
Satyr: Hehe, sounds neat!
Medusa: A book club... How'd you find this place to begin with, Nezha?
Nezha: Eh, I had a bit of a connection.
Medusa: ...?
Confused by Nezha's answer, Medusa cocks her head to one side. But she soon shakes off her curiosity and begins hunting for interesting books.
Before long, Medusa and the others each take a few seemingly interesting volumes in hand and begin poring over them.
Baal: Hunting, fishing, planting... Do people really spend so much time procuring food? What vexatious creatures.
Medusa: Much as a spirit of play gave rise to culture, politics, religion, and similar enterprises, it continues to assume a role in the evolution of contemporary mortal life.
Medusa: Play is essential to child development, improving physical and intellectual abilities while also facilitating the maturation of competitive instincts.
Medusa: Humph... Who would've thought that having fun was so important? Here I assumed it was just a way to kill time.
Medusa: Hm, this book's titled... Mutual Understanding in Intercultural Exchange?
Medusa: This one's... A Hundred and One Ways to Deepen Cross-Cultural Friendships...
Medusa: (I wonder if you can call the relationship between me and the crew—between primal beasts and mortals—"cross-cultural.")
Medusa: ...
Satyr: Medussy, did you find some good reads? You've got such a serious look on your face.
Medusa: Aaah! N-nothing! Not a single interesting page!
Startled by the sudden query, Medusa crams the books back onto the shelf.
Medusa: Wh-what about you? Find any books that seem useful?
Satyr: Sure, there were a ton! Come here!
Just as Satyr grabs Medusa's arm to escort her to another shelf, a voice echoes from the entrance of the ruins.
???: Nezha, are you in there?
Medusa: Ack! A mortal!
Medusa: Seriously, Nezha? We got found already!
Despite Medusa's alarm, Nezha approaches the old man with perfect composure, never showing any hint of unease.
Elder: Here are the books you requested.
Nezha: Ah, thank you for the trouble.
Elder: No, no, it was nothing. I should thank you for your great kindness.
Elder: ...!
Ah, you folks are all—
The elder passes Nezha several volumes and catches sight of the other three primals. Realization strikes him, and he bows his head in reverence.
Medusa: Hey, what's this all about?
Nezha: I told you I had a bit of a connection, didn't I?
Medusa: That doesn't explain anything!
Elder: Nezha, did you not tell your acquaintances about me?
Nezha: Well, that was my intention, but perhaps the message wasn't clear.
Baal: To say the least.
Medusa: We basically understood zilch...
Elder: Heheheh... Then I will take it upon myself to elucidate.
The old man clears his throat and begins telling how he and Nezha met.
He explains that the island was once consumed by a great wildfire.
Flying by at just the right time, Nezha aided in extinguishing the conflagration, earning him the respect and trust of the locals.
Since then he has occasionally visited the island, where he likes to quietly lose himself in books.
Elder: Such being the case, I'm offering this space to Nezha as a small token of my gratitude.
Elder: He told me that you would all be visiting today.
Elder: As you can see, I'm delivering the new tomes that he requested.
Medusa: Oh, so that's what this is about. I guess I didn't need to be so surprised.
Elder: My apologies for startling you.
Medusa: You don't have to say sorry for anything. Nezha's the one to blame.
Nezha: I suppose I am.
Nezha's apologetic tone cools Medusa's anger, causing the serpentine primal to give an exaggerated sigh.
Medusa: Anyway... We're free to use this place as we please, correct?
Elder: Yes, of course. The villagers almost never visit these parts.
Medusa: Then I guess we don't have anything to worry about.
???: Eeeeek!
No sooner does Medusa attempt to relax than an alarmed voice rings out.
Satyr: Huh? What was that!
Medusa: Aaagh! It's just one thing after another!
Though irritation is evident in her voice, Medusa dashes outside.
As Medusa nears the location of the cry, she discovers a small girl under attack by a monster.
Monster: Groooar!
Village Girl: Eek! Leave me alone!
Medusa: Don't move! I'll save you!

Operation Play House: Scene 2

After Medusa defeats the monster and rescues the girl, the girl's extreme shyness prompts her to hide and watch the group from a distance. Satyr suggests that the group play house to become friends with the girl and become more familiar with mortals' customs, so Medusa begins preparations.

Medusa: Haaaah!
Monster: Groooar!
Medusa: Heh... That was easy enough.
Around the time that Medusa finishes off the monster, Satyr and the others arrive.
Satyr: Medussy! You aren't hurt, are you?
Medusa: I'm fine, but...
Village Girl: ...
Medusa: Can you stand up? Here, I'll give you a hand.
Village Girl: Um...
Medusa steps toward the girl and extends her hand, but the girl immediately begins trembling and runs off.
Medusa: Huh? What's up with her?
Baal: You must have been scarier than the monster.
Medusa: Don't talk about me like I'm some sort of freak!
Elder: Ah, there's no need to take it personally. That little girl is extremely shy.
Nezha: Did you bring her along, my friend?
Elder: No... She most likely noticed how often I've been coming here and decided to find out for herself why.
Medusa: See, I told you it wasn't my fault!
Medusa: But... even if she's shy, she doesn't have to run away from me...
Despite comprehending why the girl ran away, Medusa can't help but sulk.
Satyr, meanwhile, notices motion off to the side.
Satyr: There, it's that girl! She's looking at us!
Satyr points toward the girl, who is peeking out at the party from behind a tree.
Medusa: You're right... I wonder what's wrong.
Elder: I think she might be curious about you all.
Elder: But she's afraid to get too close, let alone talk with you.
Satyr: Hey, how do you think we can make friends with her?
Satyr: It would be kinda sad if we didn't try at least.
Nezha: ...
Nezha: Ah, is it perhaps time to utilize the knowledge we learned in those books?
Nezha: We've yet to test it in reality, but at least it's fresh in our minds. Perhaps it could help.
Satyr: What a great idea! Classic Nezha!
Baal: I'll sit this one out.
Nezha: Come now, helping out this once won't hurt.
Baal: ...
Medusa: Hah! I guess someone isn't confident he can handle it.
Medusa: Eh, I guess that's fine though. She'd only be scared by a mopey dork like you anyway.
Baal: If anything, it's you who'll spook her by screaming and kicking up a fuss again.
Medusa: Didn't I already say that wasn't my fault!
Satyr: Now, now, you two... Let's all get along. Okay?
Medusa and the others begin pooling their knowledge in an attempt to befriend the girl.
Their discussion concludes with the group settling on an idea.
Nezha: Playing house seems like the best option.
Satyr: Playing... house?
Nezha: It's said to be a popular game in which participants pretend to run a household.
Nezha: I once saw it described in a book as the form of play most interesting and familiar to many adolescent mortals.
Baal: So you mean to say that if we partake in this house game, the child will approach us?
Satyr: Baally, find a better way to say that! She's not an animal!
Nezha: In a manner of speaking, playing house is a simulation of skydweller life. It's sure to be a good experience for us.
Satyr: Yeah, it sounds super fun! What do you think, Medussy? Want to try it out?
Medusa: ...
Satyr: Medussy?
Medusa: Teeheehee...
Satyr: Medussy! What's gotten into you?
Medusa: All right, I'm in!
Medusa: This will be the perfect opportunity to learn about mortals! I will use every ounce of power I have to be friends with this girl!
Satyr: Hooray! Medussy's getting into it! I'm going to play my butt off too!
Medusa: (I sure am! How pathetic would it be if a primal beast like me couldn't tame the likes of a girl!)
Medusa: (I'm going to put a smile on that scared little face of hers if it's the last thing I do!)
Medusa grins, strengthening her resolve. She is prepared to play house.

Operation Play House: Scene 3

The group members try to play house, but Medusa and Baal's initial awkward interactions soon devolve into an argument. After storming off, Medusa expresses regret and is comforted by Satyr. The duo then hears a scream coming from the young girl, who is being attacked by a monster on the edge of a cliff. They strike back at the monster with Baal's help.

In hopes of befriending the girl, Medusa and the others get ready to play house.
Having cleared away the monsters and made the area safe, they borrow a low table, a tarpaulin, and other supplies from the elder.
After much deliberation, the roles are decided. Baal will play the role of father, Satyr the role of mother, Medusa the role of daughter, and Nezha the role of son.
Medusa: Hey, I'm home!
Satyr: Ah, welcome back. Looks like somebody had a long day!
Medusa: You bet! I was having so much fun with my friends I lost track of time!
Satyr: Everyone's already waiting at the dinner table, so hurry up, Medussy!
Medusa: Okay!
Medusa sits at the table, and the other three quickly follow suit.
Satyr: Okay, everyone, what time is it?
All Three: Dinnertime!
They pretend to put the mountains of weeds, nuts, and berries into their mouths.
Medusa: Mm, it's so yummy!
Nezha: I'd expect nothing less from our mother. She's demonstrated a masterful understanding of our palates and seasoned this food impeccably.
Medusa: Uh, that doesn't sound quite familiar if you ask me.
Satyr: Be sure to eat a bunch, everyone! There's a lot left over for seconds!
Village Girl: ...
Satyr: Ah! The girl looks interested!
Medusa: All right, let's keep it up!
Satyr: So, uh... Nezha, how'd you spend the day? Did you play a whole bunch with your friends?
Nezha: No, I was waiting for Medusa to return home.
Nezha: My life revolves around playing with my sister.
Satyr: Oh! I guess you really love your sister, don't you?
Nezha: Love? I'm not so sure about that. She asked me to play a part, and I'm following her instructions. It's—
Medusa: Aaanyway! Such a good brother, right? Waited this whole time for me to come back—come here, you!
Medusa starts to aggressively rub Nezha's head, using the moment to draw his ear closer.
Medusa: Nezha—stick to the script, you got that?
Medusa: (Grr... This is a rare chance for me to play the big sister role, you know!)
Medusa: All right now, dear baby brother. Time for me to feed you!
Medusa: Now open wiiide!
Nezha: Don't even think about it.
Satyr: Hehe, you two are just the best of pals!
Baal: ...
Medusa: Wh-what is it? You've been staring at me for a while now... Is there something you want to say?
Baal: Not really...
Medusa: Sounds like a lie. You only act like this when you've got something on your mind.
Baal: All right, let's get into it then.
Medusa: Huh?
Baal: Your way of speaking is thoroughly unconvincing. Call me Papa for now.
Medusa: What? Papa? What's wrong with saying father!
Baal: Step back and think who we're playing house for in the first place.
Baal: The girl will feel closer to us if we imitate the way that she talks to her parents.
Baal: Am I wrong?
Medusa: I suppose you're right in a way, but...
Medusa: Even so, don't you think that's going too far!
Baal: Why does this matter so much to you?
Medusa: Because I can't focus on playing house! I don't care what you say—calling you Papa would make me sound too childish!
Baal: But you are my child.
Medusa: Why do you have to split hairs about this? You're just making fun of me!
Baal: Humph. You really are just a child, aren't you?
Medusa narrows her eyes in irritation at Baal's patronizing comment.
Medusa: Really... Why'd you have to go and say something like that?
Baal: Because I wanted to. Weren't you the one who decided to be friends with the girl?
Baal: I never should've expected anything. My loss for helping you out.
Medusa: ...!
I-I don't remember ever asking for your help or anything!
The argument between Medusa and Baal grows more intense, forcing Satyr to intervene.
Satyr: Cut it out already, you two!
Baal: We've known each other for a long time, but I guess we just can't get along.
Medusa: You took the words out of my mouth!
The intervention is to no avail—Medusa and Baal stare each other down until Baal turns his back.
Baal: I'm going to go cool off.
After a brusque comment, he storms off.
Satyr: Ah, Baally! Wait up!
Medusa: Whatever. This isn't fun anymore.
Medusa: I need a change of pace too. See ya.
Medusa flies off in the opposite direction, distancing herself even further from Baal.
Satyr: Oh no... Not Medusa too...
Nezha: I see... She must be going though a rebellious phase.
Satyr: Aww, Nez, you can tell us your jokes later. We've got to follower her!
Satyr and Nezha hurry after Medusa and Baal.
Village Girl: ...
Unbeknownst to them, the girl has been hiding behind a tree and watching the series of events unfold.
Medusa: Who does he think he is!
On the far side of the island, Medusa complains about Baal to herself while looking to the skies above.
Medusa: He always—always—has such a condescending attitude. Does he hate me or something?
Medusa: ...
Medusa: Sigh... What am I even doing...
Medusa: I wish I hadn't done that in front of the girl... Getting defensive over something so small...
Medusa: Siiiigh...
Feeling guilty for her actions, Medusa lets out a deep breath. Just a moment later she hears Satyr's voice behind her.
Satyr: Ah, Medussy! There you are!
Medusa: Satyr...
Satyr: Mind if I sit next to you?
Medusa nods without speaking, and Satyr takes a seat right by her side with a friendly smile.
Satyr: Teehee! We didn't get to finish playing house.
Medusa: ...
Satyr: Guess you're going through a rebellious phase!
Medusa: Huh?
Satyr: You know what Nez said to me? Rebellion's a sign of growth!
Satyr: So you must be growing up, Medussy!
Medusa: Um... I'm not sure about that...
Satyr: I think it's really impressive how you just keep on blooming, Medussy! I should learn from you.
Medusa is at a loss for how to respond.
But after seeing Satyr's smile, her anger gradually gives way to calm.
Medusa: Looking back on it now, I guess I could've been a bit more mature.
Medusa: Sorry for always being such a pain.
Satyr: Huh? What are you talking about?
Satyr responds with a smile on her face and compassion in her eyes.
Medusa takes note, finally understanding her friend's intentions. She suddenly smiles.
Medusa: Geez... You're really something, you know that?
Satyr: Hehe. Sounds like somebody's feeling better.
Satyr: What do you say we all make up then? I know that Nez will do a good job too!
As she stands up cheerfully, a cry is suddenly heard in the distance.
Satyr: That voice... It's the girl!
Medusa: Sounds like it's coming from the cliff! Let's go!
Medusa and Satyr head toward a cliff that towers beyond the forest. The girl from earlier is sitting on the cliff's edge and trembling.
Medusa: There she is! Over that way!
Village Girl: S-sniff... Cough...
Monster: Groooar!
Satyr: There's a monster attacking her! We've got to save her!
Medusa: I know!
Medusa reflexively hurries toward the girl, but the monster is already just a step away.
Monster: Grrr!
Village Girl: Stoooop!
Medusa: (We're not going to make it in time!)
For a moment, Medusa imagines the worst.
A thunderous sound rumbles in the distance, and in an instant a bolt of lightning strikes the monster down.
Monster: Groooar!
Medusa: That lightning... Could it be!
Baal: Seems I came in time.
Medusa: Baal! I should've known it was you!
Baal: Don't worry about me. Go get that girl.
Medusa: I-I know!
Medusa: Stay right there! I'll be over in just a minute!
Village Girl: O-okay...
Before Medusa can breathe a sigh of relief, the girl peeks over the edge, loses her footing, and falls.
Village Girl: Ahhhh!
Medusa: ...!
Medusa catches the girl just before she makes impact with the ground.
Medusa: Phew...
Satyr: Medussy! Are you okay?
Medusa: Me, yeah... You?
Village Girl: Uh-huh... I'm okay.
Satyr: Great! I guess we can rest easy then!
Medusa: I'm not so sure about that.
Monster: Groooar!
Baal: So I didn't finish it off... Stubborn brute.
Medusa: Satyr! Take the girl for now!
Satyr: On it! Leave it to me!
Medusa: Better get ready! You're going to regret taking me for a ride!
Baal: Don't get in my way.
Medusa: That's my line!
Monster: Groooar!

Operation Play House: Scene 4

After the group members defeat the monster, they ask the girl why she would go somewhere so dangerous. She explains that she was hunting for flowers to make Medusa feel better. While she is thankful for the girl's show of kindness, Medusa tells her to never go anywhere so unsafe again.

Medusa: Aah!
Baal: Hah!
Monster: Groooar...
Medusa: Humph! What a pushover!
Baal: Seems you're still pretty sharp.
Medusa: Of course I am!
Having driven away the monster, Medusa and Baal share praise with each other before approaching the young girl.
Nezha catches up soon after, and Medusa begins asking questions.
Medusa: How come you were somewhere that dangerous all by yourself? It didn't look like you were playing.
Village Girl: Um, uh...
The girl fidgets as she hands Medusa a single flower.
Village Girl: This is... for you...
Medusa: For me?
Village Girl: You looked... kinda sad...
Medusa: ...
The girl, Medusa can see, is trying to comfort her. Feeling pangs of conscience, Medusa softens her speech.
Medusa: You picked that flower just for me, didn't you? Thank you.
Medusa: Promise me that you won't do anything dangerous again. Your life doesn't just belong to you.
Medusa: When someone you thought would be there forever is suddenly gone... It hurts like you wouldn't believe.
Satyr: Medussy...
Medusa: ...
Euryale: I do like how willful you can be at times—it's endearing.
Stheno: Right. That's one of the nicest things about you.
Medusa: (My sisters...)
Village Girl: ...
Medusa: Huh!
Medusa: Uh, th-that's what my sisters were saying anyway... It's not what I think!
Village Girl: Okay!
The girl nods deeply and beams before quickly embracing Medusa.
Medusa: Wh-wh-wha?
Village Girl: Teeheehee! Thank you.
Satyr: Aww, Medussy! Just like that, you've made another pal!
Baal: Looks like things turned out like you hoped. How about acting a little happier?
Medusa: Sh-shut it!
Nezha: Like they say, all's well that ends well.
Medusa: (Well, it's not exactly what I was expecting...)
Medusa: (But this isn't so bad either...)
Though she was initially surprised by the girl's friendly attitude, Medusa is at last able to accept it.
A gentle, sunny smile appears on her face.
Medusa parts ways with the others soon after and returns to the Grandcypher.
Medusa: Hm, hm, hm...
Vyrn: Heyo, Snake Girl! You sure seem happy!
  1. The get-together went well, huh?
  2. Did you have fun?

Choose: The get-together went well, huh?
Medusa: Eh, I guess you could say that.
Vyrn: Now that's a shifty answer if I've ever heard one. What's the story?

Choose: Did you have fun?
Medusa: It's probably accurate to say it was more fruitful rather than fun.
Vyrn: Huh? What the heck's that supposed to mean?
Continue 1
Medusa: Heh-heh... I'm not telling you anything.
Vyrn: Huh! You can't be serious! Spit it out!
Medusa parries Vyrn's comments with a grin.
Though her capricious attitude has yet to change, such encounters with mortals have opened her heart a little wider.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
どいて! Out of the way!
援護しなさい、アンタ! You! Back me up!
かかってきなさい! Come at me!
あっ、いいもの見っけ! Oh, I found something good!
あ~もうっ!しつこいわね! Grr... They're relentless!
もう終わり? It is over already?
アタシに歯向かったこと、後悔させてあげる! You'll regret baring your fangs at me!
アンタ、油断するんじゃないわよ! You! Don't let your guard down!
背中預けるわよ! I'll take care of this!
いっけぇー! Sic 'em!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut



SV Medusa.png SV Medusa E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, destroy the enemy follower before it can deal any damage in return.

You've got something against my hair? Well, you've got guts; I'll give you that! I don't take kindly to those who mock my flowing locks though. Prepare to be turned to stone!


Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, destroy the enemy follower before it can deal any damage in return.

Cry all you like; your fate is sealed! You've insulted me, and now it's time to pay the price! Show me your snakiest, dear little darlings!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Classic
SV Portal Medusa
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Medusa, Evil-Eyed Serpent

SV Medusa, Evil-Eyed Serpent.png SV Medusa, Evil-Eyed Serpent E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon 3 Serpents.
At the end of your turn, give Bane to a random allied Serpent.
At the end of your turn, give Ward to a random allied Serpent.

"You'll pay if you take us lightly!"

Anacondas, vipers, pythons. All snakes become her shield.
"I'll teach you how scary snakes can be!"

They bare their fangs at any who would trespass against their princess.


Evolve: Put a Medusiana into your hand.
At the end of your turn, give Bane to a random allied Serpent.
At the end of your turn, give Ward to a random allied Serpent.

"Come, Medusiana!"

One that could swallow a dragon whole, answers her call.
"Playtime is over! Rip them to shreds!"

All those who oppose the princess of snakes will find themselves as mere field mice before her noble steed.

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Steel Rebellion
SV Portal Medusa, Evil-Eyed Serpent
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Medusa's Gaze

SV Medusa's Gaze.png
Click to reveal card data

Give an allied follower the following effect until the end of the turn: Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, destroy the enemy follower before it can deal any damage in return.

Your tears can't save you. Turn to stone!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Darkness Evolved
SV Portal Medusa's Gaze
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Medusiana.png SV Medusiana E.png
Click to reveal card data

Can attack up to 3 times per turn.

"You'll have plenty of time to regret fighting us—when you're sitting in her stomach! Medusiana, swallow 'em whole!" —Medusa, controller of the great snake


Can attack up to 3 times per turn.

"Huh? Pointing your sword at the gorgon sisters? That's more than a little stupid! Medusiana—punish 'em!" —Medusa, controller of the great snake

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack
SV Portal Medusiana
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sweet-Tooth Medusa

SV Sweet-Tooth Medusa.png SV Sweet-Tooth Medusa E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon 1 Serpent.
Spellboost: Summon 1 more.
If this card has been spellboosted at least 7 times, summon a Medusiana instead.

Magical Girl Sweet-Tooth Medusa is on the scene! Love and passion! Sugar Time! Magical Light... Sparking!
Phew! Being a magical girl sure isn't easy!


Hate will never be enough to defeat the forces of evil! So I'll wrap them up in my love!
Evildoers the world over... I'll send you back where you came from!

Class Runecraft
Card Pack Altersphere
SV Portal Sweet-Tooth Medusa
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Venomfang Medusa

SV Venomfang Medusa.png SV Venomfang Medusa E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon a Serpent.
At the start of your turn, if at least 2 allied Serpents are in play, 2 Serpents combine to become Medusiana.

Her purple, serpentine locks form one massive snake. Accompanied by countless smiling fangs, this young girl steps back into the night.
"We'll show you everything we've got!"


Evolve: Summon a Serpent.
At the start of your turn, if at least 2 allied Serpents are in play, 2 Serpents combine to become Medusiana.

Fear and worship the snake goddess. Her powers released, she will consume everything under the night sky.
"I can do everything that my sisters can!"

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Starforged Legends
SV Portal Venomfang Medusa
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Venomfang Medusa 2.png SV Venomfang Medusa 2 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon a Serpent.
At the start of your turn, if at least 2 allied Serpents are in play, 2 Serpents combine to become Medusiana.

Her purple, serpentine locks form one massive snake. Accompanied by countless smiling fangs, this young girl steps back into the night.
"We'll show you everything we've got!"


Evolve: Summon a Serpent.
At the start of your turn, if at least 2 allied Serpents are in play, 2 Serpents combine to become Medusiana.

Fear and worship the snake goddess. Her powers released, she will consume everything under the night sky.
"I can do everything that my sisters can!"

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Starforged Legends
SV Portal Venomfang Medusa
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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