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Official Profile[edit]

Age 14
Height 147cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Going for a walk, taking a nap together with Sachy
Likes All of nature, Sachy
Dislikes Machines, modern stuff, studying
Sitting on the back of the mysterious creature "Sachy," she's a traveling young female Erune who acts according to her whims. She claims to be the queen of a family which is composed only of female warriors. Strangely, nature spirits seem to always be accompanying her, and to a certain extent, they both understand each other. After coincidentally meeting with the protagonist and their friends in a certain mountain range, she fell in love with the protagonist's power, and suggested they travel together, even though the purpose of her own journey is unknown even to herself.
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  • Nemone is Melleau's older sister.



Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Enjoy yourself! Today is a special day, it's the day you were born!


Your birthday is a special day. I'm glad you're here to celebrate another year.
It's all right for me to keep tagging along on your journey, right? Heheh... I'm glad.
Sachy likes it here too! No matter what's ahead for us, let's stick together, (Captain)


Happy birthday! This is the third time I get to celebrate with you. Makes me realize that we've known each other a long while.
You're practically family to me now! I get the best afternoon naps when you're right next to me, (Captain).
I don't have a lot of people I'm close to... Sachy's proof enough of that.
I mean, you know how Sachy has a little habit of pounding bad people into the ground? Never seen that happen to you though, (Captain).
So if Sachy likes you, it means you're really something!
I like being here, so I'll be sticking around, okay? I hope you'll have my back—and Sachy's too!


Happy birthday! Yay, Sachy! Clap, clap, boom, boom!
See that's it! It's Sachy's happy dance! Her feet are really moving to the rhythm.
You birthday is so much fun, (Captain)!
I think I'm gonna start dancing along with Sachy!
Huh? How come we're so happy?
Why else? Your family members' birthdays are like your own.
She and I are just as happy as if this were one of our own birthdays.
You should join in when you get the hang of it, (Captain). Let the beat lead you!
A one, two, three...


Wow... This party's even huger than the last. But I mean, no less for (Captain)'s birthday, right?
The crew just loves you more and more every year. And they've done a really good job of showing it.
And you can't forget I love you too. I'm sure I love you no less than all the rest of the crew.
Look... This is for you! I made you a fancy mask—and decorated it with tons and tons of feathers.
I thought for a long, long time so I could design a mask perfect for you. Sachy helped too.
So, is that mask telling you how much I love you?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
Sleep in? That sounds great... I could lie here all day...


Hey there. Happy New Year. See ya...
Huh? Where am I off to?
I'm gonna go take a nap of course. I found a great spot too...
I just came to greet you in the new year. Now it's time for some shut-eye. You wanna take a nap too?


Hey there, (Captain). Happy New Year.
Listen, I decided not to sleep-in for the new year this time.
See, I don't wanna miss out on all the ways our crew members celebrate the new year!
I just learned how to fly some kite. Can't say what it was all for though...
And I heard about this game called badminton... I don't get it, but I'm gonna check it out later.
Seeing all these traditions reminds me how interesting different cultures can be...
Huh? Traditions back home?
Well, our family tradition was to take a stab at each other for New Year's...
Same old, same old, you know? Meow-ha-ha!


Happy New Year's!
I've been makin' some mochi, flyin' a kite, playin' badminton, doing some calligraphy.... all kinds of holiday stuff!
And now I'm.. I'm pooped.
All that's left is for you and me and Sachy to get some New Year's z's, and we can call it a day.
Come on, come on... Sleepyland is calling your name!


Hey, hey, (Captain). Can we talk for a little bit?
The crew's been asking me about how I celebrate New Year's.
And, well, back home, all we do is cut each other the whole day. I mean, remember what I said about our New Year's greeting?
And, I kinda don't want the entire crew to know about it...
Eh? I don't have to talk about back home? I can talk about what I do now?
I didn't think of that... But, you're right. I could tell everyone about snoozing during New Year's—that's pretty safe.
Plus, I know many, many napping places comfortable even in winter. We found them together, remember?
Okay then. I'm off to talk to everyone.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
Do you want some chocolate? It's homemade by Sachy!


You smell sweet... Is that chocolate in your hand?
I see... Actually I've got some chocolate too.
Sachy made it. So I thought I'd give it to you.
How about... we sit here and eat this chocolate and that chocolate together?
Hm? It's all right with you? Heh-heh, aren't you a sweetie...


Here ya go, (Captain). It's from Sachy!
Heh-heh-heh... Could this mean that you're Sachy's valentine?
Hm... If that's the case, then I'll wish happiness for you both and watch over you two from afar.
(Captain), I know I can trust you with Sachy. So don't let me down!
Not that it matters, since I'll be following you two everywhere! Meow-ha-ha!


Heeere you go! Chocolates! These are me and Sachy's way of saying thanks to you.
I'm not just giving these to you 'cause it's the holiday—these are 'cause I really care.
(Captain), what would you do if you got chocolates from both me and Sachy?
Would you pick one of us as your favorite? Would it be too hard?
Or would you just take both? I wouldn't mind that if I got to be together with Sachy.
I dunno... Either way's fine. Let's just eat some chocolate together.


(Captain), these chocolates are for you. This year's batch turned out pretty good, I think. I gave them my all.
Hm? I thought you'd be more touched. What's wrong?
Could it be, you don't think I gave my all?
What do I do, Sachy. This looks pretty serious...
Guess I'm left with no choice. Let's bring (Captain) back home.
First we'll meet my parents. Then we'll go through the marriage rites... I think we'll be able to return to the ship in about ten days.
Just kidding, just kidding. If I were to spirit you away from the crew, they'd all get angry at me.
Just know that I really, really am coming from the heart.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? Is this for me and Sachy? As thanks for the Valentine's Day gift?
Wow. Thank you. Did you make it yourself?
That's really neat... I'm so happy! So happy! Heheh! Aren't you happy too, Sachy?


Ooh! Is this one of them White Day present thingies?
Yippee! Isn't this great, Sachy?
(Captain)'s seriously taking care of holiday business.
It's what we've been waiting for, haven't we?
And I have a sneaking suspicion next year's gonna be just as good!


I've fallen for ya!
I mean, this gift for me is full of love, right?
So there's no way I wouldn't fall for you!
(Captain), you can look forward to next year.
The way this is going, I just might go all out...
But... I might not go out at all. Wait and see! Or don't!


Ooh, are you giving me some sweet, white presents?
I'm gonna blush.
Huh? (Captain), you didn't give us enough, did you?
Nope... There's some for me, and there's some for Sachy...
But there's not any for you, (Captain)!
That means we can't eat together. What a bummer...
Oh well, I guess that means Sachy and I will just have to share ours with you.
Open wiiiide! C'mon, don't be shy!


Tralala... It's here, it's here. (Captain)'s finally brought me a White Day's gift...
And there's enough for three this time.
Plus, all the cookies are different flavors! You do know how to make a girl happy.
Now, you, me, and Sachy can get to sharing and caring.
Did you know that food shared among three friends is thirty times as delicious?
Now that everything's settled, let's go get some tea from the kitchen. Set out! Sachy!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
I'll take the candy, but I'm also going to play a trick on you! Get 'em, Sachy!


I haven't got a thing to do in the world.
We've already got our treats. So what next, Sachy?
Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Great idea. Yeah, let's play a trick!
You pin down (Captain), and I'll get the rope for tying people up.


Trick or treat!
Let's do this, Sachy! Cap'n! Time for us to liberate you of your belongings—
Hm? What's this...
A box of premium assorted candies! Oh, how sweet the sound... You got a real treat this year, (Captain)!
Huh? You want me to have it? That's why you're my best buddy! Meow-ha-ha!
Let's finish lightening (Captain)'s load later! First let's lay into the goodies!
Did I say something weird?


Sachy gets really feisty on Halloween!
I wonder why. Maybe it's cause there are lots of other people in masks.
Huh? (Captain), do you want to wear a mask like Sachy's?
Hehehe, what do you know? I've got one ready for you right here!
And I made a mask for myself too!
We three Sachys have to go spook everyone!


Whew... That was real fun, wasn't it, Sachy? We surprised many, many people—and got some candy too.
(Captain), did you enjoy playing pranks with us?
No, no—you don't have to speak. I can tell. You look like you're on cloud nine...
Oh, but I'm still hungry for more.
I mean, I haven't pranked you yet. Right, (Captain)?
And Halloween can't end until I've seen you 100% speechless.
Heh-heh-heh. Ready, set... Sic 'em, Sachy!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Let's go eat some candy canes! Yum... Look, Sachy's hungry too!


Melleau: La la... La la...
Wow... The city is glowing with sparkly lights. Do you like it, Sachy?
Sachy: ...
Melleau: Hm? You look like you're enjoying it too. Heheh... You're having fun hanging out with me?
I see. I see now... And I'm having fun too. And so is Sachy. That makes for a happy holiday!


I smell cake... Ah, hello there, (Captain)...
I was lazing about in my room when I got a sweet whiff of some cake...
So Sachy and I were just about to hurry and get ourselves a bite...
And that's when you showed up!
Now then, why don't you come along with Sachy and me to have a slice or two?
Huh? You will? I knew we were best buddies!
Well then, I think I'll take my sweet time to satisfy my sweet tooth with a sweet treat... Let's eat!


Happy holidude!
Hey there! I came to invite you to the party!
There's going to be a ton of food, lots of cake—it'll be amazing.
What do you recommend? I want to eat what you like, (Captain).
I think it's gonna be one of my favorites too.
I mean, you and me are buds, right?


Happy holidays, (Captain). I'm helping out with the party today.
The folks in the kitchen asked me to serve the food. It's all fresh off the stove.
I'm always kinda just lazing around, you know. I figured the least I could do was help out during the holidays.
Think of me and Sachy as culinary Santas for the day.
Of course, we have a present for you too. One pipin' hot rotisserie chicken coming right up!
Kay, I'm gonna go pass out the rest. But once I'm done, I'll bring up three servings of cake, so wait for me to come back, all right?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Languid Vagrant[edit]

As (Captain) and company moved along the mountain pass, they encountered a young lady named Melleau astride a mysterious beast. As the party and Melleau were becoming better acquainted, monsters appeared. After Melleau was rescued by the party, she stated that she was enchanted by their appearance, and wished to join with them. Our heroes accepted this freewheeling young lady into their ranks. They would be driven to their wits end many times by her free-spirited nature.

At this time our heroes were advancing along a mountain path.
Vyrn: Hm...? Hey... What the heck are you?
Lyria: What? Huh?
???: Laaa dee da dee deee!
Lyria: Th- this is bad! If that girl is left to her own devices... We have to save her right away!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Doesn’t that girl look like leading some monsters along with her?
???: Hmm? Ah... Ah.
As soon as the mysterious young woman leading a group of monsters noticed (Captain) and company, she drew near them with apparent interest.
???: Hey, hey... Have you been checking me out for some time?
???: Are you fascinated by me? Or are you focused on Sachy? That’s it, isn’t it.
???: ......
Vyrn: Wh- What’s the matter...? You...
???: Whoa, that red lizard can talk. A red lizard and a blue girl... How about that. And what color are you in the center?
???: Hahaha... I don’t know what collar, but what a delicious aroma...
Vyrn: Delicious?! You are leading monsters... Maybe you are a monster yourself?!
???: Hm? Leading them...?
Monster: ......
???: Oops, I did it again! Break up and scatter!
Signaled by the languid voice of the young woman, the monsters accompanying her took off until they could no longer be seen.
Lyria: Whoa... Just like that, the monsters... Wait, you can talk to monsters?
???: Well, yeah. But that doesn’t mean I’m a monster myself.
Melleau: My name is Melleau. And that shy one wearing a mask is my partner, Sachy.
Sachy: ......
Melleau: Just look at my most excellent ears. Why would you mistake me for a monster? I am a genuine and authentic Erune.
Melleau: Agghh... Feel free to feel my ears! They’re fluffy!
Vyrn: What the... This lady seems like a real pest...
Lyria: Whoa! Your eras really are fluffy! They feel nice to the touch!
Melleau: Hahaha... My alluring fluffy ears are my pride and joy!
Melleau: Nonetheless, arched you a bit lacking in the vigilance? You are coming carelessly close to me, aren’t you?
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Wha?! What do you mean to do?! Lyria! Get away from her! Now!
Melleau: Hm? Ah, I see. That’s what it is.
Melleau: I’m sorry. I seem to have caused you some confusion. I have no intention of doing anything whatsoever.
Melleau: In truth, I am a member of a clan known for cutting you down instead of greeting you.
Melleau: Do you know of us? You don’t? We are a reclusive clan that lives deep in a forest.
Melleau began to speak of her clan that consisted only of female warriors.
Melleau: I even acted as queen for a while... Ah.
Monster: GRRRR...!
Vyrn: Hey... Looks like the monsters have gathered back again...
Melleau: And so they have.
Melleau: It looks like if I stick around here I would be a nuisance to you all. We’d best be leaving.
Lyria: Those monsters have gathered here all of a sudden... Are you going to be okay?
Melleau: No, there’s no problem. They’re all very obedient. Right, Sachy?
Sachy: ......
Melleau: Huh? So, it’s no good? So you say you never forgive those mushrooms... You really hold a grudge, don’t you Sachy.
Melleau: Just as long as you don’t get all worked up...
Vyrn: H-hey! Behind you! Don’t space out like that!
Melleau: Hmm?
Cobra: Hisssss!
Melleau: Ack... This...
Vyrn: Hey, why are you so vacant?! Hurry up and get out of here...
Cobra: Hisssss...
Melleau: Ah...
Vyrn: (Captain)! Not bad! You leveled them with one blow!
Lyria: Melleau, are you injured?
Melleau: Ho...
Lyria: Ho?
Melleau: I was charmed...
Gran is the Main Character

Lyria: W-What are you saying?! That’s no good! (Captain) is off limits!
Melleau: Whyy?
Lyria: A- Anyway! (Captain) is off limits!
Melleau: Hm... I will wait and see...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Vyrn: Huh? What are you saying...
Melleau: Well, yeah. There are two of us.
Melleau: You called me a “girl”, right?
Melleau: (Captain) is the captain of this order. So this is just right.
Melleau: So... Can I go with you on your journey, (Captain)?
  1. Sure thing
  2. Eh...

Choose: Sure thing
Melleau: Wah... You feel like accepting whoever comes along? Nice... You are so broad-minded.

Choose: Eh...
Melleau: Hahaha... I’ll take that as a yes.
Continue 1
Melleau: And that’s that. Sachy and I look forward to traveling with you.
Sachy: ......
Melleau, the young woman accompanied by mysterious beasts, was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
Afterwards, they would be driven to their wits end many times by her free-spirited nature.

An Unknown Friend[edit]

At a certain town, the strange creature she rode on draws many stares as they pass by. Eventually some scoundrels appear and demand that Melleau hands over Sachy, but she refuses. Angered by her attitude, the scoundrels draw their swords.

Melleau: Hmhmm♪
Sachy: ...
Townsfolk 1: Hey, that's...
Townsfolk 2: What the heck is that...? ...
Vyrn: Sigh...
Lyria: Haha... d-don't sigh like that, Vyrn! What's up?
Vyrn: I can't help it...
(Captain)'s party comes across a town during their travels.
Their companion Melleau remained atop her partner Sachy, drawing the attention of everyone they passed by.
Vyrn: Hey... why don't you get off that thing while we're in town?
Melleau: Eh? Whyy?
Vyrn: The people in the town are scared! Of that... thing you're riding!
Melleau: Nobody was scared of Sachy where I come from...
Melleau: In fact, everyone politely got out of the way whenever we went down the street...
Lyria: Uhh... m-maybe they moved out of the way because they were scared...?
Melleau: But Sachy has such a cute face! Right, Sachy?
Sachy: ...
Lyria: Face...? Um, that's a mask, isn't it? What does it look like underneath?
Melleau: Oh, I wouldn't look if I were you. When my older sister looked, she fainted and was in bed for three days.
Lyria: H-how did that happen!?
Melleau: Sachy was just soooo cute...
Scoundrel 1: Is that the beast...?
Scoundrel 2: Yeah, that mask... that's it.
Melleau: Hmm? Do you two need something?
Scoundrel 1: Yeah... I have some business with that there beast. Will you hand it over?
Melleau: Beast...?
Scoundrel 1: Yeah, that thing you're riding on.
Melleau: Hmm... I'm not riding a beast, this is Sachy.
Melleau: So I dunno what to tell you when you ask about a beast.
Scoundrel 2: Hmph... It would have saved you a lot of pain if you just handed it over!
Vyrn: Ahh! What the!? Do they wanna fight!?
Scoundrel 1: Sorry we have to do this the hard way! Blame it on that beast there!
Melleau: Hmph... you're brave, I'll give you that. But you're not very smart.
Melleau: I'll make you regret picking a fight with me and Sachy!

An Unknown Friend: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)'s party defeats the scoundrels. As they discuss the identity of the mysterious beast Sachy, the scoundrels return with imperial soldiers. The imperial solders once again demand they hand over Sachy, which only angers Melleau.

Defeated, the scoundrels retreat with some parting remarks.
Melleau: Hmph... did you learn your lesson yet?
Vyrn: H-hey, those guys were obviously after that thing, right?
Vyrn: Well... what... or, who is that?
Sachy: ...
Melleau: Sachy is Sachy. I don't know much about her either to be honest.
Melleau: But who cares? Sachy is Sachy, and she's my partner. Right?
Sachy: ...
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... there you are, beast.
Vyrn: Wha?! You're... from the empire!?
Scoundrel 1: Hey, boss? That's them, right?
Scoundrel 2: We found them just like you wanted so I hope you don't forget about our reward, boss.
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... very well, but you're not done assisting me yet.
Melleau: Hmm... I see, I see... Looks like you have a serious case of the stupids. I guess knocking you around a bit won't cure it.
Imperial Soldier: So you're the owner... you need to hand that thing over.
Melleau: Hey... I told you. Sachy is my friend. I'll never hand her over!

An Unknown Friend: Scene 3[edit]

As the battle between (Captain)'s party and the imperial soldiers rages on, the soldiers begin revealing Sachy's true identity. The imperial soldiers explained that Sachy is an experimental animal that escaped from the Erste Empire's laboratories, and could turn on the party unexpectedly. Melleau claims Sachy is still her friend, and continues to oppose the imperial soldiers.

Imperial Soldier: Ugh... not only do we have to fight the beast and its owner, but skyfarers too.
Vyrn: Hey! What's with all of you!?
Vyrn: Why are you after her? What do you know?
Imperial Soldier: Let me tell you a thing or two about that thing.
Imperial Soldier: That right there is an experimental animal that escaped the laboratory of our Erste Empire.
Imperial Soldier: It's been modified with various enhancements, and isn't something that will befriend humans.
Melleau: ...
Sachy: ...
Imperial Soldier: Who knows when it'll turn on you and attack? Now, hurry up and hand it over.
Melleau: ...No.
Imperial Soldier: What...?
Melleau: Experimental animal? I don't care, idiot.
Melleau: This is Sachy, and Sachy is my friend! I won't let you insult my friend and get away with it!
Imperial Soldier: Hah... you'll regret that, kid!
Melleau: Give me a hand! (Captain)! I'm gonna beat the snot out of these guys!

An Unknown Friend: Scene 4[edit]

Each time the imperial soldiers attempt to take away Sachy, (Captain)'s party drove them away. Peace returns to the town once again, but the citizens of the town are afraid of Sachy. Seeing how sad this made Melleau, Vyrn and company set about cheering her up and bring a smile back to her face. The party was still curious about the mystery under Sachy's mask, but they continued on with their journey.

(Captain)'s party repels the imperial soldiers' attacks each time they appear. Peace returns to the town once again... however...
Sachy: ...
Townsfolk 1: ...Ack!
Melleau: U-Um...
Townsfolk 2: W-what do you want!? Stay back! Is that monster going to eat me!?
Vyrn: Oi! What's that supposed to mean! Of course not!
Lyria: He's right! We only fought earlier because Sachy was attacked...
Melleau: ...
Melleau: Hey, (Captain). Are you... afraid of Sachy too?
  1. No
  2. We're actually buddies

Choose: No
Melleau: Hm... I see... thanks...!
Melleau: Huh? Would it be weird for me to say thanks?
Melleau: Hehe... but I'm happy, so I want to say it.

Choose: We're actually buddies
Sachy: ...
Melleau: Sachy says "Not really", but...
Melleau: Hehe... but, thanks. Thanks for not being afraid of my friend Sachy.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Well, I've seen some crazy things before!
Vyrn: It'll take more than that to scare me!
Lyria: If she's your friend, there's nothing to be afraid of!
Melleau: I see... thanks, everyone.
Melleau: Yeah... it makes me realize again how glad I am for joining the skyfarers.
Melleau: And... I'm happy I met you guys. (Captain).
With that, Melleau smiled.
The beast she rode on, too, released a gentle sigh.
Lyria: By the way... I'm still curious about what's under Sachy's mask...
Melleau: I wouldn't look if I were you. I don't like taking taking care of unconscious people.
Vyrn: Well, I guess some mysteries are better left unsolved!
Lyria: Uuh... that just makes me more curious...


Nemone and Melleau tell (Captain) of their elder sister Felluca, an excellent diplomat who used her wits and charisma to turn a rival kingdom on the brink of war into a faithful ally. (Captain) promises to one day bring the two sisters back to their village to see Felluca again.

(Captain) and Nemone have come to a sky-famous flower garden to take in the sights.
But Nemone has decided to invite someone else.
Melleau: Ahhh, the warm sun and the sweet smell of flowers... Isn't it nice, Sachy?
Sachy: ...
Joining them is Melleau, Nemone's long-lost sister, now reunited thanks to (Captain)'s crew.
Nemone: This is one of my favorite places in the world! Hope you like it as much as I do!
Nemone: It's my first time here too though.
Melleau: Oh. Look, Sachy. A butterfly.
Nemone: That's cold, Melleau!
(Captain)! Melleau's ignoring me!
  1. Pet Nemone.
  2. Pet Melleau.

Choose: Pet Nemone.
Nemone: Hehe. Jealous, little sister?
Melleau: Grr...
Nemone: Oof! Your love! It hurts! But you finally stopped ignoring me! Yippee!

Choose: Pet Melleau.
Melleau: Mmm. A little more to the ears. Ooh, right there. Yeaaah.
Nemone: This... This can't be... Why her and not me...
Nemone: There's something going on here... You two seem so close... Too close.
Nemone: Why! Why do I feel this way! I thought all I needed was to see my sister happy, and yet...
Continue 1
(Captain) squints a suspicious eye at the sisters. There's definitely some friction between them.
Nemone: Oho! Lookie here, hazelnuts! Taaasty, tasty! Or so I've heard.
Melleau: Nnnrgh... Sachy. Sic her.
Sachy: ...!
Nemone: Guuurragh! My bones! You broke them! All of them! All 215 of them!
Melleau: That's a pretty flower, isn't it, Sachy?
Nemone: Hey, come on! Quit with the cold shoulder! Your big sis is all alone! People die from that, y'know? Oh no... The light at the end of the tunnel! I think I see it!
Melleau: Humph.
  1. Melleau, don't you like your sister?
  2. Are you avoiding her?

Choose: Melleau, don't you like your sister?
Melleau: Hmm. Maybe... Definitely... Yeah. Probably don't hate her.
Nemone: I'm hurt! I really am! All I've ever wanted was my sister's love!

Choose: Are you avoiding her?
Melleau: I'm not avoiding her. I just don't want to hear or see her.
Nemone: Same difference! You're crushing my heart into tiny little pieces, Melleau...
Continue 2
(Captain) presses for an answer.
Melleau: Well, you see... Nemone did something that no one should ever do.
Nemone: Oh! Y-you still remember that?
Melleau: How could I forget? Don't tell me you forgot about it? Cause that'll make me even more mad.
Nemone: Of course not! I remember. Yeah, I had a feeling this was about that.
Melleau: Sigh. Lulu would cry if she was here. Oh, Lulu...
  1. Um, could I have some context please?
  2. Aha. That thing. Riiight.

Choose: Um, could I have some context please?
Nemone: Oh, right, of course. Let me fill you in, (Captain).

Choose: Aha. That thing. Riiight.
Nemone: Hehe! Yep! Thaaat thing.
Nemone: Pfft... I'm sorry, you must have no idea what we're talking about. Let me fill you in.
Continue 3
Nemone: Whisper, whisper...
Nemone whispers the details into (Captain)'s ear.
She tells of a tournament held in their homeland, the winner of which is declared queen.
Melleau and Nemone were both to take part in the tournament. But Nemone chose not to participate, thus giving up her chance for the throne.
Melleau went on to win the tournament and became queen.
Melleau: But I quit pretty much right after that... I just wasn't cut out for all that queen business. Lulu ended up taking my place.
Nemone: Lulu's our big sister! Her real name's Felula Palu Rangluca.
Melleau: Don't believe a word of that, (Captain). Her name's Felluca. Lulu for short. Pretty cute name, right?
Nemone: What? Really? First I've heard! But it sure is cute!
Melleau: I wasn't talking to you. And you don't get to say that about her.
Melleau: (Captain), you won't believe what Nemene did to her. It's just awful.
Melleau: She knew I'd quit being the queen and that Lulu would take my place. But she didn't care. She just sat back and let it all happen.
Melleau: Nemone's stronger than me—stronger than anyone in the village. She should have been queen and she knows it.
Nemone: Nnn... Well, that may be true, but I had my reasons too, y'know.
Melleau: Oh? Let's hear it then.
Nemone: Well, first off, I'm not that strong at all! Look at me! A light breeze could knock me over!
Melleau: Oookay. Cool story, sis. Buh-bye.
Nemone: Wait, wait, wait! I'm sorry! I got it! No more joking around! Please no bye-bye!
Melleau: Fine. Get to it already.
Nemone: Okay, okay. Let's forget about me for a second here. Lulu's a capable, strong, confident woman. I'm sure she's doing fine!
Melleau: Oh. You mean like the time she fainted at the sight of Sachy? Or maybe when she burst into tears because she slipped and fell? Yeah, real tough.
Nemone: I see you have your doubts, little sister, but realize this: strength can come in many forms.
Melleau: Hm?
Nemone: Washa!
Nemone charges toward Melleau, wraps her arms around her younger sister—
Nemone: Gotcha! Coochie-coochie-coo!
And tickles her.
Melleau: Wha! He-hehehe... C-cut it out! Ahaha!
Nemone: (Captain), you look like you want some of this too. C'mere! Ol' Nemone's gonna make you laugh till it hurts!
Melleau: Oof... Geez, if you're back to playing around then I'm leaving.
Nemone: Okay, okay! I'll be serious! Super serious! Super duper serious! I mean it this time!
Nemone: Jokes aside... I might know how to make you smile.
Nemone: But that's about all I can do. Lulu though, she can bring joy to a hundred million times more people than I can.
Melleau: Hm? Hrrmmm?
Nemone: Hehe, you still haven't noticed? Take a closer look at this place and all the people here and see if you can figure it out.
  1. This place is connected to Lulu, isn't it?
  2. Can you give us a hint?

Choose: This place is connected to Lulu, isn't it?
Nemone: Thaaat's right!
Melleau: You're a regular super sleuth, (Captain)... I had no idea. Care to elaborate though?
Nemone: It all began many moons ago... This place was to be the battleground for a war between a large kingdom and our village.

Choose: Can you give us a hint?
Nemone: Yes, I can!
Nemone: But that doesn't mean I will!
Melleau: ...
Nemone: Stop! Wait! Put the spear down! I'll talk, I'll talk!
Nemone: And the answer is... This place has a deep, deep connection with Lulu!
Nemone: It all began many moons ago... This place was to be the battleground for a war between a large kingdom and our village.
Continue 4
Melleau: A war, huh?
Nemone: And do you know who put an end to that war? The queen's advisor at the time, none other than Lulu herself.
Nemone: Lulu may not have brawn or nerves of steel, but she's got lots of brains and a way with words.
Nemone: She brought the war to an end before it even began. There wasn't a single casualty!
Nemone: Not only that, but that kingdom went on to become a great ally to our village—and it still is to this day!
Nemone: And so this land became a symbol of that peace and has brought joy to our people ever since.
  1. Wow. That's amazing.
  2. How much of that is actually true?

Choose: Wow. That's amazing.
Nemone: That's right! Just like how important you are to me, Melleau. She's a sister anyone would be proud to have!
Nemone: It's easy to resort to brute force to solve things.

Choose: How much of that is actually true?
Melleau: Hmm, yeah... Are you really telling the truth?
Nemone: This is our dear sister we're talking about, I'd never lie about her. It's all true, all of it.
Melleau: Hmm. I see.
Nemone: It's easy to resort to brute force to solve things.
Continue 5
Nemone: A pow ka-pow here, a wham-bam there. And boom, just like that!
Nemone: But if you're always fighting... Well, smiles start to turn upside down.
Nemone: That's why I wanted Lulu to be queen. If there's anyone who knows how to bring true joy to our village, it's her.
Melleau: Oho... I think I get it now...
Melleau takes in the scenery as she considers what she's just heard.
She sees the smiles on the faces of other visitors in the garden and gives a nod of satisfaction.
Melleau: Yeah... Sachy's about the only one I can make happy.
Melleau takes some of the hazelnuts that Nemone brought with her and eats one.
Nemone: Hehe. Tasty, aren't they?
Melleau: Haha. Yep. They sure are.
Melleau smiles as she savors the aroma of hazel in the air.
Soon the sisters are frolicking about and playing together among the flowers with (Captain).
They laugh and play until the sun sets, when they promise to one day return home to see Felluca.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
にゃおーん……なんちて Meow... Ahaha.
ふんふ~ん♪ふふふ~ん♪ Lalalaa... Laaalala...
んあー…眠くなってきたなぁ Muaah, so sleepy...
んあー…眠くなってきたなぁ Muaah, so sleepy...
んみゃー…飽きてきちった… Auughh, this is getting dull...
魔物の相手はもーいーかな… Can I stop playing with monsters for today?
ボクちんの耳触ってみる~? Want to touch my ears?
自分で歩くのめんどいな~… Walking on my own two feet is so tiring...
(主人公)~あとでお昼寝しよ~ Let's take a nap later, (Captain)...
ねぇ、(主人公)~おんぶしてくんない? Gimme a piggyback ride, (Captain)...