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Official Profile

Age 18 Height 155 cm Race Human
Hobbies Dyeing, polishing swords, battōjutsu(Art of sword drawing.)
Likes Her home, exotic atmosphere, rice balls
Dislikes Cowards, insolent people, cheaters

Final Uncap

Character Release

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Age 18歳 Height 155cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 染物、刀剣研磨、抜刀術
Likes 故郷、異国情緒、おむすび
Dislikes 卑怯者、無礼者、浮気者

Final Uncap

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm glad we can celebrate this day together!
So, where's you measuring pillar? You know, so we can mark how much you've grown in the last year.
Huh? You guys don't use pillars? You use walls?
That works too!
Go stand against it, and I'll mark how tall you've gotten!


So today's your birthday, (Captain)!
Let's take this chance to mark your current height on the post.
Hey, which post was it that we used for this kind of thing again?
Ahaha... So you odn't remember either, huh?
Hmm... Let's try comparing your height against mine then...
By pressing our backs against each other.
There! That's your height!
It'll go more smoothly next year. I'll continue to be your post, and that means you'll be able to measure your growth anytime, anywhere.
So our difference in height is...
Gozaru! If I get any taller, there won't be much point comparing with me anymore.
Ahaha... I guess we'll have to use a proper post after all.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm so happy we can celebrate your birthday like this again!
Huh? Next time, you want to celebrate mine too?
Gozaru! Thanks, (Captain)!
Hehe, celebrating birthdays brings back memories...
When I was little, my parents dressed me up in a pretty kimono and we celebrated my birthday together.
I really loved that kimono... But now that I've grown up, I can't fit into it anymore.
Gozaru! That reminds me, I haven't had my height measured yet this year.
Come on, (Captain). Let's go get our heights measured!


Hm... It seems you've grown taller again, (Captain).
See, this line here was your height from two years ago. This one is from last year, and now you're up to here!
I don't notice so much since we see each other every day, but the difference is amazing when we compare it like this.
If you keep getting taller at this rate, you'll eventually hit the ceiling.
And sooner or later, you'll be as big as a Daidarabotchi... Oh, that's something from a tale passed down in my hometown.
Stories say that a Daidarabotchi is so gigantic that it can cross several islands in a single step...
Hehe. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much taller you'll be next year!
Gozaru! I almost forgot to say something very important!
Happy birthday, (Captain)!


Gozaru-gozaru? (Captain), I think...
You've gotten shorter!
That's impossible... But, look. This is where you came up to this year, and that notch is from last year...
Gozaru? What do you mean, it's not from last year? You nicked the post during sword practice?
Hah! That explains so much.
Here, let's carve your name next to the height notches—save us from any more confusion in the future.
M-I-R-I-N. Perfect.
Wait! I completely blanked! That's my name!
No... I can't believe I engraved my name into someone else's room... Now I'm going to feel so embarrassed every time I look at it...
Well, at least we got your measurements, right? Happy birthday!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Good morning! Want to come look at this kadomatsu? It's a new year's decoration!
Don't you think the bamboo is really interesting? It's cut diagonally at a nice angle. But who do you think sliced this one?
Haha! Nope, not me! It was actually Katalina.
It's already the new year... Can you believe it? Time flies when you're traveling!


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
Embracing the new year while in a foreign land is as equally refreshing as it was back in my country.
I can't say if it's the overall atmosphere or whatnot, but there must be some sort of commonality that all places in the world share.
I'm reminded of the festive New Year's celebrations back home.
In my hometown, everyone would revel in the family get-togethers.
We'd partake in yummy food in addition to all sorts of fun and games, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey...
You're not familiar with it? I'll show you next time we get a chance. I hope you're looking forward to it.


The new year's here, (Captain)!
And here's a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, as promised!
So, to play, first you hang up this big picture of a donkey...
Then you take this tail and—you see how this end is sticky? You try to attach it to the donkey's behind.
I wouldn't be so confident. It's harder than it looks.
Eh? You don't see what's so hard about it?
Oh, I forgot! We need to blindfold you!
Now let's see you try to pin the tail on the donkey!
Ahahahaha! No, that's my face! Ahahahaha! That tickles!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! This may be a little early, but I challenge you to the first duel of the year!
Ta-da! Sugoroku! In my hometown, sugoroku's a classic game for New Year's. Behold!
Hehe, I know what you're thinking... This sugoroku set looks a bit special, doesn't it?
This is actually something I made together with Mother and Father when I was little. It's one of a kind!
We made it with a fantastical setting, taking place in a cruel world where you must endure the harsh penalties written on each space... A game of life and death!
A penalty where everyone tickles you, and one where you get sandwiched between other people... Or the one where your nose gets tickled...
Let's get everyone in the crew to play together! Hehe. To battle!


En garde...
Gozaru! Think this year's the cleanest cut I've made yet!
Oh, (Captain)! Happy New Year! I was just slicing these bamboo decorations.
I like to see if the cuts are cleaner than the previous year's. You know, as a marker for progress.
And look! This one is basically art!
This is only the fifth New Year's since I joined the crew... I can't believe I've already grown this much. Here's to another amazing year together!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), I thought I would try my hand at one of these cultural traditions... So I made some chocolate!
It was my first time, so it wasn't that easy. I finished it by using some mirin—that's sweet rice wine. Gotta say, it makes for a pretty interesting flavor!
Go ahead, try some!
Hahaha! Got you! I didn't add mirin at all.
It was wasabi! Haha, wasabi!
Well, have some more!


It's that time of the year again! Just the thought of it makes me tense.
Once again I put all my tender love and care into making this chocolate for you.
I'm pretty confident about it!
I know you had a taste last year, but I changed it up a bit this time.
I used red bean paste to go with the chocolate!
You won't find anything sweeter where I'm from. Red bean paste and chocolate might as well be a match made in heaven!
Here, (Captain)—have a bite!


(Captain)! So today's Valentine's, right?
And I've got chocolates right here—wouldn't forget about them for the world.
Everyone seemed to like the chocolates I made last year—you know, with the red bean paste. So this year, I mixed in an old favorite from back home: tea powder.
I tried the chocolates out, and I think they turned out well.
But I find it... interesting. I never thought that our bitter teas would pair so well with sweet chocolates. I mean, they're two different flavors born on two different islands.
I'm starting to think that chocolates can taste good no matter what I put into them.
Oh, I know! Next, I'll try flavoring them with soy sauce.
It's going to be so good!


It's the day you've long been waiting for... Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
As promised, I put soy sauce in this year's chocolates!
Don't look so scared. Back home, we have this flavor called "mitarashi." It's soy sauce based and very sweet! I'm sure these turned out fine!
Sweet and savory might seem like opposites, but they actually mix very well.
I heard on the wind that, somewhere, sea salt chocolates are pretty popular.
If we take that one step further, maybe we can start adding in salted fish entrails or pickled plums.
Next year is going to be amazing! I'll revolutionize the world of sweets!


(Captain)! Happy Valentine's!
I've got a surprise for you this year... I had my mother send me ingredients so I could make these chocolates taste even more like home!
Here you are! They may look like normal chocolates, but what about the smell?
Notice anything? That fragrance you're detecting...
Is a rich bonito broth, complete with the umami of seaweed, shiitake, and dried sardine!
My mother's got a special way of condensing all that flavor so that one spoonful turns plain porridge into a savory symphony!
Come on, (Captain). One bite, and you'll know what it's like to dine at a first-class restaurant back home.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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A present for me? Hehe, it must be White Day.
Thank you!
We don't have this holiday where I'm from. It's a day kind of like Valentine's Day, isn't it?
I'm learning so much. You've given me both a present and some knowledge.
I'll never forget this kindness!


A gift for me? Why, thank you.
Right, I figured this was for... White day, was it? See, I even remembered the name correctly.
It's the day to return favors from Valentine's Day.
Seeing people in foreign lands with such a strong sense of moral obligation reminds me of home.
Come to think of it, this tradition would be popular where I'm from too...
Okay, I've decided! When I eventually get back, I'll be sure to spread this wonderful custom of gift exchange on special days!


(Captain!) Thank you for the White Day present.
Ahaha. I know it's just a thank-you gift, but still... I can't help but feel like I've imposed on you.
I guess I like giving more than receiving.
When you give a present, you have to think about the recipient... And all of a sudden, you're dying to get to know them better.
You start wanting to get closer to them.
Gozaru? You feel the same way, (Captain?)
Oh, that makes me so happy! It's almost like we can read each other's minds.


This is in return for Valentine's, right? Thank you, (Captain)!
Year four and counting... I thought I'd be used to getting presents from you by now, but I still feel a bit awkward.
But, more than anything, I'm happy you think of me every year.
Still, I don't like only being on the receiving end.
How would you like some delicious dango? To thank you for your thank-you gift!
What? But then you'll need to find another present to thank me for thanking you for thanking me?
Let's not think too hard about this! Come on, hurry!
If we don't leave now, the kinako-mochi's going to sell out! No, this is definitely not just to satisfy my own cravings!


Ooh. I get another White Day gift this year? Thanks!
Haha... It's just, I can't stop myself from feeling bad... But it'd be weird to give you a thank-you gift for a thank-you gift.
Hmph... It's going to bother me. I feel like I have to show my appreciation, you know?
Huh? You're happy just seeing me worry about this stuff?
Oh, I get it! Sometimes, it's enough just knowing the other person is thinking about you. I feel the same.
Hehe. From now on, guess I'll worry away then!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Halloween? Is that the event celebrated to appease evil spirits?
I guess the closest thing we have back home is the Obon ceremony—it's a custom we have to honor the dead.
It would be nice if I could see the spirit of my old puppy Shiro today...


It's so much fun just watching everyone frolic about on Halloween.
At first just seeing all the bizarre costumes was enough to leave me completely bewildered.
But I heard something really neat about Halloween.
By saying "Boo! I'm the boogeyman!"—or was it something else...
Anyway, rumour has it just saying that to everyone will get me lots of candy.
Ah, you'll give me candy too? I guess it really works then!I'm gonna go try it on someone else now!


(Captain), trigger tree!
Wait, you're not giving me any candy...
Gozaru? Did I get it wrong again?
Hmm, this is hard... I heard it just a minute ago but I've already forgotten...
Please (Captain)! Can you say it one more time?
Hmm. Trick... o'treat...
Ahaha... Foreign phrases are really hard to remember...


Inhale... Exhale... Here I go, (Captain)!
Trick, er, treet!
How's that! Did I say it properly this time, (Captain)?
I passed?
Yaaay! Finally, I can say it now!
It seems the special training I've been doing this past year paid off!
Now I can enjoy Halloween together with everyone!
Okay, (Captain)! Are you ready?
Trigger three!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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This is the cake I've been hearing about! It's so pretty!
But when it comes to sweets, looks aren't everything. I won't be fooled by its appearance!
Let's eat!
Gozaru! This is just as delicious as anmitsu! Other countries are great at desserts!


Thanks a bunch for inviting me to the seasonal party!
I was just thinking that it'd be nice to study how best to act during such an event!
It'll expand my horizons and deepen my knowledge of foreign cultures.
By the way will that exotic sweet everyone knows as cake be available?
Oh, I definitely don't have any ulterior motives...
Ahaha... Okay, I'll confess.
Truth is, I just want cake!


It's freezing tonight. And there are so many clouds...
Oh! Look, look! It's snowing!
Amazing... I'd always heard about snowy evenings—how breathtaking they are, but...
This really is something special, isn't it?
Um, by the way, shouldn't we get going? To the party, I mean. I'm looking forward to the cake.
Ahaha... You're right. I really do care more about cake than snow!
Reminds me of a saying we have back home. Hana yori dango.


Whew... Buying things for the party is a tougher job than I thought...
There's so many interesting dishes available during the winter season that my eyes can hardly keep up.
Not to mention, every year, we're getting more and more varieties of food and desserts at our crew's party.
Ahaha... Talking about food sure makes you hungry.
Actually, I'm really looking forward to the Valtz roast chicken the main cook for tonight was talking about...
Gozaru! You have your eyes on the chicken too, (Captain)? Well, you can't have it all, okay? Let's split it!
Hehe. We can cut it in half and share it! Aah, I can't wait... But first, we need to bring back these ingredients!
Come on, (Captain)! A delicious feast's waiting for us, so let's do our best to help too!


Ngh... Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine...
One hundred!
Pant... Pant... Oh, (Captain)... I'm just doing my sit-ups...
The crew's winter party is tonight, isn't it?
And my sash has been feeling a bit tight lately, if you know what I mean... But there's no way I'm missing out on the cake.
So of course, the only solution is sit-ups! I can have my cake and my abs too! That's the way of the samurai!
(Captain)? Sorry to bother you, but would you mind holding down my feet? I'm gonna aim for 1,000 in a single set!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

First Time Abroad

(Captain) and the crew come across a kimono-clad girl in a ritzy cafe. She seems dejected, explaining that she's been unsuccessful in finding a dish she assumes to be a rare and foreign thing—spaghetti. After learning that this is a regular type of food called pasta, the girl introduces herself to the crew as Mirin, a samurai from an island far to the east.

In the prosperous business district of a certain island, a restaurant is crowded with young customers.
Everyone is all smiles, enjoying their scrumptious meals.
But one girl sits alone, staring at her menu with great intensity.
Girl in Kimono: Can't find it... It's not here...
Girl in Kimono: What should I do? Is it rude if I don't order something?
Girl in Kimono: But I've spent too much on this trip already...
Girl in Kimono: Okay. You can do this. Just get up and leave! No shame in that!
Waiter: Excuse me, ma'am. Are you ready to order?
Girl in Kimono: Gozaru?
Girl in Kimono: Heh-heh. Sorry, I... need a little bit longer.
Waiter: Okay. I'll come back in a moment.
Girl in Kimono: Oof... So awkward...
Girl in Kimono: I guess I should order something... There's a huge line outside, and I've been sitting here for so long.
Girl in Kimono: Maybe I'll find it next time...
The girl sets the menu on the table. She looks down at the travel guide lying on her lap and sighs, tracing its battered cover with her eyes.
In the corner of her vision, a swath of long blue hair flits by.
Girl in Kimono: Huh? What was that?
Lyria: Um, hello. We're sitting next to you, and... Well, you seem worried about something. Are you okay?
Girl in Kimono: Heh. You can tell?
Vyrn: Yep. You've been nervously lookin' around the place the whole time we've been here. We can help you if you need it.
Girl in Kimono: Eh-heh-heh. This is embarrassing...
Girl in Kimono: But thank you! I'm glad someone noticed!
Girl in Kimono: You see, if you look at this page of this travel book...
Girl in Kimono: There's a super special, super popular thing called spaghetti that I want to try!
Lyria: Wow! The picture even looks delicious! But is spaghetti really that special?
Girl in Kimono: You haven't heard of it? They don't have it on the menu here, so I'm wondering what I should do.
Vyrn: Um... Pretty sure this restaurant has it. Look, it says pasta right here.
Girl in Kimono: Pas... ta?
Vyrn: Yeah. It's got a thousand names. But I don't think people go crazy over it or
anything—it's normal food.
Girl in Kimono: Normal?
Girl in Kimono: Hmm... They say that popular stuff gets familiar after a while.
Girl in Kimono: Ah, I get it!
Girl in Kimono: This travel book, it's gotta be old! So that's why I found it in the bargain bin!
Girl in Kimono: Haha! My mistake!
Lyria: It's okay! I'm just glad you figured out your problem!
Vyrn: But I think your real issue ain't pasta—it's that you're carryin' such an old travel book...
Girl in Kimono: You're right. I thought it was a little weird. I'll get a new one later.
Lyria: Hehe. Now that that's settled, let's order. What kind of pasta are you getting?
Vyrn: Um, there's so many kinds. They've got bolognese and carbonara...
Girl in Kimono: Ah! Like noodle soup!
Girl in Kimono: I'll take mine lightly salted. It's best to start with a simple flavor so you can taste the essence of the noodles!
Lyria: Huh? Pasta with just salt?
Vyrn: Hey now, you sure you wanna do that? I've never heard of someone eatin' pasta like that before.
Girl in Kimono: Gozaru!
After finishing her salty noodles, the girl gives a polite bow and begins introducing herself.
Mirin: Sorry I forgot to say this earlier, but my name is Mirin. I'm a samurai!
Mirin: I'm from a skydom far to the east. I've always been interested in foreign cultures, so I decided to head out on a journey to learn about as many as I can.
Lyria: Traveling far away from home... That explains your unique clothing.
Mirin: It's called a kimono. Mine's a little bit special though.
Mirin: We usually fight with swords called katana. And our warriors are called bushi or samurai.
Mirin: Tradition is also very important to us. When samurai sit, we sit on our knees; when we eat, we eat simply, and when we fail, we pay the ultimate price!
Vyrn: Huh? How much would that cost? Sounds like a crazy island to me...
Mirin: Haha. Actually that's a thing of the past now. You can see the traces of a lot of our traditions, but it's really just a normal island these days.
Mirin: Well, except for my parents. They love samurai culture—so much that they studied about them, saved a lot of money, and moved to our island.
Mirin: So now they're even more like samurai than the people from the island.
Lyria: That's interesting. Samurai culture sounds really neat. I hope I can visit some day!
Mirin: You should, you should! Everyone's really nice there!
Mirin: But while we're on the topic, why are you all traveling, Lyria? Seems like you've seen quite a lot already.
Vyrn: We're skyfarers! I'm not even sure where to start explainin' though...
Everyone orders dessert while Lyria and Vyrn talk about the things the crew's done throughout their journey. Mirin sits attentively, the sparkle in her eye growing ever brighter.
Mirin: Amazing...
Mirin: Amazing, amazing! What an incredible journey!
Lyria: Hahaha. I guess so. There were lots of bad times too though.
Mirin: But it sounds so fantastic! It's exactly the kind of thing I've been dreaming of!
Mirin: Amazing... Airships, the sea, a military academy—riding primal beasts in races!
Vyrn: Uh, whoa there. We didn't say nothin' like that. Don't get too carried away with those ideas.
Mirin: Haha. You're right. I guess the little shogun in my head sho-got away from me...
Lyria: Haha! (Captain), should we invite Mirin into our crew?
Vyrn: Yeah, why not! It's probably not a coincidence we're meetin' like this!
Mirin: Are you sure? It's not too much to take me aboard your airship?
  1. Come along for the ride.
  2. You can save on travel expenses this way.

Choose: Come along for the ride.
Mirin: (Captain)... Thank you so much!

Choose: You can save on travel expenses this way.
Mirin: Haha. So you overheard me talking about that.
Mirin: My parents gave me more money than I need, but... Well, call me a worrywart, but maybe one day there'll be an emergency, y'know?
Continue 1
Mirin: I'll do whatever I can to be helpful, or else my name isn't Mirin, the subtle flavor of the eastern island!
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean by subtle flavor, Mirin?
Mirin: Glad you asked! As you know, my parents respect samurai culture a great deal.
Mirin: So even though it's not a main dish, they named me after an ingredient that you have to have in eastern cooking!
Vyrn: Well, looks like it's about time to head back! We gotta introduce you to the rest of the crew!
Mirin: Gozaruuu!
The crew welcomes the traveling samurai girl aboard the airship.
Her boundless enthusiasm for discovering new places and customs soon proves infectious as she spends more and more time with her fellow skyfarers.

Market Monkey Mischief

Mirin and the crew visit a bazaar. There a shady merchant tries to pass off a cheap jewel as a priceless treasure to Mirin, but Sierokarte shows up and saves the young samurai from exchanging her priceless sword for it. Thwarted and angered, the shady merchant calls his thugs and makes a run for it. But Mirin is determined to get back at him and gives chase.

Mirin has acclimated well to her new life aboard the Grandcypher.
One day, she convinces (Captain) to stop by a bazaar where numerous merchants gather.
Surrounded by foreign goods from various places, Mirin can barely contain her excitement as she makes her rounds with Lyria.
Mirin: Wow! Look at this bag, Lyria! It's got so many pockets!
Mirin: And it's so light!
Mirin: Other countries have the most convenient stuff.
Lyria: Yeah. Sometimes I'm surprised by what you can find too. But, Mirin, that cloth you carry is just as nice as anything I've found while traveling!
Mirin: Haha. Thank you. My mother wove it for me.
Mirin: And she spent a lot of time making my kimono too. Look at the embroidery. Isn't it lovely? It's my most favorite kimono ever!
Lyria: That's really nice! I'd like to wear it too!
Mirin: Hmm? Seems like something is going on over there, huh? Are they making a stage?
Lyria: Let's see... Here's a flyer.
Lyria: Oh, it looks like a circus is coming to town!
Mirin: A circus? I think I've heard of that before... Oh! Is that the thing with all of the super fun performances?
Lyria: Yeah, you can see a lot of fun stuff! But I don't know that much about them either to be honest.
Mirin: A lot, huh! We have to see it then. What time does it start?
Lyria: Hmm... Looks like we've got to wait for a bit. Should we walk around until then?
Mirin: Lyria! Look at this ring!
Lyria: It's very pretty. Do you like jewelry like this?
Mirin: Heh. Yes... It's really fashionable...
Mirin: Should I buy it? Do you think it would suit me? Gah, but I have to save money...
Merchant: Hello there. You've got good taste, lass. That ring is quite a rare find.
Mirin: Really? Then the price is, uh, probably pretty high.
Merchant: Well, yes. That's just business.
Merchant: But, if it pleases you, I have an idea! Why don't we make a special trade? My ring for your katana?
Mirin: My katana?
Merchant: Indeed. You don't come across deals like this every day, and you'll want to go back home with something nice to remember your trip. Be quick before I change my mind now.
Mirin: ...
Mirin: Unfortunately, I can't.
Merchant: Hmm?
Mirin: The first time I laid eyes upon this blade I was just a small child. It was forged by the best blacksmith in my town. It took years to save the money to buy it.
Mirin: So to just trade it for some piece of fashion...
Merchant: Haha. Oh my. What a shame. You've been duped, lass. This katana... is nothing more than scrap iron.
Mirin: Scrap iron!
Lyria: No... That's a lie! It couldn't be true!
Merchant: Come now, I'm a professional. Even if it could fool the eyes of a child, it won't fool mine. That's why I'm volunteering to take it off your hands.
Merchant: Sigh... There are truly despicable people in this world, aren't there? Well, lass, are you a skyfarer or aren't you?
Mirin: I... I am...
Merchant: Tell you what. You take some time to think about it—whether that piece of junk metal will help you protect your friends or not.
Mirin: It should... protect my friends...
Lyria: Um... Mirin... You can't...
Merchant: That hesitation means you're not convinced, right? How about I throw in a new sword on top of the ring?
Merchant: What's there to be afraid of? This is for your benefit.
Sierokarte: Well this seems strange, doesn't it? Considering this girl's katana is a cut above the rest.
Lyria: Siero! I had a feeling you'd be here!
Merchant: Hmm? Who's this? No... It couldn't be...
Mirin: So... So you know about my katana?
Sierokarte: I do! The balanced edge, the purity of the steel, the dazzling ornamentation, and all the rest—truly the work of a master craftsman!
Merchant: Oh, you don't say? I suppose my eye for aesthetics isn't working today!
Merchant: Well, lass, it's just about closing time, so I better be going home.
Sierokarte: Is that so? You were so attached to the katana—seems like your senses are working just fine.
Mirin: What? So you knew it was valuable!
Sierokarte: He did indeed. Occasionally you find these rogue merchants sneaking around bazaars like rats.
Merchant: Damn it! I can't have you go around spreading that information.
Merchant: Let's see if my hired muscle can convince you to keep your mouths shut. Boys—get them!
Lyria: No! He's escaping! We won't let you get away!
Mirin: That's right! I won't forgive you for calling my katana scrap metal! Siero, take cover!

Market Monkey Mischief: Scene 2

The merchant escapes into the dense crowds of the bazaar. Mirin, sensing a presence nearby, sends a slash of wind that reveals Monty the Monkey, the star of the upcoming show at the bazaar. Fortunately Sierokarte is able to predict the merchant's movements and apprehends him with the help of (Captain) and the crew.

Mirin and the others race through the bazaar in pursuit of the rogue merchant.
They round a corner and see him slide into the crowds surrounding the half-constructed circus stage.
Lyria: Pant... Pant... There are so many people! Is he hiding somewhere?
Mirin: Grr, that dumb coward. I just need to sharpen my senses...
Mirin: ...
Mirin: He's there!
Mirin slashes the wind, sending a wave of air toward the stage and lifting a curtain.
Lyria: Ah! It's true! Someone's there!
Mirin: Come out already! The next one will be more than just a little breeze!
Monkey: Kekeke!
Mirin: A monkey?
Monkey Trainer: Gah! Stop it! You mustn't anger Monty! He's the star of our show!
Lyria: Eek! Mirin, be careful! You'll make Monkey the monty angry!
Mirin: Got it!
Mirin: Wait... Monkey the monty?
Lyria: Hahaha... Sorry... I meant Monty the monkey.
Mirin: Haha! Lyria, honestly the stuff that comes outta—
Monkey Trainer: You two, watch out!
Monty the Monkey: Keke!
Mirin: Gozaru?
Merchant: Whew. Managed to give them the slip. That was a close one.
Sierokarte: Well, hello there! Just as I imagined, this is where you wound up!
Merchant: No! Damn it! You were able to follow me after all!
Vyrn: Humph, and it wasn't too hard either! We're gonna make you pay!
Merchant: Shut it! As if I'd let you catch me!
Just need to make it back to the circus
Mirin: Pant... pant... Sorry we took so long!
Lyria: Siero, (Captain), and Vyrn! You're here!
Sierokarte: Hehe! Excellent timing! Now we've got him trapped on both sides! But, um, you guys look positively tired.
Mirin: Um, well, we got mocked by Monty the monkey...
Lyria: Haha... I wasn't expecting to run into a grumpy market monkey.
Vyrn: Forget about that now! We've gotta catch this creep!
Mirin: G-gozaru!
Mirin: By the samurai code, I, Mirin of the Phoenix School, challenge you to combat!

Market Monkey Mischief: Scene 3

Sierokarte takes a closer look at Mirin's sword. She reveals that it's an invaluable blade, crafted from the finest materials using incredible technique. Mirin recounts how her father traded his prized possession for the blade; she vows to become a samurai worthy of this gift.

The crew captures the rogue merchant and turns him over to the bazaar authorities.
Mirin turns to Siero and expresses her gratitude once again.
Mirin: Thanks again!
Mirin: You understood the value of my sword in an instant—I really admire that quick wit!
Sierokarte: It was really nothing. Any merchant could see its quality.
Sierokarte: Hmm, but this is strange. Looking at it closer, I can see it's even more valuable than I originally thought.
Vyrn: Whoa, it's really that great of a katana? And what's so strange about it?
Sierokarte: Well, generally speaking, quality like this would usually be reserved to draw in customers. You would display it—exhibit it, even—but never dare put a price on it.
Sierokarte: Even if it were for sale, I can't imagine ever being able to save enough to buy it.
Mirin: An exhibition blade? I guess there wasn't a price tag on it when I went to the blacksmith... But I saved up the amount Father told me to.
Mirin: A top-of-the-line weapon... Priceless due to its excellence...
Mirin: Ah, I get it!
Lyria: What do you get? Did you remember something?
Mirin: A priceless tea pot! Back when I got interested in this sword, Father told me he broke his prized tea pot!
Mirin: But now that I think about it, he didn't seem at all disappointed or depressed at the time!
Sierokarte: I see! So your father traded the blacksmith one invaluable item for another.
Sierokarte: Hehe. He wanted to keep it secret from you so you wouldn't feel guilty. What a pleasant pop!
Mirin: Father...
Mirin: I won't stray from the true path any longer... I promise you I'll become a samurai worthy of this katana before returning home!
Mirin: Gozaru!
Mirin turns to the east and bows. An appreciation-filled tear spills down her cheek.
Memories of home flood her heart as she postures herself back upright, ready to restart her journey to learn more about the world.

Sentimental Samurai

One day Mirin is approached by a young samurai at a teahouse. They agree to have a match, but Mirin ends up losing and is told that she must find out what it means to be a true samurai. Mirin ponders this and asks Jin for his advice.

Mirin: Sigh...
Vyrn: Uh... Hey, don't worry about it!
Lyria: That's right! Why don't we rest for now and refresh ourselves!
Mirin: Lyria, Vyrn... I...
Mirin: I give up!
In a softly lit room on the Grandcypher, Mirin flops onto a table and lets out a long sigh.
Over the past few hours, (Captain) and Lyria have been trying to cheer Mirin up while Vyrn hovers around them hesitantly.
Mirin's conundrum began several days ago.
After completing a mission, (Captain) and crew visit a teahouse that was recommended to them by their client, located on the main street of a nearby town.
Lyria: Wow! The sweet dumplings here are delicious!
Mirin: Gozaru! These sweet dumplings remind me of when I was little!
Mirin: Back when I was small, every day after sword practice Father and I would have some sweet dumplings at a teahouse before going home.
Mirin: Enjoying the sweet dumplings glazed in sauce after practice was simply divine...
As the crew indulge in the scrumptious desserts in front of them, a figure appears, watching them from a distance.
???: Excuse me... Miss, could that be a sword hanging at your waist?
Mirin: Huh? Oh, yes, it is...
Young Samurai: So it really is! I didn't think I'd find someone like myself in a foreign place like this.
Lyria: Um... You mean you're also a samurai like Mirin?
Young Samurai: No, I'm only a trainee. At the moment, I'm just a blade-wielding agent traveling around while doing some training.
Vyrn: Huh? So you can't be a samurai if you're still training?
Mirin: That's not true. Looking at the way you hold yourself and your blade...
Mirin: I can tell right away that you, sir, are a strong, full-fledged samurai!
Young Samurai: Wow... I'm flattered.
Mirin: A samurai is a warrior who wields a sword.
Mirin: If you can wield a blade that sharp, then I believe you are already fit to be a samurai!
At Mirin's words, the young samurai's expression turns stern.
Lyria: Um... Is something the matter?
Young Samurai: Hm. It must be fate that brought this encounter. If I may ask—would you grant me the honor of a match?
Mirin: A match, you say?
Young Samurai: Yes. After all, the most efficient way to polish one's skill is to exchange blows with an opponent.
Young Samurai: Of course, I wouldn't want to cause any trouble for you...
Mirin: Very well! If that's the case, then I humbly accept your request!
Mirin agrees to the samurai's request for a match, and they head to a place a little ways from the teahouse with the crew in tow.
Young Samurai: Whew... All right, I'm ready.
Mirin: Okay. I won't be taking it easy on you! Now, let us fight...
Mirin: Fair and square!
In that moment, their blades clash, unleashing a gust of wind with the two warriors at its center.
Lyria: Eek! The wind...
Vyrn: Whoa... Their swords are moving so fast my eyes can't keep up!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn watch with bated breath as the fierce battle continues with neither side giving in.
However, gradually, Mirin finds herself being pushed back.
Mirin: (Ugh... That was a hard blow!)
Mirin: (On the other hand, his subtle swordsmanship allows no room for me to go on the offensive!)
Mirin continues to look for an opportunity to make a comeback, but the attacks from the young samurai grow more aggressive. Mirin starts to feel agitated.
And it is in that split second of agitation that Mirin's sword falters.
Mirin: Oh!
Mirin's blade goes flying. She quickly reaches out for it again, but the young samurai brings his sword down, its blade hovering at her neck.
Young Samurai: Hm... It appears the match is over.
Mirin: Ugh... I lost...
Lyria: Mirin, are you all right? Are you hurt?
Mirin: Ahaha, I'm fine, Lyria! It seems I've lost the match though...
Vyrn: But that was one heck of a fight! My heart was pounding just watching it!
Mirin: It appears I haven't trained hard enough. I'll have to take this as a lesson and further train myself...
While Mirin smiles at Lyria and Vyrn, the samurai only looks at her with a severe expression.
Young Samurai: No. At this rate, it will be for nothing no matter how hard you train. You will never be able to defeat me.
Mirin: Huh?
Young Samurai: Sigh... Truly disappointing. No matter how splendid of a blade that may be, it is but dull metal when held by someone as inexperienced as yourself.
Mirin: W-what!
Vyrn: Hey! You don't hafta say it like that!
Vyrn leaps to his friend's defense.
But oblivious to Vyrn's angry cries, the samurai only withdraws his cold gaze and turns to walk away.
Mirin: W-wait!
Mirin: How... How can I become someone strong enough to be worthy of this sword?
In response to Mirin's desperate question, the samurai pauses and, without turning, looks thoughtfully up at the sky.
Young Samurai: Hm... Surely you will find the answer when you understand what it truly means to be a samurai.
Mirin: What it truly means to be a samurai...
Young Samurai: Yes. And when you have found the answer, come back to see me. I will be staying here for a period of two weeks.
And with that, the samurai walks away without sparing Mirin another glance.
Mirin: Since then, I've been training hard and reading every book I have in an attempt to find the answer, but to no avail.
Mirin: I'm not fit to be a samurai! Hngh...
Lyria: Oh, Mirin...
Seeing Mirin so disheartened, the crew is unable to find the right words to say.
Jin: What's the matter, (Captain)? You're looking quite dispirited there...
Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Passing by the room, Jin catches sight of the crestfallen group and looks at them worriedly.
Mirin: Hngh... You see, Jin...
Mirin: Wait a second!
As Mirin looks up at Jin, she catches sight of the sword hanging at his waist. She stands up abruptly.
Mirin: That's right! Yes! We have Jin!
Mirin: That sword you carry and your appearance—you are the very definition of a true samurai!
No version of Jin (Event) in crew

Jin is a wandering swordsman whom the crew was first acquainted with during the incident on Sable Island. He now travels with the crew on the Grandcypher.
Sensing something amiss, Jin looks worriedly between his crewmates.
Vyrn: Well, you see, Mirin—
Mirin: That, at your waist! Could it be!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
Mirin: Excuse me, sir! Are you perhaps a samurai? You are, aren't you!
Jin: Huh? Well, yes... Though, to be exact, I'm not quite—
Mirin: That splendid sword you carry and your outfit—every bit of you screams samurai!
Mirin: Please! Since we are both samurai, would you be so kind as to train me?
Jin: Um... But I'm not sure I can train—
Mirin: Please, I beg you! I'm at the end of my rope!
Jin: Whoa! Let's calm down first. How about you start by telling me your situation?
Mirin advances on Jin with a frightening expression on her face. Jin looks to (Captain) for help.
(Captain) nods at Lyria and Vyrn, and together they convince Mirin to settle down.

Sentimental Samurai: Scene 2

Jin, Narmaya, and Sevilbarra respond to Mirin's call for help and gather to discuss their definitions of a true samurai. They realize that each of them envisions a different kind of samurai, and that one must first consider his or her own objectives.

(Captain) and the others manage to pry Mirin away from Jin. Settling down, the group proceeds to explain their story to Jin.
Jin: I see... The meaning of a true samurai, huh?
Lyria: Yes... Mirin has been looking for the answer ever since that day, but nothing's come up yet...
Jin: Hm... I would offer you the answer right away if I could, but alas, it's quite the difficult question.
Jin: This isn't something that can be resolved just by me teaching you techniques and swordsmanship.
Mirin: Oh no... At this rate, I won't be able to look Father and Mother in the eyes ever again!
Vyrn: Isn't there someplace we can go to find out about the whole samurai thing?
Jin: Hmm... It's not like I learned what it means to be a samurai from anywhere...
Jin: Perhaps you could ask someone who is familiar with eastern culture and the legacies of famous samurai...
  1. I might have someone in mind.

Choose: I might have someone in mind.
Mirin: G-gozaru?
Eahta is a crew member, Any version of Narmaya is a crew member, Any version of Sevilbarra is a crew member

Lyria: You're right... We have someone in our crew who's used to handling samurai swords, after all!
Eahta not in crew, No version of Narmaya in crew, No version of Sevilbarra in crew

Vyrn: That's true. We have met a few people while traveling who seemed pretty good with that kinda stuff.
Lyria: Then let's ask Sierokarte to help us send out some letters!
Lyria: Someone just might be able to help us!
Jin: Hm, we may be able to find out something by asking. If we combine the knowledge of different people walking the same path, we might get a better idea of what we're looking for.
Vyrn: Then we better get started roundin' them up!
And with that, the crew decides to try asking other samurai in hopes of helping Mirin solve her crisis.
The next day, a number of people gather in a room on the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Thank you so much for coming to help Mirin out, everyone.
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya: Don't worry about it, Lyria. I was worried about Mirin too since she hasn't been looking very happy lately.
Narmaya: Hehe, leave it to me. I'll have this problem solved in no time!
No version of Narmaya in crew

Narmaya: Well... I still have a ways to go myself, so I might not be of much help...
Narmaya: But since all of you thought to ask me, I'll do my best to provide any form of support I can.
Narmaya agrees to help the crew despite the uncertain expression on her face.
Narmaya is a Draph swordswoman whom the crew sought out after hearing rumors of her techniques that combine magic and swordplay.
Though currently on a journey as part of her training, hearing the crew's cry for help, Narmaya has joined them on the Grandcypher.
Sevilbarra: What it means to be a true samurai, huh... That's a difficult question.
Any version of Sevilbarra is a crew member

Sevilbarra: Heh, we are of the same pod. I'll do whatever I can to help.
No version of Sevilbarra in crew

Sevilbarra: Hmm... I don't know how much help I'll be, but I can at least offer what little knowledge I have.
Sevilbarra is a swordsman traveling in search of a legendary blade in order to take revenge for his sister's murder.
Sevilbarra happened to be in a nearby town when he heard of the crew's situation and decided to help.
Jin: Well then, let's get to the meat of the matter.
Narmaya: Hmm... What it means to be a true samurai, right?
Sevilbarra: I may be a warrior with a sword, but if you asked me what being a samurai means exactly, I'd have a hard time answering...
Mirin: I was taught that a samurai is a warrior who wields a sword.
Mirin: I never heard anything about needing any specific skills or certification...
Sevilbarra: How about you, Jin? You call yourself a samurai, so you must have a reason for doing so.
Jin: Well... This is a little embarrassing, but I met a samurai when I was very young and have admired him ever since. In other words, I am merely imitating him—nothing else.
Mirin: Wait, does that mean you know someone worthy of being called a samurai?
Mirin: Maybe we can get some hints from him!
Mirin: How did you meet this samurai, Jin?
Jin: Hm. I don't know if this person thinks of himself as a samurai or not, but...
With these words, Jin begins to tell his story of how he came to meet a particular samurai.
As a child, he encountered some ferocious monsters that were about to attack him when a samurai came and saved his life.
Admiring the bravery the samurai had shown that day, Jin decided as he grew up that he wanted to be someone who saved other people too.
Jin: Everything about me, including my appearance and swordsmanship, is something I took from the samurai who saved me.
Jin: You may even call this my oath. I wish never to forget the admiration I felt when I looked at that samurai as a young boy. It is my desire to become just like him.
Jin: My definition of a samurai is someone like the man I met back then—someone who is selfless and strong enough to save other people.
Mirin: Hmm... So that's what being a true samurai means to you.
Narmaya: I'm similar in a way.
Narmaya: I have an uncle I met only once, a long time ago when I was little, who was a very strong samurai.
Narmaya: I've been training hard ever since so that I can someday receive his approval.
Mirin: You too, Narmaya? So the kind of samurai you want to be is also...
Narmaya: Hmm, that part might be a little different. My uncle... The samurai I envision is someone who is so strong that he's almost completely unapproachable.
Narmaya: Someone who only gives his attention to those he deems strong enough to be worthy of it.
Mirin: I see... So both of you have a clear vision of what kind of samurai you want to be.
Mirin: But I don't have that kind of a role model...
Mirin: And it seems to me that the goals both of you have set for yourselves as samurai are a bit different too.
Sevilbarra: That's because each of them had different reasons for wanting to achieve their goal.
Mirin: Hngh... You're right.
Mirin: The selfless samurai that Jin talked about, and the samurai whose strength reigns supreme that Narmaya envisions...
Mirin: Could it be that a true samurai is someone who embodies both of those ideals?
Lyria: But... the person we met a few days ago said that it's no use just training, didn't he?
Sevilbarra: Hmm... Before we think about what that man meant by a true samurai, first we must consider what a samurai aims to do.
Sevilbarra: If there is a reason to call someone a samurai other than for being a warrior with a sword, then that would be the answer we need.
Mirin: The reason for a samurai to be called a samurai...
Mirin: Come to think of it, I never learned how samurai got their name.
Sevilbarra: I see. Then perhaps looking into the history of the samurai would be a good start.
Sevilbarra: Heh... Looking at the paths our predecessors took may just be the key to solving this mystery.
Mirin: The paths our predecessors took...
Mirin: You're right, Sevilbarra. Maybe it's time to go back to the basics and learn about the samurai from the very beginning.
Mirin: Jin, Narmaya, Sevilbarra. Thank you very much!
Mirin: Hearing what all of you had to say has shed some light on the matter!
Mirin: Now I just have to do it! I'll repay everyone for their efforts by making sure I find the answer that I'm looking for!
The opinions of her fellow samurai have given Mirin some new clues.
Seeing Mirin filled with determination once again, (Captain) and the others breathe a sigh of relief.

My Way of the Samurai

Mirin and the crew enter a forest in search of a man known for having trained countless swordsmen. The man listens to their story and introduces them to Eahta of the Eternals. Eahta tells Mirin that she must seek her answer within herself.

Several days have passed since Mirin encountered a young samurai at a teahouse and lost to him in a sparring match.
Determined to find out how she can become a true samurai worthy of her sword, Mirin and the crew arrive at a lush forest.
Vyrn: Hey, ya think this "Master" guy really lives around here?
Mirin: Yes! According to this old travel journal, someone called the master once taught students who later became renowned swordsmen. And supposedly, he now lives in the depths of this forest.
Mirin: Someone who had many samurai studying under him must know a lot about samurai!
Mirin: I must train under him as his apprentice!
With a musty old book in one hand, Mirin and the others make their way deep into the dense forest until a lone mansion comes into view.
Mirin: I believe this is the place... Hello! Anybody there?
But the crew receives no answer.
Lyria: Hmm... Maybe they're not at home.
???: Oh, how rare to have visitors come this far into the forest.
Vyrn: Whoa! Don't scare us like that...
Master: Heh heh heh... Pardon me. I didn't mean to frighten you.
Master: Now, what brings you all the way out here?
Mirin: Please! Will you take me on as your apprentice?
Master: Hm? My... apprentice?
Mirin: Yes! This journal here says that you're a master who's trained countless swordsmen.
Mirin: I do apologize for the sudden intrusion, but I need to become a full-fledged samurai no matter what!
Mirin: So please!
As Mirin lowers her head in a bow, the old man looks at her with a troubled expression.
Master: Hm... Young lady, may I take a look at that travel journal you have with you?
Mirin: Huh? Oh, of course! Here!
Master: Thank you.
Let's see... Hmm, so that's how it is...
The old man looks over the journal and nods.
Master: Yes, I have indeed been called Master before.
Master: However, it is most regrettable, but I cannot grant your request.
Mirin: But... why?
Master: Well, you see... I may be a master, but I am not a master of samurai. I am a teacher who helps children with their studies.
Mirin: Huh? Then why do they call you Master?
Master: We actually have a custom here where we call anyone who teaches children in academics or martial arts "Master."
Master: It just so happens that many of the children who were my students grew up to be strong warriors. But alas, I did not teach them as a swordmaster.
Mirin: So that's how it is... I'm sorry. I misunderstood...
Master: Hmm... It appears you have your reasons. If you don't mind, could you tell me about them? Perhaps I can find a way to help.
Mirin: Well, the thing is...
The old man listens with a pained expression on his face as Mirin tells him her reason for visiting.
Master: So that's why you came to me asking to be my apprentice.
Mirin: Yes... As embarrassing as this sounds, I've run out of ideas...
Master: Hm... There's a chance that man might be able to help.
Saying this, the old man invites the crew into the mansion.
The crew are asked to wait in the living room. Not long after, the old man returns, a large figure following behind him.
Master: I'm sorry I've kept you waiting. If you're looking for advice from a samurai, there should be no one more qualified than him.
Eahta is a crew member

Eahta: Well, if it isn't (Captain). A curious coincidence that we should meet here.
Lyria: Huh? How come you're here, Eahta?
The person the old man brings with him turns out to be Eahta, a member of the Eternals.
The crew are surprised to see him, as he had just left the ship the other day to attend to some business.
Eahta not in crew

Master: Allow me to introduce my friend. This is Eahta, most likely the strongest swordsman in all of the skies.
According to the old man, Eahta is a great warrior, strong enough to belong to the legendary crew known as the Eternals.
Eahta looks silently at them as if gauging their worth. The crew hold their breath as his overwhelming presence sweeps over them.
Eahta: Young lady over there.
Mirin: Eep! Y-yes?
Eahta: What do you believe a samurai to be?
Though surprised to be called out at first, Mirin straightens up and looks Eahta straight in the eye.
Mirin: T-to me, a samurai... is a warrior who wields a sword and acts with courtesy and gratitude.
Eahta: And how did you come to this answer?
Mirin: When I was little... my parents told me stories of samurai almost every night like a lullaby.
Mirin: I grew up being taught that I must be courteous and act with gratitude like a samurai.
Master: Hm... So you were taught that those qualities are what defines a samurai by your parents. Is that right, young lady?
The old man, who had been quietly listening to the conversation between Mirin and Eahta, speaks up.
Mirin: Yes. In the town where I grew up, that is the definition of a samurai passed down from generation to generation.
Master: Hm, I see. That could be yet another side to the samurai.
Vyrn: Hm? Whaddya mean by that?
Master: Well... First, why don't we talk a little about the history of samurai and how they came to be?
The old man stops to take a breath and begins his talk.
Originally, in a certain country, the term "samurai" referred to the warriors who existed to protect the aristocrats.
However, over time, the existence of the samurai began to be interpreted in different ways.
In the process of passing down stories of samurai to later generations, the ideas of many people and cultures were mixed in, resulting in what it is today.
Mirin: So that's where samurai came from... Does that mean that a true samurai is what the original samurai was meant to be?
Master: Heh heh heh, I don't know about that. Eahta, as someone called a samurai by the current generation, what do you think?
Eahta: An absurd question. There is no correct answer to what is true.
Mirin: B-but, Eahta, you're recognized as a samurai and belong to a really strong crew, right?
Mirin: So isn't there some sort of reason that you're called a samurai?
Eahta: Thoughtless girl... If you are thinking to simply imitate another's path, then you will miss your footing. If a path is what you desire, then all you need is conviction.
Mirin: Conviction...
Eahta: Do not allow yourself to be led astray! I do not know whom you have asked or what you have heard up until now, but first you must look within yourself.
At Eahta's words, Mirin's eyes widen as if she has made a realization.
Mirin: Come to think of it, when I asked other people what a samurai was, everyone's answers were different.
Mirin: What's known as a samurai today is a result of various interpretations, ideas, and cultures mixed together...
Mirin: I still don't have the exact answer to what a true samurai is, but I feel like I'm finally heading in the right direction!
The master's explanation of the history of samurai as well as Eahta's words on the samurai that exists today spark something within Mirin.
With this new knowledge of the various motives and history behind the samurai, Mirin begins to set foot on her path to becoming a true samurai.

My Way of the Samurai: Scene 2

Mirin concludes that the samurai ideal is different for each person. The crew goes back to the teahouse to find the young samurai, and Mirin asks him for a rematch. However, they are interrupted by a sudden commotion. Seeing someone in trouble, Mirin rushes in to save the day.

The next morning.
Having heard what the master and Eahta had to say the previous day, Mirin stands on the deck of the ship, lost in thought.
Mirin: (So the samurai today is a mixture of different ideas and cultures...)
Mirin: (It's true. Thinking back to what the others said as well, everyone's visions of the ideal samurai were different.)
Vyrn: Hey! Whatcha doin' up here by yourself?
Lyria: Oh, Vyrn! I'm sorry we interrupted you, Mirin.
Mirin: Not at all! I had something I wanted to talk to all of you about anyway!
  1. Something you wanted to talk about?
  2. Did you find an answer?

Choose: Something you wanted to talk about?
Mirin: Yes! About what it means to be a true samurai... I've been thinking about it the whole time.
Mirin: I still don't have a clear answer... but I was hoping you'd hear me out.

Choose: Did you find an answer?
Mirin: Ahaha... I don't know if it's the right answer or not, but I think I'm on the right track!
Continue 1
Mirin: Since hearing what everyone had to say about the definition of a samurai, I kept thinking and thinking.
Mirin: Someone respectful of manners, someone who values strength, someone who is selfless and attentive toward others, someone with conviction...
Mirin: I believe that all of those make a samurai.
Mirin: There isn't just one answer. Perhaps the definition of a samurai is something that differs from person to person.
Lyria: Umm... Then what about the true samurai that the person from a few days ago mentioned?
At Lyria's words, Mirin slowly closes her eyes. She opens them again with a fresh look of determination.
Mirin: (Captain). I'd like to go back to the teahouse where we met that samurai.
Mirin: That's where the final answer is... I'm sure of it!
Seeing Mirin's resolve, (Captain) nods.
Thus the crew sets out for the teahouse to find the young samurai once again.
(Captain), Mirin, and the crew arrive at the teahouse.
They spot the young samurai sitting close to the door, sipping a cup of tea.
Young Samurai: Oh, hello. Since you've come looking for me, does this mean you've found the answer?
Mirin: No. The reason why I'm looking for you is so that I can find the answer.
Young Samurai: Oh? And what is your reasoning for that?
Mirin: I feel the answer is almost within my reach.
Mirin: That's why... I'd like to ask you to spar with me one more time.
Young Samurai: Hm... All right. I accept the challenge.
In the midst of a crowd of curious onlookers, the two unsheathe their swords and turn to face each other.
Mirin: Before we start, may I ask you a question?
Young Samurai: Hm? What is it?
Mirin: Why did you decide to become a samurai?
At Mirin's question, the young samurai widens his eyes slightly and ponders for a moment before answering.
Young Samurai: Let's see... I suppose if I had to give a reason, it would be to succeed my father and to carry out his will.
Mirin: I see... Thank you.
Young Samurai: Hm. I won't ask you what your reason is for asking just yet.
Mirin: My answer is within my sword. And I will show it to you through this match!
Mirin: Now, let us fight...
Mirin: Fair and square!
At Mirin's cry, a shrill clash of metal rings out, and a strong gust of wind from the impact sweeps across the room.
The crew hold their breath as they watch the magnificent swordplay.
In their last fight, Mirin had found herself pushed onto the defensive. This time, however, she continues to make attack after attack, leaving no room in between.
Vyrn: Gulp... Whoa, Mirin's really closing in on him!
Lyria: She just might win this time! You can do it, Mirin!
Mirin: (Ugh... He really is strong!)
Mirin: (But now I understand... It's the strength of his resolve that makes his blade strike true!)
Young Samurai: Ugh...
Mirin: Now's my chance!
The samurai pauses only for a split second, but it doesn't escape Mirin. She leaps forward to make her attack.
???: Eeeeek!
Mirin: W-what's going on?
Mirin and the samurai stop at the sudden shriek from across the courtyard.
Ruffian: Whatcha gonna do about this, eh? Ya got my clothes all dirty!
Waitress: But... you just did that to yourself...
Ruffian: Heh, ya see this? I got burnt from that tea you spilled on me!
Ruffian: Well? Whatcha gonna do for me, huh? Hey, I'm talkin' to ya!
Waitress: Eek! Ouch, let go of me!
Lyria: Oh no! (Captain), we have to help her!
Mirin: Stop!
Before (Captain) can make a move, Mirin runs to stand in front of the ruffian. The waitress whimpers as the ruffian twists her arm up.
Mirin: Let go of her at once! I won't allow you to hurt an innocent person!
Ruffian: Wha? And who the hell are you? Outsiders should just scram!
Mirin: I'm not going anywhere!
(Captain) runs to stand beside them as Mirin and the ruffian glare at each other.
Ruffian: The hell? You cheeky kids just don't know when to do as you're told, do ya!
Vyrn: Whoa there! Hey, Mirin, what about your match? Just leave this to us...
Mirin: No, it's all right. I can't let someone get away with bullying the innocent!
Mirin: Pushing around a harmless girl like that... An insolent man like him needs to be taught a lesson!

My Way of the Samurai: Scene 3

With the conflict resolved, Mirin tells the young samurai that a true samurai is one who holds her sword with conviction and knows her reasons for doing so. The young samurai is satisfied with her answer and takes his leave. Though her journey is only beginning, Mirin feels she has grown as a samurai through this experience.

Ruffian: Damn it! I won't forget this!
The crew manages to chase the ruffian from the teahouse.
Mirin: Whew... Are you all right?
Waitress: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for saving me!
Mirin: Not at all! I'm glad no one got hurt.
As the crew breathe a sigh of relief, they hear the sound of someone clapping.
Young Samurai: Hm... Well done. A most brilliant display of skill.
Mirin: Oh!
Mirin: I-I'm so sorry! I just left like that in the middle of our match...
Young Samurai: Don't worry about it. It was clear I was going to lose.
Young Samurai: Now, have you found your answer?
At the samurai's question, Mirin's face turns serious, and she nods.
Mirin: Yes. The samurai I envision is someone who acts with courtesy and gratitude—who swings her sword with conviction.
Mirin: But most of all, this sword that I wield is something that I must use to defeat evil, and to protect the innocent and those dear to me.
After hearing Mirin's answer, the young samurai fixes his gaze on her, his face expressionless.
Silence ensues, the air quiet and tense. Finally, the samurai makes a satisfied face.
Young Samurai: I'm glad that is the answer you came up with. What you lacked before was a reason for wielding your sword.
Mirin: Does that mean...
Young Samurai: Yes, you are a fine samurai. The sword my father forged for you is in its rightful place.
Lyria: Um... Do your father and Mirin know each other?
Young Samurai: Well, actually... I am the son of the swordsmith who forged her sword.
Mirin: Gozaru? You're that stern old man's son?
Young Samurai: Yes. My father and yours are old friends... In fact, you and I have met before, back when we were children.
As it turns out, it was at the request of Mirin's parents—who were worried about their daughter—that the young samurai came to find the crew.
Mirin: So that's how it was. Father, Mother...
Young Samurai: And, well... I was always curious to see who the girl that wields the blade my father calls his masterpiece was, and what kind of a samurai she had grown to be.
Mirin: Does that mean you were testing me all along?
Young Samurai: Yes. I'm sorry for keeping the truth from you.
Mirin: Not at all! Thanks to you, I was able to learn and realize what is truly important to me as a samurai.
Mirin: Although I still have a long way to go, I will definitely become a full-fledged samurai that everyone back home can be proud of!
Young Samurai: Hahaha! I look forward to that. I pray that you can keep walking down the path that you believe in.
With a cheerful expression on his face, the young samurai says goodbye to the crew and takes his leave.
Lyria: Hehe. I'm glad it all worked out!
Mirin: Me too! It turned out to be a good learning opportunity for me.
Mirin: From here on, I'll have to continue expanding my knowledge and working hard so that I can become the fine samurai I want to be!
Mirin: (Captain)... I still have a long way to go, but I look forward to our travels together!
Mirin: Gozaru!
This incident and Mirin's discussions with fellow samurai have helped her mature just a little.
The road that awaits her as a samurai is a long one.
Still, for Mirin, this is the beginning of an exciting journey to one day become the fine samurai that she envisions.

Martial Arts Tourney?

Mirin catches word of an upcoming competition in the "arts." She takes this to mean "martial arts," and Yodarha helps her get into shape for the main event. The two are later disappointed to learn that it's a "literary arts" competition, but they ultimately rejoice in the poetic richness that is haiku.

Mirin takes a walk in a foreign land to broaden her horizons.
Mirin: Wow, look at all these people... Are they having a festival today?
Mirin: Hehe. With all the food stalls out here, this isn't too different from the events we have back home.
Mirin catches part of a conversation from the surrounding crowds.
Passerby 1: Hey... Isn't that... competition supposed to happen soon?
Passerby 2: Yep... Another year, another contest for... arts and all.
Mirin: Hm, what was that? Arts?
Mirin: Ah, he probably meant a martial arts competition!
Mirin covers her mouth with both hands to contain a gasp of surprise, perking up her ears at the remainder of the conversation.
Passerby 1: Mm-hm. Another three days, if I remember right. Wonder if it'll be at the town square again...
Passerby 2: Hey, maybe I'll stand a chance this year...
Mirin: Gozaru! A martial arts competition is the dream of any true samurai... This would be the perfect chance to test my mettle!
Mirin: But I should look into the details first. Hm, where did those people go?
Mirin looks around for a bit before finding what appears to be the group from earlier.
Mirin: That's probably them. Might as well ask them straight up—
Mirin: Wait... wouldn't that be kind of awkward? What if they think I'm some kind of weirdo?
Mirin: But... I want to learn more about the martial arts competition...
Yodarha: Oh, you're going to be in a competition?
Mirin: Gozaru! Huh, when did you get here?
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk... Apologies for startling you. But you caught my attention just now.
Mirin: Ahaha, it's okay. What do you mean by that though?
Yodarha: Well, you just said it yourself... Something about a martial arts competition?
Mirin: Right...
Mirin: Ah, I almost forgot! I have to find those two!
Mirin looks around frantically, but the pair is nowhere to be found.
Mirin: Sigh... I was hoping they'd be able to tell me more...
Yodarha: Hm... Wanting to test your skills is admirable, but I hope you understand just what a martial arts competition entails.
Mirin: Well, I've never seen one before... But you just swing your weapons around and see who's better, right?
Yodarha: That about sums it up. But you should also keep in mind that it can be a matter of life and death at times.
Yodarha: Will you be able to bear injuries not only to yourself but to your opponents as well? You must steel yourself for anything that may happen.
Mirin: I didn't even consider that...
Mirin: But being a samurai...
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk... I suppose it's only natural you want to test your might as a warrior. In which case...
A scream resonates from beyond the nearby crowds.
Woman: Eeep! S-someone help me!
Man: Aaah! We have bandits here! They're armed and dangerous! Run!
Mirin and Yodarha realize the voices are coming from the food stalls in the distance. A few men and women lie collapsed on the ground.
Standing by them are men with swords brandished.
Mirin: Gozaru! You knaves!
Mirin tries to rush to the scene, but the fleeing crowds slow her down.
Mirin: Rgh! They'll get away at this rate...
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Leave it to me.
Yodarha rushes past the crowds and stands before the bandits.
Yodarha: Stealing might help you buy food to fill your bellies, but living with the aftertaste is something else. Best turn back now while you can, young'uns.
Bandit 1: Try sayin' that again, ya old fart!
Bandit 1: Raaah! Get ready to die!
Yodarha appears to stand stock still as the bandit swings his blade.
Yodarha: Hm... A life of thievery isn't really something you wish to pursue, is it? I can sense the hesitation in your sword tip.
Bandit 1: What the... How did you dodge that?
Bandit 2: Hey, quit fooling around and do it already!
Bandit 3: Tch... Guys! We need to surround the geezer! There's no way he can take us all on at once.
Mirin: Careful, Yodarha! I'll give you a hand!
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk! No worries. They can swing all the blades they want at me. Won't make a difference.
Bandit 2: Shut yer trap, you damn coot!
The bandits swing their swords at Yodarha in unison.
Like a blade of grass dancing in the wind, Yodarha masterfully evades the strikes.
Yodarha: Your aim is quite pitiful to be honest. Try putting your backs into it.
Bandit 2: You asked for it!
Bandit 3: Aaargh!
The trio of villains have another go at taking down Yodarha, but they might as well be slashing at thin air.
To bystanders, it almost looks like a training session. Until...
Bandit 1: Ngh!
Bandit 2: Urgh!
Bandit 3: Gyaah!
Yodarha deflects each of their swords in a single flash.
Mirin: Wow... That was so fast, I could hardly see what happened...
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... You know, you could put all that energy to good use by working for your rupies like everyone else. You'd probably make more while saving yourself a lot of embarrassment.
The knaves remain slumped on the ground, too listless to even open their mouths.
The authorities drag them away, restoring the town's natural livelihood.
Mirin: Um...
Yodarha: What's wrong, lass?
Mirin: That was some really impressive swordsmanship!
Mirin: Any chance you can teach me some of those moves? For the upcoming competition, of course!
Yodarha: Hm, when's it supposed to happen anyway?
Mirin: Um... In three days, they said.
Yodarha: I don't know if three days is gonna cut it...
Mirin: Yeah, I guess that's pushing it...
Yodarha: But we do have enough time to equip you with more of a fighter's mindset. Ready to hole up in the mountains for a bit?
Mirin: Wait... You mean you're willing to train me?
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... I guess you caught me in a good mood.
Mirin: Yay! Thank you so much, Yodarha!
Mirin and Yodarha withdraw to the mountains for the next three days to engage in an intense training session.
They make the most of their time, focusing on the basics with sword forms, endurance runs, and sparring.
Though it is a mere three days, Mirin shows marked improvement in both skill and heart.
The day of the competition soon dawns upon them.
The town is considerably more lively than usual as crowds fill the streets.
Mirin: Hehe. It's more packed than before. It wouldn't be a stretch to call this a festival.
Yodarha: Impressive turnout! I'm sure many of them have come out to watch today's battles.
Mirin: Gozaru! I'm more than ready.
Yodarha: Your dauntlessness before battle is a good sign.
Mirin: Of course! All that training really put me up to the task.
Mirin: It was only three days, but you helped me out a ton! And I'll use this competition to show you what I've learned!
Confidence brimming on her face, Mirin makes for the competition grounds with Yodarha.
Mirin: Hm? I don't get it. Can you say that again?
Receptionist: Yes, we're having a competition today. But it'll be for literary arts—not martial arts.
Mirin: But I heard about it with my own two ears...
Receptionist: Well, I can't really help you with an event that's not going to happen.
Mirin: But... Um... Don't you hold it every year?
Receptionist: Sure we do. The literary arts competition is an annual thing.
Yodarha: Oh, I see what happened. You simply heard wrong, Mirin.
Mirin: Let's see... Arts...

Literary arts...

Martial arts...
Mirin: Sigh... I can't believe myself...
Mirin: I'm so sorry, Yodarha. I didn't mean for the training to go to waste.
Yodarha: Oh, don't worry about it. I can tell you definitely had something to gain from it, and I enjoyed training someone so pure of heart.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Calling that training wasted would be the real crime.
Mirin: Ah, thank you so much. I'll continue to better myself in the ways of the sword!
Yodarha: That's the spirit, young one! Chances to test your strength abound in everyday life if you simply keep your eyes open.
Yodarha prepares to walk off, and Mirin follows his lead.
Receptionist: Hey, since you've already come all the way out here, why don't you give this literary arts competition a shot?
Mirin: That stuff has never been my forte though...
Receptionist: Hehe, we've got a really wild theme this year. The task is to write a haiku—a traditional form of composition hailing from lands far to the east.
Mirin: ...!
Did you say haiku?
Yodarha: Hm? You know of them?
Mirin: Gozaru! Haiku are all the rage back in my hometown!
Mirin: This must be fate. If it's haiku, then I'd like to give it a shot!
Yodarha: I suppose I'll try writing one too. How refreshing to be able to take on such novel challenges at my age.
The rules are simple. Each contestant must read aloud a haiku of their own making, and the judges will assign a rating.
The public readings begin, and soon it's Mirin's turn.
Mirin: Okay, here's mine:

In this strange new land
I reminisce of dear home

With each sabre swing
Yodarha stands in awe of Mirin as she reads her haiku proudly.
Yodarha: Hm, very nice... Here's mine:

No longer a youth
Spring seems ever far away

Rod in hand, I wait
Following Yodarha, the other contestants read off their haiku in turn. The competition is a success with the crowds, ending on a resoundingly high note.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... A shame we couldn't win.
Mirin: Yeah, but I'm just happy we got to try it out!
Mirin: It's not every day that I come across aspects of my own culture in a foreign land. Especially not with this many people finding joy in it...
Yodarha: I had fun too. Though I'm not sure if my haiku turned out to be any good.
Mirin: Oh, it was definitely amazing for a first attempt.
Mirin: I'm guessing you like fishing? I got the feeling that you prefer to take things nice and easy.
Yodarha: Hm... What makes you think that?
Mirin: A person's pathos and life experiences are reflected in their haiku.
Mirin: And, well, that's just what I took away from yours.
Yodarha: Hm... I see...
(It's not something I focused on at all...)
Yodarha takes another look at his haiku.
Yodarha: (Another interpretation is that deep down, I'm waiting for something big to happen that'll have a profound effect on me.)
Yodarha: (Though I have no idea what that might be.)
With multiple interpretations of such of a short string of words being possible, Yodarha is able to glimpse aspects of himself that he never realized were there.
The inherent depth found in haiku evokes praise and admiration from him.
Yodarha: Hm. There are still so many fascinating things left in the world for me to discover.
Yodarha: I'm all ready to absorb new knowledge. What a profound day this has been.
Mirin: And I got the chance to write haiku again after such a long time. Gosh, I almost forgot how nice they are.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk! We ended up not having a martial arts competition after all, but all's well that ends well, eh?
This chance encounter between Mirin and Yodarha, starting from a misunderstanding, went in a surprising direction.
The day's haiku-filled fun is an invaluable experience that will stay with them for a long time to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ござるー! Gozaru!
皆さん見聞が広いので、とても勉強になります! Everyone's seen so much; I'm learning a lot!
おさる!…じゃない、ござる! A monkey! Whoops, never mind!
ルリアさんの髪、すっごい綺麗だなぁ…! Lyria, your hair is so pretty!
(主人公)さん、刀も似合いますね! (Captain), you look good with a katana!
お覚悟を! Get ready!
鳳回転流は目録…いざ尋常に勝負! I'll use the secret techniques of the Revolving Phoenix!
マサル!…じゃない、おさる! It's Monty! Nope, just a monkey!
オシャレって難しい…カタリナさんに相談しよ Fashion's really hard... Better talk to Katalina!
(主人公)さんは、オシャレ興味あります? (Captain), do you care about fashion?


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