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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030079000 01.jpg Robomi (Event)
Age Unknown data
Height 173 cm
Race Unknown data
Hobbies Unknown data
Likes Unknown data
Dislikes Unknown data
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030079000 01.jpg Robomi (Event)
Age データ不明
Height 173 cm
Race データ不明
Hobbies データ不明
Likes データ不明
Dislikes データ不明

Npc f 3040155000 01.jpg Robomi
Age Unknown data
Height 173 cm
Race Unknown data
Hobbies Unknown data
Likes Unknown data
Dislikes Unknown data

* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040155000 01.jpg Robomi
Age データ不明
Height 173 cm
Race データ不明
Hobbies データ不明
Likes データ不明
Dislikes データ不明


Source [1] [2]




  • Hallessena is the creator of Robomi's drill weapon.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

May this be another great year, Captain.
As a present I have ordered supplies that will be necessary for our journey. One day we will reach the Island of the Astrals.
Please confirm successful completion of the birthday celebration.


Happy. Birthday. (Captain).
It pleases me to celebrate this day with you again this year.
This unit will continue to protect you until it breaks down and rusts away.
But I know we will make it to the Island of the Astrals someday.


Happy. Birthday. (Captain).
This unit is constantly being upgraded during travels with you.
This unit is grateful for the ability to grow with you and celebrate this day with you.
Chassis integrity stable. Unit condition: excellent. This unit hopes to wish you a happy birthday next year as well.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I am happy to report that last year's promise to celebrate another birthday with you has been fulfilled.
It fills me with joy to watch you grow big and strong.
I and fellow companions will continue to help you along your journey, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain). I could not be happier to celebrate your birth.
The calm and serene time we spend together heals my battle stress.
You have chosen to spend time with me today, when everyone desires to wish you well. It makes me truly happy.
It is as if my dreams have come true in this moment. Even if I had pictured it a little differently.
Please stay healthy in the coming year, so we may celebrate again. I will do everything in my power to see this wish fulfilled.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year to you, Captain.
The first sunrise of the new year has been confirmed.


Presence of initial sunrise confirmed.
Excluding fluctuations in climate, no significant variation in daybreak patterns has been detected over time.
I affirm that next year the same sun will be observable upon the horizon.


Recording third observation of New Year since making initial contact with (Captain).
Happy New Year, (Captain).
Nicholas has performed maintenance on my armor. Checking color, luster, and frame... Condition: excellent.
Performing New Year confirmation... No problems detected. Ready to observe.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
The New Year's sunrise reminds me of fighting through the night and then bathing in the morning sun.
I am very happy to spend this calm morning with you right now, (Captain).
Let's have another great year.
I hope you aren't left with any regrets in the months to come.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Once again we are at the beginning of a new year. I am glad to see us come this far.
The amount we see of the world is but a mere blink.
But despite this limited time, you continue forth on a journey to make your dreams come true.
I will do everything in my power to see you succeed.
But first let us take this year one step at a time.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), I have successfully acquired chocolates for the day known as Valentine's Day.
Chocolate consumption required. Here you are.


As a result of system improvements, I have successfully completed the confection known as Valentine's chocolates.
Once cooling is complete, you may initiate the consumption process.
Please set your oral aperture to standby.


Happy. Valentine's. (Captain).
In anticipation for this day, Nicholas has upgraded my hardware.
From my nozzle, liquefied molten chocolate will discharge. Target: (Captain). Please open wide.
Ready to fire.
Just kidding. Newly installed prank concluded.
For you, (Captain). Please accept these Valentine's Day chocolates.


(Captain). I have prepared handmade chocolates for you. Please take them.
My body's functionality is becoming more efficient every day. I can now perform precise, detailed actions.
Everything leading up to this day was made possible by Nicholas. Here you go.
I detect the change in your facial expression is due to happiness.
Hee-hee. Operation successful.


Happy Valentine's Day. Here is your gift, (Captain).
Initiating (Captain) facial expression recognition protocol.
According to my sensors, you had a slightly unpleasant expression as you ate the chocolate.
This is a great opportunity to recalibrate my cooking skills. Please allow me to continue observation.
Beeep, booop...

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Valentine's Day reciprocations? Does this symbolize your feelings?
It's a present... for me?
I'm so... happy...


V-Valentine's... return...
Present received...
Thank... you...
As a result of system improvements, this unit's heat threshold has been increased.
Overheat temperatures reached last year are now... sustainable...


Last year's White Day data has been utilized to upgrade my cooling devices.
Calculating... No problems anticipated for this year.
Cooling systems are go. Currently stabilizing system temperatures.
Thank you for waiting, (Captain). White Day gift-accepting mode on standby.
Thank... you, (Captain).
Bee... eep...


I have taken precautionary measures in anticipation of today's scheduled overheating as you requested.
In addition to this unit's current cooling systems, engaging in high-velocity flight will allow wind intake to provide further air cooling.
This will be accomplished by jumping out the airship window upon completion of gift transfer.
My expected re-entry is within safety parameters. Your concern is acknowledged.
Preparations complete. Please transfer the gift now.
Thank you, (Captain). Robomi, away.


Thank you for this year's gift, (Captain).
Initiating overheating prevention measures. Please take my hand.
Thank—guh, guh, guh—you, (Captain).
E-e-e-motional c-control unit m-m-malfunction-tion-tioning.
It-it-it is like f-f-feeling pins and-and need-needles in my h-heart.
Spend-spending time with you w-w-will help me re-calibrate-brate-brate-brate-brate.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick. Or. Treat.
I have obtained all information regarding the event known as Halloween.
Confectionary preparations complete. Captain, perform a deception or I will dispense one unit of candy.


Happy. Halloween.
I am currently routing all trick-related attacks with the use of confectionary technology.
Multiple targets remaining. Ammunition low. Additional confections required.
Damage report. Systems malfunctioning due to adolescent trickery.
Multiple scribbles and doodles detected. Unusual coloration and decoration.
No permanent damage has been detected. System functionality nominal. Unit will continue to disperse candy.


Happy. Halloween.
I am currently routing all trick-related attacks with the use of confectionary technology.
Multiple targets remaining. Ammunition low. Additional confections required.
Main directive: create smiles on faces of children.
Town's children inbound. Estimated number: error. Cannot calculate. Encounter imminent. (Captain), evacuate.
Damage report. Systems malfunctioning due to adolescent trickery.


Robomi: I wish to speak with you, (Captain).
I was not programmed to provide an appropriate response to a child's prank. As a result, no counter pranks were found in my memory.
Please instruct me on how to respond in order to bring a smile to the children's faces, (Captain).
Surprise them with a loud scream? Understood. Your suggestion has been saved.
Robomi's Voice: Bwaaaah!
Robomi: The observed effect was opposite of what was intended. Please advise on course correction.


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
Is it possible that we could encounter Lost Jack?
I have an inquiry to ask him. Since the mechanization of my body means I exist between the boundary of life and death, where would he guide my soul?
Children detected nearby. Executing preemptive prank parameters.
Bwaaaah! What a surpriiise! Candy counter cannons online.
I want to ask him if he could guide me to the Crimson Horizon, so I can see those that I—
Bwaaaah! What a surpriiise! Candy counter cannons online.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), define "holiday season".
A period where friends and family celebrate together and exchange gifts. Understood.
New event entry complete. Initiating gift preparation.


Initiating good tidings and cheer. Presents now available for dispersal.
Thank you for uploading data to this unit last year, (Captain).
Using such data I will continue to implement timely seasonal operations.


Asset preparation complete. Commencing protocol. Analyzing (Captain)'s facial expression.
Have this special present from me, (Captain).
Standing by for shift in facial expression. Standing by...
Smile recognition successful. Asset transference confirmed. Protocol complete.


Boosters online. Clamping thruster nozzles. Stabilizing power output.
(Captain). Extremely hot gases are about to be released. Evacuate immediately.
What am I doing? The kitchen stove is broken. My assistance was requested.
I am transferring my thruster fuel into the stove. Then cake and roasted chicken will be made.
Operation commencing. Please clear the area.
Ignition in three...Two...


Happy holidays. (Captain). I had Nicholas make adjustments to my parameters so I won't destroy the kitchen this year.
Therefore, I will forego the use of my boosters and take part in the safest part of the cooking. I'm going to prepare the whipped cream for the cake.
Nicholas improved my right wrist to complete 6,000 rotations per minute.
First, I shall equip a stirring appendage to my right hand to whip the cream...
There. Please pour the cream into the bowl, (Captain). And prepare yourself for a full speed dairy assault.

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Robomi, Online[edit]

Tyrias has turned (Captain) and Nicholas into hybrids, and he's using them to attack the research vessel. Robomi awakens from hibernation, and her personality data is uploaded into a combat-ready body created by Nicholas so that she may protect the people once more.

A new threat to the skies arises in the form of Tyrias the Destroyer.
(Captain) and Nicholas fall into Tyrias's hands after an intense battle. They're injected with abomination cells and mutated into hybrids.
The pair proceed to thrash the Rashomon Research Vessel as pawns of Tyrias.
Abomination 1: Mogygyaaa!
Vyrn: Doc! The ship's barrier can't take any more!
Dr. Rashomon: We're out of options!
Abomination 1: Magyooon!
Vyrn: Waaugh! They're flooding into the ship!
Vyrn: We gotta scram real fast!
Abomination 2: Graak!
Abomination 3: Griik!
The abominations are having a field day inside the hangar of the research vessel, destroying the Robomi replicas and Giganteses.
Abomination 2 & 3: Ungoko!
Eventually the abominations approach one machine that appears older than the rest.
Robomi: Incoming abominations detected. Activating emergency protocol. Startup. Commencing attack.
Robomi: Joint angle initialization failed. Unable to start up.
Abomination 2: Magyooon!
Robomi: Joint angle initialization failed. Unable to start up.
The Robomi replica's advanced state of wear prohibits her from booting up.
There is no way for her to repel the incoming abominations.
???: Accessing the Repulsion Field Vacuum Circuit, database code 6d6567756d69.
???: Activate artificial personality data saved under this domain up to the subconscious level.
???: Beginning communication protocols. Estimated time to completion: 50 milliseconds.
???: Confirming initialization and integrity of data reference.
Robomi: Robomi.
???: Data string confirmed. Moving to next cycle.
???: Are you sure you want to reactivate?
Robomi: I will reactivate if I am needed to fight.
???: People are fighting abominations as we speak. But that doesn't mean you have to join the battle.
???: The people have grown strong. Their primitive weapons combined with their tenacious will have put them on equal footing against the enemy.
Robomi: I have a reason to fight. I can still turn the tide in this conflict.
???: The people will most likely triumph once again.
???: But it will come at a price. Your intervention could certainly spare them that.
???: Moving to the next cycle. Confirm you are capable of fact recognition and resolve.
???: Your spirit was crushed in the wake of a battle. It drove you to convert your flesh to steel.
Robomi: Fact.
???: You were administered a plethora of stabilizing agents. After your brain developed an immunity to medicine, electrical impulses propelled you to fight without emotion.
Robomi: Fact.
???: It must have been torture to go that far to fight for someone.
Robomi: Affirmative.
???: You are no longer needed to fight, Robomi. You don't have to return to that cursed steel body.
???: There is a combat program of your caliber that exists as your proxy.
???: Despite these facts, do you still intend to fight for the sake of others?
Robomi: Yes.
Robomi: If there is anything I can do to save someone, then I choose to go into battle.
Robomi: That is why I parted with my own body... and my own son.
???: ...
???: Understood. Communication protocol completed. Proxy combat program will run in the background.
???: Robomi's personality data will now be uploaded into an assault frame.
???: You will be surrounded by hostiles. Exterminate them immediately after activation and save those people.
???: I was prepared to fight myself, but who would've guessed dormant data would voice an objection.
???: Oh well. That's your choice. But the odds are not exactly in your favor.
???: Good hunting.
??? & Robomi: Robomi: activate.
Robomi: (The memories of the aftermath of my self-destruction have recompiled. It seems I have rebooted.)
Robomi: (There is a lot of noise interference. Optics, voice recognition, and sensors are all malfunctioning.)
Robomi: (No maintenance plan was put in place to guard against the degradation of any of these components.)
Robomi: (It is nothing more than a lump of metal created by extremely inexperienced hands that reverse engineered our technology.)
Robomi: (My old body became a template to produce others. That's what this new body is.)
Robomi: (I see. Nicholas has not forgotten me.)
Abomination 1: Magyooon!
Abomination 1: Gyagya!
Robomi: (Abomination terminated. The situation is dire. This facility has been overrun by abominations.)
Robomi: (Not only that, but my dear companions are about to experience the worst.)
Abomination 2: Shabebe!
Abomination 2: Ayii!
Robomi: (Second abomination terminated. Visual and audio detection are malfunctioning, but I know they are here.)
Robomi: (I will fight again. Initiating locomotion. Readying armaments.)
Robomi: (This will require brute force, but I can correct sensor noise by modifying the BIOS.)
Abominations: Pyopyopyo!
Robomi: Large enemy force detected.
Robomi: (That is fine. As long as I can protect the ones important to me, I will fight.)
Robomi: Commencing offensive operations without commander authorization.
Robomi: (That is what I was reactivated for.)
Robomi's soul embeds itself within one of the machines built by Nicholas.
She vows to return again and again, always prepared to fight with all her might until the end of time.

That Which Was Lost[edit]

Abominations come flooding into town soon after Tyrias is defeated. As Kenji and Nicholas discuss what to do, Robomi is dismayed to see her own son treating her as a mere machine.

The battle comes down to the wire and Tyrias is defeated, but there is still more to come.
Abominations: Shabadooon!
Vyrn: More abominations pouring in!
Nicholas: Got it! Let's finish them off and bring peace back to the town, Robomi!
Robomi: Affirmative.
Robomi: I will lead the front. Nicholas, for the sake of the baby, do not let yourself get hurt.
Nicholas: Right!
Robomi: Targeting multiple enemies ahead. Commencing offensive.
The abominations are scattering about, harassing the townspeople.
It seems Nicholas and the others still have work to do.
Nicholas: This is crazy! How are we going to evacuate everyone with this many of them running around?
Kenji: Calm down. A cursory scan of the area shows me that most of the horde is concentrated here. It shouldn't affect the evacuation.
Kenji: You and the cast-iron kernel you call Robomi should be enough to handle this much.
Robomi: ...
Nicholas: Y-yeah...
Nicholas: (He didn't have to say it like that...)
Abominations: Abooo!
Lyria: Eeek! Nicholas! It's coming over here!
Nicholas: What!
Robomi: Do not lose your focus, Nicholas. Even if you are stronger, you cannot win with your guard down.
Kenji: Listen to the kernel's advice. Her parts can be replaced, but yours can't.
Nicholas: R-right!
Nicholas: Let's go, Robomi!
Robomi: Commencing enemy extermination.

That Which Was Lost: Scene 2[edit]

Robomi receives repairs from Nicholas. She tells him that the current Kenji is only a combat program and therefore doesn't feel anything for her. Although she knows this to be true, it's still difficult for her to accept.

Vyrn: I don't feel 'em around anymore. Are we good?
Robomi: Affirmative. All enemies have been exterminated.
Lyria: Are you okay, Robomi? You're more injured than usual.
Robomi: I am fine, Lyria. I can continue to operate as long as I receive repairs.
Kenji: Even so, you did take a lot of hits. 162 entry wounds by my count.
Kenji: Nicholas. I will list which of the kernel's components are damaged, so write this down.
Robomi: ...
Robomi seems to mull over Kenji's choice of words.
Nicholas: (Again with that...)
Nicholas takes out a memo pad, his pen flying as he jots notes.
Nicholas: What am I going to do about these fried sensors?
Kenji: Once you've decided to calm down, you should think about modifying the design.
Kenji: Remove weaker components from the armor or put in flex tubes. Right now it's always absorbing the full brunt of attacks.
Nicholas: You mean the unstable circuit board, right? We couldn't really do much about that with our current tech.
Kenji: No, you did well with your reverse engineering. I never would've thought to replace insufficient circuits entirely with gears.
Robomi: ...
Nicholas: What is it, Robomi? Not feeling well?
Robomi: No. It is nothing.
Nicholas: Okay...
Kenji: Well, my work here is done for now. I want to save my energy.
Nicholas and the others watch as Kenji fades away.
Nicholas: Phew.
Nicholas: Say, Robomi. Did something happen? Recently you've been getting kind of quiet.
Robomi: It will not interfere with my combat performance.
Nicholas: But what you're saying is it will in other ways, right?
Robomi: ...
Robomi: Please continue with the maintenance, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Okay.
Nicholas begins replacing Robomi's damaged parts at her urging.
Nicholas: Look... It's not like I'm trying to pry or anything.
Nicholas: But I'm betting it's something about Kenji that's bothering you.
Robomi: ...
Nicholas: I knew it. He's a whiz when it comes to talking about mechas, but he won't really talk to you, huh?
Robomi: ...
Nicholas: I mean, just tell me if you wanted to talk to him. It'd be a good way to sort out your feelings, you know?
Nicholas waits for a response as he removes broken parts from Robomi's frame.
Robomi: I thought it might be possible for me to talk to him, but now I am not so sure.
Nicholas: Yeah, I guess he didn't really seem open to conversation. Not with the way he called you a cast-iron kernel instead of your name...
Nicholas: But now that you're together again, I thought it'd be nice if you two could reconcile or something.
Robomi: That is impossible, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Huh?
Robomi: He no longer feels anything for me.
Nicholas: What are you saying?
Robomi: Based on his radio signatures, this Kenji is a combat program designed to defend against attacks from all forms of abominations.
Nicholas: I think I remember hearing about that...
Robomi: His personality data is different from the one we fought on Mt. Fremel. He runs on a bare minimum of functions.
Robomi: Essentially those functions include his technical expertise and his hostility toward abominations. Partitioning away anything else to focus on fighting is simple efficiency.
Nicholas: If he doesn't do that, it could get in the way of battle...
Robomi: Yes. Therefore any sentiment he may have had for me no longer exists.
Robomi: He doesn't even have the capability to hate me.
Robomi: I understand everything. But it is still difficult for me to process.
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: And that's what's been eating away at you.
Robomi: Yes... That bitterness is turning into pain.
Nicholas: I see...
With the repairs on Robomi complete, Nicholas walks out of the workshop.
Nicholas: I really want to help out Robomi.
Nicholas: But, honestly, I'm not even sure if there's anything I can do...

That Which Was Lost: Scene 3[edit]

A few days later on the deck of the Grandcypher, Robomi and the crew come under attack from abominations. Kenji grows irritated at Robomi for getting distracted by her self-pity—an outburst that confuses Robomi because Kenji isn't supposed to feel anything.

Several days pass after the battle.
Robomi: ...
Robomi stands on the deck of the Rashomon Research Vessel, staring off into the horizon.
Vyrn: That you, Robomi? Whatcha up to?
Robomi: I sense another abomination incursion coming. I am in standby mode.
Lyria: You can feel the abominations?
Robomi: Correct, Lyria. I have fought them for a long time. It has become like a sixth sense after all these years.
Robomi glances at (Captain)'s face, and she suddenly seems hesitant to speak.
Robomi: (Captain)... You are on this journey to find your father.
(Captain) nods.
Robomi: What will you do when you finally meet him?
The unexpected question throws the captain for a loop. (Captain) thinks for a bit.
  1. Give him a hug.
  2. Smack him upside the head.

Choose: Give him a hug.
Robomi: Ah, I see. You do not bear a grudge against your father.
Vyrn: The villagers took care of us. It's not like we were lonely or anything.
Robomi: Yes... You were raised in a loving environment.
Robomi is smiling, but even then there is a hint of loneliness in her face.

Choose: Smack him upside the head.
Robomi: ...
Robomi says nothing, eyes wide with apparent surprise.
Robomi: Outcome unexpected. I couldn't imagine that coming from you.
Continue 1
Robomi: Please keep those sentiments safe. I am sure you will want to share whatever feelings you have left.
(Captain) and the others are unsure of what to say to Robomi, who looks downcast.
Robomi: ...
Warning alarms blare. Abominations have come as if to kick Robomi when she's down.
Vyrn: Are you kidding me? They actually showed up!
Nicholas: That's what it looks like! Talk about a sixth sense!
Kenji: This ship appears to be their target. Their numbers are fairly low.
Kenji: However...
Robomi: ...
Kenji turns to Robomi, his eyes devoid of any warmth.
Kenji: Perhaps I should have crafted you an updated emotional control unit for times like these.
Robomi: ...!
Kenji: What I'm saying is concentrate on the battle. I don't have the energy to be watching over others.
Kenji: So stop being reckless and getting yourself shot up.
Vyrn: Yeah. We'd be worried too if anything happened to you, Robomi—
Kenji: What's this "too" business? Don't misconstrue my words. I only care about combat readiness, understand?
Kenji: It'll be bad enough if you go missing again, just like in the old days.
Robomi: ...
Kenji: What is it?
Robomi: He made that face too when he was angry with me.
Kenji: Who says I'm angry at you!
Kenji: You know I have no other function besides fighting the abominations!
Kenji: If anything, I'm irritated by our deteriorating fighting chances!
Robomi: ...
The party stares in bewilderment at this abrupt change in Kenji's attitude.
Abominations: Ogobaba!
Kenji: Let's just concentrate on defeating the enemy, okay?

That Which Was Lost: Scene 4[edit]

After the abominations are repelled, Kenji leaves abruptly, though his actions seem to show he still feels something toward Robomi. Nicholas posits that there still may be a chance for Robomi and Kenji to reconcile, a wish that Robomi can only hope will one day come to pass.

Kenji: You didn't take many hits this time.
Robomi: Something that was troubling me was removed.
Kenji: ...
Robomi: Kenji—
Kenji: That's enough. My energy is nearly depleted, and I'm about to disappear.
Kenji: Not to mention there are other things I need to see for myself. Later.
Kenji doesn't allow Robomi to get a word in edgewise and disappears.
Robomi: I can't believe Kenji looked at me with that face.
Vyrn: What was that all about? Dude said he wasn't mad, but he looked pretty darn mad to me.
Robomi: That was the same exact face Tatsuya—I mean Kenji's father—made when he was angry.
Nicholas: Say, Robomi. I noticed something strange earlier.
Nicholas: Even if he treats you as a weapon, why would he go out of his way to call you cast-iron kernel?
Nicholas: I don't know if it's good or bad, but wouldn't that hang-up get in the way of a combat program?
Robomi: Yes, Nicholas. His technical skills and his hostility to abominations remain, along with one additional thing.
Robomi: A partial hateful memory of me, in the form of not wanting to speak my name.
Robomi gives a rueful smile as she stares at the spot where Kenji once stood.
Nicholas: And now that his energy's given out, he's got an excuse not to come out for a while.
Nicholas: I give up. He really did save our bacon though.
Dr. Rashomon: Hm, I doubt he's the type to vanish because he lacked a plan.
Dr. Rashomon: He probably thought things will be fine for us going forward.
Robomi: That hypothesis is likely correct. It will take time before the abominations can evolve again.
Marie: Um...
Dr. Rashomon: What is it, Marie?
Marie: I don't know. All this talk about Kenji still holding a grudge against Robomi doesn't seem right.
Robomi: Clarify?
Marie: I think things would've ended differently if he really hated you.
Nicholas & Robomi: ...
Nicholas: Now that you mention it...
Nicholas: Robomi's and Kenji's data were both stored in the same place, right?
Nicholas: You wouldn't take a lot of care to save the data of someone you hate.
Robomi: Maybe he thought my combat abilities would be necessary.
Nicholas: Yeah, but then he could've just fought by himself by uploading his own data into your body.
Robomi: Then why?
Marie: If he'd really wanted to make Robomi feel bad, he wouldn't have just gotten riled up and disappeared earlier.
Marie: I don't know how he really feels, but he wasn't fueled by hatred.
Nicholas: So you think there's still a chance for reconciliation?
Marie: I don't know about that, but... maybe?
Robomi: ...
Robomi: That would be nice...
The fates borne by estranged mother and child are reunited after tens of thousands of years.
Perhaps there will come a day when they'll be able to recover the time they've lost.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
皆さんに再び会えた事を嬉しく思います I am happy to see everyone again.
子供達の未来を守るため私は戦います I will fight to protect the children's futures.
壊獣の脅威は終わっていなかった… The abomination threat has not been eliminated yet...
戦闘準備完了しています Combat systems online.
私の力で人々を守ります My power will protect the people.
武装・機体性能ともに十分です Weapon and armor systems functional.
機体コンディション良好です Frame structure in prime condition.
(主人公)、私の後ろに Get behind me, (Captain).
敵性体、反応あり注意してください Be aware of the enemy's behavior.
(主人公)の夢、叶いますように I want to make (Captain)'s dream come true.

Other Appearances[edit]


Go, Go, Robomi![edit]

SV Go, Go, Robomi!.png
Click to reveal card data

Countdown (3)
Last Words: Summon a Robomi, Steel Warrior.

Although the steel warrior's body is devoid of warmth, the fire of justice burns within her. She fights to protect the future and the innocent smiles of children. Only she and her engineer, Nicholas, can fight back the menace that threatens the skies.

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Go, Go, Robomi!
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Robomi, Steel Warrior[edit]

SV Robomi, Steel Warrior.png SV Robomi, Steel Warrior E.png
Click to reveal card data


This unit's name is Robomi. You have been registered as this unit's new engineer, Nicholas.


(Same as the unevolved form.)

Charging complete. Preparing Hyper Megaton Kick.

Class Portalcraft
Trait Artifact
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Robomi, Steel Warrior
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dimension Cut[edit]

SV Dimension Cut alt.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.
If Resonance is active for you, deal 4 damage instead.

The steel warrior activates her anti-repulsion field and takes to the skies. She fights to protect the smiles of the innocent. She fights to defeat the evils of this world. Now, go, unleash your ultimate technique: Hyper Megaton Kick!

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Dimension Cut
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other