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Official Profile

Npc f 3040088000 01.jpg Yngwie
Age 55 years old
Height 192 cm
Race Human
Hobbies What a coincidence... they're exactly the same as yours
Likes Look into my eyes... can't you see for yourself?
Dislikes Forget about that, right now all I want is to embrace you
Character Release
Npc f 3040088000 03.jpg Final Uncap
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040088000 01.jpg Yngwie
Age 55歳
Height 192cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 偶然だが、君と一緒だ
Likes ごらん、俺の瞳に映ってる
Dislikes そんなことより、君を抱きたい
Character Release
Npc f 3040088000 03.jpg Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. Heh, strange, isn't it?
I forgot my own birthday, but somehow I remember the birthdays of my friends.
So believe in yourself. Live tough.


Your birthday, huh? That reminds me of this old dude we had in my group. He was tough as nails, a real adventurer's adventurer.
But every year he'd get all smiley for his grandkid's birthday.
You'd never expect it from him. I'd laugh so hard seeing that stupid grin.
Heh. Guess I'm the old one now. Never thought I'd get a kick outta seeing the younger generation grow.
Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm glad we get to celebrate it with you.


Happy birthday!
Bravo, (Captain)! You're a real show-stopper with the way you've been growing.
That's how you gotta do it when you're young.
But don't get the idea that I'm about to bow out quite yet.
I'm not kidding when I say I rock on for life. What do you say we see who can grow more this year?


Hahaha! You seem to be in high spirits on your birthday!
There are no bounds to the latent powers you keep inside you, (Captain).
And I'm sure that over the course of our journey to Estalucia, we'll see much more of what you've yet to exhibit. Heh, I'm looking forward to it.
But growth isn't something only for those who are young like you!
I'll show you just how much a man like myself can grow as well. You know you can always depend on me, every step of the way.
Bravo, (Captain). Have a splendid day!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Nothing better than seeing the first sunrise of a new year from the deck of a ship.
Never thought about it growing up, but the beauty of it all really hits you at my age.
If one thing stays the same, it's your appetite. I'll always take meat over salad. Carnivore for life.


New Year's... Sure brings back some memories. Say, ever heard of the Twelve Divine Generals?
One of the most amazing crews there ever was, I tell ya. And I ain't talkin' about just their fightin' skills. Never have I had my young, hot-blooded rump handed to me by a more stunning squad o' beauties.
Hmm, heard that one of the lead girls retired a while back. Livin' a quiet life somewhere...
... (Captain). I'll be headin' out for a while. Might be a few days. Oh, nothing. Just... off to light some fireworks.


Hey, (Captain). Did any letters come for me?
Last year I got so many from women spanning the skies.
There was even a time when I got a whole ship's worth which caused my vessel to tilt a little.
But this ship should be fine! Hahaha!


That's quite the serious face you're making there for New Year's... What's the matter, (Captain)?
You're in love, aren't you?
You don't have to deny it so quickly.
Love makes you see the world through rose-colored glasses, turning it into a beautiful place. There's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.
It wasn't love? Ah, so you were thinking about your new year's resolution.
Everything starts with a plan. This is a good opportunity to consider what is important to you.
Hm? My resolution? Well, that's easy—Amore. Enough said.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Chocolates? You went out of your way to get these? Shoot. Shouldn't have.
You're really that into me? Rest of the guys aren't going to like that.
Anyway, thanks. I don't care what they think. This means a lot to me.


Whoa there, you've even got some chocolates for me? Thanks, but I've gotta warn ya.
No matter how well along in years they are, men can be foolish creatures—lead 'em on with chocolate every year, and they might get the wrong idea.
Anyways, I'm just letting you know. I'm lookin' forward to next year, heh.


Whoa, Whoa! Did you forget what I warned you about last year?
Even after all that... You still insist on giving me chocolate?
Humph! Do whatever you want. I guess I can't say no to chocolate if you're prepared to pay the price.
People after your heart are going to want my head on a platter, right, (Captain)?


Ah... I guess it'd be rude of me to have you wait any longer.
I can feel the intense passion and thought you put into this chocolate, (Captain). I appreciate it.
Come, it's time we told the others in the crew about our relationship.
Don't worry. If anything happens, I'll take full responsibility.
I'll defend you from any obstacle that may stand in our way, (Captain).
Now, trust me, and take my hand.

White Day Cutscenes
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Take these chocolates, (Captain). They are full of my gratitude.
I don't know what kids these days like, so I went to a store where royalty shop.
Let me know if you like them. There's more where they came from, (Captain).


Hold on just a sec, (Captain). I got you a little somethin' for White Day.
I had it made by an old friend of mine, a retired patissier, just for you. I had a taste of it myself, and his talents still hold up.
If you'd like some more, just let me know. You see, he's got a bit of a competitive streak—there's no way he'll deny a request, especially after hearing that I've come out of retirement!


Hey, (Captain)? Do you have a minute?
Today's White Day, so I got the best thing I could offer you.
I made a reservation at the most popular restaurant on this island. And it's almost time for us to go.
You can get whatever sweets your heart desires.
I reserved the whole place by the way. That means you can eat anything and everything you want.


Can I have a moment, (Captain)?
Oh, come on. You don't have to be nervous.
Heh, I would never do anything you wouldn't like. I'll wait until you're sure about your own feelings.
Today's White Day. I have a present for you.
this sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth is the overflowing love I harbor for you. And this here is a bouquet of mimosa.
The mimosa symbolizes secret love. Don't you think it suits us perfectly?

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
3rd year:
Invitation square.jpg Invitation
4th year:
White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Vyyyrn? Lyriaaa? Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Oh, it's you, (Captain). Old Yngwie's got some tricks and treats for you.
There! Full Metal Beaaaaam!


Vyyyrn! Lyyyria! Where are you hiding?
This full metal demon's gonna find you!
Oh, it's you, (Captain). Here's your special Halloween tip for the year: sometimes playing the bad guy can be fun.
Ah! There you are!
Full Metal Missile!


Whoooa! Full Metal Candy!
Oh, it's you (Captain)! I did some custom modding to the armor this year.
Squeeze tight and candy pops out of the joints.
You young kids really eat up these off-the-wall surprises.
Keep moving on! Full Metal Cookie!


Roooar! Any crying children out there? Any kids up to no good?
Vyrn! Lyria! Come out, come out, whereever you aaare!
Oh, it's you, (Captain). Looks like you're enjoying Halloween as usual.
Hm? Ah, the shouting just now?
I was pretending to be a monster from some traditional folklore that's passed down on an island in the east.
I thought it'd be perfect for Halloween and gave it a shot... The kids loved it.
How about it, (Captain)? You wanna give it a try too?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Never even occurred to me that this ship would be having a holiday party.
Do you know how my crew celebrated?
Because I sure don't. I always went into town to have fun.


Hey there, (Captain). What's the word on the holiday party? I've brought a little special something this year—a gigantic fir tree!
I'm not too familiar with some of these customs, but do as the youngsters do as I always say. You've gotta stay young at heart, you know what I mean?
The weight of the tree might be throwing the Grandcypher off balance, but no worries! I'm sure Rackam's got it all under control. Hahaha!


(Captain), I'm here as your escort. To the party of course.
Come on. No one wants to start it without you.
Once you're a member of the crew it all makes sense, but nothing is the same without you.
When I was captain of my own crew, I would just head out with a woman by my side on nights like this... Now I know why my second-in-command was always mad at me.
It's good to know some things do make more sense with age. Getting old isn't so bad after all.


Hahaha! You want to have a snowball fight with me? Is this a proposal I'm hearing?
My dear madamoiselle and me, cuddling beside the window in a stylish cabin as we gaze out at the fluttering snow...
That was how I'd imagined spending the perfect holy night... But your words bring back memories.
Memories of when I was but a boy, when my friend and I would put our all into competing with each other in a snowball fight.
Heh. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad to let loose and run around like in the old days.
Of course, I won't be taking it easy on you. That all right with you?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Full Metal Man

Eugen leads the crew to meet Yngwie, a legendary skyfarer who once explored the farthest reaches of the sky. He joins the crew in a quest to find his long lost daughter, who appears to have sent him a letter from another skydom.

On a faraway cliff, a boy looks up at the sky and wails.
His eyes seem sad, regretful, and a little resigned.
Boy: Sob... This sucks... I suck...
Boy: And the sky sucks most of all!
Boy: Huff... Sob...
???: What are you up to?
Boy: Huh? Who are you?
???: That's beside the point. I asked what you were up to.
Boy: It doesn't have anything to do with you, Gramps.
???: It does. I'm about to board an airship, and I'm not interested in making the skies angry.
Boy: Angry? Pft, you talking about a storm or something?
Boy: Don't be stupid. The sky doesn't have moods. It's air currents that make the weather! Air. Currents. Get it?
???: You're a smart aleck, but at least you know a thing or two about the sky.
Boy: ...
Boy: Listen, I... wanted to become a skyfarer.
Boy: But everyone told me I couldn't. Not with my bad leg.
???: So you're complaining to the sky. Call it a hunch, but I don't think it cares.
Boy: Oh, shut up! What do you know, old man?
Boy: This isn't a joke! Do you know how much I wanted an adventure?
Boy: It was my dream to soar the skies. Just like the man, the myth, the—
Around the same time, Eugen leads the crew to a distant island.
He anxiously explains why they're here.
Rackam: Yngwie? The one and only Yngwie?
Eugen: The one and only. Shocked me to hear from him. Says he's got something to discuss.
Rackam: With us? Like what?
Eugen: Hard to say. Been decades since I saw him last. Not since he hid himself away on some island.
Vyrn: So who is this guy, anyway? Some kind of famous skyfarer?
Eugen: Guess the word doesn't get around anymore. How times change.
Eugen: Way back when I was cloud hopping, a skyfarer took the world by storm.
Eugen: His name was Yngwie, and he captained a crew of adventure-crazed maniacs across the sky.
Eugen: He up and crossed Phantagrande, blazing one trail after the other.
Rackam: From what I hear, he cleared most of the routes we use today.
Rackam: That's how the stories go, anyway. He never left any clear records.
Vyrn: Sounds like we owe this guy big time! He must've been a real hero!
Eugen: Hero? Don't get the wrong idea, Vyrn.
Eugen: He had something of a heroic period after clearing the skyways, where he saved countries and slayed monsters.
Eugen: But he was always crazy for adventure first and foremost. Said being a hero was a pain, ditched his crew. And he was their captain!
Eugen: Instead, he set his sights on lands unknown, crossing the Grim Basin to explore new skydoms.
Vyrn: Alone? This guy sounds like a nut!
Boy: And then! And then! Yngwie had all sorts of grand adventures in faraway skydoms!
Boy: They say he found hyper ancient ruins! Saved a hundred beautiful princesses from a hundred dark dungeons!
Boy: And when he finished blazing a path across every skydom in the sky, he returned to Phantagrande!
???: Heh. Every skydom, huh?
Boy: What, you saying it's a lie?
???: No comment. Wasn't a hundred princesses, though. It was a thousand.
Boy: A thousand? Now that's just crazy, Gramps.
Boy: Yngwie never talked about what happened, so nobody really knows for sure. But still...
???: That's right. Whatever people tell you, you just keep believing what you want to believe.
Boy: Humph, like I even need to be told.
???: You sure? Everyone told you to give up on being a skyfarer, so you did.
Boy: Rgh... That's because of my leg, okay?
???: So when they told you it was impossible, you believed them?
Boy: No! I never wanted to give up on myself!
???: Heh. Yngwie didn't, either. He believed in his dreams like a silly little kid.
???: So rest easy. The sky's more than big enough for your foolish flights of fancy.
Boy: Wait a sec... Are you the man, the myth, the legend—
???: Yngwie is in your heart.
???: It's past your bedtime, kid. Follow me back to town.
Thief Queen: Bwahaha! You're not going anywhere! Now lay out your valuables where I can see them!
Boy: Oh no, we're surrounded!
Thief Queen: The urchin's got nothing, but the old man's shield should fetch a pretty penny!
???: ...
Thief Queen: There there, nothing to worry about. I'll spare your life, so just—
???: There's always time for love.
Thief Queen: Excuse me?
Boy: Huh?
Thief Queen: Hahahaha! Forget stealing from this fool! I'll put him out of his misery myself!
???: Bravo, baby!
Eugen: ...
Rackam: He said he'd be here by now. Something must've happened.
Vyrn: You mean like a monster attack? But a legend like him could handle that, right?
Eugen: Right. Still, he went on adventures we can barely even imagine. It's possible he didn't make it back in one piece.
Eugen: I don't like this one bit. Let me take a look around and—
Boy: Someone come quick! Yngwie's in trouble!
Eugen: Gah! Looks like my hunch was right.
Rackam: Let us handle this, kiddo. We're not about to let a legend bite the dust!
Vyrn: Yeah! I'll scout ahead!
Vyrn: Whazzah?
???: What's the hurry? Heading to the little dragon's room?
Vyrn: No, I'm heading to save Yngwie, and—
Eugen: Yngwie? Is it really you?
Yngwie: Hello, Eugen. The years have not treated you well, my friend.
Eugen: Hahaha! It really is you! And you've turned into a geezer yourself!
Yngwie: I've heard the rumors. You're still marching along on the front lines?
Eugen: Yeah, guess you could call it karma. Just reaping what I sowed way back when.
Yngwie: You mean that daughter of yours? You and I were both such dogs.
Eugen: Now what exactly do you mean by that?
Rackam: Guys, I hate to spoil this happy reunion, but c'mon!
Vyrn: That's right! Weren't you attacked by thieves? Everything okay?
Yngwie: I took an arrow straight to the heart... from a little guy they call Cupid.
Thief Queen: Oh, you! Stop, you're embarrassing me!
Boy: Aren't you the leader of those thieves? What happened?
Eugen: Heheheh... You haven't changed a bit, Yngwie.
Eugen: Remind me again. Didn't you smooth talk a Luminary Knight to cross the Grim Basin?
Rackam: Wait, you can do that?
Yngwie: Don't get the wrong idea. Nobody was taken advantage of.
Rackam: Then what happened?
Yngwie: Past adventures stay in the past. I promised her that. And besides, we've got minors present.
Vyrn: What kind of adventures has this guy been through?
With introductions out of the way, Yngwie pulls out a letter and begins to explain his reasons for calling the crew to the island.
Vyrn: That letter's from another skydom?
Yngwie: Arrived just the other day. Normally you can't send mail between skydoms, but this found its way to me anyway.
Yngwie: It says it's from my daughter!
Rackam: Which one?
Yngwie: You jealous? Grow a mullet this cool and maybe you'll get somewhere.
Eugen: It says "help me" in kid's handwriting, but the postmark's more than a decade ago.
Eugen: The whole thing's so crumpled I can barely make out a word.
Eugen: Wait. Don't tell me you—
Yngwie: I'm shipless, shiftless, and without connections. Don't know much about today's air currents, either.
Yngwie: But I heard there's a crew crazy enough to search for the Island of the Astrals. One with my old friend in their ranks.
Eugen: You must be joking. That tattered piece of paper isn't enough to go on. What if whoever sent it is just leading you on?
Yngwie: But it reached me, Eugen. It reached me.
Yngwie: Sorry to impose, Captain. This is going to be my last adventure. Willing to help make it one to remember?
  1. Let's do this.
  2. If you're willing to swab the decks.

Choose: Let's do this.
Yngwie: You have my thanks. And my years of experience.

Choose: If you're willing to swab the decks.
Yngwie: Of course, Boss. I'm not interested in rocking the boat.
Continue 1
Eugen: For crying out loud. Got a clean bill of health, I hope?
Yngwie: I fended off those thieves single-handedly, didn't I?
Eugen: Right, right. Fine. We're setting off tomorrow morning, so don't be late!
Yngwie: Heh...
Eugen: Heheheh...
Yngwie and Eugen exchange a firm handshake, laughing like old friends all the while.
The legendary skyfarer has returned to the fold after a long absence. He's champing at the bit to embark on his final adventure.

Dangerous Rendezvous

Yngwie and the crew attempt to free the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. They successfully rescue the house nanny, but are forced to watch as the kidnappers flee with the aristocrat's daughter in tow.

Twisted laughter echoes through a house on a faraway island.
Kidnapper 1: Bwahaha! We're gonna get a cool mil from this!
Kidnapper 2: Pft, more like three! Our little darling here is some fat cat's only daughter.
Kidnapper 1: You sure about that? What if she doesn't have anything?
Kidnapper 2: She's loaded! Hey, you've got three million rupies on you, right?
No one answers.
Kidnapper 1: Hey, you okay in there? You been keeping that princess under meticulous surveillance like I asked you to?
Kidnapper 2: Damn right! My surveillance is super ridiculous! Not like it matters what happens to her, anyway.
Kidnapper 1: Aaaaah! What's an airship doing opening fire on us?
Kidnapper 2: You think I know? Quit your blabbin' and grab a weapon!
Yngwie: Pardon the intrusion.
Kidnapper 1: Who the hell are you?
Yngwie: My name is Yngwie, and... Hey, are you even listening?
Kidnapper 2: You're donezo, bozo!
Yngwie: Hasta la vista.
Kidnapper 2: Arrgh!
Yngwie: The living room is secured. Now for the second floor and basement.
Vyrn: Whoa, that's a big hole you left in the wall!
Eugen: Bwahaha! Save something for the endgame, Yngwie!
The crew has been hired to rescue the daughter of an aristocratic family from a notorious band of kidnappers.
After successfully locating the kidnappers' hideout, they strike with lightning-fast efficiency.
Yngwie's overwhelming show of strength quickly quells what little resistance remains.
Vyrn: Way to go, Yngwie! You cleaned this place up in no time!
Yngwie: Bravo, babies. Now let's free our hostage.
Yngwie: Pardon, sweetheart. We're the crew your family hired to save you. You can come out now. The bad guys won't give you any more trouble.
Older Woman: What do you think you're doing in here?
Eugen: Aah! The stress has aged you decades, Miss! Are you really the aristocrat's daughter?
Older Woman: Of course not! More importantly... Oh, forget it!
Vyrn: What was that all about?
Yngwie: Hold on. I hear hooves outside... Now I get it. So that's their game.
Lead Kidnapper: Bwahaha! So long, suckers!
Older Woman: Oh no! The mistress!
The leader of the kidnappers has arrived in a horse-drawn carriage to steal away the aristocrat's daughter.
Yngwie: Their leader was lying in wait back at the barn. They're more clever than I gave them credit for.
Older Woman: What are you doing, you codger! Dawdle any longer, and the mistress is lost!
Yngwie: I know. After them, (Captain)!

Dangerous Rendezvous: Scene 2

The crew comes under attack while pursuing the leader of the kidnappers. When the house nanny valiantly attempts to stand in their way, Yngwie surprises her (and everyone else) with a sudden proclamation of love.

The crew clears out the monsters and heads after the lead kidnapper.
Vyrn: Huff... You okay? We better get you back to town quick!
Older Woman: Wheeze... Don't mind me. The mistress' life hangs in the balance!
Eugen: There's a cave over there with wagon tracks leading inside.
Yngwie: You're right. Clean, too. Straight lines. Which means—
Yngwie: Everyone, get down!
Kidnapper 3: Damn, we got a real pro on our hands! And here I was planning to take you out in one shot!
Eugen: Argh, looks like we missed a few.
Kidnapper 3: We're the main force! How'd the others get wiped out by a brat and some geezers?
Vyrn: Quiet, you! Leave this to us! We'll take care of these jerks in—
Kidnapper 4: Bwahaha! No, I think she's coming with us!
Older Woman: Gasp!
A kidnapper grabs the woman and puts a blade to her slender neck.
Yngwie: ...
Vyrn: You dirty rotten goons! Let her go!
Kidnapper 4: Fat chance! Drop your weapons or the old lady gets it!
Eugen: Let's not be hasty, kiddo. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in a prison cell.
Kidnapper 4: Shut up! Drop your weapons, now!
Older Woman: I'm not going to slow you down.
Yngwie: What?
Older Woman: I've lived long enough! Take care of the mistress for me, Yngwie!
Older Woman: Wraaah!
Kidnapper 4: Settle down or you're gonna regret it!
Older Woman: Mistress, I pray for your safety!
Vyrn: What are you trying to do!
Eugen: Don't try to fight them! Run!
Yngwie: Not yet, sweetheart! There's always time for love!
Older Woman: Huh?
When Yngwie shouts, everyone stops in their tracks. It's almost as if time has stopped.
While the kidnappers look on in confusion, (Captain) runs over to the older woman and pulls her back to safety.
Kidnapper 4: Gwah! Oh no!
Vyrn: Here's our chance! I think!
Eugen: Right! Wipe them out in one shot!
Yngwie: Au revoir, Bucko!

Dangerous Rendezvous: Scene 3

With nowhere left to run, Yngwie convinces the leader of the kidnappers to free the aristocrat's daughter. When monsters once again put the nanny's life in danger, Yngwie unleashes his true power to save the day.

The crew have used extraordinary means to escape extraordinary danger. They now follow the wagon tracks deep into the cave.
Yngwie: I've been to this island before. The night view from the top of the lighthouse is something to behold.
Older Woman: And?
Yngwie: You feel it between us too, don't you? The magnetism between us.
Older Woman: This is no time for pickup lines!
Yngwie: What about after we solve this mess?
Older Woman: I'll answer you in my will!
Older Woman: Sigh. Some people...
Vyrn: Hey, check it out! There's a wagon ditched over there!
Eugen: We're getting warmer. But why did they stop in a place like this? Doesn't look like a trap.
Yngwie: They're practically inviting us in. Let's answer the call.
Lead Kidnapper: Of all the rotten luck! My perfect plan! My perfect team! Ruined!
Vyrn: Hold on! He's acting strange!
Eugen: Unfortunate. He's stopped running, but won't turn himself in. Holding out until the bitter end.
Daughter: Help!
Older Woman: Hold on, Mistress! I'm coming to save you!
Lead Kidnapper: Better not, Grandma! I'm about to send every last one of you losers to the great hereafter!
Yngwie: I heard you were a notorious band of kidnappers. How the mighty have fallen.
Lead Kidnapper: What'd you say?
Yngwie: I've chewed through my fair share of bad guys before, and the big ones always knew when to call it a day.
Yngwie: So you've got a question to answer. Have times changed? Or were you always this pathetic?
Yngwie: Well?
Lead Kidnapper: Rgh...
Lead Kidnapper: Waaaah! Fine, fine! I give up!
The frustrated kidnapper fires a salvo into the cave's depths and then silently tosses his gun aside.
Yngwie: Feeling better? That's a good boy. Now let her go.
Lead Kidnapper: Right...
Daughter: Oh, I was so scared!
Older Woman: Mistress, I'm just glad you're safe!
Eugen: What is it now?
Yngwie: Watch it. Something's coming from the depths!
Monster: Grooooar!
Lead Kidnapper: Huh? Arrrgh!
Vyrn: Did the monster just swallow him?
Monster: Grooar...
Daughter: Aieee! No, don't you dare!
Older Woman: Cursed beasts! I'm the one you should be aiming for!
Yngwie: Miss, you do not want to tangle with this one!
Older Woman: Now! This is your chance to save her!
Monster: Groooar!
Older Woman: Goodbye... Yngwie.
Daughter: No, don't do it!
Eugen: She's not gonna make it!
Yngwie: Full Metal Transformation!
Yngwie: Ngaaaah!
Monster: Rrrgh!
Older Woman: I... I'm still alive?
Yngwie: Huff... Huff... Goodbye, Yngwie?
Yngwie: No. I know what's going in your will. It's "I love you, Yngwie!"
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: That thing's still alive! Both of you need to get out of here!
Yngwie: All right, big guy. Time to call it a day.

Dangerous Rendezvous: Scene 4

Having saved the day, Yngwie and the crew return to town. There, Yngwie convinces the nanny to join him for a night out at the nearby lighthouse, leaving the crew in awe.

The crew saves the aristocrat's daughter and returns to town before sundown.
Daughter: I can't thank you enough for everything you've done!
Yngwie: No worries. It's our job, after all.
Daughter: Skyfarers really are incredible. But you must be in a league of your own, Yngwie.
Daughter: Um... Are you leaving already?
Yngwie: We're planning to stay at an inn for two, three nights tops.
Daughter: Then... how about going out to dinner with me tonight? I know the nicest restaurant in town!
Older Woman: Hee hee... So very like the mistress.
Older Woman: ...
Daughter: Oh, sorry! You all must be exhausted. How about tomorrow night then?
Yngwie: My apologies, but I've only got eyes for one woman in this town. You remember our promise, sweetheart?
Older Woman: What?
Yngwie: To look out from the lighthouse. After we ended the crisis. Remember?
Older Woman: Don't be ridiculous! The mistress invited you out to dinner! Why waste time with a mere commoner like me?
Yngwie: There's nothing common about the woman I love.
Yngwie: So. Your response?
Older Woman: ...
Daughter: It's all right. Go on ahead, okay?
Older Woman: But dear...
Older Woman: Oh, fine! I'm paying, though. It's only fair, considering what you did for me!
Yngwie: Thank you, sweetheart. Just let me lead the way.
Older Woman: Humph!
Vyrn: Haha! Now that's a legendary skyfarer if I ever saw one!
Eugen: He always played by his own rules, even back then. Still makes rookie mistakes now and again, but he knows when to make it count.
Eugen: Hm? Wait. What are these dark splotches on the ground?
Vyrn: Uh, Eugen? You okay? You look like you saw a ghost!
Eugen: It's... nothing. Now let's get a round of drinks for a job well done!
In more ways than one, the crew now understands the power of Yngwie's legend.
The drops of blood scattered in his wake, however, go unnoticed in the darkness.
This will be Yngwie's final voyage. And no one knows that better than the man himself.


On his way to a rendezvous at a bar with some famous old friends, Yngwie gets a little lost. (Captain) and Vyrn arrive in time to provide both directions and backup when monsters attack.

Yngwie: That rocky cliffside...
Yngwie: It's all coming back now. A short trek down this way should get me there.
One summer day in the Auguste Isles...
Yngwie is walking along the coastline while the rest of the crew does their own thing at the beach.
He appears to be searching for something amid the hustle and bustle.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Ah, the signboard's come into view! Is that the bar you mentioned, handsome?
Yngwie: Mm, I like the look o' that.
Yngwie: 'Cept the place I'm looking for is on the outskirts—we'll know by the red lanterns. Used to be a hot watering hole for us rookie skyfarers.
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Teehee, red lanterns?
You're going to be meeting old friends, right?
Yngwie: Friends? I wish. They're legends that I looked up to back in the day.
Yngwie: They helped me a ton when I was a kid. Thought I'd take this chance to say hello.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Oh, so that's what's going down. Well, I hope you'll come play with us later then!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: I had so much fun listening to your stories! I want to hear more about your adventures!
Yngwie: Gladly. I'm all yours if I come outta this in one piece.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Yay!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: "In one piece"?
Vyrn: Ah! There you are, Yngwie!
Yngwie: (Captain), Vyrn. Looking for me?
Vyrn: Yup, just passing on a message from Eugen. He was wondering why you haven't shown up yet.
Vyrn: He seemed pretty worried because you were making some big shots wait for ya.
Yngwie: I'm headed there right now. Just got a bit lost is all.
Yngwie: Can you and (Captain) show me the way?
Vyrn: Sure... But what're you doing hanging out with these ladies if you're on your way to the meetup? Are they going too?
Yngwie: I was only asking them for directions.
Vyrn: Hm? But it seems like they didn't know the way, soooo... why're you still walking with them?
Yngwie: That's how I roll.
Vyrn: Wha?
Yngwie: You know how it is. Bikinis, vacation, summer romance.
Vyrn: Nuh-uh, I don't see the connection.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Aww, how adorable! He even has wings!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Hey, mister! Is it okay if I give this little guy a hug?
Vyrn: Ack! Hey, hands off!
Yngwie: Good going, Vyrn. I'm almost jealous.
Yngwie: Well then... What say we get going, (Captain)? Lead the way.

Beginnings: Scene 2

Yodarha and Aletheia are waiting when Yngwie finds his way to the bar. When he was young, Yngwie challenged them both and grew from the experience—now he hopes to learn from them once more. Aletheia is the first to agree to a duel.

(Captain) and company make their way to a certain back alley.
Ahead of them is a quaint, old-fashioned bar in what looks like the poor quarter of town.
Yngwie looks nostalgically at the signboard.
Yngwie: There's no mistaking it—we're here. I owe you one, guys.
Vyrn: Nah, don't worry about it!
Vyrn: You know... This is a pretty shabby joint if I've ever seen one.
Yngwie: Doesn't bother me. This was my old haunt after all.
Yngwie: Though it does strike me as odd how the place is just as run-down as it was a few decades ago. Like if you came back a century from now it'd still look exactly the same.
Vyrn: Ahaha. You ready to head in? Eugen's already waiting inside.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Hey, wait... Can we try a place that's a little more modern?
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Yeah, it doesn't seem all that pleasant... Surely there's another bar around the corner we can go to.
Yngwie: No, I need to be here. Thanks for tagging along. I'll see you girls later at the beach.
Vyrn: Whoa—wait for us, Yngwie! We're coming in too!
Bikini-Clad Girls: ...
The crew parts ways with the young women and enters the bar.
Eugen is already seated with two others.
Eugen: Finally found your way, huh... 'Bout time, Yngwie.
Yngwie: Sorry about that. Town's changed a lot more than I thought. The view, the bikinis—everything's so much better nowadays.
Eugen: Bikinis, eh... That's your excuse for showing up this late?
Eugen: Thanks a bunch, (Captain). I was just about to blow a gasket from waiting.
Vyrn: What's with this get-together between you ol' chums anyway?
Any version of Yodarha is a crew member

Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Same old Yngwie.
No version of Yodarha in crew

???: A-hyuk-hyuk... We had a drink ahead of you—hope you don't mind. Gosh, how many decades has it been, Yngwie?
The aloof old man goes by the name Yodarha. He, too, was a renowned warrior back in his prime.
Unforeseen circumstances caused him to retire from the world for some time, but his skills with a blade continue to be the stuff of legend.
Aletheia is a crew member

Aletheia: Oho, quite the gathering we have here today, wouldn't you say?
Aletheia not in crew

???: Ohoho, I see I'm not the only one to have sprouted new grey hairs, Yngwie. Word is you're back in action nowadays?
The old man named Aletheia chuckles to himself. Like Yodarha, he is a master swordsman who has carved out countless legends in various lands.
His reputation as the Sage of the Sword precedes him; there isn't a swordsman worth their salt who hasn't heard of Aletheia.
Yngwie: Sorry to keep you two waiting. It's good to see you're in good health.
Yngwie: And thanks for setting this up, Eugen.
Eugen: Sure. Now how about we get down to business?
Eugen: Tell us why you had me call out our swordmaster friends.
Vyrn: H-hold on a sec. You were friends with them all along, Yngwie?
Yngwie: Must've forgotten to mention it. They trained me back in the day before I had my own proper crew.
Yodarha: Heh, trained you? You came at us out of the blue!
Yngwie: What can I say? I was an arrogant little snot. Told myself I was too cool to be someone's apprentice.
Aletheia: I remember it as if it were yesterday. Who'd have thought I'd struggle against a kid in his teens.
Yngwie: It's fresh in my mind too. Took me three months to fully recover after each of those bouts.
Yngwie: Gave me a chance to pick up a few of your moves though. Also taught me to value determination.
Vyrn: Wow... You really were an arrogant little snot.
Yngwie: You could say the same for all skyfarers. Getting along in years doesn't change that a bit.
Eugen: ...
You sure about that?
Yngwie: Mm-hm. I'm here to settle things once and for all. So that I can live without regrets.
Yngwie: Yodarha, Aletheia, care to have one last duel with me?
Vyrn: Eh?
Yodarha: Hum?
Aletheia: How interesting...
Eugen: Really now... Don't you think you're taking it a bit too far?
Vyrn: W-wait up! What's the point in duelin' outta the blue?
Yngwie: There is no point. I just need to see which one of us is the better man.
Yngwie: So? What do you two say?
Yodarha: ...
Vyrn: You guys need to think this through. This isn't going to end well.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... We'd never have gained the fame we won for ourselves if we didn't take risks.
Yodarha: Right, Sage?
Aletheia: Let's get this over with. I'll go first, Blade.
Vyrn: No way! You guys are doing this for real?
Eugen: Too late, Vyrn... Once they get going, there's no stopping 'em.
Yngwie: Appreciate it. Follow me outside—I know just the spot.
Aletheia: Right, of course. By the by, have you forsaken the way of the sword?
Yngwie: Had to. Lost the use of my good arm.
Aletheia: Aye, what a shame. Imagine how skilled you would be today if you had continued your training...
Yngwie: Not the biggest fan of supposition. I like to believe the Yngwie in the here and now is me at my best.
Yngwie: My scars, my failures... Everything that I've ever been through makes me who I am.
Aletheia: Haha... Come at me with everything you have then!
Yngwie: I'm ready to be schooled, Aletheia!

Beginnings: Scene 3

Impatient for his turn, Yodarha interrupts Yngwie and Aletheia's duel. Yngwie reveals that he still doesn't know everything there is to know about his mysterious armor. He sheds it to continue fighting, cluing Yodarha in to the true purpose of this challenge.

Yngwie: Nrgh!
Aletheia: Haagh!
Yngwie and Aletheia go all-out.
The ebb and flow of their duel continues without either of them ceding an inch. Yodarha chimes in when both combatants fall silent.
Yodarha: Enough! There's no need to take this any further!
Yngwie: You've gotten soft, Yodarha... Aletheia and I are just getting started.
Aletheia: Indeed... I can still go on.
Yodarha: Nuh-uh! Now that I'm all fired up, I can't have you all worn out before I get my chance!
Yodarha: Your turn to warm the bench, Aletheia!
I'll be the one to cut down that kooky contraption!
Yngwie: Huh? Ah, you mean my armor?
Yngwie: Found it in some wayward skydom. I'm still trying to work out its kinks.
Yodarha: Surely you jest! You would entrust your life to equipment you're unsure of?
Yodarha: I don't know if you're gutsy or reckless... Just be careful your defenses never lead you to complacency.
Yngwie: Meh, you're probably right. Like I said, I'm still working out the kinks.
Yngwie: You'll see...
Yodarha: Hm?
Yngwie: Ready to keep this dance going?
Eugen: Hey, why did he chuck his armor?
Vyrn: Now he's just beyond reckless!
Yodarha: Heh... So that's what you're after.
Yodarha: You force yourself into a corner to find new ways of dealing with things... You're a fighter through and through, Yngwie.
Yngwie: That goes for both of us.
Yngwie: You're gonna school me one way or another, Yodarha!

Beginnings: Scene 4

With Yngwie's armor in its new configuration, the battle escalates until the town's safety is in danger and Aletheia intervenes. Yngwie admits that he wanted to be pushed to the limit in order to draw out his armor's latent capabilities.

Yngwie: Rgh!
Yodarha: Ngh!
The clash against Yodarha is equally intense.
But instead of the gradual ebb and flow seen in the matchup with Aletheia, Yngwie and Yodarha are launching their deadliest techniques against each other.
The danger this presents is apparent to everyone.
Yngwie: I'm ending it! Full Metal Cannon!
Yodarha: Oh, no you don't! Ultimate Flash!
Yngwie & Yodarha: Hrrgh!
Aletheia: Agh!
Aletheia: Stop this farce at once! Keep going, and you'll end up blowing the town to bits!
Yngwie: Ah, my bad. Guess I got a little carried away.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Did I go and use too much force again?
Yodarha: Well then, Yngwie. Can we consider your goal accomplished?
Yodarha: You called us here for a chance to draw out the power lying dormant within your armor, I take it.
Yngwie: Was it that obvious? But yeah, I definitely made some progress.
Aletheia: Haha, you never were one to shrink from a life-threatening training session.
Eugen: Whew... It's finally over, eh... You old-timers really scare me sometimes.
Eugen: But wait... Yngwie, whaddya mean by power lying dormant?
Yngwie: My armor reacts when I get into a critical state.
Yngwie: Figured I needed something to make up for the strength I've lost over the years. It'll come in handy when I go looking for my daughter in other skydoms.
Vyrn: So you were just looking to power yourself up... You looked pretty serious halfway through though.
Yngwie: Yeah, that happens.
Vyrn: There you go brushing it off again...
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk! You haven't changed a bit, Yngwie!
Aletheia: Bwahaha! We're always up for another round.
Yngwie: Whew... Appreciate the help, you two.
Yngwie: I've got my next appointment comin' up, so... Au revoir.
Eugen: Seriously? He's gonna keep going after nearly killing himself?
Vyrn: Wait, don't tell me...
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Hey again, handsome! Let's go swimming at the beach!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Why don't we have a bite to eat first? I found a really nice beach house!
Yngwie: Choices, choices... Too bad there's only one of me...
Yngwie: We've got plenty of time. I say we just keep walking and go with whatever comes up first.
Bikini-Clad Girls: Okay!
With the help of the legendary swordsmen, Yngwie acquires a new power.
This prompts him to reconsider the basics—including his path in life.

The Price of Freedom

In his bunk aboard the Grandcypher, Yngwie dreams of a long-ago parting with a woman whose life he saved. Before he can piece together those old memories, the airship catches up with their target: a slave merchant ship.

Woman: Will you be setting off on another adventure?
Yngwie: Mm-hm. I've found another way to cross the Grim Basin. Could turn out to be a sink-or-swim situation, but I'm gonna go for it.
Woman: Why do you try so hard... Don't you ever think of retiring from the skyfarer life?
Yngwie: I've no reason to quit.
Woman: ...
Woman: I can be your reason.
Yngwie: ...
Woman: You're my savior! If you hadn't shown up, who knows what...
Woman: Please! Stay in this skydom so I can be with you!
Yngwie: Appreciate the thought. It was brief, but I enjoyed our time together.
Woman: Yngwie!
Yngwie: I've severed the chains that kept you shackled. Those lowlifes won't give you any more trouble.
Yngwie: You're free now. Find your own path—your own happiness—in life.
Woman: My own path...
Yngwie: All born under the skies are entitled to live their lives as they see fit.
Woman: ...
Woman: Do... Do you think we'll ever meet again?
Yngwie: I'm always with you, love.
Yngwie: Au revoir, mademoiselle...
Yngwie's eyes open from a deep slumber in his room aboard the Grandcypher.
He half sits up and looks at the wrinkles patterning his reflection in the window.
Yngwie: A dream...
Yngwie: How nostalgic... That was a memory from ages ago.
Yngwie: ...
Yngwie: I can't remember the rest... Something just doesn't fit...
Eugen: Yngwie! We found the airship mentioned in the assignment details!
Yngwie: Eugen... Guess we were on the right track, eh?
Yngwie: That's why I like to go with my gut. What did (Captain) have to say?
Eugen: We'll be coming up right alongside 'em! Rackam's preparing the engine for a boost.
Yngwie: Right into the fray, I see. Glad to know our captain's such a quick thinker.
Yngwie: Let's rock.
The crew has undertaken an assignment to track down a slave merchant's vessel.
He has been employing agents to ravage towns and kidnap their children.
Yngwie predicted the merchant's escape route from the last town he sacked, and suggested a shortcut.
Yngwie: That the one? Doesn't seem like they've noticed us yet.
Vyrn: Yngwie!
Vyrn: We've gotta consider those agents they've got on deck! If we don't go in with full force...
Yngwie: Heh... Wouldn't want to lose the advantage of surprise now, would we?
Yngwie: (Captain). What say we cut into their ranks with a small elite force? I'm willing to bet those agents can't fight worth a damn mid-flight.
Vyrn: Suppose they can—wouldn't that put us in a jam?
Yngwie: That'd just mean Lady Luck's on vacation. Would give us a chance to reflect, to boot.
Vyrn: Reflect? On what?
Eugen: Hah-hah-hah! Yngwie's just being Yngwie as always.
Eugen: I like the idea of an ambush though. If we can throw 'em into confusion, the rest'll be a cakewalk.
Vyrn: Isn't that kinda reckless? Whatever works, I guess...
Vyrn: All righty then! I'll relay the info to Rackam!
Yngwie: We're ready to go full speed ahead whenever you are, (Captain)!

The Price of Freedom: Scene 2

Something about this mission aboard a slaver ship full of kidnapped children seems familiar to Yngwie, but he can't quite remember why. The crew tries to get the children to safety while fighting off the slaver's hired agents.

With Yngwie in the lead, (Captain) and company sneak aboard the slave merchant's airship.
They find a good number of children in the hold, trembling in fear and exhaustion from being transported all over.
Slave Merchant: Gosh darn it! Heck's with that crew?
Slave Merchant: Y'all whippersnappers load the cannons! We'll blast 'em to the depths o' the skies!
Girl: Ngh... I'm scared... I wanna go home...
Slave Merchant: Well, ain't you a peach... Not! Get movin' before I throw you off the ship!
Girl: Eep!
Girl: Waaah... Help... Please, anyone...
Slave Merchant: Oh, shut yer trap already, missy...
Slave Merchant: For cryin' out loud. I ain't one for damagin' my goods, but I'm gonna have to show ya who's boss.
Slave Merchant: Let's see how you like this... Haagh!
Girl: Eek!
Slave Merchant: Huh?
Yngwie: That's enough. Get down, hands behind your head.
Eugen: You're a disease... and I'm the cure. Anyone who deals in such a disgusting trade belongs behind bars.
Slave Merchant: Damn you... How did ya break in here?
Yngwie: Eugen, there may be more of 'em close by. Let's free the children first.
Eugen: Sounds good. Urgh, son of a gun uses some thick-as-hell chains.
Girl: Who are you people?
Will we be okay?
Yngwie: We're friends. Relax. You'll be home in no time.
Yngwie: Hm?
Woman: Oh my... Are you really going to free us?
Yngwie: ...
Eugen: Yngwie, now's not the time to be spacing out.
Yngwie: Ah... It's nothing. I'm good to go.
Yngwie: Guess this mission just reminds me of that other one back in the day...
Yngwie: Or could it be...
Agent: There you are, Boss. Everything okay?
Agent: Hm? Looks like we have a few guests who need to be taught a lesson.
Slave Merchant: 'Bout time one of ya showed up! Rough these hoodlums up and I'll double your payout!
Agent: Double, huh...?
Agent: Make it triple. I know that old guy. He won't be an easy one.
Slave Merchant: F-fine! Just take 'em out!
Eugen: Hold it!
Agent: Tut-tut, you're not getting past me.
Agent: Sorry to say that I'm a pro as well. I'm captain of my own crew of agents in the underworld.
Yngwie: Hasta la vista.
Agent: Brghwaah!
Yngwie: We need to get a move on. The merchant is a small fry, but I've got a feeling something's gonna go down.
Yngwie: You bambinas need to evacuate. Get up on deck first—you can board our ship from there.
Girl: Bambinos? Teehee... Okay!
Yngwie: Good girl. Follow us!

The Price of Freedom: Scene 3

The slave merchant triggers his ship's self-destruct sequence and escapes on a skyskimmer. One of the kidnapped children is blown overboard by the blast. Yngwie leaps after her and uses his cannon to propel them both back up onto the Grandcypher.

Slave Merchant: No way, Jose... Yer tellin' me ya took out all my agents already?
Yngwie: Your flight's been delayed. Permanently.
The agents no longer a threat, (Captain) and company chase the slave merchant up onto the deck.
The slaver grimaces at Yngwie.
Slave Merchant: For Pete's sake, my goods, my agents, and now my airship... You've done a real number on me!
Eugen: Still counting your rupies at the eleventh hour? Don't expect to be peddling your wares ever again when we're done with you.
Yngwie: Wait, did he say airship?
Yngwie: Oh crud...
Slave Merchant: Humph! Yer all goin' down!
With the press of a trigger, a flash of light kicks off an explosion aboard the vessel.
The merchant uses the confusion to slip into a skyskimmer and takes off.
Vyrn: I can't believe it... Did he just blow up his own ship?
Eugen: Darn it, this ship's gonna plummet any moment now! We need to get back to the Grandcypher, pronto!
Girl: M-mister? Did something happen? I heard a really loud sound from over here...
Yngwie: No!
Yngwie: Don't come any closer!
Girl: Huh?
Girl: Eeep!
Vyrn: Hang on! Wait... Where'd she go!
Vyrn: Uh-oh, (Captain)! She's been blown away by the blast!
Eugen: Oh crap! Don't tell me she's fallen out of the skies!
Yngwie: ...
Yngwie: (Captain), I'll make sure she's okay. You guys get on the Grandcypher and go after the merchant.
Vyrn: What can you possibly do? You have a plan in mind?
Yngwie: Just watch. I haven't been training for nothing.
Yngwie: Full Metal Transformation!
Eugen: Yngwie! Did you just go and fling yourself out of the skies too? You moron!
Yngwie follows the girl to the depths of the sky.
All the while there is a certain sparkle in his eye.
Yngwie: Hahaha! Haven't felt a wind this good since my rookie days.
Yngwie: Wait for me, kiddo. I'll keep my promise to bring you back to your village.
Yngwie: Full Metal Cannon!
Yngwie shouts at the top of his lungs as he unleashes a devastating beam.
Using the kickback to further accelerate his descent, Yngwie catches the girl in mid-air and holds her tight.
Girl: Ah... M-mister!
Yngwie: Kept you waiting, huh. Time to go home, bambina.
Girl: O-okay! But how?
Yngwie: Hm...
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... Finally caught up with the stinker!
Eugen: Don't relax just yet! Who knows what he might try to pull next!
Slave Merchant: Humph! I ain't yer everyday rogue merchant! Heck, I've been through hell and back more times than I can count!
Slave Merchant: I'm gonna take over yer ship and send y'all to the Crimson Horizon in a handbasket!
Slave Merchant: Ergh! What in tarnation was that?
Vyrn: Ngh! It's a bird... It's an airship...
Wait, it's just Yngwie again!
Yngwie: I'm back. Ah, home sweet home. Heh.
Eugen: What the? You used the kickback from your beam cannon to get back up here?
Eugen: Going against the force of gravity must've taken a heckuva lotta shots.
Yngwie: Vyrn, watch the kid.
C'mon, (Captain), it's time to take out the trash.
Slave Merchant: Doggone it, just who the devil are ya?
Yngwie: Bonjour to you too, bottom-feeder.
Yngwie: Name's Yngwie. Just another skyfarer who clings to the skies.

The Price of Freedom: Scene 4

With the captive children safely returned to their village, Yngwie is lost in memories dredged up by the mission. Though his health seems to be suffering, Yngwie insists on pressing forward, following his gut toward his final adventure.

The crew returns the kidnapped children safely to town.
Showered with heartfelt praise from the elder and villagers, Yngwie gives in to deep thought.
Yngwie: Hm... Can't help but wonder...
Yngwie: The mission might've sparked it, but I sure wasn't expecting to see my past in a dream...
Yngwie: ...
Girl: Ah, found you, mister! What are you doing here?
Yngwie: Just takin' a break, my little bambino.
Yngwie: You feeling better? Hope you've rested up properly.
Girl: Yeah, I'm all better now! Anyway, I heard the others talk about what an amazing skyfarer you are!
Yngwie: Heh. I just follow my skyfarin' heart to whatever adventures it finds for me.
Girl: Wow, adventures? Can I come too?
Yngwie: Got any place in mind?
Girl: Um, any place is okay as long as I'll be with you!
Yngwie: Gotta hand it to you, bambino—you've got spirit. You'll make a fine skyfarer one day.
Girl: Hahaha! How do you usually pick where to go next, mister?
Yngwie: A lot goes into it, but in the end I go with my gut.
Girl: Your gut? What does that mean?
Yngwie: Think of it like this—
Yngwie: ...!
Girl: M-mister? What's wrong?
Yngwie: Ngh... Don't sweat it. I'll be fine.
Eugen: Oi, Yngwie. We're taking off soon.
Yngwie: Gotcha.
Eugen: Hm? You're not lookin' too well.
Yngwie: Hey, Eugen. About my daughter, I think I've got a lead.
Eugen: ...?
The wonders never cease. Where to next, buddy?
Yngwie: My gut tells me it's that far-flung skydom. I'm already looking forward to it.
Eugen: The heck? How 'bout you gimme somethin' more to go on?
Girl: Bye-bye, mister! Let's travel together someday, okay? That's a promise!
Yngwie follows his hunch and requests that the crew make a stop at a particular skydom.
Only time will tell how the curtain will fall on this legendary skyfarer's final adventure.

Il Sole Mio

While Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi are out for a drink, Yngwie happens to show up with a girl they were previously fawning over. Yngwie agrees to take the awestruck boys under his wing, and they soon see the full extent of his abilities.

The crew docks the ship for a night of rest and relaxation.
Lowain: Bwahaha! I think tonight calls for another round of brewskies, my broskies!
Together: Bottoms up!
After loading up on supplies, Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi waste no time visiting the local bar.
Lowain: Heheh! Did you get a load of the waitress at the last place? I'm tellin' you, she was the bomb, dude!
Elsam: I know, right? I tried giving her my contact info but got totally denied.
Tomoi: That's rough, man. So, wait. You thinkin' about jumping ship from the SS Kat?
Lowain: Tommy boy, please. I've only got eyes for Kat. That waitress of yours is out of sight. As in: I can't see her, bro.
Elsam: No way. No freakin' way. You were into her too, man!
Lowain: Sammy. I acknowledge that waitress of yours was smoking. Crispy. Possibly even rotisserie.
Lowain: But Kat, bro... She's got a vice grip on my heart!
Elsam: Got that right.
Tomoi: Got that right.
Together: Got that right.
Lowain: Ready or not... here I come, Kat!
Lowain and his squad are living it up as usual when they hear the signature sound of the door chime. A new customer?
Yngwie: Heh. Doesn't matter where I go. There's always a quaint little watering hole for me to call home.
Lowain: Hold on. Is that Uncle Ingy? We gotta say hi to—
Lowain starts to get up when he notices the beautiful woman Yngwie's escorting into the bar.
Lowain: Gwah!
???: Tee hee... It's an honor to be in the company of a legend like yourself, Yngwie.
Yngwie: Bravo, baby. Our rendezvous was inevitable. And tonight... you'll understand that completely. Body and soul.
???: Oh, Yngwie...
Yngwie's blushing companion is none other than the waitress Lowain and friends had fallen head over heels for just moments earlier.
Lowain: Huh? Wait a sec! We just got into town, and you already scored her?
Tomoi: Whoa! That's crazy! Uncle Ingy is a true bro!
Elsam: Hoo boy! That is out. Of. Control. Mad props to you, Uncle Ingy. Respect.
Together: Got that right!
Lowain: So, uh. Bros. We can't mess with this, right? Let's... go home?
Elsam: Ha ha! I mean... Seriously...
Tomoi: Break!
Lowain's squad silently slips out of the bar in order to give Yngwie room to breathe.
Yngwie: (Heh... Grazie, boys.)
Yngwie winks in the squad's general direction, piercing Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi's hearts instantly.
Elsam: Urk!
Tomoi: Agh!
Lowain: Hrg!
(That was a serious wink! Legend-class! I think I'm... melting down!)
Lowain's squad now fully understands Yngwie's majesty and returns to the ship to sleep off the excitement.
Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi are scrubbing the deck the following morning when Yngwie returns from town.
Lowain: Sup, Yngwie! Bet you had the time of your life last night, huh?
Yngwie: Howdy, boys. Been scrubbing the deck all morning? Don't work too hard now.
Lowain: Right on! Oh, and... we just wanted to say that we, uh, have mad respect for you, Ingy.
Lowain: Is it... cool if we call you Uncle Ingy from now on?
Yngwie: Hrm. We're all on equal footing as crewmates, so... sure. Whatever you like.
Together: Radical!
Yngwie: Good grief... Bet you want to know how I met her, don't you?
Yngwie: Unfortunately for the three of you, that's a secret that only she and I will ever know. Everything else, on the other hand, is open information.
Yngwie: After I take a little nap of course. I need one after last night.
Lowain: Whoa. Whoa. Uncle Ingy's so cool, I'm not sure I can feel my extremities...
Together: Got that right.
Yngwie heads back to his room with an aura of impenetrable coolness. Lowain, Tomoi, and Elsam can only look on with tearful eyes.
That night... Lowain's squad heads back to the bar to receive Yngwie's benediction.
Together: Radical!
Lowain: So basically... You've got one main squeeze per town, yeah?
Yngwie: That's right. No other way to do it.
Tomoi: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! This is seriously getting out of control!
Elsam: Full speed ahead!
Each of Yngwie's tales leads Lowain's squad deeper into his thrall. And then the door chime rings again.
Pretty Girl 1: Excuse me... Is a Mr. Yngwie present?
Pretty Girl 2: Sorry to barge in, but has anyone seen a handsome man come through here? His name's Yngwie.
Pretty Girl 3: Hey! Yngwie's in here, ain't he?
A group of beautiful women enters the bar, and they all ask for Yngwie.
Lowain: Whoa! Surprise special babefest! This is nuts. Seriously nuts!
Lowain: Call this a hunch, but, like, are they all Ingy's? Looks like twelve of 'em! A baber's dozen!
Elsam: Lowain. Think about it. This place is about to turn into a battlefield, bro!
Yngwie: Calm down now. No need to push, dears. Welcome to Port Breeze's finest—
Without a moment's hesitation, Yngwie asks each of the women for their names and hometowns.
Pretty Girl 1: Well... I heard that Yngwie was staying here, and I was travelling through the area, so...
Pretty Girl 2: Same here. I'm here to visit family, and I heard you were here.
Pretty Girl 3: Tee hee hee... Sounds like my situation. No worries, though. I came here of my own free will!
The girls stress that they've carefully followed Yngwie's special rules of engagement.
And they all explain—in breathless, rapturous detail—just how much they wanted to see Yngwie again.
Lowain: Heh heh! They'd walk right off the side of an island for you, Ingy!
Yngwie: Ha ha... Another little quirk of fate, this.
Lowain: Dang! You're totally stone-faced? Even now? You're a freakin' iceberg, man!
Together: Got that right!
Yngwie: I'm overjoyed to reunite with all of you again, of course. However... I'm afraid this is as far as we go.
Yngwie: I don't want to cause any undue heartache for my woman in this town. You understand, don't you?
Yngwie explains this with caring, loving honesty.
As things begin to wind down, he turns to the entrance and opens the door.
Waitress: Eek! Oh, I'm sorry... I just thought I might take a peek inside, and...
Yngwie: You came to get me? Tres bien!
Waitress: Huh?
Yngwie: This is my woman in this town, my radiant mademoiselles. You understand, yes?
Waitress: Oh, Yngwie...
With a small nod, Yngwie's harem smiles gently at the waitress.
Yngwie: That understanding is what makes you so wonderful. Next time... I'll come to visit all of you instead.
Yngwie: Which means this is arrivederci. When I dream... I'll be sending you all my love.
Lowain: Dudes! Ingy is, like, the freakin' god of romance! I don't get how he does it, but I... I...
Yngwie: Spare me. A man's tears are meaningless. Only a woman has the right to weep.
Yngwie: And I'm no god. Just a regular guy who's been this way and that.
Yngwie: I just have a little more... passion than most.
With these lofty words hanging in the air, Yngwie places his hand gently on the waitress's shoulder and leads her out of the bar.
One town. One woman. Yngwie lives by this rule. Embodies it.
All Lowain and his friends can do is look on in awe.
Lowain: I'm dying here! Bros! I don't think I've ever respected anyone as much as Uncle Ingy!
Tomoi: Oh? What about Kat?
Lowain: Tommy. You've seriously gotta think before you start talking, bro.
Together: Got that right.
Another day comes to an end, and with it, a new legend of Yngwie's exploits. Can Lowain's squad ever hope to get to his level? Only time will tell.

Light Her Fire

Herja is frustrated by her unending idle thoughts. Yngwie appears and offers some advice which leads her to accept her daydreams and to learn to follow her heart.

Herja: Unh! Hiyaaa!
Herja is practicing her swordplay on the deck of the Grandcypher.
She has but one goal: train until she can replace her weak heart with a disciplined resolve.
Herja: Huff... huff...
Why... huff... am I always so prone to distraction?
Herja: It's so shameful... I have to keep training my emotions!
Herja refocuses and begins swinging her sword again. A burly scent wafts through the air, revealing an approaching Yngwie.
Yngwie: Bravo, baby! Training day in and day out—you got some real dedication, eh?
Herja: N-not really. I just wanted to clear my head...
Yngwie: Distracted by something? Could it maybe be... love?
Herja: H-how did you guess?
Yngwie: Hah. I knew it.
You know that's not something you really need to let go of.
Herja: B-but when I get distracted... I've just made so many mistakes...
Yngwie: Well, you ain't the only one. People're animals—balls of worldly desires. So mistakes aren't something you should be that worried about.
Herja: B-but...
Yngwie: Yeah, maybe you can quiet your emotions by swinging a sword around.
Yngwie: But that's still a long way away from fixing your problem.
Herja: Then wh-what should I do?
Taking a moment to consider Herja's dilemma, Yngwie's face falls into a steely concentration that exudes maturity.
Yngwie: Just accept who you are and follow your heart, sweetheart!
Herja: Is it... really that easy? I just... follow my heart?
Yngwie: Yep. Ain't nothing to be afraid of. We're all loved by the gods of amour after all.
Herja: Haha... You don't say!
Just as Herja finishes digesting Yngwie's advice, a sultry scent wafts through the air. Moments later a beautiful woman steps aboard the deck of the Grandcypher.
Beauty: Oooh, Yngwie!
Yngwie: Haha! My lovely sweetheart! Did you come all the way here to visit me?
Yngwie shoots a quick wink at Herja, locks arms with the beautiful woman, and disembarks the Grandcypher with his impromptu date.
Herja: Thank you, Yngwie... That was quite the demonstration.
Yngwie's advice is a revelation for Herja; she vows to always follow her heart.
A couple of days pass.
(Captain) and the crew are standing before a village chief after exterminating a monster infestation.
Chief: What in tarnation? Y'all already done got rid of 'em all!
Vyrn: Heh heh! That's us for ya!
Lyria: Mhmm! A lot of the credit goes to Herja though!
Herja: Haha... It was nothing, really. I'm simply glad you'll be able to live in peace again.
Herja gives the chief a warm smile, when abruptly a young man from the village notices a wound on her arm.
Young Man: Uh, Herja! Yer arm's bleedin'!
Lyria: Are you okay?
Herja: Oh, it's hardly an injury. Please don't worry about it.
Young Man: D-don't worry about it? Like heck! Lemme slap a bandage on it at least!
Herja: Huh?
The young man retrieves a first aid kit and tends to Herja's arm.
Young Man: Whew... That looks 'bout right!
Herja: Thank you... That's very kind of you.
Young Man: Don't thank me! We should be the ones thankin' y'all for savin' the village n' all!
Young Man: So thanks again, Herja!
The young man beams at Herja as she takes her hand back. She can't stop her heart from fluttering.
Herja: (I-is he interested in me?)
Too conscious of the boy's presence, Herja's mind begins filling with familiar distraction. But then she remembers Yngwie's words of wisdom from the other day.
Yngwie: Just accept who you are and follow your heart, sweetheart!
Herja: (I-I'll change! I'll let my heart guide me—just as Yngwie lets his!)
Vyrn: Huh, Herja? You okay?
Vyrn's question doesn't phase Herja. She takes a deep breath and gazes into the eyes of the village youth.
Herja: I need to tell you something...
Young Woman: Well, I never! This sweet lady and her friends are skyfarers!
The woman's sudden appearance causes Herja's resolve to wilt like a flower in a desert.
Herja: (What terrible timing...)
Young Man: Hey, hey! Watch yer mouth—you can't go talkin' 'bout people right in front of 'em! Sorry about my wife, y'all...
Herja: H-huh? A-ah, you're both so young for such a happily married couple... Heh...
Young Woman: Well, me and him go back so far that we used to play house together! Now we own one!
Herja: Haha—I think we're all looking for that kind of love. I hope your happiness lasts until the end of time.
Young Man: Aww shucks, thanks for sayin' that.
Oh, speakin' of, weren't you gonna say somethin' earlier?
Herja: Oh, uh, um—you know, it wasn't anything. Heh.
Unable to ignore the panicking Herja, a pack of young villagers descend upon her to offer her comfort.
Attentive Man: Miss Herja, what's the matter?
Concerned Man: Don't say it—your wound's startin' to hurt again, I bet!
Hysterical Man: That's gotta be it! Emergency, everybody! We gotta get her to the medicine man or she's a goner!
Herja: (Could it be... Is, is everyone interested in me? I-I'm not ready for this...)
Surrounded by the village men, Herja's distracting thoughts take on a new level.
Herja: (I can't handle this...)
Herja: E-excuse me! I'm okay!
(Captain), I've remembered an errand I need to finish, so I'll meet you back at the Grandcypher!
Vyrn: Huh? What got into her?
Herja sits in contemplation, condemning herself for letting her mind wander in front of the young villagers.
Herja: Sigh... What should I have done?
Despite pondering the question for some time, she doesn't arrive at an answer. She walks toward some trees and begins swinging her sword to clear her mind.
Herja: Haaah! Hiyaaa!
Herja: Huh!
Yngwie stops Herja's strike in midair, his beefy arm not so much as twitching.
Yngwie: Hmm... Your swordplay's a little off.
Herja: ...
Herja: Huh? Strange... Just seeing you—it's made me tear up...
Yngwie: There, there. Nothing wrong with crying. You gotta cry when you can, hon.
Herja: I just feel so bad. I decided to follow my heart, just like you taught me, Yngwie...
Herja: B-but, I...
Yngwie: Think it's difficult? Think you can't do it? Think it's impossible?
Yngwie: Tch. Don't you think you deserve a little more credit than that? Saying that kinda stuff just means you'll never follow it.
Herja: Sniff... You're right...
C-can I ask you a question? Wh-why are you interested in helping me?
Yngwie, glowing with masculinity, fixes his gaze on Herja who is quickly getting overwhelmed.
Without even realizing it, she has accidentally backed into a large tree.
Yngwie: ...
Yngwie walks forward, gives a gentle look down at the girl, leans over, and shoves his palm against the tree with a loud thud.
Herja: H-huh!
His face moves closer until his breath is tickling her nose. Her heart beats faster; she swallows nervously.
Herja: (Wh-what sh-should I say?)
Yngwie: All right, try to control that beating heart, okay?
Herja: Huh? Oh, o-okay...
Yngwie: Now, why am I interested in you? That's easy.
Yngwie: Love is the essence of life. So to see someone try to throw it away—I can't just stand by and watch that happen.
Yngwie: That's it.
Herja: Oh... I see...
Yngwie pushes off the tree, putting distance between himself and the blushing Herja. As he walks away, he turns and yells back to her.
Yngwie: Besides, there's only one woman for me—well, one on each island, baby! Hah!
Herja watches as Yngwie's figure gets smaller and smaller in the distance.
Herja: Haha... He's so free... Just like a bird in the sky.
Herja: Hahaha! One day I'll fly as freely as him!
With Herja's heart tempered by an unfamiliar flame, she slips into daydreams of new love and takes a big step toward self-acceptance.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
昔を思い出すぜ Reminds me of old times.
カタをつけてやる I'll finish this.
お前はもう終わりだ End of the line.
俺が通る、邪魔するな I'm coming through, so get out of my way.
女は女だ、老若など問題じゃない All women equally have the right to be loved by me.
俺の盾の秘密?さぁ、俺にもわからん What's my shield's secret? Couldn't tell you myself.
オイゲンめ、いい仲間を見つけたな You found yourself some fine crewmates, Eugen.
ラカムはなかなか、見所のある操舵士だな Rackam's quite the pilot, I see.
(主人公)なら、俺の伝説を超えられる If anyone can outdo me, it's you, (Captain).
(主人公)は、若い世代の代表格だな You're a credit to your generation, (Captain).