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Official Profile

Npc f 3040006000 01.jpg Yuel
Age 19 years old
Height 160 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for falling stars
Likes Dawdling
Dislikes Difficult conversations
Manipulator of foxflame, Yuel searches for the remnants of a thousand years of history. As the inheritor of an ancient ancestral power, Yuel is determined to restore her family's royal lineage. Though it is questionable whether an heir still exists, she continues to travel the Skydom and experience much on her travels. Full of curiosity about the world, Yuel often finds herself off-track, but she views such moments as only minor setbacks.
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040006000 01.jpg Yuel
Age 19歳
Height 160cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 流れ星探し
Likes みちくさ
Dislikes 難しいおはなし
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2] [3]

Npc f 3030223000 01.jpg Yuel (Event)
Age 19 years old
Height 160 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for falling stars
Likes Dawdling
Dislikes Difficult conversations
Source [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030223000 01.jpg Yuel (Event)
Age 19歳
Height 160cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 流れ星探し
Likes みちくさ
Dislikes 難しいおはなし
Source [4]

Npc f 3040138000 01.jpg Yuel (Water)
Age 19 years old
Height 160 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for falling stars
Likes Dawdling
Dislikes Difficult conversations
Source [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040138000 01.jpg Yuel (Water)
Age 19歳
Height 160cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 流れ星探し
Likes みちくさ
Dislikes 難しいおはなし
Source [5]

Npc f 3040210000 01.jpg Yuel (Themed)
Age 19 years old
Height 160 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for falling stars
Likes Dawdling
Dislikes Difficult conversations
Source [6] [7]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040210000 01.jpg Yuel (Themed)
Age 19歳
Height 160cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 流れ星探し
Likes みちくさ
Dislikes 難しいおはなし
Source [6] [7]




  • Yuel has character banter with her childhood friend Societte while together in battle.
  • Yuel is something of a glutton, and is especially fond of fish, to the point that she even dreams about them.


  • Yugetsu translates to Melting Moon or Thawing Moon.
  • Guren translates to Crimson Lotus Blossom.
  • Jinka translates to Ember Flower.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Today's the happiest day of all! A huge event that only comes around once a year!
I'm always making you to do stuff, after all.
So as thanks, today we have to do things your way!
So where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere! Heheh!


Teehee, aren't I just the luckiest girl alive?
Whee! This is the second time I get to celebrate (Captain)'s birthday!
I feel so full inside. The happiness is overwhelmin'! Hey, hey, isn't there anything you'd like me to do?
Go ahead—say it! Today's yer birthday after all!


Mm, cake!
It looks so good, right? I made it just for you, (Captain)!
I'm sure you know... that this is yours. Mm-hm, all yours!
But since you and I are as one, sorta...
This cake is also kinda mine! Probably! No, definitely!
So happy birthday, (Captain)! To you and to me! Time to eat up—together!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I got a present for ya!
Hehe. A little while ago, Kou taught me a spell from the Ninth Family that binds people together.
You make a little foxfire and stretch it real thin, until it looks like a bright piece of string. Then you connect your and your partner's fingers with it.
There. Now we'll be friends forever.
Hehe. Well, who knows—it might just be a dumb fox's tale. But I know how I feel...
And I don't think we need some dumb trick to make our friendship last, right, (Captain)?


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
Societte, Kou, You, and me were thinkin' of the perfect present for ya this year!
We each wanted it to be somethin' that'd have ya buzzin' with joy.
Here's mine! A Tickle-Me-Please-Yuel ticket!
Just holler at me with this thing in yer hand, and I'll run right over to tickle ya to mush!
Maybe use it when yer bored or when times are tough, and I'll put a smile on yer face!
You can even use it now if ya want! Oh, ya will? That was fast! Welp, here goes, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I hear the sunrise is a real beauty this time of the year!
How about we go watch it together? It'll be quite a climb though if we want the best view!
But hey, come wit' me and you'll be just fine!
Let's make tracks! Ahaha!


(Captain), where's my New Year's present?
You don't have one for me? Aww, but why not?
Because we'll be together this year too? Mm, fair enough...
It's okay if ya won't give me a present. I still want to be with ya—Hey, look what ya just made me say!
Enough about New Year's gifts! Let's go out fer a night of fun, (Captain)!


This marks the third year we've been able to spend New Year's Day together, (Captain).
It got me thinkin'... Maybe we oughta do something to mark the occasion?
I know! You can watch as I do funny imitations of other folks in the crew! We'll get our first laughs of the year!
Startin' wit' Lyria—
Aw, what's with the look? Tch... Now you spoiled the mood.
Hm... How 'bout we pay a visit to the shrine?
It's settled then! Best get ready right away, cuz I'm goin' ahead! Ahaha!


Hey, hey! After we're done with our New Year's prayers and such, how about some special pillow kebabs from yours truly!
Ahaha! There's nothin' better for such an auspicious occasion! Go ahead and buy thirty dozen for me!
You're gonna love the textures—crispy fried coating, a chewy mochi inside, all skewered together with crunchy vegetables!
Ooh, then it's slathered in some secret sauce from Akino and grilled until it's good n' juicy! Mm-mm-mm! Perfect!
The more you chew the more you can taste that sweet, saucy flavor!
Oh, I haven't even mentioned the health benefits yet! Eat some now, and you'll be ripe and rarin' to go for a full year!
Go ahead, buy some!
How about it, (Captain)? I'll throw in a l'il somethin' extra if you take the plunge now!
Why am I hawkin' these 'babs? Oh, this old guy from Akino's runnin' a food court for the New Year's festival, and I'm helpin' him out.
He said I could have fifty percent of whatever I sell!
That's why I'm gonna sell a big, ol' stack of 'em! I'll be rich enough to welcome the new year with style! Ahaha!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I know the year's just started, but can I ask ya somethin'?
I thought of givin' Kou and You a bit of New Year's money.
But I don't want it to seem like I'm playin' favorites, so I oughta give Societte some too.
But then who's gonna give me my share? I feel sorry for myself...
Actually, (Captain)... Maybe you can give me some New Year's money. Ahaha...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
Check it out! See these chocolates? I went out and bought 'em just for you.
Wazzat? Course they're store-bought. Making 'em's too much work.
Whaddya mean they're weird lookin'? All you do is complain...
Look, it was my first time making chocolate, okay? I'm not good at it!
Ack! Wait, wait, wait! I meant some rookie at the chocolate shop whipped it up!
It totally wasn't me! I bought it one hundred percent!
Here, here, open wide! You're really enjoying it, aren't ya...


Yoo-hoo! I have chocolate for ya this year too, (Captain)!
Hrm? You want to know if they're handmade? Th-that's a secret!
Sigh, maybe it was too obvious... I'll have to cover my tracks better next year.
Yes, that's right. I made these just for you! Hope ya enjoy them, (Captain)!


Here ya go. Handmade just like last year. No point tryin' to lie about it.
I decided to give it to ya straight up this year!
Can't deny I'm a bit embarrassed though...
You look surprised... Hey, I feel bashful too sometimes, ya know?
But I guess it's not much like me, eh? Fine then—I'm gonna play fire wit' fire!
Ya made me blush, and now I'm gonna use everything in my foxy repertoire to make you blush!
Heh heh heh... Don't look too surprised when I pounce on ya!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)...
Sigh... What's the matter with me? I feel real funny.
Weird though, because it's a regular ol' thing to give a person chocolate on a day like today.
But every year, I keep gettin' more and more embarrassed for some reason... What's goin' on with me!
Ah, this must be your fault! That much I can tell!
Like, when I'm by myself, I'm a way feistier varmint...
Hope you're ready to take responsibility for what you've done to me, (Captain). Hehe.


Hey, I just realized somethin' huge! If every household could have their very own Yuel...
That'd be super convenient. I can use a weak foxflame to stew and a strong foxflame to roast.
Puttin' me and chocolate together would be a winnin' combination!
See? I can make roasted chocolate in a sec! Gimme a pot, and...
Yer chocolate fondue's all ready... Top it off with fruit and cookies, and it'll taste like heaven!
So ya see how a gal like me can totally be a household item?
Anyhoo, let's munch on this chocolate and think about how we can make better use of me in the future! Ahaha!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? What's up? You're all fidgety... Trying to pop the question or something?
You got me something? As thanks for everything I do?
Heheh, now I get it! Today's White Day, right? Heheheh, got it!
Do I understand how you feel? Ahaha, absolutely!


Chocolate for me this year too? Yay!
Teehee. So ya do care about me after all!
I'm always grateful for everything ya do for us, (Captain).
So I hope you'll give me chocolates next year too!
That won't be a problem, right? Hahaha, thanks again!


Appreciate the chocolates every year, (Captain).
It's startin' to feel old though. Maybe you can think of an excitin' new way to hand 'em to me?
I know! How 'bout you lob them into my mouth?
Go ahead and fling the yummies at me the moment I open up!
On second thought, it could be a mess if I don't catch 'em right... How about I just go "aahhh"?


Ahaha! Yay! I just knew you'd bring me a gift again this year, (Captain)!
Attention like that might give a girl a few ideas... Am I really that important to ya?

  • Choose: Of course!
    Whoa, whoa! That's awful forward!
    You shouldn't make little ol' wallflowers like me blush so hard!
    Hehehe... Even though I appreciate hearing it.
  • Choose: Maybe, maybe not.
    Ahaha, ooh, you're gonna make me blush! You're a cutie when you're playin' coy, (Captain).
    Hehe, that settles it! I'll have to tease you until I can get the truth outta yeah!
    Don't even think of trying to get away from me. Hehe.

Thanks as always, (Captain)!
Thinkin' back to these past few Valentine's and White Days puts a smile on my face.
We've been doin' the chocolate giftin' dance fer five years now.
It's been real nice, don'tcha think?
Goes without sayin' that I'm lookin' forward to this next year too. Hope we're on the same page about that,(Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Hmm? You're givin' me candy? Heh heh. Well, let me think. I guess I could take some...
All right, I made up my mind! No candy for me. I've got a better idea! It's trick or trick!
Look! I made this scary tail for you! You must be dying to put it on...
Huh? Where are ya goin' Captain? Wait up! Ahahaha!


Yer not gettin' away from me, (Captain)!
Hahaha! I put so much effort into thinking up the meanest trick ya ever seen!
No runnin' away now! Hm? Candy? Who needs it!
Just cover yer eyes and it'll all be over soon. Huh?
I just wanna give ya a good prankin'! Haha! Wait, where ya goin'? I'm gonna getcha!


Hey, (Captain)! Whatcha say to swimmin' together in that sea of candy?
It'll be so much fun, and it'll feel oh-so-good! Not to mention all the treats in there!
Okay! Let's round up all the candy in town! I'll use all the cunning and foxieness I have up my sleeve!
Just kidding! No need to panic now--you know I wouldn't do somethin' so dastardly.


Hey, (Captain), wanna help me bug Kou?
We can wear disguises, and you're allowed to play pranks for the day, right?
Then it's the perfect opportunity to get him good!
He won't suspect a thing if we're two cute lil' monsters... We can tease him as much as we want!
Can you imagine anything more fun than that! Oh, we could absolutely roast him! How about it, (Captain)?
Hahaha! Great! Well, let's get goin'! I know 'round about where he should be!
You just wait, Kou! Ahaha!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey! Isn't today the day good kids get lots and lots of presents?
I heard there's like this old grandpa guy who wears red and he brings everyone tons of cool presents!
Oh that is sooo cool! I can't wait! I've been good all year, too! That means I'm gonna get lots and lots!
I hope you get loads, too!


Whoo! It's holiday season! Mm, what to do, what to do...
Oh! There's this thing we do where I'm from! Come here—I'll show ya.
First we put on a coat dyed in red!
Next put in presents people would love to get as a gift in this snow-white bag.
All in there? Ooh, it's packed! Now carry it over yer shoulder and put on a bushy white beard fer the final touch-up.
There, all done! Hm? Whaddaya do in this getup, you ask?
You'll want to walk around and give out gifts to those who've helped ya out over the year. Seein' their face burst into a smile is priceless!
And now... It's time for my present. C'mon, (Captain)! Hahaha!


Ta-da! A present to you for a bein' a good kid all year round, (Captain)!
C'mon, open it up, open it up! Go, go, go!
Well? How about it? A pass to "cuddle wit' tails" for an entire day!
That's right—any tail is fair game, not just mine!
Ahaha! I didn't exactly get permission from anyone else though, so it's better to stick with my tail!
So? When do you think you'll use it? Just keep in mind that cuddling is as far as I'll let ya go!


Hmm... I'm stumped. What kinda present should I give (Captain) this year?
Sigh... Maybe I'd make a good present...
No, you big dummy! That's so stupid!
Seriously, get a grip, Yuel! You're just embarassin yourself now—
Aaaaah! (Captain)! How long have you been there for?
Heh... Heh-heh... Um, well...
Look, I got you a present... It's me...


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Check out these holiday candles!
Time to light 'em up with foxflame...
Phew, is that pretty or what, (Captain)? Hehe...
Didja know that holiday candles have five different meanings?
They symbolize a prayer of peace, hope, joy, and eternal life fer whoever yer celebratin' with. Romantic, don'tcha think?
The last one? Huh? Did I say "five"? Wasn't it four...
Eep! Touchin' my ears is against the rules! That tickles... O-okay! Fine, fine, you win...
The last meaning... is love.
Ahaha... I can feel my cheeks flarin' up...
A merry night to both of us, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Energetic Erune

Yuel had left home on a journey to find the key that would restore the royal family to greatness. While puttering about the undergrowth of the forest, she runs into (Captain) and company bearing a treasure etched with the royal family's crest and decides to join them.

One day (Captain) and company happen to spot smoke signals coming from a small island. They quickly change course to investigate.
After landing, the crew cuts through the forest, desperate to find the source of the distress signal.
They eventually find the source of the fire, but whoever started it has already abandoned the area.
Vyrn: Huh. Sure seemed like someone was here.
Vyrn: Where'd they run off to after throwing up a distress signal?
Hey! Anybody here?
???: Don't move a muscle! Aiming to do a little kidnapping, eh? Unfortunately for y'all, I'm not easy pickings!
Vyrn: Whoa! What're you doing? Hey, lay off me!
???: Whahuh? A talking lizard? That's weird as heck!
Vyrn: Lemme go already! And quit treating us like we're criminals or something!
???: Easy for you to say when you're the ones carryin' that huge axe!
Vyrn: How are we supposed to get around this overgrown forest without any equipment!
???: E-equipment? Hmm, guess that explains why I got lost. Maybe I should be more prepared next time.
Vyrn: Listen. We saw some smoke signals coming from around here, and we came to save whoever was sending 'em up.
Vyrn: You saying you're not the one behind those signals?
???: Smoke signals? The heck're you talkin' about?
???: I just caught a fish and thought I'd grill it up with my foxflame here...
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd that fire come from just now?
???: Amazin', right? And I'm the only one who can use it. And just like that, I cooked the fish up to perfection.
Vyrn: Color me impressed! Wait... you were cooking a fish?
Vyrn: We thought the smoke was a signal for help!
???: Well, I am lost, if it's any consolation. Tell you what, if you can get me out of here, consider me part of the team!
???: At this rate I would've gone full feral!
Vyrn: Sigh... And another banana joins the bunch.
Vyrn: All right, (Captain)! We'd better get her out of here before she burns the whole forest down.
???: H-hold up, hold up!
???: Lemme take a gander at that axe you're carrying... Well, I'll be! If it isn't the ol' royal family crest!
Vyrn: Crest? Is there something you want to tell us about this thing?
???: I'm under special orders to find the three sacred treasures of the royal family. They gotta have the crest, see?
???: That's why I mistook you folks for kidnappers! Why else would you have that axe?
In an accent the crew has never before heard, she tells the crew that her name is Yuel. Her goal is to piece together the thousand-year history of a long lost royal family.
She left her family behind, pursuing relics of the royal family with single-minded diligence.
Vyrn: And then you got lost...
Yuel: That's the long and short of it! I guess you guys must fly around the skies in that ship of yours?
Yuel: If I stick with you, I bet I'll have those eight treasures just as quick as can be!
Vyrn: Wait. Didn't you say three treasures a second ago? Where'd the other five come from?
Yuel: Yer one detail-oriented lizard! Don't ask me. I just tell it like the ancient legends do.
Yuel: Anyhow! What's a girl gotta do to get in on this sojourn of yours?
Yuel: I bet you got yourself a hankerin' for treasure. How's heaps of the stuff sound? I know just where to find it!
  1. Treasure? Oooh!
  2. I'm not in this for money.

Choose: Treasure? Oooh!
Yuel: Whoo boy! Sounds like we're on the same page!

Choose: I'm not in this for money.
Yuel: Got your eye set on somethin' else, eh? Hee hee... That don't sound half bad either!
Continue 1
Vyrn: She's a right ray of sunshine, this one. Welcome aboard!
Yuel: Thank you kindly! Now get me outta here!
And thus the sprightly Yuel joins (Captain)'s crew.
Her inexhaustible cheer would end up leading the crew into some challenging situations... but that's a story for another time.

A Wonderful Gift

Curious Yuel chases after a mysterious creature called an Emdina, and she manages to get (Captain) and company lost in the process. As they search for the elusive Emdina, they wander into a nest of monsters.

The wild and curious tomboy Yuel arrives at a distant island with (Captain) and crew.
Vyrn: Geez, Yuel. I take my eyes off you for one second! Anyone ever tell you what curiosity did to a certain curious cat?
Yuel: Sorry! No need to get ticked off now!
Yuel: I promise I won't do... it... again.
Emdina: ...!
Vyrn: Well, I hope you mean it this time
'cause—hey! Are you listening?
Yuel: Say, did you see that super fast long-eared thing? What was that about?
Vyrn: You mean an Emdina? There's a lot we don't know about them, now that you mention it.
Vyrn: What the! Hey, Yuel! Where do you think you're going?
Sigh... She never listens.
Lyria: There she goes...
Vyrn: Sigh. Sometimes I don't know why I bother. After them, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yay! Adventure time!
Vyrn: Oh, brother. Yuel's curiosity is rubbing off on Lyria.
Yuel: Hey! Wait just a gosh darned second, little guy!
Emdina: ...!
Yuel: Geez! It's so quick! Quit runnin'! I ain't gonna do nothin' to ya!
Vyrn: Gah! I knew this would happen... We're completely lost!
Yuel: Well, don't look at me like that! Who wouldn't wanna find out more about that floppy-eared little critter! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yeah! I want to see what those long fluffy ears feel like!
Vyrn: Sigh... Now she's got Lyria on her side. Guess it's no use talking 'em out of it.
Vyrn: We'll have to stick with 'em until they're satisfied, or we're never hearing the end of it.
Yuel: Heh heh! Finally caving in, eh? Then let's go after it!
Lyria: Oh no! Where's the Emdina?
Yuel: Tarnation! We lost it! Maybe there's a chance it's hidin' hereabouts.
Vyrn: Not there, Yuel! That's a monster's den!
Yuel: Aaah!
Yuel: Uhh... Think it wants to be friends?
Vyrn: Like heck it does!
(Captain)! You're up!

A Wonderful Gift: Scene 2

(Captain) and company find a beautiful flower in the monster's den. These small surprises only serve to fuel Yuel's burning curiosity. As the company continues to look for the Emdina, forest monsters come to block their path.

Yuel: Phew! That was a close one!
Vyrn: Took the words right outta my mouth! Let's head back to the ship already!
Yuel: H-hey, wait! Look at this!
Vyrn: What now?
Yuel: Look! In the monster den! What a beautiful flower!
Vyrn: You can find flowers anywhere...
Lyria: Oh, wow... (Captain)! Take a look at this! The flower Yuel found is so pretty!
Yuel: Isn't it just? Ohh, this is making me all warm and fuzzy-wuzzy inside! I know you're feelin' it too, (Captain)!
Vyrn: So all that curiosity of yours is powered by fuzzy-fuzzies, eh?
Lyria: Oh, look! Up on that big tree—it's the Emdina!
Yuel: You're right!
Hey there, little guy! Found this super pretty flower thanks to you!
Emdina: ...!
Yuel: Much apprecia—hey, don't run away again! Come back here!
Vyrn: Wait, Yuel! What if you go after it and more monsters show up?
Yuel: Daww, don't be a worrywart! I ain't scared of no monsters! We even got (Captain) with us!
Vyrn: See? I knew it! I don't wanna say I told you so, but I literally told you so!
Yuel: Oh, don't get your wings in a knot! C'mon, (Captain)! Let's round 'em up!

A Wonderful Gift: Scene 3

Having defeated the monsters, (Captain) and company discover a fruit that they've never seen before. Knowing that there are wonderful discoveries ahead, the company continues to chase after the Emdina. However, monsters suddenly appear and attack the Emdina.

Yuel: Heh heh! What'd I tell ya? Monsters like those are no sweat at all!
Vyrn: Oh, brother... You satisfied now? We need to be getting back!
Yuel: Oh-ho? Think you can still say that after seeing this yummy-lookin' fruit?
Vyrn: Fruit? What fruit?
Vyrn: Wow! You're right! That does look tasty!
Yuel: Thanks to that little guy we... mmrm... got to eat this... mmrm... delicious fruit. Gulp.
Vyrn: Pure... munch, munch... coincidence I tell ya. Gulp. Come on. Let's go back before it gets dark!
Yuel: What're ya talkin' about? We're just gettin' started! Take a look at that!
Emdina: ...!
Lyria: Mmrm... Gulp. I can see its long ears from behind the tree!
Emdina: ...!
Yuel: Right? No way we can turn back now!
Vyrn: Why're you trying to catch it anyway?
Vyrn: You want to make it your pet or something?
Emdina: ...!
Yuel: That's a terrible thing to say! What's wrong with ya, Lizardbreath?
Yuel: Now look! Little guy's running away 'cause of your lizard rudeness! Now take responsibility and help me go look for it!
Vyrn: How is that my fault! Sigh... Nothing I can do with Yuel's curiosity runnin' wild.
Yuel: Quit complainin' and help me look!
Lyria: If we keep following the Emdina, who knows what we'll find?
Vyrn: Oh, fine! Wait. What's the matter, (Captain)?
Vyrn: You think it ran that way? Did you hear that? Yuel! Lyria! Over there!
Vyrn: Oh no! Yuel's curiosity is infecting me too!
Yuel: It's all good! Let's keep this up!
Monster: Groooar!
Emdina: ...!
Lyria: Oh no! The Emdina is being attacked by a monster! We have to help, (Captain)!
Vyrn: You've got this, (Captain)!

A Wonderful Gift: Scene 4

Emdina has safely escaped from the monsters. (Captain) and company try to follow it, but their path is closed off as the sun sets. The company prepares to head back to the ship without being able to thank Emdina for the beautiful flower and delicious fruit, but then they see a beautiful scene in front of them. Yuel says happily that this scenery must also be a gift from Emdina.

Vyrn: Looks like the Emdina's gotten away from the monsters safe and sound thanks to you, Yuel.
Yuel: I'm just glad the little critter made it out okay! Wait. It ran away from us again?
Lyria: But this is a dead end. Where did it run off to?
Vyrn: It's fast... No way we can keep chasing after it. Better just give up and go back!
Yuel: Aww... I just wanted to thank it for the beautiful flower and delicious food!
Vyrn: Those were probably just coincidences. You didn't find anything this time after all.
Vyrn: And now the sun is setting. Everyone's waiting for us at the ship, so let's head back!
Yuel: Sigh... Fine. Thanks for tagging along with me, (Captain)!
Vyrn: We're heading back to the ship for real this time! No weird detours!
Yuel: Okay! I... got... cha...
Yuel: Oooh! Look, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Gah! Geez! What now?
Yuel: Look at this view! Now that's a breathtaker!
Vyrn: Whoooa! This is awesome!
Lyria: Hee hee! And we have the Emdina to thank for this incredible view!
Yuel: Say, (Captain). Bet this was what the little fella wanted to show us all along, don'tcha think?
  1. It must be!
  2. Wish we could have been friends!

Choose: It must be!
Yuel: I'm gonna miss those long floppy ears. Sure hope we meet again some day. And this time... I'm gonna say thanks!

Choose: Wish we could have been friends!
Yuel: Took the words right outta my mouth, (Captain). If we ever meet ol' floppy ears again, it's getting a great big hug from me.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Sure is nice being able to see a view like this.
Vyrn: I guess Yuel's curiosity can pay off every once in a while.
And with that a long day of being dragged around by Yuel's curiosity comes to a close.
(Captain) and crew begin a long trip home, satisfied with the unexpected sights and sounds they encountered.
Whether they will make it back without further incident, however, is completely up to Yuel.
Emdina: ...

Losing is Winning

(Captain) and crew head to an island in search of the sacred treasures, but to no avail. What's more, Societte disappears during their search. The crew then start searching for her instead, and they find her captured by two unwholesome-looking scoundrels.

Societte is a crew member

Yuel and the crew meet up with Societte, Yuel's oldest friend and heir to an ancient royal family.
The two friends are talking on deck when things start to get heated.
Yuel: What the hay! Why didn't you ever tell me, Societte!
Societte: I... Um... The thing is... Oh...
Yuel has only just found out that Societte is heir to the throne of the royal bloodline and its sacred treasures.
Yuel is indignant that Societte, her oldest and dearest friend, could have kept this from her.
Yuel: Sigh... So you're sayin' you don't trust me?
Societte: No! That ain't it...
Societte wells up, explaining to the irate Yuel why she had hidden the truth from her all this time.
Yuel: Oh, that makes sense, I s'pose. Sorry I couldn't see that earlier.
Societte: It's okay. You've got nothing to apologize for. I'm the one at fault here...
Finally understanding each other, Yuel and Societte make up and promise to be there for each other from now on.
Some time has passed since Yuel and Societte reunited.
Yuel is playing with her foxflame on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Yuel: (I'm out of practice... My flame's so small...)
Yuel: (What the hay? I can't even grill this stupid fish right...)
Vyrn: Yuel?
Yuuuel! You listening?
Yuel: What do you want, Vyrn? Are we at the island yet?
The crew is heading to an island where the weapons that Yuel and Societte are looking for are said to be hidden.
Vyrn: We're already there. I've been calling your name for a while now.
Yuel: O-oh, f'real? Hahaha... I was so spaced out I didn't hear a thing.
Societte: Are you okay, Yuel?
Yuel: Uh-huh! I'm fine, don't you worry! All right, let's get treasure huntin', Societte!
Yuel laughs off the crew's concern, takes Societte by the hand, and rushes off the ship. (Captain) and the others run after them.
The crew arrives at the ruins of a
long-abandoned village, where they split up to look for the weapons.
No matter where they look, however, the weapons remain elusive.
Yuel: Hmmm, they ain't here... Are you sure we got the right island?
???: You look familiar...
Yuel: Huh? Who said that?
Yuel: Societte, did you hear that?
Yuel: Wha! Where'd Societte go? Hey! Heeey!
The crew hears Yuel yelling and comes running.
Vyrn: What's wrong? We heard you shouting!
Yuel: Societte's disappeared!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to find her!
The crew searches desperately for Societte and eventually finds her flanked by two shady-looking men.
Scoundrel 1: Oh look, you brought us some of your friends... Hm? Does that girl have a tail?
Scoundrel 2: That must mean she's got royal blood too! Today just keeps getting better and better!
Yuel: Societte! Who the hell're these two bozos?
Societte: They said they're tied to the royal household. And they're gonna show us to the weapons!
Societte: Hee hee. I'm so glad I bumped into you guys.
Scoundrel 2: Y-yeah! We're good guys! So just come with us, and we can—
Yuel: Liar! I can tell from back here that you ain't no royal anything! Now let Societte go!
Scoundrel 1: Looks like the jig is up, man. And this silver-haired simpleton was so close to helping us too...
Yuel: Hey, who're you callin' a simpleton? Societte's trusting, sure. But that doesn't make her simple!
Societte: Um... Yuel, you're makin' me blush...
Vyrn: What're you blushing for! You're being kidnapped!
Yuel: Yeah! You should be panicking or something!
Scoundrel 2: Tch... We were gonna just take your friend with us and kindly ask her about the sacred treasures...
Scoundrel 1: But now we're gonna have to take the weapons, info, and power of Ninetails by force!
Yuel: Not on our watch! C'mon, guys! Let's get 'em!

Losing is Winning: Scene 2

The crew holds the ruffians at bay, but Yuel's foxflame suddenly goes out. Seeing Yuel fall to the ground, the leader of the scoundrels decides to enter the fray.

Scoundrels 1 & 2: Guargh!
Yuel: Shut up! You try kidnapping Societte, you get bopped! End of story!
Scoundrel 1: Heheheh... You still think we were only after the girl? We want all heirs to the royal family... including you.
Yuel: Huh? I ain't part of the royal family. I just know how to use the foxflame is all.
Scoundrel 2: There's no point in hidin' it, princess. Those ears and tail gave you away the moment we saw you. Proof of your inherited ability to use the power of Ninetails.
Yuel: R-really? I never realized...
Societte: N-now that you mention it, my parents had the same ears and tail...
Yuel: Huh? But my parents didn't...
Yuel: Anyway! You're just tryin' to distract us so you can run away, ain'tcha? It'll take more than that to fool us!
Scoundrel 1: Eeek! It's the truth! Honest!
Yuel has the scoundrels cowering in fear when her foxflame suddenly goes out.
Yuel: Huh? Wh-what!
Yuel: W-weird... C'mon! Flame 'im!
Societte: What's wrong, Yuel?
Yuel: My foxflame isn't workin'. It's like it just... went out or somethin'!
Vyrn: What?
Yuel: C'mon, work!
Yuel looks around in perplexed fear, then collapses to the floor.
Societte: Yuel!
Yuel: My power... It's gone...
Scoundrel Boss: Bweh heh heh... Not sure what happened, but looks like this is the chance of a lifetime! Good thing I waited before tryin' to run.
Scoundrel 1: Boss!
Scoundrel 2: We was wondering where you were, boss! You were trying to run away?
Yuel: H-he was just gonna use you two as a shield and save his own worthless hide...
Scoundrel Boss: Watch what you're sayin'! I would never send my boys into a fight I didn't think they could win!
Yuel: Y-you thought they could win? You really underestimated us, mister. Ugh...
Societte: Yuel! You don't have to say anything. Conserve your strength!
Societte: I'm not gonna run like that spineless jerk! I'll protect ya, Yuel!
Yuel: Societte...
Scoundrel Boss: I told you I wasn't gonna run! Now get your foxy hides over here!
Societte: No! I'm not going anywhere! And you won't get your hands on Yuel either!

Losing is Winning: Scene 3

When the depowered Yuel heads outside to cool down, a mysterious man appears before her. He leads the crew to a shrine in which two ancient swords deemed sacred treasures are kept. Yuel picks up the swords and regains her powers, but the crew is accosted by a horde of burning monsters.

(Captain), Societte, and the crew protect the suddenly powerless Yuel and defeat the bad guy boss.
The crew picks up the collapsed Yuel and brings her back to the airship.
Yuel: A... Ahahaha... I'm fine now. Thanks, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Are you sure you're good to walk on your own?
Yuel: If I say I'm all right, then I'm all right, y'hear? I may not have my foxflame, but at least I can walk.
Yuel: Man, I feel so helpless.
Yuel: I never thought I'd ever lose my foxflame... What's goin' on with me?
Societte: ...
Societte: Erm... This is just a theory, but...
Societte: The power of Ninetails was passed down along with the sacred treasures and dances.
Societte: I received my power from my parents along with everything else.
Societte: But, Yuel... You never received your powers through such traditional means, did you?
Yuel: Yeah, just sorta always had them. An ancestor of mine happened to have these powers too though. Think there's a connection there?
Societte: It's just a guess. But it may just be that your powers are incomplete, Yuel.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Think there's a way to bring her powers back?
Societte: Hmm... If we can get our hands on the treasures, there might just be something we can do.
Yuel: But we've already looked everywhere for 'em and came up empty-handed. Ain't there another way?
Yuel: Whatever! We'll find a way. We always do!
Lyria: A-are you sure about this?
Yuel: I'm fine! I may not have my powers right now, but I still have Societte!
Yuel: And I don't need my powers to carry on looking for the sacred treasures, do I?
Yuel: I mean... not being able to grill my fish is definitely gonna suck, but I gotta keep on keepin' on!
Vyrn: That's it? Nothing else?
Yuel: Ahaha! It's a total pain in the butt, no denyin' that!
Yuel: Hmm... I think I'm just gonna go get some fresh air.
Vyrn: Heheh... Nothing gets her down, does it?
Societte: ...
Yuel: Hmm...
Yuel: I put on a strong front, but what am I gonna do?
Yuel: Not having my powers really screws things up for me...
???: You look... so much like my master... I'm so glad I finally found you...
Yuel: Who're you? And what're you mutterin' about?
???: Master Yuel... Retrieve the power you have lost... We await your arrival at the village...
Yuel: What was that all about? And how'd that weirdo know my name?
Yuel: ...
Societte: Y-Yuel?
Yuel: Whoa! Societte?
Vyrn: Heheh, and don't forget us too! Societte got worried when you didn't come straight back inside.
Lyria: We were all worried, so we decided to go look for you.
Societte: Yuel, are you gonna go after that guy? If you are, I want to come with...
Lyria: We'll come along too! Right, (Captain)?
Yuel: Hee hee. Thanks, guys. Seriously.
The crew heads to the ruined village in search of the mystery man from before.
Arriving at the village, the crew is filled with a sense of unease.
Vyrn: Weird. We didn't find anything the last time we looked. But now...
Lyria: I can sense a great power here... But it's not a primal beast. I've never felt anything like it.
Societte: D-don't worry, Yuel. I'll protect you...
Yuel: Ahahah, thanks. But you really don't have to, Societte.
The crew approaches a strange shrine with great trepidation.
Within the shrine they find a pedestal. Two rusted swords are firmly ensconced within the shrine's rock surface.
Societte: A-are those... the sacred treasures?
Yuel: You're right... Bit faint, but they've sure got the scarlet crest engraved on 'em...
???: Yuel... Until now your power was only borrowed. Come forth now and make it your own.
???: These swords represent the two royal dances. They are the treasures of the true royal household... And you, their promised heir.
Yuel: Their promised heir...
Yuel reaches out as if in a trance and touches the blades.
At the moment her fingers make contact, the crew becomes wreathed in flame.
Yuel: What the? A trap?
???: Fear not, my daugher.
Yuel: Huh? What did ya say?
???: I am one of the nine flames. Will you be able to make my power your own, my daughter? Let us see...
Yuel: Daughter? What're you talkin' about?
Societte: Yuel! There are monsters comin' out of the fire!
The silhouettes of countless monsters appear from within the roaring blaze.
Burning Monster: Your... vessel...
Yuel: What the hay! Don't come any closer!
Burning Monster: Aaaagh...
Yuel balls her fists and spiritual flames erupt around them, quickly turning the monsters to ash.
Yuel: H-huh? My powers are back!
Yuel: Hahaha! Yes! I can grill my fish again!
Vyrn: That's nice, Yuel, but right now we have bigger fish to fry!
Burning Monster: We must... test....
Societte: They're still coming at us, Yuel!
Yuel: Geez, this is annoying! Guess I'll just have to take 'em on myself!

Losing is Winning: Scene 4

Once the crew defeats the onslaught of burning monsters, the surrounding flames disappear.
???: You've done well, my daughter.
Yuel: What do you think you're doin' springin' a trap like that on me all of a sudden?
Societte: Yuel! The swords, they're glowing!
Yuel turns to the swords, which are now shining a dazzling shade of red.
Yuel: Wow, they really are.
Yuel grabs the swords by their hilts and pulls them from the pedestal in one swift movement.
Yuel: ...!
The light pouring from the designs on the blades intensifies, and Yuel is enveloped in spirit fire.
Yuel: Whoa! What's happening? It's like something's flicked on inside me...
The moment Yuel picks up the blades, a deluge of memories that had previously been locked away spill forth into her mind.
Yuel: ...
Societte: Yuel... You okay?
Yuel: I'm fine. But you should all take a couple steps back.
As she says this, Yuel readies the swords and once again becomes wreathed in foxflame.
Yuel: Crimson Dance: Yugetsu!
Yuel almost begins to sing as she dances along with the foxflame.
Lyria: Wow! It's beautiful!
Societte: That's... That's one of the dances dedicated to Lady Ninetails. Yuel, that's incredible!
Societte: But how do you know it?
Yuel: I don't know! When I picked up the swords, I just knew I could do this dance!
Vyrn: You just could? That doesn't explain anything!
Yuel: Don't worry about it! Not everything needs an explanation!
Yuel: I have my powers back! I have the sacred treasures! I have the dance!
Yuel: This is the best day ever! Now I can help Societte get her throne back!
Societte: What? Erm... about that...
???: You have done well, my Yuel. But that dance is not enough.
???: You must perfect the third dance if you are to be successful.
Yuel: Th-third dance?
Societte: Erm, yes. There are dances named after colors, and others that are simply numbered.
Societte: For the numbered dances, there are ten in total.
Societte: A true heir to the throne must learn at least one of those ten.
Yuel: What? Oh...
???: Those swords contain the memories of yet more dances. I'm sure you have what it takes to—
Yuel: Memories? This is gettin' way too freakin' confusing!
Yuel: I can't keep up with all this! Someone explain what's goin' on in a way I can understand!
Societte takes the confused Yuel by the hand and then begins to speak.
Societte: Ah... Erm, Yuel, have strength... I'm here for you...
Yuel: You're right! As long as I have you, Societte, I can do anythin'!
Vyrn: And don't forget us! We'll do all we can to help!
Lyria: Just let us know what you need us to do! We'll be there in a flash!
Yuel: Hee hee. Thanks.
???: Hoho... You have good friends...
As the mysterious Erune man observes this touching scene of friendship, he begins to flicker like smoke in the wind.
???: Yuel. You are the true heir... I've waited so long to see you come into your inheritance...
???: But now... My time is done... I must entrust you... to the power of Lady Ninetails...
With a smile the man disappears, entrusting his memories of Lady Ninetails to Yuel.

A Flower from the Ashes

Yuel has found the treasured swords but must now learn the third dance of the royal family. After multiple failures Yuel asks Societte for her secret to dancing success. Societte tells her that it's the scenes of nature that she thinks about as she's dancing that give her the edge.

Along with the crimson dance, Yuel has completely and successfully inherited the power of Lady Ninetails.
Her foxflame is stronger than ever, and she is now training with Societte to perfect the third dance.
Societte: The first dance.
Yuel: That was beautiful, Societte! Okay, my turn!
Yuel: The third dance!
Yuel: Whoa!
Societte: A-are you all right?
Yuel: Ugh... I think so.
Yuel: Oof, that was a disaster. How am I gonna get the hang of that?
Yuel: Societte, whatcha got that I ain't?
Societte: Hmm, it could be what I think about when I dance?
Lyria: What? What do you think about?
Societte: Hmm, I think about the sky, the forest, rivers, and springs... Those kind of things.
Yuel: Oh! Let's give that a go!
Societte: W-w-wait, Yuel!
Yuel: What for? Wouldn't wanna keep (Captain) waitin'! C'mon, let's go!
Societte joins the running Yuel and they catch up to the rest of the crew.

A Flower from the Ashes: Scene 2

Yuel, still having trouble performing the third dance, runs off into the forest. As Yuel tries to practice there, goblins show up and try to steal her swords. She fends them off with her foxflame until (Captain) and the rest of the crew turn up to help.

The crew joins Yuel in climbing mountains, crossing rivers, exploring caves, and traversing forests as she tries to dance at different locations.
Try as she might, however, Yuel finds she just can't get it right. Exhausted, she flops to the ground and whimpers.
Yuel: I'm not gettin' anywhere... Why can't I do it!
Societte: Yuel? Y'know...
Societte: Dancin' isn't about whether you're good or not, it's about how it makes you feel.
Yuel: Pshaw. Of course you'd say that, Societte, you're a freakin' amazing dancer. You just don't get it!
Societte: ...!
N-no, I...
Yuel: Ah! What am I saying!
Yuel: Societte, I'm so sorry! That ain't what I meant at all! Ohhh...
Yuel stands up and runs away.
Societte: Y-Yuel! Oh dear...
Vyrn: What's wrong with her? It's not like her to take it out on you like that.
Societte: This is bad! Really bad!
Societte: (Captain)! We have to go after her! If we leave her, she might...
The crew calm down the teary-eyed Societte, then listen to her story.
Meanwhile, Yuel has run off into a part of the forest she's never been to before.
Yuel: Pant... Pant... Ain't right... This ain't right.
Yuel: How... How could I say that to Societte... What in tarnation's wrong with me?
Yuel: I feel like I'm turnin' into someone else...
Yuel: Ohhh, man...
Yuel: No, havin' a pity party won't solve nothin'... If I've got time to feel sorry for myself, I've got time to practice.
Yuel slowly starts to dance.
Yuel: How would Societte start? Slowly, gracefully...
Yuel: The third dance...
Yuel: I can't give up now... One more time!
As Yuel continues to dance, figures in the bushes look on.
Goblin 1: Hmm?
It's a gang of goblins. The diminutive creatures watch Yuel's movements with great interest.
Yuel: (I thought I felt something. Goblins... But why are they just standing there watching me?)
Yuel: (Maybe they wanna dance with me? Hahaha, like that'd happen...)
Goblin 1: Ooh... What doing? Dancing?
Goblin 2: Gwahaha! I dunno! Look funny!
Yuel: (Just ignore them, Yuel... Focus... Focus.)
The goblins seem to have gotten bored of simply watching and soon start dancing themselves.
Yuel: (What do they think they're doing? Dumb goblins.)
Goblin 1: Slowly... Gracefully...
Goblin 2: Bump!
Goblins 1 & 2: Gwahaha! Funny, funny!
Yuel: (Wait. They makin' fun of me? Why I
Yuel: (No, no. Focus. Just calm down.)
Goblin 1: Hmm... Somethin's missin'...
Saying this, the goblin jumps at Yuel.
Yuel: H-hey! What the heck are you doing! Now you're really makin' me mad!
Goblin 2: Swords! We want swords! Gimme, gimme!
Yuel: Nuh-uh! Ain't no way you're gettin' yer dirty mitts on my swords!
Yuel: You seriously tryin' to rob me after makin' fun of me like that?
Yuel: You've got some nerve!
Yuel summons up a firestorm and blasts it toward the goblins.
Goblin 1: Gwaaah! Ochie! Hot, hot!
Goblin 2: Boys! Get her!
Yuel: Oh, now you're askin' for it! You're gonna be real crispy when I'm done with you!!
As the crew search for Yuel, they see a plume of black smoke rise suddenly from the forest, and they rush to investigate.
They find the source of the smoke and see Yuel surrounded by a horde of goblins.
Vyrn: Wh-what? Where'd all these goblins come from?
Lyria: Over there! It's Yuel!
Societte: Yuel?
Yuel: Burn, you lil' runts! Burn!
Goblin 1: Guaaargh! Fire, fire!
Vyrn: Whoa, is it me or is she acting weird?
Lyria: Oh no! Societte was right! We have to stop her before it's too late!
Vyrn: All right! But there's a sea of goblins between us and her! We're gonna have to deal with them first!

A Flower from the Ashes: Scene 3

Yuel defeats the goblins but is overwhelmed by the foxflame and faints. Lying on the floor, she hears the voice of Lady Ninetails, who admonishes her for her weakness. After Yuel wakes up, flames eject from the sacred swords in Yuel's hands and form a manifestation of Lady Ninetails's power.

The crew manages to fight off the goblins, but the effort is too much for Yuel, who collapses.
Societte: Yuel! The Ninetails' power, it's too much!
Yuel: Hot... It's hot!
Vyrn: Whoa! She's burning up! I can't even get close!
Yuel: ...!
Yuel feels the heat burning out from her heart to all throughout her body, but from within the pain, she hears a voice.
???: I misjudged you, my daughter. You make for a weak vessel.
Yuel: That voice... You're...
???: You cannot perform my dance? Then I have no need of you.
???: I'll not accept one who so easily loses sight of themself.
???: Turn to ash and begone.
Yuel: So... So hot...
Lyria: Oh no! What do we do?
Vyrn: We need to cool her down somehow! Quick, get some cold water!
Societte: No. Water won't cool her. This is the power of Lady Ninetails. It's burning her from the inside.
Lyria: What! Then how can we...
Societte: I'll use my powers!
Societte unfolds her fan and begins to dance.
Societte: This is the dance of my ancestors, said to calm Lady Ninetails's fiery anger...
Please work!
Societte: Alabaster Dance: Tenka.
As Societte chants, a cold, blue flame wraps around Yuel.
Yuel: (Can't take it anymore... How'd it come to this...)
???: I'll not accept one who so easily loses sight of themself.
Yuel: (Lose myself... Yeah, I flubbed on learnin' the dance. I panicked.)
Yuel: (The flames took me... Something overpowered me...)
Yuel: (I hurt Societte. All she was tryin' to do was help me.)
Societte: Dancin' isn't about whether you're good or not, it's about how it makes you feel.
Yuel: (How it makes me... feel.)
Yuel: (I have so many feelings... I want an adventure... I want to discover the world.)
Yuel: (I wanna be by Societte's side... Gotta protect her!)
Yuel: (That's right... I always have so much on my mind... I ain't the type o' girl to get hung up on details!)
Yuel: (That's who I am... That's how I feel...)
Societte: Yuel!
Yuel: (Societte! It's all thanks to you!)
Yuel: Ngh... Ugh...
Societte: Yuel! Yuel, you're awake!
Vyrn: Whew! We're so glad you're okay!
Yuel: Societte... Thank y—
Yuel grimaces, and the swords in her hands release a torrent of flame.
The fire starts shifting into a form in front of the crew.
Power of Ninetails: Groar!
Yuel: Wh-what is that thing?
Societte: I... I can feel the power of Lady Ninetails emanating from it!
Vyrn: What! That thing is Lady Ninetails?
Societte: No. But I think it might be a manifestation of her power.
Lyria: So that's what was burning Yuel up from the inside.
Yuel: No... I was doin' that to myself.
Yuel: Lady Ninetails, you said it was 'cause I was weak, didn't you?
Power of Ninetails: Groar!
Yuel: But that was the old me. It's time to show you just how strong I really am!
Power of Ninetails: Groar!

A Flower from the Ashes: Scene 4

Yuel realizes that the third dance must come from her alone. It causes the manifestation of Lady Ninetails's power to disappear. Delighted by this turn of events, Yuel invites Societte and the rest of the crew to dance with her.

Yuel's display of power stops the manifestation in its tracks.
Vyrn: I-is it over?
Yuel: Not yet. Ain't that right, Ninetails? Power alone ain't enough.
Power of Ninetails: Graoogh...
Yuel: Watch this. This ain't from Societte, and it certainly ain't from you.
Yuel: This is all me.
Yuel entwines the foxflame around her and starts a violent, free-form dance. It is a mesmerizing performance.
Everyone watching the dance feels their spirits lifting and smiles breaking out on their faces.
Societte: Hee hee... Such a pretty color. It really soothes the soul, don'tcha think? Just like Yuel.
When Yuel finishes her dance, the crew can't help but break out into applause.
Power of Ninetails: Graoogh...
Seeing Yuel's performance, the power of Lady Ninetails returns to the swords.
Yuel: I... guess I won.
Societte: Yes! That must have been its way of showin' that it accepts you as its true owner!
Yuel: Whew... I'm glad...
Say, Societte...
Yuel: I'm sorry 'bout earlier. What I said to you was awful... I can blame it on Lady Ninetails all I want, but that don't change what I did.
Societte: Don't worry. I was a bit shocked at first, but I could tell it wasn't you sayin' those things.
Societte: By the way, you're not hurt are you? You didn't get burned at all?
Yuel: Societte, you've always been too kind for your own good. Hee hee.
Societte: Stop it, Yuel! You're embarrassing me. Hee hee.
After a brief embrace with Societte, Yuel picks up the swords once again.
Yuel: All right, I think it's time for another dance! Societte, care to join me on this one?
Societte: All right!
Lyria: Heehee. It's so nice to see those two getting on so well.
Yuel: Hey, what're y'all doing just standin' there? C'mon and join in!
Vyrn: What! You want us to... d-dance?
Yuel: Of course! This one's a dance everyone can join in on!
Lyria: B-but, I've never danced before...
Yuel: Don't worry! It's not about bein' good or
bad—it's about how it makes you feel!
Yuel: Right, Societte?
Societte: Absolutely! Erm... (Captain), will you be joining in as well?
Vyrn: Heh, looks like we're gonna have to! Come on, (Captain), let's dance!
(Captain) smiles, nods, and joins in with Societte and Yuel in their dance.
Yuel's new dance is more than just the end of her own personal quest for the sacred swords...
It also gives the crew a new energy and enthusiasm as they continue on their voyage.

The Thrill of Exploration

Having heard rumors of a very special treasure, Mary invites (Captain) and company to join her on the hunt. Though Vyrn was skeptical, Yuel had overheard their conversation. The search was on. Curiosity kept Yuel on a loose leash, but our heroes managed to find the cave they’d been search for. All they found within was an empty, cobwebby chest. Mary’s shoulders couldn’t have drooped any further, but Yuel restored her good mood by reminding her that half the fun is in the journey itself.

Vyrn: Jeez... they got you hook, line, and sinker...
Mary: My instincts are telling me this isn’t just any old rumor! I can practically taste the treasure already!
Vyrn: I gotta say... I’ve kinda given up on these “instincts” of yours...
Another peaceful day. Mary came back from town buzzing with excitement.
The story went that a very special piece of treasure waited in the caves of a nearby forest... it was a sure bet...
Mary: Please! Just hold on a sec, for goodness sakes! I know the rumors are true!
Lyria: Hm... I could’ve sworn it was about time for us to leave...
Mary: Is that a no? It’ll be worth your while, I promise!
  1. Fine...
  2. Not interested

Choose: Fine...
Mary: Yay! Knew I could count on you, (Captain)!

Choose: Not interested
Mary: Aw, c’mon! The race goes to the swift, not the stick in the mud!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Oh, c’mon... don’t tell me you’re really going? Buncha damned windmill chasers...
Yuel: Hey, now! Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me you all were having one tasty conversation...
Lyria: Well... Mary was in town and she heard something about a treasure...
Yuel: Ooh! A treasure hunt?! Oh, that sounds a real treat!
Mary: I know, right? My treasure alarm is ringing like crazy!
Mary: Hehe... this is the big one! And it’s waiting for someone to come and snatch it up!
Yuel: There you go! What’re we standing around for? We need to get a move on!
Yuel: Let’s go! We got ourselves some treasure to find!
Mary: What?! Wait a minute! You don’t even know where the forest is...
Mary: Welp... there she goes. And we need to get moving, too. She’s gonna go and get herself lost.
Lyria: Hehe... Yuel’s always so ready to go.
Vyrn: Gah... guess we don’t have a choice. Let’s go, (Captain).
And so (Captain)’s made their way into the forest, where no doubt great riches awaited them...
Mary: Hah... hah... what’s with that girl...
Yuel: Would you look at that! I mean, take a good gander! Never seen flowers so pretty...
Mary: Hey! Don’t just run off! We gotta find that cave!
Yuel: Oh, don’t you worry! I read you loud and clear! Oh! Hey! Over there! Wonder what that thing is?!
Vyrn: Seriously? Do she know what “loud and clear” means? Sure doesn’t look like it...
Mary: Hah... she’s dumb as a box of rocks. If I’d know she’d be this much trouble, I would’ve?
Lyria: There, there... I think it’s fine! She looks like she’s having so much fun!
Mary: Hmm... maybe she’s exactly what we need to lead us to the treasure...
Yuel: Hey, now! There’s a creepy old cave down thataway...
Mary: What?! What’d you say?! Show me where! Now!
Yuel: Thisaway! Smelled seven types of suspicious, y’know!
Mary: This has to be it. The cave...
Yuel: Didn’t I tell you? You think I’m playing when I’m putting in some serious work!
Mary: Grr... there’re better ways to find things, if you ask me...
Vyrn: Alright! All we need to do now is get in the cave and find that treasure!
Lyria: H-hey! There’s a chest at the entrance... but it’s empty...
Mary: Huh?
Mary: Of all the... here I was, totally on the right track...
Though (Captain) and company scoured the cave, the only thing they found was the empty treasure chest.
Mary: I got no luck at all... first Yuel runs us halfway around the damn forest and now someone’s gotten to the treasure before I even get to see it...
Yuel: Oh, what’re you so slumpy about?! You telling me you didn’t have three boatloads of fun today?
Mary: Grr... well, you’re not wrong...
Vyrn: Oh, c’mon! Yuel! You’re one to talk! You’re the one who was doing all the running around!
Yuel: Kyahahaha! By golly, I was! I beg your pardon!
Mary: It’s whatever. You did get us to the cave, Yuel... even though we took the super scenic route.
Lyria: Yeah! We might not have even made it if it wasn’t for her!
Yuel: Aw, shucks. You’re gonna make me blu... hm?
Emdina: !!!
Yuel: Oh, wow! Did’ja see that?!
Mary: You’re kidding me... that long-eared son of a gun was carrying the treasure!
Lyria: What?! W-wait... so it went into the cave and...
Mary: Luck don’t fail me now! The treasure’s real! It’s really, really real!
Mary: Move! We can’t let them get away!
Vyrn: Ehhh?! Hey! Wait!
Yuel: Kyahahaha! Sounds to me like the game is on! Shuck those buns, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Gah... it’s like they both fell out of the same damn tree...
Lyria: I suppose... but hey! They’re going to leave us behind if we don’t get moving!
Mary and Yuel were off again. Not just for the treasure itself, but for the thrill of the chase.
But all of their effort was in vain. No matter how hard they tried, they could never seem to catch up to the mysterious figure.
Emdina: !!!

Fully Blossomed

One day, Yuel, discovering Societte's secret blood connection to the royal family, flies into a wild rage in spite of their close friendship. However, Societte manages to explain that she didn't reveal her secret so as to not endanger Yuel. Yuel declines Societte's offer to take on her mission to find the treasures necessary to restore the royal lineage, and instead they decide to join forces. Fully reconciled, Societte teaches Yuel a special dance required to complete their mission. As the dance goes on, the dancers become wreathed in tongues of blue and red flames.

Yuel: What the hell, Societte! Why didn't ya tell me this earlier!
Societte: Ah... Erm... Uh... Oh...
The treasure hunting Yuel and the treasure holding Societte found each other again when they both joined (Captain)'s crew.
Despite their familiarity with one another, they didn't seem to see eye to eye.
Vyrn: Come on guys, can't you both just get along?
Lyria: Anyway, Societte was about to tell us something.
Yuel: Hey! You guys stay outta this! This is between me an' Societte, ya hear?
Vyrn: Humph. Yuel's so mad, I don't think we're gonna be able to calm her down.
Yuel had just found out that Societte was in fact the heir to a very noble family.
Seeming to forget that they were childhood friends, Yuel became infuriated upon realizing Societte had been hiding this.
Yuel: I mean, who does that! You knew that I was tryin' to restore the... to recover the lost history!
Societte: Um... But...
Yuel: But nothin'!
Societte: I... I'm sorry...
Yuel: ...
Yuel: Ugh! You're not gettin' it! I mean, I am mad that you've been hidin' this, but...
Yuel: I'm more hurt that you didn't trust me.
Societte: ...
Yuel: I... I trust you completely, you know? I mean, I love you.
Societte: Yuel...
Yuel: But, maybe you don't feel the same way. Obviously you don't trust me at all.
Societte: No! That's not true at all...
Societte: Yuel, you mean more to me than anything. That's why I couldn't tell you.
Yuel: What's that s'pposed to mean?
Societte: Um... Well... Just watch... the first act...
Yuel: Societte, you can use the spirit fire too? I thought that was something only I could...
Societte: It's a very rare gift. A thousand years ago, our ancestors worshipped a nine-tailed fox.
Societte: That power and the knowledge of the royal house that controlled it are the real treasure...
Societte: And there's a bad person who's trying to take both of those things from me.
Yuel: What? So someone attacked you too?
Societte weakly nodded her head.
Vyrn: Well, Societte, you did say that you lost your parents to some bad people...
Yuel: Really? So the reason she came to my village when we were little...
Societte: My mom—before the end, she said that I'd be safe in the village.
Yuel: I... I had no idea.
Societte: I was so scared. All that talk of the royal family...
Societte: I was scared I'd lose you too...
Societte: So I decided I'd never tell you about it, to protect you from the bad men...
Societte: But then, you...
Yuel: I see, so when... When I tried to revive the ancestors, I invoked that power.
Societte: When that happened, I had no idea what I should do...
Yuel: Hmm... So that's why you looked so troubled that day I left the village.
Societte: Yuel... you were really serious about reviving the royal house, weren't ya?
Yuel: I guess. When I got the power of the spirit fire, I thought it was fate...
Yuel: I thought that if I could get the treasures and the right people, it could all be over. Stupid, I know.
Societte: No, no, that's not it. It's just, if you want to revive the royal line, you need something else as well.
Societte: You need... the nine-tailed fox. And then, there's a dance... and someone who has inherited them all...
Yuel: Oh, I need to find all that?
Societte: It's going to be difficult, and dangerous.
Societte: I... I've been thinking. This mission you've started...
Societte: I think I should be the one to do it. I have the blood connection, I have the treasure, I know the dance...
Societte: And then Yuel, you can...
Yuel: Oh... I see. Well, Let's go for a walk!
Societte: Huh? What?
Yuel: Come on! (Captain), you guys can come too! Me and Societte'll go on ahead!
With a smile ten miles wide Yuel took Societte by the hand and left the airship.
Lyria: W-wait! Yuel!
Societte: Yuel, what are we doing here? It's really creepy, I'm getting scared.
Yuel: I guess it's a bit weird around here, but we have to... Aha! Here it is!
Yuel: Look! Over there! That spring! Look how clear that water is!
Societte: Wow! You're right! It's beautiful!
Yuel: Ahahaha! There, now you're not so scared, are ya?
Societte: Hmm... You're right! I'm not scared any more! Heehee!
Yuel: See? Oh and what's this?
Yuel: Over here! Stand here and take a reeeal deep breath!
Societte: Sniff... Sniff... Haaah...
Societte: Huh? The air is so clear!
Yuel: Right? I've never smelled air so clean!
Societte: Incredible. I had no idea this place existed!
Yuel: Ahahaha! All right, onto the next one!
The crew, following Yuel into the forest, did as she instructed and hid in the undergrowth.
Yuel: Not long now... It'll be here soon...
Societte: Huh? What'll be here soon?
Yuel: Hee! It's that long-eared thingy! It comes here a lot. Isn't it funny lookin'?
Societte: Ahahaha! You're right. But, it's kinda cute too.
Emdina: !
Societte: Ah! It ran away!
Yuel: Ahahaha! It ran away! Let's go after it!
Societte: Heehee. Yeah! Let's chase it!
The crew caught up with Yuel and Societte, and spent the rest of the day frolicking.
Yuel: Wasn't that fun? Seeing new sights, finding new things...
Societte: Heehee. It was a bit tiring, but I had such a good time!
Yuel: I knew you'd enjoy treasure hunting!
Yuel: It's a mission, and I take it seriously, but there's fun to be had with it too! It can be a real adventure!
Yuel: I'm sorry, I just can't give this life up. I have to carry on searching for the treasure.
Yuel: And if I stop treasure hunting, then all those bad people will start going after you, Societte.
Societte: Okay...
Yuel: So you see, I have to carry on.
Yuel: But then, I don't think I could bare to be away from you. That would hurt as much as if you were in danger.
Societte: Yuel...
Yuel: So if...if we were to go together, then we'd both be safe...
Yuel: Right? If we're together then nothing in this world can stop us.
Societte: Oh...Yuel... Sob...
Yuel: But anyway, enough chatter...
Societte turned red in embarrassment as Yuel patted her on the head.
Societte: I've never told you, but that day when you left the village, I'd have given anything to be going with you.
Yuel: What! Then why didn't you say anything?
Societte: I... wanted to. But I was torn. I didn't know whether I wanted to stop you or join you.
Societte: And before I had a chance to say anything, you were already gone.
Yuel: So that's what really happened. I'm sorry, I had no idea you felt that way.
Societte: Don't apologize. If anything, I should be the one apologizing to you.
Societte: ...
Societte: Eh... ah... um! Yuel! If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you...
Societte: Erm... I mean... Can I please join?
Yuel: Ahaha! As if I'd say no after all this! Wild horses couldn't keep me away! Let's do this together!
Vyrn: Heheh, don't forget about us! We're here to help you on your quest!
Societte: Yuel... Vyrn... everyone. Thank you!
Tears glinted in Societte's eyes, and though she tried to hide her emotion, her tail wagged tellingly.
Yuel, seeing this, broke into a smile and started wagging her own tail, and went to pat her on the head once again.
Yuel: H-hey, going back to what you said earlier...
Yuel: I'd... I'd really like to learn that special dance you mentioned.
Societte: Well, I think as long as you can use the spirit fire, you should be able to do it. Very well, I'll teach you.
Yuel: Yay! You mean it? Awesome! You're the best, Societte!
Societte: Teehee...
Societte taught Yuel the basic steps, and the two started dancing.
Societte danced without a foot out of step. And though Yuel was still learning, one could not help but be moved by her moves.
As they continued their graceful dance, they started to be surrounded by tongues of blue and red flame.
The colors of the flames matched the dancers perfectly. The crew got lost in the beauty of the performance.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あ!あれ、なんやろ? Whoa! Get a load of that!
あっちの道に行ってみぃへん? How 'bout we go down that road?
残りの神器はどこにあるんやろ? Where are the rest of the sacred treasures?
探検、探検!楽しいなぁ Is it here? Is it there? Oh, I'll find ya!
お宝探すんやったらウチに任しとき! If yer lookin' for treasure, I'll dig it up!
失われた王家のこと、知ってる人おらんかな Somebody gotta tell us more about the royal family.
ウチの狐火でこんがり焼いたるわ! I'll scorch ya with my foxflames!
かしこい話はウチ、苦手や… Witty banter ain't exactly my forte...
(主人公)と一緒なら迷ったりせぇへんよね! I won't get lost if I'm with ya, (Captain).
(主人公)、綺麗な花、咲いてんで! Look at those flowers in bloom, (Captain)!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


SV Yuel the Ancient.png SV Yuel the Ancient E.png
Click to reveal card data

Driven to free her captured ally, Yuel commanded will-o'-wisps to banish the darkness. No foe could escape her fiery wrath.


At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower 2 times.

In the darkness Yuel's flames dance, warding away the evil that threatens to overtake her companion. The embers flicker, each capable of incinerating an entire forest.

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Darkness Evolved
SV Portal Yuel the Ancient
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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