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Official Profile

Age 10
Height 133 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Hot springs, fluffy things
Likes Cotton candy, people from her village
Dislikes Sleepiness (it makes her grouchy)

Character Release
She is a descendant of a tribe of monkeys who trace their lineage back to their august ancestor who went on a journey with the high priest "Tripitaka" to a place called "India". She secretly dreams of travelling to "India" herself one day. All members of her tribe have equally strange ears and tails. Only the one chosen for duty is able to use divine powers and special skills called wizard techniques. Out of her tribe Andira has owned outstanding skill since her early childhood and was inaugurated into duty by the figure "Mokkun". After her assumption of duties, she received her tools - a head band and a magical staff. She speaks very polite and formal to people she does not know well, but tends to be very frank with the ones she trusts.

Character Release
かつて「サンゾー」と呼ばれる高僧と共に、「テンジク」と呼ばれる土地を目指して旅していた偉大なご先祖様の血筋を引くとされる仙猿の一族の末裔。 自分もいつか「テンジク」に行ってみたいと密かな夢を抱いている。 彼女の一族は皆一様に、変わった耳と尻尾を有しており、お役目様に選ばれるものだけが神通力や仙法と呼ばれる特殊な能力を使う。 一族の中で、幼いながらも飛び抜けた力を有するアンチラは、筋斗雲(もっくん)に選ばれる形でお役目様に就任する。就任した後、仙具である緊箍児(きんこじ)と如意棒を授けられる。 あまり親しくない人には敬語でよそよそしく、心を許した人にはため口でフランクに話す。

Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 10歳
Height 133cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 温泉、もふもふ
Likes わたあめ、里のみんな
Dislikes 眠気(不機嫌になる)

Character Release


Character Release
かつて「サンゾー」と呼ばれる高僧と共に、「テンジク」と呼ばれる土地を目指して旅していた偉大なご先祖様の血筋を引くとされる仙猿の一族の末裔。 自分もいつか「テンジク」に行ってみたいと密かな夢を抱いている。 彼女の一族は皆一様に、変わった耳と尻尾を有しており、お役目様に選ばれるものだけが神通力や仙法と呼ばれる特殊な能力を使う。 一族の中で、幼いながらも飛び抜けた力を有するアンチラは、筋斗雲(もっくん)に選ばれる形でお役目様に就任する。就任した後、仙具である緊箍児(きんこじ)と如意棒を授けられる。 あまり親しくない人には敬語でよそよそしく、心を許した人にはため口でフランクに話す。

Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Andira has character banter with Mahira when together in battle.
  • Andira's charge attack animations are references to Andy Bogard's desperation moves from The King of Fighters. This follows the recurring theme of Zodiac characters using special moves from SNK fighting game characters.
    • "Gilded Heaven Strike" is based on Chou Reppa Dan.
    • "Infinite Monkey Hands: Baboon Blast" is based on Zetsu Hishou Ken.


  • Like the other Divine Generals in Granblue Fantasy, her name is derived from the Twelve Heavenly Generals in Buddhism. Her English name is taken from her corresponding General's Sanskrit name, typically romanized as either Antila or Aṇḍīra.[4][5]

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
Look what I got you! Matching rings!
Huh? What's wrong? Eheheh... You don't have to do anything. Don't be scared, now!
Come on, hurry up and put 'em on! C'mon, hurry! I know they're going to look great on you!


Happy, happy birthday! I'm so happy we can celebrate this day together!
I mean, if you want to celebrate it with me, then that means...
We must be really close!
Wait... Am I really that important to you, (Captain)? I am? Oh, thank you!
Heehee... It's your birthday, but you've made me so happy!
I hope you'll always think of me like that! I know I'll always think of you that way, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Hurray!
You're always so great to me, so today I'm going to sing for you as a birthday present!
Great, huh!
Here we go! A-one, a-two...
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear (Captain).
Happy birthday to you!
Yay! Hip, hip, hooray! Congratulations!
Hehehe. Now it feels like we're really celebrating, huh? If you're happy, I'm happy!
I'm a little sleepy, but if you want to keep the party going, I'll push past my limit!
Hehehe. I try really hard, don't I? Well, be good today!


Happy birthday!
Hehe! I'm getting better at celebrating your birthday with each year!
I can tell because every year I do something for you, you have this great big smile on your face.
That's why I try harder each year.
Oh right! I got you a present this year.
Just look at it! It's a huge cake I made! I thought we could eat together!
Hehe... When you get excited, I do too!
Even when we get old, let's always celebrate this day together, okay?


Teehee. Today's gonna be awesome!
Cause it's your birthday! I love ya, so 'course I love the day you were born!
Hehehe. We're gonna party! And we're gonna sing the happy birthday song!
Oh, right! Guess what, guess what! I've got a special present for you!
Ta-daa! A handkerchief! There's a little monkey sewn onto it.
I made it! Isn't it great?
Ehehe... You like it? Then praise me lots, okay?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm? What is it? Oh, it is New Year's already?
So what's going on? I'm still so sleepy... I was up late last night.
Well, I guess it's not so bad having this kinda day once a year.
I'm looking forward to this next year with you, Captain. Happy New Year. And good night.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Looks like another great year is ahead of us.
Hey... Why are you looking at me like that?
What? You want to make sure I'm gonna do it right this year?
Last year was just a coincidence! A sleep fairy put me to sleep!
Huh? You want to hear more about this sleep fairy? Well, I don't have to explain it to you!
Gulp... Anyway, as you can see, I'm doing just fine. You could even call me a shining example of how to stay awake!
Stop looking at me like that! I'm not even sleepy at all!
If you're so worried about me, you can keep standing there staring! I'm not going to sleep!


I challenge you to a New Year's badminton duel! I'll serve... Oh, the loser gets their face drawn on!
Take that!
Whoa, too far...
Aw... I missed!
Alternating from left to right... That's no fair. How am I supposed to get there in time?
Fiiine, go ahead and draw on my face already.
Grr... If it's come to this, I'll just use my trusty staff as a paddle.
Take this! Haha, easy! Gotcha! Yah!
All right! I won, I won!
Hahaha! What do you mean, this isn't fair? I just leveled the playing field.
Hee-hee... Now what should I draw on you...


(Captain), do you know what day it is today? Right! It's New Years!
What's your New Year's resolution? How do you want to spend this year?
How about you tell me all about it? And then whenever you see my face, you'll be reminded of all you want to accomplish.
I'll always be by your side, so don't worry about me leaving!
My New Year's resolution is to always be with you, (Captain)!
Hehe... That'll make it so both of us accomplish our goals! Two birds, one stone!


Mm... Zzz...
Yawn... Is that you, (Captain)?
Happy New Year. Let's hang out lots, okay?
You wanna go to the shrine? Oh yeah, we did promise to... Zzz... Zzz...
Did ya wait long? Come on, we gotta get to the shrine! What's the holdup?
What, no! That sleepy-head's the clone. Like I'd be snoozin' away the New Year's!
(Captain) walks up to the sleeping Andira and whispers something into her ear.
Yawn... How'd you know I was the real thing?
Mm... All right, I got it. But you gotta give me a piggy-back the whole way.
Teehee. Your back's so warm and cozy, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hehehe. Look! I made chocolates for you!
I made them with my grandpa, so they aren't as fancy as some other ones...
But they're filled with happiness and cheer! So... be sure and enjoy them, okay?


Okay, now! It's time for a quiz!
Hehehe... The question is, what day is today?
And, if you get the answer right, I'll give you something good! So what do you say?
That's right! It's Valentine's Day! The day you give chocolates to your favorite person!
And with that I'll give you your present!
Oh, look! Isn't it adorable?
I was thinking all about you when I made it. I hope you like it!


Rise and shine! It's morning! Come on, wake up!
Hehe... Today's a special day, so I'm waking you up myself! Aren't I just the greatest?
What day could it be, you ask? Come on, now... Are you still half asleep?
It's Valentine's Day! So I'm making sure you get my present first! Go on then, take it!
This year's was made with lots of love as always—so enjoy!
Hehe... Love ya!


Oh, right. Today is Valentine's Day.
I bet you get a lot of presents from a lot of different people.
But I didn't get you anything.
(B-dmp, b-dmp... How will (Captain) react to not getting chocolates from me?)
(Gasp... (Captain) is trying to act like it's okay, but I can see the pain...)
(I'm glad (Captain) wanted something from me...)
I'm sorry! I was only kidding!
Here you go... I made this chocolate just for you. There's no way I'd forget about your present, silly.
That's because I love ya!


Hey, hey, what day's today? You remember, dontcha?
Bingo! Grand prize winner! Yup! Today's Valentine's Day!
And that's why... Um... Ehehehe... Uh, you know...
I made you more chocolates! These are for you, (Captain)!
Oh. Ya saw the thing on the card.
Yup! That's my special kiss mark.
It's a spell to make you like me even more! One of the crew taught it to me!
Ehehe, told you I'm all grown up. Feel free to fall even harder for me!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's that special day, isn't it?
Ho hum...
Huh? Oh, it's nothing. I just kind of got my hopes up is all.
Hmm? What is it? That's... for me? Yay! Yay, yay!
Hey, wait! Were you just monkeying around with me at first? I can't believe I fell for that...


What! You're going out on a mission the whole day?
Oh, okay... Hmm... But, well... okay. If you've got a job to do, I guess you've just gotta do it.
If I stay in my room all day, I'm just going to fall asleep. So I'll tag along!
(Argh! Don't be stupid! Just be a good girl and wait for (Captain) to come back!)
Huh? But first there's something you wanna give me?
A White Day gift?
Yay! Yay, yay! Hehehe. I love it!
Huh? Wait a second! This is the same thing that happened last year! You tricked me!
But since you gave me something nice, I guess I'll just forget the whole thing!
All right then, let's head out!


Is this in return for Valentine's Day? Hehe, thanks!
Hm? I'm the first one you've given a gift to today?
It's not nice to lie, you know!
Didn't you just give something to that pretty lady just now? I happened to see it.
(Geez! You could've just been honest with me. I would've been just fine with being your second!)
What? You were only passing an item to a client just now? R-really?
Yaaay, thanks! All right! I was your first one!
Sorry for doubting you... I'll be sure to savor this!


Today's White Day!
So I'm here to get a present from you before anyone else!
Huh? You forgot? You don't have anything for me?
Sob... You... big meanie... How could you forget about me...
Hm? This is for me?
Yay! Thank you! I love ya, (Captain)!
What! You were copying what I did to you on Valentine's Day?
Ahaha. Sorry. I guess we're even now!


Gasp! Is this my White Day present?
Yay! Yay! I've been waitin' since yesterday! Couldn't even sit still!
And there's a card! Oh! I found a shiny heart!
You only give this stamp to people you like, right? Right?
Hehehe. Ya love me, dontcha? Aw, now I feel all fuzzy inside!
Thanks for the present! I'm gonna go show it to my cloud now, 'kay!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
All right, time for a trick! Can you guess which one of these is me?
Bzz! The correct answer is neither! Both are fakes!
For answering incorrectly, you now owe me an extra large order of cotton candy! The fluffier, the better!


I remember you playing tricks on me all day last year, but this year I'm gonna turn the tables on you!
Huh? It's tough to trick people when you tell them ahead of time?
Hmm... What should I do? Oh, I know!
I'll take a nap, then play a trick on you once I forget I was supposed to do it!
Okay then! Naptime! Have a happy Halloweeeeen!


Snore... Trick or treat... Snore...
(Captain) approaches the sleeping Andira and pinches her nose.
Huh? Can't... breathe...
Haha, too much cotton candy... Even if you push it on my face like that, I just can't eat it... Hahaha...
Huh? Aaah! What are you doing! Pranking someone while they're sleeping is against the rules!
This calls for a counterattack! You're going to feel my fluffy wrath!
Hahaha! Had enough yet?
Hmm... This kind of reminds me of my dream... I want some cotton candy...


???: Hehehe... Halloween is finally here...
Andira: Last year you played a trick on me while I was sleeping, so this year you'll pay.
Now that you're sleeping soundly, I'ma tickle you real good!
Take this!
Hey! Don't scare me!
When did you wake up?
Since I came in the room? Then you heard everything I said!
What? You'll give me candy even though I tried to play a prank on you?
Wow! Cotton candy! Thank you!


Happy Halloween!
Hope you're ready for a trick!
Pick a treat, any treat! But choose wisely. One of them's extra special.
Rows of candy line the tray; one is a garish shade of red. (Captain)'s fingers skip over it and settle on another choice.
It was good? Man, looks like you're safe. What a letdown.
What? Now it's my turn? Alright, fine. But I'm only eating one, okay?
(Huh? I thought I marked these! Crap. Which way's the front of the tray?)
(There's no time left. It's all or nothing. I choose... You!)
Hot! Hot! Hot! It burns! Ahhh! I'm in paaain!
Stop laughing! Get me some water! Or I'm gonna breathe fire on you!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays.
Today we're having a party for everyone, aren't we?
Let me and my cloud take care of the high decorations!
Hmm? What is it, cloud? What are you doing? Haha! That tickles!
Ehehe. My cloud sure is ready for fun today!


Tonight is a special night, isn't it? So are you going out tonight?
Hmm? You want to know why I'm asking? I guess it's because I'm not really doing anything right now...
I was wondering if maybe you wanted to spend some time with me tonight.
What? You do?
Yay yay! So is this a date, then? Yay, a date, a date!
A date with (Captain)! Hehehe. I better go pick out something to wear!


Zzz... Mmm...
Thank you... presents... Santa... beard... so fluffy...
Hmm? Oh, it's you.
Present? It's already here... What are you going on about? See? Right over there—
I-it's gone! How? I know Santa gave me a present for sure!
Wait, you were just hiding it behind you? Sheesh... don't scare me like that.
Hee hee, a present... I wonder what it could be?
Don't you wanna know too, (Captain)? Let's open it together!


Hey, do you think Santa will come again this year too?
I want to see him and say thanks.
If he's coming, then all I have to do is stay up to meet him, right?
Yawn... Um... The Sandman's effects are...
Zzz... Zzz... Hehe... Thank you...
Hm? Oh hey, (Captain). Did Santa leave already?
I see... Well at least I got to say thanks... I'm going back to bed. Good night.


Zzz... Zzz...
(Captain) awakens from a deep sleep to find Andira nearby, slumped onto the bed.
There is a damp towel in Andira's hand. It seems that she fell asleep while caring for (Captain), who was down with a cold.
(Captain)... This party... So much fun...
What a big cake... Let's split it, 'kay...
(Captain) smiles, imagining the delightful dream Andira is in.
Outside, snow falls silently against the window. (Captain) reaches for a blanket and lays it gently over Andira's small shoulders.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Guardian of the West-Southwest

On the way to the West-Southwest Temple, (Captain) and company save an unusual young girl named Andira, who has inherited powerful abilities and a sacred duty from her ancestor. Intrigued by (Captain)'s selfless actions, she asks to join the crew on their journey.

While on their travels, the crew hears of a temple which opens its doors to the public only once every twelve years.
Anila is a crew member

Last year the crew visited Anila, the Guardian of the South-Southwest. Now the crew turns the Grandcypher's prow in this year's lucky direction: west-southwest.
Anila not in crew

They hope to pray for good health and fortune at the temple there.
It's smooth sailing until the crew's path is obstructed by a girl lazily drifting in front of the airship.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
(Captain) sees it too. A girl... lying atop a cloud. The crew is further astonished to see that she is, in fact, sleeping.
Lyria: Um! Excuse me! I'm not sure it's safe to sleep there!
Vyrn: More importantly... How is she even sleeping on a cloud to begin with?
Roused by the crew's inquisitive voices, the girl reluctantly awakens.
???: Yawn... Go ahead and bump into me if you want...
Vyrn: Well, if you insist, then—Hey! We're not going to bump into you on purpose!
???: But I'm so sleepy... It's fine... Really... I can take it...
The girl begins to lie back down, obviously eager to return to sleep.
(Captain) makes a swift decision and leaps overboard onto her cloud.
(Captain) and the girl tumble off the cloud, barely managing to avoid getting hit by the Grandcypher.
???: Eek!
(Captain) holds on tightly to the surprised girl as they plummet into the depths.
???: What would drive you to do such a thing?
  1. I couldn't let you fall alone.
  2. I don't know. It just happened.

Choose: I couldn't let you fall alone.
???: R-really? Incredible! Weren't you scared?

Choose: I don't know. It just happened.
???: Bwahaha! Really? You're nuts! Weren't you scared?
Continue 1
There's a sparkle in her eye as she speaks.
  1. I'm terrified.
  2. I'm not... s-scared...

Choose: I'm terrified.
???: Considering we're about to die, that's understandable. And we just met each other, too...
(Captain) apologizes to the girl, who seems surprisingly nonchalant about their predicament.

Choose: I'm not... s-scared...
???: You must be really strong. Thank you for helping me.
The girl grabs (Captain)'s trembling arms.
(Captain) apologizes to the girl, whose tone has turned serious.
Continue 2
???: Hee hee. Why are you apologizing?
The girl's expression shifts again. (Captain) is still visibly shaken by their less than ideal circumstances.
???: Hahaha! You're a funny one. What's your name?
(Captain) answers.
???: (Captain), huh? Funny name for a funny person!
(Captain) asks for her name.
Andira: Andira. My name's Andira.
Andira: I think it's time I saved you, (Captain).
Andira: Hold on like your life depends on it! Because it does!
Andira wraps her tail around (Captain).
Andira: Light as a feather... Come, my cloud!
The cloud that Andira had been riding earlier appears before them.
Relieved to see a beacon of hope, (Captain) tries to climb onto the cloud... and falls straight through it.
Andira: Heheheh... Sorry! But this cloud is just for me.
Andira settles herself back atop her magic cloud, catches (Captain), and readies her staff.
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies! Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira points her staff upward, and as she chants her incantation, it begins to extend.
The tip of the staff lodges in the hull of the Grandcypher, putting a stop to their fall.
Andira: Don't worry. I'll pay for that!
(Captain) can't help but return Andira's smile.
Andira: All right, let's get back to the ship.
When Andira and (Captain) clamber their way back onboard, Vyrn and Lyria rush to greet them.
(Captain) tells them what happened.
Lyria: Sniff... I'm just glad you're both okay.
Vyrn: That was one crazy stunt you pulled back there!
Vyrn: What were you doing sleeping on that cloud, Andira?
Andira: Just taking a little na—
I mean... Thanks for your help back there!
Vyrn: Uh... Sure. Just glad to see you're safe.
Andira: Actually... I want to pay you back for the hole I made in your ship. If you come with me I can get you the money.
Lyria: Oh, don't worry about that. The hole's not that big anyway!
Lyria: Besides, you saved (Captain)'s life, Andira! If anything, we owe you!
Andira: Oh no. I've caused you nothing but trouble, so—
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Anyway, we should really get going. We gotta get to the Temple of the West-Southwest ASAP!
Andira: You do? In that case... At least allow me to show you the way.
On the way to the temple, (Captain) tells Andira of their quest to find Estalucia.
With Andira's guidance the crew soon finds their way to the West-Southwest Temple.
Andira: This is the Monkey Temple of the West-Southwest.
Lyria: Wow. Thank you so much, Andira!
Andira: Please. It's the least I could have done.
Vyrn: Man, this place is packed.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that?
Vyrn points at a crowd of worshippers who are all gathered around... Andira?
Lyria: Is that Andira? But she's right here!
Vyrn: Sure seems like it...
Lyria: Oh, I know! Andira must have an identical twin!
Andira: Nope.
Andira: The real Andira's over there. I'm just a fake.
Vyrn: What do you mean, fake?
Andira: I'll explain in a second. But first... let me do something about this crowd.
The other Andira chants a word under her breath, and the Andira standing with the crew vanishes like a puff of smoke.
Lyria: Wah! She just disappeared into thin air!
When the crowd disperses, the crew goes up to Andira.
Anila is a crew member

Andira reveals her identity as the Guardian of the West-Southwest.
As keeper of the Monkey Temple, she is the spirit of this year.
Anila not in crew

People come here to pray for health, wealth, and prosperity in the year to come.
However, Andira explains that the temple was originally built after the War to watch over the boundary between the Sky Realm and the Astral Realm.
There are twelve temples in all, one for each cardinal point, each governed by one of the Twelve Divine Generals. The generals take turns serving as the year spirit.
This year is the year of the Monkey Temple in the West-Southwest, so Andira has been chosen as the year spirit.
Vyrn: Wow, I would never have guessed someone like you would be given that kind of responsibility!
Vyrn: I mean... It's amazing you're in charge of an entire temple at your age!
Andira: It's nothing special, really.
Lyria: No, it really is! And you have amazing powers! Like before when there were two of you!
Andira: That magic has been passed down through the generations in my family.
Andira: It all started with this one ancestor of mine who traveled with a great monk called Lord Tripitaka...
Andira lowers her gaze, lost in deep thought.
Lyria: Did something happen with this Lord Tripitaka?
Andira: Well, actually, (Captain)... You sound exactly like the stories I've heard about him.
Vyrn: What are you trying to say? Start from the beginning!
Andira: Helping people without any regard for your own safety...
Andira: That silly, irresponsible side of you is exactly like Lord Tripitaka, (Captain)!
Andira points at (Captain), a twinge of anger in her voice.
Andira: Long ago, my ancestor traveled with Lord Tripitaka to a faraway land called Tianzhu.
Andira: Since I first heard the story I've always longed to go there.
Andira: I'm beginning to think that if I go with you guys, maybe I'll be able to find Tianzhu...
Andira looks out at the horizon.
Andira: I know this is a huge favor to ask, but it's something I've wanted to do my entire life.
Andira: Would it be okay if I joined you on your journey, (Captain)?
  1. Let's find this Tianzhu place!
  2. Of course, partner!

Choose: Let's find this Tianzhu place!
Andira: Huh? Are you sure?
Andira: Yay! I can't tell you how much this means to me! Thank you so much!

Choose: Of course, partner!
Andira: Partner? I like the sound of that!
Andira: All right, let's do this!
Andira: Hee hee... And don't worry. I'll protect you from whatever comes our way!
Continue 3
Andira: Along with your two attendants, of course.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean, attendants?
Andira: Um... Is that not what the two of you are?
Vyrn: I ain't no attendant!
Lyria: Ha ha... No need to get upset, Vyrn.
Vyrn: You're not gonna shut me down this time, Lyria!
Vyrn: I'm not just some attendant! I'm (Captain)'s oldest and closest friend!
Andira: Oh dear... That was incredibly rude of me, then.
Vyrn: Rgh... Listen to you acting all polite...
Andira: Ah!
Lyria: Is something wrong?
Andira: I forgot something important!
Vyrn: What is it?
Andira: I have to get permission to leave from my grandfather!
Lyria: Oh my gosh!
Andira: If I don't, everyone back home is going to worry about me.
Lyria: Hee hee...
(...I totally forgot that she's still just a child...)
Vyrn: Roger that! We'll go wherever we gotta go! Including your house!
And so begins Andira's journey on the Grandcypher.
After getting permission from her grandfather, she officially becomes a member of the crew. Tianzhu awaits!

Andira's Journey to the Sky

Andira is interested in a request to check out a nearby mountain covered in flame and convinces the crew to investigate. En route she begins grooming (Captain)'s hair, but a monster suddenly interrupts.

Some time has passed since Andira joined (Captain)'s crew.
She appears to have taken to life on the airship like a duck to water.
Vyrn: Hey, Andira! Wake up, ya sleepyhead!
Vyrn has come to wake up Andira, who has yet to appear from her cabin despite it being well after noon.
Andira: I'm awake... Just five more minutes...
Vyrn: You said that yesterday, then stayed in bed until evening!
Andira: Thanks, I knew you'd understand...
Vyrn: You're not listening to a word I'm saying, are you?
Lyria: Hee hee... I don't think anything or anyone can get between Andira and her sleep.
(Captain) turns up to see what's going on.
(Captain) snorts at the sight of Andira still clinging to her pillow.
Andira: Huh? Oh, it's you, (Captain).
Andira: Yawn... Good timing. I was just about to get up.
Andira slides off her cloud toward (Captain), anchored by her tail.
She dangles in midair, still half asleep.
Vyrn: What the?
The crew is discussing their next destination when Andira interjects.
She mentions a mountain covered in brilliant flame. Where does the fire come from? Andira wants to find out.
Andira: Hey, hey! I wanna go here!
Andira's enthusiasm is enough to convince the crew to head straight for the mountain.
(Captain) and Andira are out on the deck of the airship, whiling away the hours by basking in the sun.
Andira: That's a bad case of bedhead you got there...
Andira: Oh no, look! A split end!
Andira starts grooming (Captain) as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
Andira: Your fur still isn't quite fluffy enough for my liking, (Captain).
A monster's roar interrupts their moment of tranquility.
Andira: Seriously? Talk about annoying.
Andira: Let's clear these monsters out quick!

Andira's Journey to the Sky: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew arrive at the flaming mountain. Andira reveals that her interest stems from a legend about her ancestor visiting such a place with a monk named Tripitaka. As they approach, their way is blocked by two ruffians named Gold Horn and Silver Horn.

The crew arrives at an unusual mountain with one side in flames.
Vyrn: Andira, why did this job interest you so much?
Andira: One of the stories about my ancestor sounds a lot like this.
Andira: It says he visited a fiery mountain with Lord Tripitaka.
Lyria: I see! So you're looking for clues to learn more about that legend?
Andira: Yes. The story's from a long time ago, though, so I doubt I'm going to find much of anything.
The crew continues talking as they proceed towards the place where the flames burn brightest.
???: What business do you lot have here?
Two rough-looking men step out to bar the crew's path.
Andira: We're here to investigate the flaming mountain. Who are you?
???: You don't need to know that. Now turn around and go back the way you came.
Andira: If only we could.
Andira: Unfortunately, we have business of our own to take care of here. Let us through.
???: Very well. Gold Horn, it's time.
Gold Horn: Understood, Silver Horn.
The two men transform into monsters before the crew's eyes.
Vyrn: Whoa, they were monsters the whole time?
Andira: Calm down, everyone. We can handle this.
Lyria: R-right...
Andira: First things first. Let's see what these guys can do, (Captain).
Andira: Here they come!

Andira's Journey to the Sky: Scene 3

The monsters return to their human forms and ask the skyfarers for help stopping their rampaging brother Demon Horn. (Captain) and company agree to take on the frenzied beast.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn are defeated, promptly returning to their human forms and surrendering.
Gold Horn: You... You're not like the other skyfarers we've come across.
Silver Horn: You're right. They might just be able to stop him.
Andira: If something's troubling you, would you be willing to share it with us?
Gold Horn and Silver Horn exchange a long look, then turn to the crew with heads bowed and ask for their help.
(Captain) and the others listen to their story as they continue further into the woods.
Gold Horn: There were three of us originally. But a few months ago our older brother, Demon Horn, started actin' strange.
Silver Horn: The mountain is the way it is because of our brother. He just kinda... went crazy.
Andira: I see.
Gold Horn: He was always a lot stronger than us. There was nothing we could do to stop him.
Silver Horn: That's why we've been keeping travelers away from the mountain. We didn't want anyone else to get hurt.
Gold Horn: Please. Could you help us try to get our brother back under control?
Andira: About that.
Andira seems reluctant to respond to Gold Horn and Silver Horn's desperate request.
Andira: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. This sounds like a family matter.
  2. Maybe there's something we can do.

Choose: This sounds like a family matter.
Andira: Right? I think we'd only be getting in the way if we interfered now.

Choose: Maybe there's something we can do.
Andira: Heehee, that's so like you, (Captain).
Andira: Let's think about it a bit more.
Continue 1
Suddenly the ground shakes and the crew is overtaken by an intense wave of searing heat.
Gold Horn: Ngh... Our brother's lost himself completely.
Vyrn: Your brother did that?
Silver Horn: We'll do what we can, but please, you gotta save our brother!
Demon Horn: Groooar!
Andira reacts fearlessly to the appearance of the giant monster and exchanges a knowing glance with (Captain).
Andira: I'll go in first.
(Captain) is slightly concerned about Andira, but she seems confident in her abilities.
Andira: Don't worry. He'll never be able to hit me.
Andira lets out a mischievous laugh.
Andira: I'll distract him. Once you find an opening, hit him with everything you've got, (Captain)!
Lyria: Is she going to be okay?
Demon Horn: Groooar!
Andira: Ngh!
Demon Horn comes in with a massive attack. Andira deftly dodges, dragging Lyria out of the line of fire as she does.
Lyria: Th-thank you...
Andira: Phew. That was close.
Andira: Don't worry, Lyria. Just leave the rest up to me.
Andira spins to face Demon Horn, her Nyoi Bo slicing through the air, nearly the length of her body.
Andira: Hey, over here! I'm the one you're after, big guy!
Andira: As the descendant of the Monkey King, I gladly accept your challenge!
Andira swiftly masters her flash of anger and regains her composure.
Andira: Let's take this guy down!

Andira's Journey to the Sky: Scene 4

(Captain) and crew confront the tireless Demon Horn. Andira uses her magic to clone herself, overwhelming Demon Horn and then turning him back into a human. With the flames on the mountain dying down, Andira feels closer than ever to (Captain) and the crew.

The crew struggles against Demon Horn's seemingly limitless reserves of energy.
Andira: Ugh... We're done for at this rate.
Andira: (Captain), can you take over for a bit?
(Captain) nods, and trades places with Andira to stand in the vanguard.
Andira: I'd rather avoid this when I'm so tired, but...
Andira pulls out a few strands of her hair and blows them softly toward the monster.
Andira: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Suddenly the scene is swarming with Andiras.
Andira: Here we come!
Before the mysterious light fades, the horde of Andiras strike as one.
One of the Andiras slips past the monster's attacks, removes the headband from her head and places it on Demon Horn's.
Andira: Magic Headband, I order you to bind this creature!
The Monkey King's golden headband tightens its grip on Demon Horn's skull.
As Andira continues with her incantation, Demon Horn slowly begins to shrink, and his appearance gradually reverts to that of a human.
Gold Horn: Brother?
Silver Horn: Brother! You're all right!
Gold Horn and Silver Horn rush to Demon Horn's side.
Demon Horn: Whatever is going on, my brothers?
Andira is filled with a great sense of relief.
Andira: Hahaha... It worked...
That spell seems to have exhausted the last of Andira's strength, and she faints into (Captain)'s arms.
Some time later...
Andira awakens to a gentle rocking sensation.
She sees (Captain)'s back in front of her.
Andira: Yawn... How long was I out?
Vyrn: We still have a ways to go before we get to the ship. You should rest up a bit more!
Andira: I see... You're not going to tell me to get up, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Now why would I do something like that?
Andira: Hee hee... I'm sorry. I was trying to make a joke.
Lyria: Those three brothers were really thankful for what you did back there!
Vyrn: They said the fire on the mountain should start to die down soon too.
Andira: Really? Glad to hear it.
Lyria: Hmm? Is something wrong?
Vyrn: Are you bummed out that we didn't find anything about Tianzhu?
Andira: No... That's not it...
Andira stops herself, then slowly starts up again, eyes downcast.
Andira: You see... I... I'm an only child.
Andira: I was just thinking how nice it must be to have siblings to look out for you.
Looking at Andira's forlorn expression, Lyria hits on an idea.
Lyria: In that case... you can think of me as your sister!
Andira: Huh? Does it really work like that?
Lyria: Sniff... Why wouldn't it?
Lyria: You get along so well with (Captain)... I guess I'm a little jealous too!
Andira: What? There's no need to be!
Andira: I like all of you just as much as (Captain)!
Gran is the Main Character

Lyria: Why don't you try calling (Captain) brother then?
Andira: What? Why would I do that?
Lyria: Don't think about it too much. Just go right ahead and say it. Ready... Go!
Andira: You're acting strange today, Lyria. I don't get what you're trying to say!
Lyria: You're starting to make me feel worse, Andira...
Andira: Okay, I get it! I should... I should just say it!
Lyria: Right! Go ahead, now!
Andira clears her throat and hesitantly begins to speak.
Andira: B... Brother...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Lyria: Why don't you try calling (Captain) sister then?
Andira: What? Why would I do that?
Lyria: Don't think about it too much. Just go right ahead and say it. Ready... Go!
Andira: You're acting strange today, Lyria. I don't get what you're trying to say!
Lyria: You're starting to make me feel worse, Andira...
Andira: Okay, I get it! I should... I should just say it!
Lyria: Right! Go ahead, now!
Andira clears her throat and hesitantly begins to speak.
Andira: S... Sister...
Andira: No! I can't do it! It's too weird!
Lyria: It's not weird! That sounded really natural!
Lyria: Come on. Try it again.
Andira: I told you I can't!
Vyrn and (Captain) share a weary smile as Lyria and Andira argue.
Vyrn: You'd think they would've noticed by now...
Vyrn: They already act exactly like sisters do. Don'tcha think, (Captain)?
(Captain) laughs at Vyrn's observation.
Andira: What are you two laughing at?
Andira: Lyria's out of control! You have to stop her!
Lyria: Hey, where are you going? It's my turn now!
Lyria: Come on, Andira! Call me sister!
From that day forward, Lyria and Andira grew ever closer.
Where will the crew's journey take them next? And how will their relationships evolve? Only time will tell.

Andira's Journey to the Sky II

While delighting in a mouthful of cotton candy, Andira tells (Captain) and Lyria of her ancestor Goku. When they bump into a woman under attack by a monster, they are quick to jump in to rescue her.

Some time has passed since Andira joined the crew.
They follow along the path that the great monk Tripitaka and Andira's ancestors once trod, hopeful for any clues leading to the land of Tianzhu.
Andira: Mmm! Yummy, fluffy, in my tummy!
Hanging from (Captain) by her tail, a delighted Andira tucks into the yummy treat they purchased at the cotton candy stand earlier.
Andira: Nom, nom...
Andira: Mm, I just can't get enough of this sweet, fluffy taste!
Lyria: She looks like she's in paradise the way she eats it.
Vyrn: Yep, I'm surprised she's not just gobbling it all up considering how much she loves the stuff.
Andira: I've gotta savor it! There's no telling when we'll be able to buy more cotton candy after all!
Andira and (Captain) lock eyes before she is able to take her next mouthful.
Andira: Hm? Did you want some too, (Captain)?
  1. Sure do!
  2. N-not really...

Choose: Sure do!
Andira: Oof, sorry for not noticing! Here—as an apology, I'll feed you myself!

Choose: N-not really...
Andira: You sure about that? There's no need to hold back.
Andira: Come on, (Captain)! Join me in the Cotton Candy Lovers Club!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Those two get along so well...
Lyria: Haha... I wonder if Andira's ancestors had this much fun in their travels.
Andira: Ahaha, how neat it'd be if Tripitaka and Goku were big fans of cotton candy too...
Vyrn: Huh? Goku? Who's that?
Andira: Haven't I ever brought up my great ancestor Goku?
Lyria: This might be the first time I've heard his name!
Vyrn: Come to think of it, we don't really know much about your ancestors.
Andira: Okay then, it's storytelling time!
She climbs on top of (Captain) and straightens her posture before continuing.
Andira: It all began several hundred years ago. Lady Guanyin was distressed over the state of the world during the time of the War.
Andira: Hoping to instill hope in the future of the world, she ordered the monk Tripitaka, along with Goku, Pigsy, and Sandy...
Andira: To travel to the sacred land of Tianzhu in the far west—to retrieve a very special set of holy scriptures.
Vyrn: Sounds like one heck of a journey!
Lyria: It was nice to learn a little more about your ancestors, Andira!
Andira: Hehe, really?
Andira: It's great having friends who are so interested!
The lighthearted banter resumes as they cross a bridge and enter rocky terrain.
A thick mist suddenly fills the surroundings as they encroach on the mountainous area.
Andira: Looks like a case of bad weather.
Lyria: This makes me feel uneasy.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm getting creeped out already.
Woman: Eep!
A woman from deeper in the mist comes out screaming.
Lyria: What's wrong!
Woman: M-monster...
The glow of the monster' eyes can be seen in the direction she came from.
Vyrn: Here it comes!
Andira: No prob, we've got this. C'mon, (Captain)!

Andira's Journey to the Sky II: Scene 2

With the monster routed, the woman invites the crew to her home for dinner, during which she explains that Tripitaka's entourage previously defeated the mist-controlling demon that once terrorized this land. Having learned that a strange mist has begun to take root in the vicinity lately, the crew goes out to investigate it.

The mist clears up just as the monster is sent packing.
Lyria: Are you okay?
Woman: Y-yes... Thank you.
Vyrn: Glad to hear it!
Woman: I really appreciate you saving me just now.
Andira: Hmm...
Andira narrows her eyes at the woman, as if sizing her up.
Andira: What were you doing out here all alone?
Woman: I went to pump some water from the well behind our house to use for dinner.
Woman: But the mist was so thick that I just ended up getting lost...
Andira: Oh... That so?
(Captain)'s, Vyrn's, and Lyria's stomachs growl out in hunger.
Lyria: Ahaha... How embarrassing.
Vyrn: My tummy's rumbling...
Woman: Um... I'd be glad to have you all over for dinner if you'd like...
Lyria: Are you sure that'd be okay?
Woman: Of course! Consider it a token of my appreciation!
Vyrn: You hear that, (Captain)? No more empty stomachs!
Andira, however, has her reservations.
Andira: Well, if you guys wanna go that bad, I guess I can tag along.
Andira reluctantly follows the rest of the crew.
Girl: Welcome back, Sis! You're a little late... I was getting worried!
A little girl appears to greet the crew as they arrive at the house.
Woman: Sorry about that... I had a bit of a run-in with a monster, but these very nice people saved me.
Girl: Thank you so much for saving my sister, everyone!
Girl: It can get kind of cramped in here, but please make yourselves at home!
Lyria: Thanks for having us!
Vyrn: Time to chill!
Andira: Oookay.
Girl: Hm?
The girl expresses concern over Andira's dispirited response.
Girl: Hiya! What's your name?
Andira: ...?
It's Andira.
Girl: Andira! Let's play together!
Andira: Um, sure... What do you have in mind?
Girl: We can play house! Let's go over there!
Andira: Okay...
The girl grabs Andira's hand and takes her to a corner of the room.
Vyrn: Looks like the kid is too much for Andira to handle.
Andira: N-no she's not! This is nothing!
Lyria: You can do it, Andira!
  1. Why not give her some cotton candy?
  2. I wanna play too.

Choose: Why not give her some cotton candy?
Girl: Hm? You have cotton candy for me?
Andira: B-b-buh? No—why would you say that?
Girl: You... won't give me cotton candy?
Andira: No... Ngh... I mean... I'll make a special exception... just for you... (This is my last bit...)
Girl: Yaaay! Thank you so much, Andira!
Andira: (Rgh... Andira, you dumb chimpanzee! You were supposed to save this for you and (Captain) later!)

Choose: I wanna play too.
Girl: Sure! Let's see... I'll be the daughter, and you two can be my mom and dad!
Andira: Okay. I'm fine with either role. How about you, (Captain)? Have a preference?
Continue 1
After a brief game of house, a fragrant aroma wafts into the room.
(Captain) and company sit around the dining table.
Woman: Dig in, everyone.
All Four: Yum!
Even as everyone else chows down on the delicious morsels, Andira still hasn't touched her fork.
Woman: You're not going to eat, Andira?
Andira: Nope. I'm just not hungry right now.
Woman: I'll leave some for you in case you get hungry later.
Andira: Thank you.
Andira: You two live alone in such a large house...
Woman: W-well... Our parents live here too.
Andira: Where are they right now?
Woman: ...
They're working far away from home.
Woman: Um... Can I ask a question too?
Andira: Sure.
Woman: Was that a special type of magic you used when fighting the monsters earlier?
Andira: That's right... You know about it?
Woman: Yes, it greatly resembled the many feats that the legendary Goku is known for.
Andira: Hm? You know about Goku?
Woman: Indeed. Tripitaka and his companions visited this village a long time ago actually.
Andira: No way! Tell me more! What were they like?
Woman: Well, I was just thinking that the way you and (Captain) interact is so similar to what I've heard of Tripitaka and Goku's relationship.
Andira: Wow! Hearing that just puts me on cloud nine!
Andira: Hey, what else can you tell me about them?
Woman: Plenty more.
The woman begins to describe a crisis that befell the village long ago.
Woman: A great demon used the power of mist to control monsters and terrorize this entire region.
Woman: It was Tripitaka and his companions who came and rescued our village from its plight.
Andira: The power of mist?
The crew members raise their eyebrows at hearing of mist.
Sensing their concern, the woman continues.
Woman: Regarding that, a very similar mist has been covering the town lately, making the monsters much more savage than they usually are.
Lyria: So that's what happened...
Woman: I hope it's not some sort of omen...
A hint of resolve is readily visible in Andira's expression.
Andira: We'd be glad to look into it.
Andira: Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) offers a resolute nod.
Woman: But I couldn't possibly bother you all with—
Vyrn: You saw how we kicked monster butt back there, right? Clearing up some nasty mist is all in a day's work for skyfarers like us!
Lyria: Consider it our way of repaying you for such a delicious dinner!
Woman: Thank you so much, everyone...
Girl: Good luck, Andira!
Andira: We've got this!
And thus the crew begin their investigation of the mysterious mist.

Andira's Journey to the Sky II: Scene 3

On the following day, the crew visits the mansion of Hakuya, feudal lord of the region. Together with her expedition squad, they enter a mountain cave from which mist is leaking. Deep inside they find a shrine that attracts monsters.

The woman guides the crew to the estate of Hakuya, feudal lord of the region.
Hakuya: My goodness... You all must be the living reincarnations of Tripitaka and friends!
Andira: Nah, I wouldn't go that far.
Hakuya: No need for modesty! Rumor has it that you can use the same magic that Goku could!
Andira: Heh... I mean, I suppose you could say that.
Vyrn: (For someone she's just met, Andira sure is being a lot nicer than usual.)
Lyria: (She must be really happy about that Goku compliment.)
Hakuya: So I take it you'll be looking into this misty problem of ours?
Andira: That's right. Do you happen to have any leads for us?
Hakuya: Not yet, but I'll do everything I can to assist with the investigation.
Hakuya: We can set out as soon as I gather my expedition squad.
All Three: Sounds good!
The crew and expedition squad depart from the mansion.
In their investigation, they come across a cave at the summit of a mountain.
Soldier: There was never a cave here before...
Hakuya: A massive landfall must've cleared the path recently.
Andira: Hm... There's mist from inside the cave.
Vyrn: Guess we'd better check inside!
Lyria: Mm-hm! Let's head in!
They enter the mysterious cave and find a small shrine deep inside.
Lyria: Look at all those monsters around the shrine!
Monster: Groaaarrr...
Vyrn: Uh-oh, they're looking our way!
Andira: Not a problem! Me and (Captain) can drive 'em away easy enough!
Without further hesitation, the crew engages the monsters in battle.

Andira's Journey to the Sky II: Scene 4

The barrier surrounding the shrine reacts to Andira's power. She responds by striking it with her staff, unleashing a raging wind that destroys the shrine. The crew rejoices at the disappearing mist, unaware that they have triggered something far more sinister.

With the monsters bested, the crew approaches the shrine to get a better look.
However, a barrier wards off anyone who attempts to get close.
Andira: Why would there be a barrier here...
Hakuya: Local folklore speaks of a shrine that a great demon used to attract monsters.
Vyrn: Yeah, you can definitely see mist leaking from the shrine.
Lyria: I wish we could take a closer look, but we can't even get near it.
Hakuya: If only there were something we could do about the shrine...
Andira: Hm...
Andira appears particularly suspicious about the situation.
Andira: Hakuya... Is there anyone who's more familiar with the folklore?
Hakuya: Well, I suppose I would be the most knowledgeable. Why do you ask?
Andira: No reason, really... I was just hoping to get as much information as I could in advance.
Andira: Guess I'll just have to go ahead with this... That's if you don't mind, Hakuya.
Hakuya: Not at all! Please do what you must!
Hakuya and the crew tiptoe around the shrine, seeing if there's anything they can do.
Vyrn: Nope, can't get any closer...
Lyria: Same here...
Andira: Me too... Wait—gimme a sec!
As Andira musters some of her magical energy, the barrier reacts faintly.
Andira: Hm? I think it just responded.
Mist begins to spew forth from the shrine.
Hakuya: Not good! More monsters are gonna come pouring in at this rate!
Lyria: What do we do, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Andira! It's dangerous—get back here!
Andira: Screw it... I'm going all out!
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies!
Andira: Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira exerts every last ounce of strength to strike the shrine with her magical pole.
In the next instant, a raging wind engulfs the surroundings as if a massive burst of energy had just been released.
Andira: Aaagh!
The force of the gale sends her flying, but thankfully (Captain) is there to cushion the landing.
Andira: Th-thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: That was one crazy explosion...
Lyria: Everyone okay?
Hakuya: Haha, would you look at that! The shrine is gone!
Vyrn: Guess that means we can say goodbye to the monsters too!
Lyria: That was really impressive, Andira!
Andira: Hahaha... I'm just glad it worked.
(Captain) and company share in the delight of a wrecked monster-attracting shrine.
With no trace of the mist remaining, a calm serenity fills the surroundings.
No one in the crew could imagine that the shrine's destruction would actually worsen matters for them.

Truth Behind the Mist

A voluminous mist emerges from where the shrine once stood and is absorbed by Hakuya. She uses the mist to control the nearby collapsed soldiers like marionettes, having them block the mouth of the cave. The crew ready their weapons for battle.

With the monster-luring shrine in the cave destroyed...
The crew is relieved to know that the village will now be safe from monsters.
Vyrn: Phew... For a while there I was worried things would go south.
Lyria: What a relief to know that everything will be okay.
Andira: Good job, everyone.
Hakuya: Indeed... I can't thank you all enough.
Hakuya sings the crew's praises.
However, mist suddenly begins to surge from where the shrine once stood.
Andira: ...!
Vyrn: What the...
What is it now!
Lyria: Oh no! Hakuya! Please get away from here!
Hakuya: ...
The crew stands dumbfounded as Hakuya absorbs the voluminous mist into her body.
Hakuya: Hehehe... You boys and girls just did me a huge favor.
Lyria: Hakuya... Is everything okay?
Hakuya: How nifty that Goku's descendant turned out to be a simpleton. My powers were sealed away, but I have you to thank for restoring them.
Andira: Haaaagh!
Andira strikes with the speed of a gazelle and force of a gorilla.
Hakuya: Heh, too easy...
Andira: Tch, you actually blocked it...
Andira's surprise attack proves futile, as Hakuya's mist is quick to intercept.
Hakuya: Not bad though... Now you just need to keep it up and show me a good time.
Hakuya: Except I'll be making the next move.
Hakuya: Hyaagh!
Mist pours out from Hakuya and into the bodies of the soldiers nearby.
One by one they begin to stand up limply, as if they were marionettes.
Hakuya: Go on... Capture them.
Soldier: As you wish...
Lyria: Oh no...
Vyrn: Uh-oh! They've cut off our exit!
Andira: It'll be okay... I'll do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe!
Andira: (Captain) and I will cut open an escape path!

Truth Behind the Mist: Scene 2

After a close battle, (Captain) and company make it out of the cave alive. They visit the woman they rescued earlier for more information on Hakuya, and learn that she tricked the crew only because her parents and other villagers are being held captive in Hakuya's estate. The crew sets out on a rescue mission.

(Captain) and company barely make it out of the cave alive.
Repulsed by how easily she was duped, Andira is especially down on herself.
Andira: Sigh... How dumb could I be...
Vyrn: Anyone have a clue what just happened? I could use a primer right about now.
Andira: Goku's magic is likely what was keeping that shrine's seal intact.
Andira: That's why my magic responded and broke the seal.
Andira: So I broke my own ancestor's seal... Does that just make me pathetic or what?
Lyria: It's not your fault, Andira.
Lyria: I mean, we didn't notice a thing either.
Vyrn: That's right! Stop pinning the blame all on yourself!
Vyrn: We're pals, right? That's why we've gotta work together to overcome this!
Andira: Sniff... Thanks, Lyria, Vyrn.
(Captain) extends an arm for a team hand-stack. The others layer their hands on top of the captain's, finishing off with a rallying cry.
Vyrn: So what now?
Andira: We'll need more info on Hakuya if we're to move against her.
Lyria: The villagers could be in danger if we don't act soon.
Andira: Right, let's go pay them a visit and see if they might know anything.
The crew decides to visit the house of the woman who treated them to a meal earlier.
They try not to make too much noise as they enter.
Lyria: Hello?
Vyrn: Heyo, we're back!
Andira: ...
Woman: Yes, who's there?
The woman goes into a panic the moment she notices the crew.
Woman: Eep! Wh-why are you all here?
Vyrn: Whoopsie, didn't mean to scare ya!
Lyria: There's something we'd like to ask...
Woman: O-ohmigosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't have much of a choice! Please spare my life!
Vyrn: Hey, relax!
Lyria: Did something happen?
Andira: We're not here to hurt you or anything. We only wanted to ask a few questions.
The woman slowly regains her composure at the crew's kind words.
Woman: I apologize for losing it just now... I thought you had come for retaliation.
Andira: What could we possibly want to retaliate for?
Woman: Because... I sold you out to Lord Hakuya...
Andira: You did?
Woman: We were instructed to lead all travelers to Lord Hakuya.
Andira: What for exactly?
Woman: I can't say for sure, but she keeps all travelers locked up in her dungeon.
Woman: You have to believe me when I say we had no choice in the matter! She's keeping people from each of our families as hostages!
Woman: Of course... That goes for my family as well... She took my parents.
Woman: There was no way we could stand up to Lord Hakuya... I'm so sorry for what I did to you!
Andira: Hm, I'm starting to see what happened.
Vyrn: Man, that Hakuya's such a nasty meanie!
Lyria: It's up to us to keep the villagers safe!
Woman: But how...
Andira: I'm sure you know by now how strong we are.
Andira: If you'll give us your help, we promise to get your parents back.
Andira: Trust us! With (Captain) and me around, there's nothing we can't get done!
(Captain) responds with a bold, confident grin...
Which in turn fills the woman with determination.
Woman: Okay, count me in! I'll help in any way I can!
And so they work together to come up with a plan to rescue the captive villagers.

Truth Behind the Mist: Scene 3

Taking the form of a fly, Andira sneaks into Hakuya's dungeon to rescue the villagers. They encounter Hakuya during their escape, who reveals herself to be the great demon Palespine before attacking the crew.

A single fly darts about in Hakuya's dungeon.
It had searched every nook and cranny of the mansion before finally finding the entrance to the underground lair.
It stops in front of the imprisoned villagers.
Villager: How'd a fly get in here...
The villager raises a palm to crush the nuisance.
Fly: (Release!)
Out of the blue, an adorable young girl appears before their very eyes.
Andira: Hold it! I'm no fly!
Villager: What in tarnation! Did a fly just turn into a pretty lil' miss?
Villager: Hoo boy... I must really be losin' it...
Andira: Gah! Just listen up, will ya?
Andira explains that one of their fellow villagers had told her about the whole situation.
She used her transformation magic to sneak into the dungeon in hopes of rescuing everyone.
Andira: I came to get you all out of here safely!
Andira: We need to get going now!
Villager: We... can go back to our homes?
Andira: That's right! Just follow me!
Villager: O-okay! Time to make a break for it, everyone!
Andira leads them out of the dungeon.
She knocks the sentries unconscious and guides the villagers through the escape route decided on beforehand.
Outside the mansion, (Captain) and company have been creating a distraction to draw attention away from Andira's group.
Woman: Andira! Over here!
Andira: Make your way to her and you'll be all set!
They make it to (Captain)'s group safe and sound.
Villager: Huff... Huff... Thank goodness.
Vyrn: Heheh! Looks like it worked!
Lyria: Hey, everyone! We're almost off the estate, just a little further now!
But to their dismay, what was supposed to be a clean getaway comes to a screeching halt.
Hakuya: Well, well, what do we have here... I come to check out the commotion, and I find a pack of rats trying to escape.
Andira: Tch... We came so close!
Vyrn: Hey, you're that jerk who duped us earlier!
Hakuya: Humph, you're the fools for letting yourselves get duped.
Lyria: No! You're just evil for trying to trick us!
Hakuya: Humph... You know what happens to those who dare defy me?
Villager: Eep... It's over for all of us...
Woman: Uh-uh, we can still do this! Don't you want to see your families again?
Woman: They're staying strong, waiting for you to come home!
Andira: That's right. Just leave the rest to us.
Vyrn: We've got this!
Lyria: We're not going to lose!
Andira: Please take the villagers away from here.
Woman: I'm on it!
The woman continues guiding the villagers out of the estate.
Hakuya: Heh, I didn't know pesky little vermin could be such a handful.
Andira: You're not going to chase after them?
Hakuya: Of course I am. Once I've got some time to kill later.
Hakuya: For now, I'm adding you pests to my collection.
Andira: Collection? I'm almost afraid to ask.
Hakuya: Oh, you can take that literally. Once I put you in my pen, I'll be sucking the life out of you all.
Hakuya: Compared to what those flimsy villagers can give me, your lifeblood might just be enough to grant me immortality.
Andira: Immortality?
Hakuya: Correct... I wouldn't have to bother with maintaining my own personal villager farm anymore.
Andira: So you had the villagers locked up for something so dumb.
Hakuya: Dumb, you say?
Hakuya: Have you no interest in eternal life?
Andira: Not in the least.
Andira: It's because I know my life is finite that there's meaning in everything I do.
Andira: I can't imagine how boring it'd be to never age.
Andira looks boldly into Hakuya's eyes.
Hakuya: Humph... I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Hakuya: Let's see if you can keep up that gusto after seeing the real me.
Hakuya: Haaagh!
A giant skeleton emerges around Hakuya as she unleashes her power.
Palespine: I am the great demon, Palespine.
Palespine: Hehehe... I can't wait to see you squirm.
Andira: Urgh... I can already feel her power.
Andira: Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain)! I'll take care of the rest; you guys hightail it outta here!
Yet they continue to stand their ground.
Vyrn: No way are we leaving you with this bonebag alone! We're doing this together!
Andira: But I'm the one responsible for restoring her powers...
Lyria: Andira, you're our friend!
Lyria: Anything that's your responsibility is our responsibility! Right, (Captain)?
The others stand beside Andira and take up a fighting stance.
Andira: Thank you, everyone...
Palespine: Hahahaha! Enough of this farce!
Palespine: This is going to end the same way no matter how many rodents you have in your pack.
Andira: Call us rodents again, and you might just jinx yourself.
Andira: We'll just have to see how this plays out, won't we?
Andira: Give me a hand, everyone!

Truth Behind the Mist: Scene 4

Palespine uses the last of her power to trap Andira in mist. Unable to find a way out, the monkey goddess collapses in utter despair. But the voices of (Captain) and the others cheering her on give her enough strength to escape. Days later, she reaffirms her bond with (Captain) as she tucks into a delicious helping of cotton candy.

Palespine: Ngh... You're far stronger than I had anticipated...
Andira: You bet! You picked the wrong crew to go up against!
The great demon reels from the crew's attack.
Vyrn: Andira! Go for it!
Lyria: Now, Andira!
(Captain) and the others signal for their monkey goddess companion to deal the final blow.
Andira: This is the end for you, Palespine!
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies! Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira: Hraaaa!
Andira's magical staff grows to the size of a giant beanstalk, and she strikes down hard on Palespine.
Palespine: Graaagh!
Palespine falls to the ground in agony.
Andira: Huff... Huff... I did it!
Vyrn: Way to go, Andira!
Lyria: Hooray, Andira!
Andira: Hehe... It's all thanks to you guys.
(Captain) and the crew let their guard down, now that the enemy has finally fallen.
Palespine: (It can't end like this...)
Palespine: (I'll just have to drag them along with me...)
She musters the last of her power and rushes at the crew.
Andira: Watch out!
Andira knocks her allies far into the distance.
Vyrn: Andira!
Lyria: Andira!
Andira: Aaaagh!
Palespine: You're done for...
Andira is engulfed by the mist seeping from Palespine's body.
It fills her mind with a void-like darkness, quickly knocking her unconscious.
She opens her eyes to find nothing but darkness all around her.
Andira: Wh-where am I...
Palespine: You're inside my mist.
Palespine: Mist that you'll never escape from.
Palespine: Heh heh heh... Wither away and perish.
Andira: Rgh, there's no way I'm throwing in the towel.
Andira: Light as a feather... Come, my cloud!
Andira: Now to look for the exit.
Riding on her cloud, Andira flies about inside the mist.
But no matter where she looks, there appears to be no way out.
Andira: No, this isn't over yet... I won't let it end like this!
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies! Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira: Haaah! Yaaah! Taaah!
Andira strikes in every direction, but her staff only makes contact with the empty air.
Andira: Aw, geez! How do I get out of this bottomless pit?
Palespine: Give it up—you're just wasting your energy.
Feeling defeated, Andira loses balance and falls off her cloud.
She lies stock still on the ground.
Andira: I'm... out of strength...
Palespine: That's a good girl... Give up and die already.
Andira: Vyrn... Lyria... (Captain)... As long as you're all safe...
Andira: Then I'm fine here...
I'm... starting to feel dozy...
A familiar voice calls out to her before she gives in to the siren call of sleep entirely.
Vyrn: Wake up, Andira! You wouldn't wanna catch a cold out here!
Lyria: C'mon, Andira! We still need to go to Tianzhu together!
Andira: Vyrn... Lyria...
  1. Andira!

Choose: Andira!
Andira: (Captain)...
  1. Don't lose hope!

Choose: Don't lose hope!
Andira: Yeah... I've still got a long life ahead of me!
  1. Tianzhu's gonna be a blast!

Choose: Tianzhu's gonna be a blast!
Andira: Yeah! We still need to get there!
Andira stands back up and prepares to cast a spell.
Andira: I am Divine Monkey Andira, bearer of the great Monkey King's will!
Andira pulls a hair from her head and blows at it.
Andira: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Mirror images of Andira fill up the surrounding space en masse.
Andira: I can still do this!
She creates as many mirror images as she possibly can.
Andira: Huff... Puff...Time for my final technique...
Each and every one of Andira's mirror images forms a magical hand seal to fully unleash their strength.
Andira: Wisdom blossoming... Onward to Tianzhu!
Andira: Infinite Monkey Hands: Baboon Blast!
Balls of tremendous energy are unleashed simultaneously by every clone of Andira.
They bounce around vibrantly in the dark space until it is bathed in alabaster.
Palespine: I... I can't believe you still had this much power!
Palespine: Damn you, damn you, damn you! Blasted descendant of the wretched Monkey King!
Palespine: What insufferable humiliation! I'll make you regret this someday!
Bathed in a flood of light, Andira loses consciousness.
Some time passes.
Though her mind is still hazy, she recognizes the sound of an all-too-familiar voice.
Vyrn: Dira... Hey... Smell the su... Andira!
Lyria: An... Please wak... Andira!
Andira: Mng... Vyrn... Lyria...
After slowly opening up her eyes, she looks fondly at the faces of her trusty companions.
Lyria: Andira! Thank goodness you're awake!
Vyrn: Heheh! Glad to see you're okay!
(Captain) picks Andira up and carries her away from the estate.
Taken with the reassuring comfort of the captain's arms, the monkey goddess once again falls into a snooze.
Days later...
Having succeeded in freeing the villagers from their evil feudal lord...
The crew joins in on a local festival to celebrate.
Andira: Yay, a festival! Festivals are just the best!
Vyrn: Haha. Glad to see you up and about, Andira.
Lyria: You went through a lot to save this village. It's only fair that you have some fun while we're still here.
Andira: Hm... What should I eat first...
As her eyes dart across the vast array of food stands, (Captain) hands her an extra-extra-large order of cotton candy.
Andira: Er... (Captain), you bought this for me?
  1. You deserve it.

Choose: You deserve it.
Andira: Whatcha staring at? Come on, it's a festival!
Andira: Ehehe... This looks so good!
Vyrn: Look at her eyes light up at the sight of cotton candy... She's still just a kid, huh?
Lyria: Ehehe, it's nice to see her back to normal.
Andira nibbles at the king-sized cotton candy, her expression one of pure rapture.
As if coming to her senses, she removes the fluffy treat from her mouth.
She then prompts (Captain) with a question.
Andira: You know, I was wondering if I might ever find something I like more than cotton candy. Like, maybe when I'm all grown up.
Andira: Makes me lonely just thinking about it.
Andira: That's why I'm hoping I'll be on good terms with cotton candy forever and ever.
Sensing how sentimental Andira is feeling, (Captain) leans forward with a sympathetic nod.
Andira: Thanks, (Captain).
Andira: Just the same, I hope to be on good terms with you forever and ever too.
(Captain) smiles at the hint of maturity on Andira's countenance.
Andira: Ehehe, it's a promise then!
Back to her usual playful self, a delighted Andira stuffs her mouth full of cotton candy.
No matter the adversity that awaits them from this point forward, Andira and (Captain) will surely have each other's backs through it all.

Fluffy Friends

Near the end of the year, Anila, Guardian of the South-Southwest, goes to visit Andira, Guardian of the West-Southwest, for a transfer of duties. Andira asks Anila to summon a flock of sheep from a magic circle. Surrounded by the fleecy creatures, Andira delights in their fluffy goodness.

Near the end of the year, Anila goes to see Andira.
Andira: Oh, Anila!
Anila: Hehehe. You look sprightly as ever!
Anila and Andira are happy to see each other again after such a long time.
Andira: Oh, that's right! You must be here for the passing of the baton!
Anila: Of course. This is the last part of my job, after all.
Andira: Thanks for all your hard work as the year spirit!
Anila: Ha ha, don't you sound all grown up!
Andira: Well even I can't be a little kid forever!
Anila smiles to see how Andira has matured since her last visit.
Anila: Still... Are you sure you can handle this?
Anila: You're hardly any older than my little brothers and sisters...
Andira: Come on, Anila! You worry too much!
Andira responds to Anila's concern with a pout.
Anila: Ahem... How rude of me.
Anila: I apologize. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
At first Andira stubbornly keeps her gaze averted, but then she sneaks a glance back at Anila's face.
Suddenly, as if the hurt feelings never existed, a smile lights up Andira's face.
Andira: If you're really sorry, then... Can you do that thing? You know the one!
Anila: Oh, dear. I played right into your hands, didn't I?
Andira: Heh heh. You figured it out?
Anila can't help but smile at Andira's mischievous grin.
Anila: Honestly... I don't know why you're so keen on it.
Anila: Although... I'll admit, I'm rather fond of it myself.
With that, she thrusts her spear into the earth.
Anila: I am Anila, Queen of Sheep. By my name, I command my brethren... Come forth, ovine multitude!
In answer to Anila's incantation, a magic circle appears on the ground.
Fluffy sheep come bounding out of the circle one after another.
Andira: Woohoo! I'm surrounded by fluff!
Anila: Oh, no... I can do much more than this. Behold!
To prove her boast, Anila continues to summon sheep ad infinitum.
Andira buries herself in a warm, woolly pile and snuggles to her heart's content.
Andira: So fluffy...
Anila: Heh heh heh... Cute little dickens. It makes me sheepish to see how much you like them.
Anila enfolds Andira in a sisterly embrace.
Their time together flies by in the twinkling of an eye.
Anila: Well... I suppose I should be on my way...
Andira: Come on, there's no need to rush!
Anila: Oh, now you want to be spoiled like a kid, hmm?
Anila: What happened to the model Divine General I was talking with just a moment ago?
Andira: Alright, alright... I get your point.
Anila: Remember, this is only goodbye for a short while... We'll meet again soon enough.
Andira is reluctant to say goodbye. It's as though she thinks this will be the last time they ever see each other.
Anila: You're hopeless, you know that? But if you're ever in trouble, you can call on me, okay? I promise.
Andira: What! Really?
Anila: Well, I'm practically your big sister, aren't I? Of course!
Andira: Thank you, Anila!
The year spirit's torch passes from the Sheep to the Monkey.
But the friendship between Anila and Andira is warmer and stronger than the mere bonds of duty between two Divine Generals.

Girls of a Feather

Andira visits the Rooster Temple to bequeath her responsibilities to Mahira, who reveals that she's built a tiny airship to make her dreams of flight a reality. Before taking over the burden of year spirit, Mahira enjoys a fun day of carefree flying with Andira.

Andira pays a visit to the Rooster Temple. Her reason for being here is to pass on the role of year spirit to Mahira, her successor.
Andira: Oh, there you are, Mahi!
Mahira: It's been a while, Andie. Grown a little taller since last time?
Andira: Hee hee... I've done quite a bit of growing on my end! What about you, Mahi?
Mahira: Mm. About a millimeter this year.
Andira: Whoa, nice! Just a little bit more to your goal!
Mahira: Just a little bit more. So what brings you here? Oh! Are you here to pass on your responsibilities?
Andira: Yeah! But first...
Andira: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Andira: Quiz time! Which one's the real me?
Mahira: Another one of your monkey quizzes? You can't fool me!
Andira: Hee hee... We'll see about that!
Mahira: You haven't fooled me yet, so... Hm?
Andira: Mahi's sweating bullets! Will she be able to pull it together?
Mahira: ...
Mahira: The one on the right? Made you look! Left!
Andira: Woah!
Andira: You got me! But how could you tell?
Mahira: Tough to say. The one on the left just seemed extra Andira-ful.
Andira: Huh? Just a hunch? And after I spent all that time training too...
Mahira: It was definitely tougher than last time though! You've improved a lot during your time as year spirit!
Mahira: You deserve an extra round of applause for all your efforts this past year.
Andira: Oh, Mahi... You don't have to give me any extra applause.
Mahira: Anyway. This is the year of the West. My turn, right?
Andira: Yup! I'm rooting for you! Ready to get your head in the game?
Mahira: Hm... More or less?
Andira: Haha! A very Mahi reaction. Anila's been worried about you too, you know!
Andira: Your lack of enthusiasm isn't very reassuring.
Mahira: I guess. I'll do my job, okay? I'm not about to let everyone at the Rooster Temple down.
Andira: How's Grandma Rooster been doing? She seemed to be in high spirits when she paid me a visit!
Andira: Oh, that's right! This is like a dream come true for you, right, Mahi?
Mahira: My dream? Oh right. We talked about this before, didn't we?
Andira: You want to soar across the skies, right? I bet you'll be able to ride my cloud this time!
Mahira: Hm... I wonder. Don't you need to be part of a special bloodline for that?
Andira: It should be able to give you a freebie! Go ahead. Hop on!
Mahira: Thanks, but... I'm okay. Really.
Mahira: I've got plenty of growing ahead of me this year, Andie.
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly!
Mahira: Ba-bam.
Andira: Wow, that was amazing! You made your own personal airship?
Mahira: Yep. It's named Clucky.
Andira: Haha! Nice to meet you, Clucky!
Andira: Oh, I know! How about we go flying around a bit? Before you take over for me, I mean.
Mahira: Okay. I'm gonna leave you in the dust!
Andira: Hee hee! Not if I can help it!
The two girls soar off into the sky with smiles on their faces.
A rare privilege afforded only to the Twelve Divine Generals.
Unburdened by their usual responsibilities, Andira and Mahira enjoy a rare chance to act their age... For the time being anyway.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
もっくんに乗って お昼寝しよ~ I'll just have a nap on my cloud...
まにあってますので おきづかいなくー No thanks! I'm okay for now.
ありがとうございます おひきとりねがいますー Thank you very much, and goodbye!
オマエの相手は このボクだ I'm your opponent now!
いつかテンジクに 絶対行ってやるんだ! One day I'll go to Tianzhu!
アニラお姉ちゃんと もふもふしたいなぁ~ I wanna fluff about with Anila...
おじいちゃん… 元気にしてるかなぁ… I wonder if my grandfather's doing okay...
もー疲れたよ~ ぶら下がってもいい? I'm tired! Can't we just hang here?
ボクは(主人公)の ウンメイのヒト? (Captain), were we fated to meet?
ねぇ(主人公)ー? ふふ、呼んでみただけ! Hey, (Captain)! Haha! Never mind!