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Official Profile

Age 15
Height 137 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Looking after her cows, delivering milk
Likes Princes, her family, cow's milk, afternoon naps, illustrated storybooks for girls
Dislikes Physical training, housework in general (it's part of her training)
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 15歳
Height 137cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies お牛さまのお世話、牛乳配達
Likes 王子さま、家族、牛乳、昼寝、少女向け絵物語
Dislikes 運動、家事全般(修行中)
Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain)... Happy birthday!
I'm so glad that... we can celebrate your birthday together...
You know, sometimes... I think about what it'd be like... if I never ended up meeting you...
But... I guess there's no point thinking about it... is there?
We were lucky enough to meet each other... And now, we can be together, forever...
Let's continue celebrating together every year... until we're both old and wrinkly, okay?


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'm your present. Please do with me as you please...
Moohoohoo... I've always wanted to try this common trope in illustrated storybooks for real...
C'mon, (Captain)... Take me...
While grateful for the offer, the captain is not entirely sure how to respond.
Moo... Your embarrassment is spreading to me.
I'm not kidding, (Captain)... I'm all yours... No refunds allowed...
May we be bound in happiness forever and ever...


Happy birthday, (Captain)...
You always show me love and support, so today is my chance to return the favor...
I'm going to make your favorite dish... And I'll even feed it to you...
I'll even throw in unlimited Ox Temple milk... And what about a shoulder massage I learned from my illustrated books?
If you get sleepy, my lap is a comfy place to rest your head...
Moohoohoo... I'm going to make this your best birthday ever.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Yaaawn... How many nights... until New Year's...
Huh? Oh... It's already... the new year.
The best way to spend the beginning of the year... is to take a nap and relax...
Come on, (Captain)... Let's nap together.


(Captain), Happy New Year...
My New Year's resolution? It's to get married... with you...
I'm going to start off by having a milk-drinking party with the girls in the crew...
I'm going to ask for advice there... Maybe I can "accidentally" roll all over you while trying to get a kite off my body, or I can corner you against the wall...
Make sure you don't peek, okay, (Captain)?
Moohoohoo... You're going to love the surprise I have in store... I'm sure of it...


I can't believe I get to visit the shrine with you by my side, (Captain). Moohoohoo, I bet you know my New Year's wish without me having to say it, don't you?
But just so you know... I'm not going to pray it comes true.
It's just... I promised myself I would show you what I'm worth...
I can't rely on a wish to get what I want... I have to be the one to make my dreams happen...
So, my prince charming... Will you stick around until I've earned your company?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Um, (Captain)... I made some chocolate for you...
Yeah, I'm fine... Moomoo helped out too, so it all worked out...
I was going to do the classic... "accidentally put in salt instead of sugar" thing... like in the illustrated books...
But... I misread the labels for the salt and sugar...
So it ended up... being normal chocolate...
I did my best and made it... with all my heart... so I hope you enjoy it.


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). This is for you...
I made this extra sweet chocolate from freshly squeezed milk at the farm.
Mm-hm, I made it myself using the special recipe book my mom gave me.
"The right balance of ingredients is key to making sweets. Look carefully at the salt and sugar labels. Valentine's isn't over until you hand over the chocolate."
There's a lot of take in, but the best advice of all is...
"Put all your love into the chocolate..." That's apparently the secret to making it taste great.
Moohoohoo... You can be sure I poured all my love into my Valentine's gift for you, (Captain)...


Happy Valentine's Day... I made you milk chocolates filled with love...
Actually, Mama taught me a magic trick to make them taste eeextra special.
Here, (Captain). Take one in your palm. Now I'll say the magic words.
Tasty, delicious treats... Milky-milky, moo-moo... Become extra sweet!
D-did it work? Mama said it never fails.
I hope you can taste the love I poured into them...

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain)? You were looking... for me?
A-are you... mad about... me breaking the dishes?
Hm... No?
Then... is it about me spilling milk... on the bed? Or... trying to fill the bath... without putting in the stopper?
Huh? You want to give me a present... for White Day?
U-um... This isn't just a dream... right?
I'm so... so... happy!
Moohoohoo. Thank you, (Captain)...
I'll prepare something even better... for next Valentine's, okay?


Huh? Oh, (Captain)... Did you want to talk to me?
I haven't the slightest clue why you would suddenly call out to me... Hehe...
Moohoohoo... I had no idea it was White Day today...
Catura's face lights up as she waves her tail accessory.
(Captain) pretends not to notice and hands over a White Day gift.
Wow! This makes me so happy, (Captain). Thank you...
Moohoohoo... It's like a dream, only it's not...


Oh, (Captain)... You're here to give me a thank you gift?
Moohoohoo... Pinch me. I must be dreaming... I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
Can I give you a thank you gift for the thank you gift? How about one of my favorite illustrated books?
This one's called "The Sweetest Love." There are so many classic romantic parts. Mama even read it to me.
And this one is "Shining Prince." The plot features an interesting mystery—I was guessing the true identity of the prince until the very end.
She pulls out a few more illustrated books, divulging to (Captain) her love for each one.
Each of these books helped shape me to be the person I am today... I'd love for you to read them too...
So I think I should give them all to you.
No, it's okay. I bought these copies as gifts. I have my own copies back home...
I hope these stories touch your heart the way they touched mine...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain)... Trick... or treat...
Will you have... a trick? Or a treat?
Or maybe you'll have... me?
Moohoohoo! I've always wanted... to try saying that...
Of course you're going to... choose me... right, (Captain)?


Catura is surrounded by children on Halloween night.
Catura: Moo... Here comes a treat from your favorite cow.
Buh-bye... Be good to the cows out there, okay?
Choose: Trick or treat!
Ah, (Captain). Happy Halloween... Here's a treat. Moo.
Moomoo: Moo!
Catura: Huh? My bag of treats was right here...
I guess this means I'm in for a trick...
Um... Please go easy on me, (Captain)...
Moomoo: Moo...
Clutching the bag with its hoofs, Moomoo flashes a satisfied grin.
Moomoo's plan to deepen the bond between the two is a resounding success.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Wow! Look... It's snowing outside...
The snowflakes are so pretty... Almost like petals...
A snowy winter... That's another classic in illustrated books.
It must be the sky's way... of giving its blessings to us, (Captain)...
My first holy night with (Captain)...
Moohoohoo! Let's make it... one to remember, okay?


What a lively party... This is going to be fun...
I'm reminded of the communal feasts we had back home. We would all be enjoying our food and dancing with the cows...
Um, I don't mind being around everyone, but...
I'd much prefer to be alone with you, (Captain)...
After all, the stars in the sky are so much sparklier tonight...
I want to watch them with you... Just the two of us...
(Captain) responds to her bashful request with a soft smile, putting her coat over her shoulders.
They then quietly slip out of the venue together.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Guardian of the North-Northeast

When the crew land on a small island to visit the Ox Temple, they are approached by a girl named Catura who insists that (Captain) is her prince and asks the captain to marry her. They find out that Catura is, in fact, the keeper of the ranch that serves as the Ox Temple. According to Catura, she has been searching for a partner with whom she can continue protecting the ranch. With her sights set on (Captain), she decides to join the crew on their journey.

(Captain) and company are on their way north-northeast to a small island where the Ox Temple resides to pay their respects for the new year.
With the Grandcypher being too big for the island's modest port, they land at a field a slight ways from the village.
Vyrn: Whew. Well, touchin' down's one thing, but...
Cow: Moooo!
A single cow trots toward them. When (Captain) reaches out to stroke it, the cow swishes its tail in delight.
Lyria: It seems we're at a ranch... Do you think it's okay for us to leave our ship here in the field?
Vyrn: Dunno... There's plenty of space around here, so it shouldn't get in anyone's way...
As they look thoughtfully at the Grandcypher, they notice someone approaching from afar.
Ranch Girl: ...
Lyria: Is that someone from the ranch? Her outfit's covered in cow prints—it's so cute!
Vyrn: She sure is takin' her time... Let's ask her where we should leave the ship!
The young girl continues to walk closer until she finally stops in front of them.
Lyria: Hello. I'm sorry, we just landed on this island with our ship over there, and we were wondering...
Ranch Girl: I've been waiting for you... My one and only... prince...
Vyrn: Wha?
The girl suddenly grabs (Captain)'s hand, her eyes brimming with tears.
Little Cow: Moooo!
The small cow canters happily as flower petals blow all around, as if to celebrate this miraculous encounter.
Ranch Girl: Finally... you've come for me...
Ranch Girl: Moohoohoo! It's almost like a dream, except it's not...
Vyrn: Uh, hey... Cow Prints? Are you okay?
Vyrn's question falls on deaf ears as the girl continues to gaze at (Captain).
Ranch Girl: U-um, Prince Charming...
Ranch Girl: Please... Please marry me!
A brief silence follows.
The ranch is completely quiet as the girl's words take a moment to sink in.
Lyria: Huh? U-um, what do you mean by that?
Vyrn: Whoa, hang on a second! You only just met (Captain)!
Ranch Girl: I've already decided... to give myself to my destined prince...
Ranch Girl: And I feel it in my heart... that you're the one...
Lyria: Oh dear... Um... Are you really a prince, (Captain)?
Gran is the Main Character

Vyrn: Come on, no way! Why're you even askin', Lyria?
Lyria: Y-you're right... It's just that she seemed so confident that I thought, maybe...

Djeeta is the Main Character

Vyrn: Come on, no way! Besides, (Captain)'s a girl! Callin' her a prince makes no sense!
Ranch Girl: Hm? But... a prince is a prince...
Ranch Girl: We're going to live together... Does it matter... if it's a boy or a girl?
Lyria: If you put it that way... I guess you're right.
Continue 1
Cow: Moooo!
Ranch Girl: What's that? The prince's touch felt just like Papa's?
Cow: Moooo!
Ranch Girl: Yeah... Arriving on a flying horse... that can travel through the skies... is pretty grand, isn't it?
Ranch Girl: Moohoohoo! Thank you, dear horse... for bringing my prince to me.
The girl turns in the direction of the airship and gives a small bow of thanks.
Ranch Girl: Wow... It's completely different from the cows—it doesn't have any fur at all! But it's so big... and looks absolutely splendid...
Lyria: By "flying horse"... do you mean the Grandcypher?
Ranch Girl: Grand-cy-pher... What a beautiful name for a horse...
Vyrn: Uh... I don't even know what to say anymore.
Ranch Girl: Oh... I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?
Catura: I'm Catura... I live with my mama and papa and our dear cows on this ranch...
Catura: And soon, with my prince as well...
Catura: We'll clean the cows' poop first thing in the morning... Then roll around on the grass and bathe in the sun in the afternoon... And at night, we'll have some delicious stew before heading to bed...
Catura: We'll spend our lives together... until we get old and wrinkly.
  1. I'm afraid I can't...
  2. That doesn't sound too bad.

Choose: I'm afraid I can't...
(Captain) thinks for a moment on how to resolve the girl's misunderstanding.

Choose: That doesn't sound too bad.
Catura: Moohoohoo! I know I still have a lot to work on... but I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with—
Vyrn: Wait a minute! You aren't seriously thinkin' of settling down on a farm after we've come this far, are ya?
Hearing Vyrn's objection, (Captain) snaps out of it and thinks on how to resolve the girl's misunderstanding.
Continue 2
The captain explains to the girl that they're skyfarers on a journey to a certain destination.
Catura: Estalucia? Is that... where we're going for our honeymoon?
Vyrn: Oh boy... Okay, time to get that whole gettin' married business outta your mind.
Vyrn: You've got the wrong person. We just happened to be passin' through...
Catura: Mooey! I know I'm not wrong...
Catura puffs out her cheeks in frustration, brows furrowed.
Catura's Mom: Catura! Come inside—lunch is ready!
A woman's voice echoes across the field from a house in the distance.
Catura: Oh, Mama's calling...
Catura: If you're really my prince charming, (Captain)... I'm sure we'll meet again.
Catura: I know how it goes... The handsome stranger ends up being the new transfer student at school... and is put in the same class as the heroine...
Vyrn: The heroine? What're you babblin' about now?
Catura: Moohoohoo! That's what the illustrated books say... And Mama told me too... that it's a classic plot.
Catura: So I'm reeeally sad to go... but we'll see each other soon again, okay? Bye-bye... for now!
Cow: Moooo...
The mysterious girl trudges back to the house, a herd of cows trailing behind her.
Vyrn: What the heck was that... So much was goin' on in that conversation that we didn't end up asking if we can leave the ship here.
Lyria: She certainly was interesting! Who knows, maybe we will see her again.
Still in a daze from their curious encounter, the crew decide to make their way to the village where the Ox Temple is located.
When (Captain) and company arrive at the village, they find the place packed and lively, with shop booths lining the streets like at a festival.
After praying for a safe journey at the temple's altar, the crew takes some time to explore the area.
Vyrn: Hm... There's a lotta people, but it doesn't seem like anything too special is goin' on.
Lyria: You're right... I don't see the keeper of the temple anywhere either.
Vyrn: That's who the year spirit's supposed to be right? One of the Twelve Divine Generals... It'd be nice if we could meet 'em...
Suddenly, they hear someone calling out to them energetically from a booth.
Shopkeeper: Buttered potatoes, anyone? I guarantee they'll be the best thing you eat this New Year's! How 'bout it, travelers?
Lyria: Wow! Those look delicious! Can we try some, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and orders a buttered potato from the shopkeeper.
Shopkeeper: Heh, thank you very much! Be careful, young lady—it's hot!
Lyria: Oooh! This is hot!
Lyria: Foo... Foo... Nom nom.
Lyria: Mmmm! It's so tasty, and the butter is really rich! It just warms you right up!
Shopkeeper: Haha! I'm glad you're enjoyin' it, young lady!
Shopkeeper: I noticed you guys lookin' around the temple, so I'll let you in on one thing.
Shopkeeper: This place... isn't the actual Ox Temple.
Lyria: Huh? Really? But the guide told us...
Shopkeeper: Well, they're not wrong. But this is what you'd call a branch shrine run by the villagers.
Shopkeeper: The actual Ox Temple isn't a temple but a ranch located slightly outside of town.
Vyrn: We passed by a ranch on our way here, but I'm pretty sure I didn't see any shrines...
Shopkeeper: There's a bit of a history behind it, but in any case, the temple keeper's also at the ranch.
Shopkeeper: She wears a cow-themed outfit and might be a strange one at first glance, but she's a nice girl. She delivers fresh milk to the village every morning.
Lyria: A cow outfit... Could it be...
Just then, the crew hears a loud noise resembling that of an engine.
The deafening roar intensifies as it grows closer and closer.
Catura: (Captain)! Finally... I've been look—
Catura: Erm, I mean... Wow! What a coincidence... right? This really must... be fate...
Vyrn: What the, Cow Prints? Wait a sec, what was that about lookin' for us?
Shopkeeper: So you guys know each other already! Catura here's the keeper of the ranch... and the Ox Temple.
Lyria: I knew you were special, Catura!
Catura jumps off her gearcycle and cocks her head thoughtfully.
Catura: Hm... Did I not tell you?
Shopkeeper: Did you come to check up on the branch temple? The chief should be in the office.
Catura: Nope, I came for... my fated reunion with (Captain) today...
Shopkeeper: What? You mean... you're the prince?
  1. I guess so?
  2. Um, no.

Choose: I guess so?
Shopkeeper: I see... Well, this is great news! Congrats, Catura!

Choose: Um, no.
Catura: What do you mean "no"? We managed to meet again... didn't we?
Vyrn: You're not wrong there, but this is definitely more forced than fated...
Shopkeeper: In any case, this is great news! Congrats, Catura!
Continue 3
Shopkeeper: If I'd known you were the prince, I would've given you that potato on the house!
Shopkeeper: I use the fresh milk that Catura brings us to make my butter.
Catura: Moohoohoo! Thank you... for always putting it to such good use...
Villager 1: Hey, did I hear that right? You finally found your prince? Everyone knows just how hard you've tried up until now...
Villager 2: Though sometimes you try a little too hard. Like that time you got your foot stuck in the glass shoe and had the whole village scrambling to get you out of it...
Catura: I-I wanted to practice... after reading a particular illustrated book...
Lyria: Oh! So many people are gathering around us!
Villager 3: Sniff... I'm so glad I'll be able to witness your happiest day during my lifetime...
Catura: Oh, Granny... I'll come give you shoulder massages even after I'm married... okay?
Vyrn: Wait, we haven't said anything about—
Village Chief: Hey, Prince... Make sure you treat Catura right! We're counting on you!
The people of the village continue to swarm (Captain), excitedly congratulating the troubled captain one after another.
Vyrn: Finally... Some personal space...
Catura: U-um... Sorry about that. Things got a bit rowdy back there...
Lyria: Catura, you're amazing! You must get along so well with everyone in this village!
Catura: I do! They're all really nice...
Catura: Um, (Captain)... I want to have a proper talk with you... so will you come back to my house with me?
Vyrn: That might be a good idea, since we wanna know more about the Ox Temple anyway. Let's pay the ranch another visit!
The crew follows Catura as she begins to head home.
Catura: ...
Catura leisurely strolls down the street, at a pace so slow that (Captain) and the others find it hard not to bump into each other.
Vyrn: Hey, can'tcha walk a bit faster? It's gonna be night by the time we get back to the ranch!
Catura: Oh, um... I guess it's hard to tell... but I'm already doing my best to hurry...
Gearcycle: ...!
Catura: Oh, Milky! I'm sorry I left you behind...
Lyria: Ahaha, did you forget about your gearcycle? Now that it's here, you can get home faster!
Catura: Yeah... It makes delivering the milk every day easier too.
Vyrn: Huh? But wait... did that gearcycle just come on its own?
With a more convenient ride home, Catura and the crew arrive back at the ranch in no time.
Catura's Mom: Hello, everyone, welcome! Make yourselves comfortable while I go warm up some milk.
Catura: I can do that...
Catura's Dad: Haha, why don't you leave it to Mama? We wouldn't want you burning yourself again like last time.
Catura: Oh, mooey! You don't have to tell everyone, Papa... It's embarrassing...
(Captain) and company sit down at the table as Catura's mother places steaming cups of hot milk in front of them.
Catura's Mom: (Captain), was it? I'm sorry, you must have been so surprised by everything that's happened today.
Lyria: Ahaha... None of us knew how to react when the topic of marriage came up.
Catura's Mom: Our little Catura has always been a bit clumsy, in both her actions and words. Her naivety might give off the wrong impression sometimes...
Catura's Mom: But in fact, she's the sweetest, kindest, and most honest girl in all of the skies.
Catura's Dad: Haha... Mama, you started bragging a bit there.
Catura's Mom: Oh dear, look at me!
Vyrn: Haha, it's nice to see such a happy family! It'd be great if you could tell us more about what's goin' on though...
Catura's Mom: Oh yes, of course. Catura isn't very good at explaining, so allow me to tell you about the Ox Temple.
Catura's mother takes a deep breath and begins to explain.
Catura's Mom: The Ox Temple is different from the other temples, you see. Its role is to care for and raise the sacred animals known as cattle.
Catura's Mom: That's why the duty of the Divine Ox is to spend her days at the ranch peacefully in the borrowed guise of a sacred cow.
Lyria: I see... So that's why Catura's wearing so many cow prints!
The Divine Ox is inherited genetically, with Catura's mother serving as the previous Divine Ox.
That is why Catura has spent a great deal of effort up until now to search for her own partner—someone whom she can continue protecting the ranch with.
Catura's Mom: Catura's been waiting for her prince for a long time... I see her looking up at the sky every day.
Catura's Mom: Oh, by the way, that's how I met Papa here as well! He was a skyfarer himself.
Catura: Moohoo. I can't wait to start my own family... just as Mama and Papa did...
Vyrn: Okay, I kinda see the picture now... What I still don't get is why you're callin' your partner a prince.
Catura's Dad: That would be Mama's doing.
Catura's Dad: Have you heard of illustrated books geared toward young women? They're quite popular with the ladies, and the stories usually involve romance.
Catura's Dad: Mama here is a collector of these illustrated books. Catura's been reading the books since she was a little girl... and before we knew it, she had an ideal prince formed in her mind.
Vyrn: Ahh... That'd explain all the talk about flying horses and heroines.
Catura's mother turns to her daughter.
Catura's Mom: Now, Catura... Are you certain (Captain) here is the prince you've been waiting for?
Catura: I'm sure, Mama... I knew as soon as we met...
Catura: I can give plenty of reasons. Arriving on a horse... The message in the constellations... The similarities to Papa...
Catura: But the most important thing... is the special feeling I have in my heart. I knew right away... that it was fate...
Catura's Mom: ...
Catura's Mom: I see... Hehe, this really does remind me of when I first met Papa.
Catura's Mom: But have you thought it out completely, dear? (Captain) is in the middle of a journey.
Catura: ...
Catura: (Captain)... I have a favor to ask...
Catura: Will you... take me with you... on your journey?
Catura's Mom: Oh my!
Catura: There are a lot of things... I don't know...
Catura: But still... I want to be with you... Closer to you...
Catura: Can I... come with you?
  1. Of course you can.
  2. Let's journey together.

Choose: Of course you can.
Choose: Let's journey together.
(Captain) tells Catura she is welcome to join the crew's journey, marriage talks aside.
Catura: ...!
Catura: Thank you so much! But... I still want us to get married someday...
Vyrn: Haha. Stubborn, aren'tcha? But it'll be a lotta fun havin' you with us, that's for sure!
Lyria: Yes, I'm sure we'll have a great time journeying together, Catura!
Catura's Dad: Oh, Catura... You've grown so much... Look at you, going off on your own!
Catura: Papa... You're being so dramatic...
Catura's Mom: You can leave the ranch to us for now, Catura. So go out and have as much fun as you like in your travels!
Catura: Thanks, Mama! I'll grow even more... and come back with (Captain)...
Catura's Mom: I leave my daughter in your hands, (Captain).
Catura: Moohoohoo. I guess... I'll be in your hands then.
And with that, the dreaming Catura joins the crew on their journey through the skies.
Cow: Moooo!
The cows at the ranch raise their voices in unison, as if to celebrate the beginning of their caretaker's new life.

Catura's Very Best

Catura spends her days on the ship thinking of ways to invite (Captain) out on a date. One day, she realizes that she feels strangely gloomy whenever Lyria is with (Captain). She decides to refer to her illustrated books for ideas and makes plans to get closer to the captain.

My name is Catura... I'm just a regular Divine General... doing Divine General stuff.
Moohoohoo! Right now, I'm in the middle of my honeymoon... together with my prince charming.
Since the weather's so nice today... (Captain) and I are putting some clothes out to dry while the ship's anchored.
Yes... Now is the time for me to shine... as a dependable partner!
And after we're done... maybe I can invite (Captain) out... on a d-date...
Vyrn: What's the matter, Cow Prints? You've been spacin' out there for a while... There's still a whole pile of laundry left in the basket.
Catura: Oh... I'm sorry. I'll hang these up now...
This is Vyrn... He's always with (Captain).
I think he's (Captain)'s pet dog...
(Captain) must have found him on a rainy day... abandoned on the road... and decided to adopt him...
Vyrn: Huh... That's weird. I just had this sudden urge to strangle someone.
Lyria: Catura, would you like a stool?
Catura: A... stool?
Lyria: The line's pretty high up, so a stool might make it easier to hang things. See, I'm using one too!
This is Lyria... She's always with (Captain) too.
I wonder why...
I feel kind of gloomy... when Lyria's around (Captain)... But I don't feel this way toward the dog Vyrn...
Catura: No... I'm fine. I can do it without a stool...
Catura reaches up and continues draping the freshly washed clothes onto the clothesline.
Catura: (Lyria's been traveling with (Captain) for a long time now...)
She takes another side-glance, only to find (Captain) standing next to Lyria, steadying her stool.
Catura: (Aww... I wish (Captain) would...)
Catura is distracted for a brief moment when something unexpected happens.
Catura: Eek!
Catura's horn catches the rope as she turns her head, snapping it. The clothes fly off the rope and over the deck of the ship.
Vyrn: Ack! The clothes!
  1. ...!

Choose: ...!
In a flash, (Captain) leaps off the ship and snatches the clothes in midair.
  1. Lyria!

Choose: Lyria!
Lyria: Got it!
Lyria: Please, Tiamat... Lend me your power!
Tiamat: ...
Tiamat catches (Captain) and safely brings both the captain and the wet clothes back onto the deck.
Catura: W-wow...
Lyria: You have to be careful, (Captain)! I'm glad you got our clothes back, but that was dangerous...
Vyrn: No kidding. Looks like we've got almost everything back though, except maybe a few...
Moomoo: Moooo!
Catura: Oh, Moomoo... Did you help... collect the laundry?
A miniature cow appears and drags some clothing back to Catura, huffing and puffing.
Vyrn: Nice work! Think that's everything!
Catura: I'm sorry... I ended up causing... so much trouble...
Lyria: That's okay! Let's hang them up again!
Catura: Okay...
Catura: ((Captain) and Lyria... Their teamwork was perfect...)
Catura: (And now... I feel gloomy again...)
Catura borrows a stool and proceeds to hang up the clothes once more.
That night, Catura lays on her bed reading one of her beloved illustrated books.
Catura: Moohoo... That was such a lovely story... wasn't it, Moomoo?
Moomoo: Moooo!
The Divine Ox closes the book with a look of satisfaction on her face. She gazes at the cover, on which a picture of the prince holding the princess in his arms is printed.
Catura: A bridal carry... It must be so nice...
Moomoo: Moooo!
Milky: ...!
Catura: Moohoohoo! You're saying you'll carry me? Why thank you... That makes me happy. Still...
Catura: I couldn't invite (Captain) out on a date... Maybe it's too much to ask...
Lyria: You have to be careful, (Captain)! I'm glad you got our clothes back, but that was dangerous...
Catura: ...
Catura: Sigh...
Catura lets out a sigh, rolling off the bed and onto a large patch of grass on her room floor.
Catura: This feels better... It's so soft, and smells of sunshine... Just like back at the ranch...
Moomoo: Moooo?
Catura: No... I'm not giving up.
Catura: I want to get to know (Captain) better... I want to get closer... And that calls for a date.
Catura: Let's think of a plan together... Will you help me?
The Two: Mooooo!
And so begins their emergency team meeting.
Together, they think of ways for Catura and (Captain) to grow closer to each other, with Catura's romantic illustrated books as their guide.

Catura's Very Best: Scene 2

The next day, Catura proceeds to carry out her plans, only to have them fail one after another. When she hurts herself while cooking in the kitchen, Lyria checks up on her and immediately tends to her wound. Lyria comforts the discouraged Catura, and the two become fast friends.

Early the next morning, Catura wakes up at the crack of dawn and proceeds to carry out the plan she had thought up the previous night.
Catura: Moohoohoo. Now all that's left... is to wait.
Catura: Yaaawn...
Moomoo: Moooo?
Catura: Hmm... I'm used to waking up early to tend to the cows at the ranch....
Catura: But we went to bed pretty late last night... so I'm feeling a little drowsy...
Milky: ...!
Catura: (Captain) should be coming out soon? Okay, then let's get ready...
Holding a piece of toast in her mouth, Catura hurries to hide behind a corner of the hallway.
Allow me to explain...
The "I'm-running-late-with-toast-in-my-mouth" is, without a doubt... the winning plot device for advancing a relationship...
In the morning... the heroine dashes around a corner with a piece of toast in her mouth... and bumps into her prince charming, marking their fated encounter...
Moohoohoo. It'll be perfect...
Finally, the moment Catura has been waiting for arrives.
Vyrn: Yaaawn... I wonder what's for breakfast today.
Moomoo: (Moooo!)
Catura: (There's the sign from Moomoo. It's time... to charge into my destiny!)
(Captain) walks down the hallway toward where Catura is lying in wait.
Heart pounding, Catura leaps out from her hiding place—or so she had planned.
Vyrn: Hey, Cow Prints. You're up early as usual!
Catura: (H-huh? Why...)
Before Catura can even begin to dash forward, (Captain) turns the corner and sees her.
Catura: (Oh... Oops...)
Catura: (I forgot... I can't run!)
Lyria: Huh? Why are you eating bread out here, Catura?
Catura: (Oh no... I don't know what to say...)
Plan failed, Catura stands frozen in the hallway, toast still clamped between her teeth.
Then a wave of drowsiness hits her at the worst possible moment.
Catura: Yaaawn...
The biggest yawn escapes her, despite her resistance.
Moomoo: Moooo!
With her mouth wipe open, the bread slips from between her teeth and falls toward the ground.
Lyria: Gotcha!
Vyrn: Oooh, nice catch, Lyria!
Lyria: Hehe... That was close, Catura!
Catura: Oh...
Catura: Thanks... Lyria...
Catura: Actually, I think I'll... go back to bed. Good night, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Huh... What's up with Cow Prints today?
Lyria: I don't know... She seemed a little down, didn't she?
Milky: ...!
Catura: It's not your fault... It's all mine. Of course that wouldn't have worked... since I walk so slow...
Moomoo: Moooo...
Catura: Moomoo... Thanks for worrying about me.
Catura: But I'm not going to give up... I'm going to... try... even harder!
From that day on, Catura continues carrying out her various plans with great determination.
Catura: (Captain), you know... I think we've met before, back when we were both little...
Lyria: Huh? Really?
Vyrn: Um, I don't think so... Didn't you grow up at the ranch, Cow Prints? I don't remember ever seeing anyone like you...
Catura: Oh, mooey!
Catura: I'm technically... a transfer student on this ship, right?
Vyrn: Hm? I guess you could say that...
Catura: Moohoo... Transfer students are rare, aren't they? (Captain)... Doesn't that spark some interest—
Vyrn: They're not really that rare. Actually, there's a whole lotta other people just like you who've joined our crew.
Catura: Oh, mooey!
Despite her enthusiasm, however, Catura's plans are foiled every time.
Catura: Sigh... Another failure. Dropping something... Pretending to be a delinquent with a soft spot... Nothing's worked.
Catura: I'm starving... I was so caught up in my plans, I forgot to eat...
Catura: Oh! Yeah... That just might work...
With a new idea in mind, Catura heads to the kitchen.
Catura: I'll make something for (Captain)... After all... The way to a prince's heart has to be through the stomach!
Catura: Mama always told me... to stay away from the knives since they're dangerous...
Catura: But... it'll be okay! I've watched Mama cook plenty of times...
Catura puts a vegetable stalk on the cutting board and grips the knife nervously.
Catura: In the cooking scenes... they always make a "cat paw" with their hand when they cut things... But how do you do that exactly?
Catura: A-anyway... I'll just copy what Mama did!
Catura swings the knife down on the vegetable like a hammer on a nail.
Catura: Ouch!
She misses, and her clumsy aim causes the nearby cookware to fall off the table. She holds up her finger to find it bleeding from a cut.
Catura: Hngh... It didn't work...
Lyria: Is everything okay? I thought I heard some noise...
Lyria: Eep! Your finger... I'll bring the first-aid kit!
Lyria: Okay, all patched up. I'm glad the cut doesn't seem to be too deep!
Lyria: Are the bandages okay? Does it hurt?
Catura: Wa...
Lyria: Wa?
Catura: Waaaaah!
Unable to hold back any longer, Catura bursts into tears.
Lyria: C-Catura? Did it hurt that much?
Catura: Sniff... That's not it...
Catura: I'm so pathetic... I'm unfit to be the heroine!
Lyria: Catura...
Lyria holds Catura's hand to reassure her.
The two girls sit hand in hand until Catura's sobs subside.
Lyria: I see... So you've been trying different ways to get closer to (Captain)...
Catura: Yeah... But none of them worked...
The two are having a quiet conversation in Catura's room.
Catura: I'm really clumsy, you see... Washing, sewing, cooking... I can't do them even if I practice...
Catura: But Mama's different from me... She's amazing. She's the ideal heroine in an illustrated book...
Catura: I wanted to be just like her... So when I finally met (Captain), I thought it was my chance...
Catura: But... I'm not fit to be the heroine after all! I'm sure you'd be a much better heroine, Lyria... Someone who can support (Captain)...
Lyria: Catura...
Moomoo: Moooo...
Milky: ...
Catura's friends peer at her in concern.
Catura: Sigh... I can't do anything... (Captain)'s bound to get sick of me sooner or later...
Lyria: That's not true!
Catura: Lyria?
Lyria: (Captain) would never think that way about anyone, especially not because of a few mishaps!
Lyria: Besides, I've seen how hard you've been working!
Lyria: Helping with ship chores you've never done before... Staying positive about finding your prince... You're always doing your best!
Lyria: Having the determination and energy to get to know someone is a wonderful thing!
Catura: ...!
Lyria: If there's anything I can help with for your plans, let me know!
Lyria: I don't know much about marriage or things like that, but I'm sure there's something I can do...
Touched by Lyria's encouraging words, Catura smiles.
Catura: Lyria... You're a great friend!
Catura: You made me realize... a lot of things...
Catura: If I can't do it now... then I just have to keep going until I can, right?
Catura: I'll keep doing my best... in the things that I can do!
Lyria: Hehe. I'm happy to see that you're feeling better!
Lyria: Are you going to come up with new plans? Do you think I can join in on the team meeting too?
Catura: Of course! Let's think together... over some drinks.
Lyria: Huh? By drinks, do you mean...
Catura: Moohoohoo! I mean milk, of course... Mama and Papa sent some over from the Ox Temple.
Catura: Quality milk... is bound to make any meeting go better...
Catura: Oh, don't worry... It's stored in a special bottle... so it's still fresh.
Lyria: Wow! So this is milk from the cows you raise at the ranch? That's amazing!
Catura: Since we're friends now...
Catura: Let's have a fun night... with plenty of girl talk. Just the two of us...
Catura: No, the four of us... over some delicious milk.
The Three: Sounds great!


With Lyria no longer being her rival in love, Catura smiles, happy at having gained a new friend.
The four enjoy their time getting to know each other as they chat away into the night, bottles of milk in hand.

Catura's Very Best: Scene 3

Several days later, Catura follows the plan she conceived with Lyria and the others and invites the captain to go stargazing. Thanks to Moomoo and the gearcycle Milky's quick thinking, Catura finds herself in (Captain)'s arms as she is carried to a hill where they can see the stars. Overjoyed at this outcome, the Divine Ox realizes she is happier than any book's heroine will ever be.

Several days later.
Catura greets (Captain) and the others when they return to the ship after finishing a request.
Catura: (Captain)... Welcome back. Did you have a good day?
  1. I did, thanks.

Choose: I did, thanks.
Lyria: Thanks for taking care of things here while we were out, Catura! Is everything okay?
Catura: No problem, Lyria... Yes, everything's fine...
Lyria: Hehe, that's good! After all, today's the day... Ooh, I can't wait!
Catura: Yeah! Although... I'm also a little nervous...
Vyrn: Hm? What's up with the two of ya? You sure got all buddy-buddy in a short time.
Lyria: Hehe, yep! We have drinks together from time to time!
Vyrn: Milk, right? Cow Prints shared some with me the other day too!
Vyrn: It was so good! I never knew milk could give you this much energy!
Lyria: I had no idea either! It must be how Catura is able to always stay so positive...
Catura: ...
Lyria: (Is Catura feeling nervous about our plan for today?)
Lyria: (Okay... Let's see what I can do!)
Lyria: Um, (Captain)... It seems Catura has something she wants to tell you.
Catura: L-Lyria! I'm still thinking about... when... and how to say it...
Lyria gently nudges Catura forward until she is standing bashfully in front of (Captain).
  1. What's the matter?

Choose: What's the matter?
Catura: ...!
Catura: Um... Well... Lyria tells me that... you don't have any requests lined up for tomorrow...
Catura: So I was wondering... Would you like to...
Catura: Would you like to go... stargazing together... tonight?
Catura: (I... I said it!)
  1. Sure!
  2. We can all go!

Choose: Sure!
Catura: Y-you will?
(Captain) nods, and Catura breaks out into a smile, her decorative tail swishing happily from side to side.

Choose: We can all go!
Catura: Oh, mooey! What I meant was... Um...
Lyria: (Captain)... Can I have a word with you?
Lyria leans over to whisper in (Captain)'s ear.
Lyria: It's a little late, but I was thinking of holding a surprise welcome party for Catura.
Lyria: If possible, I'd like to talk to everyone about it tonight...
Lyria: So it'd be nice if you could take Catura out so she doesn't notice... Do you think you can do that?
The girls had predicted (Captain) might miss the point and had devised a backup plan, which Lyria executes to perfection.
(Captain) takes the bait, nods understandingly, and agrees to go stargazing with Catura alone.
Continue 1
That night, Catura and (Captain) make their way outside together.
Catura: (We're... really out on a date...)
According to the plan that Catura, Lyria, and the others thought out, there is a nearby hill where they should be able to see the stars clearly.
Despite the hill being within walking distance from the ship, Catura decides to use her gearcycle to avoid slowing things down with her usual walking speed.
Milky: ...
But for some reason, Milky refuses to start up, remaining quiet regardless of Catura's multiple attempts at turning on the engine.
Catura: O-oh no, I wonder what's wrong... There should be enough power...
Catura: What should we do... At my pace, we won't make it back... until morning...
Despite having come so far, Catura finds herself in a tough spot as tears well up in her eyes.
Catura: Eeep! (Captain)?
Suddenly, (Captain) puts an arm around Catura and scoops her up in a bridal carry.
Catura follows (Captain)'s gaze to find an illustrated book lying atop the gearcycle's luggage rack, a picture of a prince carrying the heroine on the cover.
  1. It seemed like a good idea.
  2. Feeling comfy?

Choose: It seemed like a good idea.
Catura: Oh my gosh! It's almost like a dream... except, it isn't...
Catura: Moohoohoo. You're truly Prince Charming...

Choose: Feeling comfy?
Catura: (Captain)!
Catura: Moohoohoo. This is... perfect...
Continue 2
Moomoo: ...!
Moomoo sits on the gearcycle's power seat with a look of complete satisfaction.
Operation Bridal Carry—the plan to get (Captain) to notice the illustrated book's cover and take a page from its prince.
Moomoo only thought of this plan a while ago and had decided to keep it a secret from Catura.
Milky: ...!
Milky rests smugly in park, also satisfied.
Milky will go on to remember this moment as the best example in history of playing dead.
Catura, on the brink of exploding from happiness, reaches the designated hill while nestled in (Captain)'s arms.
Catura: Wow... The sky's beautiful!
Catura: You know... Back at the ranch... I loved lying in the field and stargazing...
Catura: I would make up new constellations, like the Milky constellation... And the Mama's Horns constellation...
The two continue looking up at the stars as they share little things about themselves.
Eventually, they fall into a comfortable silence. Catura slowly snuggles closer to (Captain).
Catura: (Captain), you really are my prince... I know it's true.
Catura: When I'm with you... I feel so excited and nervous... Almost like I'm not myself...
Catura: All these stars in the night sky right now... They're shining so bright...
Catura: I'm so glad... that I was able to meet you!
Catura: I wish, with all my heart, that we'll always be together... Forever and ever...
Wading through the flood of emotions is a gentle smile that spreads across Catura's face.
A comet shoots across the twinkling sky, as if to confer its blessings on the Divine Ox.
My name is Catura... I'm just a regular Divine General... doing Divine General stuff.
Even so... I was blessed with a very special encounter in my life.
An encounter with my prince charming... and my wonderful traveling companions.
Catura: Moohoohoo. I'm so happy... Happier than any heroine can ever be!

A Pastoral Encounter

Vikala visits the Ox Temple at the end of the year to pass on her year spirit duties. However, due to an incident between the Divine Rat and Ox a long time ago, a herd of cows chases Vikala and takes away her rat ears. Catura finds Vikala in a nervous state, but thanks to Catura's easygoing personality, the two Divine Generals warm up to each other in no time.

One fine day, as the year comes to a close, the sun shines on a quiet ranch known as the Ox Temple.
Cow: Moooo!
Vikala: Why... Wh-wh-why are they chasing after meee!
Vikala runs around the field as fast as she can, a herd of cows stampeding after her.
A few hours earlier, Vikala had arrived on the island to pass on her duties as year spirit at the Ox Temple.
Vikala: Okay, it's time for me to hand over the year spirit duties! This is important, so I'm gonna go all out!
Dormouse: ...
Vikala: Yeah! I've seen Catura at the Divine General gatherings before, but this'll be my first time actually talking with her one-on-one!
Vikala: But there's nothing to worry about! After all, I've come a long way since I first started as year spirit!
Vikala: Now, let's see. Where is the Ox Temple...
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: Oh, that's right! The main temple's a ranch, isn't it? Does that mean there's gonna be a lot of cows?
Vikala: Catura's such an easy-going girl. I'm sure the cows she's raised are just as nice and sweet as she is!
Cow: Mooooo!
Vikala: That's what I'd thought, but I was totally off! Why are they going after me like this?
Vikala: H-hey guys, I'm Vicky! I wanna be friends with all of you!
Cow: Mooooo!
Vikala: Boy, they're sure seeing red about something. But why? I didn't do anything!
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: What! The Divine Rat pissed off the Divine Ox a long time ago, and that's where the bad blood comes from?
Vikala: I never heard anything about that!
Vikala: Eeek!
Unaccustomed to running on soft soil, Vikala's foot gets caught in the dirt and she falls over headfirst.
Cow: Mooooo!
Vikala: Aaah!
One cow takes the opportunity to snatch Vikala's ears from her head, running off with it between its teeth.
Vikala sits in the dirt, dazed, as she watches the cows retreat farther and farther away.
Vikala: O-oh no... H-h-how did this happen...
Robbed of both her ears and her confidence, Vikala's hair slowly turns back to black.
Vikala: O-ooh, what should I do? I-I can't possibly talk to Catura without my rat ears...
Vikala: I mean, w-we're totally different... Her family's always been part of the Divine Generals... If I talked to her now, I'd be so nervous I'd puke!
Vikala: Sigh... How did it end up like this... Why do the cows have to hate me so much? Hngh... This blues me out...
Vikala: Anyway... I guess I should go get my ears back—
Catura: What's that about... talking to me?
Vikala: Eeek!
Catura: You've been looking down... for a while now... Are you all right?
Vikala: (For a while? Does that mean she's been watching this whole time?)
Catura: ...?
Vikala: (H-huh? Could it be that... she hasn't realized who I am?)
Vikala: (Phew... Thank goodness.)
Vikala: (Agh, what am I saying? I came to talk to her! Okay, calm down... First, I need to introduce myself!)
Vikala: U-um, I... I-I...
Catura: Aye-aye?
Vikala: I-I-I... I-I'm...
Catura: ...
Vikala: (Oh no, the words aren't coming out right... And soon, it won't just be words coming out of my mouth...)
Catura: Um... Would you like... some milk?
Vikala: Huh?
Catura: Some delicious milk... might help calm you down...
Catura: Here you go! Let's drink this... together.
Vikala: ...!
Vikala reaches out with trembling hands to take the bottle of milk from Catura.
Catura: I see... So you're the Divine Rat, Vikala...
Vikala: Th-th-that's right... I-I'm Vikala... Sorry...
The two sit in the middle of the ranch, having a conversation over some milk.
Catura: I'm sorry I didn't notice...
Vikala: O-oh, no, not at all! I-it was my fault... I mean, I couldn't even introduce myself properly...
Catura: Gulp... Gulp...
Catura: Aaah!
Catura: Milk is just... so delicious!
Vikala: Huh? Oh, yes... This is really rich... and tasty...
Catura: The sky... It's so blue.
Vikala: Yes... We're lucky the weather's so nice today.
Vikala: (Catura... She really moves at her own pace, doesn't she?)
Vikala: (But it's kind of... relaxing, in a way.)
Catura: You're... in the middle of a journey... aren't you, Vikala?
Vikala: Y-yes. I'm traveling with (Captain)'s crew right now...
Catura: Is traveling... fun?
Vikala: U-um, yeah... There are a lot of people who are super cheerful, so that makes me nervous sometimes...
Vikala: But everyone's really nice... and I've had a lot of chances to do things I wouldn't have been able to do by myself.
Vikala: So... I guess it is fun.
Vikala: I-I'm really thankful that (Captain) invited me to join them on their journey...
Vikala: Eep! I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on like that...
Catura: Moohoohoo! It seems you've found... your prince, haven't you?
Vikala: My p-prince?
Catura: Meeting this person named (Captain)... It must have been fate... don't you think?
Vikala: Fate...
Catura: That's so nice... I hope your journey together will be a long... and happy one.
Vikala: ...!
Blushing, Vikala hides her embarrassment by taking a drink from her bottle.
Vikala: Gulp... Gulp...
Vikala: Aaah!
Vikala: This really is tasty... It's so warm and not overpowering.
Catura: Yeah! It's all thanks... to our dear cows...
Catura takes another sip from her own bottle and lets out a soft sigh of satisfaction.
Catura: I just love... relaxing like this...
Vikala: Yes... Me too. Being surrounded by nature makes me feel that... maybe my problems aren't as big as I thought them to be after all.
Catura: ...
Vikala: ...
Vikala: (This... isn't awkward, actually. Not sure how to describe it...)
Catura: Look... at that cloud...
Catura: It's like... someone spilled some milk in the sky...
Vikala: Um... This is just how I see it, but... aren't all clouds kinda like that?
Catura: Oh? Hm... Maybe you're right...
Catura: Moohoohoo!
Vikala: Hehe. Hahaha!
Having warmed up to each other, the two Divine Generals continue lounging together in the field.
Some time later.
Vikala: And then, it turns out that the Rackam I'd been talking to was a fake!
Catura: Ooh! That's quite the plot twist... just like in the illustrated books...
Vikala: (Hehe... This might be my first time talking so much without my rat ears.)
Vikala: (I'm having so much fun! Maybe I'll stay here at the ranch with Catura...)
Vikala: No, wait a minute! I still have something I need to do...
Catura: ...?
Vikala: Huh? Wait... What did I come here for again? I was having such a good time that I forgot...
Vikala tilts her head thoughtfully, trying to remember what it is she's missing.
Vikala: Oh! That's right! I need to get my rat ears back!
Catura: Rat... ears?
Vikala explains to Catura how the cows had taken away her ears earlier.
After consulting the cows, Catura is able to locate where they had left Vikala's rat ears.
Cow: Moooo...
Catura: The cows say they're sorry... Will you forgive them?
Vikala: Oh, no, it's all right! It seems the Divine Rat messed things up for the Ox before, so...
Vikala: I'm just happy that I have my ears back. That's enough for me.
The moment Vikala puts her ears back on, her hair begins to change color.
Vikala: Haha! I gotta thank you and the cows for letting me try that delicious milk today!
Catura: Wow! The Vikala I just met today... turned into the Vikala I knew from before...
Vikala: Ahem! Allow me to introduce myself again...
Vikala: Hellooo! I'm Vicky! I'm the master of Utopia, bringing fun and smiles to all!
Vikala: Sorry if this came as a surprise! You see, these rat ears are an important trademark of mine!
Catura: I was... a little surprised...
Catura: But both Vikalas... are really lovely...
Vikala: ...!
Vikala: Oh, Catura! Thank you so much! You're such a sweet girl!
Vikala: I'm glad we became friends! Can we shake hands to mark this special moment?
Catura: Yay! A handshake... with Vicky...
Vikala and Catura smile as they grasp each other's hands in a warm handshake.
Vikala: Well then... Since I have my ears back now, it's about time for me to get going.
Catura: Okay... Do you think we can... meet again?
Vikala: Of course! I'll show you around the Rat Temple next time! If you'd like, I can even prepare a special seat for you to see the parade!
Catura: Wow! I'll definitely drop by... with Mama and Papa...
Vikala: Great, you're welcome anytime! It's unfortunate that I have to leave for today, but—
Catura: Oh... Wait...
Catura: I prepared something... for you, Vikala...
Vikala is back on the deck of an airship as she watches the island grow smaller and smaller behind her.
Vikala: I can't believe Catura gave me some cheese made from their delicious milk as a present!
Vikala: It's gotta be out of this world! I'll have to savor every bite of it!
Vikala looks down at the package from Catura, smiling happily.
Vikala: I'm so glad Catura and I became friends...
Vikala: Now all that's left to do is to wrap up my year spirit duties and prepare for...
Vikala: Hm? Year spirit duties?
It is then that Vikala finally realizes what she had forgotten.
Vikala: Ahhh! I forgot to pass on my duties as year spirit!
Vikala: W-wait! Turn back! I need to go back to the island!
Oblivious to Vikala's cries, the airship continues on its route across the sky.
Catura: Moohoohoo! I had a lucky handshake... with Vicky...
Catura: That must mean... I'll have good luck in romance too... I hope the luck doesn't go away... even after I wash my hands!
Catura's Dad: You're in a good mood today. Did something happen, Catura?
Catura's Mom: The Divine Rat Vikala came to visit her today.
Catura's Dad: Really now! She came all this way to our remote little island? She must be a nice girl.
Catura's Mom: Oh yes, she must be! Since the Ox Temple is different from the other temples, there isn't anything in particular that needs to be passed on to us.
Catura's Mom: If she had dropped by the house, I would've fixed us a nice dinner and made sure she enjoyed herself here...
Catura: Vikala's in the middle of traveling... with her prince... so she might be busy.
Catura: And I made sure... she had a good time today... as my friend.
Catura's Mom: Hehe. Well, judging by that look on your face, I'm sure you both had a wonderful day.
Catura: Moohoohoo! I'm excited... to see the parade someday!
Thus ends a beautiful day on which two Divine Generals were able to grow closer to one another.
Catura smiles as she remembers their handshake. She clutches her hand to her chest, keeping the memories from today close to her heart.

Wild Rides, Wild Imaginations

Catura visits the Tiger Temple to pass on her duties to Huang and Bai, the next year spirits. The Cidala sisters eagerly ask Catura about the Divine Generals Assembly, imagining how much fun it must have been. Determined to join the next assembly, the Cidala sisters and Catura eventually settle down and begin the transferring of responsibilities.

On a sunny day just before the end of the year, a rumbling sound echoes down the road of a small village.
The rumble goes past farmers and fields until it reaches the Tiger Temple, where the Divine Tigers of the Twelve Divine Generals reside.
Catura: Here we are...
Catura: Nice work, Milky... Moomoo... Take a good rest, okay?
The Divine Ox and guardian of the north-northeast, Catura, gets off her beloved motorcycle.
Crying Voice: Grr! Grrrr!
Catura: Hm? What... is that?
Hearing a strange cry, Catura looks around the temple grounds in search of the sound's source.
Bai: ...
Catura: Oh... There you are! Hello, Baaai!
Bai: ...
Catura: Hm, maybe she didn't hear me... I should get closer...
Catura slowly makes her way toward one of the Divine Tigers, Bai, who is standing in the distance, immersed in a book.
Catura: She's reading something... Wow, it has so many words. I only read... illustrated storybooks...
Bai: Huff, huff... Huff, huff!
Bai breathes heavily through her nose as she continues reading, unaware of the arrival of a guest. Catura takes a peek at the book's cover.
On the cover is a realistic illustration of a woman, and the title written in purple font—
"The New Horizons of a Passionate Skyfarer."
Huang: Grrr!
Catura: Oh, there's that voice again... Is that a voice?
Bai: Huff, huff... Huff, huff!
With Bai still too absorbed in her reading to notice anything, Catura decides to poke the Divine Tiger in the armpit to get her attention.
Catura: Poke.
Bai: Grr!
Catura: Poke.
Bai: Grr!
Bai: W-wow! This story is so exciting that my body's reacting from just words on a page... That's the Passionate Skyfarer series for you.
Catura: Bai...
Bai: Huh? Oh, Catura. You're here.
Catura: Moohoohoo! It's been a while, Bai...
Bai: It has! Oh yeah, I guess it's almost time for you to pass us the year spirit duties, huh?
Catura: What were you reading just now? Can I have a look?
Bai: Oh, this? Um, it's got some pretty difficult content and doesn't have any pictures, so...
Catura: Oh, I see... That sounds hard.
As Bai hugs her book to her chest, a puffy-eyed Huang approaches them with Laolao closely behind her.
Huang: Oh, Catura... Hic... It's been a while... Hic...
Catura: Huh? Huang... What's wrong?
Catura: Your eyes are red... Are you okay?
Laolao: Don't worry about her, gawr. Some time has passed since we last met, Divine Ox. Is your mother in good health?
Catura: Oh, Laolao! Long time no see... Mama is also doing good!
Catura: But... I still want to know... what happened with Huang.
Laolao: Nothing to fret about, gawr.
Laolao: She didn't realize the back of her skirt was rolled up while walking outside, and only found out when she got back that everyone could see her panties, gawr.
Catura: O-oh no!
Laolao: When she finally realized, she burst into tears and has been wailing since. She should really have double-checked before going out in new clothes, gawr.
Catura: So that cry I heard earlier... was Huang.
Huang: Sigh... Sniff... Why didn't anyone tell me...
Bai: Well, I mean, I wouldn't go up and talk to some weirdo who's parading their panties around town either.
Laolao: This wasn't the first time so everyone's probably just used to it by now, gawr.
Huang: Whaaat, no way...
Laolao: Now, since the Divine Ox is here, gawr... Let us begin the handing over of duties.
However, what the Cidala sisters want to hear most from Catura is not about the passing of responsibilities, but something else.
Cidala Sisters: Tell us about the Divine Generals Assembly!
Laolao: Gawr?
Catura: The Divine Generals Assembly? Hm, I thought... I sent you a report about that...
Bai: Yeah, we got it.
Huang: And we read it. But there was one thing...
At the end of the report was a note that piqued the interest of the Divine Tigers.
"All of us danced the hula. End of report."
Huang: What's the "hula"? Why were you dancing at an assembly? I want to know more about that!
Bai: We've been dying to know since. In fact, we're not interested in anything but the Alohas Super Resort right now.
Laolao: What are you saying, gawr! Hurry up and get to discussing your new responsibilities!
Huang: Oh, be quiet, Lao! We need to hear everything about Alohas! Otherwise we won't be able to get anything done!
Laolao: This is an utter embarrassment, gawr...
Catura: Alohas... It was so fun and wonderful! It's hard to explain...
Catura: Hmm... First, Vajra, Vikala, and Mahira went to the luau...
Thinking back to her memories at the resort, Catura describes her experiences there bit by bit.
She tells the three about Vajra, Vikala, and Mahira dancing and shaking their hips on stage, together with bare-chested men who held blades in their hands.
Bai: Oh my! That almost sounds scandalous!
Huang: I'm sure it wasn't that scandalous! They're all Divine Generals, after all!
Catura: It was... fun!
Bai: Was it? What were the rest of you doing while those three were dancing?
Catura: Hmm... We had some delicious food while watching them...
Bai: That sounds like a whole lot of ruckus to me...
Huang: I think I'd be way too preoccupied to eat...
Catura: Let's see, what else was there...
Catura describes the open air bath the seven Divine Generals soaked in together.
Bai: Seven lovely girls together... spending some intimate time together... Just imagine all the possibilities!
Huang: What possibilities are you imagining exactly?
Catura: Let me think...
Catura: Oh yeah! We had pineapple juice at the bath... It was so good!
Huang: Pineapple?
Bai: Never heard of it... Did you like it?
Catura: Yep... All of us loved it!
Bai: Does it warm up your body or something when you drink it?
Catura: Hmm... I remember it had a sweet, refreshing taste.
Huang: I see. So they made juice out of something called a "pineapple."
Bai: But we still don't know what this "pineapple" is. It could be a metaphor, for all we know.
Huang: Metaphor?
Catura: What's a... metaphor?
Bai: Well, to put it simply, a metaphor is basically...
Bai: ...
Catura: Huh... What's wrong, Bai?
Huang: Let her be, Catura. Bai's just trying to say something clever but can't think of the words for it.
Bai: Grr...
Huang: Anyway, it's pretty hard for us to picture Alohas in our minds...
Catura: We had our assembly too, of course! Though... it would've been even better... if everyone was there.
Bai: Right...
Catura: Alohas was lots of fun... but I'm sure it'd be fun anywhere... if we're all together!
Huang: Yep, exactly!
Catura: By the way... Were the both of you busy with something... when we had our assembly?
Huang: Yeah. A lot of monsters appeared on an island close by, so we went to deal with that.
Bai: It's really too bad we couldn't make it to the assembly.
Catura: I see... You must be needed a lot... as feng shui practitioners!
Catura: Oh, speaking of feng shui... Are you able to invite fortune... for matters on love too?
Bai: Of course!
Huang: Wait. Catura, does that mean you've finally found... your destined prince charming?
Catura: Moohoohoo! That's right...
Huang: Grr!
Bai: Ooh, I sense a wholesome chat session coming!
Catura: Yep! Let's spend some time... talking about love together!
Laolao: Gawr... That can wait until after you've finished passing on the year spirit duties, gawr.
Bai: Fiiine.
Catura: That's true... Okay, I'll start handing over the responsibilities then.
Huang: Let's do it! Then we'll get straight to chatting after!
Laolao: That's all you girls think about, gawr...
Laolao watches on as Catura and the Cidala sisters finally begin the passing on of year spirit duties.
'Twas a peaceful day under the clear, blue skies, just before another year comes to a wonderful close.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お牛さまは……家族だよ……? The cows... are my family too...
おっきくなりたいの……?なら牛乳に相談だね……? You want... to grow taller? I have just the solution... Milk!
モーちゃんはね、すごく身軽なんだよ……? Moomoo is... really light and nimble...
みるくちゃんのおかげで、移動がらくちんなの…… Milky makes... moving around a lot easier...
パパとママに……お手紙を書いたの……♪ I wrote a letter... to Mama and Papa!
花嫁修業……もぉ~っとがんばるの…… I want to become... a dependable partner...
ビィさんは……ワンって鳴かないね……? I wonder why... Vyrn never goes woof...
ルリアちゃんとは、飲み友達だよ……牛乳の♪ Lyria and I... like to talk over drinks... Specifically milk!
(主人公)さま……また星を見に行こ……? Let's go stargazing again, (Captain)...
(主人公)さま……絶対結婚しようね……? Let's get married someday... Okay, (Captain)?