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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 152 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Dressing up, puzzles
Likes Fun things, festival merrymaking, mikan oranges
Dislikes Being lectured

Character Release

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳
Height 152cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ、パズル
Likes 楽しいこと、お祭り騒ぎ、みかん
Dislikes お説教

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Clarisse is the direct descendant of the founder of Alchemy’s younger sister, and is the daughter of Promethia and Harold. Their line specializes in alchemic decomposition, a mastery that Clarisse outshines even her family head in. Despite that, Clarisse had trouble with basic forms of alchemy on top of having incredible difficulty studying. Though Clarisse’s parents did love her dearly, their strictness and dedication to the family’s goal was a point of contention between them and their daughter.

Clarisse then embarked on the journey her parents entrusted her with; the capturing of their ancestor, Cagliostro. In reality, Clarisse used it as an excuse to leave and do as she pleased. Each letter she receives from them is full of complaints she’s not ready to face yet.




  • Clarisse's name could be a reference to a Lupin the Third movie titled "The Castle of Cagliostro." The movie features a character named Princess Clarisse of the Country of Cagliostro who wishes to escape an arranged marriage.[8]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Let's all celebrate the captain's birthday together!
Partying with a bunch of friends is the one true path toward happiness! Did you know that?


Ah! I can't believe it's already your birthday, Captain!
That was quick.
Seems like only yesterday when we were celebrating your last birthday.
Well, you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun!
Anyway, let's keep the good times rolling! We're going to have fun today!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Everyone's coming to your party tonight. You must be stoked.
And now... A birthday present from me!
You won't just stuff it in a closet, will you?
Good. Thanks, (Captain).
Whoa, whoa, you can't open it right now!
Well, because... you know, it's... embarrassing...
Go back to your room and open it there, okay?
If you do that for me, I'll be a happy Clarisse!


Haaappy birthday, (Captain)!
So tell me. What're your goals for when you grow up?
I guess what I want is to be a bit better of an alchemist... But, um...
When you're all grown up...
Is it cool if I still stick around?
Really? Thanks, (Captain)! Lookin' forward to it!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Oh, and here's a birthday present from me...
It's a scarf...
I had everyone teach me how to knit... Then I tried knitting this scarf by myself.
So... What do you think?
Huh? It's really long? Well, I was thinking we could... wrap it around the both of us...
O-oh, never mind! Anyway, happy birthday!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ring, ring! Happy New Year!
The first thing I want to do for the new year is... nothing! Woo! Let's be lazy, (Captain)!


Are you going to go visit a shrine for New Year's? Now that you mention it, I haven't been outside yet.
I'll go with you, Captain! Woohoo! Get hyped, get hyped!
Huh? Shrines are super serious?
Bleh... Uh, I think I'm gonna loaf around on the airship instead...


Mmm... What makes oranges so delicious when eaten under a heated blanket?
Oh, hiya, (Captain). Come to have an orange too? Here ya go.
Aw yeah... Being warm and lazy with (Captain)... Scarfin' down oranges...
It doesn't get any better than this.
Want another one? Okay. Open wide and say, "ah."
No, no, no, what are you doing, Clarisse? I can't believe I just said that!
Yeesh, I had my head in the clouds, and it just slipped out...
So, um... do you want another orange, (Captain)?


Happy New Yeaaar!
I've got it all planned out! This year's gonna start off with a zip-a-dee-doo visit to the shrine.
And of course I want you to come with me too!
Then we'll veg out under the kotatsu when we get back.
So with that, let's blow this popsicle stand! Kapow!
The shrine's awaiting, (Captain)!
Oh, wait. I need to put these oranges someplace cool first so we can eat them later.


Guhh, (Captain)... Happy New—
Ahaha... I, uh... Might've fallen asleep under the kotatsu.
And, well... Achoo. Looks like I've caught a cold.
Weeh, I'm sorry... I think I'm going to sleep in today.
You want to look after me?
D-don't worry about it! I'm not even that sick! Just need a bit of sleep, that's all!
Plus, I don't want to get you sick too.
Um, well, in that case... Could I ask for one favor?
Um... Doesn't have to be now, but could you bring me a mikan? A chilled one, please?
I'm sure that's all I need to get better.
I'm counting on you, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain). Um... These totally not-super-special chocolates are for you... Like, they're no big deal or anything...
Just... just don't eat them in front of the others, okay? I don't want them to find out I gave them the boring chocolate...


Hey. So you remember last year when I gave you those chocolates?
Did you like them?
You did? Phew... What a relief...
You're in luck because I made you some more!
They're even better than last year's batch! I won't mind if you shove 'em all in your face!


Hey, (Captain). I made chocolates again this year.
Do you want some?
Yeah, I made 'em with these very two hands! You know, to say thanks for always looking out for me.
Heehee. Hope you like 'em. I've got a good feeling about this batch.
They should definitely be tastier than last year's. So you'd better polish 'em off!
The ones in the paper bag? Eh, those are the duds—
No, wait!
Those are, um, chocolates for everyone! I call 'em, uh, friendship chocolates!
Look, you shouldn't worry about it.
Well, later. I've got duds to—ahem—I've got friendship chocolates to pass out!


(Captain)! Hey! Um...
Yeah! These Valentine's Day chocolates are for you...
Just so you know, I took extra care with them this year. They're one hundred percent handmade.
I guess you're pretty used to this by now.
But I still get butterflies...
I think I'll probably feel the same way next year too.
Anyway, I hope you start saving room for the next batch of my chocolates, (Captain).


Hmm... No, no. These are all wrong. And these... have a funny shape.
Well, guess I'll just send them to Father.
Who's there? What? (Captain)? What are you doing up so late?
Who, me? I'm making chocolates! The mess made it kind of obvious, huh?
But it's harder than I thought. Things don't turn out the way you expect, you know?
But these chocolates have to be perfect.
If they aren't, then they'll just get lost in the pile of other presents...
Uh, um. I'm done waiting. I've decided that, from now on, I'm going to listen to my heart!
(Captain), I hope you're ready for this.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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This is all for me? Wow! You're so thoughtful, (Captain)!
No wonder everyone likes you!


What's this for? Return gift for Valentine's Day?
Aha, I got it! Because it's White Day! Thaaank you, (Captain)!
Hmm... I thought something was up. No wonder all the girls in the crew were restless today.
Um, did you also give the same chocolates to everyone else?
Oh, no, no, I didn't mean to say it was weird or anything. Thanks again, (Captain)!


What's this for? Oh yeah, because it's White Day.
Super big thanks, (Captain)!
Can I open it right now?
Ahaha. Aw c'mon, don't make that worried face.
Doesn't matter what I get from you anyway, since I'll always...
I didn't say nothing! Zippo!
Like, really, it was nothing. Don't worry yourself about it, okay, (Captain)?
Ooh... Seriously, just forget it...
Thanks a bunch for the present, (Captain)!


Wowie! A White Day present for me?
Thank you, (Captain)!
Huh? Of course I'm all smiles.
Hahaha! Because I'm happy! And that's what you do when you're happy.
I mean, yeah, the present's great and all...
But you actually took time to think about what I'd want, and if I'd like it, and—
Whoa, would you look at the time!
Anyway, thanks so much, (Captain)!


What? Is this for me? Oh, right—it's White Day today.
Thank you, (Captain). Hey, uh, can I open it? Please?
What? Oh! It's... the hair ribbon I wanted.
You remembered... Thank you so much, (Captain)! Ehehe. Oh, I'm so happy.
Stay here! I'll put it on and...
Hmm... Actually, never mind.
I mean, it's a present from you, (Captain).
I want to save it... for something special.
S-so... Umm... Will you come shopping with me? Just the two of us.
I'll tie my hair with the ribbon then.
O-okay, you promised! Don't you dare forget.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Take your pick, Captain!
Huh? What kind of trick? Heh heh... wouldn't you like to know!


Cap'n! Trick or treat! Gimme candy, or I'll trick ya!
Wait. Huh? You've got candy this year?
Hrmrmrmrm... What's going to become of my meticulously constructed tricks...
Huh? The candy's for me? In that case... huh?
H-hold on! Time out! This trick is going to require some emotional prep work!


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
You know the drill. Give me candy and no one gets hurt!
Heh-heh... But you're all outta candy, aren't you?
Heh-heh-heh... I totally called it.
You're in for it now. Hope you prepared a will!
I'm gonna—Aaaah! I've never seen the captain run away that fast!


Trick or treat, (Captain)! I hope you've got some candy ready, or—
Huh? Empty-handed? For real?
Oho... So your curiosity about my repertoire of tricks got the better of you, ehhh?
I kinda figured you'd run like a cheap pair of stockings this year too but...
I see you're ready to face the music! Just hang on a second, okay?
Juuust in case things go wrong, I'm gonna grab Master first!


Hmm... Maybe the pumpkin idea's better. The whole bandages thing seems kinda flashy...
Oh, (Captain). Happy Halloween!
Oh yeah! Hey, can I ask you something?
What kinda costume do you think I'd look good in?

  • Choose: Vampire
    Ooh, a vampire, huh?
    (Captain)! If you don't hand me some treats, I might just give you a nip in the neck!
  • Choose: Werewolf
    A werewolf, huh? Werewolves are nice and fluffy, but they're still kinda scary, right?
    Grrr! If you don't give me some treats, I'm gonna eat you!

Just kidding!
Thanks, (Captain). Yay, now I know what you like!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

'Tis the season to be jolly!
(Captain), do you have any plans today? Because I was wondering if... you know...
You and I...
Aaah, this is too embarrassing!


Oh, hi, Captain! Um, I wanted to ask you if you were going to be busy tonight?
Ah, of course everyone'd be pulling you around here and there. You're Captain Popular!
It's not always easy being popular, I guess.
Well, okay, I'll just head back to my room, then. Don't get too crazy tonight!
Um, but if you're not too busy later, I'd like to spend some time together... you know, if you're free...


Hey, hey. It's the big day!
We gotta get together later and party it up!
Ah, but you're probably super busy, so...
Huh? You'll be free? You're not just humoring me, are you?
Hehehe, then let's shake on it.
What? You think we should invite everyone else too?
O-of course! That was, um, my plan all along!
Better find a place that can fit all of us then.
Guess we can't use my room or your room anymore since company's coming...
All right, I'll take care of all the planning!
See ya tonight, (Captain)!


Um, hey! Hey, (Captain)!
Guess what? My parents sent me a holiday card.
They wrote that I should bring you back home with me for the holidays...
Aaagh, geez! Parents, am I right? They'll say just about anything.
I mean it's pretty obvious you're gonna be really busy around this time and all, so...
Plus I think I'd be on eggshells the whole time just knowing you're there in my house.
But, hey, I don't know... Maybe it's just me?
So... Like, if you kinda maybe sorta wanna hang out at my house with me...
What am I thinking! Of course this is all too sudden! Yeah, yeah! Next time! Subsequently! Future!


I'm sorry, (Captain). You came all the way to my house, but everything wound up a total mess.
I didn't think my parents would make such a big deal...
A-and, well... Don't worry about what Mother said, okay?
What? Don't you remember? She was like, it's about time you came for a formal greeting... Or something like that.
Umm... Seems like my parents have gotten the wrong idea about us.
B-but, uh... I didn't want to say they were wrong or anything. Or, er, I mean, if we really became like that, I would be pretty happy...
Uh. Ignore what I just said.
Basically! I want you to just forget everything and enjoy the party, okay?
Oh, right. (Captain), I almost forgot to say this to you.
Happy holidays!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Clarisse, Alchemist Enamored

Clarisse is in a dither as Valentine's Day draws closer—will she be able to give ‌‌ her chocolate? Cagliostro finds her in the Grandcypher galley and gives a lesson on Valentine's Day basics, along with a scheme to find out ‌‌'s favorite kind of chocolate.

Valentine's Day draws near. A young maiden stands alone in the Grandcypher galley, staring at her latest creation with intense focus.
Clarisse: Will this chocolate be good enough?
Clarisse: No. It has to be good enough. Or else...
Cagliostro: Clarisse, that you?
Clarisse: M-Master?
Behind Clarisse stands Cagliostro, looking upon her disciple with eyes most curious.
No version of Cagliostro in crew

The founder of alchemy, Cagliostro has used its power to extend her life for millennia.
An unexpected turn of events led to her joining ‌‌'s crew.
After many more twists and turns, she ended up taking her little sister's direct descendant, Clarisse, under her wing as a pupil.
Cagliostro: You looked pretty focused there. Whatcha working on?
Cagliostro: Oho... Chocolate, is it? Gonna give some to ‌‌?
Clarisse: ...!
Huh? What? Whaaat?
Clarisse: M-Master... H-how did you know? I didn't even say anything!
Unprepared to hear her intentions said aloud, Clarisse flutters in a panic.
Cagliostro: Are you serious? I mean, you don't exactly do a great job hiding it, you know?
Cagliostro: Pretty much everyone knows. Except for ‌‌ and Lyria for some reason.
Clarisse: Oof...
Cagliostro: Heh, attempting to hide anything from your master is nothing short of a fool's errand either way.
Cagliostro: But still... You're putting quite a bit of effort in there. Finally getting a little serious, huh?
Clarisse: Y-yeah... I guess you could say that. I mean, it's not like I haven't given chocolates to ‌‌ before or anything.
Clarisse: But... I haven't ever been able to muster the courage to say the right thing during the crucial moment.
Clarisse: Not anymore though... I won't go out that easily.
Clarisse: That's why this time I'm going all-in with these chocolates!
Clarisse: I'm gonna tell ‌‌ how I really feel!
Cagliostro: Heh-heh... So that's how it is. Putting it all on the line for victory, huh?
Cagliostro: Tell you what, Clarisse. I'll help you out myself for this one.
Clarisse: Hmm... What are you planning, Master?
Clarisse looks at her master with suspicion.
Cagliostro: What can I say? I'm intrigued to see how this plays out—and it's always good to see my pupil working hard.
Cagliostro: (To be honest, I was sick of seeing your wishy-washy approach to everything.)
Cagliostro smiles to herself, feeling a soft spot in her heart for her bumbling pupil.
Cagliostro: Anyhoodle.
Cagliostro: Welcome! To Professor Cagliostro's Valentine's Day for Dummies 101!
Clarisse: O-okay!
Cagliostro: We'll start with the basics—the proper way to give someone chocolate.
Cagliostro: Now with a little bit of alchemy here... and... boom!
???: ...
Cagliostro: Eh, good enough.
Clarisse: N-no way!
Clarisse: W-wait, Master! What's this supposed to be?
Cagliostro: Isn't it obvious? Using the power of alchemy, I made you a life-sized figure of ‌‌.
Cagliostro: What could be better practice than the real thing? Well, almost the real thing, anyway.
Clarisse: Y-you didn't need to make it so realistic...
Cagliostro: How are you gonna prepare yourself for the real thing otherwise? Where's your resolve, missy?
Clarisse: Ngh... I-I know! I have plenty of resolve... It's just...
Clarisse sizes up the life-sized ‌‌ figure in bewilderment.
Clarisse: Eep... A little too real.
Cagliostro: Now then. Watch a pro handle this. You'd better pay close attention, okay?
Cagliostro puts her hands together in adorable fashion and looks up to the figure with puppy-dog eyes.
Cagliostro: Oh, um, ‌‌... I, um, made these chocolates just for you.
‌‌?: ...
Cagliostro: And um... I wanted to get closer to you, so...
‌‌?: ...
Cagliostro: So please... Take my chocolate! It would make me just oh-so-happy...
Cagliostro: Yeah, just like that.
Clarisse: Whoa... Thinking about my ancestor acting like this is kinda...
Cagliostro: Stop thinking—overthinking things is the enemy! As long as you're true to your feelings, that's all that matters.
Clarisse: But seriously though, am I gonna have to do... that too?
Clarisse: I-I don't know... It's kind of embarassing...
Cagliostro: I don't wanna hear it! This is an order from your master! No more second guessing yourself—just do it!
Clarisse: Ngh... Master, you big meanie!
After reluctantly agreeing to Cagliostro's demands, Clarisse turns to face the life-sized figure of ‌‌.
Clarisse: Phew... Ahem.
Clarisse: U-um... Hey, ‌‌. I, um, made some chocolate for you, and... Uh...
‌‌?: ...
Clarisse: And I wanted to, um, get closer...
Clarisse: Uh, closer to you, and...
‌‌?: ...
Clarisse: And so I...
Clarisse: Um...
Clarisse: Blergh!
Clarisse: I can't! I can't say something like this! It's too embarrassing!
Feeling the futility of it all, Clarisse drops to the floor in despair.
Cagliostro: Yeesh... If you get this flustered during practice, how do you plan on doing the real thing?
Clarisse: Ngh... I know, but...
Cagliostro: I get that you're nervous. But I hope you realize that you have competition within the crew too.
Clarisse: ...!
Cagliostro: Gettin' all flustered at a fake ‌‌... It's only a matter of time until someone else beats you to the punch.
Clarisse: Eugh... Fine, I'll do it!
Clarisse fights back her feelings of embarrassment and emulates Cagliostro's example as best she can.
Clarisse: Huff... Puff... Master... How was that?
Cagliostro: Needs work... But not bad.
Cagliostro: All right! We're gonna keep at it again and again until you're a pro!
Clarisse: O-okay!
Cagliostro: Next up is making the chocolate itself. Obviously this is a critical step.
Cagliostro: Pop quiz. What's ‌‌'s favorite kind of chocolate?
Clarisse: Uh... ‌‌'s favorite?
Clarisse: I think it was, er...
Cagliostro: ...
Clarisse: Um... Hee-hee.
Cagliostro: Ouroboros, you hungry? There's a tasty idiot here who's just asking to be eaten.
Clarisse: W-wait, Master! Sorry, sorry!
Cagliostro: Ugh... How foolish can you be? Information is the sharpest blade in one's arsenal.
Cagliostro: Well, actually...
Cagliostro: Now wait just a second...
Cagliostro: Heh-heh... Yes... That'll work.
Clarisse: Um, Master? You're looking kinda scary right now...
Cagliostro: I've got an order for you.
Cagliostro: I want you to go to the market together with ‌‌ to buy ingredients for chocolate.
Cagliostro: Just like this: "Oh, ‌‌! We're so low on chocolate ingredients! Won't you be a dear and come shopping with me?"
Cagliostro: That should be more than enough to get ‌‌ to go with you.
Clarisse: Buh, w-wait a second!
Clarisse: J-just the two of us? How about we all go together?
Cagliostro: Duh! Are you even paying attention?
Cagliostro: This is the perfect opportunity to get some real practice in—not to mention an ideal situation to get some one-on-one time together!
Cagliostro: You've still got a ways to go, so you'll need to practice keeping your composure when it's just the two of you.
Cagliostro: Not only that, but it's a natural environment to ask about ‌‌'s favorite kind of chocolate.
Clarisse: Ngh... I suppose that's true, but...
Clarisse looks at Cagliostro with pleading eyes, on the verge of tears.
Perhaps feeling an ounce of pity for her pupil, Cagliostro lets out a frustrated sigh.
Cagliostro: Geez... Fine, if you really insist. I guess I'll come along too.
Cagliostro: But you'd definitely better ask about ‌‌'s favorite chocolate. Got it?
Clarisse: Sniff... Okay!
Cagliostro: Good girl. All right, now go find where ‌‌'s holed up.
Recomposing herself, Clarisse gives Cagliostro a firm nod and leaves to find ‌‌.
Cagliostro, with a suspiciously wry smile on her face, watches as her disciple leaves the room.

I'm Gonna Do It!

Clarisse invites ‌‌ and the others on a shopping trip for ingredients. Cagliostro suggests that everyone split into groups to get things done faster, pairing Clarisse and ‌‌ with each other. Despite being flustered at the unexpected turn of events, Clarisse can't help but smile to herself.

Clarisse invites ‌‌ and company to join her for some grocery shopping.
Her explanation is vague, but good enough to convince the others to come along.
Vyrn: So? What're we buyin'?
Clarisse: Like... Milk, sugar, and some other stuff.
Vyrn: Oof, that all sounds pretty hefty.
Cagliostro: Yeah. The list is pretty long, so let's split into groups.
Cagliostro: Vyrn and Lyria, you guys are with me. ‌‌, you go with Clarisse.
Cagliostro: She'll probably need the most help, so I'm counting on you, 'kay?
‌‌ responds with an affirmative nod.
Clarisse: M-Master! This isn't what we agreed on!
Cagliostro: Huh? What're you on about? I'm coming along with you guys, just like I said.
Cagliostro: I never said I'd stay by your side the entire time.
Clarisse: N-no way...
Clarisse looks at Cagliostro helplessly, tears beginning to well in her eyes.
Cagliostro, however, merely breaks into a devilish grin and leans forward to whisper in her ear.
Cagliostro: Enjoy your little date with ‌‌.
Cagliostro: And don't forget to ask about the chocolate!
Clarisse: H-hold on a second, Master!
Cagliostro: No time. Lyria, Vyrn! Let's get moving!
Vyrn: Wait, what's the matter with Clarisse?
Cagliostro: Heh-heh... Pay her no mind—she's fine.
And just like that, Cagliostro walks off with Vyrn and Lyria.
Deserted and left alone with ‌‌, Clarisse squeezes her temples, racking her brain for ideas on how to handle this unforeseen situation.
Clarisse: Ngh... What to do now...
  1. You don't feel like going?
  2. Do you have a headache?

Choose: You don't feel like going?
Clarisse: I-I'm going! Just gimme a sec!
Regaining her composure, Clarisse turns around to take a deep breath.
Clarisse: Phew... Ahem.
Clarisse: Okay! Let's get going, ‌‌!
The two begin making their way to the marketplace at a leisurely pace.

Choose: Do you have a headache?
Clarisse: H-h-huh? Oh, I'm fine! I just, um, do this with my hands sometimes! Haha!
Clarisse: I was just thinking that this feels kind of like a date or something, but...
Clarisse: Er, never mind that!
Clarisse: Anyway, don't worry about me, ‌‌!
Clarisse: That's right—uh, shopping! Let's get going!
‌‌ brushes Clarisse's odd behavior aside for the time being and agrees.
Continue 1
Clarisse: (I can't believe it... I'm all alone with ‌‌...)
Clarisse: (Um... I should probably say something. Huh?)
Clarisse: (What do we even normally talk about?)
Clarisse: (Urgh... I'm thinking too much about this...)
Clarisse: (Master kept calling this a date too... Is this a date?)
Clarisse: (It's nice to spend some time alone with ‌‌ though, even if it's just shopping...)
Despite her nerves and lack of preparation, a part of her is happy about the outcome.
At the same time, her conflicted emotions serve as a reminder of her own unyielding feelings.

I'm Gonna Do It!: Scene 2

After finally managing to ask about ‌‌'s favorite kind of chocolate, Clarisse suggests that they take a break at a nearby cafe. To her surprise, it's packed with couples displaying their affection by spoon-feeding each other. After inviting ‌‌ to try it, they are discovered by Cagliostro, who orders ‌‌ to feed Clarisse as well.

Clarisse and ‌‌ make their way to a nearby goods store to buy chocolate ingredients.
Clarisse: Er... What did we need again? Oh, right...
Clarisse: (I still need to ask about ‌‌'s favorite kind of chocolate...)
Clarisse: S-say, ‌‌, can I ask you something?
Clarisse: I was just wondering... What kind of chocolate do you like? I mean, there are just so many, you know?
  1. Simple is simply best.
  2. Nothing better than fruit-filled chocolate.

Choose: Simple is simply best.
Clarisse: Something simple, huh? I see...
Clarisse: There's no way around it then—the chocolate itself has to be of utmost quality...

Choose: Nothing better than fruit-filled chocolate.
Clarisse: For real? Those are my favorites too!
Clarisse: There's nothing quite as heavenly as the combination of tangy fruit with the bitter sweetness of chocolate, is there?
Clarisse: But all right, then... Chocolate-covered fruit...
Clarisse: If you ask me, orange is the way to go.
Clarisse: Hmm... But what else could work?
Continue 1
Clarisse: Erm... Oh. Thanks for telling me, ‌‌!
Clarisse: A-as thanks I'll, um... I'll make some for you on Valentine's Day.
Clarisse's face glows red upon hearing her own words.
The shopkeeper finishes bagging the ingredients and smiles at the pair, eyes crinkling at the corners.
Shopkeep: My... Aren't you just an adorable couple!
Shopkeep: Here, I'll throw in a little extra—on the house. Good luck with your chocolate!
Clarisse: C-c-couple! M-me and ‌‌?
Clarisse: ...!
One could almost see steam coming from Clarisse's ears at this point.
Clarisse: L-let's get a move-on to the next store, ‌‌!
Grabbing ‌‌'s hand, she hurriedly runs out of the grocery.
Clarisse: Ngh...
Clarisse: (A... c-couple? I could just die from embarrassment. But still...)
Clarisse: (Wouldn't it be nice...)
Clarisse: (I wonder what ‌‌ thinks about us being called a couple though...)
She turns to get a glance at ‌‌'s face.
It's only now that she remembers whose hand she has been holding this entire time.
Clarisse: Eep!
Clarisse: S-sorry, ‌‌!
Clarisse: I-I just grabbed your hand without thinking...
Quickly letting go, Clarisse looks down in embarrassment.
  1. I don't mind.

Choose: I don't mind.
Clarisse: (We were holding hands just now...)
Clarisse: (Guh... I can feel myself getting red just thinking about it.)
Clarisse: Um, ‌‌? I think we're all good on ingredients, so... how does a tea break sound?
Clarisse: I'm feeling a little thirsty...
‌‌ nods in agreement, and the two find a nearby cafe.
A barista guides the two to their seat.
However, romance is in the air as Valentine's Day draws near. The cafe is completely populated with young couples.
Clarisse: (Hoo boy, this place is just chock-full of couples...)
Clarisse: (Yikes, those two are even feeding each other. Gulp...)
The mood becomes awkward as Clarisse silently thinks to herself until the drinks arrive.
Barista: Here you are! A parfait for you, and one coffee.
Quickly reading the situation, the barista smiles to herself and leaves the awkward couple alone.
Clarisse: (Master said I should enjoy myself on this date.)
Clarisse: (In that case...)
Clarisse: Hey, uh, ‌‌. Um, do you also wanna try doing... that?
Clarisse eyes a lovey-dovey couple taking turns feeding each other.
  1. Ahhh.

Choose: Ahhh.
Clarisse: (No way! There's no backing out now...)
With a shaky hand, Clarisse takes a spoonful of her parfait, slowly bringing it closer to ‌‌'s mouth.
Clarisse: ...!
‌‌ takes a bite into the sweet parfait.
Clarisse: (Eep... I can't believe we just did that.)
Clarisse: (How embarrassing... My face must be totally red right now...)
Vyrn: Hey... Is that Clarisse?
Lyria: It is! Are you guys taking a break as well?
Cagliostro: Oho... Now this is what I wanted to see.
Clarisse freezes, spoon still held hovering above the table.
After a too-long pause, she turns, slowly, to face the source of the voices.
Clarisse: Wh-what brings you guys here? Er... You wouldn't have happened to... see anything, did you?
Cagliostro: Heh-heh... I didn't want to disturb you two.
Cagliostro: We'll find another place. Don't mind us—keep enjoying yourselves.
Clarisse: Wh-what are you talking about? There's no way we could do that now!
Clarisse: I mean, what happened just now... Uh, that was just us going with the flow of things!
Cagliostro: Say... Now that I think about it, ‌‌, you haven't fed Clarisse yet, have you?
Cagliostro: Then next should be your turn to feed her.
Clarisse: W-wait, what? M-Master, what are you...
Cagliostro: We can't just have ‌‌ hog all the fun. It's all about give-and-take, right? Just take a look at those two.
Cagliostro fixes her sights on another pair of lovebirds feeding each other.
Cagliostro: See? Just like that. Now go ahead and take your turn, ‌‌.
Cagliostro: Anyway, like I was saying earlier—we're off to find another place.
Cagliostro: We've bothered you two for long enough as it is.
Cagliostro: Heh-heh... Enjoy, Clarisse.
Cagliostro and the others exit the shop, leaving Clarisse and ‌‌ alone once again.
Clarisse: Er... What should we do, ‌‌?
Clarisse: I mean, if you don't want to do it, I'm fine with that...
However, ‌‌ is quick on the uptake and takes a healthy spoonful of the parfait, bringing it close to Clarisse's mouth.
  1. Clarisse, say "ahh."

Choose: Clarisse, say "ahh."
Clarisse: Uh...
Clarisse: (There's no way I could refuse now...)
Clarisse: (Not to mention ‌‌ is pretty much fully committed at this point...)
Clarisse: (Nothing wrong if I go along with it, right?)
Clarisse: (O-okay then...)
Clarisse: A... Ahh...
Clarisse wraps her mouth around the spoon.
Clarisse: Heh... This is more embarrassing than I thought it'd be...
Clarisse: But I, um... I guess I kinda liked it too...
After the exchange, Clarisse's face is red as can be.
Yet at the same time, she can't help but smile at the situation.

I'm Gonna Do It!: Scene 3

The party returns to the Grandcypher, and Clarisse begins her attempts at making chocolate for ‌‌. After a string of failed batches, Cagliostro suggests for her to go hunting for ingredients with Teena, Melissabelle, and Narmaya to clear her mind.

After a day of shopping and awkward hijinks, Clarisse and Cagliostro return to the galley on the Grandcypher.
To their surprise, they find Narmaya, Teena, and Melissabelle inside, working in earnest.
Clarisse: What's going on, everybody? It smells sweet in here...
Teena: That's right—we're all trying our hands at making chocolate for Valentine's Day.
Melissabelle: I also wished to try making something a little different this time.
Narmaya: Oh! Are you two here to make chocolates as well?
Clarisse: Yep. I need to perfect my chocolate in time for the real deal.
Cagliostro: Don't mind me—I'm just here as Clarisse's executive advisor.
Narmaya: Hehe, is that right? Let's do our best then.
Motivated by Narmaya's words of encouragement, Clarisse gets to work straight away.
Clarisse: Okay... First off, we need to melt the chocolate. There.
She places a bowl of chocolate into a boiling pot of water.
Cagliostro: The water's too damn hot!
Clarisse: Oww! What'd you hit me for?
Cagliostro: When melting chocolate with a bain-marie, what you want to do is bring the water to a gentle boil.
Clarisse: S-seriously? I thought the heat would help it melt faster.
Cagliostro: Too much heat will cause the chocolate to lose a lot of flavor.
Cagliostro: And it'll get condensation on the inside of the bowl, mixing water in with your chocolate.
Clarisse: Oh... I didn't know.
Clarisse: Wait a second... Why do you know so much about chocolate?
Cagliostro: You kidding? Think about it—confection is merely another branch of alchemy. How could I not know?
Clarisse: I shouldn't have expected anything less...
Cagliostro: And of course, making perfect Valentine's Day chocolate is just natural for a beautiful maiden such as myself!
Cagliostro: Anyway, no more dawdling—back to square one, pronto!
Clarisse: O-okay!
Cagliostro: Now once the chocolate melts, slowly mix it as it cools down to about skin temperature.
Cagliostro: That way you'll end up with a smooth, silky texture.
Clarisse: A-all right. Mix it slowly until it cools down to skin temperature...
Clarisse takes Cagliostro's words to heart as she begins mixing the chocolate in earnest.
Clarisse: (Skin temperature... ‌‌'s hand was really warm...)
Clarisse: (What if I got to hold ‌‌'s hand again...)
Clarisse: I mean... Wouldn't that be just crazy? Ahaha!
As Clarisse lets her imagination run free, her hands speed up with abandon.
Cagliostro: You're mixing it way too fast, you dunce!
Clarisse: Yeowch!
Some of the heated chocolate splatters onto Clarisse, surprising her into dropping the bowl.
Cagliostro: Yeesh, what was that about?
Clarisse: Ngh... S-sorry.
Clarisse: All that talk about body temperature got me thinking...
Clarisse: And then I started remembering how warm ‌‌'s hand was...
Cagliostro: Oho... Now there's some news.
Clarisse: ...
Clarisse: A-anyway! We should get back to the chocolate!
Cagliostro: Right. We'll just set that story aside for a later time.
Clarisse: Can you taste this for me, Master?
Cagliostro: Huh? Sure, I guess.
Cagliostro swipes a bit of melted chocolate and sticks it in her mouth.
Cagliostro: ...
Clarisse: Well? How is it?
Cagliostro: Tell you what—you try some too.
Clarisse also takes some of the chocolate into her mouth.
Clarisse: Blech... This flavor... Salt?
Cagliostro: A textbook case of mixing up salt with sugar.
Cagliostro: Seriously... I can't take my eyes off you for a second, can I?
Cagliostro: You were too busy daydreaming about ‌‌ again, weren't you?
Clarisse: Oof... Yes.
Cagliostro: ...
Clarisse continues her attempts at making the perfect Valentine's Day chocolate.
However, after a string of subpar batches, she quickly falls into despair.
Clarisse: Ugh... This really is hopeless.
Teena: Hey, Clarisse? You got a minute?
Clarisse: Sniff... Huh? What's up?
Teena: Well, we're all about to go get some ingredients for chocolate...
Teena: And we were wondering... if you'd like to come with us.
Clarisse: I've got more than enough here... Do you guys want some?
Teena: No, it's not just for us. We're thinking of bringing enough back for everyone in the crew.
Teena: A lot of people on the Grandcypher are too busy to get ingredients for themselves.
Teena: That way even if they don't have the time to find ingredients, everyone gets a chance to make chocolate.
Clarisse: Oh, that's a nice idea!
Clarisse: Sorry though! Things aren't going so well for me here, so I think I'm gonna stick around and try some more.
Cagliostro: Actually, Clarisse. You should go with them.
Clarisse: What?
Cagliostro: It might be a good idea to go out for a while and take your mind off things.
Cagliostro: This way, you'll be able to come back refreshed with a clear head.
Clarisse: Huh. That... actually makes sense.
Clarisse: Okay then! I'll go with the others!
Cagliostro: Good girl. Go kapow some stuff and come back.
Clarisse: All right! They won't be ready for the boom! Kapow!
Teena: Hehe... That may just be the ticket for getting a whole bunch at once!
Melissabelle: Right. The more we get, the more we can split amongst everyone.
Narmaya: Let's get things started then, ladies!

I'm Gonna Do It!: Scene 4

After hearing the others share their appreciation for ‌‌, Clarisse begins to doubt whether she should convey her own feelings to ‌‌. Cagliostro tells her to look in her heart of hearts to affirm what she really wants. With her determination restored, she successfully asks ‌‌ out on a date.

After a successful hunt, the girls bring back a plentiful haul of chocolate ingredients.
When the chocolates are done, the girls wax lyrical about Valentine's Day.
Cagliostro: By the way, who are you guys making chocolate for anyway?
Teena: I'm giving chocolate to ‌‌ and my brother. ‌‌ is someone I can always rely on whenever trouble arises.
Teena: And its thanks to ‌‌ that my brother and I have the relationship we have now.
Narmaya: I'm also giving chocolate to ‌‌ and Lyria.
Narmaya: They're always looking out for me and helping me stay on the right path.
Narmaya: I'm pouring all of my appreciation into these chocolates!
Melissabelle: Me too. I know I can count on ‌‌ to keep my best interests in mind.
Melissabelle: Not to mention always doing things for us... This is the least I can do.
Clarisse: I-is that so? Everyone's giving chocolate to ‌‌, huh...
Teena: Are you giving chocolate to ‌‌ as well?
Clarisse: Yeah...
Clarisse looks hesitant for a moment as she goes silent.
Cagliostro: What's the matter?
Clarisse: N-n-nothing at all! Don't mind me, Master!
Despite her conflicted feelings, Clarisse manages to force a smile.
A sigh escapes Cagliostro, who knows her pupil all too well.
As the day gives way to night, most of the girls head back to their rooms.
Clarisse: All righty, Master... I should head back too.
Cagliostro: So, who are you guys making chocolate for anyway?
Clarisse: Wh-whatever are you talking about, Master?
Cagliostro: Cut the crap already. Lie to me again and I'll sic Ouroboros on ya.
After mustering enough courage, Clarisse slowly begins to come clean about her doubts.
Clarisse: Master... Is it really all right for me to go for ‌‌?
Clarisse: I started thinking, you know? After hearing everyone else talk about their Valentine's Day plans...
Clarisse: ‌‌ is always helping everyone out and does so much for the crew...
Clarisse: I thought I wanted to be someone ‌‌ considered really special...
Clarisse: But I realize now that I'm not the only who feels this way...
Cagliostro: No doubt. Pretty much everyone's cuckoo for ‌‌ on this ship.
Clarisse: If somehow things ended up working out between ‌‌ and me...
Clarisse: What would the rest of the crew think?
Clarisse: Probably nothing good, right?
Clarisse: I'd hate it if things got awkward in the crew all because of me.
Clarisse: The Grandcypher... This crew is dear to my heart.
Clarisse: That's why everyone would be better off if I just kept my mouth shut about how I felt, right?
Laying it all on the table, Clarisse becomes overwhelmed with emotions as she fights back tears.
Cagliostro, however, responds with a swift blow to her head.
Clarisse: Yeeowch!
Clarisse: Huh? What was that for!
Cagliostro: You big dummy...
Cagliostro: What's the point of talking about all these what-ifs? How does that affect your feelings?
Clarisse: Um, well...
Cagliostro: Nobody knows for sure how things are gonna turn out until the moment of truth!
Cagliostro: Stop paying so much attention to what others think—what do you want?
Clarisse: What do I want?
Cagliostro: Exactly. Look in your heart of hearts—what is it that you truly want?
Clarisse: I...
Clarisse: I want to have a deeper relationship with ‌‌!
Cagliostro: That's right—and don't you forget it.
Cagliostro: Take it from me—when it comes to the future, things tend to work out better than you'd think.
Clarisse: Yeah... You're absolutely right, Master.
Clarisse: ...!
Clarisse snaps out of her funk, her determination fully restored.
Clarisse: There's no point in thinking too hard about it! I just gotta do it my way!
Clarisse: If someone else takes issue with that, I can deal with it then! There's always a way to talk things out!
Clarisse: Isn't that right, Master?
Cagliostro responds with a nonchalant shrug.
Cagliostro: And no matter how things end up, I couldn't imagine it causing that much discord among the crew.
Cagliostro: I mean, all the people here are big softies for each other.
Clarisse: Ahaha... I guess that includes you too, Master.
Cagliostro: Humph.
A smirk forms on Cagliostro's face at Clarisse's remark.
Cagliostro: I should mention one more thing though... You've already lost the chocolate battle.
Clarisse: H-huh? Why?
Cagliostro: Heh. Isn't it obvious? Who stands right before you?
Cagliostro: The goddess of alchemy herself, Cagliostro the genius!
Cagliostro: Do you honestly think a dunce like you has what it takes to best the most adorable genius at chocolate? Think again!
Clarisse: I-I can be adorable too!
Clarisse: I definitely won't lose to you—not here, that's for sure!
Cagliostro's words light a fire in Clarisse's heart.
With this newfound motivation, she focuses her energy into making ‌‌'s chocolate.
Clarisse: All done!
Finally pleased with the result of her labor, Clarisse proudly shows Cagliostro the latest batch of chocolate.
Cagliostro: Yawn...
Cagliostro: You finally made something you're proud of?
Cagliostro: Oof... All-nighters really are the enemy of cuteness.
Clarisse: Sorry about that, Master...
Clarisse: But I had to be sure that I did everything I could to make these chocolates just how I wanted.
Clarisse: Since I'm going to be giving ‌‌ these chocolates along with my feelings.
Cagliostro: Yeah, it's fine.
Cagliostro: More importantly, are you ready?
Clarisse: Yes! I won't waver any longer!
Cagliostro: Is that right? In that case, I've got nothing left to tell you.
Clarisse: All right! Well then, I guess I'm off!
Cagliostro watches as Clarisse takes off to find ‌‌.
Later, Clarisse asks ‌‌ to meet her on the outskirts of town.
Clarisse: Sorry if this seemed really sudden, ‌‌.
Clarisse: But I just needed to get you alone...
Clarisse: Anyways! Today's Valentine's Day, right?
Clarisse: So I've made you some chocolate.
Clarisse: Will you take it?
  1. Of course.

Choose: Of course.
Clarisse: And there was one more thing I wanted to tell you, ‌‌.
Clarisse: Something I want to ask you..
Clearing her mind of distractions, she looks directly at ‌‌.
Clarisse: I was wondering if y-you'd like to, um...
Clarisse: Go on a date with me!
Clarisse: I want to get to know you better, ‌‌.
Clarisse: Or would you rather... not spend more time with me?
‌‌ takes a step forward, closing the distance between them, and smiles at Clarisse.
Clarisse: Th-thanks, ‌‌.
Clarisse: Ahaha... Oh wow, what am I gonna do? I'm so happy right now that my mind's gone blank...
With tears starting to well in her eyes, Clarisse smiles sincerely.
The young maiden has finally taken another step in advancing her relationship with ‌‌.
How this tale will play out for her is still up in the air.
The future of this budding relationship lies in her hands alone—probably.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ううっ、どんなチョコ作ろう…… What kind of chocolate should I make...
全力全開でいっくよー☆ Let's hit 'em with a bang!
チョコ……喜んでくれると嬉しいな…… I hope you'll like my chocolate...
クラリスちゃんにおまかせっ☆ Just leave it to Clarisse!
お菓子作りは得意なんだ☆ Sweets are my specialty!
ししょーはどんなチョコを作るんだろ? Master, what kind of chocolate are you making?
チョコづくり……頑張らないと! I've gotta put my all into this chocolate!
最近、試食のし過ぎで服がきついかも…… My outfit's getting tight from trying too much chocolate...
(主人公)、どんなチョコが好きなんだろう I wonder what (Captain)'s favorite kind of chocolate is...
(主人公)のためにがんばる! I'll do it for (Captain)!


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