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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 172 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Visiting landmarks, teasing others
Likes Anything interesting
Dislikes Silence

Granblue Fantasy Theater
An unflappable free spirit traveling alongside Sturm, Drang might give you the impression of being upbeat and affectionate, but it's all an act. He make his foes let down their guard, after which he'll unleash one of the countless schemes stirring behind his smiling face. His personality stands in stark contrast to that of Sturm, his protector, but their pairing actually serves to complement their respective weaknesses. He is currently working alongside Sturm in the empire's employ.

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Age 不明
Height 172cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 史跡巡り、他人をおちょくること
Likes 面白そうなもの
Dislikes 沈黙

Granblue Fantasy Theater

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




  • Drang has character banter with Sturm while together in battle.
  • His and Sturm's names are based on a real life movement of literature and music called "Sturm und Drang".[5]
  • Ferry is his great-aunt.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Hey, hey, Captain! I heard the news! Today's your birthday, isn't it?
We simply must celebrate! Is there anything you'd like to eat, Captain?
We're in the middle of a journey, so we may not be able to get the family together...
But worry not! Sturm and I are here to party! Let's enjoy good times together, shall we?


Happy birthday there, (Captain)!
The atmosphere on this ship is incredible! Everyone's just so ready to celebrate.
I have to admit, I'm getting kinda jealous!
The only person that's ever celebrated like that for me is my dear old granny.
But that always did the trick for me anyhow!
Celebrating for other people is good fun too!
So thanks, (Captain).
We might be enemies someday, but let's make the most out of it!


This sure is a great crew, isn't it, (Captain)?
You can really see how much effort everyone's putting in for your birthday. All for you!
Even if you weren't captain around here, I've no doubt just as many people would still be trying just as hard to make this day a blast for you.
A mystery you are; a mystery you are! Oh, how I'd like me some of that special something you have!
Hehehe. Happy birthday, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We've known each other a good long time now, huh?
You've come such a long way in that time.
Why, when we first met, you were only knee-high!
And now you've gotten so big...
I'm so proud!
Oh, I'm only playing.
But seriously, I wanna stay around to see what heights you'll reach in the future, (Captain).


Happy birthday!
I'm so glad we can celebrate together again! You know, being an agent and everything... Circumstances change.
Ahaha, sorry. I'm not turning against you or anything. I'm just saying that it's a valid possibility.
After all, it's been five whole years! That's practically ten years we've been together if you round up! Of course I'd want to celebrate with you!
Watching you grow stronger by the day really makes me happy, (Captain).
It was just yesterday that you were learning to walk by yourself... And now, look at you all grown up... Sniff.
Just kidding. Can't help it, being a grandma's boy and everything.
Now I finally understand how Granny always felt... Watching someone grow up isn't bad at all, I must say.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ngh... Urgh... Morning, Cap'n...
After the countdown last night, I wasn't able to sleep til right before sunrise.
Time sure flies when you're partying through New Year's Eve!
Hm? Say, have you seen Sturm around? I can't seem to find her anywhere...
What! She's out to town already? Come on, let's go find her!


Oh! Good morning to you, (Captain)! Is today the start of a happy new year for you?
Ah, you're wondering why I'm not up so early?
Heheheh... I've got it all figured out, you see!
If you stay up all night on New Year's Eve, then you don't have to wake up early to see the first dawn!
That's why I'm so pumped! And also why I'm so sleepy!
So... if Sturm comes by... to go to the festival... wake me up... would ya?


Ahhh, slept all the way through to the new year.
I really wanted to watch the first sunrise with Sturm...
But I guess we'll just have to wait till next year!
All right, (Captain). What do you say you and I go to town and enjoy the festivities?


(Captain), happy New Year!
I just have one small complaint...
Why didn't you wake me up?
You're under no obligation to do so? But I thought we were friends!
Sigh... I missed the first sunrise again...


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
Sorry, I overslept again... I guess we'll have to save watching the sunrise together on New Year's for next year.
Oh, but something nice happened! Sturm appeared in my very first dream of the year!
Good mooorning, Sturm! You're up early again this year!
See, I got up early this time too. It's not like I sleep in every single year!
What do you think? Pretty good, right? You can give me a compliment right about now, you know?

Then Sturm started strangling me and I woke up from the dream.
She seemed to be the same as ever in my dream, so I'm sure it means we'll get along this year too!
I'm looking forward to spending another year with you too, (Captain)! Let's have a great time!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Heh heh heh!
Oh, (Captain)! You won't believe what Sturm just did!
Wha? I-is that... For me? From you?
Why I... I don't know what to say! I'm touched, but this is so out of the blue...
Th-thank you! I'll savor every bite of this!


Huh? What's that? Why do I look so fidgety, you ask?
Oh, no reason! No reason at all! But listen, I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately, and sugar helps with brain function, see...
Huh? What's this? For me? Ah! I remember now. It's Valentine's Day...
Sorry for playing dumb... I was a little embarrassed you caught me waiting around. But thank you! I'm really grateful!


Ohhh, (Captain)! You look like you're lookin' forward to something!
Awww, no need to play dumb! We both know what I'm talking about! Give you a hint: starts with a V, and it's not vendetta!
Hey! Wait! Come back! That's cold, (Captain)! That's cold!


(Captain)! Is this a Valentine's Day present?
Heh heh... Thank you! I'm quite happy!
Oh no, I'm fine! I really am happy... It's just...
Sturm also handed me chocolates and just walked away...
I just feel like there's a lack of enthusiasm...
No, no! I'm happy, really!
But... There's just something missing, you know?


Hm? What's the matter, (Captain)? Is that for me? You're gonna give me something this year too? Is that chocolate? For Valentine's Day?
Ahaha... Wow, I'm a lucky guy! Makes me so happy every single time.
Hm? I'm pretending to be cheerful even more than ever? Yeah, I guess I am!
You know why? It's Sturm! She came up to me going like "Here" and just ran off!
Geez, she's being so cold this year... That made me a bit sad, so I ended up annoying you instead.
Well, I guess that's just Sturm's way of hiding her embarrassment...
S-Sturm! You were listening this whole time? You can't throw your sword like that, you know! Even if you feel embarrassed—

White Day Cutscenes
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Ah! There you are, (Captain)! Here you go! Enjoy!
Why so puzzled? It's White Day! White! Day!
What can I say, a gentleman's gotta do what a gentleman's got to do!
But don't forget! I'm an agent, and I don't work for free you know!
So as payment... I'll happily accept the pleasure of seeing you smile, (Captain)!


Here's a present for you, (Captain)! Just a thanks for your Valentine's Day gift.
Now hold it there! There's some fun in waiting to open it later!
You know, I'm always giving out candy and stuff to everyone else...
But on this special day and for this gift only, you won't believe your eyes no matter how many times you open it...


(Captain)! Special delivery! Just for you!
Heh heh heh! Didn't think I'd forget this year, did you?
Hahaha. I'm glad you like it. Now that's the face I wanted to see.
I love it when you smile, (Captain).
Wouldn't mind if you did it more often, even if it's not on a day like this.
Think I'll make that my goal for this year! To make you smile!


(Captain), here's a White Day present for all you do for me!
These look like flowers, right? But actually...
They're made of candy!
You know me, always the sweetheart.
But this particular candy is special!
Heh heh! Didn't see that coming, did you?
No matter how many years pass, I'll never bore you! Never!
You just wait for the next holiday, okay?


Hey, look at this, (Captain)! I really put in some effort this year!
Here you go! My White Day present to you! I'm pretty proud of this one too!
So? What do you think it is? The hint is... me, I guess?
Well, it's nothing weird, so I hope you like it.
Okay, open it! See, I made a chocolate miniature of myself this year!
When I gave one to Sturm, she immediately crushed it into pieces...
So, (Captain), I hope you'll treat yours with love and actually eat—
Ahh! You're tearing it apart! My precious parts... They're coming off one by one!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
5th year:
Miniature Drang square.jpg Miniature Drang

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat, smell my feet!! Heya, Cap'n! Give me something good to eat!
Hm? What? You have some candy for me?
Hey! This is the candy I gave you just now!
Well, I guess you did give me candy though... I never knew giving away candy could bite me back like this.


Okay let's go, (Captain)! What? What do you mean, where?
We're going to see Sturm, of course! It's Halloween!
You want to see Sturm's face when she gets pranked, don't ya? She's gonna go crazy!
Playing a prank on her is like playing with fire, though.
But we'll be fine! I'll show you what to do in case she tries to stab us! It'll barely hurt a bit!


Ah, (Captain)! Oh, I know, I know. You don't even have to say it.
I made extra sure to get some candy ready...
Ah! They're all gone!
Sorry, (Captain). I swear I had them, but it looks like I've handed them all out!
W-wait! No! Please! Have mercy!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
This year, I want to do more than just hand out candy.
I really want to dress up, but choosing a costume is tougher than it sounds.
If I'm gonna do it, it'd be more fun to coordinate with you and Sturm, right?
So can you help me out with ideas, (Captain)?
Huh? No, I haven't asked Sturm yet. She'll turn me down flat.
That's why I need to get her costume ready myself and not leave her any escape routes!
And now that you know the plan, you're an accessory to the crime, (Captain)! So I expect your full cooperation!


Drang's Voice: Hey, (Captain)! Happy Halloween! I'm down here!
Drang: Ahaha... What do you think? I'm dressed up as the floor—Sturm's work.
I was suggesting an adorable costume for her to wear when I found myself buried here!
It was a cat costume. I thought she'd look great in it, but maybe she couldn't stand my meowing...
Oh, which reminds me—could you give me a hand, (Captain)? I just can't seem to get out of here.
Hey, where do you think you're going? You're just going to leave me here? Come on!
Drang's Voice: (Captain)! Don't leave me here!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, hey! 'Tis the season to be jolly!
How's the tree? How's the ornaments? Got the stockings ready?
Oh! Hope you have a nice big turkey in the works too!
Hm? Well how can I not be excited! Today only comes around once a year y'know!
I already have your present all wrapped up! Here you go! Don't open it till tomorrow!


Fa la la la la! La la la la!
Hm? What's that? You wanna know what I'm up to? Are you curious? Super curious?
Oh shucks! I guess since you asked, (Captain), I'll tell you then!
Well, you know what time of year it is! I thought I'd dress up as Santa and pass out some presents!
And now that you're in the know, you can be my little helper, (Captain)!
Now then! Let's make it rain with gifts! We're the stars of the show for tonight!


Heya, (Captain)! Been waiting forever for you!
C'mon, let's be Santas together this year! Just imagine the smiles on the childrens' faces! What do ya say?
Sturm? You know she'd never agree to do that! Believe me, I ask her every year.
A pity really too! I just know she'll look great in a Santa outfit.
But you won't let me down, will ya? I can count on you, can't I? Right?
Yes! That's the spirit!


(Captain)! Happy holidays!
It seems like it's that time of the year again for us to get to work.
We're going to dress up and pass out presents!
Hm? You're willing? That's perfect!
Wait... What is that brown clothing?
A reindeer? Me?
Hold on! I'm glad you took the time to get this costume for me...
But I wanted to be Santa! Just kidding...


Oh, (Captain)! Take a look at this!
I tried putting the sphere I use on my nose. Isn't it cute?
Well, you know how you suggested I dress up as a reindeer last year?
I thought about it and realized that it actually kind of suits me. I mean, we both do things without being recognized for it.
Reindeer have shiny noses, right? So I tried putting this sphere on my nose and I ended up really liking it.
Huh? You're going to get on the sleigh with all the presents and I'm supposed to pull it as the reindeer? Ah, yes, I guess that is what reindeers do...
Oh, Sturm!
Hey, Sturm, you want to be a reindeer with me? I'm sure this reindeer costume will look great on you—

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Brief Interlude

Orchis tells Drang that Sturm is waiting for him at a bar, but when he arrives, Sturm is nowhere in sight. After conversing with the barkeep for some time, he realizes he's at the wrong bar and rushes out the door to face Sturm's wrath.

Drang: Sturm? Are you there?
Orchis: Oh...
Drang: Hey, uh... Orchis, was it? Have you seen Sturm anywhere?
Orchis: Apollo gave her a new mission. She already left.
Drang: Izzat right? Hmm... What should I do now...
Orchis: Um... She's waiting for you at Golonzo...
Drang: Did she really say that?
Orchis: Yes... That was her message...
Drang: Gotcha, gotcha! Thanks for sending that my way!
Orchis: Mm...
Drang: Golonzo, huh. I guess I'll go bum around town and bump into her eventually.
Orchis: Um, she's at the bar.
Drang: Huh? She said bar?
Orchis: Yes. The usual one. The port—
Drang: Have no fear! I know exactly which one she's talking about!
Orchis: Okay.
Drang: Thanks a million, Orchis!
Drang leaves with a grin on his face and a skip in his step.
Sturm: ...
Proprietress: Welcome! Take a seat!
Oh my, if it isn't Sturm.
Sturm: Mm-hm.
Sturm quickly scans the bar, sees that Drang hasn't arrived yet, and takes a seat.
Proprietress: Want a drink?
Sturm: Please.
Proprietress: Say, where's that partner of yours? It's not often that I see you alone.
Sturm: We're meeting here.
Proprietress: Ah, I see.
Proprietress: I just thought that maybe you had finally gotten sick of him and split off.
Sturm: That doesn't matter. Our partnership's part of the job.
Sturm: I wouldn't split up because of personal preferences or sociability.
Proprietress: Ahahaha! You're absolutely right! I'm sorry for even bringing it up!
Drang: Hm, looks like Sturm isn't here yet.
Barkeep: Drang, my man. Come on in.
Drang: Don't mind if I do!
Barkeep: Where's your other half? I almost never see you by yourself.
Drang: Sturm's on her way. I'm supposed to meet her here.
Barkeep: Oh, I see. Thought maybe she decided to call it quits with you. Got fed up.
Drang: For crying out loud, don't say that! You're going to jinx me!
Barkeep: What? I'm just saying it's only a matter o' time, you know?
Drang: Liar! Why would you get that idea, huh? I dare you to tell me why! Double-double, quintuple dare you!
Barkeep: Need I say more?
Proprietress: I'm curious, though, as to why you two formed a team in the first place.
Sturm: For work.
Proprietress: Haha... You never change.
Proprietress: Shows what I know. You two make a good team despite your tiffs. Never judge a book by its cover and all that.
Sturm: ...
Proprietress: Drang usually acts willy-nilly, but when it comes to work, he's focused like a laser beam, right?
Sturm: You don't know anything.
Proprietress: Oh?
Sturm: He's exactly the same when it comes to work.
Proprietress: I-I see...
Barkeep: You got a raised eyebrow outta me when I first heard you two were working together.
Drang: That's because you can't see greatness!
Drang: Me and Sturm? We might not look like it, but she and I make a dynamic duo!
Barkeep: Uh-huh.
Drang: Hey, are you listening to me? I'm being serious here!
Barkeep: Uh-huh.
Proprietress: That Drang's running late...
Sturm: ...
Proprietress: You think something happened to him? Maybe he's fallen and he can't get up...
Sturm: Humph.
Proprietress: Aren't you the slightest bit worried about him?
Sturm: Not really. Even if he gets killed, he won't die.
Proprietress: Ahahaha! True, true! You definitely believe in that boy!
Sturm: Wh-what! Don't put words in my mouth!
Drang: Yeesh. Sturm's late, don't you think?
Barkeep: Hm, I wouldn't really know. What time were you two supposed to meet?
Drang: We never decided on a time, so... I wonder if she got held up by something...
Barkeep: You worried?
Drang: Ah, well... It's not that I don't believe in her or anything. Because I do, you know? But this is different!
Barkeep: Yeah, yeah, I get it.
Customer: Yo, barkeep.
Barkeep: Nice to see you again.
Customer: That you, Drang? Stopping off for a pint?
Drang: Nah, I'm just waiting for Sturm to get here.
Customer: Sturm? I saw her down by a bar next to the docking area not too long ago.
Drang: You're pulling my chain!
Barkeep: Sigh. Looks like you went to the wrong bar.
Customer: Seriously, Drang? Did you pass without seeing each other? Anyway, yeah, you're in the wrong place.
Drang: Wish I could stay and take part in my own shame...
Drang: But right now I've got to get my butt over there!
Drang: See ya!
Drang: Come on, Drang, pick up the pace! I'm in big trouble. But I swear Orchis told me the right place...
Orchis: Um, she's at the bar.
Drang: Huh? She said bar?
Orchis: Yes. The usual one. The port—
Drang: Have no fear! I know exactly which one she's talking about!
Drang: So Orchis was talking about the one closest to the port... Should've let her finish.
Drang: I thought she was going to say the farther one! I could've sworn Sturm liked this place better!
Drang grumbles in between his huffs and puffs.
Drang: Oh boy... I've really kept her waiting...
Drang: She's gonna have my head on a stick! A platter! Oh, and the stabbings! The stabbings!
Drang: Aaargh! I mean, I know it was my fault and all, but please don't hurt me, Sturm!
What should have been a quiet night is shattered by the wailings of a man off to meet his maker.

Memories in the Blue

Drang visits his grandmother's grave on a bluff overlooking the sky. He remembers the days spent on his grandmother's lap, listening to her stories about the island shrouded in mist.

Sunlight peeks through the canopy, trickling onto a small dirt trail. The forest is quiet, save for the soft crunch of leaves under a single pair of feet.
Drang: Phew. No monster trail in sight! Someone out there likes me.
He silently shrugs his shoulders before soldiering on. After a little while the brush opens into a clearing.
Drang: Here we are.
A solitary slab of stone stands atop a bluff overlooking a sea of clouds.
Drang stops in front of the stone and rests on his knees.
Drang: I'm home, Granny. Sorry I haven't been back to see you in a while.
Wind whistles across the stone, creating the illusion of speech, but of course a stone can't answer back. The only words uttered belong to a buoyant Drang.
Drang: You know me. I've been zipping around here and there, getting myself into all sorts of trouble.
Drang: Sturm and I are getting along great! Well, at least I think so anyway. She seems to get mad and say we're not buddies.
A gust blows over Drang from the sea of clouds, chuckles on the wind.
Drang: Whether I'm traveling, working, or just chatting with Sturm, it's all so satisfyingly...
Drang: Liberating.
His gaze falls to the ground as he reflects on good times past.
Young Boy: Granny! Granny!
A young boy hugs his grandmother's knee.
Young Boy: Tell me another story about Ferry and that misty island you used to live on!
Grandmother: My goodness. You've taken a real shine to those stories.
Young Boy: Hehehe! I love 'em!
Grandmother: That's wonderful. Let's see... What adventure does old Granny have for you today...
Her wrinkled face crinkles just a tiny bit more as her mouth spreads into a smile.
Young Boy: (But what I really love is my story-telling Granny...)
The soft, soothing voice of the boy's grandmother stirs up a warm feeling within his heart.

Memories in the Blue: Scene 2

Drang, unable to fulfill his childhood promise to take his grandmother back home to the mist-shrouded island, plants a flower seed from that island next to her grave instead. As he returns through the forest, he sees two suspicious men talking about committing burglary and reluctantly decides to confront them.

Young Boy: Wow! The sky's really blue today too.
Young Boy: Um... How are you doing, Ferry?
The boy faces toward a distant point in the sky. His voice would never reach that far, but he speaks aloud nonetheless.
Young Boy: Granny's not coming today either. Her leg hurts too much, and she was coughing too.
Young Boy: She laughed about it, but I think she wants to see you again.
Young Boy: I want to meet you too. So that makes two of us, Granny and me.
Mother: And where exactly have you been, young man?
Young Boy: Um, I was—
Mother: I've told you not to go wandering off on your own! I need you to stop causing trouble for me.
Young Boy: I'm sorry, Mother...
Mother: ——, you're just like your father...
Young Boy: I'm sorry...
Young Boy: (Is making Mother anxious and angry the only thing I'm good for?)
Young Boy: (What am I supposed to do to please her?)
Young Boy: ...
Father: ...
Young Boy: Excuse me, Father...
Father: Yes?
Young Boy: Um...
Father: If it's not important, then save it for after the meal.
Young Boy: Okay... Sorry...
Young Boy: Granny...
Young Boy: When I grow up, I'm gonna take you to the misty island so you can see Ferry again!
Grandmother: Hahaha. Thank you, dear. I'm happy to hear that.
Young Boy: But I wonder if Mother and Father will let me do that...
Grandmother: Come here, ——.
The grandmother calls out the boy's name and gives his face a little smush with her warm, wrinkled hands.
Grandmother: You're a kind boy. A clever, oh-so-kind little boy.
Grandmother: Whenever I see your smiling face, it makes my heart leap with joy. So I want you to keep smiling for me.
Grandmother: That's more than enough to keep me going.
Young Boy: Granny...
The boy tries his best to put on a brave face, but no smile will come.
Young Boy: Sob...
He buries his head into his grandmother's lap. The faint fragrance of a flower from a far-off island wafts into his nose.
Drang: Actually, I brought you a souvenir!
Drang rummages through his bag, pulls out a small object, and presents it on the palm of his hand.
Drang: It's a flower seed from that island.
Drang: I did a bit of checking around, and this is a hardy little thing. It should grow up big and strong here too.
He crouches beside the headstone to clear away debris before he begins planting.
Drang: Ferry's just like you said, Granny. She's got a strong will, and she's quite the beauty.
Drang: She still thinks about you all the time.
Drang: There. That should just about do it. Hurry up and bloom into a beautiful flower, okay?
Drang wipes the dirt from his hands and turns to face the headstone once more.
Drang: I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep my promise to you. But at least I can do this much...
Drang: ...
Drang: Well, time to hit the ol' dusty trail.
Drang: Can't stay too long. It'd be a real pain if I ran into anyone out here. But I'll definitely come back.
Drang: Take care, Granny. I'll be on my way now.
Drang heads back the same way he came.
Drang: Hm?
Halfway through the forest he hears a number of voices through the trees.
???: You ready for this?
???: You bet I am.
Drang: ...
Drang approaches the voices while trying to mask his footsteps.
Man 1: The stakeout went perfectly.
Man 2: It's all going to plan. We'll strike tonight and aim for the gap in the patrols.
Man 1: I don't want to cause a scene, but if they get tipped off, I just might have to.
Drang: Er...
Drang: You're killing me here. Couldn't this have waited another day?
Drang: Sigh... Guess I'll go say hello.
Drang: Hi there. Nice evening, isn't it?
Man 1: ...!
Man 2: Who the hell are you?
Drang: I was taking a lovely stroll through the forest when I saw you fine gents, and I just had to rain on your parade.
Man 1: Did you hear what I said, wise guy? Who are you!
Drang: Honestly I'd like to leave you to your own devices and call it a day.
Drang: But I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for ignoring something I could've stopped. Feels bad, you know?
Man 2: Ugh! The hell are you talking about?
Man 1: Whatever. We can't let this idiot hold us up. He's just one guy! Get him!
Drang: Mm-hm. Be my guest!

Memories in the Blue: Scene 3

With both thieves subdued, Drang heads to a guard post to report them, but one of their accomplices is already there to pin the crime on Drang. The situation grows worse for Drang until Sturm arrives and helps him escape custody.

Drang: Whew...
Drang looks down at the two men sprawled on the ground.
Drang: All that's left to do is to head into town and alert the proper authorities and medical personnel. I am sooo nice!
Drang exits the forest and heads for the nearest guard post.
Drang: Pardon me!
Man 3: Ack! It's him!
Patroller 1: It is? Seize him!
Drang: Wait! Wait, wait, wait!
Patroller 2: Stop resisting!
Drang: Wha? Buh? Let me explain!
It's only natural that Drang would raise his voice when faced with an immediate arrest.
Drang: I don't remember doing anything bad... What are the charges?
Patroller 2: Don't play dumb with us! You're wanted for attempted burglary!
Drang: Burglary? I don't follow—
Patroller 1: You were planning on breaking into a mansion in the forest. This man said you harmed his companions!
Man 3: He's dangerous! Please lock him up at once!
Drang: Oh... I see what's going on now...
Drang lets out a deep sigh, realizing that the man is working with the other two from before and is trying to set him up.
Drang: (Let's try to settle this nice and quietly.)
Drang: So... I believe there's been a misunderstanding. I would never break into that mansion—
Patroller 1: That's enough lies out of you! I'm going into the forest to investigate. You contact the homeowner.
Patroller 2: Yes, sir!
Drang: Hold on! You can't do that! Er, I mean, I'm not suspicious at all!
Patroller 1: And that really proved your innocence. What's your name?
Drang: It's Drang...
Patroller 1: Drang? Is that your real name or an alias?
Drang: Well, uh...
???: What are you doing, you dummy?
Drang: Gasp!
Drang: Sturm! Did you come to save me?
Sturm: Sigh...
Sturm quickly glances at Drang before turning to the patrollers.
Sturm: He looks suspicious but planning burglaries isn't something he would stoop to doing.
Patroller 1: Even if you're telling the truth, that's a problem for us. We have to open an investigation.
Sturm: We're in a hurry. Let him go now.
Patroller 2: Who are you to make demands?
Patroller 1: You two are in cahoots. Arrest her too!
Sturm: Sigh... Out of the question.
Sturm: We're done here. Arm yourself, Drang.
Drang: Uh-oh, Sturm's taking this to the extreme! Oh well. Monkey see, monkey do!

Memories in the Blue: Scene 4

Drang is puzzled by how Sturm knew where he was and wonders what else she knows about him, but she bluntly states she has no interest in his affairs. Despite his feigned woe, he knows he wouldn't trade Sturm for anyone else in the world.

The guard post is thrown into chaos, allowing Sturm and Drang to beat a hasty retreat out of town.
Sturm: Nothing ever works out for you, does it?
Drang: Ahaha... Can't argue with that...
Sturm: You cause me nothing but headaches.
Drang: Sorry about that, Sturm. But I'm free thanks to you!
Sturm: Forget it. Right now we've got an urgent mission to deal with.
Drang: Oh. You did mention we were in a hurry. So you came looking for me... How'd you know I'd be here anyway?
Sturm: I was headed for that place you visit alone from time to time.
Drang: No kidding! You knew about that? Wait, could it be that you're psychic?
Sturm: Zip it. I'm going to tell you about the mission.
Drang: Sure, sure. What is it?
Drang: Gotcha. Then we'd best be on our way.
Sturm: Exactly.
Drang: Okay!
Drang: ...
Drang: So, uh, Sturm...
Sturm: ...
Instead of answering Drang, Sturm turns to face him.
Drang: How much do you know?
Sturm: About what?
Drang: Oh, you know... Just stuff... Like, my past for instance?
Sturm: Sigh. Not interested. I don't care where you go or what you do outside of work.
Drang: Aaah! You're as cold as ice! Can't you humor me just a little?
Sturm: This isn't a joke.
Drang: Aha! So basically what you're saying is... You have total faith in me!
Sturm: Wrong! Shut up!
Drang: Yeow! Yeooow! That hurts!
Sturm: Humph.
Drang: Huff... That was too much, Sturm...
Drang: But I wouldn't trade that Sturm for anyone.
His quiet words are lost to the wind. Whether those words will reach her ears is up in the air.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
はいは~いさっさと次に行こっか Let's hurry on to the next thing, shall we?
ルリアちゃん大丈夫?しんどくない? Are you all right, Lyria? Feeling tired?
油断禁物、ってね Carelessness is prohibited, you know?
どいてどいて~ Step aside, step aside!
トカゲちゃ~ん、調子はどう? How you holdin' up, lizard?
さーて、次はどうしよっか? Okay, what's next?
(主人公)さんはどんどん強くなるねぇ Gotta say (Captain)'s gotten pretty strong.
ふっふっふ~僕についておいでー! Heh heh heh! Follow me!
みんな~無事~? No one's hurt, are they?
うんうん!いい調子だね! I'm in a fantastic mood today!