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Official Profile

Age 17 (self-proclaimed) Height 172 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Mental practice of assassination
Likes Friends of Stardust Town, touching animals
Dislikes Conceited adults
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
An Eternals member who wields huge twin blades. He grew up in Stardust Town, a place where only street children lived. With a blade in hand, he vowed to protect his family and friends from despicable adults, and before long, he acquired great power from these feelings. Even though he has become one of the best in the sky, the yearning for the strength to protect those he cares about still hasn't changed.
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳(自称) Height 172cm Race エルーン
Hobbies 暗殺のイメージトレーニング
Likes 星屑の街の仲間、動物と触れ合うこと
Dislikes 偉そうな大人
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
巨大な双剣を扱う、十天衆 の ひとり。ストリートチルドレンだけが暮らす 「 星屑 の 街 」で育った彼は、家族や仲間を卑劣な大人達 から守るために刃を手にし、やがてその想いの強さから 絶大な力を身につけていった。今や全空指折りの使い手となった彼だが、求めるものは 変わらず大切な人なを守れるだけの強さに他ならない。
Source [1] [2]




  • Tien is Feower's twin sister.
  • Feower's name in Japanese is "Quatre", which is French and Catalan for "four".
  • It was revealed in his Happy Birthday dialogue that Feower doesn't remember his own birth date. This may be the reason why his age is listed as 'self-proclaimed' in official sources, due to it being an estimate.
  • Feower has character banter with Tien when together in battle.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
I don't know what day I was born on... So, to be honest, I'm slightly jealous of you, (Captain).
Aha, I've got a great idea! How about you decide on a day for my birthday? Then we can celebrate it... as a surprise!
I'll be waiting! Heeheehee!


Hehehe... Behold! This year I made a cake with the citizens of Stardust Town!
What do you think? It looks incredibly delicious, doesn't it?
It's quite the surprise, yes? Too surprised to speak? Hm? What's this...
Huh? Why is my name written here?
Today is... my birthday too?
T-Thank you, (Captain)...
I-I've never been so happy before!


Happy birthday, (Captain). And it just so happens to coincide with mine.
Actually, the kids of Stardust Town are throwing me a party today. It'd be great if you came with me.
Oh. The crew members are throwing you a party, and you want me to go to that one too?
Thank you, but this is a real jam.
I wasn't expecting to get a different invitation...
We should combine the parties and have a joint celebration? That's a great idea!
Then we should head to Stardust Town and let the kids know about the change in plans.
Hehe. It's not like me to get this excited. Okay! Let's take to the skies!


Happy birthday to us, (Captain)! Our shared day has rolled around again!
Am I too excited? Well, you can blame the kids of Stardust Town.
It seems they've decided to surprise the two of us with gifts.
Hehe... I wonder what they got me. What's gotten into me? I'm not usually so into these things.
Hm? What a great idea, (Captain)! You're right, we should get them a surprise too!
Letters to each of the kids? Yes... If we start now, we should be able to finish by the time we arrive.
(You really are something else, (Captain). Even on your own special day, you're always thinking of bringing happiness to others.)
(But I suppose I should be well used to that by now.)


(Captain), our birthday has come around again!
Ever since you decided my birthday for me, we haven't had a proper celebration for yours.
So today, I'll grant you one thing. Ask anything of me!
Huh? Sing you the birthday song? T-that's a pretty tall order...
Sigh... Well, I did say anything, so... I'll do it. Ahem...
Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday, dear (Captain)... Happy birthday to you...
There, I sang it. Now it's your turn.
What do you mean! It's my birthday too, you know, so you have to do something for me too!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
What is true strength? I want to spend this coming year in pursuit of the answer to that question.
I'm looking forward to fighting alongside you this year.


My new year's resolution is to get revenge in the name of Stardust Town.
Huh? What do you mean that's scary? It's necessary.
If the mafia or whoever else decides to ruin the lives of innocent people and tear families apart, they have to be wiped out!
It's what those inhuman monsters deserve!
Gasp! Sorry... I lost myself in the excitement of the new year.
Whatever the case, I respect you, (Captain), so rest easy.


Happy New Year. Hehehe...
What? No, I wasn't laughing. Still, this is a day for merriment.
I found out that the kids of Stardust Town want to join me in my training.
They've all decided that they want to become stronger.
If they learn some self-defense techniques, they'll be better equipped for whatever comes in the future.
As for my resolution, I plan to chase after even more power. What else is there to strive for?
I can't let the kids solve everything on their own. I have to protect everyone when the time comes.
Now that it's been decided, I'm going to get down to training. Will you join me, (Captain)?


Happy New Year.
The children who resolved last year to get stronger have been training hard. I think they've made at least a little progress.
They still require my protection, but progress is progress. I'm sure they'll continue to improve this year.
I have to be diligent in my support of their efforts too.
You'd like to see how they've improved? I can't think of any objections.
I was planning to head there now to supervise a training session. Perhaps you'd like to act as a guest instructor?
(Teaching complete beginners the basics proved far more challenging than I'd expected.)
(This will be an excellent chance to learn (Captain)'s pedagogical methods.)


Heh... Heheheh... Bwahahahaha!
Hm? I look really happy? Perhaps it's because my first dream of the year was a good one.
In my dream, I finally did it... I was able to completely exterminate the mafia vermin!
This must be a sign that the fulfilling of my dearest wish is near! This year, I will definitely eliminate them all without leaving a single one alive...
Hahahaha! Just you watch! I'll tear them into shreds and shove them all into the dump, so get ready!
Huff... Huff... I'm sorry, I got a little too excited right from the start of the year.
Losing composure can lead to one's downfall, after all. I'll do better to keep calm.
But rather than slaughtering them, don't you think it'd be much more effective to beat them thoroughly in a cool and pleasant manner?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

My sister gives me chocolates on Valentine's every year. Just out of obligation, y'know.
Just thinking about that curmudgeonly sister of mine making chocolates just puts a smile on my face.


Huh? You got me chocolates again, (Captain)?
I wasn't really sure how to express my happiness last year, so I thought you wouldn't bother getting me anything ever again.
Really? You didn't get that impression? Um... I guess you might be right.
In that case, I'll be sure to savor them.
Ah! Almost forgot to properly express my thanks... Thank you so much for the chocolates, (Captain).


Are those more chocolates for me? Thank you.
Um, what would be a good return gift? If there's anything you want, just let me know.
You want me to choose something? I'm not exactly well-versed in candies and stuff...
All right, I'll figure something out. Maybe if I ask Tien... No, I'll do this on my own.
But don't come complaining to me if it's not to your liking.


You have chocolates for me again this year? Thank you.
I see, once again, you've made them by hand. Every year I'm impressed with your and Tien's candy-making prowess.
It's not that hard and you think I should try my hand? Easy for you to say...
Well... I suppose I mustn't disappoint you if you're that eager.
I'll try to make your White Day gift myself. Don't blame me if they come out unsightly.
It was your idea, so I'll make sure you take responsibility for the consequences.


You have chocolate for me again this year? Thank you, (Captain).
Can I open it? Then if you don't mind...
Oh, it's decorated with stars... Were you perhaps thinking of Stardust Town as you were making it?
Well, this is quite... skillful... of you...
I'm sorry. I do have more that I want to say, but receiving this has just made me so happy...
That's right! Heheh, I just had a brilliant idea.
I hope you look forward to receiving something in return on White Day!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's White Day, is it?
We may be twins, but I always have trouble deciding what to get my sister.
Hmm, I should go find something... but what? If it's all right with you, how about we think it over together?


I made you some chocolates for White Day. Accept them, won't you?
Hee hee... You like them? I'm happy to hear it.
Huh? I haven't mentioned my sister much today?
I talk about her that much, do I?
I've been fairly unguarded when speaking with you. More than I've realized, perhaps.
Heheh... Speaking about your next of kin with others requires a fair amount of trust, after all.
But people change. Slowly but surely. From one year to the next.


(Captain), do you have a moment?
I have a present for you in return for Valentine's Day.
Here you go. Go ahead and open it.
Phew, your expression tells me I can stop worrying about whether I made the right choice.
I bought it when I went shopping with my sister. It wasn't easy given how there were more choices than I was expecting.
Um, why do you look gloomy now?
It's true that I went shopping with my sister, but I made all the candy selections and purchases myself.
I fulfilled your conditions as you requested. Please eat them as you wish.


I've come to repay you for your Valentine's Day gift. Here, and on your own head be it.
Of course. These are handmade, as promised.
Ah, you're going to eat them here? Do what you like. It makes no difference to me.
You... like them? Heh heh... Good.
I had some help from some of the young cooking enthusiasts in Stardust Town. It wouldn't be much of a gift if it tasted like dirt.
That's also why I didn't get any help from my sister this year. I wanted to choose the recipe and ingredients myself.
In fact, I even gave some of these to Tien for her White Day present, so I trust you have no objections?


(Captain), I have something for you in return for the chocolate the other day. Please take this.
Actually, I tried to decorate it with things I thought you would like...
But making the dessert into the shape of the Grandcypher turned out to be quite difficult, so I decorated the outer box to look like a ship instead!
Do you like it? I'm honored to hear that.
Ah, I forgot to mention one thing. I made the dessert myself this year as well.
Although I can't say anything about the shape, I can guarantee its taste. I hope you enjoy.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Today I've prepared lots of sweets for the children of Stardust Town.
I hope this makes them happy!


Why are you carrying all that candy, (Captain)?
Hm? Oh, you bought too much and now you're giving them to me?
Thank you very much. I humbly accept your generous offering.
And what perfect timing. My older sister and I were just about to return to Stardust Town.
Would you like to come with us and hand out treats to the children, (Captain)?
(I can't figure out what it is you lack. Is it because you're already so strong?)
(I think you share similarities with a certain eccentric leader that I know of...)


Stop right there, scoundrel! What gives you the right to be waving that scythe around? I want answers!
I bet you're one of them, aren't you? Well, today's the day I crush you like a bug between my fingers!
Wh-what? Is that you, (Captain)? Geez, please don't startle me like that.
Of course I'd be on edge if I saw a black hooded figure carrying around a big old scythe.
Oh, I see. It's fake. So you're just in a Halloween costume.
Huh. I totally forgot that was today.
I don't have a problem with you terrorizing the kids, but at least leave your hood off while you're in town.
Unless you want to feel the sting of cold metal on your back?
Hahaha... Well, enjoy the rest of your day.


So Halloween has come again. To try and get into the spirit, I've put out some jack-o'-lanterns around town.
They aren't real pumpkins. The kids and I stitched them together from scraps of old clothing.
Their expressions are strangely terrifying, you say? I should hope so! They're meant to frighten off the mafia.
The bastards have already dared to lift their filthy hands against my family...
Those slime-sucking maggots deserve to be eaten alive by a host of demonic pumpkins! Death's too good for them!
Or maybe I oughta break their necks personally!
I'll give them a Halloween nightmare they won't soon forget!
Huh? Oh, forgive me. I got a little carried away there.
But now you know why we made our pumpkins so fearsome.
I'm heading out now to distribute candy around town. Would you like to join me, (Captain)?


Those ears... and the wig... Is that a costume for Halloween?
Well, dressing up is fine and all...
But when you're in this town, it'd probably be better if you took the wig and ears off.
You look a lot like me in that costume, so the mafia might mistake you for me and attack you.
You don't look affected at all. Does that confidence of yours come from your strength?
Heh... Anyway, rest assured.
If they make even one move on you, I'll carve them up before stuffing their shreds into pumpkins and offering them up to the spirits.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Tonight? I'll be decorating trees with the children of Stardust Town while we wait for Santa.
How does that sound? Care to come along and lend us a hand?


Hm? What presents do I want? If I can protect the peace of Stardust Town, that's good enough for me.
The more special possessions I accumulate, the more sluggish my movement becomes. Not something I want.
Still... If you have something to give, give it to the children in town.
Huh? You want to give something to my sister? Together?
In that case... how about a stuffed animal?
I can't guarantee anything, but I think that will make her quite happy.


There's a winter party tonight for the children of Stardust Town.
Although I use party in a loose sense since we won't be surrounded by mountains of food.
Oh? You have presents for all of them? How nice of you.
You have a present for me as well? Thanks, but I think that's best left for the kids.
Well, if you insist that I open it, I won't push it any further.
This is a really sparkly party hat...
Yeah, it'd be pretty hard to get the little ones excited with how I usually look. Thank you for this.
If you have time, you should come to the party too, (Captain). I think the children would like to see you.


This year I'll be having a party with the children of Stardust Town. Well, that's what we do every year.
Here you are. This is for you.
It's a sparkly tricornered hat—the one you gave me last year. The children decorated it with colorful construction paper.
I think they did quite the job, don't you? Do you like it?
You're pleased I saved the hat you gave me?
It's just our way not to waste anything that could be useful. It's not like I kept it out of sentimentality.
Did I say something funny?
Well, never mind.
The children are waiting for you, (Captain). I trust you'll accept our invitation?


Happy holidays. So you've decided to come to Stardust Town again.
Have you noticed, (Captain)? The children are practicing their songs for the party on the holy night.
The sound of singing, echoing all the way to the streets... Doesn't it give such a warm feeling?
It's peaceful moments like these that make me think how we need to get even stronger in order to protect this peace.
I've finished patrolling, so I'll be going back to where the children are now.
Come on, (Captain), let's hurry. Both the children and I have been looking forward to seeing you again!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Encountering the Eternals I

(Captain) and crew receive Sierokarte's advice on how to awaken more of the Four-Sky Blade's hidden power. On their way out, they cross paths with an Erune who is oddly curious about them.

(Captain) and crew successfully unlock part of the Four-Sky Blade's true power.
With Sierokarte's help the weapon steadily grows closer to awakening.
Sierokarte: Hmm... Looks like you're going to have to be patient and carry on with this for a while yet.
Sierokarte: To awaken the weapon, you'll need to increase both its strength and the density of its magic.
Vyrn: I see. I guess we'll just have to take this grind step-by-step.
Sierokarte: You can't awaken a weapon in a day, you know! Just can't be done.
Just as (Captain) and crew get ready to return to the airship, they cross paths with another customer entering the Knickknack Shack.
???: ...
Sierokarte: Ah, hello there! Welcome! What can I do for you today?
???: Well, I've come to collect the medicine I ordered.
Sierokarte: Coming right up! Please wait a moment.
???: Those customers just now... They had quite an unusual weapon.
???: A really pretty, golden weapon... Could it be...
Sierokarte: Ah, you noticed? (Captain)'s crew is famous around these parts.
???: Really?
???: (I can't believe it... Do they really plan to awaken it? This could be interesting.)

Encountering the Eternals II

The crew and Feower share a brief exchange at the Knickknack Shack. After his departure Sierokarte explains his affiliation with the Eternals.

With Sierokarte's help the crew gradually gets closer to awakening the Four-Sky Blade.
One day at the Knickknack Shack, the crew bumps into the customer they previously met at the shop's entrance.
Sierokarte: Good to see you again. What would you like me to order for you this time?
???: Hmm... Could you get me some gun parts?
Sierokarte: Of course. All right then, see you next time!
Vyrn: Hey, Knickknack! How're you doing?
Sierokarte: Well, well... How's the Four-Sky Blade coming along?
???: The Four-Sky Blade? So that weapon really is...
???: ...
Lyria: Hm? Why are you so interested in (Captain)'s weapon?
Feower: Ah... Sorry for startling you like that. My name's Feower.
Feower: I'm just amazed that you've managed to restore the revenant weapon as far as you have.
Lyria: Um... Thanks! So this is a... revenant weapon.
Feower: Hehe... Keep up the good work. See you later.
And with that Feower leaves.
Feower: (So... (Captain), huh? I'd better remember that name.)
Vyrn: Huh? Is that Erune guy a weapon fanatic or something?
Sierokarte: Ahh... He's Feower, a member of the Eternals.
Vyrn: The Eternals?
Sierokarte: They're a crew of ten warriors, said by some to be living legends.
Sierokarte: Each of them is rumored to be as powerful as any of the Seven Luminary Knights.
Sierokarte: They're a crew so legendary that even the bravest of warriors fear them.
Sierokarte: You've never heard of them?
Vyrn: Doesn't ring a bell! I never would've guessed he was that powerful though...
Sierokarte: He wasn't showing up for a while, but he's been quite active in this skydom recently.
The legendary crew, the Eternals. And Feower, one of their members.
What will this encounter with him ultimately mean for (Captain)?

Encountering the Eternals III

Feower tells (Captain) that they must duel when the Four-Sky Blade is awakened. He threatens to hunt down everyone in the crew if they try to bail.

The crew take a rest in their airship, anchored at dock.
(Captain) looks intently at the Four-Sky Blade, which Feower calls a revenant weapon.
Vyrn: Sigh... (Captain)'s staring at that dagger again.
Lyria: But it's so pretty! It's tip is really something else!
Feower: Mmm... A true beauty indeed. Looks like it'll soon be awakened.
Vyrn: You think so—Wha? How did you get in here?
Lyria: U-umm... Feower? Of the Eternals?
Feower: Ahaha, sorry. I have a habit of sneaking into places.
Feower: Sneaking up to targets and taking them out unnoticed is my specialty.
Vyrn: Hey! You're not gonna scare us off this ship!
Feower: Ahahaha, relax. I wouldn't do anything like that to (Captain).
Feower: I want a fair fight, so I've come to challenge (Captain) to a duel.
Lyria: A duel? Why would you—
Feower: Why would I want to? Well...
Feower: That Four-Sky Blade you carry is one of the revenant weapons.
Vyrn: Huh? What are those?
Feower: Ten legendary weapons hailing from the great War, or even earlier.
Feower: Weapons said to break the heavens and pierce the stars...
Feower: They were sealed away due to their immense power... and thereafter hidden throughout the sky.
Feower: But here you are with one of your own, and you come close to breaking its seal.
Lyria: So you came here to stop us because it's really dangerous?
Feower: Nope. That doesn't concern me at all.
Vyrn: T-then what?
Feower: (Captain) intends to awaken the terrifyingly powerful Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: If successful, (Captain) will become the most powerful dagger wielder in the world.
Vyrn: Well... I guess you could say that.
Feower: Yes! Which is why it cannot be allowed.
Vyrn: But why?
Feower: I am Feower, a member of the Eternals and strongest dagger master in all the skies.
Feower: Glory, honor, or anything of the sort does not interest me. All that matters is my own satisfaction.
Feower: My desire is to beat the legendary revenant dagger and kill its wielder...
Feower: Only then can I reaffirm my status as strongest in the skies.
Lyria: That's awful...
Vyrn: Hey! You shouldn't say things like that!
Feower: Silence! If you so much as try to run from me, I will kill you. I'll slaughter everyone in your crew.
Vyrn: Wha!
Feower: Hehe. So... I'll see you again when you've awakened the Four-Sky Blade.
With that, Feower melts back into the darkness.

Duel in Stardust Town

The crew drops by Stardust Town for the duel with Feower and learns of the orphanage situation there. The duel begins when Feower violently launches himself at (Captain).

Some time after the awakening of the Four-Sky Blade...
(Captain) and crew head toward the dueling grounds indicated by Feower.
Vyrn: Whoa... This place might be smack-dab in the middle of the slums, but it sure is pretty.
Lyria: Yeah... But is it just me, or have we only seen children here since we arrived?
Feower: Welcome, everyone. Thanks for coming out to Stardust Town.
Feower: I'm really grateful you guys came all this way just for my selfish request.
Vyrn: Well, we kinda had to... We didn't know what you might do if we didn't...
Feower: Ahaha! I suppose there is that.
Lyria: Feower... what exactly is this town?
Feower: This town? We street children made this place. It's our town.
Feower: My sister and I are leaders here in name, but all of the abandoned children who live here are like family.
Lyria: But... despite that, you still want to fight in front of your family? I don't understand...
Feower: Hahaha... we've come this far. Stop with the boring talk already. Don't forget that I'm one of the Eternals.
Feower: I need to prove that I'm stronger than anyone else in the world.
Feower: We kids need to be strong to fight adults... Now, come on! Hurry up and fight me already!
Vyrn: H-hey... Feower! Calm down!
Feower: Don't tell me you came this far just for pointless chatter! Keep making a fuss and I'll kill you first, you dumb lizard!
Vyrn: Wha! He's completely gone off the rails...
Lyria: (Captain)! We have to stop him!
Feower: C'mon, (Captain)... Let's do it. You against me. Let's see who's stronger! Right here, right now!

Duel in Stardust Town: Scene 2

Feower explains his rationale for challenging the crew—his desire to become stronger to protect Stardust Town from the mafia. When all is said and done, he joins the crew to learn the nature of true strength.

Feower: Ungh... How could this be!
Feower: I've been bested not by the power of the Four-Sky Blade, but by (Captain)'s own power?
Lyria: Feower!
Feower: Don't butt in! Our duel isn't over yet! Let's go, (Captain)!
Just then orphan children come in between Feower and (Captain).
Orphan 1: Hey, if you bully Feower anymore, I'm taking you on next!
Feower: Ngh... You kids need to stand back...
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa—you've got this all wrong! We're not the bullies here!
Orphan 2: Shut up! You yucky lizard!
Lyria: Y-yucky liz... Pfft... Haha...
Vyrn: Wha? What are you laughing at, Lyria? Hey! We've gotta do something about these kids!
Feower: He... hehehe... ahahaha!
Feower: Gah... I don't feel like fighting anymore...
And so the fight between Feower and (Captain) comes to an end.
Feower apologizes afterwards for raising his weapon against the crew.
Feower: I'm really sorry...
Vyrn: What's done is done. No need for a big apology!
Lyria: But why would you do something so reckless? Can you tell us?
Feower responds quietly.
Feower: I joined the Eternals to protect my friends... to protect this town.
Feower: I figured if it became known that an Eternal protected this town, the mafia would stop targeting us.
Lyria: That makes sense.
Feower: Up until now I've been going around defeating anyone rumored to be strong... I needed to keep on proving my strength.
Feower: But this duel has opened up my eyes.
Feower: I've come to realize that there are people in this world like (Captain) who are truly strong.
Vyrn: You know it! We've fought our fair share of catastrophic primal beasts!
Lyria: Yeah! We've gone through a lot, but we've pulled through because of our friends in the crew!
Feower: Friends?
Feower: (I really do get the feeling that their strength is more than their individual competencies...)
Feower: (They're a strange bunch... Where exactly does their power come from? I want to know their secret...)
Lyria: What's wrong, Feower?
Feower: (Captain)... I need to be strong to protect this town.
Feower: But by fighting you guys, I've come to realize that real strength isn't measured so easily.
Feower: Perhaps if I travel alongside you, I may be able to discover the secret to true strength.
Feower stares fervently into (Captain)'s eyes.
Feower: So... this might seem like a strange request, but would you let me tag along for a while?
Feower: If I go with you, I may come to understand the nature of true power.
  1. Likewise! Welcome to the group!
  2. Hmm...

Choose: Likewise! Welcome to the group!
Feower: Thank you. Hehehe... That makes me really happy.
Vyrn: Hehe. Well, for us it doesn't get much more reassuring than having an Eternal on our team!
Lyria: But won't the children be sad if you come with us?
Feower: Ah...

Choose: Hmm...
Feower: Um... well... I guess it's not possible then.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Somethin' bothering you?
Lyria: Huh? You think it's fine for him to come with us, but you're worried about the children?
Feower: I... Well...
Continue 1
The children nearby chime in.
Orphan 1: Feower! Don't worry about us!
Orphan 2: I can fight on my own already! We'll group up and protect the town ourselves!
Feower: You guys...
Orphan 2: So go with them! Travel with these people and get even stronger!
Orphan 1: But you better come back and visit sometimes!
Feower: Thanks, everyone.
Lyria: Sob... They're wonderful children.
Vyrn: Hehe... There's nothing to get teary-eyed about, Lyria!
Vyrn: Now we can set off without any regrets! Come on, (Captain)!
And so Feower joins the crew on a journey through the endless sky...
To grow even stronger... and to protect his beloved family.

Running Rampant Around Town

(Captain) and crew explore Stardust Town under Feower's guidance. When a breathless child appears before them talking about a monster attack, they rush to the rescue.

One day Feower offers to show the crew around Stardust Town.
Following his lead the crew explores the town.
Feower: We call this building the training block. Those skilled in combat gather here to hone their abilities.
Vyrn: Ohh, you've got a real nice setup here!
Feower: Yes, we focus on practical combat training here. Many come here to learn the skills needed to become agents or whatnot.
Lyria: Wow! Some of the children training here are so young!
Feower: Anyone willing is allowed to train here regardless of age.
Feower: Oh, and that over there is the workshop block.
Feower: That's where the dexterous children craft weapons and other products.
Vyrn: I see... Even kids that don't like fighting have a place here.
Lyria: Wow! I can't believe this is all in the middle of the slums!
Feower: Hahaha, thank you. But we have more than our fair share of problems. For one thing many of the kids don't quite fit in.
Just then a child appears before them, breathless from running.
Feower: What's wrong?
Girl: Monsters... at the outskirts of town... A boy's being attacked...
Feower: Take us to him! Quickly!
Girl: Okay! This way!
Vyrn: Oh no! Lyria, (Captain), we need to get over there!
Lyria: Yeah, let's go!

Running Rampant Around Town: Scene 2

The crew trails the boy they saved to find him passing around a dangerous drug known as Serenity Heaven among his friends. When Feower discovers that the substance comes from the mafia, he decides to go after them.

The crew saved the boy that was being attacked on the outskirts of town.
Boy: T-thank you...
Feower: It'll be all right. I'm glad you aren't hurt.
Feower: But why did you leave the town all on your own?
Boy: Um... I wanted to go exploring with my friend... But we got separated... And...
Feower: Going out to play is fine, but... Just be careful, okay?
Boy: Sorry...
Feower: Now... Go on.
Boy: Okay!
As the boy runs off, Feower watches him quietly.
Feower: ...
Sensing something odd about the boy's demeanor, Feower begins trailing after him.
Vyrn: H-hey, Feower. What's with the serious look all of a sudden?
Feower: Just be quiet and follow me please...
As they watch, the boy enters a back alley and begins handing out something to his crew.
Lyria: T-that's...
Feower: Yes... The drug that's poisoning this town, known as Serenity Heaven. A deplorable thing.
As he talks, Feower reveals himself and catches the boys in the act.
He questions the boy on the spot, and the boy tearfully confesses that he got Serenity Heaven from the mafia outside of town.
Feower: I will go to the mafia's hideout and have a chat with them.
Lyria: Oh no... It'll be dangerous to go alone!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let us help you!
Feower: Okay then... Thank you...
And so the crew venture their way towards the mafia's hideout.

Running Rampant Around Town: Scene 3

(Captain)'s crew ventures into the mafia hideout, where Feower lashes out against the mafia for distributing Serenity Heaven to children.

(Captain) and crew make their way through the mafia hideout.
As they reached the end of the dark hideout, they found the mafia waiting for their arrival.
Feower: Are you the one handing out Serenity Heaven to my precious family?
Mafioso: Well, what do we have here? How nice of Mr. Feower to pay us a visit himself.
Feower: I asked you a question. Was it your doing?
Mafioso: Humph... I only gave some to those brats because they wanted it.
Mafioso: I planned to corrupt that town from the roots before crushing it... But it would be faster to just kill you here.
Something inside Feower snaps.
Feower: Shut your mouth... A third-rate thug like you...
Feower: You don't even amount to toilet waste! A worthless low-life like you killing me? Hah!

Running Rampant Around Town: Scene 4

After defeating the mafioso, Feower expresses his hopes of expanding Stardust Town in an effort to cleanse the entire region of the mafia and slums. Determined to become even stronger to protect Stardust Town and the children there, Feower continues his journey.

Mafioso: Ugh... Damn you...
Feower: Listen, scumbag... You crossed a line that no person should ever cross.
Feower: Are you ready to die like the insect you are?
Mafioso: Y-you guys are his friends, right? Please... don't let him kill me!
Lyria: W-what should we do? We need to stop him, (Captain)!
Feower: You can apologize to those kids in the afterlife! Now die!
Mafioso: Eeek!
Feower: ...!
(Captain) stops Feower as he's about to deliver the finishing blow.
Back to his senses again, he quietly begins sharing his thoughts.
Feower: ...
Feower: Stardust Town is surrounded by a lawless slum district...
Feower: That's why I want to expand Stardust Town and replace all of the slums.
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan!
Feower: But my sister's against the idea. She thinks that instead of wielding weapons and expanding the town through bloodshed...
Feower: It'd be better to focus on improving things within the town and caring for its residents.
Lyria: Hmm, that makes sense too.
Feower: Yeah... But after what's happened here, I can't just sit idly by.
Lyria: Well...
Feower: My apologies. I didn't mean to involve you all in my problems.
Feower: I guess in the end, no one stands a chance against me and my sister when we work together. So there's really nothing to worry about.
Feower joined the Eternals at a young age to protect his friends in Stardust Town.
To that end he continues his journey with (Captain)'s crew to further improve his abilities.

Frustrated Blades

Incensed at the mafia for their crimes against Stardust Town, Feower sets off for the mafia hideout, only to be stopped by (Captain). Determined to accomplish his goal, Feower draws his weapon against (Captain).

At Stardust Town Feower and Tien wage a never-ending war against the mafia.
But children continue to suffer just out of sight.
Injured Child: Ugh...
Feower: Dammit, dammit, dammit! Those filthy scum!
Injured Child: Feower... It's okay...
Feower: Don't try to speak... I promise to avenge you.
Feower: I won't take this lying down anymore. I'll end it all myself if I have to.
Vyrn: Hey, Feower! Where are you going?
Feower: Isn't it obvious? The mafia hideout, of course.
Lyria: B-but Tien told us to keep our eyes on you!
Vyrn: Didn't she explicitly say not to do anything rash?
Feower: This doesn't concern you guys. Just leave me alone.
Feower bursts out of the room in a rage, but (Captain) quietly stands in his path.
Feower: What is it, (Captain)?
Feower: Get in my way and you'll regret it.
Feower: Out of my way.
(Captain) doesn't budge.
Feower: Get out of my way! Now!

Frustrated Blades: Scene 2

After an intense battle against (Captain), a fatigued Feower finds himself surrounded by the worried children of Stardust Town. He goes off for some alone time.

Feower: Urgh... Dammit... I guess I'm no match for you after all...
Feower and (Captain) breathe heavily after the grueling, hard-fought battle.
Lyria: Are you two okay?
Feower: Huff... Huff... If only I had more strength...
Vyrn: Feower...
Injured Child: Um, Feower? Fighting should never be the answer...
Feower: Ah, sorry for scaring you.
The worried children of Stardust Town gather around Feower, (Captain), and the others.
Feower: I need to cool down. Leave me alone for a bit.
Lyria: Umm, promise us you won't do anything reckless!
Feower: Of course. I'm not that foolish.
Feower: I apologize for the trouble.
Feower's posture suggests a tinge of melancholy as he turns to walk away.
The crew and the children continue to express their concern for Feower's well-being.

Four-Sky Awakening

The Four-Sky Blade calls out to Feower, assaulting him to test his worth as its potential wielder.

Ever since losing to (Captain) in the duel, Feower has been spending more time alone.
Feower: (I joined (Captain)'s crew to discover the true nature of power, but...)
Feower: (I'm still no match for (Captain)...)
Feower: (Has all this time frolicking with them made me weak?)
Feower spends another day training in silence.
Feower: (This is no good... Progress is too slow...)
Feower: (I need to get stronger faster!)
???: You... ther...
Feower: Hm? Who's there!
Feower rushes toward the voice only to find the Four-Sky Blade lying on the ground.
Four-Sky Blade: You there. You seek power, don't you?
Feower: (Is that the Four-Sky Blade speaking?)
Four-Sky Blade: That's right. I'm talkin' directly to you.
Four-Sky Blade: Listen... I think you've got what it takes.
Feower: (What's that supposed to mean?)
Four-Sky Blade: I think you've got what it takes to wield me.
Four-Sky Blade: Now to see if I'm right. Prepare yourself!
Feower: (Tsk... You like to get right into the thick of things, don't you?)
Feower: (Fine then! You're on!)

Four-Sky Awakening: Scene 2

The scuffle ends with the Four-Sky Blade enticing Feower into embracing its power and proving to all that he is indeed the mightiest in the skies.

Feower: (Phew... How'd I do?)
Four-Sky Blade: Humph, I'm impressed.
Feower: (You'd better be. Don't forget that I'm an Eternal... You worthless scrap of metal.)
Four-Sky Blade: Hah, aren't you fun to be around.
Feower: (Tch, what the hell do you want with me anyway?)
Four-Sky Blade: Isn't it obvious?
Feower: (Haven't you already accepted (Captain) as your wielder?)
Feower: (Be careful how you answer or I might have to break you in half.)
Four-Sky Blade: I was merely responding to your inner desires.
Feower: My inner desires?
Four-Sky Blade: You want to be stronger than (Captain), don't you?
Feower: Stronger than (Captain)...
Four-Sky Blade: Well, I'm givin' you the chance to prove that you're the strongest in all the skies!
Feower: Strongest in all the skies...
Four-Sky Blade: Come now... Take me in your hands!
Feower: ...
Feower reaches out to the Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: (Captain)... I'm sorry.
Feower is suddenly surrounded by a bright white light.
With the Four-Sky Blade in hand, he disappears without a trace.

Wandering Blades

Unable to sit idly by while Feower massacres the mafia in a blind rage, Anre intercepts him. As Feower shows no intention of listening, Anre resorts to a display of force.

Mafioso: Eek! P-please... Spare me!
The mafia scrambles to escape as a fire overtakes the slums.
Feower: Haha... Hilarious, isn't it?
Feower: You're quick to take the lives of innocent children...
Feower: But you sure do cling tightly to your own...
Mafioso: Please! I promise not to get involved in this stuff anymore!
Mafioso: I'll leave the mafia for good! Please, please, won't you please let me go?
Feower: I suppose so...
Mafioso: Y-you'll let me go? T-thank you so much!
Feower: After you've apologized to all the children you've murdered... in person!
Feower: You rotten piece of crap!
Feower sports a huge grin as he brings down the Four-Sky Blade...
Only to be deflected by Anre of the Eternals at the last moment.
Anre: Greetings, Feower. Apologies, but I had to intrude.
Feower: Anre, is it? What's the meaning of this?
Anre: He no longer has the will to fight. There is no need to kill him.
Mafioso: Yiieei!
Feower: No need to kill him? You're too kind.
Feower: They all deserve to die.
Anre: Feower... I understand where you're coming from.
Anre: But as an Eternal, I can't just sit by as you slaughter everyone in a blind rage.
Feower: You're gonna stand in my way?
Anre: If you have something you must protect, lay down your arms and force the opposition to do the same.
Anre: I've always told you that is the optimal solution.
Feower: Enough!
Feower: Don't subject me to any of your philosophical hogwash.
Feower: I lay down my arms and they'll just slaughter us all.
Anre: I hate to do this...
Anre: But if you wish to continue this massacre—
Anre: Feower, I'm going to have to cool you down for a bit.
Feower: Geez, I'm trying to show some respect here, but you just keep on yapping...
Feower: I don't need to cool down because I'm always cool, you limp old coot with your dumb mustache!
Anre: Very well, I shall stop you by force!
Feower: Just try me!

Wandering Blades: Scene 2

Feower realizes he must defeat all the Eternals, not just Anre, to truly become known as the strongest and protect Stardust Town from all future threats. Anre simply prays that someone else along the line will stop Feower's mad rampage.

Anre: Huff... Huff... I can't believe you beat me...
Feower: Humph, now you see just how much good all that talking does.
Feower: To protect the children of Stardust Town...
Feower: To wipe out the depraved mafia once and for all...
Feower: I've taken up the Four-Sky Blade to take my place as the strongest!
Anre: Feower...
Feower: What is it now?
Anre: Isn't it a bit premature to call yourself the strongest without defeating the other Eternals?
Feower: Heh, what a surprise coming from you of all people...
Feower ruminates over the idea.
Feower: Fair enough. I was always curious as to which one of us Eternals was the strongest anyway.
Feower: I'll take on your challenge and subdue every last one of them.
Feower: Then I will truly be the strongest of all in the skies.
Anre: Hehe... That's more like it.
Feower: Goodbye.
Feower walks off without ever turning around.
Anre: The rest is up to you, everyone...
Anre: Stopping that boy is in your hands now...

Wandering Blades: Scene 3

Tweyen descends upon Feower in hopes of pacifying him. Verbal compromise proves impossible and a fight breaks out.

Feower: Rgh!
Suddenly a massive number of light rays rain down Feower's head.
He effortlessly dodges what turn out to be arrows of light.
Tweyen: As evasive as ever, Feower.
Feower: Arrows of light... Tweyen, huh.
Feower: Nice ambush you set up for me.
Tweyen: I'm sure you know that fighting among the Eternals is strictly forbidden.
Tweyen: Given what you're up to, you shouldn't be surprised by anything aimed at you.
Feower: Heh, so you noticed.
Tweyen: With these eyes I see everything.
Tweyen: I did try to avoid your vitals, you know.
Tweyen: Looks like I didn't even have to bother though.
Feower: Hehehe... What do you take me for, you dumb amateur!
Feower: Enough chitchat. Come at me with everything you've got!
Tweyen: Well, aren't you in a rush to be captured!
Tweyen: This time I will be aiming for vitals!

Wandering Blades: Scene 4

It's an easy victory for Feower as he evades every one of Tweyen's attacks. He seeks out his next target.

Feower: It's over.
Tweyen: Huff... Huff... No way...
Feower: I saw through every one of your attacks.
Tweyen: Tsk... I'm not through yet!
Feower: Sweet dreams, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Guh!
Tweyen: (I'm so sorry, everyone. It's up to you guys now...)
Feower: Well, who's next...

Wandering Blades: Scene 5

Feower visits the hamlet of Karm in search of Seox, proposing an all-out duel. Seox responds in kind.

Seox: Hm... That you, Feower?
Feower: Seox, I thought you might be here.
Feower has come to the home of the Karm Clan in search of Seox.
Seox: I'm surprised you made it past all those traps on the way here.
Seox: Then again... You are a fellow Eternal.
Feower: Those traps weren't even enough for a decent warm-up.
Feower: Pretty pathetic if you ask me. It's no wonder your clan fell apart.
Seox: Humph... Trying to provoke me, I see.
Seox: You're giving off some pretty murderous vibes, to boot. What is it you seek?
Feower: You know, I've always been interested in your assassination techniques.
Feower: Why don't we try to kill each other and see who comes on top?
Seox: Don't blame me when you're just a rotting corpse.
Feower: Hehe... Let's get this started!

Wandering Blades: Scene 6

Feower overcomes Seox and searches for his next opponent.

Seox: Ungh... Guah...
Feower: Victory is mine.
Seox: Damn you... When did you get so strong?
Feower: I must become the strongest.
Seox: You son of a...
Feower: Next up is her...

Wandering Blades: Scene 7

Feower finds his next adversary in Threo. Under the impression that Feower has come to steal her fresh meat, Threo readies her weapon.

Threo: Aaand... Wham!
Monster: Groaar...
Threo: All righty! It's chow time!
Threo: Hm? What's that scent?
Threo senses a presence and stops in her tracks.
Feower: Impressive, Threo. You sniffed me out even though I hid myself completely.
Threo: Did you want some of this meat too, Feower?
Feower: No, I'm not hungry...
Threo: Okay, well, a girl's gotta have her meat!
Feower: Will you have a duel with me before that?
Threo: Huh, but why? Can't you let me put something in my tummy first?
Feower jumps in between Threo and the defeated monster.
Feower: If you want your meat, you'll have to go through me.
Threo: What's up with you? I was looking forward to that juicy meat, you know.
Feower: Shut the hell up about your meat already, you dumb brute!
Feower: Fight me or I'll mince you first!
Threo: Oh, I get it now! You're gonna try to take my meat when I'm not paying attention, aren't you?
Threo: Grrr... No one takes my food away! You'd better be ready for a pounding, Feower!

Wandering Blades: Scene 8

Threo clamors for a rematch, but Feower simply knocks her unconscious and seeks out his next foe.

Threo: Ungh... How could I lose...
Feower: How about that! Not even the herculean brute of the Eternals can stop me!
Threo: Grr! I'll take you on again after I have my meat!
Feower: Hah, like I've got time for that.
Threo: There's no way I'd ever lose to you when I'm on a full stomach!
Feower: Shut up for once.
Threo: Ngh...
Feower strikes her unconscious.
Feower: One victory after another. And next is...

Wandering Blades: Scene 9

Fif shows up to punish Feower for repeatedly breaking a vow sworn among the Eternals. Feower exhibits a fearless grin as he draws his dagger.

Fif: Oh! There you are, Feower!
Feower: Fif... I was looking for you too.
Fif: I heard you're going up to all the Eternals and picking fights with them! Is it true?
Feower: It is.
Fif: Why would you do that, you big meanie! We're always told not to fight!
Fif: I'm going to punish you for v-violetting the rules!
Feower: Haha... That suits me just fine.
Fif: What's so funny? Grr, don't even try apologizing now! Blegh, you poopy-head!
Feower: And you better not turn into a crybaby when I'm done with you. Do your worst, Fif.
Fif: Let's see how you like my ultimate super-duper magical powers!

Wandering Blades: Scene 10

Feower pays no heed to the bawling Fif and rushes off to meet his next challenger.

Fif: Sniff... Sniff... Sob... I-I lost. Waaah...
Feower: Ugh, cut that out already! Do you know how annoying that is?
Fif: But, but justice is always supposed to win...
Feower: Humph... See you later, Fif.
Fif: Grr! I won't lose next time!

Wandering Blades: Scene 11

Eahta rouses from meditation to meet Feower in combat after a brief chat.

Feower: ...
Eahta: Humph... So you've come.
Feower: I figured you'd be meditating here.
Eahta: Rumor has it that you're going around taking out the Eternals one by one.
Feower: Good, you're all caught up. I only ask for a duel.
Eahta: Very well. But answer this question first...
Eahta: Why do you fight?
Feower: My goal is to beat the Eternals and be crowned the strongest... Nothing more, nothing less.
Eahta: The strongest, you say... Well, I suppose some lessons just have to be learned in the heat of battle.
Feower: Here I come!

Wandering Blades: Scene 12

Feower comes out victorious and feels the backlash in his body from overusing the Four-Sky Blade. Eahta cautions that it will eventually devour Feower's soul, but he brushes off the warning and walks off.

Feower: Huff... Huff... One step closer to being strongest.
Eahta: Humph... I acknowledge your strength.
Eahta: But tell me, why are you so intent on becoming the strongest?
Feower: Huff... I have no other... puff... choice.
Feower: To protect everyone in Stardust Town... Yaargh...
Eahta: That pain is the price you pay for pushing yourself so hard. Keep swinging the Four-Sky Blade and it may eventually take your soul.
Feower: Ugh... This is nothing!
Feower: I'm almost there... I'll be the strongest soon enough!

Wandering Blades: Scene 13

Next in Feower's Eternal world tour is Niyon. She hears the solitude in his twisted melody and reluctantly puts up a fight.

Feower: I've been looking for you, Niyon.
Niyon: I know. I heard your melody approaching.
Feower: I'm just glad you didn't try to run away.
Niyon: Your melody is so much noisier than usual.
Feower: I'm not surprised. I've come so close to beating all the Eternals and becoming strongest.
Feower: How could I not be excited?
Niyon: You're wrong.
Feower: How so?
Niyon: You're giving off depressingly solitary vibes—a far cry from the cadenza that is excitement.
Feower: Urgh, I'm sick of your musical babble. Stop pretending like you know it all.
Feower: Put a cork in it and fight me already!
Niyon: Nor do I wish to listen to your sour notes any longer.
Niyon: It's too bad. I'll just have to play you a descrescendo and give you a proper tuning.

Wandering Blades: Scene 14

Unable to read the intertwining melodies of Feower and the Four-Sky Blade, Niyon suffers a resounding defeat and senses impending calamity as the Four-Sky Blade gradually takes over him.

Niyon: How could this be... I can't read you anymore...
Feower: Huff... Huff... The title of strongest is almost mine...
Niyon: Urgh... This is bad... Your melody is merging with the Four-Sky Blade...
Niyon: I can't make out your melody anymore, Feower...
Feower: It won't be much longer now... Wait for me, Sis.
Niyon: (Is this the power of the Four-Sky Blade? I have to let the others know somehow...)

Wandering Blades: Scene 15

Feower is no longer himself when Tien comes forth. She challenges him in an attempt to restore his true self.

Tien: There you are, Feower!
Feower: Oh, Sis. What is it?
Tien: What is it, you ask?
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Feower: Everything'll be fine. You'll see, Sis.
Tien: Are you out of your mind? Going out of your way to make your friends bleed won't help anything.
Feower: Hm?
I mean...
Feower: I'll become the strongest... No one will challenge us ever again after I beat Seofon.
Tien: Feower, you're...
Feower: Stardust Town will finally be safe.
Tien: Oh no... Don't tell me the Four-Sky Blade's taken control of you!
Feower: What do you mean, Sis? I'm still me.
Tien: Hand over the Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: What's with that serious face all of a sudden?
Tien: If you won't hand it over, I'll just have to take it by force.
Feower: I won't let anyone get in my way, Sis. Not even you.
Tien: Wake up already! Feower!

Wandering Blades: Scene 16

In order to truly become the strongest, Feower brings down his blade mercilessly on his beloved sister, Tien.

Tien: Ngh!
Feower: Sis... What is it that you don't understand?
Tien: Feower...
Feower: Once I become the strongest, those mafia scum will never bother us again.
Feower: That's why I have to defeat all the Eternals!
A mysterious glow surrounds the Four-Sky Blade as Feower holds it up, his body quivering...
And then he strikes down at Tien.

Wandering Blades: Scene 17

Seofon shows up in the nick of time to save Tien, deflecting Feower's attack. He sends Tien away to call for (Captain)'s help while he alone attempts to keep Feower at bay.

Seofon: C'mon now, Feower. Can't we all just play nice?
Feower: ...!
Seofon suddenly comes in to deflect Feower's blade.
Tien: Seofon!
Seofon: Sorry I'm late to the party, Tien.
Seofon: But it's all okay now. Niyon's told me everything.
Feower: Seofon?
Seofon: Seriously though, Feower... What are you doing letting something like the Four-Sky Blade take control of you?
Seofon: Either man up or go home!
Feower: Mock me again and I'll frickin' kill you.
Seofon: (Tien, I'll take over here. I need you to go get (Captain).)
Tien: (B-but...)
Feower: You're not getting away!
Seofon: Whoa, slow down, bronco! I'm your playmate now!
Feower tries to advance on Tien, but Seofon knocks him back.
Tien: Seofon, let me help!
Seofon: I appreciate the gesture...
Seofon: But I doubt the two of us alone are enough to handle this.
Tien: I can't believe it...
Seofon: Especially with the other Eternals incapacitated, (Captain) is our only hope.
Seofon: I'm counting on you to do whatever it takes to get (Captain) here, Tien. And hurry.
Tien: Okay... Just hold out until then!
Seofon: You got it! I should still be standing by the time you get back!
Feower: Grrllrl... Die, die, die!
Feower tries once again to pursue Tien as she makes her escape.
Seofon: Nuh-uh!
Feower: Graaah!
Seofon draws his attention again.
Seofon: Feower, didn't you say you were gonna kill me?
Seofon: Well, now's your chance to try. I'm all yours!
Feower: Graaargh! Diiieee!

Wandering Blades: Scene 18

Even Seofon, the leader of the Eternals, cannot stand against Feower's onslaught of attacks.

Feower: Uuurrgghh...
Seofon: Ungh... Going at him alone might've been too much for me...
Seofon: (Just trying to stand my ground is no walk in the park. Seriously.)
Feower: Diiieee!
Seofon: (Ngh... Tien... (Captain)... I won't last much longer...)
Feower: Raaarr!
Seofon: Uh-oh...

Clashing Blades

Seofon nearly suffers a fatal wound before (Captain) comes in to save the day, entering the fight while Seofon and Tien fall back to support.

Feower: Raaarr!
Seofon: Uh-oh...
In the single moment that Seofon lets his guard down, Feower's merciless blade comes swinging down.
But (Captain) shows up and deflects Feower's attack just in time.
Seofon: Huh...
Seofon: Ah! Yeah! Good going, (Captain)!
Seofon: You are so totally my hero!
Feower: Graaagh!
Tien: What should we do, Seofon?
Seofon: (Captain), I need you to duke it out with him mano a mano!
Seofon: If you can get him to lower his guard for just a second, then we've got this!
Impressed by Seofon's composure in spite of the situation, (Captain) firmly nods.
Tien: I-I'll fight too!
Seofon: Sorry, Tien, but injured combatants would only worsen our odds.
Seofon: We'll just have to trust in (Captain).
Tien: Ngh... All right.
Seofon: Attagirl. If you've got the strength left in you though, try firing a few shots at Feower from as far away as you can to distract him.
Seofon: Leave the rest to (Captain) and me. Let's do this!
C'mon, (Captain)!
(Captain) responds to Seofon's call by running out to meet Feower in combat.
Feower: I shall be the strongest... Now diiieee!

Clashing Blades: Scene 2

(Captain) overpowers Feower, giving Seofon the chance to grab him while Tien shoots the Four-Sky Blade out of his hand. When he later awakes, Feower is in Stardust Town surrounded by all the children promising to become stronger to take some of the burden off of him. Feower learns what it means to depend on others.

Feower: Guaahh...
(Captain) comes out victorious.
Seofon: (Captain), you rock! I'll take it from here!
Seofon: Star Sword Sovereign... Freeform... Celestial Prison!
Sword shards begin to form around Feower's feet.
Feower: Guaaagh!
Seofon: Tsk... The Four-Sky Blade's still acting up.
Tien: Got you!
Feower: Yaargh!
Tien scores a clean hit, knocking the Four-Sky Blade out of Feower's hands.
Seofon: Booyah! Nice one, Tien!
Feower: ...
Tien: Feower! I'm coming to save you!
(Captain) and crew rush to Feower's aid.
Feower is transported to Stardust Town, where he continues to slumber.
Feower: Ngh...
Tien: Feower!
Seofon: Whew! What a relief to have Feower back safe and sound!
A look of relief washes over (Captain)'s face upon seeing Feower return to consciousness.
Feower: Sis... Seofon... (Captain)...
Feower: What am I...
Tien: The Four-Sky Blade took control of you.
Feower: The Four-Sky Blade...
Controlled me?
Feower: Ungh...
The children of Stardust Town gather around the crestfallen Feower.
Child 1: Feower! It's good to see you up and about again!
Feower: Sorry for making you all worry...
Feower: I can't believe I actually thought I could become the strongest... What a pathetic joke I am.
Child 2: Cheer up, Feower! It's okay if you're not the strongest!
Feower: But without strength how can I ever hope to protect Stardust Town?
Feower: Or anyone in it for that matter!
Child 1: It'll be okay, Feower!
Child 2: To make up for it, every one of us will try to become stronger!
Child 2: So please stop trying to carry the burden yourself!
Feower: You guys...
Tien: Haha... That's right, Feower.
Tien: I'm always here for you too.
Seofon: And you're probably tired of hearing it by now, but I'm always glad to lend an ear if you need anything, Feower.
All the while (Captain) simply grins at Feower.
Feower: Thank you, everyone...
Feower: I'll be more than glad to call on your help when I need it from now on.
Although Feower appears somewhat bashful in expressing his gratitude...
He vows with newfound resolve to continue protecting Stardust Town with his allies.

The Strongest Blade

A few days after the chaos caused by the Four-Sky Blade, Feower calls (Captain) and crew to Stardust Town. He thanks them for helping him return to his senses, then asks for their help in mastering the Revenant weapon, in case he loses control again in his quest to become the strongest in the skies.

Feower: Raaarr!
Feower's desire to be the strongest has allowed the Four-Sky Blade to take control of him.
No longer himself, he defeated the other nine Eternals that tried to stop his rampage.
Now he is about to take the head of their leader, Seofon.
Seofon: Uh-oh...
Thankfully, (Captain) rushes in at the last second to deflect the executioner's blade.
Feower: Graaagh!
Seofon and Tien join (Captain) in the fight to quell Feower's rage.
Feower: Guaahh...
After an arduous battle, (Captain) and the others manage to restrain Feower.
They successfully separate the Four-Sky Blade from his grasp, effectively cutting off the source of his madness.
With the connection to the Revenant weapon severed, he falls unconscious, and the crew nurses him back to health.
Feower: Ngh...
Feower: What am I...
When he awakens, he finally learns the truth of his actions. The realization of how powerless he was crushes his spirit.
Of course he doesn't have to suffer alone. The crew, as well as the children of Stardust Town, make sure of that.
Tien: Haha... That's right, Feower.
Tien: I'm always here for you.
Seofon: And you're probably tired of hearing it by now, but I'm always glad to lend an ear if you need anything, Feower.
Feower: Thank you, everyone...
Feower: I'll be more than glad to call on your help when I need it from now on.
Despite his embarrassment, Feower is thankful for their support.
This experience teaches him that it's okay to rely on the strength of others as well as his own when it comes to protecting Stardust Town.
That particular incident involving the Four-Sky Blade happened some days ago.
In the present, Feower asks (Captain) to come see him in Stardust Town, where he's been convalescing.
As (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria approach the meeting spot, Feower is already there to welcome them.
They hurry over to say hello, but a cold shiver runs down their spines when they recognize the gleaming object in his hand.
Vyrn: What gives! That's the Four-Sky Blade!
Feower: Yep. Oh, but don't worry. I'm not gonna fly off the handle a second time.
Vyrn: You sure you got it under control? Your last meltdown wasn't exactly fun for anyone.
Feower: I've come to my senses. Besides, I can't hear the dagger's voice anymore, nor can I access its power like I did before.
Lyria: I see...
Vyrn: Wait a minute... Is this why you called us out here?
Feower: Yeah. I wanted to discuss the Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: But first I have to get something off my chest.
Feower: I was so focused on becoming the strongest because that's what I needed to be in order to protect what was important to me.
Feower: For the longest time I was rushing headlong into whatever I felt like, and the Four-Sky Blade took advantage of my recklessness.
Feower: If you hadn't been there to stop me, I would've taken the bossman's head, and even my own sister wouldn't have been spared...
Lyria: Feower...
Feower: It was you who snapped me out of it, (Captain).
Feower: And I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  1. Lighten up.

Choose: Lighten up.
Lyria: Uh-huh! You're a good friend of ours, so of course we'd help out!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Feower: Hahaha... Does it come that naturally to you guys? With bravado like that, it's no wonder (Captain)'s so strong.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Feower: Ever since that incident, I couldn't stop thinking about what it means to be the strongest.
Feower: Stabbing someone in the blink of an eye? Making enemies piss themselves with fear? No, that wasn't it.
Feower: So what then? I still don't have an answer.
Feower: But I think (Captain)'s got this mysterious force that's pretty darn close to the kind of strength I'm looking for.
Feower: Which leads me to this favor that only you can do for me.
Feower: I'll cut to the chase.
Feower: Basically I want to delve deeper into the Four-Sky Blade and attempt to master it.
Vyrn: Whoa, what? Is that even possible?
Feower: I'm not sure.
Vyrn: I'm not sure he says...
Feower: I mean, it's hard to say with so many mysteries surrounding the blade.
Feower: Why did it have sentience? What is its goal, and why did it drive me off the deep end?
Feower: So many questions, so little answers, but I aim to find out.
Feower: As a preeminent dagger user and Eternal, the Four-Sky Blade fills me with curiosity and responsibility.
Feower: But above all else, if I can master the power that took down all the other Eternals, then I'll finally achieve my goal of becoming the strongest.
Feower: That way I can guarantee the safety of everyone that's important to me.
Feower: Thing is, if I go it alone with nothing but my crappy discipline, there's a good chance I'll go berserk again.
Feower: My dream of being the strongest is so close I can taste it. And to take that last step, I'd like you to be at my side.
Feower: Sorry, I know it sounds lame...
  1. That's not lame at all!
  2. Was that so hard to ask for help?

Choose: That's not lame at all!
Feower: Huh?
Lyria: Yeah, we'd never laugh at a friend who asks for a favor!
Lyria: It's not always easy to ask for help, so I think that's very brave of you!
Feower: B-brave?

Choose: Was that so hard to ask for help?
The grin on (Captain)'s face causes Feower's cheeks to redden ever so slightly.
Feower: I'll be more than glad to call on your help when I need it from now on.
Feower: Well, I did promise I wouldn't shoulder burdens by myself and cause more trouble.
Vyrn: Hehe... Look who's finally growing up.
Feower: Tch... That's rich coming from a lizard.
Vyrn: Grr, I ain't no lizard, buster! Why can't you just take the compliment!
Continue 1
Lyria: Let's do everything we can to make sure the Four-Sky Blade is used the right way!
Vyrn: Time to learn its secrets!
Feower: Hahaha. Thanks, everyone.
The mood is cheerful, with the whole gang in great spirits, but the fun is interrupted when a sudden burst of displeasure hits (Captain).
It came from the dagger gripped in Feower's hand.
Four-Sky Blade: ...
Four-Sky Blade: Tch...
  1. That voice!

Choose: That voice!
Vyrn: Whose voice?
Feower: Was it the Four-Sky Blade?
They quickly examine the Revenant weapon, but the dagger maintains its silence.
Was the voice all in (Captain)'s head?

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
やれやれ…全く張り合いがありません Sigh... This is almost too easy.
大丈夫。僕が一瞬で楽にしてあげます Relax, you won't feel a thing.
いいから黙れよ Shut your trap already.
ブッ殺される覚悟はできてんだろーな? Ready to die a million times over?
星屑の街には誰にも手出しさせない I don't care who you are; you'll keep your hands off Stardust Town.
十天衆の頭目は飄々とした変な人です The leader of the Eternals gives off very strange vibes.
姉さんは…少し優しすぎるんだ… You're too kind, Sister...
もっともっと…僕が強くならないと… I must grow stronger...
(主人公)さんの強さの秘密が知りたい Tell me the secret to your strength, (Captain).
(主人公)さんは死ぬのが怖いですか? Does the thought of death frighten you, (Captain)?


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