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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height Unknown Race Unknown
Hobbies People-watching
Likes Pure, righteous, and beautiful people; good deeds
Dislikes Snakes, evil people, apples

Character Release
The beautiful young man, surrounded by a divine aura, introduced himself as a "former stage actor" when he appeared before the crew. He is very gentle and dislikes conflicts. However, since he does not understand the subtleties of other people's emotions very well, his heart grieves at the sight of people fighting, especially if it's because of his beautiful face. He has profound knowledge about the bottom of the sky - another world called the "Crimson Horizon".

Character Release

先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にも登場した、夏を目一杯満喫するその水着姿が遂にプレイアブル化!

Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不詳 Height 不明 Race 不明
Hobbies 人間観察
Likes 清く正しく美しい者、善き行い
Dislikes 蛇、邪悪な者、リンゴ

Character Release

Character Release

先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にも登場した、夏を目一杯満喫するその水着姿が遂にプレイアブル化!

Source [1] [2]


Stamp119.png This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

Created by the Omnipotent as a Speaker, their servant, he was given the name Helel ben Sahar and was tasked with spreading the Omnipotent's words and their will among the people of the realm they created. He chose not to interfere in his master's conflict with ancient humans even after it resulted in the splitting of the Omnipotent into two conflicting and opposed sides; the god of the skies and the god of the stars. The sky god wished to recreate the sky realm while the Astral god opted to leave and create an entirely new world based on the one they had left, neither paying attention to the fate of the Speaker. Still, he continued to await contact from his master so he might continue fulfilling his role as Speaker. For thousands of years he took on the role of observer, watching over the two realms as they changed and evolved, acting only to deal with threats outwith the gods' powers.

Sensing an upcoming calamity that could befall the sky realm and wishing to protect the world his master created and its inhabitants, he decided to join the Singularity, the only known living human with the power to alter course of fate itself, assuming a new name to hide his true identity as a god's servant - Lucio.

In time the predicted calamity was revealed to have been set in motion by Lucilius, who wished to bring an end to the entire sky realm. Initially Lucio tried to convince Lucilius to abandon his plan and his rebellion against gods, hoping to reach some common understanding as Lucilius was an Astral created in Lucio's image. But negotiations failed and Lucio was forced to feign being defeated by Lucilius, waiting inside the latter's core for the right moment to trap Lucilius in a space between dimensions which would serve as an eternal prison.

After the calamity was halted and the visible threat was dealt with, he started to wonder if he still needed to perform his duties and if his master's wishes could really be good for this world. After all, it was not only the power of Supreme Primarch that saved the world but the combined strength of many different forces. He started to wonder if perhaps the world's current state was already perfect and no longer in need of evolution thanks to living creatures and their ability to support each other and compensate their own weaknesses. He confronted the Singularity with these mixed feelings in a dream. After reaffirming himself in his new stance, he left his role as observer and decided that it was fine to simply continue living on and to use his powers for the well-being of the skies. Aboard the Grandcypher alongside Singularity and their crew, he waits for the day when he can ask his master the true purpose behind himself, the world, and all living beings.

End of spoilers.




  • Just like his Grand version, his skills are named after Symphony X songs.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I'd heard that today is the day you were born, (Captain). I wish you all the best.
Sorry? My birthday?
Hm... Well let me think. I suppose that would be the day I was created...
What? You say it's the day we met? Ah, indeed you could say that was the birth of Lucio!
Thank you, (Captain). May the year ahead of you be a great one.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Being given life on this world—that is an irreplaceable miracle.
The fact that I am able to celebrate this joy with you yet again is a true manifestation of happiness.
Go forth on this splendid day with my blessings, (Captain).


Congratulations on another birthday, (Captain).
Another year's worth of strength has been added to your frame.
But it's not simply about how you look. I speak, of course, about the strength within.
Your mighty heart will carry you far, helping you overcome any hardships that sail your way.
I'll always be watching over you on your journey through life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
The Grandcypher is filled with delight today, isin't it?
Now that I think about it, it is rather strange that our crew is composed of vastly different individuals.
But despite our differences, we've all come together to celebrate your life.
This is proof enough that you extend your love and grace to each and every member aboard your ship.
Of course, I count myself among those that you spoil with love.
Therefore, please accept my heartfelt blessings this year as well.
I pray that I shall be able to deliver you birthday blessings for many years to come.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Many eras have passed since I was created, but these past five years have been particularly special to me.
We've rejoiced together, laughed together... I've learned so much in such a short span of time.
Once, I told you the story of my own birthday. I suppose this means "Lucio" has finally turned five years old.
I am the light that protects you, yet I'm constantly learning from you, much like a younger brother. Heh. It's odd, but that's the feeling I get.
I hope you will be blessed with many more birthdays to come.
And may this day be as special as you are.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Oh, you've been awake all this time?
And you're waiting for the new dawn? Why?
If that is what you wish to see, I can show it to you right now...
That's not the dawn you meant? Oh, I do apologize!
Then allow me to keep you company. To watch the dawning sun in this sky is a real treat...


Ah, greetings, (Captain). I'm glad to see you this new year as well.
This is wonderful... Spending today with you, gazing at the sunrise.
Times like this are so peaceful. I wish this moment could stretch on forever.
Let's watch the sunrise together again next year. Haha. I'm looking forward to it already.


What did you pray for on your first visit to the shrines on New Year's Day?
Knowing you, I assume you wished for the happiness of others.
Yet securing your own happiness is a requisite for making that dream a reality.
Others derive no joy in the absence of your own.
Ah, I'm sorry. It was not my intention to preach.
May you have the blessings of my master.


(Captain), I heard that mortals like discussing their futures during the new year.
Some even get their fortune told, predicting their year ahead.
You don't think that these fortunes are divine messages, do you?
Hmm... I don't mean predictions. They regard these thoughts as precepts, rules for living. Right?
I find this behavior fascinating. I too want to get my fortune told.
Do you know of such an oracle? If you could discretely guide me to one, I would appreciate it.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
May the coming year bring happiness and good fortune to us all.
Heh. Was that a bit excessive? I must admit, I have a fondness for seasonal greetings.
Time has flowed in a straight line since the very beginning, yet mortals transformed it into a loop with the creation of the calendar.
Gleaning truth from the universe and using it to add beauty to my master's world is a prime example of the hidden power of mortals.
This applies to you especially, (Captain). There are times you accomplish things that I never would have thought possible.
I look forward to witnessing that power of yours in the yearly loop to come.
Until then, here's to another magnificent year together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Now then, (Captain). I understand you have something to tell me...
Well, you said you wanted to tell me in private! It will be thousands of years before any person finds this place, let alone any monster...
Oh? Are these... chocolates?
Gracious me... This is a real surprise! Thank you, (Captain)!
I'm afraid today may be a bit dangerous for me to go out... Another senseless war could erupt, so I shall remain here for a while.
But this is a very welcome gift. Thank you, (Captain).


Thank you for the Valentine's Day gift. I'll proudly accept it.
I'll be spending the day here. If I go outside, I might cause a commotion...
What is this place? That's a tough question. To explain it in your language, I would need a few days at least.
Haha. You want to know what you can find here? You can look around if you want.
But be careful. If you step out of bounds, even for a moment, it will be hard to return.
Ah, then perhaps I should give you a tour. Come on. Hold on to my hand tight.


This aroma—it's chocolate. Thank you for gracing me with another year of Valentine's Day gifts.
When this day comes around, spending time in this place almost feels natural.
Are you fine with this though, (Captain)? For only the two of us to be here where no others can reach us...
No, that was a rude question to ask.
The fact that you came here with me is all I need to know. I can feel your eagerness without you needing to utter a single word.
If we could spend time like this again next year, it would make me very happy.


It seems I am to be given a gift yet again. Thank you, (Captain).
Haha. When I think of Valentine's Day, this place is all I can imagine. Do you enjoy it so?
If that's the case, then I am glad to meet you here.
Before I was under the impression that Valentine's Day was an event that led only to conflict.
However, after spending time alone with you, I believe it an occasion to chat freely with you. It's a wonderfully enjoyable time.
Now, may I eat the chocolates you've given me?
Hm? Yes. I am going to eat them right in front of you.
The other day I overheard someone saying something to the effect of, "The best thanks for a gift of food is the smile of delight after the gift has been imbibed."
This is a perfect opportunity to express my thanks.
Now. Down the hatch.


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
I'm delighted to meet you here in this place again.
It means a great deal to know how you feel, and being able to reveal my secret like this is wonderfully comforting.
There are times when mortals fight over me, for that is how I was created by my master.
By making that truth known, future struggles may be prevented, but new, different struggles would surely take their place.
However, you exist outside those bounds. Meeting you has released me from my isolation.
Thank you, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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Thank you for the gift you gave me, (Captain).
Today I'm very eager to repay you in kind.
But material possessions are the seeds of war, and I must stay true to my beliefs.
So, instead, I wonder if you might enjoy an interplay of light and shadow...
In the sea of clouds beneath the Grandcypher, a magnificent show of illusions with both light and sound plays out.


Greetings, (Captain). I've come to repay you for your gift last month.
I thought long about what I should get you... After mulling it over, I decided something tangible wouldn't be enough.
And so tonight, when everyone is fast asleep, would you please come to my room?
I'll take you on a special journey through the sky, to a place far above where the Grandcypher can sail.
I'll see you later tonight. The upper skies are cold, so be sure to wear something warm.


This is in return for Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Again I couldn't decide upon a tangible gift that was suitable. It's hard to understand the ways of this world.
By the way, do you enjoy the stars?
Last year I took you high above to peer at them, but this year I plan to make a small change.
To the upper strata we will go, where not a cloud can obstruct our view of the night sky's unparalleled beauty.
I'd like to share this profound experience with you. Come. Take my hand.


You may look now, (Captain). We have arrived.
This year I wanted to give you this splendid view.
Yes. At first I thought to bestow upon you the scenery from the sky.
However, such a gift is not tangible, so I have also prepared this.
Here. It is warm cocoa.
It will last only for a fleeting moment. But the connection that remains beating secretly in our hearts is forever.
Let us spend this time together, reveling of fine days, drinking of cocoa, and staring at the stars above.
There now. I believe this will become a beautiful memory for us both.


(Captain), can you hear me?
While out on a monster-hunting assignment, the captain suddenly hears Lucio's voice.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to help with the mission.
But I do want to thank you for Valentine's Day.
Please raise your eyes to the sky.
As (Captain) looks up, the clouds floating overhead begin to arrange themselves into strange shapes, eventually forming words.
(Captain), I wish you great victory and glory in your endeavors. My light will ever be your shield.
I shall prepare some hot cocoa in preparation for your triumphant return. With love, Lucio
The words in the sky appear for such a brief moment that the other crew members fail to notice them.
(Captain) smiles, taking heart in the secret, personal message.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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A festival of darkness... I can't say I approve of deliberately trying to open the gates to the spirit world...
But I suppose it does no harm. Vyrn and Lyria certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.
Just remember, (Captain). Don't let those two out of your sight...
And don't let them have too many sweets either! Understood?


Here, (Captain). Have some candy. This piece is especially for you.
I can't leave the ship today. If I do, then everyone will attempt to give me candy.
I thought about wearing a costume to disguise my appearance, but the better the disguise, the more persistent the candy-givers become.
It's truly perplexing. Why... Why was I given this form that mortals find so beautiful?


Trick or treat.
I tried to scare people like you skydwellers do, but it doesn't suit me.
I tried it on other crew members too, but they just stared at me.
At first I thought they were humoring me with surprise, but then it struck me that they were captivated by my face.
I've come to learn that bewildering people isn't as straightforward as it seems. You're all truly perplexing beings.


I must ask, why do people relish in donning costumes for Halloween?
Yes, I already understand that there is meaning behind each individual costume.
What I am more curious about is the simple joy they seem to illicit.
Ah! So they represent an opportunity for the wearer to assume a different form for a night? What fun.
Curious, however, that the psychology of skyfarers dictates they would desire to look gruesome. Even if only for a single night.
Then again, I suppose I can understand a mortal's longing for new experiences.
Oh, but imagine how pointless it would be for me to wear a costume—I would be found out immediately.
It's too bad, but I may never be able to fully appreciate the revelry of Halloween after all.


Trick or treat. Can you tell which of us is the real Lucio?
Actually, I suppose it was pointless to ask—it seems the answer was far too obvious for you. Alas, this won't do at all.
I had thought perhaps I could send my doppelganger to the Halloween festival as a decoy.
There are signs of a gate opening to the spirit world. I asked Lost Jack about it, and he agreed that something was afoot.
How do I go about driving away evil that might have found its way into the festival?
I cannot ignore any who would invade this world my master created. They must be stopped before they can harm its beloved people.
You can be sure I'll protect you too, of course. Please let me know if any trouble arises.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

How do I usually spend the holidays? Well...
I used to count the festival fires burning on each island from way up high.
Everyone prays for their loved ones during this season.
There is a great peace that blankets the world...
It's a truly wonderful time of year... Sorry?
Yes, of course I spend it alone... Now why have you given me this plate of food, (Captain)?
It's very kind of you, but I think perhaps Vyrn would enjoy it more than I...


What was it... Ah yes, happy holidays. That is the greeting that the people of this world use today, is it not?
And there's a banquet tonight? Then I shall try to pass the time without sowing any seeds of unrest at your gathering.
But spending this holy night alone would be sad, you say? No... It's just I don't particularly understand the minds of people yet.
However, I now see that you were concerned about me spending the holidays alone.
Just knowing that you are there brings me joy, (Captain).


Happy holidays. Hm. I can't say that I've grown accustomed to speaking such a greeting.
I do apologize for declining to attend the party last year.
However, I was overcome by a mysterious feeling while watching from afar.
As I observed the smiles and laughter of that wintery scene, I felt a warmth spreading across my chest.
Is that what you call happiness?
If it is, then conversing with you now at this very instant is also my moment of happiness.


Happy holidays, (Captain). I feel as though these greetings have become second nature to us, don't you think?
That being said, I have something I would like to discuss.
This year I would like to observe the holy banquet firsthand.
Yes. I have previously kept my distance because I was afraid my presence would disturb the occasion.
But that was an unfounded fear. The members of your crew are focused solely upon you, (Captain).
I do not suspect I will cause a ruckus at all. And thus, I will join the festivities this year.
Oh? You're happy to hear that?
I am not sure why you are elated, but...
As long as you have the merriest of nights, that is the most important thing of all.


Happy holidays, (Captain).
I decided to enjoy the holiday banquet with everyone again this year.
It wouldn't be wise to let myself get carried away, but avoiding others on this day would surely be a source of concern.
Heh... You look relieved. I had no idea you were so worried on my behalf.
Throughout my time with you, mysteries that I previously couldn't fathom have been unraveled one by one.
I've come to understand that seemingly ordinary activities, like mingling and sharing meals, are actually incredibly important.
If you're happy, you should express it. That is yet another way to love the people of this world.
Interaction is key—much like how you reach out to those who seek to sever their bonds. And so I plan to enjoy myself to the fullest this year as well.
However, as I mentioned earlier, I'll take the utmost care not to overdo things. Heh.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Elusive Green Flash

Early one morning, (Captain) heads to the beach to find Lucio, who has come to catch a glimpse of the fabled emerald sunrise and have his wish granted. Although he is ultimately unable to see it, Lucio is inspired to change and says that he will surely overcome his trial with (Captain)'s help.

Lucio: ...
Lucio is a crew member

Early one morning, before the sun has even crested the horizon, Lucio stands on the shore alone.
He remains there waiting without a trace of impatience, until at long last the sky begins to glow in the light of the sunrise.
Lucio not in crew

Early one morning, before the sun has even crested the horizon, a handsome young man stands on the shore alone.
His name is Lucio. Once the star actor of a theater troupe, he now travels the skies as a member of (Captain)'s crew.
It is unclear how, in fact, he came to join them on their journey. No one can seem to recall exactly when or where it happened.
But despite the strange circumstances surrounding his arrival, not a single crew member offers up any objection to his presence.
In the captain's mind, one thing is certain...
Lucio: My master once instructed me to shine a light on this world of confusion. To guide its people.
Lucio: And now as the world struggles against a descent into the darkness, I have come to do my duty...
Lucio: To bring light into this realm and beyond the stars.
The words that echo in (Captain)'s dreams from time to time make it clear that Lucio is an indispensable member of the crew.
Although his true identity remains shrouded in mystery, it seems he has some sort of connection to the origin of the world.
To say nothing of the tremendous power he displays on occasion, Lucio possesses an endless wealth of secrets.
But now he gazes out at the gradually brightening horizon, his expression tinged with sorrow.
Lucio: ...
Squinting into the light of the morning sun as it peeks over the skyline, Lucio breathes a small sigh.
Lucio: Hm? Is that (Captain)?
Just then, he notices a familiar figure walking toward him across the sand.
Lucio: Good morning, (Captain). I'm surprised to see you up so early.
  1. I couldn't go back to sleep.
  2. I was drawn by your aura.

Choose: I couldn't go back to sleep.
Lucio: Oh? Something weighing on your mind?
Lucio: They say a troubled heart leads to troubled sleep. I'd be happy to lend an ear, if you'd like.
Lucio: Should there ever be anything I can do to assist you, just say the word.
Lucio: That being said, I suppose there's only so much I have in my power to do.

Choose: I was drawn by your aura.
Lucio: My aura? That's rather concerning... I don't even remember using my power.
Lucio: There are times when I affect the hearts of others unintentionally. It's all because my master bestowed upon me such a magnificent form.
Lucio: Even when my face is hidden by a Halloween costume, I somehow end up charming those around me all the same...
As Lucio hangs his head in shame, (Captain) scrambles to inform him it was a joke.
Lucio: Oh... Heh. My apologies. I have trouble understanding people's feelings at times. It's just how I am.
Continue 1
Hearing a touch of self-contempt in Lucio's tone, the captain asks him what's wrong.
Lucio: Well, you see...
Lucio: Apparently, on rare occasions, the sun shines an emerald green here at sunrise and sunset.
Lucio: Word has it those who see it are blessed with good fortune, and their dearest wish comes true. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of it myself.
  1. You have a wish in mind?

Choose: You have a wish in mind?
Lucio: Yes. One that I'd give anything to have granted. But alas, I wasn't fortunate enough to see the emerald sun today.
Lucio turns to gaze at the glitter of the morning sun off the waves, a wistful smile on his face.
Lucio: Heh. Even so, my heart is content. The world my master created is truly splendid, and I'm lucky enough to be a part of it.
Lucio: I can think of no greater joy. Even if today's sunrise was no different from any other, it was dazzling enough to leave a deep impression on me.
His smile widens as he delights in the cool morning breeze.
(Captain) wonders out loud just how breathtaking the sight must have been.
Lucio: Oh, would you like to see it too? In that case, I'll do you a special favor...
With a single glance from Lucio, the sun suddenly begins dropping back toward the horizon.
Lucio: There we are. I made the sun set again so you could enjoy a repeat showing of this morning's sunrise.
Although grateful for the gesture, (Captain) has a feeling this probably isn't a good idea.
Who knows how people might react to seeing the sun set again immediately after rising?
Wanting to prevent needless chaos and confusion, (Captain) quickly interjects to stop Lucio.
Lucio: Hm? You think it would be best not to set the sun myself?
Lucio: Perhaps you're right. I'm sure there are people who would be adversely affected if the time of sunrise shifted. I'll put it back where it was.
Suddenly, the sun begins to rise again with clearly unnatural speed.
With the sun bouncing around in the sky, it wouldn't be at all surprising if people saw it as a precursor to some sort of cataclysmic event.
Realizing the results of Lucio's actions are akin to a natural disaster, (Captain) promptly interrupts him again.
Lucio: Oh... Did I make another mistake?
(Captain) nods gently and asks Lucio to try to restore the rising sun to its original position at a speed that people won't notice.
Lucio: Aha, you'll have to forgive me. Understanding others truly isn't my strongest suit.
Lucio: I see... Now I understand why the emerald sun didn't appear to me.
Lucio: Perhaps my master was trying to tell me that my wish can't be granted so easily.
Lucio smiles once again, squinting in the bright sunlight.
Lucio: Well, we should probably start making our way back. The wind this morning is a bit chilly.
(Captain) nods, and the pair turn to stroll down the sandy beach together.
Lucio: ...
Beneath his smile, Lucio is clearly conflicted. It seems his wish is something that not even his immense power can solve.
Lucio: Oh, did I look distraught?
Lucio: Don't worry, that's not the case at all. I've simply realized that the time has come for me to grow and change.
Lucio: And the person who will guide me in that growth stands before me.
Lucio: Yes—you, (Captain). Heh... I'm blessed to have you by my side. With your help, I'll overcome this trial I've been given no matter what.
Lucio: Now, to facilitate my growth, first things first...
Lucio grins broadly as he spots someone emerging from the inn.
Sandalphon: ...!
Lucio: I'll have to start by helping Sandy.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: Good morning, Sandy. Would you like some assistance with the food stall?
Sandalphon: I don't need your help.
Lucio: Haha. There's no reason to hold back. Be it manual labor or any other grunt work, I'm ready and willing to tackle any task.
Sandalphon: Grunt work? With his face? How disrespectful can one person be!
Lucio continues to smile pleasantly as Sandalphon scowls at him.
It seems this summer isn't going to be any more peaceful than the last.

A Salty Evening Breeze

Sandalphon works hard to manage the beach house, with (Captain), Lucio, and the crew there to help. However, the shop is overrun with customers as they are drawn by Lucio's beauty one after another, which upsets Sandalphon. Even after the shop runs out of drinks and closes for the day, Sandalphon remains disgruntled.

Vyrn: Looks like we've got a huge swarm of customers again...
A long, winding line stretches out in front of the food stall Sierokarte has placed in Sandalphon's care.
Lyria: Hehe. Let's go greet them all with big, bright smiles!
The crew sets to work, energized by the unexpected crowd. But one member doesn't seem too happy.
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon glares, clearly in a foul mood.
Sandalphon: ...
The object of his displeasure is none other than a certain waiter.
Lucio: Are you ready to order?
Male Patron 1: Y-yes. I'll have... your contact info please.
Lucio: Heh. Unfortunately I have no such information, but you're welcome to visit me here anytime. How about a refreshing beverage? I recommend the—
Male Patron 1: Give me one of everything on the menu! I-I'm going to drink until I burst!
Lucio: Thank you for your patronage. But take care not to push yourself too hard.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio attracts customer after customer to the food stall, merely by being himself.
Female Patron 1: Darn, this place looks pretty busy. Maybe we should try somewhere... else...
Lucio: Oh, are you searching for a place to rest?
Female Patrons: ...!
Sandalphon: ...
Female Patrons: We're ready to order!
Vyrn: We've got a couple more orders for apple-orange fusions!
Sandalphon: Understood.
Lyria: I-I have some more orders too! Three for apple juice, two for pineapple, one orange, one grape...
Vyrn: Isn't this gettin' kinda crazy? At this rate we're gonna run out of drinks! Wouldn't be surprised if we had to close up early...
Meanwhile the line outside continues growing longer and longer.
Lucio: Heh...
Male Patron 2: ...!
People from all over the beach continue to be drawn to Lucio with no end in sight.
Vyrn: Here I am talkin' about sellin' out, and the line's gone and doubled in the time it took me to say it.
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: Go buy all the fruit you can find.
Vyrn: Oh, uh, you got it!
Sandalphon: Now then.
Sandalphon tosses fruit into a large shaker and summons swirling winds to peel them with ease.
Female Patrons: Wow!
He then adds water to the container and shakes it, once again using wind to empty the contents into two glasses.
Sandalphon: Sorry for the wait. Here are your apple-orange fusions.
Female Patrons: Whoooa!
Female Patron 2: How did you do that?
Sandalphon: It's a trade secret.
Female Patron 1: Ooh, how mysterious...
The manager's really handsome, don't you think? What a great place!
Female Patron 2: You said it! But the guy who first caught my eye was that one waiter...
Lucio: Heh.
Female Patrons: Oh my...
Sandalphon: Tch!
Lucio: I cleared away all the empty glasses, Sandy.
Sandalphon: Good.
Lucio: Is there anything else I can do?
Female Patrons: He's so dreamy...
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: We're running low on glasses and mugs. Go wash dishes in the back.
Lucio: I'd be happy to.
Lucio retreats into the kitchen. But before his fans even have a chance to be disappointed by his departure...
Lucio: I'm finished, Sandy.
Sandalphon: A-already?
Lucio: Cleaning dishes is merely a matter of removing impurities, so it was a simple task. What would you like me to do next?
Sandalphon: Clean the kitchen.
Lucio: Right away.
Lucio: All clean.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: What now, Sandy?
Sandalphon: Go back to the kitchen and count the grains of rice.
Lucio: Oh, no need. There are three million, four hundred and ten thousand—
Sandalphon: Enough. Just stay in the back.
Lucio: Oh? But why?
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon looks over at the patrons trying to squeeze past each other to catch a glimpse of Lucio.
Patrons: Oh my...
Sandalphon: For mere mortals to appraise his face... It's irreverent!
Lucio: I see.
Lucio: Understood. Then I shall make myself sparse and tend to things in the kitchen.
Sandalphon: ...
With Lucio out of sight, the unusual flow of customers begins to taper off little by little.
But sales continue to be strong, and the crew is in high spirits as afternoon rolls around and they begin cleaning up for the day.
Sandalphon: Why must he be like that!
However, Sandalphon alone wears a conflicted expression.

A Salty Evening Breeze: Scene 2

Sandalphon enjoys a cup of coffee alone before shopping for the next day's supplies. Lucio invites him to play beach volleyball with the crew, but Sandalphon refuses. Undaunted, Lucio continues asking him to participate in various activities until Sandalphon becomes angry and snaps at him. Smiling sadly, Lucio takes his leave.

With the crowd taken care of, (Captain) and the crew relax before heading out to stock up for the following day.
Lyria: Lucio! It's my serve!
Lucio: Right. I'm ready when you are.
Lyria: Hyah!
Lucio: Heh. You hit that quite well.
Lucio: Hup!
(Captain) and company join Lucio for a relaxing game of beach volleyball.
Sandalphon: ...
Meanwhile, Sandalphon sits at a table in the shade of a tree, unwinding with a cup of coffee.
Sandalphon: Hmph.
His gaze falls on the crew's ball as it comes rolling toward him.
Lucio: Haha. It appears I don't know my own strength.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: Why don't you join us for some fun on the beach, Sandy?
Sandalphon: No thank you. I might end up aiming at that face of yours.
Lucio: I see. So you're not a fan of beach volleyball...
Sandalphon: ...
With a thoughtful hum, Lucio retrieves the ball and heads back toward (Captain) and the crew.
Lucio: Heh. I suppose it's my serve next.
Lucio: Haah!
Sandalphon: How unseemly.
Sandalphon continues to sip his coffee, as though trying to occupy himself with its warmth and pleasant bitterness.
Eventually, however, his alone time is interrupted once again.
Lucio: (Captain) and the others are going for a swim. Would you care to accompany them?
Sandalphon: What?
Sandalphon: They can do whatever they like. I'm going to stay here in the shade for a while longer.
Lucio: I see. In that case, how does finding a shady spot to go fishing sound?
Sandalphon: I'd like to stock up on ingredients before the shops close.
Lucio: Hmm... Then what would you say to an evening fireworks extravaganza?
Sandalphon: I have plans to test some alternative coffee brewing methods tonight.
Lucio: Heh. You certainly are a busy bee, Sandy.
Lucio: It's impressive how committed you are to your coffee. I'd like to try some myself someday.
Sandalphon: ...!
Lucio: Whoops...
Sandalphon: Why can't you leave me alone?
Lucio: Well—
Sandalphon: And the way you behave in this tawdry manner, all the while sporting his face!
Lucio: I merely wanted to—
Sandalphon: Why are you like this!
Lucio: Forgive me. It seems I got a little ahead of myself.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: I'll give you some space. I hope you'll be willing to speak with me again once we've both settled down.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: Believe me when I say that I had no intention of making you upset.
Lucio: Now, if you'll excuse me.
Lucio turns to leave, still smiling so as not to disrupt the crew's fun or make Sandalphon feel worse.
Lucio: Finding the right thing to do is no simple task.
His eyes full of uncertainty, Lucio makes his way back toward the shore.

A Salty Evening Breeze: Scene 3

Lucio and Sandalphon run into each other on the beach just before sunset, and Lucio says he wants to become friends with Sandalphon so he can stop hurting him. Suddenly the sky flashes green, and they watch the emerald sunset together. Later, Sandalphon treats Lucio to a cup of coffee, and the two grow ever so slightly closer.

Sandalphon: Hmm, this should be enough.
Sandalphon mutters to himself as he confirms the stock of foodstuffs needed for the stall.
Sandalphon: Hm?
Suddenly overcome with a sense of unease, he hurries out of the pantry.
Sandalphon: I knew something was off. The sunset is abnormally red...
Lucio: ...
Sandalphon & Lucio: Oh...
Having run into each other by coincidence, the two look at each other awkwardly.
Sandalphon: What are you doing?
Lucio: I was entranced by the crimson glow of the sunset.
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon feels a pain in his chest at Lucio's somber expression.
Sandalphon: Don't make that expression with his face.
Lucio: Oh... My apologies.
Lucio: I'm afraid I'm not well versed in these things. It's an endless struggle for me.
Lucio: To be honest, I'd give anything if it meant you would not have to experience such pain.
Lucio: But although you possess power greater than any primal beast, your heart is delicate like that of a mortal.
Lucio: I had already resolved not to hurt you any further, but my efforts ended up backfiring.
Sandalphon: It's too late for that. You insist on performing menial tasks and engaging in childish tomfoolery—things Lucifer would never do. And all while parading around with his face.
Lucio: Yes. That's because I'm Lucio... not Lucifer.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: This appearance has become a source of conflict for many people. And it's caused even you to suffer.
Lucio: None of it is my intention. Perhaps my master bestowed this form upon me as a sort of trial.
Lucio: If I were to alter what my face looked like, I might be able to ease your pain.
Lucio: But it was my master's will to create me in this image. To defy that would be no less than blasphemy.
Lucio: How, then, do I overcome this trial? My only course of action is to becomes friends with you, Sandy.
Sandalphon: Friends?
Lucio: Yes, as Lucio. I'd rather spare you from seeing me merely as an imitation of Lucifer.
Sandalphon: ...
Before Sandalphon can find the words to respond, there is a sudden flash of color.
Lucio: Look, the sun...
Sandalphon: It's shining... green?
Lucio: They say those who see the emerald sun are blessed with good fortune. But I never imagined it would be so beautiful.
The pair watch in silence as the sun crosses the horizon with a flash of green.
Lucio: This mysterious, wondrous world—that which you've loved and gone to such lengths to protect... It truly is breathtaking.
Sandalphon: That was...
Lucio: Even if it was done in someone else's name, I believe what matters in this world is what is, not for whose sake it came to be.
Lucio: But no matter how beautiful it may be, the threat of destruction will one day come again. Whether by some great evil or my master's will.
Lucio: I believe our power will be necessary to stop it. And when that time comes, I hope we can stand to face it together, hand in hand.
Sandalphon: I see.
Sandalphon: Give me some time to think it through.
Lucio: Of course. I hope for a favorable response.
The sun sinks lower until all that remains is a red tinge on the horizon.
As night falls, Lucio and Sandalphon head toward the inn in silence.
Lucio: What's this, Sandy?
Sandalphon: I assumed that would be obvious. It's coffee. Drink it.
Sandalphon: I tried out a new brewing method, but there was no one else around to test it. You were merely selected by default.
Lucio: Haha, I see. Well, I'd be delighted to give it a taste.
Lucio: ...
Lucio: (What an incredible fragrance. How much time and effort must he have dedicated to perfecting his craft?)
Moved, Lucio closes his eyes and takes a sip of the coffee as Sandalphon looks on.
Lucio: It seems the emerald sunset really did bring me good fortune.
Lucio: I was lucky enough to enjoy this coffee that you poured your heart and soul into creating.
Sandalphon: Is that so.
Lucio: Please allow me to taste-test for you again someday. I'd like to see what lies at the end of the path you've set upon.
Sandalphon turns away, visibly embarrassed, as Lucio continues enjoying his coffee.
Lucio: Ah, I've just thought of a verse.
Lucio: "I beheld them as buds, watching as they transformed into lush greenery. May the blessed warmth of the sun help them ever bloom and grow."
Sandalphon: What was that? Do you write poetry too?
Lucio: No. It's a line from a play I once performed in. I thought it expressed my impression of the flavor quite well.
Sandalphon: I see.
Lucio: By the way, Sandy.
Sandalphon: What?
Lucio: Are you interested in poetry?
Sandalphon: Who knows?
Lucio: I see. So... the poems you've written are in the notebook in your pocket? I'd be honored if you'd let me read them.
Sandalphon: Absolutely not.
Lucio: Heh. Now, now, don't be so quick to refuse. Your writing is splendid. "With wings as white as snow—"
Sandalphon: You... You read them?
Lucio: No, I wouldn't do something like that. You could say I just... intuited the words, that's all.
Sandalphon: A-A...
Sandalphon: Ain Soph Aur!
Vyrn: Wh-what was that noise? Are we bein' attacked by monsters?
Sandalphon: Hyaaaaah!
Lucio: Heheh. I had no idea you were so easily embarrassed.
Sandalphon: The... The impudence!
Vyrn: The heck are those two doin'?
Lyria: Lucio's avoiding Sandalphon's blasts of light without even breaking a sweat...
Lucio: Heh. What harm would there be in allowing me to read a couple of poems?
Sandalphon: I'll never show you a single word!
Vyrn: But y'know, they seem kinda close. Like they're actually friends or somethin'.
Lyria: Ahaha... Well, they say the closer you are, the more you fight.
Sandalphon: I was a fool for even giving you the time of day!
Lucio: How sweet. You remind me of a fussy young child—
Sandalphon: Silence!
One summer's eve, blessed emerald light had illuminated Lucio's wings, if only for a moment.
But whether or not his wish will be granted is still yet to be seen.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
サンちゃん、私も珈琲を頂いても? Could I have some coffee too, Sandy?
海岸で過ごしているとより人目を引いてしまう I seem to attract even more attention than usual on the beach.
私のために争わないで頂きたい… I'd prefer it if you wouldn't fight over me...
海のレジャーは多岐に渡るのですね There certainly are a wide variety of beach activities to enjoy.
ああ、主の創り給うた世界はなんと美しい… Ahh... This world my master created is truly beautiful.
サンちゃん、一緒に釣りはどうです? Why don't you join me for some fishing, Sandy?
お店の手伝いはなかなかに難しくて Helping with the stall is surprisingly difficult.
羽目を外しすぎないように… Make sure not to let yourself get carried away.
(主人公)、飲み物はいかがです? Would you like something to drink, (Captain)?
フフ。(主人公)も海では子供のようです Heh. You look as happy as a child when you're at the beach, (Captain).