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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 170 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Collecting folk craft, idling about
Likes Magic tomes, magic items, convenient things
Dislikes Machinery, physical training

Character Release

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Age 不明
Height 170cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 民芸品集め、ごろごろすること
Likes 魔術書、魔道具、便利なもの
Dislikes 機械、運動

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Today's an important day. You're another year older! One step closer to adulthood.
As an all-knowing witch, allow me to give you my prediction of your future.
You'll continue to live happily... I'll be right there by your side, after all.
Hmm? How old will I be this year?
Heeheehee... A witch never reveals her true age. Ask me again, and I'll be very angry.


Happy birthday. Here we are again on this special day.
Do you remember my prediction from last year? That if you stay by my side, you'll be blessed with good fortune?
Well, I was right, wasn't I? Hehehe. My prediction for this year is more of the same. I'm looking forward to it.


Happy birthday, (Captain). Can you believe it's already been a whole year?
I just hope that my prediction from last year came true for you.
But to be perfectly honest, I think I was the one who was happy to be by your side.
Hee-hee. You've really spoiled this all-knowing witch, haven't you? I can't even imagine leaving you anymore.
It really is a miracle I was able to meet you in this life.
I may be silly and incompetent at times, but I look forward to staying in your care, (Captain).


Happy birthday! So? Did you have a good year?
It's been wonderful for me, standing by your side.
As long as we're together, I'm sure next year will be just as fulfilling.
I hope it will be for you too...
But make sure you tell me if something's troubling you, okay?
Don't forget, I'm quite the talented witch... With my magic, I can easily obliterate any obstacle blocking your path.


Happy birthday. This year went by so fast.
I'm sure it felt like a flash because you were here beside me the whole time.
You always go beyond my expectations... That's why there's never a boring moment with you.
And I'm sure that, someday, you really will attain your dream of finding Estalucia.
I know that if I stick with you, then you'll take me to see all sorts of places and experience a lot of different things.
Just thinking about that makes my heart pound with excitement... Hehe, you've most certainly captured me.
I hope you'll always stay by my side, (Captain). And I'll always be by yours—I promise.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Interested in getting your fortune told after we ring in the new year?
Something of a step down for someone like me who knows the future...
But placing your future in the hands of a fortune could prove interesting, don't you think?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I don't have any interest in praying for good health or good fortune when a new year rolls around.
But I completely understand why people would do so.
What do I pray for then? Hehe, why, to continue being by your side of course.


Look, the sun's coming up.
Hehe... Such a beautiful sunrise. Perhaps it's because I'm watching it with you?
I hope a magical year awaits us, but I have no doubt it will be wonderful as long as I'm with you.
Hehe... I hope you feel the same way.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Here's to another year on our journey.
Have you thought about your resolution yet?
How about me? Well...
I believe that fate is determined, so I've never made a resolution before.
But I get the feeling that making a goal in this moment would be worth it.
Oh, I don't mean something silly like working on myself. I was just thinking that I could vow to stay with you, like we are now.
And with that vow comes a promise that I'll always protect you with my magic.


Hello, (Captain). How would you like to go draw our New Year's fortunes?
Why, yes, there's not much meaning to drawing my own fortune when I can see the future.
But just for fun I'd like to have you do it.
You'll surely pull a good result, especially in regards to your romantic prospects. Yes something like...
Your fated one is waiting for you. In fact, they are already right beside you.
Right in front of your very eyes. Hehe, I'm only jesting.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Valentine's is such a bother. Every year, I'm pestered by girls who want me to say a few magic words and bring love into their lives.
Huh? Does it work? Heheh... Are you asking for a test run, (Captain)?


Making this chocolate was quite the toil and trouble. Won't you have a bite?
Hehe... Don't worry. Even though I know all about love magic and aphrodisiacs...
Pure, innocent me would never use them on you. But in my imagination, anything goes...


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
I made these chocolates just for you... Will you take them?
They were made with my love especially for today—no magic, of course. Be sure to savor the flavor.
Hehe... It's all kind of silly, don't you think?
But you know, (Captain)... Ever since meeting you, I've been able to enjoy so many things I never enjoyed before.
Thank you... for everything.


Here, (Captain). These are Valentine's Day chocolates.
Do you like them? I'm confident they taste great. I hope they make you happy.
Hehe. Good. Thank you.
It's strange, isn't it? To feel both so nervous and happy when you see the reaction of a loved one as they bite into your confections.
You think I feel this way because I didn't use magic to secure the flavor? Or that I didn't look into the future to see your reaction?
Could be. Or it could be that you're just a very important person to me.


(Captain), these chocolates are for you.
Hehe, you really don't hide your emotions, do you?
Even without my powers, I could have forseen the smile on your face right now.
It's no wonder I feel compelled to give you something every year.
Yes, it's quite strange... Perhaps I've been put under a spell.
A spell of love, you could even call it.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh? This is for me? I see... Thank you. This makes me quite happy.
Heheheh... I've gotten so many presents before, but for some reason this one makes me happiest of all.


Ooh, are you giving this to me for White Day?
I'll be honest. I was kind of waiting for you. I'm glad it wasn't in vain.
Now that I think about it, are you saying I can have your heart? Once I take it, it can't be returned, you know.
Hahaha... That look on your face is priceless. I'm just joking. For now...


Is this for me? Thank you, (Captain).
Now you've done it... I don't think there's anything in the skies that could show you how happy you've made me.
The more time I spend with you, (Captain), the more I relish our time together... Puzzling, is it not?
Hehe... I look forward to spending even more time with you, (Captain).


Hehe. You're giving me a White Day present again this year, aren't you?
I'm glad. Thank you.
Hmm? You're relieved I'm happy?
Really? Now how would you understand what I'm feeling in the very depths of my heart?
Hehe. Oh, don't make that face. I was just joking.
You were so cute handing me this gift that I just had to tease you.
To think that I would be anything but grateful for receiving a gift from you... Silly Captain.


Oh, my... Is that perhaps a White Day gift that I see in your hands?
Hehe, thank you. I'm pleased to accept it.
I was quite looking forward to this day.
They do say the stronger your feelings are for someone, the more your anticipation grows.
Say, (Captain). Is it all right if I come to expect more and more things from you?
Things like... Well, perhaps I shouldn't verbalize these thoughts.
Not until my feelings are realized, at least. Maybe then I'll reveal everything to you.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hello there. Did you know Halloween is a festival where the dead return?
It's only on this day when the living and the dead can have fun together. See? Look at that one, right next to you...


On Halloween there are little witches all over.
It's so cute how they all smell like candy. Aren't you going to dress up today?
Oh, me? I'll just be watching everyone else have fun.
Heh heh heh... I wouldn't want to scare the little kids.


(Captain), do you have a costume ready? Since today is Halloween, after all.
I was imagining how lovely you would look in a wizard costume... Perhaps we could go out tonight as an ensemble together.
People would see the couple of us as two of a kind—doesn't that sound simply magical?


Since it's Halloween, you think I should dress up as something besides a witch?
Easy for you to say... I really am a genuine witch. I can't becomes anything else!
But... you have a point.
I guess if you're really set on it, I could change into another outfit.
So what is it you'd like me to wear?
Say the word, (Captain). Your wish is my command.


Hey, (Captain). Do you wanna try playing a trick on me?
To be honest, I enjoy playing tricks more, but sometimes it's nice to see how it feels to be on the receiving end too.
I don't want some shabby trick though.
I'd like something more affectionate that's both pleasant and bold.
Hehe... I guess that's pretty hard, huh?
I'm sorry, I was just playing with you. I wanted to see you get all flustered like you are now.
You're so cute that I can't help but want to see all the different sides of you... So don't get mad, okay?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Tonight's a very special night... I don't mind celebrating with the rest of the crew...
But doesn't going to a quiet place for two sound so much more romantic?


The holiday's upon us, (Captain).
Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy this romantic night between the two of us?
My, my, what are you getting all flustered for? You're bound to me by fate after all...


There's nothing more romantic than snow on a winter's night.
Hehe. That isn't my magic, I promise... I've learned that sometimes truly magical things can't be forced.
On precious nights like these, how and who you spend it with is important.
Being able to spend time like this with a special someone such as yourself just makes it even more precious.
Now then, just how shall we spend it together... What are you in the mood for?


Even though we're having such a lovely party, would you like to sneak out with me?
Hehe. Just kidding.
If I'd asked you to spend this entire festive night with me, I bet you would have.
Let's stare at the night sky together just a little longer and then head back inside.
That sounds good enough to you?
For now, yes. But I'm sure we'll be able to share many more nights like this.
And that's not just a prediction—we'll definitely see them together.


I must say, I feel some affinity for our dear Santa Claus.
With his red hat and clothes, wouldn't you say we share the same image? Hehe.
Hey, (Captain). Indulge me for a moment. If I were Santa Claus, what kind of gift would you ask for?
You're quite the kind person, so I assume you would ask for something like happiness and peace across the skies.
However, just for tonight, I'd be delighted if you focused your attention on me and only me.
Just kidding. Were you surprised by such a selfish request? Hehe...

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Past, Present, and Future

Magisa has a chilling premonition—she foresees a giant monster attacking (Captain)'s sleigh which sends the captain tumbling to the bottom of the sky. When (Captain) and Arulumaya agree to deliver presents in place of an injured Santa Claus, Magisa trades places with Arulumaya to prevent the future she saw from happening. Later on Arulumaya gazes into her crystal ball and also foresees (Captain)'s doom.

On a snowy winter night, silhouettes of reindeer flicker across the sky. They dash through the stars pulling a single sleigh behind them.
Aboard the festive craft are (Captain) and Arulumaya, donning their finest holiday attire.
Arulumaya: Hm... Well, that completes our mission.
Arulumaya: Oh... Your hands are quite cold.
Arulumaya: I'm sorry. The sleigh was already packed full, so I didn't bring anything for keeping warm.
Arulumaya: This will have to do.
Arulumaya stands up and wraps her arms around (Captain).
Arulumaya: Hehe. This way, we can keep both our bodies and our hearts warm.
Arulumaya: Hey, (Captain), can I ask you something?
Arulumaya: Well... Tonight, do you think the two of us could...
Arulumaya: Oh, sorry, (Captain). It seems we have a few unexpected visitors.
A giant monster appears out of nowhere, and with a high-pitched screech, swoops down on (Captain) and Arulumaya.
Arulumaya: (Captain), you drive the sleigh!
(Captain) nods and scrambles to take the reins.
Arulumaya: Ugh... Oh no...
The sleigh jolts, causing Arulumaya to lose her balance.
Another vicious shriek echoes from the beast, sending a strong gust of wind crashing against the sleigh.
Despite (Captain)'s struggle to maintain footing inside the vessel, the impact tosses the captain overboard.
Arulumaya: ...!
(Captain)! Take my hand!
Instinctively, Arulumaya jumps forward and thrusts an open palm toward the tumbling (Captain).
But alas, she is too late. Downward (Captain) falls, plunging toward the bottom of the sky.
Arulumaya: (Captain)!
Magisa: ...!
Magisa: Pant... Pant... What was that just now?
Magisa shakes her head to clear away the grogginess of waking up and steps out of bed.
Magisa: Goodness, that was a terrible premonition...
Magisa: If only it had been a vision of (Captain) and I sharing a passionate holy night together...
Magisa: Wouldn't that sort of premonition be nice for a change of pace?
Magisa not in crew

Magisa, a witch who is well-versed in all kinds of magic, has the ability of foresight.
She has joined (Captain) and company to fulfill a future she once saw in one of her premonitions.
Since joining the crew, Magisa has come to realize that the more time she spends aboard the Grandcypher, the foggier her visions become.
The thrill of not knowing the future—a first for Magisa—leads the witch to believe that she and (Captain) are destined to be together.
Magisa: (I can't just sit and do nothing. If my premonition comes true, then (Captain) will...)
Magisa: (But then again, my premonitions aren't always true when it comes to (Captain).)
Magisa: (I certainly hope that's the case this time...)
She exits the room with graceful steps and a bewitching smile.
Magisa: (Captain), do you have a minute? I wanted to ask about your plans for the holy...
Arulumaya: But of course. Lending a hand to those in need is only natural.
Arulumaya: Besides, though it is a mission, spending the holy night with (Captain) makes for a wonderful incentive.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho, thank you.
Magisa enters (Captain)'s room to find Vyrn, Lyria, and Arulumaya conversing pleasantly with Santa Claus.
Magisa: Looks like you're having quite the enjoyable conversation here.
Arulumaya: Magisa...
Arulumaya looks at Magisa warily, the bow of her smile uncurling into a neutral expression.
Vyrn: Magisa? What's the matter? Did ya need somethin' from (Captain)?
Magisa: I just felt like seeing our captain.
Magisa: So, what were all of you talking about? Especially with our rather exceptional guest.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. As embarrassing as this is, I strained my back, you see...
Santa Claus: And because of that, I'm afraid it'll be hard for me to deliver this year's presents...
Santa Claus: That's why I'm here—to request your help in delivering the presents in my place.
Magisa: I see... And did we accept this request?
Vyrn: Yeah! We can't just mope around while ol' Kris Kringle here's in trouble!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Arulumaya: And we mustn't forget the many children throughout the skies who are looking forward to their presents.
Magisa: Hm...
Magisa: (It's happening as I predicted... I have to do something so it doesn't end up like in my premonition.)
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. Then I'll go get your clothes and sleigh ready...
Magisa: Ahem, do you think I could join you on this mission?
Arulumaya: ...!
Vyrn: Huh? You wanna help out too, Magisa?
Magisa: Indeed. After all, protecting the dreams of children is one of the many jobs of a witch.
Santa Claus: The thing is... My sleigh was made to be a one-person sleigh. I'm not sure how many people would be able to squeeze in...
Magisa thinks for a moment before turning to Arulumaya.
Magisa: Then, Arulu... Would you mind if I took your place?
Arulumaya: Oh, hmm... Well...
Magisa: (I'm sorry, Arulu... I'm going to need you to let me go on this mission no matter what.)
Magisa: (I have to make sure that premonition doesn't come true...)
Magisa: Look, I simply must go on this mission. Please, won't you understand?
Vyrn: Yeesh, why're you so hung up on this?
Magisa: Presents are delivered the night before the big winter celebration, right?
Magisa: Flying across the skies and spreading joy by moonlight—sounds so romantic.
Lyria: D-don't forget that we're here too!
Magisa: Oh, of course. But the sleigh is quite small, isn't it?
Magisa: I'll just have to snuggle up to (Captain) so the both of us can fit.
Magisa: Can't be helped if (Captain) starts paying more attention to me... Hehe.
Lyria: I'm going to be the one sitting next to (Captain)!
Magisa: In any case... What do you say, Arulu?
Magisa: I wouldn't ask you for free, of course. And a contract—a promise—made by a witch is nothing to sneeze at.
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: Fine. If you're going that far, then I'll let you go in my place this time.
Magisa: Thank you, Arulu. This is why I love you.
Lyria and Vyrn chuckle at the comment as Magisa puts on a satisfied smile.
Magisa: Well then, Santa, I guess it's settled. (Captain) and I will be delivering your presents.
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho, all right. Then all that's left is your outfits.
Santa Claus: I'm sure you're familiar with my clothing. With my magic, I can make a matching ensemble for—
Magisa: I appreciate the thought, but I can prepare my own, thank you.
Vyrn: Huh? Are you gonna go out and buy one?
Magisa: I'm a witch, sweetie. Manifesting a few articles of clothing is a piece of cake for me.
Magisa: Besides, I'm going to be spending the night with (Captain)...
Magisa: A girl needs to choose her own outfit for these special occasions.
Magisa: I'm thinking something like... this!
The moment Magisa claps her hands, her body begins to glow.
Magisa: What do you think, (Captain)? I made some adjustments to Santa's clothes. Now it's more suited to my tastes...
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho! Splendid work. You certainly are skilled with your magic.
  1. Still more witchy than wintery?
  2. You look beautiful.

Choose: Still more witchy than wintery?
Magisa: Obviously. When a look just works, you work with it, right?
(Captain) chuckles.
Magisa: But now that I'm a Santa-fied witch, I've got even more magic to work on you...
Magisa: The romantic kind of magic that will make you want to spend a cold, winter night with me.

Choose: You look beautiful.
Magisa: Oh my, that's quite a passionate look on your face. Does this outfit really look that good on me?
(Captain) nods encouragingly.
Magisa: Did you know, (Captain)...
Magisa: Once a person falls under a witch's charm, she's all they'll start to think about.
Magisa: Eventually, they'll seek out the witch and offer up their body and soul to her.
Magisa: So, (Captain)... If you ever feel the urge to relinquish your body and soul to such a witch, feel free to let me know.
Magisa: I'll welcome you with open arms.
Magisa: Like this...
Continue 1
Magisa wraps her arms around (Captain) in a tight hug.
Magisa: ...
Magisa: (No matter what dangers are out there, I'll protect you. That's how much you mean to me...)
Lyria: Ngh... What do you think you're doing, Magisa!
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. You're lucky to be surrounded by so many caring friends, (Captain).
Despite the festive mood aboard the Grandcypher, Arulumaya sits alone in her room gazing silently into her crystal ball.
Arulumaya: Destiny cannot be changed...
Arulumaya: But this future... this ending must be avoided at all costs.
Arulumaya: Magisa must sense something too. We have to figure out the best course of action.
She peers further into the depths of the glass orb.
Reflected before her, just beneath the crystalline surface, is pure catastrophe.

A Way to Seize the Future

Arulumaya shares her own premonition with Magisa, and they realize that no matter who accompanies (Captain) on the delivery, the outcome is always the same if only one of them goes. (Captain) is very important to them, so they both vow to protect (Captain) together.

(Captain) and the crew have taken on a request from Santa Claus to deliver presents in his stead.
Magisa, in preparation of the mission, is resting in her room until it's time to set out.
Magisa: Come in. It's open.
Arulumaya: Magisa... I wanted to talk to you about something.
Arulumaya approaches Magisa. She takes a deep breath and straightens up.
Arulumaya: I'll get straight to the point.
Arulumaya: After thinking about it, I want to accompany you and (Captain) on Santa's mission after all.
Magisa: You have a reason for this, don't you?
Arulumaya: Of course, though it's a rather complicated one.
Arulumaya: You see, this morning... I had a premonition.
Arulumaya: I saw you and (Captain) delivering presents together.
Arulumaya: But then a monster came and attacked the both of you, and (Captain) fell through the sky...
Magisa: What?
Arulumaya: I read the future through my crystal ball, but sometimes I glimpse it through unexpected premonitions as well.
Arulumaya: These visions are usually of future events that will end up greatly affecting our world.
Arulumaya: (Captain) has become an essential existence in that very world.
Arulumaya: And thus we can't allow this latest foretold danger to become reality. I'm sure you understand as well.
Arulumaya: I know I agreed to let you take my place earlier, but I'd like to at least accompany the both of you on your mission.
After hearing Arulumaya's story, Magisa remains quiet for a moment, deep in thought.
Magisa: What could this mean... I had a premonition too, but with one major difference...
Arulumaya: So that's why you were so intent on switching places with me for this mission... You saw it too.
Magisa: Yes, but in my dream, it wasn't me who was with (Captain). It was you, Arulumaya.
Arulumaya: Oh... Well this complicates things.
Magisa: Our dreams were basically the same, with only the person accompanying (Captain) different.
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: Magisa, in your dream, did (Captain) fall off the sleigh and into the sky during the mission?
Magisa: Yes...
Arulumaya: So that part is the same... Which means that's what we have to prevent from becoming reality.
Magisa: That's right. I can't afford to lose (Captain)...
Magisa: I won't accept a future without such an important person in my life.
Arulumaya: Good, it seems we're both thinking along the same lines. In which case, we should take on the mission together.
Arulumaya: If only one of us goes, then the other's prediction will come true. We must join forces to keep (Captain) safe.
Magisa: Yes... I couldn't have put it better myself.
Magisa: Knowing that you've also had a premonition, there's a chance I wouldn't be able to prevent a tragedy alone.
Arulumaya: Hehe. So long as a great witch like yourself is on the case, I'm sure we'll be fine.
Magisa: That goes doubly for you, Arulu. Few have your capacity for foresight.
They exchange smiles and shake hands.
Together, they will work to protect (Captain) from succumbing to the tragic fate foretold in their dreams.

A Way to Seize the Future: Scene 2

Arulumaya and Magisa tell (Captain) of the captain's impending demise as foretold by their premonitions. Arulumaya convinces Lyria to switch places with her so that both she and Magisa can protect (Captain). Santa's three helpers finally take off in the sleigh while Lyria and Vyrn nervously watch from below.

Magisa and Arulumaya have agreed to work together to prevent their ominous premonitions from coming true.
They decide to talk to (Captain) and the others before setting up their plan of action.
Vyrn: So what's the thing you wanted to talk to us about?
Magisa: It's about the request from Santa...
Magisa: Arulu and I would like to accompany (Captain) on this mission together.
Seeing the crew's bewildered expressions, Magisa proceeds to explain.
Magisa: I had a premonition—and quite the troublesome one at that.
Magisa: I saw you falling from a sleigh and plunging toward the bottom of the sky...
Arulumaya: And I made a similar prediction.
Vyrn: Wha! Both of you had the same dream?
Lyria: Th-that means something bad is going to happen, doesn't it?
Arulumaya: Most likely...
Vyrn: What if we just turned down Santa's request? I'd feel bad for him, but...
Magisa: I'm afraid that may not be the best option.
Magisa: To be precise, Arulu and I didn't have the exact same premonition.
Magisa: But the part with (Captain) falling through the sky at the end was the same.
Arulumaya: In other words, no matter which path we take, there is a possiblity that they will all lead to the same ending.
Arulumaya: It would be easier to handle the situation based on what we know will happen rather than introduce any new, unknown elements.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Arulumaya: Lyria... I'm sorry, but would you consider allowing me to go in your stead?
Arulumaya: Both Magisa and I understand how worried you are over (Captain). But that's exactly why I'm asking this of you.
Lyria: Okay...
Lyria: But you're sure it'll be all right with both of you there?
Magisa: Leave it to us. We'll protect (Captain) until the very end.
Magisa: Moe and I will knock out anything that tries to hurt (Captain).
Magisa: Anyway, I'm not the only one who had the premonition. Arulu had it too.
Arulumaya: That's right. If we both tackle this together, then there shouldn't be anything we can't predict.
  1. I'll be counting on you.
  2. Thanks.

Choose: I'll be counting on you.
Magisa: Hehe... Yes, you can definitely count on me.
Magisa: (I'll protect you with all that I've got... After all, we're destined for each other.)
Magisa: Well then, shall we? We wouldn't want to keep Santa waiting.

Choose: Thanks.
Arulumaya: My power is something to be used for leading this world and its people to a better future.
Arulumaya: And you, (Captain), are someone who will surely set the world on the right path.
Arulumaya: That's why I am willing to exercise my abilities of foresight... Because it is for the sake of someone whom I consider important.
Magisa: Oh dear... Are you competing with me?
Arulumaya: Hehe. I don't plan to. After all, it should be no surprise that there are many who care deeply for (Captain).
Magisa: That's true... I love (Captain) a lot, but I also love you, Arulu.
Arulumaya: Thank you. And I love you too, Magisa.
Magisa: Well then, shall we? We wouldn't want to keep Santa waiting.
Continue 1
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. Be careful out there.
Lyria: Be reeeally careful, okay?
Vyrn: We're counting on ya to keep (Captain) safe, Magisa! Arulumaya!
Magisa: You can trust us.
Arulumaya: I promise that I'll bring everyone back, safe and sound.

    And with that, (Captain), Magisa, and Arulumaya climb aboard the sleigh.
    At (Captain)'s signal, the sleigh takes off, soaring into the night sky.

    A Way to Seize the Future: Scene 3

    After the three helpers finish delivering the last present, Magisa and Arulumaya use their foresight to dodge the monster attack that would have caused (Captain)'s end. Now it's their chance to defeat the monster and change the future.

    (Captain), Magisa, and Arulumaya go about fulfilling Santa's request, riding on his sleigh and delivering presents to the children.
    Arulumaya sits on (Captain)'s knee, her gaze fixed on her crystal ball.
    Arulumaya: (Captain), we're approaching a tornado. At this rate we'll fly straight into it—we should change courses.
    Magisa: No... Looks like we're already too late.
    Following Magisa's gaze, they catch sight of a large cyclone coming toward them.
    Magisa: Leave this one to me. I'll blow it away in no time.
    Magisa holds out her staff and unleashes a large fireball at the tornado.
    Magisa: Hehe... With the tornado gone, you can see the stars so clearly, and the air is so crisp. It's beautiful here.
    Arulumaya: All thanks to you, Magisa! At this rate, I might not have a chance to flaunt my skills.
    Magisa: We need you too, Arulu. The tornado just happened to be an easy target for me...
    Magisa: We still have a lot of presents to deliver. Let's keep this up.
    The fierce wind causes (Captain) to shiver, and the captain can't help but let out a sneeze.
    Magisa: Are you cold, (Captain)? We wouldn't want you to get sick.
    Magisa stands up and wraps her arms around (Captain) from behind.
    Magisa: Hehe, there. I'll warm you up.
    Magisa: ...
    Magisa: Hm? Your heart's beating quite fast there.
    Magisa: Are you feeling nervous with me so close to you?
    Magisa: Hehe... Don't worry. You're not the only one who's nervous.
    Magisa: And here's proof of—
    Arulumaya: Magisa, I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but we're quite high up right now. If we put too much weight on one side, the sleigh's going to tip.
    Magisa: You're right, I'm sorry. We'll continue when we get back, okay, (Captain)?
    They soon encounter a rainstorm followed by a blizzard, but the three of them manage to overcome the unexpected weather by working together.
    Arulumaya: Hmm. It seems that present was the last one.
    Magisa: Which means... we're about to face the real test.
    Arulumaya: In our premonitions, the incident happened after all the presents had been delivered, so let's stay alert.
    Magisa and Arulumaya look warily at their surroundings.
    (Captain) follows suit.
    Arulumaya: ...!
    (Captain), pull the sleigh up!
    Following Arulumaya's instructions, (Captain) reflexively pulls the reins so the sleigh soars upward.
    The three of them look down to see a large figure hurtling through the space where they had been mere moments ago.
    Arulumaya: That's the monster from the dream... But it seems we were able to evade the worst of it.
    Magisa: Now all we have to do is to get rid of it. Let's finish it off before (Captain) catches a cold!

    A Way to Seize the Future: Scene 4

    Despite precautions, the monster battle causes (Captain) to fall out of the sleigh anyway, but Magisa and Arulumaya manage to save the day. As a reward for saving (Captain), they each request to spend alone time with (Captain). Magisa or Arulumaya—the future of their holiday fun rests solely in (Captain)'s hands.

    Together, (Captain), Magisa, and Arulumaya defeat the ferocious monster.
    Having successfully sidestepped the tragedy in their premonitions, Magisa and Arulumaya both let out a sigh of relief.
    Arulumaya: Phew... I'm glad that's out of the way. Now we just have to head back to the ship.
    Magisa: Yes. I think I must've strained my nerves, I—
    Arulumaya: Eek!
    Magisa: ...!
    Magisa: (A monster? But where...)
    Magisa: (It's under the sleigh!)
    Magisa: (The monster from before must've used the last of its strength to cling to the bottom of the sleigh...)
    The monster gives a dying screech, and the sleigh suddenly lurches.
    (Captain) is flung off balance, flying off the sleigh and into the sky.
    Both: (Captain)!
    Magisa and Arulumaya's eyes widen in horror as they witness their waking nightmare materialize in front of them.
    In the spur of the moment, Magisa jumps out after (Captain).
    Magisa: Almost...
    Magisa attempts to close the distance between her and (Captain) as the both of them fall through the sky.
    So close, yet so far. Magisa continues to reach out for (Captain), but the captain remains just beyond her grasp.
    Magisa: (This is such a tease... I can't stand this.)
    Magisa: Once I've decided on something, I don't let go... even if I have to use force! Come on, Moe!
    Morax materializes and catches (Captain) with a steadfast arm. He pulls the captain beside Magisa.
    Magisa: (Captain)... We've got you!
    1. You are one reckless witch!
    2. Now we're both going to fall...

    Choose: You are one reckless witch!
    Choose: Now we're both going to fall...
    Magisa: Hehe... Don't worry. I said I would protect you, didn't I?
    Magisa: Besides... we're not alone.
    Arulumaya's Voice: (Captain)! Magisa!
    They hear a voice call out.
    (Captain) and Magisa look up to see Arulumaya on the sleigh, chasing after them at full speed.
    But having reached their maximum velocity, the sleigh can't catch up.
    Arulumaya: This is the fastest this sleigh can go...
    Arulumaya: Magisa! Please do something!
    Magisa: You can count on me. That's why I'm here.
    Magisa turns her attention back to (Captain) and smiles.
    Magisa: (Captain), I'm about to do something a liiittle crazy.
    Magisa: Wrap your arms around me. Hold on tight and don't let go.
    (Captain) nods and hugs Magisa close.
    Magisa: All right... Here we go.
    As Magisa says these words, a magic circle appears at their feet.
    The magic circle explodes, and the blast of air from the explosion pushes (Captain) and Magisa upward.
    Arulumaya: Goodness... As audacious as ever, Magisa.
    As the two of them continue soaring upward, Arulumaya steers the sleigh in their direction.
    When the sleigh finally comes within reach, Magisa and (Captain) grasp Arulumaya's outstretched arms.
    The three of them have returned to the ship, having reported the completion of the mission.
    Later that night, feeling somewhat restless and unable to sleep, (Captain) decides to go out onto the deck for some fresh air.
    Magisa: Good evening, (Captain).
    1. What are you doing out here so late?

    Choose: What are you doing out here so late?
    Magisa: I was waiting for you. I wanted to have a private chat is all.
    Magisa walks to (Captain) and plants herself beside the captain.
    Magisa: We really had a lot going on today, didn't we?
    Magisa: The mission went far beyond what we'd expected...
    Magisa: But, you know, I've really grown to appreciate not knowing the future.
    Magisa: It can be scary, of course... But the unknown gives me a thrill I've never experienced before.
    Magisa: This feeling of anticipation is something I learned thanks to you, (Captain).
    Magisa: It's because of you that I grew out of being the almighty yet simple witch that I was before.
    Magisa slides closer to (Captain).
    Magisa: (Captain)... Can I ask you for a favor?
    Magisa: I want a present for the holidays.
    Magisa: Spend the whole day with me tomorrow. Just the two of us.
    Magisa: Think you can handle that?
    Magisa: (Captain)... or should I say, Santa.
    Magisa: Not such a difficult gift to give, now is it?
    Magisa: We could even start now and—
    ???: Hm. I suppose great minds think alike.
    ???: But it seems I was one step behind this time.
    Magisa and (Captain) turn to find Arulumaya watching them with a wry smile on her face.
    Magisa: Arulu... What are you doing here?
    Arulumaya: Exactly what you came here to do. I was hoping for a little reward, you see...
    Arulumaya: I wanted to ask if (Captain) would spend tomorrow with me celebrating the holidays...
    Arulumaya: So, (Captain). Who do you want to spend your day with tomorrow? Me, Magisa, or perhaps... someone else?
    (Captain) hesitates.
    Magisa and Arulumaya's eyes sparkle with mischief as they watch (Captain) struggling to answer Arulumaya's question.
    Arulumaya: Well, you can give us your answer tomorrow, so please make a decision before then.
    Arulumaya: Oh, and just for your information, my foresight tells me that you'll be spending the special day with me.
    Magisa: That's funny... because I had a premonition that (Captain) will be spending the day with me.
    Arulumaya: Hehe. Well then, I wonder just whose prediction will come true. Or we could both be wrong...
    (Captain) is faced with a dire choice—to spend the day with Magisa, or to spend it with Arulumaya.
    As to who (Captain) ends up celebrating the holiday with... Only the future will tell.

    Side-scrolling Quotes

    JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
    聖夜のプレゼント……何がいいかしらね I wonder what would make a good present...
    モーさんへのプレゼント?もちろん、用意してるわ。 A present for Moe? Of course. I already have it ready.
    プレゼントは私……ふふっ、冗談よ Your present this year... is me. Hehe, I'm just playing with you.
    どうすれば、ふたりきりになれるかしら…… I want us to spend more time alone... But how?
    (主人公)さん成分が足りないわ…… I need more (Captain) in my life...
    モーさん、思いっきりやっていいわ。 Moe, you may unleash your full power.
    ケーキを用意してるわ。好みの味だといいけど…… I prepared a cake for you. I do hope you like it...
    ふふっ、今夜はみんなでパーティーをしましょうね Hehe. Let's get everyone together and have a party tonight!
    たまには身体を動かさないと…… I really should squeeze in some exercise...
    (主人公)さん、聖夜は空けといて頂戴ね (Captain), save the holy night for me, okay?


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