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Official Profile

Age 13 (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
14 (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Height 158 cm (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
160 cm (he's in growth period) (as of Npc s 3030255000 01.jpg Arthur and Mordred)
165 cm (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Race Human
Hobbies Sunbaths, naps, sprints
Likes Animals, fish, insects, plants
Dislikes Getting ready to get up

Character Release

Character Release
ランスロットとヴェインのように息ぴったり、というまでには至っていない彼らですが、その連携には誇り高き騎士の片鱗が見え始めています。 団長・副団長ほど立派には戦えなくとも、粗削りだからこそできること……そんな彼らの模索の末には、どんなバトルスタイルが生まれたのでしょうか。

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 13歳 (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
14歳 (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Height 158cm (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
160cm(成長期)(as of Npc s 3030255000 01.jpg Arthur and Mordred)
165 cm (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 日向ぼっこ、昼寝、かけっこ
Likes 動物、魚、虫、植物
Dislikes 寝起きの支度

Character Release

Character Release
ランスロットとヴェインのように息ぴったり、というまでには至っていない彼らですが、その連携には誇り高き騎士の片鱗が見え始めています。 団長・副団長ほど立派には戦えなくとも、粗削りだからこそできること……そんな彼らの模索の末には、どんなバトルスタイルが生まれたのでしょうか。

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]

Age 13
Height 163 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Reading tactics and history books, sprints
Likes Meals, clear days
Dislikes Humid days with heavy rain
Source [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 13歳
Height 163cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 戦術書や歴史書を読むこと、かけっこ
Likes 食事、晴れた日
Dislikes 湿気の強い雨の日
Source [4]





  • The names of their skills and charge attack are in German.
    • "Drachen Kreuz" means "dragon cross".
    • "Vereinter Schnitt" means "united cut" or "combined cut".
    • "Herzhaft" translates to "hearty", "heartily", "to put one's heart into an action".
    • "Sturmhaftigkeit" is a made-up word that's supposed to mean "storminess". The correct term would be Ungestüm.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Mordred: It's your birthday, right, (Captain)?
Arthur: Happy birthday!
Mordred: The whole airship seems to be celebrating like crazy.
Arthur: Your crew really loves you, (Captain).
Mordred: I'd expect nothing less when it comes to you, Captain.
Arthur: All the hubbub really takes me back to the orphanage.
Mordred: (Captain), it sure does. We always made a huge deal out of each kid's birthday.
Arthur: Which means we're experts! So have no fear, (Captain)! We'll kick this party up to eleven!


Arthur: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Mordred: Yeah, happy birthday! Don't stop partying until you've had your fill!
Arthur: You want to know when's our birthdays?
Mordred: I guess that'd be the day the orphanage took us in, which means Arthur and I share the same birthday.
I'm probably the older one though.
Arthur: Nuh-uh! I'm definitely the older one!
Mordred: No way. You're too much of a sleepyhead to be that responsible.
Arthur: Oh yeah? Well, you're too much of hothead!
Mordred: There's only one way to settle this! Whoever entertains (Captain) the most at the party gets to be the oldest!
Arthur: You've got yourself a bet! And don't you dare go easy on your evaluation of us, (Captain)!


Mordred: Oh, hello, (Captain)!
Arthur: ...
Mordred: Arthur!
Arthur: Oh, umm... (Captain)! How's it going?
Nice day today, isn't it? Lucky for us since, I mean, it's your birth—
Mordred: No! Arthur!
Arthur: Ack!
Mordred: You can't say it out loud! You just ruined it!
Arthur: I'm really bad at this kinda thing! I wanted to help out with the surprise, but...
Mordred: Sigh... Well, can't be helped now.
Sorry, (Captain)...
Arthur: A-anyway, a birthday calls for a party! So let's have one!
Mordred: Oh well—what's done is done. We've already prepared everything, (Captain), so just follow us!


Mordred: Sorry to ask you to meet me out of nowhere, (Captain). There's something I really wanted you to see.
Oh, this is the room. I'll open the door now.
Arthur: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Mordred: Happy birthday!
Bet you weren't expecting this, huh? It's a surprise party just for you!
Arthur: Looks like splitting up the tasks worked out great! I have an awful poker face, so Mordred was in charge of bringing you here instead.
Mordred: Spoiling the surprise with your face is one thing, but last year you just blurted it out. No point digging up the past now though, I guess.
Arthur: Tornelio and Cruz are lighting the candles on the cake as we speak, so feel free to take a load off in the meantime.
Mordred: The four of us are going to be treating you like royalty today, so I hope you enjoy yourself!


Arthur: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Eheh. Celebrating your special day over and over like this almost makes it feel like we're family.
Mordred: Ahh, sorry. He didn't mean it in a weird way.
Everyone at the orphanage is family to us. The reason we celebrate each year is because we had so many friends there.
Arthur: Since we've gotten close and all, it'd be nice if we could introduce you to the sister there someday.
Mordred: Yeah. But we won't be returning to the orphanage until we're knight captains, so the introductions will have to wait.
Arthur: Then I'll just have to become a great knight captain as soon as possible!
Mordred: You've swapped out your end goal... Well, either way, I'll be the one to become a knight captain first.
Arthur: No, I will!
Mordred: No, me!
Wait, what are we doing? This is (Captain)'s birthday...
Arthur: Guess growing up'll have to come first. Let's do our best, Mordred!
Mordred: This has gone a little off the rails, but anyway... happy birthday.
Arthur: Hope you'll let us celebrate with you for a long time to come!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Mordred: Did you decide on your New Year's resolutions, (Captain)?
Arthur: Back at the orphanage, we'd all get together on New Year's Day and share our goals for the year.
Mordred: We always made a big occasion of it.
Arthur: My goal is to be the best at swordplay out of the Dragon Knights in our age group.
Mordred: Including me, huh?
Arthur: You betcha!
Mordred: Heh. Good luck.
Arthur: What about you?
Mordred: I wanna score a hit off Vane in a sparring match!
Arthur: Whoa! That's so cool!


Mordred: Happy New Year, (Captain).
Arthur: (Captain)...
Mumble... Snooze...
Mordred: Hey! Wake up! You're acting rude in front of (Captain)!
Arthur: Mwuh? Oh... Happy... New... Snore...
Mordred: Ugh. I guess I'll have to use a minty leaf as a last resort and force you awake!
Arthur: Haaaappy New Yeeeaaarrr!
Mordred: Sigh. You're finally up.
I'm sorry you had to see such a display of lethargy to kick off the new year. I look forward to another great year with you.
Arthur: Let's have a fun one this year!


Arthur: Hah!
Mordred: You're wide open! Take this!
Arthur: Ergh... Not so fast!
Mordred: Oh! Wait, Arthur!
Arthur: Nope! No time-outs!
Mordred: Listen to me! It's (Captain)...
Arthur: Huh? (Captain)?
Mordred: (Captain), Happy New Year.
Arthur: Happy New Year! Sorry I didn't notice you there!
Mordred: We were having our first spar of the year.
Arthur: The result of this match could affect things for the rest of the year...
Mordred: Well, that's kind of an exaggeration... We were definitely going all out though.
But now that you're here...
(Captain)! Have a spar with me!
Arthur: Hey! That's not fair, we're not done yet!
Mordred: Haha! (Captain) comes first!
I'm glad you came to find us so early in the new year! I'll be counting on you!
Arthur: Me too! I'm counting on you!


Arthur: Huff... Puff...
Y-you win, (Captain)...
Mordred: Huff... Puff...
We can't even beat you two on one...
Arthur: I thought I'd improved a little since you trained with us last year, but I guess not...
Mordred: Wonder what sets (Captain) so apart from us? Feels like there's more to it than just experience.
Arthur: Yeah, I get what you mean. Think it comes down to a difference in talent?
Mordred: That can't be all it is. You've got to factor in stuff like effort, commitment, and status too.
All right, here's the plan! Arthur—today we're gonna go all out hunting for the secret to (Captain)'s strength!
Arthur: Sounds good to me!
Okay, (Captain). I'm ready for another sparring match!


Arthur: (Captain), we've decided that our New Year's resolution is to win a match against you!
Mordred: We'd like it to be one-on-one, but that would probably be too tough, so we're gunning for a win two-on-one first.
Arthur: Vice-Captain Vane advised us to up our goal little by little.
Mordred: Honestly, as we are now, beating you is probably impossible even with the two of us working together...
But if we want to improve so much that no one ever thinks of us as chickadees again, we've got to win one!
Arthur: All right, Mordred! Let's get to training!
Mordred: Right!
(Captain), if you have time, we'd love it if you'd join us!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Arthur: Is this chocolate for Valentine's Day, (Captain)?
Mordred: That's really considerate. Thanks.
Arthur: That's so nice!
Oh, Mordred! Let's see who can get the most Valentine's chocolate!
Mordred: If you want... But do you really think we're in a position to compete in that arena?
Arthur: Oh...
You're thinking about Captain Lancelot, right?
Mordred: Did you see the wagonloads of chocolate that were delivered to the order?
Arthur: Yeah... I saw. Almost all of it was for the captain, wasn't it?
Mordred: Vice-Captain Vane was all, "Wow, way to go, Lancey!"
But he had his own mountain of gifts.
Arthur: Man... I guess he's so used to being that popular that he didn't even notice.
Mordred: Right? We're not on their level yet...


Mordred: Thank you for personally giving us something every year for Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Arthur: Yep, thanks a lot! That makes Valentine number three for me. What about you, Mordred?
Mordred: If you have three, then obviously I have three too.
The first was from the lady at the restaurant, and the second from the elderly lady we helped with a request. We haven't split up since.
Arthur: Oh yeah. But this is supposed to be a contest to see who gets the most chocolates...
Which means if I stick with you, we'll be tied for all eternity!
See you later, Mordred! May the best man win!
Mordred: Hey! That's not fair, getting a head start! I'm going too!


Mordred: Hey, it's (Captain)! Today's Valentine's, huh?
Thank you very much. Thanks for every year, actually.
Arthur? He should be here soon.
Arthur: Mordred! We have a problem! A big problem!
Huh? (Captain)? What? Oh, a Valentine for me?
Oooh yeah! Thank you! I look forward to this every year!
Mordred: So? What's the matter?
Arthur: Oh right! There was some chocolate delivered to the order that had your name written on it!
Mordred: Heh. Looks like I'm the winner then.
Arthur: Nuh-uh! (Captain) just gave me some!
Mordred: (Captain) just gave me some too!
Arthur: What! N-nooo.. It can't be... Sniffle...
Mordred: Whoa, Arthur! There's nothing to cry about...
Arthur: Hehe! Got ya! But maaan... I'll go check to see if more chocolate has been delivered for me yet! Awaaaay!
Mordred: Hey, wait! I'll teach you to lie to me! You jerk!
Oops! Um, I have to go after him now. Thanks again!


Arthur: Hey, I know what these are! Valentine's chocolates, right?
Woohoo, thanks!
Come on—you too, Mordred!
Mordred: I'm not some kid who needs to be told to say thanks, you know...
(Captain), thank you for the chocolates.
The two of us are about to leave on a mission, actually. These will be great for us to munch on during breaks.
Arthur: Eheh, I can't wait. Nothing better than eating sweet chocolate on top of a mountain...
Mordred: Hey, Arthur. We're not going on a picnic here.
Arthur: I know. But don't you think sweets taste even better when you eat them in the great outdoors?
Mordred: Well... I can't deny that.


Arthur: Yay! Chocolate from (Captain)!
Mordred: Hey, Arthur! Cool your jets! You haven't even thanked (Captain) yet!
Arthur: Ack, I forgot! I was just so happy!
Thanks for the chocolate! Hehe, I was really looking forward to it!
Mordred: Yes, thank you. Now that I think of it, this is the fifth time you've given us gifts for Valentine's Day.
It's kind of surprising, honestly. That you'd give something to a couple of, well... kids like us every year, I mean.
Arthur: But that just goes to show how inclusive (Captain) is!
I wanna do my best to be as kind and considerate as you are someday, (Captain)!
Mordred: Whoops... Seems like this conversation took a turn for the melodramatic...
It's a little embarrassing, but I feel the same way as Arthur. I really admire you, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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Arthur: (Captain)! Wait up, (Captain)!
Mordred: Hey, Arthur! Slow down!
Arthur: Mordred, hurry up!
Mordred: Yeesh...
Arthur: Here you go, (Captain)! This is for you!
Mordred: It's from both of us. For White Day.
Arthur: This candy comes from a famous sweet shop in the capital.
We had to wait in a pretty incredible line to get it.
Mordred: Arthur. You don't tell that to the person you're giving it to.
Arthur: Urk.
Mordred: Geez...
But at least we can be sure it's good stuff, if that many people were lining up to buy it.


Arthur: Hey, (Captain)! I was looking for yo—
Mordred: Here, (Captain). This is to thank you for Valentine's Day. I hope you like it!
Hah-hah! I gave (Captain) a present first, so I win!
Arthur: Aw man! You cut in front of me! That's sneaky!
Mordred: What's so sneaky about it? If you can't counter simple tactics like that, then you don't deserve to be a knight.
Arthur: Tch... Fine! I'll admit defeat this time.
But next time I'll be first! Just you wait!


Arthur: Oh, (Captain)! Fancy meeting you here!
Here! It's a White Day present from us.
Mordred: (Captain)!
Arthur: Take this present! For White Day!
Mordred: ...!
Arthur: Hah-hah! I was faster on the draw this year! Beta ya again!
Mordred: Hmph.
Listen to you yap on, Arthur. Winning doesn't matter.
The important thing is showing (Captain) our appreciation as soon as possible!
Arthur: I, I mean that's obvious! (Captain)! Thank you for always being there for us!


Arthur: (Captain)!
Happy White Day! This is for you!
Mordred: And here's one from me too!
Nice, we made it in time.
Arthur: We actually just got back from a monster-hunting mission.
It would've been a huge waste if we'd finished up too late to give you our gifts, so we worked really hard!
Mordred: Well, I'm the one who worked the hardest! I took down ten monsters myself, in fact.
Arthur: No, I worked the hardest! I defeated monsters and delivered cargo!
Mordred: Wait, are you laughing, (Captain)? Is it because you think we're acting like little kids?
Arthur: Nah, I'm sure the captain's just happy! And we're happy you liked our gifts too!
Mordred: I hope you're right about that...
Anyway, they turned out pretty good again this year, so I hope you enjoy them.


Arthur: Here, (Captain)! This is a present from the two of us!
Hehe. It's kinda unusual for us to give you a gift together, huh? I think so too.
Mordred: We've been weirdly competitive every year...
But we thought teaming up to give you the best gift would be a better way to show our appreciation.
Arthur: Plus, it was too pricey for either of us to buy on our own.
Mordred: You idiot! That's not something you tell the person you're giving it to!
Arthur: ...!
Sorry, Mordred!
Hey, are you laughing, (Captain)? You're relieved we're back to our normal selves?
Mordred: Well, I guess it would be weird if we suddenly started acting like Vice-Captain Vane and Captain Lancelot after all this time...
I know it ended up being a bit of a mess, but it's true that we wanted to express our gratitude in our own way.
Arthur: I hope you enjoy every bite!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Mordred: (Captain)!
Arthur: Trick or—
Mordred: H-hey! Arthur, wait!
Arthur: Treat!
Mordred: Arthuuur!
Arthur: I got to you first, (Captain)! Sooo, candy please!
Mordred: Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
(Captain)! Me first! Pick me!


Mordred: Hey, did you see it?
Arthur: Yeah, I saw it.
Mordred: Vice-Captain Vane was crying because of a scary prank Captain Lancelot pulled on him.
Arthur: I mean, it's not like he's never cried before, but he's been through so many life or death situations involving the fate of the kingdom.
Mordred: What in the world did Captain Lancelot do to make someone like that cry?
Arthur: It had to be something unbelievably scary...
Arthur & Mordred: ...


Arthur: Heheh. Hey, (Captain)...
Arthur & Mordred: Trick or treat!
Mordred: Pretty please!
Arthur: Give us some candy!
Mordred: The thing is, we're competing in teams of two this year.
Arthur: It's me and Mordred against Cruz and Tornelio...
We're competing to see which team can get the most candy!
Mordred: Henry's probably gonna join the competition at some point too...
So we need to grab as much as we can before that.
Arthur: Oh, but we're not just running around for fun, you know.
Mordred: That's right! We're going around and patrolling the streets during Halloween!
Arthur: Patrolling the streets, getting candy, talking with the people in town...
Mordred: We're doing our job as knights! Productive, right?


Arthur: Ugh... I didn't expect us to start out so far behind...
Mordred: Same here. I can't believe Henry went and organized a whole costume parade. Everyone just ate it up.
Arthur: You gotta admit, it was pretty amazing. They really stood out playing those toy drums and trumpets!
Mordred: This isn't the time to be impressed! At this rate, we're going to lose the candy-collecting contest! What should we do?
Arthur: Hmm... We need a way to turn this around...
Oh, (Captain)! Perfect timing! Could you give us some advice?
Mordred: We could really use your help! We need to get lots of candy so we can turn the tables on those guys!
Arthur & Mordred: Please and thank you!


Arthur: Hey, check it out—I got tons of candy! If you see anything you want, it's all yours!
Oh, looks like you got some too. Wait, that much? And all by yourself?
Mordred: What the heck! That's even more than both of us combined! How'd you pull that off?
Arthur: You were just copying what we did? Man, (Captain), you really can do anything.
Mordred: Is this really the time to be impressed? I can't believe we were satisfied with the amount we got! It's embarrassing!
Arthur: That's true!
We're gonna go back for more trick-or-treating, so let's keep the contest going!
Mordred: The next time we meet, the two of us'll have three times as much—you just wait and see!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Arthur: Oh, (Captain)!
Mordred: Happy holidays!
Hm? This package?
Arthur: Hehe. It just arrived this morning. Presents from the sister at the orphanage!
Mordred: Geez... I told her we're not kids anymore. We don't need presents!
Arthur: I don't want to put her to any trouble either, but...
It does make me happy.
Mordred: ...
I didn't say I was unhappy about it.


Arthur: Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I hope you like these ornaments we made for you!
Mordred: We kinda went overboard when we were making ornaments for the little ones of the orphanage.
You might not like how kiddie they look, so you don't have to keep them or anything...
Arthur: Wait, you want to know how we made these? Ah! I bet you're gonna decorate the whole ship with them!
Woo-hoo! Did you hear that, Mordred? (Captain) approves!
Mordred: Uh... That doesn't mean anything if our swordsmanship isn't up to par.
Arthur: Yeah, you say that, but you're actually really happy on the inside! You can tell by looking at his ears—
Mordred: Okay, okay! I admit it! I'm real happy (Captain) complimented our ornaments!
So... If you'll come with me, I'll teach you how to make them.


Mordred: Come on, I was just worried about you. You sure you're okay?
Arthur: Why don't you worry about yourself? You don't even know if you picked the right thing!
Mordred: Wha! I told you I...
Arthur: Oh, (Captain)!
Mordred: Happy holidays.
Oh, it's nothing! We're not fighting or anything. We were just getting ready for tonight's party...
We're supposed to be exchanging presents with Cruz, Tornelio, and the others at the party.
So we each prepared a gift by ourselves...
Arthur: But Mordred keeps asking what I decided to get for my present.
Mordred: I told you, I was just worried whether you were doing okay!
We always do this kinda thing together, right? So I wasn't sure if you were okay getting it ready by yourself...
Arthur: I'm fine! I'm totally fine by myself! I don't know about you though!
Mordred: What? Of course I'm fine!
Okay. If that's how it's gonna be, then let's make it a competition. You and me.
Arthur: I'm in! Whoever picked the better present wins!
Arthur & Mordred: And that's gonna be me!


Arthur: Oh, (Captain)! Did you come to check on us in the kitchen?
Mordred: Don't worry, everything's going fine. I did some cooking once in a while back at the orphanage to help out the sister.
That said, my skills don't have anything on Vice-Captain Vane's.
Arthur: The vice-captain is seriously amazing! That food he whipped up at the encampment the other day was crazy tasty!
Mordred: Word has it he trusts his sixth sense when it comes to seasoning. He really is in a league of his own.
Arthur: Hey! Think I could season like that if I just followed my gut too?
Mordred: Whoa, don't you dare. Cooking is like training—unless you have the basics down, it's not going to turn out well.
Arthur: Huh... Guess the basics are pretty important. In that case, I'm gonna use today to follow the recipe and gain some experience!
Mordred: Except you're already trying to add sugar to the soup! You've got to read the labels!
Arthur: Whoops! My bad!


Arthur: It's snowiiing! Look, Mordred! It's really coming down!
Mordred: Yeah, I can see that without you yelling it at me. Still, it doesn't usually pile up this much.
Arthur: These are perfect conditions for a snowball fight! (Captain), let's all have one together!
Mordred: Then I get to be on (Captain)'s team!
Arthur: Hey, no fair! I wanted to team up with (Captain)!
Mordred: Too bad! I said it first, so you're out of luck!
Arthur: Grr, time to switch to plan B!
Cruuuz, Torneliooo, Henryyy! Join my team for our snowball fight!
Mordred: Hey, Arthur! Four against two is cheating!
He's already gone... But it'd be lame to lose with you on my team, so let's do this for real!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Childhood Friends

After arriving in Feendrache, (Captain) and the crew visit Arthur, Mordred, and the other knights-in-training to watch them practice their swordsmanship. When Arthur and Mordred inevitably get into an argument, Lyria comments that Lancelot and Vane have never gotten into a fight, despite also being childhood friends. But when all is said and done, (Captain) and company decide they like Arthur and Mordred just the way they are.

Cruz: That's enough!
Arthur: All right!
Tornelio: Looks like Arthur wins.
Mordred: Maaan! I can't believe I lost!
Arthur: I did it! I beat him!
Lyria: Hehe! Congratulations, Arthur!
Vyrn: Yeah! And you didn't do too bad yourself, Mordred! You almost had him!
(Captain) and the crew have arrived in the city of Feendrache.
They pay a visit to the Order of the White Knights to watch Arthur, Mordred, and the other knights-in-training practice their swordsmanship.
Tornelio: Feels like it's been a little while since the last time Arthur won.
Arthur: Hey! That's not true!
Arthur: At least I'm pretty sure!
Cruz: If we're talking sword fights, it's been eight days.
Mordred: Yeah. I'd say that counts as a while.
Arthur: Whaaat?
Arthur: Well, at least this makes 3192 wins and 3165 losses for me against Mordred.
Mordred: Whoa, hang on!
Mordred: We haven't even sparred that many times! You're including things like games and races, aren't you!
Arthur: Well, yeah! Why wouldn't I?
Mordred: Fine. But if we just count the ones since we joined the order, I have 299 wins and 232 losses!
Arthur: Hey, no fair! That includes classes!
Mordred: And what's wrong with including classes? Maybe you should try studying harder.
Mordred: If you stay stupid, you'll never get ahead!
Arthur: Who are you calling stupid! You're the one who's stupid!
Lyria: Oh no! Shouldn't we stop them?
Cruz: Nah, you can just ignore them.
Tornelio: Ahaha... This is normal for those two.
Vyrn: Whatever you say... I guess all that arguin' just shows how close they are.
Lyria: Hehe, yeah. That sounds just like them.
Lyria: But, you know, it's interesting how different they are from Lancelot and Vane, considering they were childhood friends too.
Tornelio: The captain and vice-captain?
Lyria: Yes. They told us they've never had a single fight.
Cruz: Really?
Tornelio: That's incredible... But I guess it's not surprising for those two.
Arthur: What'd we miss? You guys talking about the captain and vice-captain?
Tornelio: Uh-huh. Apparently they've never had a fight before.
Mordred: What! Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane?
Cruz: Yeah.
Arthur: They're childhood friends, so that means they've been together foreeever, right? That's crazy!
Tornelio: Probably seems crazy since you two fight every single day.
Mordred: I'd say every day is a stretch.
Tornelio: Really? But you were just fighting...
Arthur: Huh? Just now? I don't remember a fight.
Vyrn: Then whaddya call that thing earlier?
Mordred: What thing earlier?
Arthur: Hmm...
(Captain) and the crew smile exasperatedly as Arthur and Mordred exchange confused looks.
Vyrn: Did you already forget? You were arguin' about scores.
Arthur: Huh? That wasn't a fight. Right, Mordred?
Mordred: Yeah. It was just a little disagreement.
Tornelio: I guess that was too tame to qualify as a fight for those two.
Lyria: Hehe. They sure get along well.
Arthur: But, man, the captain and vice-captain are amazing. They're on a whole other level!
Mordred: You mean the fact that they've never had a fight?
Arthur: Yeah. I wonder why we're always arguing?
Arthur: And how come they never fight? What's the difference?
Mordred: Geez.
Arthur: Ow!
Arthur glares as he rubs the spot on his head where Mordred smacked it.
Arthur: What was that for!
Mordred: You're never gonna figure it out, so there's no point wasting time thinking about it.
Arthur: Guess you're right! If it was that easy, I guess we'd never fight either!
Mordred: That's not what I meant...
Arthur: But let's ask them sometime!
Mordred: Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane, you mean?
Arthur: Don't you wanna know how they get along so well?
Arthur: If we figure out their secret, maybe we can become more like them!
Mordred: Hmm...
Mordred: But our goal isn't to be like those two, right?
Arthur: Oh, I see what you mean.
Mordred: Yeah. We need to be better than them.
Arthur: Right on, Mordred! You said it!
Mordred: Oh yeah? I guess that's 3166 wins and 3192 losses for me then.
Arthur: Hang on! I don't think so!
Tornelio: Ahaha... I wouldn't have you guys any other way.
Cruz: There's no need for you two to change. I like you just the way you are.
Tornelio: Yeah. And besides, if you turned into the captain and vice-captain all of a sudden, it'd be kinda scary...
Mordred: What's that supposed to mean!
Arthur: You think so? Lemme try something...
Arthur: Way to go, Mordy!
Mordred: Huh?
Mordred: Um... Uh...
Mordred: Stop, Arthur. We're on duty.
Lyria: Oh!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Tornelio: Wow!
Cruz: ...
Mordred: Anyway I think we've been on break long enough. Let's get back to practice.
Arthur: Righto!
Oh, (Captain)!
Arthur: Since you're here, would you mind sparring with me?
Mordred: Oh, me too!
Arthur: I won earlier, so I get to be first!
Mordred: Who let you decide!
Vyrn: Haha! You sure are popular, (Captain).
  1. Two on one. Let's do this.
  2. You'll have to take turns!

Choose: Two on one. Let's do this.
Mordred: Ooh... Sounds good to me!
Arthur: All right! We got this, Mordred!
Mordred: You better not hold me back!
Arthur: Don't worry! You can count on me!

Choose: You'll have to take turns!
Arthur: Kay! I'm first!
Mordred: That's not up to you!
Mordred: (Captain), you get to pick who goes first!
Continue 1
Seeing the young knights' faces shining with excitement, (Captain) smiles and prepares for their duel.

Operation Chickadee

Arthur and Mordred save a young boy from a pair of hooligans, but the boy proclaims that he hates knights and runs away. The next day the same boy approaches Arthur, Mordred, Cruz, and Tornelio, asking for their help, but when the young knights follow the boy to the hooligans' hideout, they find themselves surrounded.

Arthur and Mordred stroll through the city on one of their days off.
Arthur: Man, I'm stuffed! Couldn't eat another bite.
Mordred: That was one heck of a meal.
Arthur: My stomach's all happy now, so I think I'll go back to my room and crash...
Mordred: Not so fast, Arthur. We didn't head out just to eat, remember?
Arthur stares at Mordred for a moment in thought before gasping.
Arthur: Oh, right! We were supposed to go shopping! I totally forgot... That was almost bad.
Mordred: Geez, get it together.
Arthur: I just get so sleepy when I'm full...
Mordred: Well, stop being sleepy. You're not a little kid.
Arthur: Age hasn't got anything to do with it! Everybody feels content with a full belly!
Mordred: Well, I guess that's true...
Mordred: Huh?
Arthur: What's up, Mordred?
Mordred: ...
Arthur turns to peer down an alleyway, following Mordred's gaze.
Arthur: Oh...
Hooligan 1: Hey! You better watch yer mouth, kid! You hear me?
Boy: ...
Hooligan 2: It's too late. Shuttin' up now's not gonna do you any good!
Arthur: Is that what it looks like?
Mordred: Yeah. Just a couple of your run-of-the-mill good-for-nothings up to no good.
Arthur: Let's get in there and put a stop to this, Mordred. There may be two of them, but there are two of us too.
Mordred: I'd like to agree, but I don't think it'll be that easy.
Arthur: Huh? Why not?
Mordred: It'd be all well and good if they just packed up and left, but they might be in the mood for a fight.
Arthur: We can handle them either way.
Mordred: We were instructed not to cause any trouble. I'm pretty sure starting a fight counts as causing trouble.
Arthur: Oh...
Arthur: Yeah, I guess you're right. Things are different now.
Mordred: Right. We're still members of the Order of the White Dragons even when we're not in uniform.
Arthur: Yeah!
Arthur: So what's the plan then? Who's on patrol right now anyway? Think we'd make it back in time if we ran and got them?
Mordred: I know an easier way.
Arthur: An easier way?
Mordred: Just watch.
Mordred: Sir Knight! Over heeere! Come quick!
Hooligan 1: What! A knight?
Arthur: Oh! I get it!
Arthur: Heeey! Hurry, Sir Knight! This way!
Hooligan 2: Tch! Let's get outta here!
Hooligan 1: Dammit!
Boy: ...
Arthur: Sweet! It worked!
Mordred: That was too easy.
Arthur: Hey, kid! You okay?
Boy: ...
Mordred: Did they hurt you? Actually, how'd you even get tangled up with thugs like that in the first place?
Boy: Hey...
Arthur: Huh? What's up?
Boy: Where's the knight?
Mordred: Oh! That was just a bluff.
Boy: A bluff? So there aren't any knights coming?
Arthur: Right. Those goons fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
Arthur: We're actually members of the Order of the White Knights though, so I guess there are a couple of knights here.
Boy: You two are knights?
Mordred: Yeah. Technically we're still in training, but we're official members either way.
Boy: ...
Arthur: Hm? What's wrong?
Mordred: Why were those guys messing with you? Were they just after your money?
Boy: Get your hands off me!
Mordred: What the! What was that for!
Mordred's eyes fly open in surprise as the boy slaps his hand away.
Boy: Don't touch me! I hate knights!
Arthur: Huh? What are you talking about?
Boy: Those guys earlier were my business partners!
Boy: But you just had to butt in, didn't you!
Mordred: What?
Boy: Knights always mess everything up!
Arthur: Hey...
Arthur and Mordred watch in a daze as the boy dashes off.
Mordred: Geez, after we saved him and everything.
Arthur: Yeah...
Mordred: Hey, Arthur.
Arthur: ...
Mordred: Sigh.
Mordred: What are you getting all depressed for!
Arthur: Ow!
Arthur: Sniffle... That hurt, Mordred...
Mordred: There are all sorts of people out there. It's only natural that some would hate knights.
Arthur: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Mordred: Anyway that kid said something about business partners, didn't he?
Arthur: Yeah... He must've been talking about those jerks who ran away.
Mordred: I wonder what he meant by that... I hope he was just putting on a tough-guy act.
Arthur: Same... We should probably talk to Vice-Captain Vane about it though.
Mordred: Yeah, that's a good idea.
Tornelio: Um, so what did Vice-Captain Vane say?
Arthur: He said he'd keep an eye out.
Mordred: He doesn't know of any large criminal organizations operating in the city or anything.
Mordred: But apparently he's caught wind of groups of thugs popping up here and there.
Arthur: And one of them might be using kids to carry out their dirty deeds.
Tornelio: So the vice-captain's going to keep an eye on the situation?
Mordred: He doesn't exactly have a lot of time to spare though.
Cruz: Yeah. He's been running around getting ready for the inspection tour tomorrow.
Mordred: Exactly. That's why it's up to us to—
Veteran Knight 1: Hey, Chickadees! Enough chit-chat! Let's get moving!
Arthur: Yes, sir! Sorry about that!
The young knights scramble after their superior.
Mordred: Aw, man. If only there was something to liven up this boring patrol.
Tornelio: H-hey! Don't say things like that...
Mordred: That's not what I meant. I was just saying we've got bigger things to worry about.
Cruz: Do you think we might find some sort of lead while we're on patrol?
Mordred: Bingo.
Arthur: All right! Let's get fired up for some patrolling!
Veteran Knight 2: Hey, Arthur... I'm glad you're all fired up, but couldn't you put some of that energy into getting up earlier?
Veteran Knight 1: Mordred, can't you wake him up and drag him out of bed for us?
Mordred: Why me?
Arthur: I don't need help waking up!
With a chorus of playful laughter, the knights head out into the city.
Arthur: Ah!
Mordred: What's up, Arthur?
Arthur: I just saw that kid!
Tornelio: Where?
Arthur: He ran down the alleyway.
Mordred: Was he alone?
Arthur: Yep. And he seemed to be doing okay.
Mordred: Maybe he was running away from us.
Tornelio: W-why would he do that?
Cruz: Well... We're in uniform after all.
Arthur: And he did say he hates knights...
Tornelio: Oh, right. Then I guess that means we won't be able to talk to him looking like this.
Arthur: But where else are we gonna find a lead?
Mordred: Good question. That's exactly why we need to keep our eyes peeled and take this patrol seriously.
The young knights nod and focus on their mission.
Mordred: I can't believe they treated us like kids again.
Tornelio: Well, you can't really blame them. We are kids...
After returning from their patrol, the young knights part with their superiors to grab something to eat.
Cruz: They went out for drinks. It's not like they can bring us along.
Mordred: Well, yeah... But they didn't have to tell us to be good little boys and go home.
Arthur: Don't worry! We'll grow up to be awesome knights before they know it!
Arthur: Anyway this is delicious!
Mordred: Look at you changing the subject... But I'll admit the food is great!
The growing boys stuff their faces as they continue their lively conversation.
Arthur: You know, Henry was totally peeved.
Mordred: That guy never learns.
Tornelio: You fight with Henry as much as you do with Arthur.
Mordred: Those aren't fights. He just likes to throw little tantrums all on his own.
Arthur: Henry's been getting a lot better with a sword recently though.
Mordred: Yeah, I can't deny that.
Arthur: He's probably gearing up to take me down. I can't let him get ahead of me!
Cruz: Arthur. Mordred.
Arthur: Hm?
Cruz: Look over there.
Cruz points at the doorway.
Boy: ...
Mordred: It's him.
Tornelio: Is that the kid you were talking about?
Arthur: Yeah. Wonder what he's doing here?
They catch the boy's eye, and he grudgingly trudges over to them.
Boy: ...
Arthur: Uh... Can we help you?
Boy: S...
Mordred: Come again? Couldn't hear you.
Boy: Save me!
Arthur: Huh? Save you? What happened?
Mordred: I'm pretty sure you said you hated knights.
Boy: ...!
Tornelio: Come on, Mordred. You didn't have to be so blunt...
Boy: I do hate them! But I can't do this by myself...
Arthur: What's going on? If it's something serious, we can ask our superiors to take care of it.
Boy: No!
Arthur: Huh?
Boy: No adults. They can't be trusted!
Mordred: Oh yeah? Well... I kinda get where you're coming from.
Tornelio: There you go again...
Arthur: So... What's up?
Mordred: Does this have to do with those guys from earlier?
Boy: Yeah.
Mordred: Those goons were nothing special.
Cruz: Think we could handle them ourselves?
Arthur: Probably. But should we really be doing this without permission?
Mordred: Things are different this time. This kid is asking for our help. And he won't talk to adults.
Cruz: Are you saying it's our duty as knights to handle this?
Mordred: I don't see why it'd be a problem.
Tornelio: A-are you sure about this?
Arthur: Hmm... I have my reservations, but it sounds like we don't have a choice!
Mordred: Then let's get moving. Tell us what's going on.
Boy: Okay.
The boy leads the knights-in-training to an area outside of the city.
Mordred: So this is their hideout?
Boy: Uh-huh.
Tornelio: It looks like a warehouse though.
Arthur: I see light... There must be people inside.
Mordred: We could probably break in right now without anybody noticing.
Arthur: It'd be awesome if we could catch them in the act.
Tornelio: In that case, we ought to sneak inside and see what they're up to.
Cruz: Wait!
Hooligan 1: Heheh! Well if it ain't our little knight friends!
Hooligan 2: Well, well, well! Yer the cutest knights I've ever seen!
Mordred: Tch... We're surrounded.
Arthur: Guess we gotta fight our way out.
Mordred: What else? Cruz, Tornelio. We'll let you handle the warehouse.
Cruz: Right.
Tornelio: O-okay!
Arthur: All right! Let's do this!

Operation Chickadee: Scene 2

The young knights stand to fight the hooligans, but when the boy is taken hostage they are forced to surrender, winding up locked inside a warehouse. While trying to come up with a plan, Arthur and Mordred suddenly get into a heated argument, ending with Mordred turning traitor and taking Tornelio with him. Meanwhile a group of hooligans attack Arthur and Cruz on their leader's orders.

Mordred: Hyah! That all you got?
Arthur: Nothing to it!
Arthur: Tornelio! Cruz! How are you holding up?
Tornelio: We're fine—
Tornelio: Aah!
Hooligan 1: Listen up! Don't anybody move a muscle!
Boy: Urgh!
Hooligan 1: Yer knights, ain't ya? Don't you care what happens to this kid?
Cruz: They pulled a fast one on us.
Mordred: Seriously? A hostage? This guy is scum, through and through.
Hooligan 1: Hahaha! So? What's it gonna be? Still feel like resistin'?
Boy: Ngh...
Arthur: Dang it!
Arthur: Fine, we won't resist! Just let him go!
Hooligan 1: Then behave yerselves and get inside.
The four knights enter the narrow warehouse with the boy, and the hooligans lock them inside.
Mordred: They got us good.
Boy: ...
Arthur: Those jerks! They even got a kid involved!
Tornelio: Is everybody okay? I have some medicine if anyone needs it.
Cruz: You all right, kid?
Boy: Huh? Me? I'm fine.
Cruz: Okay then.
Boy: ...
Cruz: ...
Tornelio: Cruz?
Tornelio notices Cruz scrutinizing the boy and calls out to him.
Tornelio: What's wrong?
Cruz: Nothing.
Arthur: Looks like there are guards posted at the front and back exits.
Mordred: Guess they don't plan on letting us just up and leave.
Arthur: ...
Mordred: Arthur?
Arthur: This is why I said we shouldn't act on our own.
Mordred: You little...
Mordred: But you ended up agreeing and coming along, didn't you!
Tornelio: Huh? What's going on, you two?
Arthur: Only 'cause you were being so pushy! You're always like that!
Mordred: What! Why are you wasting time whining to me when you could be thinking of a way to get us out of here!
Arthur: What about you! You're just gonna end up pressuring us into going along with you again!
Tornelio: S-stop it, you guys! Now's not the time!
Boy: Now you're fighting among yourselves? Knights really are all talk.
Tornelio: No... Cruz! Cruz, make them stop!
Cruz: Just leave them.
Tornelio: W-why!
Arthur: We should have handled this more carefully. Vice-Captain Vane already knew about the situation anyway...
Mordred: Knock off the goody two-shoes act, Arthur! You're creeping me out!
Mordred: I've had enough of this!
Mordred raps on one of the doors.
Mordred: Hey! I know you can hear me!
Hooligan 1: What's all the racket? Pipe down in there!
Mordred: I've had it with these jerks! I'll do whatever you want, so just let me out of here.
Tornelio: Mordred!
Mordred: Tornelio! You're coming with me!
Tornelio: Huh?
Tornelio: H-hang on, Mordred! Wait!
Ringleader: So you're the kid who wanted to negotiate.
Having been released from the warehouse, Mordred and Tornelio stand before the ringleader of the hooligans.
Mordred: Negotiate? Nothing that lame.
Mordred: I wouldn't have gone to all the trouble of getting caught just to exchange courtesies.
Tornelio: ...
Mordred: Depending on what you say, I might be willing to cooperate.
Ringleader: Oh?
Mordred: But first I'd like to know what you're trying to accomplish. What's your goal?
Ringleader: ...
After taking a moment to appraise Mordred, the ringleader's mouth twists into a grin.
Ringleader: Heh! Well, I s'pose there's no harm in tellin' ya.
Ringleader: It's not like we have a big goal in mind or anythin'.
Ringleader: Heh. The mighty Order of the White Knights gave us a great opportunity by hirin' a bunch of kids.
Ringleader: Hahaha! So we just thought we'd use it to our advantage.
Mordred: Oh? I see.
Mordred: In that case, I think it'd be in your best interest to strike a deal with me.
Mordred: As long as you make it worth my while, I might agree to provide you with information or whatever else you need.
Ringleader: Hahahahaha! You must've had some upbringin'.
Mordred: You're one to talk.
Ringleader: All right, I get where you stand. But what about yer little friends in the warehouse?
Mordred: Haha! I'm sure they'll decide to cooperate if you just rough 'em up a bit more.
Arthur: Sigh...
Cruz: You okay?
Arthur: Mm... Yeah. Anyway...
Arthur: Hey, you.
Boy: What?
Arthur: Why do you—
Hooligan 1: Hahaha! Break's over, little knights!
Arthur: Huh?
Hooligan 2: Heh heh... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we're here to give you a good ol'-fashioned beatdown!
Arthur: Cruz. Watch the kid.
Cruz: Got it.
Hooligan 2: Daw. You poor little things. If you wanna blame somebody, blame that heartless buddy o' yers!

Operation Chickadee: Scene 3

Mordred reuinites with Arthur to help him take down the hooligans, revealing that their fight was all just an elaborate plan to get the hooligans to drop their guard. When the young knights confront the boy about being in cahoots with the hooligans all along, he dashes away. Arthur and Mordred have managed to save the day, but that doesn't stop them from getting into yet another argument.

Mordred: Arthur!
Arthur: Right!
Hooligan 1: Ngh!
Arthur and Mordred join forces to take down the remaining hooligans.
Mordred: All right! You're up, Cruz!
Cruz: On it.
Hooligan 1: H-how'd we lose to a bunch of brats!
The knights-in-training deliver the finishing blow by locking the men in their own warehouse.
Arthur: Huh? Where's Tornelio?
Mordred: I sent him on ahead.
Arthur: Oh, to call the other knights?
Mordred: Yep. He's got some serious speed, so he should be back any moment now.
Mordred: Now then...
Mordred: Shall we throw you in the warehouse with your friends before they get here?
Boy: ...!
Arthur: Cut it out, Mordred. You're gonna freak him out.
Boy: Did you know I was working with them the whole time?
Mordred: We didn't know for sure. It was just a hunch.
Boy: But what about that fight? Were you just faking it?
Arthur: Sure were! Man, it'd been forever since we used that strategy.
Mordred: We throw the enemy forces into disarray by pretending to have a falling out and making them drop their guard.
Mordred: It only works when we're up against a bunch of measly thugs though.
Arthur: I'm glad the plan was a success!
Mordred: That just shows those guys were no more than a pack of lousy hoodlums.
Boy: Dang it! What a jerk move! You tricked me! You knights are all the same!
Arthur: ...
Arthur: Say...
Boy: What?
Arthur: It's true we haven't exactly had a spotless past...
Arthur: But that doesn't mean all knights are the same. I can't stand when people generalize like that.
Mordred: There are lots of different people in the order, just like in the city.
Mordred: A few of them we really look up to. And someday we even want to surpass them.
Arthur: Yeah... That's why we decided to become knights and keep pushing forward.
Arthur: So we can hold our heads up proudly.
Mordred: What about you? Do you really wanna keep living this way?
Boy: I...
Arthur: You still haven't told us why you hate knights so much...
Arthur: But you might wanna stop and take a good look at the knights of this kingdom.
Mordred: It's simple.
Mordred: Anybody can join the Order of the White Knights as long as they have the skill and resolve. Their past doesn't matter.
Boy: I wouldn't be... caught dead...
Boy: Screw you!
Arthur: Hey!
Arthur: There he goes... Think he's gonna be okay?
Mordred: There's nothing else we can say to change his mind.
Mordred: But Arthur...
Arthur: Huh?
Mordred: What was with that swordplay of yours earlier?
Arthur: Hey! That's my line!
Mordred: Huh? What was that?
Arthur: You took too long to show up!
Mordred: Says who!
Mordred: What about you? Did you even realize you were fighting in a building? Your moves were all over the place!
Arthur: I'm just not good at that kind of stuff! You were supposed to follow my lead!
Mordred: There you go shifting blame again.
Cruz: You two are hopeless.
The quarrel continues until Tornelio returns with the veteran knights in tow.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
寝てねーだろーな、アーサー! Come on, I know you're awake, Arthur!
鍛練、鍛練……っと! Time for more training!
おなかすいたよモルドレッド~ Mordreeed! I'm starving!
ランスロット団長の動きは確か……こうで、こうか? Let's see... How does Captain Lancelot do it again? Like this?
ヴェイン副団長みたいな筋肉つけたい! I want muscles like Vice-Captain Vane!
最近ちょっと隊服がきつくなってきたような……? My uniform's been feeling tighter recently...
仲間だけどライバルだからな!絶対負けねー! We may be fellow knights, but we're still rivals! I won't lose!
(主人公)さんはビィやルリアと喧嘩しますか? Do you ever fight with Vyrn or Lyria, (Captain)?
モルドレッド!こっちは問題なーし! All clear over here, Mordred!
そっちは平気か?アーサー! How're things on your end, Arthur?