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Official Profile[edit]

Age 50
Height 174 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weightlifting, fishing
Likes Sweets
Dislikes Children
A veteran soldier wracked with remorse, Eugen once traveled the skies alongside Rackam as a skyfarer, but has since returned to his home on the Auguste Isles. Working as a mercenary fighting against the empire, he shares some kind of deep connection with the Black Knight, but chooses to run from it, saying he's too old to deal with it. It's during his attempts to flee from responsibility that he encounters you and decides to travel alongside you to stand up to his past. A crafty fellow, Eugen often mystifies others with sayings accumulated from his years of experience.
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  • Day Jurgen Kanonen, or "die Jägerkanone", means "huntsman cannon".

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oho! Is it yer birthday today?
Since it's such a special day, we should hold a great feast in your honor!


Isn't that nice! It's yer birthday!
Gah ha ha hah. Since I remembered, yer probably wondering where your present is.
Don't worry. I got ya somethin'.
Haha! When I get a present for a kid, this is the same thing I always get!
Hah hah. No matter how old ya get, you'll always be a dewy-eyed child to me.
Gah ha ha hah! Come on, let's go get a drink!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Time flies... I can really see that when I look at how much you've grown.
And I guess I plan on watchin' you grow for some time to come.
Actually I've got a little dream of my own—if that's what you could even call an old man's dumb wish.
It's that... Well, when you're old enough to drink, I want to take you out for a round.
Hey, what're you laughing at? This is a serious topic.
Just surprised you, huh? Haha. Either way I'm lookin' forward to it. Hurry up and get older, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain). How's it feel to be another year older?
Bahaha! Doesn't feel real, huh? I getcha.
Even I still feel like I'm the same person inside, no matter how many years go by. It doesn't feel like I've grown all that much.
You say you wanna become a model adult like me?
Geez, I know you're just butterin' me up, but it's working!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year to ya, Captain!
Here's to another great year ahead!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Heh heh. And what a happy new year it is! It's been great to watch the first sunrise with ya.
Well, it's nice and all to see the first sunrise from an airship, but...
I still think the best sunrise is the one on the shores of Auguste.
I remember standing there with her and Apollo. We all wished it'd last forever.
Oh ho, apologies. Wouldn't wanna talk the sunrise away, heh heh.


Bahaha! It looks like we're facing another new year together, you and me, (Captain).
Honestly though, I feel like the crew has truly become something like a second family to me.
I'm proud to have been able to watch you grow over the years.
Hey, don't give me that look now! Watchin' over you youngsters is my privilege as your elder.
Hm? What about Apollo, you say?
Don't be foolish, that's a whole different story.
But I don't need to tell you that... I'll be upfront and honest with her from here on out.
I may have strayed from the path along the way, but I'm still her father after all... Heh.


It's one of life's mysteries... As soon as the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, beer just tastes better than it did the year before!
Hm? Oh, don't worry your pretty little head, Captain. I'm just a little buzzed, no more. That's the sweet spot!
Now! How about we trade New Year's resolutions?
Hehe... I've actually been cookin' mine up all year.
(Captain), I want you to keep an eye on me an' make sure I stick to it!
My resolution this year is to... Hic! To quit drinkin'...
Aw, damn it. I broke it already...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, it's Valentine's Day!
I don't mind havin' a few sweets today! Whaddya got? Hmm, that looks like it'd go well with a drink! Thank ya kindly!


Oy, oy, what's goin' on here?
Ya got somethin' for this old man too?
Hahaha! Well, I'll be!
I'm sure Apollo'd say somethin' if she saw this, so let's keep it our little secret.
Thanks, Captain. Happy Valentine's.


I gotta admit, (Captain). At first I was kinda embarrassed to get chocolates from you... But as the years go by, I'm happier than anything else.
Not only that, but your chocolates are seriously in a whole class of their own...
But it can't be easy makin' all those chocolates for everybody now, can it?
I mean... I don't want you goin' outta yer way for me or nothing.
It ain't easy finding the right kind of chocolate for a sweet tooth like me, you say?
Bahaha! You shouldn't worry about that kind of stuff fer me.
What makes your chocolates truly special isn't just the flavor, you see.
The sentiment is what makes it really special, especially from you! Flavor comes second to that, you see.
But of course, it helps that your chocolates are always delicious too! Bahahaha!


Doesn't matter how old I get, Valentine's Day always puts a smile on my face
Look at this! I got quite the pile of chocolate from our crewmates!
I know they do it more outta obligation than anything else... But the consideration still makes me happy.
Do you have chocolate for me too, (Captain)?
Oho... No obligation involved, you say? Just sincere appreciation?
Haha... Appreciation, huh? Thanks, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's White Day, isn't it?
Here's a little something to pay you back for Valentine's Day! You said you liked these, right?


Thanks for the chocolates the other day.
I'm not used ta' gettin' and givin' gifts, so my apologies if it ain't what you wanted.
And I didn't exactly make it myself, but I'm hopin' it'll mean somethin' to ya all the same.
Heheh. Looks like you might take a likin' to it.
Whew. In spite of my old age, I do get kinda nervous sometimes.


I was thinkin' that if I were to give you somethin' for White Day, it should be extra special, (Captain).
So I gave it a whole lotta thought, but in the end I wasn't able to come up with nothin'.
Let me ask you then—what do you really want?
You... wanna go fishin' in Auguste? I mean, I ain't got a problem with that, but are you really sure that's what you want for White Day?
Memories are more important than things, you say...
Bahaha! Ain't that the truth. Let's go and make us some memories!


Bahaha! Whaddya think of my White Day gift this year, huh?
Whoa now, don't look so shocked!
I was pullin' my hair out tryin' to guess what you'd like best...
But I just couldn't crack it, so I tried coming at it from a different angle.
What was it I wanted to give you?
And then the ideas just wouldn't stop comin'! I had to get you this, and that, and the other thing too!
Hehe, dunno if it's the wisdom born of age, or what, but when I put this old noggin to it, I can think my way out of a paper bag! Bahaha!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

What? Trick or treat?
All right, I've got your candy.
Hey! No tricks!


Hm? Wondering why I seem to have my head in the clouds, are you?
Hehe. I finally remembered something, is all.
Every year around this time, Apollo would get so excited.
Just full of energy, raring to go. I have no idea what she was so happy about, but she wouldn't stop playing pranks on me.
She was out for blood. Couldn't let my guard down even for an instant. Every Halloween I felt like my life was on the line!
Wait a second. If she was really serious...
Yeah. You're right, (Captain). Let's not give it any further thought.
This is a precious, beautiful memory shared between me and my daughter, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hahaha...


Keep the pranks to yourself, please. I'm tryin' to take a break over here.
Even though I gave out all the treats I could find, all these tricksters keep comin' out of nowhere.
Haha! This is worse than a fight with a primal beast!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays to ya!
Ah! This here dinner spread is pretty tasty!
Wuzzat? I said the same thing last night? There's no shame in havin' a good meal two days in a row, ya know!


Heya, (Captain). I've got somethin' I need to ask ya. Have ya got a sec?
Ya might not have guessed it, but I've kinda got an eye for sweets.
So when ya cut the cake, could ya cut me a piece and bring it later?
If Apollo ever saw me doin' that, she'd give me an earful for sure.
Gahahah. I'd tell her to give it a rest, but I guess she's just watchin' out for me in her own way.


Whoa there... Now that's what I call a cake! What bakery did ya stumble upon?
Oho! Don't tell me you made it yourself! Well color me surprised.
Incredible... You can just make a cake whenever you're feelin' up to it?
You're really somethin', ya know that? I'll do anything I can to help—just make another one!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Daughterly Love[edit]

(Captain) and the others head for the tower to stop Freesia, but Eugen hears a cry and runs off to investigate. He finds an imperial soldier demolishing a home and arrives just in time to save a girl from flying debris. He suggests taking the girl back to her mother, but the Black Knight is irritated by his careless actions.

(Captain) and the crew are heading for the tower to stop Freesia's plan.
But Eugen suddenly stops in his tracks.
Eugen: Huh?
Black Knight: What's wrong? Why are you stopping?
Eugen: I heard a scream.
Black Knight: A scream? I didn't hear anything...
Black Knight: And what if someone did scream? We don't have time to waste on it.
Eugen: ...
Lyria: Eugen! Where are you going?
Whether he heard Lyria's voice or not, Eugen disappears beyond the rubble.
Vyrn flies toward them, having noticed that (Captain) and the others are lagging behind.
Vyrn: Hey, what's taking so long? Everyone's gone ahead.
Black Knight: Tch... You all go ahead. I'll go get him.
Vyrn: Hey! What's wrong? Where are you going?
Lyria: Well... Eugen heard a scream and ran off.
Vyrn: Sigh... That's just great. So what do we do now, (Captain)?
  1. I'm worried. I'll go check on them.
  2. They're fine. Let them go.

Choose: I'm worried. I'll go check on them.
Lyria: I'm worried about them too.
Vyrn: Good grief... All right. Let's get going then.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn run toward the rubble where Eugen and the Black Knight were last seen.

Choose: They're fine. Let them go.
Lyria: I know you don't mean that... You plan to go after them alone, don't you, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Heh-heh. You can't fool us! We've known each other too long!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn run toward the rubble where Eugen and the Black Knight were last seen.
Continue 1
Girl: No! My house! My house!
Imperial Soldier: I'm sorry little girl, but we need to expand the military road. And it's the duty of civilians to cooperate.
Imperial Soldier: But I promise you that the empire will not waste your sacrifice. We will protect our people with our lives.
With that, the imperial soldier lowers the control stick of his MK 28 battle suit. Its metal arm crushes the girl's home.
The awful sight plunges the sobbing child into despair, and she falls helplessly to her knees.
Just then a piece of the destroyed house comes hurtling straight at her.
Eugen: Look out!
Eugen picks up the girl and carries her out of harm's way just in time.
Imperial Soldier: Hey... I've seen that face before. You were on a wanted poster!
Eugen: Shoot... This could get ugly if anyone else figures out who I am. I better take this guy out fast.
Black Knight: I really don't appreciate you giving me more work to do.
Eugen: Ha-ha! Sorry about that. But thanks anyway.
Eugen looks around and realizes that the girl is gone.
He searches for her and spots her peeking out from behind a pile of rubble.
She trots over to Eugen and offers him the military coat she has picked up.
Eugen: Huh? What's this? Was this your papa's?
Girl: Uh-huh. He was always so brave... And he looked a lot like you.
Eugen: Heh-heh. Is that so? Well, I'm honored.
Eugen: So? You want me to deliver this to him?
Girl: No... I want you to wear it. My papa's gone now.
Eugen immediately understands the girl's downcast gaze and smiles gently at her.
Eugen: I see... But this is a keepsake from your papa, isn't it? Are you sure I should take something so special?
Girl: Yeah. I think he would want you to wear it.
Eugen: Then I'll have to take good care of it. Thanks, sweetie.
Black Knight: ...!
Eugen: What? Is something wrong?
Black Knight: No... But how did you hear her scream anyway?
Eugen: Well... Good question. I'm sure you'll understand someday.
Black Knight: Not that again...
Eugen: Huh?
Black Knight: How dare you talk to me as if you were some kind of mentor?
Black Knight: You abandoned me and my mother. And now you want to act like a father?
Eugen closes his eyes and patiently accepts his daughter's resentful words.
Then his expression softens, and he looks the Black Knight directly in the eye and speaks calmly.
Eugen: Okay... How about we go find out if what you said is true?
Black Knight: Go find out?
Eugen doesn't answer. He instead crouches in front of the girl and asks where her family is.
She explains that she and her mother were separated while running away. She came home hoping to find her, but nobody was there.
She knows where her mother's shelter is, but she's afraid to go alone and therefore has no choice but to wait in front of her house.
Eugen: Don't worry, sweetie. We'll make sure you get there.
Black Knight: What are you saying! Don't you understand what's happening right now?
Eugen: Of course... I realize that we don't have much time.
Eugen: But the thing is... What are we fighting for in the first place?
Eugen: Why are we trying to stop the prime minister's plan?
Eugen: To protect the people of this city, right? People like this little girl.
Eugen: Any parent would be worried if their little girl was out here alone.
Black Knight: ...
(Captain) and company decide to take the girl and drop her off near the shelter.
As Eugen gazes at the little girl, the Black Knight gazes at Eugen.
And (Captain) and the crew are on pins and needles, realizing how many complicated emotions will be joining them on this little detour.

A Family Discord[edit]

(Captain) and the others search for the shelter where the girl's mother is located, but the Black Knight thinks they should hurry to the tower instead. She accuses Eugen of abandoning her and her sickly mother. Lyria and Vyrn stand up for Eugen, but the Black Knight suddenly draws her sword.

As they head for the tower, (Captain) and the others are helping a lost girl find a certain shelter where her mother is located.
Black Knight: Stop. This is a waste of time. We should just hand the girl over to the army.
But Eugen doesn't stop. He doesn't even bother to respond as he takes the girl's hand and walks onward.
The Black Knight glares at the back of his head and spits a few choice words at him.
Black Knight: Is this supposed to be some kind of atonement for your past?
Eugen: ...
The long, heavy silence is interrupted only by the sound of their footsteps.
Unable to endure the tension, Vyrn and Lyria cautiously attempt to make conversation.
Lyria: Um... I don't really know what happened, but I'm sure Eugen had his reasons for what he did...
Black Knight: That makes no difference.
Black Knight: That man wasn't there for my mother in her last hours.
Black Knight: He weighed his reasons against my mother, and she lost. He abandoned his own wife.
Lyria: But... Eugen wouldn't do that.
Vyrn: That's right! And do you really have to say it so coldly?
Black Knight: My mother believed in this loser right until she breathed her last.
Black Knight: Whenever I cursed him, she gently chided me, reminding me never to hate him.
Lyria: Black Knight...
Black Knight: All she wanted was for him to be by her side, and he couldn't even give her that. He's a fool.
Eugen: Ha-ha... I can't argue with that...
Eugen: You're right. I was a fool. The doctors all gave her up as a lost cause, but I still thought I could do something.
Eugen: In the end, all I did was hurt her... and you too.
Black Knight: You! But if you knew that, then why—
Vyrn: Hey! Calm down!
The Black Knight draws her sword in a hurry, but she doesn't point it at Eugen.
As she monitors her surroundings, the alert knight quietly warns the others.
Black Knight: I sense something...
Eugen: Yeah... They've got us completely surrounded.
Black Knight: How did they surround us without our notice? It's almost as if they knew we were coming...
Eugen: We'll figure it out later! Get ready! They're coming!

A Family Discord: Scene 2[edit]

The Black Knight suspects that the girl led them into a trap of imperial soldiers and draws her sword on the child. Eugen and the others stop her, but another group of soldiers shows up and surrounds them.

As (Captain) and the crew catch their breath after the battle, the Black Knight confronts Eugen with a piercing accusation.
Black Knight: I've had enough of this. Don't you think it somewhat strange?
Eugen: Huh? What do you mean?
Black Knight: That was too perfect.
Eugen: Come on, this isn't like you. Just come out and say it.
Girl: Aahh!
Vyrn: Wha?
The Black Knight mercilessly trains her sword's point on the frightened, sobbing girl's throat.
Eugen: Hey... Are you saying this little girl is setting us up?
Girl: I'm not! I would never—
Black Knight: Look at the circumstantial evidence. There's no denying it, is there?
Vyrn: But still... That doesn't make any sense!
Lyria: Yes, it's just a coincidence. Please stop this!
Eugen: Put your sword away. You would harm a little girl over one coincidence?
Eugen points his gun at the Black Knight, and a silent yet fierce animosity burns in his eyes.
Although still unconvinced, the Black Knight contemptuously sheathes her sword and releases the girl.
Black Knight: You're all too trusting. Let's hope I'm wrong.
Eugen consoles the girl and cheers her up with a joke as the crew hurries toward the shelter.
The Black Knight follows silently, watching Eugen intently.
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? You've been acting weird for a while now.
Black Knight: ...
Lyria: I agree. You're very tense. Almost like the old you.
Black Knight: The old me?
Lyria: Yes. Like how you used to get when you'd talk about Orchis.
Black Knight: ...
The Black Knight ponders for a while, as though these unexpected words have called something to mind.
No one can see her expression within her thick iron helmet...
And yet Vyrn and Lyria can just tell that her lips are turned up in the faintest of smiles.
But the warmth vanishes in an instant.
The air is suddenly filled with the fierce, palpable malice of someone out for blood.
Black Knight: Care to you explain this? This is the second time now.
Black Knight: Surely you don't intend to argue that it's just another coincidence.
Eugen: ...
Black Knight: I told you the girl can't be trusted.

A Family Discord: Scene 3[edit]

The Black Knight is enraged to see the man who abandoned her and her mother try to act like her father. Eugen says he'll wait until she learns to trust him as that's his job as her father. But in spite of the crew's pleas for them to stop fighting, the old man and his daughter finally come to blows.

Elite Soldier 1: Prepare to die!
Elite Soldier 2: Graahh!
Black Knight: Tch... These are no ordinary soldiers.
Surrounded by a team of the empire's best soldiers, the (Captain) and the others find themselves on the defensive.
And yet Eugen and the Black Knight are veteran warriors. They can confidently break through even when outnumbered.
But that's exactly the type of conceit that leads to carelessness.
Lyria: Black Knight! Look out!
Black Knight: Huh?
Elite Soldier 2: Graahh!
Black Knight: ...!
Elite Soldier 1: Agh!
Elite Soldier 2: Nghh! No...
Eugen: What's wrong with you! Pull yourself together!
Black Knight: Tch... You should have left me to die like you did my mother.
Eugen: Oh, come on... I could never do that.
Black Knight: Stop trying to be my father. You're too late.
Vyrn: Uh-oh... I have a feeling this is gonna get ugly.
Lyria: Oh no! Please don't fight, you two.
Eugen: I know I'm in no position to lecture you, but let me ask you one thing...
Eugen: Why are you so obsessed with the past?
Black Knight: I don't believe this. You never change.
Black Knight: You never think about the people you left behind. You assume everything will work out as long as you keep moving forward.
Eugen: But sometimes you just have to move on.
Black Knight: Not everyone sees the world like you! My past isn't so easy to throw away!
Eugen: But it is the past.
Eugen: We can't go back to the past... and we never should.
Eugen: Tell me, Apollo... What were your mother's last words?
Eugen: Did she tell you to keep living in the past and never move on to the future?
Black Knight: Well...
Eugen's stern reprimand renders the Black Knight speechless.
But she quickly rallies and vigorously defends herself.
Black Knight: Enough... I don't need a lesson on that from the likes of you.
Black Knight: And yet there's a part of my past that I want to take back!
The Black Knight's determination seems as cold and hard as the naked blade of the sword she has leveled at him, and Eugen reels before it.
Her extraordinary thirst for blood takes his breath away.
Eugen: Are you serious?
Black Knight: Have you forgotten? You and I were always like oil and water.
Black Knight: This was bound to be our fate sooner or later.
Eugen: Fate? Give me a break...
Eugen readies his gun. His eyes, glowing with a dull light, are trained directly on the Black Knight's heart.
Eugen: Heh... I won't ask you to trust me.
Eugen: But I'll keep waiting until you do.
Eugen: Because that's what a father does!

A Family Discord: Scene 4[edit]

The girl is finally reunited with her mother. The Black Knight is ashamed of her suspicions but unwilling to forgive Eugen. She suddenly recalls a fond memory from her childhood about her father, but shakes this off and hurries toward the tower.

Girl: Mommy!
Mother: Thank goodness... I'm so glad you're all right.
(Captain) and the crew watch from the shadows as the girl and her mother share a tearful embrace.
Black Knight: Humph... So they were both coincidences after all.
Eugen: ...
Black Knight: What's that look for?
Black Knight: Don't flatter yourself. What happened here in no way excuses you from what you—
But something interrupts her.
A gust catches Eugen's coat, causing it to wave gallantly in the wind...
And a faint, familiar scent tickles the Black Knight's nose.
Black Knight: ...!
Long ago when the Black Knight was a child, she was in a shipwreck and found herself wandering for three days.
Although she escaped death and arrived home safely, she suffered from a high fever for days after that.
She still remembers the big shadow of someone constantly looking after her and holding her hand as she struggled against the sickness.
(This scent... Seawater, the sun, and earth... How... very familiar...)
(I remember now... That big shadow... put a coat over me...)
Black Knight: ...
Eugen: Huh? What's wrong, Apollo? Is there something on my face?
Black Knight: Never mind.
Eugen: Never mind what?
Black Knight: Enough. This conversation is over.
Black Knight: We must hurry and join the others on their way to the tower.
Black Knight: Come on! Don't fall behind!
Vyrn: What's the deal? First she's angry, then she's flustered. How can anyone keep up?
Lyria: But didn't she seem somewhat happy?
Vyrn: You think so? But how could you tell through her helmet?
Eugen: Ha-ha... Well, what does it matter anyway? We'd better catch up with her.
For (Captain) and the crew, it was quite the awkward detour.
But it seems to them that Eugen and Apollonia have finally started reconciling the past and walking down the path they were meant to take.


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