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Official Profile

Age 50
Height 174 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weightlifting, fishing
Likes Sweets
Dislikes Infants
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A veteran soldier wracked with remorse, Eugen once traveled the skies alongside Rackam as a skyfarer, but has since returned to his home on the Auguste Isles. Working as a mercenary fighting against the empire, he shares some kind of deep connection with the Black Knight, but chooses to run from it, saying he's too old to deal with it. It's during his attempts to flee from responsibility that he encounters you and decides to travel alongside you to stand up to his past. A crafty fellow, Eugen often mystifies others with sayings accumulated from his years of experience.
Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 50歳
Height 174cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、釣り
Likes 甘いもの
Dislikes 赤ん坊
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Source [1] [2] [3]





  • "Day Jurgen Kanonen", or die Jägerkanone, means "huntsman cannon".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oho! Is it yer birthday today?
Since it's such a special day, we should hold a great feast in your honor!


Isn't that nice! It's yer birthday!
Gah ha ha hah. Since I remembered, yer probably wondering where your present is.
Don't worry. I got ya somethin'.
Haha! When I get a present for a kid, this is the same thing I always get!
Hah hah. No matter how old ya get, you'll always be a dewy-eyed child to me.
Gah ha ha hah! Come on, let's go get a drink!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Time flies... I can really see that when I look at how much you've grown.
And I guess I plan on watchin' you grow for some time to come.
Actually I've got a little dream of my own—if that's what you could even call an old man's dumb wish.
It's that... Well, when you're old enough to drink, I want to take you out for a round.
Hey, what're you laughing at? This is a serious topic.
Just surprised you, huh? Haha. Either way I'm lookin' forward to it. Hurry up and get older, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain). How's it feel to be another year older?
Bahaha! Doesn't feel real, huh? I getcha.
Even I still feel like I'm the same person inside, no matter how many years go by. It doesn't feel like I've grown all that much.
You say you wanna become a model adult like me?
Geez, I know you're just butterin' me up, but it's working!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Bahaha! The more we travel, the more I find myself likin' that look in your eyes.
When ya get to be my age, gettin' another year older doesn't really mean much.
But it's different for youngsters like you. You grow with every passin' day.
In other words, our captain's still got plenty of potential left to reach!
Won't be long until you're a finer adult than I could ever hope to be. I can't wait to see it.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year to ya, Captain!
Here's to another great year ahead!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Heh heh. And what a happy new year it is! It's been great to watch the first sunrise with ya.
Well, it's nice and all to see the first sunrise from an airship, but...
I still think the best sunrise is the one on the shores of Auguste.
I remember standing there with her and Apollo. We all wished it'd last forever.
Oh ho, apologies. Wouldn't wanna talk the sunrise away, heh heh.


Bahaha! It looks like we're facing another new year together, you and me, (Captain).
Honestly though, I feel like the crew has truly become something like a second family to me.
I'm proud to have been able to watch you grow over the years.
Hey, don't give me that look now! Watchin' over you youngsters is my privilege as your elder.
Hm? What about Apollo, you say?
Don't be foolish, that's a whole different story.
But I don't need to tell you that... I'll be upfront and honest with her from here on out.
I may have strayed from the path along the way, but I'm still her father after all... Heh.


It's one of life's mysteries... As soon as the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, beer just tastes better than it did the year before!
Hm? Oh, don't worry your pretty little head, Captain. I'm just a little buzzed, no more. That's the sweet spot!
Now! How about we trade New Year's resolutions?
Hehe... I've actually been cookin' mine up all year.
(Captain), I want you to keep an eye on me an' make sure I stick to it!
My resolution this year is to... Hic! To quit drinkin'...
Aw, damn it. I broke it already...


All right, (Captain), keep it up! Now you're puttin' your back into it! Your mochi poundin' form's lookin' pretty good.
But poundin' mochi comes down to more than just swingin' the mallet. I'm about to show you how it's done.
Y'know how I've been flippin' the mochi when you raise the mallet? That helps get rid of the grainy rice texture.
And I'll have ya know I've always been really good at it. No matter how fast you swing that mallet, you won't crush my hand.
C'mon, (Captain). Give it a try.
Go, go! Just like that... One more time! Nice job. Let's pick up the pace!
Yo! Hup! Hah! Hmph! Yah! Whoop! Hey! Hyah!
Yeah! I knew those muscles weren't just for show! Guess I oughta get serious... Let's go, (Captain)! Give it everythin' you've got!
Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho! Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho!
All right! Now we'll be able to enjoy some tasty mochi. Bahaha! I can't wait.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, it's Valentine's Day!
I don't mind havin' a few sweets today! Whaddya got? Hmm, that looks like it'd go well with a drink! Thank ya kindly!


Oy, oy, what's goin' on here?
Ya got somethin' for this old man too?
Hahaha! Well, I'll be!
I'm sure Apollo'd say somethin' if she saw this, so let's keep it our little secret.
Thanks, Captain. Happy Valentine's.


I gotta admit, (Captain). At first I was kinda embarrassed to get chocolates from you... But as the years go by, I'm happier than anything else.
Not only that, but your chocolates are seriously in a whole class of their own...
But it can't be easy makin' all those chocolates for everybody now, can it?
I mean... I don't want you goin' outta yer way for me or nothing.
It ain't easy finding the right kind of chocolate for a sweet tooth like me, you say?
Bahaha! You shouldn't worry about that kind of stuff fer me.
What makes your chocolates truly special isn't just the flavor, you see.
The sentiment is what makes it really special, especially from you! Flavor comes second to that, you see.
But of course, it helps that your chocolates are always delicious too! Bahahaha!


Doesn't matter how old I get, Valentine's Day always puts a smile on my face
Look at this! I got quite the pile of chocolate from our crewmates!
I know they do it more outta obligation than anything else... But the consideration still makes me happy.
Do you have chocolate for me too, (Captain)?
Oho... No obligation involved, you say? Just sincere appreciation?
Haha... Appreciation, huh? Thanks, (Captain).


Hold on, (Captain)! I recognize these chocolates...
They're from that shop that always has a long line out front!
These chocolates are supposed to be delicious, so I've always wanted to try 'em at least once... Thank ya kindly!
But wasn't it a pain to get 'em? You took time outta your busy schedule to stand in that long line, am I right?
Heh... It's to thank me for everythin' I do? I'm the one who outghta be thankin' you though. You're gonna make a old man cry.
Thank you so much, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's White Day, isn't it?
Here's a little something to pay you back for Valentine's Day! You said you liked these, right?


Thanks for the chocolates the other day.
I'm not used ta' gettin' and givin' gifts, so my apologies if it ain't what you wanted.
And I didn't exactly make it myself, but I'm hopin' it'll mean somethin' to ya all the same.
Heheh. Looks like you might take a likin' to it.
Whew. In spite of my old age, I do get kinda nervous sometimes.


I was thinkin' that if I were to give you somethin' for White Day, it should be extra special, (Captain).
So I gave it a whole lotta thought, but in the end I wasn't able to come up with nothin'.
Let me ask you then—what do you really want?
You... wanna go fishin' in Auguste? I mean, I ain't got a problem with that, but are you really sure that's what you want for White Day?
Memories are more important than things, you say...
Bahaha! Ain't that the truth. Let's go and make us some memories!


Bahaha! Whaddya think of my White Day gift this year, huh?
Whoa now, don't look so shocked!
I was pullin' my hair out tryin' to guess what you'd like best...
But I just couldn't crack it, so I tried coming at it from a different angle.
What was it I wanted to give you?
And then the ideas just wouldn't stop comin'! I had to get you this, and that, and the other thing too!
Hehe, dunno if it's the wisdom born of age, or what, but when I put this old noggin to it, I can think my way out of a paper bag! Bahaha!


Bahaha! How 'bout that, (Captain)?
Betcha never expected me of all people to bake you cookies!
Heh, that goes for me too. But I thought it was a good chance to give it a try.
Once I put my mind to it, it all worked out somehow. They turned out pretty great.
Don't worry, I made sure to taste-test them beforehand. They won't make you sick or anythin'. Probably.

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

What? Trick or treat?
All right, I've got your candy. Hey! No tricks!


Hm? Wondering why I seem to have my head in the clouds, are you?
Hehe. I finally remembered something, is all.
Every year around this time, Apollo would get so excited.
Just full of energy, raring to go. I have no idea what she was so happy about, but she wouldn't stop playing pranks on me.
She was out for blood. Couldn't let my guard down even for an instant. Every Halloween I felt like my life was on the line!
Wait a second. If she was really serious...
Yeah. You're right, (Captain). Let's not give it any further thought.
This is a precious, beautiful memory shared between me and my daughter, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hahaha...


Keep the pranks to yourself, please. I'm tryin' to take a break over here.
Even though I gave out all the treats I could find, all these tricksters keep comin' out of nowhere.
Haha! This is worse than a fight with a primal beast!


This year, I planned to join the tricksters rather than the trickees...
But this is harder than it looks! Where do you all find the energy to run around makin' mischief the way you do?
Look, I'll give ya all the candy I've got if you'll help this old dog out with a little backrub...
Phew... Who knew Halloween was such a grueling holiday?


The Halloween season's here again.
I'm gonna avoid goin' all out this year. I don't have the energy to keep up with you youngsters, (Captain). I'm an old man.
But I have an idea. Since I can't go it alone, I oughta team up with somebody!
So whaddya say, (Captain)? Wanna be my—
Oh, c'mon! At least let me finish before ya turn me down!
Fine, I give up. That twinkle in your eye says you were lookin' forward to playin' a trick on me.
Just go easy on me, ya hear? Those tricks of yours are bad for my health.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays to ya!
Ah! This here dinner spread is pretty tasty!
Wuzzat? I said the same thing last night? There's no shame in havin' a good meal two days in a row, ya know!


Heya, (Captain). I've got somethin' I need to ask ya. Have ya got a sec?
Ya might not have guessed it, but I've kinda got an eye for sweets.
So when ya cut the cake, could ya cut me a piece and bring it later?
If Apollo ever saw me doin' that, she'd give me an earful for sure.
Gahahah. I'd tell her to give it a rest, but I guess she's just watchin' out for me in her own way.


Whoa there... Now that's what I call a cake! What bakery did ya stumble upon?
Oho! Don't tell me you made it yourself! Well color me surprised.
Incredible... You can just make a cake whenever you're feelin' up to it?
You're really somethin', ya know that? I'll do anything I can to help—just make another one!


Hey, (Captain). You're gonna decorate a tree this year too, right?
Bahaha! I knew it. You always go big on these seasonal customs.
So anyway, I broughtcha one. A tree, that is.
You can't really enjoy tonight without a tree, now, can ya?
What? I'm in way too good a mood?
Dummy. When it comes to holidays, he who has the biggest blast wins. Didn't you know?
So let's party our hearts out, (Captain)!


A snowball fight in this freezin' weather? You youngsters are mighty lively.
Sorry, but I'm gonna pass. I don't have any energy when it's this cold. Old guys like me have trouble regulatin' their body temperature.
On that note, I think I'll head inside where it's nice an' warm to help with the holiday feast.
Huh? Well yeah, 'course I'm lookin' forward to it.
This is the night where I get to enjoy top-class grub and booze while admirin' a gorgeous tree. And there's even cake to top it all off.
Bahaha! Nothin' beats a holiday feast!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Daughterly Love

(Captain) and the others head for the tower to stop Freesia, but Eugen hears a cry and runs off to investigate. He finds an imperial soldier demolishing a home and arrives just in time to save a girl from flying debris. He suggests taking the girl back to her mother, but the Black Knight is irritated by his careless actions.

(Captain) and the crew are heading for the tower to stop Freesia's plan.
But Eugen suddenly stops in his tracks.
Eugen: Huh?
Black Knight: What's wrong? Why are you stopping?
Eugen: I heard a scream.
Black Knight: A scream? I didn't hear anything...
Black Knight: And what if someone did scream? We don't have time to waste on it.
Eugen: ...
Lyria: Eugen! Where are you going?
Whether he heard Lyria's voice or not, Eugen disappears beyond the rubble.
Vyrn flies toward them, having noticed that (Captain) and the others are lagging behind.
Vyrn: Hey, what's taking so long? Everyone's gone ahead.
Black Knight: Tch... You all go ahead. I'll go get him.
Vyrn: Hey! What's wrong? Where are you going?
Lyria: Well... Eugen heard a scream and ran off.
Vyrn: Sigh... That's just great. So what do we do now, (Captain)?
  1. I'm worried. I'll go check on them.
  2. They're fine. Let them go.

Choose: I'm worried. I'll go check on them.
Lyria: I'm worried about them too.
Vyrn: Good grief... All right. Let's get going then.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn run toward the rubble where Eugen and the Black Knight were last seen.

Choose: They're fine. Let them go.
Lyria: I know you don't mean that... You plan to go after them alone, don't you, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Heh-heh. You can't fool us! We've known each other too long!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn run toward the rubble where Eugen and the Black Knight were last seen.
Continue 1
Girl: No! My house! My house!
Imperial Soldier: I'm sorry little girl, but we need to expand the military road. And it's the duty of civilians to cooperate.
Imperial Soldier: But I promise you that the empire will not waste your sacrifice. We will protect our people with our lives.
With that, the imperial soldier lowers the control stick of his MK 28 battle suit. Its metal arm crushes the girl's home.
The awful sight plunges the sobbing child into despair, and she falls helplessly to her knees.
Just then a piece of the destroyed house comes hurtling straight at her.
Eugen: Look out!
Eugen picks up the girl and carries her out of harm's way just in time.
Imperial Soldier: Hey... I've seen that face before. You were on a wanted poster!
Eugen: Shoot... This could get ugly if anyone else figures out who I am. I better take this guy out fast.
Black Knight: I really don't appreciate you giving me more work to do.
Eugen: Ha-ha! Sorry about that. But thanks anyway.
Eugen looks around and realizes that the girl is gone.
He searches for her and spots her peeking out from behind a pile of rubble.
She trots over to Eugen and offers him the military coat she has picked up.
Eugen: Huh? What's this? Was this your papa's?
Girl: Uh-huh. He was always so brave... And he looked a lot like you.
Eugen: Heh-heh. Is that so? Well, I'm honored.
Eugen: So? You want me to deliver this to him?
Girl: No... I want you to wear it. My papa's gone now.
Eugen immediately understands the girl's downcast gaze and smiles gently at her.
Eugen: I see... But this is a keepsake from your papa, isn't it? Are you sure I should take something so special?
Girl: Yeah. I think he would want you to wear it.
Eugen: Then I'll have to take good care of it. Thanks, sweetie.
Black Knight: ...!
Eugen: What? Is something wrong?
Black Knight: No... But how did you hear her scream anyway?
Eugen: Well... Good question. I'm sure you'll understand someday.
Black Knight: Not that again...
Eugen: Huh?
Black Knight: How dare you talk to me as if you were some kind of mentor?
Black Knight: You abandoned me and my mother. And now you want to act like a father?
Eugen closes his eyes and patiently accepts his daughter's resentful words.
Then his expression softens, and he looks the Black Knight directly in the eye and speaks calmly.
Eugen: Okay... How about we go find out if what you said is true?
Black Knight: Go find out?
Eugen doesn't answer. He instead crouches in front of the girl and asks where her family is.
She explains that she and her mother were separated while running away. She came home hoping to find her, but nobody was there.
She knows where her mother's shelter is, but she's afraid to go alone and therefore has no choice but to wait in front of her house.
Eugen: Don't worry, sweetie. We'll make sure you get there.
Black Knight: What are you saying! Don't you understand what's happening right now?
Eugen: Of course... I realize that we don't have much time.
Eugen: But the thing is... What are we fighting for in the first place?
Eugen: Why are we trying to stop the prime minister's plan?
Eugen: To protect the people of this city, right? People like this little girl.
Eugen: Any parent would be worried if their little girl was out here alone.
Black Knight: ...
(Captain) and company decide to take the girl and drop her off near the shelter.
As Eugen gazes at the little girl, the Black Knight gazes at Eugen.
And (Captain) and the crew are on pins and needles, realizing how many complicated emotions will be joining them on this little detour.

A Family Discord

(Captain) and the others search for the shelter where the girl's mother is located, but the Black Knight thinks they should hurry to the tower instead. She accuses Eugen of abandoning her and her sickly mother. Lyria and Vyrn stand up for Eugen, but the Black Knight suddenly draws her sword.

As they head for the tower, (Captain) and the others are helping a lost girl find a certain shelter where her mother is located.
Black Knight: Stop. This is a waste of time. We should just hand the girl over to the army.
But Eugen doesn't stop. He doesn't even bother to respond as he takes the girl's hand and walks onward.
The Black Knight glares at the back of his head and spits a few choice words at him.
Black Knight: Is this supposed to be some kind of atonement for your past?
Eugen: ...
The long, heavy silence is interrupted only by the sound of their footsteps.
Unable to endure the tension, Vyrn and Lyria cautiously attempt to make conversation.
Lyria: Um... I don't really know what happened, but I'm sure Eugen had his reasons for what he did...
Black Knight: That makes no difference.
Black Knight: That man wasn't there for my mother in her last hours.
Black Knight: He weighed his reasons against my mother, and she lost. He abandoned his own wife.
Lyria: But... Eugen wouldn't do that.
Vyrn: That's right! And do you really have to say it so coldly?
Black Knight: My mother believed in this loser right until she breathed her last.
Black Knight: Whenever I cursed him, she gently chided me, reminding me never to hate him.
Lyria: Black Knight...
Black Knight: All she wanted was for him to be by her side, and he couldn't even give her that. He's a fool.
Eugen: Ha-ha... I can't argue with that...
Eugen: You're right. I was a fool. The doctors all gave her up as a lost cause, but I still thought I could do something.
Eugen: In the end, all I did was hurt her... and you too.
Black Knight: You! But if you knew that, then why—
Vyrn: Hey! Calm down!
The Black Knight draws her sword in a hurry, but she doesn't point it at Eugen.
As she monitors her surroundings, the alert knight quietly warns the others.
Black Knight: I sense something...
Eugen: Yeah... They've got us completely surrounded.
Black Knight: How did they surround us without our notice? It's almost as if they knew we were coming...
Eugen: We'll figure it out later! Get ready! They're coming!

A Family Discord: Scene 2

The Black Knight suspects that the girl led them into a trap of imperial soldiers and draws her sword on the child. Eugen and the others stop her, but another group of soldiers shows up and surrounds them.

As (Captain) and the crew catch their breath after the battle, the Black Knight confronts Eugen with a piercing accusation.
Black Knight: I've had enough of this. Don't you think it somewhat strange?
Eugen: Huh? What do you mean?
Black Knight: That was too perfect.
Eugen: Come on, this isn't like you. Just come out and say it.
Girl: Aahh!
Vyrn: Wha?
The Black Knight mercilessly trains her sword's point on the frightened, sobbing girl's throat.
Eugen: Hey... Are you saying this little girl is setting us up?
Girl: I'm not! I would never—
Black Knight: Look at the circumstantial evidence. There's no denying it, is there?
Vyrn: But still... That doesn't make any sense!
Lyria: Yes, it's just a coincidence. Please stop this!
Eugen: Put your sword away. You would harm a little girl over one coincidence?
Eugen points his gun at the Black Knight, and a silent yet fierce animosity burns in his eyes.
Although still unconvinced, the Black Knight contemptuously sheathes her sword and releases the girl.
Black Knight: You're all too trusting. Let's hope I'm wrong.
Eugen consoles the girl and cheers her up with a joke as the crew hurries toward the shelter.
The Black Knight follows silently, watching Eugen intently.
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? You've been acting weird for a while now.
Black Knight: ...
Lyria: I agree. You're very tense. Almost like the old you.
Black Knight: The old me?
Lyria: Yes. Like how you used to get when you'd talk about Orchis.
Black Knight: ...
The Black Knight ponders for a while, as though these unexpected words have called something to mind.
No one can see her expression within her thick iron helmet...
And yet Vyrn and Lyria can just tell that her lips are turned up in the faintest of smiles.
But the warmth vanishes in an instant.
The air is suddenly filled with the fierce, palpable malice of someone out for blood.
Black Knight: Care to you explain this? This is the second time now.
Black Knight: Surely you don't intend to argue that it's just another coincidence.
Eugen: ...
Black Knight: I told you the girl can't be trusted.

A Family Discord: Scene 3

The Black Knight is enraged to see the man who abandoned her and her mother try to act like her father. Eugen says he'll wait until she learns to trust him as that's his job as her father. But in spite of the crew's pleas for them to stop fighting, the old man and his daughter finally come to blows.

Elite Soldier 1: Prepare to die!
Elite Soldier 2: Graahh!
Black Knight: Tch... These are no ordinary soldiers.
Surrounded by a team of the empire's best soldiers, the (Captain) and the others find themselves on the defensive.
And yet Eugen and the Black Knight are veteran warriors. They can confidently break through even when outnumbered.
But that's exactly the type of conceit that leads to carelessness.
Lyria: Black Knight! Look out!
Black Knight: Huh?
Elite Soldier 2: Graahh!
Black Knight: ...!
Elite Soldier 1: Agh!
Elite Soldier 2: Nghh! No...
Eugen: What's wrong with you! Pull yourself together!
Black Knight: Tch... You should have left me to die like you did my mother.
Eugen: Oh, come on... I could never do that.
Black Knight: Stop trying to be my father. You're too late.
Vyrn: Uh-oh... I have a feeling this is gonna get ugly.
Lyria: Oh no! Please don't fight, you two.
Eugen: I know I'm in no position to lecture you, but let me ask you one thing...
Eugen: Why are you so obsessed with the past?
Black Knight: I don't believe this. You never change.
Black Knight: You never think about the people you left behind. You assume everything will work out as long as you keep moving forward.
Eugen: But sometimes you just have to move on.
Black Knight: Not everyone sees the world like you! My past isn't so easy to throw away!
Eugen: But it is the past.
Eugen: We can't go back to the past... and we never should.
Eugen: Tell me, Apollo... What were your mother's last words?
Eugen: Did she tell you to keep living in the past and never move on to the future?
Black Knight: Well...
Eugen's stern reprimand renders the Black Knight speechless.
But she quickly rallies and vigorously defends herself.
Black Knight: Enough... I don't need a lesson on that from the likes of you.
Black Knight: And yet there's a part of my past that I want to take back!
The Black Knight's determination seems as cold and hard as the naked blade of the sword she has leveled at him, and Eugen reels before it.
Her extraordinary thirst for blood takes his breath away.
Eugen: Are you serious?
Black Knight: Have you forgotten? You and I were always like oil and water.
Black Knight: This was bound to be our fate sooner or later.
Eugen: Fate? Give me a break...
Eugen readies his gun. His eyes, glowing with a dull light, are trained directly on the Black Knight's heart.
Eugen: Heh... I won't ask you to trust me.
Eugen: But I'll keep waiting until you do.
Eugen: Because that's what a father does!

A Family Discord: Scene 4

The girl is finally reunited with her mother. The Black Knight is ashamed of her suspicions but unwilling to forgive Eugen. She suddenly recalls a fond memory from her childhood about her father, but shakes this off and hurries toward the tower.

Girl: Mommy!
Mother: Thank goodness... I'm so glad you're all right.
(Captain) and the crew watch from the shadows as the girl and her mother share a tearful embrace.
Black Knight: Humph... So they were both coincidences after all.
Eugen: ...
Black Knight: What's that look for?
Black Knight: Don't flatter yourself. What happened here in no way excuses you from what you—
But something interrupts her.
A gust catches Eugen's coat, causing it to wave gallantly in the wind...
And a faint, familiar scent tickles the Black Knight's nose.
Black Knight: ...!
Long ago when the Black Knight was a child, she was in a shipwreck and found herself wandering for three days.
Although she escaped death and arrived home safely, she suffered from a high fever for days after that.
She still remembers the big shadow of someone constantly looking after her and holding her hand as she struggled against the sickness.
(This scent... Seawater, the sun, and earth... How... very familiar...)
(I remember now... That big shadow... put a coat over me...)
Black Knight: ...
Eugen: Huh? What's wrong, Apollo? Is there something on my face?
Black Knight: Never mind.
Eugen: Never mind what?
Black Knight: Enough. This conversation is over.
Black Knight: We must hurry and join the others on their way to the tower.
Black Knight: Come on! Don't fall behind!
Vyrn: What's the deal? First she's angry, then she's flustered. How can anyone keep up?
Lyria: But didn't she seem somewhat happy?
Vyrn: You think so? But how could you tell through her helmet?
Eugen: Ha-ha... Well, what does it matter anyway? We'd better catch up with her.
For (Captain) and the crew, it was quite the awkward detour.
But it seems to them that Eugen and Apollonia have finally started reconciling the past and walking down the path they were meant to take.

Past Happiness

Eugen receives an invitation from Orchis to Apollonia's birthday party. Although he recognizes it as a chance to repair his relationship with his daughter, he is unsure of how to proceed. He later bumps into Apollonia in Auguste, and the two have lunch together. Their conversation goes well, until Eugen makes an awkward remark, and the two part ways with an uncomfortable air hanging over their heads.

Eugen: ...
Eugen: What am I gonna do about this...
Eugen stands alone inside his Auguste home.
His expression grim, he looks over the letter in his hand one more time.
Eugen: To think that I'd get invited to Apollo's birthday party...
The letter details that a celebration will be held for Apollonia's birthday about a month from now.
It was sent the crew's way by Orchis, who had included one final note at the end of it.
Eugen: "Apollo approved Eugen's participation, so please don't hesitate to join us."
Eugen: Or so she wrote, but I'm honestly havin' a hard time believing it.
Eugen: Not that I'm upset. Artemisia would be happy to see me make progress on my task.
Eugen once undertook a challenging trial to learn the innermost teachings by joining with Leviathan.
During it, he was met by the spirit of Artemisia, his deceased wife.
Artemisia: I want you to talk to Apollo and make up with her. That's your task.
Artemisia: If you find your way back here without doing what I asked, I'll tie you up and send you straight back!
Determined, he pledged his intent to see that task through.
Eugen: A birthday party's the perfect opportunity, but...
He remains uncertain despite his desire to repair his relationship with Apollonia.
Eugen: Need to find some common ground between us, else we won't have much to talk about.
Looking for some kind of hint, Eugen shuffles around his home.
He stops by a bookshelf, where a children's picture book catches his eye.
Eugen: What a blast from the past.
He gingerly plucks it from the shelf and gazes at its cover.
Eugen: This picture of the sea never ceases to amaze.
Apollo's Parents: Happy Birthday, Apollo!
Young Apollonia: Eheheh... Thanks, Dad! Thanks, Mom!
Artemisia: Hehe, I prepared your favorite salmun dishes for tonight. And there's a cake for dessert too.
Young Apollonia: Yay! Can I eat as much salmun as I want?
Eugen: Now hold on... Having seconds is fine, but you sure you're gonna have room for the cake after?
Young Apollonia: Yeah! There's always room for sweets!
Eugen: Gahahaha! Is that right? Now where'd you learn that?
Young Apollonia: Mm? Secret.
Artemisia: Hehe, you've grown up so much while we weren't looking.
Young Apollonia: Hic... Th-thanks for the food.
Eugen: Well, I'll be. You really made room for everythin'.
Artemisia: Apollo, is your tummy doing okay?
Young Apollonia: Yeah... No leftovers, see? I didn't want you to get sad.
Artemisia: While it's important to clear your plate, you shouldn't push yourself too much.
Eugen: Haha, she takes after your considerate side, doesn't she?
Eugen: Apollo, a good girl like you deserves a present! Here, open it!
Young Apollonia: A present? Wow!
Young Apollonia: Oh! A picture book of the sea!
Young Apollonia: This is the one with the really pretty drawings! How did you know I wanted it?
Eugen: Hahaha! There ain't nothin' I don't know about my little girl!
Artemisia: Hehehe... Actually, Dad here spent a long time trying to figure out what to get you.
Eugen: Artemisia! You promised you wouldn't tell!
Young Apollonia: Haha... Dad, can you read it to me?
Eugen: Me? I'm not the greatest reader.
Young Apollonia: Don't care! Just do it!
Eugen: Okay, okay. Let's give it a try then. "A mighty god lives in the waters of Auguste."
Eugen: "Both people and marine creatures treasure this god as the mother of all."
Eugen: "It chooses good children to share a special bond with, and gives them new life."
Young Apollonia: It does?
Eugen: Of course. You're the perfect example of one.
Young Apollonia: Hehehe...
Young Apollonia: I love you, Mom and Dad!
Eugen: Think it was her sixth birthday when I gave this to her.
A tender smile settling on his lips, he brushes a thumb along the book's spine.
Eugen: She loved it a whole lot... Read it so many times that she memorized every page.
As he stares at the cover, his thoughts turn back to the present.
Eugen: Maybe a gift'd be the thing to get us talkin' at her party.
Eugen: So long as I find the right thing to give, at any rate.
Eugen: I've never been good at figuring this stuff out on my own.
He imagines, all too easily, the way Apollonia would reject him if he botched the opportunity.
Heaving a sigh, he returns the book back to its resting place.
A little while later, Eugen travels down the bustling main street to look for lunch.
Eugen: (Place is busy as usual.)
Eugen: (Used to hold Apollo's hand to keep us from gettin' separated when we walked through here.)
Young Apollonia: Dad, can we hold hands?
Eugen: (Those memories are still clear as day.)
Apollonia: ...
Eugen: Huh?
Apollonia: Fancy seeing you here.
Eugen: ...!
None other than the real Apollonia startles Eugen from his recollections.
Eugen: Apollo? What're you doin' here?
Apollonia: I have business to attend to.
Apollonia: ...
Orchid: If you talk to him now... things might turn out differently.
Orchis: She's got the right idea. The passage of time does wonders for repairing relationships.
Orchis: Apollo, why don't you give him another chance?
Apollonia: ...
Apollonia: All right.
Apollonia: ...
Eugen: Ah... Well, erm...
Fixing Eugen with her gaze, Apollonia is the first to break the ice.
Apollonia: Out for lunch?
Eugen: Er... Yeah, s'right. Figured I'd find something 'round here since there's an abundance of eateries.
Apollonia: Have you decided on a restaurant?
Eugen: Not yet...
Apollonia: Come with me. I was about to have a meal myself.
Eugen: Huh?
Apollonia: It's lunch rush time, so getting a table for one isn't possible, and the counter seats are packed.
Apollonia: Besides, if you're still undecided, finding a place to eat will take time. Just follow me.
Eugen: I'd be glad to join ya, but are y'sure you don't mind?
Apollonia: Don't make me repeat myself.
Shutting his trap, Eugen follows Apollonia down the street and into a packed restaurant.
Apollonia: ...
Eugen: ...
They are seated at a table where they face one another in awkward silence.
Eugen: When didja get here? I thought you'd be spendin' most of your time back in the Erste Kingdom.
Apollonia: I only arrived yesterday. As busy as I am, I can't stay cooped up in Erste.
Apollonia: We are in talks with Auguste to establish a new trade treaty, so I came to attend the latest meeting.
Eugen: Huh... Actin' as an ambassador then?
Apollonia: Only in a small capacity.
Apollonia: What about you? I don't see (Captain) or the others around.
Eugen: Just out shoppin'. Been having a hard time finding the right thing.
Apollonia: I see.
Eugen: Longer you drag something out, the more you lose your way. Same thing with ordering food. You decided what you want yet?
Apollonia: I have.
Eugen: Oh... Guess I'll get what you're gettin', otherwise we might be here all day.
They order their food, and once the waiter steps away, Eugen hesitantly starts another conversation.
Eugen: We got the invitation for your birthday party.
Apollonia: Mhmm.
Eugen: Sorry you all had to go out of your way to send somethin'.
Apollonia: A single letter is no trouble.
Eugen: Haha, guess not...
Before long, their seafood pastas arrive at the table, and the two dig in.
Eugen: Huh, this is pretty good.
Apollonia: It is.
Their first meal together after so many years is passed in mostly silence.
Eugen: ...
Apollonia: ...
The awkward air between them is not unpleasant, though they keenly feel the absence of their long since departed family member.
A sense of nostalgia and sadness settles over them as they both think of the years they've spent apart.
Apollonia: I used to be the top advisor for the Erste Empire...
Eugen: Hm?
Apollonia: Don't you think it's absurd that a birthday party is being thrown for me—a person who was once so despised?
Eugen: If you ask me... not really.
Eugen: I mean, y'know... the way I see it, it's definitely a day for celebration.
Apollonia: Is that right?
Eugen: Yeah. Was Orchis the one who first suggested it?
Apollonia: Not just her. Orchid had a hand in it as well. The two make a very insistent team.
Eugen: Just goes to show how much they care about you. You've made some good friends.
Apollonia: Indeed. I'll have to repay them tenfold someday.
Eugen: Whoa there... You sound like you're promisin' them revenge or something instead.
Apollonia: I'm just dead serious about how grateful I am.
Eugen: Haha, then you oughta make sure to enjoy the party they're throwin' you first.
Apollonia: Of course, though I'm not sure how to go about it.
Eugen: I get that. Celebrations can be tough.
Apollonia: I thought you had enough worldly experience to believe otherwise.
Eugen: You're not the only one who doesn't know what to do when it counts.
Eugen: I never was good at figurin' things out on my own, after all.
Apollonia: ...!
Artemisia: Hehehe... Actually, Dad here spent a long time trying to figure out what to get you.
Eugen: Artemisia! You promised you wouldn't tell!
Apollonia: ...
Eugen: Uh... Apollo?
Apollonia: It's nothing.
Eugen: ...
The hustle and bustle of the restaurant fills their ears as they finish their meal in silence.
Apollonia: I should head for my meeting.
Eugen: Right.
Apollonia: ...
Without another word, Apollonia takes her leave.
Eugen: The heck was I sayin'... If I don't figure out my own problems, who will?
Eugen: Couldn't even protect the woman who gave me her guidance... I'm a damn fool, through and through.
Two people seated a distance away keep a stealthy watch over Eugen and Apollonia's exchange.
Man: Of all the times for them to meet... We should keep our guard up.
Young Woman: They didn't seem like they were getting along that well though.
Man: Regardless, it always pays to be cautious.
Young Woman: Okay, Father, I'll defer to your judgment.
A wicked grin twisting his mouth, the man glances outside a nearby window.
Man: Oh, Elena... Soon we'll meet!
At the edge of the blue skies above, dark clouds slowly begin to roll in.

Past Happiness: Scene 2

After leaving the restaurant, Eugen runs into a young lady named Nora, who was ordered by her father to learn who Eugen is to Apollonia. They share a brief conversation before parting. That evening, Apollonia pays a visit to the seaside shrine she used to visit as a child, where Nora and her father ambush her. The father uses a trick to incapacitate Apollonia.

After departing from the restaurant, Eugen winds up slumped on a bench in town.
Eugen: Sigh...
Eugen: I always fail when it really counts. Feels like I'm goin' senile far too early...
Eugen: ...
Eugen: Maybe I should forget about the birthday party at this rate...
He heaves another deep sigh and buries his face in his hands.
Young Woman: Mister, what's wrong?
Eugen: Wha?
A seemingly concerned stranger approaches Eugen out of the blue.
Young Woman: You've been groaning to yourself this whole time, so I was wondering if something happened.
Eugen: Ah, you saw it all, eh? Sorry for bein' a public nuisance. I'll beat it.
Eugen prepares to push his weary body up, but the woman sits next to him before he can move.
Young Woman: Now hold on, I wasn't trying to chase you off. You don't look well enough to be scurrying away either.
Eugen: Oh... Suppose you're right about that.
Letting his body collapse back, Eugen tilts his head toward the sky.
Young Woman: Thank goodness.
Eugen: Huh?
Young Woman: I've had bad experiences with someone who won't admit they're having a hard time, you see.
Eugen: Yeah, that can be pretty rough...
Young Woman: Right? Which is why I'm relieved to learn you're not like that.
Eugen: ...
Young Woman: Ah... Sorry to bring all that up out of nowhere. Do you have time for a longer chat?
Eugen: Sorry, little lady, but I'm not really up for it right now.
Nora: My name's Nora. Just so you know, I'm not trying to get anything out of you.
Eugen: I'm Eugen. And sure, if you say so.
Nora: I'm really not. At least, not for myself.
Eugen: ...?
Nora: It's too late for me to do anything about my own situation now.
Eugen: ...
Nora: But I'd like to lend an ear for your troubles if you need one.
Eugen: Huh... In that case...
Eugen: To put it simply, I've got someone I'm on bad terms with, and it's mostly my fault.
Eugen: They spoke with me after all these years, and... I messed it up.
Eugen: Not like one conversation's gonna make up for everything that's happened, but if I can't even manage that much...
Nora: It sounds like there's a lot of unspoken words between you.
Eugen: ...
Nora: I hope they'll reach out to you again.
Eugen: I'd like that, but I get the feelin' they'll just end up upset at me as usual.
Nora: Believe me, I know it takes a lot of courage to reconcile with someone you used to be close to.
Nora: The fact that they made contact just shows how much they care. How much they want things to go back to the way they were.
Eugen: The way they were, huh...
They spend a few moments staring at the sky.
Nora: Say, if you're going to stick around for a while, why don't we go grab a drink or two?
Eugen: Appreciate the invite, but I've got a mess to get back to.
Eugen: Sorry to bail when all I've done is yap about myself. I'll take you up on that drink next time.
Nora: Next time it is then. I hope things go well for you.
Eugen: Right back at you.
Nora: Ah... Thanks. And sorry.
After a quick farewell, Eugen and Nora go their separate ways.
Eugen: ...
Eugen: Wonder why she apologized...
Eugen: Nora, huh? Doesn't seem like she's tailin' me at least.
Man: You're back early. What'd you learn about him?
Nora: Nothing. I didn't bother trying to shadow him either. He acted all helpless, but he had his guard up the entire time.
Nora: If I had to guess though... I think he's Apollonia's father.
Man: Oh?
Nora: Again, this is just a hunch with no proof.
Man: But if he truly is... we can use this to our advantage.
Nora: Father... Are you certain about this?
Man: How interesting... Yes, this is good. I have all the materials I need.
Oblivious to his daughter's concern, the man mutters to himself and exits through the door.
Nora can only watch him leave.
Apollonia: ...
Apollonia walks along a cliff overlooking the endless ocean.
Apollonia: ...!
Her feet take her to a secluded and ancient shrine dedicated to the sea god.
Apollonia: I remember this place...
Approaching the shrine, she finds herself kneeling before it.
Apollonia: ...
She closes her eyes and offers a prayer. After a few moments, she stands back up.
Apollonia: Old habits are hard to shake, aren't they?
Young Apollonia: Sea God! Please, oh please!
Her lips wordlessly mouth a prayer said countless times in the past.
Apollonia: ...
In the back of her mind, she recalls a recent conversation she had back in Mephorash.
Apollonia: You wish to celebrate my birthday?
Orchid: Yeah. We want (Captain) and everyone to join too.
Orchis: That includes Eugen... As long as you don't mind.
Apollonia: Why?
Orchis: The way things are between you two has always bothered me.
Orchis: Every time he comes up in conversation, you get this scary look on your face.
Orchis: But I can tell there's a sadness lurking beneath your scowl.
Apollonia: Orchis...
Orchid: If you talk to him now... things might turn out differently.
Orchis: She's got the right idea. The passage of time does wonders for repairing relationships.
Apollonia: ...
Orchis: It's your birthday, you know? We want you to have something you really wish for.
Orchid: We'll be here to support you. Everything will be okay. I promise.
Apollonia: ...!
Apollonia: What do I truly wish for anyway?
The time she spent with only her mother, as well as the years she passed completely alone, have built a wall around her heart that even she can't see past.
Eugen: There you are.
Apollonia: What are you doing here?
Eugen: I came to say farewell. I think that would be best for the both of us.
Apollonia: What?
Eugen: All we do is fight every time we meet. Aren't you tired of it?
Eugen: Our relationship is broken beyond repair. Do your father a favor, and let's stop bothering one another.
Apollonia: Who are you?
Eugen: Oh... I see. I'm a stranger to you already. Well—
Apollonia: That man has never called himself my father in my presence.
Apollonia: Because he knows I would never forgive him for it!
Eugen: My, my. The jig is up, eh? Guessed right that he was your father at least.
Apollonia: Any last words?
Eugen: I'll do you a favor and be your father instead. We can go back to happier times, before things went sour.
Apollonia: Die.
Eugen: Have a present as a token of our acquaintance.
Apollonia: (Dark essence? Is he trying to blind me?)
Apollonia: Fool!
Slashing through the dazzling light, Apollonia leaps for the imposter.
???: Apollo.
Apollonia: ...!
Eugen: Oho? What's wrong? Did you hear something?
Apollonia: (That voice just now was...)
Apollonia freezes at the unexpected sound of a familiar voice.
Apollonia: ...!
Eugen?: Heheh, hahahaha!
Eugen's face and body melt off the imposter, revealing the man underneath.
Man: What did you hear? Hahaha! Something from the ocean? You look rather confused!
Apollonia: Tch... Using magic to slow me down?
Man: It's going to take a little more than that to hold the Black Knight back, I know.
Man: So keep listening! Maybe you'll hear something else from the ocean!
Distracted, Apollonia finds her attention drifting in that direction.
Apollonia: ...!
But her honed will and instincts cry out through the haze clouding her mind.
Apollonia: ...!
Without a moment's hesitation, she clenches her sword and slices her own hand open.
Man: Using pain to bring yourself back to your senses? Very gutsy of you.
Nora appears from behind Apollonia to wrench the blade out of her control.
Man: But it's too late. You don't have the strength left to oppose.
Nora: ...
Apollonia: (Damn it... I'm losing consciousness.)
Apollonia collapses to the ground as her vision blurs.
Man: This woman actually shares a connection with the sea! She's the key that will open the door!
Man: Rejoice, Nora! Soon we'll be able to see Elena!
Nora: Yeah...
Man: Heheh... Hahahaha!
The man's joyous laughter echoes throughout the area.
Apollonia: ...
It is the last thing Apollonia hears before her eyes close.

Past Happiness: Scene 3

Unable to sleep, Eugen takes a walk along the beach and stumbles upon Nora, her father, and Apollonia. Apollonia is trapped within a magic circle, suffering in agony while Nora's father uses her to turn himself into Leviathan. He explains that he needed Apollonia because of her connection to the sea, and that he would use his new form to find the soul of his deceased wife, Elena, and bring her back to life. Eugen attempts to free Apollonia, but is tossed into the sea by Nora's father.

Eugen: ...
Evening finds Eugen seated inside his home.
Eugen: Waitin' around won't do me any good, but I still got no idea what to do.
The moment he finishes muttering, a tremor runs through his home, rattling the furniture and dishes.
Eugen: What was that? Cannon fire?
He grabs his gun from its spot against the wall just before it topples over.
Eugen: Guess I haven't changed in all these years, huh?
The question is directed at his long-time companion.
Eugen: Phew... Next check is the chamber.
Young Apollonia: Dad! Mom says food is ready.
Eugen: Thanks for lettin' me know. Could you tell her I'll be done in a jiffy?
Young Apollonia: Oh... Are you tinkering with your gun again?
Eugen: Suppose you could say that. These types of things break down if you're not careful with regular inspections.
Eugen: Usually at the worst times too. Imagine if I couldn't shoot when I really needed to.
Young Apollonia: Like when?
Eugen: Like when monsters or thieves show up, or when my comrades're in a pinch.
Young Apollonia: What about when you're in a pinch?
Eugen: Don't you worry about me. I'm the type of guy that can always slip away.
Young Apollonia: Can you teach me how to use a gun?
Eugen: Best get that idea outta your head... This thing's got one helluva kick to it. You'd get knocked onto your back if you fired it.
Eugen: Plenty of other stuff you can focus on instead, okay? Guns ain't for kids.
Young Apollonia: ...
Eugen: Haha, really, you don't need to worry about me!
Eugen: I've seen my fair share of fightin'! There's no way I'll ever go down easy.
Eugen: She started going out to the beach every day after that.
Eugen: Even the day when the currents went crazy and a huge storm blew in...
The memory of young Apollonia's accident at sea sends shivers down Eugen's spine.
Eugen: She went missin', then washed up on shore a few days after...
Eugen: A complete miracle. The sea... or rather, Leviathan saved her.
Eugen: But why was she makin' trips out there in the first place?
After leaning his gun against the wall again, Eugen sits back in his chair.
Unable to sleep, he leaves for a walk on the beach a little while later.
Eugen: The cliff Apollo fell from is nearby...
Waves break against the overlooking cliff as the tide rolls in and out.
Eugen: Pretty good place for a walk. Wonder if that's why she spent so much time here.
He takes a few more leisurely steps before drawing to a stop.
Eugen: Hold on...
Eugen: Something's off. If I remember right...
Eugen: There's supposed to be an old shrine right around here.
Eugen: I'm sure of it. Hmm, I've got a bad feelin' coming on...
Cautious and suspicious, Eugen scans his surroundings.
Eugen: Something just ain't right... Like a wall's painted over what I should be seein'.
Eugen: Might be... a barrier to keep people out? Reminds me of the one time me and my old crewmates were stagin' an attack...
Closing his eye, he pictures the shrine and slowly walks forward.
As Eugen moves further in, a man's voice startles him.
Man's Voice: Heed my voice and grant me your power, Leviathan!
Eugen: ...!
When Eugen next opens his eye, the shrine enters his sight...
Man: Heheh, hahahaha!
Along with the form of a man changing into Leviathan...
Apollonia: Aaaghh!
And Apollonia, trapped and hurting within a magic circle.
Eugen: Apollo! What's goin' on here!
Nora: Mister? How did you get inside?
Eugen: The girl from earlier? What the hell are you doin'?
Eugen: Damn it... Get away from Apollo!
Man: Afraid I can't do that.
The transformed man steps in front of Eugen as he tries to rush for Apollonia.
Man: Connection with the dark essence is stable... I'm resonating well with Leviathan's power.
Man: Not that I expected any less considering I'm using someone who's bonded with the sea.
Apollonia: Guh... Agh!
Groaning in pain, Apollonia starts to glow the same color as the dark essence circle binding her.
Man: Eugen, it's thanks to you that Apollonia shares a bond with Auguste's waters. I'm in your debt.
Eugen: Cut the crap! What're you tryin' to pull, turnin' into Leviathan like this?
The transformed man wriggles his new body with unrestrained joy.
Man: My beloved wife Elena rests within this god.
Eugen: What in the world...
Man: Just as the folktales taught us, the people of Auguste are born from the sea and return to it one day.
Man: Ten years ago, I buried Elena in the sea, and her soul returned to Leviathan.
Man: And now... Now she will come back to me, and we'll live out the days that were stolen from us.
Eugen: Are you crazy? Look at what you've done to yourself...
Man: I already lost everything the day that my beloved left me... You understand, don't you?
Eugen: ...!
Man: There's no use denying it. The sea knows all.
Man: I offer you a token of kinship—I could search for your wife's soul as well, if you'd like.
Man: What will it be?
Eugen, without hesitation, opens his mouth to retort.
Eugen: Trust me, I get where you're comin' from!
Eugen: I know exactly what it's like to turn your eyes away from reality and give everythin' for your last hope!
Eugen: But if you think I'm willin' to sacrifice Apollo, then you better think again!
Drawing his gun, Eugen fixes a sharp eye on the man.
Man: I see... A shame.
Eugen: Gah!
A brutal hit strikes Eugen directly.
Man: You were wrong about one thing.
Man: I am fully aware of reality... That my wife died.
Eugen: Augh!
Man: It is exactly because of this that I knew I had to bring back our happiness!
Eugen: Argh!
Eugen collapses to the ground, helpless against the man's overwhelming power.
Nora: Father, surely that's enough!
Man: ...
Man: The sea remembers you. How you lived carefree, running away from your wife and child.
Man: How your daughter left you behind today when you made a fool of yourself.
Man: And yet you thought to teach me a lesson? Heh, don't make me laugh!
Eugen: ...!
Man: Farewell.
Eugen: Aaaarrrgh!
The man's next swing sends Eugen off the cliff and into the churning waters below.
Darkness swallows Eugen's consciousness as he sinks into the sea's depths.

A Promise for the Future

As he slips below the ocean's surface, Eugen experiences the memories of Apollonia's childhood. He learns that she prayed every day at the seaside shrine for Eugen's safety, even on the day a violent storm rolled in and swept her into the sea. She was saved by Leviathan and became connected to the sea.

After being invited to Apollonia's birthday party, Eugen uses the chance to think of a way to repair their relationship.
He runs into Apollonia in town, where they share a meal and part on awkward terms.
Meanwhile, a man works in the shadows to further his own interests.
Together with his daughter Nora, he captures Apollonia and uses her to obtain Leviathan's power.
He aims to reunite with his deceased wife by retrieving her soul from inside Leviathan.
Eugen does his utmost to rescue Apollonia, but a single strike from the man sends him tumbling into the sea.
Beneath the salty sea breeze, the man raises his voice in astonishment.
Man: Marvelous... So it wasn't just a folktale. "All are born from the sea, and all shall return to it."
Nora: Is Mother truly inside the sea god?
Man: Of course! With Leviathan's power at my command, I can feel all its souls!
Man: I only need to search inside Leviathan for Elena's...
Man: And join it with my spirit!
Nora: Is that really... how it works?
Man: Worry not, Nora! The three of us will be a happy family again soon!
Man: Heheh, hahahaha!
Nora: ...
At a loss for words, Nora can only watch as her father laughs maniacally by himself.
Eugen: ...
In the depths of the ocean, Eugen drifts unconscious.
Eugen: Ngh... Where am I...
When he awakens next, he finds himself in front of the shrine.
Neither the man nor Leviathan are anywhere to be seen.
Instead, another figure clasps her hands in prayer.
Young Apollonia: Sea God... Will you listen to what I have to say?
Eugen: (Apollo!)
No matter how much he tries, Eugen is unable to utter a peep.
Eugen: (Can't move my body either... What's goin' on?)
The young girl faces the shrine, oblivious to Eugen's presence.
Young Apollonia: Dad told me today that he's been in danger before.
Young Apollonia: That's why he always checks on his gun, in case he ever needs it.
Eugen: (If she's referrin' to my gun maintenance, then...)
Young Apollonia: Oh... Are you tinkering with your gun again?
Eugen: Suppose you could say that. These types of things break down if you're not careful with regular inspections.
Eugen: (Is this a memory from back then?)
Eugen: (I remember her runnin' off somewhere that day. So she came here...)
Young Apollonia: Dad fights with his life on the line when he uses his gun...
Young Apollonia: To protect me and everyone in town.
Young Apollonia: He works hard to keep me safe.
Young Apollonia: But what about him?
Young Apollonia: I don't want him to get hurt either!
Eugen: (...!)
Young Apollonia: I'm not strong enough to help him...
Young Apollonia: So please... Keep my dad safe!
Young Apollonia: I'll come here every day and pray! I'll be a good girl!
Young Apollonia: Just make sure he always comes home okay!
As Eugen watches the touching scene, fresh tears slide down his cheeks.
Eugen: Damn it... That's what you were up to...
Eugen: I'm such an idiot... How'd I never notice?
Eugen: You must've come here on the day of that huge storm too!
Young Apollonia: Oh no... Why did it start pouring?
Young Apollonia: Still... I said I'd go every day, for Dad—
Young Apollonia: Ah!
When she next opens her eyes, she is adrift in ocean water.
Young Apollonia: Ngh... Huh?
Young Apollonia: I fell from the cliff, and then...
Large Shadow: ...
Young Apollonia: Are you... the sea god?
Young Apollonia: Guess that means I'm...
Young Apollonia: Um... Can I make one last request?
Young Apollonia: Can you keep Mom and Dad safe?
Young Apollonia: And dry their tears if they cry?
Young Apollonia: And tell them that I love them... and thank you for everything...
Young Apollonia: And... also...
Young Apollonia: There's just too much I want to say! Can you at least tell them one thing?
Large Shadow: ...!
Eugen goes weak at the knees as his surroundings are enveloped by light.
Eugen: I pranced around like a fool, thinkin' myself the protector, when all along...
Knight in Black: Delusional even as he sinks helplessly into the depths.
Eugen: ...!
From the light emerges a figure dressed in dark armor.
Knight in Black: Acting like you understand everything, when the truth is you've only turned your eye away from what isn't right in front of you.
Eugen: ...
Knight in Black: That prayer was only a portion of the whole truth.
Shielded by her helm, the knight's expression is hidden from Eugen's sight.
Knight in Black: Have you ever thought of the days I spent waiting with my sick mother for your return?
Knight in Black: How much fear I felt watching as she grew weaker and weaker?
Knight in Black: Or the hate that developed within me for the man who remained my father in name only?
Knight in Black: You never understood... You never tried to understand!
Eugen: ...!
Knight in Black: I clung onto hope, even as more and more of my prayers remained unanswered.
Knight in Black: But the passage of time rotted that hope away. Only emptiness came to replace it.
Eugen: Ah... Ahh...
Eugen opens his mouth to speak, but only wavering breaths escape his lips.
Knight in Black: And from emptiness my hate became complete.
Knight in Black: Yet somehow hope has returned to me, and my emotions for you are alive once more.
Knight in Black: What am I supposed to do? So long as you're in my life, I...
Eugen: ...
Eugen can only stand there as silence overtakes them.
The quiet stretches on for an eternity, before darkness fills his vision.

A Promise for the Future: Scene 2

Eugen allows himself to sink deeper into the ocean, intent on giving up, when he remembers his promise to Artemisia and the love his daughter once had for him, spurring him into swimming back to the shrine. There he screams his apologies to Apollonia and fights to free her from Nora's father, but his gun is knocked away. A new gun appears in his hands a moment later, summoned by Apollonia's prayers, and he uses it to finally free Apollonia from the magic circle. Together they stand to fight against Nora's father.

Eugen: ...
When Eugen blinks awake, he finds himself floating in the ocean's dark waters.
The words spoken by the knight in black echo in his ears.
Eugen: She's right... I turned away from everything that wasn't right in front of me.
Eugen: Couldn't see the truth for what it was... Had no idea what was goin' through Apollo's mind this whole time.
Eugen: Agh... Ahhh!
Eugen: I'm no different from that man after all!
Drained of strength, Eugen lets the tide carry him away.
Eugen: I don't got the right to stop him... let alone see Apollo again.
The cold water slowly saps away the warmth of his body.
Eugen: Maybe it's better like this. No more bouncin' between hatred and forgiveness...
More and more waves wash over him as he sinks downward.
But a strong sea breeze slams him back up.
Eugen: Guh! Wh-what the heck!
Artemisia: I want you to talk to Apollo and make up with her. That's your task.
Artemisia: If you find your way back here without doing what I asked, I'll tie you up and send you straight back!
The memory returns vividly to the forefront of his mind.
Eugen: Oh, yeah... I promised her that, didn't I?
Eugen: Be a deadbeat forever if I gave up now. She'd never let me hear the end of it.
Young Apollonia: Didn't you hear my prayer?
Eugen: ...!
Young Apollonia: Please, Sea God. Bring Dad home safe and sound.
Young Apollonia: I'll wait as long as it takes for him to come back.
Her image fades in a mist of light.
Eugen: Apollo...
Eugen: I won't leave your prayers to swim with the fish!
Spirit returning to him, Eugen turns toward the direction of the shrine.
Eugen: Just hold on a little bit longer... I'm comin', Apollo!
A warm wind once again blows at his back, as if to guide him forward.
He swims for the shore as fast as his arms and legs can part the sea.
Man: Damn it! Why can't I search through Leviathan's insides?
The man twists and contorts while verbally expressing his frustration.
He is at his wit's end after attempting various methods and failing to attain his desired result.
Man: The door is open... I am connected to Leviathan.
Man: Could it be that Leviathan itself is not able to interfere with its own innards?
Nora: Please... Isn't it about time we gave up? I don't think we'll make any progress at this rate.
Man: No... I'm not finished yet! There's still a way!
Man: If I increase the density of dark essence and drive Leviathan to madness, I might be able to draw out its hidden potential!
Nora: You can't do that! Apollo won't last under more strain!
Man: We're out of other options! Hurry and redo the magic circle—
Eugen: Afraid that's as far as you go with your scheme.
Cocking his gun, Eugen announces his arrival.
Man: Tch! Annoying worm!
Man: Raaah!
Eugen: Hup!
Eugen leaps back, then fires at the magic circle.
Man: Not on my watch!
The man dashes into the line of fire and takes the bullet instead.
Eugen: Just like I thought, you'd do anythin' to keep that circle safe!
Eugen: Guess we're in for a fight!
Man: Tch!
The two fathers warily face one another.
Eugen: I actually owe ya one! Thanks to my dip in the sea, I learned somethin' valuable!
Man: What?
Eugen: Finally realized why I've got this big gun in the first place!
Man: ...!
Eugen: Sorry to keep ya waitin', Apollo!
Apollonia: ...!
Apollonia twitches ever so slightly at Eugen's voice.
Eugen: Well, fella, this is where I put a stop to you.
Eugen: Little lady, you don't mind, right?
Nora: ...!
Nora gives Eugen a relieved smile in response.
Man: You're already too late to change anything!
Eugen: Right back at you!
Eugen charges at the other man.
Man: So you'll go for an all-or-nothing attack at point-blank range...
Eugen: Agh... Apollo! Listen to me!
Weaving between Leviathan's attacks, Eugen shouts at the top of his lungs.
Eugen: I know I did wrong by you! Caused you so much pain!
Eugen: I'm truly sorry! Words won't change much, yeah, but at least let me start with an apology!
Apollonia: What... in the world...
Eugen: I was scared of facin' you!
Eugen: Never tried to find out how you really felt inside!
Eugen: But I'm done runnin' away! Let's give this another shot! Talk face to face!
Apollonia: ...!
Eugen: Sure, I'm a thousand years late, but better late than never!
Eugen: After all...
Eugen jumps over Leviathan's body and aims the barrel of his gun at the magic circle.
Man: No!
Eugen: Come hell or high water, I'm your dad!
Eugen pulls the trigger before the man can move.
Man: Haaaaah!
As the man screams, a wall of water sprouts from the magic circle, blocking the bullet.
Eugen: What?
Man: Heh, idiot... The magic circle is connected to Leviathan.
Man: Now perish!
The man sends Eugen flying with blasts of water.
Eugen: Raaaagghhh!
Eugen: (Crap, my gun!)
Eugen struggles against the current, but his gun slips from his grasp and is washed away.
Man: We're both too late, are we? True, we make a pretty pathetic spectacle!
Man: But that matters little if I can return our lives to the way they were meant to be!
The man sends a mighty blast at Eugen.
Apollonia: ...!
Apollonia watches the scene unfold with wide eyes.
Apollonia: (Fool!)
Apollonia: (Saying what you want, and then taking your leave?)
Staring hard at Eugen, she prays internally with all her might.
Apollonia: (You're not allowed to die here!)
Her prayer is the same as the one she repeated throughout her childhood.
However, the attack continues heading toward Eugen. Unable to watch, Apollonia looks away.
When she finally directs her gaze back...
Man: Wh-where did you get that gun?
Eugen: Good question.
A ball of water had risen from the ocean, answering Apollonia's prayers.
It transformed into the shape of a gun and launched itself into Eugen's possession, allowing him to counterattack.
Eugen: (I can hear your voice comin' from this!)
Young Apollonia: So please... Keep my dad safe!
Apollonia: You're not allowed to die here!
Eugen: (Apollo, you've lent me your strength, huh?)
Man: Curse you! Stop getting in my waaaaaay!
Eugen: Thanks for the openin'!
Keeping the man at bay, Eugen fires a powerful blast at the magic circle.
The dark essence maintaining it is destroyed, and Apollonia is freed of her restraints.
Eugen: You okay, Apollo? Give me your hand—
Apollonia: Haaah!
Man: Agh!
Apollonia strikes the man as he tries to sneak an attack from behind Eugen.
Apollonia: Don't let your guard down. He's not finished yet.
Eugen: M-my bad... Sheesh, never gonna save face in front of ya, am I?
Adjusting his new gun, Eugen stands next to Apollonia.
Eugen: With the power comin' out of this gun, I shouldn't be too much of a handicap for ya.
Apollonia: You can talk big all you want. I don't expect anything from an old geezer.
Eugen: Oof, harsh! You've really grown into your own...
Man: I'm not done... I won't give up!
Eugen: He's comin', get ready!
Apollonia: Hmph, who do you think you're talking to?

A Promise for the Future: Scene 3

Nora's father is defeated, and Nora finally gains the courage to speak with him and stop him from his madness. A few days later, Apollonia's birthday party is held, and once the festivities conclude, Eugen and Apollonia visit a tavern together. Eugen apologizes to her once more and states his intent to move forward together. Apollonia presents him with a gun, the AK-4A, which was a gift she had prepared in anticipation of the day she could believe in Eugen again. Though their relationship is far from completely repaired, they resolve to start anew for the future.

Defeated by Eugen and Apollonia, the man's body glows bright.
Man: ...
He falls unconscious to the ground, devoid of Leviathan's power.
Nora: Father!
Nora rushes to his side.
Eugen: Whoa!
As Leviathan's form disappears, so too does the gun in Eugen's hands.
Apollonia: The AK-4A... It's returned to the sea.
Eugen: That's what it was called, eh?
Apollonia: ...
Apollonia: (Did the sea answer my past prayers, or...)
Night has passed, and the morning sun crests over the horizon, bathing them in sparkling light.
Eugen: Phew... Suppose that's a wrap.
Scratching his cheek, Eugen looks Apollo directly in the eyes.
Eugen: Let's have a proper conversation soon. Not to make up for the past, but... to work towards a better future.
Eugen: Whaddya say?
Apollonia: ...
Apollonia: I'm going to be busy these coming days. If you want to speak for an extended period...
Apollonia: I can probably make some time the day of my birthday celebration.
Eugen: Haha! Gotcha, I'll look forward to it!
Apollonia: I'll deal with the cleanup here. You take care of the father and daughter.
Eugen: Guess that means... I'm still invited to the party?
Eugen: Haha... She sure takes after me in that aspect.
Despite his words, a bright smile forms across his lips.
A few days go by.
Man: Ngh... Where am I?
Nora: Thank goodness, you're finally awake!
The man's bleary eyes drift from his daughter over to the other figure in the room.
Eugen: Sorry to intrude.
Man: You...
Eugen: Your body needed a rest after all that stress. You slept for three days straight.
Man: ...
Man: So I lost...
He heaves a sigh upon realizing his situation.
Man: I'll need to take a different approach for my next attempt and target the sea itself instead of Leviathan...
Eugen: Seriously? You're gonna try again?
Man: Naturally!
Man: I will never know happiness without Elena and Nora by my side!
Man: If Elena is in the sea, then that is where I'll go! As many times as it takes, no matter the method!
Nora: Father...
Eugen: ...
Eugen spends a moment searching for the right words to respond with.
Eugen: It's true your wife's waitin' for you in the wide waters out there.
Eugen: But aren't you forgettin' the person that's still here with ya?
Man: ...!
Eugen: I'm not exactly one to talk, but... maybe you should give Nora a chance to tell you what's been on her mind.
Nora leans forward, then speaks to her father.
Nora: Father... I'm sorry for everything.
Man: Nora? Why are you apologizing?
Nora: This whole time, I wanted to stop you.
Nora: But I was too scared. I thought I might lose you too if I did.
Nora: Now I'm done running away!
Nora: Let's move forward together, and live our lives to the fullest.
Man: Nora...
For the first time since the day his wife passed away, the man feels tears slide down his cheeks.
Man: Do you think Elena would forgive me for moving on?
Nora: Yeah, I'm certain she's giving us her blessing!
Nora nods, gripping her father's hand tight.
Time passes, and the day of Apollonia's birthday party arrives.
Familiar faces gather in the royal palace of Mephorash.
The initial festivities are concluded, and gifts are presented. Soon it is Eugen's turn to give his.
Eugen: Happy birthday, Apollo.
Eugen: This here's from me... to you!
He reveals a large box and opens the lid.
Apollonia: Oh? This is...
Orchis: What is it?
Orchid: I want to know too...
The inside is neatly filled with whetstones, cloth, lubricating oils, magic tools, and other equipment.
Eugen: A collection of maintenance gear for weapons and armor. A must-have for any knight, and a practical, usable gift.
Apollonia: Whetstones rumored to last a hundred years, magic tools perfectly suited for sword restoration, plus oils that can only be obtained from the rarest of monsters...
Apollonia: Everything is of astonishingly high quality. And to think you'd gather such a quantity as well.
Eugen: Asked a few of my old craftsmen pals for the hookup! I owe 'em a few favors now, but it's worth it.
Apollonia: Heh... And here I was thinking you brought me another book.
Eugen: Pretty sure these'll serve you better now than somethin' like that.
Apollonia accepts the box with a faint smile.
Once the party concludes, Eugen and Apollonia make their way to a nearby tavern.
Eugen: Nora and her father came by a few days ago. Apologized for the mess and such.
Apollonia: They paid me a visit as well. But I assured them that trouble is an everyday occurrence in my life.
Eugen: You too, huh? Luckily seems like things are goin' good for 'em.
Eugen: Even thinking of openin' a shop for magic equipment apparently.
Apollonia: Heh... They do have a penchant for magic.
She picks up her cup and takes a sip.
Eugen: ...
Apollonia: What are you staring for?
Eugen: Ah, sorry... Just kinda hit me that you're old 'nough to drink.
Apollonia: Really now... More importantly, what did you bring us here to talk about?
Eugen: Haha... Right to the point, I see.
Steeling himself, Eugen faces Apollonia.
Eugen: I'm a million years late, but it needs sayin' anyway.
Eugen: I'm truly, sincerely sorry for goin' off on my own and causin' you no end of hurt.
Eugen: Not just you, either. I'm sorry for lettin' Artemisia down too.
He bows his head low and keeps it there.
Apollonia: It's fine... or so I'd like to say.
Apollonia: Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you for everything.
Eugen: ...
Apollonia: But... I've grown to understand what it means to fight for who's important to you, and what it's like to lose that person.
Apollonia: For me, it was Orchis. For you, it was my mother.
Apollonia: We're more alike than I want to admit.
She takes another sip of her drink.
Then she reaches down to the case at her feet and pulls out the object inside.
Apollonia: This is for you.
Eugen: N-no way...
Eugen gapes in sheer disbelief.
Eugen: The AK-4A! But shouldn't it be in the ocean?
Brand-new and shining, a picture-perfect replica of the gun rests in front of him.
Apollonia: Didn't you think it was strange that I knew its name right away?
Apollonia: The original was something I commissioned a while back.
Apollonia: Eugen... I had it specially made for you.
Eugen: ...!
Apollonia: Do you remember what you said to me before in Auguste?
Eugen: Heh... I won't ask you to trust me.
Eugen: But I'll keep waiting until you do.
Apollonia: I thought you were only saying what was convenient for you.
Apollonia: But a part of me imagined it... That there would actually be a day that I'd come to believe in you.
Eugen: ...!
Apollonia: So I had a gift prepared in anticipation of that occasion.
Eugen: ...
Apollonia: The other day, my memories and will were apparently manifested into the form of this gun.
Eugen: ...
Apollonia: How long do you intend to gawk? Did you forget how to speak?
Apollonia: Or are you about to tell me again, like you did in the past, that a gun isn't meant for a child's hands?
Eugen: You know I won't do that now... I'm just... I dunno what to say.
Apollonia's sarcastic joke finally spurs Eugen into taking the gun into his own hands.
Eugen: Thanks, Apollo.
Apollonia: I can guarantee it works well. Just make sure you keep it maintained.
Eugen: Right.
He cradles the gun as if it were a precious artifact.
Eugen: You had this made... 'specially for me...
Eugen: Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine...
Apollonia: Hey... Don't burst out into tears here. You'll cause a scene.
Eugen: Sorry, you're right... This is a time for celebratin'!
Eugen: Haha, guess this old man's gotten emotional over the years!
Apollonia: Here. Use this handkerchief.
After numerous hardships, Eugen and Apollonia have taken a step forward together.
What feels like a warm sea breeze caresses their cheeks, watching over their reunion.
Apollonia: Thanks for coming back... Dad.
The words, whispered as they are, don't reach Eugen's ears.
But the warm atmosphere and his happy tears are more than enough for now.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
おっと…弾が切れちまった Darnit... I'm out of rounds!
あらよっと!調子が出てきたぜ Ha ha! I've got a rhythm goin'!
おいおい…休む暇もねぇな Come on! No time to rest now!
あんまりよ…ジジィをこき使うなよ Hey now, don't work an old man too hard!
くはは…どうよこの必殺の銃さばき! Kyahaha! Like that killer shot?
見切れんのかい…オレの、銃弾がよ! Can ya keep up with all this shootin'?
オレは信じるぜ…信じて待ち続ける… I've got faith... That's why I keep waitin'.
まぁまぁ…そう熱くなるなよ Well now, ya don't need to get so mad...
(主人公)よ、気張らず行こうぜ! (Captain). Keep movin', but don't push it!
(主人公)、どうした、元気ねぇな (Captain), what's wrong? Yer lookin' down...


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