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Official Profile

Npc f 3040197000 01.jpg Kumbhira
Age 19 years old
Height 143 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Reading, flower fortune telling
Likes Taking care of her piglets, going to hot springs
Dislikes SeizaJapanese traditional formal way of sitting, coldness
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
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Npc f 3040197000 01.jpg Kumbhira
Age 19歳
Height 143cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 読書、花占い
Likes ウリ坊達の世話、温泉に入ること
Dislikes 正座、寒さ
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3030279000 01.jpg Kumbhira (Event)
Age 19 years old
Height 143 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Reading, flower fortune telling
Likes Taking care of her piglets, going to hot springs
Dislikes SeizaJapanese traditional formal way of sitting, coldness
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030279000 01.jpg Kumbhira (Event)
Age 19歳
Height 143cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 読書、花占い
Likes ウリ坊達の世話、温泉に入ること
Dislikes 正座、寒さ
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
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  • Like the other Divine Generals in Granblue Fantasy, her name is derived from the Twelve Heavenly Generals in Buddhism. Her English name is based on her corresponding General's Sanskrit name, typically romanized as Kiṃbhīra or Kumbhīra.[5][6]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. I'm glad we get to celebrate your special day together.
Let me take a breath... Phew... We only get to have this day once a year, so I have something I want to say.
I never imagined I would be on a journey with anyone.
Honestly, I'm really glad I came on this adventure with you.
And yet, here I am, having so many new experiences. It's all thanks to you.
Hah. And now I can't imagine my future not traveling with you.
I can't wait to celebrate your birthday again next year.
Haha... Sorry, I'm being weird right now.
Thanks for everything you've done so far, (Captain).


Kumbhira: Haha... (Captain), happy birthday!
There's just something so mellow about this all that I can't help but smile.
I guess deep down, I'm really happy we get to celebrate such an important day to you.
Hamward: Squeeaal!
Kumbhira: Ahaha, even Hamward's a bundle of joy.
Thomboar: Squee-squeal!
Kumbhira: That's right. We owe so much to (Captain).
Pigchelle: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hm? You guys think we should do anything (Captain) asks? Great idea!
So, (Captain), me and the piglets are gonna do whatever you ask us to do. Be it cooking, cleaning, a massage, or anything else...
We're gonna make this the best birthday you've ever had, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Ah, the start of a new year. I'd better think of a resolution...
But, wait a minute, what's that large box for?
Wh-whoa! Paper, pencils, tic-tac-toe boards, pin-the-tail on the donkey, fireworks, a ball, and playing cards...
(Captain), it looks like your resolution is to play as many games as possible.
Hehe. I like it. I'll play with you.
But watch out. I've had plenty of practice playing these kinds of games with my brothers and sisters, so I'm pretty good.
So, which one should we start with?


What an impressive shrine. Look at all the visitors today.
It always gets so busy at the Boar Temple when it comes time for New Year's.
Sigh... I hope everyone's okay back there...
All right, I've decided!
I'm going to pray that everyone at the Boar Temple makes it through New Year's okay.
Wha? Shouldn't you pray for yourself before you pray for me?
Ahaha... Maybe we can try offering two prayers.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Handmade, ready-made... Handmade, ready-made...
Kumbhira is holed up in the hallway, plucking the petals off of a flower.
Ah! (Captain)!
Mmm... You didn't hear anything! I was just, um, doing a little bit of self fortune-telling.
(Mm... Looks like I didn't need to buy chocolates after all...)
Heh, um... I tried making these chocolates for you.
You're always doing your best for us, so I made them with love.
I even asked Lyria and Vyrn what your favorite falvors are...
So, um, please take them.
I hope you like them, (Captain).


(Captain), here's your Valentine's gift: homemade chocolates.
Andira had such a big grin on her face when I had her try one out, so I'm feeling pretty confident about these.
I came to you this year with only homemades ones on-hand.
I figured my feelings—gratitude and all—would get through to you better that way...
Anyway, I really put my heart into making these, so I hope you enjoy them.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Kumbhira: (Captain), is something going on today? Everyone seems on edge.
Huh? It's White Day?
What! You're giving this to me? To thank me for Valentine's Day?
Are you sure?
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hamward! What have I told you about coming out without telling me!
Choose: Ah! You're hampy!
Kumbhira: H-hey! You know I hate that word!
Mm... But thanks.
I'll try harder on next year's Valentine's Day gift.


Kumbhira: This is to pay me back for Valentine's? Thanks, (Captain)!
This small package is for all the little boars? You went through the extra trouble...
Piglets: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hey, don't just jump out like that!
Haha, I guess we can make a special exception for today. (Captain) deserves all the thanks we can give him.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain), I'm hooome...
Choose: Trick or treat!
Haha, sorry. I'm all out of candy.
Wasn't I just out to buy some more, you ask?
Yeah, but on my way home I saw so many trick-or-treaters, and I handed it all out.
You have to play a prank on me because I couldn't give you any candy?
Well, do what you must. But go easy on me.


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
There! For the first time in my life, I got to say "trick or treat"!
Since we never celebrated Halloween back in my village, it felt really hectic last year handing out candy to children...
Oh, it looks like you don't have any treats, (Captain). That must mean you're prepared for a trick.
I suppose now's a good time as any to try out the tickling antics that Anila taught me...
Why do I find myself hesitating now that it's actually time to do it...
Here goes...
Kumbhira bashfully pokes (Captain) on the cheek.
Th-that's my trick...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Kumbhira: (Captain), welcome back. And happy holidays. Where were ya?
Just buying some stuff for tonight's feast? I see. Glad you're back.
Was it cold outside? Here, my little piglets will help warm you up.
Piglets: Squee!
Kumbhira: Hehe. Sit beside me so they can warm us both up.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Guardian of the North-Northwest

While heading to the Boar Temple, (Captain) and company bump into its guardian, Kumbhira, the soon-to-be year spirit. Sensing the divine general's desire to grow, (Captain) offers her a chance to join the crew.

During the crew's travels, they hear tales of the Boar Temple, said to house one of the Twelve Divine Generals.
According to the stories, simply visiting this sacred ground is enough to invite good health and fortune into one's life. Thus the crew decides to venture to the temple of the north-northwest.
They arrive at the mountain where the temple is located, but after a few hours pass, they realize they've been walking in circles.
Vyrn: Oof... I thought for sure we were going the right way...
Lyria: Look! Someone's standing next to the pond over there!
A girl squats over the edge of the water, dutifully washing what appears to be three tiny boar piglets.
???: How's that, Hamward? Feel good?
Hamward: Squeeeal!
???: Hehe. I'm glad. Okay, you're up next, Thomboar.
Thomboar: Squee-squee!
Lyria: She seems really nice!
Vyrn: Maybe she knows where the road to the temple is!
(Captain) nods and begins to walk in the girl's direction, stepping on a twig in the process. Crunch.
???: Who goes there?
The girl snaps her head toward the crew. Her gaze is piercing as she stares at them.
Vyrn: Um... Is it just me or is she leering at us? What should we do, (Captain)?
  1. Just smile and wave.
  2. Let's call out to her.

Choose: Just smile and wave.
Lyria: You're right! We have to let her know we mean no harm.
Vyrn: You got it! I'll grin with all my might!
Smiling from ear to ear, they each wave their arms in the air.
???: Who are these weirdos...
Lyria: Uh-oh... She looks even more on edge now.

Choose: Let's call out to her.
Vyrn: Yeah, good thinking. We'd better let her know we come in peace!
Lyria: Hiiiii! I'm Lyyyria!
Vyrn: And I'm Vyyyrn!
Hamward: Squealy-squealy-squeal!
???: Hamward! Don't answer them! What if they're bad people!
Lyria: Oh no... She looks even more suspicious of us now.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Guess we've gotta go over and introduce ourselves the old-fashioned way.
After a deep breath to calm their nerves, they approach the pond.
???: You there. Why have you come to this mountain?
Vyrn: Well, um, we're here to visit the Boar Temple. But the path was really confusing, so...
???: The Boar Temple? Temple visitors would normally use the road...
(Captain) explains that they've come from a different island, and that they never saw a road from their docking port.
???: Mmmhm.
???: Yeah, I just can't get over how weird you guys are. You even have a flying lizard for crying out loud.
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no lizard! And we ain't weird!
Just as tensions begin to boil over, something soft and warm brushes against (Captain)'s legs.
Looking down, (Captain) sees three tiny boars vying for the captain's attention.
Piglets: Squeee...
Lyria: Wow! (Captain), it looks like you've made friends!
???: Seriously, these piglets... What did I just tell you three about strangers!
The trio of lovable fur balls manage to diffuse the situation with their adorable squealing.
???: Even you, Pigchelle? I thought you knew better...
Pigchelle: Squee-squee!
(Captain) bends down and pets Pigchelle, causing the tiny creature to squeak in delight.
Lyria: Haha. She's so cute!
???: Thanks...
Vyrn: Whoa! They disappeared! Were we just seein things?
???: It's fine. They've just returned to me.
Lyria: Like... inside of you?
???: Yes. They're like my little guardians. We've been together since I was born.
???: Even though it's their first time seeing you, they weren't intimidated at all.
???: They can sense malice, so I guess if they like you that means you're not bad people. Then again, it's best not to take chances...
The girl paces a bit before finding a flower in half-bloom. She plucks it from the ground and peels away its petals one at a time.
???: Trust them, trust them not, trust them, trust them not...
Pluck, pluck, pluck. One by one the petals fall until the girl arrives at the final petal. She breathes a sigh of relief.
???: Trust... them. Yup. My piglets were right.
Vyrn: What was that just now? Some kinda weird pig prophecy?
???: Not really. More like simple fortune-telling. I learned it from my predecessor.
???: You know what, let's walk and talk. I'll take you folks to the temple grounds.
(Captain) thanks the swine-toting girl before following behind her.
As they head toward the temple, the crew get some surprising news.
Vyrn: What, you mean to tell me you're this year's spirit? Never woulda thought we'd meet you on the side of a mountain!
???: Yep, I'm Kumbhira. Guardian of the Boar Temple.
Kumbhira: Who're you guys anyway?
Vyrn: Whoops! Forgot to introduce ourselves!
Vyrn launches into the crew's back story, explaining their goals and their journey thus far.
Kumbhira: You guys seriously want to go to Estalucia?
Kumbhira: Picking fights with the empire, primal beasts, and what have you... You don't seem like liars, but this is all hard to believe.
Vyrn: Haha. I promise it's all true! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) gives a good-natured smile to the still unconvinced Kumbhira.
Kumbhira: (Unwavering, honest eyes...)
Kumbhira: (What is it about those eyes... They remind me of someone.)
Kumbhira: We're here. Welcome to the Boar Temple.
Vyrn: Yowza, this crowd is intense!
???: Welcome back, Lady Kumbhira. Were you able to relax?
Kumbhira: Yeah, I guess. Thanks for covering for me.
Kumbhira introduces the old woman as a priestess of the Boar Temple who usually helps out with the day-to-day ceremonies.
Priestess: Lady Kumbhira, it's almost time...
Kumbhira: You're right... I'll be back, you guys.
Lyria: Oh, you have to go now?
Kumbhira: Yeah. There's a ritual that's gotta be performed before we start the new year—important temple stuff.
Tough Guy: Oy, girl. Word has it yer the divine boar, mm? They say yer as strong as they come.
A couple of muscle-ripped men approach Kumbhira, their aggressive intentions clear.
Rough Man: What's that they say you've got? "Blessed might" or whatever? Let us put those stories to the test.
Vyrn: You knuckleheads for real? Seems pretty rude to just...
Kumbhira puts her hand up to silence Vyrn. She then addresses the two men in a quiet, controlled voice.
Kumbhira: Here's the deal: pick up my little toy over here, and I'll fight you.
She directs their attention toward a massive bamboo pipe resting atop a sacred pedestal.
Tough Guy: What? That's it? I've had a harder time fightin' slimes—
Tough Guy: Ngh?
Rough Man: Stop being a piece of bonito crap and lift that stupid piece of bamboo!
Tough Guy: This has gotta be some kind of trick! Is it glued to the altar or something?
Kumbhira: Not at all.
Red-faced from exertion, the man loosens his grip on the pipe, and Kumbhira walks up to the holy instrument. She lifts it with ease.
Tough Guy: N-no way! Are you some kind of super Draph?
Rough Man: We're sorry! Please forgive us!
Vyrn: Wow, those dudes weren't kidding when they said you had—what was it again?—blessed strength.
Kumbhira: Not really. It was nothing.
Kumbhira: Anyway, I've got a ritual to prepare for. Bye for now.
Priestess: Excuse me, skyfarers. Would you like to see Lady Kumbhira at work?
Lyria: That sounds interesting. Let's go watch her, (Captain)!
Lyria: Wow... It might be even more crowded here than the front of the grounds!
The priestess leads them to an open rock face behind the temple.
There they find a huge group of people clustered around a large boulder tied with a thick rope.
Vyrn: What's gonna happen here?
Priestess: Omencrushing. That stone is filled with bad luck and misfortune. Lady Kumbhira will pulverize it and then lift a prayer for good health and fortune. It's a sacred tradition here at the Boar Temple.
Vyrn: She can pulverize that?
Vyrn looks up at the massive boulder just as Kumbhira finishes scaling it, her bamboo pipe slung across a shoulder.
Kumbhira: ...
She breathes in and raises the divine instrument above her head.
Kumbhira: Haaaaaaaa!
Lyria: What the! Where did the rock go?
Vyrn: She smashed it to dust. In one hit.
Kumbhira: Phew!
Kumbhira: I am Kumbhira, the guardian of the north-northwest and the divine boar!
Kumbhira: And I offer this contract to the heavens, so that we may find good fortune and prosperity throughout the year!
The moment she finishes her prayer, the crowd erupts into applause.
Temple Visitor 1: Gotta give it to the divine boar; she's amazing. The journey here was long, but I'm glad I came.
Temple Visitor 1: But then again, you know...
Temple Visitor 2: Yeah, I understand. She's great, but she's still nothing like the last divine boar.
Kumbhira: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa... She's taking off! Let's catch up to her and see what's wrong, (Captain)!
Kumbhira: I've never crushed omens like that before... But still...
Pigchelle: Squee...
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: You thought it was hamtastic? Thanks, Hamward.
Kumbhira: Too bad my personal best doesn't live up to my predecessor's average day.
Kumbhira: I'll never be worthy of the people who visit this temple.
Lyria: Kumbhira! It was incredible how you just went baaam and smashed that rock!
Kumbhira: Oh, you guys were there? Thanks for coming.
Vyrn: You've got some extreme muscle! Is that from some kind of crazy, hidden power or what?
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: Sorry. I don't have blessed might or anything like it.
Vyrn: Uh? Wait a minute... Didn't you just smash a boulder? Like, into dust?
Lyria: Yes, and that pipe you used for the Omencrushing, those men couldn't even lift it before.
Kumbhira: This old thing... Its full title is Recklessness Incarnate, Revered Lance of Dripping Gold.
Kumbhira: I call it "Recker" for short., but it's a weapon that only the divine boar can wield properly. I can change its weight at will.
Vyrn: So when you lifted it earlier, you just made it lighter?
Kumbhira gives an embarrassed nod before continuing.
Kumbhira: The former divine boar, she really did possess blessed might. She would even pump up Recker's weight way beyond normal and swing it like it was a twig.
Kumbhira: I don't have strength like that—I can't actually use Recker the way it's meant to be.
Kumbhira: In all the history of this temple, there's been only one divine boar without the legendary blessed strength, and, well... you're looking at her.
Vyrn: But the Omencrushing was great! If you weren't already super strong, then there's no way you coulda managed that!
Kumbhira: That was just practice. I've been training for the ritual since I was a child.
Kumbhira: I've spent weeks examining boulders from every point, and now I can see their weakest spots. Once you know the proper angle of attack, it's nothing to destroy a dumb stone with Recker.
Kumbhira: That's why the Omencrushing was nothing special. I've been in this village forever now—just looking at rocks and practicing for one, specific ritual.
Lyria: Oh, we didn't mean to... We're sorry to...
Kumbhira: Don't worry about it. I decided a long time ago that I would become a divine boar worthy of the title.
Kumbhira: Even if I don't have the blessed might of the other boars, I'll work until the people see me the same way they saw my predecessor.
Vyrn: Your predecessor? You really wanna be like her?
Kumbhira: Yep. She was amazing.
Kumbhira: One time, a rampaging primal came to this island. But she knocked it clear across the sky with one hit from Recker.
Kumbhira: She was cheerful, kind, and honest, and she had the strength of the divine boars before her. She was truly loved by the village.
Kumbhira: But after she finished the previous Omencrushing, she just disappeared.
A dejected Kumbhira lowers her gaze to the ground.
Kumbhira: It's finally my turn to fulfill the sacred duties, but I've since realized I'm not good enough yet...
Kumbhira: I'm a far cry from what my predecessor was, that's for sure...
Vyrn: Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: Hey, (Captain)...
Kumbhira: How can you lead your crew to Estalucia? You don't know what awaits you there, yet you still continue forward, unwavering.
Kumbhira: How can you fight foes like the empire and primal beasts again and again?
Kumbhira: And how... How did you get the strength to handle all of that?
  1. Because I've got my crew.

Choose: Because I've got my crew.
Vyrn: That's right. There's plenty that we've struggled with, but nothing we couldn't handle together.
Lyria: Yes, if we weren't there to support each other along the way, I think we would've given up a long time ago.
Kumbhira: A crew... That's why you're so strong?
Kumbhira: Hah. So that's what I've been missing: friends. I've been training alone for so long.
(Captain) notices something change in Kumbhira's demeanor.
  1. Come with us on our journey!

Choose: Come with us on our journey!
Kumbhira: Huh?
Vyrn: Heh-heh, good thinking, (Captain)! I'm all for it!
Lyria: Yes, Kumbhira! You're welcome to join us!
Kumbhira: (Me, exploring the skies? I've never thought about that before...)
Kumbhira: Sorry, no can do. I've been stuck in my village for so long...
  1. You won't know unless you try!

Choose: You won't know unless you try!
Kumbhira: ...!
Kumbhira: I'm not strong... How am I ever going to live up to the title of divine boar...
Former Divine Boar: Silly sow, you won't know unless you try!
Kumbhira: (Hah, that's right...)
Kumbhira: ((Captain)'s resolve... It's just like hers.)
Just then a bell rings throughout the compound, returning Kumbhira to her senses.
Kumbhira: Sorry. I've still got a few responsibilities to take care of, so I'd better get going.
  1. The offer's still open!

Choose: The offer's still open!
Vyrn: Yeah! The offer's still on the table!
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria are left wondering whether Kumbhira would consider their final pleas.
Priestess: ...
After taking care of her duties, Kumbhira heads to an empty field to sit and clear her head.
Kumbhira: (Paid my respects to the village chief, so now I can finally take a break.)
Priestess: May I ask you something? Why didn't you go with those skyfarers?
Kumbhira: How did you sneak up on—Ah, so you heard our conversation, huh?
Priestess: Lady Kumbhira, I've watched over you since you were crawling on the ground. I can tell when you're not being honest with yourself.
Kumbhira: Cut it out... I'm not a little kid anymore.
Priestess: Are you sure you don't want to go with them?
Kumbhira: I'm the divine boar, right?
Kumbhira: Everyone's been expecting big things from me pretty much since I was born...
Priestess: I believe you're already aware of this, but there is no precept that states the divine boar must reside in the village.
Priestess: Of course, the former boar stayed here for quite a long time. But that was simply of her own volition.
Kumbhira: ...
Priestess: Lady Kumbhira, the way you conducted the Omencrushing today was exceptional.
Kumbhira: But I overheard some of the crowd say they thought she did an even better job. I feel like I'm letting everyone down.
Priestess: Well... I don't believe that's true at all.
Kumbhira: Huh?
Priestess: The people of this village know you're always working yourself to the bone.
Priestess: And you—even without any blessed strength—were able to put on a magnificent display today.
Priestess: No matter what the people from the village or anywhere else might say, you are a beloved and worthy divine boar.
Kumbhira: ...!
Priestess: Which is why, Lady Kumbhira, it behooves you to choose what will make you happy.
Priestess: In any case, I'm looking forward to watching you become even more awe-inspiring as we approach this new year.
Priestess: Please, take care of yourself.
Kumbhira: Ugh, why would she say all of that and confuse me more...
Kumbhira: What should I do?
Kumbhira: ...
Looking down, Kumbhira spots a flower. She plucks it from the ground and begins chanting.
Kumbhira: To go, to go not...
Priestess: Which is why, Lady Kumbhira, it behooves you to choose what will make you happy.
Kumbhira: To go, to go not...
Vyrn: Yeah! The offer's still on the table!
Kumbhira: To go... to go not...
Former Divine Boar: Silly sow, you won't know unless you try!
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: That's what she said when I was unsure about becoming the divine boar. I sure do miss her.
Kumbhira places the flower on the ground and looks up to the clouds.
Kumbhira: The sky's so big and blue. But it's the same sky that (Captain) and the others are exploring every day.
Kumbhira: Do I really have what it takes to fly? I don't know. I don't know, but then again...
Kumbhira: I won't know unless I try!
She stands and begins racing across the field with all of her might.
The flower lies atop the grass, facing the sky and half of its petals still intact.
Vyrn: Aww, I know how you feel, (Captain), but maybe we should get goin' soon.
Lyria: Wait, look over there!
Lyria points to a figure charging at them with furious speed.
Lyria: It's Kumbhira! She's headed right for us!
Kumbhira: Pant, pant... (Captain)...
Kumbhira: Let me... join your crew!
Vyrn: Kumbhira!
Kumbhira: I want to be a worthy divine boar! Just like the boar before me!
Kumbhira: I'm not sure if I'll ever be good enough, but even still...
Kumbhira: I can't give up yet. And I realize now I won't become like her if I keep at it alone.
Kumbhira: That's why I want to travel with your crew and learn from you! I have to challenge myself!
Kumbhira: I'll do anything... So please, (Captain)!
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Filled with excitement, (Captain) nods with gusto.
Vyrn: Didn't we tell you the offer's always open, Kumboara!
Lyria: Glad to have you with us!
Kumbhira: Thank you, everyone!
Hamward: Squeal!
Kumbhira: Whoa, Hamward! What have I told you about appearing without my permission!
Lyria: Hehe. I think he felt how happy you are, so he just wants to celebrate with you.
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Th-that's not it at all...
Kumbhira: Oh, whatever. You can't trust any of these piglets with your secrets.
Just before boarding the Grandcypher, Kumbhira turns to take a final look at the mountain she's always called home.
Kumbhira: (Wait for me. I'll come back stronger than ever!)
She takes a step into the airship, the first step of new adventure and determination.
The Grandcypher lifts off into the air, heading north-northwest into the blue sky, as vast as the possibilities it holds.

Have Boar, Will Travel

One afternoon members of the crew are discussing vacation plans. Kumbhira stumbles into this conversation, and she's asked where she would like to venture, although she finds herself unable to give a solid answer. Moments later Anila and Andira appear and invite Kumbhira, (Captain), and the others to go shopping.

It's been some time since Kumbhira first joined the crew.
One afternoon...
Vyrn: We should go to a place with a pretty view.
Lyria: That would be nice, but I'd rather go to somewhere with delicious food!
Having found some time off from their usual hectic adventures, a few members of the crew decide to take a vacation.
Unfortunately they can't seem to reach a consensus on the travel itinerary.
Kumbhira: Are you guys talking about that trip again?
Lyria: Yes! Eating new food is what makes travel worth it!
Vyrn: No, it's all about the views! What's better than seeing cool stuff?
Kumbhira: Hahaha... Sounds like you guys haven't gotten very far in your negotiations.
  1. Kumbhira, where do you want to go?

Choose: Kumbhira, where do you want to go?
Kumbhira: Huh, me?
Kumbhira: Well...
Lyria: Is there a place you want to see?
Kumbhira: Not really. I'm okay with anywhere.
Kumbhira: How about I help you guys prepare instead? I'm sure you need help packing or something, right?
Vyrn: Sure do! Thanks, Kumbhira! You're the best!
Lyria: Hehe, Kumbhira, you're like our big sister, constantly taking care of us!
Lyria: You always play with Vyrn and me—Oh, and you helped us with the cooking the other day too!
Kumbhira: I guess it's because I've spent a lot of time around younger kids. I've got ten younger brothers and sisters, you know, and each of them is wilder than any baby boar.
Vyrn: Ah, well, that explains why everyone considers you their big sis!
Kumbhira: Everyone? Surely not everyone...
Any version of Andira is a crew member

Andira: Kuuumbbhiiii!
Any version of Andira is a crew member

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No version of Andira in crew

???: Kuuumbbhiiii!
Continue 1
Kumbhira: Oof!
Any version of Andira is a crew member

Like a monkey-shaped bat out of hell, Andira flies into the room and hug-tackles Kumbhira.
Any version of Andira is a crew member

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No version of Andira in crew

Like a monkey-shaped bat out of hell, the guardian of the west-northwest, Andira, flies into the room and hug-tackles Kumbhira.
Having heard that Kumbhira's joined the crew, she's come to the Grandcypher to pay her old friend a visit.
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Kumbhira: Andy! What the heck! We've got to teach you to warn people before you launch yourself at them!
Andira: Mmm... Kumbhi, you're so warm...
Any version of Anila is a crew member

Anila: Hehe. I thought Andira was just up to her hyperactive antics again, but then I realized she was just excited because she saw you from across the room, Kumbhira.
Any version of Anila is a crew member

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No version of Anila in crew

???: Hehe. I thought Andira was just up to her hyperactive antics again, but then I realized she was just excited because she saw you from across the room, Kumbhira.
Any version of Andira is a crew member, No version of Anila in crew

This is Anila, the sheep guardian charged with protecting the south-southwest.
She's come to check up on Kumbhira, to make sure she's acclimating to the Grandcypher.

No version of Andira in crew, No version of Anila in crew

This is Anila, the sheep guardian charged with protecting the south-southwest.
She and Andira, with their characteristic sister-like warmth, have come to check up on Kumbhira.
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Kumbhira: Anila, you've come too.
Anila: Yes. This port town, it's got a merchant district with great bargains.
Andira: We thought we'd invite you guys to check it out with us!
Anila: So how about it? Want to come?
  1. Let's go!

Choose: Let's go!
Putting the travel talk aside for now, the crew decides to head out for a day of shopping.
Vyrn: Heh-heh. I hope they've got juicy apples for sale.
Kumbhira: Andira, what is it that you want to buy anyway?
Andira: Nothing special. I just thought it would be fun!
Kumbhira: Wait, so you're not after anything in particular?
Anila: Sometimes the things you actually want find you... That's the true wonder of shopping.
Kumbhira: Hmm... Sure, if you say so...
Anila: Anyway, Andira, it's about time we left. Why don't you give dear Kumbhira a little space?
Andira winces at the thought; she's been attached to Kumbhira's back since boarding the Grandcypher.
Andira: Heh-heh... I'm fine like this! Kumbhira might get away if I don't hold on!
Lyria: Ahaha. You've even got your tail wrapped around her.
Kumbhira: Haha. You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can't take the monkey out of the girl.
Andira: Thaaaat's right! Some of us are born to horse and some of us are born to ride! Giddyap, Kumbhi!
Kumbhira: Fine, but you're definitely walking back to the Grandcypher. Got it?
Andira: I will definitely consider it!
Kumbhira: Seriously? I can't keep this up all day.
Lyria: Hehe. Shopping with you three is going to be so much fun!
Andira: Onward noble boar-steed! We've got stuff to buy!
With Andira's delighted cries pushing them on, (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, Kumbhira, and Anila head for the market district.

Have Boar, Will Travel: Scene 2

After a few hours of frolicking in the market district, Kumbhira realizes she enjoys shopping with the others. Just as Anila finishes explaining the inherent joy in sharing experiences with friends, the conversation is cut short by a pair of ruffians threatening a shopkeeper.

(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and three of the Twelve Divine Generals are happily meandering through the market district.
Vyrn: Whoa, this place is packed!
Merchants are hawking their wares for far lower than normal, and hoards of hungry consumers have come to take advantage of the savings.
Kumbhira: ...
Vyrn: Huh? What is it, Kumbhira?
Kumbhira: It's nothing. There's just... way too many people.
Kumbhira: (These shops are bursting at the seams! I've only ever read about such crowds in books...)
Andira: Hey, Anila! They're selling fluffy clothes over here! Oh, and there's plushies too!
Anila: Oh my! There's so much! I'm paralyzed by all the choices!
Anila: But look at how cute this scarf is! So soft and white!
Lyria: Those vegetables look yummy, and these rare fruits—Oh, there's even a vendor handing out meat samples!
Kumbhira: (What gives? They're jumping at the chance to check out every little thing...)
Kumbhira: (First this store, then that one—are they seriously thinking of buying everything they come across?)
As each crew member haphazardly scours the stores, Kumbhira is left dumbfounded.
Anila: Now this is a nice texture. Here, Kumbhira, feel it.
Kumbhira: Oh, you're right. It's so soft...
Lyria: Andira, they're selling cotton candy over there!
Andira: Cotton candy? It's our lucky day!
Andira: Hey, Kumbhi, do you like cotton candy?
Kumbhira: Huh? Sure?
Andira: Good! That settles it! Next stop: cotton candy heaven!
Lyria: Haha! Let's go!
Anila: Hold on now, you two! Don't go wandering off on your own. Here, hold my hand!
Andira: Heh-heh. Can I use my tail?
Lyria: Haha, Andira, you grabbed Kumbhira with your tail again!
Kumbhira: Oh well, this way we won't get separated. Safety first.
Anila: Lyria, you hold my hand.
Lyria: Okay!
Kumbhira: Haha...
Kumbhira: (Even though we're not after anything in particular, I can't deny I'm enjoying myself...)
Kumbhira: (How weird. I've never felt this way before.)
Now armed with cotton candy aplenty, they continue through the district.
Kumbhira: (Oh, this choker is beautiful...)
Suddenly a gleam catches Kumbhira's eye, and she finds herself completely charmed by a beautiful necklace sitting in a store display.
Andira: Kumbhi! Look! They've got walnuts painted to look like little boars over here!
Kumbhira: Really? Where?
Despite her interest in the piece of jewelry, Kumbhira is unable to assert her own shopping desires.
Andira: Ooo, everybody! That grocer looks like they've got good stuff! Come on!
Vyrn: Whew... Can't we take a break first? My wings are howlin'...
Lyria: I bet they have apples though.
Vyrn: Yeah? What are we waitin' for! To the grocer!
Anila: Hehe. I love it when everyone is enjoying themselves.
Kumbhira: How about you, Anila? You having fun?
Anila: Of course! Visiting all of these shops with my good friends—I love it.
Kumbhira: Good friends, huh?
Kumbhira: (Maybe that's why this has been a strangely enjoyable afternoon?)
???: Seriously? That's still way too expensive!
???: B-but, I'll starve if I make it any cheaper!
The sounds of an argument spill out from the alleyway behind the crew.
Heading in the direction of the clamor, the crew finds several men surrounding a meek shopkeeper.
Rough Customer: I thought the customer was always right. They not teach you that at merchant school?
Anila: Those men... They've got blades on them.
Kumbhira: I don't think they're trying to negotiate for lower prices.
Rough Customer: Hey, what're you punks looking at! Get the hell out of here!
Kumbhira: We could say the same to you, pal. I promise this is going to go a lot better for you if you just leave now.
Rough Customer: Big words for a buncha kids! You don't know who you're dealing with!
The men draw their respective weapons and turn their attention toward (Captain)'s band.
Anila: Well, you warned them. Guess we have to rake them over the coals.
Kumbhira: Looking forward to it. Let's get 'em, Anila, (Captain)!

Have Boar, Will Travel: Scene 3

With their shopping adventures concluded, the crew head to the park to take a break. Anila advises Kumbhira, telling her to talk about her wants and needs with her friends. Kumbhira, having gained confidence since her travels with (Captain) began, promises Anila that she'll try to be more honest with her feelings.

After defeating the rowdy men, the crew continues exploring the market.
Soon enough, they finish their shopping and head to a nearby park for a stroll.
Kumbhira: I'm beat. How about we take a break?
Piglets: Squee-squee!
Sheep: Baaa!
Lyria: Hello, little friends! Do you want to play?
Andira: They're so soft and fluffy! It's a... It's a fluffydise!
Lyria and Andira run around the grass, chasing the animals.
Piglets: Squeal!
Sheep: Baaa!
Lyria: Squee-squee!
Andira: Baa, baa!
Vyrn: They've lost their minds...
  1. Squee!
  2. Baaaa!

Choose: Squee!
Choose: Baaaa!
Vyrn: Oh no, it's happened to you too, (Captain)!
Unable to contain the urge any longer, (Captain) bounds over to frolic with the animals.
Vyrn: Oh, um... I guess I'll go play too!
Vyrn: Make room for me! Squee-squee!
Anila: Hahaha! Look at them go!
Kumbhira: Haha, they're having so much fun.
Anila and Kumbhira sit on the sidelines, smiling and watching their friends make merry.
Andira: Yawn...
Lyria: Mmm... aah...
Kumbhira: Tired little tikes...
Having worn themselves out from their games, Andira is asleep on Anila's lap while Lyria has fallen asleep on Kumbhira's lap.
Vyrn is asleep on the stomach of (Captain), who is sprawled out in the grass beside Kumbhira and Anila.
Kumbhira: Okay, little friends, would you please keep everyone warm?
Piglets: Squee-squee!
Anila: You guys help the piglets!
Sheep: Baaa!
The little animals snuggle up against the dormant crew members.
Kumbhira: There, that should be comfy enough.
Andira: Heh-heh... Anila, you can pay with the fluffy stuff...
Anila: Haha... What's she dreaming about, I wonder?
Kumbhira: I bet she's happy she got to shop with you today, and she's dreaming about it now.
Anila: I wonder... I think she's actually happier that she got to have a day out with you.
Kumbhira: Huh?
Anila: Kumbhira, you've spent almost your whole life cooped up inside your village, right?
Anila: I can't even remember how many years it's been since your last excursion with us.
Kumbhira: No kidding. We've really only met for official guardian business.
Anila: That's exactly why hanging out with you today has been so important for Andira.
Kumbhira: Yeah, she's sweet...
Careful not to wake Lyria, Kumbhira leans over and lovingly strokes Andira's hair.
Anila: Andira said she wanted to make you happy.
Kumbhira: She did?
Anila: Yes. She said that you've always been so nice to her. She wants to repay you for your kindness.
Andira: Hey, Kumbhi, do you like cotton candy?
Andira: Kumbhi! Look! They've got walnuts painted to look like little boars over here!
Kumbhira: Now that I think about it, it did seem like she was only looking at items I would like.
Anila: I can see where she was coming from.
Anila: You've never been one to share what you want or what you like.
Anila: I think we'd all be happier if you tried opening up a bit more.
Kumbhira: Anila...
Kumbhira looks into Anila's kind eyes and takes a deep breath before confronting her own emotions.
Kumbhira: I think maybe I'm just afraid.
Kumbhira: Ever since I was a kid, I've had a lot of expectations put on me, being the divine boar and all...
Kumbhira: It became kind of an obsession to live up to that image.
Anila: Yeah, your village has an especially traditional view of the year spirits' role...
Kumbhira: Until now, I've never had anyone that I could share my real feelings with.
Kumbhira: I didn't know how they would react.
Kumbhira: And that's what's so scary.
Anila: You poor thing...
Anila: Thank you. I know it's not easy for you to let it all out.
Anila grins at Kumbhira, attempting to put the divine boar at ease.
Anila: If I'm being honest, then I find it frightening to express myself too.
Kumbhira: You do?
Anila: Yes. No one wants to accidentally produce conflict.
Anila: But then again, that's what makes it kind of exciting.
Anila: Sharing what you believe, learning what others know... Honest communication can be more than just scary.
Kumbhira: I wouldn't know...
Anila: Really? That's not the impression I got.
Kumbhira: What do you mean?
Anila: Weren't you the one who decided to leave your village and go on an adventure? Even though you knew it would be scary, you wanted to take that step.
Kumbhira: ...!
Kumbhira turns to look at the sleeping (Captain).
Kumbhira: I feel like I was almost daydreaming at the time...
Kumbhira: But maybe you're right.
Kumbhira: It was scary to think of all the possibilities, but I saw the potential in what I was doing.
Anila: So, how is it so far? The adventure with (Captain).
Kumbhira: There's new surprises every day; I'm learning so many things.
Kumbhira: Like how fun it can be to go shopping with everyone. I've never done that before.
Kumbhira: I think, little by little, I might be changing.
Kumbhira: I wonder if I can even change...
Anila: You can. I'm sure of it.
Anila: Not to mention (Captain) and I will always be here for you to help you along the way!
Kumbhira: I... appreciate that, Anila.
Kumbhira: I'll try to be more upfront about what I'm thinking.
Anila: Hehe. I can't wait to hear more from the real you.
Anila and Kumbhira exchange a smile of newfound mutual understanding.
The pair talk gleefully through the rest of the afternoon while (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and Andira continue their napping.

Have Boar, Will Travel: Scene 4

After returning to the Grandcypher, Andira surprises Kumbhira with the necklace she had been eyeing in the market. Moments later (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn appear with a strikingly similar choker. Kumbhira, overjoyed by these displays of friendship, is finally able to talk about her desires, suggesting that the crew visit a remote hot spring for vacation.

Kumbhira: Hey, Andira. We're here now. You need to wake up.
Andira: That's okay. Today's a fluffy kinda day...
Kumbhira: What's that supposed to mean?
Anila: Haha. She's had her tail wound around you all the way back to the airship.
Kumbhira: Yeah... She's being an especially spoiled monkey today.
Anila, Andira, and Kumbhira arrive at the Grandcypher just after sundown.
However, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria have yet to return, choosing to attend to some errands in town instead.
Anila: Come on! Up and at 'em, Andira!
Andira: No thanks. I don't need any soup or patterns...
Anila: Andiiiira... You might miss your chance if you sleep any longer...
Andira: Ah! That's right!
Prodded by Anila's request, Andira suddenly snaps awake.
Andira: Good morning, Kumbhi!
Kumbhira: Whoa, good morning. You sure wake up fast.
Andira: That's because I've got something I want to give you!
Kumbhira: Huh? To me?
Andira: Yeah! I hope you like it!
Andira, grinning mischievously, hands Kumbhira a small package.
The divine boar unwraps it and cocks her head, wondering what could be inside.
Kumbhira: Holy bacon, it's that flower choker! Is it the same one from the accessory store?
Anila: Hehe. Of course. You were almost in a trance when you saw it.
Andira: That and I just thought it would look great on you, Kumbhi!
Andira: It's a present from both Anila and me!
Anila: There you have it. We hope you like it.
Kumbhira: Are you guys sure?
Anila & Andira: Of course!
Anila: It's to say thank you, Kumbhira. For everything you do for us.
Andira: Hehe. We love you, Kumbhi!
Kumbhira: Thank you, both!
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hamward! Stop popping out already!
Anila: Hahaha! Every time you're happy, Hamward decides to come out and say hello.
Andira: Yay! We made Kumbhi go all hampy!
Kumbhira: Go hampy? Please don't call it that...
Kumbhira: But... thank you both. I'm happy to have friends like you.
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Andira: Hehe. Hamward, you l'il cutie...
Andira bends down to give Hamward a hug, while Anila stands smiling at Kumbhira.
Anila: As long as we get to see your face light up, Kumbhira, there's nothing we wouldn't do for you.
Anila: That's why you can rely on us a little more. Just like we rely on you.
Kumbhira: Anila...
Anila: Didn't I tell you we would always be here for you?
Vyrn: Sorry, sorry! We didn't know all that would take so long!
Just then (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn hurry back into the room, having apparently finished their errands.
Lyria: Hi, every—Whoa! That necklace!
Kumbhira: Huh? Hey!
(Captain) stands directly in front of Kumbhira, gripping a very familiar flower choker.
Kumbhira: Is that the same necklace? What is going on...
Vyrn: Um, well, we noticed you lookin' at one like it at the store.
Vyrn: And you're always so nice to us, so um...
Lyria: We thought we'd get it for you as a present, but that store was already sold out.
Vyrn: We were just going to come back, but (Captain) insisted on finding the same one, so we turned the whole market upside down.
Lyria: We saw one that looked like it, so we grabbed it up right away.
Vyrn: But I guess there's no point in having two of the same necklace...
Kumbhira: What are you saying!
Kumbhira: I love it! And I'll wear it with pride.
Kumbhira: Thank you, everyone. I'm not sure what to say...
Kumbhira: But you've all made me very, very happy!
Thomboar: Squee-squee!
Pigchelle: Squeal!
Kumbhira: Aah! Thomboar, Pigchelle!
Andira: Oh! Now you're double hampy!
Lyria: Hehe... I'm glad you like it!
Kumbhira: Ugh... This is so embarrassing...
Anila: Really? You're embarrassed when your little piglets appear?
Kumbhira: Yeah... You never know when they're gonna pop out...
Kumbhira: But, hmm...
Kumbhira: Maybe not knowing when isn't so bad. Well, not so bad.
Andira: That sounds like you kind of like it!
Andira: I'm gonna try to make you go hampy way more often!
Kumbhira: No! Now that does sound bad! Very bad!
Everyone gives a good-natured laugh at Kumbhira's exasperation.
Vyrn: Oh, by the way, we found this travel flier while we were rootin' around town.
Vyrn: Looks like this place would make for some pretty good sightseeing!
Kumbhira: Um, about that... There's a place I wouldn't mind showing everyone.
Lyria: Oh, really? Please tell us!
Kumbhira takes a deep breath and then turns toward Anila.
Anila smiles back and nods reassuringly, giving Kumbhira the strength to speak.
Kumbhira: On the eastern border of Phantagrande, there's a island with a bunch of famous springs. I heard about it from the priestess.
Kumbhira: I've always wanted to go there! Ever since I heard about it when I was a little girl, I've tried to imagine what kind of place it could be.
Vyrn: Whoa... She knows about islands way out there, huh?
Kumbhira: Yeah. I don't know much about it, but apparently a crew of skyfarers took her there a long time ago.
Kumbhira: Those springs are said to completely rid your body of exhaustion! Doesn't that sound like a great place to spend a relaxing vacation?
Kumbhira: That, and the view of the mountains from the water is supposed to be amazing! They even say that there was a king who would go there for the view alone!
Kumbhira: And the grapes! The grapes! So big and sweet and juicy!
Kumbhira: Oh and, and there are all sorts of springs with different kinds of water and temperature—
Anila: Haha! Who knew you were keeping all this inside?
Kumbhira: Ack!
Kumbhira: Sorry, I just got excited and went on a tangent...
Kumbhira: I just thought it would be a nice place to go on vacation...
Vyrn: Outdoor bath with a great view? Count me in!
Lyria: Me too! I want to try those grapes!
  1. Me three! I'm the captain!

Choose: Me three! I'm the captain!
Kumbhira: Really? That's a relief...
Kumbhira: But I'm not sure that Vyrn and Lyria will want to do the same stuff.
Anila: Hehe. Never mind that. It will be a fun trip regardless.
Thomboar: Squee-squee!
The crew spends the rest of the evening planning the trip.
As Kumbhira engages with her precious crew mates, she adjusts the two nearly identical necklaces dangling from her neck.

Year-End Training

Vajra visits Kumbhira to officially pass on the year spirit duties. The two divine generals take the opportunity to engage in a friendly sparring match, leaving Kumbhira dumbfounded by how much stronger Vajra has become over the past year.

With the new year hot on the heels of the old, Vajra pays a visit to the Boar Temple to officially hand over the year spirit duties to Kumbhira.
Vajra: Hey, Kumbhi! It's been a while! How've you been?
Kumbhira: Doing well, thanks. How about you and Garjana?
Vajra: Better than ever! Right, Gar?
Garjana: ...
Happy to see Kumbhira once again, Garjana gives the divine boar a lick on the hand.
Vajra: We couldn't wait to see you, so we ran all the way here!
Kumbhira: Wait... You mean you ran all the way to the temple from the port?
Vajra: Yep! Who wouldn't come running to see you?
Vajra: Though I kept tripping over tree roots in the forest...
Kumbhira: Wow, I can't imagine dashing through untamed mountain forest. There's not even a path through that wilderness.
Vajra: To be honest it felt like training!
Kumbhira: You're as thorough with your training as ever, I see. You never hold back.
Vajra: Hehe. We're not different in that respect, Kumbhi.
Kumbhira: Well, I try my best. I could still learn a thing or two from your dedication.
Kumbhira: But you must be tired, right? Why don't we go grab a cup of tea before the ceremony?
Vajra: That sounds all right...
Vajra: Or I was thinking maybe we could spar for a round?
Kumbhira: Let me guess... You want to go right now?
Vajra: Yep!
Kumbhira: Haha. Dedicated, but impatient... Vajra, you haven't changed a bit.
Kumbhira: But fair enough, it would be nice to train with you again.
Vajra: Hah! Exactly what I was hoping you'd say!
They exchange grins before heading to a field behind Boar Temple.
Vajra: Mmph!
Kumbhira: Haaah!
Vajra: The way you flourish your lance is splendid, but that doesn't compare to your flexibility! And you're way faster than before too!
Kumbhira: I'm not the only one, Vajra. You've gotten way better yourself—easy to see why they call you a war deity!
The two of them continue to duel, sparks flying as they clash.
Boars: Squee-squee!
Puppies: Ruff-ruff!
Garjana: ...
On the sidelines of their bout, a fluffy audience of piglets and puppies looks on with gusto.
Vajra: Pant... No matter how hard I focus, I just can't keep up with the way you wield Recker!
Kumbhira: And yet you've deflected every attack. That's evidence you've grown in your role as year spirit.
Vajra: You got that right! I'm stronger than ever!
Vajra: Yaaah!
Kumbhira: Whoa!
Kumbhira: (She's way better than I remember. Serving as a year spirit really gives you phenomenal skill!)
Kumbhira: Pant... Let's take a break.
Taking advantage of the natural lull in action, the pair pause their sparring session and plop down on the grass.
Kumbhira: You've been through a lot this year. I can tell that much from your swordplay.
Vajra: Hehehe... You're right about that! You always were an intuitive one, Kumbhi!
Vajra: I can hardly keep track of everything that's happened. You wanna hear about it?
Kumbhira: Of course. I've always got time for your stories, Vajra.
Vajra begins to reflect on the past year, starting with her role in celebrating the new year.
Vajra: Canine Temple is always packed on New Year's, but it was truly something else this year!
Vajra: I wasn't sure how it would go over, since it was my year to be year spirit and all, but after things got rolling, it was really fun!
Vajra: I prayed for good fortune, broke up a quarrel between some temple visitors, and met (Captain) and the crew!
Kumbhira: Oh, the skyfarers you're traveling with?
Vajra: Yep, them! They've got some interesting smells on 'em!
Kumbhira: I couldn't imagine going on an adventure with anyone.
Vajra: Really? I think if you tried it, you'd love it!
Kumbhira: Hmm... I'm not so sure...
Next, Vajra recounts her struggles fighting against a Joya the likes of which had never been seen in the skies before.
Vajra: It took me, Anila, Andy, Mahi and even Zooey and (Captain) to quell that Joya's rampage!
Vajra: The four of us divine generals helped with Zooey's priestess training... And then we had to erect that barrier... Haha. It was awful.
Kumbhira: You say it was awful, and yet you're smiling.
Vajra: That's right! No matter how bad things were then, they're good memories now!
Vajra carries on for some time, cheerfully reminiscing about her past travels.
Vajra: Right? I feel like I've done a pretty good job of adventuring!
Having finished her talk, Vajra is beaming from ear to ear, clearly proud of her accomplishments.
Kumbhira: You sure did, Vajra.
Vajra: Yeah! I feel like I deserve a reward! The reward!
Kumbhira: Haha. Okay, fine. You don't have to twist my arm.
Kumbhira lets out a giggle before gently patting Vajra's head.
Vajra: Mmm...
Kumbhira: I see your love of head pats hasn't changed at all.
Vajra: Well, that's because it's so relaxing when you do it.
Vajra: Hey, don't stop yet! I haven't gotten head pats from you in so long!
Kumbhira: Okay, okay. I'll make up for the lost time then.
The divine boar continues to pat the war deity's head, causing Vajra to enter a comfort-induced stupor.
Kumbhira: Ah... I guess it's going to be my turn to take up the year spirit mantle soon enough.
Vajra: You've got nothing to worry about, Kumbhi. You've been preparing for this your whole life—that was obvious from our match!
Vajra: You're serious and determined and won't let anything hold you back. Isn't that right, Gar?
Garjana: ...
Garjana gives Kumbhira a friendly lick of affirmation on the cheek.
Vajra: Look! Garjana's given you his seal of approval! What do you guys think?
Puppies: Ruff-ruff!
Boars: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Thank you, everyone.
Kumbhira: But I still can't help being anxious. I wonder if I'll live up to the former divine boars.
Kumbhira: I don't want to let anyone in my village down.
Vajra: Oh yeah, the people from your village are quite traditional when it comes to their beliefs about the year spirit, huh?
Vajra: Hmm... I think it will all work out for the best though!
Vajra: After all, you've got the other eleven divine generals to help you out!
Kumbhira: Everyone?
Vajra: Of course! I'm not sure I could've completed my duties without everyone else's help. I definitely couldn't have handled the Joya on my own.
Vajra: If you have Gar, the divine generals, or even (Captain)'s crew on your side, then there's no obstacle you can't overcome!
Garjana: ...
In a display of camaraderie and mutual trust, Vajra grabs Garjana by the scruff and rubs her cheek against his.
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Hamward lets loose a brave squeal, letting Kumbhira know that he'll always be there for her.
Thomboar: Squee-squee!
Thomboar nuzzles against Kumbhira's leg in an attempt to ease her anxiety.
Pigchelle: Squeal!
Finally Pigchelle gives a cheerful yelp, as if to tell Kumbhira she'll save her bacon no matter what.
Vajra: They just said they've got your back, right? Even I could understand that!
Boars: Squeal!
The piglets jump and cry with delight, confirming Vajra's words.
Kumbhira: Everyone, you really believe in me. That makes me feel a lot better.
Kumbhira: But if I grow to rely on others too much, then I'll never live up to—
Vajra: Geez, cut it out already! It's going to be fine, Kumbhi!
Vajra puffs up her cheeks and gives Kumbhira a stern poke.
Kumbhira: Where'd this come from? You're acting like a kid all of a sudden.
Vajra: You know, before I came to see you, I had a little talk with the priestess at Boar Temple.
Vajra: The people from Kumbhira's village sure have high expectations for the year spirit, huh?
Vajra: That's a lot of pressure for anyone—especially that year's guardian—so I wish they'd lay off a little and be more supportive.
Temple Priestess: Vajra, you are very caring, concerning yourself with Kumbhira.
Temple Priestess: But everything will be all right. The villagers are not quite as strict as you believe.
Vajra: What? Really?
Temple Priestess: Of course, they do possess high expectations, but that's only because they have nothing but the utmost respect for the divine boar. They all wish her well.
Temple Priestess: Lady Kumbhira has spent her days either in her house or in training.
Temple Priestess: Perhaps she's misinterpreted the villagers' expectations.
Temple Priestess: We are all here to watch over her and to provide her with support. But I suppose we've failed to communicate that to her.
Kumbhira: They're just trying to support me? They're not going to be so critical after all?
Vajra: You got it! So you can try to live your life a little more like you wield that lance—loose and relaxed!
Kumbhira: You think so? I guess... I guess I can. Thank you, Vajra.
Vajra: Ugh... You still sound so uptight...
Vajra: I know! How about we try this...
Vajra grins mischievously and begins patting Kumbhira's head with reckless abandon.
Kumbhira: H-hey! What gives!
Vajra: Whenever you do this for me, I feel relaxed. How's it working for you?
Kumbhira: Ungh, just... go a little bit easier...
Vajra: Haha. Sorry. I'll stop.
Vajra: Kumbhi, you work harder than anybody else. That's something everyone recognizes.
Vajra: So you're going to be okay! Promise.
Kumbhira: Vajra...
Kumbhira: You really have grown.
Kumbhira: (In this short time as the year spirit, she's really come this far.)
Kumbhira: (No, it's not just that. It's because she was traveling with that (Captain) person's crew...)
Vajra: Hey, Kumbhi, all this sweat is starting to make me cold.
Kumbhira: Oh? Wanna warm back up with a rematch?
Vajra: Hah, you bet!
The two divine generals stand simultaneously, grabbing their weapons as they rise.
They take a couple of paces apart, turn toward one another, and then charge just as the sun begins to set.
As they spar, warrior versus warrior, they continue their conversation in the language only masters of battle understand.

Closing the Distance

Kumbhira travels to the town where Vikala lives to discuss the duties of a year spirit. She talks to a girl on the street, not knowing that the girl is Vikala herself. Vikala finally reveals her identity, and the two Divine Generals slowly strengthen their bond over conversation and tea.

Kumbhira: Ngh... She's a lot stronger than I'd expected!
Kumbhira: Hngh!
Vikala: Haha! Whatcha runnin' away for? Things are just heatin' up here!
Kumbhira and Vikala are training at an old, deserted town whose residents have long abandoned it.
They chose the uninhabited town and its crumbling buildings as their training spot to prevent any unwanted accidents.
Kumbhira: Looks like we were right in coming way out here... Now we can go all out without having to worry about other people.
Kumbhira: Still...
Kumbhira ducks behind a slab of wall and peeks over at the figure approaching from beyond the clouds of dust.
Vikala: Kumbhira, where are yooou? Come out, come out, wherever you are! Let's play!
Kumbhira: Vikala is really pumped... I didn't think she'd break through an entire building and charge at me like that. A worthy opponent for the divine boar.
Kumbhira weaves through the rubble and leaps out from her hiding place to rush straight at Vikala from behind.
Kumbhira: Haaaah!
But before Kumbhira can reach her target, Vikala spins around in one swift movement.
Vikala: Haha! I found you!
Kumbhira: Gasp...
Kumbhira arrives at the town where the Rat Temple is located. She walks through the streets in search of Vikala, hoping to discuss the divine rat's duties as the next year spirit.
Kumbhira: Whew... The training the other day was really something.
Kumbhira: Vikala's a bright and honest girl, but at the same time...
Vikala: Training? With just the two of us?
Vikala: That sounds really fun! I'm so happy you asked! Thank you!
Kumbhira: She must be going to great lengths to train regularly. I'll have to put in more effort myself...
Kumbhira: But where could she be? And how is it that no one here has a clue?
The cheerful and carefree divine rat Vikala is the talk of the town. However...
It appears neither the priestesses at the Rat Temple nor the town's bustling residents know where their celebrated year spirit is.
How Vikala usually spends her days is also unclear to the other Divine Generals.
Kumbhira can't help but be concerned about Vikala's attempts to hide this aspect of herself.
Kumbhira: I was hoping we'd be able to get along while training together as Divine Generals...
Kumbhira: Ahh... But maybe that'd be too intrusive of me...
Amid the townspeople scurrying to and fro with last minute preparations for the new year, Kumbhira calls out to a girl sweeping the front of a restaurant.
Kumbhira: Excuse me, I'm looking for the Divine General Vikala. Do you know where...
Gloomy Girl: ...!
Ku-Kum... Kumbhi... ra...
Kumbhira: Ah, yes. I am the spirit for this year, Kumbhira. I'm flattered you recognize me.
Kumbhira: I was hoping to talk to Vikala about her duties... Do you happen to know where she is?
Kumbhira: I've been asking around town, but all I get is a "that's what I'd like to know."
Gloomy Girl: I-i... I-i-it's...
Kumbhira: It's?
Gloomy Girl: I-it's me... Vikala...
Kumbhira: Ohhh!
Gloomy Girl: (She finally recognized me...)
Kumbhira: So you're Vikala's fan! I see. You even have the same hairstyle.
Gloomy Girl: (She didn't recognize me...)
Kumbhira: Everyone in this town seems to love Vikala. That's really amazing.
The girl sweeping the store front is, in fact, Vikala herself. But Kumbhira gives no indication of recognizing Vikala for who she is.
Kumbhira enters the empty restaurant and takes a seat. The girl brews a cup of tea and sets it down in front of Kumbhira.
Kumbhira: Ahh, this tea is delicious. Thank you for letting me come in before opening.
Vikala: Th-the manager... won't be here for a while, so...
Kumbhira: So you work at this restaurant, huh? What kind of things do you do?
Vikala: I w-wash dishes... and stuff...
Kumbhira: That sounds like a tough job. With the place being this big, I expect the dishes pile up quite fast...
Vikala: U-um... U-u-um, um... Y-you know, I'm... V-Vikala...
Kumbhira: Yeah, I'm actually Vikala's fan too.
Vikala: Huh?
Kumbhira: Hehe, I'm the same as you. I really like Vikala too.
Vikala: (What did she just say!)
Kumbhira: Vikala's always so bright and cheerful... She's simply radiant.
Kumbhira: We're both Divine Generals, but she has so much that I lack, and I admire her for that.
Vikala: ...
Kumbhira: Oh, but I haven't been able to talk much with Vikala yet, so I haven't told her any of this.
Kumbhira: She always disappears before I get the chance to, you see. She can be a bit of a mystery...
Vikala: B-but... Y-you're even more... amazing, Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: Huh?
Vikala: All of the Twelve Divine Generals love you... Y-you're like a b-big sister to everyone, and I... really r-respect that...
Kumbhira: You think so? Thank you.
Kumbhira: Hmm... But the way you say that makes it sound like you've been there witnessing it.
Kumbhira: Hm? Could it be that you're...
Vikala: (She finally recognized me!)
Kumbhira: Vikala's friend?
Vikala: (She didn't recognize me!)
Kumbhira: Do you think you could tell me where Vikala is?
Vikala: W-well...
Seeing the girl shake her head, Kumbhira lets out a sigh.
Kumbhira: So you don't know either...
Vikala: (Now it's really hard to find the right time to say it... But I want to tell her that I'm her fan too...)
Vikala: (Still, that training session was an absolute disaster... And I only realized after I got home... Ahhh, it's all coming back to me...)
Once she got home after training with Kumbhira, Vikala lamented all night in her bed.
Vikala: Ahhh... It was just practice! Why did I go all out like that? She probably thought I was being a tryhard... I'm so sure that's what she was thinking!
Vikala: Ugh... I was so ecstatic that she invited me out for a training session, I ended up getting ahead of myself... I really blew it.
Vikala: Having just the right level of enthusiasm is hard...
Vikala: See, I just can't fit in with the Twelve Divine Generals... Ha, haha... This sucks...
Vikala: (I'm starting to tear up again just thinking back to it... Come on, don't cry!)
Kumbhira: W-what's the matter! Why are you crying?
Vikala: (Oh no, I couldn't hold it in...)
Vikala: I-I'm sorry! Don't worry about me! I was just reminded of something that didn't go so well...
Kumbhira: No, I'm the one who's sorry! I started prying too much, didn't I?
Vikala: N-no, it's not that! I just... wanted you to realize...
Kumbhira: Um, I'm really sorry I didn't realize. This is your place, after all. And I just forced myself into it...
Vikala: That's not what I meant... I-I wanted you to realize who I am!
Kumbhira: Hm? Who... you are?
Vikala: Th-that day we went out for training... I-I'm really sorry for getting out of line...
Vikala: I don't really have... friends or anything... So I was really happy when you invited me out. Then I got ahead of myself...
Vikala: But I wasn't used to training sessions like that and ended up treating it like it was a real fight... Then I went home... and felt terrible about everything...
Kumbhira: Training session?
Kumbhira: Wait a minute... Are you... Vikala?
Vikala: Y-yes... You recognized me!
Kumbhira: Whaaat!
Kumbhira's cry of surprise echoes across the quiet restaurant.
Kumbhira: I see... So your bright personality only comes out when you have your ears on, huh? You've really perfected that side of yourself...
Kumbhira: Anyway, to think I'd find you without realizing it! That really surprised me.
Vikala: I'm sorry... I couldn't find the right moment to tell you...
Vikala: U-um... I really admire you, Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: You do? But you're the amazing one!
Kumbhira: Now that I think about it, I was just gushing about you earlier, wasn't I?
Kumbhira: Ngh... Now I feel embarrassed...
Vikala: I-I really have nothing to admire... See, I'm just this regular, boring girl, and I feel like everything I do ends up being a disaster...
Kumbhira: Oh, but I'm like that too, you know. I can't help but compare myself to the year spirits before me, and I always feel awful for being so incompetent.
Vikala: R-really? No way... But you're incredible...
Kumbhira: Hmm... We just might be more similar than we think.
Vikala: Similar? Us?
Kumbhira: There's still so much I've yet to learn about you. I hope you'll share about yourself little by little—I'm sure the other Divine Generals would love to get to know you better too.
Kumbhira: After all, we all have the same duties as members of the Twelve Divine Generals. There's a lot we can discuss and help each other with.
Vikala: I-I'd always go home right away after meetings because... I didn't think I'd be able to fit in... Unlike you, Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: It's okay to take it slowly.
Kumbhira: I wasn't good at sharing about myself before too. But I've gotten better since...
Kumbhira: Though I still have a long way to go.
Kumbhira: But I know you'll be just fine, Vikala. There isn't anyone in the Twelve Divine Generals who isn't a kind soul. So let's do our best together, okay?
Vikala: Kumbhira...
Kumbhira and Vikala continue their conversation slowly but steadily until, before they know it, their tea cools to a pleasant temperature.
This precious bond that has sprouted between the two Divine Generals will surely blossom into something beautiful in the year to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
十二神将がひとり、亥神の名に懸けて……! I'll handle this, or I'm not the divine boar of the Twelve Divine Generals!
猪突・上宝沁金ノ撃槍……覚えづらい名前だよね Recklessness Incarnate... Kind of hard to remember the full name, huh?
……瓢箪の中身?それは、秘密かな What's inside my drinking gourd? That's a secret.
この角は一族の誇り、そして私の自慢だよ These horns are the pride of my tribe. And I'm quite fond of them myself.
気を付けて進もう……敵が飛び出してくるかも Be careful as you move. You never know when an enemy will appear.
たまには温泉でゆっくり休みたいなぁ……ダメ? I'd like to take a vacation at a nice hot spring. Wouldn't you?
こらっ、ヒコウリ、勝手に出てきちゃダメ! Hamward! What have I told you about popping out whenever you like!
花占いは、昔からの癖みたいなもので…… Reading my fortune with flowers has just become kind of a habit.
ビィとウリボウ、ちょっと模様が似てる気がする Don't you think Vyrn and my piglets have similar patterns?
(主人公)と出会って、少しずつ変わってると思う I think I've grown a little since I've met you, (Captain).


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