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Official Profile

Age 22
Height 175cm
Race Human
Hobbies Researching various shops (cafes, etc)
Likes Girly things
Dislikes People who give her special treatment, bad puns
十天衆に名を連ねる天性の狩人。遥か先を見通す常人離れした目を持ち、彼女 が一度でも狙いをつけたその魔導引、らは何者たりとも逃れることはできない。 いつしかその力、を恐れた人々から避けられるようになった彼女は最強の称号 よりも、普通の女性として共に過ごす仲間を心から望む よう に なっ
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.




  • Tweyen5★ uncap only has character banter with SilvaLight version only while together in battle.
  • Tweyen's name in Japanese is ソーン, which has earned a number of different romanizations in the English-speaking community, including Song, Sorn, and Thorn.
    • In particular, Song means "Two" in Thai and Lao, fitting with the number-based naming theme of the rest of the Eternals.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)! I wanted to try and surprise you, heeheehee!
Huh, you're looking forward to my birthday? What have you got planned? It's a secret? Oh...


Happy birthday! Hehe... Surprised? I've been waiting for this day! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. It's not often I get to celebrate like this. So I want to thank you. You've given me a... a sense of normalcy, (Captain). I've always wanted to say thanks, but... Hehe. I couldn't bring myself to say it. It's hard for me to look you in the eye and say this kind of thing, but I want you to understand how I feel.


Happy birthday, (Captain). It's wonderful celebrating for you again.
This year is the third time we've celebrated together, right? Whenever this day gets close, I always begin to think about what we should do for you.
The fact that I have this habit now—that's a pretty important thing for me, you know. After all, it's not every day you make a friend as important as you.
I can't wait to see where our friendship takes us, and I'm looking forward to celebrating your birthday again next year, (Captain)!


Aaall right, Lyri—
Wha! (Captain)!
Wait, no! What are you doing here! You're supposed to be out on a mission!
Ah... That is...
Can you just... pretend you didn't see anything?
Eheh... I guess not, if that flustered face of yours is any indication.
All right, you caught us. We were setting up a surprise party. It's your birthday today, right, (Captain)?
We were going to call you in later, but since you're already here, no point in waiting.
We were just about ready anyhow, so let's get this party started!
Don't you worry. Even if you're not surprised, we all put in a lot of work to make sure this party'd be a blast!
Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm definitely going to get the drop on you next year, so don't take me off the party planning committee yet, okay?


Happy birthday, (Captain). Hehe, no, no surprises this year.
But we are getting ready for a party, albeit not a surprise one.
We didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable, after all.
We wanted to show our daily appreciation for you, so... Hope you like it!
Have a wonderful birthday, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain).
I'm glad I got to meet you and Lyria, (Captain). Let's make this another good year.


Yawn... Huh? I lost track of time talking with everyone. It's already dawn.
You're right. I am happy. I've long dreamed of ringing in the new year with friends.
Hee hee... Thanks, (Captain). You made my dream come true.
Happy New Year.


(Captain), aren't New Year's fashions the best?
Lyria, Io... Everyone is so cute right now. I want to try wearing something like them.
Hehe. Make sure you tell me if the clothes I pick match me though. Well then, let's make this year count for something, (Captain).


This time of year really feels like no other.
You can spend New Year's Day in a warm room with all your loved ones, slowly savoring a festive meal...
Or hunt for limited items at the bustling New Year's market.
I suppose this is what it means to be spoiled for choice.
How would you prefer to spend New Year's Day, (Captain)?
Hehe... I hope we'll all get to spend plenty of quality time together from now on.
Here's to another great year, Captain.


Happy New Year.
W-wait just a minute... Where did I put them...
I wanted to go see the first sunrise of the year, but as you know, my eyes are a little special...
So I was looking for the sunglasses I wore during the summer, but they're nowhere to be found...
Oh, yes, that's the pair! Thanks, (Captain)!
Hehe. That's embarrassing, not being able to find something despite supposedly having superb eyesight...
Hey, you want to come watch the sunrise with me? I'll treat you to a nice, warm drink... So you'll keep my little sunglasses incident a secret, won't you?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's Valentine's, right? Heheh, guess I'll have to work extra hard on these chocolates I'm making!
The whole crew's getting some, so it's not going to be easy!


Oh. Hey, (Captain). Got a second?
So um. I made you something. Things. Chocolates.
I want to give them out to the crew, but... Can you look at this first?
Heheh... These are my decorations. Flowers and such. But I worry about them being too intricate. Too cute, maybe?
I worry they don't fit me as an Eternal. What if people laugh? I'm probably just being weird, aren't I?
Really? Don't worry about giving them out? Wonderful... Let me know how they taste, okay?


Hey, (Captain). Look, I got a little carried away decorating your chocolate this year.
This piece has hearts, flowers, and a cute little bear. What do you think?
Last year I worried if they fit me as an Eternal, so I couldn't put my all into making them.
But this year I figured out how to strike a balance between representing myself as an Eternal and making cute sweets.
It's all about the colors—black, red, white, and gold. Hehe, can you guess my motif?
That's right. These are the same colors as my outfit. Even though these candies are adorable, they also give off the same air as the Eternals.
How are they? I gave them so much thought. There was nothing to get nervous about this time, so I hope you're looking forward to next year.


Here's your Valentine, (Captain). I really made an effort with the packaging this year.
See what I did there? I used the Eternals' colors.
Your presentation should have some individuality to it, I think. Notice anything else?
The chocolates and packaging are a little different from what I gave Lyria?
Got it in one! This year I thought I'd try personalizing my gifts for each of you.
See the little wing-shaped decorations? Aren't they perfect for an adventurer who plans to fly to the very ends of the skies?
So? Do you like it?


Happy Valentine's Day. Here, this is for you and Lyria.
I want to know what you think! Open it!
All the chocolates this year are different.
There's plenty of cookie batter for the ever-hungry Lyria...
And a set of chocolates in ten different flavors for you, (Captain). Hehe, do you like it?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake
5th year: Assorted Chocolates square.jpg Assorted Chocolates

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is in return for Valentine's? You sure?
Hee hee... Lyria got me something in return for Valentine's, too. Being in a crew really is wonderful, isn't it?


Huh? These are for me? For White Day?
Hee-hee... Thank you. You worried about how I might react, didn't you?
How did I know? I could see you buying them from the ship.
I didn't know they were for me though. You've made me a very happy girl.
Hey, (Captain). I hope you do this again next year... and the year after that.


Recently I've been trying to spend time away from windows.
Last year I saw you walk into the shop where you bought my present.
I didn't want to accidentally peek again.
But then I started to get scared that maybe you wouldn't come visit me today. Hehe.
I've experienced all sorts of shocking moments on the battlefield, but that thought was quite an unwelcome thrill.


You're so thoughtful to give me a White Day present every year. I've really been looking forward to this.
Hee hee... What cute wrapping paper.
What? You chose this design specially for me?
Special, hm?
Thank you. That really makes me happy.
It hasn't always felt good when people called me "special" before...
But coming from you, it's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. First time that's happened.
Let's exchange special gifts like this next year too.


Hehe, thank you. You've given me something in return on White Day for quite a few years now, haven't you?
I'm so happy that we can exchange gifts like this year after year.
Maybe it's this ordinary yet special something that I'd been wishing for all this time.
I'm looking forward to continuing our journey together for many years to come, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hey, captain! Say trick or treat!
Hehehe! Here's your treat!


What do you think I should dress up as, (Captain)?
We Eternals are sometimes called monsters, but I want to wear a normal monster costume for today.
Oh, I just had a wonderful idea. Why don't you pick something out for me, (Captain)?
That shouldn't be a problem, right? I'm putting my Halloween experience in your hands.
I just know you'll create everlasting memories for me, (Captain).
Heehee, what's wrong? Can't I indulge myself once in a while?


(Captain), have you decided what kind of costume you're going to wear yet?
I have something to confess. I was talking with Lyria and the others about what kind of costume would look good on you.
And this is the one we picked out.
Huh? Too flashy?
Hee-hee. You should wear it anyway. Sometimes it can be good to wear something outside of the box, you know?
Last year I wore the costume you picked out, so it's only fair you return the favor. Right?


Do you have a moment, (Captain)? I'd like your help with something.
I thought I'd challenge myself and make my costume by hand this year. Why don't you join me?
I've got a sewing kit and all the materials we'll need, so we can get right to work.
First I'll need your measurements, so come over here.
Hehe, surprised? Yep, I'm gonna make your costume.
So you have to make mine for me.
Hehe. It'll be more memorable that way, don't you think?
When we're finished, will you help me make one for Lyria? I'm sure she'd love that.


I've been waiting for you, (Captain)! Well then, let's get our costumes for this year ready, shall we?
This year, I want to try dressing to a theme together with everyone. Will you help me pick out the costumes?
Hehe, this is kind of exciting, isn't it?
I actually quite like the capes that we wear as Eternals. All right, let's do this!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), care to exchange presents with the rest of the crew?
You do? Let's go!


Plenty of people throw big holiday parties, but there are also those who wish to spend the night in peace and quiet.
I joined in the revelry tonight, but next year I'd like to try spending the night in tranquility.
Yes... You, Lyria, and I sharing stories by candlelight.
It's too early to decide? I'm looking forward to next year, that's all.


Spending this festive night in a cozy room... It feels wonderful.
Hey, (Captain)... Do you prefer large parties or spending a quiet afternoon with a couple of special friends?
Me? Haha, I just can't pick. Both are pretty important to me.
Oh yeah, I got presents for everyone. Let's exchange them later, okay?


I hope you remembered to bring a present, (Captain). I'm collecting everyone's.
I heard we were all getting together to exchange them.
Everyone forms a circle and then passes the presents along from hand to hand until the music stops... Just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat.
Of course, a present specially selected for a particular person is a wonderful thing...
But I think being able to share the excitement in a big group like this will be a lot of fun.
The kind of fun you can only have if you spend the holidays surrounded by friends...
Which means any present you receive will be the best present ever.


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Hehe, this year's holiday season sure is lively.
I gave presents to Silva, Cucouroux, and Camieux.
The three of them are probably back at the workshop right about now. Spending the holidays with just family sounds nice too.
It's not like I'm lonely or anything, you know? Even if we're far apart, our thoughts are connected...
Besides, I have you and the others, don't I?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Encountering the Eternals I

(Captain) and company return to the Knickknack Shack for advice on awakening the Two-Crown Bow. A woman shows up there after they leave. She's interested in the crew and seems to be looking forward to them awakening the weapon.

(Captain) and company successfully release more of the Two-Crown Bow's hidden power.
Thanks in part to Sierokarte, the awakening of the Two-Crown Bow draws steadily closer.
Sierokarte: Looks like you're going to have to be patient and carry on for a while yet.
Sierokarte: To awaken the weapon, you'll need to increase both its strength and the depth of its hidden power.
Vyrn: I see... It's been slow going so far, but I guess we'll just have to keep at it.
Sierokarte: Yep! You just can't awaken a weapon in a day!
Just as (Captain) and the others are leaving, another customer pays a visit to the shop.
???: I'm back. They might have been mountain monsters, but they were easy enough to trounce.
Sierokarte: Oh! It's just like you to finish so quickly.
???: By the way, Sierokarte, have you heard of the Grandcypher? It's the airship that just landed.
Sierokarte: Of course! Those guys are regular customers.
???: I see. I saw them from the mountain, and they had something pretty interesting.
???: The Two-Crown Bow... I saw one of them wielding it. It takes some pretty impressive skill to do that.
Sierokarte: I hear you. (Captain)'s crew is actually famous around these parts.
???: I see... I had a feeling they weren't ordinary skyfarers.
???: I guess you could say their bow skills make them look like... big shots.
Sierokarte: ...
???: ...
Sierokarte: Hee-hee... Your sense of humor has certainly gotten better, Tweyen.
???: Hee-hee. Not bad for something I came up with on the spot, huh?
Sierokarte: Even so... To see an airship land from the mountain... Your eyesight really is amazing!
???: Hee-hee. You're the only one who ever praises me for that. Okay, see you later.
???: (Are they seriously trying to awaken the Two-Crown Bow? Hee-hee... This could get interesting.)

Encountering the Eternals II

(Captain) and company go to the Knickknack Shack for more advice on awakening the Two-Crown Bow. There they meet Tweyen, an Eternal and the finest archer in the sky. She tells them that anyone who wields the Two-Crown Bow is nothing less than a monster and then leaves.

(Captain) and company continue preparing to awaken the Two-Crown Bow.
They visit the Knickknack Shack to ask for advice on finding the materials needed to awaken the revenant weapon.
Lyria: Hopefully we can learn something useful...
Vyrn: I'm sure we will. When you need info, Knickknack's the girl to ask!
Lyria: Huh? Looks like she's already got a customer.
???: Sierokarte, I've got the item you requested. Is this all right?
Sierokarte: Yep! I'll pass this on to the person who asked for it. Here's your fee.
Sierokarte: Okay then, I'll let you know if I get any more jobs.
Sierokarte: If you need some work, this is the place to lurk! Hee-hee.
???: And I'll do any work regardless of perks...
Sierokarte: ...
???: ...
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
Sierokarte: Hee-hee... Lurk and perk... When did you become such a poet?
???: Hee-hee... Huh? Sierokarte, you've got customers.
Vyrn: Hey. Are we interrupting?
Sierokarte: Not at all. It's fine. What do you need?
Vyrn: Um... We actually wanted to ask you about something...
???: Would that be about the Two-Crown Bow by any chance?
Oh? The bow sure seems to like you.
Vyrn: Hey! How do you know about our bow? We didn't even mention it!
???: How? Well, that revenant weapon is clearly trying to choose its owner, and I don't miss much.
Lyria: Revenant weapon? Do you mean the Two-Crown Bow?
???: That's right. The ten legendary revenant weapons once rested on an ancient battlefield...
???: They say the weapons were used in the War by the skydwellers as a last resort.
???: And the revenant weapon you have there is gradually awakening and trying to choose you. That's a momentous thing.
Vyrn: Whoa... Sounds like these weapons have quite a history.
???: Hee-hee. If you awaken that weapon and wield it, do you know what people will call you?
???: Not a person, that's for sure. They'll call you a monster, a calamity risen from the battlefield to once again walk among us.
Vyrn: Uh... You're freaking me out!
???: It's a compliment. At least as far as I'm concerned.
???: Anyway, good luck. I can't wait for you to awaken that bow either.
The woman takes her leave.
Vyrn: She was... a bit odd...
Sierokarte: That was Tweyen. She's a friend of mine with a flair for bad jokes.
Lyria: There was something different about her...
Sierokarte: Indeed there is. Tweyen is a peerless archer who just so happens to be a member of the Eternals.
Vyrn: The Eternals? Who are they?
Sierokarte: They're an airship crew made up of ten warriors, each an expert with their chosen weapon.
Sierokarte: They're legends, and some even call them the menace of the skies.
Sierokarte: You seriously haven't heard of them, Vyrn? Have you been holed up in an apple orchard or what?
Vyrn: Hey! Not even I know everything!
Sierokarte: Still, I can't believe Tweyen of all people called you a monster.
Sierokarte: Stuff like that doesn't happen every day, (Captain). You should be proud!
Vyrn: Hmm... Since when is being called a monster a good thing?
Tweyen, a member of the legendary airship crew, the Eternals.
What does (Captain)'s meeting with her portend?

Encountering the Eternals III

While traveling on the Grandcypher, (Captain) and company are attacked by a hail of light arrows. The attacker turns out to be Tweyen, who tells them that she's the monster who will face them once they awaken the Two-Crown Bow.

While on its way to an island, the Grandcypher is suddenly bombarded by countless rays of light.
(Captain) and company spread out across the deck to try and avoid the arrows coming from all directions, but it proves harder than expected.
Vyrn: Sheesh... That's no normal bow! It's probably magical!
Vyrn: Whoa! Incoming attack from above! Watch out!
Vyrn: Now from the right! On your right, Rackam!
Lyria: Oh no... Are we surrounded?
Vyrn: Maybe, but I can't even see any enemies!
The rain of magical arrows doesn't let up for some time.
Neither the ship nor its occupants are harmed, but the crew is exhausted.
Lyria: Looks like the attack finally stopped...
Vyrn: Y'know, I can't help but feel like they were missing us on purpose. Almost like they were toying with us...
Tweyen: Hee-hee... Did I startle you?
Vyrn: Whoa! You were hiding on the airship?
Tweyen: Nah. I just flew here.
Small blue whirlwinds appear under the smiling Tweyen's feet, and she floats into the air.
Tweyen: Like this. Cool, huh?
Vyrn: Wait a minute... That attack... It was you and your friends!
Tweyen: Friends? Wrong. That was all me. From so far away that you couldn't see me.
Tweyen: So, (Captain)... You're wondering how I pulled it off, right?
Tweyen: Hee-hee... Nothing could be simpler. I just pointed and shot.
Vyrn: What? There's nothing simple about that.
Tweyen: Didn't Sierokarte tell you anything about me? I can see farther than you can imagine.
Tweyen: If there are monsters on the same island as me, I can hit them from anywhere.
Tweyen: Thanks to my magic bow and eyesight, there's no escape once I've taken aim.
Vyrn: Gulp...
Tweyen: Hey, (Captain). What do you think of me?
Tweyen: I bet you think I'm some kind of monster.
Tweyen: But they might call you that one day too. If you end up wielding the awakened Two-Crown Bow, that is.
Tweyen: Hee-hee... I really can't wait. One good monster deserves another, and I'm just the beast for the job.
Vyrn: What are you planning to do exactly?
Tweyen: Oh, I just want to test anyone who can awaken these weapons. You know, like a couple of beasts butting heads to see who will lead.
Tweyen: So if you awaken that bow... Well, no one will be more thrilled than me. Until next time, (Captain).
Vyrn: Ugh... What was that all about?
Lyria: I don't know... but I've got a bad feeling about it...
Tweyen flies away, leaving a puzzle behind. (Captain) and company can only gape at the trail she leaves in the sky.
The Two-Crown Bow, which has begun to awaken, softly gleams with the promise of an inevitable battle.

The Evil Winged Beast

After awakening the Two-Crown Bow, (Captain) hears a low hum coming from it. A light arrow suddenly flies past, and the confidently smiling Tweyen appears. To test the strength of those who awakened the bow, she challenges (Captain) to a duel.

After a truly epic grind, (Captain) finally succeeds in awakening the Two-Crown Bow.
(Captain) and company are returning to the Grandcypher, restored weapon in hand.
Lyria: We finally did it! Congratulations, (Captain)!
Lyria: But I'm a bit worried that something might happen now that it's been awakened...
Vyrn: You mean that Eternal archer? She sure seemed to like (Captain)...
Lyria: Yeah... She seemed like she really wanted to fight (Captain)...
Vyrn: I'm sure it'll be fine. (Captain) can handle anything!
In response to a sudden unfamiliar sound, the crew looks in confusion at the Two-Crown Bow, which seems to be humming.
Just as (Captain) realizes that the bow is trying to warn them, an arrow of light whistles past the crew.
Vyrn: Eep! Again? Where's she shooting at us from this time?
Tweyen: Hee-hee... It took you guys long enough.
Lyria: Tweyen! Why are you here?
Tweyen: Nice to see you again too. And to answer your question... I saw you guys show up.
Tweyen: I figured you finally awakened the Two-Crown Bow and just had to pay you a visit.
Tweyen: Ha-ha... (Captain), your aura's completely different from before.
Tweyen: Do you feel like you've become a monster? Or are you still a person?
Lyria: What an awful thing to ask! (Captain) is the same as ever!
Tweyen: Really? Even though (Captain) is now the only one who has bow skills that rival mine?
Vyrn: Spare us another lecture on monsters! What do you want anyway?
Tweyen: I already told you. I'm here to test the one who awakened the weapon.
Tweyen: I want to know what people think you are now... and what you think I am.
Tweyen: I've waited so long to find someone like you, (Captain). And what a tiresome wait it was.
Tweyen: Hee-hee... See? The Two-Crown Bow is crying out for it too! It wants to use its true power!
Lyria: Stop! If you two fight, someone could get hurt...
Tweyen: It'll be fine! We're just going to test each other's strength... like a couple of beasts butting heads.
Vyrn: Hey! Come on, (Captain)! You're not seriously thinking of fighting her, are you? Let's just get out of here...
Tweyen: There's no point in running.
Tweyen: I'm an expert hunter. Nothing's easier for me than to track my prey, aim, and shoot. There's nowhere for you to hide.
Tweyen: So let's do it, (Captain)! Show me how monstrous you've become!

The Evil Winged Beast: Scene 2

After losing to (Captain), Tweyen reveals that she fought due to loneliness. Her power has isolated her, so she wanted to have fun with friends like an ordinary girl. Lyria sympathizes with her and invites her to join the crew.

Tweyen: Amazing... Looks like the hunter got hunted... Hee-hee...
Vyrn: Hey, are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Lyria: Why did you fight with (Captain)? Please tell me...
Tweyen: ...
Lyria: You don't seem to feel any enmity toward anyone...
Tweyen: I was just lonely...
Lyria: Huh?
Tweyen: The people in the town I used to live in... The more they learned of my power, the more they distanced themselves from me.
Tweyen: I got tired of that and went back to my hometown, but the people there treated me like a stranger even though I was the same person.
Lyria: That must have been awful for you.
Vyrn: Hmm... But what does that have to do with you fighting with us?
Tweyen: Well... I thought I'd finally found some companions after joining the Eternals.
Lyria: Hmm...
Tweyen: But the life of an Eternal is so dreary! They don't even get dinner together!
Vyrn: Huh? Why's that?
Lyria: I think I know how you feel!
Lyria: I love dining with my friends in the crew... It really would be lonely not to.
Tweyen: Right?
Tweyen: Even if I find a nice restaurant and invite them, they just do as they please! They never come!
Tweyen: It's rare to find a group as strong as the Eternals, but they don't make time to pal around.
Tweyen: I mean, I get that the Eternals weren't established just to hang out... but it seems like such a waste.
Tweyen: There are other girls in the Eternals as well, but they don't travel together, go out to lunch, or anything like that.
Tweyen: I've always sort of wanted to have fun like an ordinary girl...
Lyria: Yeah, I know all about that.
Tweyen: Maybe it's my fault, but I expected a little more from the life of an Eternal.
Tweyen: So I want to find strong companions outside the Eternals who don't treat me like some kind of monster...
Lyria: It sounds like you've had a really lonely life...
Tweyen: Lyria... You understand?
Lyria: Yes...
Lyria: Um... Why don't you become our friend?
  1. That's a great idea.
  2. How can you just blurt that out?

Choose: That's a great idea.
Lyria: Hee-hee! You think so too, (Captain)?
Lyria: I want to do lots of eating and traveling with you too, Tweyen!
Tweyen: But are you sure it's okay? I...
Vyrn: You know, I'm not sure what the people in that town of yours thought of you...
Vyrn: But there are plenty of weirdos in our crew already! We're used to it!
Tweyen: Ha-ha... That's good to hear. I feel like I've been waiting a long time for someone to say that.
Lyria: Hee-hee! All right, then we're friends from now on!

Choose: How can you just blurt that out?
Lyria: Well, I can't just leave her behind! Tweyen, I can't shake the feeling that our circumstances are similar...
Tweyen: Your powers make you feel lonely too?
Lyria: Yes... I felt that way right up until I escaped the Erste Empire's facility.
Tweyen: I see... Good thing you met (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: That's right! And that's why I can't just leave you!
Lyria: Hee-hee... That's why we'll be friends from now on!
Continue 1
Lyria: I'll show you around our airship!
Vyrn: Hold it, Lyria... It seems like you're trying to drag her along with us on our journey.
Lyria: What's wrong with that? She just said she wants to travel with friends... Though we aren't exactly on a vacation.
Vyrn: Yeah, but she probably can't stay with us around the clock...
Lyria: We can't know that if we don't ask her!
Lyria: Um... Heh-heh... So what do you think, Tweyen?
Tweyen: I definitely want to go with you!
Tweyen: If you need an archer, I'm the girl to... um... shoot for?
Tweyen: That doesn't quite work... How does Sierokarte come up with her jokes so easily?
Lyria: Ha-ha... No need to overdo it.
Thus Tweyen, an Eternal and the best archer in all the skies, joins the crew on its journey.
The lonesome girl's magical arrows never miss and will see (Captain) and company through more than one ordeal.

Tweyen's Homeland

Tweyen leads (Captain) and company to her hometown. As she describes her village, she sees it up ahead and senses something wrong. They hurry to check it out.

Tweyen leads (Captain) and company to her hometown.
She tells them she wants to introduce them to her family as friends.
Vyrn: So what's your hometown like?
Tweyen: Hee-hee. Very rural. There's not much to do besides making bows and skinning game.
Vyrn: Oh... Sounds like a real hunter's village!
Tweyen: This place sure takes me back. I remember hunting in the mountains around here.
Lyria: Were you already good at archery at that age?
Tweyen: Yeah. My eyes are partially to thank for that. I could spot any prey from the top of a mountain.
Tweyen: I used to hunt with a friend who was the same age as me. I haven't seen her in forever though.
(Captain) and company continue to follow the somewhat downcast Tweyen through the forest.
They eventually spot a small mountain village far up ahead.
Tweyen: You see that? That's where I was... born...
Lyria: Tweyen? What's the matter?
Tweyen: Something's wrong in the village.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean? Not all of us have super eyeballs.
Tweyen: It was never a crowded place to begin with, but it practically looks like a ghost town now.
Lyria: That can't be good...
Vyrn: We better hurry. We'll lend a hand if the people from your village need help!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's hurry, (Captain)!

Tweyen's Homeland: Scene 2

When (Captain) and company reach the village, they learn that some hunters abandoned a hunt and left Tweyen's childhood friend in the mountains. They hurry to the mountain and find the friend surrounded by monsters.

The crew reaches the village where Tweyen grew up. Concerned about how quiet the place is, they head for Tweyen's old house.
Tweyen: Grandma, are you here?
Tweyen's Grandma: Ah... You're back. Oh my, how pretty you've become... Are those your friends behind you?
Tweyen: Yeah. Sorry to cut to the chase, but what happened here?
Tweyen's Grandma: Well... More monsters have been appearing lately.
Tweyen's Grandma: Everyone's trying to hunt them down, but most of the hunters have been injured.
Tweyen: No way... They never had any trouble driving away the monsters around here before.
Tweyen's Grandma: Well, we've never seen anything quite like this...
Tweyen's Grandma: They caught us off guard, and this is the result...
Tweyen's Grandma: Anyone who can still hunt is out there, but I'm worried...
Tweyen: I see...
Villager 1: Help! They're just too strong! We got another injured one! Someone get over here!
Villager 2: Hey! Is this everyone who escaped? What about the woman who was with the group?
Tweyen: Wait... Grandma, is that who I think it is?
Tweyen's Grandma: Yes. Do you remember her? Your friend. She was out on today's hunt too...
Tweyen: So they left her out there alone?
Vyrn: What the? Hey, wait!
Monsters: Groar!
Tweyen's Friend: (Damn! They found me!)
Monster: Grargh...
Monster: Grargh...
Tweyen's Friend: Huh? Who shot those arrows?
Tweyen: Is that all of them? Nope! Straggler sighted! Eat this!
Vyrn: Yikes! Warn us before you fire that thing!
Tweyen: There she is... My friend. She's surrounded by monsters.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Let's go help her!
Tweyen: Sorry for bringing you into this, but I can't abandon her.
Tweyen: I doubt we'll ever really have a chance to hang out again, but still...
Vyrn: Now's not the time! Move! C'mon, (Captain)!

Tweyen's Homeland: Scene 3

The crew rescues Tweyen's friend, but the two of them seem reluctant to talk to each other. Lyria asks some questions to get them talking, and they realize there was a misunderstanding. Tweyen and her friend decide to hunt some monsters just like in the good old days.

The crew rushes over to Tweyen's friend.
She says a word of thanks and then goes quiet. Tweyen and her friend don't seem to be in the mood for a heartfelt reunion.
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen's Friend: ...
Lyria: Ugh...
Vyrn: This is a little awkward...
Lyria: Um... You two are childhood friends, right?
Tweyen: Yeah.
Tweyen's Friend: We used to play together a lot.
Lyria: Oh... Um... So what did you do together?
Tweyen: Mostly hunting and playing in the river. There wasn't much else to do here.
Tweyen's Friend: ...
Tweyen: I used to be friends with the people who got injured too. Used to be.
Tweyen's Friend: ...
Vyrn: So why's it so awkward now?
Tweyen: Who knows. Maybe people who leave the village become outsiders.
Tweyen's Friend: What?
Tweyen: Huh? What?
Tweyen's Friend: I thought you didn't want to be friends anymore.
Tweyen: Wait a second... What do you mean?
Tweyen's Friend: Well... You left this place and became one of the city folk.
Tweyen's Friend: I didn't think you'd want anything to do with a country person like me.
Tweyen: That's ridiculous!
Tweyen's Friend: But that's the impression I got from you.
Tweyen: Huh?
Hmm... Now that you mention it...
Tweyen: I might have been a little too excited when I first left for the city.
Tweyen's Friend: I see...
Tweyen's Friend: So how is life in the city?
Tweyen: Well... I sort of stick out like a sore thumb. These eyes see too much I guess.
Tweyen's Friend: They sure help with hunting though. You were always so good at finding prey.
Tweyen: Yeah. I used to seek it out from the tops of the mountains...
Tweyen's Friend: Sure brings back memories.
Tweyen: Yeah.
Tweyen's Friend: Hey... Can you help me hunt down the monsters that migrated here?
Tweyen's Friend: It'll be just like when we were young.
Tweyen: Sure, let's do it! Those monsters can't outrun our arrows! We'll take them down in no time.
Tweyen's Friend: Then I'll have to repay you somehow. Why don't you come to my house for dinner? It's been too long.
Tweyen: Hee-hee. It really has! All right, let's do this then! Time to go!

Tweyen's Homeland: Scene 4

Tweyen's friend invites the crew to dinner after a successful hunt. With all of her misunderstandings with the villagers cleared up, Tweyen resumes her journey with the crew. She makes a habit of sending letters to her hometown and always looks forward to the replies.

After defeating the monsters that drifted into the region, Tweyen and company enjoy a meal at her friend's house.
When the other hunters hear about Tweyen's return, they show up as well, turning the small gathering into quite a victory celebration.
Villager 1: Ha-ha! Wow! She hasn't changed a bit!
Tweyen's Friend: Right? And here I thought she came back all sophisticated!
Villager 2: Yeah! She's even wearing makeup! I thought she'd be more snobbish or something!
Tweyen: Hee-hee... Quite a party, huh?
Tweyen's Friend: This is the first one in a while. Everyone was feeling down because of the monster attacks.
Tweyen's Friend: You guys couldn't have come at a better time. Sorry for being so cold before.
Tweyen: It's fine. I'm the one who should apologize.
Tweyen's Friend: Wait... I have one thing to ask of you...
The party lasts until morning. The sun is high in the sky by the time everyone goes to sleep, and no one wakes up until evening.
(Captain) and company stay for one more night and then depart the next morning. They talk on their way back to the airship.
Tweyen: Heh-heh...
Lyria: You look happy, Tweyen!
Tweyen: Heh-heh... It was fun hanging out with my friends again. Just like old times.
Vyrn: A few injuries sure didn't stop those hunters from partying!
Lyria: They must have been happy to be friends with you again!
Tweyen: You think so?
Vyrn: Yeah. Everyone wanted to talk to you, Tweyen!
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: I feel silly now. I guess I was worrying over nothing.
Tweyen: There was no real reason to think I didn't belong here anymore.
Vyrn: Well, I'm just glad we got that straightened out!
Tweyen: Hee-hee... Me too. Oh! I need to ask Sierokarte for some letter paper.
Vyrn: Huh? You planning to start writing letters?
Tweyen: Heh-heh... My friend wants me to write once in a while.
Tweyen: She's curious to know what I get up to outside the village.
Tweyen: And as long as I'm with you guys, I'll always have something to write about... I'm so glad I joined you on your journey.
Tweyen has since sent many letters to her village, and her eyes sparkle every time she receives a reply.
The lonesome archer has one less thing to worry about, and it's all thanks to her adventures with (Captain) and company.

Encroaching Shadows

Tweyen has a nightmare in which she saves a gunner from monsters and is called a monster herself. When she wakes up, a strange voice tells her to seek the next summit of her power, so she challenges (Captain) to test her strength.

Some time has passed since Tweyen, the finest archer in the skies, joined (Captain)'s crew.
Tweyen: Hey, (Captain) and Lyria. I've heard good things about a cafe in this town. Want to go?
Lyria: Oh! I sure do! What kind of place is it?
Tweyen: Hee-hee... They apparently have all kinds of cake, and it's all-you-can-eat! And that's not all...
Vyrn: Just great... As long as Lyria doesn't stuff herself so full of cake she can't eat dinner again, it all sounds good to me!
Tweyen is enjoying her days with the crew. She's getting to know everyone well, and she's always at the center of attention.
Silva is a crew member

But that doesn't mean everything is perfect.
Silva: ...
Lyria: Hey! Do you want to go with us to the cafe, Silva? Tweyen's been telling us all about it...
Silva: Um... I'd love to and all... but I need to clean my gun. Maybe next time.
Silva scurries off.
Tweyen: ...
A twinge of loneliness flits across Tweyen's face as she watches Silva leave. She turns back to Lyria and the others.
Lyria: Um... What's the matter, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Oh, it's nothing. Let's get ready to head into town. You're coming too, right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Sounds great!
Lyria and Tweyen return to their rooms to get ready. The puzzled Vyrn watches them go.
Vyrn: Say, (Captain)... Do Tweyen and Silva hate each other or what?
Vyrn: It seems like Tweyen tries to get along with everyone, so I wonder what's up.
(Captain) has noticed the issue as well, but it's not exactly easy to bring up.
The captain doesn't feel right about interfering with relationships between crew members and opts to watch things unfold.

Silva not in crew

Tweyen: Oh, it's nothing. Let's get ready to head into town. You're coming too, right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Sounds great!
Lyria and Tweyen return to their rooms to get ready. Vyrn smiles as he watches them go.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Those two get along as well as I do with apples!
Vyrn: Tweyen called herself a monster at first, so I was expecting someone with more fangs...
Vyrn: But now she just seems like a regular girl. Sometimes I even forget that she's an Eternal.
(Captain) agrees and smiles right along with Vyrn.
Continue 1
(Captain) and the others head to the cafe with Tweyen to relax for a while.
Night soon falls.
Tweyen: Hee-hee... The end of another fun day. Lyria and (Captain) seemed to have a blast as well.
Tweyen: It sure is nice... All those things I always wanted to do... It feels like I could finally do them here.
Tweyen: Yawn... Well, time to hit the hay...
Tweyen snuggles up in her bed and closes her eyes, smiling contentedly the entire time.
Soon she's fast asleep.
Tweyen: Huh? What was that? Is something attacking the ship?
Tweyen: I don't see any foes around... Maybe (Captain) and the others already took care of them.
Tweyen: But I wonder where everyone is... Lyria!
Wondering why (Captain) and the others would leave the ship, Tweyen looks toward the city—and the color drains from her face.
Tweyen: Monsters! A whole swarm of them!
Monsters: Groar!
Tweyen: Your little party's over.
Monsters: Grargh!
Tweyen: I'll pincushion every last one of you. Maybe next time you'll think twice before attacking a city while an Eternal's in town.
Tweyen takes to the sky and starts raining arrows down on the roiling mass of monsters as she searches for (Captain) and company.
But she can't find them... or any other townsfolk for that matter.
Tweyen: Did the monsters get everyone? No. That can't be!
Just as Tweyen starts to panic, she hears something.
Tweyen: Gunfire! Someone's down there!
Tweyen: I only know of one gun that sounds like that!
Tweyen increases her altitude and searches the sea of monsters for her friend.
Tweyen: There she is!
Far away, hardly bigger than a speck of dust, Tweyen sees the gunner.
Tweyen unleashes a barrage of arrows to save her friend from the encroaching horde.
Tweyen: You can't have her!
Tweyen's arrows, overloaded with magical energy stemming from her desperation and lack of focus, pulverize monster after monster.
Tweyen: Pant... Looks like she's safe... Thank goodness.
The gunner stands there dumbfounded, the ground around her covered by blood that used to belong to monsters.
And then she realizes that the arrows responsible for the carnage were fired from too far away for any normal person to see.
She mutters to herself, cold sweat trickling down her cheeks.
???: Monster...
Tweyen: ...!
Tweyen: Just a dream...
???: Answer me this, farsight archer. Who would ever wish you to know peace?
Tweyen: Who are you?
???: Everything you are stems from your sight. You stand at the summit of a mountain of anguish.
???: Surrender your humanity and head for a still-loftier summit. Your peace is a betrayal to the unskilled masses you trampled on your way to the top.
Tweyen: Betrayal...
The voice reverberates through the room one last time before fading away.
Tweyen: Silva...
Tweyen doesn't move for a moment and remains seated on her bed, head lowered.
Soon enough, however, she leaves the room to call on (Captain).
Tweyen: This place should work. Sorry to bother you all of a sudden, (Captain).
(Captain) walks behind Tweyen. Lyria and Vyrn watch from the shadows.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria, why do you think Tweyen and (Captain) suddenly took off on their own?
Lyria: Quiet! They'll hear us! I don't know what they're up to, but... maybe they want to go eat something without us?
Tweyen: There's a question I need answered.
Lyria: A question?
Vyrn: Hmm... What kinda question requires this much secrecy?
Tweyen: It's simple...
Tweyen spins around without warning, firing an arrow that barely misses (Captain)'s feet.
Lyria: Eek! Tweyen? Why'd you shoot at (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah! What are you thinking?
Tweyen: Didn't I tell you? I need to find out how strong I am.
Vyrn: Doesn't look like she's in the mood to talk. Better defend yourself, (Captain)!

Encroaching Shadows: Scene 2

The crew worries about Tweyen as she returns to her room. The strange voice she heard earlier belongs to the Two-Crown Bow, which tells her to unleash its power. The next day she cheerfully asks the crew to help her find what she needs.

Tweyen: Ugh...
Lyria: Tweyen, why are you doing this?
Tweyen: ...
Vyrn: Yeah! I thought we were friends!
Tweyen: I...
Tweyen: I have to get stronger...
Lyria: Stronger?
Tweyen: I have to get stronger than anyone... for all the people I've trampled...
Tweyen starts to leave.
Lyria: Wait!
Tweyen: ...
The woman who looks back at (Captain) and the others is not the woman they know.
She shows them the face of a woman about to crumble, and then turns and walks off.
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: What was that? She looked like a totally different person!
Lyria: She seemed almost like she did when we first met her... No, she seemed more... cornered somehow.
Though bewildered by the sudden change in Tweyen's demeanor, (Captain) and the others can only watch as she goes.
Tweyen: (Betrayal...)
Tweyen: If it's a betrayal for me to stop...
Tweyen: Then I'll just have to keep going... I'll have to get stronger.
Tweyen: I don't want to betray Silva...
???: If that is your wish, then unleash my power.
Tweyen: There it is again! Who is that?
Two-Crown Bow: If power is what you seek, then take me in hand.
Tweyen: The Two-Crown Bow? Why are you in my room?
Two-Crown Bow: Ever has my place been in the hands of the master of the bow, and forever will I seek its one true master.
Two-Crown Bow: Tweyen, unleash my power. You are the only one worthy of it. Release me and become the mightiest archer in the sky.
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: Two-Crown Bow... I will...
Her eyes vacant, Tweyen takes the bow. The golden weapon gleams softly in the twilight.
Lyria: I wonder what happened to Tweyen...
Vyrn: She's normally up by now, but I haven't seen her today.
Lyria: Something must be wrong...
Tweyen: Good morning!
Vyrn: Huh? So you're okay?
Tweyen: Why wouldn't I be? Sorry about yesterday. I was wrestling with some old demons.
Lyria: You do look healthier somehow. What a relief...
Tweyen: Sorry about worrying you... By the way, (Captain), I have a favor to ask.
(Captain) encourages the smiling Tweyen to continue.
Tweyen: There's this precious material out there, and I really want it. Think you could help me find it?
Tweyen seems as cheerful as can be, a stark contrast to her gloomy demeanor the day before.
Though slightly perplexed by the change, (Captain) starts looking into what she wants.

The Master of the Bow

Thanks to the crew, Tweyen gathers what she needs to unleash the power of the Two-Crown Bow, but this brings her no joy. The crew is surprised to hear the bow speak, and even further surprised when it tells her that she must now face the bow itself.

Tweyen: ...
Though Tweyen has gathered the materials she needs, her expression remains gloomy, betraying not even a trace of joy or satisfaction.
Vyrn: So, Tweyen, you've got everything you wanted...
Tweyen: Yeah.
Tweyen: Isn't that right, Two-Crown Bow?
Two-Crown Bow: Indeed. At last my power can be unleashed.
Lyria: Huh? Who said that?
Vyrn: Whoa! The Two-Crown Bow just started yapping!
Lyria: Tweyen, what's going on here?
Tweyen: So? What's next?
Two-Crown Bow: You must be tested. The time has come for you to demonstrate your strength as an archer.
Tweyen: Excellent.
Two-Crown Bow: Shoot down every star-piercing arrow that I fire.
Tweyen: Is that all? I expected something harder.
Vyrn: What's up with her? It's like she can't even see us...
Lyria: Eek!
Tweyen: Such immense power... If I tame you, I'll be the greatest of all archers.
Tweyen: Something that's not quite a person... Something greater than even the Eternals... I'll be a monster.
Two-Crown Bow: Indeed.
Tweyen: Time for you to taste my power.

The Master of the Bow: Scene 2

Tweyen defeats the Two-Crown Bow and flies off with it to challenge the other Eternals and become a true monster. When the crew asks Sierokarte what's going on, the gunner Silva says it's all her fault.

Tweyen: Too easy!
Tweyen shoots down the Two-Crown Bow's magical arrows and counterattacks.
Tweyen's arrow splinters against the golden bow, slamming it against the wall.
Two-Crown Bow: Well met. You have proven yourself.
Tweyen walks up and grasps the Two-Crown Bow, which is once again still.
Two-Crown Bow: None can rival a true ruler. The only place for you is the summit.
Tweyen: Are you talking about my next challenge? That will take me one step closer, right? To being a monster.
Two-Crown Bow: Indeed. You must shoot down your next target, which is none other than the name that binds you. Shoot it down... and become the one true ruler.
Tweyen: I see...
Tweyen: So you're telling me to prove that I'm the strongest Eternal, right?
Two-Crown Bow: The Eternals are nothing but a bow, powerless without its arrow. You yourself are the arrow to be fired through all who stand in your way.
Tweyen: Got it.
Lyria: What are you saying, Tweyen?
Lyria: Why would you want to become a monster?
Vyrn: Yeah! And aren't the other Eternals your friends too?
But Tweyen doesn't seem to hear the words of (Captain) or the others, and she flies off.
Hoping to find out what happened to her, they head to the Knickknack Shack, where the weapon was reforged.
Sierokarte: The true nature of the Two-Crown Bow, huh? Well, I'm not exactly sure about that myself.
Sierokarte: All I really know is that it was made around the time of the War, but you're already aware of that.
Vyrn: Hmm... I had a feeling you'd say that...
Sierokarte: I certainly didn't expect that bow to start talking. Who would have thought it had a personality?
Lyria: Yeah... Now Tweyen has this really scary look on her face...
Lyria: She's started saying all this scary stuff about becoming a monster too.
Silva is a crew member

Silva: ...
Silva, who's picking out ammo in the corner of the shop, suddenly looks up.
Silva: What was that about Tweyen?
Vyrn: Are you worried about her, Silva?
Silva: Yeah... Could you fill me in on the details?
Vyrn: I guess so, but do you actually get along with her well enough to care?

Silva not in crew

???: ...
A woman picking out ammo in the corner of the shop looks up at the mention of Tweyen's name.
???: Sorry to butt in, but could you tell me exactly what's going on with her?
Sierokarte: Well if it isn't Silva! Why the sudden concern?
Silva: I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but are you guys talking about Tweyen? Tweyen the Eternal?
Sierokarte: Yep. Is she a friend of yours?
Continue 1
Silva: Well, let's just say we have a history...
Silva: Did she really refer to herself as a monster?
Lyria: She did... It's odd. All she did before was have fun with us. It seemed like she forgot all about that monster stuff...
Silva: ...
Silva: I guess I owe you an apology... That's all my fault.
Lyria: Really?
Silva responds with a deep frown. What could have happened between her and Tweyen?
When Silva hears that Tweyen has been possessed by the Two-Crown Bow, she tightens her grip on her rifle and closes her eyes against the pain.

Strength Enough to Rule

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen first visits Anre and demands that he fight her. He reluctantly readies his weapon after seeing the Two-Crown Bow.

Tweyen: ...
Anre: Tweyen? What are you doing with that bow? Isn't that (Captain)'s?
Tweyen: It chose me over all others. The Two-Crown Bow I mean.
Anre: And what are you planning to do with that thing?
Tweyen: I have to prove that I'm the most powerful Eternal in the sky.
Anre: I'm afraid I can't allow that. The Eternals maintain the balance of the world as a group. No single one of us can ever rise above the others.
Anre: But I can see that arguing about this is pointless... Your eyes are telling me that you're not willing to bargain.
Anre: It pains me to face a friend in battle, but it seems I have no choice but to stop you.
Tweyen: A friend? Rulers need no friends. All they need are subjects to rule... and I intend to prove it.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 2

After defeating Anre, Tweyen leaves without looking back. Anre worries about the havoc an Eternal and revenant weapon could cause together.

Anre: Ugh...
Tweyen: Already done? Then I have better places to be.
Tweyen leaves without so much as looking back.
Anre: Who would have thought a revenant weapon would ever latch on to an Eternal and cause such havoc...
Anre: We have to put a stop to this.
Tweyen pays him no mind as she walks off in search of her next prey.
Tweyen: ...
Her eyes see only power beyond the confines of humanity.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 3

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen visits Threo. When Threo hears that Tweyen hopes to become a true monster, she responds that she's already the strongest and leaps into battle.

Threo: Anre told me there's something wrong with you.
Tweyen: Nonsense. I simply realized at last what it is I really need.
Threo: But why break away from the herd? What'll you do without the Eternals?
Tweyen: Those who lose their humanity can never again live among people. That's why I aim to finally become a true monster.
Threo: So... Once you're the toughest beast of them all, are you plannin' to eat me or something?
Tweyen: What if I am?
Threo: Sorry, but I'm the world's strongest! And the reason I am is to make sure nobody could ever eat me!
Threo: Forget being dessert for some wimpy archer! I'll tenderize you first!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 4

Though Threo fears that Tweyen plans to eat her, the victorious Tweyen simply walks away, leaving Threo to insist that she fears nothing.

Threo: Gasp!
Tweyen: I win. I can see in your eyes that you don't even have the will left to flee, beast.
Threo: Don't be stupid! I'm not scared of you!
Tweyen: This reminds me of when I used to hunt other beasts like you. I do admit that you're the first dragon-eater I've ever dropped though.
Tweyen: Thanks for the reminder of my strength. See you.
Threo: Ugh... I'm not scared! Seriously!
Threo: Argh!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 5

Tweyen challenges the other Eternals to prove she's the strongest. Feower tracks her down, furious at her for attacking her friends, and tries to stop her.

Feower: Let me ask you something, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Oh. Hey, Feower.
Feower: There's something I don't quite get. What exactly are you trying to do with that power of yours?
Tweyen: Oh my. It almost sounds like you might understand what I'm trying to do... But that all depends on my motives, yes?
Feower: Yeah, right. What kind of infantile talk is that? You got something chewing through that brain of yours?
Feower: All I see in front of me is one more scumbag... You're no different from the mafia cockroaches terrorizing the slums.
Feower: I'm only trying to figure out just how badly to punish you for attacking your friends like some sort of rabid dog.
Tweyen: I see... Maybe I'll answer your little question if you beat me.
Feower: Sigh... You asked for it. I'm not sure how the other softies in our crew have dealt with you, but you'll have no mercy from me.
Feower: Either give up now... or die right here!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 6

Tweyen explains to the defeated Feower that she joined the Eternals because she felt like it and is leaving for the same reason. She then leaves in search of her next prey.

Feower: You... You've gotta be kidding me!
Tweyen: ...
Feower: Is this really what you wanted to do with your strength? Answer me!
Feower: Wasn't there anything you wanted to protect? Why else would you become an Eternal?
Feower: Damn... If only I could have stopped you...
Tweyen: I joined the Eternals because I felt like it, and I'm leaving for the same reason.
Tweyen: I'm done here. Later.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 7

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen intends to challenge every one of them, but she hesitates upon running into Fif. When the Two-Crown Bow tries to spur Tweyen on, Fif notices and attacks.

Fif: What kinda game are you playing, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Fif...
Fif: We're buddies, right? You don't really wanna fight us, right? There's an explanation for all of this, right?
Tweyen: ...
Fif: If something happened, just tell me! I'll heal you with my magic!
The Two-Crown Bow throbs with heat, as if it's trying to drive the silent Tweyen forward. Fif's eyes suddenly light up.
Fif: I get it! It was you all along, wasn't it, bow? You're the one messing with Tweyen's head!
Fif: You can't fool me! I'm an Eternal! Prepare to eat justice!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 8

When Fif learns that the bow isn't controlling Tweyen, she weeps at the thought and leaves. The bow senses Tweyen's hesitation, but Tweyen claims she's only thinking about her next prey.

Fif: Ouch...
Tweyen: ...
Fif: Why? Why would you do this? This can't be what you want!
Based on the magic unleashed by Tweyen, Fif realizes that she's not actually being controlled by the Two-Crown Bow.
The thought of Tweyen attacking her friends of her own volition is enough to drive the young Eternal to tears.
Fif: I hate the new Tweyen! I want the normal Tweyen back!
Tweyen: The normal Tweyen? I've never been normal for a single day of my life. Goodbye.
Fif: So what I say means nothing to you? Then I really do hate you! So get outta here! You and your dumb bow!
Tweyen: ...
Two-Crown Bow: What is this? Surely you aren't reconsidering the path of the ruler?
Tweyen: Unlikely. I was just thinking about my next prey.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 9

Seox approaches Tweyen, declares that he can't ignore her when she's clearly mad with power, and engages her in an attempt to stop her rampage.

Seox: So everyone's favorite celestial-eyed archer has tumbled into the abyss.
Tweyen: I'm glad you came to me... Saves me the trouble of hunting you down.
Seox: Well, I couldn't just ignore you, as drunk on power and confused as you are.
Tweyen: There's no confusion here. I've finally found my path. That's all.
Seox: I've never much cared about truth or justice... but I don't want to see what becomes of you at the end of that path.
Seox: It is my obligation as an Eternal to stop you here.
Seox: Kieeeiii!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 10

Tweyen defeats Seox and walks off without hesitation. As he watches her go, he warns that there's no coming back from the darkness.

The fight comes to an end. Tweyen turns her back as she always does and walks off without hesitation.
Seox: Any path that runs straight through your companions will be one of darkness and pain.
Seox: I've seen it... All that lies within the all-consuming darkness is solitude... and oblivion.
Seox: And once the darkness swallows you, there's no coming back.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 11

Eahta appears before Tweyen and asks her what she thinks true strength is. When she says it's something inhuman, he says she seems more human than ever and engages her.

Eahta: What is true strength to you?
Tweyen: True strength? Well, no person could ever be truly strong. I know that much.
Eahta: And so, unsatisfied with reaching the apex of your strength as a person, you have chosen to join the ranks of the monstrous instead.
Eahta: Some are too foolish or inexperienced to know better... but you are an Eternal.
Tweyen: I do only what is expected of a monster. The only mistake here is your assumption that I'm a person.
Eahta: And yet you seem more steeped in humanity than you have ever been.
Tweyen: ...
Eahta: Very well. Let us see just what kind of power you claim to have traded your humanity for.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 12

Eahta senses the power of the awakened revenant weapon during the fight. He sympathizes with Tweyen as she leaves, admitting that he might choose the same path when his strength fails him.

Eahta: So... So this is the power of a revenant weapon! The sort of power you'd sacrifice everything for!
Tweyen: That means something coming from you. Now I know my strength is the real deal.
Eahta: Tweyen... Perhaps the day will come when I understand the power you have found.
Eahta: When this body withers and I can no longer wield this katana, I may very well choose your path.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 13

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen visits Niyon, who squares off with her to try to put her back in tune.

Niyon: ...
Tweyen: It's nothing personal, but I have to fight you too.
Niyon: But why? I can hear it, you know... Your requiem cries out in fear of solitude.
Tweyen: Well, if you're so good at hearing the melodies of others, maybe you'll understand me after we fight.
Niyon: Your melody is so far out of key... I'll help put you back in tune.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 14

The defeated Niyon realizes that Tweyen found what she sought in the words of the Two-Crown Bow, but Niyon doubts Tweyen's decision to separate herself from the rest of the world will result in the outcome she desires.

Niyon: After so much confusion and pain, you found the music you sought in the words of that bow?
Tweyen: If you suspect as much, I suppose I did.
Niyon: All alone, like a verse with no bridge to connect it...
Niyon: Tweyen... Do you really want to remove your part from the rest of the symphony's?

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 15

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen visits Tien. When Tweyen explains that she needs to leave the Eternals to achieve her goal, Tien sympathizes and agrees to fight for the sake of her friend.

Tweyen: ...
Tien: Hey, Tweyen. Mind if I ask you a question too?
Tweyen: I didn't come here to talk. My only business with you is to prove that I'm the strongest.
Tien: What makes you truly happy? Will this do it?
Tweyen: Well, shrugging off the bindings of the Eternals should be a step in the right direction.
Tien: Mm... Something else is driving you. I can tell.
Tweyen: Whatever. If it's easy enough for even you to understand, I doubt I would have joined the Eternals to begin with.
Tien: Fine. If all you can think about is fighting, then let me give you some food for thought.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 16

Tweyen defeats Tien and heads off in search of her next prey. Tien laments the fact that, like so many children in the slums, Tweyen is destroying what's most important to her of her own volition.

Once the fight ends, Tweyen silently walks off in search of her next prey.
All Tien can do is watch her go.
Tien: Before I joined the Eternals, I saw plenty of kids in the slums with eyes like yours.
Tien: Desperation drove all of them to destroy what they valued most, and they did it with their own hands.
Tien: How could it have come to this, Tweyen?

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 17

Seofon, the leader of the Eternals, appears before Tweyen. He attempts to disarm the situation with lighthearted banter, but Tweyen refuses to budge. His only option is to try to stop her by force.

Seofon: Do you realize how many hoops I had to jump through to find you, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Seofon...
Seofon: I like a good brawl as much as the next guy, but I can't say it's my favorite way to interact.
Seofon: I mean, we could always go grab a bite to eat... Or maybe we could look at the stars. What do you think?
Tweyen: ...
Seofon: You know what they say about the calm after the storm? I know you've been having a hard time, but I'm sure we'll all laugh about this later.
Tweyen: I'm so done caring about that.
Seofon: So you're done talking to friends, huh? Fine.
Seofon: As the leader of the Eternals, I'll slap some sense into you.
Seofon: Here comes the Star Sword Sovereign!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 18

Seofon realizes how serious the situation is after losing to Tweyen, who reflects on the time she's spent with her friend Silva. There's no time for reflection, however, as the Two-Crown Bow urges her to draw out (Captain).

Seofon: Pant... Wheeze... Ha-ha. You're tougher than I thought.
Tweyen: You're my last target, Seofon. Farewell.
Seofon: (I thought we could handle this in-house, but this is more serious than I thought.)
Seofon: (I sure don't want to lose her, so we better do something.)
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: You upgraded your gun?
Silva: Sure did. Got a custom-ordered scope mounted. I told them I wanted to be able to see as far as you. Hence the length.
Tweyen: It feels a little weird to hear someone talk about my eyesight like that. Most people just think I'm some kind of monstrous freak.
Silva: You know, you're a lot like my little sisters.
Tweyen: Huh?
Silva: Seeing your soft side reminded me of them... Coupled with your eyesight and skill, I really don't think you have anything to worry about.
Tweyen: I worry about plenty of things.
Silva: Like what?
Tweyen: Like... well... People who live in the city don't skin hunted beasts, right?
Silva: Sure.
Tweyen: I didn't know that when I first moved to the city. I had no idea that what was normal in my village wasn't at all normal there.
Tweyen: One day a giant beast came into the city, so I shot it down before anyone got hurt.
Tweyen: And then—and this was a habit from my time in the village—I noticed that it looked edible, so I drained its blood right then and there...
Silva: ...
Tweyen: The people standing there stared at me like I was scarier than the beast.
Tweyen: I mean, I realize it was all due to a bit of ignorance on both my part and theirs, but still.
Silva: I see...
Silva: ...
Silva: But isn't it necessary to drain the blood from meat to keep it from rotting too fast?
Silva: If I had grown up in the mountains, I probably would have done the same thing.
Tweyen: Really?
Silva: I can see where you're coming from. I've hunted beasts for food before too.
Tweyen: It's nice to have someone who doesn't judge me for stuff like this.
Silva: I have two younger sisters. I can assure you that I've dealt with worse.
Tweyen: I'd really like to meet them some day... Hey, isn't it about time to start your mission?
Silva: Yeah. I better get going.
Tweyen: Guarding a minister from Ravi, huh? Sounds like a serious job.
Silva: Yep. If I pull it off, they'll be talking about me in Ravi for sure. I'll finally be able to show my face back home.
Silva: I'll protect that minister no matter what. All my training as a sniper is finally going to pay off.
Silva: One more thing... Will you stop by the gun workshop when I'm done? I'll introduce you to my sisters.
Tweyen: Really? I'll be there. Especially since you mentioned that I remind you of them.
Silva: They're really sweet and a lot of fun too. They detonate like firecrackers at the slightest spark.
Silva: Anyway... I'd love to stand her chatting all day, but I really have to get going.
Silva: Let's meet up after I finish. I'll be waiting in the city I'm escorting the minister to.
Tweyen: Got it. Good luck, Silva. I think... no, I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Silva: I appreciate that, Tweyen.
Tweyen: (Silva...)
Two-Crown Bow: Why so quiet? Are you troubled about the path to rulership?
Tweyen: No. I'm just trying to figure out how to walk it.
Two-Crown Bow: Then allow me to show you. Go lure out (Captain).
Tweyen: Right. I knew that was my next step.

All-Seeing Huntress

Silva realizes what caused the rift to form between her and Tweyen and vows to stop her. The Two-Crown Bow orders Tweyen to attack (Captain) and become a true monster.

Silva: ...
Silva stands alone in a storehouse, trying to pick out parts. Her face is flush with determination.
Minister of Ravi: Assassins came after me as expected, but I made it safely here thanks to you. You have my gratitude, Silva.
Silva: It's been an honor, sir.
Minister of Ravi: You've truly done your country proud. You can expect a hero's welcome upon your return to Ravi.
Silva: Thank you, sir!
Minister of Ravi: You must be exhausted. Please sit down—
Knight: There's a horde of monsters approaching! Reports suggest they were sent by assassins!
Silva: Then not even this fortress is safe! Sir! Leave the monsters to us and escape!
Minister of Ravi: But if I don't finish my stay, then coming here was meaningless!
Knight: An evacuation order has already been issued! The people are fleeing the island, so you need to as well!
Silva: Your safety is our number one priority! I'll buy you as much time as I can, so hurry to your airship!
Silva forces the minister to leave and dashes to the outskirts of town.
Silva: (I can't see the beasts through my scope, but I can already smell them. Just how many are there?)
Silva is hit by a pungent stench as the footsteps of countless monsters rock the earth.
Silva: (I refuse to betray the trust of the people who sent me here by letting anything happen to the minister.)
Silva: (And even if I fail him, the least I can do is die trying. At least then I'll have my pride.)
Silva: (I'm so sorry, Camieux, Cucouroux... and Tweyen. We might never meet again.)
Silva: ...
Silva: (All right, come and get me! Just see what happens when you get into this gunner's range!)
Silva stares into the scope, not moving a muscle, and awaits her chance.
Something suddenly moves in Silva's peripheral vision, and she sees a ray of light streak over her head and pierce the ground in the distance.
Silva: ...?
More rays of light follow, and the area Silva is aiming at is gradually stained red.
Silva: Those look like Tweyen's magic arrows! But where's she firing from?
Silva turns to look for her friend, but Tweyen is nowhere to be found.
She stands there in stunned silence, watching the arrows shred the monsters.
Silva: I can't believe how strong you are, Tweyen... To think you can hit targets farther away than even this scope can see...
Silva: So you were too timid to show even me just how strong you really are?
Silva mutters as she watches arrows of light continue to streak over her head.
Silva: Ha-ha... What was I thinking?
Silva: I obviously couldn't have done anything against that many monsters. That must be why she came.
Silva can only watch as, well beyond her range, the ground is covered in blood.
Silva: Such devastating power...
Silva finally spots Tweyen, scarcely more than a speck of dust in the distance, and continues muttering to herself.
Silva: So this is what you were talking about...
Silva: The power of a monster...
The arrow fired as Silva mutters this veers off in an unexpected direction.
Silva: No way... Tweyen missed?
The barrage of magical arrows suddenly stops.
Silva: Don't tell me...
Silva: Did she see me? Did she read my lips?
Silva: Wait, Tweyen! That's not what I meant at all!
Silva screams desperately at her friend, but the sound of cannon fire drowns her out.
Silva: Looks like the monsters finally entered firing range...
Silva: And I can't just abandon my post and go to her now! Damn it!
Silva: Tweyen, I...
Silva picks up a special bullet and bites her lower lip.
Bowing her head as if in prayer, she closes her eyes to steel her resolve.
(Captain) and company gather information as they pursue Tweyen.
After visiting numerous islands, they finally find her.
Vyrn: There she is! Hey, Tweyen! Isn't it about time you came home already?
Lyria: I miss eating with you and shopping for clothes.
Tweyen: Maybe you're right, but there's one more thing I need to do.
Tweyen: My last test... I have to defeat the current owner of the Two-Crown Bow.
Lyria: The owner? But that's—
Tweyen: That's right. You're my final target, (Captain). Once I beat you, I'll finally be a real monster.
Tweyen: Your little crew and the Eternals are useless to me now. I'll be the loftiest ruler of them all!

All-Seeing Huntress: Scene 2

When Tweyen refuses to give up, Silva shoots her out of the sky. Silva and Tweyen finally have a chance to make up, and the crew is relieved that the problem of the Two-Crown Bow and Eternals is at last resolved.

Tweyen: Oof!
Tweyen collapses to her knees, and the Two-Crown Bow clatters to the ground.
Tweyen: No... This can't be! I lost to (Captain) again?
Lyria: Please... you have to stop this!
Lyria: This can't be what you wanted!
Lyria: Come back and eat with us! Go shopping with us! You always said how much you like that! So just—
Tweyen: No. That's no good at all!
Tweyen: I won't just settle down with you guys. I can't!
Tweyen: I have to be stronger. Stronger than anyone!
Tweyen: Anything less would be a betrayal to Silva!
Tweyen picks up the fallen Two-Crown Bow and faces (Captain) again.
Her eyes burning with bloodlust, she takes aim at the captain.
Tweyen: Huh? Cough! Cough!
Before Tweyen can loose a magical arrow, a bomb detonates nearby, blinding everyone with a cloud of smoke.
Vyrn: Now! Get out of there, (Captain)!
Lyria: ...!
Tweyen: Ugh... Good luck running from me!
Tweyen leaps out of the cloud of smoke to pursue (Captain) from the air, but something's waiting for her.
Flying Vulcans: ...
Tweyen: What the?
What appear to be a couple of the Erste Empire's flying vulcans unleash a barrage of bullets on her.
Tweyen: Whoa!
Tweyen flinches long enough to lose altitude, but quickly rights herself.
Tweyen: Higher... I gotta go higher!
Tweyen: So high no one can reach me! Not any machine, not (Captain), not Silva, not the Eternals... Not anyone!
Tweyen tries to fly higher than the vulcans can handle, but she never gets the chance.
Something thuds heavily and painfully into her abdomen. Her vision swims as she plummets in confusion.
Tweyen: Oh...
She finally hears the gun that fired at her and realizes that her attacker was extremely far away.
Tweyen: ...!
Tweyen manages to give herself just enough lift to survive her impact with the ground.
Lyria: Are you okay?
Tweyen: Who shot me? The smoke... and that flying machine... Whoever did this knows me well.
Tweyen forces out her questions, wincing at the pain in her abdomen.
(Captain) stares at her sadly and tells her to wait.
Tweyen, who's curled into a ball, opens her eyes when she hears footsteps approaching.
Silva: ...
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva: Hey, Tweyen. Been a while. We never had a chance to talk after... you know.
Silva: I really wanted to apologize. I know how badly I hurt you...
Tweyen: ...
Silva is a crew member

Silva: When I saw you on the airship, I thought I finally had my chance, but... well...
Silva: Oh, I might as well just say it. I was scared... It felt a little like my world would end if you rejected me.
Silva: I used you as an excuse to avoid facing my own weakness in the same way I almost did just now.

Silva not in crew

Silva: Sierokarte kept me updated on everything you accomplished and just how famous you became after that.
Silva: I was always glad to hear it, but a part of me was jealous too.
Silva: So I convinced myself that I had no right to see you, and I kept running away.
Continue 1
Silva: I'm so sorry.
Tweyen: ...
Silva: But I do care about you, so I can't run anymore... Not while you're suffering.
Silva: If you insist on sacrificing your humanity to become some sort of monster...
Silva: Then I'll give up my life as a gunner and do whatever it takes to stop you.
Silva: I'm done letting people call you a monster. And that includes the two of us.
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva extends her hand to Tweyen, who's still on her knees.
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen hesitates only briefly before taking her hand and standing up.
Tweyen: Thank you, Silva.
Tweyen: Sorry about butting in during your mission. I just couldn't bear the thought of losing you.
Silva: I resented it at the time, but the mission was a success thanks to you. And you saved me too.
Silva: When I wrote to my sisters to tell them what happened, I truly regretted not feeling grateful to you before I went and hurt you.
Tweyen: Don't worry about it.
Though awkward at first, Tweyen and Silva finally start smiling at each other.
(Captain) and the others watch from nearby.
Vyrn: Looks like everything's gonna be just fine.
Lyria: Yeah. Thank goodness.
Two-Crown Bow: (It seems my plan failed.)
Two-Crown Bow: (I've yet to meet the true master of the bow. How many millennia must I wait before I can finally fulfill my purpose?)
Two-Crown Bow: (If someone defeats Tweyen, perhaps I'll make them the ruler... I suppose I can lend my strength to her until then.)
Vyrn: Hey! Don't you have anything to say for yourself, bow?
Two-Crown Bow: As dictated by my destiny, I was merely seeking the one true master of the bow.
Vyrn: Just shut up, you glorified walking stick! I know what you did to Tweyen's head! You know how much trouble you caused?
Lyria: Yeah! Tweyen was having all kinds of fun with us before you showed up!
Two-Crown Bow: Talent like hers appears only rarely.
Vyrn: Whatever. Just don't go giving her any more funny ideas!
Two-Crown Bow: Fear not. Tweyen is hardly a suitable ruler.
Vyrn: Right... Pull something like this again, and we'll melt you into a puddle. Got it?
Two-Crown Bow: I'd prefer to avoid that.
Lyria: Well, at least everything turned out all right in the end.
Vyrn: Yeah, I guess.
Tweyen: Hee-hee...
Silva: Ha-ha...
Lyria: At least Tweyen and Silva finally made up!
Vyrn: Sure. Too bad it took so long.
Seofon: Huh? Have you returned to your old self, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Seofon!
Seofon: Ha-ha... You know, the other Eternals couldn't help but worry about you.
Seofon: I thought up a bit of a plan and came looking for you, but I guess everything worked itself out.
Vyrn: Yep, as you can see.
Seofon: Well, no complaints here. See you later, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Wait! I owe you and the rest of the Eternals an apology!
Seofon: Maybe... But you can worry about that later. I went ahead and called for a meeting of the Eternals.
Silva: You're not going to put Tweyen on trial, are you?
Tweyen: ...
Seofon: Oh, nothing like that! The Eternals aren't so petty that they'd hold a grudge over a couple of friendly sparring matches.
Seofon: Don't you remember how we used to get together now and then to talk about things over dinner? I figured we could try that again.
Seofon: I know you had your reasons, but every Eternal has past struggles, and I don't think anyone will hold it against you.
Seofon: Still, I won't stop you if you want to apologize for some closure. Maybe treat everyone to tea?
Seofon: Hee-hee... See you later!
Vyrn: Guess no one's mad anymore, so that's that! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yep! And I can't wait to have fun with you again, Tweyen. You can come too, Silva!
Silva: Sure.
Tweyen: Sorry about worrying all of you. Thank you so much.
Tweyen and Silva hold hands, proof that a problem that has haunted them for years has finally been solved.
They might still have a bit of awkwardness to overcome.
But (Captain) and the others can tell that the relationship between the two will soon be stronger than ever.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
どんな獲物も逃がしはしないわ No prey has ever escaped from me.
私の目からは逃れられない…… You're done for now that I've spotted you.
小さい頃はよく狩りをして遊んだわ I always loved hunting as a child.
ふふ、可愛い服ね、ルリアちゃん Hey, those clothes look great on you, Lyria!
十天衆もたまには集まったり…ねぇ? We Eternals should get together... At least sometimes...
私が強くなるにつれて人は遠ざかったわ People distanced themselves from me as I got stronger...
あら、島の反対側に怪しい魔物がいるわ Such strange monsters on the opposite end of the island...
遠くから何か来る気を付けて Something's coming from far away. Be careful.
(主人公)、次はどんな島に? So, (Captain), what island to next?
(主人公)、今度あのお店行きましょう Let's try that shop next time!