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Official Profile

Age 14 Height 145 cm Race Human
Hobbies Wild flights of fancy
Likes Herself with the mouse ears on, cheese
Dislikes Herself without the mouse ears on, the world
Character Release
普段はおとなしく、陰の世界の住人として生きるビカラですが…ネズ耳をひとたび付けることで夢の国 陽トピア(ゆ~とぴあ)の住人として立派にお役目を果たしています!
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 14歳 Height 145cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 妄想
Likes ネズ耳をつけた自分、チーズ
Dislikes ネズ耳を外した自分、世の中
Character Release
普段はおとなしく、陰の世界の住人として生きるビカラですが…ネズ耳をひとたび付けることで夢の国 陽トピア(ゆ~とぴあ)の住人として立派にお役目を果たしています!
Source [1] [2]


Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3991636000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Atsumi Tanezaki
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991636000
Release Date 2019-12-28
Elegy for Auld Lang Syne

This Divine General is easy to spot by her headband with its huge rat ears. She is the divine rat, guardian of the north and keeper of the Rat Temple. She is bright and cheerful with everyone and no adversity can crush her spirit. Those close to her can't help but smile when bolstered by her sunny disposition.



  • Vikala says happy birthday upon using one of her skills during player's birthday period.
  • Vikala's charge attack animation may be a reference to one of Athena Asamiya's special attacks in The King of Fighters All Star.[3] This follows the recurring theme of Zodiac characters using special moves from SNK fighting game characters.


  • Like the other Divine Generals in Granblue Fantasy, her name is derived from the Twelve Heavenly Generals in Buddhism. Her English name is taken from her corresponding General's Sanskrit name, which is typically romanized as either Vikala or Vikarāla.[4][5]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um, (Captain)... Today is an auspicious day, so... Uhhh...
I... I'm sorry... I completely forgot what I was going to say...
I'm... really grateful that you and Lyria recognized me back at the Rat Temple...
No one ever had before... I wonder why that is... It's so weird...
But because you did, I'm a part of the crew now...
Thank you... for finding me...
Ah, I forgot the most important part! Happy birthday, (Captain)!


Your birthday parties are always such a grand affair.
Can you give me a second though? I've got something I'd like to say...
U-um, so... Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm really g-glad I'm here for another year of celebrations.
You know, I never thought I was cut out to be one of the Divine Generals... I felt more like a rat hanging on for dear life.
B-but I think traveling with you has made me a little more confident.
So thank you. I never would've grown without you.
I figured it'd be better to tell you that as me—not as Vicky... Ehehe...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain)!
The party last night was a real blast! Man, hanging with a skyfaring crew is the best!
Hm? What's up with that face? A-haaa... I know what you're after. A little New Year's present, am I right?
How can I say no to those puppy-dog eyes? Here ya go! Your own rat-ear headband! Now you're a bona fide citizen of Utopia!
What? You wanna see me without my rat ears?
Wh-whaddya want something like that for? Nothing... nothing fun about that...
Anyway... Uh... Let's make it a good year, (Captain)...


Ahaha! Did I scare you?
Sorry, sorry! I saw you heading out and couldn't resist.
Happy New Year though! Looking forward to spending it with you!
Huh? I seem like I'm in a good mood?
Well, you're the first person I got to see this year!
It's a sign that the next few months are going to be good ones!
Where are you going, by the way? Early morning walk?
Let me tag along!
Haha! This month is already starting out strong.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, uh, hello there, (Captain)...
It's, um... You know what day it is, right? So...
I want you to... to..
To wait here a sec! I'll be right back!
Heya, thanks for waiting! Ready for your valentine? Then here ya go! Chocolaty goodness!
You're always looking out for me, so I thought this'd be a good chance to give you a token of my appreciation!
Oh, are you headed out somewhere? Look both ways before you cross the street, then! Later!
(Hurgh... That was harder than I thought...)


Okay... This year for sure... I'll give it to (Captain) as my true self!
Good day, (Captain). I hope this Valentine's celebration finds you well. Accordingly, I brought you a gift...
No, that's all wrong. There has to be a better, more Yangtopian way...
Wahey! What's good, (Captain)? I've got V-day chocolates for you!
Nuh-uh... Not happening.
Sigh... (Captain)! How long have you been standing there? D-did you s-see...
Ah... Um... V-Valentine's... Ch-choco... late...
H-here! Take it!
Since today's... V-Valen... You know... So... I made...
A-anyway, see you!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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All right! Let's knock this mission outta the park! No matter what happens, (Captain), you can count on me!
Hm? What's this package?
A return gift for Valentine's Day? Is today... Wh-White Day?
Th-thank you! I didn't... I had no idea... you'd get me a gift in return...
Yeah, um! That was quite a surprise! Anyway, I guess I'll take this off your hands! Thanks!
Haha! White Day isn't half bad!


A g-gift for me?
I can't believe you got me something so nice... Th-thank you!
Before I joined your crew, I never celebrated Valentine's Day or White Day.
I always thought it was something only true Yangtopians could enjoy...
B-but now I know that was totally wrong! It's an amazing experience for anyone and everyone!
Thanks to you, I know how awesome it is to give and be given to!
Ehehe... Seriously, I'm glad I got to meet you...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Of course, I'm familiar with Halloween...
Kids get candy, and Yangtopians everywhere party it up...
Ah... I bet you're thinking I've never properly enjoyed Halloween, aren't you, (Captain)?
Don't underestimate me... I haven't been a complete stick in the mud...
After all, I always have my handmade rat-ears on...
They count as a costume... right? So I could party it up... if I felt like it...
(So there!)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

It really is bustling today, isn't it, (Captain)?
This is my first time spending a holiday with friends, so I'm really looking forward to our party!
Hm? How did I celebrate before?
Hm... I think I just spent the night making the rat-ear headbands we sell at Utopia. I do those all by hand.
And I'd imagine how much fun they were having... And get jealous of all the merrymakers...
Woah... Flashback city. Anyway, who cares what I was thinking about back then? It's in the past!
Let's get our shopping done and hurry back to the ship! Yep, that's what we should be doing, so chop-chop!

Fate Episodes

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Guardian of the North

(Captain) and the crew visit the town where the Rat Temple is located. The bubbly year spirit Vikala puts on the extravagant Eccentrical Parade at her temple, but when the crew goes looking for her afterward, she is nowhere to be found. They are shocked to discover that a much gloomier girl they meet later is none other than Vikala, an introverted soul who uses her rat-ear headband to unleash her buried extroversion. The crew invites her along on their journey, and she refuses, but when they leave port the next day, Vikala's brighter half is aboard the Grandcypher, ready for adventure.

(Captain) and the crew visit the Rat Temple, which presides over this year's lucky direction: north.
They stop at a restaurant for a meal before making their New Year's prayers for health and good fortune at the miraculous temple.
Joy (Event) not in crew

Vyrn: The keeper of this temple is one of the Twelve Divine Generals, right?
Lyria: And the year spirit this time around. I wonder what she's like.
Vyrn: Me too! I'm sure she'll give us her blessings no matter what though.
Restaurateur Remy: Excuse me... You're travelers, aren't you? Are you here to visit the Rat Temple?
Vyrn: You bet we are! We just dropped in here to grab a bite first.
Restaurateur Remy: Thank you for your patronage. I am the owner of this little bistro.
Restaurateur Remy: I'm a huge fan of Lady Vikala. Utopia is a land of dreams even for adults such as myself.
Joy (Event) not in crew

Vyrn: I guess the year spirit's name is Vikala.
Lyria: Um... What did you say about a utopia?
Restaurateur Remy: That's what we call the Rat Temple. Spending time there is like a miraculous return to your youth.
Restaurateur Remy: Everyone calls it "Utopia" because it's like paradise here in the mortal realm. You won't find a more enjoyable time anywhere in the skies.
Lyria: Wow! I can't wait to get there!
Vyrn: Yeah, it sounds awesome!
Restaurateur Remy: Lady Vikala is a bright, vivacious person, always clowning around to make people laugh—you can't help but smile whenever you speak with her.
Restaurateur Remy: Haha... Oh, forgive me. I just remembered something funny she said the other day. She really is a wonderful person.
Lyria: Hehe. You really are a big fan!
Restaurateur Remy: Of course I am! Although no more than everyone else in town, I daresay. Oh, that reminds me.
Restaurateur Remy: Did you know that shaking hands with Lady Vikala will enhance your blessings?
Restaurateur Remy: There are always throngs of visitors around the new year, but I hope you'll have the chance to shake her hand.
Joy (Event) is a crew member

Vyrn: Aw, dang. We should've shaken her hand after we sorted out the whole Joya mess.
Restaurateur Remy: I beg your pardon?
Vyrn: Oh, nothing... Just talkin' to myself.
Restaurateur Remy: Oh, don't forget—the main event at the Rat Temple is in the evening. Utopia shines after dark.
Vyrn: After dark?
Just then, their conversation is interrupted.
Vyrn: What was that?
The sound of shattering porcelain rings out from the kitchen, followed by silence in the restaurant.
Restaurateur Remy: Not again!
I'm terribly sorry... If you'll excuse me.
Remy's Voice: Did you misread your job description? It's dishwasher, not dishsmasher. If you break all my plates, you won't have anything left to do here, you know!
Dishwasher: ...
Remy's Voice: I can't hear you! Even a rat could squeak louder than you!
Dishwasher: ...
Remy's Voice: Ugh... Just clean this mess up already.
Restaurateur Remy: Please forgive the commotion. The young person I hired to wash dishes has been a stunning disappointment from day one.
Vyrn: Hey, don't sweat it. The food's great, and you told us about the year spirit too. No complaints here!
Lyria: Right! So, um... No need to get so mad at your dishwasher, okay?
As an apology for the disturbance, the restaurateur offers the crew a round of hot beverages on the house. (Captain) and the others relax with their drinks, and are seen off by the owner a while later.
That night, the crew makes its way to the Rat Temple.
Lyria: Wow! It's really bustling!
Vyrn: Never expected this much of a crowd. I know that dude said things kicked off after dark, but this really looks like a party!
Restaurateur Remy: Good evening, travelers.
Lyria: Oh! Hello again!
Vyrn: Uh... Whatcha got on your head?
Restaurateur Remy: These are Lady Vikala's trademark. You can buy a set at the Rat Temple for three rupies. A must-have for any die-hard fan.
Vyrn: Wow, that's cheap... You guys wanna get some?
Restaurateur Remy: Unfortunately, you may not be able to tonight. The temple is already so thronged, it might be impossible to get in.
Lyria: Aww... What a shame...
Restaurateur Remy: But not to worry! Here she is now!
Lyria: Huh?
A buzz rises from the people around them, and everyone looks toward the forest where the Rat Temple is located.
Vyrn: What is it? What's goin' on?
Lyria: Oh, I hear music... And something big is coming this way!
???: ...!
A huge steel trap, seemingly moving under its own power, appears pulling a number of floats behind it on chains. Dancers weave in between the floats.
Restaurateur Remy: Ohhhh! Tonight's parade is even more impressive than usual!
Some of the women riding on the beautifully decorated floats dance, while others wave to the crowd.
Vyrn: Whoooa! What the heck is this giant parade for?
Restaurateur Remy: Pulling those floats in a procession around the temple is supposed to chase away evil.
Restaurateur Remy: Although to be honest, it's recently gained popularity as a spectacle, given how showy it is!
Lyria: Hee hee. I can see why! Just watching it puts a smile on my face!
Vyrn: But where's the year spirit? Is she somewhere in there?
Restaurateur Remy: The women dancing in the street and on the floats are all priestesses of the Rat Temple.
Restaurateur Remy: Lady Vikala is up above. Look at the very top of the biggest float.
Vikala: Hiya! I'm Vicky! Thanks for visiting the temple today, everybody!
Dancing far above all the others is one of the Twelve Divine Generals, the divine rat, Vikala.
Restaurateur Remy: Ohhh! Lady Vikalaaa!
Vikala: Thank yew, thank yew! Step right up and drink in the Eccentrical Parade!
Lyria: Ek... Ek-sen-what?
Restaurateur Remy: The Eccentrical Parade! That's the name of this fantastic procession! Isn't it marvelous?
Near (Captain) and the others, a little girl is eagerly reaching skyward.
Suzy: Vicky! Please... Please shake... my hand!
Suzy: Yeep!
Oh no! Are you okay?
Lyria tries to push through the crowd to get to the little girl who was knocked over in the press.
Vikala: ...!
Vikala: Hey there! You all right?
Suzy: Ahh! Vicky! Y-yeah, I'm fine!
Vikala: Aw, what a little trooper. Haha! And you're rockin' those rat ears! Look, we're twins!
Suzy: Hee hee!
Vikala: Whoa, check out that smile! It's blinding me! And you know the password that'll unlock even bigger smiles, right?
Vikala & Suzy: Lucky! Cookie! Vicky!
Vikala: Now put 'er there! We'll shake on it in front of the Rat Temple!
Suzy: Wow... This is the best day ever!
Vikala ruffles the girl's hair, then turns toward the crew and thrusts out her hand.
Joy (Event) not in crew

Vikala: You guys get a handshake too!
Lyria: Wow!
Vyrn: Sweet!

Joy (Event) is a crew member

Vikala: Welcome to Utopia, you guys! Glad you could make it! Now, put 'er there! Have a blessing on the house!
Lyria: Of course we came! You were nice enough to invite us!
Vikala: I'm pumped you're here! Hope you enjoy yourselves!
Continue 1
Once she's shaken hands with the crew, Vikala leaps back up to her perch atop the float as if she weighed no more than a feather.
Lyria: Hehe, we got our handshakes. I guess we can look forward to some good luck!
Vyrn: Yeesh, did you see that vertical leap? No wonder she's a Divine General.
(Captain) and the others have a great evening watching the Eccentrical Parade.
Even after the parade concludes and the crowds have largely dispersed, some people still remain in the area.
Restaurateur Remy: They must have stayed behind hoping for a glimpse of Lady Vikala, but I'm afraid they'll wait in vain.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Restaurateur Remy: Vikala's everyday life is shrouded in mystery.
Restaurateur Remy: We never see her around town, and the Rat Temple is usually deserted... We have no idea what she does with herself outside the parade.
Restaurateur Remy: But that mystery is part and parcel of her charm!
Vyrn: That handshake was good for health and safety in the new year... But we still need to ask her to pray for our journey, right?
Joy (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: That's right... Besides, we didn't get a chance to talk. I wanted to catch up after everything that happened...
Restaurateur Remy: What do you mean, "everything that happened"?
Vyrn: Oh, uh... Nothing.
The crew discusses it and decides to go looking for Vikala.

Guardian of the North: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew visit the town where the Rat Temple is located. The bubbly year spirit Vikala puts on the extravagant Eccentrical Parade at her temple, but when the crew goes looking for her afterward, she is nowhere to be found. They are shocked to discover that a much gloomier girl they meet later is none other than Vikala, an introverted soul who uses her rat-ear headband to unleash her buried extroversion. The crew invites her along on their journey, and she refuses, but when they leave port the next day, Vikala's brighter half is aboard the Grandcypher, ready for adventure.

But there is no sign of the divine rat at the Rat Temple, and the grounds are nearly empty.
Lyria: Empty behind the temple too. It doesn't seem like anyone lives here at all...
Joy (Event) is a crew member

Vyrn: I wish we'd asked her when we took care of the Joya...
Lyria: Let's not give up yet. I'm sure we can find her!
Vyrn: Let's ask that kid over there. Say, have you seen Lady Vikala?
Vyrn calls out to the girl hanging around the temple grounds, figuring she must also be looking for Vikala.
The girl shakes her head at Vyrn's question, but points deeper into the forest.
Vyrn: Huh? You saw her go that way? All right, let's see if we can catch up!
  1. Slow your roll, Vyrn.
  2. Let's get moving!

Choose: Slow your roll, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Huh? Why?
(Captain) tells Vyrn and Lyria to look more closely at the girl in front of their eyes.
Lyria: Wait... You mean this girl is—

Choose: Let's get moving!
Lyria: Um... Wait a minute!
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria? If we don't hurry, we'll lose her!
Lyria: Yeah, but... Um...
Hearing the hesitation in Lyria's voice, (Captain) turns and takes a second, closer look at the stranger. All becomes clear.
Vyrn: What's wrong with the two of you? What're you starin' at?
Lyria: Vyrn, this is her!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Huh? Wait a minute now. You're not tryin' to tell me this is Vikala, are you?
Gloomy Girl: ...!
Vyrn: Hmmm?
Vyrn flaps his way slowly around the girl, peering at her with his brow furrowed.
Gloomy Girl: Nn... Ngh...
Lyria: Um, Vyrn? I think you're scaring Vikala.
Vyrn: Huh? O-oh. Sorry about that.
Vyrn: No, wait. There's no way this is Vikala! You saw Vikala dancing on the float during the parade—she's a born performer! No way is this the same person!
The cowering girl finally opens her mouth.
Gloomy Girl: N-no... I... I am... Vikala...
Vyrn: What! Are you serious?
Vikala: Sorry for lying to you... N-no one ever recognized me before... It was kind of a shock...
(Captain) and the others sit down to talk with the girl who claims to be the Divine General Vikala.
Vikala: I... live a normal life here in town... But no one spares a second glance for a nobody like me.
It turns out the year spirit everyone thought to be so elusive and mysterious is in fact living in plain sight among the townspeople.
The difference between her public and private personas is so drastic, however, that no one has put two and two together.
Vikala: I've... always been shy... Whenever anyone speaks to me, I get tongue-tied...
Vikala: But in my head... There was always this perfect version of me, who could respond the way I wanted to...
Vikala: When I was chosen as the year spirit, I thought I might finally be able to make a change...
Vikala: But it didn't work out that way... So it's only when I'm wearing my rat ears that I can... can...
Lyria: You cancan?
Vikala: Be someone bright and cheery! I used auto-suggestion to bring out the ideal me who's lived inside my head for so long...
Vyrn: So that's who "Vicky" is, huh? But why put yourself through all that?
Vikala: I mean... The other Divine Generals are all larger than life... They've got special talents, and famous families... ancient legacies to carry on...
Vikala: But I'm different... The only thing special about me is that Dorrie the dormouse appeared to me one day...
Dormouse: ...
The steel trap from before returns.
Vikala: It used to be a monster trap, but the story goes that the first keeper of the Rat Temple used divine power to breathe life into it.
Vikala: Ever since, the divine rat has been chosen by Dorrie here. And it chose me, even though I'm no one special, with no talents to speak of...
Vyrn: So that's how you got the job...
Vikala: I have no idea why it chose me... Just thinking about it... blues me out...
Lyria: But you were so great in the parade! You even swooped down to help that little girl!
Vyrn: Yeah, Lyria's right! That restaurant owner dude was losing his marbles over your performance. He's a huge fan of yours!
Vikala: Oh, that reminds me... Thank you for visiting our restaurant...
Vyrn & Lyria: ...?
Vyrn & Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: You mean the young dishwasher was... No way!
Joy (Event) not in crew

Vikala: Y-yes... It's me. I saw you all through the kitchen door...
Joy (Event) is a crew member

Vikala: Y-yes... It's me. I spotted you guys through the kitchen door...
Lyria: But the owner was saying what a huge Vikala fan he was!
Vikala: He... doesn't know it's me...
Vyrn: So he was reading the riot act to his idol without even knowing it, huh? Yeesh.
Vikala: W-well... I did break a lot of plates. I'm really clumsy, and kinda slow, and plain, and gloomy, and cowardly...
Vikala: But when I put on my rat ears, I become a Yangtopian. I walk on the sunny side of the street... The Rat Temple is my Yangtopia...
Lyria: Yangtopia? I thought it was Utopia.
Vikala: When I'm there, everyone loves me. Everyone wants to talk to me... Everyone's so impressed with me...
Vikala: It's my Yangtopia because when I'm there, I can embrace my sunnier self—my positivity!
Vyrn: I see... I mean, I don't, but sure, okay.
Vikala: But the real me is a citizen of Yintopia... Festival season is coming to an end... It's time for me to get back to my everyday life in the shadows.
Lyria: ...
Vikala: Oh, by the way... Did you guys need me for something?
Joy (Event) not in crew

Lyria: Oh, um... Well, we're skyfarers, you see...
Joy (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: Oh, um... Well, you know how we're on a journey with our crew?
Vikarala: R-right...
Vikarala: (A skyfaring crew sounds like a whole gaggle of Yangtopians to me. That's so scary... What do they want? Don't tell me they want to throw a party here or something?)
  1. We want you as a new recruit!
  2. Wanna visit Shiptopia?

Choose: We want you as a new recruit!
Vikala: Who, me?
Vyrn: Hehe! I figured that'd make you squeak!
Lyria: So did I!

Choose: Wanna visit Shiptopia?
Vikala: Sh-Shiptopia? What's that?
Vyrn: Don't you start too. Vikala, what (Captain)'s trying to do is invite you to join our crew.
Lyria: How about it, Vikala? Do you want to join us on our journey?
Vikala: Me? On an airship crew?
Continue 2
Vyrn: If you don't have anything much to do at the temple for a while, why not give it a shot?
Lyria: I'm not sure I understand what you meant about yin and yang, but seeing the wide open skies might take your mind off it a bit!
Vikala: (Here I was planning to go back to a life of peaceful cheese-nibbling in the shadows.)
Vikala: (And they're asking me to join up after seeing this side of me?)
Vikala: (I'm so... happy!)
Vikala is deeply moved, but what she says is...
Vikala: No... I'm sorry.
Lyria: ...
The crew's stay on the island comes to an end, and the Grandcypher leaves port.
Vyrn: We ended up leaving without her...
Lyria: Nngh... I still can't believe that's how we said goodbye.
Vyrn and Lyria gaze sadly over the rail as Vikala's island recedes into the distance, lamenting the Divine General's refusal to join the crew.
Vikala: Haha! Why the long faces!
Vyrn: Huuuhhh? Vikala!
Vikala: Yeah, I figured I'd tail you after all! Sailing around on an airship sounds like a good time!
Lyria: Oh, I'm so happy! But then, why did you say no before?
Vikala: Haha! It was no biggie. I was just worried about whether I'd be any use to you on your journey.
Vikala: But look, I've got my rat ears on, so I'm bursting with confidence!
Vikala: Which means I've got no reason not to come with you!
As... long as that still works for you.
Lyria: Of course it works for us! We're so glad to have you aboard!
Vikala: Thanks! From now on, this will be my Yangtopia! Speaking of which...
Vikala: Where's this rig heading, anyhow?
Vyrn: That's right, we never told you... And you came along anyway!
Vikala: Sweating the details isn't my style. All that matters to me is that you guys wanted me along. If I'm with you, I don't care where we're going!
  1. You can take the ears off, if you want.

Choose: You can take the ears off, if you want.
Vikala: Whuh?
Vikala: Wh-what're you saying? I can't just... take them off...
Lyria: Hehe, you sure can! We're glad to have you no matter how many ears you're wearing!
Vikala: Sniffle...
Qu-quit it, you're bluing me out...
Vikala, a girl whose personality vacillates between extremes of darkness and light, has joined (Captain)'s crew.
With modest hopes and much larger fears, the spirit of the new year takes her first step into the next twelve months.

Vikala's Long Day

Hoping for some alone time, Vikala volunteers to watch the ship while the rest of the crew leaves to complete a mission. Her solitude is interrupted by a burglar... who Vikala mistakes for a crew member. Vikala tries to escape the awkwardness of the conversation while the burglar fights not to let his witness out of his sight.

Vikala: ...
The Grandcypher is quiet but for the faint sound of footsteps.
The owner of those stepping feet is enjoying the peace and quiet, exploring wherever her curiosity takes her.
Vikala: (So this is what the inside of an airship looks like... I've always got my eyes on the ground, so I never really took it in before.)
Vikala: Ahh... It's so relaxing to finally be by myself.
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: Oh, Dorrie. Sorry you got stuck watching the ship with me...
Vyrn: Well, we've got a job to take care of! You're in charge of guarding the ship, Vikala!
Vikala: Haha! Leave it to me! You guys be careful!
Lyria: Will you be all right on your own?
Vikala: You're such a worrywart, Lyria! Besides, from where I'm standing, I'm the one who should be worried about you!
Vyrn: Gyahaha! Good answer! Looks like the ship is in good hands!
Lyria: I think so! Thanks, Vikala!
Vikala: Remembering that blued me out... I talked big, but all I really wanted was some time to myself.
Vikala: I wonder if Lyria will be disappointed in me...
The Divine General Vikala alternates between cheer and gloom depending on whether she's wearing her rat-ear headband.
She has been aboard the Grandcypher for a while now but has yet to truly feel like part of the crew.
Vikala: But if I went with them, I might make things awkward... I'm better off alone in my room, eating cheese.
Vikala: Hm?
???: Tch... Nothin' but junk in this room...
???: Wargh!
Vikala: Yeek!
???: (No way! There's someone onboard!)
???: (In all my years as a sneak thief, I've never cased a joint and thought it was empty when it wasn't. How did I miss her?)
???: (And how did she get this close without me noticing? She must be some kinda genius of stealth...)
Vikala: Aaah... Um... Excuse me!
Sneak Thief Sully: !
Vikala: I thought I was the only one onboard! I... I'm so sorry for startling you!
Sneak Thief Sully: ...?
Vikala: M-my name is Vikala... I j-just joined the crew recently... I thought I was the only one on guard duty...
Vikala: (Aagh, I don't know his name... This is so awkward... There are so many people in the crew, and I'm always looking at my feet, so I can never put names to faces...)
Sneak Thief Sully: (Don't tell me this dipsy doodle thinks I'm one of her crewmates.)
Sneak Thief Sully: (What a nimrod! Still...)
Vikala: S-sorry for bothering you! Just ignore me! I'll be going now!
Sneak Thief Sully: Hey, what's your hurry? Stay and chat a while!
Sneak Thief Sully: (I can't just let her go now that she's seen my face!)
Vikala: Chat? M-me? With you?
Sneak Thief Sully: Uh, yeah. Who else is there? We're the only ones onboard.
Vikala: (We just happen to run into each other on an empty ship, and he wants to chat? Oh, no. Don't tell me... This man is...)
Vikala: (A total Yangtopian?)
Vikala: Oh, uh, no, I... I have... some homework I have to do...
Sneak Thief Sully: Homework? I'll help ya with it! Don't be shy! You'll finish faster that way!
Vikala: (Urgh, he's so pushy! Why won't he quit? I'm like a snowmouse in a blast furnace around extroverts like him!)
Vikala: I f-forgot... I did my homework yesterday... Oh, I remember! I was on my way to the bathroom!
Sneak Thief Sully: This is the way out on deck... The bathroom's further inside, isn't it?
(I mean, I assume...)
Vikala: Huh? Ohhh, uh, well...
Weird, I don't have to go anymore.
Vikala: (Why is it so hard to end conversations? What would be the most natural way to just... act as if I'd never come in here in the first place?)
Sneak Thief Sully: (She's tryin' to get away from me! I knew it! She does know I broke in here!)
Vikala: (This is really bluing me out... I wanna be alone... I don't have the stamina to go around talking with people I don't know!)
Sneak Thief Sully: Ha... Haha... Hahaha! False alarm, huh?
Vikala: Eheh... Eheh... heh... It sure was.
Vikala: Hehe... Hehehe...
Sneak Thief Sully: (No way am I leaving her alone! She's planning to jump ship! I've gotta grab her and tie her up somewhere!)
Vikala: (Ugh, I really need to be alone! The solitude of my room calls out to me! I'm a citizen of Yintopia—that's where I belong!)
Vikala: (I'd much rather be lonely than have to sit here feeling inferior to a Yangtopian!)
The burglar desperately tries to keep tabs on his witness, while the painfully introverted Vikala longs to escape.
An epic battle of wills unfolds aboard the deserted Grandcypher.

Vikala's Long Day: Scene 2

When Vikala remembers that she is supposed to be the only one aboard, the burglar claims he returned to repair the ship. Vikala buys his story and assumes the burglar is Rackam. The burglar uses this to his advantage as he plots his escape.

Vikala is guarding the ship while the crew completes a mission. Craving only solitude, she has been locked in a social tug-of-war with a man she takes for a crewmate, but who is in fact a sneak thief.
Vikala: (Wait... Something's off here...)
Vikala: Haha! Leave it to me! You guys be careful!
Lyria: Will you be all right on your own?
Vikala: (Lyria was saying I'd be alone if I stayed behind on the ship... And this morning...)
Vikala: (Mornin', (Captain)! Beautiful weather we're having! You headed out somewhere?)
Vyrn: We've got a mission to take care of, so we're gettin' ready.
Vikala: Haha! Nice!
Vyrn: Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as always, huh, Vikala?
Vikala: You think so? This is just how I am!
Vyrn: Like (Captain)'s been saying, you don't have to push yourself to wear the rat ears all the time.
Vikala: I-I'm not... pushing myself... And call me Vicky... I'm in Yangtopian mode...
Vyrn: Hehe, well, whatever makes ya happy. So, who's on guard duty, (Captain)?
Vikala: Guard duty?
Vyrn: Pretty much everybody's got business on the island today, so we need someone to watch the ship.
Vikala: Oh! Then, um! I'll take care of that!
Vikala: U-um... I was supposed to be... the only one on guard duty today... So, uh... What are you... doing here?
Sneak Thief Sully: I... I was going out, but when I stepped off the ship, I noticed a hole in the hull, so I came back to repair it!
Vikala: Ship repairs? O-oh... Are you Rackam, the helmsman?
Sneak Thief Sully: Hm? Oh, sure. Yeah! That's who I am! I'm Rackam, the helmsman!
Vikala: That makes sense...
Vikala: (I didn't realize Rackam was so tall. I usually only see him from the knee down, so I don't recognize his face.)
Sneak Thief Sully: (All right. All I have to do is act like this Rackam guy, then once this girl lets her guard down, I'll truss her up like a holiday turkey.)
Rackam (?): So, uh... How's it going? Have you adjusted to life on the ship? Gotten to know your crewmates?
Vikala: Oh... No, not really... I really... don't feel like I fit in...
Rackam (?): Oh, yeah? Well, the ones who do fit in are the ones who aren't trying to.
Vikala: Huh?
Rackam (?): They're just doing their own thing, and that happens to work for them. In other words, it's just a question of compatibility.
Vikala: B-but... What if just doing your own thing... doesn't help you fit in?
Rackam (?): Hm? Well, let's turn that question on its head. Do you really wanna stick around somewhere you can't be yourself?
Vikala: ...!
Rackam (?): There's no reason to stay with a crew that's suffocating you. What's keeping you? You can always run off on your own.
Rackam (?): (Even if running away from my problems is how I wound up leading a life of crime...)
Vikala: The scales have fallen from my eyes...
Rackam (?): Whassat now?
Vikala: You've opened my eyes! You're amazing, Rackam! I'm really grateful.
Vikala: I've been racking my brain to figure out how I need to change to fit in here...
Rackam (?): Ah...
Rackam (?): (How long has it been since I've had a normal conversation like this?)
Rackam (?): Well... I'm sure you'll be all right! Giving the whole thing up is always an option, so for now, why don't you give it another shot?
Vikala: Y-you're right... Thank you so much!
Rackam (?): And don't go sneaking up behind people like that. You're gonna give someone a heart attack.
Vikala: Actually I'm so unremarkable that people are always saying, "I didn't realize you were here!"
Rackam (?): Haha, hahaha! Is that a fact! Hahahaha!
Vikala: Eheh, ehehe... It is a fact. Ehehehehe...
Happy laughter fills the otherwise silent corridors of the Grandcypher.

Vikala's Long Day: Scene 3

Vikala begins to harbor doubts about this "Rackam," so she uses her rat-ear headband to introduce "Vicky," another crew member left behind on the ship. The burglar sticks to his story, and Vikala believes him, so she reveals the secret of her yin and yang sides. Touched by her faith in him, the burglar resolves to live his life as Rackam from then on. Just then, the crew returns.

Rackam (?): Hahaha! You? One of the Twelve Divine Generals? That's a good one!
Vikala: Eheh, ehehe... It's truuue!
Vikala: Oh, come to think of it, you've been on this crew a long time, haven't you, Rackam? How did you meet Lyria and the others?
Rackam (?): Hm? Oh, well...
Rackam (?): (Lyria is a woman's name, right? Okay, well... Where would any seasoned skyfarer meet women?)
Rackam (?): Lyria and I met at a bar. She was so drunk... If I recall, we got into quite an argument, and that's how it all started...
Vikala: Wh-what! Lyria drinks?
Rackam (?): (Crap. Is Lyria a teetotaler? Well, I can't take it back now...)
Rackam (?): Not usually, but I think she'd had a really bad day. Best not to ask her about it—probably a sore spot.
Vikala: (I don't believe it...)
Lyria: Bartendeeerrr! Gimme another! Hehehe—hic—hehe...
Vikala: I n-never realized Lyria had such a dark side... Then... What about Vyrn?
Vikala: Vyrn is so cute... D-don't tell me...
Rackam (?): (Cute? So we're talkin' about a younger woman this time, right?)
Rackam (?): Ah, Vyrn... Vyrn? Vyrn's gonna be a real heartbreaker when she grows up. No doubt about it.
Vikala: !
Vikala: (I didn't know Vyrn was a girl!)
The longer she talks with this man who claims to be Rackam, the less his stories seem to add up.
Vikala begins to harbor doubts.
Vikala: (Is this person... actually an intruder?)
Vikala: (I mean... When I came in here, he was rummaging through the cabinets... And what he's been saying about the crew just doesn't sound right...)
Vikala: (But what should I do? I'm the only crew member onboard!
Oh! I know!)
Rackam (?): You're awfully quiet all of a sudden. What's wrong?
Vikala: Oh, um, I just remembered, Rackam... There's one more crew member onboard...
Rackam (?): There is?
Vikala: I bet she's feeling lonely, so... I'm gonna go get her!
Rackam (?): H-hey, wait up! Come back!
Ignoring the thief's cries, Vikala disappears deeper into the ship.
Rackam (?): (Crap! What do I do? I should get outta here. No, wait. Should I go after her? But... I...)
The thief vacillates a moment too long.
Vikala: Hey there! You stayed onboard too, huh?
Rackam (?): Whuh?
Vikala: Haha! My name's Vicky! Looks like we're in it together. Nice to meetcha!
Rackam (?): Y-yeah, nice to meet you. What happened to that other girl? Why didn't she come with you?
Vikala: Oh, her? Just a sec!
Vikala: You... wanted to see me?
Rackam (?): Has that... weirdly upbeat girl been on the ship this whole time?
Vikala: Yes... She has... I'd completely forgotten.
Rackam (?): (Great... Now I've got twice as many witnesses... I should've gotten out while the gettin' was good.)
Rackam (?): Listen, kiddo... I just remembered an errand I hafta do in town...
The thief rises from his seat.
Vikala: Wait, Rackam, don't go! The other girl said she had something she wanted to ask you!
Vikala: Huff... Puff...
H-hey there...
Rackam (?): You're really outta breath... Are you okay?
Vikala: Haha! Don't you worry about me! There was something I wanted to ask you. I'd really like... to know your name.
Rackam (?): My... name?
Rackam (?): (Damn it, now what? Does this girl know what the real Rackam looks like?)
Rackam (?): (If she does, she'll see right through me!)
Vikala: (Is this the real Rackam? He was so nice to me...)
Vikala: (I want to know the truth. I'm really scared, but... I want to have faith in him!)
Rackam (?): M-my name...
Vikala: ...
Rackam (?): Is Rackam!
Vikala: !
Rackam (?): (I don't wanna hurt that other kid's feelings.)
Rackam (?): (She was the first one to sit down and chat with me like that in a long time. For her sake, I have to see this lie through to the end! I... I've gotta become Rackam!)
Vikala: (So he is Rackam! Oh, that's such a relief!)
Vikala: I see... So your name's Rackam. Nice to meet you! Put 'er there!
Rackam (?): (Oof, that's a relief. She doesn't know Rackam, either. No, wait. I'm Rackam now.)
After giving the thief a hearty handshake, Vikala withdraws, removes her rat ears, then returns to the room.
Vikala: U-um... That cheerful girl you just talked to... was me!
Rackam (?): What!
Haltingly, Vikala explains how she uses her rat-ear headband to change into a more cheerful and outgoing version of herself.
Rackam (?): Unbelievable... You're like a whole different person. That's quite a shock.
Vikala: I hear that a lot... I'd really like to get to a place where I don't have to rely on my rat ears anymore...
Rackam (?): Heh... What's the big deal if you do? That persona is still a part of you, no matter what you're wearing. Why should you have to distance yourself from her?
Vikala: That... really makes me happy, Rackam. Thank you so much.
Rackam (?): (That settles it. For this girl, I'm going to live my life as Rackam from now on.)
Rackam (?): (Wait a minute... What am I doing on this ship, again? Oh, I remember now... I'm the helmsman...)
Vyrn: Yooo! We're back! Vikala, you here?
Vikala: Oh, welcome back, everyone. I was just having a chat with Rackam.
Lyria: Did Rackam get back before us? He said he was heading to the neighboring town to buy some tools to repair the ship...
Vikala: Oh, he ended up not going.
Rackam! (Captain) and the others are back!
A man comes striding out when Vikala calls.
Rackam (?): Yo! It's me, Rackam!
Vyrn: The heck is this?
Rackam (?): !
Vikala: Huh? It's... Rackam. Don't you recognize him?
Vyrn: Recognize, shmecognize. This dude—
Rackam (?): It's me... Rackam!
Vyrn: Seriously, dude! Who are you?
Lyria: Um... Maybe someone who just happens to have the same name?
Vikala: N-no... This is the helmsman of the Grandcypher...
Rackam (?): It's... me... Rackam...
Vyrn: Yeah, no. You don't even look a thing like him.
Rackam (?): I... I'm telling you, I'm Rackam!
Lyria: Um... This room looks like it's been turned upside down...
Vyrn: You think he came to burgle the ship? Let's get 'im, (Captain)!
Vikala: Oh no... Rackam...
  1. It's time to face the truth, Vikala.
  2. You okay leaving things like this?

Choose: It's time to face the truth, Vikala.
Vikala: But... I can't handle the truth... My own truth is just a disappointing version of myself.
Vikala: That's why I created a fake version of me. Even if that man lied, I'm in no position to judge him for it...

Choose: You okay leaving things like this?
Vyrn: It sounds like you guys were getting along pretty well, but if he's really a thief, then we gotta nab 'im!
Vyrn: Do you want us to handle the fake Rackam on our own?
Vikala: A fake... But I'm a fake too... I have no right...
Continue 1
Lyria: That's not true! You're still Vikala, whether you're wearing your rat ears or not!
Vyrn: Trying to be a better version of yourself doesn't make you a fake. Both versions are still you.
Vikala: ...
Vyrn: But that dude is not Rackam! Even if that blues you out!
Vikala: I... I understand! I'll help you capture him!
Vyrn: Yeah! Come on!

Vikala's Long Day: Scene 4

(Captain) and Vikala defeat the intruder, who promises Vikala he will mend his ways. Vikala in turn promises to be brave and get to know her crewmates properly. (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn, watching this odd scene, resolve never to tell Rackam about it.

Sneak Thief Sully: Glurgh...
Vikala: Rackam...
Sneak Thief Sully: Heh... Now you know, kid. I'm nothin' but a low-down, dirty thief... Looks like I couldn't make myself into Rackam...
Vyrn: (Captain Obvious over here.)
Sneak Thief Sully: Damn, though, kid... You're really strong. What you said about being a Divine General—was that for real?
Vikala: Y-yes... I'm... one of the Twelve Divine Generals... the divine rat Vikala.
Sneak Thief Sully: Listen, Lady Vikala. I swear to you, I'm gonna turn my life around, and make up for every crime I've committed.
Sneak Thief Sully: I'm really sorry I lied to you. Especially when you were being so open with me. You told me how you felt about the version of yourself who wears the rat ears, and I turned around and lied like that...
Vikala: Um... I'm... I'm going to turn my life around too! I'm going to stop saying this version of me is a fake!
Sneak Thief Sully: Good. And don't forget to look your crewmates in the face from now on, okay? You don't want any more cases of mistaken identity on your hands.
Vikala: Yes... I've learned my lesson. I'm going to be braver, starting now.
(Captain) and the others are watching this scene unfold from a little ways off.
Lyria: Case closed, I guess?
Vyrn: I guess? I'm completely lost here.
Vyrn: At any rate, let's... not tell Rackam about this.
Lyria: Ahaha... Good idea.
Vikala often struggles with her identity, caught between yin and yang, but she has grown a bit through her experiences today.
Evidence of that growth will no doubt shine through during her journey aboard the Grandcypher.

Closing the Distance

Kumbhira travels to the town where Vikala lives to discuss the duties of a year spirit. She talks to a girl on the street, not knowing that the girl is Vikala herself. Vikala finally reveals her identity, and the two Divine Generals slowly strengthen their bond over conversation and tea.

Kumbhira: Ngh... She's a lot stronger than I'd expected!
Kumbhira: Hngh!
Vikala: Haha! Whatcha runnin' away for? Things are just heatin' up here!
Kumbhira and Vikala are training at an old, deserted town whose residents have long abandoned it.
They chose the uninhabited town and its crumbling buildings as their training spot to prevent any unwanted accidents.
Kumbhira: Looks like we were right in coming way out here... Now we can go all out without having to worry about other people.
Kumbhira: Still...
Kumbhira ducks behind a slab of wall and peeks over at the figure approaching from beyond the clouds of dust.
Vikala: Kumbhira, where are yooou? Come out, come out, wherever you are! Let's play!
Kumbhira: Vikala is really pumped... I didn't think she'd break through an entire building and charge at me like that. A worthy opponent for the divine boar.
Kumbhira weaves through the rubble and leaps out from her hiding place to rush straight at Vikala from behind.
Kumbhira: Haaaah!
But before Kumbhira can reach her target, Vikala spins around in one swift movement.
Vikala: Haha! I found you!
Kumbhira: Gasp...
Kumbhira arrives at the town where the Rat Temple is located. She walks through the streets in search of Vikala, hoping to discuss the divine rat's duties as the next year spirit.
Kumbhira: Whew... The training the other day was really something.
Kumbhira: Vikala's a bright and honest girl, but at the same time...
Vikala: Training? With just the two of us?
Vikala: That sounds really fun! I'm so happy you asked! Thank you!
Kumbhira: She must be going to great lengths to train regularly. I'll have to put in more effort myself...
Kumbhira: But where could she be? And how is it that no one here has a clue?
The cheerful and carefree divine rat Vikala is the talk of the town. However...
It appears neither the priestesses at the Rat Temple nor the town's bustling residents know where their celebrated year spirit is.
How Vikala usually spends her days is also unclear to the other Divine Generals.
Kumbhira can't help but be concerned about Vikala's attempts to hide this aspect of herself.
Kumbhira: I was hoping we'd be able to get along while training together as Divine Generals...
Kumbhira: Ahh... But maybe that'd be too intrusive of me...
Amid the townspeople scurrying to and fro with last minute preparations for the new year, Kumbhira calls out to a girl sweeping the front of a restaurant.
Kumbhira: Excuse me, I'm looking for the Divine General Vikala. Do you know where...
Gloomy Girl: ...!
Ku-Kum... Kumbhi... ra...
Kumbhira: Ah, yes. I am the spirit for this year, Kumbhira. I'm flattered you recognize me.
Kumbhira: I was hoping to talk to Vikala about her duties... Do you happen to know where she is?
Kumbhira: I've been asking around town, but all I get is a "that's what I'd like to know."
Gloomy Girl: I-i... I-i-it's...
Kumbhira: It's?
Gloomy Girl: I-it's me... Vikala...
Kumbhira: Ohhh!
Gloomy Girl: (She finally recognized me...)
Kumbhira: So you're Vikala's fan! I see. You even have the same hairstyle.
Gloomy Girl: (She didn't recognize me...)
Kumbhira: Everyone in this town seems to love Vikala. That's really amazing.
The girl sweeping the store front is, in fact, Vikala herself. But Kumbhira gives no indication of recognizing Vikala for who she is.
Kumbhira enters the empty restaurant and takes a seat. The girl brews a cup of tea and sets it down in front of Kumbhira.
Kumbhira: Ahh, this tea is delicious. Thank you for letting me come in before opening.
Vikala: Th-the manager... won't be here for a while, so...
Kumbhira: So you work at this restaurant, huh? What kind of things do you do?
Vikala: I w-wash dishes... and stuff...
Kumbhira: That sounds like a tough job. With the place being this big, I expect the dishes pile up quite fast...
Vikala: U-um... U-u-um, um... Y-you know, I'm... V-Vikala...
Kumbhira: Yeah, I'm actually Vikala's fan too.
Vikala: Huh?
Kumbhira: Hehe, I'm the same as you. I really like Vikala too.
Vikala: (What did she just say!)
Kumbhira: Vikala's always so bright and cheerful... She's simply radiant.
Kumbhira: We're both Divine Generals, but she has so much that I lack, and I admire her for that.
Vikala: ...
Kumbhira: Oh, but I haven't been able to talk much with Vikala yet, so I haven't told her any of this.
Kumbhira: She always disappears before I get the chance to, you see. She can be a bit of a mystery...
Vikala: B-but... Y-you're even more... amazing, Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: Huh?
Vikala: All of the Twelve Divine Generals love you... Y-you're like a b-big sister to everyone, and I... really r-respect that...
Kumbhira: You think so? Thank you.
Kumbhira: Hmm... But the way you say that makes it sound like you've been there witnessing it.
Kumbhira: Hm? Could it be that you're...
Vikala: (She finally recognized me!)
Kumbhira: Vikala's friend?
Vikala: (She didn't recognize me!)
Kumbhira: Do you think you could tell me where Vikala is?
Vikala: W-well...
Seeing the girl shake her head, Kumbhira lets out a sigh.
Kumbhira: So you don't know either...
Vikala: (Now it's really hard to find the right time to say it... But I want to tell her that I'm her fan too...)
Vikala: (Still, that training session was an absolute disaster... And I only realized after I got home... Ahhh, it's all coming back to me...)
Once she got home after training with Kumbhira, Vikala lamented all night in her bed.
Vikala: Ahhh... It was just practice! Why did I go all out like that? She probably thought I was being a tryhard... I'm so sure that's what she was thinking!
Vikala: Ugh... I was so ecstatic that she invited me out for a training session, I ended up getting ahead of myself... I really blew it.
Vikala: Having just the right level of enthusiasm is hard...
Vikala: See, I just can't fit in with the Twelve Divine Generals... Ha, haha... This sucks...
Vikala: (I'm starting to tear up again just thinking back to it... Come on, don't cry!)
Kumbhira: W-what's the matter! Why are you crying?
Vikala: (Oh no, I couldn't hold it in...)
Vikala: I-I'm sorry! Don't worry about me! I was just reminded of something that didn't go so well...
Kumbhira: No, I'm the one who's sorry! I started prying too much, didn't I?
Vikala: N-no, it's not that! I just... wanted you to realize...
Kumbhira: Um, I'm really sorry I didn't realize. This is your place, after all. And I just forced myself into it...
Vikala: That's not what I meant... I-I wanted you to realize who I am!
Kumbhira: Hm? Who... you are?
Vikala: Th-that day we went out for training... I-I'm really sorry for getting out of line...
Vikala: I don't really have... friends or anything... So I was really happy when you invited me out. Then I got ahead of myself...
Vikala: But I wasn't used to training sessions like that and ended up treating it like it was a real fight... Then I went home... and felt terrible about everything...
Kumbhira: Training session?
Kumbhira: Wait a minute... Are you... Vikala?
Vikala: Y-yes... You recognized me!
Kumbhira: Whaaat!
Kumbhira's cry of surprise echoes across the quiet restaurant.
Kumbhira: I see... So your bright personality only comes out when you have your ears on, huh? You've really perfected that side of yourself...
Kumbhira: Anyway, to think I'd find you without realizing it! That really surprised me.
Vikala: I'm sorry... I couldn't find the right moment to tell you...
Vikala: U-um... I really admire you, Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: You do? But you're the amazing one!
Kumbhira: Now that I think about it, I was just gushing about you earlier, wasn't I?
Kumbhira: Ngh... Now I feel embarrassed...
Vikala: I-I really have nothing to admire... See, I'm just this regular, boring girl, and I feel like everything I do ends up being a disaster...
Kumbhira: Oh, but I'm like that too, you know. I can't help but compare myself to the year spirits before me, and I always feel awful for being so incompetent.
Vikala: R-really? No way... But you're incredible...
Kumbhira: Hmm... We just might be more similar than we think.
Vikala: Similar? Us?
Kumbhira: There's still so much I've yet to learn about you. I hope you'll share about yourself little by little—I'm sure the other Divine Generals would love to get to know you better too.
Kumbhira: After all, we all have the same duties as members of the Twelve Divine Generals. There's a lot we can discuss and help each other with.
Vikala: I-I'd always go home right away after meetings because... I didn't think I'd be able to fit in... Unlike you, Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: It's okay to take it slowly.
Kumbhira: I wasn't good at sharing about myself before too. But I've gotten better since...
Kumbhira: Though I still have a long way to go.
Kumbhira: But I know you'll be just fine, Vikala. There isn't anyone in the Twelve Divine Generals who isn't a kind soul. So let's do our best together, okay?
Vikala: Kumbhira...
Kumbhira and Vikala continue their conversation slowly but steadily until, before they know it, their tea cools to a pleasant temperature.
This precious bond that has sprouted between the two Divine Generals will surely blossom into something beautiful in the year to come.

A Pastoral Encounter

Vikala visits the Ox Temple at the end of the year to pass on her year spirit duties. However, due to an incident between the Divine Rat and Ox a long time ago, a herd of cows chases Vikala and takes away her rat ears. Catura finds Vikala in a nervous state, but thanks to Catura's easygoing personality, the two Divine Generals warm up to each other in no time.

One fine day, as the year comes to a close, the sun shines on a quiet ranch known as the Ox Temple.
Cow: Moooo!
Vikala: Why... Wh-wh-why are they chasing after meee!
Vikala runs around the field as fast as she can, a herd of cows stampeding after her.
A few hours earlier, Vikala had arrived on the island to pass on her duties as year spirit at the Ox Temple.
Vikala: Okay, it's time for me to hand over the year spirit duties! This is important, so I'm gonna go all out!
Dormouse: ...
Vikala: Yeah! I've seen Catura at the Divine General gatherings before, but this'll be my first time actually talking with her one-on-one!
Vikala: But there's nothing to worry about! After all, I've come a long way since I first started as year spirit!
Vikala: Now, let's see. Where is the Ox Temple...
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: Oh, that's right! The main temple's a ranch, isn't it? Does that mean there's gonna be a lot of cows?
Vikala: Catura's such an easy-going girl. I'm sure the cows she's raised are just as nice and sweet as she is!
Cow: Mooooo!
Vikala: That's what I'd thought, but I was totally off! Why are they going after me like this?
Vikala: H-hey guys, I'm Vicky! I wanna be friends with all of you!
Cow: Mooooo!
Vikala: Boy, they're sure seeing red about something. But why? I didn't do anything!
Dormouse: ...!
Vikala: What! The Divine Rat pissed off the Divine Ox a long time ago, and that's where the bad blood comes from?
Vikala: I never heard anything about that!
Vikala: Eeek!
Unaccustomed to running on soft soil, Vikala's foot gets caught in the dirt and she falls over headfirst.
Cow: Mooooo!
Vikala: Aaah!
One cow takes the opportunity to snatch Vikala's ears from her head, running off with it between its teeth.
Vikala sits in the dirt, dazed, as she watches the cows retreat farther and farther away.
Vikala: O-oh no... H-h-how did this happen...
Robbed of both her ears and her confidence, Vikala's hair slowly turns back to black.
Vikala: O-ooh, what should I do? I-I can't possibly talk to Catura without my rat ears...
Vikala: I mean, w-we're totally different... Her family's always been part of the Divine Generals... If I talked to her now, I'd be so nervous I'd puke!
Vikala: Sigh... How did it end up like this... Why do the cows have to hate me so much? Hngh... This blues me out...
Vikala: Anyway... I guess I should go get my ears back—
Catura: What's that about... talking to me?
Vikala: Eeek!
Catura: You've been looking down... for a while now... Are you all right?
Vikala: (For a while? Does that mean she's been watching this whole time?)
Catura: ...?
Vikala: (H-huh? Could it be that... she hasn't realized who I am?)
Vikala: (Phew... Thank goodness.)
Vikala: (Agh, what am I saying? I came to talk to her! Okay, calm down... First, I need to introduce myself!)
Vikala: U-um, I... I-I...
Catura: Aye-aye?
Vikala: I-I-I... I-I'm...
Catura: ...
Vikala: (Oh no, the words aren't coming out right... And soon, it won't just be words coming out of my mouth...)
Catura: Um... Would you like... some milk?
Vikala: Huh?
Catura: Some delicious milk... might help calm you down...
Catura: Here you go! Let's drink this... together.
Vikala: ...!
Vikala reaches out with trembling hands to take the bottle of milk from Catura.
Catura: I see... So you're the Divine Rat, Vikala...
Vikala: Th-th-that's right... I-I'm Vikala... Sorry...
The two sit in the middle of the ranch, having a conversation over some milk.
Catura: I'm sorry I didn't notice...
Vikala: O-oh, no, not at all! I-it was my fault... I mean, I couldn't even introduce myself properly...
Catura: Gulp... Gulp...
Catura: Aaah!
Catura: Milk is just... so delicious!
Vikala: Huh? Oh, yes... This is really rich... and tasty...
Catura: The sky... It's so blue.
Vikala: Yes... We're lucky the weather's so nice today.
Vikala: (Catura... She really moves at her own pace, doesn't she?)
Vikala: (But it's kind of... relaxing, in a way.)
Catura: You're... in the middle of a journey... aren't you, Vikala?
Vikala: Y-yes. I'm traveling with (Captain)'s crew right now...
Catura: Is traveling... fun?
Vikala: U-um, yeah... There are a lot of people who are super cheerful, so that makes me nervous sometimes...
Vikala: But everyone's really nice... and I've had a lot of chances to do things I wouldn't have been able to do by myself.
Vikala: So... I guess it is fun.
Vikala: I-I'm really thankful that (Captain) invited me to join them on their journey...
Vikala: Eep! I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on like that...
Catura: Moohoohoo! It seems you've found... your prince, haven't you?
Vikala: My p-prince?
Catura: Meeting this person named (Captain)... It must have been fate... don't you think?
Vikala: Fate...
Catura: That's so nice... I hope your journey together will be a long... and happy one.
Vikala: ...!
Blushing, Vikala hides her embarrassment by taking a drink from her bottle.
Vikala: Gulp... Gulp...
Vikala: Aaah!
Vikala: This really is tasty... It's so warm and not overpowering.
Catura: Yeah! It's all thanks... to our dear cows...
Catura takes another sip from her own bottle and lets out a soft sigh of satisfaction.
Catura: I just love... relaxing like this...
Vikala: Yes... Me too. Being surrounded by nature makes me feel that... maybe my problems aren't as big as I thought them to be after all.
Catura: ...
Vikala: ...
Vikala: (This... isn't awkward, actually. Not sure how to describe it...)
Catura: Look... at that cloud...
Catura: It's like... someone spilled some milk in the sky...
Vikala: Um... This is just how I see it, but... aren't all clouds kinda like that?
Catura: Oh? Hm... Maybe you're right...
Catura: Moohoohoo!
Vikala: Hehe. Hahaha!
Having warmed up to each other, the two Divine Generals continue lounging together in the field.
Some time later.
Vikala: And then, it turns out that the Rackam I'd been talking to was a fake!
Catura: Ooh! That's quite the plot twist... just like in the illustrated books...
Vikala: (Hehe... This might be my first time talking so much without my rat ears.)
Vikala: (I'm having so much fun! Maybe I'll stay here at the ranch with Catura...)
Vikala: No, wait a minute! I still have something I need to do...
Catura: ...?
Vikala: Huh? Wait... What did I come here for again? I was having such a good time that I forgot...
Vikala tilts her head thoughtfully, trying to remember what it is she's missing.
Vikala: Oh! That's right! I need to get my rat ears back!
Catura: Rat... ears?
Vikala explains to Catura how the cows had taken away her ears earlier.
After consulting the cows, Catura is able to locate where they had left Vikala's rat ears.
Cow: Moooo...
Catura: The cows say they're sorry... Will you forgive them?
Vikala: Oh, no, it's all right! It seems the Divine Rat messed things up for the Ox before, so...
Vikala: I'm just happy that I have my ears back. That's enough for me.
The moment Vikala puts her ears back on, her hair begins to change color.
Vikala: Haha! I gotta thank you and the cows for letting me try that delicious milk today!
Catura: Wow! The Vikala I just met today... turned into the Vikala I knew from before...
Vikala: Ahem! Allow me to introduce myself again...
Vikala: Hellooo! I'm Vicky! I'm the master of Utopia, bringing fun and smiles to all!
Vikala: Sorry if this came as a surprise! You see, these rat ears are an important trademark of mine!
Catura: I was... a little surprised...
Catura: But both Vikalas... are really lovely...
Vikala: ...!
Vikala: Oh, Catura! Thank you so much! You're such a sweet girl!
Vikala: I'm glad we became friends! Can we shake hands to mark this special moment?
Catura: Yay! A handshake... with Vicky...
Vikala and Catura smile as they grasp each other's hands in a warm handshake.
Vikala: Well then... Since I have my ears back now, it's about time for me to get going.
Catura: Okay... Do you think we can... meet again?
Vikala: Of course! I'll show you around the Rat Temple next time! If you'd like, I can even prepare a special seat for you to see the parade!
Catura: Wow! I'll definitely drop by... with Mama and Papa...
Vikala: Great, you're welcome anytime! It's unfortunate that I have to leave for today, but—
Catura: Oh... Wait...
Catura: I prepared something... for you, Vikala...
Vikala is back on the deck of an airship as she watches the island grow smaller and smaller behind her.
Vikala: I can't believe Catura gave me some cheese made from their delicious milk as a present!
Vikala: It's gotta be out of this world! I'll have to savor every bite of it!
Vikala looks down at the package from Catura, smiling happily.
Vikala: I'm so glad Catura and I became friends...
Vikala: Now all that's left to do is to wrap up my year spirit duties and prepare for...
Vikala: Hm? Year spirit duties?
It is then that Vikala finally realizes what she had forgotten.
Vikala: Ahhh! I forgot to pass on my duties as year spirit!
Vikala: W-wait! Turn back! I need to go back to the island!
Oblivious to Vikala's cries, the airship continues on its route across the sky.
Catura: Moohoohoo! I had a lucky handshake... with Vicky...
Catura: That must mean... I'll have good luck in romance too... I hope the luck doesn't go away... even after I wash my hands!
Catura's Dad: You're in a good mood today. Did something happen, Catura?
Catura's Mom: The Divine Rat Vikala came to visit her today.
Catura's Dad: Really now! She came all this way to our remote little island? She must be a nice girl.
Catura's Mom: Oh yes, she must be! Since the Ox Temple is different from the other temples, there isn't anything in particular that needs to be passed on to us.
Catura's Mom: If she had dropped by the house, I would've fixed us a nice dinner and made sure she enjoyed herself here...
Catura: Vikala's in the middle of traveling... with her prince... so she might be busy.
Catura: And I made sure... she had a good time today... as my friend.
Catura's Mom: Hehe. Well, judging by that look on your face, I'm sure you both had a wonderful day.
Catura: Moohoohoo! I'm excited... to see the parade someday!
Thus ends a beautiful day on which two Divine Generals were able to grow closer to one another.
Catura smiles as she remembers their handshake. She clutches her hand to her chest, keeping the memories from today close to her heart.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
盛り上がってる~? Everybody having fun?
行け! ドーマウス! Dormouse, go!
ハハッ!ちょろいもんだね! Haha! Piece o' cheesecake!
ぼくと握手したいでしょ? Bet you're lookin' for a handshake, huh?
かかってこい!やっつけてやる! Come at me, bro! Let's do this!
チーズ、食べたいな…… I've got a real Camembert craving...
騎空団って楽しいね!毎日がパーティーみたい! Being on an airship crew is the best! Every day's a party!
団長、このあと時間ある?ぼくと遊ばないかい? Are you free after this, (Captain)? Wanna go do something?
かしこみかしこみ~♪ Thank yew, thank yew!
(早く帰りたいな……) (Ngh... I wanna go home...)