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Official Profile

Age 28
Height 171 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Shopping, sampling deserts and pastries
Likes Talk of romance, determined people
Dislikes Vulgar and crude people, people in a hurry to die
Character Release
もちろん、イベント「Right Behind You」にも登場し、物語では重要な役割を担います。
Character Release
Character Release

フェイトエピソードでは、現在開催中のイベント「Spaghetti Syndrome」を経たイルザの、その後の状況が語られます。
Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 28歳
Height 171cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 買い物、スイーツ巡り
Likes 恋バナ、覚悟のある者
Dislikes 下品なもの、死に急ぐ者
Character Release
もちろん、イベント「Right Behind You」にも登場し、物語では重要な役割を担います。
Character Release
Character Release

フェイトエピソードでは、現在開催中のイベント「Spaghetti Syndrome」を経たイルザの、その後の状況が語られます。
Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today is your birthday, isn't it, (Captain)? Congrats.
Unfortunately I only recently found out it's your birthday, so I wasn't able to prepare a present for you.
Oh, what if I put you through a drill? Not that you particularly need it...
Well, don't say I didn't warn you...
Don't slack off, Shrimpy! You may have a limp noodle for a spine, but I'll get you whipped into shape!
Hah. It's hard to put on that facade with you.
But if you ever forget your place and start slipping into bad habits, I'll be right there to chew you up and spit you out.
You should feel better about continuing on your journey, knowing that I have your best interests at heart.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Please accept this present from me.
It's a salve that will protect your extremities from the elements.
Please use it on your journey. You will find it beneficial.
Hehe, it has an elegant scent to it as well, doesn't it? I wear it instead of perfume on occasion.
If you like the fragrance, I can take you to the shop I bought it from and recommend some other products.
But we are digressing from the topic at hand. I sincerely wish you the best in the year to come.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've brought you another present this year, so please accept it.
It's a stained-glass lamp. It produces a warm light, so it's perfectly suited to being used as a reading lamp before you go to bed.
I actually own one just like it. Whenever I use mine, I add a drop of essential oil.
The aroma helps me relax before bed. Proper rest is essential to any form of work, after all. It affects your energy the next day.
Heh. You seem pleased with the gift. I'm glad our tastes overlap.
If I spot something else I think you'd like, I'll give it to you as a present. I hope you look forward to it.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I have another present for you this year.
Inside are some tea leaves. They're a favorite of mine for when I want to relax with a cup of flavored tea, so I can vouch for their quality.
There's one more thing I've prepared. A store I like happened to be nearby...
So I bought some cream puffs for us to eat together. They should go well with the tea.
They come in different shapes, so I bought them all. There's a swan, a rabbit, a teddy bear, a puppy, a kitten...
No need to hold back. Take all the ones you like.


Party logistics team, fall in! Call out when you're in position! Okay, move out!
Careful now! The fancy cake inside that huge box you're carrying is more fragile than all your sorry asses combined!
I'd better not see any slackers! I don't care if it starts raining sludge, heads will roll if I find a single blemish on that cake!
Ngh! (Captain)... You weren't supposed to know about this yet.
When I mentioned to my unit that your birthday was coming up, they said they wanted to do something special for you.
And as you can see, we've been setting up a makeshift party tent. It'll just be a little longer. I'll call you over when it's good to go.
Why are you giving me those puppy-dog eyes? Huh? You want me to berate you like I did on one of your past birthdays?
Sigh. Why do you have to take after the weirdos who want their stones busted?
Sorry, but that's not happening within earshot of my subordinates. They might get the wrong idea. You're just going to have to wait until later, all right?
It'll be hard to keep our timetable with all the distractions. Until then, you'd better be ready for what's coming to you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
A good number of the Society's recruits will be taking the day off today, so I was ordered to take the day off as well.
However the body becomes weak if it's not exercised. I'm planning on running all the way down a street and back.
If I am not strict with myself, then I won't be able to reflect the necessary attitude to the recruits during training.
Mm? You say you want to come along too? I don't mind.
But you should know my course is going to be tough. There's no giving up halfway through.
Hehe. Prepare yourself.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Quite the early bird, you are.
Is that right? So you have a full day ahead and decided to finish your training before everyone else woke up.
That is, without a doubt, the very quality a crew captain should command.
What am I doing? My usual training regiment of course.
Bumping into me was no coincidence. Didn't this happen last year too? There's no need to lecture you on overtraining.
Haha, but I see how it is! You've taken a shine to my routine.
Then prepare to sweat like you've never sweat before!


Happy New Year.
Thank you for inviting me to the banquet yesterday. I really enjoyed myself—I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
I have a feeling that traveling with such pleasant companions will make this another enriching year.
Now that I've had plenty of rest, it's time to begin my first training session of the new year.
Care to join me, (Captain)? I'd be happy to train you relentlessly again this year.
Haha... That's what I like to hear.
Then I'll be waiting in the plaza over yonder whenever you're ready!


Hm... I came here thinking it would be better in the morning, but it's still pretty crowded here at the shrine.
Well, I have today off so there's no need to rush. I guess I'll just take it slow and enjoy the holiday.
Hm? Are they giving out sweet sake to the people standing in line? What a great idea. Let's have some ourselves.
Foo, foo... Gulp.
Aah... It's perfect for warming up the body.
By the way, (Captain). Have you decided what you're going to wish for?
It's going to be a while until our turn. Why don't we take this time to share our wishes for this year with each other?


Happy New Year. It's always a blessing to make it to this point safely.
My plans? With the Foe thwarted—at least for now—I'd love to finally visit my parents again... But that's not happening.
I've got my troops to look after. It's hard to announce my plans when some of them don't have homes to go back to.
I'll probably have to wait until something big happens in the family. Maybe to break the news if I get engaged. That'd be nice.
Where am I from? Just a regular town like anywhere else. Nothing really interesting to see.
Still, I'll give you a tour if you stop by. Plus, you have to try my Mom's cooking.
I've told my parents about you in the letters I send them, you know. I'm sure they'd love to meet you.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), do you have some free time?
As you know, today is Valentine's Day. So I've made you some chocolate.
Do these chocolates represent my feelings? That's a bold question to ask someone who is know to her recruits as a demon.
I suppose by asking this question that means you're interested in older people? I personally wouldn't care if my partner were younger.
Hehe. Have I teased you a little too much?
This is just my way of thanking you for all of the small things. I made them with devotion.
So savor them when you eat them.


Today is Valentine's Day, and once again I hope you accept these chocolates I made.
Hm-hm. Well, aren't you the happy one? Did you want my homemade goodies that badly?
Had I known you would react this way, I would have included a sensible message with it...
Something along the lines of... LOVE for instance?
Hehehe... Did that get your motor running?
Phew, excuse me. I believe there are others who grow tired of waiting to give you chocolates.
I got caught up in the fun of teasing you. I hope you'll let me off the hook.
I'm no chocolatier, but I guarantee these are delicious. Just the right pick-me-up when you're tired.


Today's Valentine's Day, correct? I've brought you the usual again this year.
Heh. You always accept my chocolates with a bright smile on your face.
I've also prepared a love letter especially for you.
Haha. You look nervous all of a sudden.
I actually just found a charming greeting card and thought this might be a good opportunity to use it.
I apologize for teasing you. But it's true that I wanted to show my gratitude for everything you do on a daily basis.
As long as you're happy, I'm satisfied.


Ilsa scowls at a group of recruits who look like they're fighting the urge to turn tail and run.
You're asking me for chocolates? Hunh... A bold order coming from a bunch of maggots.
I'll humor you, but on one condition. Go out in the field and bring me back some badges. Oh, and don't expect any rank promotions to come out of this little game.
As for how many... I know. One badge for every piece of chocolate in that sack.
You bottom-feeding maggots! You should be competing for distinctions in battle, not chocolates!
(Captain)! Were you here the whole time I was putting the recruits through extra training?
Yeah, about what you just saw... The recruits ask me for chocolates every year—as a sort of dare. But I hate it when people use gifts to measure how much someone cares.
Speaking of, you're here for chocolates too, aren't you? Let me ask you something first.
How many do you already have? If this isn't your first and only...
Hah. I'm just kidding. Here—as thanks for everything.


I'm not surprised that you sought me out, (Captain). Yes, I made you chocolates again. Take them.
Haha, you could say I'm nervous. I was racked with indecision over what would make the perfect gift.
I spent an inordinate amount of time making these. That's because I made several types of chocolate for comparison, but the problem is they all came out pretty well.
And if you wanted me to give them all to you, then tough luck. Eating nothing but sweets will cause breakouts. Take it from personal experiences.
Choose: Then give me the rest next year.
Hahaha! Well, I can't go against the captain's orders, can I?
Roger that. Looks like I'm going to be making more tough chocolate decisions next year.
The ones I gave you today are the best of the batch in my opinion, but it was still hard to pick.
I poured my heart into making these taste good. You should feel honored.
Hehe... You're shaking.
Joking aside, this gift of chocolate is just a small token of my gratitude.
By accepting my gift, that just shows me you'll indulge my need to pamper you. Just wait until next year...

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

You're giving me this candy to thank me for the Valentine's Day chocolate?
I, um, see... Sorry, it's just I'm not accustomed to receiving gifts, so I was debating whether I should thank you or not.
This might call your intentions into question, but did you put your feelings into this present?
Hah. You can't make eye contact with me. I never knew you to be the nervous type, (Captain).
Sorry, I was just having a little bit of fun with you.
Thank you for the present. I'll eat them with glee.


This wrapping... Well, I'm certain it can only be a White Day gift.
Just in time to soothe my craving for sweetness. Can I open it?
Oh, what's written on these cookies?
Good Work. Thank You Always. Do Your Best.
Yes, these would be your standard words of appreciation. I hear them loud and clear.
But is that all you want to say? It is White Day, so... Are you sure you have no... other words you'd like to share with me?
Heh, I can see your eyes darting around wildly again.
All jokes aside, these treats will go happily into my mouth.
Thank you for the thoughtful gift, (Captain).


Greetings, (Captain). Considering you've chosen this day to visit, am I allowed to get my hopes up?
What? You don't know what I mean? I see. Very well then.
(Captain)? What's so funny?
And what's this box for? Heh, I see. It seems I've been tricked.
I must say, you have a lot of guts to play a joke on the woman they call a demon.
I'm pleased with your resolve, (Captain). If you have time, shall we go for an outing? I'll treat you to something sweet as thanks.


This my White Day gift? Thanks, I appreciate it.
I'm surprised you've only got the one box. Don't you have a bunch of other people waiting for deliveries?
Don't tell me you took what I said on Valentine's seriously—and rejected everyone else's chocolates...
You did, huh? Well, aren't you devoted... I'd better respond in equal measure.
Haha... I'm kidding. Sorry, your reactions are just too cute.
Hah... But you actually rejected all those chocolates... just for me...
I was the one who put the idea in your head, but I didn't think, in my wildest dreams... You really are gunning for my heart. Hehe.


Thank you for the gift, (Captain).
I did remember today is White Day. That's why I've been on edge all day.
You'd think I'd have learned by now not to make such a big deal out of nothing...
Actually, there's another reason for my excitement today.
Do you remember the tea I got you for your birthday last time?
The shop I got it from introduced a few new flavors, so this is the perfect chance to try them with the sweets you gave me.
Would you like to have tea with me? I bought more than I can finish by myself.
Hahaha, did that sound like me asking you out? Well, let's get this tea party started. Fall in behind me.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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That outfit... Seems you're thoroughly enjoying Halloween.
Hm. Looks like your tail is off-center. Go ahead and turn around.
There. How's that?
(This tail is so soft and fluffy. I love how nice it feels.)
So comfy...
Ah, sorry. It just felt so good, I couldn't help but touch it.
Here. I'll give you some candy to make it up to you.
You're still going to play a prank on me? Haha. I accept the challenge.
Nothing affects me. I've had training to keep calm in emergency situations.
If you play one, you'd better do it with everything you've got. Understood?


A mysterious figure in a wolf costume taps Ilsa on the shoulder and quickly scampers away. Sensing something off, she reaches for her back.
(What kind of third-rate prank is this, sticking a note on my back? Well, let's see what it says...)
(Sgt. Tough Love? What!)
(I swear I saw that wolf at the costume party for the recruits. I'm being disrespected...)
Who wants to die! Hold it right there, you huff-puff-bluffing fleabag!
I'll shove this "tough love" so far down your throat, you'll be admiring it every time you take a crap! That'll knock the sense back in your senseless brain!
Huh? That was you, (Captain)? I'm sorry. From behind, I was so sure it was one of the recruits in costume...
However, you have big cojones to mess with the woman they call a demon.
If you think I'll leave it at that, think again. It's my turn to break you!
Heh-heh-heh... You're mine.


Line up, maggots!
The target is in costume and has escaped into the Halloween crowds.
Locate the target and lure them to the designated point! But make sure not to cause any trouble the festivalgoers!
Any fleabags who can't follow instructions will be treated to a very special training regimen! So watch your step!
Oh, (Captain)... We're conducting a little exercise on the Halloween festival grounds.
With all the festivities going on, it's the perfect time for a drill on spotting a target in disguise.
Now I'm going to slip into my own costume to keep an eye on those fools and make sure they don't do anything silly.
You just ignore those maggots and enjoy your Halloween, (Captain).


What's this? You're looking pretty smart in your costume this year.
Me? There's something I'm investigating right now, so I'm not in costume.
I can't give you the details, but there's been a rumor going around town that I'm currently looking into.
No need to worry. I'll have the scoundrel biting the dust before he can do a thing.
You want to help? Hm... I don't want to keep you from enjoying the Halloween festivities, but...
Here, why don't you take this paint ball? If you spot anyone suspicious, throw this to mark them and let me know.
You're a veteran at pulling pranks, aren't you? I'm sure you'll be fine.


Hey, (Captain). Looking good in that costume. Here, have a piece of candy.
You probably couldn't tell, but I'm actually on duty right now. It's my job to ensure the townspeople have a fun and safe Halloween tonight.
This town was a casualty of our fight with the Foe. The scars it left behind, both physically and mentally, can't be healed overnight.
I have my unit out in force too. Their watchful eyes won't miss a thing. Well... they'd better not.
So here I am, passing out candy to kids with a big smile on my face while commanding my soldiers at the same time.
I just finished refilling my candy basket, so it's back into the field for me.
Hm? You're offering to lend me a hand, (Captain)?
Thanks. Everyone's having a blast tonight, especially the kids. I'll take all the help I can get.
Okay, this basket is yours now. I think I stocked up on too much candy, but I'm sure you'll find a way to give it all out.
I'm counting on you to set an example for my subordinates, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today I got off of work early, so I headed into town and bought a cake.
I saw a lot of couples and families walking about. Everyone looked very happy.
What am I doing tonight? I thought I would go back to my room and eat my cake.
With who? I'm afraid I don't have anyone to eat it with.
It's just... I wasn't sure if it was all right to go to the crew party.
Oh, looks like I've gone and worried you. But I'm happy you thought of me.
Thanks, (Captain). Allow me to treat you and the others to some cake.


Impressive... Not only is this year's tree imposing in size, but it's been beautifully decorated.
I'm glad I decided to stop by the plaza on my way home from work.
You don't have to stay with me, (Captain). I didn't expect to run into you while you were out shopping for party supplies like this.
Wouldn't you rather be out creating fond memories with others closer to your age?
This special night only comes once a year, and surely you'd have a more enjoyable experience with them.
You... really don't mind being here with me? Ah, I see. You wanted to invite me to the party too.
Thank you. Then allow me the pleasure of bringing another cake this year.
Shall we walk for a bit? I can help you carry some of those bags if you'd like.


It took so long to finish the work the brass threw at me that it's already late. What an awful holiday present.
(I expected as much, but it's a little disappointing I wasn't able to attend the crew's party...)
As Ilsa reaches out to open the door to her room, she notices a card attached to it.
A season's greeting card... from (Captain).
Heh... Hope you'll be able to join us next time. This level of consideration deserves a medal, (Captain).
Now then, I wonder if I have any candles?
It would be dull to eat this cake in ordinary lighting. I think I'll get into the holiday spirit with some warm candlelight.
Having made her decision, Ilsa sets the card from (Captain) on the table and smiles at it fondly.


Happy holidays, (Captain). Sorry I'm late to the party.
Yeah, it was a long day at work. Anything even mildly irritating seems to come during the holidays.
Just seeing the tower of paperwork waiting for me on my desk was enough to give me a headache...
Well, but seeing that grin on your face makes plowing through all that work worth it.
As an apology for my tardiness, I bought some desserts on my way here.
Cream puffs—the swan ones, of course. There's also strawberry shortcake, some tarts, crepes, and boba...
Whew... Since it's my favorite place, I got a little carried away and ended up getting almost everything. Let's enjoy tonight's party together.


Happy holidays. Sorry I'm late to the party.
I was planning to arrive before the event kicked off, but I had to put out some minor fires first.
The top brass and their backstabbing politics may be gone, but now my subordinates are running around like headless chickens. I wish they'd grow a pair and start thinking for themselves.
Sigh. Sorry, didn't mean to rant. Tonight is all about fun, and I intend to have it.
I bought a lot of dessert to share with everyone.
Oh, and remember that cake you were eyeing last year?
I grabbed the only two left—one for you, and one for me. Let's keep this between us, okay?

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Drill Sergeant and Designer

Ilsa spots a charming swimsuit in a clothing boutique but another customer beats her to the punch. But all is not lost—Korwa, the swimsuit's designer, enters the shop, and Ilsa is able to commission a custom swimsuit for herself.

Ilsa: Move those chicken legs! I won't tolerate dead weight in this unit! Don't make me shove my foot up where the sun doesn't shine!
Ilsa: Is this a game to you? I've seen faster maggots wriggling in a dung heap!
With the threat of the Foe constantly looming over the Society, no effort is spared in preparing for an impending attack.
The battlefield is a hellscape where only the strong survive—in order to prepare new recruits for this hellscape, Drill Sergeant Ilsa is relentless as usual with her drills.
Ilsa: Line up!
Ilsa: That's all for today's training. Dismissed!
Trainee: Yes, Drill Sergeant!
Ilsa hurriedly makes her way to head home after training, seemingly eager to leave. However, a trainee catches up to her from behind.
Trainee: Drill Sergeant Ilsa!
Ilsa: What is it?
Trainee: Well, it's not for a while, but I'd like to take some leave in order to return home. Requesting your approval, ma'am!
Ilsa: Understood... Recovering your body and mind is an essential part of training. Rest well.
Trainee: Yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: (Leave, huh... If anyone here needs some time off, it's me.)
Ilsa: (Unlikely with such a packed schedule though. Even with our upcoming training in Auguste Isles, work is still work after all...)
Ilsa: I wanna take it easy at the beach too...
Trainee: Huh? I didn't realize you were fond of such things, Drill Sergeant.
Ilsa: (Damn.)
Ilsa: (What the hell am I saying? The last thing I need is them getting chummy with me.)
Ilsa: What do you mean? I didn't say anything... and you didn't hear anything.
Ilsa: Are we clear?
Trainee: C-crystal!
Ilsa: Humph... That's what I thought.
Ilsa: Bring your leave of absence forms to my office. I'll stamp them for you.
Exhausted after another day of work, Ilsa walks through town on a warm evening.
Ilsa: (Sigh... I thought I'd be able to head back earlier today.)
Ilsa: (I'll need a new swimsuit for the upcoming beachside training... There should be a good boutique somewhere nearby.)
Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa stops dead in her tracks in front of a roadside boutique, her eyes drawn to a white swimsuit adorning its window display.
Ilsa: (What an exquisite design! I wonder if it's new?)
Shop Owner: I knew Korwa was the right one for the job!
The shop owner walks up to the display window, taking down the swimsuit Ilsa had her eyes so keenly focused on.
Ilsa: ...!
Don't tell me...
Shop Owner: Here's your change. Thanks for shopping with us today!
Ilsa: Damn.
Shop Owner: Welcome. Can I help you find something?
Ilsa: I wanted the swimsuit that young lady just purchased... Would you happen to have another one available?
Shop Owner: I'm sorry... That swimsuit was a one-of-a-kind original piece created by the famous designer, Korwa.
Ilsa: I see...
Shop Owner: We have a varied selection of exquisite swimsuits from other designers in stock that are also quite popular. Would you like to have a look?
Ilsa: Oh... Of course.
The shop owner walks Ilsa through the rest of their selection of swimsuits from other designers.
Ilsa: (They're all gorgeous, but none of them even hold a candle to the one from the window earlier.)
Ilsa: (I should've acted faster... Is this also the cursed fate of a drill sergeant?)
Ilsa: Sigh...
Shop Owner: How about this one? Out of our entire selection, I think this black number right here would look just ravishing on you.
Ilsa: Thank you. I like the design, but I've already decided to stick with white.
Ilsa: (Maybe I should come back another time... I can't get that swimsuit out of my mind right now.)
Korwa: Excuse me! A thousand apologies for our late arrival.
Lyria: Sorry... We would've got here sooner but our last job took longer than expected.
Ilsa: (Those voices...)
Shop Owner: Ah, there you are! I'm just glad you were able to make it in time before I closed up shop.
Korwa: I've brought the pieces you ordered. All right if I take a quick look to see if everything's in order?
Ilsa: If it isn't (Captain) and the crew. I trust you've been faring well?
Vyrn: Whoa, the scary lady's here!
Korwa: Oh! A friend of yours, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah, something like that.
Zeta (Event) not in crew

When the Foe attacked an island, members of the Society were there to defend it from imminent invasion.
Fighting alongside Ilsa and her Society compatriots, (Captain) and the crew helped repel the Foe.
Ilsa is a crew member

Ilsa: It's been a while. Are you here on a mission?
Vyrn: We're just delivering an order of new clothes!

Ilsa not in crew

Ilsa: Thanks again for your help last time.
Vyrn: You're still in your uniform—does that mean you're on a mission right now?
Ilsa: Not exactly. I just happened to stop by this boutique on my way home.
Vyrn: Whoa... It's pretty surprising to see a hardcore drill sergeant like you at a place like this!
Ilsa: I have to be severe when it comes to my duties, but even I enjoy treating myself after work to shopping and sweets every now and then.
Ilsa: Anyways, what brings your crew to this island?
Vyrn: We're just delivering an order of new clothes!
Continue 1
Ilsa: Oh... Is she a designer?
Ilsa takes a look at Korwa, who is making lively conversation with the store owner.
Shop Owner: Everything looks in tip-top condition to me. And don't even get me started on how enchanting these new designs are, Korwa!
Korwa: Your approval means the world to me. I'll do my absolute best for the next order as well!
Ilsa: Korwa?
Ilsa: The Korwa? The one that designed that swimsuit?
Putting two and two together, Ilsa scrambles over to Korwa and the shop owner.
Ilsa: Pardon me, but... Can I ask you something?
Korwa: Certainly. What is it?
Ilsa: I've heard that you're quite a famous designer, but is there any chance you would be able to take on a personal order?
Korwa: But of course! However, made-to-order pieces will take a little longer—not to mention cost more compared to bulk orders.
Ilsa: Very well. I've already prepared myself to do whatever it takes.
Ilsa tells Korwa of the swimsuit tragedy that took place before her very eyes prior to Korwa's arrival.
Korwa: So that's what happened... I'm honored you've taken such a liking to my work.
Ilsa: Ever since I saw it in the display window, I haven't been able to get the image of myself wearing it at the beach out of my mind.
Ilsa: To properly appreciate Auguste's beautiful waters, I'll need a swimsuit that's just as beautiful.
Ilsa: If you can make the time somehow, I'd like you to make that swimsuit for me!
Ilsa: Please!
Korwa: As a designer, there is no higher praise than having someone so captivated by your own creation.
Korwa: The only problem may be time... When do you need it by?
Korwa takes out her schedule as Ilsa gives her a rundown of her agenda for the forthcoming days.
Korwa: Hmm... Let's see...
Ilsa: I know this is on very short notice... Perhaps I'm being unreasonable.
Korwa: So sorry—just one moment please.
Korwa: Okay, so that one is already wrapped up... I'll need the seamstress here... Okay. If I leave these dates open...
Korwa: As long as we can decide on a design by...
Korwa: All right! That should do it!
Korwa: Not a problem. It looks like I'll be able to get your order ready in time!
Ilsa: ...!
Thank you!
Korwa takes out a quill pen and a loose piece of paper, ready to jot down a list of necessary items and material.
Korwa: Since this swimsuit will be made-to-order, do you have any alterations you'd want me to make to the design?
Korwa: This swimsuit you had your eyes on—was there anything you wanted to add to it?
Ilsa: That swimsuit's design was just what I had in mind—actually, if this one part here were more like this, it might be better...
The two peruse the store's selection together as Ilsa lists every detail that comes to her mind about accessorizing and styling.
Ilsa: Fishnet lacing around the chest like this swimsuit here would look nice. Oh, and if possible, some gold trim for contrast.
Korwa: Excellent. Did you have any ideas for the waist area? How about something bold, yet minimal?
Ilsa: Shorten the length if possible—do you think you could use a thinner material here?
Korwa: Of course! Would you like to take a look at some cloth samples? Just let me know which one feels good to you.
Ilsa: You've even brought samples with you? Much appreciated. Let's have a look.
Ilsa: Hmm... This one feels...
Lyria: Wow, Ilsa's really getting down to every last detail!
Vyrn: Yeah! It sure was nice of Korwa to take on this order for her!
Ilsa and Korwa lose themselves in the creation process until the store's closing time.
When the swimsuit is finally finished a few days later, Ilsa picks up her order from the store owner and takes it back to her room to try on.
Ilsa: Hehe... Incredible... It's a perfect fit!
Ilsa: (This mantle was a great idea. With this I can keep Nybeth just within reach without a problem.)
Ilsa stands before the mirror, admiring the new swimsuit while trying out various poses.
Ilsa: (I still haven't thanked Korwa for putting so much time and effort into making this... I wanted to tell her at the store directly.)
Ilsa: (At the very least, I should write her a letter of thanks, otherwise I wouldn't feel right wearing this.)
Ilsa takes out a blank sheet, letting her gratitude flow from her pen onto the paper.
Ilsa: (It'd be a total waste to have such a lovely swimsuit and not take it to a resort or on vacation.)
Ilsa: (That does it. After training at Auguste is over, I'm taking some time off. Even if it's just for a day!)
Ilsa's heart fills with anticipation as she continues letting her feelings of gratitude loose onto the letter.

Shoreline Love Story

Ilsa is on vacation in Auguste, where she runs into Korwa and the crew who are also there for a spot of fun. Ilsa thanks Korwa for the wonderful job she did on her swimsuit, after which Korwa invites her to join them for a game of beach volleyball.

In contrast to the balmy backdrop of Auguste Isles, the Society's training regimen is as severe as always.
Ilsa: You maggots won't have the priviledge to choose your battlefield. No matter where war unfolds, you must always be ready to bear arms and face your enemy head on!
Ilsa: Will you be shriveled-up crap maggots forever, or will you be the pupa that wriggles out of the pile? The choice is yours! Show me your resolve!
With training over and a whole day off in front of her, Ilsa walks alone along the cobalt blue seaside.
Ilsa: Ahh...
Ilsa: (My long-awaited day off... It's finally here!)
Ilsa: (This is no ordinary leave. I'm at a beach, a resort... This is a proper vacation!)
Ilsa takes a look around the beach, observing young beachgoers enjoying some fun under the sun.
Skirt Chaser: Yo, guys! I'm gonna split the watermelon in a sec. Someone lend a hand!
Cheerful Girl: Oh look, there's a swimming area! Come on, let's go!
Mild-Mannered Guy: I'm kinda tired... Maybe we should take a break in that tent.
Ilsa: (Everyone's enjoying the beach in their own way... Time is of the essence. First I should go for a swim.)
???: Come, come! The beach house is this way, everyone!
Ilsa: That voice...
Lyria: So many beach balls... Which pattern should we go with?
Korwa: How about this blue one here? The size looks just right, don't you think?
Ilsa: I thought I heard your voice, Korwa.
Korwa: Hm?
Korwa: Oh, Ilsa! What a coincidence!
Korwa: Thank you so much for your heartfelt letter the other day. The swimsuit really does look splendid on you!
Ilsa: Thank you. Are you and (Captain)'s crew here on vacation as well?
Korwa: Mm-hmm. Whenever they need a little time off their adventures, they'll give me a holler.
Lyria: Are you taking today off as well, Ilsa?
Ilsa: Yes, just for today... It's back to the grind tomorrow.
Korwa: You really are a busy bee!
Ilsa: I'm just glad to have this day off.
Ilsa: By the way, did you design the swimsuit you're wearing? Cute and chic—I wouldn't expect anything less.
Korwa: Thank you! I'm glad the one I made for you looks lovely as well.
Korwa: Especially the mantle—it really enhances your aura of valor and gallantry!
Vyrn: Hey, how come the others from the Society aren't with you?
Ilsa: There's a training facility nearby, but I wouldn't want to spoil the mood on my day off, so I came here alone.
Korwa: Is that right? In that case, would you like to join us?
Korwa: We were just about to play a game of beach volleyball.
Ilsa: May I really? By all means, I'd love to.
Lyria: Yay! Isn't that great, (Captain)?
Ilsa immediately starts warming up in earnest upon arriving at the volleyball court.
Vyrn: You're gettin' really into it, aren'tcha?
Ilsa: Humph... Even when it comes to games, don't expect me to ease up. Victory is victory!
Korwa: Hehe... Ilsa's not pulling any punches today. I'm not gonna hold back either, (Captain)!
Lyria: Grr, we're not gonna lose! Right, (Captain)?
  1. That's right! Bring it!
  2. Please be gentle...

Choose: That's right! Bring it!
Ilsa: Excellent... That's the kind of spirit you should take into battle!
Ilsa: Heh-heh... Now things are starting to heat up!

Choose: Please be gentle...
Ilsa: Excuse me? That namby-pamby garbage isn't fit for a skyfaring crew captain.
Ilsa: Or perhaps this is a ruse to lower my guard? You of all people shouldn't pull that trick on me!
Korwa: That's right! It's common courtesy to reciprocate when someone challenges you to battle!
With Korwa's encouragement, (Captain) musters the courage to loudly proclaim, "That's right! Bring it!"
Continue 1
Korwa: Let us help each other make this a good match, Ilsa.
Ilsa: By the way, I think we're about the same age... I'm not your customer right now, so you can spare me the formalities.
Ilsa: Just call me Ilsa—only if you're comfortable with it, of course...
Korwa: R-really?
Korwa: Well then, ahem...
Korwa: Ilsa! Let's beat (Captain) together!
Ilsa: Yeah! I'm counting on you, Korwa!
With a newfound sense of camaraderie, the two Erunes share an enthusiastic high-five.

Shoreline Love Story: Scene 2

While playing volleyball, Ilsa leaves the court to retrieve a wayward ball and is hit on by a tenacious skirt chaser. (Captain) comes to rescue Ilsa from the unwanted attention, but Ilsa has a feeling this isn't the last she'll see of the lothario.

Ilsa: Hyaaah!
Lyria: Wa-waaahhh!
Lyria: Aww... I let them score on us again...
The results of their team lottery have placed (Captain) on a team together with Vyrn and Lyria against Ilsa and Korwa.
Korwa: Nice one, Ilsa! Keep it up!
Ilsa: That one was all thanks to your assist.
(Captain)'s team struggles to keep up against Ilsa and Korwa, whose teamwork and coordination are completely in sync.
Vyrn: Sheesh! I didn't think it'd come to this. Come on, (Captain)! It's time for... that.
(Captain) nods affirmingly, switching positions with Vyrn.
Ilsa: Oh? What kind of play do you have in store for us this time?
Ilsa serves up another ball and strikes down on it without restraint.
(Captain) dives for the dig, rebounding the ball to Lyria.
Lyria: Here!
Vyrn: Take this!
Lyria hits the ball into a perfect arc. Vyrn is in position, wound up and ready to strike.
Ilsa: Huh?
However, he whiffs the ball completely, and it's (Captain)'s hand instead that fiercely spikes it for the kill.
Ilsa: (Not only did they mislead us with the decoy, it went a totally different direction than telegraphed...)
Korwa: Aww, geez!
Korwa's last-second dive is in vain as the ball hits the sand within their court.
Vyrn: All right! Nice one, (Captain)!
Korwa: Grr! They really got us... You won't get us with that trick again!
Ilsa: That's right. We're on to you now!
However, without anyone or anything to stop the ball, it continues to bounce down the shore.
Ilsa: At ease, everyone. I'll retrieve it.
The ball finally comes to a stop before the feet of a young man, who picks it up.
Skirt Chaser: Hmm? A ball?
Ilsa: Ah, sorry. That's mine. Could you toss it my way?
After retrieving the ball from the man, Ilsa begins to head back to the volleyball court.
Skirt Chaser: Whoa, girl! Hold on a second—you're a grade A hottie! How old are you? Where you coming from?
Ilsa: (Oh, geez... Now this guy's trying to hit on me. I guess something like this isn't unheard of at a beach, but still.)
Ilsa: Sorry, my friends are waiting. I don't have time to talk with you.
Skirt Chaser: Oh, you guys playing beach volleyball?
Skirt Chaser: Are you winning? You know, maybe your team could use my help. What do you say?
Ilsa: We're actually up right now—your help won't be required.
Skirt Chaser: A strong woman, huh! Now that's what I like to see!
Skirt Chaser: Then how about a match against me? There's a big court right over there. Come on, it'll be fun!
Ilsa: You've got a lot of mettle to be this persistent with someone like me. I'll give you that.
Ilsa is unsure of how to brush off this unrelenting, unwanted solicitation.
Gran is the Main Character

Meanwhile (Captain) is worried something may have happened to Ilsa and leaves to search for her.
  1. You got some business with my friend?
  2. Are you bothering my girlfriend?

Choose: You got some business with my friend?
Ilsa: (Captain)? I'm sorry. Did you come looking for me?
Skirt Chaser: So this guy here's your friend? Perfect! You can join us too!
Ilsa: Sorry, but we can't keep our friends waiting any longer. Goodbye.
After finally prying themselves from the persistent playboy, Ilsa and (Captain) make their way back.
Ilsa: Sorry if I worried you, (Captain). I appreciate you coming to help.
Ilsa: But maybe you could've said something like, "That's my girlfriend!" to get him to leave sooner.
Ilsa boldly laughs, giving (Captain) a hearty slap on the shoulders.

Choose: Are you bothering my girlfriend?
Ilsa: (Captain)? Oh... Right.
Ilsa: Sorry, pal. As you can see, I don't think my boyfriend here would approve.
Ilsa wraps her arm around (Captain)'s shoulders, pulling him closely.
Skirt Chaser: Boyfriend? This guy's just a kid. You'd be better off with a real man like me!
Ilsa: Is that so? In that case you should've shown me how a real man would've acted.
Ilsa: Sorry, but we can't keep our friends waiting any longer. Goodbye.
After finally prying themselves from the persistent playboy, Ilsa and (Captain) make their way back.
Ilsa: Sorry for making you worry, (Captain). You caught on pretty quickly though. I'm impressed.
Ilsa: What would you have done if I had taken you seriously though?
Ilsa gives (Captain) a hearty smile and a pat on the head.

Djeeta is the Main Character

Meanwhile (Captain) is worried something may have happened to Ilsa and leaves to search for her.
  1. You got some business with my friend?
  2. Are you bothering my girlfriend?

Choose: You got some business with my friend?
Ilsa: (Captain)? I'm sorry. Did you come looking for me?
Skirt Chaser: Oh, is this cutie here your friend? Perfect! You can join us too!
Ilsa: Sorry, but we can't keep our friends waiting any longer. Goodbye.
After finally prying themselves from the persistent playboy, Ilsa and (Captain) make their way back.
Ilsa: Sorry if I worried you, (Captain). I appreciate you coming to help.
Ilsa: Always be careful when someone calls out to you. You never know what their real intentions could be.
Ilsa looks (Captain) in the eyes and smiles gently.

Choose: Are you bothering my girlfriend?
Ilsa: ...!
Skirt Chaser: G-girlfriend?
Ilsa: Hehehe... Ahahaha! I see now.
Ilsa laughs boldly, pulling (Captain) in close to her side.
Ilsa: You heard her. Need I explain further?
Skirt Chaser: Um... N-no...
Ilsa: Keep talking if you insist. By all means sell me on the appeal of a man.
Ilsa: Shall we return, lover dearest?
After finally prying themselves from the persistent playboy, Ilsa and (Captain) make their way back.
Ilsa: I was irresolute on what to do with that guy, but I must admit I didn't think to do that.
Ilsa: And I've been trained to make quick judgments in any situation—that was truly impressive, (Captain).
Ilsa looks (Captain) in the eyes and smiles proudly.
Continue 1
Ilsa: (Thanks to (Captain) it looks like I managed to give him the slip, but he probably hasn't completely given up yet.)
Ilsa: (Then I need only prepare myself for the next encounter. Even if it is just a trivial man...)
Ilsa turns with some apathy to take a look at the man, whose back is now turned.

Shoreline Love Story: Scene 3

Ilsa and the crew are invited to a barbecue by the skirt chaser. A young man and a woman, friends of the skirt chaser, seem to have an interest in each other, but they fail to take action. Ilsa and Korwa step in to save this potential romance, forcing the crew to help with their matchmaking plan.

After an intense set of volleyball matches, (Captain) and the crew begin to pack up.
Korwa: Whoo, that was a blast! Volleyball at the beach really is the best!
Ilsa: Indeed... It's been a while since I've been able to let loose like this.
Skirt Chaser: Hey, hey! Looks like the match is over! So who's the winner?
Ilsa: (I knew it... This guy really doesn't know when to quit.)
Ilsa: We've been alternating team members, so there weren't any winners or losers.
Ilsa: Do you have any business with us?
Skirt Chaser: I was just thinking we could share some of this watermelon together! Here!
The man presents the crew with a tray of fresh watermelon.
Vyrn: Wow, it looks really red and sweet! Can we really?
Skirt Chaser: You know it! We had a bunch left over. Don't hold back, little guy—dig in!
Lyria: Yay! Thank you!
Lyria: Nom nom...
Lyria: Wow... It's so sweet and delicious!
Skirt Chaser: Totally, right? I just knew this watermelon would be a hit!
Skirt Chaser: We're actually having a barbecue over there. You guys are welcome to join us. I mean, you're probably starving, right?
Vyrn: A barbecue! I'm up for it!
Korwa: Now that sounds enticing. How about it, guys?
As Vyrn and the others get excited, (Captain) looks at Ilsa with concern.
Ilsa: If you guys wish to go, there's no reason to refuse.
Ilsa: I guess we'll take you up on your offer. Could you lead the way?
Skirt Chaser: All right! This way, everyone!
(Captain) and the others follow his lead to a beachside barbecue area.
An assortment of freshly caught Auguste seafood is lined up on the grill—the savory aroma is nearly intoxicating.
Vyrn: Mmm... Everything looks grilled to perfection!
Ilsa: Impressive. The fresh seafood here really is packed full of flavor.
Skirt Chaser: Like what you see? Here, I'll even let you have my roasted clam!
Ilsa: (I've gotta say... Despite everything his tenacity actually is quite impressive.)
Ilsa: No thanks. I'm capable of picking my own food.
Skirt Chaser: So... You got any other plans today? If not, I wouldn't mind showing you around!
Ilsa: And leave your friends here? Don't you guys need to watch the grill?
Skirt Chaser: They'll be fine, no doubt! You've got such a compassionate heart, worrying about them.
Ilsa: Rather than a chatterbox, I think I'd prefer someone who knows how to work the grill for their friends.
Ilsa sticks her chin up and quickly stands up to leave.
As Ilsa makes her way around the barbecue site, she finds Korwa standing alone, speaking to herself.
Korwa: Come on, just do it! It's the beach! A barbecue! The stage is set, now go already!
Korwa: Sigh... At this rate, their beautiful story may never bloom.
Ilsa: What's the matter? Did you say something about a story?
Korwa: Oh, Ilsa!
Korwa: Look, look—right over there! That young man standing over there, do you see him?
Ilsa: ...?
Ilsa looks out at Korwa's urging and finds a young man in the distance.
Mild-Mannered Guy: ...
The meat on his plate is untouched as the man focuses his attention on a young girl.
Cheerful Girl: Um... What is it?
Mild-Mannered Guy: Oh... Uh, sorry.
Cheerful Girl: ...
The girl seems to have noticed his awkward gaze, timidly shrugging her shoulders.
Ilsa: I see... So he's taken a liking to that woman?
Korwa: Exactly! But he's done nothing but stare at her this whole time.
Ilsa: It's clear just from her expression that the woman wishes to talk to him as well. Can he not see that?
Even with the most ideal conditions one could ask for, the couple shows no signs of progress. Ilsa lets a groan escape, her arms crossed in frustration.
Skirt Chaser: Yo, we're already out of food? Bummer... Who wants to go on a food run?
Ilsa: Did you hear that?
Korwa: Yeah. You thinking what I'm thinking?
After hearing the voices in the distance, the girls hatch a plan together for the potential couple.
Vyrn: Whatcha guys up to?
Korwa: Oh, good. Perfect timing, you guys.
Ilsa: I'll go let that skirt chaser know. Korwa, prepare to move forward with our operation.
Korwa: Roger that!
Korwa: Come on, guys! Follow me.
Vyrn: Wh-what's going on?
Despite not fully grasping the situation, (Captain) and the others follow Korwa's lead.
Mild-Mannered Guy: ...
Cheerful Girl: Um... And so...
As the young couple walk together to the store, (Captain) and the crew secretly follow them.
Lyria: Um... So what's happening here?
Korwa: Don't you see? We're going to help those two find their happy ending!
Any version of Korwa is a crew member

Ilsa: In order to have any chance for sparks to fly, they need to at least have some one-on-one time with each other.
Any version of Korwa is a crew member

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No version of Korwa in crew

Lyria: Their happy ending?
Korwa: Exactly! These two have clearly taken an interest in each other. Their story just has to conclude with a happy ending!
Ilsa: In order to realize this ending, they need some one-on-one time together.
Continue 1
Ilsa: So when we heard they were out of food, we knew it was our chance to strike.
Korwa: Ilsa's the real hero. There's no way I could've asked for the shopping list and convinced those two to go all by myself!
Vyrn: So, uh... So did you guys even need us to come along then?
Ilsa: You'll be necessary for a very important task.
Korwa: Yep. We absolutely need you to be here. I'll explain later!
Cheerful Girl: I found these shells on the beach earlier... Do you know what kind they are?
Mild-Mannered Guy: Um... Sorry... I don't know.
Ilsa: ...!
Korwa: What do you mean you don't know! How's she supposed to respond to a dead end like that?
Ilsa: You're right. The name of the shell carries no actual importance. That was his cue to say something—anything—about the shell to keep the conversation flowing.
Korwa: Ugh, he's doing it all wrong! If you can't come up with anything good to say, at least smile! How's she supposed to feel comfortable with you looking so sullen!
Ilsa: That's right—everyone likes a good listener! Why can't I find someone who will listen to me and smile when I need to vent?
Ilsa: Get it together!
Vyrn: Birds of a feather...
Ilsa: Damn... These two aren't getting anywhere. At this rate our operation could backfire and make things even more awkward between them!
Korwa: But we've prepared for this. Time to move to plan B!
Korwa: All right, (Captain), Lyria. You guys are up!
Lyria: What! What are we supposed to do?
Ilsa: Let me explain. First you'll need to advance toward targets Alpha and Bravo, after which you'll "coincidentally" make contact with Bravo.
Ilsa: Tell them that you have lost something, and there is a high probability that Bravo will offer assistance.
Ilsa: When Bravo helps you look for this nonexistent item, smile and say thanks. This way we can show Bravo's kind and considerate side to Alpha.
Vyrn: Wait, wait! Which one is Alpha, and which one is Bravo again?
Korwa: They're almost at the shop. Come, come! No time to waste.
Without any further explanation, Korwa and Ilsa push the others out into the open.
Lyria: W-wait! Um... Which one was Aloha, and which one was Brown again?
Ilsa: If there's any trouble, I'll give you guys the signal. Just stay confident in your roles.
Korwa: You guys should be totally fine! We believe in you!
Vyrn: You've gotta be kidding!
Loutish Man: Heh-heh... Well aren't you just a cute little thing?
Cheerful Girl: Huh? Wh-what?
A large character suddenly appears between the couple and grabs the woman's arm, pulling her toward him.
Mild-Mannered Guy: Wh-what are you doing! Please let go of her!
Loutish Man: Stop hangin' with this loser and get wit' me. You won't regret it!
Cheerful Girl: Eep...
Mild-Mannered Guy: Stop it! Can't you see she doesn't like it?
Loutish Man: Shut it! Get lost, pipsqueak!
Lyria: Oh no!
Ilsa: ...!
This wasn't something we planned for!
Seeing that the situation has quickly gone awry, (Captain) and the others come out of hiding and approach the thug directly.
Loutish Man: The hell are you guys?
Ilsa: Just some passersby who don't like your attitude.
Korwa: Anyone who gets in the way of a happy ending is first in line for a smackdown!
Ilsa: We're moving to plan C: eliminate the threat immediately!
Ilsa and Korwa: Beat it!

Shoreline Love Story: Scene 4

Although the crew successfully helps a couple find love, Ilsa's fierce intensity scares off the skirt chaser like so many would-be suitors in her past. Back at the beach house, Ilsa discusses her love woes with Korwa, who vows to help Ilsa find someone truly worth the drill sergeant's affection.

Ilsa: You worthless maggot!
Ilsa: This was supposed to be the first chapter of their story, and now it's ruined!
Ilsa: You've spoiled it! Now know the fury of a woman wronged!
Loutish Man: Ngh...
Korwa: Learned your lesson?
Korwa: If you've half a brain on you, you won't interfere with these two on their path to love! Got it?
Loutish Man: I'm sorryyy!
The man runs off screaming in fear, having seen the unbridled wrath of Ilsa and Korwa.
Skirt Chaser: Hahaha... Whoa. Uh, you ladies really are something else.
In contrast to his earlier persistence in attempting to woo Ilsa, the skirt chaser runs off without another word.
Ilsa: (That guy...)
Ilsa: (Well, I already knew it'd end up like this.)
His awkward reaction isn't lost on Ilsa, who knows this situation all too well.
Mild-Mannered Guy: Um... Thank you very much for helping us.
Ilsa: No... It was you who stepped in first to protect her, not us.
Ilsa: Now that was pretty manly.
The young man bows his head in thanks when Ilsa notices the woman standing behind him smiling.
Mild-Mannered Guy: ...!
Ilsa: Ah, you two were in the middle of shopping, weren't you? Sorry, I'll let you get back to it.
Mild-Mannered Guy: Thank you!
The young man joins the young woman as they walk into the shop together.
Korwa: Say, do you think that little row just now brought them closer toward a happy ending?
Ilsa: It seems so. Despite what happened, it looks like things worked out in the end.
Ilsa: Anyways, let's enjoy the rest of this barbecue and keep an eye on those lovebirds.
The young couple finish shopping and safely return to the barbecue.
The man looks much more relaxed, now able to speak to the woman naturally. It appears that they've grown close during their time together.
As the hot summer day slowly comes to a close, the barbecue goers begin to disperse.
Cheerful Girl: Hmm, hmm...
As the woman sings to herself while doing the dishes, the young man starts approaching her with determination in his eyes.
Mild-Mannered Guy: (Right now—here's my chance!)
Ilsa: Hey. You know of any good spots for watching sunsets around here?
Mild-Mannered Guy: Huh? No... Today's my first day at this island, actually.
Ilsa: I see... Well, I hear the view from those rocks over there is one of a kind. I looked around, but I don't think there's a better one to be honest.
Mild-Mannered Guy: A one-of-a-kind view of the sunset...
Mild-Mannered Guy: I wonder if she'd like that?
Ilsa: Good grief... Well, it looks like he's managed to get her to agree on something somehow.
Korwa: That was brilliant! Effortlessly guiding them to a secluded romantic area like that. You're a pro!
Ilsa: Well, it's hard to imagine a romantic scene unfold in front of a sink of dirty dishes. I couldn't stand by and watch him fight a losing battle.
Ilsa: Not to mention she might want to clean up a bit as well... You'd want to look your best for such an occasion, wouldn't you?
Korwa: Hehe... Absolutely.
Ilsa focuses her sights on the fated cove where the young man will likely confess his love.
Ilsa: A seaside confession against the backdrop of a summer sunset...
Ilsa: I want something like that to happen to me too...
Korwa: How wonderful! I'll cheer you on!
Ilsa: Thanks, but...
Ilsa turns to look at the man who had been hitting on her so fervently earlier.
Skirt Chaser: Eep!
Ilsa: This is my reality. Once men see this side of me, they're running for the hills before the story can even begin.
Korwa: So rude, honestly... Even if I wasn't into them, having someone react to me like that wouldn't feel good.
Ilsa: I'm already used to it. I figured it would end up like this one way or another when he first spoke to me.
Korwa: Ugh, what is wrong with them? I can't believe they'd ignore such a strong, beautiful, and witty woman right in front of them!
Korwa: I can't stand it! I'll help you! What's your type? Tell me everything! I'm guessing someone bold and strong like you, right?
Ilsa: Not necessarily... I just want someone who values me. Someone that will treat me right for the rest of our days.
Korwa: That's the first condition, right? Okay! What else?
Ilsa: Um... This may take a while.
Korwa: That's just what I wanted to hear! Go on, girl! Dish!
Ilsa: Speaking of dishes, how about we continue this conversation over some shaved ice?
Korwa: Brilliant. Let's get some, come on!
The pair quickly race back to the beach house to continue their conversation.
Just for tonight, this drill sergeant puts her duties aside to wax lyrical about love deep into the night.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
暑さに負けるな、ウジ虫ども! Don't shrivel up from the heat, maggots!
コルワの作る水着は人を幸せにするな Korwa's swimsuits truly do bring joy.
基礎錬が終わったら次は遠泳だ! Once basic training's over, it's long distance swimming!
私のハッピーエンドか、待ち遠しいな… I wonder when my happy ending will come?
海でのんびりしたい… I just wanna take it easy at the beach.
私も彼氏ほしい… I need to find myself a boyfriend...
少し肌を焼いてみるか…一度やってみたかった I've always wanted to try getting a tan...
(主人公)、またビーチバレーしような Let's play volleyball again sometime, (Captain).
かき氷には甘いミルクをたっぷりとかける Add condensed milk to shaved ice for a treat.
(主人公)のお陰でいいバカンスが過ごせた Thanks for a great time at the beach, (Captain).