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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height 255 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Singing
Likes Sharing a meal, listening to stories
Dislikes Lies
Character Release

Source [1]
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Age 不明 Height 255cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies うた
Likes ごはんいっしょ、はなしきく
Dislikes ウソはなし
Character Release

Source [1]


Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3040267000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Draph.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Tesshō Genda
NameJP ムゲン
Voice ActorJP 玄田哲章
ID 3991669000
Release Date 2020-03-04
Seeds of Redemption

A giant Draph who resided alone in the ruins of a remote island. With no one else around to teach him otherwise, he lived the life of a wild beast. It was by pure coincidence that he met up with Nehan, who happened to be touring various islands and studying their fauna, hoping it would lead to advances in drug research. Nehan guessed the giant's name to be Mugen based on clues left behind in the ruins and called him so, teaching him how to speak and live in a more civilized manner. This allowed Mugen to see what a solitary life he was leading. Envious of how Nehan was able to travel across islands all over, Mugen wished to spend the rest of his days with the man. Just as that dream came close to fruition, Nehan fell into a deep, deep slumber. Though the lonely desolation that once plagued Mugen is no more, he now eagerly awaits the day Nehan awakens again.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain), happy birthday.
(Captain) annie-versary! Mugen not understand annie-versary. But happy wish!
Wish for (Captain), Mugen happy!
Mugen birthday? Maybe not have birthday.
Mugen have? Really?
Hm... Mugen look for birthday. (Captain) help Mugen look?
Can't find? Same day always? Baby is form? Hm...
Nehan know! Nehan maybe know everything. Ask Nehan!
Thanks teach Mugen, (Captain). Nehan wake up, ask Nehan.


(Captain), happy birthday!
Birthday important. No birthday, no (Captain). Very sad...
(Captain) born. Mugen born. (Captain) and Mugen meet!
Mugen happy! (Captain) happy too? Yay! Hehe...
When Mugen birthday... Mugen not know.
But (Captain) birthday know. Happy birthday! Happy, happy!


Nehan wake up now, so Mugen ask when Mugen birthday. Nehan say not know!
Nehan not know something, Mugen little surprise.
Mugen not know birthday, but Mugen still alive. World have many fun thing and good thing.
For instance, Mugen celebrate (Captain) birthday. Mugen very happy!
Want (Captain) have much fun.
Mugen not know can give (Captain) fun thing.
But Mugen help (Captain) live! Be healthy!
Hope (Captain) find much happy. Happy birthday!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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(Captain), new happy year... Um, happy New Year.
Vyrn teach Mugen make goal for new year!
Mugen goal, for instance, look for fun! More fun! More!
Learn sing better. Sing good night song, then good dream. Nehan happy.
And Mugen help (Captain) more! Help to happy!
Um, happy... to help!


(Captain)? Not in room? Night cold. Cold bad for body!
First... sunrise? New year?
(Captain) wait for sunrise? Oh... Night cold. Cold make sick.
(Captain)! Mugen wait with you! Mugen wall!
Using his large body as a shield, Mugen blocks the cold winter breeze and stands by (Captain)'s side.
Huh? (Captain)? Sunrise?
Oh... Happy... New Year... Zzz...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What this, (Captain)? Brown... soft...
Food? Valen... tine?
Oh! Mugen eat valentine now.
Mm... Amazing... Much soft and melt...
This sweet? Valentine, sweet? Oh!
Mugen like sweet! Mugen like valentine! Thanks, (Captain)!


Oh! Valentine!
Mugen okay to have? Thanks, (Captain)!
Ah... (Captain), wait! Eat Valentine together!
Tasty, happy. Together, happy. Tasty and together, more happy!
Mugen and (Captain) eat together. Happy!
Valentine together... Lots of thanks, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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Hehe... (Captain) talk okay?
Mugen learn today White Day.
Feower teach Mugen. White Day for thank you.
Here. Flower.
Grow top mountain. Mugen morning climb, pick biggest one!
Sweet smell. Mugen like. (Captain)... like?
Oh! (Captain) like sweet too! Mugen like (Captain)! Always thank you.


(Captain)! Give!
Mountain bug... Bee? Bee juice. Sweet and tasty.
White Day sweet gift! Mugen give thanks for valentine.
This for (Captain)! Valentine thank you!
Nehan? Already give Nehan bee juice! He thank Mugen. Hehe...
Nehan not eat a lot...
Nehan eat slow. Bee juice not go bad. Never.

Sweet Honey square.jpg Sweet Honey

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Huff...(Captain). No surprise Mugen. Bad.
Halloween scary...Much monster...Steal candy...
Mugen not have candy. Monster bully Mugen.
(Captain) candy, safe? Mugen protect (Captain)!
If (Captain) here, not scary!
Mugen try...


(Captain)... People die. Turn into ghost. Real?
Real! Thank (Captain)! Mugen look for ghost!
Why? Um...
Nehan family dead... Nehan sad. Want see family.
Nehan family ghost! Ghost play on Halloween! Nehan play with family!
Nehan see family... Nehan happy. Mugen happy.
Halloween end... Ghost go home...
No time! Hurry! Find Nehan family!
Mugen find with Nehan! Go now!
(Captain)! Mugen almost forget! Happy Halloween!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)! (Captain)! Lyria tell Mugen today big holiday!
Everyone eat much! Then sleep! Then Santa come!
Santa not come Mugen island. Only Nehan.
Nehan... Santa?
Nehan give fun. Santa give present. Present fun. Nehan give present!
Ah! Nehan is Santa! If Nehan tonight wake up... Mugen happy.


Hum, hum, hum...
Oh, (Captain)! Holidays happy! Huh? That wrong? Ah! Happy holidays!
(Captain), look! Pretty sock I ask from Tien!
It small? Yes! Not for Mugen! Nehan sock!
Santa Claus give present to good kid! Nehan good kid! Get sock!
Everyone happy for present. Nehan be happy for present!
Nehan sad a lot... Nehan wake up now. Mugen teach lots of fun things!
Mugen give Nehan sock! Nehan be happy... Mugen happy too!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Confused Journey

Ever since the Magasin incident, Mugen has been traveling around various islands helping people in need, hopeful that he'll learn something fun enough to eventually awaken the resting Nehan once more. When the crew bumps into him one day and sees how lonely he is, they invite him on a trip back to Stardust Town.

Two figures huddle around a lonely bonfire. It's the only light for as far as the eye can see in this island's deserted wilderness.
One can say both persons have grown to maturity, but even in the flickering flames it's easy to tell one is much larger than the other.
Caravanner: Everyone's fallen asleep 'cept for you. You've been starin' at that fire for a while now.
Mugen: ...
Caravanner: Thanks for bustin' your hump earlier this afternoon. Really made it smooth travels for us.
Caravanner: I still can't believe our luck that you showed up when you did. We were right about to leave too.
Mugen: Mugen help? For instance, have work for Mugen?
Caravanner: We could use some hands to help haul our goods, but I can't guarantee ya it's the safest job around...
Mugen: Mugen do! Teach Mugen how.
Mugen: Oops... Please teach Mugen how!
And so Mugen gets the caravan job, traveling with them from town to town. He's able to haul as much cargo as the caravan wagon itself.
Mountain bandits who had their eyes on an easy score are tossed aside like rag dolls, but then a different obstacle emerges.
Caravanner: Whoa! Whoooa!
Caravanner: We can't continue on this mess of a road. No choice but to take a detour.
While the section of road ahead can be traversed on foot, it's in no condition for a wagon to cross.
Mugen: Wait. Mugen carry!
Caravanner: Carry what exactly?
Mugen hefts a horse under his arm without a word and carries it through the damaged part of the road.
Caravanner: Holy—
Caravanner: I'm pretty sure you're the only guy in all the skies who can lug a horse and wagon with his bare hands. Got my work done in record time thanks to you.
Caravanner: So you hop from island to island doin' this stuff, huh? That's gotta be tough.
People have been gossiping about an especially large Draph who's recently appeared on random islands offering his help.
Mugen: Not tough. Fun.
Mugen speaks from the heart. He genuinely enjoys seeing the smiles of others, which to him is proof that his physical abilities have helped them.
Caravanner: You're a unique fella all right. Can't help but wonder what kinda past ya carry on those broad shoulders.
Mugen: ...
Stardust Town was once embroiled in a conflict involving four major players: the Eternals, the Crew of Enforcers, the Magasin, and the Suo family.
A young man named Nehan acted as the catalyst of this turbulent clash. He was the one who taught Mugen how to speak.
Unfortunately a mafia attack left him in a coma. His physical wounds have since healed, but it seems as if he's lost the will to open his eyes again.
Feower: Nehan was the spark behind the Magasin family's dismantling. He betrayed them. There's no telling how much resentment he's bought himself.
Tien: Mm. For the Magasin members who escaped arrest, there's a loose end they must tie up before they can rebuild.
Rei: A family without respect is no family at all. And that means getting revenge on Nehan.
Asha: It is difficult to conduct business when other factions cannot take your organization seriously. That's the hard truth.
Mugen: Nehan in danger?
Tien: We will protect Stardust Town and Nehan. Don't worry.
Feower: Yep. We got this. So don't go bonkers on us again over some misunderstanding.
Tien: Easy, Feower.
Asha: Conflict breeds hatred. Conflict is simply a part of our world. Danger never truly leaves us be.
Tien: Asha, please. What good does it do to scare Mugen?
Rei: You can't argue against facts. With that said, Stardust Town is under new management.
Rei: We, the Suo family, have our pride too. Nehan is safe with us. Please see to the arrangements, Asha.
Asha: Yes, Mama.
Mugen: Nehan safe? Nehan be okay?
Rei: Yes, he will. So let's give him some peace and quiet.
Pride. Control. Hatred.
Mugen more or less understands that Nehan will be taken care of, but everything else being discussed flies over his head.
Mugen: Nehan...
Nehan: ...
Mugen gazes down at Nehan's sleeping face. He hears little footsteps sound behind him.
Playful Boy: Muuugen! Let's play!
Mugen: Mugen not play now. Stay with Nehan.
Mature Mia: Ah! Did he wake up? Then let's all go for a walk—
Mugen: Nehan not wake up.
Playful Boy: Oh...
Mature Mia: Most of the buildings in town are fixed now, but you've hardly left this room.
Playful Boy: Getting no sunlight is bad for you. Um, Nehan could use some sun too, but...
Mature Mia: And also it's easy to get a headache if you sleep too much. Maybe Nehan's wondering what we can do to help wake him up.
Mugen: Mugen not know.
Playful Boy: He's not hurt anymore, but he still stays in bed. He must really love to sleep or something.
Mugen: No. If Nehan wake up... Um, for instance... Nehan be sad. Much angry.
Playful Boy: Huh? So it's not because he likes to sleep that he won't wake up?
Mature Mia: Okay, how about we show him how much fun you can have out of bed. Then he has to wake up.
Mugen: If fun, Nehan wake up?
Mature Mia: Like, I can't even fall asleep if I know there's a fun day planned for tomorrow! I bet Nehan's the same too!
Playful Boy: What's a guy like him find fun anyway? Any idea, Mugen?
Mugen: Hm...
Mugen: Hmmm...
Mugen: Mugen not know...
Playful Boy: Rats. Is he the type of guy who doesn't really play?
Mugen: Nehan maybe not play...
Mugen: ...
Playful Boy: Weeell... What if we write down every fun thing we see and tell him about it?
Playful Boy: Out of all the fun stuff we find, he's gotta like at least one of 'em.
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: Okay! Mugen look for fun! All the fun!
Mugen and the children run around town, keeping an eye out for anything that can be enjoyed in some capacity.
Playful Boy: Everyone likes snacks, right? Or neat store decorations, or even the pretty trees along the streets.
Mature Mia: Hide-and-seek, tag, cards, marbles... Hm, cat's cradle is kind of hard though.
Mugen: All fun! But...
Playful Boy: It's probably not enough, huh? Maybe Stardust Town is too small.
Mugen: Ngh... Nehan...
Mugen: ...
Mugen: More fun outside. Must be.
Mugen: Mugen go outside!
Mature Mia: Outside? You mean... to another town or island?
Mugen: Yes. Can Mugen go?
Playful Boy: Sounds good to me! It's pretty important to you, so why not?
Mature Mia: Yep, yep. We'll take good care of Nehan while you're away!
Mugen: Thanks! Everyone!
Playful Boy: Good luck, Mugen! Let's play lots and lots with Nehan when you get back!
Mature Mia: Promise!
Mugen: Okay! Mugen dee... dee-par... depart now!
The children help Mugen gain passage on a merchant ship that trades with Stardust Town.
Feower: ...
Mugen has no idea that someone else has been watching him this entire time.
Caravanner: Mornin'. Have a good snooze?
Mugen: Yes! Good sleep! Where going today?
Caravanner: Sit tight. I hired some guards, and they're supposed to meet us here.
Caravanner: Ah, that's gotta be them over there!
A few figures push through the grass as they get closer to the caravan's camp site.
Vyrn: Are you the caravan that hired us for escort duty?
Caravanner: Thanks for comin' all the way out here. Er, I hate to say this, but I kinda filled your positions by accident.
Vyrn: Oof. You mean we got here a step too late?
Caravanner: It was, um, a spur of the moment thing. He caught me right as I was leaving town.
Mugen: Ah!
Lyria: M-Mugen!
Vyrn: What are you doin' here!
Mugen: Uh...
Caravanner: Acquaintances? Ain't that a coincidence! I gotta tell ya, this guy really helped me out.
The Caravanner tells (Captain) and company about all the good deeds Mugen has been doing in this part of the skydom.
Vyrn: That's what you've been up to, Mugen? Hey, good for you! You're awesome!
Mugen: Mugen awesome?
Vyrn: Yeah! When someone pays you a compliment, you should be proud of yourself.
Mugen: Mm...
Lyria: ...?
  1. What is it, Lyria?
  2. How's Nehan?

Choose: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: Hm... Mugen doesn't seem very happy to me...
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, yeah, he seems kinda down. Did something happen to you?
Mugen: Nothing... Nothing...
Mugen: Nehan not wake up. Much pain. Much angry.
Mugen: But Nehan wake up if fun. Maybe...
Mugen: Mugen look for fun thing. Lots and lots.
Lyria: You've been traveling from island to island searching for things that are fun?
Mugen: Yes...
Mugen: Mugen think much thing fun. What Nehan think fun? Mugen not know.
Mugen: Mugen not learn what Nehan like.

Choose: How's Nehan?
Vyrn: I'm curious too. Are you by yourself right now, Mugen? I thought Nehan was still in Stardust Town.
Mugen: Yes. Nehan in Stardust Town.
Lyria: Hmm... You don't seem very happy, Mugen...
Mugen: Nehan not wake up. Much pain. Much angry.
Mugen: But Nehan wake up if fun. Maybe...
Mugen: Mugen look for fun thing. Lots and lots.
Lyria: You've been traveling from island to island searching for things that are fun?
Mugen: Yes...
Mugen: Mugen think much thing fun. What Nehan think fun? Mugen not know.
Mugen: Mugen not learn what Nehan like.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Uh, right. Everyone has their own hobbies and such.
Mugen: Not enough fun, Nehan not wake up.
Mugen: Nehan...
Lyria: Mugen...
Lyria: Say, why don't we stop by Stardust Town for a little bit?
Mugen: Stop? Mugen look for fun...
Lyria: Well, the thing is, I think you're feeling lonely instead of having fun right now.
Lyria: But if you go back to Stardust Town and recharge, I think you'll have an easier time looking for fun stuff!
Vyrn: Yep. Even the funnest thing ever can be boring if your heart's not into it.
Mugen: Really?
Lyria: Yes! Let's go check in on Nehan!
Mugen: Check in?
Lyria: When someone's sick or hurt and they're feeling down, you pay them a visit to cheer them up.
Lyria: Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and tries to persuade Mugen to board the Grandcypher in order to return to Stardust Town.
Mugen: Okay. Mugen go check Nehan.
Mugen: Want see Nehan.
Vyrn: Cool! Set a course for Stardust Town, (Captain)!
Mugen: Mm! Thanks.
Mugen is convinced that searching for things that bring Nehan joy will encourage him to open his eyes. But loneliness is born in Mugen's heart in the process.
Perhaps the cure to his loneliness lies in Stardust Town.

Inspired by Fun

Back in Stardust Town, Mugen goes around asking everyone what they do for fun. Pleased to receive such a wide variety of answers, Mugen finds his horizons slowly expanding.

Mugen flies with the crew back to Stardust Town.
Tien not in crew

Tien hurries over to greet them as soon as she catches sight of Mugen's massive frame.
Tien is a crew member

Tien, who is taking a brief hiatus from the crew to oversee Stardust Town's restoration, comes over to greet them.
Tien: Mugen! Thank goodness you came back to us.
Mugen: Yes! Um...
Lyria: This is when you say, "I'm back!"
Mugen: Thanks, Lyria.
Mugen: Tien! Mugen back! Tien well, then Mugen happy.
Tien: Mm. I'm glad to see you're doing well too.
Mugen: Nehan not wake up?
Tien: Mm, he's still sleeping.
Mugen: Okay. Mugen check Nehan. Cheer up Nehan!
Mugen and company follow Tien to Nehan's room.
Nehan: ...
Mugen: Nehan...
Tien: I see. Mugen believes Nehan will wake up if there is a reason to. In this case, to a world of fun and joy.
Lyria: Yes. But Mugen looks so lonely...
Mugen: ...
(Captain) and the others gaze down at Nehan's expressionless face.
Vyrn: If I were asleep for this long, I'd want something interesting to wake me up too.
Mugen: Mugen find fun thing. But not enough.
Lyria: Not enough...
Lyria: Oh! Have you asked other people what they like to do to unwind?
Mugen: No... Not ask. What Mugen think fun, Mugen look.
Vyrn: Well, maybe there's your problem! Why don't you get a few different opinions?
Lyria: Fun is going to be different for everybody.
Lyria: For example, some people like to clean, while others don't.
Mugen: Oh! Mugen see!
Mugen: For instance, Tien, what think fun?
Tien: Me?
Tien: Sewing, I guess. Here. See this pillowcase I made?
Mugen: Pillow... Tien sew flowers?
Tien: Mm. Feels like I'm sewing clothes for the children most of the time though.
Mugen: Wow! Tien awesome!
Tien: Haha, thanks. I enjoy seeing something new take shape with each thread of the needle.
Tien: And nothing stays in perfect condition forever. Clothes and linens eventually wear out.
Mugen: Mm.
Tien: So making new clothes or adding designs to existing ones are the activities that make me happy.
Tien: I guess I gravitate toward an ordinary lifestyle. Something like that.
Mugen: Ordinary... Other thing same?
Tien: Pretty much. I do things that are everyday or routine. But I feel like that's what makes them important to me.
Mugen: Ooh! Mugen, everybody, same! Mugen happy!
Mugen: Mugen understand Tien's fun!
Tien: Mm. Happy to help.
Vyrn: If it were me sewing, I'd probably end up pricking myself all the time.
Tien: Haha, Feower's not skilled with the needle either. Like Lyria said, everyone's got their own way to pass the time.
Mugen: Mm!
Feower: Sis, I'm coming in—
Feower: Mugen! Wait, (Captain) too?
Feower not in crew

Feower, Tien's younger twin brother, is shocked to see Mugen and the crew in town.
Feower is a crew member

Feower, who is temporarily staying behind in Stardust Town to help with its reconstruction, is shocked by the visitors.
Mugen: Feower, what think fun? Mugen want know!
Feower: Huh? That came out of nowhere.
Tien: Let me explain.
After hearing about Mugen's adventures off the island, Feower crosses his arms and thinks.
Feower: Sigh... I can't believe that's why you left... Oh well...
Mugen: Feower. What think fun?
Feower: At least give me a second.
Feower: Um... That'd have to be spending time here in Stardust Town.
Feower: Seeing the kids living free of violence and stuff puts my heart at ease. Lets me relax, you know?
Mugen: Stardust Town, fun?
Feower: Yeah, to me anyway. I don't know if that's what you wanted to hear, but—
Mugen: Mugen same! Mugen like Stardust Town!
Feower: ...
Lyria: Teehee, you have something in common with Feower!
Mugen: Mugen, Feower, same!
Vyrn: Yep! You're practically twins!
Mugen: Hehehe...
Feower: All right, all right. Knock it off...
Mugen: Mugen want ask more.
Vyrn: All the Eternals have different personalities, so I betcha they've got different hobbies too.
Mugen: Okay! Mugen ask!
Anre is a crew member, Tweyen is a crew member, Threo is a crew member, Feower is a crew member, Fif is a crew member, Any version of Seox is a crew member, Seofon is a crew member, Eahta is a crew member, Niyon is a crew member, Tien is a crew member

Lyria: Great! Let's go find them right now!
Anre not in crew, Tweyen not in crew, Threo not in crew, Feower not in crew, Fif not in crew, No version of Seox in crew, Seofon not in crew, Eahta not in crew, Niyon not in crew, Tien not in crew

Vyrn: Oh wait... Too bad they're all off doing their own things.
Feower: Actually everyone happens to be in town right now. Talk about a coincidence.
Tien: After the huge ruckus that unfolded last time, we agreed to meet together every once in a while for the near future.
Vyrn: That's perfect! Shake a leg, Mugen!
Mugen: Mm!
Mugen: (Learn about fun is fun.)
Mugen: (People answer Mugen. Mugen happy.)
Mugen realizes the value of asking questions.
Slowly but surely he is coming to understand a world he never knew.

Inspired by Fun: Scene 2

Mugen questions a few Eternals on their idea of fun. When he gets to Eahta and Threo, their answers of "training" and "battle" confound the giant. He accepts their challenge to a brawl to confirm the meaning of their words.

Mugen and company leave Tien's room to visit the next Eternal.
Niyon not in crew

Niyon: What brings you here, (Captain)?
Niyon is a crew member

Niyon: What's the matter, (Captain)?
Tweyen: Did something happen?
Mugen: Niyon, Tweyen. What think fun?
Tweyen: Hm? Why do you want to know?
(Captain) steps in to do the explaining for Mugen.
Tweyen: Ah, so that's what's troubling you. Hm, things that bring me delight...
Tweyen: You first, Niyon. What do you think?
Niyon: I enjoy being with people who have soothing melodies.
Mugen: Melody...
Niyon: Yes, that's right. I can hear the movement and flow of a person's heart. Listen.
Niyon strums a quick tune on her harp, and Mugen's eyes widen with realization.
Mugen: Ooh, melody! Melody and song are friends! Mugen like melody too.
Niyon: Mm-hm, songs are a type of melody produced with your voice. They go hand in hand.
Lyria: I love singing too! Let's sing together next time, Mugen.
Mugen: Okay! Sing together!
Tweyen: I find chatting like this quite enjoyable. It's so nice to talk with friends about... well, about anything really.
Mugen: Mugen too, Tweyen! We same!
Tweyen: Ah, so we are. It's great to have things in common, isn't it?
Mugen: Mm, good. Tweyen happy, Mugen happy!
Mugen: Thanks, Niyon, Tweyen. Mugen more know now!
Niyon: You're welcome. Feel free to ask me anything whenever you like.
Tweyen: Yes, anytime. By the way, Fif and Eahta are nearby. You should go talk to them too.
Tweyen gives the crew directions, and they're off to find two more Eternals.
Fif: Everything is fun!
Mugen: Huh? What mean everything?
Fif: Everything means everything. But the best thing out of everything is doing the things I wanna do!
Lyria: Heehee. I think Fif is saying she has a lot of hobbies.
Fif: Yeah! Like making natural dyes and growing flowers. Um... and training, I guess.
Fif: Sitting on Grampy's knee in the sun, or cooking with Narmaya, or sewing with Tien, or...
Fif: Oh yeah! Halloween and the big winter party are super fun too!
Vyrn: She wasn't kidding when she said she likes everything...
Lyria: Haha. That's so Fif.
Fif: Hehehe. But what I'm really into right now is...
Fif: Making Seox laugh!
Mugen: Seox laugh?
Fif shakes her head sadly.
Fif: Lately he won't laugh or smile even when I make funny faces or tickle him.
Fif: He's still a tough nut to crack. That's why I'm super fired up!
Fif: Hey, you should help me next time, Mugen!
Fif: First you do something totally unexpected. Then Seox's all like, "Whoa! Mugen did that?" And then he has to laugh!
Mugen: Mugen can help?
Fif: Yep! It's all about the element of surprise. We can get him if we work together!
Mugen: Hehe... Okay. Mugen, Fif, make Seox laugh!
Fif: No backing out later! I asked Grampy to paint my face, but...
Fif: He doesn't know what Seox thinks is funny either.
Fif shrugs her shoulders and turns to Eahta, who is seated next to her with his eyes closed.
Mugen: Eahta sleep?
Fif: Nope. He's meditating. I'm pretty sure he's been listening.
Fif: Heeey, Grampy!
Fif hops onto Eahta's head in a flash, pinching his cheeks and tugging at his hair. He casually opens his eyes as if Fif weren't even there.
Eahta: You seek the meaning of amusement?
Mugen: Amuse? Mugen ask Eahta what think fun.
Eahta: Devotion to one's endeavors is my answer.
Mugen: Dee-voh...
Eahta: Namely constant self-forging on a daily basis. Cut off excess and sharpen yourself—though I may have taken that to the extreme.
Vyrn: Um, when you say forging, you're talking about training, right? Instead of cutting back, wouldn't you want to know how to do more stuff?
Eahta: Haphazard focus dulls the blade. Self-reflection to determine what is absolutely necessary is also part of the process.
Eahta not in crew

Lyria: Gosh, this got really complicated...
Eahta is a crew member

Vyrn: Oh brother... Nothing's ever easy with Gramps.
Eahta: When words fail to convey their message, actions must take over to impart meaning.
Eahta: Such a method may be more practical for you who are like a young cub.
Eahta rises to his feet and faces Mugen, hand on his katana as if to challenge the other Draph.
Threo: Whoa, what's goin' on in here? Looks fun! I want a piece of the action!
Lyria: Threo! What are you—
Threo: My fighty senses were tingling! That's sneaky, Mugen! I still remember last time when you wouldn't duel me!
Threo: Well, I got first dibs! Eahta can wait!
Mugen: Duel?
Mugen: Mugen say before. Mugen hate fight.
Eahta: And what if we were to conclude that fighting brings us utmost joy? What would you do?
Mugen: Fight... fun?
Threo: It's super fun! Because there's no holding back! It's fun to go all out!
Mugen: But...
Eahta: You are no longer who you once were.
Eahta: Sate my curiosity. Show me not your power, but how you choose to comport yourself.
Lyria: W-wait! Two against one isn't fair!
Threo: Nah, he's fine. It's not like we're trying to pick on him.
Threo: How's he gonna know what's fun or not if he doesn't even try it!
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: Threo right! Mugen not know if not try!
Mugen: Mugen try!
Eahta: Gwahaha! That's a fine spirit!
Mugen: Hrraaaggh!

Inspired by Fun: Scene 3

The bout with Eahta and Threo teaches Mugen that controlling himself in battle can be fun. He consults Anre and Seofon next before moving on to Seox.

Eahta: Oho...
Threo: Hyahaha! See? You are strong! That's why you gotta test your skills!
Mugen: ...
(Captain) and the others observe this fearsome battle out of harm's way.
Vyrn: Geez, Mugen... He's keeping up with the Eternals in a bona fide bout.
Anre: Be that as it may, I'd like you all to end it there.
Vyrn: Anre!
Threo: Aw, poo. Why do we have to stop?
Anre: All participants have fully demonstrated their strength. What more is there to be gained by continuing?
Anre: Need I remind you that the town has seen enough damage, and it doesn't need to be demolished again.
Threo: Urk...
Eahta: Then let us swim with the tide. Very well. My point has been made.
Mugen: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, you okay, big guy? Are you hurt?
Mugen: Ngh...
Mugen: Gwaaaargh!
Mugen: Power scary...
Eahta: Indeed. Hence the need to have a firm grasp of yourself and to decide your own path.
Eahta: Even a mistaken choice can be corrected if you are strong in conviction.
Eahta: Thus there is pleasure in self-mastery, is there not?
Mugen: Mugen have much power. Mugen think, body do.
Mugen: It... fun.
Threo: Aha! You're finally bein' honest with yourself!
Anre: Controlling power is a form of power itself. As long as it is utilized correctly, you will realize how power can support you.
Anre: Don't be terrified of it, Mugen. That power is you. Kindheartedness and all.
Mugen: Okay. Mugen careful. Work hard.
Vyrn: Even I'm havin' trouble followin' what's goin' on. Is Mugen getting it?
Anre: Threo's and Eahta's actions, not words, taught Mugen a lesson in control and the satisfaction derived from it.
Anre: Well, as far as Threo is concerned, starting this fight was probably more for her own recreation.
Anre: Anyway, Mugen's course in life is his to decide.
Mugen: Hard words. Mugen not much understand. Sorry.
Anre: There's no need to rush. The pieces will fall into place with time.
Mugen: ...
Anre: Acquiring and embracing new knowledge is a gratifying pursuit. However, it does require patience.
Mugen: Ah! Anre, what think fun?
Anre: Me? Actually I'm quite enjoying myself right now.
Mugen: ...?
Anre: I'm not caught up in my own goals; rather I like to see what other people are striving for.
Anre: People like me aren't as rare as you may think.
(Captain) and company leave the Eternals behind and return to Stardust Town. Mugen's face is utterly blank.
The crew is resting in a room when Seofon, who is taking over patrol duty for Eahta and Anre, comes in to chat.
Seofon: Hey there, Mugen! Isn't there something you'd like to ask me?
Mugen: ...?
Seofon: Uh... Okay. That's not the reaction I was looking for, but...
Seofon: All right, here's a refresher. You've been going around asking everyone about something. Does that ring a bell?
Mugen: Oh. Yeah.
Lyria: Haha. Mugen's so used to being the interviewer, he must not have been ready for your question.
Seofon: Are you serious? Meh, it's no big deal honestly... But it totally ruined Big Brother Seofon's flow!
(Captain) can't help but laugh at Seofon's antics.
Seofon: C'mon, (Captain), your laugh is like a dagger to my heart!
Mugen: Seofon, what think fun? Please tell Mugen.
Seofon: Heh. I'm glad you asked. And I won't disappoint you!
Seofon pretends not to notice (Captain)'s incredulous stare.
Seofon: I'm always trying to think of some place where all us Eternals can go and do something fun together.
Seofon: If that ever happened, I'd be a happy Seofon.
Mugen: Seofon want play with Eternals.
Seofon: You got it. Kind of like how you and Nehan used to hang out and stuff.
Mugen: Me and Nehan?
Seofon: Um, am I wrong? Didn't you play games with Nehan or something?
Mugen: Mugen not know. Nehan not play. Nehan learn plant. Nehan make medicine.
Mugen: What Nehan think fun?
Seofon: Hrm... I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that.
Mugen: Oh... Seofon smart. How be smart but not know?
Seofon: Cough, cough. By the way, have you gone to see Seox yet? He's in town too, you know.
Mugen: Not ask Seox yet. Where Seox?
Seofon: Knowing him, he's probably at the place you want to be the most.
Mugen: Mugen understand.
Vyrn: The place where Mugen wants to be most? As in...
Seofon: Now, now. All will be clear if you just follow the big guy.

Inspired by Fun: Scene 4

Seox explains that everyone has their own idea of fun, and trying to guess what Nehan's is might be impossible. Mugen turns his focus to finding something fun for himself, so that he can tell Nehan all about it someday. When Nehan later hears Mugen's laughter blending together with the children's, his eyelids flutter.

Mugen and the rest leave Seofon and head for the room where Nehan is sleeping.
Another familiar face is already there when they arrive.
Seox: ...
Vyrn: Ah, that's what Seofon meant. Looks like Seox was here after all.
Seox: What are you talking about?
Vyrn: Don't worry 'bout it. Just talking to ourselves.
Lyria: Did you come to see how Nehan was doing?
Seox: Hm... Maybe. Maybe not.
Mugen: Nehan not wake up.
Seox: Yeah...
Seox: In any case, it sounds like you were looking for me?
Vyrn: Right. So Nehan hasn't woken up for anything.
Vyrn: Maybe it's 'cause there's not enough fun reasons for Nehan to come back to. We've been askin' all the Eternals what they like and stuff.
Lyria: You're the last person we haven't asked yet, Seox.
Mugen: Seox, what think fun? Tell Mugen.
Seox looks down at Nehan first before answering.
Seox: I don't have the luxury of thinking about enjoying myself right now.
Mugen: Nothing?
Seox: Nothing.
Mugen: Really? No fun?
Seox: Some people are like that.
Mugen: Some people not like fun?
Seox: I'm sure they exist.
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: Ah... Aaah...
Vyrn: M-Mugen! Calm down!
Mugen: Nehan nothing fun? Nothing?
Mugen: Then Nehan not wake up!
Vyrn: It's gonna be fine! Nehan's gotta enjoy something! Tell him, (Captain)!
Mugen: If nothing, Mugen and Nehan not talk. Forever...
Seox: ...
Seox: Everyone is different. That's what I wanted to say.
Mugen: ...?
Seox: Some people have hobbies while others don't see it as necessary. We are a product of our circumstances.
Seox: Did all of the Eternals give you the same answer? I can't imagine that they did.
Mugen: Not all same. Some same. Some different.
Seox: There you go. That's the result you get after asking only a handful of people. There's no point in searching for something only Nehan knows but can't tell us.
Vyrn: Hang on, Seox! I get what you're saying, but—
Seox: So until Nehan opens his eyes again, you should get as much enjoyment out of life as you possibly can.
Lyria: Huh?
Mugen: If Mugen have fun, Nehan wake up?
Seox: He's always been the one teaching you. Now it's your turn to become the teacher.
Mugen: Mugen teach Nehan?
Seox: Yeah. So stop searching in the dark. Don't just do it for Nehan; do it for yourself.
Vyrn: He's got a point. If Mugen's the one tellin' Nehan all this fun stuff, I bet he'll be pleasantly surprised too.
Lyria: Mm-hm. I think that would make him very happy.
Mugen: ...
They hear the sound of approaching footsteps. Feower sticks his head through the doorway.
Feower: Dinner's ready. We had to set up another table since we've got so many people today.
Vyrn: Whoops! We haven't eaten since we got here!
Lyria: We jumped right to the questions as soon as we landed.
Feower: Wait, you guys are still at it? Well, while I'm here, I'm kinda curious myself. What do you do for fun, Seox?
Seox: I can't tell you...
Feower: Feh. Figured as much.
A pleasant dinner takes place under the starry sky, with kids and adults alike passing around plates of food.
Feower: Mugen, I watched you get on that airship to leave Stardust Town.
Feower: I didn't think you'd be away for this long, so try not to do something like that again.
Tien: Mm. You had us so worried.
Mugen: Worry? Mugen can fight. No worry!
Tien: Yes, we know you're strong. But we still worry about you.
Mugen: Hm... Sorry... Worry is sad. Not good.
Tien: And we're sorry too for not realizing how lonely you were.
Mugen: Lonely...
Mugen: Mm. Mugen lonely...
Tien: I know. It's difficult not being able to talk with Nehan. I'm sorry we didn't take your feelings into consideration.
Tien: I'm glad you came back. And thanks for sharing your questions with us.
Mugen: Mm...
Feower: We owe you guys a big thanks too, (Captain). I don't know what we'd do if you hadn't found Mugen.
Vyrn: It's all good. Chalk it up to pure coincidence.
Seofon: Hey, Mugen, no more running away from home, okay?
Mugen: Run from home?
Tien: It means to leave home without telling anyone.
Tien: Home is the place you come back to, remember?
Mugen: Mugen not have home.
Tien: Yes, you do. Your home is here in Stardust Town.
Mugen: ...!
Feower: Give us a holler next time if there's something on your mind. That's what all the kids here do.
Mugen: Okay. Mugen ask Feower and Tien.
Mugen: Hehe... Here is home. Mugen home.
Tien: Mm. Eat up now. There's plenty of seconds and thirds to go around.
Nehan: I don't know if it'll be enough, but eat as much as you want.
Mugen: ...
Gripping the bowl of warm soup, Mugen recalls a scene from his past.
Mugen: Oooh...
Nehan: Look but don't touch. You wouldn't want to burn yourself... Actually, to you, it'd probably feel like tickling.
Mugen: Burn? Tickle?
Nehan: Just look. No touching. Got it?
Mugen heeds Nehan's mix of gestures and instructions without question.
Mugen: Mm.
Nehan: All done. Cured meat with hand-picked island vegetables. It's called... well, it doesn't really matter. Food is food. Eat.
Mugen: Okay!
Nehan places a bowl in Mugen's hand. The Draph is bewildered by the heat warming his palm.
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: Hot...
Nehan: You're tough, but I'm sure your mouth gets burned like everyone else's. Watch me. Cool the food down a little before you eat.
Nehan blows across the bowl, then offers it to Mugen for him to try.
Mugen: Pbbtt... Ppphh...
Nehan: ...
Mugen: Hm?
Nehan: Nothing... Never mind.
Mugen had stopped after noticing Nehan staring at him. Nehan simply shakes his head, encouraging the giant to eat.
Mugen: Hehe...
Nehan: Every experience is amusing to you. You remind me of, for instance, a newborn.
Nehan: It must be nice to be so carefree...
Mugen: No. Not everything fun. Nehan there, Nehan make fun.
Mugen: Nehan first friend.
Mugen: Eat together with Nehan. Mugen want.
Nehan: ...
Playful Boy: Where'd you go, Mugen? Ah, found you!
Mature Mia: Hey! Come play cards with us!
Mugen: Okay...
After one last look at Nehan, Mugen turns toward the children.
Mugen: Let's play. Have fun!
Mature Mia: Yay! Everyone's waiting! This way!
Mugen: Nehan, Mugen leave and come back. Nehan wake up, Mugen teach fun.
Mugen follows the children out of the room.
Boy's Voice: Oops! You dropped a card, Mugen! Oh, it's the old maid.
Mugen's Voice: Sorry.
Mia's Voice: Ahaha! I think we're gonna need bigger cards!
Mugen's Voice: Heh... Hahaha!
Their jubilant laughter finds its way to a pair of idle ears.
Nehan: Nn...
Nehan's eyelids twitch ever so slightly, but no one will ever know.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
どこ、いく?ムゲン、いっしょ、いく! Where go? Mugen go too!
ごはん、みんな、いっしょたのしい、うれしい… Eat together, fun. Happy.
ほしくずのまち、かぞくムゲン、まもる! Mugen protect Stardust Town. Protect family!
ちから、つかうあばれる…ない! Mugen use power. Control power!
(主人公)、ルリア、うたう、いっしょ! (Captain), Lyria! Sing with Mugen!
たび、たのしいまち、たのしい Travel, fun. City, fun.
あそぶ、なに?ムゲン、うた、すき What like play? Mugen like sing.
たのしい、さがすどこある…? Where fun? Mugen look.
ネハン、おきるムゲン、まつ Nehan wake up. Mugen wait.
(主人公)、たのしい、なに? (Captain), what think fun?