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Twitter Vyrn emoji.png Wiki Notice

We are still in the process of updating pages and verifying new content related to today's update.

Icon New Content.png New Raid

BattleRaid Lindwurm Impossible.png

Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

Weapon m 1040811900.jpg
Weapon m 1040311900.jpg
Weapon m 1040709600.jpg
Weapon m 1040416700.jpg
Weapon m 1040912100.jpg
Weapon m 1040512300.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Classes

Class 410301 ax square.jpgClass 420301 sp square.jpg

ZenithAtk.png New Extended Mastery Skills

Ability Ulfhedinn.png UlfhedinnGain Status 3097.pngUlfhedinnATK and DEF are boosted / Deals triple attacks / Bonus Elemental DMG effect / Debuff immunity / Can't use skills (Can't be removed)
Strength: 50% ATK Up, 50% DEF Up, 30% Bonus DMG, and guaranteed triple attacksMultiplier: UniqueDuration: 4 turns
(Consumes 100% of charge bar.)
   Ability Resounding Chant.png Resounding Chant300% elemental damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~400,000).
All allies gain Status Uplift.pngCharge Bar +20%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 20%
Strength: 20%
(Boost to damage, damage cap, and charge bar effect based on number of staff-specialty allies.)
Ability Spring's Gate.png Spring's GateInflict Status Onslaught 3.pngOnslaughtTakes effects that activate against foes in break
Base Accuracy: 100%Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect
on all foes.
All allies gain Status Bonus Damage.pngBonus DMGDeals bonus DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks
Strength: 15% + 5% per Status Bounty.pngBountyItem drop rate is boosted
level (Max: 60%)
based on Bounty Level (Max: 60%).
   Ability Time On Target.png Time On Target300% elemental DMG to a foe (Damage cap: ~440,000).
Inflict a random debuff.
(Number of hits and debuffs increased based on number of bow and gun-specialty allies / Max: 6.)
Ability Kuorria.png OratorioHarp-specialty allies gain Status DoubleUp.png30% DA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Strength: 30%Duration: 4 turns
, Status TripleUp.png30% TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Strength: 30%Duration: 4 turns
, and Status Bonus Damage.png20% Bonus DMGDeals bonus DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks
Strength: 20%Duration: 4 turns
   Ability Wasted Earth.png Lightning StrikeSpear-specialty allies gain Status TripleUp.pngGuaranteed TAGuaranteed triple attack regardless of Triple Attack Lowered debuffs
Duration: 1 turn
Axe-specialty allies gain Status Adversity.png15% DMG AmplifiedDMG for one-foe attacks and counterattacks is amplified
Strength: 15%Duration: 3 turns

Icon New Objects.png New Character Skins

Npc m 3710130000 01.jpgNpc m 3710131000 01.jpg