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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height 174 cm Race Primal Beast
Hobbies None
Likes None
Dislikes Everything in the world
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明 Height 174cm Race 星晶獣
Hobbies なし
Likes なし
Dislikes 世界の全て
Source [1]


Journal Entry

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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Primal.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura
NameJP サンダルフォン
Voice ActorJP 鈴村健一
ID 3990618000
Release Date
What Makes the Sky Blue

One of the very first primal beasts ever created, he exists solely as a spare in case some failure befalls Lucifer. Faced with such an undesirable destiny, Sandalphon defies Lucifer's authority, vowing to oppose him until the very end.




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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It's your birthday today?
Hmph. And? Why should I have to congratulate you?
Hm... If this is as special a day as you claim...
I suppose I can show my face to the crew and then leave.
Let's go before I change my mind.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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2,000 Years of Boredom

It's been two thousand years since Sandalphon was sealed away in Pandemonium, but his grudge against Lucifer continues to burn. For some unknown reason, the seal on Pandemonium weakens, and Sandalphon takes the opportunity to escape. Surveying the blue skies Lucifer so loves, Sandalphon puts his plan for revenge in motion.

An island shaped like a giant tower floats in the eastern side of the Phantagrande Skydom. Its name is Pandemonium.
Sealed within its walls are the archangels and origin beasts that rebelled against their creator.
Among the insurrectionists is an archangel unlike the rest.
Sandalphon: I need a change of scenery.
For nearly two thousand years he has been isolated from the Sky Realm.
Millennia of drudgery is enough to break the most stalwart of souls, but for Sandalphon, the somber flames in his eyes have yet to be extinguished.
Otherworlder 1: ...
Sandalphon: It's in one ear and out the other with your kind.
Sandalphon: Have you never seen an archangel before, or is this a misguided attempt at showing me pity?
Sandalphon: You'll have to excuse me, but I never agreed to go on display. Get out of my sight!
Otherworlder 1: ...!
Sandalphon: Hmph.
Sandalphon: I'm trapped in a cesspool. Everything is in a state of stagnation.
Sandalphon: The noxious stench wafting from those Otherworlders offends the senses.
Sandalphon: It reminds me of the first time Lucifer treated me to a cup of coffee.
His grumbling overflows with palpable loathing.
Sandalphon: And yet, that would be far more preferable to this incarceration, although being at the research lab was no different from being placed under house arrest.
Sandalphon: I've... changed since then. I have a purpose now.
Lucifer: What is it? Are you still contemplating your purpose?
Sandalphon: Yes. It weighs heavily on my mind. Why haven't I been given one after all this time?
Lucifer: How many times must I repeat myself? That is not something you should be concerned with.
Sandalphon: But...
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: I just want to be useful to you...
Lucifer: Isn't it time for you to reveal that to me? For what reason was he created?
???: He's your spare in case something happens to you, and you become unable to fulfill your duties.
???: The idea was for him to awaken temporarily to fill in for you until you fully recovered.
Lucifer: A spare to act as a substitute?
???: Heh heh heh. Realistically speaking, that won't be necessary.
???: You've far surpassed my wildest dreams. You exist on a higher plane. Sandalphon is useless.
???: That scrap will be disposed of at an appropriate time. I suppose you may keep him if you've grown attached to him.
Sandalphon: I'm useless scrap? How could I be nothing more than Lucifer's backup?
Sandalphon: It must be a lie... But then just what the hell is the meaning of my existence?
Sandalphon: ...!
Sandalphon: An archangel born without a purpose, doomed to languish with each passing day.
Sandalphon: But because of your neglect, I found my calling in revenge. I owe it all to you, Lucifer.
Sandalphon: I have a reason to live now. I've outgrown the safety of the nest.
Sandalphon: Just you wait... I'll be the one to—
Sandalphon: Ngh! Pandemonium is shaking?
Sandalphon: And what is this dominating presence I'm feeling? Is it Lucifer's? No, this is even greater than his...
Sandalphon: Tch, what is happening!
Sensing that the presence is coming from above, Sandalphon looks up toward the summit of Pandemonium and comes to a realization.
Sandalphon: The seal is weakening? But how?
Otherworlder 2: ...!
Origin Beast: ...!
Meanwhile Otherworlders and origin beasts around him take flight, attempting to escape the tower during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Sandalphon: Oh well, who cares what the reason is. Hehehe... Luck is on my side.
Sandalphon: Finally we can have the reunion I've been dreaming of, Lucifer... One that's been two thousand years in the making.
Sandalphon: Clear the way!
Sandalphon: Hehehe... Gahaha!
Sandalphon cleaves through the escapees in his path as he hurtles toward the open sky above.
He shoots out of the tower, reveling in the expansive, unobstructed view afforded to him at the top.
Sandalphon: Blue as far as the eye can see...
Sandalphon: Is this the sky's hue you profess to love? Even without me, the world you envision is a thing of cruel beauty.
Sandalphon: This is all the proof I need that you never wanted anything to do with me. I never had a place in your world.
Sandalphon: Heh... Ahahaha...
A quiet, bitter chuckle escapes his lips, growing with intensity until he is roaring with laughter.
When his laughing fit subsides, his face becomes twisted with an expression of immeasurable hatred.
Sandalphon: So, Lucifer... If I were to stain this sky a different color, would you come to see me?

Without a Purpose

Sandalphon theorizes he can wreak havoc on the Sky Realm by destroying the balance between the tetra-elements. He confronts Uriel on Lumacie, which has a large concentration of earth element, and steals his wings, thus destroying the elemental balance. As he is about to leave, something catches his eye.

Sandalphon: Hm... Yes, that makes sense.
Looking down from his position in the atmosphere, Sandalphon surveys the numerous islands scattered across the sky.
Having escaped from Pandemonium, he has been studying his surroundings to get a clearer picture of the Sky Realm's current state.
Sandalphon: Fire, water, earth, and wind of the tetra-elements. The equilibrium established between these components forms the basis of the sky's natural order.
Sandalphon: And buoyancy is no exception. So if the balance were to collapse, the islands would come crashing down.
Sandalphon: However, it seems each of the primarchs governing their respective element has assimilated with the world.
Sandalphon: Would they crawl out of the woodwork like obedient lapdogs if I called their names?
Sandalphon: Speaking of which, certain islands appear to give off a comparatively high concentration of the elements.
Sandalphon: Let's put my theory to the test.
Sandalphon: Perhaps here?
Sandalphon alights on an island in the Lumacie Archipelago and begins searching for the presence.
Sandalphon: This area is rich in earth element. I must be in the right place.
Sandalphon: Uriel governs earth and is the youngest of the four primarchs if I remember correctly. With him as my opponent, a battle of wits is hardly a battle at all.
Sandalphon: I feel no presence of mortals here. Good. No unexpected interruptions to obstruct my mission.
Sandalphon: Show yourself, Uriel!
Sandalphon unleashes a burst of power from his wings, gouging a sizeable hole in the forest floor.
Sandalphon: I know you're watching me from somewhere. Sorry for showing up without knocking.
Uriel: Coulda fooled me when you blew a chunk outta the ground.
Sandalphon: Hey, Uriel. Been meaning to have a chat with you.
Uriel: Do I know you? I don't usually hang out with snot-nosed punks.
Uriel: Hm, those wings though... So you're an archangel too?
Sandalphon: Well observed. I just got out for the first time in two thousand years. Can't blame me for being a little riled up.
Uriel: An archangel from two thousand years ago? Hm, I heard the seal on Pandemonium had weakened recently.
Uriel: Looks like we've got an escaped convict on our hands.
Sandalphon: Interesting... You're supposed to be the brawn of the four primarchs, but you're surprisingly quick on the uptake.
Uriel: Hah, I can bust up that pretty face of yours if you want. You got a grudge against me too?
Sandalphon: Not really, though I am a little jealous.
Sandalphon: Some of us aren't lucky enough to be blessed with a role by the supreme primarch.
Uriel: The heck are you on about? Every archangel has been given a job to do.
Uriel: Yeah, some jobs are more important than others; not gonna lie.
Uriel: But the supreme primarch doesn't play favorites.
Sandalphon: So what does that make someone without a purpose? Lower than trash?
Uriel: Again with the "no purpose" nonsense? Get outta here. I've never heard of a—
Uriel: ...!
Sandalphon: You have such nice wings. They belong somewhere more befitting of their splendor.
Sandalphon tears off Uriel's wings with tremendous force.
Uriel: Gaaah!
Sandalphon: Thank you. I'll see to it they don't go to waste.
Sandalphon: Aah, this feels good. This much power from just one set of primarch wings.
Uriel: D-damn you!
Sandalphon: Is that all? You're a lumbering oaf without your precious wings.
Sandalphon: We're done here. Stay true to your title as the earth primarch and return to the soil.
Uriel: Aarrgh!
Uriel: Damn... it...
Sandalphon: Still breathing? How stubborn.
Sandalphon: Nevertheless it's only a matter of time before you rot away. As thanks for the wings, you may spend your last moments in pain and despair.
Sandalphon: The equilibrium of the tetra-elements should now be destroyed. If my guess is correct—
Sandalphon: Hm? That's...

Without a Purpose: Scene 2


When Sandalphon destroyed part of the forest earlier, the blast also revealed a set of ruins. He walks over to investigate.
Sandalphon: This place... It couldn't be...
Sandalphon: Ugh!
The sight of the familiar location triggers a memory from his past.
Sandalphon: Hello, Lucifer. Visiting me is becoming a daily occurrence it seems.
Lucifer: Yes. An emergency shifted my schedule around. Am I bothering you?
Sandalphon: No, quite the opposite actually! I'm honored!
Lucifer: I see.
Lucifer: Then will you join me at the usual spot?
Sandalphon: I'd be happy to.
Sandalphon and Lucifer sit at a table, where they enjoy light conversation while sipping coffee.
Sandalphon: And as I was strolling through the garden I saw two birds frolicking. One was white and the other was brown.
Sandalphon: Their colors reminded me of me and you.
Sandalphon: Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insinuate you were a bird...
Lucifer: I take no offense.
Lucifer: Though a bird, you say...
Sandalphon's innocent comparison causes Lucifer to look up at the sky.
Lucifer: Why do birds want to spread their wings? What makes the sky blue?
Sandalphon: Lucifer?
Lucifer: I'm occasionally asked these questions by mortals.
Lucifer: But whenever they're presented with a reason, they can't seem to accept it.
Sandalphon: Hm...
Lucifer: A question with no answer. Or is it a query of self-reflection?
Lucifer: If that's the case, then I ask myself: why am I compelled to keep coming here?
Sandalphon: Erm...
Sandalphon: I'm sorry, would you rather not be spending time with me?
Lucifer: No, I didn't mean anything by it. My apologies. I was merely thinking aloud.
Lucifer: It's about time for my next duties. I will see you again.
Sandalphon: Okay...
Sandalphon: ...
Sandalphon: I'll be waiting!
Sandalphon: Tch!
Sandalphon's face contorts in anguish. He furiously shakes his head to rid himself of the painful memory.
Sandalphon: I remember this place. I don't know if fate dragged me here, but I don't need those pathetic memories.
Sandalphon: But at least I now know our confrontation is inevitable.
Sandalphon: All will be settled between us, spearheaded by the hatred that drives me...
Sandalphon: Let the judgment begin, Supreme Primarch Lucifer!
An unexpected memory of the past pours more fuel onto his fire. Sandalphon takes to the sky and leaves Lumacie behind.

Without a Purpose: Scene 3

With the balance between the tetra-elements destroyed, islands begin to lose buoyancy and sink. A skyfaring crew confronts Sandalphon, suspecting that he might be connected to the calamity. The crew say they have a duty to evacuate people with their airship, which infuriates the jealous Sandalphon. He is about to sink the airship when a wind stops him, prompting him to fly off to deal with Raphael.

Sandalphon: It worked. Perfect.
Sandalphon watches from the sky as the small island plummets into the depths below.
After attacking Uriel, Sandalphon has been venturing around the Sky Realm to see if his assault bore fruit.
Sandalphon: The world will end if I can snatch all of the primarchs' wings.
Sandalphon: How will you say hello to me, Lucifer? Or maybe you'll keep hiding, content to watch in silence.
Sandalphon: But if you come out and say you've abandoned the evolution of the skydwellers, then we can talk. Hehehe...
Skyfarer: You there! Identify yourself!
Sandalphon: Hm? You first.
Skyfarer: We're skyfarers. When news of an island falling out of the sky reached us, we scrambled to evacuate the populace of a neighboring island.
Skyfarer: It's also been reported that a suspicious person has been watching everything unfold. You seem to fit the bill.
Skyfarer: How can you be so disinterested during this unprecedented disaster? Do you know something we don't?
Sandalphon: I am under no obligation to answer that.
Sandalphon: Who in their right mind would lose sleep over dying ants?
Skyfarer: Ants? What are you talking about?
Sandalphon: The only unnatural thing about this world is your existence. Why bother saving total strangers?
Sandalphon: What's in it for you? Money? Accolades?
Skyfarer: Well, I guess some say money greases the wheel. Work is work after all.
Skyfarer: But this isn't just about us! It affects the entire Sky Realm!
Skyfarer: In this time of crisis, we must all join together and help one another without thinking about profiting!
Skyfarer: We're lucky enough to have an airship, so it's up to my crew to do what others can't! That's our duty!
Sandalphon: Excuse me? Duty? For the likes of you?
Sandalphon: This is nonsense, haha... Here I am, an archangel who's been assigned with nothing...
Sandalphon: But Uriel has a purpose, and you mortals have a purpose. Everyone but me...
Sandalphon: I refuse to be disavowed!
Skyfarer: ...!
Sandalphon: Enough of this. Go find a new duty at the bottom of the sky. Assuming you live of course.
Sandalphon gathers power into his wings and takes aim at the airship.
Suddenly a blast of air swelling with wind element holds him back.
Sandalphon: Hello, Raphael. You primarchs are growing anxious.
Sandalphon: Consider yourselves lucky, skyfarers. I have more pressing matters to attend to.
Skyfarer: W-wait!
Sandalphon: Stay out of my way, unless you intend to squander the lifeline you've been gifted.
Sandalphon: To think I'd be that rattled by lowly mortals.
Sandalphon: Lucifer. Is this what your idea of evolution is capable of?
Sandalphon: Whatever. Your world, your rules.
Sandalphon: So if the world spurns me, then I will respond in kind!
Sandalphon: I can't wait to see the look on your face the next time we meet.
Sandalphon smirks, imagining Lucifer's reaction.
With his hatred intensifying into an unstoppable force, Sandalphon races to his next target, Raphael.
Continued in chapter two, Sky, of What Makes the Sky Blue.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
全て消えてしまえばいい Wouldn't it be nice if everything disappeared?
手出しはいらん、特異点 I want no part of your meddling, Singularity.
天司に抗うか? Think twice before opposing an archangel.
身の程を知れ Know your place.
特異点の力、見せてみろ Show me the power of the singularity.
隙だらけだ Are you even trying to defend yourself?
仲間などナンセンスだ Nonsense. Allies are for fools.
空の底に堕ちろ Fall to the bottom of the sky.
這いつくばれ Grovel on your hands and knees.
スマートに片付けよう Let's wrap this up without a fuss.