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Official Profile[edit]

Age 24
Height 169 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Sword collecting
Likes Cute things, small animals
Dislikes Bugs, cooking
Once a devoted knight of the Erste Empire in charge of guarding Lyria, Katalina turns on her former home and vows to travel with you to protect Lyria from the Empire's schemes. Her skilled and calculated displays of swordplay with her trusted sword Rukalsa are in stark contrast to her profoundly lacking sense of direction and poor cooking skills. These things, among others, are regularly pointed out by her fellow party members.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Hmm. I'd really like to get you something, but I'm not sure what you'd want. Do you have any requests?
I know! How about I cook for you? All your favorite dishes, prepared with my tender love and care!
What? You're not hungry? Don't worry, I know you'll be starving once you smell what I'm cooking. Hahaha!


Happy Birthday, (Captain). Looking back now, the first time we met seems so long ago.
You've grown so much since then. And I know you'll continue to grow from here forward.
I'll do my best to support you as we continue forward.


(Captain), happy birthday! It seems that Lyria and Vyrn have been busying preparing something for you since the morning.
They charged me with the honor of escorting you to a secret spot.
Well, (Captain), right this way...
We're always together with Lyria and Vyrn, so walking together like this feels kind of new.
Hmm... Do you think you've gotten a little taller?
I guess children do grow up quickly.
Whatever kind of trouble we encounter in the coming days, we'll face it head on with our trusted friends.
But before that, there's nothing stopping us from having some fun. Right this way, (Captain)! Everyone's waiting for you!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I can't believe we've been celebrating your birthday for the fourth time already.
Because of your continuous efforts, we've been able to continue this journey together.
Everyone's always depending on you, and you've always been there for all of us. We can't thank you enough.
But surely tending to all our needs must take its toll.
So that's why today, whatever you need—I'm all yours!
It isn't healthy to keep pushing your body all the time. Sometimes it's good to just take a load off your shoulders every now and then.
Right! Don't be shy. I'll hear all of your requests for today!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Captain, it's time to ring in the new year!
Let's go and get started on our first training session!


Happy New Year. It looks like we've safely made it to the beginning of another year.
But I guess we did run into a little trouble along the way!
Hehe. Our travels have been filled with all kinds of ups and downs. I apologize for the trouble.
That said, through it all, we learned that there's nothing we can't overcome if we work together.
At least that's what I think. I look forward to another year with you, (Captain).


We sure have been through some tough times. I'm thankful we're able to reset and reflect on days like today.
It's just a momentary break, but it's a welcome one nonetheless.
Haha. Yes, I'm well aware we don't have time to waste on lounging around, but constantly barreling ahead at full steam is bad for the body.
You always worry me, (Captain), with the dangerous things you get into.
Should I call it bravery—maybe recklessness?
Then perhaps... (Captain), would you care to learn a few techniques? Knowing you're out there fighting with knowledge would—
Haha. Sorry. I was just telling you to take it easy, but here I am also telling you to go as hard as you can.
Seems I need to take this resting business seriously myself.


Sorry, (Captain)... I got lost on the way here and wasn't able to make it in time for sunrise...
The sun's already high and shining.
Hmm? The sunrise is also pretty looking from the mountain path I took to get up here?
Heh, thanks for your reassurance. You're always so kind to me, (Captain).
But I mustn't be spoiled by that kindness.
I'll take this failure to heart and improve myself with a year's worth of activities.
Now then, I guess I should start by leading us down the mountain path.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's!
These chocolates are from me. They're a token of my appreciation! Here!
What's the matter? You're trembling! Do you like my homemade chocolates that much?


(Captain)! Happy Valentine's! Here are the chocolates you've been waiting for.
They're a sign of gratitude for everything you've done for us. Won't you accept them?
Hmm? What's the matter? No need to be shy...
Or maybe you'd prefer that I feed them to you.
Gulp. If it's a request from the captain, then I guess I have no choice...
Okay, open wide!


I thought I would make some homemade chocolate, but someone was using the kitchen.
So I got you store bought chocolate instead—but it's a popular one. Here, take it.
Huh? Why do you look relieved?
Well, not really... Wait. Are you embarrassed?
Ah. What should I do? If your face turns that color, then I'll start to flush too.
We've been traveling together for so long, and yet we still have these moments. Haha.


Ah, (Captain). There you are.
Um... I thought I'd try making you chocolate this year.
But every time I went to the kitchen, other girls in the crew would tell me they wanted to use it first.
Everyone was so serious in their request, so I kept letting them go ahead of me.
And before I knew it, my time to use the kitchen had completely run out.
So because of that, I was only able to get you something from the store.
I put a lot of thought in choosing them as thanks for all you've done. I hope you like it.

Katalina's Chocolate square.jpg Katalina's Chocolate

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? What is it? You're acting so strangely. Do you have something for me?
This is... for me? Oh, I remember now! It's White Day.
You know, there's something nice about receiving a gift on White Day.
When I was living in Albion, I was always the one giving gifts on White Day.
I worked so hard to cook something for the girls that gave me chocolate. But they each liked something different.
Anyway, thank you. I'll be sure to treasure your gift.


This is... in return for the Valentine's Day chocolates?
You must have thought hard about how you feel and taken the time to choose a special gift. And that makes me very happy.
I guess this means I have to prepare something for Valentine's again next year.
Hm? No, I'm not going to hold back this time! I hope you look forward to it!


You found time to get me a present, even with everything going on. Thank you.
Did you make these macarons yourself, (Captain)? Haha. I'm a lucky one, then.
They're beautifully decorated and look delicious. Let's try one. Munch, munch...
A-astounding! This crust has a light, crunchy texture... And this caramel cream has a wonderful bittersweet taste!
This is seriously addictive stuff. When did you get pastry skills like this, (Captain)?
Haha. Now that I see how good you've gotten, you've ignited my passion. I match your technique with my own.
(Captain), you should be excited for next Valentine's Day!


In appreciation for Valentine's Day? Thanks, (Captain). This packaging, and this sweet aroma... Chocolate cake this year? Hehe... The macarons from last year were delicious. I can't wait to bring this back to my room and eat it. All right. I've made up my mind. Next year I'll start using the kitchen as soon as the new year starts and definitely make you something of my own. So look forward to Valentine's Day next year!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Let's see... Cookies, candy, and chocolate! Looks like I've got everything!
I'm ready for whatever today brings!


I dressed up in costume and gathered candy around the neighborhood when I was young.
Hehe. I looked forward to it every year.
Now it's my turn to make Halloween just as much fun for the children on the ship.
Best to just let them play as many tricks as they like today.
Go ahead, (Captain). Trick to your heart's content. Happy Halloween!


Haha. Everyone seems to certainly enjoy being dressed up this year. It brings a smile to my face.
Hah, trick or treat? Sure, you can have some candy.
What's wrong, (Captain)? You don't want anymore candy?
You think I'm going to pull a trick on you? That's not really something that adults—
Haha. Fine, I can tell you saw right through me.
So how about it, (Captain)? Want to go prank Rackam and Eugen?


Huff... Puff... Oh, (Captain)...
Say, um... You know how we prepare the candies for Halloween every year?
It seems that ths information has been going around the kids onboard.
They all showed up at once, and now the candy's all gone.
But they've been chasing me all day... Sorry, (Captain), but could you hide me for a while?
S-say... Why are you giving me that look?
Trick or Treat?
Don't tell me you've become a Halloween trickster yourself!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings!
Tonight I'll be serving a cake I baked all by myself!
Hey wait, where are you going!


Ugh, I'm exhausted. Huh? Oh, hello, (Captain).
I was thinking of baking a nice cake and giving some to everyone.
And when I said I was going to cook something nice for dinner, they all hurriedly dragged me out of the kitchen.
I wonder why they did that...
Oh, did you want my help with something? Okay, I'll lend you a hand.
It's too bad about the cake, but it gives us something to look forward to next year.


(Captain), perfect timing! I need your help! On my signal we're going to smash through the kitchen doors!
Every single year others cook while I don't even lift a hand—and that's inexcusable.
I conjecture that Farrah and Vira are simply looking out for me.
And as their superior officer, I can't bring myself to ask them for their assistance in baking a cake.
So this year I'll break into the kitchen and spearhead a cake-baking operation.
It is my duty as someone they look up to. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
Now, let's head for the kitchen... Remember, when I give the signal—
Huh? (Captain), where did you go? You completely disappeared...


Season's greetings, (Captain)!
Have you seen the tree yet? Lyria decorated it with Vyrn.
He flew up and put the star on the top for us.
He looked so proud... Hehe, it was adorable.
Lyria would ask me if each ornament she put together looked pretty.
She worked diligently, but she still enjoyed every second of it.
In fact, I baked them some cookies for all their hard work.
See? They're shaped liked stars. I'm pretty confident in my own recipe, but would you try a bite for me?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Quintessentially Katalina[edit]

One day, the party witnesses a wedding ceremony in town. Watching the parade, Lyria casually asks Katalina if she has any interest in marriage, but Katalina chides her for acting so carefree in the circumstances. That night, while camped in a forest, the party comes under siege from an ambush of Imperial Soldiers. When Lyria is subsequently captured, the party attempt to rush after her.

One day, when stopping in town to replenish supplies, the party encountered a wedding procession.
Lyria: Wow! Look at that, Katalina! The bride looks so beautiful!
Katalina: Yeah, she does.
Katalina: Looks like they're going to cross in front of us. Let's wait on the side of the street.
The party waited and watched the procession, allowing it to pass in front of them.
Lyria: Hey, Katalina.
Katalina: Hmm? What is it?
Lyria: Have you ever thought of getting married?
Katalina: Eh? M-married? Me?
Lyria: Yeah! I was just thinking how well a dress would suit you…
Katalina: I… I don't think a dress would suit me much…
  1. You'd look cute in one.
  2. Invite me to your ceremony, OK?

Choose: You'd look cute in one.
Katalina: Wha? Cute, me?
Katalina: …look here. You shouldn't jest with adults like that!

Choose: Invite me to your ceremony, OK?
Katalina: Ce-ceremony? As if! Do I look I'd have a partner?
Katalina: Honestly… Where do you come up with jokes like this?
Continue 1
Vyrn: Heh heh. It's pretty rare to see you all flustered like this. Guess you have a soft side after all!
Katalina: A-Ahem. Vyrn. I'm hardly what you would call flustered.
Katalina: We're currently being targeted by the Empire. This surely isn't the time to be exchanging such idle chitchat about marriage.
Lyria: Um… Is it really "carefree"?
Katalina: Now now, let's not forget why we're here! Provisions! Provisions!
Lyria: …Oh! Wait a minute, Katalina!
In the middle of shopping, Lyria had stopped to look at a certain piece of armor on display in a shop front.
Lyria: Hey, Katalina! Why don't you try this armor on?
Katalina: Hm? Armor, huh? But we didn't come here for that today.
Lyria: I think it'd really suit you, though. What do you think, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Well, I guess the one she's wearing now does look a bit clunky…
Vyrn: If you had this armor, you might look a little more delicate!
Katalina: M-more "delicate"?
Katalina: Allow me to show you the elegant art of sword fighting!
Katalina: Take this! Icicle Nail!
Katalina: Hmm…
Katalina: …But you know, Vyrn. The main purpose of armor is to protect one's body in battle.
Vyrn: Well, I guess you got a point there…
Katalina: In any case, there are many Imperial agents around these parts. I wouldn't want to risk Lyria's safety with unnecessary shopping.
Katalina: Come, let's go. Lyria, (Captain).
Lyria: Oh… Katalina.
Katalina hurriedly moved past the armor shop.
Just then, a pair of Imperial Soldiers passing close by espied the party.
Imperial Soldier 1: Hey, look over there! It's those…
Imperial Soldier 2: Uh! The former Lieutenant Katalina and that girl!
Imperial Soldier 1: Yeah, no doubt about it. You go and inform our superiors. I'll tail them for now.
Imperial Soldier 2: Got it. Be careful!
That night, the party had set up camp in the forest.
Katalina chanced to notice Lyria wearing a rather sad face.
Katalina: …Lyria? Are you scared of the forest at night?
Lyria: Eh? Um, yeah. It's scary, but I'm OK with everyone around.
Katalina: Then, what's wrong? If you're anxious about something, don't hold back. Just tell me.
Lyria: Er… Well, you see…
Lyria gazed softly at Katalina before starting to speak, choosing her words carefully.
Lyria: If was just wondering if you would have been more free if it wasn't for me…
Katalina: …Hm? What do you mean by that?
Lyria: You see… I've been thinking about it all day.
Lyria: It's because of me that you're being chased by the Empire, right?
Katalina: That… That's not your…
Lyria: So if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have to worry about them.
Lyria: And then you wouldn't have to act so strong and tough for my sake all the time.
Katalina: That's not true at all! Lyria, this is just how I've always been…
Katalina started to lean forward toward Lyria…
…But at that moment, the party were suddenly set upon from the side.
Imperial Soldier 1: Go after the girl! Ignore the others!
Vyrn: Wha-what! Where did these guys come from?
Katalina: An ambush! (Captain)! We must repel them!
Imperial Soldier 2: You're mine!
(Captain)'s crew prepared to confront the sudden raid.
Lyria: Eeeek!
Amid the confusion, however, Lyria was abducted.
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria's been kidnapped!
Katalina: Ugh! I know! But we can't do anything until we take care of these Imperial Soldiers!
Katalina: Let's go! (Captain)!
As a result of the sudden attack, Lyria was abducted from (Captain)'s crew.
Was the party able to get her back safely?

A Vow as Vast as the Sky[edit]

The party frantically pursue the imperial soldier who has abducted Lyria. Guided by her voice, the party catch up with her captor, and succeed in freeing Lyria.

After setting up camp in the forest, the party had come under attack from imperial soldiers.
To get back Lyria, who had been abducted by a soldier, the party followed in hot pursuit.
Katalina: Lyria, where are you? If you can hear this, answer me!
Lyria: Katalina! (Captain)!
Imperial Soldier 1: Hey, quit your struggling! Be a good girl now!
Vyrn: That was Lyria's voice! It sounds like she's not too far away!
Eventually, the party caught up with the imperial soldier who had captured Lyria.
Imperial Soldier 1: Huff... huff... persistent fools...
Katalina: Curse you... Return Lyria to us!
Lyria: Katalina!
Imperial Soldier 1: Huff... Idiot! I have a hostage right here. No sudden movements, you hear?
Katalina: Blast it... You coward!
Imperial Soldier 1: Hm... Hold on. Where's the other one of you?
At that moment, (Captain) jumped out of a nearby thicket, knocking the soldier off their feet.
Imperial Soldier 1: Argh!
Katalina: Now!
Seizing the opportunity, Katalina rescued Lyria.
Vyrn: Nice one, Katalina!
Katalina: Lyria! Are you hurt?
Lyria: No! I'm fine!
Imperial Soldier 1: Heh... You don't know when to give up, do you?
Imperial Soldier 2: Are you all right? I'll back you up!
Imperial Soldier 1: Yeah. Just don't let them get away!
Katalina: Can you fight... (Captain)?
(Captain) nodded at Katalina's words.
Katalina: All right! Let's cut our way through!

A Vow as Vast as the Sky: Scene 2[edit]

The crew take care of the imperial soldiers in front of them, but are overwhelmed by waves of reinforcements. To save the group, who is trying to find an opening in the troops maneuvers through which to escape, Lyria announces she will return to the Empire. Katalina, however, pulls her back, admonishing the girl for her recklessness. (Captain) and Katalina prepare to confront the soldiers in a do-or-die battle.

The party took care of the imperial soldiers in front of them, but were soon overwhelmed by fresh waves of enemies, more efficient than the last.
The crew were forced into a tight situation, constantly dodging through the encircling net of enemies.
Katalina: Ugh... The movement of these soldiers... It seems strangely well-organized.
Vyrn: Hey, Katalina! We're gonna get trapped at this rate!
Katalina: I'm aware of that! We have to forge an opening...
Lyria: Katalina... (Captain). It's all right.
Katalina: What is it, Lyria? Bear with us just a little longer, OK?
Lyria: No, it's not that.
Lyria: If I return to the Empire now, they won't have any reason to come after Katalina and everyone any more.
Katalina: ...Huh? Lyria! What are you saying?
Lyria: I'll be OK. Everything will just go back to the way it was, that's all.
Grasping her hand tightly, Katalina pulled Lyria back as she tried to hand herself over to the soldiers.
Katalina: Don't say such foolish things. As if I'd let you do that!
Imperial Soldier 1: There they are! After them!
Imperial Soldier 2: Don't worry. However much skill they may possess, we have the strength in numbers!
Katalina: Don't underestimate us! 
Vyrn: (Captain)! Back her up!

A Vow as Vast as the Sky: Scene 3[edit]

Thanks to the willpower behind Katalina's desperate assault, the crew are able to break free from the encirclement of imperial soldiers. The party have no time to rest, however, as an imperial captain appears before them. The captain, who is revealed to have served under Katalina in the past, offers to reinstate Katalina in exchange for handing over Lyria. When Katalina rejects the proposal, he identifies Lyria as the cause of Katalina's personality change, and becomes determined to put her to the sword. Katalina and (Captain) refuse to let this happen and jump into battle with the crazed captain.

Thanks to the willpower behind Katalina's desperate assault, the party were able to break free from the encirclement of imperial soldiers.
Katalina: That did it! We got through!
Vyrn: You did it, Katalina!
Katalina: Yes... We should be safe now.
Katalina: Lyria... You did well back there.
Lyria: Yeah. You held my hand the whole time, Katalina, so I was able to be strong.
Before they even had a chance to recuperate, a shadow appeared before the party.
Imperial Captain: Heh heh heh... What a pitiable figure you cut right now, Lieutenant Katalina.
Katalina: Who are you, you wretch?
Imperial Captain: Now now, such language. Surely you remember me, Lieutenant Katalina?
Katalina: Fortunately not. And I've already renounced that particular title.
Imperial Captain: Feh. Whatever happened to the Lieutenant Katalina I used to serve under?
Imperial Captain: I see no trace of that cold, distanced beauty from before...
Katalina: My apologies, but I've no time to entertain your disillusioned reminiscences right now.
Katalina: If you won't move aside... I'll just cut you down where you stand.
Imperial Captain: Ah... That's it! Those are the eyes! That chilling expression. You see, you can do it if you try!
Imperial Captain: If you only return the girl to us, I'll see to it that you're reinstated in the Empire.
Katalina: Ha! Spare me your jests.
Lyria: Katalina...
Katalina: It's all right, Lyria. Stand behind me.
Imperial Captain: Heh heh... That's right... That girl was the cause of it, wasn't she?
Imperial Captain: After you met her, you changed your stripes...
Imperial Captain: Ha ha ha... Of course! If you are rid of that girl, you'll surely return to your good old self!
Katalina: You fiend... What are you muttering about?
Vyrn: H-hey... This guy looks like he means business!
Imperial Captain: Yes, that's it! Well then, let's have the girl perish here then, shall we?
Katalina: As if I'd let you lay a finger on her!
Vyrn: (Captain)! We gotta protect Lyria!
Imperial Captain: Ahhh... The thrill of facing Lieutenant Katalina in battle... I shiver at the prospect...
Katalina: (Captain)! Let's take him head on!

A Vow as Vast as the Sky: Scene 4[edit]

After taking care of the imperial captain, the crew return to the airship. Seeing the wounds Katalina has sustained for her sake, Lyria breaks down in tears. Katalina comforts her, and renews her vow to protect the girl from here on. A few days later, the group revisit an armor shop they had noticed a while back, and Lyria uses her savings to buy Katalina a new suit of armor as a present.

Imperial Captain: Ahahaha... You really are... a strong one...
Imperial Captain: But... don't think you can defy the Empire and live on like this for much... longer...
Katalina: Feh... I'll take on as many of your ilk as I have to.
Evading the Imperial Soldiers, the group fled the area.
The party returned to the Airship, where Lyria tended to the injured Katalina.
Lyria: Katalina... You're covered in wounds.
Katalina: It's fine... As long as you're safe.
Lyria: Why is it... Why do you do so much for my sake?
Katalina: Why, you say? Well... I haven't given it much thought before, to be honest.
Inclining her head toward the sky, Katalina gave utterance to her feelings.
Katalina: Well... If I had to say...
Katalina: ...It's because I promised I'd show you the sky, Lyria.
Katalina smiled gently, a soft expression on her face.
Lyria: Uhn... sniff... sob... Katalinaaaa!
Katalina: Ha ha ha, there there. It's all right to cry if you're happy.
Katalina gently consoled the weeping Lyria.
Katalina: Lyria...
Lyria: ...Yeah?
Katalina: Before, you were saying I'd be more free without you... Something along those lines, right?
Lyria: Yes...
Katalina: But that's not true. This is the person I chose to be.
Katalina: So you see... The's nothing for you to worry about. Nothing at all.
Lyria: Yeah...
Katalina: Whatever happens from now on, I swear I'll protect you.
Lyria: Katalina. Thank you.
And thus, the fierce conflict with the imperial forces died down for the moment.
Some days later, at Lyria's insistence, the group revisited an armor shop they had seen before while shopping.
Lyria: Oh, look! You have to try on this one, at least. It'll suit you, Katalina!
Katalina: Well, I don't know... My armor serves me perfectly well, and I see no need for adjusting my attire...
Vyrn: Jeez, Katalina... you're so stubborn sometimes. What's wrong with a little change?
Lyria: Come on! Just try it on, for now!
And with those words, Lyria coerced Katalina into changing...
Katalina: Hm... yes... This armor is surprisingly easy to move in!
Katalina posed for the group, in a seemingly good mood.
Lyria: It really is! That's great!
Katalina: ...Uh! Wait a minute!
Katalina: (This armor... It's quite expensive...)
Lyria: Hee hee hee... You don't have to worry about the price!
Overflowing with pride, Lyria took out her piggy bank.
Katalina: What? Lyria! That's the money you've been trying so hard to save up all this time!
Lyria: That's right! I've been saving up... for your present, Katalina!
Katalina: Wh- what? You mean to tell me you've saved all your pocket money until now... for my present?
Lyria: Hee hee... well, actually, my savings alone weren't nearly enough, so...
Lyria: In the end, I got (Captain) and everyone in the crew to help out a little!
Vyrn: Lyria told us she wanted to buy a present for you...
Vyrn: ...so she asked us all to chip in!
Katalina: Thank you... Lyria.
Lyria: Once they heard it was for you, everyone was happy to contribute, Katalina!
Katalina: Is that right? Then I'll have to give my thanks to everyone in the crew...
Vyrn: Yeah! When they see your new armor, I bet they'll fall for you all over again!
Katalina: Ha ha ha! Vyrn, you're quite the little flatterer!
Vyrn: Huh? I'm not flattering you... You might not have noticed, but you're pretty popular with the guys, you know?
Katalina: Come now, Vyrn! If you keep this up, you won't be getting any apples for a while...
Vyrn: (Jeez... She'll never get a guy at this rate...)
Lyria: OK, let's unveil the new armor to everyone right away!
Katalina: Ah, er... could we perhaps, um... hold back on the unveiling for a little while?
Vyrn: Huh? Why's that?
Katalina: Well, I just have a few butterflies in my stomach, you see, and I think it would be far better to wait until I feel?
Lyria: It's fine, it's fine! It suits you perfectly!
Katalina: Y-you're being truthful, now? You're not just saying that?
  1. Well, it DOES suit you...
  2. What would your father say?

Choose: Well, it DOES suit you...
Katalina: Really? You didn't say that with a lot of conviction, though...

Choose: What would your father say?
Katalina: Huh? What do you mean by that? Tell me at once!
Continue 1
Lyria: Come on, (Captain)! Don't play games with her!
Katalina: Ugh... So I was being made fun of, after all...
Lyria: Look, you should have more confidence in yourself, Katalina! Come on, let's go!
Katalina: O-OK, fine! Lyria! I can walk by myself, you know!
Vyrn: Hahaha! It's hard to tell which one's the guardian right now!
Pulled along by Lyria, Katalina proceeded toward the airship
In the end, Katlina's reservations proved groundless, as her new suit of armor was a big hit among the crew...

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Katalina, Sky Guardian.png SV Katalina, Sky Guardian E.png
Click to reveal card data

Cannot receive more than 3 damage at a time.

The day I freed Lyria... That's when I vowed to protect her with everything I have.

(Same as the unevolved form.)

It was a mistake to ally myself with the empire... You can throw whatever you like at me, but I won't let you lay a finger on Lyria!
Class Neutral
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Katalina, Sky Guardian
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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