Tsurumaru Kuninaga

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This article is about the non-party character. For the weapon, see Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Weapon).

Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Tsurumaru Kuninaga NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Unknown.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Soma Saito
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon

ID 3990737000
Char ID
NameJP 鶴丸国永
Voice ActorJP 斉藤壮馬
Release Date 2017-09-09

This cheerful and capricious young man seems innocent in his pure white robes, but his eyes are sharp and observant from countless battles. No matter the situation, he never breaks his calm, which offers solace to his fellow comrades in combat.


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The Hidden Color[edit]

Tsurumaru playfully explains the namesake of both him and his blade form. With so many surprises awaiting him on the journey with (Captain) and company, Tsurumaru wishes for (Captain) to wield him to such an extent that would surprise even him.

Tsurumaru: Yo!
(Captain) gets the shivers as Tsurumaru Kuninaga suddenly drops in like a waterfall.
Tsurumaru: Hahaha! Did I surprise you?
Tsurumaru: When I heard how much you were utilizing me, I knew I had to come cheer you on.
Tsurumaru: If there's anything you're curious about, now's your chance to ask. I'll tell you every little detail.
Tsurumaru: Hm... Do you know of the bird known as tsuru?
Tsurumaru: I don't know if they exist in this world, but they're white all over except for the red spot on top of their heads.
Tsurumaru: What I'm saying is that the namesake of Tsurumaru Kuninaga only rings true when stained crimson red on the battlefield.
Tsurumaru: So you've already seen me like that?
Tsurumaru: Hahahaha! I only kid. I'd rather not know and just leave such matters to you.
Tsurumaru: But...
Tsurumaru: It'd please me to no end if you would wield me to your heart's content.
Tsurumaru: You can even carry me to your grave if you wish, but that'd be no fun.
Tsurumaru: But that's beside the point. I just want to say traveling with you has been such a thrill—you keep me on the edge of my seat, or should I say hilt.
Tsurumaru: I've spent so many years traveling across various lands, but to soar through the skies on an airship is truly something else!
Tsurumaru: I hope you'll continue to surprise me, (Captain). I'll be waiting.
(Captain) earns the cheerful encouragement of Tsurumaru Kuninaga, which now shines more brightly than ever.
The Tsurumaru Kuninaga weapon's level cap has increased from 100 to 150.