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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Oh, it's your birthday today, right? Happy birthday, Captain.
I prepared this for you, seeing as it's your special day and all.
Don't worry! It's not wine. It may look like it, but even a child could drink this.


Happy birthday to you, Captain.
The crew is growing as fast as you are. But I'll admit, I take joy in watching over you.
Heh... Never thought I'd say that, huh?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hm? You're here to give me chocolates? Ah, for Valentine's Day...
That's mighty kind of you to give gifts to all the crew members.
You've really gone all out for Valentine's Day, (Captain).
I've seen you running all over the airship since this morning. Take it easy and I'll be on watch for today.


Is that chocolate... for me?
I see...
Thank you, (Captain). I'll be sure to savor each bite.
Did you get up early to prepare for Valentine's Day?
If so, then take the day off to rest. I'll take care of your duties in your stead.
Leave it to me! You know I used to be in a crew before this one. And handling business with the Knickknack Shack is my forte.


Another gift for me this year? Thank you, (Captain).
Your gift brings cheer to a man who went through a tough scrape...
You might not be aware of it yourself, but beyond your strength to fight is the strength to help your crew stand tall.
I suppose that's not saying too much this time...

White Day Cutscenes
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I'll go ahead and give this to you... since it's White Day and all. I apologize that it's not handmade...
I went into town to find something suitable to give you, (Captain), but it took a while to decide. Giving gifts is arduous...


(Captain), do you have a minute?
Yep. It's your White Day gift.
I tried to think of a handmade gift, the way you did, (Captain). But I'm afraid I'm no good at those kinds of things.
So instead I went and bought something that's sure to please.
The item is pretty popular, and there was quite a line. So I ended up coming back pretty late. My apologies...


There you are, (Captain). I want to give you this. Go on and take it.
Hm... You're staring at me pretty hard... What's wrong? I'm definitely the one who bought it...
The wrapping is so cute that you want to know which store it came from? I see... You're concerned about me and the shopping trip.
The store was just as you'd imagine. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. It was hard for me to step foot inside...
The store clerks froze when they saw me too. But the place is so popular for gifts, I didn't know where else to go.
Humph... I only did it for you, (Captain). Now go ahead and take it.

Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes[edit]

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Grieving Scythe[edit]

When Vaseraga loses his scythe to Grynoth's transformation, he has Almeida forge him a new one. She delivers the weapon herself, and—sensing the gravity of his predicament—begs him to come home alive.

Vaseraga hunts primal beasts to sate the appetite of his great scythe, Grynoth.
Although Grynoth's power is massive, it takes its toll on Vaseraga. It has even caused him to lose consciousness on several occasions.
He has always suspected that there was more to Grynoth than being a simple weapon. This suspicion was confirmed during his fight against an automagod called Arianensa.
It was then that Grynoth assumed its true form as another automagod before Vaseraga's very eyes.
The sheer force of this transformation marred Vaseraga with grave wounds and robbed him of his weapon.
The Society, who had originally provided Vaseraga with the great scythe, blamed him for the loss of his armament. After a swift admonishment from the brass, he and Zeta were assigned to retrieve Grynoth.
Zeta: Ah, man. Grynoth is gone, and I'm stuck with this tracking device on my wrist. This sucks.
Vaseraga: Sorry...
Zeta: What? Hold up! Is this Vaseraga I'm talking to?
Vaseraga: I didn't mean to get you involved in this. I'll recover it alone.
Zeta: H-hey! Where do you think you're going!
Zeta: I can't believe he just apologized to me like that...
Zeta: Is he really okay?
Vaseraga: I want to place an order for a weapon. The necessary materials and the requested artisan are written here on this document.
Sierokarte: A great scythe?
Vaseraga: Yes. As you're aware, this is a Society matter, which complicates things. Therefore I'd like to proceed in secret... At least as much as possible.
Sierokarte: I'm sure it's more complicated for you than for me. I'll go ahead and put your order in, since I know you're in a hurry.
Sierokarte: Almeeeida! I've got an order for you! Time to light up your forge!
Almeida: An order for me? Okay, no problem. What am I making?
Almeida not in crew

Almeida is both the trusted foreman of the mines in Valtz and a skilled weaponsmith.
She was once saved by Vaseraga, who wielded Grynoth to defend her from monsters down in the iron mines.
Ever since that day, Almeida has made it her life's mission to produce a weapon equal in quality to that impressive great scythe.
Almeida is a crew member

Unable to find Almeida aboard the Grandcypher, Vaseraga has come to Sierokarte.
He knew the merchant would be able to contact the weaponsmith, no matter her current whereabouts.
Almeida: They want a great scythe? And these specifications just go on and on...
Almeida: Wait. Siero. Don't tell me—is this for Vaseraga?
Sierokarte: Ummm... Well, don't go spreading it around, but yes. He's the client.
Almeida: N-no kidding? He wants me to forge him something to replace Grynoth?
Almeida: I better get to it!
Almeida: V-V-Vaseraga! I'm here to deliver your weapon!
Vaseraga: ...!
Vaseraga: Almeida, why did you come here? I thought I told Siero to keep this order a secret.
Almeida: You wanted to put an order in with me, because I vowed to make a weapon like Grynoth, right?
Almeida: It made me feel like I just had to bring you this weapon myself...
Almeida: I present to you: Great Scythe Alsarav!
Vaseraga: Hmm...
Almeida: How d'ya like it? Does it feel good in your hands?
Vaseraga: It does. You did well. Hard to believe you finished it in such a short time.
Almeida: I rushed it for sure... But, Vaseraga, what in the skies happened to you?
Almeida: You're one of the strongest people I know. For you to lose Grynoth... You must've been up against a crazy opponent.
Almeida: Couldn't leave you without a weapon, so I made this one in a jiff.
Vaseraga: You're right about that. I was in a bit of a bind without one. Thanks.
Almeida: I should thank you, Vaserav! You've saved my bacon more than a time or two!
Almeida: And you showed me Grynoth. Been trying to make something like it ever since.
Almeida: Not to mention you chose me to help you with your problem...
Vaseraga: That I did...
Almeida: I... I oughta thank you more. I'll sharpen your scythe and adjust the grip.
Almeida: So, please... No matter what you're up against... Just come back... And show me your face again...
Vaseraga: ...
Vaseraga: Why are you crying?
Almeida: Crying? Who's crying!
Vaseraga: Ah. I see what's happening. You shouldn't shed any tears on my account.
Almeida: How could you say something like that, Vaseraga! Do you even care about yourself...
Sierokarte: He really doesn't seem like himself, huh?
Almeida: ...
Vaseraga rushes away in an attempt to escape Almeida's gaze.
Vaseraga: (I'm not worthy of those tears...)
Vaseraga: (I...)
Arianensa: ...!
Lester: Aaah!
Vaseraga: (I couldn't even protect the rookie!)
All the memories of losing allies flood into his mind until he can focus on nothing but his own torment.
He walks on, unsure if he'll ever know peace again.