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Official Profile

Age 13 (as of Arthur (Event))
14 (as of Arthur)
Height 158 cm (as of Arthur (Event))
160 cm (he's in growth period) (as of Arthur and Mordred)
165 cm (as of Arthur)
Race Human
Hobbies Sunbaths, naps, sprints
Likes Animals, fish, insects, plants
Dislikes Getting ready to get up
Character Release
Character Release
ランスロットとヴェインのように息ぴったり、というまでには至っていない彼らですが、その連携には誇り高き騎士の片鱗が見え始めています。 団長・副団長ほど立派には戦えなくとも、粗削りだからこそできること……そんな彼らの模索の末には、どんなバトルスタイルが生まれたのでしょうか。
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 13歳 (as of Arthur (Event))
14歳 (as of Arthur)
Height 158cm (as of Arthur (Event))
160cm(成長期)(as of Arthur and Mordred)
165 cm (as of Arthur)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 日向ぼっこ、昼寝、かけっこ
Likes 動物、魚、虫、植物
Dislikes 寝起きの支度
Character Release
Character Release
ランスロットとヴェインのように息ぴったり、というまでには至っていない彼らですが、その連携には誇り高き騎士の片鱗が見え始めています。 団長・副団長ほど立派には戦えなくとも、粗削りだからこそできること……そんな彼らの模索の末には、どんなバトルスタイルが生まれたのでしょうか。
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Arthur has character banter with VaneAny version and LancelotAny version while together in battle.
  • In one of the loyalty episodes for Arthur you get 100 points for divulging Vane's secret best dish of cheesecake. Defender's Oath's bonus story tells you that the cheesecake is a secret recipe passed down from his grandmother. This is most likely the same cheesecake Vane makes for you in his Christmas cutscene.
  • SIEGFRIED uses Arthur and Mordred in several story battles but lists Arthur (Event), rather than Arthur and Mordred, as an associated character in the event's Journal page.


  • Arthur's skill names are in German.
    • "Schneiden" means "to cut".
    • "Beherit" (Japanese: ベヘルツト, beherutsuto) is in all likelihood meant to be spelled "beherzt", which translates as "valiant".
      • "Beherit" is also the Syriac word for "devil", commonly ascribed to the Syrian culture's concept of hell. It is unlikely that this is the correct translation of the original Japanese since it is an uncharacteristic skill name for Arthur.
      • Thanks to the Dual unit Arthur and Mordred{{{2}}}'s skill  HerzhaftRestore caster's HP (Healing cap: 2000) and remove all debuffs.
        Gain C.A. DMG Up (1 time)Charge attack DMG is boosted (1 time)
        Duration: 3 turns
        , beherzt seems to be the correct spelling.
    • "Ehrgeiz" means "ambition".
    • "Loewenbein: Licht", or Löwenbein: Licht, translates as "lion's leg: light".
  • Arthur's name is based on King Arthur of Arthurian Myth. His close friend Mordred is also named after a character from that mythos, as do many of the other characters associated with the Dragon Knights.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Are you ready to live it up on your special day?
What? My birthday? Yeah, we celebrated at the orphanage every year!
I don't know my real birthday, but we always celebrated it on the day I was found at the orphanage.
So that means Mordred and I celebrate our birthdays on the same day!
Oh, I'm rambling about myself when it's your birthday... I wanna know about your birthday!
Tell me about where you were born, and what your family was like!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm glad I get to celebrate it with you this year too!
The last time I wrote a letter to the orphanage, I told them about you.
The sister and the little ones wrote back saying they really want to meet you!
Some of the kids were saying they wanted to be skyfarers just like you.
I'd really love it if you paid a visit to our hometown someday!
Oh and take me with you of course! I'll give you the grand tour!


Happy, happy birthday, (Captain)!
Look, I got you a present! It's a pillow for your naps!
It took a while to save up my allowance for it, but this pillow is totally worth it!
It's like sticking your face into a big... fluffy... sheep...
Yikes! I almost fell into dreamland!
Hehe, that should tell you how comfortable it is. Let me know how it feels when you use it!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You're on a journey to find your father, aren't you?
I don't have any parents, but everyone at the orphanage is my family, so I know how it feels to want to see them.
I really hope your wish comes true, (Captain).
When you and your father finally meet, I'm sure he'll be surprised at just how strong and amazing of a person you've become!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We've known each other for a while now, huh? Thanks for always being such a good friend to me.
When we first met, I thought you were amazing for winning the approval of both Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane.
But I've come to see you in a different light recently. Instead of being amazing, it's more like you're definitely amazing!
Eheh... That probably didn't make much sense.
It's hard for me to put it into words, but while training with the White Dragons, I realized just how strong you really are.
Everything combined, you were completely out of my league. It wasn't long before you became one of the people I admire most.
You have no idea how happy I am getting to fight together with one of my idols!
I hope you'll stay just as cool and strong from here on out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Have you come up with a New Year's resolution yet?
My resolution this year is to beat Mordred!
We're always competing with each other in all kinds of things, but it always ends up being even...
But not this year—this is the year I come out on top!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Even though the whole town seems to be taking it easy for New Year's Day, there's a certain excitement in the air.
It's a strange feeling.
But all the Dragon Knights can't take the same day off, even if it is New Year's.
We've gotta defend the peace and protect the King himself after all!
Can't slack off just 'cause it's a holiday!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Thanks so much for taking care of me last year! I'll try not to bother you as much this year!
Can I tell you what my resolution is? I'm gonna score higher than Mordred on our tests!
I stink at tests, so if can do better than him, I'll be the winner overall!
So basically what I'm saying is... Please help me study!


Huff, huff... (Captain)! Happy New Year!
I... accidentally slept in...
For some reason, Mordred decided to give up trying to wake me this morning!
I know I'm the one to blame since I'm so bad with mornings, but Mordred always comes to wake me up, so...
Sometimes I just need more time!
Ah, darn it! I gotta go!
Vice-Captain Vane said he's making some "cute little dishes" today for New Year's!
If I don't hurry, they're gonna eat everything before I get there! Come on, you should hurry too if you want some, (Captain)!


Happy New Year!
Heh, I woke up all on my own this year. Aren't you proud of me?
Mordred really pulled one over on me last year, so I made sure to go to bed early this time.
Vice-Captain Vane's gonna be treating us to some New Year's goodies again. I'm about to head that way now.
Oh, right! He actually invited you too.
Sorry I almost forgot to tell you... But what do you say? Wanna come along?
Woohoo, nice! Then let's get a move on!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Huh? A Valentine's Day present... for me?
Thank you, (Captain)! I bet you're keeping busy today giving everyone Valentine's Day presents, aren't you?
Heh heh... Back at the orphanage, the sister would prepare treats for all the kids too...
This kind of stuff really warms my heart. Thanks a bunch, (Captain)!
I'll give you something really good in return—just you wait!


Mmm... Is that delicious aroma... chocolate?
Oh right! Today's Valentine's Day!
You remembered me this year too! I'm so happy!
Eheh... That was my stomach growling. I've been training all day and I think I just burned off my very last calorie.
Will you join me for a snack break, (Captain)?


Hey, is this Valentine for me, (Captain)?
I'm glad you never forget about me every single year.
And you also hand out chocolates to everyone in the crew too.
You must be super busy with so many crew members depending on you, but you still do this for us! That's amazing!
Once I become a captain of the knights, I want to be a great leader that everyone loves, just like you, (Captain)!
Hahaha, I know I'm talking big right now, but I'm one hundred percent serious!
Thanks a lot for the chocolates. I'll save them for recess.


Oh, (Captain)! Is that what I think it is?
Yes! Valentine's chocolates!
Heh... I was so excited for today, it's kind of embarrassing...
But thanks for pulling through every year, (Captain)!
The stuff you get me is always amazing. I can never wait!
Oh. Sorry... Now it feels like I'm pressuring you for more chocolates, huh?
I know! I'll just act so cool this year, you'll be itching to get me something next Valentine's!


Yay, Valentine's chocolates! Thanks so much!
I really love getting them from you every year. In fact, I've been looking forward to this since yesterday!
But wow, you sure are hauling around a lot of them. How many are you planning to give out?
Whoa, seriously? Talk about impressive!
There's still not a lot I can do as I am now...
But someday I want to be a person just like you—someone who's not only strong, but admirable too!
All right! Now that I'm all motivated, it's time to eat these chocolates, do some training, and throw myself into my knight duties!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, there you are, (Captain)!
Umm... Here you are! It's my White Day gift to you!
Heh heh... I hope you like it.
I was supposed to make it together with Mordred as we do every year, actually.
But he got mad at me, saying that you aren't the sister back home...
That's obvious though, isn't it? I still wanted to make it for you... He didn't have to get upset like that.


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
You do so much for me... Helping me train, allowing me to join your crew, giving me delicious food...
I wanted to show how much I appreciate you!
Hehe... It's a little embarrassing to say that out loud.
But it's really fun coming up with gifts for the people you care about!


Hi, (Captain)! I want you to have this!
It's a White Day present!
I even worked extra hard to send some to the little ones back at the orphanage.
I want to be like you someday and make everyone smile, but first I have to be able to help those who are close to me!
I didn't have much money to spend though, so making the gifts was the best I could do.
It's not much to look at, but it tastes just fine. I hope you like it!


(Captain)! Hi!
I've got your White Day present right here... And it's homemade again.
But this year, I learned a few tips and tricks from a true master chef.
You know who I'm talking about?
Heh-heh. The answer is Vice Captain Vane!
He gave me some pointers, but I made everything myself.
By the way, this box was taste tested and approved by both Vice Captain Vane and Captain Lancelot—who happened to be passing through the kitchens.
Hope you enjoy!


Hey there, (Captain)!
Thanks for always being such a great friend. Here's a White Day gift just for you!
I'm extra proud of how they turned out this year. Mordred, Cruz, and Tornelio had nothing but good things to say about them!
Oh—yeah, that's right! I took a page out of your book and gave some to everyone in Team Chickadee.
I thought if I was gonna thank people, I ought to start with the ones closest to me.
All three of them seemed really happy! Mordred got all embarrassed though.
It sure feels good to show your appreciation! I think I'll carry on the tradition next year as well!
And that means you too, (Captain)! So let's stay buddies from here on out!

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat! Or else!
Heh, just kidding! But everyone's celebrating, right? Is it all right if I join too?
Back at the orphanage, Mordred and I used to go trick-or-treating around the village to see who got more candy.
So just leave the candy collecting to me!
I'll get enough to fill up everyone in the crew. Just you watch!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
I don't want any candy, so I'll take the "trick" option!
Take this! Candy shower!
En garde!
Ahahaha! I got way too much candy trick-or-treating, so this is your cut.
Share it with Lyria and Vyrn, okay?


Wait... You want to know how to get lots of candy?
I'm only familiar with the way me and the little ones at the orphanage do it, but sure, I can teach you!
Hehe! This is weird. I never thought I'd be the one teaching you something!
So the first thing you have to do is make sure the adult you're targeting even has candy to give. Try to go for the ones with big bags.
Then you have to decide on what pose to strike. And don't forget to smile.
Give them a jolly "trick or treat!" and you're all done!
Um... I guess it sounds like a no-brainer when I actually explain it out loud.
They say the best way to learn is by doing, so I want you to do what I do! Let's hit the streets!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
How come you're not dressing up for the occasion? I remember I used to back at the orphanage.
Although, it was really just putting sheets over myself and pretending I was a ghost.
I couldn't see a thing, so I ended up crashing into Mordred and got this huge bump on my forehead...
Oh yeah! How about you try on a White Dragons uniform?
I bet you'd look good in it. Mordred, Vice-Captain Vane, and the others would be so surprised!


Whoa, looks like you got a big candy haul too, (Captain)!
You always seem like a full-fledged adult to me, but I guess you're actually still trick-or-treating age, huh?
Seeing you grinning with your arms full of candy like that makes it feel like we're not so different, you and I!
Hey, I just had a great idea. Why don't we go trick-or-treating together today?
See, I'm actually competing with Mordred over who can score the most candy.
If I team up with you, I should have this contest in the bag!
Hehe, you're in? Awesome! Then let's go rack up some candy and blow Mordred's socks off!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I don't believe in Santa Claus anymore of course, but there's something about the spirit of the season that gets me so excited!
I bet all the little ones back at the orphanage are going all out with decorations this year...
I'm not so great myself, but when it comes to arts and crafts, Mordred's a prodigy!
Oh, here's an idea! Let's decorate the Grandcypher together!
Stay right here; I'll go get Mordred!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
This year Mordred and I picked out presents to send to the little ones at the orphanage.
I wonder if they've arrived yet. I'm all nervous about whether the kids'll like their gifts.
I still get excited about holiday stuff like parties and receiving presents myself...
But I guess I'm old enough to feel a little self-conscious about that.
Mordred, on the other hand, seems cool as a cucumber. Like he's not sweating it at all.
But I'm sure deep down, the kids' reactions are on his mind!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Um, when I woke up this morning, there was a present by my bed. Did you put it there?
No? Then maybe it was Mordred... Nah, he'd never do that.
Hm... I also found a strand of white hair caught in the ribbon—ah! Could it have been Santa?
Whoa! I can't believe Santa himself came to my room! That's so awesome!
Hehe. It's because I was even nicer this year than I was last year!
I'm gonna go show off my present to Mordred! I'll show you what I got later, (Captain)!


Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays...
Huh? Oh, er... Yeah, I'm doing all right! Ahaha...
Sigh... Guess I can't hide anything from you, huh? The thing is, this present here...
It came this year too. Everyone's laughing about it and joking about how it's Santa again...
But... I saw!
Last night, Vice-Captain Vane had a white beard on his face and was carrying this huge bag...
I'm happy about it, of course! I'm happy, but... I just feel like it's not something I should've seen...
Plus I can't tell Mordred about this...
I never wake up in the middle of the night... Why'd I have to choose last night to go to the bathroom?


Check it out, (Captain)! I sent Santa a thank-you letter, and I actually got a reply!
Well, I can tell Vice-Captain Vane's the one who wrote it though. The handwriting's the same and everything.
But it means a lot that he channeled his inner Santa while writing me back!
Like here it says, "I ho-ho-hope you become a proud knight of Feendrache someday!"
Eheh, guess this means I'll have to start training even harder!
I gotta say, I'm kinda disappointed the letter didn't come from Santa himself...
But I'm gonna be mature about it. 'Cause either way, I'm lucky to have someone cheering me on!
And honestly, this might be the most memorable gift I've ever gotten. Thank you so much, Vice-Captain Vane!
Heh. If I thanked him directly he'd know I figured it out, so I decided to say it to you instead!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Boundless Sky

While the others who passed return to their hometowns in preparation for their lives as knights, Arthur and Mordred decide to remain in the capital—so as not to trouble the orphanage with a celebration. They also get a chance to check out the Grandcypher before the crew departs.

This year's application process for the Order of the White Dragons has finally come to an end.
Arthur and Mordred have both passed the exam, officially making them knights of the order.
Lyria: Yay! Congratulations, you two!
Arthur: Thaaank you, milady!
Arthur: I've gotta say—that test put up quite the fight, but in the end we both came out victorious.
Mordred: Heh, was there ever any doubt?
Vyrn: Hey, there sure is a lot of hustle and bustle going on over there with the others who passed...
Vyrn: They look pretty busy! Is it really all right for you two to be celebratin' already?
Arthur: Oh, everyone's probably packing their bags for home.
Lyria: But they all just passed... Why leave so soon?
Arthur: Successful applicants get thirty days and a small allowance from the order to prepare before starting their new lives.
Vyrn: I gotcha. So these fellas are heading back home to see their families, huh?
Lyria: Oh, does that mean you two are also going home?
Mordred: Nope. But it's not a big deal though.
Mordred: Besides, we wouldn't wanna go soft right before it's time to toughen up!
Lyria: I see...
Arthur: Yeah, it's fine! I've sent them a letter with the good news already.
Vyrn: Well... I guess that should do it, huh?
Arthur: If we went home, it'd cause a huge commotion for sure—they'd probably throw us a silly party and everything...
However, Arthur's offhand comment only further perplexes Vyrn.
Vyrn: Huh? That sounds like fun—you don't wanna party?
Arthur: Yes, of course! After all, this is an occasion to celebrate.
Arthur: But...
Arthur: Our orphanage doesn't have that kind of money to spare—we'd just be a burden in the end.
Mordred: And that's the way it is. We've gotta keep our priorities in check.
Lyria: Hehe, you guys really care for them, huh?
Mordred: It's not that, exactly.
Mordred: Besides, I vowed to never return until I became captain!
Arthur: What! Mordred, are you serious?
Arthur: Did you tell the sister? I didn't hear anything about this!
Mordred: H-hey, take it easy!
Mordred shoves Arthur off and dusts off his shoulders.
Mordred: Cool it! I wasn't actually serious. But I am serious about becoming captain—aren't you as well?
Arthur: Well...
Arthur hesitates for a moment, but the resolve is clear in his eyes.
Arthur: Yeah, you're right. Becoming captain of the order is definitely easier said than done.
Arthur: And if things get serious, going home may not actually be an option for us.
Mordred: Right?
Arthur: But if the sister or little ones back home were in danger, I'd go back to protect them.
Mordred: Me too... But only after becoming captain, of course!
Arthur: Hey! No fair, Mordred! Besides, I'm the one who's gonna become captain!
(Captain) and company can't help but smile while listening to the two rap back and forth.
Lyria: Hehe, you two are really good friends!
Vyrn: But still, thirty days is a lot of time... Without anyone else around, won't you guys get bored?
Mordred: Bored? Ha! As long as the two of us are here, we can always practice our swordsmanship!
Arthur: Not to mention that we haven't seen much of the capital yet.
Mordred: Oh yeah! We gotta make sure to take in the sights while we can!
Arthur: By the way... Does this mean you'll be leaving soon, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah... The rest of the crew's still waiting on the ship, so we can't stick around for too long.
Arthur: A ship... The Grandcypher, was it?
Lyria: Yep! That's right!
Arthur: Wow, a real airship... What's it look like? I bet it's huge, isn't it?
Lyria: Oh, um... Are you interested in airships?
Arthur: Yeah! We've never been on one before!
Vyrn: How about we take you guys for a ride then?
Arthur: Really! Do you mean it?
Vyrn: Of course! Right, (Captain)?
  1. Yeah, just keep it down.
  2. I'll show you around myself!

Choose: Yeah, just keep it down.
Mordred: We're not children, you know.
Lyria: O-of course... You're both knights now, after all!

Choose: I'll show you around myself!
Arthur: Awesome!
Arthur: You hear that, Mordred? We're gonna ride on a real airship!
Mordred: I heard! Now simmer down already... We're not children anymore, you know.
Continue 1
Vyrn: All right, it's settled then—you're both coming along for a ride!
Arthur: Yeah!
Arthur: Whoooa...
Arthur's excitement can be heard across the deck of the Grandcypher as it majestically soars through the sky.
Arthur: A real airship! I can't believe it!
Mordred: It's... incredible!
Unlike Arthur, Mordred tries to conceal his excitement, but anyone can clearly see the stars in his eyes.
Arthur: Isn't this incredible, Mordred? We're flying! We're actually flying on a real airship!
Mordred: Ahem... Yeah, but take it down a notch, man—everyone's gonna think we're a couple of country bumpkins.
Arthur: I don't even care—this is too amazing!
Mordred: Haha, well... Yeah, it really is.
The crew is all smiles upon seeing the two revel in their new environment.
Lyria: Hehe, I'm glad you two like it!
Vyrn: Yeah, looks like it was totally worth it!
After basking in the sights once again, Arthur takes a long gaze at the azure sky above.
Arthur: Say... Mordred.
Mordred: What's up?
Arthur: All my life I've wanted to protect our beloved homeland, so I'd never given the outside world much thought until now...
Mordred: Me neither. We've both been too busy only thinking about Feendrache... and one day becoming captain of the order.
Arthur: Yeah... But flying in the sky like this got me thinking.
Arthur: This world is sooo incredibly vast!
Arthur: Imagine the adventures that lay beyond our horizon—I'm tingling with excitement just thinking about it!
Arthur spreads his arms wide and guffaws.
Mordred: Heh. Man, I really don't get you sometimes.
Mordred cracks a smile, squinting as the wind gently brushes his face.
The young knights stand before a boundless sky, their futures as bright as the ever-unfolding horizon.

Gentle Tears

Arthur, Mordred, and Tornelio have been chosen to be part of an escort for King Carl on an inspection of nearby monster sightings. Arthur is apprehensive about dealing with the monsters as there has been no actual harm done. Lancelot explains that their job as knights is to prioritize the safety and peace of the citizens over their own emotions: a hard truth for Arthur to swallow.

Arthur, Mordred, and Tornelio have begun their duties as fledgling knights for the Order of the White Dragons.
Lancelot: Keep an eye on things while I'm out, all right, Vane?
Vane: Sure thing, Lancey! You just make sure to take care of yourself! Oh, and one more thing...
Vane: Arthur, Mordred, Tornelio!
Vane: You guys make sure to carry your weight too!
Arthur: Yessir!
Tornelio: W-we won't let you down!
Mordred: Just leave it to us!
Arthur, Mordred, and Tornelio have been chosen to be part of an escort for King Carl on a progress to a provincial town.
Arthur: The destination is actually pretty close to our home...
Mordred: Not exactly. At least, not with that huge mountain range separating us.
Tornelio: At least you two have a reason—I still have no idea why someone like me was chosen...
Arthur: Why, I mean... They obviously must think that we make a great team!
Tornelio: S-sure...
Henry: Wait just a second, you scoundrels!
Arthur: Henry?
Cruz: Looks like we made it.
Arthur: Cruz! Did you guys come to see us off?
Henry: Humph... As if I'd do something so lame! I came to deliver an important message before you left!
Mordred: Come on, spit it out already. We don't have time for this charade right now.
Henry: Charade? Well, I never!
Henry: Ahem! I'm here to tell you punks not to get too big for your boots just 'cause you've been chosen to escort His Majesty!
Mordred: Yeah, yeah... Let's get a move on, shall we, boys?
Henry: Hey, don't ignore me! I'm serious!
Cruz: Stay safe.
Arthur: You got it! We'll be back before you know it.
The escort leads the way for King Carl and his staff in ranks down a country road.
Arthur, Mordred, and Tornelio are positioned in the center ranks near King Carl himself.
Tornelio: Urk... Aren't you guys nervous?
Arthur: Hmm... Can't say that I am!
Arthur: Hmm... Can't say that I am!
Mordred: Nope! In fact, I'm raring to go!
Mordred: Ahem... But don't get too antsy, you two... The real mission starts here.
Arthur: Haha! Weren't you raring to go just now, Mordred? You're the one gettin' too excited!
Mordred: Pfft! Yeah, right. I ain't a kid, ya know!
Listening to their exchange of words, King Carl can't help but crack a smile.
King Carl: Hahaha. It's good to see you young 'uns in high spirits.
Tornelio: (Yikes, His Majesty noticed us!)
Mordred: (I... idiot! It's 'cause you guys kept making a big fuss over everything!)
Arthur: Our sincerest apologies, Your Majesty! You'll hear no further disturbances from us.
King Carl: Please, no need for apologies.
King Carl: It's quite reassuring to know that such young and spirited knights will be accompanying me on this journey.
Arthur: Th... Thank you very much, Your Majesty!
Tornelio: Oh... He praised us?
Mordred: (I can't believe it! His Majesty spoke directly to us!)
Lancelot: Sigh... Look, it's great that you're all eager, but remember to keep your guard up.
Arthur: Yessir!
Mordred: Of course!
The knights are filled with newfound determination upon receiving King Carl and Lancelot's words.
King Carl and his entourage arrive at their destination on schedule without any problems.
It is not long, however, before the peace is broken.
Arthur: A rumor?
Tornelio: Yeah... I heard some of the people in town talking.
According to Tornelio, there have been frequent monster sightings recently on the outskirts of town.
Arthur: But monsters haven't made their way into town though, right? It doesn't seem that there have been any attacks yet either...
Tornelio: That's true, but who knows? It may just be a matter of time!
Tornelio: U-urk... How scary...
Mordred: Look, Tornelio's already shaking in his boots. The townspeople must be terrified.
Arthur: Yeah...
Lancelot: Attention, men!
With Lancelot's command, the knights immediately sit up straight at attention.
Lancelot: You may have already heard, but it appears that there have been quite a few monster sightings near this town.
Lancelot: I've just discussed this matter with His Majesty, and we've received orders to take care of the monsters.
Arthur: ...
Lancelot: I want this settled before sundown, men. Prepare your armaments, posthaste!
Mordred: Haha, right on time! I was just starting to get bored. Finally, a chance for some real action!
Tornelio: I... I'm going too, aren't I?
Mordred: Of course! Why else would they have brought you all the way here?
Tornelio: U-urk...
Mordred: Geez... What are we gonna do with you? Just stay behind me and Arthur. Got it?
Arthur: ...
Lancelot leads the knights toward the outskirts of town.
Arthur: ...
Lancelot: Arthur, are you feeling okay?
Arthur: Y-yessir! My apologies.
Lancelot: What's the matter? It's unusual to see you like this. Are you nervous?
Arthur: No, not at all, sir! That's not it...
Despite Arthur's protests, his expression remains conflicted.
Arthur: It's just... There haven't been any casualties or anything yet, right?
Lancelot: That's right.
Arthur: If that's so, then...
Lancelot: I understand your concern. However, the townspeople are getting restless, and we don't know if there could be casualties in the future.
Lancelot: As knights of the order, we must prioritize safety and peace for our citizens over our own emotions and desires.
Arthur: O-of course, sir. My apologies.
Lancelot: As long as you understand.
Lancelot smiles, giving Arthur a pat on the shoulder before moving forward.
Arthur: Sigh...
Tornelio: Say, Arthur...
Arthur: Hm?
Tornelio quietly approaches Arthur, who still looks uneasy even after his conversation with Lancelot.
Tornelio: It's okay, I... I'm scared too. Let's not let it get the best of us.
Arthur: Huh? Oh... Yeah, thanks.
The young knight looks up to the sky, lost in thought.
Mordred: Sigh...
Mordred can't help but notice Arthur's visible anxiety. A sigh escapes him.
The knights make their way to the wooded area where the monsters were last sighted, when they suddenly hear a ruffling of feathers.
Monster: !
Lancelot: There it is! Stay in formation, men—approach with caution!

Gentle Tears: Scene 2

Pursuing the monsters deep into the forest, the knights stumble upon a griffin that the monsters have gathered around. After a prolonged standoff, one knight attacks in a sudden panic, causing the situation to go from bad to worse as the monsters become more agitated.

Monster: !
Mordred: They're making a getaway!
Lancelot: We haven't lost them yet! Come on, don't let them escape!
Lancelot chases after the fleeing monsters, leading the knights deeper into the forest.
Eventually they find their way to a clearing in the forest.
Lancelot: Wait.
Lancelot's command is barely audible as he approaches the area cautiously.
Griffin: ...
Mordred: Is that... a griffin?
Arthur: ...!
A large griffin stands silently before them in the center of the clearing.
The monsters from earlier return to the clearing, gathering around the griffin.
Knight: I suppose that's the leader?
Lancelot: It must be. Everyone get back in formation—only attack on my signal, got it?
Knight: Yes sir!
The knights move into formation as ordered, surrounding the griffin.
Arthur, Mordred, and Tornelio stay in formation behind Lancelot.
Griffin: ...
Tornelio: Huh... It's not attacking us?
The griffin remains silent, tilting its head as the knights slowly draw closer.
Arthur: ...
Griffin: ...
Arthur: Say... Mordred. Do you think that's...
Arthur is hesitant to ask Mordred but is interrupted before he can finish.
Monster: !
One monster lets out a deafening roar, violently flapping its wings.
Knight: T-take this!
Arthur: No!
Monster: !
A knight stabs the griffin in a sudden panic, causing it to roar out in pain.
Lancelot: Watch out!
Griffin: Kweeeh!
The griffin's roars only get louder as the situation grows more chaotic.
Tornelio: Wh-whoa!
Lancelot: Keep it together, men! Whatever you do, don't break formation!
Lancelot: Surrounding units, make sure the smaller monsters don't escape!
Lancelot: Center unit, stay with me—we're taking on the griffin!
The knights swiftly move into action with Lancelot's commands.
Arthur: ...!
However, Arthur remains hesitant to move, seeming to be conflicted with the predicament he is in.
Arthur: I... I...
Mordred: Snap out of it, man! You trying to get us killed?
Arthur: I... I'm okay!

Gentle Tears: Scene 3

Arthur is in low spirits after returning from the mission, as he fears that the griffin they killed may have been the one he and Mordred secretly took care of when they were younger. However, a reassuring conversation with Mordred whips him back to his optimistic self. As the two return to town, Lancelot watches from afar, concerned that the dangers that await Arthur are surely yet to come.

Under Lancelot's leadership, the escort return to town with no casualties and their mission accomplished.
Tornelio: Zzz... Zzz...
Tornelio is already fast asleep, exhausted from the events of the afternoon.
Arthur: ...
Mordred: Sigh...
Arthur has left his room without a word, but it doesn't go unnoticed.
Mordred: Geez... fine.
Unable to contain his concern, Mordred gets up to go look for his friend.
Arthur: ...
It isn't long before he stumbles upon Arthur, sitting under a tree on the outskirts of town, his face buried in his knees.
Mordred: How long do you plan on being like this?
Arthur: ...
Arthur doesn't respond to Mordred's question, keeping his face buried.
Mordred: Sigh...
With another sigh, Mordred seats himself in front of an adjacent tree.
Mordred: This afternoon with the griffin... You were thinking about that guy, weren't you?
Mordred: The griffin we secretly kept from the sister when we were younger.
Arthur: ...
Arthur: Mordred... What should we do? It's barely moving...
Mordred: Hmm... Oh! Check out its wing—it's injured!
Arthur: We've gotta treat it, now!
Mordred: I'll go grab a first aid kit, so just keep an eye on it, all right?
Mordred: I've seen a picture of this monster before... I think it's called a griffin.
Arthur: A griffin, huh? What a cool name!
Mordred: That's not the point! If the sister finds out you've been taking care of a monster...
Mordred: You'd better say your prayers for real.
Arthur: But it hasn't done anything wrong! I feel like we've been getting through to it lately too.
Mordred: Well, yeah...
Arthur: Look, look! It's starting to fly a little...
Mordred: Whoa! Arthur... You've already fed it by yourself, haven't you?
Arthur: Wha... What? No! I mean, maybe a little... I just thought maybe it was getting hungry...
Mordred: You promised that we'd only feed it together!
Arthur: I'm sorry, Mordred! Don't get angry!
Recalling a childhood memory, Arthur clenches his fists.
Arthur: I thought maybe it was the same as the one from...
Mordred: That's impossible. Don't you remember? The grown-ups in the village... they killed it!
Arthur: We don't know that!
Arthur finally raises his head from his knees, looking directly at Mordred.
Arthur: That's what they said, but we never saw it happen!
Mordred: You're just trying to run from the truth!
Arthur: I... I'm just...
Arthur: Still, even if it wasn't the same griffin... It's not like it attacked anybody.
Arthur: It didn't do anything wrong, but we hunted it down anyway...
Mordred: So what you're saying is, Lancelot's orders were wrong?
Arthur: No! That's not it!
Lancelot: I understand. However, the townspeople are getting restless, and we don't know if there could be casualties in the future.
Lancelot: As knights of the order, we must prioritize safety and peace for our citizens over our own emotions and desires.
Arthur: I understand that we had to do it.
Murmuring, Arthur buries his face back into his knees.
Arthur: Sniff...
Mordred: If you're gonna be a crybaby, just quit.
Mordred: We're knights now—our opponents won't just be monsters, you know.
Mordred: One of these days, we may have to take the life of another person.
Mordred: Do you have it in you to do something like that?
Arthur: I... I...
After a brief silence, Arthur raises his head from his knees once again.
Arthur: I can. As long as it's to protect those dear to my heart.
Mordred: Then spare us the waterworks, at least.
Arthur: Sniff... I'm just...
Arthur: Come on... I'm allowed to be sad about it though, right?
Mordred can't help but sigh, looking down at Arthur sniveling and wiping his tears.
Mordred: Heh... I feel like we've already done this a million times.
Mordred: Despite that, I've never understood this part of you.
Arthur: I'm not asking for you to understand or anything... I just need to cry it out sometimes.
Mordred: Man... If this is how it's gonna be every time, there won't be enough water in the skies to replenish your tears.
Arthur: Oh nooo... At this rate I'll never become captain of the order...
Arthur: Sniff... Heh. I should probably clean my face. Mordred, you got a towel?
Mordred: Why would I have a towel?
Arthur: Why not! Just look at me—my face is a total mess!
Mordred: That ain't my problem! If you're gonna cry, bring your own towel!
Arthur: Humph! That's fine—I didn't want to use your towel anyway, you cheapskate!
Mordred: Yeah, yeah... I'm a cheapskate.
Mordred: Well, it looks like you're doing fine now, so I'm heading back.
Arthur: Oh, wait for me! I'm sorry. Let's go back together!
Mordred: Get movin' already.
The familiar banter is nothing less than comforting, as the two childhood friends share a reassuring smile with each other.
In the distance, two figures watch over the young knights as they make their way back.
King Carl: Hmm...
Lancelot: ...
King Carl: A very kind soul, I must say. Warriors of such purity are a rare breed lately.
Lancelot: Indeed. There is strength to be found in that kindness as well. I have high hopes for their futures.
King Carl: Of course.
Lancelot: Shall we return, Your Majesty?
King Carl: A splendid idea. I do appreciate your company very much, Lancelot.
Lancelot: It is an honor, Your Majesty. Now then, let us head this way...
As King Carl begins to take his leave, Lancelot turns back once again to look at the fledgling knights.
Lancelot: (Come what may, that kindness will inevitably cause him conflict and pain in the future.)
Lancelot: (When that time comes, will I be able to properly guide him as captain?)
Lancelot's worries have just begun, for he knows that the dangers that await Arthur are surely yet to come.

Exam Review, Section I

Before departing from Feendrache, (Captain) goes to pay Arthur a visit in his quarters.
Arthur: Mnnngh... I'm so sick and tired of studying!
Arthur: I already passed the exam, but to be honest... My score for the written portion wasn't exactly flawless, if you will, so I've been reviewing.
Arthur: Oh, here's an idea! I'll quiz ya, (Captain)!
Arthur: Hmm...
Arthur: Ah, here we go. Answer me this!
Arthur: The enemy infantry is approaching yours in a wedge formation. How do you counter?
  1. Surround them with a V formation.
  2. Sneak attack from behind.
  3. Ambush them from the skies!

Choose: Surround them with a V formation.
Arthur: That's right! As expected, of course.
Arthur: Hmm... It seems that this maneuver is only effective if you outnumber the enemy, though.
Arthur: The V formation's weakness lies at its tip and can be penetrated... So make sure to keep your guard up! Yeah!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: Sneak attack from behind.
Arthur: Hmm... Well, I suppose that could work.
Arthur: I mean, a wedge formation could be quite susceptible to an ambush...
Arthur: So I guess if you're outnumbered, it's a viable tactic! Probably.
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: Ambush them from the skies!
Arthur: Hey, no fair! Well, I guess as a skyfarer, you get to say that, but...
Arthur: Hmm, well... It's unconventional—that's for sure! But I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't work...
Arthur: Hold on... This just gave me a great idea!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!
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Exam Review, Section II

(Captain) drops in to see how Arthur is doing, only to find him still mulling over something at his desk.
Arthur: As a knight, one must...
Arthur: Oh, (Captain)! I didn't see you there.
Arthur: I've already reviewed my written exam, but there's a question I still can't really answer, even now...
Arthur: (Captain), what virtue defines a knight?
  1. The courage to protect king and country.
  2. The strength to crush your enemies.
  3. You're thinking too hard about this.

Choose: The courage to protect king and country.
Arthur: Hmm...
Arthur: Yeah! You're right.
Arthur: Heh, what am I even asking... That goes without saying, doesn't it?
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: The strength to crush your enemies.
Arthur: Yeah... If I'm not strong enough, how can I even expect to protect those dear to me from danger?
Arthur: That settles it! I'm going all in on my training!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: You're thinking too hard about this.
Arthur: Hmm, you think so?
Arthur: Yeah, you may be on to something! I'll find my own virtues to believe in!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!
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Teach Me about Lancelot!

Arthur finally asks (Captain) a question that's been on his mind for quite some time now.
Arthur: Captain Lancelot's totally hardcore, don't you think? He's just the coolest...
Arthur: But I feel that he's kinda different when he's with you or Vice-Captain Vane.
Arthur: Of course, Vice-Captain Vane and Captain Lancelot have been friends since childhood...
Arthur: But he seems to trust you just the same, (Captain)! You really are something else!
Arthur: What do you think of Captain Lancelot, (Captain)?
  1. He's just... cool.
  2. He's pretty funny.
  3. He's super strong!

Choose: He's just... cool.
Arthur: Yeah, yeah! The captain of the Order of the White Dragons has to be cool, after all...
Arthur: Oh, you mean his looks?
Arthur: Hmm, I haven't really given that much thought...
Arthur: But yeah, he's good-looking too!
Arthur: Strength, style, and captain to top it off... Sheesh, he really is as great as they come!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: He's pretty funny.
Arthur: He's funny? What do you mean?
Arthur: Don't tell me... He's a prankster?
Arthur: Whoa... So there's that side of him too, huh?
Arthur: Can't judge a book by it's cover, I guess!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: He's super strong!
Arthur: I know, right? Totally the strongest!
Arthur: But if you ask me, you're super strong too, (Captain)!
Arthur: So for you to call him that... It just goes to show how strong Captain Lancelot really is!
Arthur: Isn't he just the best?
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!
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Teach Me about Vane!

With their bellies full and plates cleaned, it's clear that Arthur and the crew just can't get enough of Vane's cooking.
Arthur: Oof... I don't think I could eat another bite. Vice-Captain Vane's cooking really is the best...
Arthur: (Captain), you've had Vice-Captain Vane's cooking plenty of times before, right?
Arthur: So tell me... What's his best dish?
  1. Creamy Fluffy Omelette
  2. Cheesecake
  3. Seasoned Rice Pilaf

Choose: Creamy Fluffy Omelette
Arthur: Fluffy... Creamy! I'm already salivating!
Arthur: I loved eating the omelettes the sisters made back at the orphanage.
Arthur: I wanna try Vice-Captain Vane's omelette too though!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: Cheesecake
Arthur: Cheesecake? He can make cheesecake?
Arthur: Now that's impressive! Maybe I'll ask him to make cheesecake for me someday!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Seasoned Rice Pilaf
Arthur: A rice pilaf? What's that?
Arthur: Oh, with like... diced vegetables and meat?
Arthur: That sure sounds tasty.
Arthur: Uh-oh... I'm getting kinda hungry again!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!
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Teach Me about Percival!

Ever curious about the knights of the order, Arthur presses (Captain) with another question.
Arthur: By the way, (Captain)—is it true that you're pals with Percival too?
Arthur: Wow... Just who are you, (Captain)?
Arthur: Just what are you to each other anyways?
  1. A loyal vassal.
  2. A dear friend.
  3. Hehe... That's a secret.

Choose: A loyal vassal.
Arthur: A vassal? What's that supposed to mean? He's your vassal?
Arthur: Oh, you're his vassal. I see...
Arthur: I don't really get it... I guess adult relationships are pretty complicated.
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: A dear friend.
Arthur: You really have a lot of friends, don't you, (Captain)?
Arthur: I hope I can be just like you someday—a trusting friend that everyone can believe in!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Hehe... That's a secret.
Arthur: What's that supposed to mean?
Arthur: Come on, tell me!
Arthur: Wait. Are you two...
Arthur: N-no, of course not... But I wanna know!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!
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Teach Me about Siegfried!

Arthur: Say, (Captain)...
Despite looking like a bundle of nerves, Arthur musters his courage and approaches (Captain) with a request.
Arthur: Can you tell me a story about Siegfried? Pleeease?
Arthur: Siegfried is like a legend... Even people from my hometown have heard tales of his heroics!
Arthur: So, please—it doesn't matter what it's about, I just wanna hear more about him!
  1. Tell a valiant tale.
  2. Tell a cute story.
  3. Tell a funny anecdote.

Choose: Tell a valiant tale.
Arthur: Yeah, now that's the kind of story I'm talking about! An epic tale for the ages!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Tell a cute story.
Arthur: C-cute?
Arthur: You have a cute story about Siegfried...
Arthur: (Captain)... Just who are you?
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: Tell a funny anecdote.
Arthur: I'll admit that this wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but...
Arthur: A story from a close friend's perspective—I really wanna hear this one!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!
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Swordcraft Practice

Arthur: Oh, (Captain)! Good timing.
In the midst of his sword training, Arthur catches sight of (Captain) and requests a training partner.
Arthur: (Captain), please practice swordcraft with me!
  1. Sure thing!
  2. Maybe later.
  3. Really? With me?

Choose: Sure thing!
Arthur: Aww, yeah! Don't hold back on me!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Maybe later.
Arthur: Oh... Are you busy right now?
Arthur: Sorry for asking! Maybe we can have a go at it when you're free!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: Really? With me?
Arthur: Of course! Even though we're almost the same age...
Arthur: You're already on par with Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane!
Arthur: So I was thinkin' maybe I could get a sneak peek of your skills to improve my own!
Arthur: Anyways, let's go! Show me what you've got!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!
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Weight Training

Arthur: Seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-four! Seventy-five!
(Captain) catches Arthur covered in sweat, in the middle of his workout routine.
Arthur: Oh, (Captain)!
Arthur: I'm workin' up a sweat! Vice-Captain Vane told me that these fundamentals are, well, fundamental!
Arthur: Okay... Next are sit-ups!
  1. Need me to hold your legs?
  2. Let's do them together!
  3. I'll bring you a towel.

Choose: Need me to hold your legs?
Arthur: Really, you mean it?
Arthur: That would be a huge help, actually. Thanks!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: Let's do them together!
Arthur: Now that's an idea! Let's do it!
Arthur: I'm all fired up now—let's see who can do more! Bring it on!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: I'll bring you a towel.
Arthur: Oh! Much obliged.
Arthur: I didn't even notice how sweaty I was getting.
Arthur: Mordred's always telling me off for not preparing for stuff like this too.
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!
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Arthur the Sleepyhead

(Captain) pays Arthur a visit in his room only to find him still fast asleep.
Arthur: Zzz... G... Mor... ning, (Captain)...
Arthur: Today, I'm... gonna...
Arthur: Zzz...
  1. Yell loudly.
  2. Call Mordred.
  3. Shake him.

Choose: Yell loudly.
Arthur: Wha? It's... fine...
Arthur: Zzz... Zzz...
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!

Choose: Call Mordred.
Mordred: Oh, not again. Honestly, that guy sometimes...
Mordred: At times like this, you just take a mint leaf right here, and...
Mordred: Push!
Arthur: Whoooah! I'm awake!
Mordred: See? Just do this, and he'll get up every time. I'll lend you some too, (Captain).
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Shake him.
Arthur: Nnn... Nwha? Okay, under... stood...
Arthur: Well, good... night, then...
Arthur: Zzz... Zzz...
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!
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Teach Me about Skyfarers!

As (Captain) prepares to depart Feendrache, Arthur approaches with one last question.
Arthur: Say, (Captain)... Why did you decide to become a skyfarer?
  1. Because of my father.
  2. To get to the Island of the Astrals.
  3. Why do you think?

Choose: Because of my father.
Arthur: Your father was a skyfarer too? Wow, that's kinda cool actually...
Arthur: I hope that you're able to find him soon!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: To get to the Island of the Astrals.
Arthur: The Island of the Astrals... Estalucia, was it?
Arthur: That's incredible... I guess you either gotta go big or go home, right?
Arthur: Me becoming captain of the order, or you reaching Estalucia...
Arthur: Let's see who gets to their goal first! It's a race, (Captain)!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Why do you think?
Arthur: Oh! A riddle?
Arthur: Hmm... Maybe, um, because you're a fan of heights?
Arthur: Come on, how am I supposed to know?
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!
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Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
よし、競争だ!モルドレッド! It's a race! You're on, Mordred!
院の皆は、元気でやってるかな~ I hope everyone back home is doing fine.
ヴェイン副団長に訓練の成果を見てもらお! I'll show Vice-Captain Vane the fruits of my labor!
ん~ランスロット団長みたいにはいかないな…… I have a ways to go until I can be like Captain Lancelot...
モルドレッド!待ってよ~! Mordred, wait for me!
この白竜騎士団制服も板についてきたかな! I've gotten pretty used to this uniform!
(主人公)さんはどんな訓練してるんですか? What kind of training do you do, (Captain)?
新しい技の訓練中! I'm working on a new special move!
(主人公)さーん!待ってくださーい! Wait for me, (Captain)!
ビィはドラゴンなんだろ? すげー! Vyrn's a dragon, right? That's awesome!