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Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre - All Dressed Up

(Captain) and company have come to an island to celebrate Halloween.
A village in the heart of the island, abuzz with the spirit of all things spooky, is littered with pumpkins big and small.
Cagliostro: Hmm. This simply won't do.
Pumpkin Head: ...!
Seeing many more pumpkins compared to her last visit, Cagliostro senses something amiss.
Cagliostro: It may be the season for these pumpkins to come out, but there are far too many of them here.
The genius alchemist is soon lost in thought. It's then that she spots the costumed Sierokarte, Charlotta, and Ange in the village square.
Cagliostro: Ah. Good timing.
Cagliostro: Hey, girls! Where's everyone going all pretty and dressed-up?
Ange: Ahem. I'll take it you meant to say dashing and dressed-up instead.
Ange: Why, just look at this handsome cape! Doesn't it make me look absolutely gallant!
Charlotta: Indeed. I'm certainly not wearing this for the sake of looking cute.
Charlotta: A knight should always be dressed for the time, place, and circumstance. And that's what I've done now.
Sierokarte: Hehehe. Never mind us, Cagliostro; your outfit looks wonderful!
Cagliostro: Aww, thank you! I like it too!
Cagliostro: Someone's gotta like being cute around here...
Cagliostro: Oh, and before I forget. Siero, I've something to ask.
Sierokarte: And what might that be, my alchemical friend?
Cagliostro furrows her brows before shifting her gaze to a nearby pumpkin ghost.
Cagliostro: Doesn't it seem a little... odd around here?
Cagliostro: There are far too many of these pumpkins creatures in the area. An unsettling amount.
Sierokarte: There sure are! In fact, it's not just the pumpkins! All sorts of monsters seem to be gathering in this village!
Cagliostro: Other monsters as well?
Sierokarte: Yuppity-doo! No one knows why though! Seems this is the first time it's happened!
Sierokarte: And that's why I've asked all of you to keep the village safe until the festival's over!
Cagliostro: I see... And as long as it's done in costume, I guess the festive mood won't suffer either.
The winds give a howl in that instant. And dark clouds race to cover a brightly glowing moon.
Cagliostro: No doubt Halloween's caused a door to the other side to open.
Cagliostro: Who knows what could happen next.
Cagliostro: Well, worrying about it isn't going to change anything. We might as well enjoy the festival.
Charlotta: Absolutely right, Cagliostro.
Halloween was originally held to commemorate Lost Jack.
Charlotta: It's a time to put his soul at ease, so everyone bands together to play with him.
Ange: Lost Jack... The king of Halloween... Hehe.
Ange giggles softly to herself. Then she steps before Cagliostro and Sierokarte and unsheathes her sword.
Ange: A king, a prince... And princesses fair. Seems the actors for this night are set.
Charlotta: I... I'm a princess?
Ange: Even a child can be a fair lady, and a fair lady is enough of a princess to me.
Charlotta: Nnngh! I'm not a child!
Charlotta: I'm a knight! A knight of the sword! A knight of honor and justice!
Ange: ...!
M-my apologies... I did not know...
Ange: Please forgive this prince's error, great knight.
Ange: And let us join arms for the sake of these maidens!
Cagliostro: Princess Cagliostro! Sounds like me, all right!
Cagliostro: But don't be surprised if I'm the one doing the saving around here.
Cagliostro: And don't come crying to me when I steal all the glory either! Heh heh.

Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre - All Dressed Up: Scene 2

Cagliostro and the gang enjoy the festivities and play with the many pumpkinheads bobbing about.
Lost Jack, however, has still yet to make an appearance.
Ange: That's odd. Lost Jack should have come out a while ago...
Charlotta: Don't tell me Lost Jack actually got lost on the way here?
Cagliostro: I doubt that. He couldn't possibly get any more lost than he already is.
Ange: Do you know something about Lost Jack that we don't, Cagliostro?
Cagliostro: Uhh... Well...
Cagliostro: Say, have you lot figured out why there're so many monsters here this year?
Cagliostro: Siero. Anything at all?
Sierokarte: Hmmm. Well, I'm not sure if this is connected in any way, but that bonfire sure does seem suspicious.
Cagliostro: Bonfire?
Cagliostro looks to where Sierokarte is pointing.
There in the center of the village, she sees a great, crackling bonfire.
Cagliostro: You're right. That is suspicious.
Village Woman: Aaah! Monsters!
Ange: A damsel in distress! Quickly! To action!
Charlotta: For justice! And Halloween!
Ange and Charlotta dash away in the direction of the scream.
Cagliostro: You two handle that. I've got a bonfire to investigate...
As Cagliostro takes a step toward the massive bonfire, she also takes the first step toward unraveling the mystery behind Lost Jack's disappearance.

Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre - The Pyre

Village Child 1: Hey, miss! Give us more candy!
Village Child 2: Trick or treat!
A mortified Beatrix runs away from the children and hides in the shadows of the streets.
Beatrix: Pant... Pant... Whew... Kids these days sure are persistent... Haha...
Beatrix: But I wonder if that bonfire really is attracting monsters.
Beatrix: Seems like just a plain old festival decoration to me, but... Hmmm...
Eustace: ...
Some distance away Eustace stands atop a hill, looking down over the village. He mumbles into his transceiver before putting it back into an inner coat pocket.
Eustace: The gate opens wider than ever on this day.
Eustace: Quite peculiar that it can only be used on Halloween.
He stares at the bonfire burning in the heart of the village.
Beatrix: All right! Time for phase two of—
Village Child 1: I think I saw her disappear around here.
Village Child 2: Hey, do you smell that? Smells like candy. She must be hiding close by!
Beatrix: (Ack! They're on to me! Gotta hide, gotta hide!)
Beatrix rushes away from the children's voices and down the alley.
When she makes a turn, however, she bumps heads with someone and falls to the ground.
Beatrix: Owww... I-I'm sorry! Are you hurt?
Beatrix: Eeek! Wh-what are you?
Beatrix: Are you trying to ruin Halloween? Not on my watch!
Beatrix hobbles to her feet and readies her sword.
???: Tootle-too!
Beatrix: Wh-what is it this time?
Beatrix looks around trying to find the source of the sound.
It's then that she spots Mimlemel atop a large pumpkin.
Beatrix: Hey! That thing's dangerous! Get away from it quick!
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
I drew the face.
Beatrix: Huh?
Mimlemel: Tootle-too, tootle-too!
Beatrix: ...
Mimlemel explains that the pumpkin belongs to her and is, in fact, what she uses to get around.
Beatrix listens intently to her explanation and lowers her head in shame.
Beatrix: Sorry. I... mistook it for a monster. I should have known better than to judge a pumpkin by its face.
Mimlemel: ...
Where'd Lost Jack go?
Beatrix: Hm? What do you mean?
Mimlemel: I thought I'd play with him, but I can't find him anywhere.
Mimlemel says she's been making do by playing with the pumpkinheads until Lost Jack arrives.
But for the first time in years, Lost Jack hasn't turned up.
Eustace: ...
Beatrix rendezvouses with Eustace and reports her findings.
Beatrix: I've confirmed that the pumpkinhead numbers are abnormally high this year.
Beatrix: But despite that, the king of Halloween has yet to make an appearance.
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Beatrix: Whoa! You scared the lights out of me! What're you doing here!
Mimlemel: I was concerned about you.
Beatrix: What? I can take care of myself—
Mimlemel: I want to play with Lost Jack.
After listening to Mimlemel, Eustace stares at the bonfire, deep in thought.
Eustace: It can't be...
Something clicks for Eustace, and he begins frantically searching the nightscape.
Beatrix: What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
Eustace: He's wandering. Somewhere here.
Beatrix: You mean Lost Jack?
Mimlemel: All right. Let's look for him.
Eustace: ...
Eustace strains to adjust his eyes to the surrounding darkness.
It's then that the king of Halloween, Lost Jack emerges from the shadows.
Lost Jack: ...
Mimlemel: Wow.
Beatrix: Ooh! He's really here!
Beatrix: But why's he here and not in the village?
Lost Jack: ...
Eustace: There's a lot we don't know about him.
Eustace: But one thing we do know is that while Jack may look like this, he's still a child on the inside.
Eustace: This is just my guess, but for some reason the gate to the other side is wide open right now. Wider than it's ever been.
Eustace: And that's causing both spirits and monsters alike to gather here in such great numbers.
Beatrix: Do you think maybe he's scared to go into the village because of the monsters?
Eustace: Good observation. Maybe even too good. Are you really Beatrix?
Beatrix: Hey! I can be smart too, okay!
Eustace: Heh.
Beatrix: D-don't laugh at me! Argh!
Beatrix: Sigh... But how can Jack be afraid of those monsters?
Mimlemel: Says the one who got scared by a pumpkin.
Beatrix: I wasn't scared! I told you I just thought it was a monster!
Eustace: Judging by appearances, eh? I knew you were the real Beatrix.
Mimlemel: Thumbs up.
Beatrix: Are you guys even listening to me!
Lost Jack: ...
Beatrix: Hm? You want to play, Jack?
The bonfire from the village starts to crackle and roar with increased ferocity.
The clouds hide the gentle moonlight, leaving the night lit only by the intense red of the flames.
Lost Jack: ...!
Lost Jack: ...
Beatrix: Something's not right with Jack!
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Eustace: Let's calm him down.

Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre - The Pyre: Scene 2

Lost Jack: ...
Beatrix: H-hey!
Beatrix: ...
He's... gone...
Mimlemel: I feel sorry for him somehow.
Beatrix: He's not going to be visiting the village any time soon by the looks of it.
Beatrix: How can we have Halloween without Jack...
Eustace: ...
Frustration and anger wash over Beatrix. She glares intensely at the bonfire.
Beatrix: It's all that thing's fault. I know it.
Eustace: You know what we have to do next. Don't let your emotions get involved.
Beatrix: I don't need you to tell me, all right!
And back toward the village they go.

Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre - Where Jack Belongs

Danua: See...
Hansel: Uh-huh.... Mmm-hmm...
Danua says she wants to see Beatrix again.
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua must really be into this outfit she picked out for her.
As Danua prances about playfully, she spots Ferry near the bonfire. The silver-haired girl seems to be surrounded by pumpkinheads.
Pumpkinheads: Coo! Coo!
Ferry: H-hey! One at a time, one at a time!
Ferry: Hehehe! Stop it! That tickles!
Danua: Okay?
Ferry: Oh, Danua.
Hansel: Danua asks if you're okay. Being surrounded by pumpkins and all.
Ferry: No, no, I'm fine. This might not be what Halloween's all about, but...
Ferry: They all want to play with me, so I can't just ignore them, can I?
Danua: Pum... kin...
Hansel: Danua says the pumpkins look like they're having fun.
Gretel: Say! How about you play with Danua too? Enjoy the festival with her and whatnot!
Ferry: Of course. What shall we do first, Danua? If you like to play with dolls—
Ferry is interrupted by a sudden roar of the bonfire. The red of the flames seems to seep into the night.
The once docile pumpkinheads start to take on a strange glow and begin to jump and somersault in the air.
Danua: Weird...
Hansel: Danua says it's strange how they suddenly seem agitated.
Gretel: What in the... Is this 'cause the bonfire's burning all strong-like?
Ferry: The fire does seem... strange... Strangely hard to look away...
???: Interesting. The fire seems to have an effect on you as well.
Ferry and Danua are surprised to find Cagliostro standing right behind them.
Danua: Startle...
Hansel: Danua says you startled her coming out from nowhere like that.
Gretel: Hahaha! Nice job breaking the tension!
Cagliostro: Looks like everyone's enjoying the festival, eh?
Cagliostro: Which leads me to my question... Have any of you seen Lost Jack tonight?
Ferry: Hm? No, now that you mention it.
Danua: Where...
Hansel: Danua wonders where he is. He's the reason we're holding this festival, after all.
Cagliostro: I knew it. This can mean only one thing.
Ferry: Huh?
Danua: What...
Hansel: Danua asks what you mean.
Gretel: Hey, if you know something, then spit it out already!
Cagliostro: Now, now, no need to get ahead of ourselves. I understand the cause, but I've yet to deduce the reason...
???: Stop! Stop, I say!
An elderly man jumps between Cagliostro and the fire.
Cagliostro: ...
???: Hohoho. Careful now, young ones. This fire is not to be trifled with.
???: Here. Have some candy and be on your merry way.
???: ...
Go on! What're you waiting for!
Ferry: Um... No, sir, we're not here for candy; we're—
???: What? Who doesn't like candy? Ahh, you want more, do you? Here you are.
Danua: Scary...
Hansel: Danua says your forcing of candy on us is making her uneasy.
Gretel: Hey, gramps... You hidin' something? I don't trust people with shifty, bloodshot eyes.
Elder: Hohoho. Have no fear. How could a village elder like me mean you harm?
Elder: I simply wish to protect this fire from any mischief is all.
Elder: Look! Here's even more candy! Now go play someplace else.
Cagliostro squints a suspicious eye at the elderly man.
Cagliostro: That's not going to work on me! My mommy told me never to take candy from strangers! Teehee!
Cagliostro: Not to mention you're doin' an awful job at playing dumb. Now tell me...
Cagliostro: Why are you trying to keep us away from that bonfire?
Elder: ...
The old man, an affected smile plastered on his face, stares at Cagliostro. Several moments pass until he finally answers in a hushed voice.
Elder: Do as I've told. Or else...
Elder: I'll have to give you girls a scare with my costume. Hohoho...
Cagliostro: Hah! Go right ahead. I could do with a laugh.
Elder: Ohh... You'll regret that.
Elder: Grrrooar!
The man retrieves a crystal of dark essence from his pocket and uses it to transform himself.
Elder: Wahahaha! Tremble in fear of my costume!
Cagliostro: Humph. I could laugh, but I don't think it's even worth it. Ever heard the phrase the bigger they are, the harder they fall?
Elder: Gaah!
Having taken the form of a giant beast, the old man gives a booming roar.
Elder: Come to me... Come to me...
He repeats the phrase as if reciting a mantra.
Ferry: ...!
Is... Is he calling the spirits to him?
Danua: Summon...
Hansel: Danua says she's heard of children telling each other stories of this.
Hansel: That one can summon spirits by lighting a candle and repeating the phrase "come to me."
Gretel: I bet that big, fat bonfire packs a heck of a lot more power than a tiny candle.
Cagliostro: Whatever the reason, it looks like we found our culprit.
Cagliostro: This man's the meanie who's been trying to ruin Halloween!

Halloween Party: Lost Jack and the Mystic Pyre - Where Jack Belongs: Scene 2

Elder: Graaah...
Elder: Pant... Pant...
Now in his original form, the old man runs away and escapes.
Ferry: Ah! The old man's gone...
Cagliostro: We won't let him get away. He's got a whole lot of explaining to do.
Cagliostro: But before that...
Cagliostro: Ouroboros!
With a thunderous blast, Cagliostro uses her alchemy to extinguish the bonfire.
Just as soon as the flames fade, the sky clears and the moon once again lights the night.
Danua: Pretty...
Hansel: Danua says the moonlight is pretty.
Gretel: All right! Now let's get back to enjoying Halloween!
Elder: Pant... Pant... If only it weren't for those meddling kids...
???: Heh heh! Thought you could get away, did you?
Elder: Eep!
Eustace: Why did you do it? Talk.
Elder: ...
Eustace: Or would you prefer if my gun did the questioning?
Eustace points Falling Thunder right in the man's face.
Elder: I-I get it! I'll talk!
The elderly man explains how he did it all to summon the spirit of the beloved wife he lost just a year ago.
Beatrix: I understand how you feel, but making a huge bonfire like that...
Beatrix: And does saying a simple phrase like that even work? I'd be surprised if I could summon spirits that way.
Eustace: It probably doesn't. Not by itself.
Eustace: You need to open the doors to the other side. Without the power to do that, it's impossible.
Beatrix: So that's why he needed the dark essence.
Eustace: I'm assuming attracting all those monsters wasn't in the plan though.
Elder: Forgive me... Truly I am sorry... Truly...
When the man bows in apology, the cracked dark essence crystal drops from his pocket to the ground.
Eustace: ...
Eustace picks it up and stares at it, feeling an odd knot forming in his chest as he does.
Mimlemel: Toota-too!
Mimlemel appears before Cagliostro and the others as they look for the elderly man.
Cagliostro looks around and coyly cocks her head to the side.
Cagliostro: You. Have you seen an old man hobbling around here?
Mimlemel: Beatrix and her friend took him.
Danua: Bea...
Hansel: Danua says she wishes she was around to catch Beatrix.
Ferry: Anyhow, it looks like there aren't as many pumpkinheads around anymore, and we didn't run into any monsters on the way either.
Ferry: I guess that's good enough, right? What do you say we call this case closed?
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Ferry: Hehe. Right you are.
???: Everyone!
???: Have you managed to solve the monster problem?
Ange and Charlotta come running in from the distance.
Charlotta: Apologies for not being able to join you earlier! The other monsters really kept us busy!
Cagliostro: Pay it no mind. We didn't need help anyway.
Cagliostro: But now we can finally play with Lost Jack. Let's get to it!
The gang waits patiently for Lost Jack to appear.
Before long, a form coalesces in the darkness.
Lost Jack: ...
Mimlemel: Thumbs up.
Cagliostro: Sigh. You know today's your big day, don't you? What were you waiting for?
Cagliostro: Can't start without you, after all!
Ange: That's right! You're the king of Halloween! The king! A prince like me has to challenge you!
Lost Jack: ...
Ferry: No need to worry anymore. What was calling all the monsters here is gone now.
Ferry: You're not lost anymore. You're the one everyone's been waiting for.
Cagliostro: Hear that? Your place is here. And don't let anyone tell you different.
Charlotta: It's not Halloween if all we do is fight monsters! Not without you!
Danua: Play...
Hansel: Danua says let's play till the festival's over.
Gretel: And I even got some candy if you want!
Cagliostro: Heh heh. Quite the welcoming party, don't you think?
Lost Jack: ...
Lost Jack twirls in the air, seemingly overjoyed by the crew's words.
Ange: Hehe. Looks like he's back to his old cheerful self!
Charlotta: The real Halloween starts now!
Cagliostro: Are you ready, Jack? 'Cause here we come!
Mimlemel: Toota-tootaloo! Too-too!
With the return of Halloween's king, fun fills the festival air.
Voices of trick-or-treaters echo all around as the crew frolics about with Lost Jack.
And even before the night concludes, they all begin looking forward to next year's Halloween.